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89243: ELISABETH ARKHIPOFF & LAURENT FÉTIS. - Gas Book 12 : Elisabeth Arkhipoff & Laurent Fétis.
89736: LE FEUVRE, AMY. - Me and Nobbles.
93174: FEWSTER, KEVIN (SELECTED AND ANNOTATED BY) - Gallipoli Correspondent : The frontline diary of C.E.W. Bean.
87465: FIDDIAN, MARC - Seagulls Over Williamstown
68881: FIDDIAN, MARC. - Continent of Iron Roads : A Brief History of Australian Railways.
81549: FIELD, JEAN. - Waggon Wheels thro' the Wildflowers.
54392: FIELD, COL. CYRIL. - The Mastery of the Sea. With Twenty-four Half-tone Plates and Numerous Illustrations in the text.
66486: FIELD, M.J. - Search For Security An ethno-psychiatric study of Rural Ghana.
68592: FIELD, JEAN F. - And So Today... A Picturesque Cavalcade of the Years Between
78352: FIELD, FRANK R. III. - Strategic Analysis of Materials Using Multi-Attribute Utility Analysis. Materials Systems Laboratory Working Paper.
55195: FIELD, RACHEL. - God's Pocket : The Story of Captain Samuel Hadlock, Junior, of Cranberry Isles, Maine.
93866: FIELD, L.M. - The Forgotten War Australian Involvement in the South African Conflict of 1899 - 1902.
87865: FIELD, JUSTIN - The Simplicity of Plainsong With a Preface by His Excellency Most Rev. Felix Couturier, O.P. Bishop of Alexandria, Ont.
89745: FIELDEN, LORNA. - The Gardener's Warning! With an introduction by Edna Walling.
59762: FIELDING, MICHAEL - Parenthood: Design or Accident? A Manual of Birth-Control. Preface by H.G. Wells.
76024: FIELDING, HENRY. - Miscellaneous Writings in Three Volumes. Illustrated with Reproductions of Rare Contemporary Drawings and Portraits.
77514: FIENBERG, ANNA. - Billy Bear and the Wild Winter. Illustrated by Astra Lacis.
84541: FIFE-YEOMANS, JANET. - Heath : A Family's Tale.
53272: FIGGIS, DARRELL - A.E. (George W. Russell) A Study of a Man and a Nation. Irishmen of Today
63830: FILSON, REX. B. - The Lichens and Mosses of Mac.Robertson Island
93144: FINCH, ALAN AND VALRIE. - Lord Howe Island.
95634: FINCHER, RUTH AND NIEUWENHUYSEN (EDS.) - Australian Poverty : Then and Now.
71433: FINDLATER, RICHARD - Lilian Baylis : The Lady of the Old Vic
98216: FINDLAY, JEAN. - Chasing Lost Time - The Life of C.K. Scott Moncrieff: Soldier, Spy and Translator.
84641: FINDLAY, CHARLES. - The Intelligence Cover-Up.
78354: FINE, PAUL; RASHER, HOWARD WM; AND WAKESBERG, SI (EDS.) - Operations in the Nonferrous Scrap Metal Industry Today
77386: FINE, ANNE - Goggle-Eyes
81032: FINEMAN, DANIEL. - A Special Relationship : The United States and Military Government in Thailand, 1947-1958.
59084: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Highwaymen A Book of Gallant Rogues. With illustrations from woodblocks by Paul Honoré.
88703: FINGER, CHARLES J. - A Dog At His Heel The story of Jock, an Australian sheep-dog, and what befell him and his companion on a Great Drive. Illustrated by Henry C. Pitz.
71727: FINKEL, GEORGE. - The Dutchman Bold : The Story of Abel Tasman.
87030: FINKEL, GEORGE. - William Light.
90376: FINNIN, MARY - Look Down, Olympians - Poems
75739: FINNIN, MARY. - Off Shears.
72693: FINNIN, MARY. - The Shield of Place.
60360: FINNIS, MARGARET M. - The Lower Level A Discursive History of The Adelaide University Union
100110: FINNIS, JOHN. - Natural Law & Natural Rights. Second Edition.
54436: FIRKINS, PETER - Of Nautilus and Eagles History of the Royal Australian Navy.
54207: FIRKINS, PETER - Of Nautilus and Eagles History of the Royal Australian Navy.
95483: FIRKINS, PETER - Of Nautilus and Eagles History of the Royal Australian Navy.
98791: FIRKINS, PETER (ED.) - A History of Commerce and Industry in Western Australia.
89468: FIRMIN, STANLEY. - Scotland Yard : The Inside Story. With 18 Illustrations.
74132: FIRTH, JOHN DUNCAN. - High Plains Muster : A Personal View with Brush, Pen and Pencil.
86773: FIRTH, STEWART - New Guinea Under the Germans
85900: FIRTH, PETER E. - Mighty Things From Small Beginnings Clarksons - the First 150 Years 1852 - 2002.
68056: FISCHER, KLAUS & HOENESS, ULI - Fussball Welt Meisterschaft Argentinien 1978
78811: FISCHER, GERHARD (ED.) - The Mudrooroo/Muller Project : A Theatrical Casebook.
86153: FISCHER, RUTH TRANT - The Hog's Back ... the men who made Broken Hill.
83172: FISCHER, RUTH - The Hog's Back ... the men who made Broken Hill
61703: FISHER, ALEXANDER - The Art of Enamelling Upon Metal with a short Appendix concerning Miniature Painting on metal.
66366: FISHER, PATIENCE. - Winderlup. With sketches by Margaret Raymond.
81842: FISHER, MARK (ED.) - Letters to an Editor.
95102: FISHER, CEC - Flag of Unity
70498: FISHER, HARRISON - Beauties Verse by Carolyn Wells, Decorations by Theodore B Hapgood.
90739: FISHER, RAYMOND H. - The Voyage of Semen Dezhnev in 1648 : Bering's Precursor. With selected documents.
69772: FISHWICK, DUNCAN. - The Altar of Augustus and the Municipal Cult of Tarraco. Sonderdruck aus den Madrider Mitteilungen 23, 1982.
67395: FISK, E.K. (ED.). - New Guinea on the Threshold. Aspects of Social, Political and Economic Development.
76957: FISK, E.K. - The Aboriginal Economy in Town and Country.
70117: FISK, NICHOLAS. - Little Green Spaceman. Illustrated by Trevor Stubley.
77287: FISK, NICHOLAS. - Leadfoot.
92215: FISK, E.K. (ED.) - New Guinea on the Threshold : Aspects of Social, Political and Economic Development.
76992: FISK, E.K. (ED) - New Guinea on the Threshold Aspects of Social, Political and Economic Development.
99873: FITTS, CLIVE - Recollections of a Bookworm Address to the Friends of the Baillieu Library, Annual Meeting, 22nd November 1973
100351: FITTS, CLIVE. - Recollections of a Bookworm. Address to the Friends of the Baillieu Library, Annual Meeting, 22nd November 1973.
61732: FITZGERALD, ROBERT D. - Moonlight Acre Moonlight Acre, Copernicus, The Hidden Bole, Essay on Memory
86818: FITZGERALD, ROBERT D. (ED.) - The Letters of Hugh McCrae.
