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6267: KINGWILL, D G - The Csir. The First 40 Years
2808: KIPLING, RUDYARD - A Song of the English; Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson
11103: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R. (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - A Source Book on the Wreck of the Grosvenor, East Indiaman
145: KIRKMAN, JAMES - Gedi; Historical Monument
4662: KIRSOP, JOSEPH - The Life of Thomas Truscott, Missionary to Sierra Leone
10028: KIRSTEN, KEITH - Keith Kirsten's Blooming Tips. Handy Gardening Advice from a to Z
10366: KIRSTEN, KEITH, AND LIZELLE MEYER-FAEDDA - Gardening with Keith Kirsten
10369: KIRSTEN, KEITH, AND OWEN A. REID - Down to Earth Garden Flowers
10374: KIRSTEN, KEITH, AND OWEN REID - Keith Kirsten's Down to Earth Garden Book
10381: KIRSTEN, GARY, WITH NEIL MANTHORP - Gazza. The Gary Kirsten Autobiography
10277: KITTENBERGER, KALMAN - Big Game Hunting and Collecting in East Africa, 1903-1926
7398: KLEIN, HARRY - Land of the Silver Mist
7959: DE KLERK, W. A. - The Thirstland
7389: DE KLERK, A. J. B. - Leeuwenhof. Die Kronieke Van 'n Kaapse Herehuis
10145: DE KLERK, W. A. - The Puritans in Africa. A Story of Afrikanerdom
1281: DE KLERK, WILLEM - Die Tweede (R)Evolusie. Afrikanerdom en Die Identiteitskrisis
7974: DE KLERK, P, AND OTHERS - Die Indiese Oseaan in Die Wêreldpolitiek. 'n Nuwe Front in Die Internasionale Magstryd. Referate Gelewer Op Byeenkomste Van Die Sentrum Vir Internasionale Politiek in 1974
9713: DE KLERK, W. A. - Drie Swerwers Oor Die Einders
9717: DE KLERK, A. J. B. - Leeuwenhof. Die Kronieke Van 'n Kaapse Herehuis
2088: KNAK, D. SIEGFRIED - Zwischen Nil Und Tafelbai. Eine Studie über Evangelium, Volkstum Und Zivilisation, Am Beispiel Der Missionsprobleme Unter Den Bantu
2810: KNIGHT, BRIGID - Walking the Whirlwind
2811: KNOWLES, RAY - South Africa Versus England: A Test Cricket History
502: KNOWLES, LIEUTENANT ROBERT - The War in the Peninsula. Some Letters of Lieutenant Robert Knowles of the 7th, or Royal, Fusiliers, a Lancashire Officer.
4692: KNOX, PATRICIA AND THELMA GUTSCHE - Do You Know Johannesburg?
8207: KNOX, CATHERINE (AUTHOR), AND CORA COETZEE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Victorian Life at the Cape 1870-1900
7000: KOCH, KURT E. - Okkultes ABC. Ergänzungsband Zum Buch "Seelsorge Und Okkultismus"
11250: DE KOCK, W. J.. AND D. W. KRÜGER AND C. J. BEYERS (EDITORS-IN-CHIEF) - Dictionary of South African Biography [5-Volume Set]
2390: DE KOCK, VICTOR - By Strength of Heart
404: DE KOCK, PLEWMAN - Bundu Briefs
5629: DE KOCK, LEON, & IAN TROMP (EDITORS) - The Heart in Exile. South African Poetry in English, 1990-1995
8313: DE KOCK, CHRIS (PROJECT LEADER), AND OTHERS - Die Vooruitsigte Op 'n Vrye, Demokratiese Verkiesing: Remmende en Bevorderlike Faktore in Stemvoorneme
8332: DE KOCK, W. P. (CHAIRMAN), AND OTHERS - Report of the Interdepartmental Committee on Tiger's-Eye and Related Varieties
11101: KOHLER, C. W. H., AND ANNETTE JOELSON - The Memoirs of of Kohler of the K.W. V.
1739: KOK, O.B. AND Z.N. ROOS - Die Avifauna Van Seekoeivlei, Memel
8626: KOK, B., WITH F. V. LATEGAN AND R. DE BEER - D.F. Malherbe in Beeld en Woord, 28 Mei 1881 - 12 April 1969
4873: KONIG, JULIET - Seven Builders of Johannesburg
11155: KOORNHOF, ANTON - Dive Guide South Africa
2812: KOORNHOF, ANTON - The Dive Sites of South Africa; a Concise Illustrated Guide to 170 Coastal and Inland Dive Destinations
648: KOORNHOF, ANTON - The Dive Sites of South Africa. Comprehensive Coverage of Diving and Snorkelling
2813: KOPS, HAROLD - Veld, City and Sea; a Collection of Stories
7889: KOTZÉ, D. A. - Van Roodezand Tot Gariep. Die 150-Jarige Bestaan Van Die N.G. Gemeente Clanwilliam 1826-1976
11112: KOTZE, SIR JOHN GILBERT - Memoirs and Reminiscences
10413: KOTZÉ, HENNIE, AND CINDY LEE STEENEKAMP - Values and Democracy in South Africa: Comparing Elite and Public Values
1189: KOTZÉ, D. A. - African Politics in South Africa 1964-1974. Parties and Issues
4376: KOTZÉ, D. J. - Nasionalisme: 'n Vergelykende Studie. Deel Een Van Nasionalisme As Historiese Faktor
7579: KOTZE, SIR JOHN - Biographical Memoirs and Reminiscences
7962: KOTZE, SIR JOHN GILBERT - Memoirs and Reminiscences
809: KOTZÉ, WILLEM D. - Kalahari-Kind
817: KOTZE, J.S. - Die Kaapse Staande Mag, 1872-1882. Argiefjaarboek Vir Suid-Afrikaanse Geskiedenis 1993
97: KOTZÉ, WILLEM D. - Kalaharijoernaal
11211: KREKIN, IRMELIE, AND ZWELETHU MTHETHWA - Sweden, South Africa... A Photographic Art Exchange
10118: KRIEL, JANE ELIZE - Adv. B.J. Vorster As Staatspresident Van Die Republiek Van Suid-Afrika, 1978-1979
3915: KRIEL, C. J. (COMPILER) - Die Eerste Eeu. Geskiedenis Van Die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Sendingkerk in Suid-Afrika 5 Oktober 1881 - 5 October 1981
6675: KRIGE, UYS - The Dream and the Desert
11210: KRUGER, CELLIERS - Run the Rivers of Southern Africa
2333: KRUGER, STEPHANUS JOHANNES PAULUS (PAUL KRUGER) - Les Mémoires Du President Krüger. FéLIX Juven, éditeur, 122, Rue Réaumur, Paris
5175: KRÜGER, D. W. - Paul Kruger, Staatsman. 'n Lewenskets Van President S.J. P. Kruger
