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84665: - Directory of Past Students of Methodist Ladies' College 1994.
96538: - Light Railways : Number 75, January 1982. Special Feature: Australian Timber Tramways.
96151: - Skipton 175 Years : Skipton Ladies Golf and Bowls Recipe Book
72596: - Alice Springs Telegraph Station National Park.
75900: - Chappell's 7th Big Hit Songster of British and American Wartime Songs. Containing words of more than 50 song hits.
89054: - Svenska Flottans Historia Orlogsflottan I Ord Och Bild Fran Dess Grundlaggning Under Gustav Vasa Fram Till Vara Dagar. 3 volumes : 1521- 1679; 1680 - 1814; 1815 - 1945.
76505: - Strand Magazine Vol. CX No. 663 April 1946.
74415: - Quod Ronald McCuaig.
94800: - Klaus Moje : Glass. Living Treasures : Masters of Australian Craft. Published to coincide with the exhibition.
86965: - Price List & Guide of Fly-Tying Materials, Etc. Series 50/1973
76485: [ALEXEY SOKOLSKY] - [Chess Game]
76486: [GEORGY LISITSIN] - [Repertoire of a Chess Player]
88364: - "Multiplo" Dependable Poultry Equipment. The chicken comes first!
71383: - The Bell House Book Celebrating sixty years of a Literary Agency 1919 - 1979. John Farquharson Ltd.
83760: - The Grassland Research Institute, Hurley : Annual Report 1978.
80514: - The Satires of Cynicus.
83542: - Annual Report of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, showing the operations, expenditures, and condition of the institution for the year ended June 30, 1894.
69867: - Annali (Estratto) Istituto Italiano Di Numismatica 23-24
72075: - Lead in Modern Industry. Manufacture, Applications and Properties of Lead, Lead Alloys, and Lead Compounds.
71972: - The Story of Trial Bay Gaol
88710: - Australian Army Field Engineering Pamphlet No. 7 : Booby Traps Parts 1 & 2 (All Arms) 1972.
78994: - Roger Kemp : Cycles and Directions 1935-1975.
75563: - Dannie Abse. Pocket Poets.
75787: - A Hundred Years of Publishers' Bookbinding 1857-1957.
85545: - Kwan Kim-Gaul : Art's Golden Thread from West to East. By the painter himself and his critics. Text in English and French.
82609: - Final Recommendations : South-Western Area District 1 - Review
75897: - Boomerang Songster No. 48.
87996: - Scots Kith and Kin and Illustrated Map.
75636: - Murray's Hand-Books for Scotland : Outlines of Scottish History Part First
71134: - Ian Kirkwood : Blue Violet and Purple Brown and other untitled stories. John Lancaster : Hidden Geometry and Wave Motion.
81239: [RICK SHUBB, ROBERT INWOOD AND GEORGE METZGER] - Exorpsychic Comics Presents Brain Fantasy #1.
82037: E.M.S. - Dr. Beale, or, More About the Unseen.
70176: - A Concise History of Australian Settlement and Progress together with full reports of the Centennial Celebrations in 1888.
70186: - The German White Book A Literal Translation of the Memorandum and Documents Concerning the War, as published by the Imperial Press, Berlin.
70192: - Catalogue: John Eldershaw
70194: - Scone Hospital Centenary 1834 - 1934 Arthur Smith Memorial "Back to Scone Week" 7-8-9-10 March 1934 Official Souvenir.
92444: - Victorian Municipal Directory and Gazetteer, Also Commonwealth Guide and the Water Supply Record for 1968. 92nd Year of Publication.
92160: - Highway Bridge Design Specification.
79151: - Motor Vehicle Technology : Progress and Harmony. Proceedings Volume 1 and 2. The Second International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering, Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, November 7-10, 1983.
73786: - The Drawings of Mary Macqueen Foreword by Mary Holyoake.
74646: - Detective Weekly : Starring Sexton Blake. The Hired Avenger Sexton Blake versus Waldo! Long complete detective story in the issue. No. 28
77648: - Final Recommendations: Gippsland Lakes Hinterland Area
76915: - A booklet dedicated to all dogs, the Labrador in particular. 6th edition.
73781: - Symbols and Abbreviations used on Admiralty Charts. Chart 5011. Book Edition 2 - November 1973.
75382: - An Episode: Batman & Fawkner- Discovery of the River Yarra
76809: - Limerick's Fighting Story 1916-21. Told By The Men Who Made It.
77769: - Souvenir of the Inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Sydney Celebrations, January 1st, 1901.
96581: - Heaton Works Journal. Christmas 1955. Volume 7. Number 41.
74818: - Map of the General Omnibus Routes No. 6, 1928
82481: - The Rugby League News : April 7 - 8, 1962. Vol. 42 - No. 15
83455: - Safe Load Tables for Structural Steel
77315: - Kemysk Kernewek : A Cornish Miscellany.
92796: - Explosive Users' Guide. Australia and New Zealand.
75414: - The True Life Story of One of Yarrawonga's Living Treasures : Irene McGee. Compiled and illustrated by Ruth Richmond, 1988.
75393: - Instruction Book for the Bradford Type "CC" 10 CWT. Commercial Vehicle.
75417: - How do towns change? Tallangatta Study Print Set No. 89.
93621: - Toni Koynini's Derby An unusual and entertaining close-quarter card trick. Winning Post. Gems of Magic No. 1.
87353: [DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE, BUREAU OF METEOROLOGY] - Rainfall Statistics : Australia. Metric Edition.
82488: - The Rugby League News : July 28 - 29, 1962. Vol. 43 - No. 20
82489: - The Rugby League News : September 1, 1962. Vol. 43 - No. 25
88209: - Italian for a Shilling : Specially Prepared for H.M. Forces in Middle East.
74779: - The Pound Pamphlet Word for Word, and other advertised frauds.
79325: - Fegyverrel a fasizmus ellen Tanulmanyok a Magyar Ellenállás és a partizanharcok történetéból
74583: - Redescubrimiento / Rediscovery : Australian Artists in Europe 1982-1992.
89020: - The Warden Service Australian Civil Defence Handbook
76778: - My Sound and Story Book
76083: - The Surveyors' Board. Queensland. Directions for the Guidance of Surveyors effecting Surveys under the Real Property Acts of 1861 and 1877.
76770: - The Effects of Atomic Weapons prepared for and in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission under the direction of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Los Alamos.
88714: - U.S. Shotguns, All Types. A reprint of the original TM 9-285 of September 21, 1942.
87593: - Bushwalking in the Victorian Alps. A collection of tracknotes for bushwalking in and around the Great Dividing Range in Eastern Victoria.
70736: - The Melbourne Church of England Girls' Grammar School. Jubilee History.
87231: - The Mitchell Library Sydney : Historical and Descriptive Notes.