86090: FITZGERALD, ROBERT D. - Product : Later Verses.
74959: FITZGERALD, PHYLLIDA (ED.) - What, Even More Adventures!? Hints of 1994 and 1995 -- The Melbourne Age Green Guide, The Canberra Times.
78262: FITZGERALD, ROBERT D. - Moonlight Acre. Moonlight Acre, Copernicus, The Hidden Bole, Essay on Memory.
72858: FITZGERALD, ROBERT D. - Moonlight Acre. Moonlight Acre, Copernicus, The Hidden Bole, Essay on Memory.
94249: FITZGERALD, MARY & FINNERGAN, RICHARD J. (EDS) - The Collected Works of W.B. Yeats. Volume VIII. The Irish Dramatic Movement.
71369: FITZGERALD, BRIAN. - Daniel Defoe : A Study in Conflict.
72985: FITZGERALD, ROBERT D. - Between Two Tides.
87253: FITZGERALD, R.T. - The Printers of Melbourne : The History of a Union.
73696: FITZGERALD, ROBERT D. - Moonlight Acre. Moonlight Acre, Copernicus, The Hidden Bole, Essay on Memory.
71927: FITZGERALD, ROBERT D. - Of Places & Poetry.
85030: FITZGIBBON, LOUIS. - Katyn : A Crime Without Parallel. Introduction by Constantine FitzGibbon
74323: FITZGIBBON, CONSTANCE - Man in Aspic
70759: FITZGIBBON, LOUIS. - Katyn.
100542: FITZHARDINGE, L.F. - St. John's Church and Canberra
85169: FITZHARDINGE, L.F. - Old Canberra and the Search for a Capital.
84928: FITZHARDINGE, L.F. - St. John's Church and Canberra
94356: FITZPATRICK, KATHLEEN - PLC Melbourne The First Century 1875- 1975
61157: FITZPATRICK, KATHLEEN - PLC Melbourne The First Century 1875- 1975
66149: FITZPATRICK, KATHLEEN - PLC Melbourne The First Century 1875- 1975
60551: FITZPATRICK, KATHLEEN - PLC Melbourne The First Century 1875- 1975
66911: FITZPATRICK, BRIAN (INTRODUCTION BY). - Southern Stories. Poems and Paintings.
98320: FITZPATRICK, BRIAN & CAHILL, ROWAN J. - The Seaman's Union of Australia 1872 - 1972. A History.
71973: FITZPATRICK, BRIAN - The Rich Get Richer Facts of the Growth of Monopoly in the Economic Structure of Australia Before and During the War
100768: FITZPATRICK, SHEILA. - Everyday Stalinism. Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: Soviet Russia in the 1930s.
86147: FITZSIMONS, PETER. - Mawson and the Ice Men of the Heroic Age : Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen.
97607: FITZSIMONS, PETER - Charles Kingsford Smith and Those Magnificent Men
97611: FITZSIMONS, PETER. - Mawson and the Ice Men of the Heroic Age : Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen.
100036: FITZSIMONS, PETER. - Charles Kingsford Smith and Those Magnificent Men.
85324: FITZSIMONS, PETER. - Mawson and the Ice Men of the Heroic Age : Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen.
65198: FITZSYMONDS, EUSTACE (ED) - Brady, McCabe, Dunne, Bryan Crawford, Murphy, Bird McKenney, Goodwin, Pawley Bryant, Cody, Hodgetts Gregory, Tilley, Ryan Williams and their associates. Bushrangers in Van Diemen's Land 1824-1827. From James Calder's text of 1873 together with newly discovered manuscripts, edited by Eustace Fitzsymonds.
83681: O'FLAHERTY, LIAM - The Life of Tim Healy
98206: FLANAGAN, MARTIN. - The Short Long Book : A portrait of Michael Long, the man who changed the Australian game.
88996: FLANAGAN, RICHARD. - The Sound of One Hand Clapping.
100046: FLANAGAN, RICHARD. - A Terrible Beauty : History of the Gordon River Country.
56983: FLANDERS, W.T. - Galvanising and Tinning A Practical Treatise on Coating with Tin and Zinc with a special chapter on Tinning Gray Iron Castings.
82600: FLANNERY, NANCY ROBINSON (ED.) - This Everlasting Silence : The love letters of Paquita Delprat and Douglas Mawson 1911-1914.
69571: FLANNERY, NANCY ROBINSON (ED.) - This Everlasting Silence : The love letters of Paquita Delprat & Douglas Mawson 1911-1914.
81598: FLANTZ, RICHARD. - Promises.
77191: Ó FLATHARTA, ANTOINE. - Imeachtaí na Saoirse.
82725: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE. - Bibliomania : A Tale. Illustrated by Arthur Wragg.
95747: FLAWS, BOB. - Turtle Tail and Other Tender Mercies : Traditional Chinese Pediatrics.
69446: FLECHSIG, OTTO - Ein General rettet seine Armee Mackensens Durchbruch zur Heimat
90544: FLEETWOOD, STEVE. - Hayek's Political Economy : The socio-economics of order.
77273: FLEETWOOD, JENNI. - The Intergalactic Omniglot.
58629: FLEISCHER, LEONORE - The Lords of Flatbush based on a screenplay by Stephen F. Verona, Gayle Gleckler and Martin Davidson
95936: FLEM-ATH, RAND & ROSE. - When the Sky Fell : In Search of Atlantis. Introduction by Colin Wilson.
80977: FLEMING, PETER - The Gower Street Poltergeist
87834: FLEMING, IAN - Agent 007 contra Goldfinger (Døden Må Vente)
94777: FLEMING, DAVID HAY - The Reformation in Scotland Causes, Characteristics, Consequences.
87502: FLEMING, JUSTIN. - All That Brothers Should Be : A Celebration of 100 years of the Old Ignatians' Union.
80792: FLEMING, CHRIS (ED.) - Local Heroes : An Oral History of World War Two.
54563: FLEMING, CHRIS (ED) - Local Heroes: An Oral History of World War Two
53239: FLEMING, WILLIAM CANON. - The Life of St. Patrick. Apostle of Ireland.
88771: FLEMING, FERGUS - Killing Dragons : the Conquest of the Alps.
99253: FLEMING, IAN - The Spy Who Loved Me
73693: FLEMING, W.M. - Australia in Peace and War. With an introduction by Sir John Forrest, P.C., G.C.M.G., LL.D., M.H.R., etc.
97348: FLEMING, IAN - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
80976: FLEMING, PETER - The Flying Visit Drawings by Low.
90260: FLESCH, JULIET - Love Brought to Book A bio-bibliography of 20th century Australian romance writers.
63771: FLETCHER, JIM (ED) - River, Road and Rail A History of Kogarah Municipality. Published to commemorate the centenary of the incorporation of Kogarah as a municipality.
78910: FLETCHER, JOHN. - Biblionews and Australian Notes & Queries : Index 1979-1983 Numbers 246-260.
84546: FLETCHER, J.S. - The Reformation in Northern England Six Lectures.
