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698: CUST, ROBERT H. HOBART. (LIMITED EDITION). - Life of Benvenuto Cellini. A New Version by... Cust.
3830: CUZNER, BERNARD. - Silversmiths Manual. Treating of the Designing and Making of the Simpler Pieces of Domestic Silverware.
8152: DAEMS, HERMAN AND VAN DER WEE, HERMAN. EDITED BY. - The Rise of Managerial Capitalism.
9605: DAICHES, DAVID. - Scotch Whisky. Its Past and Present. Isbn 0233960538.
5522: DALE, T.F. - Riding, Driving and Kindred Sports.
7787: DALE, R.W. COUNTY PLANNING OFFICER. - Somerset County Council. County Development Plan. 1st Review, 1953. Report of Survey Relating to the Administrative County. With Appendices.
7786: DALE, R.W. COUNTY PLANNING OFFICER. - Somerset County Council. County Development Plan. 1st Review, 1964. Report of Survey Relating to the Administrative County. Town and Country Planning Act, 1962. With Appendices.
898: DALE, H.GORDON. - The Precious Metals. 24th Streatfield Memorial Lecture.
5199: DAMPBELL, MURRAY AND HATTON, HARRISON. - Herbert H. Dow. Pioneer in Creative Chemistry.
10141: DAMPIER, (FORMERLY WHETHAM), WILLIAM CECIL. - A Shorter History of Science.
131: DANE, E. SURREY. - Peter Stubs and the Lancashire Hand Tool Industry.
3644: DANIELS, LUCY. WRITTEN BY WENDY DOUTHWAITE. - Die Kleinen Tierfreunde Eselrennen.
3643: DANIELS, LUCY. WRITEN BY WENDY DOUTHWAITE. - Foudre Ne Renonce Jamais.
9958: DANIELSON, RICHARD. - So Strong and So Fair: The Story of the Side-Loading Car Ferries of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and Their People. Isbn 0951315595.
9993: DANIELSON, RICHARD. - The Isle of Man Steam Packet. Volumes 1 and 2. Isbn 0951315501.
4862: DANZIGER, MARLIES K. AND JOHNSON, W. STACY. - An Introduction to Literary Criticism.
5890: DARWIN, BERNARD. ILLUSTRATED BY ROUNTREE, HARRY. - The Golf Courses of the British Isles.
9650: DARWIN, CHARLES. - The Origin of Species; by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.
8537: DARWIN, BERNARD. - British Golf. No. 107 in Series.
8536: DARWIN, BERNARD. - British Golf. No. 107 in Series.
10454: DARWIN, CHARLES. EDITORS; BARRETT, PAUL H AND GRUBER, HOWARD E. - Metaphysics, Materialism, and the Evolution of Mind. Early Writings of Charles Darwin. With a Commentary by Howard E. Gruber. Transcribed and Annotated by Paul H. Barrett. Isbn 0226136590.
5956: DATTA, B AND DUTTA, M. - Recent Advances in Statistical Physics. Proceedings of the International Bose Symposium on Statistical Physics. Calcutta, India, 28-31 Dec. 1981.
9533: DAUNCEY, H. M. - Papuan Pictures.
11282: DAVENPORT & SONS, JOHN. - Fifty Years of Progress Being a Description of the House of Davenport with Illustrations from Photographs of the Organisation.
10153: DAVID, A. ROSALIE. - The Ancient Egyptians. Religious Beliefs and Practices. Isbn 0710008775.
8243: DAVIDSON, ANDREW RUTHERFORD. - The History of the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland 1856-1956.
9732: DAVIDSON,ANGUS. - Edward Lear. Landscape Painter and Nonsense Poet (1812 - 1888).
4283: DAVIDSON, HILDA ELLIS. - Patterns of Folklore.
10697: DAVIDSON, BASIL. - The Story of Africa. Isbn 085533648x.
10056: DAVIES, WILLIAM H. - The Collected Poems of William H. Davies. With a Portrait in Collotype from a Pencil Sketch by Will Rothenstein, and a Facsimile of Author's Script.
5746: DAVIES, W. TWISTON. - Fifty Years of Progress. An Account of the African Organization of the Imperial Tobacco Company, 1907-1957.
958: DAVIES, J.T. - The Scientific Approach.
957: DAVIES, J.T. - The Scientific Approach.