96831: - The Education Department's Record of War Service 1914 - 1919
94197: - The Australian Immunisation Handbook. 10th Edition 2013 (Updated January 2014)
96272: - Three Decades. The story of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria from its inception to December 1948. With a foreword by the Hon. T.T. Hollway, Premier of Victoria. 150 Illustrations.
91636: - J.A.P. Four-Stroke Engines : Models 2A, 2AB, 2S, 2SB, 3, 3B, 4F. User's Handbook. SB/G/02. 5/59.
84446: - Wonderland Tales: No. 8. Full of Stories, Jokes & Pictures.
94217: - Yallourn : Power and Fuel Development
76343: - Building a Commodore : Your Complete Guide to Modifying Your Commodore.
84889: - Art - Expo 88 The international review of the major exhibitions and events of the past year.
90926: - The International Plant Propagators' Society Combined Proceedings Volume 46 1996. Australian Region, IPPS Denmark, Eastern Region, Region of Great Britain and Ireland, IPPS Japan Region, New Zealand Region, Southern Region, Western Region.
74915: - A Catalogue of Books available for loan - East African Library Services
93516: - I.C.S. Reference Library : Substructures, Stagings, Centring, Shoring and Underpinning, Floors and Partitions, Roof and Bridge Trusses, Roof Detail and Bevels, Special Roofs, Wooden and Half-Timbered Buildings. No. 67.
93234: - Lasseter's Diary.
93157: - Animal Management. 1933 Prepared in the Veterinary Department of the War Office.
93011: - Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria. Vol. XII. (New Series). Part I. Issued August, 1899. (Containing Papers read before the Society during the months of March, April, May, June, 1899).
77504: - Prince.
77505: - Fluff.
77872: - A Study of the Korean Automotive Industry : Final Report
71553: - Le Chébec de 24 canons de 6 et de 35 espignoles 1750-1786. Monographie Comprenant: 1 Plans ŕ l'échelle de 1/75e; 4 Phototypies; 1 Notice historique et descriptive.
74440: - Robert Muir Old and Rare Books : Collection of Dr. D.L. Serventy Catalogue 141. Books, Journals, Government Reports, Drawings, Watercolours, Prints, Maps, Aboriginal Artefacts & Ephemera.
72510: - The Album of Canterbury Views
93237: - Dust Control in Building and Excavation Work Proceedings of a symposium presented by the Division of Occupational Health and Pollution Control, Health Committee of N.S.W. and the Workers' Compensation (Dust Diseases) Board, on 27th July 1973, at Lidcombe.
93238: - The Naval and Military Club Collection Important Fine Art - Medals - Militaria - Memorabilia. Auction 21 + 22 July 2009.
94102: - 'Aspro' Year Book 1936.
76070: - Western Pacific: Acts, Orders in Council, Regulations, etc. Various Imperial Acts of Parliament, concerning the Western Pacific, and dating from 1877 to 1890.
96081: - Jindera : A Town and its People.
75871: - Principles and Practice of Bituminous Surfacing Volume 2 - Plant Mix Work.
94325: - An Album of Archaeological Relics in Bangladesh. With a Foreword by Dr. A. Majeed Khan, Minister for Education.
76283: - Early Chapters in the History of Burns and Oates.
75901: - Chappell's 8th Big Hit Songster of British and American Wartime Songs. Containing words of more than 50 song hits.
75902: - 9th Chappell Big Hit Songster. Song hits of the day.
73868: - Sir Richard F. Burton KCMG 1821-1890 Catalogue of Valuable Books, Manuscripts & Autograph Letters of Sir Richard Burton KCMG, 1821-1890. Many recorded for the first time. Including a fine portrait in oils.
75886: - Making Your Own Spanish Guitar, Balalaika & Violin Specialist Booklets No. 10. Technical Publication.
91698: - Stu Williamson's Concept to Print : The making of 20 portrait images. Creative Photography Workshop Series.
92459: - Explosives and Demolitions : Field Manual No. 5-25. Headquarters, Department of the Army, Washington, D.C., 26 May 1967.
76661: - Annual Reports on The Progress of Chemistry for 1970 Vol. 67 Section B. Organic Chemistry.
90226: - 1934 : A Year in the Life of Victoria. An exhibition organised by the State Library of Victoria and sponsored by Myer Stores Ltd to celebrate Victoria's 150th Anniversary.
78601: - First Book of the Victorian Readers.
92297: - " Everlasting Punishment " An Appeal Direct to the World New Covenant Quarterly, January 1911. No.7.
85807: - Civil Aviation Regulations Complete Text : Civil Aviation Act 1988; Civil Aviation Regulations 1988; Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.
84010: - Ductility of Bridges with Reinforced Concrete Piers. Civil Division Publication CDP 810/A April 1975.
76516: [MCPHERSON'S LIMITED] - Ajax Handbook of Bolts, Nuts, Rivets, Screws, Spikes, Washers, Pole Line Hardware and other Fasteners. Revised 1961. Reprinted 1965.
73061: - The Secrets of Ski-ing : The Ski Technique of the Vaydln Ski School.
89026: - Easyfind Series of Maps: Map and Street Directory For Newcastle - Upon - Tyne
94040: - Report on the Corangamite Study Area
90951: - I.C.S. Reference Library. Arithmetic; Spelling, Handwriting; Commercial Handwriting. I.C.S. Reference Library 52. (Number at lower spine).
90952: - I.C.S. Reference Library. Copy for Advertisements; Type; Layouts; Proof-Reading. I.C.S. Reference Library 204. (Number at lower spine).
91663: - When a farmer sows a grain of wheat, he challenges nature.
86796: - The Federation Tapestry : One People United in Peace. The Land and Its People - A Visual Poem.
96273: - The Switzerland of Australia. Views of early Walhalla and district. based on the original publication by Wm. Harrison Lee. And distributed in 1910 by Lee Bros., Stationers and News Agents, Walhalla, Victoria.
87961: - Károly Visszatérési Kisérletei. 1. Füzet. Ára a két füzetnek. 150 korona.
95927: - Kunwinjku Art from Injalak 1991 - 1992. The John W. Kluge Commission.
88758: - Psychopathology and Pictorial Expression : Series 12. Unusual Materials in the Artistic Work of Schizophrenics. 1. F. Gnirss, Basle: Paintings in Stone by a Patient with a Paranoid Psychosis. 2. K. Behrends, Düsseldorf: Sculptural Architecture of a Schizophrenic Artist. 3. O.E. Pfister, Zurich: Embroideries by a Chronic Paranoid Hospital Patient. An International Iconographical Collection.
77204: - The Sixth Wish : The paintings and poetry of a 20th Century pioneer with a biography written by Trevor Wilson.
96825: - In Memoriam Professor John Smyth " The Trainee " Memorial Number.
