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49rj: - African Wildlife Afrika-Natuurlewe: Volume 46, No. 1 Only, January/February 1992
49rn: - Rehabilitation in S.A. / Rehabilitasie in S.A. : June 1961. Vol. 5 No. 2
49rs: - Topographical Map, South Africa: Langvlei - 3319dc - 1: 50 000
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gn99: - The Digging Stick Volume 7, No1 April 1990
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45hv: - Bishop Bavin School, St. Georges - 2002
45iv: - Hugenote-Vereniging Van Suid-Afrika: Huguenot Society of South Africa, Bulletin No. 3 (1965)
45jo: - Taming a River Giant: The Story of South Africa's Orange River Project
45km: - The Casquet of Germs: Choice Selections from the Poets
45kv: - The Story of the South African Brigade
he5: - Boksburg
he7: - The Hiltonian No. 109 March
he80: - P. P Van Kalmthout 1925 - 12 April - 1950
hi7: - Today's News Today; the Story of the Argus Company
hi1: - Scope February 1 1974 (Magazine)
hr62: - The Parktown and Westcliff Urban Walk
hs2: - Bethal 1880 - 1980 Eeufees Gedenkalbum
bm30: - Association of Mine Managers of South Africa Papers and Discussions 1958 - 1959
bm38: - Selections from the Great Historians
25kh: - The Centre for Deaf Studies : Celebrating 15 Years. 1998 - 2013 (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)
13ba: - Winged Words: Our Airmen Speak for Themselves
13bf: - Bothalia Vol. 14 No. 3 &Amp; 4 September 1983
13d: - Namibia : Land Der Kontraste
13fm: - The Antiquarian Horology Vol. XXI No. 1 Autumn 1993
13hx: - Moskva 850 Let (English Edition) "Moscow 850th Anniversary" Jubilee Edition. Volume 2 Only
13id: - Crag Climbing Around Durban
13im: - Valuable Printed Books - Natural History and Travel from the Library of J Hamilton Russell Esq Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Sotheby Parke Bernet South Africa (Pty) Ltd - on Tuesday, 29th January, 1980 at 8. 00 Pm at the Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town
13io: - The Humewood Oven
5oh: - Hunger Signs in Crops : A Symposium
5op: - Maintenance Manual and Instruction Book for the Mg One and a Quarter Litre (Series Y)
5ou: - Redwing 1989
5pi: - Diana for Girls
5pj: - Party Time in Royal Rhyme
fo20: - Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics Powerplant Handbook
500p: - Observatory East School Recipe Book
i445: - Important South African, British and Continental Paintings, Watercolours, Sculpture and Prints Johannesburg Monday 8 May 2000
i293: - Hwange: Elephant Country Zimbabwe
k331: - The Chaser Annual 2002 the War on Terror
k325: - Vleissentraal 1932 - 1982 50 Jaar Van Vooruitgang
yf86: - Wallace Collection Catalogues; Pictures &Amp; Drawings
bf56: - Wisden's Almanack for 1896
aklb: - Masterpieces of Spanish Painting (from El Greco to Goya)
aklm: - Capri Series 1600 &Amp; 1600 Gt with Specifications, Repair and Maintenance Data [Scientific Publications' Workshop Manual Series No. 82]
akmi: - Moregloed Baptist Women's Association Recipe Book
bfbg: - Meteorological Handbook for Pilots and Navigators
aipc: - Notes on Building Construction Part 2 Only
apgy: - The in-Affair of the Year Vol. 1 Only
ru85: - Questions on Banking Practice in South Africa
cggm: - Republic of South Africa - Joint Sittings of Both Houses of Parliament : First Session - First Parliament : 14 to 15 November 1994
24fo: - St David's Marist Inanda Yearbook 2007
313f: - Libertas Volume 5 No 11 October 1945
314f: - Libertas Volume7 No 7 July, 1947
93nr: - Cape of Good Hope: Correspondence with the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope Relative to the State of the Kafir Tribes on the Eastern Frontier of the Colony - Presented to Both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty
acxn: - South African Painting and Sculpture Catalogue
78rj: - Fauna & Flora : No. 35 Only, January 1979
790j: - The Frog Princess
okff: - Union List of South African Newspapers No. 3 November 1949
uw42: - Foreign Birds Vol. 40 No. 2 April/May/June 1974
uw43: - Foreign Birds Vol. 31 No. 2 March/April 1965
aytn: - Everyone's World of Animals - Blue Cross Annual
bg70: - The Motor Road Tests 1962 Series
bg86: - International Company Orders for Young People for the Year 1908
bg87: - My Car Stories of Devotion &Amp; Obsession
bg90: - Wisden's Almanack for 1897
