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KP90541: HERBERT READ - Form in Modern Poetry.
15105: HERBERT READ. - Herbert Read. An Introduction to his Work by Various Hands. Edited by Henry Treece. With a frontispiece portrait by Gregorio Prieto.
16872: HERBERT READ - Lord Byron at the Opera. A play for broadcasting.
15101: HERBERT READ. - Reason and Romanticism. Essays in Literary Criticism.
15094: HERBERT READ - Nihilism and Renewal in the Art of Our Time. (INSCRIBED)
19909: HERBERT READ. - Phases of English Poetry.
16873: HERBERT READ - The Philosophy of Anarchism.
ARC93172: EDWARD LEAR. BRIAN READE. - Edward Lear's Parrots. With a foreword by E.L.Warre and twelve reproductions of coloured lithographs from Lear's 'Psittacidae'.
ARC92931: PETER READING - Water and Waste. Poems.
14666: JOHN RECHY - This Day's Death. A novel.
ARC92719: TED HUGHES. JOHN REDMOND - Ted Hughes. Poet Laureate 1984-1998. A Memorial Tribute.
14667: JEREMY REED - Isidore. A Novel about the Comte de Lautreamont. (SIGNED).
20194: DOUGLAS REED. - Somewhere South of Suez.
BC12543: FOUGASSE. GUY REED. - The Little Less. And How Much It Is!
BC14896: RICHARD REES - A Theory of My Time. An Essay in Didactic Reminiscence.
19937: EDWARD ARDIZZONE. JAMES REEVES - Arcadian Ballads. With many drawings by Edward Ardizzone.
99347: JAMES REEVES - The Password and Other Poems.
99346: JAMES REEVES - The Questioning Tiger. Poems. (WITH SIGNED SLIP)
BUL90859: ROYAL SUSSEX REGIMENT - Battalion Standing Orders of the 1st Battalion The Royal Sussex Regiment. Published under Para. 1674, King's Regulations, 1923
BC14992: JOHN MARIN. SHELDON REICH - John Marin. A Stylistic Analysis and a Catalogue Raisonné. Complete in two volumes.
BC15456: FORREST REID - Private Road. [Memoirs].
12102: V.S.REID - New Day.
ARC92932: CATHERINE W.REILLY - English Poetry of the First World War. A Bibliography.
BC16478: ERICH MARIA REMARQUE - All Quiet on the Western Front. Translated from the German and with an afterword by Brian Murdoch.
CAS0163: ERICH MARIA REMARQUE - All Quiet on the Western Front. Translated from the German by A.W.Wheen.
BC12071: RUTH RENDELL - The Keys to the Street. (DOUBLE SIGNED)
BC15927: LUDWIG RENN - War. Translated from the German of 'Krieg' by Willa & Edwin Muir.
BC16627: W.H.AUDEN. JUSTIN REPLOGLE. - Auden's Poetry.
19829: JOHN CONSTABLE. GRAHAM REYNOLDS - Catalogue of The Constable Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum
BC13125: OLIVER REYNOLDS - Skevington's Daughter. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC16515: ANTHONY RHODES. - The Prophet's Carpet. A novel. (PUBLISHER'S FILE COPY)
BUL90901: FREDERIC LORD LEIGHTON. ERNEST RHYS. - Frederic Lord Leighton. Late President of the Royal Academy of Arts. An Illustrated Record of His Life and Work.
20170: JEAN RHYS. - Jean Rhys Letters 1931-1966. Selected and edited by Francis Wyndham and Diana Melly.
BC15398: ERNEST RHYS - contributes his poems 'The Hunting-Song of Them That Did Not Hunt' and 'Dagonet's Canzonet' to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry. A Magazine of Verse'. Vol. II, No. 6, September 1913. Edited by Harriet Monroe.
ARC93104: JEAN RHYS. - After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie. A novel.
BC15920: JEAN RHYS - Wide Sargasso Sea. A novel. With an introduction by Francis Wyndham.
BUL90775: ANNE RICE - The Queen of the Damned. The Third Book in the Vampire Chronicles.
BC16030: CERI RICHARDS - Ceri Richards. The catalogue of a 1981 exhibition at The Tate Gallery.
JUL040310044: CERI RICHARDS - The catalogue of a retrospective exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery 1960. With a lengthy introduction by David Thompson and a biographical note.
BC15721: CERI RICHARDS - The Magic Horse. From the Arabian Nights. Translated by Edward W.Lane and with magnificent colour illustrations by Ceri Richards.
11553: MORDECAI RICHLER - A Choice of Enemies. A novel.
BC11632: DONALD RICHTER - Chemical Soldiers. British Gas Warfare in World War One.
ARC93242: MANFRED FREIHERR VON RICHTHOFEN. - The Red Air Fighter. [Translated from the German by T.Ellis Barker]. With a preface and explanatory notes by C.G.Grey.
ARC92093: EDGELL RICKWORD - Behind the Eyes. Poems.
BC12357: THE BLUE RIDER - The Blue Rider in the Lenbachhaus, Munich. Masterpieces by Franz Marc, Vassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Münter, Alexei Jawlensky, August Macke and Paul Klee. With a forty-eight page introductory essay by Armin Zweite and commentaries and biographies by Annegre
BC13856: LAURA RIDING - First Awakenings: The Early Poems. Edited by Elizabeth Friedmann, Alan J.Clark and Robert Nye.
BC13237: ANNE RIDLER - The Nine Bright Shiners. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC15244: JOHN PIPER. ANNE RIDLER. - The Jesse Tree. With drawings by John Piper.
ARC92464: LENI RIEFENSTAHL - The Last of the Nuba.
BUL90840: WILLIAM TUCKER. RAINER MARIA RILKE. - Sonnets to Orpheus I: i-x. A new translation by Christopher Salvesen. With drawings by William Tucker.
BC15751: JAMES RIORDAN - Stone. The Controversies, Excesses, and Exploits of a Radical Filmmaker. A Biography of Oliver Stone. Illustrated with photographs, and with a foreword by Michael Douglas.
JH301109021: CHARLES QUEST-RITSON - The English Garden Abroad.
BC15490: MARY KENT RIVERS - Folk Rhymes of the Great War.
9038: KEITH ROBERTS - The Lordly Ones. Stories.
15683: SAMUEL JOHNSON. S.C.ROBERTS - The Story of Doctor Johnson. Being an Introduction to Boswell's "Life". With plates.
ARC92703: S.C.ROBERTS. - A History of the Cambridge University Press 1521-1921. (INSCRIBED)
991839: MICHELE ROBERTS - Daughters of the House. A novel.
18789: BRIAN ROBERTS - Ladies in the Veld. With illustrations and photographs.
15914: KEITH ROBERTS - The Road to Paradise. A novel. With drawings by the author.
JT9017: CAMILLE COROT. KEITH ROBERTS. - Corot. A monograph.
991838: KEITH ROBERTS - Anita. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
BC13662: SIEGFRIED SASSOON. JOHN STUART ROBERTS - Siegfried Sassoon (1886-1967). A biography.
19655: KEITH ROBERTS - The Boat of Fate. A novel
20018: KEITH ROBERTS. - The Inner Wheel. A novel.
ARC030909004: KEITH ROBERTS - The Inner Wheel. A novel.