79276: [LAMBERT, HENRY] - A Memoir of Ireland in 1850. By an Ex-M.P.
92000: - Temple Fortune and the Monte Cristo Riddle. Super Detective Library No. 100.
95078: - Crutchings, Volume 1: A collection of Bush Ballads and other verse from the pen of "Blue the Shearer" (a.k.a. Col Wilson). Illustrated by Vicki Page.
87302: - The Early Australian Booksellers. The Australian Booksellers Association Memorial Book of Fellowship.
71406: - Dürkopp Industrial Sewing Machines.
88073: - War Services of the Merchant Navy - A Record of the Participation of the Men and Ships of Huddart Parker Limited 1939 - 1945 With a Foreword by Admiral Lord Mountevans.
76089: - Souvenir of River Murray Barrages, South Australia : Completed 1940.
93485: - The House of Lothian is Seventy-Five T.C.L. 1888 - 1963.
73956: - Birds of Heidelberg and the Yarra Valley
84508: - Japanese Films 1963 UniJapan Film - Non-dramatic subjects.
97067: - Strawberry Growing in Southern Victoria. Leaflet H94.
79000: - Famous Detective Stories. True Stories of Famous Crimes. New Series. Nos. 1 to 7. (Spine shows 'Australian Detective Stories Volume 8. 1954')
73871: - Favourite Nursery Rhymes With Music
89021: - Rescue Australian Civil Defence Handbook
74175: - Pretty Pollie Pillicote. Illustrated by Margaret Horder. A Blue Wren Book.
84004: - Australian Watercolour Institute : 75th Anniversary 1923 - 1998 Introduction by Graham Austin. With contributions by Jean Campbell, Peter Pinson, Earle Backen, Brian Stratton & Frederic Bates.
76444: - Cobram and District 1878 - 1978 : A Pictorial History. Taken from a Random Selection of Photographs, of the Town and District.
86183: - The Aircraft-Carriers of Great Britain, U.S.A. and AXIS Nations.
74671: - Betty and the Brown Elf No. 444 : Young Folk's Tales.
81145: - Sing With Shirley Temple : Shirley Temple Song Album.
92555: - I.C.S. Reference Library : Specifications, Specification Memoranda, Quantities and Estimating, London Building Law, Provincial Building Law, Easements, Building Contracts, Surveying and Levelling, Building Superintendence, Dilapidations. 44B.
75395: - A James Flood Presentation Album of Motoring Nostalgia Number 18.
91359: - Rover 3 Litre Workshop Manual. Part. No. 4661. Mk 1; Mk 1A and Mk II, Mk II Coupe, Mk III.
85258: [BIGGE, JOHN THOMAS] - Report into the Colony of New South Wales. Australiana Facsimile Editions No. 68.
93318: - Work and the Anderson Family of Smeaton. Gold, Timber, Flour.
73469: - A Paris Book of Hours. A facsimile edition of the book of hours preserved in the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (Ant. 76).
80513: - From Stump-Jump Plough to Interscan. A Review of Invention and Innovation in Australia. Papers delivered at a meeting of the Science and Industry Forum of the Australian Academy of Science. Forum Report Number 10, 1977.
76085: - South Australia : Department of Lands : Annual Report, 1939-1940.
75808: - Australia National Journal Volume 5, Number 9
73992: - A Catalogue of Select Books from the Ingleton Collection : Part Two. Australian Architecture , Art and Literature (With Books on the Theatre), Australian History (Including Local and Church Histories), Convicts, Crime, The Law and Social History, The pacific in General (excluding New Zealand). Addenda to part One.
88082: - Chelsea Yacht Club : Sailors Handbook. Sabot illustration by Tony O'Connell.
77784: - Latrobe Valley Special Investigation : Proposed Recommendations.
77785: - Wimmera Area Final Recommendations.
94172: - Survival in Antarctica.
77632: - The Navy List : 1 August 2000.
93869: - BMR Journal of Australian Geology & Geophysics. Volume 11 Number 2/3. The Murray 1872-1989.
78968: - Der Waffengebrauch des Officiers. Ein Orientierungs-Behelf. Zusammengestellt von Hauptmann Ludwig Berger des k. u. k. Infanterie-Regiments Nr. 64. Zweite durchgesehene und ergänzte Auflage.
77774: - The Lionel Lindsay Centenary Exhibition.
95922: - A Bunch of Pictures : Prints by Leon Pericles.
90697: - Festschrift for Winston S. Rickards Including Proceedings of a Scientific Meeting arranged by the Department of Child and Family Psychiatry, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, 8th November 1985.
82717: - Norman Lindsay : Catalogue of the Centenary Exhibition from the University of Melbourne Collection, 5 May / 10 June, 1979.
75907: - The 12th Chappell Songster. The Latest Radio Film & Dance Band Hits.
75908: - 28th Chappell Songster. The Latest Film Dance & Radio Hits.
75909: - Chappell's 32nd Songster. Words of Popular Songs and Songs From the Films.
75910: - Paling's Songster Over 60 song hits including Hill Billy & Maori Songs.
75911: - 15th Broadcast Songster Words of 50 Popular Hits and Community Songs.
75906: - The 8th Chappell Songster. Everyone's Broadcast Favourites and The Latest Film Hits.
91136: - Phosphorus in Agriculture Papers presented at a seminar organised by the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science (Victorian Branch) held on Friday, 1st November, 1974, at Clunies Ross House, Parkville.
83883: - Coronary Care Training Programme : Workbook. An outline course. Complied by the medical, nursing and technical staff of the Department of Cardiology, Respiratory Unit, Department of Medical Electronics, and the University Department of Medicine, at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.
83880: - Royal Melbourne Hospital School of Nursing - Dietetic Manual 1969
83879: - Royal Melbourne Hospital - Reduction recipes
83877: - The Wheys of Warrandyte Warrandyte Arts Association Cook Book.
75824: - Australian National Bibliography May/August 1973.
89921: - Gold At the Crossroads : The Australian Gold Conference Proceedings Kalgoorlie - Boulder 3 - 5 March 1998.
61418: - Italy on Ship and Shore. A Diary of a Visit to Italy, Travelling by Italian Ships.
78992: - Manchester Streets and Manchester Men. First Series. Illustrated by T. Swindells.
88961: - 1967 Buick Riviera Owner's Manual
75113: - Man Annual 1954.
86912: - The Melbourne Walker 1963. Vol. 37 Featuring The Baw Baws, The Story of the Plateau, Past Present and Future.
75130: - Hobbies : Vol. 6. No. 139. June 11, 1898. A Weekly Journal for Amateurs of Both Sexes.
84009: - Influence Lines for Ring Loads on Cylinders. Technical Report No. 1 Part A and B.
77979: - Sunny Days Annual.
75825: - Australian National Bibliography 1972.
