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7833: DANEEL, OUMATJIE - My Ships and Their Men
33: DANIEL, J. C., AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. Vol. 72, No. 1. April 1975
1072: DAVENPORT, T. R. H. - South Africa: A Modern History
5: DAVEY, KEITH - Australian Lizards
10962: DAVID, RICHARD (SELECTION) - Hakluyt's Voyages. A Selection
1974: DAVIDSON, BASIL - Africa. History of a Continent
10081: DAVIES, CAITLIN - The Return of el Negro
101: DAVIES, JOHN - The History of the Tahitian Mission 1799-1830
10486: DAVIES, CAITLIN - The Return of el Negro
2603: DAVIES, D.H. - The South African Pilchard (Sardinops Ocellata) and Maasbanker (Trachurus Trachurus); Bird Predators, 1954-55
612: DAWES, H. EDMUND - Landmarks of Old Durban. A Series of Documentary Programmes Broadcast from the Durban Studios of the South African Broadcasting Corporation
8627: DAWES, H. EDMUND - Landmarks of Old Durban. A Series of Documentary Programmes Broadcast from the Durban Studios of the South African Broadcasting Corporation
10346: DAWSON, ANN (AUTHOR), AND JEREMY BROWNE (PHOTOGRAPHER) - The Cape Whale Coast - Gateway to the Overberg Region of South Africa
7518: DAWSON, JOHN A., AND JOHN C. DOORNKAMP (EDITORS) - Evaluating the Human Environment. Essays in Applied Geography
11096: DAY, ERIC - Brigadier to Barman
10184: DAY, ANGELA - Modern Classics
2605: DAY, J.H. - Report by Professor J.H. Day on a Visit to St. Lucia Estuary, July, 1948
8938: DAY, J. H. - A Guide to Marine Life on South African Shores
10951: DEACON, H.J. & JANETTE - Human Beginnings in South Africa. Uncovering the Secrets of the Stone Age
6666: DEACON, H. J. - Where Hunters Gathered. A Study of Holocene Stone Age People in the Eastern Cape
6660: DEAN, W. RICHARD, AND SUZANNE J. MILTON (EDITORS) - The Karoo. Ecological Patterns and Processes
8709: DEAN, GEOFFREY - The Turnstone. A Doctor's Story
10505: DEANE, DEE SHIRLEY - Black South Africans. A Who's Who: 57 Profiles of Natal's Leading Blacks
10876: DECKER, JULES - Treasury of Nineteenth-Century Ornamental Metalwork
6885: DECLE, LIONEL - Three Years in Savage Africa
10235: UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE - General Management and Care of Horses and Treatment of Their Common Ailments
2612: DEIGHTON, LEN - Horse Under Water
1105: DEIST, FERDINAND - Pofadder en Peddelford. Strandveldstories
8646: DEIST, FERDINAND - Pofadder en Peddelford. Strandveldstories
2613: DEKKER, G. - Afrikaanse Literatuurgeskiedenis
11315: VAN DELDEN, GERTRUDE - I Have a Plan
10630: DELEGORGUE, ADULPHE - Adulphe Delegorgue's Travels in Southern Africa. Volume I
2614: DELIUS, ANTHONY - The Day Natal Took Off; a Satire
10400: DELPORT, STEF - Rondomtalie. Stories Uit Die Sabbatsvallei en Ander Vér Plekke
10775: DELY, FRANS (PHOTOGRAPHS), AND JOHN ILLSLEY AND OTHERS (TEXT) - Soaring with Eagles. The South African Air Force
6359: DELY, FRANS (PHOTOGRAPHS), AND JOHN ILLSLEY AND OTHERS (TEXT) - Soaring with Eagles. The South African Air Force
2615: DENBIGH, KATHLEEN - Preserving London
11269: DENNIS, NIGEL J (PHOTOGRAPHER), AND BOB SCHOLES (TEXT) - The Kruger National Park. Wonders of an African Eden
10832: DENNIS, NIGEL (PHOTOGRAPHER), WITH MICHAEL KNIGHT AND PETER JOYCE (AUTHORS) - The Kalahari. Survival in a Thirstland Wilderness
7693: DENNISON, C. G. - Zulu Frontiersman [a Fight to a Finish]
5584: DENOON, DONALD - A Grand Illusion. The Failure of Imperial Policy in the Transvaal Colony During the Period of Reconstruction 1900-05
10859: DENT, G. R., AND C. L. S. NYEMBEZI (COMPILERS) - Scholar's Zulu Dictionary. English-Zulu / Zulu-English
7785: DENTON, KIT - The Breaker
11076: SOUTH AFRICAN JEWISH BOARD OF DEPUTIES - South African Jews in World War II
2616: DESMOND, NERINE - Candlelight Poets of the Cape
2617: DHLOMO, H.I.E. - Valley of a Thousand Hills: A Poem
11068: DIBB, C. EMILY - Ivory, Apes and Peacocks
11224: DICEY, WILLIAM - Borderline
448: DICK, J. F., AND OTHERS - Poskantoorwoordeboek Met 'n Vertalende Lys Van Buitelandse Plekname/ Post Office Dictionary with a Bilingual List of Foreign Place Names. English-Afrikaans. Afrikaans-English
4170: DICKENS, CHARLES - My Early Times
2621: DICKINSON, H.W. - James Watt: Craftsman & Engineer
2622: DICKSON, C.G.C. - What Butterfly Is That?
2623: DICKSON, MAJ.-GEN. J.B.B. - Colour Portrait of Major-General J.B. B. Dickson, C.B. Commanding Fourth Cavalry Brigade, South African Field Force.
