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10969: [SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY] - Early Cape Printing/Vroeë Kaapse Drukwerk 1796-1802
11028: [ROYAL VISIT] - Original Photographic Print of Princess Elizabeth Touching the Muzzle of a Horse
11077: [MEURANT, LOUIS HENRI] - Zamenspraak Tusschen Klaas Waarzegger en Jan Twyfelaar, over Het Onderwerp Van Afscheiding Tusschen de Oostelyke en Westelyke Provincie
10270: [CAPE THEATRE] - Odd-Fellows' Hall, Plein Street. Mrs. Carlisle-Carr's Grand Concert. Under the Distinguished Patronage and in the Presence of His Excellency the Governor Sir Henry Brougham Loch and Lady Loch
11022: [S.S. "LLANSTEPHAN CASTLE"] - It Ai'Nt Gonna Rain No Mo'. Written by the Ship's Cat. As Sung by the Hornet Co-Optimists. May 20th. 1925.
10535: [GREY HIGH SCHOOL] - Old Greys' Union Centenary 1893 - 1993
10750: [ANTARCTICA, GENERAL] - Four Titles Relating to the Antarctic
1088: [FEDERAL PARLIAMENT OF THE COOK ISLANDS] - Addresses to Sir George Grey
1236: [SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY] - Early Cape Printing/Vroeë Kaapse Drukwerk 1796-1802
1268: [AIRREPORT] - Airreport 1995. South Africa's Aerospace Yearbook. Photography by Herman Potgieter
1269: [AIRREPORT] - Airreport 1996. South Africa's Aerospace Yearbook. Photography by Herman Potgieter
1288: [DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION, SOUTH AFRICA] - Ethiopia and Liberia Versus South Africa. An Official Account of the Contentious Proceedings on South West Africa Before the International Court of Justice at the Hague 1960-1966.
1394: [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE] - A Visit to the Suez Canal
1395: [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE] - Colonial Parliaments
1400: [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE] - A Kangaroo Drive
1405: [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE] - The Ashantees
1406: [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE] - Maori Sketches
1407: [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE] - Notes of the Late Campaign on the Punjab Frontier
1408: [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE] - Saint Helena
1410: [THE CORNHILL MAGAZINE] - An African Hareem
1413: [THE DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, UNIVERSITY OF NATAL] - The African Factory Worker. A Sample Study of the Life and Labour of the Urban African Worker
1499: [HARRISON, MRS J. W.] - A.M. Mackay, Pioneer Missionary of the Church Missionary Society to Uganda
1513: [THE EAST AFRICA WOMEN'S LEAGUE] - They Made It Their Home
2195: [CAMPBELL, SAM] - Memorial to the Late Dr. S.G. Campbell
2660: [SOUTH AFRICAN MUSEUM] - Annals of the South African Museum; Vol. XXVIII, Part 4.
2942: P.E.N. - P.E. N. 1960: New South African Writing and a Survey of Fifty Years of Creative Achievement
3481: [NATAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT / NATALSE ONDERWYS DEPARTEMENT] - Neon 18 (August 1975). 1875-1975 Onderwys in Natal
3508: [VARIOUS AUTHORS] - The African Monthly. A Magazine Devoted to Literature, History, Exploration, Science, Art, Poetry, Fiction, &C. No. 13, Vol. III. December, 1907.
3539: [VARIOUS AUTHORS] - The African Monthly. A Magazine Devoted to Literature, History, Exploration, Science, Art, Poetry, Fiction, &C. No. 14, Vol. III. January, 1908.
3541: [NATAL REGIONAL SURVEY] - Baumannville. A Study of an Urban African Community
3655: [IRVIN & JOHNSON] - South African Fish & Fishing. How Fish Are Found and Caught in the Waters Around Southern Africa. How Fish Are Preserved, Transported and Processed. How the Fishing Industry Is Organised
3774: [DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS, UNIVERSITY OF NATAL] - Studies of Indian Employment in Natal
3776: [VARIOUS] - Agriculture in Natal, Recent Developments. A Symposium
4592: A. E. K. - Pictures from Eastern Lands. A Book for Boys and Girls
11143: [BOER PRISONER-OF-WAR HANDICRAFT] - Bone Serviette Ring. "St Helena. 1902. K.G. V. / G. Schoeman"
5571: [IMPERIAL LIBERAL COUNCIL] - Imperial Liberal Council. 1901.
5573: [CHRIS VAN RENSBURG PUBLICATIONS] - The Mineral Potential and Mining Development in the Black Homelands of South Africa
5577: [REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA] - International Court of Justice. South West Africa Cases (Ethiopia and Liberia V. The Republic of South Africa). Counter-Memorial Filed by the Government of the Republic of South Africa
5582: [JANSENVILLE FESTIVAL COMMITTEE] - Jansenville 150 Jaarfees/Year Festival 1855-2005. Land Van Die Noors, Tuiste Van Die Angora
5690: [SOCIETY OF FRIENDS] - A Selection from the Christian Advices Issued by the Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends, Held in London
5714: W., M. F. (COMPILER) - Elementary Zulu. A Course of Easy Elementary Lessons in the Zulu Language. Intended Chiefly for Beginners and Junior Pupils
5946: [CONSTITUTIONAL COMMISSION] - Report of the Constitutional Commission 1968. Presented to His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government on the 5th April, 1968
5947: [LIONS CLUB OF UITENHAGE] - The Lions Souvenir Book of Uitenhage
6218: [MAURICE, MAJOR-GENERAL SIR FREDERICK, AND OTHERS] - Relief of Ladysmith: View from Clump Hill
6219: [COPYRIGHT M. WEISMAN, JERUSALEM] - Flowers and Views of the Holy Land
6546: [JOHNSTON, DAVID] - Plea for a New English Version of the Scriptures. By a Licentiate of the Church of Scotland
6976: [GREAT TREK CENTENARY COMMITTEE] - Program Van Die Eeufees Van Die Groot Trek Gevier Op Winburg on 30 April, 1 en 2 Mei 1937, Deur 'n Dankbare Nageslag
8534: [ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY] - The Royal Geographical Society. Its Foundation and History, Work and Publications, Charter and Bye-Laws, and Its House
8606: [UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA] - The Union Statutes 1910-1947. Classified and Annotated Reprint. Volume 9 / Die Unie-Wette 1910-1947. Geklassifiseerde en Geannoteerde Herdruk. Deel 9
8624: [ORIGINAL PRESS PHOTOGRAPHS] - Great Britain - France. Rugby League Exhibition Series. East London, 27 July 1957
8622: [JACOB ZUMA; SOUTH AFRICAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION] - Ungumuntu Ngabantu: Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma. He Is a Human Being Through Other Human Beings
8637: [UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE] - Manual for Justices of the Peace in the Union of South Africa / Handleiding Vir Vrederegters in Die Unie Van Suid-Afrika
9761: S. J. E. - De Boeren Op Sint-Helena. Album Met Afbeeldingen en Bijschriften Van S.J. E. Ten Voordeele Van de Slachtoffers Van Engeland in de "Moordkampen". Aangeboden Door de Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansche Vereeniging
9863: [EAST LONDON, SOUTH AFRICA] - Gately House [Two Brochures on This Small Museum]
3483: ABRAHAMS, PETER - The Path of Thunder
7036: ABU-HAKIMA, AHMAD MUSTAFA - The Modern History of Kuwait 1750-1965
2426: ACHENWALL, GOTTFRIED - Geschichte Der Allgemeineren Europäischen Staatshändel Des Vorigen Und Jetzigen Jahrhunderts; IM Grundrisse; Als Der Europäischen Geschichte; Zweiter Theil Von Gottfried Achenwall...