89430: - The Tasmanian Tramp No. 18. Magazine of the Hobart Walking Club.
89431: - The Tasmanian Tramp No. 19. Journal of the Hobart Walking Club.
87209: - Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Isaac Asimov, Charles N. Brown, Arthur C.Clarke, Gordon R. Dickson, Martin Gardner, Edward D. Hoch, George O Smith, Sherwood Springer, John Varley.
85831: - Arromanches. Porte - Avions De 14.000 Tonnes W. Etat du navire en 1954. Monographie Comprenant: 1 Notice historique et descriptive; 1 Plan ŕ l'échelle de 1/300e; 2 Phototypies.
93429: - Recinzioni e Balconate - Fences and Railings Ferro battuto: Metal Preziosa - Wrought iron: Beautifully secure.
91676: - 39 Magnificent Views Illustrating Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. Photos: R.C. Strangman.
93907: - A.N.A.R.E. Operations Manual (Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions)
75877: - Boomerang Songster No. 51.
75350: - World Championship Cricket : Australian Tour - 1968.
75898: - Boomerang Songster No. 48.
85686: - Walk - No. 5. 1954 A Journal of the Melbourne Bushwalkers.
85687: - Walk - No. 6. 1955 A Journal of the Melbourne Bushwalkers.
85689: - Walk - No. 8. 1957 A Book for the Bush Walker.
85690: - Walk - No. 9. 1958 A Journal of the Outdoors.
76665: - Annual Reports on The Progress of Chemistry for 1975 Vol. 72. Section B. Organic Chemistry.
76666: - Annual Reports on The Progress of Chemistry for 1980 Vol. 77. Section B. Organic Chemistry.
89194: - Half a Tin of Treacle : Tall Tales and True - Riverina Reflections.
81027: - Yan Yean, Victoria Map : Scale 1in to 1 Mile.
90243: - Our Origins From Penal Camp to Parliament. An exhibition bearing witness to the Australian Past.
85685: - Walk - No. 4. 1953 A Journal of the Melbourne Bushwalkers.
78476: - Bird List : Wyperfeld National Park
74803: - President Eamon de Valera's Masterly Presentation of Irish Opposition to English Rule.
76036: - The Oxford University Press since 1478. 1478 - 1978
64226: - TWN Motorroller-Handbuch Contessa 200 ccm. Ausgabe April 1955.
76910: - The Angels' Walk : In Gore Hill Cemetery.
83413: - David McKay's Scuderia Veloce The autobiography
85705: - The Civil Engineer in War. A Symposium of Papers on War-Time Engineering Problems. Volume 2 : Docks and Harbours
90927: - The International Plant Propagators' Society Combined Proceedings Volume 47 1997. Australian Region, Eastern Region, Region of Great Britain and Ireland, IPPS Japan Region, New Zealand Region, Scandanavian Region, Southern African Potential Region, Southern Region, Western Region.
94231: - Boswell on the Grand Tour : Germany and Switzerland 1764. Edited by Frederick A. Pottle.
93374: - The 1950-51 Sporting Globe Cricket Book. Averages and Records.
89489: - An Iconic Journey
91355: - The Morris Minor (Series "MM") Operation Manual
91540: - Hello, Little Noddy.
76576: - The Engineering Index Annual for 1909. Twenty-Sixth Year.
94884: - South St. Kilda Presbyterian Church (Corner of Tennyson and Scott Streets). Sixth Annual Reports to 31st October 1918.
76769: - Invergowrie Household Hints
76656: - Annual Reports on The Progress of Chemistry for 1965 Vol. LXII
78889: - Magic Realism : A Collection of Works by Jill Del'Mace. South Yarra Studio, Australia.
91934: - Wrought Ironwork Gates Catalogue of Drawings.
84188: - Structural Failures : Modes, Causes, Responsibilities. A compilation of papers presented at the ASCE National Meeting on Structural Engineering, Cleveland, Ohio, April 1972.
84723: - BBR Multi-Wire System - Prestressing Manual : Metric
79342: - The Grassland Research Institute, Hurley : Annual Report 1972.
93373: - The 1946-7 Sporting Globe Cricket Book. A Book of Averages and Records.
93142: - The Journal of Historical Review. Volume One, Number Two. This issue: The Problem of the "Gas Chambers"; In the Matter of Robert Faurisson; Human Soap; Letter From Berlin; The Mendacity of Zion; Letters to the "New Statesman"; Auschwitz Notebook. Also: Book Reviews; Revisionist Announcements.
93143: - Cookery Book
87737: - Captain Cook's First Voyage, Commenced in 1768, and finished in 1771. His first published account of landing in the Endeavour River. Reproduced from the 'Newcastle' edition of Cook's diaries.
96277: - Sarah Island : The Penal Settlement at Macquarie Harbour 1831. The People, Ships & Shipwrights: A Guided Tour.
90782: - I.C.S. Reference Library. Materials of Construction, Strength of Materials, Testing of Materials, Machine Design. I.C.S. Reference Library 5. (Number at lower spine).
87165: - An Introduction to Victorian Forest Trees. Miscellaneous Publication No. 8.
79095: - The Poems of Algernon Charles Swinburne in Six Volumes. Volume III. Poems and ballads, second and third series; and Songs of the Springtides.
86703: - The Australian Scouts' First Book. A Handbook of Instruction in the Tenderfoot & Second Class Tests.
84316: [KLEE, PAUL] - Some Poems by Paul Klee. Translated by Anselm Hollo.
95024: - Mowanjum - 50 Years Community History
88350: - Bushwalking in the Victorian Alps. A collection of tracknotes for bushwalking in and around the Great Dividing Range in Eastern Victoria.
96540: - Light Railways : Number 82, January 1983. SEC Railways, Yallourn.
92485: - The Indian Ocean : A select bibliography of resources for study in the National Library of Australia.
97032: - Cookery Book of Good and Tried Receipts Compiled for the Women's Missionary Association Sale and Exhibition, Sydney, September 1895.
97023: - Notes on Geelong National Trust of Australia (Victoria) - Tour of the Geelong Area.
69692: ABADAN-UNAT, NERMIN. - Women in Turkish Society.
57880: ABBEY, STATON - The Book of the Vauxhall Ten and Twelve An instruction book for owners and prospective owners covering four-cyclinder models from 1938 onwards.
82579: ABBEY, STATON. - The Book of the Morris Eight and the Morris Minor. A complete guide for owners of all Morris Eights and early and post-war Morris Minors.
76598: ABBOTT, JOYCE. - Ullagulbra : A Picture-Story Reader.
88807: ABBOTT, R. TUCKER. - Kingdom of the Seashell.
88434: ABBOTT, R. TUCKER. - Kingdom of the Seashell.
82507: ABBOTT, DAVID P. - Behind the Scenes with the Mediums. Fifth Revised Edition.