8711: DIGBY, PETER K A - Transvaal Scottish 1902 - 2002
1966: DE DILLMONT, THÉRÈSE - Encyclopedia of Needlework
7245: DIMBLEBY, K. G. - Hostilities Only
11002: DINGLE, D. - And the Doctor Recovered
9796: DIOP, CHEIKH ANTA - Black Africa. The Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federated State
1952: B & T DIRECTORIES - Swaziland. A Review of Commerce and Industry
1631: VAN DIS, ADRIAAN AND OTHERS - Die Vrijheid Verteld. Verhalen en Gedichten Voor Amnesty International
8388: DIXEY, F. - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 4: Some Aspects of the Geomorphology of Central and Southern Africa
4426: DLAMINI, C. R. M. - The Juridical Analysis and Critical Evaluation of Ilobolo in a Changing Zulu Society
1067: DO CANTO, BORGES - A Pesca Na Lagoa Panguila E Defumação Do Peixe
5035: DOBSON, AUSTIN - Horace Walpole. A Memoir. With an Appendix of Books Printed at the Strawberry Hill Press
3731: DODDS, DAVID A. - A Cradle of Rivers. The Natal Drakensberg
4524: DODDS, REG, AND PETER GROBBELAAR - Rekenaarwoordeboek
5405: DOKE, C.M., JULIUS LEWIN AND M.D.W. JEFFREYS - African Studies (Formerly Bantu Studies) Volume 9 No 4. December 1950
10116: DOMMISSE, EBBE, AND ALF RIES - Leierstryd. Die Dramas Rondom Die Uittrede Van Pres. P.W. Botha
7482: DONALDSON, ANDREW, AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Undoing Independence: Regionalism and the Reincorporation of Transkei Into South Africa
7670: DONALDSON, K. C. (EDITOR) - The South African Sporting Encyclopaedia and Who's Who (First Edition)
7092: DÖNGES, T. E., AND OTHERS - Generaal Hertzog
8189: DONNOLLY, F. A. (TEXT), AND ELIZABETH MCCORMICK (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Pappa Baboon. A Tale of Unusual Adventure
4110: DONOVAN, DICK - Eugéne Vidocq. Soldier, Thief, Spy, Detective. A Romance Founded on Facts
2628: DÖRING, HEINRICH - Friedrichs Von Schiller Leben. Mit Schillers Portrait Und Einem Fac Simile
11276: DOUGLAS, M. - The Cape and Its Story
2629: DOUGLAS, C.W.H. - Major-General C.W. H. Douglas, A.D. C. Commanding Ninth Brigade, South African Field Force; Colour Portrait of.
6945: DOUGLASS, ARTHUR (CHAIRMAN OF SELECT COMMITTEE), AND OTHERS - Cape of Good Hope. Report of the Select Committee on Domesticated & Wild Ostriches
5443: O'DOWD, MICHAEL - South Africa. The Growth Imperative
10923: DOWNER, JOHN - Supersense. Perception in the Animal World
8876: DOWSON, THOMAS A. - Rock Engravings of Southern Africa
10908: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes
2002: DOYLE, RODDY - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
3518: DOYLE, A. CONAN - Adventures of Gerard
5208: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Lost World. Being an Account of the Recent Amazing Adventures of Professor George E. Challenger, Lord John Roxton, Professor Summerlee, and Mr E.D. Malone of the Daily Gazette
10187: DRAKE, JUSTINE - Flavour. Feast Your Senses
10999: DRASCHER, W., AND H. J. RUST (EDITORS) - Ein Leben Für Südwestafrika: Festschrift Dr. H.C. Heinrich Vedder
11272: DRAYSON, A. W. - Among the Zulus; the Adventures of Hans Sterk, South African Hunter and Pioneer
2109: DREYER, A. - Het Christelijk Huisgezin. Een Boek Voor Ouders
8121: DREYER, NIC (EDITOR) - ABC Vir Geskiedenisonderrig Vir Senior Primêr en Junior Sekondêr
8779: DREYER, NIC (EDITOR) - ABC Vir Geskiedenisonderrig Vir Senior Primêr en Junior Sekondêr
2630: DRIBERG, J.H. - The East African Problem
10578: DRUMMOND, HENRY - Tropical Africa
2631: DRUMMOND, R.B. & KEITH COATES PALGRAVE - Common Trees of the Highveld
2632: DRURY-LOWE, DRURY - Lieutenant-General Sir Drury Drury-Lowe, G.C. B. Colonel of the 17th Lancers; Colour Portrait of.
2140: DS. E.C.A. (PEN-NAME) - Die Lewe Van Danie Odendaal: 'n Suid-Afrikaanse Billy Bray
5707: DUBY, SAM. - Hlaloso Ea Buka Ea Tsenolo
2636: DUDLEY, HUBERT - Scars: A South African's Views on the Scars of the War-Told in Stories and Sketches
11147: DUGGAN-CRONIN, A[LFRED] M[ARTIN] - The Suto-Chuana Tribes. Sub-Group III: The Southern Basotho
1372: DUGGAN, ALAN, AND PETER JOYCE (TEXT) - Southern Africa. Spectacular World of Wildlife
11146: DUGGAN-CRONIN, A[LFRED] M[ARTIN] - The Suto-Chuana Tribes. Sub-Group II: The Bapedi (Transvaal Basotho)
11145: DUGGAN-CRONIN, A[LFRED] M[ARTIN] - The Vathonga (the Thonga-Shangaan People)
10912: DUKAGJINI, LEKË - Kanuni I Lekë Dukagjinit / the Code of Lekë Dukagjini
7096: DUMINY, P. A. - Die Begaafde Kind
9219: DUNCAN, G. D. [GRAHAM] - The Lachenalia Handbook. A Guide to the Genus, with Introductory Notes on History, Identification and Cultivation, with Descriptions of the Species and Colour Illustrations
8279: DUNLOP, RICHARD - Wheels West 1590-1900
10806: DURBACH, RENEÉ - Kipling's South Africa
1123: DUXBURY, G. R. (PREFACE) - South African National War Museum. Catalogue of Military Orders, Decorations and Medals Displayed in the Medal Section of the South African National War Museum, Johannesburg
1047: DYER, JOHN B. - Ingilube: The Wonderful Adventures of a Young Zulu Warrior
211: DYER, R.A. (EDITOR) - Bothalia. Volume VI. Part 3
212: DYER, R.A. (EDITOR) - Bothalia. Volume VI. Part 4
218: DYER, R. ALLEN (EDITOR) - The Flowering Plants of Africa No. 105 Vol. 27 Part 1 for September 1948
227: DYER, R. ALLEN (EDITOR) - The Flowering Plants of Africa No. 114 Vol. 29 Part 2 for December 1952
228: DYER, R. ALLEN (EDITOR) - The Flowering Plants of Africa No. 116 Vol. 29 Part 4 for September 1953
235: DYER, R. ALLEN (EDITOR) - The Flowering Plants of Africa No. 141 and 142 Vol. 36 Parts 1 and 2 for December 1963
6596: VAN DYK, ANN - The Cheetahs of de Wildt
29: EARLÉ, ROY, AND NICK GROBLER - First Atlas of Bird Distribution in the Orange Free State
6586: EARLÉ, ROY A. (EDITOR) - Where to Watch Birds in the Orange Free State. A Guide to Some Good Birdwatching Areas in the O.F. S. / Waar Om Voëls in Die Oranje-Vrystaat Waar Te Neem. 'n Gids Tot Sekere Voëlryke Areas in Die O.V. S.
