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465y: MCGLEW, JACKIE & CHESTERFIELD, TREVOR - South Africa's Cricket Captains
425u: MCGLEW, JACKIE & CHESTERFIELD, TREVOR - South Africa's Cricket Captains
55jy: JACKSON, BERNARD; BAINES, VALERIE - Mindful of Butterflies
51bc: JACKSON, THEA - Randburg Key Leaders, Companies, Organizations
54od: JACKSON,G.G. - The Great Book of Aeroplanes
44md: JACKSON, STANLEY - The Great Barnato
54mq: JACKSON, ROBERT - Airships in Peace and War
43mo: JACKSON, PETER - The Sky Tramps; the Story of Air Charter
40kp: JACKSON, EDWIN - Flight of the Moth
45to: JACKSON, ALAN A. - London's Local Railways
426q: JACKSON, WARD - Cancer and Obesity Cured by Common Sense
49pv: JACKSON - Out of This World
43tu: JACKSON, W.P.U. - Origins and Meanings of Names of South African Plant Genera
518y: JACOB, H E - The World of Emma Lazarus
58fg: JACOB, NAOMI - Gollantz : London . Paris . Milan
41vm: JACOB, NAOMI - Jacob Ussher
57fe: JACOBS, GIDEON FRANCOIS - Beckoning Horizons : An Autobiographical View of Our Times
52m: JACOBS, ISRAEL - Ten for Kaddish
52ur: JACOBS, J.F. - Oranje, Blanje, Blou : Die Romantiek Van Die Vrystaatse Dorpe
46hn: JACOBS,G.F. - Prelude to the Monsoon
45av: JACOBS, GIDEON FRANCOIS - South Africa: The Road Ahead
48bk: JACOBS, RAYDA - Confessions of a Gambler
45pt: JACOBS, CHARLES - Poppygun
42pz: JACOBS, JACO; HENNING, JEANINE - Net Aliens Eet Spinasie
55gh: JACOBSON, PAT - Pat Jacobson's Perfect Cook: A South African Cookery Teacher Shares Her Recipes for Sucess
55jf: JACQUES, HAZEL - The Scattered Scruffs
42ls: JACQUES, JILL - The Kingsmead Heritage 1983 - 2007
43fz: JAFF, FAY - They Came to South Africa
55gt: JAFF, NICOLE - Menopause Today : A Complete Guide for South African Women
42az: JAFF, FAY - Our Land Our People
53fe: JAFF, NICOLE - Menopouse; Die Volledige Gids
58pt: JAFFA,PAUL - The Jackal's Head
489m: JAFFEE, JEAN - They Raced to Win
56to: JAGOW, KURT - Letters of the Prince Consort 1831 - 1861
518j: JAHODA, GUSTAV - White Man
487x: JAKES, JOHN - American Dreams
57lu: CILLIERS, JAKKIE & MALAN, MARK - Peacekeeping in the Drc (Monuc and the Road to Peace)
55nr: JAMES, E. A (CAPT) - A Record of the Battles and Engagements of the British Armies in France and Flanders, 1914-1918 (Military, Reference Book)
414l: YOUNG-JAMES, DOUGLAS - Donald Campbell an Informal Biography
47el: RIDDELL, JAMES & GAUNT, WILLIAM - London in Colour
46rc: JAMES, WILL - Big-Enough
44hj: JAMES, GRACE - John and Mary's Youth Club
459: ELLROY JAMES - Blood on the Moon
501c: JAMES, NORAH C - Man without Honour
56rv: IMPERIALIST; JAMESON (DR) - Cecil Rhodes: A Biography and Appreciation
44lj: JAMESON, JAMES S - Story of the Rear Column of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition
48mv: GORDON, JAN & CORA - Three Lands on Three Wheels
54bx: JAWORSKI JAN - 50-Ta Rocznica Smierci Gen. W. Sikorskiego
45fw: BUNCE, JANICE & JUDY - Woodcraft : Paint Techniques and Finishes
40lt: JANISCH, EDNA P.; HAMILTON, G. N. G. - Section Drawing from Simple Geological Maps
50oc: JANSE, A. J. T. - The Moths of South Africa: Vol. 4, Part 1 Only
