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3356: PRETORIUS, GERT - Die Malans Van Môrewag
5226: PRETORIUS, FRANSJOHAN - De la Rey - Die Leeu Van Wes-Transvaal
5398: PRETORIUS, J. CELESTINE - Die Geskiedenis Van Volkskuns in Suid-Afrika. 'n Studie Van Westerse Volkskuns in Suid-Afrika
5499: PRETORIUS, S.J. - Lemma
7737: PRETORIUS, J CELESTINE (EDITOR) - Op Trek. Die Daaglikse Lewe Tydens Die Groot Trek
8394: PRETORIUS, DESMOND A. - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 13: The Crustal Architecture of Southern Africa
2987: PRETYMAN, G.T. - Major-General G.T. Pretyman, C.B. , R.A. Military Commander, Bloemfontein; Colour Portrait of.
8669: PRICE, WILLARD - Afrika-Avontuur
3435: PRICHARD, DENISE, AND RAYMOND ACKERMAN - Hearing Grasshoppers Jump. The Story of Raymond Ackerman As Told to Denise Prichard
4049: PRINCE, MARY - The History of Mary Prince, a West Indian Slave
11266: PRINGLE, JOHN A., WITH CREINA BOND AND JOHN CLARK - The Conservationists and the Killers. The Story of Game Protection and the Wildlife Society of Southern Africa
11086: PRINGLE, THOMAS, AND JOHN FAIRBAIRN (EDITORS) - The South African Journal. No. II. March-April, 1824. Vol. I.
8242: PRINGLE, THOMAS (AUTHOR), AND JOHN ROBERT WAHL (EDITOR) - Thomas Pringle in South Africa 1820-1826
8868: PRINGLE, ERIC - These Are My People / Dit Is My Mense
6883: PRINS, JOAN - Anker Aan Die Suidpunt. Die Geskiedenis Van Die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Gemeente Bredasdorp 1838-1988
1106: PRINSLOO, KAREL - Tussen Grensligte
5449: PRINSLOO, MASTIN, AND MIGNONNE BEIER (EDITORS) - The Social Uses of Literacy. Theory and Practice in Contemporary South Africa
9704: PRINSLOO, MARIA JOHANNA MAGDALENA - Blanke Vroue-Arbeid in Die Unie Van Suid-Afrika. 'n Sosiologiese Studie - Met Spesiale Verwysing Na Die Grootstedelike Gebiede Van Die Land (with a Summary in English)
1313: PRITCHARD, WILLIAM H. AURET - A Parable: How Gold Was Discovered on the Witwatersrand in 1886; Adapted to the Gospel
1914: PROCTER, MIKE WITH PATRICK MURPHY - South Africa. The Years of Isolation and the Return to International Cricket
10327: PROUST, ALAIN (PHOTOGRAPHY), AND GRAHAM KNOX (TEXT) - Wines of South Africa: Exploring the Cape Winelands
6401: PROUTY, CHRIS, AND EUGENE ROSENFELD - Historical Dictionary of Ethiopia
1534: ERUDITA PUBLICATIONS - Stepping Into the Future. Education for South Africa's Black, Coloured and Indian Peoples
2634: DU PUIGAUDEAU, ODETTE - Pieds Nus a Travers la Mauritanie
11009: PUNT, W. H. J. - Die Eerste Europeane in Die Nasionale Krugerwildtuin 1725 / the First Europeans in the Kruger National Park
4179: PUNT, W. H. J. (FOREWORD) - The White-Walled Beauty of the Cape
3806: PURKEY, MALCOLM AND PIPPA STEIN (EDITORS) - Sophiatown. A Play Created by Junction Avenue Theatre Company
6846: PURVIS, J. B. - Through Uganda to Mount Elgon
10937: DE PUYFONTAINE, HUGUETTE ROY - Louis Michel Thibault 1750-1815. His Official Life at the Cape of Good Hope
8065: PUZIN, GRIFFOULIÈRE (PUBLISHERS) - The Political Directory of South Africa
7354: PYNE, STEPHEN J. - The Ice. A Journey to Antarctica
10737: QUARTERMAIN, L. B. - South to the Pole. The Early History of the Ross Sea Sector, Antarctica
6991: LE QUELLEC, JEAN-LOÏC (TEXT), AND PAUL BAHN (TRANSLATION) - Rock Art in Africa: Mythology and Legend
4390: QUIGLEY, HUGH, AND R. T. CLARK - Republican Germany. A Political and Economic Study
10308: RAATH, MARIANDA (AUTHOR), AND AWG RAATH (EDITOR) - Die Dood Van Twee Jong Kaapse Rebelle
5617: RABIE, JAN - Mens-Alleen
1768: RADCLIFFE-BROWN, A. R. AND DARYLL FORDE (EDITORS) - African Systems of Kinship and Marriage
4906: RADCLIFFE-BROWN, A. R. - Structure and Function in Primitive Society. Essays and Addresses
2991: RADEMEYER, J.I. - Die Land Noord Van Die Limpopo in Die Expansie-Beleid Van Die Suid-Afrikaanse Republiek
2992: RAE, ISOBEL - Knox; the Anatomist
2993: RAHMANN, P. RUDOLF (EDITOR) - Anthropos: International Review of Ethnology and Linguistics
2996: RAHMANN, P. RUDOLF (EDITOR) - Anthropos: International Review of Ethnology and Linguistics
1867: RAKO, SUSAN AND HARVEY MAZER (EDITORS) - Semrad. The Heart of a Therapist
5638: RAKO, SUSAN - That's How the Light Gets in. Memoir of a Psychiatrist
5639: RAKO, SUSAN - The Hormone of Desire. The Truth About Testosterone, Sexuality, and Menopause
5640: RAKO, SUSAN, AND HARVEY MAZER (EDITORS) - Semrad. The Heart of a Therapist
8303: RAKO, SUSAN - No More Periods? the Blessings of the Curse
11225: RALLS, ALICE M., AND RUTH E. GORDON - Daughter of Yesterday. A Pioneer Child Looks Back at Early Johannesburg
3724: RAMPHAL, SHRIDATH (FOREWORD) - Banking on Apartheid. The Financial Sanctions Report.
