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6476: WEST, OLIVER - A Field Guide to the Aloes of Rhodesia
9823: WEST, MARTIN (AUTHOR), AND JEAN MORRIS (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Abantu. An Introduction to the Black People of South Africa
396: WESTCOTT, SHAUNA - The Trial of the Thirteen
1474: WESTERMANN, D., AND IDA C. WARD - Practical Phonetics for Students of African Languages
3234: WESTERMANN, D. - Die Nutzpflanzen Unserer Kolonien Und Ihre Wirtschafliche Bedeutung Für Das Mutterland; Mit 36 Farbigen Tafeln, GrößTenteils Nach Der Natur Gezeichtnet, Von K. Bock
10105: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, GERHARDUS JOHANNES - Die Progressiewe Beweging en Die Ontwikkeling Van Die Blanke Liberale Gedagtegang in Suid-Afrika Sedert 1959
10354: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, MARLENE (TEXT), AND STEPHEN INGGS (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Delectable. Food from Rural France to Urban Cape
10356: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, MARLENE (TEXT), AND GERDA GENIS (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Sumptuous. Food from the Heart of France to the Cape
8357: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, GERHARDUS JOHANNES - Die Progressiewe Beweging en Die Ontwikkeling Van Die Blanke Liberale Gedagtegang in Suid-Afrika Sedert 1959
964: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, LOUIS JOHANNES - Buitelandse Verkryging en Verskaffing Van Suid-Afrikaanse Krygstuig Gedurende Die Samuels-Era, 1968-1976
9734: VAN DER WESTHUIZEN, W. S. - Onderwys Onder Die Algemene Skoolkommissie: Die Periode 1804-39 [1953 Archives Year Book for South African History, Sixteenth Year - Vol. II / Argief-Jaarboek Vir Suid-Afrikaanse Geskiedenis, Sestiende Jaargang - Deel II]
11085: WESTRA, P. E., FRANK R. BRADLOW, AND OTHERS - Liber Amicorum Pro A.A. Balkema
5393: WESTRA, PIETER E. AND LEONIE TWENTYMAN JONES (EDITORS) - The Love of Books. Proceedings of the Seventh South African Conference of Bibliophiles Held at the South African Library, Cape Town 8-10 May 1996
11115: DE WET, CHRISTIAAN RUDOLF - Three Years War (October 1899-June 1902)
7045: DE WET, CHRIS, AND SIMON BEKKER (EDITORS) - Rural Development in South Africa. A Case-Study of the Amatola Basin in the Ciskei
8320: DE WET, NITA CORENE - Blank-Swart-Verhoudinge Soos WeerspieëL in Die Vrystaatse Historiografie 1800-1910
8883: WEXHAM, BRIAN - Shipwrecks of the Western Cape
10725: WHEELER, SARA - Cherry. A Life of Apsley Cherry-Garrard
7536: WHISHAW, FRED. - The White Witch of the Matabele
10545: WHITE, EDMUND - Rimbaud. The Double Life of a Rebel
1564: WHITE, CRAWFORD - News Chronicle Cricket Annual 1955
1953: WHITE, PAUL - Doctor of Tanganyika
3235: WHITE, A.C. - Call of the Bushveld
4672: WHITE, JAKE, WITH CRAIG RAY - In Black and White. The Jake White Story
4879: WHITE, ANDREW ST. PIERRE - The Complete Guide to a Four-Wheel Drive in Southern Africa
6364: WHITE, JAKE, WITH CRAIG RAY - In Black and White. The Jake White Story
9574: WHITE, MICHAEL - Isaac Newton. The Last Sorcerer
3236: WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B. - Honey Bees and Their Management
10220: WHITEHOUSE, ANNA, & PAT IRWIN - A Field Guide to the Addo Elephants
10847: WHITEHOUSE, ANNA, & PAT IRWIN - A Field Guide to the Addo Elephants
4181: WHITFORD, JOHN - Trading Life in Western and Central Africa
3426: WICKINS, PETER - An Economic History of Africa from the Earliest Times to Partition
3211: VON WIELLIGH, G.R. - Eerste Skrywers; of, Laaste Stem en Naklank Uit Die Genootskap Van Regte Afrikaners
3238: WIGGETT, HARRY - West Coast Poems
5147: WIGMORE, PAUL - A Suburban Boy
2123: VAN WIJK, J.H. - Korte Preeken; Door Ds. J.H. Van Wyk . Emeritus Leeraar Der Ned. Ger. Kerk Van Zuid Afrika
9693: WILCOCKS, R. W. - Verlede, Hede en Toekoms Van Die Universiteit Van Stellenbosch
2399: WILD, H. - Common Rhodesian Weeds
8039: WILES, PATRICIA - A Limited Portfolio of Signed Proofs from Watercolour Sketches of Wildlife
10005: WILHELM, PETER - The State We'Re in