7425: ACUTT, RENAULT COURTNEY - Reminiscences of a Rand Pioneer. The Memoirs of Renault Courtney Acutt
2427: ACUTT, NANCY COURTNEY - Bushveld
10032: ADAMS, JILL - Wild Flowers of the Northern Cape / Veldblomme Van Noord-Kaapland
1839: ADAMS, (REV.) H.C. - Perils in the Transvaal. A Tale of the Zulu and First Boer War
2236: ADAMS, HETTIE & HERMIONE SUTTNER - William Street: District Six
10036: ADAMSON, STEVE - The Complete a to Z of Scarborough Football Club
2429: ADAMSON, JOY - The Spotted Sphinx
2430: ADAMSON, MARY - Veldt Whispers
9204: ADAMSON, R. S., AND T. M. SALTER (EDITORS) - Flora of the Cape Peninsula
10164: ADCOCK, KERYN, AND OTHERS - Pilanesberg. A Complete Guide to the Park
1357: ADDERLEY, SIR C[HARLES] B[OWYER] - Review of "the Colonial Policy of Lord J. Russell's Administration," by Earl Grey, 1853; and of Subsequent Colonial History
10490: ADDISON, GRAEME, AND OTHERS - Edge Series. Innovation Nation 1900-2004
2431: ADDLESON, A. - Israel - the Epic of a People
10559: ADEY, DAVID, AND OTHERS (COMPILERS) - Companion to South African English Literature
2432: ADLARD & SON, LIMITED (PUBLISHERS) - Roll of the Baronets; As Authorized by Royal Warrant; Issued with Official Sanction by the Standing Council of the Baronetage; Together with Its Objects, Rules and Regulations
4481: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. DEPARTMENT OF NATIVE AFFAIRS. - Blue-Book on Native Affairs, 1903. Compiled in Compliance with a Resolution of the Honourable the House of Assembly Dated the 10th June, 1873. [G. 29-1903. ]
1758: DEPARTMENT OF WATER AFFAIRS - Management of the Water Resources of the Republic of South Africa
4480: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. DEPARTMENT OF NATIVE AFFAIRS. - Blue-Book on Native Affairs, 1902. Compiled in Compliance with a Resolution of the Honourable the House of Assembly Dated the 10th June, 1873. [G. 25-1902. ]
4484: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. DEPARTMENT OF NATIVE AFFAIRS. - Blue Book on Native Affairs, 1908. Compiled in Compliance with a Resolution of the Honourable the House of Assembly Dated the 10th June, 1873. [G. 19-1909. ]
2896: MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa
1211: SOUTH AFRICA - Review of Proceedings at the United Nations in 1973 on Questions Affecting South Africa
1643: MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa - 1991 Number 94
1644: MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa - 1992 Number 95
1646: MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa - 1994 Number 97
1647: MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa - 1995 Number 98
1648: MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa - 1996 Number 99
1649: MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa - 1998 Number 101
1650: MOUNTAIN CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa - 2000 Number 103
2245: SOTHEBY PARKE BERNET SOUTH AFRICA (AUCTIONEERS) - The Contents of Kronendal: The Property of Mr Malcolm Tait and Mr Alasdair Wyllie
2332: SOUTHERN AFRICA - Map to Illustrate the Government of South Africa
2400: TREE SOCIETY OF SOUTHERN AFRICA - Trees and Shrubs of the Witwatersrand: An Illustrated Guide
3172: UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA - Ordinance No. 35, 1947
350: SHORTHORN SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA - The South African Shorthorn Herd Book Volume 4 - 1922. Containing the Pedigrees of C.H. B. & Lincoln Red Males & Females Entered Up to 30th June, 1922.
7016: UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA - Correspondence Relating to the European Crisis, Including Despatch from His Majesty's Ambassador at Berlin Respecting the Rupture of Diplomatic Relations with the German Government
2435: AFRICANA MUSEUM, JOHANNESBURG - Militêre Medaljes Wat Op Suid-Afrika Betrekking Het; 'n Tentoonstelling Van Die Versamelings in Die Africana-Museum en Die Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Oorlogsmuseum, Johannesburg, Saam Met Ander Wat Spesiaal Geleen Is
2114: NEDERDUITSCH HERVORMDE OF GEREFORMEERDE KERK VAN ZUID AFRIKA - Wetten en Bepalingen Voor Het Bestuur Van de Nederduitsch Hervormde of Gereformeerde Kerk Van Zuid Afrika;
2132: GEREFORMEERDE KERK IN ZUID AFRIKA - Bewaar Het Pand U Toebetrouwd
2404: NEDERDUITSCH GEREFORMEERDE KERK VAN ZUID-AFRIKA - De Handelingen Der Zeven Eerste Vergaderingen Van de Algemeene Synode Der Nederduitsch Gereformeerde Kerk Van Zuid-Afrika
11203: GENOOTSKAP VAN REGTE AFRIKAANDERS - Eerste Beginsels Van Die Afrikaanse Taal, en, Fergelijkende Taalkunde Fan Afrikaans en Engels
1969: AIKEN, CONRAD - The Morning Song of Lord Zero
2436: AIREY, COL. H.P. - Colonel H.P. Airey, D.S. O. Colour Portrait of. Commanding First Bushmen's Contingent, South African Field Force.