861: RAMSAMY, SAM, WITH EDWARD GRIFFITHS - Reflections on a Life in Sport
2997: RAND, R.W. - The Cape Seal (Arctocephalus Pusillus); Distribution, Abundance and Feeding Habits Off the South Western Coast of the Cape Province
1076: RANDALL, PETER (GENERAL EDITOR) - Spro-Cas Publication Number 10: South Africa's Political Alternatives
2999: RANGER, T.O. (EDITOR) - Aspects of Central African History
1626: RANKE, HERMANN (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Art of Ancient Egypt
1756: RANSFORD, OLIVER - Rhodesian Tapestry. A History in Needlework
6979: RANSFORD, OLIVER - Livingstone's Lake. The Drama of Nyasa
5418: RANSOME, STAFFORD - The Engineer in South Africa. A Review of the Industrial Situation in South Africa After the War and a Forecast of the Possibilities of the Country
7854: RAPER, P E - Dictionary of Southern African Place Names
9229: RAPER, P.E. - Dictionary of Southern African Place Names
11212: RATTRAY, GILLIAN - The Springing of the Year. A South African Country Diary
10377: RATTRAY, GILLIAN - The Springing of the Year. A South African Country Diary
10594: RATTRAY, GILLIAN - In a Country Garden
10611: RATTRAY, GILLIAN - A Cape Country Chronicle
7105: RATTRAY, GILLIAN - In a Country Garden
1541: RAUH, WERNER - Bromeliads for Home, Garden and Greenhouse
381: RAUTENBACH, I. L. - Mammals of the Transvaal
6783: RAUTENBACH, FRANS - In All Labour Profit. Reinventing Industrial Relations in South Africa
3000: RAVEN, FAITH - Central Africa: Background to Argument
10977: RAYMER, DAVID - Streams of Life. The Water Supply of Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage
1170: READ, JOHN (COMPILER) - Guy Butler. A Bibliography
8386: READ, H. H. - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 2: Metamorphism and Granitisation
905: REARDON, MITCH - The Besieged Desert: War, Drought, Poaching in the Namib Desert
6955: RECLUS, ELISÉE - Africa and Its Inhabitants. Illustrated by Numerous Engravings and Maps. Vol. I
6956: RECLUS, ELISÉE - Africa and Its Inhabitants. Illustrated by Numerous Engravings and Maps. Vol. III
3003: REDFERN, RON - Corridors of Time; a Spectacular View of 1,700,000,000 Years of Earth's History As Exposed in the Grand Canyon;
10302: REDGRAVE, J. J. - Port Elizabeth in Bygone Days
6894: REDGRAVE, J. J. - The Collegiate School for Girls, Port Elizabeth 1874-1974
7697: REDGRAVE, J. J. - The Collegiate School for Girls, Port Elizabeth 1874-1974
274: REDMOND, MAJOR WILLIAM - Trench Pictures from France
196: REEKIE, DOUGLAS - These Were the Nerves: The Story of the Electric Cable and Wire Industry of Great Britain During the Years of War
10131: RAPPORTRYERS-REËLINGSKOMITEE (COMPILERS) - Die Roeteboek Van Die Rapportryers
5320: REES, WILLIAM LEE AND LILY - The Life and Times of Sir George Grey, K.C. B.
10091: REID, ANTHONY (COMPILER) - Witnesses to Sumatra. A Travellers' Anthology
3004: REIFENBERG, BENNO & WILHELM HAUSENSTEIN - Max Beckmann; Mit 81 Bildtafeln, 5 Farbtafeln Und 8 Abbildungen IM Text
1471: REILLY, ROBIN - The British at the Gates. The New Orleans Campaign in the War of 1812
3005: REINFELD, FRED - The Immortal Games of Capablanca; Selected and Annotated by Fred Reinfeld
979: REINHARDT, MOLLY - More Love and Hisses
7918: REITZ, J. F. - Memoirs of a Somehow Soldier
7574: REITZ, DENEYS - Commando. A Boer Journal of the Boer War
4053: REITZ, HJALMAR, AND HARM OOST (EDITORS), AND I. M. GOODMAN (COMPILER) - Die Nasionale Boek. 'n Geskiedenis Van Die Ontstaan en Groei Van Die Nasionale Party Van Suid-Afrika en Wat Dit Bereik Het, Tesaam Met Belangwekkende Artiekels in Verband Daarmee
9570: REITZ, DENEYS - Commando. A Boer Journal of the Boer War
7052: RENCKEN, C R E (COMPILER) - Union Buildings. The First 75 Years
5960: RENDLE, A.B., E.G. BAKER, H.F. WERNHAM, S. MOORE AND OTHERS - Catalogue of the Plants Collected by Mr. And Mrs. P.A. Talbot in the Oban District South Nigeria
6395: RENIER, MICHAEL - Sing, Sing en Droom, Droom Deur Die Lewe
11007: RENNIE, JOHN, AND OTHERS - The Buildings of Central Cape Town 1978. Volume Two: Catalogue
1028: VAN RENSBURG, A. P. J. - Contemporary Leaders of Africa
1104: VAN RENSBURG, SUZANNE - Soet Anysberg. Met 'n Inleiding Deur Audrey Blignaut
4422: VAN RENSBURG, A.P.J. - The Tangled Web. Leadership and Change in Southern Africa
5113: VAN RENSBURG, JBJ, AND J VAN DEN BERG - Proceedings of the Twelfth Entomological Congress Organised by the Entomological Society of Southern Africa, Potchefstroom, 12-15 July 1999
5388: VAN RENSBURG, W.C.J. AND D.A. PRETORIUS. EDITED BY HELEN GLEN [FOREIGN AFFAIRS ASSOCIATION] - South Africa's Strategic Minerals - Pieces on a Continental Chessboard
6728: VAN RENSBURG, C C (PUBLISHER), AND EDITORIAL COMMITTEE - Johannesburg. One Hundred Years
7831: VAN RENSBURG, S.W.J. - From the Horse's Mouth. The Story of South Africa's Veteran Vet
1209: REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA, DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, COMPILERS - South West Africa: Basic Documents: 30 January 1976 to 2 May 1979
10580: TRANSVAAL / SOUTH AFRICAN REPUBLIC - De Locale Wetten Der Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek. 1887-1890
10387: RETIEF, BERTRAND - Half Boom, Half Mens en Ander Grensstories
830: REYNOLDS, E. E. - B.P. : The Story of His Life
1586: RHODESIA, MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE AND LANDS - Reprints from "Rhodesia Agricultural Journal"
3357: RHOODIE, N. J., AND H. J. VENTER - Die Apartheidsgedagte. 'n Sosio-Historiese Uiteensetting Van Sy Ontstaan en Ontwikkeling
8775: RHOODIE, ESCHEL - The Third Africa
5545: TEN RHYNE, WILLIAM [WILLEM TEN RHIJNE] - An Account of the Cape of Good Hope, and the Hottentotes, the Natives of That Country
8919: RICE, ELSIE GARRETT, AND ROBERT HAROLD COMPTON - Wild Flowers of the Cape of Good Hope
1196: RICH, PAUL B. - White Power and the Liberal Conscience. Racial Segregation and South African Liberalism, 1921-60
10733: RICHARDS, R. W. - The Ross Sea Shore Party 1914-17
3010: RICHARDS, DON & CLIVE WALKER - Walk Through the Wilderness
3592: RICHARDS, NANCY V. - Beautiful Homes
531: RICHARDS, D. S. - The Peninsula Veterans
6797: RICHARDS, HYLDA M. - False Dawn. The Story of Dan Judson, Pioneer
11151: RICHARDSON, DAN, AND OTHERS - The Rough Guide to Egypt
1744: RICHARDSON, D. M. AND M. W. FRASER - Birds of Swartboskloof, Jonkershoek Valley, Stellenbosch: A Mountain Fynbos Habitat.