bmsq: - The Creel : Natal Fly Fishers Club 1972 - 1983
72le: - Iris: Photo & Cine , 1973 No. 1
72lk: - Life at the Cape a Hundred Years Ago - by a Lady
60qc: - Jewish Affairs Volume 22. January - December 1967
60qg: - South African Sailing Directions Volume 2. : The Coasts of South West Africa and the Republic of South Africa from the Kunene River to Cape Hangklip
60qz: - Liber Amicorum Pro A.A. Balkema (Afrikaans Edition)
60rn: - Thumbs Up! Mg Car Club, Johannesburg Centre : July 1994
cfnv: - Rotary - Fifty Years of Service 1905-1955
39fp: - Opleidingshandboek Vir Loodgieters
aqyj: - A Description of Ordnance Survey Large Scale Plans
1qy: - Ingram Place : A Novel by a Cape Colonist. Volume 2 Only
1216j: - Deed of Settlement of the Union Bank
91sz: - Performing Arts in South Africa : Cultural Aspirations of a Young Country
c383j: - Correspondence with the Governor of the Cape of Good Hope Relative to the State of the Kafir Tribed, and to the Recent Outbreak on the Eastern Frontier of the Colony
gz10: - Work Wonders with Bananas
gz56: - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 1925- 1950
yh16: - Memorable Occasions
yg79: - The Year Book of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa 1968
yg81: - Pont
oohd: - The Poinsettia Library of Christmas Handicrafts 2 Vols
fy93: - Austin 1800 Driver's Handbook
ajhq: - Haggada for Pesach ''Am Yisrael Chai
6outj: - The Schroeder Art Memento
6outk: - Cape Town Pictures: A Collection of Fifteen Photographic Views
89gr: - England Expects. ' : Clear Thinking and Plain-Speaking in War
rf79: - Flying High- Reflections of the Past Twenty-Five Years St. Mary's Diocesan School for Girls 1879- 2004
49jf: - The Royal Hostess : South Africa's Own Cook Book
49ku: - Orchids South Africa 2000
ofqu: - Sangbundel Saw / Song Book Sadf
occq: - English - Sotho Sotho - English Pocket Dictionary
nv15: - The Jews of South Africa
nv31: - Contemporary Lighting
nv33: - Our Art 2
nv34: - Ons Kuns 2
nv42: - Mandy (Magazine) November 1970
nv43: - Mandy (Magazine) December 1970
nv44: - Mandy (Magazine) October 1970
nv45: - Mandy (Magazine) May 1970
nv46: - Mandy (Magazine) September 1970
nv47: - Mandy (Magazine) June 1970
nv48: - Mandy (Magazine) July 1970
nw51: - Funk and Wagnalls Practical &Amp;#34;Standard&Amp;#34; Dictionary of the English Language Volume One a to K
nw52: - Birds of the Kruger &Amp; Other National Parks 4 Vols
nw63: - Classic Katalog 33 Und 45 Rpm 1964 / 65
ooye: - The Initiate in the Dark Cycle
op31: - Art Directors' Index to Photographers No 11
op58: - Mah-Jongg Etwas Von Seinem Ursprung Und Wie Man Es Spielt
op88: - Omnibus Russische Liefdesverhalen
opab: - Mark Ritual No. 1
opae: - Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and Its Districts and Lodges Overseas - Constitutions and Regulations for the Government of the Order of Mark Master Masons and the Degree of Royal Ark Mariner : Year Book 1982-83
opaq: - Parallel Language
466f: - Victoria and Alfred Museum a Second Christmas Picture Book
86je: - Ons Vier Fees
opsv: - Ordinances Enacted by the Legislative Council of the Cape of Good Hope. Vol. IV. ; 1845-1847
zh96: - Legacy of Love
ed66: - South African Radio League East London Feedback Volume 31 No 4
2254j: - Company Law Service (6-10)
4wh: - Copper for Bus-Bars
bsny: - The New Testament / Die Nuwe Testament
27it: - Grahamstown Historical Society : Annals 1977 Vol. 2 No. 3
30bx: - Oud-Leerlinge Van Die Afrikaanse Hoerseunskool
bx44: - The Break-Up Effects and Consequences on the Two Rhodesias Presented to the Federal Assembly on 26th June, 1963 by the Prime Minister
bx45: - Towns of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
bx56: - An Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1968
bx80: - &Amp;#34;Die Waarheid Sal Julle Vrymaak&Amp;#34;
bxaw: - Wild Company
27sk: - Americana Catalogue: Important Furniture, American Historical Prints and Chinese Export Porcelain, Sale Number 3522, May 16, 18 & 19, 1973 (Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc. )
27tq: - Ceremonies of the Founding Church of Scientology
27tr: - Soldier of Fortune. 4 Volumes. (May, July, September & November 1978)
27qy: - Quarterly Bulletin of the National Library of South Africa Vol. 54 No. 2. December 1999
27rg: - Practical Theology Iiib ; Reader for Ptb301-9 / Praktiese Teologir Iiib. (Volume 2 Only)