54io: JANSEN, HERMAN - Rapport: Ikone, Skurke & Scoops: Die Beste Fotostories 1970-2010
42qj: JANSEN, ENA - Afstand En Verbintenis - Elizabeth Eybers in Amsterdam
53df: JANSEN, CHRIS;VAN NIEKERK, A. A. J. - Namaqualand, Thirstland in Bloom
448p: JANSEN, CHRIS - The Winelands of the Cape
53uc: JANSON, MURRAY - God Boer Met Genade
46dg: JANTJES, GAVIN [ EDITOR] - Strengths &Amp; Convictions; the Life &Amp; Times of the South African Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
44dg: JANTJES, GAVIN [ EDITOR] - Strengths &Amp; Convictions; the Life &Amp; Times of the South African Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
45dg: JANTJES, GAVIN [ EDITOR] - Strengths &Amp; Convictions; the Life &Amp; Times of the South African Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
49hw: JARDIM, MIMI - People's Food: Portuguese Regional Cooking
52eg: JARDINE, D R - Ashes and Dust the 1934 Test Matches
66vs: JARDINE, RUTH - My Nine Lives
540x: JAUMAIN, GEORGES M - I Want to Succeed . And I Will : Awake the Entrepreneur in You
50kl: JAWORSKA, WLADYSLAWA - Gauguin and the Pont-Aven School
6phpo: JAWORSKI, MONSIGNOR DR. J - Motivation for Renewal
6phpn: JAWORSKI, MONSIGNOR DR. J - Motivation for Renewal
55jl: JEANS, SIR JAMES - Physics and Philosophy
58sl: JEANS, T. T. - A Naval Venture; the War Story of an Armoured Cruiser
49sk: JEFFRIES, LEWIS INGLES - N & W: Giant of Steam
56hw: JEKYLL, WALTER - The Wisdom of Schopenhauer
53vp: JELINEK, JAN - Primitive Hunters
44fh: JENKIN, TIM - Inside out: Escape from Pretoria Prison
537r: JENKINS, GEOFFREY - A Grue of Ice
479n: JENKINS, ELWYN - Symbols of Nationhood
47to: JENKINS, HERBERT - Adventures of Bindle
480n: JENKINS, ELWYN - Symbols of Nationhood
55ne: JENKINSON, DENIS - Racing Car Review "Motor Sport"
50ne: JENKINSON, DENIS - "Motor Sport" Racing Car Review
54ne: JENKINSON, DENIS - Racing Car Review "Motor Sport"
55vl: JENKINSON, D - Rails in the Fells: A Railway Case Study : An Account of the Origins, Characteristics, and Contribution of a Railway to the Landscape, Together with an Attempt to Evaluate Its Past and Present Influence on the Area Through Which It Passes
53ne: JENKINSON, DENIS - Racing Car Review "Motor Sport"
52ne: JENKINSON, DENIS - Racing Car Review "Motor Sport"
4sp: JENKS, EDWARD - Edward Plantagenet (Edward 1. ) the English Justinian or the Making of the Common Law
56ut: JENNINGS, KENNETH E. - Mind in Sport
45pu: JENNINGS, KAREN - Finding Soutbek
53mb: JENNY, HANS - South West Africa: Land of Extremes
58de: HOBBS, JENNY & COUZENS, TIM - Pees and Queues
55mj: JENNY, HANS - South West Africa: Land of Extremes
492y: JENSEN, NORMAN - The White Spear
530q: JEPPE, BARBARA - Trees and Shrubs of the Witwatersrand an Illustrated Guide
57nl: JEPPE, BARBARA - Natal Wild Flowers
4ag: JEPPE, BARBARA - Natal Wild Flowers
41bk: JEPPE, BARBARA - Namaqualand Pride of South Africa
4ar: JEPPE, BARBARA - Aloes; Pride of South Africa
4nk: JEPPE, C. BICCARD - Gold Mining on the Witwatersrand (Volume 1)
52hx: JEPPE, BARBARA - Natal Wild Flowers
56or: JEPPE, BARBARA; DUNCAN, GRAHAM - Spring and Winter Flowering Bulbs of the Cape
56cs: JEPPE, BARBARA - South Africa Is My Garden