7976: RICHARDSON, JOANNA - The Regency
11229: RICHARDSON, DEIRDRE - Historic Sites of South Africa
1525: RICHTER, WALTER - Orchid Care. A Guide to Cultivation and Breeding
3012: RICHTER, LUDWIG - Aus Der Alten Schönen Zeit: Mit Bildern Nach Zeichnungen Von Ludwig Rchter; Erste Sammlung
8409: RIDEWOOD, W. G. - A New Species of Cephalodiscus (C. Gilchristi) from the Cape Seas
3013: RIECK, ARNOLD - Jan Christiaan Smuts: His Character and Life
3358: RIES, DAWIE AND ALF (INTRODUCTION) - John Vorster. 10 Jaar
10491: VAN RIET, WILLEM - Stroom Af in My Kano. Avonture Op Vyf Groot Riviere in Suider-Afrika
10343: RIFFEL, REUBEN (RECIPES), BERN LE ROUX (TEXT), AND CRAIG FRASER (PHOTOGRAPHS) - Reuben Cooks Local. Recipes by Reuben Riffel
3014: RIMINGTON, MAJOR M.F. - Colour Portrait of Major M.F. Rimington. Commandant Rimington's Guides
6413: RITCHIE, W. - The History of the South African College 1829-1918
1511: RITTER, E. A. - Shaka Zulu. The Rise of the Zulu Empire
3016: RITTER, E.A. - Shaka Zulu: The Rise of the Zulu Empire
3610: RIVE, RICHARD - Advance, Retreat. Selected Short Stories by Richard Rive
1807: RIVOLIER, JEAN - Emperor Penguins
10153: ROBBINS, DAVID (AUTHOR), AND STEVE CORNER (PHOTOGRAPHS) - The Blue Train. A Guide to the World's Most Luxurious Train, and the Routes Which It Travels
10015: ROBERTS, MARGARET (AUTHOR), AND JOAN VAN GOGH (ILLUSTRATOR) - Margaret Roberts' Book of Herbs. The Medicinal and Culinary Uses of Herbs in South Africa
10362: ROBERTS, MARGARET - Healing Foods
1080: ROBERTS, MICHAEL, AND A. E. G. TROLLIP - South African Opposition 1939-1945. An Essay in Contemporary History
1560: ROBERTS, E. L. - Test Cricket and Cricketers (1877-1932)
1660: ROBERTS, BRIAN - Kimberley: Turbulent City
3018: ROBERTS, AUSTIN - New Forms of African Mammals
3019: ROBERTS, AUSTIN - Some Additions to the List of South African Mammals
3021: ROBERTS, BRIAN - The Zulu Kings
3022: ROBERTS, ESTHER - The Black Spear
5262: ROBERTS, AUSTIN - The Mammals of South Africa
5706: ROBERTS, CHARLES - The Zulu-Kafir Language Simplified for Beginners
819: ROBERTS, MARGARET - A-Z of Herbs
11125: ROBERTSHAW, PETER (EDITOR) - A History of African Archaeology
10581: WALKER AND ROBERTSON (ORIGINAL PRINTERS) - The Cape Town Gazette and African Advertiser August 16, 1800 - October 19, 1801 / Kaapsche Stads Courant en Afrikaansche Berigter 16 Augustus 1800 - 19 Oktober 1801
8128: ROBERTSON, STRUAN - The Cold Choice. Pictures of a South African Reality
7887: ROBINSON, A. M. LEWIN (EDITOR) - The Letters of Lady Anne Barnard to Henry Dundas from the Cape and Elsewhere 1793-1803
10201: ROBINSON, DRUMMOND, AND PETER AYERST (EDITORS) - Port Elizabeth and Environs
1438: ROBINSON, SIR JOHN - A Life Time in South Africa. Being the Recollections of the First Premier of Natal
2364: ROBINSON, SIR JOHN - A Life Time in South Africa; Being the Recollections of the First Premier of Natal
6074: ROBINSON, DRUMMOND, AND PETER AYERST (EDITORS) - Port Elizabeth and Environs. The City - Key Leaders, Companies, Organisations
9182: ROBINSON, A. M. LEWIN (EDITOR) - The Letters of Lady Anne Barnard to Henry Dundas from the Cape and Elsewhere 1793-1803
9622: ROBINSON, A. M. LEWIN - None Daring to Make Us Afraid. A Study of English Periodical Literature in the Cape Colony from Its Beginnings in 1824 to 1835
6237: RODGERS, DAVID C. - South African Steam Today
10957: ROGERS, J. (EDITOR), WITH CHRIS J. H. HARTNADY AND MARK W. VON VEH (AUTHORS) - Tectonostratigraphic and Structural History of the Late Proterozoic-Early Palaeozoic Gariep Belt, Cape Province, South Africa. [Cover Title Reads: Gariep Excursion]
10204: ROGERS, DAVID, AND OTHERS - Safari in Style - South Africa
10203: ROGERS, DAVID (AUTHOR AND PHOTOGRAPHER) - Safari in Style: Intimate Travel Experiences Exploring the Wilds & Wonders of Southern Africa
1473: ROGERS, COLONEL H. C. B. - The Confederates and Federals at War
1521: ROGERS, MIRABEL - The Black Sash. The Story of the South African Women's Defence of the Constitution League
6530: ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, SOUTH AFRICAN EPISCOPATE - Catholic Directory of South Africa 1946. With Supplement Comprising the Ecclesiastical Territories of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland Under the Apostolic Delegation of East Africa. Thirtieth Edition
6531: ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, SOUTH AFRICAN EPISCOPATE - The Catholic Directory of South Africa 1950. With Supplement Comprising the Ecclesiastical Territories of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland Under the Apostolic Delegation of East Africa. Thirty-Fourth Edition
6533: ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, SOUTH AFRICAN EPISCOPATE - The Catholic Directory of South Africa 1954. With Supplement Comprising the Ecclesiastical Territories of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland Under the Apostolic Delegation of East Africa. Thirty-Eighth Edition
2158: RONICKE, CURT - Afrika Ruft: Ein Gang über Die Felder Der Bethelmission in Ostafrika
10551: VAN ROOYEN, QUINTUS - Springbok-Triomf. Die Merkwaardige Flappie Lochner en Sy Aandeel in Ons Rugby
4379: VAN ROOYEN, JAN J. - Ons Politiek Van Naby
10675: ROSE-INNES, HARRY - The Po Valley Break
3030: ROSE, JUNE - Marie Stopes and the Sexual Revolution
3940: ROSENBERG, VALERIE - Sunflower to the Sun
4185: ROSENBERG, VALERIE - The Life of Herman Charles Bosman
10973: ROSENBLAD, EBERHARD - Adventure in South-West Africa [1894-1898]
1799: ROSENBLUM, MORT AND DOUG WILLIAMSON - Squandering Eden. Africa at the Edge
3032: ROSENBLUM, MORT AND DOUG WILLIAMSON - Squandering Eden; Africa at the Edge.