6995: KRÜGER, HARDY - Eine Farm in Afrika
7084: KRÜGER, D. W. - Baanbrekers Van Die Noorde
7835: KRUGER, BERNHARD - The Pear Tree Blossoms. A History of the Moravian Mission Stations in South Africa 1737-1869
8165: KRUGER, D. W. (EDITOR), AND OTHERS - Geskiedenis Van Suid-Afrika
9862: KRÜGER, D. W. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Dictionary of South African Biography. Volume II
8329: KRUIZINGA, J. C. - Die Aanloop Tot, Stigting en Volkstaatideaal Van Die Afrikanervryheidstigting
8390: KUENEN, PH. H. - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 6: Sand - Its Origin, Transportation, Abrasion and Accumulation
5031: KÜHNEL, ERNST - Islamische Kleinkunst
725: KUPER, HILDA - An African Aristocracy. Rank Among the Swazi
2013: KUTTEL, MARY MELCK - Ganzekraal: A West Coast Year
4588: LABUSCHAGNE, R. J. (COMPILER) - Ons Nasionale Parke: 'n Gids Vir Die Nasionale Parke Van Suid-Afrika / Our National Parks: A Guide to the National Parks of South Africa
2252: LAIDLER, P.W. - A Tavern of the Ocean; Being a Social and Historical Sketch of Cape Town from Its Earliest Days
1556: LAING, PETER W. - The Poultry Farmer's and Manager's Veterinary Handbook
6000: LAKE, PHILIP - Annals of the South African Museum Volume IV Part IV Containing Descriptions of the Paleontological Material Collected by the Members of the Geological Survey of Cape Colony
4037: LAMB, R.H. - Hard Times in Natal and the Way out
4725: LAMB, HAROLD - Genghis Khan. The Emperor of All Men
1760: LAMBERTI, E. E. - The Family Influence. Achievements of the Lamberti and Risi Families
64: LAMBOURNE, MAUREEN - The Art of Bird Illustration
1725: LAMSA, GEORGE M. (TRANSLATOR) - The Four Gospels According to the Eastern Version. Translated from the Aramaic
1037: LANDMAN, J.P., PHILIP NEL AND ANTON VAN NIEKERK (COMPILERS) - Wat Kom Ná Apartheid? Jong Afrikaners Aan Die Woord
10834: LANDOR, A. HENRY SAVAGE - In the Forbidden Land. An Account of a Journey in Tibet, Capture by the Tibetan Authorities, Imprisonment, Torture, and Ultimate Release
937: LANDSBOROUGH THOMSON, A. - Britain's Birds and Their Nests
10561: LANGDON-DAVIES, JOHN (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - The Crimean War: A Collection of Contemporary Documents (Jackdaw No. 11)
7004: LANGENFELD, KLAUS - Johann Heinrich Voß. Mensch - Dichter - ûbersetzer
4793: LANGLEY, BOB - The War of the Running Fox
6397: LANGLEY, DESMA - The Binding Cord. A South African Story
4505: LANGUAGE BUREAU, S. A. TRANSPORT SERVICES (COMPILERS) - Verpakkings- en Behoueringswoordeboek / Packaging and Containerisation Dictionary
1778: LANSDOWNE, J.F. (ILLUSTRATOR) AND JOHN A. LIVINGSTON (AUTHOR) - Birds of the Northern Forest
1792: LANSDOWNE, J.F. (ILLUSTRATOR) AND JOHN A. LIVINGSTON (AUTHOR) - Birds of the Eastern Forest: 1
3589: LASCARIS, REG, AND MIKE LIPKIN - Revelling in the Wild. Business Lessons out of Africa
11049: LASTOVICA, ETHLEEN AND ALBERT - Bottles & Bygones. A Guide for South African Collectors
10412: LATEGAN, F. V. (COMPILER) - Son en Saffier: Keurbeeld Van Die Jeugverhaal in Afrikaans
7714: LATROBE, C[HRISTIAN] I[GNATIUS] - Journal of a Visit to South Africa, in 1815, and 1816. With Some Account of the Missionary Settlements of the United Brethren, Near the Cape of Good Hope
10862: LAURIE, HILARY - Dylan Thomas's Wales
4781: LAURIE, HUGH - The Gun Seller
1437: LAVER, JAMES - British Military Uniforms
4858: LAW-KUN, SHIRLEY - Hasty-Tasty's Cook Book. Quick & Easy
6734: LAWN, JOHN R. - The Landing of Van Riebeeck
7546: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom. A Triumph
1074: LAWRENCE, JEREMY - Harry Lawrence
1637: LAWRENCE, R.F. - A Conspectus of South African Spiders
7547: LAWRENCE, T. E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom. A Triumph
1742: LAWSON, P.C. AND J.A. EDMONDS - Birds of the Kangwane (Mswati District)
10058: LEACH, GRAHAM - South Africa. No Easy Path to Peace
1922: LEACH, GRAHAM - The Afrikaners. Their Last Great Trek
10870: LEAKEY, MARY - Disclosing the Past
10964: LEAN, PHYLLIS SCARNELL - Leidsman Van Sy Tyd. 'n Geïllustreerde Oorsig Van Die Lewe Van Jan Christian Smuts 24 Mei 1870 - 11 September 1950
2418: LEAN, PHYLLIS SCARNELL - One Man in His Time: A Pictorial Review of the Life of Jan Christian Smuts, May 24, 1870 - September 11, 1950
10550: LECK, NEVILLE - Ho. A Biography of Courage
504: LEDBROOKE, A. W. - Lancashire County Cricket 1864-1953. The Official History of the Lancashire County & Manchester Cricket Club
4833: LEDGER, JOHN - Southern Africa's Threatened Wildlife
2820: LEFEBVRE, DENYS ('SYNED') - The Land of Wavering; and Other Verses
11243: LEHMANN, OLGA - Look Beyond the Wind
5008: LEI, ZHENG (AUTHOR), AND R. B. BARON (TRANSLATOR) - China's Traditional Kunqu Opera
10766: LEIBBRANDT, HENDRIK CAREL VOS - Rambles Through the Archives of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, 1688-1700. First Series
10579: LEIBBRANDT, H. C. V. - Precis of the Archives of the Cape of Good Hope. Requesten (Memorials) 1715-1806
3313: GEORGE C. LEIGHTON (PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated London News. No. 1753. Vol. LXII. Saturday, April 5, 1873.