48bx: MANSFIELD, JEREMY & JACQUI - Zhoozsh ! Faking It
45oo: TAITZ, JEROLD & GILLINGS,KEN & DAVEY,ARTHUR - The War Memoirs of Commandant Ludwig Krause, 1899-1900 (Second Series Number 26 / Van Riebeeck Society)
44ku: CH'EN, JEROME AND BULLOCK, MICHAEL - Poems of Solitude
46fa: JEROME, JEROME K. - The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
41qe: JESSEL, PENELOPE - Owen of Uppingham Primate of New Zealand
44kf: JESSOP, GILBERT - Cricket and How to Play It
498u: JESSUP, RICHARD - The Man in Charge
55hw: JEWELL, JACK - A History of the Durban City Police
58eg: JEWELL, DEREK - Sellout
4lh: JEWELL, HELEN M. - A School of Unusual Excellence ( Leeds Girls' High School 1876-1976)
50ro: SINGH JI, MAHARAJ CHARAN - The Master Answers
44nh: JIJANA, THABO - Nobody's Business: A Memoir
50lx: SNEESBY, JILL & WILKINS, BARRIE - Kalahari Safari
55an: BISHOP JIM - The Day Lincoln Was Shot
55nl: CLARK, JIM & BRINTON, ALAN - The Ford Book of Competition Motoring
57vn: JJUUKO, ROBERT - Youth and Adult Learning in Uganda : Key Policy Issues and Concerns
49ps: JOACHIMIDES , CHRISTOS M. ; ROSENTHAL N. ; SCHMIED, W. [EDITORS] - German Art in the 20th Century: Painting and Sculpture, 1905-1985
42me: JOFFE, BRIAN - My Book
6phxx: FOURIE, JOHAN & ALMOND, JOHN - Advanced Nature Guiding
438w: RAS, JOHAN & BEZUIDENHOUT, JACO - Firearm License Renewal Unit Standard 117705
439w: RAS, JOHAN & BEZUIDENHOUT, JACO - Vuurwapenlisensie Hernuwing Eenheid Standaard 117705
41ko: MEINTJES JOHANNES - The Commandant-General : The Life and Times of Petrus Jacobus Joubert of the South African Republic, 1831-1900 / Johannes Meintjes
50qp: STEVENSON, JOHN & COOK, CHRIS - The Slump: Society and Politics During the Depression
49di: ST. JOHN, LAUREN - Rainbow's End : A Memoir of Childhood, War &Amp; an African Farm
547h: BOARDMAN, JOHN & LAROCCA, EUGENIO - Eros in Greece
532u: PITTS, JOHN & JOYCE, PETER - The Star World War II 1939 - 1945
455f: JOHN, EVAN - Kings' Masque
48rw: HIDDINGH. JOHN - Reminiscences of the Late Michiel Hiddingh
492x: HUNT, JOHN & LASCARIS, REG - The South African Dream
46jk: PERRY, JOHN AND CASSANDRA - A Chief Is a Chief by the People: The Autobiography of Stimela Jason Jingoes
533w: SIMPSON, JOHN & JOWELL, KATE - Cases in South African Business Management
48hh: JOHN, BARRY - The Barry John Story
445: WOODCOCK JOHN - Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1985
53rv: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles Flies West
54mp: JOHNS, W.E. - The Rustlers of Rattlesnake Valley
50jq: JOHNS, CAPT. W. E. - Biggles Takes a Holiday
56ph: JOHNS, W.E. (CAPTAIN) - Adventure Unlimited
47mh: JOHNS, W. E. - Fighting Planes and Aces
56gq: JOHNS, W.E. - Biggles and the Black Raider
42cz: JOHNS, ROWLAND [EDITOR] - Our Friend the Fox-Terrier
53sp: JOHNS, W.E. - The First Biggles Omnibus
51ll: JOHNSON, WILLIAM PERCIVAL - My African Reminiscences 1875 - 1895
40rg: JOHNSON, J.P. - The Stone Implements of South Africa
49ct: JOHNSON, PETER;BOND, CREINA;BANNISTER, ANTHONY - Okavango: Sea of Land Land of Water
49bo: JOHNSON, GEO. H. - Rhodesian Inspirations
4jm: JOHNSON, SHAUN - Strange Days Indeed