7383: ROSENTHAL, ERIC (FOREWORD) - Cape Directory 1800; Almanak Van Kaapstad 1800
7750: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Goodwood and Its Story
8188: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Heinrich Egersdörfer. An Old-Time Sketch Book / 'n Outydse Sketsboek
7749: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Milnerton
7825: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - South African Surnames
10112: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Manne en Maatskappye. Die Geskiedenis Van Die Eerste Afrikaanse Sakemanne
10606: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - The Story of the Cape Jewish Orphanage. Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of 'Oranjia' and Incorporating the Formal Reports and Balance Sheets for the Financial Year Ended 31st December 1960
2181: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - South Africa's Oil Search Down the Years
3033: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Gold! Gold! Gold! the Johannesburg Gold Rush
5601: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - African Switzerland. Basutoland of to-Day
6103: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Tankards & Tradition
7909: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Fish Horns and Hansom Cabs. Life in Victorian Cape Town
8243: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - South African Surnames
8274: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Cutlass and Yardarm
8292: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Other Men's Millions
8293: ROSENTHAL, ERIC, AND L. E. NEAME - Today's News Today. The Story of the Argus Company
8297: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - African Switzerland. Basutoland of to-Day
837: ROSENTHAL, ERIC - Here Are Diamonds
11169: ROSS, GEO., AND A. RICHERT - The African Court Calendar [Seven Volumes]
537: ROSS, ALAN - Cape Summer and the Australians in England
5062: ROSSOUW, F. - Eugene Nielen Marais 1872 - 1936. Bibliografie
11216: ROSTEN, LEO - Leo Rosten's Treasury of Jewish Quotations
872: ROTH, PHILIP - Zuckerman Unbound
3035: ROURKE, JOHN P. - Die Proteas Van Suider-Afrika
9241: ROURKE, J. P. - Taxonomic Studies on Sorocephalus R. Br. And Spatalla Salisb.
2338: ROUSSEAU, FRANK - The Proteaceae of South Africa
4442: ROUSSEAU, FRANK - The Proteaceae of South Africa
10885: ROUTH, C.R.N. (COMPILER) - They Saw It Happen. An Anthology of Eye-Witnesses' Accounts of Events in British History 1485-1688
10152: ROUX, ANDRÉ - Everyone's Guide to the South African Economy
650: LE ROUX, PIETER AND LOUIS STEYN - Fishes of the Transvaal
8922: ROUX, J. P. - Cape Peninsula Ferns
8937: LE ROUX, MARIUS - The Cape Copper-Smith
921: LE ROUX, J.H., AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Generaal J.B. M. Hertzog: Sy Strewe en Stryd
925: ROUX, EDWARD - Time Longer Than Hope: A History of the Black Man's Struggle for Freedom in South Africa
3037: ROVERS, J.H. - Onze Scheepvaart. Onze Zeelieden en Passagiers. Een Beroep of Het Nederlandsche Volk
11256: ROWAN, M. K. - The Doves, Parrots, Louries and Cuckoos of Southern Africa
1678: ROWAN, M.K. - The Yellowbill Duck Anus Undulata Dubois in Southern Africa
6569: ROWAN, M. K. - The Doves, Parrots, Louries and Cuckoos of Southern Africa
1909: ROWSE, A.L. (EDITOR) - The First Colonists. Hakluyt's Voyages to North America
2818: LE ROY, MARCEL - Land of the Niamoo: Travels in the Forests of Equatorial Africa
564: RUBEN, HILARY - African Harvest
7757: RUDNER, IONE & JALMAR - Axel Wilhelm Eriksson of Hereroland (1846-1901). His Life and Letters
11089: RUDNER, IONE & JALMAR (TRANSLATORS AND EDITORS) - The Journal of Gustaf de Vylder, Naturalist in South-Western Africa 1873-1875
8037: RUDNER, JALMAR AND IONE - The Hunter and His Art. A Survey of Rock Art in Southern Africa
11251: RUETE, EMILY - Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar. An Autobiography by Emily Ruete, Born Salme, Princess of Oman and Zanzibar
11282: RUKAVINA, KATHALEEN STEVENS - Jungle Pathfinder. The Biography of Chirupula Stephenson
3043: RUSSELL, LT.-GEN. SIR BAKER CREED - Colour Portrait of Lt. -Gen. Sir Baker Creed Russell, G.C. B. , K.C. M.G. Commanding Southern District.