78775: FLETCHER, JOHN - The Novels of Samuel Beckett
70228: FLETCHER, JOHN - Demetrius and Enanthe being the Humorous Lieutenant, a play. Published from a manuscript dated 1625 and containing passages never before printed. Edited by The Rev. Alexander Dyce.
78087: FLETCHER, HARRIS FRANCIS. - Contributions to a Milton Bibliography 1800-1930 : Being a List of Addenda to Stevens's Reference Guide to Milton.
72812: FLETCHER, IFAN KYRLE & ROOD, ARNOLD - Edward Gordon Craig : A Bibliography
100098: FLETCHER, BRIAN H. - Landed Enterprise and Penal Society : A History of Farming and Grazing in New South Wales before 1821.
78111: LA FLEUR, J.D. (ED.) - Peter van den Broecke's Journal of Voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola 1605-1612. Hakluyt Society Series III Volume 5.
84696: FLEURON, SVEND & ALDIN, CECIL - The Wild Horses of Iceland Translated from the Danish by E. Gee Nash. Illustrations by Cecil Aldrin.
52649: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS. - Lord der Mohawks. Sir William Johnson - Mittler zwischen Indianern und WeiBen.
84104: FLICK, ALEXANDER CLARENCE. - The Decline of the Medieval Church, Volume One and Two.
96412: FLINDERS, T.G. - The Settle & Carlisle Route Revisited.
89363: FLINT, MCHARDY - Natural Elocution in Speech and Song
96613: FLINT, H.T. - Wave Mechanics Methuen's Monographs on Physical Subjects.
90264: Ó FLOINN, DONNCHADH. - The Integral Irish Tradition.
77736: FLORENCE, WILLIAM JAMES - The Handbook of Poker The Oval Series.
100767: FLORNOY, BERTRAND. - Jivaro : Among the Head-shrinkers of the Amazon.
54233: FLOWER, DESMOND & MUNBY, A.N.L. (EDS) - English Poetical Autographs A Collection of Facsimiles of Autograph Poems from Sir Thomas Wyat to Rupert Brooke.
66267: FLOWERS, GEORGE W. - Aboard the Bombay The Diary of Richard Moffat. En route from Plymouth to Melbourne, 12 Sept to 24 Dec 1852.
56511: FLUCK, R.E. & SAMPSON, R. - On Shed at Mile End
76105: FLYNN, DENNIS O. & FROST, LIONEL, & LATHAM, A.J.H. - Pacific Centuries : Pacific and Pacific Rim history since the sixteenth century.
76591: FLYNN, BRENDAN. - A History of Wicklow Golf Club 1904-2004.
81666: FLYNN, GWEN. - Touch Me.
73862: FOARD, PATSY - Rabbit Blue: Autobiography of a Painter
60011: FOGARTY, MICHAEL. - My Life And Ours.
96847: FOGARTY, LIONEL GEORGE - Yoogum Yoogum Beyond the despair of Aboriginal oppression towards an understanding of total cultural unity. Foreword by Gary Foley.
83727: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM & ENGERMAN, STANLEY L. - Time on the Cross : The Economics of American Negro Slavery.
88387: FOLEY, CAPT. JOHN C.H. - Reef Pilots : The History of the Queensland Coast and Torres Strait Pilot Service.
99941: FOLEY, GERRY. - Ireland in Rebellion.
93464: VAN FOORT, JUDY - Verses From the Vortex Inspirational Poetry from Meditation.
74919: FORBES, JOHN - The Stunned Mullet and other poems Cover and drawings by Frank Littler.
90318: FORBES, DUNCAN - A Grammar of the Arabic Language : intended more especially for the use of young men preparing for the East India Civil Service; and also for the use of self-instructing students in general.
88108: DOCKLANDS TASK FORCE - Melbourne Docklands : Strategic Options.
86314: AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCES. - Note Book. For use by Officers and N.C.O.'s.
98254: FORD, BRUCE. - The Wounded Warrior and Rehabilitation : Including the history of No. 11 Army General Hospital / Caulfield Rehabilitation Hospital.
82898: FORD, HENRY IN COLLABORATION WITH SAMUEL CROWTHER. - The Great Today and Greater Future
70757: FORD, HENRY SR. - The International Jew : The World's Foremost Problem. Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial Leader Henry Ford, Sr. Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co. "The Dearborn Independent."
96063: FOREMAN, AMANDA. - Georgiana : Duchess of Devonshire.
100162: FORESTER, C.S. - Hunting the Bismarck.
90019: FORESTER, C.S. - The Good Shepherd The story of an allied convoy during the Battle of the Atlantic.
69190: FORESTER, C.S. - The Gun
78879: FORESTER, C.S. - The Happy Return.
55199: FORESTER, C.S. - The Sky and the Forest
68947: FORESTER, C.S. - The Sky and the Forest
76172: FORGAN SMITH, MRS. E.M. - Gum Trees.
69369: FORGE, JOHN (ED.) - Measurement, Realism and Objectivity : Essays on Measurement in the Social and Physical Sciences. Australasian Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Volume 5.
61135: FORREST, PETER - Springvale's Story and Early Years at the Katherine
98293: FORREST, PETER & SHEILA. - Bush Battleground : Barcaldine 1891.
86710: FORREST, D.W. - Francis Galton : The Life and Work of a Victorian Genius.
95746: FORREST, PETER. - The Dynamics of Belief : A Normative Logic.
80983: FORREST, DAVID - The Last Blue Sea
65783: FORSTER, SANDY - "A Place of Love" Kingston Centre- A Living History
95665: FORSTER, FRANK M.C. - Progress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Australia.
95666: FORSTER, FRANK M.C. - Progress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Australia.
95768: FORSTER, HARLEY W. - The Central Gold-Fields : Historical backgrounds 1. Bendigo, Castlemaine and Neighbourhood.
97450: FORSTER, HARLEY W. - Waranga : 1865 - 1965 A Shire History
61132: FORSYTH, IDA - He Came From Ireland The Life Story of the Rev. Samuel Forsyth, O.B.E.
90237: FORSYTH, W.D. - Captain Cook's Australian Landfalls : Eyewitness Accounts by members of the ship's company of HMS "Endeavour" 1770. Extracted for Visitors to the East Coast of Australia.
81773: FORSYTH, R.A. - The Lost Pattern : Essays on the Emergent City Sensibility in Victorian England.
95309: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Day of the Jackal
83287: FORSYTH, TOM (ED) - Bocce - Coaching and Skills Illustrations: Vasja Chuck; Research and Photographs: Raymond Cher. Produced by Raymond Cher for the Bocce Federation of Australia
92579: FORSYTH, BENJAMIN - Unified Design of Reinforced Concrete Members Including Biaxial Bending in conformity with ACI Building Codes 1971 - 1963, A.A.S.H.O. Specifications, 1969, A.R.E.A. Current Specifications.
69673: FORSYTH, W.D. - Captain Cook's Australian Landfalls : Eyewitness Accounts by members of the ship's company of HMS "Endeavour" 1770. Extracted for Visitors to the East Coast of Australia.