8706: DAVIES, E.A. - An Account of the Formation and Early Years of the Westminster Fire Office.
8937: DAVIES, HOWELL, EDITED BY. - The South American Handbook 1938. A Yearbook and Guide to the Countries and Resources of Latin America, Inclusive of South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba.
11107: DAVIES, R.T. AND BEATTY, B.G. (EDITORS). - Literature of the Romantic Period. 1750-1850. Isbn 0853233535.
963: DAVIS, G.E. - Practical Microscopy.
7450: DAVIS, S.C. - Controlling a Racing Car Team.
4515: DAVIS, ANTHONY. ILLUSTRATED BY DONALD BARNES. - Famous Veteran Cars of the World.
4945: DAVIS, PHILIP. - Memory and Writing. From Wordsworth to Lawrence.
3673: DAVIS, RALPH. - A Commercial Revolution. English Overseas Trade in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
4615: DAVIS, EARL. - Vision Fugitive. Ezra Pound and Economics.
6100: DAVISON, CHARLES. - A History of British Earthquakes.
134: DAVY, M.J.B. ASSISTED BY RICHARDS, G.T. - Aeronautics. Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Aeronautics - III. The Propulsion of Aircraft. A Brief Outline of the History and Development of the Aero-Engine and the Airscrew with Reference to the National Aeronautical Collection
975: DAVY, M.J.B. - Aeronautics. Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Aeronautics. 1. Heavier Than Air Aircraft. A Brief Outline of the History and Development of Mechanical Flight with Reference to the National Aeronautical Collection, and a Catalogue... .
974: DAVY, M.J.B. - Aeronautics. Lighter-Than-Air Craft. A Brief Outline of the History and Development of the Balloon and the Airship with Reference to the National Aeronautical Collection, and a Catalogue of the Exhibits.
4123: DAVY, HUMPHREY. ED.+ INTRO., R. SIEGFRIED AND R.H. DOTT. - Humphrey Davy on Geology. The 1805 Lectures for the General Audience.
976: DAVY, M.J.B. - Henson and Stringfellow; Their Work in Aeronautics. The History of a Stage in the Development of Mechanical Flight. 1840-1868.
4571: DAVY, JOHN. - The Angler in the Lake District; or Piscatory Colloquies and Fishing Excursions in Westmoreland and Cumberland.
9203: DAWE, E.A. - Paper and Its Uses. A Treatise for Printers,Stationers and Others. Vol. 1.
6859: DAY, GARY. EDITED BY. - The British Critical Tradition. A Re-Evaluation.
9718: DAY, LEWIS F. HOGARTH, MARY. ASSOCIATION COPY. - Nature and Ornament. Nature, the Raw Material of Design. With an Additional Chapter by Mary Hogarth.
5647: DAY, FREDERICK T. - Paper Converting and Usage; (Mechanical Materials Handling). For the Paper and Allied Trades, the Printer, Etc Etc.
5273: DAY, J.B.W., LAND, D.H. ET AL. - Geology of the Country Around Bewcastle. Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 12, New Series. Memoirs of Geological Survey of G.B.
5272: DAY, J.B.W., AND LAND, D.H. ET AL. - Geology of the Country Around Bewcastle. Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 12, New Series. Memoirs of Geological Survey of G.B.
7864: DAY, LEWIS F. - Windows. A Book About Stained and Painted Glass.
10992: DAY, REV. E. HERMITAGE. DEAMER, PERCY, GENERAL EDITOR OF THE SERIES. - Monuments and Memorials. With 41 Ikkustrations. The Arts of the Church.
10320: O'DEA, W. T. - Electric Illumination. An Account of the Principles, Applications and Development of Electric Lighting.
6235: DEAN, A.C. (MANCHESTER ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS). - One Hundred Years of Engineering in Manchester. Centenary. 1856 - 1956.
5149: DEAN, B.V., ASIENI, M. AND GUPTA, S.K. - Mathematics for Modern Management.
6856: DEANE, PATRICK, EDITED BY. - History in Our Hands. A Critical Anthology of Writings on Literature, Culture and Politics from the 1930s.
10865: DEARMER, PERCY. ROBINSON, CHARLES ILLU'S. - The Little Lives of the Saints. Told by the Rev. Percy Dearmer. Illustrated by Charles Robinson.
4069: DEATON, ANGUS. - Models and Projections of Demand in Post-War Britain.