48rg: JOHNSON, J.P. - Geological and Archaeological Notes on Orangia
45hj: JOHNSON, GEO. H. - Rhodesian Inspirations
43qs: JOHNSON, JILL - Soweto Speaks
49iz: JOHNSON, R. TOWNLEY; MAGGS, TIM - Major Rock Paintings of Southern Africa
49ro: JOHNSON, JULIAN - The Path of the Masters ; the Science of Surat Shabd Yoga
56fy: JOHNSON, KEITH - Paranormal Realities
419z: JOHNSON, LEE - How to Escape Your Comfort Zones
53du: JOHNSON, LESLEY-CAREN - Fifteen Key Business Calculations
43vr: JOHNSON, PAUL - A History of the American People
577h: JOHNSON, KERRY - Elite Homes of Southern Africa
570s: JOHNSTON, HARRY - Pioneers in South Africa
45ui: JOHNSTON, MARY - The Old Dominion
49fv: JOHNSTON, MARY - Admiral of the Ocean -Sea
46dm: JOHNSTON, R H - Early Motoring in South Africa a Pictorial History
46gs: JOHNSTON, ERIKA - Mlozi the Animal Wizard : Tales from East Africa
568y: JOHNSTONE, MICHAEL - The Freemasons the Illustrated Book of an Ancient Brotherhood
452a: SWIFT, JON & DUNSTAN, JO - Alexandra, I Love You
46jx: TIMBERLAKE, JONATHAN ET AL. - Field Guide to the Acacias of Zimbabwe
48nm: SHAPIRO, JONATHAN & WILLS, MIKE - Democrazy: Sa's Twenty-Year Trip (1994 -2014)
564j: JONES, NEVILLE - Stone Age in Rhodesia
55cg: JONES, J. D. F. - Through Fortress and Rock: The Story of Gencor, 1895-1995
57gb: KEPPEL-JONES, ARTHUR - Friends or Foes? a Point of View and a Programme for Racial Harmony in South Africa
47i: JONES, LEN - South African &Amp; Rhodesian Fresshwater Fishing Guide
50qa: JONES, J. CYNDDYLAN - Studies in the Acts of the Apostles
51ln: JONES, NEVILLE - The Stone Age in Rhodesia
559c: JONES, H KAY - Butterworths History of a Publishing House
508c: JONES, NEVILLE - Guide to the Zimbabwe Ruins
56kg: WYNNE-JONES, AUBREY - Hunting: On Safari in East and Southern Africa
42kv: JONES, E. MORSE - Roll of the British Settlers in South Africa
52si: JONES, CHRISTINE KENYON - King's College London: In the Service of Society
488f: JONES, JAMES - From Here to Eternity
485l: DUNCAN-JONES, CAROLINE - Trusty and Well Beloved
45vb: JONES, E. STANLEY - Christ at the Round Table
41ll: LLOYD-JONES, BREVET-MAJOR W - Havash! Frontier Adventures in Kenya
45lq: KEPPEL-JONES, ARTHUR - South Africa a Short History
43ea: LLOY-JONES - The Animals Came in One by One
4cw: JONES, LEWIS W. - Cold Rebellion; the South's Oligarchy in Revolt
474t: JONES, ROBERT - Ogg
46fv: JONES, ILION T. - A Historical Approach to Evangelical Worship
54qs: JONES, DENNIS - Russian Spring
46fx: PATERSON-JONES, COLIN - Garden Route Walks
48qg: JONES, E. STANLEY - Conversion
4rc: JONG, ERICA - Fear of Flying
50sg: JONKER, WILLIE; THERON, FLIP - Vreemde Bevryding
56kc: JONKER, ABR. H. - Die Plaasverdeling
58pi: JONKER, ABR. H. - Uit Dorp En Veld Kortverhale
57uk: JONKER, INGRID - Versamelde Werke
40vr: JONKER, W D ; WARREN, B O ; STEYN, B L - Analysis, Valuations and Restructuring
57hk: JOOSTE, PAMELA - Frieda and Min
56vi: JOOSTE, K. H.; COCKROFT, C.R.; - Noodhulp -Amptelike Handleiding Van Die Suid-Afrikaanse Noodhulpliga
546l: JORDAAN, B - Splintered Crucifix