27rk: - Transvaal Colony Proclamations from 1900-1902 (Revised to 30th September 1902)
27rn: - Veld & Flora. Vol. 73 No. 1 to 3
27sa: - Archives Des Decouvertes Et Des Inventions Nouvelles
27si: - Christian Novels: 33 Issues from 1952
27sj: - Orders and Medals, the Journal of the Orders and Medals Research Society : Volume 30, No. 1 to 4. 1983
btum: - The Architect - Your South African Home Designer
bsjg: - Glimpses of History / Kykies in Die Verlede 1964 : Port Elizabeth
bvrf: - Stad En Stedelig
bvrt: - Floral Poesy : A Book for All Seasons - with Original Illustrations Printed in Colours by Terry.
rj9: - Sing a Song of Sixpence and Other Nursery Rhymes
rj91: - Andersen's Fairy Tales
rk32: - Boy's Own Sea Stories
bspj: - The Fragrance Foundation Reference Guide
bved: - Jack & Jill Book
bveh: - A Book for Girls
bvfc: - In the Common Interest : The Story of the Transvaal and Orange Free State Chamber of Mines (Prd Series No 94)
bvgh: - The Christian Citizen in a Multi-Racial Society - a Report of the Rosettenville Conference July 1949
bvko: - A List of Publications in Humanities, Law, Science and Agriculture 1946-1952 by Members of the Academic Staff
bvlj: - The Phil May Folio of Caricature Drawings and . . Sketches in Line Block... Half-Tone and Photogravure with a Biography
bsps: - 'n Halfeeu Van Afrikaner-Prestasie 1900-1950
bunw: - Programme : Tosca - Opera, State Theatre / Staatsteater Pretoria, 15, 19, 21, 23, 26, 29 August/ Augustus 1996
30ah: - The South African Stamp Colour Catalogue 1991
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bunv: - Programme : Madama Butterfly - Opera, State Theatre / Staatsteater, Pretoria - 2, 5, 8, 11, 13 & 16 March / Maart 1996
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buiz: - The Allied Book of Sa Sport and Sports Records 1988-89
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27nw: - Internal Combustion Engines : Illustrated
27nx: - Highroads of Literature : Book III - the Morning Star (the Royal School Series)
27oe: - The Howard Family History
27mu: - Instruction Book for the Siddeley Cheetah IX Aircraft Engines
27mx: - Freedom in a Society Like Ours : Address by: Rev C F Beyeres Naude - University of Cape Town Day of Affirmation of Academic and Human Freedom Ceremony - 1st June, 1967
27mz: - Rolls-Royce Conversion Tables: Factors, Basic Units and Definitions
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272d: - Achievement How Johannesburg Has Contributed to a Decade of Soaring Growth in South Africa - Bilingual Text
us78: - The Wise Young Person's Guide to Headspace Magic
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878e: - Off the Shelf the All-in-One Recipe Book for Shoppers
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xa71: - Vat Vlam Repteboek
xa72: - Preliminary Wine Course
xa73: - Cape Town. Your City
xa74: - Kelly's Customs Tariffs of the World
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xa63: - Headline 1973
xa64: - Robin Annual
xa65: - Rules &Amp; Regulations for the Construction &Amp; Classification of Steel Vessels[ Scantlings in Metric Units]
xa66: - Suid-Afrikaanse Verdediging; South African Defence
xa67: - Denys Hobson Benefit Year 1984/5
xa68: - Denys Hobson Benefit Year 1984/5
osri: - British Bookbinding Today
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84vy: - Opulent Living Southern Africa + Indian Ocean Islands. Issue No. 6
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49vp: - Useful Technical Data [African Explosives & Chemical Industries]
4ab: - South Africa 1982
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50oo: - The Mineral Resources of the Union of South Africa
50ou: - Supera Moras: Wynberg Boys' High 2005 + Junior School at Rear
50qc: - Jewish Affairs Volume 17. January - December 1962
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50rj: - African Wildlife Afrika-Natuurlewe: Volume 44, No. 1 Only, January/February 1990
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eo71: - Driveways, Patios and Garden Walls
f202: - Gray Mist
f871: - South African Transport Services Pictorial Review 1910-1985
f948: - Kunsthistorisches Museum: Guide to the Collections
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fa6: - Rhodesiana Reprint Library Gold Series. Volumes 1-36 Complete.