69675: FORSYTH, W.D. - Captain Cook's Australian Landfalls : Eyewitness Accounts by members of the ship's company of HMS "Endeavour" 1770. Extracted for Visitors to the East Coast of Australia.
94572: FORSYTH, HOLLY KERR. - Remembered Gardens 1788 - 2000. Eight Women & Their Visions of an Australian Landscape.
58421: FORTEY, RICHARD - Fossils: The Key to the Past
90789: FOSS, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - Jane's Armour and Artillery 1986 - 87
96483: FOSS, MICHAEL. - People of the First Crusade.
70481: DE FOSSARD, ESTA. - The Alien.
98152: FOSSIER, ROBERT (ED.) - The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Middle Ages. Translated by Janet Sondheimer.
98813: FOSTER, C.A. AND JEPSON, BRIDGET. - Anaesthesia for Operating Theatre Technicians.
75212: FOSTER, GLENYS - A Latin Life : 100 Years of Hospitality 55 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria
88796: FOSTER, S.G. - Colonial Improver : Edward Deas Thomson 1800-1879.
87812: FOSTER, PETER - Heathens. Cradley Heath Speedway 1977 - 1996.
59115: FOSTER, DAVID - The Pure Land
94289: FOSTER, FRANK - Comrades in Bondage Foreword by Field-Marshal Lord Birdwood of Anzac and Totnes.
99631: FOSTER, DAVID WILLIAM - The 20th Century Spanish-American Novel: A Bibliographic Guide.
81625: FOSTER, R.F. - Foster's Bridge Tactics : A Complete System of Self-Instruction. Second Edition.
87443: FOSTER, PETER - A History of the Speedway Ashes
83649: FOSTER, R.F. (ED) - The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland
86849: FOSTER, D.M. & LYALL, D.K. - The Empathy Experiment.
81624: FOSTER, R.F. - Foster's Whist Manual : A Complete System of Instruction in the Game. Fifth Edition.
94243: FOSTER, R.F. - W.B. Yeats - A Life 2 Volumes. I. The Apprentice Mage ; II. The Arch-Poet.
96325: FOSTER, MARION - Pony Tales A Pixie Book. Illustrated by the author.
70982: FOSTER, MALCOLM. - Joyce Cary : A Biography.
82261: FOSTER, THOMAS. - The Antichrist! Who is he?
76985: FOTHERINGHAM, RICHARD - In Search of Steele Rudd Author of the classic Dad & Dave stories.
64787: FOUCAULT, MARCEL - La Mesure de L'Intelligence chez les Écoliers.
74030: FOULCHER, JOHN. - Light Pressure.
81094: FOULGER, NEVILLE. - Coventry : The Complete History of the Club.
94630: FOULIS, HUGH (AKA NEIL MUNRO) - Erchie - My Droll Friend
63817: ALAIN-FOURNIER - Meaulnes- The Lost Domain translated from the original French by Sandra Morris.
57043: FOWLER, DONALD H. - Guns or God This is the story of Caledon Bay Peace Expedition 1933-34
89212: FOWLER, LAURENCE AND HELEN (EDS) - Cambridge Commemorated An Anthology of University Life
83584: FOWLER, LESLEY. - Crossing the sky. Five Islands Press New Poets Program Series 8.
56046: FOWLER, FRANK - Southern Lights and Shadows With an introduction by R.G. Geering
55687: FOWLER, LAURENCE AND HELEN (EDS) - Cambridge Commemorated An Anthology of University Life
100289: FOWLER, H.W. - A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. With a new Introduction & Notes by David Crystal.
92613: FOWLER, HON. JAMES MACKINNON (R.H. FOWLER, ED.) - False Foundations of British History : A New Study of British Origins.
80895: FOWLER, JAMES (ED) - Images of Show Business from the Theatre Museum, V&A
68165: FOX, RICHARD & FREIBERG, ARIE - Sentencing: State and Federal Law in Victoria
96290: FOX, BRENDAN & FLYNN, DAMIAN & BRYANS, LESLIE & JENKINS, NICK & MILBORROW, DAVID & O'MALLEY, MARK & WATSON, RICHARD & ANAYA-LARA, OLIMPO - WInd Power Integration : Connection and system operational aspects. IET Power and Energy Series 50.
81523: FOX, LEN - Eureka and Its Flag Introduction and notes by C.E.Sayers.
98359: FOX, WILLIAM L. - Terra Antarctica : Looking into the Emptiest Continent.
72357: FOX, ROBERT. - Antarctica and the South Atlantic : Discovery, Development and Dispute.
67748: FRADKIN, PHILIP L. - Magnitude 8 Earthquakes and Life along the San Andreas Fault.
74141: FRAENKEL, PETER L. - Food From Windmills : A report on the wind mill irrigation project initiated by the American Presbyterian Mission at Omo Station in Ethiopia.
94928: DE FRAGA, CHRIS. - 100 Years of Yachting on Port Phillip Bay. A History of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.
93513: DE FRAGA, CHRIS - 100 Years of Yachting on Port Phillip Bay A History of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.
58472: FRAME, T.R; GOLDRICK, J.V.P.; AND JONES, P.D. - Reflections on The Royal Australian Navy.
59396: FRAME, T.R. & GOLDRICK, J.V.P. & JONES, P.D. - Reflections on the Royal Australian Navy
55440: FRAME, JANET - Daughter Buffalo
78857: FRAME, T.R. & GOLDRICK, J.V.P. & JONES, P.D. - Reflections on the Royal Australian Navy
100725: FRAME, TOM. - HMAS Sydney : Loss & Controversy.
94055: FRAME, TOM. - HMAS Sydney : Loss & Controversy.
79013: FRAME, TOM. - A Church for a Nation. : A History of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.
64644: FRANCE, MABEL A.R. - The Second Book of "Aunt Maria" Sketches.
64643: FRANCE, MABEL A.R. - The "Aunt Maria" Sketches.
86474: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Human Tragedy A translation by Alfred Allinson, with sixteen illustrations by Michel Sevier.
60498: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Marguerite Translated from the French by J. Lewis May. Woodcuts by Siméon.
96897: FRANCES, HELEN. - The Devil's Stone.
71516: FRANCIS, BASIL. - Fanny Kelly of Drury Lane.
89744: FRANCIS, FRANCIS. - Eric and Ethel : An Old-Fashioned Fairy Tale.
92974: FRANCIS, F.C. - Columbus Journeyed South
93403: FRANCIS, DICK - High Stakes
96404: FRANCIS, V.J. - Fundamentals of Discharge Tube Circuits. Methuen's Monographs on Physical Subjects.
58424: FRANCK, FREDERICK - African Sketchbook Preface by Graham Greene
94866: FRANCOIS, P. - A Rabbit Story. A Pere Castor Book. English Text by Antonia Ridge. Pictures by Gerda.
71342: FRANK, GEROLD. - Zsa Zsa Gabor : My Story. Written for me by Gerold Frank.
71049: FRANK, GEROLD. - Judy.
78829: FRANKEL, EDGAR. - Bibliography of the Great Barrier Reef Province. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.