3294: EAVE, GEOFF - Voluntate Servio. A History of the Mines Rescue Service in Northern Kwazulu-Natal 1925-2000
8306: EBERSOHN, A. J. J. - Die Algemene Verkiesing Van 1981: 'n Oorsig
4206: VAN ECK, H. J. - Hoernlé Memorial Lecture 1951. Some Aspects of the South African Industrial Revolution
7474: VARIOUS EDITORS - The Auk. A Quarterly Journal of Ornithology
4528: TERMINOLOGY BUREAU OF THE DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL EDUCATION (COMPILERS) - Radio- en Televisiewoordeboek / Dictionary of Radio and Television
10202: EDWARDS, LLOYD - Scenes from Algoa Bay. Photographic Guide to the Marine Mammals and Seabirds of Port Elizabeth
2641: EDWARDS, DENZIL - A Plant Ecological Survey of the Tugela River Basin
5587: EDWARDS, TERRY - Seasons of Change. 100 Years of the Natal Agricultural Union
1036: VAN EEDEN, GUY - Die Vuur Brand Nader
6301: VAN EEDEN, O.R. - Geological Survey Memoir No. 33. The Geology of the Country Around Bethlehem and Kestell with Special Reference to Oil Indications
11116: EGERSDÖRFER, HEINRICH - 1. The Convict Station at Storms River, Tzitzikama. 2. Road Inspector's House [Hand-Coloured Woodcut from 'the South African Illustrated News' of 28th February, 1885]
426: EILERSEN, GILLIAN STEAD - Bessie Head - Thunder Behind Her Ears. Her Life and Writing
4493: EKSTEEN, LOUIS - Die Afrikaanse Woord. Kort Stukke Oor Die Woordeskat Uit Die Radiorubriek Weeklikse Woordeboek
2087: ELFERS, AUGUST - Bilder Aus Dem Gallaland
2643: ELFFERS, HUBERTUS - Impressions by the Way
2644: ELFFERS, HUBERTUS - Impressions by the Way
8530: ELKINS, CAROLINE - Britain's Gulag. The Brutal End of Empire in Kenya
7401: ELLENBERGER, V. - A Century of Mission Work in Basutoland (1833-1933)
6803: ELLERMAN, J.R., WITH T.C.S. MORRISON-SCOTT AND R.W. HAYMAN - Southern African Mammals 1758 to 1951: A Reclassification
5720: ELLIOT, GERALDINE - Kunyenyeza Esikhotheni
11180: ELLIOTT, ARTHUR, AND W. R. MORRISON - South Africa Through the Centuries. Told in a Series of 1,100 Photographs by W.R. Morrison
5438: ELLIOTT, MAJOR W. J. - The Victoria Cross in Zululand and South Africa. Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift
6857: ELLIOTT, W. A. - Gold from the Quartz
3602: ELLIS, CHRIS - The Soft Edges of Family Practice
2645: ELLMAN, A. - South African Anecdotes, Collected from Various Sources, Oral and Written
10765: ELOFF, DAVID - 50 Years of Sawmillers in Salma
586: ELOFF, J. F., AND R. D. COERTZE (EDITORS) - Etnografiese Studies in Suidelike Afrika
7095: ELOFF, F. C., AND R. J. LABUSCHAGNE - Ontdekkers Van Afrika
3682: VAN DER ELST, RUDY - A Guide to the Common Sea Fishes of Southern Africa
7081: VAN DER ELST, R.P., AND F. ADKIN (EDITORS) - Marine Linefish. Priority Species and Research Objectives in Southern Africa
7230: ENGELBRECHT, GERT CORNELIS ('GERT SARRISAM') - Vonke Uit Die Koeroeklip. 'n Eie Verhaal Uit Namakwaland
2098: ENGELBRECHT, S.P. - Geschiedenis Van de Nederduits Hervormde Kerk in Zuid-Afrika: Deel I
5529: ENGELENBURG, F. V. - General Louis Botha
1891: ENGELMANN, EMIL - Die Frithiofs-Sage. Das Lied Von Frithiof Dem Kühnen Für Das Deutsche Haus.
7791: EPPEL, JOHN - Spoils of War
1852: ERDBRINK, D. P. - A Review of Fossil and Recent Bears of the Old World with Remarks on Their Phylogeny Based Upon Their Dentition. Volume 1
1201: ROSENTHAL ERIC - Stars and Stripes in Africa
8147: ERIKSEN, THOMAS HYLLAND - Ethnicity and Nationalism
4104: ESQUEMELING, JOHN - The Buccaneers of America
334: ESTERHUYSEN, MATTHY - Gedenkpennings Ter Ere Van President S.J. P. Kruger. In Besit Van Die Nasionale Kultuurhistoriese en Opelugmuseum Pretoria
9580: ETTINGHAUSEN, RICHARD - Treasures of Asia: Arab Painting
7159: EVANS, DAVID S., AND OTHERS - Herschel at the Cape. Diaries & Correspondence of Sir John Herschel, 1834 -1838
2647: EVANS, HILARY - The Art of Picture Research: A Guide to Current Practice, Procedure, Techniques and Resources
3297: EVANS, RICHARD - Deng Xiaoping and the Making of Modern China
478: EVANS, GODFREY - Action in Cricket
479: EVANS, GODFREY - The Gloves Are Off
7462: EVANS, A. M., AND BOTHA DE MEILLON - Notes on Anopheles Demeilloni (Transvaalensis) and Anopheles Garnhami in South Africa, with Descriptions of New Varieties of These Species
7698: EVANS, PAT (PHOTOGRAPHER), AND PETER JOYCE (TEXT EDITOR) - The Golden Escarpment. The Story of the Eastern Transvaal
9854: EVELEIGH, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Story of a Century 1823-1923
11100: D'EWES, DUDLEY - Mydorp: Portrait of a Platteland Boyhood
10623: D'EWES, DUDLEY - Wayward Naturalist
2378: JOHANNESBURG STOCK EXCHANGE - Rules and Regulations of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, 1903
2537: EXELL, A. W., AND F. A. MENDONÇA - Conspectus Florae Angolensis Elaborado Pelo Instituto Botanico de Coimbra Com a Colaboração Do Museu Britanico (British Museum); Vol. I. Fasc. 1, Pág. IX - XXIV, 1 - 176... Ranunculaceae-Malvaceae; por A.W. Exell E F.A. Mendonça...