3302: GEORGE C. LEIGHTON (PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated London News. No. 1741. Vol. LXII. Saturday, January 11, 1873.
3303: GEORGE C. LEIGHTON (PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated London News. No. 1742. Vol. LXII. Saturday, January 18, 1873.
3304: GEORGE C. LEIGHTON (PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated London News. No. 1743. Vol. LXII. Saturday, January 25, 1873.
3306: GEORGE C. LEIGHTON (PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated London News. No. 1745. Vol. LXII. Saturday, February 8, 1873.
3314: GEORGE C. LEIGHTON (PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated London News. No. 1754. Vol. LXII. Saturday, April 12, 1873.
3316: GEORGE C. LEIGHTON (PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated London News. No. 1756. Vol. LXII. Saturday, April 26, 1873.
3317: GEORGE C. LEIGHTON (PUBLISHER) - The Illustrated London News. No. 1757. Vol. LXII. Saturday, May 3, 1873.
10532: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS - Polfyntjies Vir Die Proe
6729: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS - Skoonheidstroos: Nuwe Gedigte
6730: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS - Skoonheidstroos: Nuwe Gedigte
6731: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS - Uitgesoekte Gedigte Vir Jong Suid-Afrika. Met Aantekeninge Deur Die Skrywer
6752: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS - Slampamperliedjies
7588: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS - Chameleon on the Gallows (Gallows Gecko)
9698: LEIPOLDT, C. LOUIS - Die Hugenote
4943: LEISTNER, G. M. E. - Lesotho: Ekonomiese Struktuur en Groei
1167: LENAKE, J. M. - The Poetry of K.E. Ntsane
1415: LENTA, GIUSEPPE - Development or Stagnation? Agriculture in Kwazulu
10111: LEROUX, ETIENNE - Magersfontein, o Magersfontein!
1318: LEROUX, ETIENNE - Die Mugu
1319: LEROUX, ETIENNE - Een Vir Azazel
1557: LEROUX, ETIENNE - Magersfontein, o Magersfontein!
4356: LEROUX, ETIENNE - Onse Hymie
2822: LESSARD, LT.-COL. F.L. - Colour Portrait of Lieutenant-Colonel F.L. Lessard; Canadian Mounted Infantry, South Africa.
10278: LETCHER, OWEN - Big Game Hunting in North-Eastern Rhodesia
3633: LETCHER, OWEN - Medals and Decorations of the British Commonwealth of Nations / Medaljes en Dekorasies Van Die Britse Gemenebes Van Nasies
337: LETHBRIDGE, ALAN - West Africa the Elusive
2823: LETTS, MALCOLM - Sir John Mandeville; the Man and His Book
7710: LETTY, CYTHNA - Children of the Hours. Indigenous Plants with Peculiar Habits; Drawings, Paintings and Poems by Cythna Letty
4381: LEVER, HENRY - South African Society
6060: LEVER, CHARLES - The Knight of Gwynne; a Tale of the Time of the Union
6169: LEVERTON, BASIL J. T., AND JOHN A. PRINGLE - The Pioneers of Vryheid: The Nieuwe Republiek and Its Staats Courant / Die Baanbrekers Van Vryheid: Die Nieuwe Republiek en Sy Staats Courant
6742: LEVESON, MARCIA (EDITOR) - The Vita Anthology of New South African Short Fiction
1590: LEVI, N. - Jan Smuts. Being a Character Sketch of Gen. The Hon. J.C. Smuts, K.C. , M.L. A, Minister of Defence Union of South Africa
6519: LEVIEN, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - The Cree Journals. The Voyages of Edward H. Cree, Surgeon R.N. , As Related in His Private Journals, 1837-1856
6781: LEVIN, ADAM - The Wonder Safaris. African Journeys of Miracles and Surprises
5185: LEVINE, ELI - The Golden Key. A Complete Guide to Gold Coin Investment. The South African Adaptation of the United States Edition of a Standard Work on Rational Investment Strategy and Numismatics for the Investor
9604: LEVINSOHN, RHODA - Art and Craft of Southern Africa. Treasures in Transition
11279: LEVINSON, OLGA - Call Me Master
10941: LEVINSON, OLGA - Diamonds in the Desert. The Story of August Stauch and His Times
6741: LEVINSON, OLGA - The Ageless Land. The Story of South West Africa
6753: LEVITT, WILFRED - Narrative Murder
11213: LEVY, JAYNEE - Die Volledige Voetslaangids Vir Suider-Afrika
818: LEVY, JAYNEE - The Complete Guide to Walks & Trails in Southern Africa
8992: LEVYNS, M. R. - A Guide to the Flora of the Cape Peninsula
10935: LEWCOCK, RONALD - Early Nineteenth Century Architecture in South Africa. A Study of the Interaction of Two Cultures 1795-1837
7253: LEWIS-WILLIAMS, DAVID, AND GEOFFREY BLUNDELL - Fragile Heritage. A Rock Art Fieldguide
1325: LEWIS, JON - Industrialisation and Trade Union Organisation in South Africa, 1924-55. The Rise and Fall of the South African Trades and Labour Council
2029: LEWIS, JON - Industrialisation and Trade Union Organization in South Africa, 1924-55; the Rise and Fall of the South African Trades and Labour Council
2827: LEWIS, C. GRIFFIN - The Practical Book of Oriental Rugs; New, Revised Edition with 32 Color Plates, 80 Halftones and Numerous Line Designs
6720: LEWIS, C. S. - Broadcast Talks. Reprinted with Some Alterations from Two Series of Broadcast Talks (Right and Wrong: A Clue to the Meaning of the Universe and What Christians Believe) Given in 1941 and 1942
6721: LEWIS, C. S. - Christian Behaviour. A Further Series of Broadcast Talks
6754: LEWIS, CHAIM - Shadow in the Sun
8403: LEWIS, A. D. - Colony and Protectorate of Kenya. Report on Irrigation, Water Supplies for Stock, Water Law, Etc. December, 1925
9562: LEWIS, STANLEY - "African Angling": What?... Where?... And How?...
