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44bb: - Great Spaces Washed with Sun; Rhodesia
45ab: - Some Appetising Cooking Suggestions 150
46ab: - G.H. S. Queenstown Book of Favourite Recipes
47ab: - Pelea No. 10 1991 Journal of the East Cape Management Association
47ag: - Feminist Africa
48ab: - Approved Recipes; Federation of Women's Insitutes
49ab: - Cookery Book; Resepte Boek
4ab: - South Africa 1982
50ab: - Pelea No. 2 1983 Journal of the East Cape Game Management Association
51ab: - Pelea No. 7 1988 Journal of the East Cape Game Management Association
52ab: - Pelea No. 6 1987 Journal of the East Cape Game Management Association
53ab: - Pelea No. 4 1985 Journal of the East Cape Game Management Association
54ab: - Pelea No. 3 1984 Journal of the East Cape Game Management Association
55ab: - Pelea No. 5 1986 Journal of the East Cape Game Management Association
56ab: - Pelea No. 8 1989 Journal of the East Cape Game Management Association
68bb: - Common and Scientific Names of the Fishes of Southern Africa
6aa: - High; the Centenary History of Sydney High School
77ae: - Plant Invaders; Beautiful, But Dangerous
41bt: - Pretoria Normal College Magazine: Volume 5, October 1929
38cq: - Mrs Beeton's Every Day Cookery and Housekeeping Book
31ak: - Memorable Occasions
22cs: - The Story of 'Johnnies'-a History of the Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company Ltd
tx19: - A Photographic Record of the Russo-Japanese War
vt60: - Prayer Book New Year & Day of Atonement : Abridged for Jews in the Armed Forces of the United States
zs20: - Boksburg Methodist Women's Auxiliary Jubilee Cookery Book
zs48: - Laws of the Game of Rugby Football
omaa: - Marist Centenary , South Africa : 1867 - 1967
omab: - Springboks. Past and Present 1888 - 1947
ombs: - Owners Workshop Manual : Cortina Mk 5 : 1980 - 82
omcw: - Be Bold with Bananas
olzn: - Moments in Time 1968-2008 : Wits Business School 40th Anniversary
olzr: - The Johannesburg CIVIC Theatre 1962 / Die Johannesburgse Stadskouburg
981u: - The Prince of Wales' Eastern Book a Pictorial Record of the Voyages of H.M. S. &Amp;#34;Renown&Amp;#34; 1921 - 1922
yp72: - Andre Huguenet
100cp: - Reseppe; Melk Room Botter Kaas
olhq: - Famous Songs from Famous Films - with Words, Music, Tonic Sol-Fa, Ukulele Arr: , &Amp; Chord Symbols
olky: - Gedenkboek Van Die Onderwykskollege Goudstad
amxf: - The Cream of County Cooking - over 250 Tested Recipes
ojtj: - South African Amateur Athletic Union Handbook 1979-1980
okvt: - St. Andrew's College Recipe Book
baqk: - Newlands; the Story of the Stadium-an Illustrated History of South Africa's Most Famous Rugby Ground
56fp: - The Intimates Comics Issue 1 Jan 2005
57fp: - The Intimates Comics Issue 2 Feb 2005
avoy: - North of the Tugela .