1481: WILKINSON, HENRY SPENSER (AND OTHERS) - War Facts & Figures. An Encyclopaedia of Useful Information with Maps and a Gazetteer
6206: WILKS, TERRY - One Hundred Golden Years. A History of the Natal Building Society 1882-1982
11122: WILLCOX, A. R. - Southern Land. The Prehistory and History of Southern Africa
10703: WILLCOX, A. R. - The Rock Art of South Africa
7396: WILLCOX, A. R. - Rock Paintings of the Drakensberg, Natal and Griqualand East
11230: WILLCOX, A. R. - The Drakensberg Bushmen and Their Art. With a Guide to the Rock Painting Sites
7215: WILLIAMS, GARDNER F. - The Diamond Mines of South Africa
10952: WILLIAMS, ALPHEUS F. - Some Dreams Come True
10875: WILLIAMS, HEATHCOTE - Whale Nation
1675: WILLIAMS, JOHN - Birds of Africa
1794: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. - Die Vögel Ost- Und Zentralafrikas. Ein Taschenbuch Für Ornithologen Und Naturfreunde
1889: WILLIAMS, J.P.R. - Jpr: An Autobiography
1979: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. - A Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa; with 16 Colour Plates and 24 Black-and-White Plates by the Author and Mrs. R. Fennessy.
2009: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. AND NORMAN ARLOTT (ILLUSTRATOR) - A Field Guide to the Birds of East Africa
2325: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. - A Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa
3242: WILLIAMS, JOHN G. - A Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa
3244: WILLIAMS, MYFAWNY - A Child's History of Rhodesia
8667: WILLIAMS, J. GRENFELL, AND HENRY JOHN MAY - I Am Black. The Story of Shabala
8543: WILLIAMSON, GRAHAM - Richtersveld National Park
3245: WILLOCK, COLIN - The Enormous Zoo; a Profile of the Uganda National Parks
1866: WILLS, COLIN - Who Killed Kenya?
5515: WILSON, F.P., EDITED BY HELEN GARDNER - Shakespearian and Other Studies
11010: WILSON, J.E. (AUTHOR), AND M. BESTER (TRANSLATOR) - Overberg Water: A History of the Duivenhoks and Rûensveld Rural Water Schemes / Overberg Water: Die Geskiedenis Van Die Duivenhoeks- en Rûensveld Landelike Watervoorsieningskemas
10647: WILSON, A. N. - International Diamonds. Number Two. A Review of the World's Diamond Industry and Trade
1071: WILSON, MONICA, AND LEONARD THOMPSON (EDITORS) - A History of South Africa to 1870
10887: WILSON, ROGER - Roman Forts. An Illustrated Introduction to the Garrison Forts of Roman Britain
1336: WILSON, G. H. - Gone Down the Years
2358: WILSON, CHRISTOPHER - Before the Dawn in Kenya; an Authentic Account of Life in East Africa When It Was Under African Rule
4443: WILSON, FRANCIS, AND MAMPHELA RAMPHELE - Uprooting Poverty: The South African Challenge
7537: WILSON, BORIS - A Time of Innocence
8926: WINBERG, MARLENE SULLIVAN - My Eland's Heart: A Collection of Stories and Art. !Xun and Khwe San Art and Culture Project
3507: WINCHESTER-GOULD, DENNIS - Ways of the Wild
1790: WINGFIELD, JOHN, AND JOHN COULSON (EDITORS) - Acta XXI Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici. Vienna, Austria 20-25 August 1994. Plenary Papers and Reports
7523: WINSEMIUS, J. - Het Minimum Aantal Bewoners Van Een Dorp
11110: DE WINTER, B. AND MAYDA, AND D. J. B. KILLICK - Sixty-Six Transvaal Trees
1704: WINTERBOTTOM, J. M., AND OTHERS - Bird-Watcher's Manual of the Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology
1736: WINTERBOTTOM, J. M. & M. G. - Birds of Remhoogte (Prince Albert Division)
2053: WINTERBOTTOM, J.M. AND C.J. UYS - Some Birds of the Cape
9792: WISEMAN, JOHN A. - Democracy in Black Africa: Survival and Revival
11139: WITTE, O. A. - The Automobile Storage Battery: Its Care and Repair
3250: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Money for Nothing
3811: WOEBER, CATHERINE, AND JOHN READ (COMPILERS) - Es'Kia Mphahlele: A Bibliography
5516: WOLBE, EUGEN - Bibliothek Für Kunst- Und Antiquitaten-Sammler. Band XXII: Handbuch Für Autographen-Sammler
9648: WOLHUTER, LOUIS (EDITOR) - The Nedbank Guide to Flyfishing Venues in Southern Africa
1240: WOOD, STELLA A. - South African Mirth on the Myth of Evolution. From Slime to Cretin in a Thousand Million Years.