4242: LEWSEN, PHYLLIS - John X. Merriman. Paradoxical South African Statesman
5423: LEWSEN, PHYLLIS, AND OTHERS - Brenthurst Archives. Footnotes to History from the Brenthurst Library, Johannesburg, the Private Africana Collection of Mr H.F. Oppenheimer. Volume 1, Number 1, 1994
877: LEWSEN, PHYLLIS (EDITOR) - Voices of Protest: From Segregation to Apartheid 1938-1948
2828: LEYEL, MRS. C.F. - Savoury Cold Meals
2829: LEYS, COLIN & CRANFORD PRATT (EDITORS) - A New Deal in Central Africa
11126: LEZARD, ADÈLE - The Great Gold Reef. The Romantic History of the Rand Goldfields
5039: PUBLICATIONS SUB-COMMITTEE OF THE COUNCIL OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN LIBRARY - Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Grey Collection. A Preliminary Catalogue
11255: LIEBENBERG, LOUIS - A Field Guide to Animal Tracks of Southern Africa
201: LIEBENBERG, DOYLE P. - The Drakensberg of Natal
10228: 'LIEF' - Planting for Butterflies
6740: LIGHTON, CONRAD (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - The Young Springbok Souvenir Book / Die Jong Springbok Gedenkboek
6756: LIGUORI-REYNOLDS, ROSALIE - Whispering in the Reeds
5799: VAN LILL, DAWID - Van LILL's South African Miscellany
11273: DE LIMA, J. SUASSO - Geschiedenis Van de Kaap de Goede Hoop
2220: DE LIMA, J. SUASSO - Geschiedenis Van de Kaap de Goede Hoop
10231: UNION-CASTLE MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY LIMITED - A Voyage Into a New Century. Centenary Voyage December 1999 - February 2000
5087: LINDENBERG, E (EDITOR), WITH R PHEIFFER, ANDRE P. BRINK AND A J COETZEE - Inleiding Tot Die Afrikaanse Letterkunde
4613: LINDGREN, ASTRID - Mio, Mein Mio
4992: LINDSAY, R.F. - The Gospel in New Testament Grammar
2833: LINDSEY-RENTON, I.P. (EDITOR) - The 1920 Diary of R.H. Lindsey-Renton
1837: "LINESMAN" - The Mechanism of War
6241: VAN LINGEN, A. - A Century of Transport. A Record of Achievement of the Ministry of Transport of the Union of South Africa
2834: LINLEY, KAY & BRYAN BAKER - Flowers of the Veld
10108: O'LINN, BRYAN - Die Toekoms Van Suidwes-Afrika Gebou Op Die Werklikheid
4378: O'LINN, BRYAN - Die Zukunft Südwestafrikas in Realistischer Sicht
2024: LINWOOD, WILLIAM (GULIELMUS) - Anthologia Oxoniensis
10843: LION CACHET, F. - De Worstelstrijd Der Transvalers Aan Het Volk Van Nederland Verhaald
6512: LIONNET, GUY - The Seychelles
2835: LIPKIN, JEAN - Among Stones; Edited by Sidney Clouts
2836: LITCHFIELD, FREDERICK - Illustrated History of Furniture from the Earliest to the Present Time Containing Four Hundred Representative Examples of the Different Periods
7796: LITTLE, W. J. KNOX - Sketches and Studies in South Africa
1013: LIVINGSTONE, DOUGLAS - A Rosary of Bone
1459: LIVINGSTONE, DOUGLAS - Eyes Closed Against the Sun
2381: LIVINGSTONE, DAVID - David Livingstone: Family Letters 1841 - 1856. Volume Two: 1849 - 1856; Edited with an Introduction by I. Schapera
2374: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - The Search for the Niger
2839: LOCKETT, CECILY (EDITOR) - Breaking the Silence: A Century of South African Women's Poetry
2840: LOCKWOOD, GEOFFREY - Geoff Lockwood's Garden Birds of Southern Africa
9813: LODGE, TOM, WITH BILL NASSON AND OTHERS - All, Here, and Now: Black Politics in South Africa in the 1980s
7341: LOEB, EDWIN M. - The Assumed Early Mediterranean Influence Among the Kuanyama Ambo Bantu of South West Africa
1022: LOEDOLFF, J. F., AND D. A. LOUW - Dwelmmiddels: Wat, Hoe en Waarom?