3839: RUSSELL, WILLIAM ALISON, AND OTHERS (COMMISSIONERS) - Report of the Commission Appointed to Enquire Into the Disturbances in the Copperbelt, Northern Rhodesia, Together with the Governor's Despatch to the Secretary of State on the Report
7011: RUSSELL, FRANCIS, AND OTHERS - Dürer Und Seine Zeit 1471-1528
3739: RUTGERS, A. - Birds of Asia. Illustrations from the Lithographs of John Gould
7244: RUTHERFOORD, MISS [EMMA] (AUTHOR), AND JOYCE MURRAY (EDITOR) - In Mid-Victorian Cape Town. Letters from Miss Rutherfoord
10774: RYAN, MIKE - A History of Organised Pharmacy in South Africa 1885-1950
2032: RYAN, BRENDAN, AND JOHN ISOM - Go Birding in the Transvaal
3044: RYAN, MICHAEL - The Philosophy of Marriage in Its Social, Moral, and Physical Relations
6427: RYCROFT, H. B. - Bome Van Die Tsitsikama Nasionale Parke / Trees of the Tsitsikama National Parks
10495: RYMILL, JOHN - Southern Lights. The Official Account of the British Graham Land Expedition 1934-1937
11253: SACHS, ALBIE - The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
5734: SACHS, BERNARD - The Utmost Sail
9855: SACHS, BERNARD - The Road to Sharpeville
9864: SACHS, WULF - Black Hamlet. The Mind of an African Negro Revealed by Psychoanalysis
4421: SADIE, J. L. - Die Afrikaner in Die Landsekonomie
3046: SAGLIO, ANDRÉ - French Furniture
11079: SAKS, DAVID - Boerejode. Jews in the Boer Armed Forces 1899-1902
8012: SAKS, DAVID (TEXT), AND VARIOUS PHOTOGRAPHERS - Jewish Memories of Mandela
9751: SALMOND, J. B. (EDITOR) - The Muster-Roll of Angus. South African War 1899-1900. A Record and a Tribute
7353: SALOMON, MICHAEL G. - Freshwater Fishing in South Africa. The Complete Guide to Fresh Water Fishing
10141: SAMPSON, ANTHONY - Mandela. The Authorised Biography
11242: SAMPSON, LIN - Now You'Ve Gone 'n Killed Me. True Stories of Crime, Passion and Ballroom Dancing
7001: SAMUELSON, CHRISTINE - Silvia Königin Von Schweden. Ein Märchen Der Wirklichkeit
2185: SANDERSON, EDGAR - Africa in the Nineteenth Century
11219: SANDLER, E.M. - Lichtenstein's Vaccination Tour - 1805. Introduction and Extracts / Lichtenstein Se Inentingsreis - 1805. Inleiding en Uittreksels
3562: SANDROCK, UNITIA (COMPILER) - Bronnegids by Die Studie Van Die Afrikaanse Taal en Letterkunde 1900-1970
5697: SANDYS, CELIA - From Winston with Love and Kisses
808: SARGEANT, ROY - The Principal: Alan Paton's Years at Diepkloof Reformatory
5029: SARGEAUNT, JOHN, AND ERNEST HOCKLIFFE - A History of Bedford School
3048: SAUER, CARL & DONALD BRAND - Aztatlán; Prehistoric Mexican Frontier on the Pacific Coast
4561: SAUER, CARL, AND DONALD BRAND - Ibero-Americana: 1. Aztatlán. Prehistoric Mexican Frontier on the Pacific Coast
10213: SAUNDERS, CHRISTOPHER C. (ADVISORY EDITOR) - An Illustrated Dictionary of South African History
3049: SAUNDERS, GARRY - Bert Brown of Papua
4318: SAUNDERS, CHRISTOPHER (CONSULTANT EDITOR) - Reader's Digest Illustrated History of South Africa: The Real Story
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3164: TRACEY, HUGH - Zulu Paradox;... Illustrated by Ernest Ullmann
3165: TRACEY, HUGH - Zulu Paradox;... Illustrated by Ernest Ullmann
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3168: TRÜMPELMANN, G.P.L. (EDITOR) - Maléo en Sekoekoeni; Vertaal Uit Die Duits Van Th. Wangemann Deur Dr. J.F. W. Grosskopf... Met 'n Opsomming in Engels Vertaal Deur A. Ravenscroft
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1249: TSCHUDI, CLARA - Napoleon's Son
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6192: TUNSTALL, JOHN - Vanishing Kingdoms
2337: TURNBULL FAMILY, PIETERMARITZBURG - An Original Clipping Album; Compiled Evidently by One of the Daughters of Mr. Justice Turnbull, Circa 1890s to 1920.
2763: TURNER, W.J. - The Artist - Hunter of Beauty
11296: TUROK, BEN - Nothing But the Truth. Behind the Anc's Struggle Politics
9814: TUROK, BEN (EDITOR) - Witness from the Frontline. Aggression and Resistance in Southern Africa. Papers and Speeches at the Conference Forces on the Frontline Held at the Institute for African Alternatives on 19 November, 1988
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3171: TUTE, WARREN - Atlantic Conquest; the Ships and the Men of the North Atlantic Passenger Services; 1816 - 1961
5089: TWISTON DAVIES, W. - Fifty Years of Progress. An Account of the African Organisation of the Imperial Tobacco Company 1907-1957
3258: WORLD WAR TWO - Oribi Camp; Egypt; Christmas 1943
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7953: TYLDEN, G. - A History of Thaba Bosiu. "a Mountain at Night"
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646: TYSON, HARVEY - Editors Under Fire
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11094: LE VAILLANT, FRANÇOIS - Travels Into the Interior of Africa Via the Cape of Good Hope. Volume 1
11130: VALENTYN, FRANCOIS - Description of the Cape of Good Hope with the Matters Concerning It. Amsterdam 1726 / Beschryvinge Van Kaap Der Goede Hoope, Met de Zaaken Daar Toe Behoorende, Door Francois Valentyn, 1726. Parts I and II
8346: VAN DER VALK, ROB, AND ANDY CALQUHOUN - Nick & I. An Adventure in Rugby
4750: VAMBÉRY, ARMINIUS - Hungary in Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern Times
4952: VANDENBROUCKE, RUSSELL - Truths the Hand Can Touch. The Theatre of Athol Fugard
10983: VANIER, NICOLAS - North: Adventures in the Frozen Wild
9807: VANSINA, JAN - Art History in Africa. An Introduction to Method
1724: VANSITTART, ROBERT - Songs & Satires. Paris, 1906 - Persia, 1908
10250: VARIOUS - 2aa Regt Reunion 17 June. 50 Anniversary / 2la Regt Reunie 17 Junie. 50 Herdenking
4475: VARIOUS - Discursos E Alocuções. Tricentenario Da Restauracao de Angola 1648-1948
4476: VARIOUS - Discursos E Alocuções. Tricentenario Da Restauracao de Angola 1648-1948
5402: VARIOUS - Stellenbosch-Boerorkes. Feaffilieer Met F.A. K. En Onder Beskerming Van Kaaplandse Voortrekkermonument-Komitee en Die Universiteit Van Stellenbosch. Soewenier-Program 1938.