2223: EYBERS, D. G.W. - Bepalingen en Instructiën Voor Het Bestuur Van de Buitendistricten Van de Kaap de Goede Hoop (1805); Uitgegeven Door D.G. W. Eybers M.A... .
2080: EYRE, MORNA - Otter in Our Parlour
11318: FAGAN, GAWIE AND GWEN - Church Street in the Land of Waveren
7878: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA - Along Cape Roads, Being the Wanderings of a Stranger at the Cape of Good Hope
10650: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA - Historic Houses of South Africa
1100: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA - The Pilgrim's Way in South Africa
2649: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA - Gardens of South Africa, with Some Chapters on Practical Gardening Under South African Conditions and Some Notes on the Cultivation of South African Wild Flowers...
6841: FAIRBRIDGE, DOROTHEA - The Pilgrim's Way in South Africa
4021: FALL, JOHN - Wisdom of Years
1679: FARKAS, T. - Contribution to the Bird Fauna of Barberspan
1800: FARKAS, T. - Bird Communities of the False Upper Karoo
2278: FARMER, BERNARD J. - The Gentle Art of Book-Collecting
1908: FARWELL, BYRON - The Man Who Presumed. A Biography of Henry M. Stanley
11150: FASOLD, RALPH - The Sociolinguistics of Society
4550: FAULKNER, ROSE E. - Joseph Sidney Hill. First Bishop of Western Equatorial Africa
480: FAULKNER, G. A. - Cricket: Can It Be Taught? by G.A. Faulkner, Member South African Cricket Teams: 1905-6, 1908-9, 1909-10, 1912
1550: FAULL, CHARLES A.L. (EDITOR) - Form Bloodhorse. Racing and Breeding
4939: FEELY, J. M. - Background to the Natural History of Zululand
7116: FEETHAM, R. - Die Wet Oor Die Hoë Hof Van Die Parlement en Die Gesag Van Die Reg
10992: FEHR, WILLIAM - The Old Town House. Its Place in the History of Cape Town / Die Burger Raad- en Waghuis. Sy Plek in Die Geskiedenis Van Kaapstad
8265: FEHR, WILLIAM - Treasures of the Castle of Good Hope / Skatte in Die Kasteel de Goede Hoop
9681: FEHR, WILLIAM - The Old Town House. Its Place in the History of Cape Town / Die Burger Raad- en Waghuis. Sy Plek in Die Geskiedenis Van Kaapstad
5981: FEINSTEIN, ANDREW - After the Party. A Personal and Political Journey Inside the Anc
11080: FELDMAN, LEIBL - Oudtshoorn: Jerusalem of Africa
2208: FERGUSON, W.T. & R.F.M. IMMELMAN (COMPILERS) - Sir John Herschel and Education at the Cape: 1834-1840
3298: FERGUSON, GUS - Carpe Diem. Poems & Drawings by Gus Ferguson
8094: FERGUSON, DUNCAN - Civilisation for Africa
8611: FERGUSON, A. L. - Duncan Ferguson of Port Elizabeth
5487: FERNANDES, A. (EDITOR) - Flora de Mocambique. Nos: 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55
2128: FERREIRA, I.L. - Die Teologiese Seminarium Van Stellenbosch: 1858-1963
8781: FERREIRA, O.J.O. - 'n Volk Se Hulde. Die Geskiedenis Van Die Sentrale Volksmonumentekomitee
4433: FERRIS, ASHLEY LOUISE - Terms of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange / Terme Van Die Johannesburgse Effektebeurs
7983: FFOLLIOTT, PAMELA, AND E. L. H. CROFT - One Titan at a Time
9710: FFOLLIOTT, PAMELA, AND E. L. H. CROFT - One Titan at a Time
10681: FIELDING, DENIS, AND PAUL STARKEY (EDITORS) - Donkeys, People and Development. A Resource Book of the Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (Atnesa)
1910: FIELDING, HENRY - The Life of Mr Jonathan Wild the Great
9650: FIELDING, P. J., AND OTHERS (CONTRIBUTORS) - Transkei Coastal Fisheries Resources. Report on the Survey of Fisheries Resources on the Transkei Coast Which Was Carried out by the Oceanographic Research Institute and the University of Transkei, April 1993
9730: FIELDING, W. L. - With the 6th Div. An Account of the Activities of the 6th South African Armoured Division in World War II
10913: FIELL, CHARLOTTE & PETER - 1000 Chairs
10721: FIENNES, RANULPH - Captain Scott
9794: FILLING, BRIAN, AND SUSAN STUART (EDITORS) - The End of a Regime? an Anthology: Scottish-South African Writing Against Apartheid
10281: FINAUGHTY, WILLIAM - The Recollections of William Finaughty, Elephant Hunter 1864-1875
6457: FINAUGHTY, WILLIAM - The Recollections of William Finaughty, Elephant Hunter 1864-1875
11299: FINCH, J. R. (COMPILER) - The Cape of Good Hope: Being the Official Handbook of the City of Capetown
8232: FINCH, J. R. (COMPILER) - The Cape of Good Hope: Being the Official Handbook of the City of Capetown
327: FINCHER, NELLIE - Good Measure. A Novel of S. African Interest
1569: FINGLETON, JACK - Masters of Cricket. From Trumper to May
9578: FISCHER, HANNELORE (TEXT) - Käthe Kollwitz
990: FISCHER, MARIA A. - Kampdagboek
2652: FITTER, R.S.R. - London's Natural History
10874: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Beautiful and the Damned
11069: FITZPATRICK , J. PERCY - Through Mashonaland with Pick and Pen
7847: FITZPATRICK, PERCY - South African Memories. Scraps of History
7921: FITZPATRICK, PERCY - The Outspan. Tales of South Africa
10825: FITZPATRICK , J. PERCY - Through Mashonaland with Pick and Pen
5223: FITZROY, ROBERT, AND OTHERS - A Narrative of the Voyage of H.M. S. Beagle
9636: FITZROY, V. M. - Eat and Be Merry. A Book About People and Food
11292: FITZSIMONS, F.W. - The House Fly. A Slayer of Man
1901: FITZSIMONS, F.W. - The House Fly. A Slayer of Man
2653: FITZSIMONS, V.F.M. - A Field Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa; with Twelve Colour Plates by A.H. Barratt
4086: FITZSIMONS, F. W. - Snakes
6558: FITZSIMONS, F. W. - The Snakes of South Africa. Their Venom and the Treatment of Snake Bite
6601: FITZSIMONS, F. W. - The Monkeyfolk of South Africa
6611: FITZSIMONS, F. W. - How to Catch Snakes
7040: FITZSIMONS, DESMOND C. - Recent Advances in the Therapeutic Uses and Possibilities of Snake Venoms for the Treatment of Epilepsy, Etc.