agay: - Tasty Treats with Rooibos
687f: - The Racing Calendar for the Year 1st August 1984 to 31st July 1985 Volume 81
94au: - Veld &Amp; Flora ; Journal of the Botanical Society of South Africa Volume 93 Number 2
airr: - Austin A60 Cambridge Diesel Driver's Handbook
55br: - Cango ; the Story of the Cango Caves of South Africa
bedn: - Lyst Van Alle Collegien, Civile En Kerkelyke Ambtenaaren in de Bataassche Volkplanting Aan Den Zuidpunt Van Africa: 1806
bdfm: - The Open Universities in South Africa - Published on Behalf of the Conference of Representatives of the University of Cape Town and the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Held in Cape Town on 9, 10, and 11 January 1957
99bd: - The Holy Royal Monastery of Kykko Founded with a Cross
50bb: - The Story of Cecil Rhodes; Set out in a Series of Historical Pictures &Amp; Objects to Commemorate the Centenary of His Birth 1853-1953
38fb: - Standard Catalogue : Tools &Amp; Materials for the Watchmaking and Jewellery Trades, 1975
38fp: - Pinocchio
38fz: - Appels Maak Alles! Gemetriseerde Appelresepte
de35: - Punch No 5016 Volume CXCII June 23 1937
98bb: - Geographia'' Four-Sheet Numbered Road Touring Map of Engalnd & Wales
95bf: - Bothalia Vol. 20,2 Oct. /Okt. 1990
94bd: - Haworthiad Vol. 12 Issue 4 October 1998
99ax: - The Johannian Vol. 11 No. 2 November 1975
oeog: - Fleming Brothers' Handbook
37bj: - The Cape Town Foreshore Plan; Final Report of the Cape Town Foreshore Joint Technical Committee June 1947
67am: - Geraniaceae; Pelargonium; Geranium; Erodlum; Sarcocaulon &Amp; Monsonia Group News Summer 1997
80aq: - South African Bee Journal May/ June. 1972 Vol. 44 No. 3
76bj: - The First Twenty-Five Years; the Isaac &Amp; Jessie Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies &Amp; Research
oohh: - Voels Van Krugerwildtuin En Ander Nasionale Parke/ Birds of the Kruger and Other National Parks
70am: - Geraniaceae; Pelargonium; Geranium; Erodlum; Sarcocaulon &Amp; Monsonia Group News Summer 1998
68fd: - The 1967 South African Sports Annual
bpcd: - Ons Lesers Vertel : Die Lief En Leed Soos Na 100 Jaar Onthou Deel 1
82ec: - The Wonder Book of the Navy
80ec: - The Book of Good Needlework
41cr: - Developing Club Colts in Indiana Extension Bulletin No. 197 June 1933
84cd: - Dictionary of African Biography 1971 - 2
35bu: - Catalogue of &Amp;#34;His Master's Voice&Amp;#34; Records
72gs: - Moods of Tennis a Photographic Essay of the Game of Tennis in All Its Moods
48gu: - South Africa Survey 1995 / 96
95bk: - Salute to a Great South African; Jan Christiaan Smuts May 24, 1870-September 11, 1950
omub: - Work Wonders with Bananas
bkuf: - Victoria Park High School Port Elizabeth 1972
36bk: - Adventures of Tin Tin ; Red Rackham's Treasure
47ay: - Geraniums Around the World
53ax: - The Book of South African Women
53ay: - Bulletin of the American Rock Garden Society
53az: - Bothalia Vol. 37,1 May 2007
54aw: - Vir Ons Volkspelers
54ay: - Bulletin of the American Rock Garden Society ;Volume 52, Summer, Winter, Fall ,Spring
54az: - Bothalia Vol. 14 No. 2 April 1984
56ar: - The Front Page from the International Herald Tribune
56az: - Bothalia Vol. 16,1 May. /Mei 1986
57az: - Bothalia Vol. 16,2 Oct. /Okt. 1986
58ax: - Merck's 1899 Manual of the Materia Medica
58az: - Bothalia Vol. 14 No. 1 June/Junie 1982
66fl: - Pieces of Time : Antique and Precision,Watches and Clocks : Spring 1996, Catalogue Number 38
59ax: - The Apothecary in Eighteenth-Century Williamsurg
59az: - Bothalia Vol. 14 No. 3 &Amp; 4 September 1983
60az: - Bothalia Vol. 11 No. 4 May/Mei 1975
61at: - The South African Art Information Directory 05
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69az: - Bothalia Vol. 34,2 Oct. 2004
70az: - Bothalia Vol. 35,1 May 2005
71az: - Bothalia Vol. 35,2 Oct. 2005
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73at: - The South African Annual Xpose
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76bc: - Woorde Teen Die Wolke Vir Breyten
77az: - Bothalia Vol. 17,1 July/ Julie 1987
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78az: - Bothalia Vol. 33,1 May 2003
79az: - Bothalia Vol. 33,1 May 2003
80az: - Bothalia Vol. 33,2 Oct. 2003
82az: - Bothalia Vol. VLLL
83au: - Alsterworthia International ; the Succulent Asphodelaceae Journal , Volume 3 . Issue 1
83az: - Bulbs Bulletin of the International Bulb Society 2004 2 Issues
84au: - Alsterworthia International ; the Succulent Asphodelaceae Journal , Volume 2. Issue 3
85au: - A Conservatory at Kirstenbosch
87au: - Endangered Wildlife ; Journal of the Endangered Wildlife Trust . Number 37
92ar: - The South Slav Journal Vol. 12 No. 1-2[43-44] Spring-Summer 1989
94ar: - The Housewives League Cookery Book
28db: - Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book
26bg: - Bush Ballads
25av: - Bulbs ; International Bulb Society Quarterly. Volume 2 No. 1
oq36: - Namib Times 9 January 1970 - 22 December 1970
oq37: - Namib Times 1 July 1969 - 31 December 1969
oq38: - Namib Times 15 January 1971 - 30 December 1971
oq39: - Namib Times January 3 1969 - 27 June 1969
21aw: - Bulbs; Bulletin of the International Bulb Society Volume 8&Amp;9
st6: - Stanford's Coloured Chart of the English Chanel from the Goodwins to Selsey Bill
td92: - Die Roos Van Radyn
49do: - Wellington College Register : Eleventh Edition 1996, January 1859-June 1996
19az: - A Moments Thought on Friendship
wf17: - Chronicles; News of the Past 4 Vols.