19994: KEITH ROBERTS. - Kiteworld.
99353: MICHAEL ROBERTS - Orion Marches. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
15910: KEITH ROBERTS - The Natural History of the P.H. (SIGNED)
HUN0021: WILLIAM ROBERTS - William Roberts. The catalogue of a 1965 Arts Council touring retrospective exhibition.
19925: S.C.ROBERTS AND W.G.BLACKALL. - The Charm of Cambridge.
HUN0076: WILLIAM ROBERTS - 8 Cubist Designs.
19881: KEITH ROBERTS - Kiteworld. (SIGNED)
19135: ROBERT ROBERTSON - The Dog Chairman A selection from his 'Spectator' column. (INSCRIBED)
ARC90892: HEATH ROBINSON - Monarchs of Merrie England. Verse by Roland Carse with pictures, vignettes and eight splendid full-page colour plates by W.Heath Robinson. Complete in four volumes (William I to George V).
BC12848: PETER ROBINSON - This Other Life. Poems.
BUL90952: HEATH ROBINSON AND K.R.G.BROWNE. - How to Make a Garden Grow
19786: EDWIN ARLINGTON ROBINSON - Cavender's House.
BC12849: PETER ROBINSON - Lost and Found. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90585: JOHN MARTIN ROBINSON - The Wyatt's. An Architectural Dynasty. With a foreword by Woodrow Wyatt. INSCRIBED BY WOODROW WYATT).
ARC93058: J.ARMITAGE ROBINSON - Somerset Historical Essays.
BC16103: PHILLIP ROCK - The Passing Bells. A novel.
BUL90922: W.R.RODGERS - Essex Roundabout. With a frontispiece and various drawings by Meg Stevens. Designed by Roger Stevens.
BC16752: MARTHA GELLHORN. CARL ROLLYSON. - Nothing Ever Happens to the Brave. The Story of Martha Gellhorn.
19138: C.H.ROLPH - As I Was Saying. A selection from his various journalistic columns. (WITH A SIGNED LETTER).
19136: C.H.ROLPH - Books in the Dock. With a foreword by John Mortimer.
JUL90418: JŘRN RŘNNAU - Skov Kunst [Forest Art].
19804: JAMES LUMSDEN. S.ROSCOE & R.A.BRIMMELL - James Lumsden & Son of Glasgow. Their Juvenile Books and Chapbooks
11954: F.HORACE ROSE - The Maniac's Dream. A Novel of the Atomic Bomb.
JUL90225: BARBARA ROSE. - American Painting. The Twentieth Century.
BC16755: MICHAEL ROSEN. - The Disappearance of Émile Zola. Love, Literature and the Dreyfus Case.
ARC92941: ISAAC ROSENBERG - The Collected Works of Isaac Rosenberg. Poetry, Prose, Letters, Paintings and Drawings. Edited with an introduction and notes by Ian Parsons and with a foreword by Siegfried Sassoon.
BC15737: ISAAC ROSENBERG, JEAN MOORCROFT WILSON. - Isaac Rosenberg. The Making of a Great War Poet. A New Life.
19823: MORT ROSENBLUM AND DOUG WILLIAMSON - Squandering Eden. Africa at the Edge.
BC15080: ISAAC ROSENFELD - Passage from Home. A novel.
BC15082: ISAAC ROSENFELD - An Age of Enormity. Life and Writing in the Forties and Fifties. Edited and with an introduction by Theodore Solotaroff, and with a foreword by Saul Bellow.
BC15083: ISAAC ROSENFELD - Alpha and Omega. Stories.
BC14926: PAUL ROSENFELD - Paul Rosenfeld. Voyager in the Arts. Edited by Jerome Mellquist and Lucie Wiese.
16083: VIRGINIA WOOLF. MICHAEL ROSENTHAL - Virginia Woolf. A Critical Study.
SPE90166: ALAN ROSS - contributes three South African-themed poems ('In Bloemfontein', 'At Umhlanga' and 'Sometime Never') to an issue of the periodical 'Encounter'. Vol. XIV, No. 2, February 1960.
KP90129: ALAN ROSS - African Negatives. Poems.
19697: RONALD H.ROSS - The Georgian Revolt. Rise and Fall of a Poetic Ideal 1910-22.
ARC90821: ALAN ROSS - A Calcutta Grandmother.
ARC91837: J.MACLAREN-ROSS - The Stuff to Give the Troops. Twenty-Five Tales of Army Life.
ARC92682: J.MACLAREN ROSS. - Of Love and Hunger. A novel.
17408: D.G.ROSSETTI - The Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti to his Publisher, F.S.Ellis. Edited with notes by Oswald Doughty.
19835: W.M.ROSSETTI - Ruskin. Rossetti. PreRaphaelitism. Papers 1854 to 1862. Edited with notes by W.M.Rossetti.
15894: W.M.ROSSETTI - Ruskin. Rossetti. PreRaphaelitism. Papers 1854 to 1862. Edited with notes by W.M.Rossetti.
RW0012: DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI - The Siddal edition of the works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, complete in seven volumes comprising 'Ballads', 'The House of Life', 'Poems' (4 separate volumes), and Rossetti's English translation of Dante's 'The New Life' ('La Vita Nuova'). Edited by W.M.Ros
ARC92953: DANTE GABRIEL ROSSETTI. WILLIAM M.ROSSETTI. - The Poetical Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
BUL92048: PHILIP ROTH. - The Counterlife. A Zuckerman novel.
BC16514: PHILIP ROTH. - The Ghost Writer. A novel.
BUL92049: PHILIP ROTH. - Patrimony. A True Story.
BC16503: HENRY ROTH. - The Mercy of the Ride Stream. Complete in four volumes comprising 'A Star Shines over Mt. Morris Park', 'A Diving Rock on the Hudson', 'From Bondage' [and] 'Requiem for Harlem'.
ARC91454: STANLEY SPENCER. ELIZABETH ROTHENSTEIN. - Stanley Spencer. A monograph.
991090: LAWRENCE DURRELL. EMMANUEL ROYIDIS - Pope Joan. A Romantic Biography. Translated from the Greek by Lawrence Durrell.
ARC92925: BERNICE RUBENS - Set on Edge. A novel.
KP90508: BERNICE RUBENS - Mate in Three. A novel.
BC12205: BERNICE RUBENS - Go Tell the Lemming. A novel.
9922349: GUIDO DE RUGGIERO - Existentialism. An essay. Translated from the Italian by E.M.Cocks and edited by Rayner Heppenstall.
EVES9076: MURIEL RUKEYSER - contributes 'The Tunnel', the first printing of this poem which was subsequently included in her award-winning debut collection 'Theory of Flight' to an issue of 'The Magazine. A Journal of Contemporary Writing'. Vol. II, No. 3. November-December 1934
BUL90752: JAMES RUNCIE - Sidney Chambers and the Perils of the Night. (SIGNED)
15922: DAMON RUNYON - The Turps. With drawings by Josef and Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Wilson.
KP90387: SALMAN RUSHDIE - Joseph Anton. A Memoir. (SIGNED)
BUL92004: SALMAN RUSHDIE. - The Moor's Last Sigh. A novel. (UNCORRECTED PROOF)
BUL90477: SALMAN RUSHDIE - Fury. A novel (SIGNED)
BC13206: SALMAN RUSHDIE - Luka and the Fire of Life. A novel.