9835: FITZSIMONS, VIVIAN F. M. - Snakes of Southern Africa
4323: FLEISCHER, ANTHONY - Children of Adamastor
2655: FLEISCHMANN, LOUIS - In Memoriam: Louis Fleischmann, Born Aug. 18th, 1836; Died Sept. 25th, 1904.
1703: FLEMING, C. A. - New Zealand Flycatchers of the Genus Petroica Swainson
2656: FLEMMING, LEONARD - A Settler's Scribblings in South Africa
8074: FLEMMING, LEONARD - The Odd Koppie of a Veld Fool
6992: FLEMMINGER, DAVID - Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape
141: FLETCHER, JILL - The Story of Theatre in South Africa. A Guide to Its History from 1780-1930
2657: FLETCHER, JILL - The Story of Theatre in South Africa; a Guide to Its History from 1780 - 1930
5049: FLETCHER, JILL - The Story of Theatre in South Africa. A Guide to Its History from 1780 - 1930
6204: FLETCHER, JILL - The Story of Theatre in South Africa. A Guide to Its History from 1780-1930
7349: FLETCHER, JILL - The Story of Theatre in South Africa. A Guide to Its History from 1780 - 1930
85: FLINT, W., AND J. D. F. GILCHRIST (EDITORS) - Science in South Africa: A Handbook and Review
7006: FLÜGGE, C. A. - Der Schriftforscher. Beiträge Zur Erleichterung Des Bibelstudiums
11204: FOLEY, H (SIGNED BY) - A Xhosa Woman
6075: FOLEY, CHARLES - Commando Extraordinary
4797: FOLLETT, KEN - Lie Down with Lions
2658: FOOT, HENRY MARTYN - Cutting Capers; Caper Sauce and Other Poems
10276: FORAN, W. ROBERT - Kill or Be Killed: The Rambling Reminiscensces of an Amateur Hunter
1544: FORBES, ARCHIBALD - The "Black Watch". The Record of an Historic Regiment
5220: FORBES-MITCHELL, WILLIAM - The Relief of Lucknow
5642: FORD, BORIS (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain. Volume 2: The Middle Ages
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4564: HUNTER, WILLIAM - Travels Through France, Turkey, and Hungary, to Vienna, in 1792. To Which Are Added, Several Tours in Hungary, in 1799 and 1800. In a Series of Letters to His Sister in England
6916: HUNTLEY, BRIAN J., AND OTHERS (EDITORS) - Strelitzia 1. Botanical Diversity in Southern Africa. Proceedings of a Conference on the Conservation and Utilization of Southern African Botanical Diversity, Cape Town, September 1993
3786: HURWITZ, N. - Agriculture in Natal 1860-1950
10635: HUTCHINSON, MICHAEL (COMPILER) - Bo-Kaap. Colourful Heart of Cape Town
1435: HUTCHINSON, LUCY - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson. Governor of Nottingham Castle and Town, Representative of the County of Nottingham in the Long Parliament, and of the Town of Nottingham in the First Parliament of Charles II, Etc.
139: HUTTON, DOUGLAS - A Roving Scot
2762: HUTTON, MAJ.-GEN. E.T.H. - Colour Portrait of Major-General E.T. H. Hutton, C.B. , A.D. C. Commanding First Mounted Infantry Brigade, South Africa.
926: HUXLEY, ELSPETH - A New Earth: An Experiment in Colonialism
5328: VAN HUYSSTEEN, TERS (TEXT), AND HANNES MEIRING (ILLUSTRATIONS) - Deel Een Van Hart Van Die Boland: Die Nederlandse Komponent.
1172: HYLAND, PAUL - Ralegh's Last Journey. A Tale of Madness, Vanity and Treachery
10572: HYMNS, G. T. (HONORARY EDITOR) - The Journal of the South African Muzzle Loaders Association / Die Tydskrif Van Die Suid-Afrikaanse Voorlaaiersvereniging. Vol. 2 No. 3
10968: HYSLOP, JONATHAN - The Notorious Syndicalist. Jt Bain - a Scottish Rebel in Colonial South Africa
10713: ILLSLEY, JOHN WILLIAM - In Southern Skies. A Pictorial History of Early Aviation in Southern Africa 1816-1940
8212: IMMELMAN, R. F. M. - Men of Good Hope. The Romantic Story of the Cape Town Chamber of Commerce 1804 - 1954
2974: POLISH MINISTRY OF INFORMATION - The German New Order in Poland
6396: GLOBAL ART INFORMATION (COMPILERS & PUBLISHERS) - The South African Art Information Directory 07
2417: INGHAM, KENNETH - Jan Christian Smuts; the Conscience of a South African
7070: INGLIS, FRANCIS CAIRD - Dear Auld Reekie. Camera Pictures of Edinburgh
5569: INGPEN, BRIAN, AND ROBERT PABST - Maritime South Africa: A Pictorial History
7291: INGPEN, BRIAN, AND ROBERT PABST - Maritime South Africa: A Pictorial History
10981: INGPEN, BRIAN - Unicorn: Navigating New Frontiers
6279: INGRAM, ALEXANDER, AND BOTHA DE MEILLON - A Mosquito Survey of Certain Parts of South Africa, with Special Reference to the Carriers of Malaria and Their Control
634: INGRAM, J. FORSYTH - The Colony of Natal. An Official Illustrated Handbook and Railway Guide
9666: INNES, CLIVE - Cacti and Succulents
6873: INSKEEP, R. R. - The Peopling of Southern Africa
5653: ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute. Volume the Thirteenth 1881-82.