2437: AITKEN, R.D. & G.W. GALE - Botanical Survey of Natal and Zululand (with a Sketch Map)
10924: D'ALBANELLA, GRAZIANO - Venetian Drawings XV-XVIII Centuries
7821: ALBERTYN, J. R., AND M. E. ROTHMANN - Die Armblanke-Vraagstuk in Suid-Afrika. Verslag Van Die Carnegie-Kommissie. Deel V. Sociologiese Verslag: (a) Die Armblanke in Die Maatskappy (B) Die Moeder en Dogter Van Die Armblanke-Huisgesin
884: ALBION, ROBERT GREENHALGH - Seaports South of Sahara: The Achievements of an American Steamship Service
2438: ALDERMAN, H.M. - The Charm of Old Surrey; Fully Illustrated with Sketches by the Author
2440: ALDIS, HARRY G. - The Printed Book
8503: ALERS, C.J. (EDITOR) - Jong Suidafrika. Bloemlesing Vir Die Laerskool. Standerd III
11297: ALEXANDER, DAVID - Sani Pass. Riding the Dragon. For Those with a Spirit of Adventure
11349: ALEXANDER, PETER - Roy Campbell. A Critical Biography
10799: ALEXANDER, GRAHAM, AND JOHAN MARAIS - A Guide to the Reptiles of Southern Africa
1084: ALEXANDER, ZONIA - The Icu, the First Decade of Struggle
10816: ALHADEFF, VIC - South Africa in Two World Wars: A Newspaper History
1721: ALI, SÁLIM AND S. DILLON RIPLEY - A Pictorial Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent
2442: ALLARD (BISHOP) - A Trial Printing of the First Pages of Bishop Allard's Journal
7739: ALLEN, VIDA - Early Kimberley: A Photographic Souvenir
1796: ALLEN, ARTHUR A. - Stalking Birds with Color Camera
7734: ALLEN, GEOFFREY & DAVID - The Guns of Sacramento
9687: ALLEN, GEOFFREY & DAVID - Clive's Lost Treasure
1819: ALLENDE, ISABEL - The Stories of Eva Luna
2443: ALLFREY, EMILY (TRANS.) - The Bride of Messina
1946: ALLIGHAN, GARRY - The Welensky Story
2444: ALLISON, JOHN M.S. - Monsieur Thiers
3179: VAN ALPHEN, J.C. - Jan Venter, S.A. P. A Plain Narrative of Everyday Life at a South African Police out-Station
449: ALSTON, REX - Over to Rex Alston. A Commentary on the Australian Tour 1953
5632: ALTMAN, PHYLLIS - The Law of Vultures
7920: ALTMANN, H., WITH ERIC ROSENTHAL - Overdrafts and Overwork. Memories of a South African Banker
11336: ALTMANN, HENDRIK - From Boy to Boardroom. An Autobiography
738: AMARAL, ILÍDIO DO - Aspectos Do Povoamento Branco de Angola
1007: AMERSFOORT, H., AND P. H. KAMPHUIS - Je Maintiendrai. A Concise History of the Dutch Army 1568-1940
1280: AMERSFOORT, H., AND P. H. KAMPHUIS - Je Maintiendrai. A Concise History of the Dutch Army 1568-1940
2010: AMES, PETER L. - The Morphology of the Syrinx in Passerine Birds
2446: AMES, EVELYN - A Glimpse of Eden
4699: AMEY, GEOFFREY - The Collapse of the Dale Dyke Dam 1864
717: AMOS, SHELDON - Fifty Years of the English Constitution
11189: AMSCHWAND, NIGEL - A Short History of the Onder-Bokkeveld
8261: AMSHEWITZ, SARAH BRIANA - The Paintings of J.H. Amshewitz R.B. A.
10729: AMUNDSEN, ROALD - The South Pole. An Account of the Norwegian Antarctic Expedition in the "Fram," 1910-1912
1624: ANDERSEN, H. C. - Eventyr Og Historier
11158: ANDERSON, TANIA A. (EDITOR) - Hidden Splendour. A Guide to the Natural History of the Kalahari and Surrounds
5119: ANDERSON, W. ELLERY - Expedition South
6653: ANDERSON, KEN - Nine Flames
7551: ANDERSON, MARK D. - Birds of the Orange River Estuary and Surrounding Area
4740: ANDREWS, MICHAEL ALFORD - The Flight of the Condor: A Wildlife Exploration of the Andes
976: ANDRIOLA, JOSEPH - The White South African: An Endangered Species
1795: ANGEL, HEATHER, AND OTHERS - The Natural History of Britain and Ireland
2448: ANGLO, SYDNEY - Machiavelli: A Dissection
2449: ANGOULVANT, G. - Les Indes Néerlandaises Leur Rôle Dans L'économie Internationale
7971: ANONYMOUS - Mission Work and Mission Stations in the Western Cape 1737-1911
11293: ANONYMOUS - Zulu Vocabulary and Phrase Book for the Use of Immigrants and Settlers in the Province of Natal and Zululand
1766: ANONYMOUS - The Arabian Nights Entertainments: Consisting of One Thousand and One Stories. In Three Volumes
10950: ANONYMOUS - Malexena Ma Nkana Mu Ncemi
1730: ANONYMOUS - An Etymological Vocabulary of the New Testament Scriptures
4949: ANONYMOUS - The Turnhalle. Link from the Past, Forged Into the Chain of Current Events
5809: ANONYMOUS - Zulu Simplified. A New, Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Zulu Language. New Revised Edition
6757: ANONYMOUS - Life of General Gordon. By the Authors of "Our Queen", "New World Heroes," Etc.