1001: DEBUS, ALLEN G. - The English Paracelsians.
9431: DEEGAN, JUDITH AND PETER. (COMPILED FROM THE COLLECTION OF). - The Picture Postcard; an Early View of Transport. Isbn 0901307483.
10876: DELIEB, ERIC & ROBERTS, MICHAEL. - The Great Silver Manufactory. Matthew Boulton and the Birmingham Silversmiths 1760-90. Isbn 0289702046.
4135: DELISA, JEANNETTE AND ROED, TOM. - Extreme II Pornograffitti. A Funked Up Fairy Tale. Guitar Tab Edition.
9685: DELMAS, G. ET L..PHOTOS DE PATRICK BONNET. - Meurthe-Et-Moselle. Isbn 270340199x.
3961: DELURY, DANIEL B. - Values and Integrals of the Orthogonal Polynomials Up to N = 26.
3795: DEMARCO, JOSEPH P. AND FOX, RICHARD M. (EDITORS). - New Directions in Ethics.
3732: DEMERS, JOHN. - French Quarter Royalty. The Tumultuous Life and Times of the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel. ( 1881007006 )
2054: DEMPSTER, W.J. - Patrick Matthew and Natural Selection: Nineteenth Century Gentleman Farmer, Naturalist and Writer. Isbn 0862280656.
8153: DENBIGH, KENNETH. - Science, Industry and Social Policy.
7171: DENHAM, H(ENRY). M(ANGLES), COMDR. - Sailing Directions from Point Lynas to Liverpool. With Charts, Coast-Views, River-Sections, Tidal Courses and Tide Guage Table, for Navigating the Dee and Mersey, Including the Latest Alterations. (with), the Sea-Reach of Wyre, - Fleetwood.
9814: DENING, GREG. - Mr Bligh's Bad Language. Passion, Power and Theatre on the Bounty. Isbn 0521383706.
9995: DENMAN, D.R., ROBERTS, R.A. AND.SMITH, H.J. - Commons and Village Greens. A Study in Land Use, Conservation and Management Based on a National Survey of Commons in England and Wales 1961-1966, Financed by the Nuffield Foundation.
4377: DENNEY, D.J. EDITED BY. - Young Winters Tales 8.
1009: DENNIS, W.H. - A Hundred Years of Metallurgy.
4187: DENNIS, GEOFFREY. EDITED BY. WRITTEN BY EMINENT AUTHORITIES. - The World at War, (4 Volumes). A History Dealing with Every Phase of World War II on Land Sea and in the Air Including the Events Which Led Up to Outbreak of Hostilities.
6244: DENNISON, VICTOR. - Notes on the Course of the River Slea. Transactions of the Lincolnshire Naturalists Union, Vol. XIV, N0 2.
6701: WAR DEPARTMENT. - Radar; a Report on Science at War. Released by the Joint Board on Scientific Information Policy for Office of Scientific Research and Development - War Department - Navy Department.
10332: DERRY, T. K. AND BLAKEWAY, M. G. - The Making of Early and Medieval Britain. Life and Work to the Close of the Middle Ages. Making of Britain Series. Isbn 0719528348.
1016: DERRY, T.K. AND WILLIAMS, T.I. - A Short History of Technology; from Earliest Times to 1900.
10286: DERRY, T. K. AND BLAKEWAY, M. G. - The Making of Pre-Industrial Britain. Life and Work between the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution. Making of Britain Series. Isbn 0719528356.
10493: DESMOND, ADRIAN. - Archetypes and Ancestors. Palaeontology in Victorian London. 1850-1875. Isbn 0856341215.
6354: DEVOE, SHIRLEY SPAULDING. (DE VOE). - The Art of the Tinsmith, English and American.
6456: DEWHIRST, IAN. INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR. - A History of Keighley.
9399: DIBDIN, H. G. - Liverpool Tramway Album.
3654: DICKENS, W.J. - East-West, Home's Best.
9420: DICKENS, CHARLES. COMPLILED AND EDITED BY PETER ROWLAND. - My Early Times. (with Publishers Wrap-Around Band - "Presentation Volume").
7284: DICKINSON, HENRY WINRAM AND TITLEY, ARTHUR. - Richard Trevithick. The Engineer and the Man. (Centenary Memorial Volume).
4588: DICKINSON, HENRY WINRAM. - A Short History of the Steam Engine.