87905: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED - The Reality of Appearance The Trompe L'Oeil Tradition in American Painting. For an exhibition organised by University Art Museum, Berkeley, in conjunction with National Gallery of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, The Detroit Institute of Arts.
90127: FRANKLIN, NEVILLE & SCARBOROUGH, GERALD - Lancaster : Classic Aircraft No.6 Their history and how to model them.
99038: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN. - An Account of the Newly Invented Pennsylvanian Fire-Place. With All Good Wishes From G.K. Hall & Co., Christmas 1973.
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94082: GRAFF, WERNER; TURNBULL, MALCOLM J.; AND BESKIN, ELIOT J. - A Time to Keep. The Story of Temple Beth Israel: 1930 to 2005.
89105: GRAFTON, PETER. - Men of the Great Western.
69863: GRAHAM, THOMAS J. - Management and Disorders of Infancy and Childhood; A Treatise embracing management during the month, and onwards to puberty, with the infallible laws of health in childhood; and special rules for mothers, approved prescriptions for children's complaints, &c.
93751: GRAHAM, HARRY - Rhymes for Riper Years Illustrated by Norah Brassey.
100233: GRAHAM, BURTON & SMYTH, FRANK. - A Nation Grew Wings. The Graphic Story of the Australian-Built Beauforts of the Royal Australian Air Force in New Guinea. Illustrated with official war photographs.
60353: GRAHAM, BOB - The History of Sunderland A.F.C. 1979- 1995 Foreword by Charlie Hurley.
77147: GRAHAM, ANTHONY - The Death Business
93858: GRAHAM, MARJORIE - Australian Glass of the 19th & early 20th Century Photography: Donald Graham.
84398: GRAHAM, MALCOLM. - Images of Victorian Oxford.
71041: GRAHAM, MARTHA. - Blood Memory : An Autobiography.
75554: GRAHAM, HARRY. - Adam's Apples. Illustrated by John Reynolds.
80729: GRAHAM, WINSTON. - The Spanish Armada.
72474: GRAHAME, KENNETH. - Fun O' The Fair. Illustrated by Roberta F.C. Waudby. The Elian Greeting-Booklets.
86871: GRAINGER, ELENA - Hargrave and Son A biography of John Fletcher Hargrave and his son Lawrence Hargrave.
91939: GRAINGER, PAT (ED.) - "They can carry me out." Memories of Port Melbourne as recorded by the 'Vintage Port: Worth Preserving' Project, 1991.
72805: GRALEY, CAROLINE (PROJECT MANAGER) - The Portraits of History Project Mt Martha House
90096: GRANGER, ALFRED. - Data Plan Number 2 : The British Bulldog.
74598: GRANT, DOUGLAS - Robert Frost and His Reputation Occasional Paper No. 7
85985: GRANT, TED - France in Crisis A Socialist Fight Pamphlet
65481: GRANT, DOUGLAS - The Cock Lane Ghost
63861: GRANT, JAMES. - Perspective of a Century. A volume for the Centenary of Trinity College Melbourne 1872-1972.
78041: GRANT, W.V. - Men in the Flying Saucers Identified. Not a Mystery!
71589: GRANT, A.R.C. & COMBE, CAROLINE (EDS) - Lord Rosebery's North American Journal - 1873 Foreword by Roger Fulford.
62406: GRANT, MRS. FORREST - Gatty's Adventures No. 80 in the Bouverie Series of penny stories.
92070: GRANT, ERN, - Fishes of Australia.
98660: GRANT, JANE - Kylie Tennant - A Life.
93048: GRANT, JOAN - The Laird and the Lady
98274: GRANT, DAVID - Out in the Cold. Pacifists and Conscientious Objectors in New Zealand during World War II.
88896: GRANT, JAMIE - Mysteries
88337: GRANT, JAMIE. - The Valley Murders : Poems 1992-95.
68567: GRANT, JAMES - The Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery, performed by His Majesty's vessel The Lady Nelson, of sixty tons burthen, with sliding keels, in the years 1800, 1801, and 1802, to New South Wales.
88206: GRANT, JAMIE. - The Refinery.
84962: GRANT, PETER R. & GRANT, ROSEMARY - How and Why Species Multiply The Radiation of Darwin's Finches.
85656: GRANT, E.M. - Guide to Fishes.
96943: GRANT, TARA. - The Hidden Plague : A Field Guide for Surviving and Overcoming Hidradenitis Suppurativa.
90279: GRANT, ARCH - Palmerston to Darwin 75 years service on the frontier.
70761: GRASSBY, ALBERT JAME. - Griffith of the Four Faces. Griffith Industrial Development Committee.
98413: GRATION, STEVEN & PEELGRANE, NICKY - Commedia Oz Playing Commedia in Contemporary Australia. Includes Stardust, an Australian Commedia script by Steve Gration.
85745: GRAVES, ROBERT - Proceed, Sergeant Lamb
100079: GRAVES, ROBERT. - Occupation: Writer.
95449: GRAY, JONATHAN - The Ark Conspiracy Cover-ups... Betrayals... Miracles... The Real, Shocking Story.
85752: GRAY, ANNE - A Brush With the Bush : George Lambert - The Early Years Dubbo Regional Art Gallery 3 April - 30 May 1993; S.H. Ervin Gallery 18 June - 18 July 1993.
97140: GRAY, RONALD & STUBBINGS, DEREK - Cambridge Street-Names Their origins and associations.
84566: GRAY, W.S. - Reinforced Concrete Reservoirs and Tanks
56201: GRAY, D. - Centralized and Automatic Controls in Ships.
78358: GRAY, ALAN (ED.) - A Matter of Life and Death : Contemporary Aboriginal Mortality. The Institute Report Series.
74255: GRAY, IAN. - Politics in Place : Social power relations in an Australian country town.
94190: GRAY, LEN; WOODWARD, MICHAEL; SCHOLES, RON; BUSBY, WENDY; AND FONDA, DAVID. - Geriatric Medicine : A Pocket Guide for Doctors, Nurses, Other Health Professionals and Students. Second Edition.
78777: GRAY, ALAN (ED.) - A Matter of Life and Death : Contemporary Aboriginal Mortality. The Institute Report Series.
99910: GRAY, JONATHAN - The Ark Conspiracy Cover-ups... Betrayals... Miracles... The Real, Shocking Story.
97341: GRAY, ANNE (ED) - The Diaries of Donald Friend. Volume I.
84128: GRAY, W.S. - Reinforced Concrete Water Towers, Bunkers, Silos, and Gantries. "Concrete Series" Books on Concrete and Cement.
91677: GRAY, RONALD & STUBBINGS, DEREK - Cambridge Street-Names Their origins and associations.
88297: GRAYBURN, ARTHUR & MERLE (EDS.) - A History of New Zealand Veteran Athletics 1962-1999.
97017: GRAYCAR, ADAM & GRABOSKY, PETER (EDS) - The Cambridge Handbook of Australian Criminology
98814: GREAVES, DICK - The Golden West and How it was Discovered.
70740: GREAVES, DORIS E. - The Astrological Atlas of Australia Including Koch tables of Houses for all State Capital Cities and Townsville.