58kf: JORDAAN, G (COMPILER) ; HUTTEN, M CONSTANSZ (TRANS) - So Het Hulle Gesterf! - Laaste Ure Van Diegene Oor Wie Die Doodvonnis Uitgespreek En Voltrek Is in Die Kaapkolonie Gedurende Die Oorlog Van 1899-1902
46bp: JORDAAN, G. - So Het Hulle Gesterf! : Laaste Ure Van Diegene Oor Wie Die Doodvonnis Uitgespreek En Voltrek Is in Die Kaapkolonie Gedurende Die Oorlog Van 1899-1902
51qb: JORDAN, ED. ; GLASS, ALAN - Imvubu the Happiest Hippo
46gz: JORDAN, MEG - The Legend of Huberta
4sh: JOSEPH, HELEN - Tomorrow's Sun
42ob: JOSHI, P S - The Tyranny of Colour : A Study of the Indian Problem in South Africa
50sb: WEISS, JOSHUA & ALEX - In the Shadow of Everest: High-Altitude Trekking in the Himalayas
51hq: JOUBERT, DIRKIE - Crab Soup and Other Stories
515k: JOUBERT, MARLISE - Ateljee Van Glas
48fz: JOUBERT, ELSA - Dansmaat
40gm: JOUBERT, IRMA - Kronkelpad
460x: JOUBERT, ELSA - The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena
55gi: JOUBERT, ELSA - Missionaris
475k: JOUBERT, MARLISE - Oranje Meraai
41jf: JOUBERT, RUDY ; GROENEWALD, B. - Principles for Successful Coaching / Beginsels Viri Suksesvolle Afrigting
430w: JOUBERT, GIDEON - Die Groot Gedagte
47ti: JOURDAN, PHILIP - Cecil Rhodes : His Private Life by His Private Secretary
52qd: JOUSSET, P - La France - Geographie Illustree - 2 Volumes
55sq: JOWELL, PHYLLIS; FOLB, ADRIENNE - Joe Jowell of Namaqualand: The Story of a Modern-Day Pioneer
55cu: JOYCE, PETER - South Africa in the 20th Century: Chronicles of an Era
51h: JOYCE, PETER - The Rise and Fall of Apartheid
40rr: JOYCE, P. W. - An Illustrated History of Ireland
44hz: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
58kx: CLOSE JR, GEORGE HERBERT - The Rose of Rietfontein : A South African Pastoral Romance
48sr: JUDD, DENIS : SURRIDGE, KEITH - The Boer War
50ak: VERNE JULES - The Fur Country or Seventy Degrees North Latitude
56vn: JULLIAN, PHILIPPE - Dreamers of Decadence : Symbolist Painters of the 1890s
42tv: JUNG, CARL G. - La Vie Symbolique ; Psychologie Et Vie Religieuse
41vr: JUNGK, PETER STEPHAN - Shabbat: A Rite of Passage in Jerusalem
47nk: JOHNSON JUNR., ISAAC CHARLES - Sport on the Blue Nile; or, Six Months of a Sportsman's Life in Central Africa
56sb: JUTA, HENRY H - A Selection of Leading Cases for the Use of Students and the Profession Generally - with Notes - 3 Volumes
58rd: JUTA, RENE - The Tavern
56fo: JUTA, JAN - Look out for the Ostriches
4ey: WYLIE, MESSRS. JAS; PATTEN, E; ROBERTSON, W. K. & THORNS, F. W - Hints on Natal Coast Gardening
47ae: CHESTERTON, G. K. & CLERIHEW, E. - Biography for Beginners Being a Collection of Miscellaneous Examples for the Use of Upper Forms
55cr: KADALIE, RHODA - In Your Face: Passionate Conversations About People and Politics
43mb: KADALIE, RHODA - In Your Face: Passionate Conversations About People and Politics
55gc: DE KADT, RAPHAEL ; DEACON, ROGER ; MAXWELL, PATRICK - Theoria : A Journal of Studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, No's 83/84, October 1994
555h: KAESER, H J - Mimff the Story of a Boy Who Was Not Afraid
55et: KAGANOF, ARYAN - Uselessly
52mw: KABALI-KAGWA, PHILIPPA NAMUTEBI - Flame and Song - a Memoir
499g: KAHN, FAYIZA DAWOOD - Sounds of Shadows