4591: DICKINSON, HENRY WINRAM. - James Watt; Craftsman & Engineer.
4590: DICKINSON, HENRY WINRAM. - James Watt; Craftsman & Engineer.
3298: DICKINSON, HENRY WINRAM. - James Watt; Craftsman & Engineer.
3184: DICKINSON, HENRY WINRAM AND TITLEY, ARTHUR. - Richard Trevithick. The Engineer and the Man. (Centenary Memorial Volume).
10676: DICKINSON, HENRY WINRAM. - A Short History of the Steam Engine.
10802: DICKINSON, SUE V. - The First Sixty Years. A History of the Imperial Tobacco Company (of Great Britain... . ), in the United States of America 1902-1962.
6374: DIEHL, CHARLES. TRANSLATED BY EMMA R. PERKINS. INTRO BY R.S. POOLE. - Excursions in Greece to Recently Explored Sites of Classical Interest. Mycenae, Tiryns, Dodona, Delos, Athens, Olympia, Eleusis, Epidaurus, Tanagra. A Popular Account of the Results of Recent Excavations.
10915: DILLISTONE, F W. - Charles Raven. Naturalist, Historian and Theologian. Isbn 0340193131.
10727: DILLON, MIHAEL. - Poems of Truth.
1029: DILWORTH, D. - The Tame Mills of Staffordshire.
5225: DINES, H.G, HOLMES. S.C.A. AND ROBBIE, J.A. - Geology of the Country Around Chatham. Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 272, New Series. Geological Survey of G.B.
11056: DINGLEY, CYRIL S. ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN AND JANET ROSS. WITH PRESENTATION LETTER. - The Story of B.I. P. (1894-1962). (British Industrial Plastics).
8079: DIPLOCK, W.J.K. SIGNED BY AUTHOR. - Isis, or the Future of Oxford. Today and Tomorrow Series.
3658: DISHER, MAURICE WILLIAM. - Blood and Thunder. Mid Victorian Melodrama and Its Origins.
8492: DISHER, M. WILSON. (BRITAIN IN PICTURES). - Fairs, Circuses and Music Halls. No. 46 in Series.
3255: DITFURTH, VON HOIMAR (TRANS. BY J. VAN HEURCK). - Children of the Universe. The Tale of Our Existence. Isbn 0045200041.
7585: DIXON, WILLIAM SCARTH. - In the North Countree. Annals and Anecdotes of Horse, Hound, and Herd.
1038: DIXON, CHARLES. - Parachuting.
9460: DIXON, WILLIAM HEPWORTH. - New America. With Illustrations from Original Photographs. Volume 2 Only, (of 2).
8994: DIXON, KEITH. EDITOR. - Philosophy of Education and the Curriculum.
10853: DOBSON, CHRISTOPHER AND PAYNE, RONALD. - The Carlos Complex. A Pattern of Violence. Isbn 0340213612.
10347: DOCTOROW, E. L. - Ragtime. Isbn 0394469011.
137: DOLLFUS, C. & DE GEOFFROY, E. - Histoire de la Locomotion Terrestre; (Vol. 1,) Les Chemins de Fer.
1046: DOLLFUS, C. DE GEOFFROY, E. & DE SAUNIER,B. - Histoire de la Locomotion Terrestre; Vol. 2. Naturell, L'Attelage, la Voiture, le Cyclisme, la Locomotion Mecanique, L'Automobile.
8577: DOLMAN, ALFRED. EDITED BY JOHN IRVING. ILLUSTRATIONS BY THE AUTHOR. - In the Footsteps of Livingstone. Being the Diaries and Travel Notes Made by Alfred Dolman.
9177: DOMVILLE-FIFE, CHARLES W. - World Travels. A Full Descriptive Narrative of Personal Travels in Allmost Every Land and Sea, and Among Most of the People, Both Civilised and Savage , of the Entire World. With Nearly 800 Illustrations and 30 Maps. 6 Volume Set.
8406: DOMVILLE-FIFE, C.W. - Things Seen in Switzerland in Winter. A Description of Many of the Winter Sport Centres of the High Alps, the Wonderful Scenery on the Roof of Europe and the Exciting and Picturesque Snow and Ice Sports Which Are Enjoyed There.
8163: DONALD, DAVID. - Charles Sumner and the Coming of the CIVIL War.