5654: ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute. Volume XX. 1888-9.
5656: ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute. Volume XXXI. 1899-1900
5658: ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute. Volume XXXIV. 1902-1903
5659: ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute. Volume XXXVIII. 1906-1907
5657: ROYAL COLONIAL INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute. Volume XXXII. 1900-1901
2769: IRWIN, RAYMOND - The English Library: Sources and History
2770: IRWIN, RAYMOND - The Origins of the English Library
2771: ISEMONGER, R.M. - Snakes of Africa
8528: IVERACH, JOHN E. - Tales from the Kraal
8848: IVERACH, JOHN E. - Tales from the Kraal
10161: VAN JAARSVELD, ERNST - Wonderful Waterwise Gardening
3186: VAN JAARSVELD, (DR.) F.A. - Veldkornet A.P. Van Der Walt; Die Man Op Wie Se Plaas Pretoria Uitgelê Is
3988: VAN JAARSVELD, DR. F.A. - Die Eenheidstrewe Van Die Republikeinse Afrikaners. Deel 1. Pioniershartstogte (1836-1864)
4207: VAN JAARSVELD, F. A. - Die Verstedeliking Van Die Afrikaner
5504: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A. (EDITOR) - Historia. Jaargang 23 Nr. 1. Mei 1978
5507: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A. (EDITOR) - Historia. Jaargang 26 Nr. 1. Mei 1981
5508: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A. (EDITOR) - Historia. Jaargang 26 Nr. 2. September 1981
5509: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A. (EDITOR) - Historia. Jaargang 28 Nr. 2. September 1983
5510: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A. (EDITOR) - Historia. Jaargang 29 Nr. 1. Mei 1984
5511: VAN JAARSVELD, F.A. (EDITOR) - Historia. Jaargang 31nr. 2. September 1985
8162: VAN JAARSVELD, F. A., AND J. I. RADEMEYER - Teorie en Metodiek Vir Geskiedenisonderrig
8164: VAN JAARSVELD, F. A. - Van Van Riebeeck Tot Verwoerd 1652 - 1966
8788: VAN JAARSVELD, F. A. - Geskiedkundige Verkenninge
3733: JABAVU, NONI - Drawn in Colour: African Contrasts
10965: JACKSON, ALFRED DE JAGER - Manna in the Desert. A Revelation of the Great Karroo
7624: JACKSON, W. P. U. (EDITOR) - False Bay 21 Years on - an Environmental Assessment. Proceedings of the Symposium Held Under the Auspices of the Royal Society of South Africa on 11-12 September 1989 at the Athenaeum, Newlands, Cape
2175: JACKSON, MABEL V. - European Powers and South-East Africa; a Study of International Relations on the South-East Coast of Africa, 1796-1856
9189: JACKSON, W. P. U. - Origins and Meanings of South African Plant Genera
3885: JACOBS, GIDEON (COMPILER) - South Africa - the Road Ahead
1741: JACOBSEN, N.H.G. - Birds of the Sengwa Wildlife Research Area, Zimbabwe - Rhodesia
326: JACOBSON, DAN - The Price of Diamonds
393: JACOBSON, DAN - A Dance in the Sun
10756: JACOBSSON, D. - Maize Turns to Gold
2774: JACOBSSON, D. - Fifty Golden Years of the Rand; 1886 - 1936
4823: JAFF, FAY - They Came to South Africa
6840: JAFF, FAY - They Came to South Africa
2055: JAMIESON, DOROTHY - The Memory Be Green
2776: JANSE, A.J.T. - Rambles in Kloof and Mountain. A Natural History Reader for South African Schools
2204: JANSEN, CHRIS - Face of South Africa
7099: JANSEN, J. P., AND G. D. SCHOLTZ - Afrika en Asië in 1965
1553: JEANNERAT, PIERRE - Flying to 3000 B.C.
2777: JEFFERSON, ROBERT JAMES T. - Mona's Lament and Other Poems by a Cape Colonist (R.J. T.J. )
1364: JEFFERY, ANTHEA - Bill of Rights Report 1996/97
6884: JEFFERY, ANTHEA - The Natal Story: Sixteen Years of Conflict
3423: JEFFREY, ROBIN (EDITOR) - Asia - the Winning of Independence
576: JEFFREYS, KATHLEEN M. - Kaapse Archiefstukken Lopende over Het Jaar 1783 Deel I . Afgeschreven en Van Een Register Voorzien Door Kathleen M. Jeffreys, M.A. , Van Het Kaapse Archief
10207: JENKINS, ANDREW - Southern Africa's Birds of Prey
886: JENKINS, GEOFFREY - The Watering Place of Good Peace
7232: JENNINGS, GWEN - Franschhoek Memories. Life in the French Valley
11062: JENNINGS, GWEN - Franschhoek Memories. Life in the French Valley
11218: JENNINGS, ANDREW - Foul! the Secret World of Fifa: Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandals
7876: JEPPE, CARL - The Kaleidoscopic Transvaal
2779: JEPPE, CARL - Article/Artikel 137
873: JESSE, J. HENEAGE - Literary and Historical Memorials of London
10049: JEX, R M - Vw Polo Service and Repair Manual
10872: JHA, ALOK - The Water Book
5519: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Heat and Dust
11217: JHABVALA, RUTH PRAWER - Heat and Dust
10344: JOFFE, PITTA - Creative Gardening with Indigenous Plants
2781: JOHANSON, B. (COMPILER) - 100 Years: Commemorating the Centenary of the Arrival in Natal of Daniel and Caroline Nielsen in August, 1860...