SPE90124: JOHN RUSKIN - The Stones of Venice. Introductory Chapters and Local Indices for the use of Travellers while Staying in Venice and Verona. Complete in two volumes
15634: SAMUEL JOHNSON. REV.J.F.RUSSELL - The Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson. With frontispiece and decorations.
BUL90121: BERTRAND RUSSELL. - Philosophy and Politics. The Fourth Annual Lecture of the National Book League, delivered on October 22nd 1946.
19832: SCOTT RUSSELL - Mountain Prospect.
ARC91939: PETER QUENNELL. ALBERT RUTHERSTON - Inscription on a Fountain-Head. With drawings by Albert Rutherston. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC16703: FREYA STARK. MALISE RUTHVEN. - Traveller Through Time. A Photographic Journey with Freya Stark.
BUL92043: SIR JAMES BROOKE. OWEN RUTTER. - Rajah Brooke & Baroness Burdett Coutts. Consisting of the Letters from Sir James Brooke, first White Rajah of Sarawak, to Miss Angela (afterwards Baroness) Burdett Coutts. Edited, and with a running commentary throughout by Owen Rutter. With a foreword by
BC15004: FRANK RUTTER, CHARLES GINNER AND H.GILMAN - Art and Letters. An Illustrated Quarterly. Edited by Frank Rutter, Charles Ginner and H.Gilman. Complete in two volumes.
ARC92883: RAFAEL SABATINI - Turbulent Tales. Stories.
BC13621: AMY SACKVILLE - Orkney
99635: TED HUGHES. KEITH SAGAR & STEPHEN TABOR. - Ted Hughes. A Bibliography 1946-1980. Compiled by Keith Sagar & Stephen Tabor.
ARC92512: HESTER SAINSBURY - Lucina Sine Concubitu: A Letter Humbly Address d to the Royal Society; in which is proved by most Incontestable Evidence, drawn from Reason and Practice, that a Woman may conceive and be brought to Bed without any Commerce with Man.
ARC92896: PAUL MORAND. HESTER SAINSBURY. - Earth Girdled. Translated from the French of 'Rien que la Terre' by Charles-Emile Roche and with woodcuts by Hester Sainsbury.
ARC90925: SAKI (HECTOR H.MUNRO). - The Westminster Alice. With drawings by F.Carruthers Gouls ("with apologies to Sir John Tenniel").
19891: PETER GOODDEN. BEVIS SALE - Exposure. A poem. With an illustration by Bevis Sale
BUL92050: J.D.SALINGER. - A special J.D.Salinger issue of the quarterly periodical 'Modern Fiction Studies'. Vol. XII, no. 3, autumn 1966.
ARC92315: FELIX SALTEN - Bambi. A Life in the Woods. Translated from the German by Whittaker Chambers and with an introduction by John Galsworthy [and illustrations by Kurt Wiese].
14267: JEREMY SANDFORD - Cathy Come Home.
BUL90935: ROBERTO SANESI - Information Report. Translated from the Italian with an introduction and notes by William Alexander.
18797: WILLIAM SANSOM - Grand Tour Today.
ARC91210: WILLIAM SANSOM - Something Terrible, Something Lovely. Stories.
KP90292: WILLIAM SANSOM. - The Face of Innocence. A novel
KP90293: WILLIAM SANSOM. - The Loving Eye. A novel.
BC13546: PETER SANSOM - The Astrologer in Nottingham. Poems. With drawings by Anna Karvot. (INSCRIBED)
19239: WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE. TONY SARG. - The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me. With illustrations by Tony Sarg.
KP90297: WILLIAM SAROYAN. - Peace, it's Wonderful. Stories.
KP90298: WILLIAM SAROYAN. - The Assyrian and Other Stories.
KP90296: WILLIAM SAROYAN. - The Gay and Melancholy Flux. Stories.
ARC91957: MAY SARTON - Inner Landscape. Poems.
BC10156: JEAN-PAUL SARTRE. - The full text of Sartre's 'La Monde' interview given just after the publication of his first volume of autobiography is reprinted in an issue of the periodical 'Encounter'. Vol. XXII, no. 6, June 1964. Edited by Stephen Spender and Melvin J.Lasky.
BC15408: SIEGFRIED SASSOON - Diaries 1915-1918. Edited and with an introduction by Rupert Hart-Davis.
BC13062: SIEGFRIED SASSOON - Rhymed Ruminations. Poems.
BC11355: SIEGFRIED SASSOON. - Vigils. Poems.
BC14620: SIEGFRIED SASSOON - Letters to a Critic. With an introduction and notes by the recipient, Michael Thorpe.
20200: ANTHONY SATTIN. - Lifting the Veil. British Society in Egypt 1768-1956.
BC16451: JAN SAUDEK - Life, Love, Death & Other Such Trifles. With an introduction by Michel Tournier.
FP90005: BASIL SAUNDERS. - The Oxford Viewpoint. Monthly Review. Vol. 2, no. 4. November 1948. Edited by Basil Saunders.
BC16282: GEORGE SAUNDERS - Tenth of December. Stories. (INSCRIBED)
JT9023: PETER PAUL RUBENS. JACQUELINE BOUCHOT-SAUPIQUE. - Helena Fourment. With an essay by Jacqueline Bouchot-Saupique.
HUN0040: EDWARD BAWDEN. DENIS SAURAT. - Death and the Dreamer. With drawings by Edward Bawden.
ARC91521: DOROTHY L.SAYERS - The Greatest Drama Ever Staged.
ARC92605: DOROTHY L.SAYERS - The Devil to Pay. Being the famous History of John Faustus the Conjurer of Wittenberg in Germany; how he sold his immortal soul to the Enemy of Mankind, and was served XXIV years by Mephistopheles, and obtained Helen of Troy to his paramour, with many oth
ARC93088: DOROTHY L.SAYERS AND JILL PATON WALSH. - Thrones, Dominations. A Lord Peter Wimsey / Harriet Vane Mystery. (SIGNED)
ARC93144: DOROTHY L.SAYERS - co-edits and contributes to Oxford Poetry 1917. Edited by D.L.S[ayers], W.R.C[hilde] and T.W.E[arp].
BC13066: VERNON SCANNELL - Walking Wounded. Poems 1962-65.
BC16646: VERNON SCANNELL. - New and Collected Poems 1950-1980. (SIGNED)
99374: FRANCIS SCARFE - Inscapes. Poems
ARC92984: SIMON SCARROW - Gladiator: Fight for Freedom. (SIGNED)
BC14770: EGON SCHIELE. - Nudes.
19396: FRIEDRICH SCHILLING - Flieger an allen Fronten. [A Fligher on all Fronts].
BC14514: BERNHARD SCHLINK - Summer Lies. Stories. Translated from the German of 'Sommerlügen' by Carol Brown Janeway (SIGNED)
ARC91396: UWE M.SCHNEEDE - Surrealism.
BC12850: MYRA SCHNEIDER - Multiplying the Moon. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC12876: MYRA SCHNEIDER - Insisting on Yellow. New and Selected Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC12474: ARNOLD SCHOENBERG AND WASSILY KANDINSKY. ESTHER DA COSTA MEYER AND FRED WASSERMAN. - Schoenberg, Kandinsky, and the Blue Rider. Edited by Esther da Costa Meyer and Fred Wasserman.