94960: ABBOTT, WILBUR CORTEZ. - A Bibliography of Oliver Cromwell : A List of Printed Materials relating to Oliver Cromwell, together with a List of Portraits and Caricatures.
94724: D'ABBS, PETER - The Vestey Story
86073: SYANISTI ABDURRACHMAN - Spice of Life : A Memoir
89550: ABEL, DOROTHY - Bowkett Branches
78022: ABELARD, MAX. - Night of the Ninja.
95403: VON ABELE, RUDOLPH - The Party
83660: ABELS, JULES. - The Parnell Tragedy.
95037: ABERG, NILS - The Anglo-Saxons in England During the Early Centuries After the Invasion.
79248: ABEYARATNE, HILARY. - The Bush : The Story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital.
60799: ABEYARATNE, HILARY - From Fantasy to Fact. The Foundation of the Peninsula School 1957 - 1965.
59795: ABEYARATNE, HILARY - The Bush The Story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital
75440: ABEYARATNE, HILARY. - The Bush : The Story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital.
69416: ABEYARATNE, HILARY. - The Bush : The Story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital.
67965: ABEYARATNE, HILARY. - The Bush : The Story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital.
67577: ABEYARATNE, HILARY - The Bush The Story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital
84174: ABEYARATNE, HILARY. - The Bush : The Story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital.
84749: ABEYARATNE, HILARY. - The Bush : The Story of the Mornington Bush Nursing Hospital.
96661: ABEYARATNE, HILARY. - From Fantasy to Fact : The Foundation of the Peninsula School 1957 - 1965.
91119: ABEYARATNE, HILARY. - From Fantasy to Fact : The Foundation of the Peninsula School 1957 - 1965.
85137: STUDIO KOSARU OF INDONESIA & YAMILA ABRAHAM. - Kingdom of Selfish Love.
68986: ABRAHAM, GERALD. - The Concise Oxford History of Music.
94147: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL - Jewish Life in the Middle Ages. The Jewish Library, edited by Joseph Jacobs.
69728: ABRAHAMS, F.H. - The Use of Steel Tubes in Structural Design
93848: D'ABRERA, BERNARD. - Butterflies of the Australian Region.
72459: ACKERLEY, J.R. - Micheldever & Other Poems with an introduction by Francis King and a frontispiece by Don Bachardy.
81397: ACKERMAN, JOHN. - Dylan Thomas : His Life and Work.
95886: ACKLAND, MICHAEL. - Henry Handel Richardson : A Life.
89570: ACOPIAN, JENNY. - From Ireland to Port Phillip : The story of David Lamb, Jane Rock and their descendants.
74443: "ACTINOTUS" - The Power of the Purse
93639: ADAM, HELEN DOUGLAS. - The Elfin Pedlar & Tales told by Pixy Pool. With a foreword by the Rev. John A. Hutton, D.D.. Drawings by the author.
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93317: BARRETT, PAUL & COLLISION, KERRY B.(SELECTED AND COMPILED BY) - The Happy Warrior An Anthology of Australian and New Zealand Military Poetry. Foreword by Lieutenant -General P.J. Cosgrove.
61981: BARRIE, J.M. - Peter Pan & His Friends
77078: BARRINGTON, GEORGE - A Voyage to New South Wales Peril on the High Seas! Adventure in a Harsh Land! The first-hand account of one man's part in the saga of Australia's unique history. Superintendant of the Convicts, to which is prefixed a Detail of his Life, Trials, Speeches, etc.. Enriched with beautiful Coloured Prints.
75194: BARRINGTON, E. - The Gallants : Following According to their Wont the Ladies!
85976: BARRON, STEPHANIE AND DUBE, WOLF-DIETER. - German Expressionism : Art and Society. Art of the 20th Century.
80746: BARRY, JAN (ED.) - Peace is our Profession : Poems and Passages of War Protest.
92451: BARRY, HUGH - Orthopaedics in Australia The History of the Australian Orthopaedic Association.
64259: BARRY, RAY. - Humanoid Puppets.
89257: BARRY, COMMANDANT GENERAL TOM - Guerilla Days in Ireland
90834: BARRY, NORMAN & BURTON, JOHN & GISSURARSON, HANNES H. & GRAY, JOHN & SHEARMUR, JEREMY & VAUGHN, KAREN I. - Hayek's 'Serfdom' Revisited. Essays by economists, philosophers and political scientists on 'The Road to Serfdom' after 40 years. CIS Readings 7.
80608: BARRY, JEAN IRIS - Women of Gold
70282: PEARCE BARRY - Brett Whiteley: Art & Life With contributions by Bryan Robertson and Wendy Whiteley. Exhibition research Charlotte Hayman.
65375: BARRYMORE, FREDA - Townsville, The Queen City of North Queensland Portal of Tropic Isles and Coral Seas
56868: BARSLEY, MICHAEL - The Left-Handed Book An Investigation into the Sinister History of Left-Handedness.
72456: BARSLEY, MICHAEL - Grabberwocky and Other Flights of Fancy Illustrated by Osbert Lancaster.
71248: BARSLEY, MICHAEL (WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED BY) - Alice in Wunderland and other Blits and Pieces.
67358: BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN. - New South Wales. Philips' Series of Travelling Maps. [Philips' Authentic Maps of the Australian Colonies, Constructed from the best Authorities, and containing the latest Discoveries.]
95164: BARTLETT, ADELINE COURTNEY - The Larger Rhetorical Patterns in Anglo-Saxon Poetry.
96845: BARTLETT, THOMAS & JEFFERY, KEITH (ED) - A Military History of Ireland
92890: BARTLETT, JEANETTE. - 180 Years of Victor Harbor History in Many Pictures with some Words.
90271: BARTLETT, THOMAS. - An End to Moral Economy : The Irish Militia Disturbances of 1793. Reprinted from Past & Present : A Journal of Historical Studies. Number 99. May 1983.
64713: BARTON, F.R. - History of Nickel Coinage
86108: BARTON, FRANK TOWNEND. - Light Horses and Light Horse Keeping. With 75 Illustrations.
68558: BARTROP, EDGAR. - 50 Years On... The Golden Jubilee story of Victoria's Real Estate Institute.
70714: BARTY-KING, HUGH. - The Baltic Exchange : The History of a Unique Market.
75851: BARZUN, JACQUES. - The Bibliophile of the Future : His Complaints about the Twentieth Century. Delivered on the occasion of the fourth annual Bromsen Lecture, May 1, 1976.
67497: BASARIN, HATICE HURMUZ AND VECIHI. - The Turks in Australia: Celebrating twenty-five years down under.
69998: BASE, GRAEME. - TruckDogs. A novel in four bites.
95332: BASE, GRAEME. - My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch.
95331: BASE, GRAEME. - The Eleventh Hour : A Curious Mystery.