2412: WOOD, J. MEDLEY & MAURICE S. EVANS - Natal Plants. Descriptions and Figures of Natal Indigenous Plants with Notes on Their Distribution, Economic Value, Native Names, &C. , &C. ,...
3251: WOOD, J. MEDLEY - A Handbook to the Flora of Natal
3252: WOOD, PHILIP - A Comprehensive Guide to Gardening in Rhodesia. Volume One... Illustrations by Len Curling and Joan Van Der Merwe
3907: WOOD, PHILIP - A Comprehensive Guide to Gardening in Rhodesia. Volume One
8152: WOOD, MICHAEL - The Smile of Murugan. A South Indian Journey
3253: WOODGATE, E.R.P. - The Late Major-General Sir E.R. P. Woodgate, K.C. M.G. , C.B. Died from Wounds Received on Spion Kop
11267: WOODHOUSE, H.C. - The Bushman Art of Southern Africa
7479: WOODHOUSE, BERT - 'When Animals Were People': A-Z of Animals of Southern Africa As the Bushmen Saw and Thought Them and As the Camera Sees Them Today
3255: WOOL STORES, DURBAN - Early Photographic Reproduction of an Architect's 'Perspective Sketch' of Wool Stores; 1912 Durban.
1614: WOOLFENDEN, GLEN E., AND JOHN W. FITZPATRICK - The Florida Scrub Jay. Demography of a Cooperative-Breeding Bird
4153: WOOLFSON, MALCOLM - The Long Road That Led Towards the Natal Playhouse
10873: WOOLLEY, LEONARD - Digging Up the Past
1417: WOOLLEY, RICHARD - Shaka, King of the Zulu. The Herd-Boy Who Founded a Nation
1476: WOOLLEY, SIR LEONARD - Excavations at Ur. A Record of Twelve Years' Work
1731: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD - Ur Und Die Sintflut. Sieben Jahre Ausgrabungen in Chaldäa, Der Heimat Abrahams. Mit 92 Ubbildungen, Einer Karte Und Einem Plan Von Ur
1880: WOOLLEY, C. LEONARD - Ur of the Chaldees. A Record of Seven Years of Excavation
8255: WOOLLEY, SIR LEONARD - Excavations at Ur. A Record of Twelve Years' Work
552: WOOLMER, BOB, AND IVO TENNANT - Woolmer on Cricket
11092: WORDEN, NIGEL, AND GERALD GROENEWALD (EDITORS) - Trials of Slavery. Selected Documents Concerning Slaves from the Criminal Records of the Council of Justice at the Cape of Good Hope, 1705-1794
3259: WRENN, DOROTHY P.H. - Goodbye to Morning; a Biographical Study of Mary Webb
5395: WRENN, DOROTHY P. H. - Goodbye to Morning. A Biographical Study of Mary Webb
10296: WRIGHT, JEANNE, AND CECIL KERBEL - Frederick Hutchinson Page 1908 - 1984: Ringmaster of the Imagination
10863: WRIGHT, RITA P. - The Ancient Indus: Urbanism, Economy, and Society
10948: WRIGHT, ALLAN - Valley of the Ironwoods
1316: WRIGHT, HARRISON M. (EDITOR) - Sir James Rose Innes: Selected Correspondence (1884-1902)
1928: WRIGHT, E. PERCEVAL - Mammalia: Their Various Forms and Habits
3260: WRIGHT, ESMOND (EDITOR) - Benjamin Franklin; His Life As He Wrote It
4857: WRIGHT, CHRIS - Celebrity Cookbook. South African Celebrities' Favourite Food
589: WRIGHT, W. B. - Tools and the Man
1830: WRINCH-SCHULZ, JOYCE - The First Sixty [60] Years. A History of the Durban Country Club from 1922 to 1982
6107: THE SALISBURY WRITERS' CLUB (EDITORS) - Penpoint 2. A Collection of Stories by Rhodesian Writers
1985: WROGEMAN, NAN - Cheetah Under the Sun
2397: WROGEMANN, NAN - Cheetah Under the Sun
4205: VAN DER WULP, RAY, AND OTHERS - Landmacht Royal Netherlands Army. Military Doctrine