xa57: - Lloyd's Register of Shipping Register Book 1961-62 Vol. 2 Only
xf29: - United Grand Lodge-Constitutions Supreme Grand Chapter-Regulations 1984
bozc: - An Address by William Rose on the Development of Port Alfred 1874 to 1923
58cp: - The Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa, Number 68 for the Year 1965
69ci: - Green Dragon: Poetry &Amp; Prose, Number 3
adiw: - Focus 53 April 2009 Tracing Political Trends; Suzman Tribute Edition
adix: - Stephan Welz &Amp; Co. Decorative Arts &Amp; Collectors' Items Johannesburg 23 &Amp; 24 February 1998
vg89: - Vocational Education in South Africa. Meeting the Requirements of Industry, Commerce &Amp; Agriculture October 1957 Fact Paper 45
vi56: - Highway to Racial Harmony -Fact Paper 69 March 1959
vi59: - The Inter- Relationship of Economic Development in the Union &Amp; the Federation -Fact Paper 75 August 1959
ke78: - Antique Silk Rugs from the Qajar Dynasty October 1984
bhzv: - Mountains in the Sea: Table Mountain to Cape Point: An Interpretive Guide to the Table Mountain National Park
z2: - Bomber Command Continues
bsud: - Cotton Ginners Handbook; Agriculture Handbook No. 503
10gz: - The Story of the Cape Jewish Orphanage Golden Jubilee 1910-1961
62gk: - The Royal Visit to Rhodesia - April 1947 - a Souvenir Pictorial Record
76cd: - Handbook Indexed and Specially Arranged of the Mines and Works Act of the Unions No. 12 of 1911
824i: - The Chamber of Mines of Rhodesia (Incorporated) Twenty Seventh Annual Report for the Year 1965
57ax: - Aptekerswoordeboek- Pharmaceutical Dictionary Eng-Afr. ; Afr-Eng
262h: - Health &Amp; Medicine : A to Z Volume 1
ga5: - South African Fish &Amp; Fishing
264g: - Smith &Amp; Abbot's Greatest Hits
bqpt: - Springboktoer Na Australie En Nieu-Seeland 1956 - Soewenir Van Proefwedstryde Nuweland, 7 April Tot 14 April
bqpu: - MCC Tour in Pictures
bpqb: - Be Bold with Bananas
bqps: - Sa Rugby Year Book - Jaarboek - All Blacks Tour - Toer 1976 - National Souvenir Programme / Nasionale Soewenier-Program
93ha: - Miners' Companion in English, Afrikaans & Fanakalo
blcx: - Sacs - 150: The Proud Years - a Commemorative History in Pictures
btbo: - Five Seasons of the Old VIC Theatre Company: A Scrap- Book of Production for 1944-49
bdvt: - Art / Images in Southern Africa - Stockholm, the Culture Court, May19 - September 24 1989 Touring Sweden and the Nordic Countries Until May 1990 / Bild/Konst I S??Dra Afrika - Stockholm, Kulturhuset, 19 Maj - 24 September 1989, D??Refter Turn?? I Sverige Och Norden T.O. M. Maj 1990
baab: - His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh's Study Conference on the Human Problems of Industrial Communities Within the Commonwealth and Empire 9 - 27 July 1956 - Two Volumes
baas: - By Air to Battle; the Official Account of the British Airborne Divisions
okbl: - Optima - from One Century to Another
okpf: - Case - Model S Series Tractor - Live Power Take-Off Eagle Hitch - Operator's Instruction Manual
olbj: - South African Sport Hall of Fame 2007 Yearbook , Limited Edition
q45: - The Place of Stones a Short History of Mafeking / Mafikeng
bkrk: - The City of Cape Town Official Guide
164y: - Face Da Sport / Faces of Sport
btix: - Vinnig, Lekker, Goedkoop : Recipes for Working Girls
ti18: - Toyota Corolla Ff Repair Manual for Chassis &Amp; Body Ae80. 82, Ce80 Series April 1983
lr70: - King David's Recipe Collection
th19: - Papers &Amp; Technical Notes 1980- 1983
lu20: - Saica Handbook Ethics / Circulars Vol 3
lv72: - Mice; Muise
oqhk: - Tobacco
bosr: - The City of Bloemfontein Official Guide
bggj: - The Kairos Document; Challenge to the Church
bgyh: - British Cartoonists Album
bozy: - Uitenhage South Africa
bpbq: - A Packet of Adventures : An Omnibus of Thrilling Stories for Boys and Girls
boaw: - Nuwe Spele; Tweede Amptelike- Volkspelehandleiding
bktr: - St Joseph's Marist College