7669: ANONYMOUS - South African Transport Services: Pictorial Review
7998: ANONYMOUS - Tallinn
8231: ANONYMOUS - Die Afrikaanse Huisdokter. 'n Volledige Gids Vir Gesondheid en Siekteversorging Met Die Laaste Ontdekkings Van Die Geneeskunde en Beproefde Geneeswyses Deur Uitstaande Geneeshere en Spesialiste
8589: ANONYMOUS - The Forty Third Nuffield Cricket Week, 17-23 December, 1985
9719: ANONYMOUS - Almanach Der Africaansche Landbouwers en Hoveniers / African Gardeners' and Farmers' Almanac
9721: ANONYMOUS - Fort Schanskop Militêre Museum
9739: ANONYMOUS - Richard Gush of Salem
9741: ANONYMOUS - Melrose-Huis
9803: ANONYMOUS - Maasai
9804: ANONYMOUS - Meru
883: ANSTEIN, HANS - Afrika Wie Ich Es Erlebte
7513: ANSTEY, V. - The Trade of the Indian Ocean
2453: APOCRYPHA - Ecclesiaticus: Or the Wisdom of Jesus; the Son of Sirach with Illustrations by Violet Brunton; and an Introduction by C. Lewis Hind
2599: D'ARBEZ (PSEUD.) - Voor Land en Volk. Een Verhaal Uit de Jaren 1842 - 1848
2598: D'ARBEZ (PSEUD.) - Tusschen Berg en Zee. Een Verhaal Uit Den Strijd Der Boeren in Natal Van 1838 - 1841
2595: D'ARBEZ (PSEUD.) - Een Vader Des Volks. Een Verhaal Uit de Oranje-Vrijstaat Ten Tijde Van President Brand
2596: D'ARBEZ (PSEUD.) - Macht en Recht. Een Verhaal Uit Den Transvaalschen Vrijheidsoorlog Van 1880 - 1881. Eerste Deel
2597: D'ARBEZ (PSEUD.) - Swart en Wit . 'n Verhaal Uit Die Vrystaatse Basoeto-Oorlog;... Afrikaanse Bewerking Deur Dr. P.C. Schoonees;... Met Drie Prenjies en Portret Van Die Skrywer
2600: D'ARBEZ (PSEUDONYM) - De Levensgeschiedenis Van J.H. Brand; Met Platen
2540: CENTRAL AFRICAN ARCHIVES - A Guide to the Public Records of Southern Rhodesia Under the Regime of the British South Africa Company: 1890-1923
8081: ARDITO, STEFANO, AND ENRICO CAMANNI - Rifugi E Sentieri: 64 Escursioni Facili Per la Scoperta Delle Montagne Italiane
10339: ARDMORE CERAMIC ART (TEXT), AND ROGER DE LA HARPE (PHOTOGRAPHS) - Ardmore - We Are Because of Others. The Story of Fée Halsted and Ardmore Ceramic Art
10157: ARENSBERG, INGRID - Ostindiefararen Götheborg Seglar Igen. The Swedish Ship Götheborg Sails Again
3519: ARGYLE, JOHN, AND ELEANOR PRESTON-WHYTE (EDITORS) - Social System and Tradition in Southern Africa. Essays in Honour of Eileen Krige
2455: ARKIN, MARCUS - One People - One Destiny; Some Explorations in Jewish Affairs
1568: ARLOTT, JOHN (EDITOR) - Cricket in the Counties. Studies of the First-Class Counties in Action
450: ARLOTT, JOHN (EDITOR) - Cricket in the Counties. Studies of the First-Class Counties in Action
451: ARLOTT, JOHN - Cricket on Trial. John Arlott's Cricket Journal - 3
4102: ARMITAGE, ELLA S. - A Key to English Antiquities: With Special Reference to the Sheffield and Rotherham District
453: ARMITAGE, M.J. AND R.A. MASON - Air Power in the Nuclear Age, 1945 - 84. Theory and Practice
8278: ARMSTRONG, RICHARD - The Merchantmen
10245: RHODESIAN ARMY - Counter Insurgency Aide Memoire
10246: RHODESIA ARMY - Mortar Operational Orders. Attack. Defence. Withdrawal
10247: RHODESIAN ARMY - Range Tables for 60-MM Mortar
3488: ARNDT, E.H.D. - Die Unie Se Goudreserwe. The Union's Gold Reserve
10257: ARNOLD, MARION - Irma Stern: A Feast for the Eye
1659: ARNOLD, E.N. AND J.A. BURTON - A Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Britain and Europe
1930: ARNOLD, PAM - Tom and Ethel. The Story of a Soldier Settlement
8416: ARNOLD, G., AND C. L. BOULENGER - On a Freshwater Medusa from the Limpopo River System, with a Note on a Parasitic Infusorian
8692: ARNOLD, W. E. - The Goldbergs of Leigh Ranch
9811: ARNOLD, GUY - Aid in Africa
7809: ARONSON, ROY - Tales of an African Vet
11117: ANONYMOUS ARTIST - Graham's Town, the Capital of the Eastern Province of the Cape Colony [Hand-Coloured Woodcut from 'the Illustrated London News' of March 22, 1851]
11024: SOUTH AFRICAN ASSOCIATION OF ARTS (ORGANISERS) - Exhibition of Contemporary South African Art
9602: HEADQUARTERS OF THE S.A. ASSOCIATION OF ARTS (COMPILERS AND PUBLISHERS) - Register of South African and South-West African Artists 1900-1969 / Register Van Suid-Afrikaanse en Suidwes-Afrikaanse Kunstenaars
9839: D'ARVALL, DIANA - Gifts for People. Made by People
5649: ASCHENBORN, H. J. (INTRODUCTION) - Give the People Light. Essays in Honour of Matthew Miller Stirling
1101: ASHTON, HUGH - The Basuto
1335: ASMAL, KADER (PREFACE), AND B. WALFORD (PREFACE) - Mgeni Catchment Management Plan. A Framework for an Integrated Water Management Plan for the Mgeni Catchment
2456: ASQUITH, STUART - The Collector's Guide to New Toy Soldiers; Metal Figures from 1973 to the Present Day; with an Introduction by James Opie
7743: FRASER GILL AND ASSOCIATES - Cape Trams. From Horse to Diesel
11348: CAPE PENINSULA PUBLICITY ASSOCIATION - Map of Cape Town Central and Neighbouring Suburbs
2457: AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION - Illustrated Guide to the Southern African Coast
3007: RHODESIA SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATION - Proceedings of the Rhodesia Scientific Association. Volume I-6
6463: LOWVELD REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION - A Survey of the Resources and Development of the Southern Region of the Eastern Transvaal Lowveld
5057: D'ASSONVILLE, V. E. - Totius - Profeet Van Die Mooirivier. 'n Lewenskets Van Prof. Dr. J.D. Du Toit
11319: ATHIROS, GABRIEL, AND OTHERS (COMPILERS) - The Cape Odyssey 101 - 105 [5 Volumes]
11136: ATTWELL, ERIC - The Road to London
3637: ATTWELL, ERIC - Port Elizabeth Opera House - the First 100 Years
4334: AUCAMP, HENNIE EN MARGARET BAKKES - 'n Baksel in Die More. Boerestories Uit Die Stormberge
8474: AUCAMP, HENNIE - Die Lewe Is 'n Grenshotel: Ryme Vir Pop en Kabaret
8475: AUCAMP, HENNIE, AND OTHERS - Hoorspelkeur. Radiodramas Deur Hennie Aucamp, Anna M. Louw, Roy Nieman, Fanus Rautenbach, de Waal Venter. Met 'n Inleiding Deur L.B. Odendaal
8810: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Tales from "Blackwood". Volumes V and VI (in One Volume)
4832: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Outpost. Stories of the Police of Rhodesia
6524: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Coming and Kingdom of Christ. A Stenographic Report of the Prophetic Bible Conference Held at the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, February 24-27, 1914. Including a List of Some Exponents of Premillennialism
9723: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Genl. J.B. M. Hertzog-Gedenklesing (12 Booklets)
1967: AYLMER, FELIX - Dickens Incognito
5124: AZEVEDO, MARIO J. - Roots of Violence: A History of War in Chad
2282: BABBIDGE, IRENE - Beginning in Bookselling
2458: BABINGTON, J.M. - Major-General J.M. Babington. Commanding First Cavalry Brigade in South Africa; Colour Portrait of.