BUL90396: ARNOLD SCHÖNBERG. - The Visions of Arnold Schönberg. The Painting Years. Published to accompany a 2002 exhibition at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt.
ARC92967: FRANZ SCHUBERT - Symphony in B Minor ("Unfinished"). An Authoritative Score. Schubert's Sketches, Commentary, Essays in History and Analysis. Edited by Martin Chusid.
BC15090: DELMORE SCHWARTZ. - The Ego is Always at the Wheel. Bagatelles. Edited by Robert Phillips.
BC13940: LEONARDO SCIASCIA - The Council of Egypt. Translated from the Italian of 'Il Consiglio d'Egitto' by Adrienne Foulke.
19852: MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS - Notes on the Authentic Portraits of Mary Queen of Scots. Based on the Researches of the Late Sir George Scharf, K.C.B., Rewritten in the light of New Information by Lionel Cust.
99549: JEFFERSON HOGG. WINIFRED SCOTT. - Jefferson Hogg.
BC12642: GEORGES SCOTT - contributes two full-page colour Great War watercolours to an August 1915 issue of the weekly French newspaper L'illustration.
ARC92418: PERIODICAL. PAUL SCOTT. - Poets Now in the Services. No. 1 and 2. Edited by A.E.Lowy.
BC13035: JEREMY SCOTT - Dancing on Ice. (SIGNED)
BC16748: ROBERT FALCON SCOTT. - The Diaries of Captain Robert Scott. A Record of the Second Antarctic Expedition 1910-1912. Complete in six volumes and including full reproductions of 'South Polar Times 1911'.
BUL92023: J.M.SCOTT. - The Polar Regions. An Anthology of Arctic and Antarctic Photographs. Edited with an introduction by J.M.Scott.
18375: JAPANESE SCREENS - Japanese Screen Paintings. Landscapes and Figures. Catalogue of an exhibition. Complete as 58 loose plates, preserved within printed folder, as issued, with 30pp booklet of descriptions and introduction.
BC13998: PETER SCUPHAM - Winter Quarters. Poems. (SIGNED)
BUL92056: FRED BASON. RONALD SEARLE. - Fred Bason's Diary. Edited and introduced by Nicolas Bentley. (INSCRIBED)
ARC93099: RONALD SEARLE - What! Already? Searle at 90. A Celebration with Comments by the Artist and an Introduction by Quentin Blake. (SIGNED)
BC12435: RONALD SEARLE - Ronald Searle in Perspective.
BC13352: RONALD SEARLE - Ronald Searle's Big Fat Cat Book.
ARC92670: RONALD SEARLE - Forty Drawings.
BC16531: R.P.LISTER. RONALD SEARLE. - Rebecca Redfern. A novel. With a dust wrapper design by Ronald Searle. (INSCRIBED)
BC12526: RONALD SEARLE - Something in the Cellar. Ronald Searle's Wonderful World of Wine.
17631: PIERRE SEGHERS - Poesie 39-45. An anthology. Edited and with an introduction by Pierre Seghers
18791: PAUL L.SEITZ - Men of Dignity. The Montagnards of South Vietnam.
19123: D.H.LAWRENCE. HERBERT J.SELIGMANN - D.H.Lawrence. An American Interpretation.
14882: HUGH DE SELINCOURT - The Game of the Season. Stories.
SPE90218: BRIAN SELZNICK - The Marvels.
19756: H.L.SENIOR - The Cruise of the Labour Brig. A Romance of the Raging Canals.
BC14033: HOWARD SERGEANT - The Headlands. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
BC14506: VIKRAM SETH - The Golden Gate.
SPE90180: TIM SEVERIN - In Search of Genghis Khan. With photographs by Paul Harris. (SIGNED)
BC15673: BROCARD SEWELL - Footnote to the Nineties. A Memoir of John Gray and André Raffalovich.
BUL90598: ANNE SEXTON. - The Book of Folly. Poems.
BUL90760: MAURICE JOHN SEXTON - Sexton's Pocket-Book on Boiler-Making, Ship-Building and the Steel and Iron Trades in General. Comprising a Variety of Useful Information for Employers and Workmen, Government Inspectors, Board of Trade Surveyors, Engineers in Charge of Works and Ships, F
19178: JONATHAN SWIFT. WILLIAM KEAN SEYMOUR - Jonathan Swift. The Enigma of a Genius. A Biographical Outline. (INSCRIBED)
BC10938: ANTHONY SHAFFER. - Murderer. A play in two acts.
ARC92687: BEN SHAHN - contributes a three-page illustrated essay, 'The Making of Haggadah', with one tipped-in colour plate, to the inaugural issue of the Jewish literary and arts annual Quest. Edited by Jonathan Stone.
ARC91891: BEN SHAHN. - Hamlet. A Television Script. Adapted by Michael Benstall and Ralph Nelson for presentation on the CBS Television Network by The Old Vic Company on February 24, 1959 at 9:30 pm EST. With thirty-five drawings, many full-page, and front and rear wrapper desi
BC10081: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. - A special Shakespeare issue of the periodical 'A Review of English Literature'. Vol. V, no. 2, April 1964.
ARC93252: OLIVER MESSEL. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. - Romeo and Juliet. With decorations by Oliver Messel.
ARC91867: PAUL NASH. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. - A Midsommer Nights Dreame. Newly Printed from the First Folio of 1923. With illustrations by Paul Nash and produced under the art-editorship of Albert Rutherston.
ARC91458: ERIC GILL. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE - Henry the Eighth. With wood engravings by Eric Gill.
DZY161009019: ANTON SHAMMAS - Arabesques. Translated from the Hebrew by Vivian Eden. (UNCORRECTED RPOOF, WITH TLS)
BC13584: EDWARD SHANKS - The Night Watch For England and Other Poems.
BUL90551: DELL SHANNON - Streets of Death. A Luis Mendoza novel.
BC12620: JO SHAPCOTT - Electroplating the Baby. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC12390: JO SHAPCOTT - contributes her poems 'The Surrealists' Summer Convention Came to Our City' and 'Lies' to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry Review'. Vol. 75. No. 4. February 1986.
BC12011: JO SHAPCOTT - Of Mutability. Poems
BC12619: JO SHAPCOTT - Of Mutability. Poems. (SIGNED)
BC12012: TOM SHARPE. - The Midden.
ARC91762: TOM SHARPE - Indecent Exposure. A novel.
20191: IRWIN SHAW. - Voices of a Summer Day. A novel.
991848: BERNARD SHAW - The Common Sense of Municipal Trading.
17440: BERNARD SHAW AND ALFRTED DOUGLAS. - Bernard Shaw and Alfred Douglas. A Correspondence. Edited by Mary Hyde.
991251: BERNARD SHAW - An Unfinished Novel. Edited and introduced by Stanley Weintraub.
14677: BERNARD SHAW - Saint Joan. A Chronicle Play, in Six Scenes and an Epilogue.
13898: CHARLES SHEELER - The Photographs. Published in conjunction with a major exhibition. Edited by Theodore E.Stebbins & Norman Keyes Jr.