78500: BASE, GRAEME. - TruckDogs. A novel in four bites.
77444: BASE, GRAEME. - TruckDogs. A novel in four bites.
62460: BASHARAT ALI, DR. M. - Shah Waliullah's Contribution to Islamic Sociology
89823: NOTA DI GIORGIO FERRETTI; TESTO DI FULVIO IRACE; FOTOGRAFIE DI GABRIELE BASILICO. - Un moderno mecenate Sedi storiche della Banca Commerciale Italiana a Milano. (A Modern Patron: Historical Seats of the Banca Commerciale Italiana in MIlan, Italy.
95637: BASKIN, JUDITH & DIXON, TRISHA. - Australia's Timeless Gardens.
94858: BASMACHI, DR. FARAJ. - Treasures of the Iraq Museum.
76356: BASS, GEORGE F. (ED.) - A History of Seafaring : based on underwater archaeology. 506 illustrations. 150 in colour.
68774: BASSETT, MARNIE. - Henry Fyshe Gisborne and 'Once Upon A Time...' With a Memoir by Ann Blainey and an Editorial note by Mary Turner Shaw.
93953: BASSETT, JAN - Guns and Brooches. Australian Army Nursing from the Boer War to the Gulf War.
94514: BASSETT, MARNIE. - Henry Fyshe Gisborne and 'Once Upon A Time...' With a Memoir by Ann Blainey and an Editorial note by Mary Turner Shaw.
84868: BASSETT, GEORGE HENRY - County Down One Hundred Years Ago A Guide and Directory 1886
92088: BASSETT, MARNIE. - Letters From New Guinea 1921. With a Postscript and some Notes added in 1969.
95044: BASSETT, JAN - Guns and Brooches. Australian Army Nursing from the Boer War to the Gulf War.
88642: BASSETT, MARNIE. - Realms and Islands : The World Voyage of Rose de Freycinet in the Corvette Uranie 1817-1820.
76196: BASSETT, FRANK E. AND SMITH, RICHARD A. - Farwell's Rules of the Nautical Road. Sixth edition. Originally known as The Rules of the Nautical Road by Captain Raymond F. Farwell.
91578: BASSETT, MARNIE. - Behind The Picture : HMS Rattlesnake's Australia - New Guinea Cruise 1846 to 1850.
92623: BASTALL, S.H. - Show Dogs of New Zealand How to breed, rear, and train dogs for pleasure, profit, and exhibition. With a chapter on Working Gun Dogs by G.F. Birkett.
62563: BASTOCK, JOHN - Ships on the Australia Station
57976: BATE, WESTON - Sustaining their dream The Metropolitan Golf Club 1901 - 2001
96090: BATE, WESTON. - Here's To Grandpa! The Watercolours 1900 - 1940 of C.A. Wilson.
71420: BATE, WESTON. - Here's To Grandpa! : The Watercolours 1900 - 1940 of C.A. Wilson.
70339: BATE, WESTON - Here's To Grandpa The Watercolours 1900 - 1940 of C.A. Wilson
93634: BATE, WESTON. - Light Blue Down Under : The History of Geelong Grammar School.
95997: BATE, WESTON. - Lucky City : The First Generation at Ballarat : 1851 - 1901.
71850: BATE, REV. H.N. - The Sibylline Oracles Books III-V. Translations of Early Documents Series II. Hellenistic-Jewish Texts.
95067: BATE, WESTON - Here's To Grandpa The Watercolours 1900 - 1940 of C.A. Wilson
96665: BATE, WESTON. - Victorian Gold Rushes. Australian Economic and Social History.
89477: BATES, JOHN, - The Last Islands : History of the Whitsunday and Cumberland Islands.
60586: BATES, HARRY - I Am Alive A Fifteen Month Journey Into the Realm of Spirit.
59843: BATES, H.E. - The Cruise of the Breadwinner
76621: BATES, GARY - Alien Intrusion : UFOs and the Evolution Connection.
74152: BATES, JOHN - The Last Islands The History, Story, Legends and Tales of the Whitsunday Islands.
87631: BATES, H.E. - The Flying Goat
96524: BATESON, CHARLES - Australian Shipwrecks Volume One: 1622 - 1850. Including Vessels wrecked en route to or from Australia, and some strandings.
78185: BATESON, LYN (COMPILED BY) - The Dionysius Chronicles : The Story of our first Australian Dionysius Ancestors 1886-2000. Heinrich Moritz Theodor Dionysius and Wilhelmine Schulter and their eleven children. Carl Ludwig Theodor Dionysius and Bertha Wilhelmine Auguste Weier and their thirteen children.
62719: BATESON, CHARLES. - Gold Fleet For California. Forty-Niners from Australia and New Zealand.
92498: BATESON, CHARLES - Australian Shipwrecks Volume One: 1622 - 1850. Including Vessels wrecked en route to or from Australia, and some strandings.
84475: BATHO, DOROTHY C. (ED.) - General Index to Book Auction Records for the Years 1979-1984 (Volumes 77-81). Part I: Printed Books & Atlases. Part II: Printed Map, Charts & Plans.
81820: BATHURST, JAMES - Atomic - Consciousness. An explanation of Ghosts, Spiritualism, Witchcraft : Occult Phenomena, and all supernormal manifestations.
78240: BATSTONE, KAY. - Outback Heroes : 75 Years of the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
77247: BATTAGLIA, ROBERTO - The Story of the Italian Resistance Translated and edited by P.D. Cummins with an introduction by Bernard Wall.
96278: BATTEN, JEAN. - Alone In The Sky. Drawings by L.R.Williams.
91031: BAUBY, JEAN-DOMINIQUE. - The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly. Translated by Jeremy Leggatt.
95508: BAUBY, JEAN-DOMINIQUE. - The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly. Translated by Jeremy Leggatt.
81245: BAUDIN, LOUIS. - A Socialist Empire : The Incas of Peru.
74393: BAUER, ANDREW. - The Hawthorn Dictionary of Pseudonyms.
66938: BAUER, MARGIE & RAYNER, LIB. - Australian Smocking.
87279: BAUER, MARGIE - Australian Smocking for Beginners
95211: BAUER, PAUL. - Kanchenjunga Challenge. Foreword by Brigadier Sir John Hunt.
70284: BAUER, MARGIE & RAYNER, LIB. - Australian Smocking.
81288: BAUER, MARGIE & RAYNER, LIB. - Australian Smocking.
83206: BAUER, F.H. - Historical Geography of White Settlement in Part of Northern Australia. Part 2. The Katherine - Darwin Region. Division of Land Research and Regional Survey
83503: BAUGH, CARL E., WITH WILSON, CLIFFORD A. - Dinosaur : Scientific Evidence That Dinosaurs And Men Walked Together.
84976: BAUM, L. FRANK. - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Illustrated by Dee Huxley.