59: BACESCU, MIHAI C. - Pasarile in Nomenclatura Si Viata Poporului Romin
6482: BACKER, W. (EDITOR) - The Economic Development of the Transkei. Papers Read During a Symposium Presented by the Fort Hare Economic Society at the University of Fort Hare on 14-15 August, 1969
2459: BACON, EDWARD - Auferstandene Geschichte. Archäologische Funde Seit 1945
1416: BADIAN, SEYDOU - The Death of Chaka. A Play in Five Tableaux
2460: BAGGOTT, JIM - Perfect Symmetry: The Accidental Discovery of Buckminsterfullerene
6725: BAHAT, DAN - Carta's Historical Atlas of Jerusalem. A Brief Illustrated Survey
1989: BAIGELL, MATTHEW - Dictionary of American Art
1696: BAILEY, ALFRED M. - Dusky and Swallow-Tailed Gulls of the Galapagos Islands
456: BAILEY, TREVOR - Cricket. Illustrated with 162 Photographs and 11 Diagrams
9778: BAIN, ANDREW GEDDES (AUTHOR), AND MARGARET HERMINA LISTER (EDITOR) - Journals of Andrew Geddes Bain. Trader, Explorer, Soldier, Road Engineer and Geologist
11121: BAINES, THOMAS - The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa
10894: BAINES, PATRICIA - Flax and Linen
5477: BAINES, THOMAS - Port Elizabeth Algoa Bay from the Anchorage
5478: BAINES, THOMAS - Port Elizabeth Algoa Bay
5479: BAINES, THOMAS - The Landing of the British Settlers in Algoa Bay in the Year 1820
6539: BAINES, NANCY (ACTING EDITOR) - Contrast 11. South African Quarterly. March 1965. Volume 3 No. 3
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8634: CHICHESTER, FRANCIS - The Lonely Sea and the Sky
10391: CHILD, DAPHNE - Charles Smythe. Pioneer, Premier and Administrator of Natal
5848: CHILD, DAPHNE - Yesterday's Children
7779: CHILD, HAROLD - The History and Extent of Recognition of Tribal Law in Rhodesia
6526: CHILDE, V. GORDON - Piecing Together the Past. The Interpretation of Archaeological Data
353: CHIMELOANE, RREKGETSI - The Hostel-Dwellers. A First-Hand Account
9817: CHIMUTENGWENDE, CHENHAMO C. - South Africa: The Press and the Politics of Liberation
7274: CHIPKIN, CLIVE M. - Johannesburg Style. Architecture & Society 1880s - 1960s
1383: CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL, H., AND OTHERS - The Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes. Fishing. Pike and Other Coarse Fish
4491: CHRIST, G. ELGIE (EDITOR) - The Academica Dictionary of English Synonyms and Antonyms. 12000 Words Showing 100000 Parallel Expressions with Opposite Examples
1771: CHRISTIDIS, LESLIE AND WALTER E. BOLES - The Taxonomy and Species of Birds of Australia and Its Territories
11249: CHRISTISON, GRANT - Book Collecting in South Africa
2547: CHRISTISON, GRANT - Book Collecting in South Africa
5355: CHRISTISON, GRANT (EDITOR) - Ladysmith and Lydenburg. Anglo-Boer War Letters of Alfred Markham
1064: CHUBB, E.C. (EDITOR) - Annals of the Durban Museum Vol. III Part 6
5713: LUTHERAN CHURCH - Iagende Elincane: Izimiso Zokukonza Kwebandhla Lamaluthere Ihermannburg Mission Eafrica
5721: LUTHERAN CHURCH - Ikatekismus Elincane Lika Dr. Martin Luther. Nezenezelelo Ezitile
2551: CHURCHILL, R.C. (COMPILER / EDITOR) - A Bibliography of Dickensian Criticism; 1836 - 1975
4008: CHURCHILL, WINSTON SPENCER - London to Ladysmith Via Pretoria
11061: CHUTTER, JAMES B. - Captivity Captive
8161: CILLIÉ, P. J. - Eet Jou Rape Eerste. 'n Bonteboek Uit Die Geskrifte Van P.J. CILLIé
8557: CILLIERS, RIKA - Mammoet
8649: CILLIERS, PROF A C - Lewensavontuur. Kinderjare Op 'n Bolandse Plaas
9694: CILLIERS, A. C. - Lewensavontuur. Kinderjare Op 'n Bolandse Plaas
4919: CILLIERS, A. C. - Genl. Hertzog en Hereniging
6365: CLAASSEN, WYNAND AND DAN RETIEF - More Than Just Rugby
8145: CLAASSEN, GEORGE - Geloof, Bygeloof en Ander Wensdenkery. Perspektiewe Op Ontdekkings en Irrasionaliteite
6612: CLANCEY, P. A. - Gamebirds of Southern Africa. Being a Guide to All the Major Sporting Birds of Africa South of the Cunene, Okavango and Zambezi Rivers
7557: CLANCEY, P. A. - The Birds of Natal and Zululand
8209: CLANCEY, P. A. - The Birds of Natal and Zululand
1323: CLAPHAM, CHRISTOPHER, GREG MILLS AND OTHERS - Regional Integration in Southern Africa: Comparative International Perspectives
2554: CLAPHAM, RICHARD - Sport on Fell, Beck, & Tarn
1856: CLARK, J. DESMOND - The Prehistory of Southern Africa
2555: CLARK, JOHN - Fredegonde: Queen of the Franks: A Chronicle Play in Five Acts
580: CLARK, RUFUS W. - The African Slave Trade
11260: CLARKE, JAMES - Sabi Sabi - the Story of a South African Game Reserve
1005: CLARKE, ANGELA - The American Mission Hospital Bahrain: Through the Changing Scenes of Life 1893-1993
1990: CLARKE, JOHN AND IAN LOE - A Guide to the National Parks of Zambia
687: CLARKE, DUNCAN - Slaves & Slavery
11141: CLARKE, GEORGE T. (EDITOR) - Motor Car Maintenance (5-Volume Set)
1274: CLEMENCE, BRUCE & KARIN MACGREGOR - Karoo Characters. Portraits in a South African Town
2559: CLEMENTS, MAJOR-GENERAL R.A.P. - Colour Portrait of Major-General R.A. P. Clements, D.S. O. Commanding Twelfth Brigade, South Africa.