6234: DONNACHIE, I; HUME, J: MOSS, M. - Historic Industrial Scenes. Scotland.
4008: O'DONNELL, MIKE. - A New Introduction to Sociology.
8914: DOOLITTLE, I.G. - The City of London and Its Livery Companies.
8354: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR. TRANSLATED KOTELIANSKY, S.S. AND MURRY, J. MIDDLETON. - Dostoevsky. Letters and Reminiscences. Consisting Wholly of New Material. With a Portrait of Dostoevsky and a Reproduction of a Page of His M.S.
4802: DOUGLAS, A.C. CONTRIBUTIONS BY P.A. WILLS AND A.E. SLATER. - Gliding and Advanced Soaring.
7060: DOUST, L.A. - Sketching the Seaside.
6231: DOUST, L.A. DRAWINGS BY AUTHOR. - Sketching the Seaside.
6230: DOUST, L.A. DRAWINGS BY AUTHOR. - Sketching in Town and Home.
5301: DOUST, L.A. - A Manual on Wood Engraving. With Thirty-Six Illustrations.
4819: DOUST, L.A. - Sketching the Seaside.
4818: DOUST, L.A. - Sketching the Seaside.
9193: DOUST, LEN A. - The Art of Animal Sketching. With Thirty-One Page Illustrations by the Author. Direct Method Series - VIII.
4294: DOUTHWAITE, WENDY. - A Horse Called Polly. One Girl's Dream Come True. (3 Stories; Summer Ponies; Dream Pony; on Location).
4289: DOUTHWAITE, WENDY. - Other People's Ponies.
4290: DOUTHWAITE, WENDY. - All Because of Polly.
4291: DOUTHWAITE, WENDY. - Polly. Dream Pony. First Published As All Because of Polly.
4287: DOUTHWAITE, WENDY. ILLUSTRATIONS BY AUTHOR. - Susan Und Ihr Traumpferd. (a Very Special Pony).
4288: DOUTHWAITE, WENDY. - The Lost Pony.
4292: DOUTHWAITE, WENDY. - Polly on Location.
4293: DOUTHWAITE, WENDY. - The Orange Pony.
11082: DOWNARD, ROY EGERTON. - The Tors of Dartmoor.
1059: DOYLE, N. - From Sea-Eagle to Flamingo; Channel Island Airlines 1923-1939.
10694: DRABBLE, MARGARET. - Arnold Bennett, a Biography. As.
7188: DRACKETT, PHIL. - Veteran Cars. (Foyles Handbooks).
7187: DRACKETT, PHIL. - Vintage Cars. (Foyles Handbooks).
11242: DREGHORN, W. ILLUSTRATIONS BY AUTHOR. - Geology Explained in the Severn Vale and Cotswolds.
1333: DREGHORN, W. ILLUSTRATIONS BY AUTHOR. - Geology Explained in the Severn Vale and Cotswolds.
3831: DRESSEL, PAUL L. AND FARICY, WILLIAM H. - Return to Responsibility. Constraints on Autonomy in Higher Education.
9046: DREWITT, F. DAWTREY. - The Note-Book of Edward Jenner in the Possession of the Royal College of Physicians of London. With an Introduction on Jenner's Work As a Naturalist.
7942: DRINKWATER, JOHN. - Lyrical and Other Poems. Limited Edition of 300 Copies.
7373: DRUCKER, PHILIP. - Indians of the Northwest Coast.
1063: DRUMMOND, M. - Salt-Water Palaces.
10482: DRUMMOND, M. - Salt-Water Palaces.
5799: DRURY, ELIZABETH. - Self Portraits of the World's Greatest Painters.
5338: DRYDEN, JOHN. (JUVENAL AND PERSIUS). - The Satyrs of Decimus Juvenalis and of Aulus Persius Flaccus Translated Into English Verse by Mr Dryden, and Several Other Eminent Hands to Which Is Prefix'd a Discourse Concerning the Original and Progress of Satyr.
10142: DUBOS, RENE. - Reason Awake. Science for Man. Isbn 0231031815.
1064: DUCHENE, COMMANDANT. (TRANS. J.H. LEDEBOER). - Flight without Formulae. Simple Discussions on the Mechanics of the Aeroplane.
7831: DUCKETT, ELEANOR. - Medieval Portraits from East and West.
3176: DUCKHAM, BARON F. - Transport History. Volume 3 of the Journal. For 1970.