4mi: KAIGHIN,BRIAN - A Diary of the Siege of Ladysmith
50uq: KALLA- BISHOP, P.M. - Hungarian Railways (Railway Histories of the World)
420d: KAMFER, DIRK - Die Elfde Uur
418d: KAMFER, DIRK - Die Elfde Uur
47tu: VAN KAMPEN, MANFRED : WENZEL, H. - Die Baureihe 03. 10
58te: LORD ROBERTS OF KANDAHAR - Forty-One Years in India from Subaltern to Commander in Chief
50ey: KANE, HENRY - The Moonlighter
51ux: KANI, JOHN - Nothing But the Truth
42ih: KANNEMEYER, J.C. - Die Dienswillige Dienaar: N Langenhoven-Fotoboek
48qe: KANNEMEYER, J.C. - D.J. Opperman: 'n Biografie (Afrikaans Edition)
575y: KANTOR, MATTIS - Chassidic Insights a Guide for the Entangled
52z: KANTOROWICZ, HERMANN - Der Geist Der Englischen Politik Und Das Gespenst Der Einkreisung Deutschlands
45nm: KAPLAN, MARSHALL HARVEY - Space Shuttle: America's Wings to the Future
41ab: KAPLAN,DR. ALEC - Catalogue of the Coins of South Africa
40jj: KAPLAN, JONATHAN - The Dressing Station: A Surgeon's Odyssey
4ig: KAPP, P. H - Ons Volksfeeste (Die Afrikaner En Sy Kultuur) Deel 3 Only
49ii: KAPP, P H - Dr John Philip : Die Grondlegger Van Liberalisme in Suid-Afrika
43cz: KAPOOR[KAPUR],DARYAI LAL - Call of the Great Master
525k: KARK, LESLIE - The Fire Was Bright
50fx: KARNOVSKY, LINDSAY (ED) - Convenience Cookery - Kingsmead Jubilee 1933 - 1983
58vg: KARRER, OTTO; WYDENBRUCK, N. - St. Francis of Assisi: The Legends and Lauds
48rx: KARRSTROM, E J; KANEL, FRIEDR. VON (TRANS) - Achtzen Jahre in Sudafrika: Erlibnisse Und Abenteuer Eines Schweden IM Goldlande
47et: KARSTEN, CHRIS - Unsolved : No Answers to Heinous South African Crimes
50gi: KARTSOUNIS, VALERIE GAIL - A Case Study of Central Liquors (a Wine Store) Including Wine Selection in a Liquor Outlet and How to Develop the Wine Side of a Retail Outlet (Product Selection)
53us: KARTUN, DEREK - I, Norman Harris
55us: KASTLE, HERBERT D. - Keys to Seven Rooms
537b: KATKOV, NORMAN - A Little Sleep, a Little Slumber
48nn: KATZEN, M - Industry in Greater Durban - Part I Its Growth and Structure (Natal Town and Regional Planning Reports : Volume 3)
48vh: KAUFFMAN, ANDREW J. ;PUTNAM, WILLIAM L. - K2: The 1939 Tragedy: The Full Story of the ILL-Fated Wiessner Expedition
55lx: KAVANAGH, R. ; QANGULE, Z.S. - The Making of a Servant: And Other Poems
40qz: KAYE,M.M. - Trade Wind
4ah: KAYLE, ALLAN - Safe Diving: A Medical Handbook for Scuba Divers
44gb: KAYLE, ALLAN - A Match for Doctor Koekentapp
50gm: KAYSER, RUDOLF - Spinoza : Portrait of a Spiritual Hero
48sl: KEANE, ELTON - Heroes of the Railway; Stories of Railway Rescue
4rf: KEANEY, ANNETTE - Le Lion Et le Sanglier. Deux H„©Ros de la Guerre de Boers, Paul Kruger Et Georges de Villebois-Mareuil
40qv: KEARNEY, YUILLEEN - Rufus the Rhino
57gk: KEATH, MICHAEL - Herbert Baker : Architecture and Idealism, 1892-1913 - the South African Years
57eb: KEAY, JOHN - The Spice Route
54bu: O'KEEFE, BOB - Gold without Glitter
46js: KEEGAN, TIM - Waiting for the Moon
52hk: KEEGAN, TIM - Tromp's Last Stand
56sj: KEEL, JOHN A. - Ufo's Operation Trojan Horse
51bg: KEELER, HARRY STEPHEN - The Iron Ring; a Novel of Suspense
54ff: KEEN, MARY - Creating a Garden
44kk: KEENE, PETER - Octavian's Gift