2560: CLERY, LT.-GEN. SIR FRANCIS - Colour Portrait of Lieutenant-General Sir Francis Clery, K.C. B. Commanding Second Division, South Africa.
6587: CLINNING, C.F., AND R.A.C. JENSEN - Birds of Daan Viljoen Game Park
768: CLIVE, WILLIAM - The Tune That They Play
4369: CLOETE, BETTIE - Die Lewe Van Senator F.S. Malan (President Van Die Senaat)
5058: CLOETE, T. T. - Skrywers in Beeld: N.P. Van Wyk Louw 11 Junie 1906 - 18 Junie 1970
8382: CLOETE, T. T. - Onversadig
8560: CLOETE, T. T. (EDITOR), AND OTHERS - Die Afrikaanse Literatuur Sedert Sestig
8395: CLOUD, PRESTON - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 14: Major Features of Crustal Evolution
2205: WANDERERS RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB (PIETERMARITZBURG) - Two Group Photographs of the Wanderers Rugby Football Club Team
7807: MANGULA RECREATION CLUB (PUBLISHERS) - Mangula Copper Pot Special Edition. Silverside Mine
2639: DURBAN AND NATAL COAST - Durban and the Natal Coast: Collection of Picture Postcards
6518: COATES, J.B.M. - A History of Coates Brothers & Company 1877-1977
10860: COBB, MATTHEW - Generation: The Seventeenth-Century Scientists Who Unraveled the Secrets of Sex, Life, and Growth
7935: COBERN, MALCOLM M. - Story of the Fish Hoek Valley from the Beginning of Time
7483: COBERN, JOY - Fish Hoek. Looking Back
10315: CODD, L. E. W. - Bome en Struike Van Die Nasionale Kruger-Wildtuin
209: CODD, L.E. (EDITOR) - Bothalia. Volume VIII. Part 3
11154: COE, MALCOLM - Islands in the Bush. A Natural History of the Kora National Reserve, Kenya
7046: COE, MALCOLM - Islands in the Bush. A Natural History of the Kora National Reserve, Kenya
10841: COEN, TERENCE CREAGH - The Indian Political Service. A Study in Indirect Rule
11313: COETZEE, J. M. - Boyhood. Scenes from Provincial Life
10056: COETZEE, CORA - Eikestad. A Collection of Pen and Wash Drawings of Stellenbosch / 'n Versameling Gekleurde Pentekeninge Van Stellenbosch
10794: COETZEE, C. B. (EDITOR) - Mineral Resources of the Republic of South Africa
4010: COETZEE, J. M. - Stranger Shores. Essays 1986-1999
4012: COETZEE, J. M. - Youth
8084: COETZEE, D.J. - Living with the Dead. Impressions of Some Years with Professor M.R. Drennan in the Anatomy Department, Medical School, Mowbray, Cape
8551: COETZEE, JANNIE - Reisiger in Vlamgebied
8558: COETZEE, ABEL - Die Afrikaanse Volkskultuur. Inleiding Tot Die Studie Van Volkskunde
8559: COETZEE, J. ALBERT - Volksidee en Nasiebou in Politieke Rekonstruksie
862: COETZEE, J. M. - Slow Man
10069: COETZER, PIET - Allan Hendrickse, Verhoorafwagtende
7271: COHEN, LOUIS - Reminiscences of Johannesburg and London
7627: COHEN, DAVID - People Who Have Stolen from Me
7054: COHEN, JOHN BRETT - Israel... . Front Line, October 1956-1973
9808: COHEN, BARBARA Z. - Traditional African Sculpture in the Collection of the National Museum and Art Gallery
2566: COKE, J. TALBOT - Major-General J. Talbot Coke; Commanding Tenth Brigade, South African Field Force; Colour Portrait of.