BC13770: GARY SHEFFIELD - Command and Morale. The British Army on the Western Front 1914-1918. With a foreword by Peter Simkins.
15137: MARY SHELLEY - Proserpine & Midas. Two Unpublished Mythological Dramas. Edited with a lengthy introduction by A.Koszul.
BC12013: PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY - The Esdaile Poems. Early Minor Poems from the 'Esdaile Notebook'. Edited from the manuscripts with an introduction, commentary, and notes by Neville Rogers.
14679: SAM SHEPARD - Seduced. A play.
CAS0123: PETER SHERIDAN - 44. A Dublin Memoir. (SIGNED)
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JUL90089: GRAHAM SUTHERLAND. ROBERTO TASSI - The prospectus for Tassi's celebrated study 'Sutherland: The Wartime Drawings' which documents the period the artist spent as an Official War Artist.
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19816: ANTHONY VANDERVELL AND CHARLES COLES - Game and the English Landscape. The Influence of the Chase on Sporting Art and Scenery.
BC14082: SACCO AND VANZETTI - 7 | 4 | 17. A Letter from Bartolomeo Vanzetti to his friend's son Dante Sacco from the Death House, Massachusetts State Prison 7 | 4 | 17. Seven years, four months, seventeen days.
ARC92987: ANTHOLOGY. [KENNETH VARTY]. - Rewards and Punishments in the Arthurian Romances and Lyric Poetry of Mediaeval France. Essays Presented to Kenneth Varty on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday. Edited by Peter V.Davies and Angus J.Kennedy.
BC14580: JOSÉ MAURO DE VASCONCELOS - My Sweet Orange Tree. Translated from the Portuguese of 'O Meu Pé de Laranja Lima' by Edgar H.Miller Jr., and with illustrations by Frank Bozzo.
20201: MARIA VASSILAKI. - The Painter Angelos and Icon-Painting in Venetian Crete.
KP90513: RICHARD VAUGHAN - Who Rideth So Wild.
BC15211: KEITH VAUGHAN - Journals 1939-1977. With a nine-page introduction by Alan Ross.
BC16613: HENRY VAUGHAN. - Poetry and Selected Prose of Henry Vaughan. Edited with an introduction by L.C.Martin.
ARC93153: BOOKPLATES. HERBERT MILLINGCHAMP VAUGHAN. - Catalogue (with Notes) of the Aneurin Williams Collection of Book Plates.
BC13654: JOHN MCCRAE. HERWIG VERLEYEN - In Flanders Fields. The Story of John McCrae, His Poem and the Poppie.
BUL91029: GERMAIN VIATTE. - Aftermath. France 1945-54. New Images of Man. The catalogue of a March-June 1982 exhibition at the Barbican Art Gallery.
BC16424: SALLEY VICKERS - Where Three Roads Meet. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90471: SALLEY VICKERS - Instances of the Number 3. (SIGNED)
ARC91208: GORE VIDAL - The Judgement of Paris. A novel.
ARC91198: GORE VIDAL (WRITING AS 'EDGAR BOX'). - Death Likes it Hot.
BC16599: GORE VIDAL. - Collected Essays 1952-1972.
18016: GUSTAV VIGELAND - Kunst i 48 Bilder. [The Art of Gustav Vigeland in 48 Pictures]. With forty-eight plates of black-and-white photographs.
14683: RUIZ VILAPLANA - Burgos Justice. A Year's Experience of Nationalist Spain. Translated by W.Horsfall Carter.
ARC93071: OSBERT LANCASTER. DAVID VILLIERS. - A Winter Firework. With a title page decoration and one chapter header illustration by Osbert Lancaster.
16956: E.H.VISIAK - The Haunted Island. With illustrations by Jack Matthews.
BC11912: BERT VOETEN, WIM ALINGS JR. & EDUARD VISSER. - Wachten op het Feest [Waiting for the Party]. With an introduction by W.Hijmans.
BUL90225: ISAAC ASIMOV [A.E.VAN VOGT, LEWIS PADGETT, L.RON HUBBARD, LIONEL 'LAN' WRIGHT]. - contributes his stories 'Trends' and 'Bridle and Saddle' (the first bookform appearance of any of his celebrated 'Foundation' stories) to the pioneering science fiction anthology Men Against the Stars. Edited by Martin Greenberg and with a seven-page intr
BUL90809: A.E.VAN VOGT - The Mind Cage. A Science-Fiction Novel.
ARC93234: KURT VONNEGUT JR. - God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater; or Pearls Before Swine. A novel.
KP90708: KURT VONNEGUT. - Timequake. A novel.
ARC92047: VORTICISM. - Vorticism and its Allies. The catalogue of a 1974 Arts Council exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London.
BC16109: GUUS DE VRIES. - The Great War Through Picture Postcards.
BC11366: ÉDOUARD VUILLARD. - Vuillard et le Goűt du Bonheur. Par Jacques Mercanton.
ARC91460: EDWARD WADSWORTH - Sailing-Ships and Barges of the Western Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. Illustrated with twenty-three superb copper engravings, nineteen hand-coloured and nineteen full-page.
99407: JOHN WAIN - Wildtrack. A poem.
BC12842: JEFFREY WAINWRIGHT - The Important Man.
ARC93082: DEREK WALCOTT - Dream on Monkey Mountain and Other Plays.
BC14353: DEREK WALCOTT - White Egrets. Poems
BUL90817: DEREK WALCOTT - Tiepolo's Hound. A poem. With twenty-six colour-plates reproducing the author's paintings.
ARC92812: ARTHUR WALEY - A Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems. Translated and introduced by Arthur Waley.
ARC91512: ARTHUR WALEY - More Translations from the Chinese.
16767: OLIVER WALKER - Kaffirs are Lively. Being Some Backstage Impressions of the South African Democracy.
BC16180: T.E.LAWRENCE. PHILIP WALKER. - Behind the Lawrence Legend. The Forgotten Few Who Shaped the Arab Revolt.
ARC93175: ALICE WALKER. - The Color Purple. A novel.
BUL90511: DONALD SULTAN. BARRY WALKER - Donald Sultan: A Print Retrospective. The catalogue of a 1992-94 touring exhibition.
ARC92453: RAYMOND MYERSCOUGH-WALKER - Stage and Film Décor. With a foreword by Charles B.Cochran.
BC15232: TED WALKER. - Gloves to the Hangman. Poems 1969-72.
BC15922: ALICE WALKER - Her Blue Body Everything We Know. Earthling Poems 1965-1990 Complete. (SIGNED)
99649: PHILIP WALLIS - At the Sign of the Ship. Notes on the House of Longman 1724- 1974. With an introduction by Elizabeth Longman.
ARC92881: HUGH WALPOLE - All Souls' Night. A Book of Stories.
BUL90958: IZAAK WALTON - The Complete Angler; or The Contemplative Man's Recreation.
BUL92008: GREAT WAR. - Medicine and Surgery in the Great War 1914-1918. The catalogue of a 1968 exhibition at The Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Armistice.
ARC90718: GREAT WAR. - Sir John French's Despatches. First and second series.
BC14164: SECOND WORLD WAR - A National Registration Identity Card.
BC15424: SECOND WORLD WAR. - Rank Badges of Britain's Allies.
BC16496: GREAT WAR - Memorials of Rugbeians Who Fell in the Great War. Volume V.