58543: GREEN, CHAILE - Earthquake The Boys' Torch Adventure Library No. 71
80966: GREEN, F.L. - The Magician.
74050: GREEN, CLIFF - The Art of Dale Marsh
85281: GREEN, WILLIAM & SWANBOROUGH, GORDON (EDS) - Royal Air Force Yearbook 1977
85282: GREEN, WILLIAM & SWANBOROUGH, GORDON (EDS) - Royal Air Force Yearbook 1986
85280: GREEN, WILLIAM & SWANBOROUGH, GORDON (EDS) - Royal Air Force Yearbook 1976
88471: GREEN, CLIFF. - The Art of Dale Marsh.
60677: GREEN, JUANITA & STEWART, JOY - Boroondara: A Place of Shade
94713: GREEN, IRVINE. - Aborigines of Bulleen.
59111: GREEN, STEPHEN - Cricketing Bygones
98078: GREEN, ALEXANDER. - Scarlet Sails. Translated from the Russian by Thomas P. Whitney. Illustrated by Annette Macarthur Onslow.
86800: GREEN, F.C. (ED) - A Century of Responsible Government in Tasmania 1856 - 1956 Foreword by the Hon. Robert Cosgrove, Premier of Tasmania.
87101: GREEN, H.M. - The Story of Printing
58546: GREEN, CHAILE - For Death or Life? The Boys' Torch Adventure Library No. 50
54435: GREEN, BENNY - Shaw's Champions G.B.S. and Prizefighting from Cashel Byron to Gene Tunney
100683: GREEN, A.L. - Radio Research Board Report No. 2. 1. The State of Polarization of Sky Waves. 2. Height Measurements of the Heaviside Layer in the Early Morning. Commonwealth of Australia, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Bulletin No. 59. Melbourne, 1932.
81849: GREEN, H.M. - Australian Literature 1900-1950.
71620: GREEN, DOROTHY - Henry Handel Richardson and her fiction.
78336: GREEN, TIMOTHY. - The Prospect for Gold : The View to the Year 2000.
95741: GREEN, ROBERT. - A thorn in their side : The Hilda Murrell murder.
91992: GREEN, OS. - Marlo - The Township: The Plains. The Cape.
96485: GREEN, IRVINE. - The Orchards of Doncaster and Templestowe.
96459: GREEN, IRVINE - Petticoats in the Orchard. The Pioneer Women of Doncaster came to a new country of uncultivated bush and in their lifetime saw the land become the leading Orchard district of Victoria.
87337: GREEN, OS. - The Snowy : Its Cattlemen, Rivermen and Engineers.
90990: GREENAWAY, KATE - Under the Window Pictures and Rhymes for Children. Original wood block designs engraved by Edmund Evans.
99699: GREENE, GRAHAM. - The Potting Shed. A Play in Three Acts.
100447: GREENE, GRAHAM. - Collected Essays.
81861: GREENE, THOMAS M. - Rabelais : A Study in Comic Courage Landmarks in Literature.
97870: GREENE, GRAHAM - Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party
73332: GREENE, GRAHAM. - Ways of Escape.
73330: GREENE, GRAHAM - Doctor Fischer of Geneva or The Bomb Party
97397: GREENE, GRAHAM. - The Honorary Consul.
92660: GREENE, GRAHAM. - The Tenth Man. Introduction (including film sketches for 'Jim Braddon and the War Criminal' and 'Nobody to Blame'; The Tenth Man (Parts I-IV).
98656: GREENE, GRAHAM - May We Borrow Your Husband? and other comedies of the sexual life.
91340: GREENE, GRAHAM. - Our Man in Havana.
97800: GREENE, GRAHAM. - Ways of Escape.
69339: GREENFIELD, STANLEY B. AND ROBINSON, FRED C. - A Bibliography of Publications on Old English Literature to the End of 1972.
82812: GREENHOUSE, HERBERT B. - Premonitions : A Leap into the Future.
63851: GREENLY, EDWARD - A Hand Through Time: Memories- Romantic and Geological; Studies in the Arts and Religion; and the Grounds of Confidence in Immortality. 2 vols.
57398: GREENOP, FRANK S. - Verses of Frank S. Greenop
87903: GREENOP, FRANK S. - Australia's First 100 Years - Australian Chronicle : Historical Highlights from 1770 to 1880.
67334: GREGORY, ALAN. - It's only the Game that counts. A History of Lord Somers' Camp and Power House 1929-1989.
63504: GREGORY, LADY. - The Gaol Gate.
98414: GREGORY, E.B.; GREGORY, M.L.; AND KOENIG, W.L. - Coast to Country. Winchelsea. A History of the Shire.
91242: GREGORY, HELEN. - Expressions of Mercy : Brisbane's Mater Hospitals 1906-2006.
100383: GREGORY, JENNY - City of Light A History of Perth since the 1950s
62710: GREGORY, ALAN - The Ever Open Door A History of the Royal Melbourne Hospital
69632: GREGORY, K. & PEARSON, D. & STEWART, W. - "From Protectorate to Premier Smaller Town" A Brief History of Murchison 1840- 1985. Incorporating '125 years of Education and Achievement' Murchison Primary School 1860 - 1985. Booklet prepared for 'back to Murchison' October 18-20, 1985
98358: GREGORY, R.L. - The Intelligent Eye.
90292: GREGORY, ALAN. - Blood, Belts, Booze and Bikes : A history of the response of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons to the epidemic of road trauma.
78520: GREGSON, F. AND TURNBULL, R.F. - The Grading of Western Australian Timbers (Division of Forest Products -- Technical Paper No. 8) Report on, and Suggested Specifications for, the Grading of Jarrah and Karri based on Investigations in 1932. Commonwealth of Australia, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pamphlet No. 41.
58287: GRENARD, ROSS & KRAMER, FREDERICK A. - East Broad Top: To the mines and back.
55556: GRENFELL PRICE, A. - A History of St. Mark's College University of Adelaide and the Foundation of the Residential College Movement
73472: GRENVILLE, KATE. - Joan Makes History.
87141: GRESS, EDMUND G. - The Art & Practice of Typography A Manual of American Printing. Including a brief history up to the Twentieth Century, with reproductions of the work of early masters of the craft, and a practical discussion and an extensive demonstration of the modern use of type-faces and methods of arrangement.
59308: GRESTY, L. BUXTON - Blind Is My Servant A Message of Real Hope!
74785: GRETTON, JOHN R. - Baedeker's Guidebooks : A Checklist of English-Language Editions 1861-1939.
76048: GRETTON, JOHN R. - Essays In Book-Collecting
66348: GREY, ZANE - Wilderness Trek A Novel of Australia
99646: GREY, ZANE - Wyoming
88557: GREY, ZANE. - The Young Lion Hunter. Illustrated from photographs.
72215: GREY, ZANE. - Lost Pueblo. A Novel of Australia
88778: GREY, ZANE - Tappan's Burro, and other stories
70047: GREY, ZANE. - Forlorn River : A Romance.
76114: GREY, ROMER - The Cruise of the "Fisherman" Adventures in Southern Seas. Illustrated from photographs.