8148: VARIOUS - Stemme Uit Die Suiderland IV. Poësieterapie en Bloemlesing
9742: VARIOUS - Our First Half-Century 1910-1960. Golden Jubilee of the Union of South Africa
11342: VARLEY, D. H. - Adventures in Africana
7199: VARLEY, D. H., AND OTHERS - Sir John Herschel at the Cape 1834 - 1838
9777: VARLEY, D. H., AND H. M. MATTHEW (EDITORS) - The Cape Journals of Archdeacon N.J. Merriman 1848-1855
1718: VAUCHER, CHARLES - Sea Birds
6901: VAUGHAN, IRIS - O Valiant Hearts
7940: VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS, H. - A Visit to Lobengula in 1889
10211: VENTER, AL J. - Ultimate Handbook on Diving in Southern Africa
10151: VENTER, LESTER - When Mandela Goes. The Coming of South Africa's Second Revolution
10600: VENTER, P. J. - An Early Botanist and Conservationist at the Cape. The Reverend John Croumbie Brown, L.L. D. , F.R. G.S. , F.L. S.
3200: VENTER, AL J. (EDITOR) - Underwater Africa
3201: VENTER, AL J. (EDITOR) - Underwater Africa
3202: VENTER, F.A. - The Geology of the Country between Springs and Bethal
4778: VENTER, AL J. - Soldier of Fortune
5148: VENTER, AL J., AND OTHERS - Verkennings Onder Die Indiese Oseaan
5391: VENTER, I.S.J. - Die Anglikaanse Kerk en Sy Stryd Om Staatsondersteuning in Die Oranje-Vrystaatse Republiek
5472: VENTER, E. A. (EDITOR AND PUBLISHER) - Totius 1877... . 1977 (in Dankbare Herinnering)
6406: VAN DE VENTER, ALBIE - Enquiring Minds
7684: VENTER, AL J. - Coloured: A Profile of Two Million South Africans
7986: VENTER, AL J. - Coloured: A Profile of Two Million South Africans
885: VENTER, AL J. - South Africa's Second Underwater Handbook
9235: VERDOORN, INEZ C. - 'n Inleiding Tot Plantkunde en Tot Enige Transvaalse Veldblomme
6167: VERNE, JULES - From the Earth to the Moon Direct, and Round the Moon
3204: VERNON, C.J. - The Birds of Pietermaritzburg, Natal
8608: VERRILL, A. HYATT - Strange Insects and Their Stories
8609: VERRILL, A. HYATT - Strange Animals and Their Stories
8610: VERRILL, A. HYATT - Strange Birds and Their Stories
3206: VESEY-FITZGERALD, DESMOND FOSTER - Mammals of the Rukwa Valley
7996: VESKIMÄE, VIKTOR - Igaviku Lävel
1425: VIETZEN, SYLVIA - A History of Education for European Girls in Natal with Particular Reference to the Establishment of Some Leading Schools 1837-1902
2837: LITHOGRAPHED VIEW - Wood-Lane-Hall in Sowerby
10653: VIGNE, RANDOLPH - Thomas Pringle: South African Pioneer, Poet and Abolitionist
11093: VIGNE, RANDOLPH (EDITOR) - Guillaume Chenu de Chalezac, the 'French Boy'; the Narrative of His Experiences As a Huguenot Refugee, As a Castaway Among the Xhosa, His Rescue with the Stavenisse Survivors by the Centaurus, His Service at the Cape and Return to Europe, 1686-9
4568: DE VILLIERS, C.G.S. AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Annale Van Die Universiteit Van Stellenbosch Jaargang XV, Reeks B, Afl. 1 (April 1937).J. L.M. Franken: Uit Die Lewe Van Charles Etienne Boniface
1261: DE VILLIERS, J. - Die Cape Regiment 1806-1817, 'n Koloniale Regiment in Britse Diens
3495: DE VILLIERS, C.G.S. AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Annale Van Die Universiteit Van Stellenbosch Jaargang XX, Reeks a, No. 2 (1942)
3497: DE VILLIERS, C.G.S. AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Annals of the University of Stellenbosch. Volume XVIII, Section A. No. 2 (1940)
3666: DE VILLIERS, ELSABE - Agter Die Grasdeure
4234: DE VILLIERS, BRUCKNER - A Bruckner de Villiers Report on the Practicability of South Africa's Black "Homelands" Project. An Exercise in Political Logic
6502: DE VILLIERS, J. - Die Cape Regiment, 1806-1817, 'n Koloniale Regiment in Britse Diens
7098: DE VILLIERS, CAS - Afrika
2039: VINCENT, JOHN, WITH MIKE CREWE-BROWN - Wildreservate Van Natal
4425: VIRGOE, ROGER (EDITOR) - Private Life in the Fifteenth Century: Illustrated Letters of the Paston Family
5602: VISSER, H.N., L.J. KRIGE AND F.C. TRUTER - The Geology of the Country South of Ermelo. An Explanation of Sheet No. 64 (Ermelo). Union of South Africa. Department of Mines. Geological Survey.