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fa68: - The Wonder Book of the Navy
fg80: - The Tales of D.H. Lawrence
fg73: - Vegetarian Recipes Compiled without the Use of Flesh, Fish or Eggs Volume II
fl48: - Ladies' Home Journal ; January
fl49: - Ladies' Home Journal ; December
fl51: - Mccall's ;November
fl53: - Illustrated Life Vol 1 No. 22 January
fl54: - Illustrated Life Vol 1 No. 16 October
fl57: - Illustrated Life Vol 1 No. 24 January
fl58: - Illustrated Life Vol 1 No. 26 March
fl75: - Rand Daily Mail July1969 Armstrong Walks
fl76: - Rand Daily Mail July 1969 Gee, You Look Great - Nixon
fl78: - Sunday Times August 1969 Footprints on Moon - They Will Never Fade in Dust of Time
fl79: - Rand Daily Mail February1952 the World Mourns King George VI
fl81: - Rand Daily Mail September1952 Fighting Flares Up for Fateful Hill in Korea
fl82: - Rand Daily Mail September1950 World Mourns General Smuts
fl83: - Rand Daily Mail July1969 Perfect Blast - Off As Apollonauts Quit Moon
fl84: - The Star April 1960 Prime Minister Shot, Verwoed
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fl90: - Sunday Times September 1944 Siegfried Line Broken
fl91: - Rand Daily Mail September1939 Big British Liner Torpedoed and Sunk
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ft61: - Strange Tales of Peril and Adventure
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4tf: - Winifred 's Economical Recipes. Feed 5 for R1. 95
4ti: - Tea
4tx: - Collegiate's Sweet Sensations
4uv: - Viagem Presidencial a Mocambique;Reportagem Fotografica Registando a Passagem de Sua Excelencia O Presidente Da Republica General Francisco Higino Craveiro Lopes, Pelas Diversas
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h228: - Cottbuser Strassenbahn 75 Jahre
h25: - The Ancient Tradition of Do-in 1 Sa Tradition Ancestrale
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72sz: - About Combiners
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72te: - The Navy List, Spring 1964
72uj: - The Old Edwardian Society
72vt: - Johannesburg As It Is 1886 - 1986
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734d: - Mayibuye : March 1992, Volume 3 ,No 2
735d: - Mayibuye : November 1991, Volume 2 ,No 10
735q: - Puisano Ea Sesotho le Senyesemane Suto - English Phrase-Book
91rx: - Fiat 1400b. Instruction Book
91rz: - Instant Photography
85fl: - Pieces of Time : Antique and Precision Watches and Clocks : July 1993, Catalogue Number 27
83vj: - Durban
98cl: - Association of Mine Managers of South Africa: Papers and Discussions 1954-1955
td92: - Die Roos Van Radyn
980u: - The Queen's Book of the Red Cross
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xl79: - A Guide to South African Sport
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gn70: - Landbounuus Agricultural News Jan 1987 No3
37wh: - Rain Makers and Pot Stirrers : Your Guide to the 100 Most Influential People in Africa's Mining Industry
2vs: - Die Mauer : Fakten . Bilder Schicksale
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cayz: - Supersonic Annual 1977: The Greatest Ever Pop Annual!