7777: DUCRET, SIEGFRIED. PHOTOS BY WOLFGENSINGER, MICHAEL. - La Porcelaine Des Manufactures Européennes Du 18e Siècle.
5000: DUFF, J. WIGHT. EDITED BY A.M. DUFF. - A Literary History of Rome. From the Origins to the Close of the Golden Age.
10125: DUHEM, PIERRE. TRANS. FROM FRENCH BY P.P. WIENER..FOREWORD, L. DE BROGLIE. - The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory. . Translated from the 2nd Edition, Published1914, "la Theorie Physique: Son Objet, Sa Structure".
8421: DUISBERG, C. - Fortschritte Und Probleme Der Chemischen Industrie. Vortrag Gehalten in Der Allgemeinen Sitzung Des VIII. Internationalen Kongresses Fur Angewandte Chemie Am 9. September 1912 in New York.
10790: DUMMETT, G. A. - From Little Acorns. A History of A.P. V. Company Limited. Isbn 009146370x.
10855: DUNCAN, F. MARTIN AND DUNCAN, LUCY T. - The Book of the Countryside. Over 100 Illustrations with 8 Colour Plates. (4 Seasons in 1 Volume).
6028: DUNCAN, E(DWARD). (VERE FOSTER SERIES). - Marine in Black-Lead Pencil - Rustic Figures. Vere Foster's Complete Course of Drawing, with Instructions, No 8. (Complete in Itself).
5610: DUNCAN. A.A.M. - The Nation of Scots and the Declaration of Arbroarth (1320).
10635: DUNCAN F. MARTIN & DUNCAN L. T. - Bees Wasps and Ants (Wonders of Insect Life).
7739: DUNHAM, BARROWS. - Giant in Chains.
4739: DUNLOP, R. O. - Modern Still Life Painting in Oils.
6974: DUNN, LAURENCE. - The Book of Ships. Classics of Transportation.
9037: DUPRÉ, LOUIS. - The Other Dimension. A Search for the Meaning of Religious Attitudes.
7052: DURANT, DAVID N. - Ralegh's Lost Colony , (Raleigh's). The Story of the First English Settlement in America.
4605: DURANT, ALAN. - Ezra Pound. Identity in Crisis. A Fundamental Reassessment of the Poet and His Work.
11184: DURIE, ALASTAIR J & MELLOR, ROY. - George Washington Wilson and the Scottish Railways. Isbn 0950790931.
10172: DURSTINE, ROY, S. - Making Advertisements and Making Them Pay.
4761: DUSSEK, IAN. - Sports Cars.
1087: DUTTON, RALPH. - The Age of Wren.
3718: DUVAL, MATHIAS. TRANS. F.E. FENTON - Artistic Anatomy.
7386: EAGLETON, TERRY. - Criticism and Ideology. A Study in Marxist Literary Theory.
1092: EARLE, J.B.F. - Blacktop. A History of the British Flexible Roads Industry.
9971: EASDALE, JOAN ADENEY. - A Collection of Poems, (Wtitten between the Ages of 14 and !7). Hogarth Living Poets, No. 19.
5247: EASTWOOD, T., GIBSON, W., ET AL. - The Geology of the Country Around Coventry, Including an Account of the Carboniferous Rocks of the Warwickshire Coalfield. Explanation of Sheet 169. Geological Survey of England and Wales. With Additional Map by V.C. Illing.
6274: EBERLEIN, HAROLD DONALDSON. - Little Known England. Rambles in the Welsh Borderland, the Cotswolds, the Chalk Hills and the Eastern Counties.
5968: EBERLEIN, HAROLD DONALDSON. - Little Known England. Rambles in the Welsh Borderland, the Cotswolds, the Chalk Hills and the Eastern Counties.
4629: ECCLES, JOHN CAREW. - The Neurophysiological Basis of Mind. The Principles of Neurophysiology. Waynflete Lectures, Oxford, Hilary Term, 1952.
3916: ECROYD, S. - COMPILED BY. - The Cotton Year Book and Diary. 1912. 7th Year of Issue.
1100: EDDINGTON, A.S. - Stars and Atoms.
10968: EDDINGTON, A S. - The Nature of the Physical World. Gifford Lectures, 1927.
11284: EDDINGTON, A. - The Expanding Universe.