BC16544: GREAT WAR. - Notts. Patriotic Fair Whit-Monday & Tuesday 1917. With a foreword by John E.Pendleton, Mayor of Nottingham and William Cavendish-Bentinck, Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire.
BC13670: GREAT WAR - Arras Avant et Apres le Bombardment [Arras Before and After the Bombardment].
BC16188: GREAT WAR. - The Glory of Neuve Chapelle.
ARC92689: GREAT WAR. - With the First Canadian Contingent. Published on Behalf of the Canadian Field Comforts Commission.
19318: GREAT WAR. - Three 1915 Overseas Club Empire Day certificates.
ARC93191: GREAT WAR. - Ypres Aprčs la Guerre. Historical Souvenirs. Ten postcards illustrating various views of war-shattered Ypres.
BC16636: GREAT WAR. - Poems of the Great War. Published on Behalf of the Prince of Wales's National Relief Fund.
19988: GREAT WAR. - War Graves of the Empire. Reprinted from the Special Numbers of The Times November 10, 1928.
DZY211009031: JOAN E.V.WARBURG. - The Listening Ground. Poems. (INSCRIBED)
19825: WILLIAM WICKHAM. KENNETH WARD - The World of William Wickham. The Biography and Photography of a Remarkable Victorian.
BC13677: G.KINGSLEY WARD AND MAJOR EDWIN GIBSON. - Courage Remembered. The Story Behind the Construction and Maintenance of the Commonwealth's Military Cemeteries and Memorials of the Wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.
BC14096: ALAN NEAME. ANDY WARHOL - The Adventures of Maud Noakes [and] Maud Noakes, Guerilla.
BUL90900: FRANCIS WARNER - Nightingales. Poems: 1985-1996. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
17512: SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER - The Espalier. Poems.
17513: SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER - Time Importuned. Poems.
BC16536: SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER. - One Thing Leading to Another and Other Stories. Selected and edited by Susanna Pinney.
ARC92638: SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER - Elinor Barley. With illustrations in dry point by J.R.Hodgkins. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
19821: WILLIAM W.WARNER - Distant Water. The Fate of the North Atlantic Fisherman (with UK edition dust wrapper)
BUL90402: REX WARNER. - Poems and Contradictions.
12162: SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER - The Espalier. Poems.
BUL90822: SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER - Twelve Poems. With a preface by Peter Pears.
ARC91685: SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER - contributes her ten-page story 'Rosie Flounders' to the inaugural issue of the periodical London Forum. A Quarterly Review of Literature, Art and Current Affairs. Vol. 1, Nol. 1. Winter 1946.
BC14988: ROBERT PENN WARREN - Eleven Poems on the Same Theme.
BC11339: C.HENRY WARREN. - Happy Countryman. A novel.
991890: JACOB WASSERMANN - Joseph Kerkhoven's Third Existence. Translated from the German by Eden & Cedar Paul.
BC10975: KEITH WATERHOUSE. - Thinks. A novel. (SIGNED)
NAR0001: PAUL WATKINS - Stand Before Your God.
15638: SAMUEL JOHNSON. W.B.C.WATKINS - Johnson and English Poetry before 1660.
KP90691: VERNON WATKINS. - Cypress and Acacia. Poems.
KP90686: VERNON WATKINS - Ballad of the Mari Lwyd and Other Poems
KP90689: VERNON WATKINS - The Death Bell. Poems and Ballads
BC16468: VERNON WATKINS. - John Heath-Stubbs contributes a six-page critical essay 'Pity and the Fixed Star: An Approach to Vernon Watkins' to an issue of the periodical 'Poetry Quarterly'. Vol. 12, no. 1, spring 1950. Edited by Wrey Gardiner.
ARC92942: GEORGE WATSON, I.R.WILLISON AND J.D.PICKLES. - The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature 600-1950. Edited by George Watson, I.R.Willison and J.D.Pickles. Complete in five volumes.
ARC91464: IAN WATSON - The Jonah Kit. A novel. (SIGNED)
19864: G.K.CHESTERTON. G.F.WATTS - G.F.Watts. A Biography. With a preface by Quentin Bell.
20073: MARJORIE WATTS - P.E.N. The Early Years 1921-1926.
ARC92562: EVELYN WAUGH - Put Out More Flags. A novel.
ARC91031: EVELYN WAUGH - Labels. A Mediterranean Journal.
ARC91140: ALEC WAUGH. - The Prisoners of Mainz. With illustrations by Captain R.T.Roussel (P.O.W. Mainz).
991892: EVELYN WAUGH - Hissez le Grand Pavois. Translated from the English of 'Put Out More Flags' by Georges-Philippe Brabant.
ARC92488: EVELYN WAUGH - Labels. A Mediterranean Journal.
16219: ARTHUR WAUGH. (RUPERT BROOKE INTEREST) - Tradition and Change. Studies in Contemporary Literature.
ARC93204: EVELYN WAUGH. - PRB. An Essay on the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood 1847-54. With a preface by Christopher Sykes and a postscript by Christopher Wood.
991891: EVELYN WAUGH - Conduite Scandaleuse. Translated from the English of 'Decline and Fall' by Franz Weyergans.
ARC91730: EVELYN WAUGH - Decline and Fall. An Illustrated Novelette.
ARC91861: EVELYN WAUGH - Black Mischief.
BC13087: BENET WEATHERHEAD - The Imprisoned Heart. Poems. Edited and introduced by Laurence bright and with wood engravings by Hilary Paynter. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
BC15749: EDWARD BAWDEN. NIGEL WEAVER - Edward Bawden in the Middle East.
BC16095: SIR LAWRENCE WEAVER - The Scottish National War Memorial. The Castle, Edinburgh. A record and appreciation by Sir Lawrence Weaver, K.B.E.
BC14975: MAX WEBER - Max Weber. The Cubist Decade 1910-1920. The catalogue of a touring 1991-93 exhibition. With an essay by Percy North and an introduction by Susan Krane.
BC14976: MAX WEBER - Max Weber. An American Cubist in Paris and London 1905-15.
BC16639: BERNARD WEBER. (ERNEST HEMINGWAY INTEREST). - The White Leopard. Bernard Weber, alias Walter Mittelholzer, on the Tracks of Ernest Hemingway. (INSCRIBED)
FP90001: JOHN WEBSTER. - The Duchess of Malfi. The programme for a 1949 production at Oriel College produced by Michael Gettleson and with sets designed by Michael Levey.
ARC92951: T.E.LAWRENCE. DONALD WEEKS. - T.E.Lawrence. An hitherto unknown Biographical/ Bibliographical Note.
ARC91446: FREDERICK ROLFE. DONALD WEEKS. - Frederick William Rolfe, the 1903 Conclave & Hartwell de la Garde Grissell. (SIGNED)
ARC93024: FREDERICK ROLFE. DONALD WEEKS. - Frederick William Rolfe and Artists' Models. An essay.
BUL92074: JOHN EDWARD WEEMS - Peary. The Explorer and the Man. Based on his Personal Papers.
19202: MATTHEW WEINREB AND FIONA BIDDULPH. - Metropolitain. A Portrait of Paris.