94650: BAUMAN, TONI. - Aboriginal Darwin : A Guide to Exploring Important Sites of the Past & Present.
58547: BAUMANN, M.I. - The Ninth Life The Boys' Torch Adventure Library No. 40
58542: BAUMANN, M.I. - The Snake-Charmer The Boys' Torch Adventure Library No. 67
58534: BAUMANN, M.I. - The Pearl Fishers The Boys' Torch Adventure Library No. 76
80893: BAUMANN, HANS - Caspar and His Friends : Ten puppet plays for the Professional and Amateur Puppeteer. A new character for children to enjoy. Illustrated by Wanda Zacharias.
79102: BAUMGARTEN-CRUSIUS, GENERALMAJOR A.D. ARTUR - Deutsche Heerführung im Marnefeldzug 1914 Beiträge zur Beurteilung der Schuldfrage. Mit 12 kartenskizzen im text.
96986: BAUTOVICH, B.C. AND MUNCEY, R.W. - House and Domestic Hot Water Heating. Sponsored Research for the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.
66769: BAX, CLIFFORD (ED.). - Bernard Shaw, W.B. Yeats: Letters to Florence Farr .
65536: BAX, CLIFFORD (ED) - Bernard Shaw, W.B. Yeats: Letters to Florence Farr
85448: BAXTER, JILLIAN (COMPILED BY) - Reflections from the Beach and the Bays : Stories told by the Killcare, Hardys Bay, Pretty Beach and Wagstaffe Community.
86893: BAXTER, ROBERTA. - Horse Injuries : Their Prevention and Treatment.
55151: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Two Plays. The Wide Open Cage and Jack Winter's Dream.
74329: BAXTER, FRED. - All That Money. Illustrated by Sandra Hargrave.
85767: BAXTER, JAMES K. - Recent Trends in New Zealand Poetry This talk was given at Canterbury University College during the New Zealand Writers Conference 8-11 May, 1951
64266: BAYBARS, TANER. - Plucked in a Far-off Land : Images in Self Biography.
58043: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Lapstone Zig Zag Railway Blue Mountains- New South Wales
64328: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Lithgow Zig Zag Railway. Blue Mountains- New South Wales.
62247: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Pichi Richi Railway. Flinders Ranges - South Australia.
88129: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - History of Campbelltown, New South Wales.
90221: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Behind Broulee : History of Eurobodalla Shire, Central South Coast, New South Wales.
96084: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Lilac City : The Story of Goulburn, New South Wales.
90342: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Lapstone Zig Zag Railway Blue Mountains- New South Wales
90448: BAYLEY, WILLIAM A. - Lithgow Zig Zag Railway. Blue Mountains - New South Wales.
92434: BAYLEY, W.A. - Commonwealth Jubilee History of the Central South Coast of New South Wales.
94616: BAYLY, I.A.E. AND WILLIAMS, W.D. - Inland Waters and their Ecology.
76920: BAYOR, RONALD H. AND MEAGHER, TIMOTHY J. (EDS.) - The New York Irish.
60844: BEACH, REX - The Crimson Gardenia and other tales of adventure.
60839: BEACH, REX - The Silver Horde
95754: BEADELL, LEN. - Blast the Bush.
65683: BEADLE, N.C.W. & EVANS, O.D. & CAROLIN, R.C. & TINDALE, MARY D. - Flora of the Sydney Region
83411: BEADLE, DAVE - Concrete Around the House
86518: BEADLE, N.C.W.; EVANS, O.D.; CAROLIN, R.C.; AND TINDALE, MARY D. - Flora of the Sydney Region.
54967: BEALLE, MORRIS A. - Fugitives from a Brain Gang : In Collaboration with Analyticus Marsh.
96094: BEAMAN JR., JOHN R. - Messerschmitt Bf 109 in action. part 2. Aircraft Number 57. Illustrations by Don Greer.
89096: BEAN, C.E.W. - The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 Volume VI : The Australian Imperial Force in France During the Allied Offensive, 1918.
94765: BEAN, C.E.W. - Flagships Three.
86821: BEAN, C.E.W. - The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 Volume VI : The Australian Imperial Force in France During the Allied Offensive, 1918.
74275: BEAR, J. ("J.B.") - Impressions of A Victorian Abroad, also Confessions of a Naughty Boy of the Fifties (Being Sketches of Early Melbourne) Originally Published serially in "The Leader."
87936: BEAR, ROBERT HARLEY - The Making of the Lamb A novel.
61228: BEARD, PAUL - The James- John Experiment C.P.S. Paper No. 6
87250: BEARD, WILLIAM. - Eureka : A narrative in verse.
90905: BEARD, PAUL - The James- John Experiment C.P.S. Paper No. 6
87839: BEARDSELL, DAVID AND CAM - The Yarra - A Natural Treasure Additional research by Richard Marchant, Alan Yen, and Tim Entwistle.
82997: BEASLEY, A.W. - The Mantle of Surgery The first seventy-five years of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.
94189: BEASLEY, A.W. - The Mantle of Surgery : The first seventy-five years of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.
91449: BEASLEY, A.W. - Fellowship of Three The Lives and Association of John Hunter (1728-1793), The Surgeon; James Cook (1728-1779), The Navigator; and Joseph Banks (1743-1820), The Naturalist.
56038: BEASLEY, A.W. - The Light Accepted 125 Years of Wellington College
70795: BEASLEY, A.W. - The Club on The Terrace : The Wellington Club 1841-1996.
85365: BEATLEY, TIMOTHY; BROWER, DAVID J.; AND SCHWAB, ANNA K. - An Introduction to Coastal Zone Management. Second Edition.
72576: BEATON, W.G. - Glasgow Our City Yesterday Today and Tomorrow
85822: BEATON-WELLS, CARON. - Proof of Antitrust Markets in Australia. Australian Legal Monographs.
80990: BEATON, LACHLAN (COMPLIER & EDITOR) - The Howard Smith Line : Handbook of Information for Travellers on the Australian Coast.
62614: BEATON, CECIL - Winged Squadrons The author relates his impressions of the men of the R.A.F. & Fleet Air Arm. With 67 magnificent photographs taken by the author.
64877: BEATTIE, W.A. & DELACY LOWE, M. - Australia's North-West Challenge
95616: BEATTIE, ANDREW AND EHRLICH, PAUL R. - Wild Solutions : How Biodiversity is Money in the Bank. With illustrations by Christine Turnbull.
74903: BEATTIE, DAVID. - Interesting, Maybe.
79009: BEATTIE, SCOTT. - Legal & Justice Studies Workbook. 2nd Edition.
70581: BEATTIE, W.A. (ED.) - Pasture Improvement.
95374: BEATTIE, OWEN & GEIGER, JOHN - Frozen in Time The Fate of the Franklin Expedition.