2568: COLE, (LIEUT.-COL.) HOWARD N. (COMPILER / ILLUSTRATOR) - Heraldry in War: Formation Badges: 1939-1945
2569: COLE, MAUD WYNNE - Songs from South Africa
2570: COLE, MAUDE WYNNE - Songs of a Year
5149: COLE BOWEN, BOB AND ELIZABETH - 15 Essays in Half-Tone
8563: COLENBRANDER, H. T. - Historie en Leven. Vierdie Deel
3867: COLENSO, JOHN WILLIAM - The Good Tidings of Great Joy, Which Shall Be to All People. A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of Norwich, on Sunday, August 13, 1854, on the Occasion of Ordaining Henry Callaway, M.D. As a Missionary Among the Heathen in the Diocese of Natal
55: COLLAR, N. J., WITH M. J. CROSBY AND A. J. STATTERSFIELD - Birds to Watch 2. The World List of Threatened Birds. The Official Source for Birds on the Iucn Red List
11073: COLLIER, JOY (AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR) - Stellenbosch Revisited
2221: COLLIER, JOY - Portrait of Cape Town
2225: COLLIER, JOY - Portrait of Cape Town
6523: COLLIER, JOY (AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR) - Stellenbosch Revisited
8565: COLLIN, P. H., AND OTHERS (COMPILERS) - Southern Se Beknopte Woordeboek / Southern's Concise Dictionary
2571: COLLINS, PHILIP - A Dickens Bibliography
2572: COLLINS, ROBIN - The Four-Coloured Flag
5957: COLLINS, HUGH - Autobiography of a Murderer
10985: COLVIN, IAN DUNCAN - Introduction to Africana. Being a Newly-Illustrated Reprint of the Introduction to the South African Bibliography by Sidney Mendelssohn, Originally Published in 1910, with a Biographical Introduction by Frank R. Bradlow
8665: COLVIN, IAN D. - Romance of Empire. South Africa
6394: COMINS, D. M. - The Vegetation of the Districts of East London and King William's Town, Cape Province
11107: COMMELIN, JAN (AUTHOR), AND WIJNANDS, D. O., WITH M. L. WILSON & T. TOUSSAINT VAN HOVE (EDITORS) - Jan Commelin's Monograph on Cape Flora. Drawings and Descriptions of the Plants That the Hon. Simon Van Der Stel, Governor at the Cape of Good Hope, Found on His Great Journey, 1685
4503: POST OFFICE TERMINOLOGY COMMITTEE (COMPILERS) - Post Office Dictionary / Poskantoorwoordeboek
5586: EDUCATION TERMINOLOGY COMMITTEE (COMPILERS) - Drukkersterme / Printing Terms. English - Afrikaans; Afrikaans - English
10987: VAN RIEBEECK FESTIVAL; BOOK EXHIBITION COMMITTEE - South Africa in Print / BoekspieëL Van Suid-Afrika
6369: HOUSE OF COMMONS - Zululand (Cattle Seized). Return Showing the Number of Heads of Cattle Levied As Fines and Otherwise Seized by the Government of Zululand
6370: HOUSE OF COMMONS - South Africa (Zululand). Copy of Summary Statement of Imperial and Other Public Moneys Expended in and for Zululand, Including the Zulu Reserve Territory
6371: HOUSE OF COMMONS - Zululand (Revenue). Return Showing the Revenue of the Government of Zululand from 14 May 1887 to 1 June 1889, and the Different Heads Under Which Such Revenue Is Collected
11222: COMPAGNO, L.J.V. - Sharks of the Eastern Cape Coast. Ichthos Field Guide No. 1
7803: THE DIRECTOR OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & COMPENSATION (ISSUED BY) - Safety Practice. No. 6 Mining and Quarrying
2575: COMPTON, R.H. (EDITOR) - The Journal of the Botanical Society of South Africa. Part XXI
2576: COMPTON, R.H. (EDITOR) - The Journal of the Botanical Society of South Africa. Part XXIII
6525: COMPTON, PIERS - The Last Days of General Gordon
6148: AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS - The Reconstruction and Development Programme: A Policy Framework
8080: DE CONING, C. - Ontwikkeling Van Die Nywerheidswese in Suid-Afrika, 1916 Tot 1976
2006: O'CONNOR, HELEN - No Other School So Dear. A History of the Eunice Schools 1875 - 1970
8561: CONRADIE, ELIZABETH - Hollandse Skrywers Uit Suid-Afrika. 'n Kultuur-Historiese Studie. Deel I (1652-1875)
2577: CONSTABLE, W.G. - The Painter's Workshop
476: CONSTANTINE, LEARIE N. - Cricketers' Cricket
10142: COOK, SUSAN WINTERS - Nozuko's Story
10523: COOK, MARY ALEXANDER - Die Kaapse Kombuis. 'n Beskrywing Van Sy Ligging, Uitleg en Toebehore
4101: COOK, THEODORE ANDREA - Old Touraine. The Life and History of the Famous Chateaux of France
8130: COOK, MARY ALEXANDER - The Cape Kitchen. A Description of Its Position, Lay-out, Fittings and Utensils
8389: COOKE, H. B. S. - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 5: Observations Relating to Quaternary Environments in East and Southern Africa
10995: COOPER-CHADWICK, J. - Three Years with Lobengula and Experiences in South Africa
2579: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - Finely-Engraved Portrait of James Fenimore Cooper (Lived 1789 - 1851), the First Major American Novelist.
4189: COOPER, BRENDA - To Lay These Secrets Open. Evaluating African Writing
6536: COOPER, ALLAN D. (EDITOR) - Allies in Apartheid. Western Capitalism in Occupied Namibia
8980: COOPER, DOUGLAS - The Work of Graham Sutherland
2580: COPE, JACK - Albino
2581: COPE, JACK - Albino
6541: COPE, JACK (EDITOR) - Contrast 24. South African Quarterly. October 1970. Volume 6 No. 4
6542: COPE, JACK (EDITOR) - Contrast 30. South African Quarterly. April 1973. Volume 8 No. 2
6543: COPE, JACK (EDITOR) - Contrast 37. South African Quarterly. September 1975. Volume 10 No. 1
6544: COPE, JACK (EDITOR) - Contrast 39. South African Quarterly. April 1976. Volume 10 No. 3
3286: COPPENS, YVES, AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Earliest Man and Environments in the Lake Rudolf Basin. Stratigraphy, Paleoecology, and Evolution
4941: CORBETT, M. M. - The Truth About the Constitutional Crisis / Die Waarheid Aangaande Die Konstitusionele Krisis
10587: CORNELL, FRED C. - The Glamour of Prospecting. Wanderings of a South African Prospector in Search of Copper, Gold, Emeralds, and Diamonds
10633: CORTEMÜNDE, JAN PIETERSZ (AUTHOR), AND DOUGLAS AND VERA VARLEY (EDITORS) - Adventure at the Cape of Good Hope in December 1672; by Jan Pietersz: Cortemünde