15213: HELLMUTH WEISSENBORN, HEINRICH HEINE - Doktor Faust. A Dance Poem. Together with some Rare Accounts of Witches, Devils and the Ancient Art of Sorcery. Edited and translated by Basil Ashmore, with an introduction by J.C.Trewin. With engravings by Hellmuth Weissenborn.
17986: ARTHUR SYMONS. T.EARLE WELBY - Arthur Symons. A Critical Study.
KP90137: DENTON WELCH - contributes his poem 'The Driving Power' to the anthology Modern Reading 15. Edited by Reginald Moore.
14739: FAY WELDON - The President's Child. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
19865: MICHAEL WELLER. - Cancer. A comedy.
99417: DOROTHY WELLESLEY - Desert Wells. Poems.
KP90116: DOROTHY WELLESLEY - Desert Wells. Poems.
BC14140: N.KATHARIN WELLS - Diverse Roads. A novel.
BC13585: PETER WELLS - Poems.
BC16591: IRVINE WELSH. - Ecstasy. Three Tales of Chemical Romance.
ARC91844: EUDORA WELTY - The Wide Net and Other Stories.
ARC92586: GLENWAY WESCOTT - The Bitterns. A Book of Twelve Poems.
BC12198: REBECCA WEST - The Only Poet and Short Stories. Edited by Antonia Till.
ARC92389: V.SACKVILLE-WEST. - Country Notes. With photographs by Bryan and Norman Westwood.
ARC91295: SHELL GUIDE. ANTHONY WEST - Gloucester. A Shell Guide.
BUL91093: V.SACKVILLE-WEST AND HAROLD NICOLSON - Another World Than This. An anthology compiled by Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson.
20107: V.SACKVILLE-WEST. - The Dark Island. A novel.
ARC91825: JOHN PIPER. ANTHONY WEST. - On a Dark Night. With a dust wrapper design by John Piper.
HUN0150: V.SACKVILLE-WEST. - Nursery Rhymes.
HUN0151: V.SACKVILLE-WEST. - Orchards. A Fragment from 'The Land'. With wood engravings by Anthony Christmas.
BC11851: HENRY WILLIAMSON. HERBERT FAULKNER WEST - The Dreamer of Devon. An essay on Henry Williamson.
ARC90380: SHELL GUIDE. ANTHONY WEST. - Gloucester. A Shell Guide.
HUN0146: V.SACKVILLE-WEST - contributes her ten-page story 'The Poet' to an issue of the periodical 'Life and Letters'. Vol. VI, no. 35, April 1931. Edited by Desmond MacCarthy.
HUN0152: V.SACKVILLE-WEST AND VIOLET TREFUSIS. - Violet to Vita. The Letters of Violet Trefusis and Vita Sackville-West, 1910-21. Edited by Mitchell A.Leaska and John Phillips and with an introduction by Mitchell A.Leaska.
BC11931: HENRY WILLIAMSON. HERBERT FAULKNER WEST. - The Dreamer of Devon. An essay on Henry Williamson.
ARC92609: V.SACKVILLE-WEST - Heritage. A novel.
BC11453: REBECCA WEST. - Harriet Hume. A London Fantasy.
BUL90473: NIGEL WEST. - A Matter of Trust. MI5 1945-72. (INSCRIBED)
ARC91927: V.SACKVILLE-WEST. - Grey Wethers. A Romantic Novel.
HUN0148: V.SACKVILLE-WEST, BEVERLEY NICHOLS, COMPTON MACKENZIE AND MARION CRAN. - How Does Your Garden Grow? With decorations by Nora S.Unwin.
BC12634: RAY WESTLAKE - British Battalions on the Western Front. January to June 1915. Neuve Chapelle, Ypres, Aubers Ridge and Festubert. (SIGNED)
99570: JESSIE L.WESTON, [EDITOR] - Romance Vision & Satire. English Alliterative Poems. Newly rendered in the original metres by Jessie L.Weston.
ARC93143: JESSIE L.WESTON. - King Arthur and His Knights. A Brief Introduction to the Study of Arthurian Literature.
991746: CORNELIUS WEYGANDT - Irish Plays and Playwrights. With illustrations.
17526: EDITH WHARTON - The Letters of Edith Wharton. Edited by R.W.B.Lewis & Nancy Lewis.
ARC90190: DENNIS WHEATLEY. - Old Rowley. A Private Life of Charles II. With illustrations by Frank C.Papé. (SIGNED SLIP LAID-IN)
ARC91499: DENNIS WHEATLEY - The Eight Ages of Justerini's 1749-1965. (INSCRIBED)
ARC92825: DENNIS WHEATLEY - The Man Who Missed the War. A novel.
ARC92608: CHARLES WHIBLEY - Essays in Biography. (INSCRIBED)
BUL90352: LAURENCE WHISTLER. - Point Engraving on Glass. With a foreword by Hugh Cecil.
BC13040: REX WHISTLER - Designs for the Theatre. With appreciations by Cecil Beaton, James Laver and Laurence Whistler.
19627: LAURENCE WHISTLER - Who Live in Unity. (SIGNED)
BC13096: LAURENCE WHISTLER - contributes three poems to Oxford Poetry 1932. (SIGNED)
ARC92463: LAURENCE WHISTLER - The Imagination of Vanbrugh and His Fellow Artists.
BC16071: EDITH OLIVIER. REX WHISTLER - Country Moods and Tenses. A Non-Grammarian's Chapbook.
19643: LAURENCE WHISTLER - Way. Idea of a City and Triune. Two affirmations by Laurence Whistler: in Glass and Verse. (SIGNED)
BC16057: LAURENCE WHISTLER - The Initials in the Heart.
16013: LAURENCE WHISTLER. REX WHISTLER. - The Emperor Heart. Poems. With illustrations by Rex Whistler.
BC16649: LAURENCE WHISTLER. - Engraved Glass 1952-1958.
BC16650: LAURENCE WHISTLER. - Pictures on Glass. Engravings. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
ARC90105: REX WHISTLER. - Restoration Love Songs. Edited and with an introduction by John Hadfield.
BC16648: LAURENCE WHISTLER. - The Engraved Glass of Laurence Whistler. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
ARC91737: LAURENCE WHISTLER - Sir John Vanburgh. Architect and Dramatist 1664-1726.
ARC92424: REX WHISTLER - The New Forget-Me-Not. An anthology. With four colour plates and various handsome decorations by Rex Whistler. (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION)
19458: GILBERT WHITE - The Natural History of Selborne; with Observations on various Parts of Nature; and The Naturalist's Calendar. With additions and supplementary notes by Sir William Jardine. Edited, with further illustrations, a biographical sketch of the author, and a com
BUL90623: ALAN WHITE - The Long Day's Dying. A novel. (INSCRIBED)
20100: PATRICK WHITE - The Twyborn Affair. A novel.
NAR0002: GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS. NORMAN WHITE. - Gerard Manley Hopkins in Wales
ARC92377: T.H.WHITE. - Loved Helen and Other Poems.
16014: R.J.WHITE. - Dr Bentley. A Study in Academic Scarlet. With illustrations.
BC12549: T.H.WHITE - Farewell Victoria.
BC11762: ALICE WALKER. EVELYN C.WHITE - Alice Walker. A Life.
20042: T.H.WHITE - The Scandalmonger.