10329: VAN WYK, MAGDALEEN - The Complete South African Cookbook
10416: VAN WYK, AT - The Birth of a New Afrikaner
10830: VAN WYK, P. - Trees of the Kruger National Park
4094: VAN WYK SMITH, M - Grounds of Contest. A Survey of South African English Literature
4372: VAN WYK, A. J. - Die Nasionale Party in Natal. Stigting en Eerste Verkiesing
4437: VAN WYK LOUW, N. P. (AUTHOR), AND P. A. JOUBERT (COMPILER) - Gedagtes Vir Ons Tyd Uit Die Prosa Van N.P. Van Wyk Louw
4954: VAN WYK, PIET - Field Guide to the Trees of the Kruger National Park
5389: VAN WYK SMITH, MALVERN AND DON MACLENNAN (EDITORS) - Olive Schreiner and After. Essays on Southern African Literature in Honour of Guy Butler
5870: VAN WYK, PIET - Field Guide to the Trees of the Kruger National Park
6423: VAN WYK, PIET - Field Guide to the Trees of the Kruger National Park
7987: VAN WYK, PIET - Field Guide to the Trees of the Kruger National Park
9645: VAN WYK, BEN-ERIK, AND GIDEON SMITH - Guide to the Aloes of South Africa
2447: AN OLD WYKEHAMIST - Recollections of the Two St. Mary Winton Colleges by an Old Wykehamist
3262: WYPKEMA, (DR.) A. - De Invloed Van Nederland of Ontstaan en Ontwikkeling Van de Staatsinstellingen Der Z.A. Republiek Tot 1881
553: YARDLEY, N. W. D., AND J. M. KILBURN - Homes of Sport: Cricket
2191: YATES-BENYON, JOHN W. - The Sad and the Sinful
7268: YOUNG, GEORGE - Farewell to the Tramps
10726: YOUNG, LOUISA - A Great Task of Happiness. The Life of Kathleen Scott
1482: YOUNG, JESSE BOWMAN - The Battle of Gettysburg. A Comprehensive Narrative
10914: VAN YSSELSTEYN, G. T. - White Figurated Linen Damask from the 15th to the Beginning of the 19th Century
10777: ZAPIRO [JONATHAN SHAPIRO] - The Mandela Files
3264: ZELDIN, THEODORE - The Political System of Napoleon III
8791: ZIADEH, FARHAT J., AND R. BAYLY WINDER - An Introduction to Modern Arabic
4729: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - The Black Death
5010: ZIEGLER, FRED (COMPILER) - Mercedes Molina
6066: ZIEGLER, H. K. - Living in Egypt
4427: ZIEHL, SUSAN C. - Household Structure and Family Ideology - a Study of Whites in Grahamstown
6906: ZIERVOGEL, D. - A Grammar of Swazi (Siswati)
7010: ZILZ, WALTHER - Eva Von Tiele-Winckler. Blicke in Ihr Leben Und Wirken
11124: ZOELLNER, TOM - The Heartless Stone. A Journey Through the World of Diamonds, Deceit, and Desire
1485: ZONDI, ELLIOT - Ukufa Kukashaka
11209: ZULU, MUSA E. - The Language of Me
3266: ZUR STRASSEN, W.H. - The Fur Seal of Southern Africa
7333: ZUR STRASSEN, HELMUT - Vision Etoscha
7509: ZWI, ROSE - Another Year in Africa
10410: ZWILLING, ERNST A. - Jungle Fever
10310: VAN ZYL SLABBERT, FREDERIK - Afrikaner Afrikaan. Anekdotes en Analise
10423: VAN ZYL, D.J., AND J.A. SCHAAFSMA - Kwv 1918-1993
5343: VAN ZYL, M. C. - Die Protesbeweging Van Die Transvaalse Afrikaners (1877-1880)
5390: VAN ZYL, SHIRLEY - Sowing the Wind...
8030: VAN ZYL, DINE - Potjiekos Cookbook
8338: VAN ZYL, J. E. - Ontsluier Die Heelal. 'n Inleiding Tot Sterrekunde
9731: VAN ZYL, P. - Die Onderwys Van Die Afrikaanse Kind Aan Die Witwatersrand 1886 - 1921 - 'n Voorlopige Evaluering
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