70681: BEATTY, PATRICIA - Something to Shout About Frontispiece by Marylin Hafner.
81697: BEATTY, ARTHUR - William Wordsworth : His Doctrine and Art in their Historical Relation.
65718: BEAUGLEHOLE, A.C. - Victorian Vascular Plant Checklists. - 13 - Study Area and 24 - Grid Distribution -
66937: BEAUMONT, THE REV. GEOFFREY - A 20th. Century Folk Mass For one or more Cantors and Congregation.
53753: BEAUMONT, W. WORBY. - Industrial Electric Vehicles and Trucks. With 189 illustrations.
92944: BEAUMONT, J.P., NORMAN E.; CURRAN, JAMES F.; AND HUGHES, J.P., R.H. (COMPILED BY) - Early Days of Berwick and its Surrounding Districts Beaconsfield, Upper Beaconsfield, Harkaway, Narre Warren and Narre Warren North.
87991: BEAUMONT, J.P., NORMAN E.; CURRAN, JAMES F.; AND HUGHES, J.P., R.H. (COMPILED BY) - Early Days of Berwick and its Surrounding Districts Beaconsfield, Upper Beaconsfield, Harkaway, Narre Warren and Narre Warren North.
77492: BEAUVALLET, LÉON. - Rachel and the New World : Tragedienne in America. translated and edited by Colin Clair.
77064: BEAVER, BRUCE. - Headlands : Prose Sketches.
71787: BEAVER, BRUCE - As It Was...
90844: BEAVIS, F.C. - The Tawonga Fault, North-East Victoria [ Read 12 November 1959 ]
68517: BEBBINGTON, WARREN (ED) - The Oxford Companion to Australian Music
74871: BECHERVAISE, JOHN. - Blizzard and Fire : A Year at Mawson, Antarctica.
96204: BÉCHERVAISE, JOHN. - Barwon and Barrabools : Poems with Pictures.
55981: BÉCHERVAISE, JOHN. - Blizzard and Fire. A Year at Mawson, Antarctica.
71797: BÉCHERVAISE, JOHN. - Blizzard and Fire : A Year at Mawson, Antarctica.
83316: BECHERVAISE, JOHN - The Far South
62171: BECK, HAIG & COOPER, JACKIE - Tract landscape architects and planners Introduction essays by Professor David Yencken, Peter Walker, Professor RD Gibson, and Garry Emery.
87786: BECK, HAIG (ED) - Parliament House Canberra : A Building for the Nation
65969: BECKE, LOUIS & JEFFERY, WALTER. - A First Fleet Family : A hitherto unpublished narrative of certain remarkable adventures complied from the papers of Sergeant William Dew of the Marines.
59306: BECKE, LOUIS & JEFFERY, WALTER - Admiral Phillip The Founding of New South Wales. "Builders of Greater Britain"
71876: BECKE, LOUIS. - Bella of Barina. Small Tales of Early Australia.
92925: BECKER, HUGO & RYNAR, DR. DAGO - Mechanik und Asthetick des Violoncellspiels Mit 23 figuren im text und 81 abbildungen im anhang.
91587: BECKETT, IAN F.W. (ED.) - The Army and the Curragh Incident, 1914. Publications of The Army Records Society, Vol. 2.
83053: BECKETT, J.C. - Confrontations : Studies in Irish History.
80499: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Endgame A Play in one Act, followed by Act Without Words - A Mime for one Player. Translated from the original French by the author.
69525: BECKMAN, F.W. - The Touchstone of Mental and Physical Health...
90831: BECKMANN, PETR - The Structure of Language - a new approach.
78103: BEDDIE, M.K. (ED.) - Bibliography of Captain James Cook R.N., F.R.S., Circumnavigator.
86282: BEDFORD, JOHN. - London's Burning.
74900: BEDNARIK, ROBERT G. (ED.) - The Artefact : Pacific Rim Archaeology. Volume 19 1996.
88498: BEDWELL, STEVE. - Holden vs Ford : The Cars, the Culture, the Competition.
91926: BEDWELL, STEVE - Siamese Signatures and Other Oddities
91927: BEDWELL, STEVE - Parked Card and Other Manoeuvres
96748: BEECHING, JACK. - The Galleys at Lepanto.
90042: BEER, ANDREW; BOLAM, ANDREW; AND MAUDE, ALARIC. - Beyond the Capitals : Urban Growth in Regional Australia. Urban Futures Research Program.
84533: DE BEER, SIR GAVIN. - Gibbon and his world.
69524: DE BEER, GAVIN, ROWLANDS, M.J. & SKRAMOVSKY (EDS) - Darwin's Notebooks on Transmutation of Species. Part VI. Pages excised by Darwin.
73038: BEER, PATRICIA. - The Estuary. Macmillan Poets.
81694: BEER, J.B. - Coleridge the Visionary
63096: BEGBIE, HAROLD. - The Lady Next Door.
96495: BEGG, A. CHARLES & BEGG, NEIL C. - Dusky Bay In The Steps of Captain Cook. Foreword by The Viscount Cobham.
91678: BEGGS, MRS. R.G. (COMPILER) - Birthday Book containing over 400 Tested Recipes Collected from C.W.A. Members.
90835: BEHAN, H.F. - Mr. Justice J.W. Willis First Resident Judge in Port Phillip. A biographical sketch.
81903: BEHAN, NORMAN. - The Behan Collection Stuartholme. Foreword by Bernard Smith.
80669: BEHRENS, T. - The Monument.
78026: BEICHMAN, JANINE. - Embracing the Firebird : Yosano Akiko and the Rebirth of the Female Voice in Modern Japanese Poetry.
78841: BEIK, WILLIAM. - Urban Protest in Seventeenth-Century France : The Culture of Retribution.
96823: BEILHARZ, PETER (ED.) - Social Theory : A Guide to Central Thinkers.
91815: BEIRNE, PAUL. - Su-un and His World of Symbols : The Founder of Korea's First Indigenous Religion.
89283: BEISSBARTH, EV & TURNER, JO - Women's Circus ... Leaping Off the Edge
90148: BEKKER, C.D. - Swastika at Sea : The Struggle and Destruction of the German Navy 1939-1945.
91966: BELFORD, JAMES & DUNLAP, JACK - The Mauser Self-Loading Pistol
91967: BELFORD, JAMES & DUNLAP, JACK - The Mauser Self-Loading Pistol
96517: BELICH, JAMES. - Making Peoples : A History of the New Zealanders. From Polynesian Settlement to the End of the Nineteenth Century.
96858: BELL, DAVID AND KENNEDY, BARBARA M. (EDS.) - The Cybercultures Reader.
66231: BELL, SR. MARIA (ED.) - And the Spirit Lingers. Genazzano - One Hundred Years 1889 - 1989 Illustrated by Judy Foster.

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