bili: - The Works of Mr Francis Rabelais - Doctor in Physick, Containing Five Books of the Lives, Heroick Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua and His Sonne Pantagruel - Together with the Pantagrueline Prognostication, the Oracle of the Divine Bacbuc, and Response of the Bottle - Hereunto Are Annexed the Navigations Unto the Sounding Isle and the Isle of the Apedefts: As Likewise the Philosophical Cream with a Limosin Epistle All Done by Mr Francis Rabelais - 2 Volumes
bhbd: - Formula One Yearbook 1998 : Chronicle of the Grand Prix Year
bvpt: - The Barnett Collection Volume II : South Africa and Johannesburg at the Beginning of the 20th Century
97hn: - Catalogue of the Raubenheimer Collection of Valuable Africana Including Rare Books - Coins of the Za Republic - Original Photographs - Autographs - Van Wouw Statuary Etc - to Be Sold by Public Auction at the Old Mart, 111 Fox Street, Johannesburg, Monday and Tuesday, 6th and 7th May Commencing 10 Am Each Day - on View: 10 Am - 4 Pm Monday, 29th April - Friday, 7th May
xxxx: - Wildlife Prints : Bronwen Mellor : 'at Full Stretch', 'Silent Departure' - Limited
bvqk: - The Rules of the Jockey Club of South Africa Together with Regulations Made Thereunder (Revised to 7th July, 1954) Divided Into 39 Parts
36bs: - Fifty Years; Memories &Amp; Contrasts- a Composite Picture of the Period 1882-1932
372f: - Report of Commission of Inquiry Into the Transport Services of Greater Salisbury and Greater Bulawayo Southern Rhodesia November 1956
bvrf: - Stad En Stedelig
bvrt: - Floral Poesy : A Book for All Seasons - with Original Illustrations Printed in Colours by Terry.
44dj: - &Amp;#34;Olden Que Que&Amp;#34; Souvenir to Commemorate the Que Que Carnival Fete Day June 9th 1945
bvtk: - Our Art 2
49hn: - 11 Diagonal Street
53bl: - Looking-Glass Annual : A Book for Girls and Boys with Which Is Incorporated the Big Surprise. A Special Section for the Little Ones
53co: - Illustrated Catalogue of Scientific Apparatus, Pure Chemical &Amp; Re-Agents Sold by Heynes Mathew Limited Laboratory Outfitters
55bz: - The Story of the Twenty-Third Hussars 1940-1946
57al: - Republicans &Amp; Sinners in South Africa
57cu: - A Celebration of South African Food : Superb Recipes from Leading Restaurants ,Hotels and Game Parks
59s: - Journal of the Historical Firearms Society of South Africa - Bilingual
54ho: - Legacy of Love
61dc: - The Holy Bible Containing the Old &Amp; New Testaments
62bl: - South African Law Reports 1966 October-December
634t: - Gill's Oxford &Amp; Cambridge Geography
657i: - Abenteuer Weltgeschichte Von Den Pharaonen Bis Heute Band 1 &Amp; 2
bboj: - Sydney Carter
cguv: - Segregation in South Africa - Questions and Answers on the Policy of Apartheid
bvxb: - The Geographical Journal 1920
bwez: - Common Sense About Shares
bwfa: - The ABC of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange / Die ABC Van Die Johannesburgse Effektebeurs
bwff: - Sydney Carter
bwfg: - Ponder on This; from the Writings of the Tibetan Teacher[Djwhal Khul]
cblp: - Ultimate Africa Atlas
bwhi: - Miners' Dictionary ; Woordeboek Vir Mynwerkers. English-Fanakalo ; Afrikaans-Fanakalo
bwhj: - The Ideal Handbook on Hand-Loading and Reloading of Ammunition for Rifles, Revolvers Pistols and Shotguns. No. 30
bwkw: - Nelson Mandela Ambassador of Conscience 2006
bwmc: - From the Days That Are Gone : Cape Town Photographic Society Survey Group
bwme: - Our Art - 2 Vols
bwmn: - Muriel Brandskool Vir Serebraal Gestremdes Kookboek / Cookery Book Muriel Brand School for Cerebral Palsied
bwni: - Cotton Growing in the Dryland Area of South Africa Bulletin No. 363
bwoi: - Private Art for Public Viewing : An Exhibition for Johannesburg Child Welfare
bwor: - Basutoland : Report for the Year 1963
bwpz: - The Great Book of True Stories
bwqx: - Basutoland : Report for the Year 1962
bwru: - Scout Leader's Handbook : The Official Handbook of the Scout Association