67314: GRIER, LYNDA. - Achievement in Education. The Work of Michael Ernest Sadler 1885-1935.
71459: GRIERSON, EDWARD. - King of Two Worlds : Philip II of Spain.
86717: GRIEST, GUINEVERE - Mudie's Circulating Library & the Victorian Novel.
62518: GRIEVE, EDITH - Away We Go
62517: GRIEVE, EDITH - Trains
88469: GRIFFIN, DUSTIN H. - Alexander Pope : The Poet in the Poems.
89305: GRIFFIN, JOHN - Chemical Recreations. A series of amusing and instructive experiments, which may be performed easily, safely and at little expense. To which are prefixed, First Lines of Chemistry: wherein the principal facts of the science, as stated by the most celebrated experimentalists, are familiarly explained. With a minute description of a cheap and simple apparatus illustrated by seventy engraved figures of the different parts of it.
67821: GRIFFIN, GERALD. - The Five Senses.
62676: GRIFFIN, GERALD - Card Drawing, The Half Sir, and Suil Dhuv the Coiner
92543: GRIFFIN, FORREST AND KRAUSS, ERICH - Be Ready When the Shit Goes Down A Survival Guide to the Apocalypse. With illustrations by Jason Lee.
99136: GRIFFIN, GRAEME M. AND TOBIN, DES. - In the Midst of Life... The Australian Response to Death. Revised Edition.
71819: GRIFFITHS, LEXIE. - Between Ourselves. Illustrations by Pixie O'Harris.
99672: GRIFFITHS, HARLEY. - The Literary Parasites of Art. Essays on Art - Number One.
95330: GRIFFITHS, ANNE (ED.) - Beyond the Blowhole. Photographer Tom Dion.
100436: GRIFFITHS, TOM - Beechworth An Australian Country Town and Its Past.
94767: GRIFFITHS, MAX. - Francis Ormond : A Ruling Passion.
89684: GRIFFITHS, BILL (AS TOLD TO HUGH POPHAM). - Blind To Misfortune A Story of Great Courage in the Face of Adversity.
90954: GRIGG, FRANKLIN - Tregony Happenings memories & Photographs of Tregony and District 1886 - 1921.
99562: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - Flowers of the Meadow. With twenty-four plates by Robin Turner.
77342: GRIMES, SEAMUS & Ó TUATHAIGH, GEARÓID (EDS.) - The Irish-Australian Connection. An Caidreamh Gael-Astrálach. Proceedings of the Irish-Australian Bicentenary Conference, University College Galway (January, 1988).
74679: GRIMEY, DARRIN & LEWIS, MERVYN K. - Public Private Partnerships : The Worldwide Revolution in Infrastructure Provision and Project Finance
77476: GRIMSHAW, NIGEL. - Bluntstone and the Wildkeepers.
92764: GRIMSTAD, WILLIAM - Antizion : A Survey of Commentary on Organized Jewry by Leading Personalities Through the Ages.
78215: GRIMWADE, JOHN F.T. - A Short History of Drug Houses of Australia Ltd to 1968.
50228: GRIMWADE, RUSSELL - An Anthography of the Eucalypts
94198: GRINER, CHARLES. - Floriculture : Designing & Merchandising.
79395: GRINNELL-MILNE, DUNCAN. - The Silent Victory : September 1940.
89882: DE GROEN, FRANCES. - Xavier Herbert : A Biography.
70700: GRÖNER, ERICH. - Die Schiffe Der Deutschen Kriegsmarine Und Luftwaffe 1939-45. Und Ihr Verbleib. Mit 228 Schiffsskizzen.
90365: GROSE, KELVIN AND NEWALL, JEAN. - So Great a Heritage.
75283: GROSE, PETER. - An Awkward Truth : The bombing of Darwin, February 1942.
88324: GROSE, KELVIN AND NEWALL, JEAN. - So Great a Heritage.
72870: GROSS, ALAN. - The High Purpose.
72787: GROSS, ALAN. - The Winning of Fire : Youloin Keear. A Legend of the Aborigines of South-Western Victoria, rendered into rhymed English Verse.
72872: GROSS, ALAN. - The Winning of Fire : Youloin Keear. A Legend of the Aborigines of South-Western Victoria, rendered into rhymed English Verse.
97192: GROSSMAN, MICHELE (COORDINATING EDITOR). - Blacklines : Contemporary Critical Writing by Indigenous Australians. Introduced by Ian Anderson, Michele Grossman, Marcia Langton and Aileen Moreton-Robinson.
94796: GROSSMITH, GEORGE - " G. G. "
77235: GROTTANELLI, VINIGI L. - The Python Killer : Stories of Nzema Life
85957: GROVE, W.R. - The Correlation of Physical Forces.
55023: GROVE DAY, A. (ED) - Mark Twain's Letters From Hawaii
88183: GROVER, JOHN. - The Struggle for Power : The real issues behind the uranium and nuclear argument, viewed both internationally and nationally.
63202: GROVES, DERHAM - Mail Art: The D-I-Y Letterbox from Workshop to Gatepost.
87132: GROVES, DR. MURRAY. - New Guinea : Australia's Colonial Fantasy. Chifley Memorial Lecture 1962.
85937: GROVES, MATTHEW (ED) - Law and Government in Australia Foreword by Hon. Gough Whitlam AC QC
74943: GROVES, DR. MURRAY - "Worker's Participation in the Ownership and Control of Industry". Chifley Memorial Lecture 1959 (Lecture delivered in September 1959, at the University of Melbourne, sponsored by the Melbourne University A.L.P. Club).
68953: GRUBER, FRANK. - Murder '97. A Simon Lash Mystery. An Invincible Mystery.
94541: GRUBISIC, SLAVKO (ED.) - Ein Teil der blutigen Geschichte - Jedan dio krvave povijesti - En del av den blodiga historien - Years of terror. The pictures in this book are taken from the "Grey Book" published in Zagreb 1942, during Independent State of Croatia.
68050: GRUELLE, JOHNNY. - Raggedy Ann and the Left Handed Safety Pin.
85938: GRUEN, DAVID & SIMON, JOHN (EDS) - Future Directions for Monetary Policies in East Asia Proceedings of a Conference held at the H.C. Coombs Centre for Financial Studies, Kirribilli on 24 July 2001.
98316: GRUMBINE, J.C.F. - Telepathy or the Science of Thought Transference.
97487: LE GUAY, LAURENCE (ED) - A Portfolio of Australian Photography.
72997: GUBBINS, FLORENCE IRENE. - Grass on the Downs and other poems.
73355: GUENTHER, JOHN. - Sidney Keyes : a biographical inquiry.
96392: GUERNSEY, LISA - Into the Minds of Babes How Screen Time Affects Children From Birth to Age Five.
98047: GUEST, ROB - Star Guest - A Life on Stage.
84255: GUEST, BARBARA. - Herself Defined : The Poet H.D. and her World.
93406: GUILLEBAUD, C.W. - The Social Policy of Nazi Germany Current Problems Series. General editor: Ernest Barker. .
92976: GUILLOT, RENÉ - Nicolette and the Mill Translated by Gwen Marsh, Illustrated by Charles Mozley.