6832: VISSER, LILY - Moderne Suid-Afrikaanse Florakuns
10548: VIVIERS, GERHARD - Rugby Agter Doringdraad
4440: VOGTS, MARIE MURRAY - Proteas: Ken en Kweek Hulle. Oor Die Kweek Van Die Suid-Afrikaanse Proteaceae
8862: VOGTS, MARIE - South Africa's Proteaceae. Know Them and Grow Them
4388: LA RIVIÈRE & VOORHOEVE (PUBLISHERS) - Gedenkboek Ter Gelegenheid Van Het Zilveren Regeerings-Jubileum Van H.M. Koningin Wilhelmina Der Nederlanden
8125: VORSTER, J. D. - Kommunisme, Die Vuurrooi Draak
4429: DE VOS, ANNESU - Om Vry Uit Te Stap
4428: DE VOS, ANNESU - Gebed Van 'n Groen Perske en Ander Verse
7086: DE VRIES, CHRISTO - Die Politieke Implikasies Van Die "Inligtingskandaal" Tot en Met Die Uittrede Van Staatspresident B.J. Vorster
3212: VUYK, BEB - Het Hout Van Bara; Met Illustraties Van Thomas Nix
2056: VAN DER WAAG, I.J., LT COL (EXCECUTIVE EDITOR) - Scientiae Militaria. South African Journal of Military Studies, Volume 27, 1997
10707: DE WAAL, J. B. - Die Rol Van João Albasini in Die Geskiedenis Van Die Transvaal [Archives Year Book for South African History, Sixteenth Year, Volume I]
5134: DE WAAL, ALEX (EDITOR) - Islamism and Its Enemies in the Horn of Africa
9679: DE WAAL, D. C. ADAPTED BY 'AFRICANUS' - Reizen Met Cecil Rhodes Door de Wilde Wereld Van Zuid-Afrika. Naar Den Oorspronkelijken Tekst in Het Zuid-Afrikaansch Tijdschrift Van 1891 en 1893 en de Engelsche Uitgave Onder Den Titel: With Rhodes in Mashonaland
1222: WADE, BRIAN - Peace, War and Afterwards 1914 to 1919. A Young Man's Letters Written Chiefly to His Mother
5883: WADIA, ARDASER SORABJEE N. - The Romance of Rhodesia. Being Impressions of a Sight-Seeing Tour to Southern and Northern Rhodesia Via Seychelles, Mombasa, Zanzibar, and Dar-Es-Salaam
9216: WAGER, VINCENT A. - The Frogs of South Africa
5603: WAGNER, PERCY A. - The Pretoria Salt-Pan. A Soda Caldera. Union of South Africa, Department of Mines and Industries: Geological Survey Memoir No. 20
6306: WAGNER, PERCY A. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY A.W. ROGERS - Geological Survey. The Geology of the North-Eastern Part of the Springbok Flats and Surrounding Country. An Explanation of Sheet 17 (Springbok Flats)
11178: WAHL, JOHN ROBERT (EDITOR) - Thomas Pringle in South Africa 1820-1826
2384: WAIBEL, LEO - Urwald; Veld; Wüste
3214: WAKEHAM, H.B.T. - Half-Time: "the Mike and Me"
3215: WALBRAN, (CAPTAIN) JOHN T. - British Columbia Coast Names; 1592 - 1906 to Which Are Added a Few Names in Adjacent United States Territory: Their Origin and History; with Map and Illustrations
547: WALCOTT, CLYDE - Island Cricketers
4084: WALFORD, G. F. - Arabian Locust Hunter
11265: WALKER, CLIVE (TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS) - Twilight of the Giants
7261: WALKER, MICHAEL - Shipwrecks of the Far South
2077: WALKER, A.S. (EDITOR) - Cango, the Story of the Cango Caves of South Africa; by Members of the South African Spelaeological Association
3218: WALKER, JAMES J. (EDITOR) - The Natural History of the Oxford District
3389: WALKER, IVAN L., AND BEN WEINBREN - 2000 Casualties. A History of the Trade Unions and the Labour Movement in the Union of South Africa
5414: WALKER, KEN - The Barrier
7465: WALKER, BRYANT - The Ancylidae of South Africa
8275: WALKER, JEAN - Skin Deep. The Autobiography of a Woman Doctor
8276: WALKER, JEAN - Skin Deep. The Autobiography of a Woman Doctor
5415: WALLACH, IZAAK - Die Volmaakte "Gentleman". Intieme Kykies Op Die Lewe Van Dr. F.V. Engelenburg, Na 'n Vennootskap en Vriendskap Van Sowat Veertig Jaar. Met Waarderende Artikels Van H.C. De Kock en Dr. C.L. Leipoldt
10114: WALLBANK, T. WALTER - Contemporary Africa: Continent in Transition. Revised Edition
7726: WALLIS, J.P.R. - Thomas Baines. His Life and Explorations in South Africa, Rhodesia and Australia 1820-1875
1707: WALMSLEY, R. G. - Winged Company. Studies in Bird-Watching
3219: WALPOLE, (SIR) ROBERT - Portrait of Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford
10838: VAN DER WALT, HENDRIK ROELOF - Die Suid-Afrikaanse Republiek in Die Britse Buitelandse en Koloniale Beleid (1881-1899) [Archives Year Book for South African History, Twenty-Sixth Year - Vol. I / Argief-Jaarboek Vir Suid-Afrikaanse Geskiedenis]
3183: VAN DER WALT, (DR.) A.J. - Afrika-Islam in Die Maghreb; 'n Etnohistoriese Kultuurstudie
3184: VAN DER WALT, A.J. - Afrikaner, Wees Uzelf! Historisch-Romantische Schetsen (Op Waarheid Gegrond)
10939: VAN DER WALT, J. C. - Zululand True Stories 1780 to 1978
3220: WALTER, GERARD - White Ties and Fisticuffs; the Story of Patsy Hagate; the Famous Boxing Announcer
11288: WALTON, JAMES - Historic Buildings of Basutoland
11174: WALTON, JAMES - Cape Cottages
11341: WALTON, JAMES - Father of Kindness and Father of Horses. Ramosa le Ralipere. A History of Frasers Limited
11339: WALTON, JAMES (EDITOR) - Lesotho: Basutoland Notes & Records. Volume 2. 1960
11016: WALTON, JAMES - African Village
11017: WALTON, JAMES - Water-Mills, Windmills and Horse-Mills of South Africa
7313: WALTON, JAMES, AND OTHERS - The Josephine MILL and Its Owners. The Story of Milling and Brewing at the Cape of Good Hope
11015: WALTON, JAMES - Homesteads and Villages of South Africa
11179: WALTON, JAMES - Old Cape Farmsteads
11173: WALTON, JAMES - Cape Dovecots and Fowl-Runs
11172: WALTON, JAMES - Double-Storeyed, Flat-Roofed Buildings of the Rural Cape
11290: WALTON, JAMES - Old Maseru
10522: WALTON, JAMES - Cape Dovecots and Fowl-Runs
10598: WALTON, JAMES (EDITOR) - Lesotho: Basutoland Notes & Records. Volume 1. 1959
10607: WALTON, JAMES - Homesteads and Villages of South Africa
10790: WALTON, JAMES - A Tribute to the Donkey
3463: WALTON, JOHN - A Charge Delivered to the Newly-Ordained Ministers at the Conference of the Wesleyan-Methodist Church of South Africa Held at Durban, Natal, April, 1885