bwsa: - Die Afrikaanse Patriot 1876 - 'n Faksimilee-Weergawe Van Die Eerste Jaargang
bwse: - Juta Se Sakwoordeboek / Juta's Pocket Dictionary (Afrikaans and English Edition)
bwsi: - Met Paul Kruger in Europa : Zijne Laatste Dagen (Herdrukke - Die Staatsbiblioteek, Pretoria ; No. 66)
bwvi: - Catalogue of Books of South African Interest: Africana, Voyages and Travel, Natural History, Art - Which Will Be Sold by Public Auction by Sotheby Parke Bernet South Africa (Pty) Ltd - Tuesday, 16th March 1976
bwxy: - Portraits of Emerging Empowerment
bxaw: - Wild Company
bxeb: - Ter Wille Van Die Edel Spel: 'n Bundel Saamgestel Ter Geleentheid Van Elisabeth Eybers Se Sestigste Verjaardag (Afrikaans Edition)
bxed: - The Evening Standard Detective Book 2nd Series Only
bxfl: - The South African Children's Annual
bxhy: - The Market Theatre : 40 Years of Storytelling 1976-2016
bxjc: - Bloodstock South Africa : National Yearling Sale 2012 - Thoroughbred Breeders' Association Sales Complex Gosforth Park Germiston, South Africa - Friday 27 April-Sunday 29 April
bxmy: - In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat: A Vision for Marist Education Today
bxnk: - Doodle for a Difference (Night of a Thousand Drawings)
bxqf: - Sotheby's Cape Town: The Contents of Nederberg the Property of the Late Miss Hilda Holt Including Important Furniture, Porcelain, Paintings, Silver and Related Decorative Arts
bxqk: - Pretoria : Die Jakaranda Stad
bxrr: - Bewaring Van Ons Erfenis Deel 1 : Bewaring Van Ou Geboue En Historiese Oorblyfsels
bxsx: - The Story of the Willow Pattern Plate
bxvf: - Queen Alexandra's Christmas Gift Book : Photographs from My Camera.
bxwb: - Practical Automobile Engineering
bxwd: - Princess Mary's Gift Book
bxwk: - Die Provinsie Transvaal : Buitengewone Offisi?le Koerant / the Province of Transvaal : Official Gazette Extraordinary - Vol CXXVIII, Pretoria, 12 Januarie / 12 January - No 2114
bxwm: - Souvenir Brochure of Paintings - Pierneef : The South African Railways' Pierneef Paintings
bxwv: - The Big Enid Blyton Book
bybf: - Africana in Holland
bybt: - The Cape Journal : Jansenville, Klipplaat & Waterford
bybu: - The Cape Journal : Jansenville, Klipplaat & Waterford
bybv: - The Cape Journal : Jansenville, Klipplaat & Waterford
bycc: - A Guide to the Fossil Mammals & Birds in the Department of Geology & Palaeontology in the British Museum [Natural History]
bycm: - The Best Stories of Hans Andersen
bycs: - Five Lectures on the Emigration of the Dutch Farmers from the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope and Their Settlement in the District of Natal, Until Their Formal Submission to Her Majesty's Authority in the Year 1843 - Delivered to the Natal Society at Pietermaritzburg, by the Honourable Henry Cloete, LL. D. , Recorder of the District (State Library / Die Staatsbiblioteek, Pretoria, Reprints / Herdrukke No. 22)
bycw: - The International Jew : The World's Foremost Problem : Being a Reprint of a Series of Articles Appearing in the Dearborn Independent from May 22 to October 2, 1920
bydb: - Punch, or the London Charivari : December 30, 1871- April 19, 1873
bydi: - "If You Would Be Healers. A Healing Consciousness: From the Paul Solomon Readings
bydo: - A Guide to Lalibela
byds: - The Story of Columbus and the World's Columbian Exposition
byen: - Pelser Se Hoe Om Te Eet Vir Blakende Gesondheid En Krag
byeq: - Die Bybel - Die Is Die Ganse Heilige Skrif Wat Al Die Kanonieke Boeke Van Die Ou En Nuwe Testament Bevat Oorgesit Uit Die Oorspronklike Tale En Uitgegee in Opdrag Van Die Gesamentlike Kommissie Verteenwoordigende Die Drie Hollandse Kerke in Suid-Afrika
bygm: - The Collegiate Atlas, Consisting of Thirty-Two Maps of Modern Geography, Embracing All the Latest Discoveries and Changes in Boundaries ; and Eighteen Maps of Historical Geography. With a Copious Index.