567z: KEENE, CAROLYN - The Sign of the Twisted Candles
44os: KEITH, ELMER - Sixguns by Keith: The Standard Reference Work
41hg: CLAYTON, KEITH (EDITOR) & CRAVEN, D.H. - Doc Craven's Tribute : The Legends of Springbok Rugby 1889 - 1989
49ee: KELAART, PIERS - Midas
40vb: KELEMEN, LAWRENCE - Permission to Receive: Four Rational Approaches to the Torah's Divine Origin
413m: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Over the Edge
555w: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Over the Edge
57oo: KELLERMAN, T. S. [EDITOR]; COETZER, J. A. W. [EDITOR]; NAUDE, T. W. [EDITOR]; BOTHA, C. J. [EDITOR]; - Plant Poisonings & Mycotoxicoses of Livestock in Southern Africa
54aq: KELLERMAN, JONATHAN - Over the Edge
51el: KELLY, REV. BERNARD - The Lives of the Father's, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints, Vol. 2
55el: KELLY, REV. BERNARD - The Lives of the Father's, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints, Vol. 5
54el: KELLY, REV. BERNARD - The Lives of the Father's, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints, Vol. 3
42qm: KELLY, DAVID ; -BRUESSOW, CARL ; DUDLEY, CORNELL ; HALL-MARTIN, A. ; MHANGO, T. ; MKANDAWIRE, O. ; TWEEDLE, D. - Aah--But Those Elephants: David Kelly Paints Liwonde
53el: KELLY, REV. BERNARD - The Lives of the Father's, Martyrs and Other Principal Saints, Vol. 1
58ow: KEMP, E.E. - Cacti and Succulents - Haage- - a Practical Handbook with 900 Illustrations
50km: KEMP, J. C. G. - Vir Vryheid En Vir Reg
41sl: KEMPSTER, M. H. A. - Principles of Jig & Tool Design
433h: SMITH, KEN & NOTHLING, F J - North of the Limpopo Africa Since 1800
590w: HUDDLE, KEN & DUBB, ASHER - Baragwanath Hospital 50 Years a Medical Miscellany
46be: KENDAL, KATHERINE [EDITOR] - Collins' Modern Girls Annual
57ny: MCDONALD, KENDALL & TODD, MALCOM - The Inflatable Boat Book
45op: KENDALL, ALAN - The Life of Beethoven
431u: KENDALL, FRANCES - The Sexy Factor
51oq: KENISTON, BILLY - Choosing to Be Free: The Life Story of Rick Turner
58bl: KENNAUGH, ROBERT CHARLES - Contemporary Murder
423x: CLARK-KENNEDY, A E - How to Learn Medicine
40rd: KENNEDY, ANDREW - The Boys in the Bush: The Reverend Toop with the Sounds of Beethoven in the Bush Music Appreciation Society
41id: KENNEDY, LUDOVIC - A Presumption of Innocence: Amazing Case of Patrick Meehan
55sk: KENNEDY, W. P. M.; SCHLOSBERG, H. J. - The Law and Custom of the South African Constitution
46ed: KENNEDY, MARGARET - Red Sky at Morning
42tc: KENNELL, RUTH EPPERSON - The Secret Farmyard
45id: BALL, KENNETH AND PLUMMER, JOHN - Datsun 140j, 160j, 710 1973-76
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46pz: LOOTS, DEBBIE - Split (Afrikaans Edition)
53bw: LOOTS, SONJA - Sirkus Boere
53fy: LOOTS, STEVEN - Transformational Discipleship - Fifteen Life Changing Disciplines of a Disciple of Jesus
46uc: VAN LOOY, JAC.; BUNING, TJ.; STRYDOM, S. - Jac. Van Looy 'n Keur Uit Sy Prosa
58us: LORAINE, PHILIP - The Break in the Circle
4vi: LORCH, NETANEL - The Edge of the Sword : Israel's War of Independence
52qs: LORD, W B; BAINES, T - Shifts and Expedients of Camp Life, Travel & Exploration