10205: JOHNSON, DAVID, AND OTHERS - Great Garden Birds. The Best Tips & Advice from Africa - Birds & Birding
10745: JOHNSON, G. L., AND OTHERS (SCIENTIFIC COORDINATORS) - [Map of Antarctica] General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (Gebco). Polar Stereographic Projection
1832: JOHNSON, JILL - South Africa Speaks
2782: JOHNSON, GEO. H. - Rhodesian Inspirations
2783: JOHNSON, JAMES RALPH - Animal Paradise
3475: JOHNSON, STANLEY - Antarctica: The Last Great Wilderness
8058: JOHNSON, SHAUN - The Native Commissioner. A Novel
9795: JOHNSON, PHYLLIS, AND DAVID MARTIN - Apartheid Terrorism. The Destabilization Report
10608: JOHNSTON, BOB, AND DEREK STUART-FINDLAY - The Motorist's Paradise. An Illustrated History of Early Motoring in and Around Cape Town
7735: JOHNSTON, R.H. - Early Motoring in South Africa
2784: JOHNSTONE, (SGT.) BILL - Mixed Mirages
3819: JOHNSTONE, MICHAEL - The Freemasons. The Illustrated Book of an Ancient Brotherhood
6134: JOHNSTONE, SGT. BILL - Mixed Mirages
7429: JOLLY, ROSEMARY JANE - Colonization, Violence, and Narration in White South African Writing: André Brink, Breyten Breytenbach, and J.M. Coetzee
7257: JONES, NEVILLE - Rhodesian Genesis. The Story of the Early Days of Southern Rhodesia Compiled from the Reminiscences of Some of the Pioneers
5845: JONES, NEVILLE - Rhodesian Genesis. The Story of the Early Days of Southern Rhodesia Compiled from the Reminiscences of Some of the Pioneers
7037: DE JONG, FRANK (COMPILER) - Cape Town and Its Surroundings
2608: DE JONGH, M.A. - Redevoering en Gebed, Gedaan in de Algemeene Vergadering Van Het Nederlandsche Zendelinggenootschap; Gehouden Te Rotterdam, Den 21 Julij 1836
5468: JONKER, ABR. H. - Die Plaasverdeling
6273: JOOSTE, G. A. - Blue Sweat
11306: JORDAN, A C - The Wrath of the Ancestors
6913: JORDAN, GROUP CAPTAIN REG (LUCKY) - To Burma Skies and Beyond. An Airman's Story
2787: JORISSEN, E.J.P. - Brokstukke Uit Die Reisbeskrywing Van Dr. E.J. P. Jorissen
865: JOSEPH, HELEN - Side by Side: The Autobiography of Helen Joseph
6998: JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS - Josephus Complete Works
10526: JOUBERT, ELSA - Die Reise Van Isobelle
10527: JOUBERT, ELSA - Missionaris
1206: JOUBERT, DIAN, COMPILER - Teer-en-Veer in 1932: Rondom Die Lamont-Saak
1208: JOUBERT, DIAN, COMPILER - Oorlogsverklaring 1939: Drama in Die Volksraad
328: JOUBERT, ELSA - The Last Sunday
4355: JOUBERT, MARLISE (COMPILER) - Versindaba 2006
4373: JOUBERT, DIAN (COMPILER) - Die Kaapse Stemreg. Verteenwoordiging Vir Swart en Bruin in 1936
6063: JOUBERT, ELSA - The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena
6119: JOUBERT, ELSA - Swerwer in Die Herfsland
8149: JOUBERT, ELSA - Bonga
8326: JOUBERT, DIAN (COMPILER) - Met Iemand Van 'n Ander Kleur. Beskouings en Wetgewing Oor Ontug
8328: JOUBERT, JAN ABRAHAM - Die Sentrale Geloftefeeskomitee 1962 - 1992
9718: JOUBERT, W. A., AND OTHERS - Die Paarl: Sy Ontstaan en Groei. Saamgestel by Geleentheid Van Die Driehonderdjarige Van Riebeeckfees
2243: SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL - South African Journal; No. II. March-April, 1824
11317: JOWELL, PHYLLIS, AND ADRIENNE FOLB - Into Kokerboom Country. Namaqualand's Jewish Pioneers
10902: JOY, EDWARD T. - Chairs
1174: JOYCE, PETER - Globetrotter Travel Guide: Cape Town
3843: JOYCE, PETER - Flower Watch. A Guide to the Cape's Floral Wonders
8982: JUBB, R. A. (AUTHOR), AND H. M. JUBB (ILLUSTRATOR) - Freshwater Fishes of Southern Africa
8393: JUDD, WILLIAM R. - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 10: Geotechnical Communication Problems
6317: JULIEN, PAUL - Pygmeeën. Vijfentwintig Jaar Dwergen-Onderzoek in Equatoriaal Afrika
6318: JULIEN, PAUL - Kampvuren Langs de Evenaar. Herinneringen Aan Tien Jaar Anthropolgisch Onderzoek in West- en Centraal Afrika
6319: JULIEN, PAUL - Zonen Van Cham. Onder Oost-Afrikaanse Steppevolken
6999: JUNG, SIEGFRIED - Albanien. Ein Reisebericht
7074: "ALLAN JUNIOR" (FOREWORD) - The Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle
11097: JUTA, MARJORIE - Boundless Privilege. An Autobiography of Marjorie Juta
1574: JUTA, SIR HENRY - Reminiscences of the Western Circuit
11238: JUTA, JAN - Background in Sunshine. Memories of South Africa
2176: KAHN, ELLISON - The Measurement of Crime. South African Criminal and Penological Statistics
2609: DE KALB, EUGENIE - Far Enough; a Story of the Great Trek
7992: KALLAS, AINO - Päevaraamat Aastaist 1907-1915
1698: KALMBACH, E. R. - Crow-Waterfowl Relationships: Based on Preliminary Studies on Canadian Breeding Grounds
10552: KAMFER, DIRK - Die All Blacks Trap Ons Vas
9660: KAMKWAMBA, WILLIAM, AND BRYAN MEALER - The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope
11114: KANFER, STEFAN - The Last Empire. De Beers, Diamonds, and the World
2788: KANNEMEYER, J.C. - Die Afrikaanse Literatuur: 1652-1987
3920: KANNEMEYER, J.C. - Jan Rabie. Prosapionier en Politieke Padwyser
1783: KANTOR, CYRIL - Lunch with Livingstone
2789: KAPLAN, IRVING & OTHERS - Area Handbook for Zambia