9612: LOEDOLFF, CECILE, AND EUNICE BASSON (COMPILERS) - Absa Groep Korporatiewe Kunsversameling 1900-1997/ Absa Group Corporate Art Collection 1900-1997
11060: LOGIE, BARTLE - Sundays: Tales from a Winding River
10976: LOGIE, BARTLE - Sundays: Tales from a Winding River
4384: LOMBARD, R. T. J. - Handleiding Vir Genealogiese Navorsing in Suid-Afrika
894: LOMBARD, R. T. J. - Handleiding Vir Genealogiese Navorsing in Suid-Afrika
10575: LONDT, J. G. H. - Annals of the Natal Museum. Volume 27 Part 2. December 1986
4935: LONDT, JASON G. H. - A Beginners Guide to the Insects
10846: LONG-HSUEN, HSU, AND CHANG MING-KAI - History of the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)
34: LONG, JOHN L. - Introduced Birds of the World. The Worldwide History, Distribution and Influence of Birds Introduced to New Environments
6758: LONGDEN, H. W. D. - Told to the Piccanins
1421: LONGWORTH, F.A. - Walmer. From Waterloo to Water Loos
954: LOOTS, JOHAN S. - A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southern Africa
1321: LORAM, CHARLES T. - The Education of the South African Native
10303: LORIMER, ELEANOR K. - Panorama of Port Elizabeth
4191: LOSAMBE, LOKANGAKA (EDITOR) - An Introduction to the African Prose Narrative
8042: LOTI, PIERRE - Egypt
10480: LOTTERING, AGNES - Winnefred & Agnes. The True Story of Two Women
8114: LOURENS, LEONARD D. - 'n Venster Op Ons Verlede
8782: LOURENS, LEONARD D. - 'n Venster Op Ons Verlede
7315: LOUW, JULIET MARAIS - When Johannesburg and I Were Young
2843: LOUW, W.J. - An Ecological Account of the Vegetation of the Potchefstroom Area
4357: LOUW, W.E.G. - Adam en Ander Gedigte
10942: LOUW, JULIET MARAIS - Wagon-Tracks and Orchards. Early Days in Sandton
594: LOUW, JOHAN (COMPILER) - Ds. A.F. Louw Op St. Helena. Briewe en Belewenisse
6759: LOUW, P. A. - The Treasures of Darkness. And Other Poems
8192: LOUW, CHRIS (COMPILER) - Journey to the Anc: Reports on a Visit to Windhoek, Harare and Lusaka / Op Reis Na Die Anc: Verslae Oor 'n Besoek Aan Windhoek, Harare en Lusaka
10087: LOUWRENS, NICKIE - Hengelplesier in Die Suid-Kaap
6915: LOVEDAY, ARTHUR F. - Three Stages of History in Rhodesia
11263: LOVEGROVE, BARRY - The Living Deserts of Southern Africa
10839: LOVEGROVE, BARRY - The Living Deserts of Southern Africa
639: LOVELL, MOIRA - Departures. New Poems
1651: LOVETT CAMERON, V. (COMMANDER) - The Adventures of Herbert Massey
8351: LOW, ROSEMARY - Cockatoos in Aviculture. Revised Edition
1607: LOWRY, J.K. (EDITOR) - Records of the Australian Museum Volume 37 Numbers 3 & 4
2567: COLE (SIR) LOWRY - Printed Warrant to the Colonial Treasurer
11033: ROYAL BAKING POWDER (PTY.) LTD. - Royal Cook Book. Over 200 Delicious, Tested Recipes from the Royal Hostess
2344: TANGANYIKA (SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS) ESTATES LTD. - Some Notes on the Southern Highlands of Tanganyika
2433: AFRICAN TOOL COMPANY. (PTY.) LTD. - Price List No. 9.
2339: LUCAS, ANNABELLE - Wild Flowers of the Witwatersrand
820: LUCAS, ANNABELLE AND BARBARA PIKE (ILLUSTRATOR) - Wild Flowers of the Witwatersrand
3622: LÜCKHOF, AUGUST DANIEL - Woman's Endurance. By A.D. L. , B.A. , Chaplain in the Concentration Camp, Bethulie, O.R. C. , 1901
11190: LÜCKHOFF, C. A. - Table Mountain. Our National Heritage After Three Hundred Years
4818: LÜCKHOFF, C. A. - Table Mountain. Our National Heritage After Three Hundred Years
8954: LÜCKHOFF, C. A. - Table Mountain. Our National Heritage After Three Hundred Years
880: "LUCTOR" - Tales of a Grandfather in the Law
6743: LUHIS, H. - The Home of the Wandering Albatross. A South African Story for Children
507: LUKINS, A.H. (COMPILER) AND D.A. RUSSELL (EDITOR) - The Book of Westland Aircraft
10746: LUKYANOV, S. (EDITOR) - Polar Pilot. Issue #1
1124: LUNDY, GUY, AND WAYNE VISSER - South Africa. Reasons to Believe!