byks: - Coin 1985 Year Book : The Complete Reference Work for All Coin Collectors (18th Edition)
byku: - The Kimball Arms Company - Antique and Modern Arms : Arms Catalog Eleventh Edition Featuring Three Fine Collections of American Arms
bylo: - The South African Stamp Colour Catalogue 1999
bymt: - Tom Newby School 2013
byoh: - Lions Rand Rifles Express 1915-1990 : Walvis Bay to Swakopmund - Saturday 17th, February 1990
byoi: - Lions Rand Rifles Express 1915-1990 : Walvis Bay to Swakopmund - Saturday 17th, February 1990
byrf: - Mentors : Men and Women Who Follow in the Master's Footsteps
byrg: - National Geographic Society : Maps
byrn: - Adamastor: Sete Nas Rotas de Quinhentos
byse: - Ivan Mitford-Barberton; Beeldhouer
bytj: - Cape Town Triennial 1985
bytk: - Pocket Man - March, 1968 Vol 28, No 6
byuq: - Adventure in Service : The Story of Rotary, Its Origin, Growth and Influence
byuy: - Groote Schuur : Residence of South Africa's Prime Minister
byvj: - The Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1900. An Album of Upwards of Three Hundred Photographic Engravings - a Picture Record of the Movements of the British, Colonial and Boer Forces Engaged in the Conflict
byvm: - The Barnett Collection: A Pictorial Record of Early Johannesburg ( Volume 1 Only)
byvo: - Kurt Jobst: Goldsmith and Silversmith, Art Metal Worker
bywc: - South Africa Lifesaving Association Nipper Handbook : Instruction, Examination, Competition (Boys and Girls 8-14 Years)
bywl: - The Story of . South Africa
bywn: - Port Elizabeth of Yesteryear - a Concise Pictorial History
bywo: - The Story of Holy Trinity Church Belvidere, Knysna South Africa
byxi: - The Eastern Cape Naturalist No. 54 March 1975
byxn: - Toposcope : Lower Albany Historical Society - Volume XV 1984
byxv: - Home Building Ideas for South Africa
byyz: - Statutes of the Republic of South Africa Classified and Annotated from 1910 / Wette Van Die Republiek Van Suid-Afrika Geklassifiseer En Geannoteer Van 1910 Af Vol 15 : Insolvency/ Insolvensie ; Insurance / Versekering ; Immigration / Immigrasie ; Inquests / Doodondersoeke
byzc: - Afrikaanse Kultuuralmanak
byzh: - Ceramics 75: An Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics of Southern Africa Held by the Association of Potters of Southern Africa- Cape in Conjunction with the Cape Town Festival at the Association of Arts Gallery, Cape Town. 7-19 April 1975
byzn: - Driekwarteeufees : Akademie 75
bzax: - Groote Schuur: Woning Van Suid-Afrika Se Eerste Minister; Residence of South Africa's Prime Minister
bzbd: - Who's Who of Southern Africa 1977/78 - Including Mauritius and Including South African Who's Who and the Central African Who's Who : An Illustrated Biographical Record of Prominent Personalities in the Republic of South Africa, South West Africa, Rhodesia, the Neighbouring Countries and Mauritius
bzcv: - Forty Years of Friendship : The Friends of the South African National Gallery 1968 - 2008
bzcw: - Vega Seven Place Logarithmic Tables of Numbers and Trigonometrical Functions
bzdb: - Cape Town Triennial 1988
bzea: - Fifa World June/July 2010 : Time for Africa
bzei: - MCC South African Tour 1948-1949 Official Souvenir