ARC92479: T.H.WHITE. - The Book of Beasts. Being a Translation From a Latin Bestiary of the Twelfth Century.
ARC93171: T.H.WHITE. - The Ill-Made Knight. Book three of the Arthurian sequence.
ARC93122: T.H.WHITE. - The Arthurian Trilogy, comprising 'The Sword in the Stone', 'The Witch in the Wood' [and] 'The Ill-Made Knight'. ; plus 'The Book of Merlin'.
12952: EDMUND WHITE - Nocturnes for the King of Naples.
ARC93057: T.H.WHITE - A Joy Proposed. Poems. With an introduction, afterword and notes by Kurth Sprague.
RB90052: WILLIAM ARCHER. PETER WHITEBROOK - William Archer. A biography.
15821: J.MILLS WHITHAM - Swings and Roundabouts. A novel.
ARC93194: CHARLES ST. JOHN. J.W.WHYMPER. - Sketches of the Wild Sports & Natural History of the Highlands. With illustrations by J.W.Whymper.
BC15942: ELIE WIESEL - The Judges. A novel.
20184: OSCAR WILDE - contributes 'The Disciple' to an issue of the Oxford undergraduate periodical 'The Spirit Lamp'. Vol. IV, No. II. June 1893. Edited by Lord Alfred Douglas.
JUL90393: HENRY MOORE. ALAN G.WILKINSON. - The Drawings of Henry Moore. The catalogue of a touring 1977-78 exhibition.
99675: ELLEN WILLIAMS - Harriet Monroe and the Poetry Renaissance. The first ten years of "Poetry" 1912-22.
ARC93123: GWYLMOR PRYS WILLIAMS AND GEORGE THOMPSON BRAKE. - Drink in Great Britain 1900-1979.
BUL92077: RAYMOND WILLIAMS. - Border Country. A novel.
ARC92524: CHARLES WILLIAMS - The Region of the Summer Stars. Poems.
16967: CHARLES WILLIAMS - Judgement at Chelmsford. A Pageant Play.
BUL91081: CHARLES WILLIAMS. - Collected Plays. With an introduction by John Heath-Stubbs.
18586: THOMAS HARDY. RANDALL WILLIAMS - The Wessex Novels of Thomas Hardy.
18915: MARY WILLIAMS & JAMES A.DE ROTHSCHILD. (EDITORS) - A Miscellany of Studies in Romance Languages & Literatures. Presented to Leon E.Kastner.
ARC91672: FRANKLIN B.WILLIAMS - The Gardyners Passetaunce [c.1512]. Edited with an introduction and transcript by Franklin B.Williams Jr. With notes on the two unique editions in Westminster Abbey Library, descriptions of the bindings in which they were preserved, and the other items fo
ARC92779: CHARLES WILLIAMS - Divorce. Poems.
BUL91082: ISOBEL WILLIAMS. - Captain Scott's Invaluable Assistant Edgar Evans. (SIGNED)
ARC92766: C.F.TUNNICLIFFE. HARCOURT WILLIAMS - Tales from Ebony. With thirty-two wonderfully vibrant colour plates by C.F.Tunnicliffe. (SIGNED)
20066: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Village Book.
20188: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Phoenix Generation. Volume twelve of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
20190: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - A Solitary War. Volume thirteen of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
19993: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Phasian Bird.
BC13447: HENRY WILLIAMSON - contributes 'The Winter of 1941' to The Pleasure Ground. A Miscellany of English Writing. Edited by Malcolm Elwin and illustrated with photographs.
BC16246: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Dream of Fair Women. Book three of 'The Flax of Dream' sequence. Faber
BC16248: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - Collected Nature Stories.
BC13012: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Pathway. Book four of 'The Flax of Dream' sequence. (PLUS UNCORRECTED PROOF)
BC12684: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Richard Jefferies. Selections of his Work, with details of his Life and Circumstance, his Death and Immortality.
BUL91080: GEOFFREY WILLIAMSON. - Changing Greenland. With an introduction by Ole Bjorn Kraft. (INSCRIBED)
20004: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Tarka the Otter. Prospectus and Order Form.
BC15902: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Innocent Moon. Volume nine of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
20061: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Children of Shallowford.
BC16230: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Stumberleap and Other Devon Writings. Contributions to the Daily Express and Sunday Express 1915-1935. Edited and with an introduction by John Gregory.
BC16280: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight. Complete in fifteen volumes comprising The Dark Lantern, Donkey Boy, Young Phillip Maddison, How Dear is Life, A Fox Under my Cloak, The Golden Virgin, Love and the Loveless, A Test to Destruction, The Innocent Moon, It wa
BC13437: HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Breath of Country Air. Parts I & II. Edited and introduced by John Gregory. With photographs.
BC15754: GEORGE J.GILL. HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Fight Against Tithes. Edited by Donald Gill and S.S.Gill and with an Epilogue by Henry Williamson.
BC16262: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Wet Flanders Plain.
BC12121: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Sun Brothers.
19984: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - Richard Jefferies. Selections of his Work, with details of his Life and Circumstance, his Death and Immortality.
BC14412: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Children of Shallowford.
BC15883: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Life in a Devon Village.
BC15742: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Stumberleap: A Story Taken from The Old Stag.
CW90038: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Salar the Salmon. A novel.
BC12122: OLIVE HAWKS. [HENRY WILLIAMSON]. - What Hope for Green Street? (SIGNED)
BC16229: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Threnos for T.E.Lawrence and Other Writings. Together with A Criticism of Henry Williamson's 'Tarka the Otter' by T.E.Lawrence. Edited by John Gregory and with an introduction by J.W.Blench.
BC13366: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Tales of a Devon Village.
BC15765: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Pen and Plough. Further Broadcasts. Edited and with an introduction by John Gregory.
19805: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Lone Swallows and Other Essays of the Country Green.
19859: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Salar the Salmon. A novel.
BC16081: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - On Foot in Devon; or Guidance and Gossip, being a Monologue in Two Reels.
ARC170208011: HENRY WILLIAMSON. - The Linhay on the Downs. A 24-page story. (INITIALLED by the author)
ARC90826: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Beautiful Years. A Tale of Childhood.
BC14330: HENRY WILLIAMSON - A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight. Complete in fifteen volumes comprising The Dark Lantern, Donkey Boy, Young Phillip Maddison, How Dear is Life, A Fox Under my Cloak, The Golden Virgin, Love and the Loveless, A Test to Destruction, The Innocent Moon, It wa
BC12477: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Sun in the Sands.
10287: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Pathway. A novel. The fourth and final volume of the 'Flax of Dream' sequence
BC16227: HENRY WILLIAMSON - The Power of the Dead. Volume eleven of 'A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight'.
BC16231: HENRY WILLIAMSON - Atlantic Tales. Contributions to The Atlantic Monthly 1927-1947. Edited by John Gregory, with an introduction by Richard Williamson and an essay, 'Both Sides of the Water', by Anne Williamson.
19710: HENRY WILLIAMSON (PUBLISHED ANONYMOUSLY). - The Gold Falcon; or The Haggard of Love. Being the Adventures of Manfred, Airman and Poet of the World War, and later, Husband and Father, in Search of Freedom and Personal Sunrise, in the City of New York; and of the Consummation of his Life.

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