6025: EDEN, SIR TIMOTHY. ILLUSTRATED BY JOHN NICOLSON. - Five Dogs and Two More. With a Colour Gravure and Other Illustrations by John Nicolson
5286: EDEN, R.A., STEVENSON, I.P. AND EDWARDS, WILFRED. - Geology of the Country Around Sheffield. Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 100, New Series. Geological Survey of G.B.
11132: EDEN, RONALD. - Going to the Moors. Isbn 0719536316.
7538: EDGAR, ALFRED. CRITCHLOW, M., (ILLUSTRATIONS BY). - The Schoolboy Airmen.
4582: EDGEWORTH, MARIA. - Tales and Stories by M. E;- - Forester, Angelina, the Prussian Vase, Etc. ("the Good Aunt", "the Good French Governess" and "Mademoiselle Panache" Are the Etc).
5330: EDGINTON, DOROTHY. - A Chip of the Old Block. An Unusual Story of Strange Coincidences.
9120: SMITH. T. AND H. SMITH LTD. EDINBURGH. - The Romance of One Hundred Years. T. And H. Smith, Manufacturing Chemists. 1827 - 1927. Centenary Commemoratio. The Romance of Alkaloid Manufacture.
8476: EDLIN, H.L. BRIAN COOK D.W. - Forestry and Woodland Life.
7514: EDMUNDS, F.H. - Geology and Ourselves.
7612: EDWARDS, RALPH. - Catalogue of English Furniture and Woodwork. Vol. IV - Georgian.
5269: EDWARDS, W.N. AND WITH CONTRIBUTIONS BY J. PHEMISTER AND R.K. HARRISON. - Geology of the Country Around Ollerton. Explanation of One-Inch Geological Sheet 113, New Series. Geological Survey of G.B.
10464: EDWARDS, LOVETT F. - Introducing Yugoslavia.
4506: EDWARDS, JOHN N. - Noted Guerrillas, or the Warfare on the Border, Guerrillas of the West. ( 089029034x ).
10465: EDWARDS, LOVETT F. - Introducing Yugoslavia.
9689: EDWARDS, LEWIS A. - Inland Waterways of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
7216: EGERTON, H.E. - British Colonial Policy in the Xxth, (Twentieth), Century.
3823: EGGLESTON, WILFRID. - Newfoundland: The Road to Confederation.
8787: EICHLER, NED. - The Merchant Builders.
11036: EINAUDI, LUIGI; DI RUFFIA, C.B.; POSSATI, MARIO; PASTONCHI, FRANCESCO; ET AL. - I Cinquant' Anni Della Fiat. 1899 - 1949. (Prefazione Di Vittorio Valletta).
10998: ELCOCK E. W., AND MICHIE DONALD; EDITED BY. - Machine Intelligence 8. Machine Representations of Knowledge. Sbn 0470990597.
6397: ELDRIDGE, C.C. - England's Mission: The Imperial Idea in the Age of Gladstone and Disraeli 1868-80.
11068: ELIOT, VALERIE, (EDITED BY). - The Letters of T S Eliot: Volume 1 - 1898-1922. Isbn 0571136214.
4300: ELIOVSON, EZRA, (PHOTOGRAPHED BY), AND ELIOVSON, SIMA, (DESCRIBED BY). - Johannesburg, the Fabulous City.
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1640: HOLTZAPFFEL, CHARLES. - Turning and Mechanical Manipulation. Intended As a Work of General Reference and Practical Instruction, on the Lathe and the Various Mechanical Pursuits Followed by Amateurs. 3 Volume Set.
9949: HOLYOAK, JON, (COMPILED BY). - Balmoral and the Story of the Bristol Channel Steamers. With the 1999 Golden Jubilee Sticker on Front Cover. Isbn 0050517755.
7525: HOLYOAKE, JANET. - Break Your Own Pony.
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3807: HOOPER, CHARLES E. - The Fallacies of Fatalism. Or the Real World of the Rational Will.
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8390: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE, (RETOLD BY). ILLUSTRATED BY EDMUND DULAC. - Stories from the Arabian Nights.
6947: HOUSTON, E.J. - The Atmosphere.
5410: HOUSTON, J.M. - A Social Geography of Europe.
10079: HOUSTON, J. M. - The Western Mediterranea World. An Introduction to Its Regional Landscapes.