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10172: NIEHAUS, CARMEN - You Best Recipes
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10640: PALMER, EVE, AND NORAH PITMAN - Trees of South Africa
2945: PALMER, ROBIN & NEIL PARSONS (EDITORS) - The Roots of Rural Poverty in Central and Southern Africa
8986: PALMER, EVE, AND NORAH PITMAN - Trees of South Africa
8987: PALMER, EVE, AND NORAH PITMAN - Trees of South Africa
2946: PAMA, C. - Die Wapens Van Die Ou Afrikaanse Families
8174: PAMA, C. - Regency Cape Town. Daily Life in the Early Eighteen-Thirties Illustrated with the Hitherto Unpublished Johannesburg Album of Sketches by Sir Charles D'Oyly, Together with His Other Cape Town Drawings and Those of Frederick Knyvett
1155: PAMPALLIS, JOHN - Foundations of the New South Africa
8358: PANSEGROUW, JOHAN - Die Instelling en Ontplooiing in Suid-Afrika: Die Beleid Van Apartheid in Die Jare Vyftig
8916: PAPAS, WILLIAM (ILLUSTRATOR), AND AUBREY SUSSENS (TEXT) - Under the Tablecloth. Papas Looks at the Peninsula
8850: PAPE, B. E., AND OTHERS - Deutsche in Kaffraria / Germans in Kaffraria / Duitsers in Kaffraria 1858 - 1958
10752: PARK, MUNGO - Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa: Performed Under the Direction and Patronage of the African Association in the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797
6648: PARK, LIEUT.-COLONEL C. W. - Letters from Ladysmith by Lieut. -Colonel C.W. Park of the Devonshire Regiment. Letters Written During the Siege of Ladysmith by Lieut. -Colonel C.W. Park, to His Wife in India
8218: PARK, MUNGO - Travels in the Interior of Africa
1587: PARKER, HERBERT HAMBLY - Aviculture in South Africa
2948: PARKER, JOHN - Books to Build an Empire; a Bibliographical History of English Overseas Interests to 1620
7207: PARKINGTON, JOHN (TEXT) AND NEIL RUSCH (PHOTOGRAPHS) - Shorelines, Strandlopers and Shell Middens
5214: PARKMAN, FRANCIS - The Oregon Trail. Sketches of Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life
2949: PARKS, GEORGE BRUNER - Richard Hakluyt and the English Voyages
6372: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. PARLIAMENT - Cape of Good Hope. Minutes of Customs Union Conference Opened at Cape Town on the 12th April, 1898
4687: PAROZ, R.A. - A List of Sotho Plant Names
7694: PARR, HENRY HALLAM - A Sketch of the Kafir and Zulu Wars. Guadana to Isandhlwana
2950: PARTINGTON, WILFRED - Thomas J. Wise in the Original Cloth; the Life and Record of the the Forger of the Nineteenth-Century Pamphlets... With an Appendix by George Bernard Shaw
7895: PARTRIDGE, A. C. (EDITOR) - Lives, Letters and Diaries
10009: PARTRIDGE, TED - A Life in Rugby
1443: PARTRIDGE, TED - Shaka Zulu
8761: PARTRIDGE, TED (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Protea Cricket Annual of South Africa 1985 (Volume 32)
8762: PARTRIDGE, TED (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Protea Cricket Annual of South Africa 1987 (Volume 34)
8763: PARTRIDGE, TED (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Protea Cricket Annual of South Africa 1988 (Volume 35)
8764: PARTRIDGE, TED (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - Protea Cricket Annual of South Africa 1989 (Volume 36)
4230: CENTRAL HEAD COMMITTEE OF THE UNITED SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL PARTY - The Fruits of Fusion. Five Years of Wonderful Progress and National Reconstruction. The Case for an Extended Mandate
7115: CENTRAL EXECUTIVE OF THE UNITED SOUTH AFRICAN NATIONAL PARTY (COMPILERS) - Verdere Vrugte Van Samewerking. 'n Bestuur Gekenmerk Deur Voorspoed, Ontwikkeling en Maatskaplike Herstel
10546: PASTERNAK, BORIS - The Poems of Doctor Zhivago
10045: PATERSON-JONES, COLIN - Garden Route Walks
839: PATERSON, P.T. - Bygone Days in Cambusbarron
8914: PATERSON-JONES, COLIN - Table Mountain Walks
7618: PATON, ALAN - Lost City of the Kalahari
11070: PATON, ALAN - Lost City of the Kalahari
1904: PATTERSON, ROD (AUTHOR) AND PENNY MEAKIN (ARTIST) - Struik Pocket Guides for Southern Africa: Snakes
2953: PATTERSON, GARETH - Cry for the Lions; a Story of the Lions of Mashatu Epitomising the Need for the Conservation of the Lions of All Africa
3432: PATTERSON, GARETH - Last of the Free
1977: DE PAUW, LINDA GRANT - Seafaring Women
6508: PAUW, B. A. - The Second Generation. A Study of the Family Among Urbanized Bantu in East London
9733: PAUW, S. - Die Beroepsarbeid Van Die Afrikaner in Die Stad
2954: PAVER, B.G. - Zimbabwe Cavalcade: Rhodesia's Romance
2955: PAVER, B.G. - Zimbabwe Cavalcade: Rhodesia's Romance
10850: PAYNE, A.I.L., AND R.J.M. CRAWFORD (COMPILERS) - Secrets of the Seas. Illustrated Guide to Marine Life Off Southern Africa
4316: PAYNTER, DAVID, WITH WILF NUSSEY - Kruger: Portrait of a National Park
2956: PAYTON, CHARLES A. - Days of a Knight: An Octogenarian's Medley of Memories (Life, Travel, Sport, Adventure)
10039: PEARSE, R. O. - Barrier of Spears. Drama of the Drakensberg. New Edition in Association with James Byrom
10709: PEARSE, G. E. - Eighteenth Century Architecture in South Africa
10776: PEARSE, MALCOLM L. - A Camera in Quathlamba. Photographing the Drakensberg
7776: PEARSE, G. E. - The Cape of Good Hope 1652-1833. An Account of Its Buildings and the Life of Its People