53ut: LORIMER, E.K. - Panorama of Port Elizabeth
55dx: LOTZ, SARAH - Pompidou Posse
50ef: LOUETTE, MICHEL : HASSON, MICHEL - Birds of Katanga
40j: BABROW, LOUIS & STENT, R K - The Varsity Spirit
43do: LOUVISH, SIMON - City of Blok
51ty: LOUW, VERNON - Kersfees Sonder 'n Boom: Die Geboorte Van Jesus
47nh: LOUW, RAYMOND (EDITOR OF THE RAND DAILY MAIL - Smith & Abbot's Greatest Hits
43ss: LOUW, ANNA M. - Die Voortreflike Familie Smit
46fj: LOUW, JULIET MARAIS - When Johannesburg and I Were Young
52kc: LOUW,W.E.G. - Onvoltooide Kalender (Essays)
43dl: LOUW, A.F. - Na Nyasaland : Maar Nie Met Die Ossewa
41qn: LOUW, ANNA M - Die Loop Van Die Rivier
57px: LOUW, JULIET MARAIS - Selected Poems
45lb: LOUW, H.J. - Perel Van Die Paarl
46qe: LOUW , ANNA M - Vos
48hi: LOUW, JULIET MARAIS - When Johannesburg and I Were Young
55tj: LOUW, JULIET MARAIS - Wagon-Tracks and Orchards: Early Days in Sandton (Pictura Africana)
57ug: VAN WYK LOUW, N.P. - Maskers Van Die Erns
477i: VAN WYK LOUW, N P - Vernuwing in Die Prosa
52pz: LOUW, PETER - Oorwin Hhhakkel (Afrikaans Edition)
478i: VAN WYK LOUW, N P - Maskers Van Die Erns
42fr: LOUW, ANNA M. - Die Loop Van Die Rivier
42ht: LOUW, GEORGE - N Skip Is Ons Beloof
45kr: LOUW, GEORGE - Kraai
4jv: LOUWRENS, NICKIE - Bait Is the Secret : Angling Guide
56lp: LOVEDAY, AURTHUR. F. - Three Stages of History in Rhodesia: (Bauntu Invasion of Rhodesia and the History of Zimbabwe Father Goncalo Da Silveira and the Monomotapas Frederick Courtney Selous the Greatest of Hunters)
46op: LOVEGROVE, RICHARD : ORWIG, TOM - The Fbi : Federal Bureau of Investigation
544j: LOVESEY, PETER - Keystone
445n: LOVESEY, PETER - Keystone
41uh: LOVESEY, PETER - The Detective Wore Silk Drawers
441z: LOVETT, JOHN - Contact Rhodesia at War
cenh: LOW, ROSEMARY - Parrots in Aviculture: A Photo Reference Guide
56z: LOW, J G - 250 Practical Hints for the Homemaker
57km: LOW, DAVID - Years of Wrath ( a Cartoon of History 1932-1945)
46ok: LOW, DAVID ALLAN - Heat Engines
45tp: LOWDERMILK, WALTER CLAY - Palestine: Land of Promise
519z: LOWE, JONQUIL - Downshift
515w: MORNA, COLLEEN LOWE ET AL - Net Gains African Women Take Stock of Information and Communication Technologies
49sa: LOWE, ROBSON - Kaffraria 1846-1858 Based on the Letters of Colour Sergeant Thomas Golding Serving with the Royal Warwicks & Later the Cape Mounted Regiment of Riflemen
58tt: BASSETT-LOWKE, W.J. - Model Railway Handbook 8th Edition
46sz: LOWRY, DONOVAN - 20 Years in the Labour Movement: The Urban Training Project and Change in South Africa 1971-1991
44gr: LOWSON, JANE KLENCKE - Long Haired Dachshunds South Africa
50nz: LOWTH, ALYS - South Africa Calling
50rz: LOWTHER, H.C. - From Pillar to Post
45m: LADY LOWTHER - Land of the Gold Mohur
57ps: ROOIBOS LTD - A Touch of Rooibos: Over 100 Delicious Recipes from 14 of South Africa's Leading Chefs
46ku: LUARD, NICHOLAS - The Last Wilderness: Journey Across the Great Kalahari Desert
480a: LUBBE, TREVOR - Psycho-Analytic Psychotherapy in South Africa Vol. 10 No 2, 2002
43vj: LUBBE, ALETTA - 'n Vrou in Elke Blom
42na: LUBBOCK, BASIL - The Colonial Clippers

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