11134: COTLOW, LEWIS - Amazon Head-Hunters
2345: COTT, HUGH B. - Uganda in Black and White
2582: COTT, HUGH B. - Looking at Animals; a Zoologist in Africa
4722: COTTRELL, LEONARD - The Great Invasion
4742: COTTRELL, LEONARD - The Lion Gate. A Journey in Search of the Mycenaeans
10705: COULSON, DAVID, AND ALEC CAMPBELL - African Rock Art: Paintings and Engravings on Stone
903: COULSON, DAVID (PHOTOGRAPHS), AND JAMES CLARKE (TEXT) - Mountain Odyssey in Southern Africa
6387: COUPER, SCOTT - Albert Luthuli. Bound by Faith
686: COUPLAND, R - Wilberforce. A Narrative
4601: COURTENAY-LATIMER, M. AND G.G. SMITH - The Flowering Plants of the Tsitsikama Forest and Coastal National Park / Die Blomplante Van Die Tsitsikamabos en -Seekus Nasionale Park
10810: COUZENS, TIM - Tramp Royal. The True Story of Trader Horn
10090: FIRST DAY COVER - In Commemoration of the 1879 Zulu War / Ter Herdenking Van Die 1879 Zoeloe-Oorlog / Isikhumbuzo Sempi Kazulu Ka 1879
4924: COWGILL, ROY, AND STEPHEN B. DAVIS - Bird Checklists of Kwazulu-Natal Reserves. Part 1: The Greater Durban Area
1363: COWIN, KAY - Bushveld, Bananas & Bounty
8663: COWIN, J. N. (COMPILER) - The Story of the Ninth. A Record of the 9th Field Company, South African Engineer Corps. July 1939 - July 1943
3630: COWLEY, CLIVE - Volk Van Fabels. Die Verhaal Van 'n Soektog Na 'n Verlore Stam in Die Okavangomoeras Van Botswana
5844: CRAFFORD, F.S. - The Place of Dragons
2585: CRAIG, DENNIS B. - Lost Opportunity; a History of the Federal Movement in South Africa
5542: CRAN, MARION - The Garden Beyond
10595: CRANE, NICHOLAS - Mercator. The Man Who Mapped the Planet
10734: CRANE, DAVID - Scott of the Antarctic
2586: CRANE, WALTER (ILLUSTRATOR) - A Masque of Days; from the Last Essays of Elia
1753: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - The Forsaken Idea. A Study of Viscount Milner
2587: CRASTER, (SIR) EDMUND - The History of All Souls Library
1142: CRAUSE, C. A. - Rhodesian Independence and the Security Council of the United Nations
10553: CRAVEN, DANIE - Ons Toetsprestasies
1986: CRAVEN, DANIE AND PIET JORDAAN (COMPILERS) - Met Die Maties Op Die Rugbyveld 1880-1955
2588: CREEVEY, LUCY E. (EDITOR) - Women Farmers in Africa; Rural Development in Mali and the Sahel
1035: DE CRESPIGNY, ANTHONY AND ROBERT SCHRIRE (EDITORS) - The Government and Politics of South Africa
4450: CRESWICKE, LOUIS - South Africa and the Transvaal War
2589: CRIPPS, ARTHUR SHEARLY - Lyra Evangelistica: Missionary Verses of Mashonaland
6638: CROCQUET, PIERRE - On Africa Time
3287: CRONJÉ, G. (EDITOR) - Kultuurbeïnvloeding Tussen Blankes en Bantoe in Suid-Afrika
8378: CRONJÉ, G. - Afrika Sonder Die Asiaat - Die Blywende Oplossing Van Suid-Afrika Se Asiatevraagstuk
8562: CRONJÉ, G., AND J. D. VENTER - Die Patriargale Familie. 'n Kultuurhistoriese en Kultuursosiologiese Studie
5116: CROOK, ALEC C. - From the Foundation to Gilbert Scott. A History of the Buildings of St John's College, Cambridge, 1511 to 1885
4558: CROSS, MARGARET W., AND VINCENT J. MAGLIO - A Bibliography of the Fossil Mammals of Africa, 1950-1972
2590: CROSSE, GORDON - Shakespearean Playgoing; 1890 - 1952
4878: CROSSLEY, SIR JULIAN, AND JOHN BLANDFORD - The Dco Story. A History of Banking in Many Countries 1925-71
6749: CROSSLEY, SIR JULIAN, AND JOHN BLANDFORD - The Dco Story. A History of Banking in Many Countries 1925-71
1359: CROUCH, EDWARD HEATH (COMPILER) - Sonnets of South Africa
2591: CROUCH, E.H. (COMPILER) - Gold Dust: Siftings from South African Poems Which Most Closely Reflect the Life, Scenery, Fauna and Flora of South Africa
6836: CROUCH, EDWARD HEATH (COMPILER) - A Treasury of South African Poetry and Verse
7058: CROUCH, EDWARD HEATH (COMPILER) - A Treasury of South African Poetry and Verse
8716: CROUS, HENNIE - Saltwater Fishing in South Africa
2343: CROWDER, MICHAEL - West Africa Under Colonial Rule
2592: CROWLEY, BRIAN - Cricket's Exiles; the Saga of South African Cricket
1927: CROWTHER, GEOFF AND HUGH FINLAY - Kenya a Travel Survival Kit
4432: CRUDEN, ALEXANDER - Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments
2593: CRUIKSHANKS, STAFFORD - Predestination; a Poem in Four Cantos; and Other Poems; Narrative, Lyric, Moral, and Satirical
6516: CRWYS-WILLIAMS, JENNIFER (EDITOR) - South African Despatches. Two Centuries of the Best in South African Journalism
10886: CRYSTAL, DAVID - 'Think on My Words': Exploring Shakespeare's Language
2594: CULLEN, ANTHONY & SYDNEY DOWNEY - Saving the Game; the Story of the Destruction & Attempts at Preservation of the Wild Life of East Africa, Under the Stewardship of Mankind
7731: CULLINAN, PATRICK - Robert Jacob Gordon 1743-1795. The Man and His Travels at the Cape
4940: CUNNINGHAM, A. BACK - The Gold Standard. Its Fundamental Principles Examined and a New Basis of Currency Suggested
10676: CURREY, R. F. - St. Andrew's College Grahamstown 1855-1955
5358: CURRY, ALFRED - A Land of Deepening Shadows
11012: CURTIS, WILLIAM (ORIGINATOR); TYLER WHITTLE AND CHRISTOPHER COOK (AUTHORS) - Curtis's Flower Garden Displayed: 120 Plates from the Years 1787-1807 with New Descriptions by Tyler Whittle and Christopher Cook
5211: CUSTER, G. A. - My Life on the Plains, or, Personal Experiences with Indians
1634: CYRUS, DIGBY, AND NIGEL ROBSON - Bird Atlas of Natal
204: CYRUS, DIGBY, AND NIGEL ROBSON - Bird Atlas of Natal
3833: CYRUS, DIGBY, AND NIGEL ROBSON - Bird Atlas of Natal
10864: DALE, STEPHEN FREDERIC - Indian Merchants and Eurasian Trade, 1600-1750
6079: DALEBOUDT, H. M. - Afrikaans for Immigrants
9641: DALLAIRE, [LIEUTENANT-GENERAL] ROMÉO, WITH [MAJOR] BRENT BEARDSLEY - Shake Hands with the Devil. The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda
11236: DALLAS, DAVID - The Father of Woodstock. The Life and Times of We Moore, Lawyer, Politician, Benefactor
7623: DAMPIER, WILLIAM - A New Voyage Round the World

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