845: PEARSE, R. O. - Barrier of Spears. Drama of the Drakensburg
10797: PEARSON, SIMON - The Great Escaper. The Life and Death of Roger Bushell - Love, Betrayal, Big X and the Great Escape
28: PEARSON, BRUCE - An Artist on Migration
2959: PEARSON, JOHN - The Life of Ian Fleming
526: PEEBLES, IAN - Spinner's Yarn
5022: PEISER, GOETZ DAVID - Improvements in Burners for Oil Lamps
2960: PENNING, L. - De Held Van Spionkop. Een Verhaal Uit Den Engelsch-Zuid-Afrikaanschen Oorlog; 1899 - 1900
7239: PENNY, JOSHUA - The Life and Adventures of Joshua Penny
8792: PENROSE, BOIES - Travel and Discovery in the Renaissance 1420-1620
7348: PENZHORN, B L - Proceedings of a Symposium on the Sable Antelope As a Game Ranch Animal, Onderstepoort, 24-25 September 1992
3897: PERRY, J.G. - Footprints in Time - Cape
1657: PETERS, JAMES A. - Dictionary of Herpetology. A Brief and Meaningful Definition of Words and Terms Used in Herpetology
2961: PETERSEN, S.V. & P.J. PHILANDER - Keurverse. 'n Bloemlesing Uit Die Gedigte Van S.V. Petersen en P.J. Philander
6069: PETTIFORD, LLOYD, AND DAVID HARDING - Terrorism: The New World War
4254: PETTMAN, CHARLES - Africanderisms. A Glossary of South African Colloquial Words and Phrases and of Place and Other Names
6096: PHILANDER, P.J. - Konka
10510: THE PHILATELIC BUREAU, G.P.O. HEADQUARTERS - World Cup 1966. Gpo First Day Cover
11064: PHILLIPS, E. P. - A Preliminary List of Known Poisonous Plants Found in South Africa
2964: PHILLIPS, CRAIG - The Captive Sea; Life Behind the Scenes of the Great Modern Oceanariums;... With More Than 125 Original Illustrations by the Author
7508: PHILLIPS, E. PERCY - The Genera of South African Flowering Plants
2966: PHILLIPSON, D.W. (EDITOR) - Mosi-Oa-Tunya: A Handbook to the Victoria Falls Region
7301: PICARD, HYMEN W. J. - Grand Parade. The Birth of Greater Cape Town 1850-1913
7275: PICARD, HYMEN W. J. - Gentleman's Walk. The Romantic Story of Cape Town's Oldest Streets, Lanes and Squares
10632: PICARD, HYMEN - Cape Epic
5597: PICARD, HYMEN W.J. - Storm of Destiny
8657: PICARD, HYMEN W. J. - Gentleman's Walk. The Romantic Story of Cape Town's Oldest Streets, Lanes and Squares
8968: PICARD, HYMEN W. J. - Gentleman's Walk. The Romantic Story of Cape Town's Oldest Streets, Lanes and Squares
10954: PICARD, HYMEN W. J. - Lords of Stalplein: Biographical Miniatures of the British Governors of the Cape of Good Hope
7296: PICTON-SEYMOUR, DÉSIRÉE - Victorian Buildings in South Africa. Including Edwardian & Transvaal Republican Styles 1850-1910
6208: PICTON-SEYMOUR, DESIREE; TEXT BY R.I.B. WEBSTER - Western Provincial; an Album of Paintings & Drawings of the Western Cape
7528: PICTON-SEYMOUR, DÉSIRÉE (ILLUSTRATIONS), AND R. I. B. WEBSTER (TEXT) - Western Provincial. An Album of Paintings & Drawings of the Western Cape
11252: PIENAAR, U DE V, WITH W D HAACKE AND N H G JACOBSEN - The Reptiles of the Kruger National Park
10014: PIENAAR, KRISTO - Plant Inheems
10334: PIENAAR, KRISTO - Gardening with Indigenous Plants
6097: PIENAAR, A.A. - Maanhaar. The Adventures of a Lion-Family and Other East African Sketches
6098: PIENAAR, E.C. - Taal en Poësie Van Die Twede Afrikaanse Taalbeweging
6099: PIENAAR, KRISTO - Everyday Gardening. A South African Guide to Basic Gardening Practices
6139: PIENAAR, J. H. (WORDS), AND S. H. EYSSEN (MUSIC) - Ons Boerwording ('n Sangbeeld) 1942
6594: PIENAAR, U. DE V., WITH N. I. PASSMORE AND V. C. CARRUTHERS - The Frogs of the Kruger National Park. A Guide to a Group of Vertebrate Animals Known As "Amphibia" - Order Anura (Salientia) of the Kruger National Park
6600: PIENAAR, U. DE V., WITH I. L. RAUTENBACH AND G. DE GRAAFF - The Small Mammals of the Kruger National Park
1256: PIETERSE, H. J. C. - Volksaltare, of, 'n Veteraan Van Die Eerste Vryheidsoorlog. Persoonlike Herinneringe Van P.C. Joubert
4195: PIETERSE, COSMO, AND DONALD MUNRO (EDITORS) - Protest & Conflict in African Literature
8570: PIETERSE, SAREL - Boerumoer. Oom Gysbert Se Dorpstories
4761: PIFER, DRURY - Innocents in Africa. An American Family's Story
5496: PIM, JOANE - Beauty Is Necessary. Preservation or Creation of the Landscape
8894: PINHEY, ELLIOT - Hawk Moths of Central and Southern Africa
1884: PINK, ANNETTE AND PAUL WATKINS - See Madeira & the Canaries
10730: PINNOCK, DON - Blue Ice. Travels in Antarctica
10800: PIROW, OSWALD - Shangani
6100: PIROW, OSWALD - Ashambeni
1591: PIRRIT, JOHN - Across West Antarctica
8129: DU PISANI, ANDRÉ - Swa/Namibia: The Politics of Continuity and Change
6101: PITMAN, C.R.S. - Common Antelopes
140: PITTS, JOHN AND PETER JOYCE (EDITOR) - The Star. World War II 1939-1945
9199: PLATTER, JOHN AND ERICA - Africa Uncorked. Travels in Extreme Wine Territory
7793: PLATTES, GABRIEL - A Discovery of Subterraneall Treasure, Viz. Of All Manner of Mines and Mineralls, from the Gold to the Coale; with Plaine Directions and Rules for the Finding of Them in All Kingdomes and Countries
1175: PLAYER, IAN - Big Game
1583: PLAYER, IAN - Translocation of White Rhinoceros in South Africa
9568: PLAYER, IAN - The White Rhino Saga
7748: DU PLESSIS, N. M. (COMPILER) - The Tygerberg. The Story of the Tygerberg Hills and the Towns of Parow, Belville and Durbanville
7202: DU PLESSIS, I. D. - Tales from the Malay Quarter
1871: DU PLESSIS, I.D. - Buster, Sally and Mark. The Story of Three Dogs