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8920: HUGHES, JOHN SCOTT. - Kings of the Cocos. The Story of the Settlement on the Atoll of Keeling-Cocos in the Indian Ocean. Composed Mainly from Contemporary Accounts.
11312: HUGHES, W. KEANE, A.H., PROF. (EDITED BY). - A New Parliamentary and County Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland. Containing Seventy-Two Coloured Maps by W. Hughes... And Others. Edited by Professor A.H. Keane. With Tables Showing the Redistribution of Parliamentary Seats, 1884-85.
10370: HUGHES, FIELDEN. - Into the Future. The Continuing Story of the Temperance Permanent Building Society.
7795: HULBERT, CHARLES AUGUSTUS. - Annals of the Church and Parish of Almondbury, Yorkshire. 4 Parts in 1 Vol. Subscribers Edition, with Subscriber's Ownership.
4396: HULL, M.R. - Roman Colchester. A Brief Account.
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10609: HUNT, CHESTER L. AND WALKER, LEWIS. - Ethnic Dynamics: Patterns of Intergroup Relations in Various Societies. Isbn 0256015236.
7112: HUNT T.J., AND SELLMAN, R.R. - Aspects of Somerset History.
4537: HUNT, THOMAS. EDITOR. - The Medical Society of London. 1773-1973.
7630: HUNTER, JOSEPH. - The Connection of Bath with the Literature and Science of England: A Paper Read Before the Literary and Philosophical Association of the Bath Institution, on Nov. 6 1826. With... Account... Formation of the Institution, and Notes by Author.
5481: HUNTER, R,H,F. - Reproduction of Farm Animals.
5179: HUNTER, WILLIAM B. JNR. - The English Spencerians.
4784: HUNTER, DAVID E. AND WHITTON, PHILLIP. EDITORS. - Readings in Physical Anthropology and Archaeology.
9366: HUNTER, D. L. - Edinburgh's Transport.
10900: HUNTING, SIR PERCY. - The Group and I: An Account of the Hunting Group, with Which Is Interwoven My Own Life and Thoughts.
6632: HURD, SIR ARCHIBALD. - The Battle of the Seas. The Fighting Merchantmen.
10410: HURLEY, FRANK T. - Surf, Sand, and Post Card Sunsets. A History of Pass-a-Grille and the Gulf Beaches.
6248: HURST, BERNICE. - The Handbook of Communication Skills.
11302: HUSSERL, EDMUND. (EDITED BY PETER MCCORMICK & FREDERICK A. ELLISTON). - Husserl. Shorter Works. Isbn 0268017034.
11349: HUSSEY, CHRISTOPHER. - Eton College.
9428: HUTCHINGS, MONICA M. - The Special Smile.
5077: HUTCHINSON, REV. JULIUS AND LUCY. - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson . . ,... With Anecdotes... . and Summary Review of Public Affairs Written by His Widow Lucy. Now First Pub... . by the Rev. Julius Hutchinson. (with), the Life of Mrs. Hutchinson,... A Fragment.
10818: HUTCHISON, G. A. (EDITOR); W. G. GRACE, CAPTAIN M. WEBB; REV'D J.G. WOOD; ET AL. - Outdoor Games and Recreations. A Popular Encyclopedia for Boys. With over 300 Illustrations.
7139: HUTTON, R. S. - Recollections of a Technologist.
1694: HUTTON, W(ILLIAM) R(ICH). AUTHOR'S PRESENTATION COPY. - The Washington Bridge over the Harlem River.
5402: HUTTON, EDWARD. - Country Walks About Florence.
11194: HUTTON, JOHN. - Taff Vale Railway Miscellany. Isbn 0860934144.
178: HUXLEY, JULIAN. - The Living Thoughts of Darwin. ( Presented by J. Huxley Assisted by J. Fisher ).
9235: HUXLEY, T.H. - Physiography. An Introduction to the Study of Nature. With Illustrations and Coloured Plates.
11235: HYAMS, EDWARD. - Capability Brown & Humphry Repton. Isbn 0460038095.
4569: HYAMS, EDWARD. - A History of Gardens and Gardening.
5315: HYATT, ALFRED H. (COMPILED BY). ILLUSTRATED BY HARRY MORLEY. - The Charm of Edinburgh. An Anthology.
4677: HYATT, ALFRED H. (COMPILED BY). - The Charm of Paris. An Anthology. Illustrations by Harry Morley.

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