bzej: - World Bantamweight Championship : 15 Rounds - Robert Cohen Vs Willie Toweel Souvenir Programme - Rand Stadium Johannesburg, Saturday, Sept 3 [1955]
bzfz: - Voor God En Vaderland : Korte Beschrijving Van Het Leven En Afsterven Van Generaal C F Beyers En Kommandant Jopie Fourie
bzhi: - Vlugte : Afrikaanse Kortverhale En Sketse
bzhj: - Pen Point 2
bzhn: - Reflections '05 : The Vibrancy of South Africa's Cultural Diversity
bzib: - Jumbo Guide to Rhodesia
bzjg: - Harmsworth's New Atlas
bzjh: - Register of Ships 1992-93 - 3 Vols
bzjw: - Sporting Stars of South Africa : Alan Kourie Benefit Year 1986 - 1987
bzli: - Transvaal Provincial Administration : Yesterday to This Day 1986 - 1994
bzlk: - The Sasol Art Collection / Die Sasol-Kunstversameling
bzln: - World Championship : Manuel Ortiz V VIC Toweel - White City Sporting Club Stadium, Johannesburg - Wednesday 31st May 1950 - Official Programme
bzlo: - The Lawn Tennis Championship Meeting 1970, Upon the Lawns of the All England Club Wimbledon - Monday 29th June Seventh Day - Programme
bzly: - Vincent Riders' Handbook for the Series "B" and "C" - 998 CC. : Black Lightning, Black Shadow and Standard Rapide, 499 CC". : Series "B", Meteor, Series "C" Comet Motorcycles
bzml: - King George VI to His Peoples: Selected Broadcasts and Speeches
bzoi: - Die Parlement Van Die Republiek Van Suid-Afrika
bzqb: - The Charter and by-Laws of the Corporation of the Governor and Directors of the Hospital for Poor French Protestants and Their Descendants Residing in Great Britain
bzru: - Madame Solario
bzsw: - Hulpboek Vor Boere in Suid-Afrika - Vol 1 : Landbou En Verwante Dienste
bzsx: - Hulpboek Vor Boere in Suid-Afrika - Vol 2 : Akkerbou En Tuinbou
bztr: - Tom Brown's School Days
bztw: - Tried and Tested Recipes
bztx: - Farrarmere Primary 25th Anniversary Recipe Book
bzug: - Sar Bachan: An Abstract of the Teachings of Soami Ji Maharaj, the Founder of the Radha Soami System of Philosophy and Spiritual Science: The Yoga of the Sound Current
bzvo: - Oslo Radhus : Oslo Town Hall - Das Rathaus Zu Oslo / L'Hotel de Ville D'Oslo
bzwn: - Kol Jaargang 1 Nommer 7 Mei 1969
bzwj: - Kol Jaargang 1 Nommer 3 Oktober-November 1968
bzwk: - Kol Jaargang 1 Nommer 2 September-Oktober 1968
bzwl: - Kol Jaargang 1 Nommer 5 Januarie-Februarie 1969
bzwm: - Kol Jaargang 1 Nommer 6 Februarie-Maart 1969
bzwo: - Kol Jaargang 1 Nommer 8 Junie 1969
bzwp: - Kol Jaargang 1 Nommer 1 Augustus 1968
bzwq: - Kol Jaargang 1 Nommer 10 Desember 1969
bzxb: - Doan's Book on Moderation, Cheerfulness, and Other Long Life Laws
bzxh: - Die Geskiedenis Van Die Christendom
bzxx: - Souvenir of Saint. Helena
c180j: - University of the Cape of Good Hope : The Calendar for the Year 1897-98
c181j: - Silver Leaves : A South African Collection of Good Reading
c40j: - Chen Jiang Hong
c65j: - Manual of Military Cooking and Dietary
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cezn: - Wild Life Prints : Ingrid Weiersbye : "Impala Panic", "Bushbuck Flight" - Limited
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cfao: - Elckerlijc
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cgru: - Major 19th & 20th Century Watercolours & Drawings
cgso: - A Cookery Book of Home Recipes in Aid of the Governor General's National War Fund
cgsq: - Review 2011 - Strauss & Co.