8127: WALTON, JAMES - Father of Kindness and Father of Horses. Ramosa le Ralipere. A History of Frasers Limited
1355: WANGEMANN, THEODOR - Maléo en Sekoekoeni
7879: WANNENBURGH, ALF - Forgotten Frontiersmen
3068: SECOND WORLD WAR - The Natal Daily News
10229: WARD, DIANE - Cooking for Birds: Fun Recipes to Entice Birds to Your Garden
1822: WARD, MIKE - South African Cricket. Statistics and History 1991 - 1996. "the Dawn of a New Era"
3221: WARD, PHILIP - Cambridge Street Literature
4758: WARING, JOYCE - I'm No Lady
3222: WARNECK, GUSTAV - Abriß Einer Geschichte Der Protestantischen Missionen Von Der Reformation Bis Auf Die Gegenwart. Ein Beitrag Zur Neueren Kirchengeschichte
11166: WARNER, BRIAN - Dinosaurs' End. Scientific Poems by Brian Warner
548: WARNER, OLIVER - A Portrait of Lord Nelson
10582: WARNER, BRIAN, AND JOHN ROURKE - Flora Herscheliana: Sir John and Lady Herschel at the Cape, 1834 to 1838
3223: WARREN, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Annals of the Natal Museum
3224: WARREN, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Annals of the Natal Museum
359: WARREN, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Annals of the Natal Museum
361: WARREN, ERNEST (EDITOR) - Annals of the Natal Museum
4227: 'WASIFIRI' - Hilmar, Son of the Forest
7597: WÄSTBERG, PER - The Journey of Anders Sparrman
6157: THE WATCHMAN - Coast Causerie
8842: WATERHOUSE, G. (EDITOR) - Simon Van Der Stel's Journal of His Expedition to Namaqualand 1685-6. Supplement: Addenda Et Corrigenda
3649: WATERMAN, CHARLES F. - The Treasury of Sporting Guns
357: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, H. - In God's Good Time. A South African Saga
5513: WATSON, JACK - Conspire to Kill
6652: WATSON, WILLIAM - The Siege Diary of William Watson
2059: WATTER, LOLA - Insights and Idylls. Including Selected Images from Africa. Poems
5192: WATTER, LOLA WITH DOROTHY MILLIN AND AUDREY COBDEN (EDITORS) - The Classic. Volume 3, Number 3, 1970
6909: WATTS, H. L., AND J. A. I. AGAR-HAMILTON - Border Port. A Study of East London, South Africa, with Special Reference to the White Population
7345: WATTS, H. L., AND J. A. I. AGAR-HAMILTON - Border Port. A Study of East London, South Africa, with Special Reference to the White Population
3225: WAUCHOPE, A.G. - The Late Major-General A.G. Wauchope, C.B. , C.M. G. Formerly Commanding the Highland Brigade in South Africa. Killed in Action at Magersfontein, December 11th, 1899
2036: WAUGH, EVELYN - The Loved One. An Anglo-American Tragedy
2041: WAUGH, EVELYN - A Handful of Dust
3226: WAY, W.A. - Battle Requiem; and Other Poems
4934: WEAVING, ALAN - Southern African Insects and Their World
1674: WEBB, CORRIE - Klokka
3228: WEBB, CECIL S. - A Wanderer in the Wind; the Odyssey of an Animal Collector; Cecil S. Webb; Superintendent of the Dublin Zoo
5105: WEBB, C. DE B. (EDITOR) - Natalia. Journal of the Natal Society No. 4
5106: WEBB, C. DE B. (EDITOR) - Natalia. Journal of the Natal Society No. 4
1563: WEBBER, ROY - Who's Who in World Cricket
4701: WEBBER, H. O'KELLY - The Grip of Gold. A Life Story of a Dominion
549: WEBBER, ROY (COMPILER) - The Playfair Book of Cricket Records
550: WEBBER, ROY - The County Cricket Championship.
3229: WEBSTER, ELIZABETH - Expiring Frog
6718: WEBSTER, ROGER - At the Fireside. True Southern African Stories
10925: WEDGWOOD, C. V., AND THE EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS - The World of Rubens 1577-1640
3230: WEEKLEY, CAROLYN J. & LAURA PASS BARRY - The Kingdoms of Edward Hicks
2155: WEEKS, GEORGE E. - W. Spencer Walton: "Approved of God to Be Intrusted with the Gospel"
8391: WEGMANN, C. E. - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 8: Tectonic Patterns at Different Levels
3231: WEIGT, ERNST - Die Kolonisation Kenias
5514: WEINBERG, CON - Fragments of a Desert Land. Memoirs of a South West African Desert Doctor
3232: WEINRICH, A.K.H. - Black and White Elites in Rural Rhodesia
6307: WEISS, O., D.J. SIMPSON AND G.L. PAVER - Some Magnetometric and Gravimetric Surveys in the Transvaal
6537: WEITZ, RAANAN (INTRODUCTION) - The Composite Rural Structure. A Settlement Pattern in Israel
7927: WELCH, SIDNEY R. - Europe's Discovery of South Africa
7654: WELCH, SIDNEY R. - Portuguese and Dutch in South Africa 1641-1806
9857: WELENSKY, ROY - Welensky's 4000 Days. The Life and Death of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
551: WELLER, JAC - On Wellington. The Duke and His Art of War
855: WELLINGTON, JOHN H. - South West Africa and Its Human Issues
893: WELLINGTON, JOHN H. - South West Africa and Its Human Issues
1349: WELLS, ROBIN E. - An Introduction to the Music of the Basotho
5306: WELSH, FRANK - A History of South Africa
7294: WELZ, STEPHAN - Art at Auction in South Africa. The Art Market Review 1969 to 1995
8354: WEMYSS, A. (EDITOR), WITH O. L. OWEN (HISTORICAL FOREWORD), AND OTHERS - Barbarian Football Club. History and Complete Record of Teams 1890-1955
10143: WENDE, HAMILTON - True North
7467: WENZEL, HANS-JOACHIM (COMPILER) - Manica Province / Mosambique. Integrated Rural Development Strategy Plan (Irdsp) (Non-Agricultural Sectors)
372: WESKER, ARNOLD - Honey
1031: WESSELS, FRANS (EDITOR) - Op Al Sy Akkers. Gedenkskrif Aangebied Aan Prof. H.J. Strauss
8308: WESSELS, DANIËL PETRUS - Politikologiese Perspektiewe Op Suid-Afrika Se Intern-Staatkundige Volkerevraagstuk
10544: WEST, REBECCA (AUTHOR), AND BONNIE KIME SCOTT (EDITOR) - Selected Letters of Rebecca West
1921: WEST, RICHARD - The Diamonds and the Necklace. A South African Journey
5123: WEST, MARTIN - Bishops and Prophets in a Black City. African Independent Churches in Soweto Johannesburg

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