82137: GUILMANT, AYLWIN. - Bexhill-on-Sea : A Pictorial History.
68130: LE GUIN, URSULA. - Orsinian Tales. A collection of short stories.
82414: GUIRDHAM, ARTHUR. - A Foot in Both Worlds : A Doctor's Autobiography of Psychic Experience.
97838: GULICK, W. LAWRENCE; GESCHEIDER, GEORGE A.; AND FRISINA, ROBERT D. - Hearing : Physiological Acoustics, Neural Coding, and Psychoacoustics.
97674: GULLBERG, JAN - Mathematics From the Birth of Numbers. Technical Illustrations Pär Gullberg.
59382: GUNN, J.S. - The Terminology of the Shearing Industry, Part I: A-L. Occasional Paper No.5.
97673: GUNN, MRS. AENEAS & RETOLD FOR CHILDREN BY DONKIN, NANCE - We of the Never-Never. Illustrated by Elizabeth Honey.
74505: GUNN, J.S. - Distribution of Shearing Terms in New South Wales Occasional Paper No. 16
73106: GUNN, JOHN (ED.) - The Gravity Stealers. Written by Boys and Girls of Australia.
82259: GUNNARSSON, GUNNAR. - The Sworn Brothers. A Tale of the Early Days of Iceland.
61597: GUNNLAUGSDÓTTIR, ELÍN - Composition and dynamical status of heathland communities in Iceland in relation to recovery methods. Acta Phytogeographica Suecica 75 Edidit Svenska Vaxtgeografiska Sällskapet.
59973: GUNSBERG, I. - The Chess Openings "The Club Series"
97829: GUNSON, NIEL. - The Good Country : Cranbourne Shire.
91579: GUNSON, NIEL. - The Good Country : Cranbourne Shire.
88253: GUNTON, ERIC. - Memories in Stone : A collection of Plaques recording historic events and people of South Australia
78238: GUPTA, AYODHYA P. (ED.) - Hemocytic and Humoral Immunity in Arthropods.
83502: GURIAN, WALDEMAR. - Hitler and the Christians. Translated by E.F. Peeler.
57420: GURTNER, VERENA - Lötschberg Transit Die Geschichte der Lötschbergbahn
95790: GURVICH, RAFAEL. - Nothing but blue skies.
93044: GUTHRIE-SMITH, H. - Tutira. The Story of a New Zealand Sheep Station.
99240: GUTHRIE, KENNETH SYLVAN (COMPILED AND TRANSLATED BY) - The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library. An Anthology of Ancient Writings Which Relate to Pythagoras and Pythagorean Philosophy. With additional translations by Thomas Taylor and Arthur Fairbanks Jr. Introduced and edited by David R. Fideler. With a Foreword written by Joscelyn Godwin.
94264: GUY, JOHN - Palm-Leaf and Paper Illustrated Manuscripts of India and Southeast Asia. With an essay by O.P. Agrawal.
69303: GUY, JOSEPH - Guy's General School Question Book in which each question, in a regular series, is followed by its appropriate answer; not only in Ancient and Modern History, in which the whole is arranged in chronological order; but also in biography, geography, astronomy, heathen mythology, classical phraseology, and a great and interesting variety of miscellaneous subjects: the whole tending to enlarge the boundaries of juvenile knowledgeby increasing its stores; and thus, by blending such a course of general information with sound classical or liberal learning, to raise the better superstructure of school education.
93264: GUY, ROSLYN & MCALLISTER, UNA & MCCUDDEN, MARY ANNE & MAGEE, ANNE & RYAN, PATRICIA (EDITED BY ROSLYN GUY) - Catholic Ladies' College - The first hundred years. 1902 - 2002.
93446: GYE, CAROLINE - The Cockney and the Crocodile
78479: ALTENBURGER GYULA - Magyar Politika A Haboru Utan Szerzo Sajatja
71332: HAASE, WOLFGANG - "Si vis pacem, para bellum" Zur Beurteilung militarischer Stärke in der römischen Kaiserzeit. Sonderdruck aus: Akten des XI. Internationalen Limeskongresses (Székesfehérvár 30.8. - 6.9.1976)
69889: HAASE, WOLFGANG - Rome and the Anglicans Historical and Doctrinal Aspects of Anglican - Roman Catholic Relations. (Edoted with a postscript by Wolfgang Haase)
98519: HABER, RALPH NORMAN (ED) - Contemporary Theory and Research in Visual Perception.
88347: HABERLY, LOYD - Mediaeval English Pavingtiles Illustrated by the author with many Examples.
66646: HACKETT, LADY DEBORAH (ED) - The Australian Household Guide
81225: HADATH, GUNBY - Sparrow Gets Going Being the unvarnished truth concerning the Notable Efforts of Thomas Whitcombe Shirley Sparrow to become a great man of Business, and (perhaps) Lord Mayor of London.
100886: HADFIELD, DR. P. - Youlgreave Parish Church and Records.
80861: HADLINGTON, B. - Know Your Australian Spiders & Ticks.
72822: HAENKE, HELEN. - The Good Company. The Hawthorn Poets 16.
95705: HAESE, RICHARD. - Rebels and Precursors : The revolutionary years od Australian art.
69584: HÄFNER, KURT - Lanz: Radiator Bulldogs 1928 - 1942 Translated by H.E. Voigt.
76970: HAGAN, J. - Printers and Politics : A History of the Australian Printing Unions 1850-1950.
87301: HAGAN, J. - Printers and Politics : A History of the Australian Printing Unions 1850-1950.
93665: HAGAN, J. - Printers and Politics : A History of the Australian Printing Unions 1850-1950.
78322: HAGEDOORN, JOHN; KALFF, PAUL; AND KORPEL, JAAP. - Technological Development as an Evolutionary Process : A Study of the Interaction of Information, Process, and Control Technologies.
65282: HAGEMANN, E.R. - A Comprehensive Index to Black Mask, 1920-1951. With Brief Annotations, Preface, and Editorial Apparatus.
97700: HÄGER, BENGT. - Ballets Suédois. Translated by Ruth Sharman.
65056: THE HAGERS - The Adventures of Waddles
71215: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - The Holy Flower Illustrated by Maurice Greiffenhagen.
99348: HAGGARD, H. RIDER - The Yellow God An Idol of Africa.
68314: HAGGARD, WILLIAM. - The Conspirators.
80630: HAGGARD, WILLIAM. - The Bitter Harvest.
81229: HAGGARD, H. RIDER. - Belshazzar.
66044: HAGUE, R.M. - Sir John Jeffcott Portrait of a Colonial Judge.
84525: HAGUE, R.M. - Sir John Jeffcott : Portrait of a Colonial Judge.
76546: HAHN, PETER A. - Chemicals from Fermentation.
85032: HAIGH, CHRISTOPHER - The Last Days of the Lancashire Monasteries and the Pilgrimage of Grace
71102: HAINS, BRIGID - The Ice and the Inland Mawson, Flynn and the myth of the frontier.
77192: C'HALAN, REUN AR. - Klemmgan Breizh.

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