2224: DU PLESSIS, I.D. - Aantekeninge Uit Tuynstraat; Herinneringe en Beskouings Deur I.D. Du Plessis
4424: DU PLESSIS, P. G. (COMPILER) - Hoogtepunte. 'n Keur Uit Die Artikels Wat in Vyftig Jaar in Die Huisgenoot Verskyn Het
5176: DU PLESSIS, GEZINA, AND MAGDALENA ELOFF - Die President en Ek. Herinneringe Aan President Paul Kruger Deur Magdalena Eloff Soos Vertel Aan Gezina Du Plessis
5486: DU PLESSIS, WENNIE - James Barry Munnik Hertzog - Die Mens
5547: DU PLESSIS, I. D. - Uit Die Ander Wêreld
7064: DU PLESSIS, I.D. - Ballade Van Die Eensame Seeman
8263: DU PLESSIS, I. D. - New Quatrains of Omar Khayyam and Other Poems
9673: DU PLESSIS, J. - The Evangelisation of Pagan Africa. A History of Christian Missions to the Pagan Tribes of Central Africa
9716: DU PLESSIS, H. - Bantoe-Jeuglewe
4688: PLOEGER, JAN AND H. ORBAN - Besonderhede in Verband Met de Volksstem en Wallachs' Drukkers & Uitgewers Maatskappy Beperk (1873-1960)
5959: PLOEGER, JAN AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Bewaring Van Ons Erfenis. Deel 1: Bewaring Van Ou Geboue en Histories Oorblyfsels
1154: PLOETZ (PLOETZ), KARL - Auszug Aus Der Alten, Mittleren, Neueren Und Neuesten Geschichte
10253: DU PLOOY, SAKKIE - Wonderwerke Op Die Grens
2267: MANUSCRIPT POEM - Cape Dutch Manuscript Poem in 12 Stanzas, Evidently Hand-Written by a Transvaler
10068: POGRUND, BENJAMIN - Sobukwe and Apartheid
214: POLE EVANS, I.B. (EDITOR) - Bothalia. Volume III. Part 1
215: POLE EVANS, I.B. (EDITOR) - Bothalia. Volume III. Part 2
216: POLE EVANS, I.B. (EDITOR) - Bothalia. Volume III. Part 3
1706: POLLARD, HUGH B. C. - Game Birds and Game Bird Shooting
2975: POLLARD, CAPTAIN A.O. - The Royal Air Force; a Concise History; with 24 Illustrations
2187: POLLOCK, N.C. & SWANZIE AGNEW - An Historical Geography of South Africa
969: POLLOCK, A. M. - Pienaar of Alamein: The Life Story of a Great South African Soldier
7464: POMEROY, A. S. - Notes on the Physical Oceanographic Environment of the Republic of South Africa
10741: PONTING, HERBERT G. - The Great White South: Or, with Scott in the Antarctic
2976: POOLEY, A.C. - Conservation of the Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus Niloticus)
4921: POOLEY, TONY - Discoveries of a Crocodile Man
8062: PORTNET (EDITORS), AND MIKE CREWE-BROWN (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Lighthouses of Southern Africa
8943: PORTNET (EDITORS), AND MIKE CREWE-BROWN (PHOTOGRAPHY) - Lighthouses of Southern Africa
2714: GROUP PORTRAIT - Some Well-Known South Africans
2939: ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT - Albumen Print(?) Portrait of W.H. Russell, Circa 1860s
1727: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - The Admiral's Baby
3182: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - Journey Into Russia
3477: VAN DER POST, LAURENS - A Walk with a White Bushman. Laurens Van Der Post in Conversation with Jean-Marc Pottiez
7534: POSTHUMUS MEYJES, R. - De Reis Van Joris Van Spilbergen Door Straat Magelhães Naar Oost-Indië en Terug Rond Zuid-Afrika in 1614-1617
1109: POSTMA, MINNIE - Lettie Bock Beland in Die Omnibus
5497: POSTMA, MINNIE - Legendes Uit Basoetoland
1612: POTGIETER, HERMAN (PHOTOGRAPHER) AND GUY BUTLER (TEXT) - South Africa. Landshapes. Landscapes. Manscapes
3928: POTGIETER, D. J, AND OTHERS (COMPILERS) - Animal Life in Southern Africa
5562: POTGIETER, F. J. - Suid-Afrika Se Water
11228: POTTER, URSULA BARNETT - Barnett Potter, a Fighter
10840: POWELL, IVOR (AUTHOR), AND MARK LEWIS (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Ndebele - a People & Their Art
5498: POYNTON, R.J. - Kenmerke en Gebruike Van Bome en Struike Beskikbaar Van Die Bosboudepartement (Hersien en Uitgebrei). Bulletin Nr. 39
1284: PRANCE, C.R. - Tante Rebella and Her Friends. Sketches of Backveld Life, Scenery and History
1393: DU PREEZ, MAX - Louis Luyt. Unauthorised
5300: DU PREEZ, MAX - Pale Native. Memories of a Renegade Reporter
9664: DU PREEZ, MAX - Of Tricksters, Tyrants and Turncoats: More Unusual Stories from South Africa's Past
2980: PRELLER, GUSTAV S. (ED) - Voortrekker Wetgewing; Notule Van Die Natalse Volksraad; 1839 - 1845. Met Inleiding en Aantekeninge Van Gustav S. Preller
2982: PRELLER, GUSTAV S. (TRANSLATOR) - Erasmus Se Erfgename; Blyspel in Drie Bedrywe Na Emile Zola Se "Les Heretiers Rabourdin;" in Afrikaans Oorgebring en Aangepas Deur Gustav Preller
2984: PRELLER, JOHANN F. (EDITOR) - Die Konvensie-Dagboek Van Sy Edelagbare François Stephanus Malan 1908 - 1909
2985: PRELLER, JOHANN F. (EDITOR) - Die Konvensie-Dagboek Van Sy Edelagbare François Stephanus Malan; 1908 - 1909
9173: PRELLER, GUSTAV S. - Ons Parool. Dae Uit Die Dagboek Van 'n Krygsgevangene
3248: WITWATERSRAND UNIVERSITY PRESS (PUBLISHER) - African Studies (Formerly Bantu Studies)
3249: WITWATERSRAND UNIVERSITY PRESS (PUBLISHER) - African Studies (Formerly Bantu Studies)
4219: PRESS, KAREN - The Little Museum of Working Life
4451: ODHAMS PRESS (PUBLISHERS) - The War in Pictures
7677: PRESTON, ANTONY - Pictorial History of South Africa
1685: PRESTWICH, ARTHUR A. - Relevé Des Psittacidés élevés en France
11106: PRETORIUS, P. J. - Jungle Man. The Autobiography of Major P.J. Pretorius C.M. G.D. S.O. And Bar

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