10603: KAPLAN, MENDEL, AND MARIAN ROBERTSON (EDITORS) - Founders and Followers - Johannesburg Jewry 1887-1915
134: KAPLAN, ALEC - Catalogue of the Coins of South Africa
3974: KARANJA, DAVID - A Dreamer's Paradise
7362: KARSTEN, MIA C. - The Old Company's Garden at the Cape and Its Superintendents. Involving an Historical Account of Early Cape Botany
10757: KARSTEN, CHRIS - Unsolved. No Answers to Heinous South African Crimes
8198: KARSTEN, MIA C. - The Old Company's Garden at the Cape and Its Superintendents. Involving an Historical Account of Early Cape Botany
9797: KASRILS, RONNIE - Armed and Dangerous. My Undercover Struggle Against Apartheid
5469: KATZENELLENBOGEN, EDITH H. - Suid-Afrikaanse Danse in Volkstrant
2791: KAUNDA, KENNETH & COLIN MORRIS - Black Government? a Discussion between Colin Morris and Kenneth Kaunda
4966: KAVANAGH, MURIEL - Wheels. The Frank Connock Story
10994: KAYE, HELGA - The Tycoon & the President. The Life and Times of Alois Hugo Nellmapius 1847-1893
1495: KAYE, JOHN WILLIAM - Lives of Indian Officers Illustrative of the CIVIL and Military Service of India
7371: KAYLE, ALLAN - Salvage of the Birkenhead
1241: KEAM, RICK (EDITOR) - The Australian & New Zealand Flyfishers Annual Volume Four 1998
4996: O'KEEFE, BOB - Diamonds Can Be Dangerous
5311: KEEGAN, TIM - Waiting for the Moon. A Novel
2106: KEET, D.J. (EDITOR) - Wonderdade Van God: Jubileum-Gedenkboek: 1842-1942
5444: KEET, DOT - The New Partnership for Africa's Development (Nepad): 'Unity and Integration Within Africa'? or 'Integration of Africa Into the Global Economy'?
9703: KEET, B. B., AND GORDON TOMLINSON - Tobie Muller: 'n Inspirasie Vir Jong Suid-Afrika
2793: KEITH, ELMER - Shotguns by Keith; a National Rifle Association Library Book
2794: KEKEWICH, R.G. - Colonel R.G. Kekewich, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. The Defender of Kimberley; Colour Portrait of.
7008: KELLER, WERNER - Und Die Bibel Hat Doch Recht. Forscher Beweisen Die Historische Wahrheit Revidierte Neuausgabe
1864: KELLERSBERGER, JULIA LAKE - Congo Crosses. A Study of Congo Womanhood
2795: KELLY, R. TALBOT - Egypt; Painted and Described
6235: KEMP, A.C. - The Distribution and Status of the Birds of the Kruger National Park
8408: KEMP, P. H. - Hydrobiological Studies on the Tugela River System, Part VI - Acidic Drainage from Mines in the Natal Coalfields
5033: KENDEIGH, S. CHARLES - Parental Care and Its Evolution in Birds
499: KENNEDY, GENERAL SIR JAMES SHAW - Notes on the Battle of Waterloo
5067: KENNEDY, R. F. (COMPILER), AND ANNA H. SMITH (PREFACE) - Some Africana Coloured Prints and the Originals from Which They May Have Been Made. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Pictures from the Africana Museum Held in the Johannesburg Public Library 1 - 14 July 1963
756: KENNEDY, E.E. - Waiting for the Boom
8259: KENNEDY, DOUGLAS - Beyond the Pyramids. Travels in Egypt
11059: KENNEY, R.U. - Piet Retief. The Dubious Hero
8315: KENNY, MARCUS V. - Die Kimberley Sanatorium: 'n Historiese Oorsig
5025: KENT, JOHN - Records and Reminiscences of Goodwood and the Dukes of Richmond
4655: KENYATTA, MZEE JOMO - My People of Kikuyu and the Life of Chief Wangombe
1113: KEOHANE, MARK - Chester: A Biography of Courage
2800: KEPPEL-JONES, ARTHUR - Friends or Foes? a Point of View and a Programme for Racial Harmony in South Africa
9614: KEPPEL-JONES, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - Philipps, 1820 Settler. His Letters, Edited by Arthur Keppel-Jones in Consultation with Philipps' Great-Granddaughter E.K. Heathcote
11082: KERKHAM, WILLIAM ANDREW - Forgotten Times. Cape Town in the Early Twentieth Century
11083: KERKHAM, WILLIAM ANDREW - Forgotten Times. Cape Town in the Early Twentieth Century
9161: KERKHAM, A S (COMPILER) - Southern African Botanical Literature 1600-1988
4368: KESTELL, J. D. - Abraham Paul Kriel. Sy Lewe en Werk
2801: KETT, (REV.) GEORGE - The Divine Tragedy
2803: KETT, GEORGE - The Spoilers
2804: KHALIFMAN, I. - Bees: A Book on the Biology of the Bee-Colony and the Achievements of Bee-Science
1738: KIESER, J.A. & G.A. - Birds of the de Aar District
10960: DE KIEWIET, C. W. - A History of South Africa Social & Economic
10385: KILEFF, CLIVE AND PEGGY (EDITORS) - Shona Customs
3888: KILPIN, RALPH - Parliamentary Procedure in South Africa. A Short Guide to the Rules and Practice of the Union House of Assembly
7356: KING, LESTER C. - South African Scenery. A Textbook of Geomorphology
3334: KING, R. C., AND R. M. MAUD - The Geology of Durban and Environs
340: KING, WARREN B. (EDITOR) - Pelagic Studies of Seabirds in the Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean
3560: KING, EDITH L.M. AND MARY LITTLEWOOD - Bloemfontein: An Impression in Verse
4403: KING, GARTH - The Hansie Cronjé Story. An Authorised Biography
8288: KING, FAY - Friends of the Bushveld
8392: KING, LESTER C. - Alex L. Du Toit Memorial Lectures No. 9: Geological Relationships between South Africa and Antarctica
2011: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales for My Children; with Illustrations by the Author

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