cgss: - The South African Sale : Wednesday 21 March 2012 at 2pm - New Bond Street, London
cgst: - The South African Sale, Part 2 : Wednesday 24 March 2010 at 2pm - New Bond Street, London
cgte: - Bijbel, Dat Is de Gansche Heilige Schrift, Vervattende Al de Kanonije Boeken Des Ouden En Nieuwen Testaments, Door Last Van de Hoog-Mog. Heerden Staten-Generaal Der Vereeningde Nederlanden En Volgens Het Besluit Van de Synode Nationaal, Gehouden Te Dordrecht, in de Jaren Mdcxviii En Mdcxix, Uit de Oorspronkelijke Talen in Onze Nedelandsche Getrouwelijk Overgezet
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vu97: ABINGER, EDWARD - Forty Years at the Bar
ojws: VAN ABKOUDE, CHR. - De Otters : Een Padvindersgeschiedenis
22cf: VAN ABKOUDE, CHR. - Het Waterkamp (de Waterratten) (in de Vacantie - Bibliotheek Voor Jongens En Meisjes Serie a - Jongensboeken)
berb: THE SKY ABLAZE - Schuller, Victor
980w: ABLEMAN, PAUL - Vac
cq49: GYEKYE-ABOAGYE - Nyansapcw
chad: ABRABEN, E. - Resort Hotels : Planning and Management
bqrs: ABRAHAM, GARTH - The Catholic Church and Apartheid: The Response of the Catholic Church in South Africa to the First Decade of Nationalist Party Rule 1948-1957
oiwl: ABRAHAM, GARTH - The Catholic Church and Apartheid: The Response of the Catholic Church in South Africa to the First Decade of Nationalist Party Rule 1948-1957
aoyu: ABRAHAM, GERALD - Slavonic and Romantic Music
a834: ABRAHAM, J. JOHNSTON - Surgeon's Journey. The Autobiography of J. Johnston Abraham
39bg: ABRAHAM, J. JOHNSTON - Surgeon's Journey
35ex: ROTHBERG. ABRAHAM - The Thousand Doors
it24: BRINK, ANDRE P; DE VRIES, ABRAHAM & DE KLERK, W. A. - Gesprekke Met Skrywers 2
bjrx: ABRAHAM, A. S - Medical Halachah for Everyone: A Comprehensive Guide to Jewish Medical Law in Sickness and Health = [Lev Avraham]
x720: ABRAHAM, GEORGE D - On Alpine Heights and British Crags
opcv: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Tell Freedom
zu92: ABRAHAMS, L ;SAUNDERS, W - Quarry '76 ; New South African Writting
gz37: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - Bateleur Poets
pd55: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan
oafr: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Dark Testament
aihm: ABRAHAMS, GABABEH - The Archaeological Potential of Central Cape Town: Munger Africana Library Notes Issues 77/78, September 1985
onfz: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL - The Birth of a Community (Volume 1)
opyi: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan
zx82: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - Quarry '78-'79 New South African Writing
odtg: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The White Life of Felix Greenspan
ayeq: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Wild Conquest
eu3: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan
88hl: ABRAHAMS, PETER - A Wreath for Udomo
brva: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Wild Conquest
oblf: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Tell Freedom
ng91: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Wild Conquest
77hl: ABRAHAMS, PETER - The Path of Thunder
oias: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Tell Freedom
asgv: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The White Life of Felix Greenspan
adkf: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL [EDITOR] - Quarry '78 - '79 : New South African Writing
dr82: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Dark Testament
dr49: ABRAHAMS, PETER - A Wreath for Udomo
969d: ABRAHAMS, GERALD - Not Only Chess
801p: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan
28j: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - A Dead Tree Full of Birds
w335: ABRAHAMS, P - Wild Conquest
t872: ABRAHAMS, B - EDITOR - In Exile While We Are at Home
xy36: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL;CULLINAN, PATRICK - Lionel Abrahams, a Reader
uy69: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL[ EDITOR] - Quarry '78- '79- New South African Writing
ri60: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - Tribute to Lionel Abrahams
ih24: ABRAHAMS, I - The Legacy of Israel
ik72: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - Lionel Abrahams, a Reader
bvcb: ABRAHAMS, PETER - This Island Now
ogng: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The White Life of Felix Greenspan
oafj: ABRAHAMS, PETER - A Wreath for Udomo
qe39: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - Bateleur Poets
92fp: ABRAHAMS, JOAN C. (TANNIE MOSSIE) - Time for Africa: A Two-Minute Silent Pause to Remember. 11: 00 on the 11th Day of the 11th Month, November
sh36: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - Quarry '78-'79 New South African Writing
97gq: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL - The Birth of a Community; a History of Western Province Jewry from Earliest Times to the End of the South African War 1902
wj84: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Dark Testament
aqag: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - A Dead Tree Full of Live Birds
adoo: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan : A Novel in 18 Stories
ad97: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - Quarry '78 - '79
906q: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL - A Short History of Jewish Literature
oaqz: ABRAHAMS, GERALD - Not Only Chess: A Selection of Chessays
31hk: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - A Dead Tree Full of Live Birds
odmu: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The Democratic Chorus and Individual Choice
vq70: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - The Celibacy of Felix Greenspan-a Novel in 18 Stories
ojdc: ABRAHAMS, LIONEL - A Dead Tree Full of Live Birds
oppl: ABRAHAMS, CASS - Cooks Cape Malay: Food from Africa
63hm: ABRAHAMS, PETER - Return to Goli

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