10qg: - Over 15 ; the Approved Scheme of Training for the Older Boy
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5rz: - The Champion : Volume 47 No. 1218 ; 1220 ; 1222 ; Volume 48 No. 1229 ; 1233 ; 1239 ; 1248
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92bt: - A History of the Commercial Exchange of Southern Africa 1905 - 1955
86np: - Italy 1990: England / Scotland - the Esso World Cup Coin Collection
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ye4: - The Salvation Army Tune Book for Congregational Singing
bukp: - British Military Biography: Comprising the Lives of the Most Distinguished Commanders from Alfred to Wellington: Connected by an Outline of the Military History of England from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
80h: - Monster Book for Boys
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80ec: - The Book of Good Needlework
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80rw: - The National Diet of Japan , House of Councillors
80rx: - Topographical Map 2917 Aa Kammarivier 1: 50 K
80tf: - 8 Dvd Collector's Edition; the World's Greatest Railway Journeys Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia
80ti: - Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 & Regulations and Related Material
80tr: - Fort Durnford Museum: Estcourt and the Old Fort / Estcourt En Die Ou Fort
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80uo: - Gedenk Blad
80uy: - Libertas [the Official Pretoria Residence of the State President of South Africa]
80uz: - Die Lewende Bybel
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omdw: SMITH & ABBOT'S - Smith &Amp; Abbot's Greatest Hits
fo82: ABBOTT, DAVID - The Sons
39nz: ABBOTT, J.H.M. - Plain and Veldt: Being Studies, Stories and Sketches of My Own People in Peace and at War
81lv: ABBOTT, W. : MILLAR. W. - Building Drawing with Notes on Building Construction. A Complete First Year's Course
fh156j: ABBOTT, N. JOAN [EDITOR]; WILLIAMSON, RODDY [EDITOR]; MADDOCK, LINDA [EDITOR]; - Cephalopod Neurobiology: Neuroscience Studies in Squid, Octopus, and Cuttlefish (Oxford Science Publications)
7hx: ABBOTT, J.H.M. - Tommy Cornstalk
oapr: ABBOTT, DAVID - The Sons
zl76: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - The Puritan Captain ; or, the Story of Miles Standish
amdb: ABBOTT, EDITH A. - Rainbow on the River
bkuu: ABBOTT, SIDNEY : LOVE, BARBARA - Sappho Was a Right-on Woman
cbcb: ABBOTT, W. - Machine Drawing and Design: A Textbook of Intermediate Standard for Engineering Students
2ut: ABBOTT, TONY - Jewels of Mtamvuna
u263: ABBOTT, GEOFFREY - The Book of Execution
48th: ABBOTT, P. E - Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1855-1909: (Being a List, with Other Details, of All Those Who Received the Medal Before the Outbreak of the First World War)
107a: ABBOTT, MARGERY POST; WILHELM, CAROLYN - A Certain Kind of Perfection: An Anthology of Evangelical and Liberal Quaker Writers
ocyn: ABBOTT, DAVID - The Sons
886z: ABBOTT, W - Machine Drawing and Design
kz7: ABBOTT, W. - Machine Drawing &Amp; Design
kz72: ABBOTT, EDITH A. - Rainbow on the River
fv49: ABBOTT, JOSEPH S C - The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte
55bj: ABBOTT, DAVID - The Sons
oavq: ABBOTT, ROBERT - Abbott's New Card Games
6ovch: ABBOTT, TONY - Jewels of Mtamvuna
yf69: ABBOTT, R. L. - Astrology at-a-Glance
cema: ABBOTT, CLARE; HENNING, STEPHEN - Southern African Butterflies
vx5: ABBOTT, DAVID - The Sons- a Novel
vn4: ABBOTT, JUSTIN E. - The Life of Eknath
6pkli: ABBOTT, W - Technical Drawing: A Complete Course in Three Parts
695z: ABBOTT, DAVID - The Sons
6ovnt: ABBOTT, ELIZABETH - Sugar: A Bittersweet History
awlq: ABBOTT, DAVID - The Sons: A Novel
5se: ABBOTT, J H M - Plain and Veldt - Being Studies, Stories and Sketches of My Own People, in Peace and at War (Methuen's Colonial Library)
x998: ABBOTT, EDITH A - Rainbow on the River
rj52: ABBOTT, CLARE;HENNING, STEPHEN - Southern African Butterflies
77ne: ABBOTT, J.H.M. - Plain and Veldt : Being Studies, Stories and Sketches of My Own People, in Peace and at War
56nf: ABBOTT, J.H.M. - Tommy Cornstalk : Being Some Account of the Less Notable Features of the South African War from the Point of View of the Australian Ranks
arov: ABBS, AKOSUA - Ashanti Boy
s502: ABBS, P - English Within the Arts
tp48: ABDENNOUR, SAMIA - Egyptian Cooking: A Practical Guide
buae: ABDENNOUR, SAMIA - Egyptian Cooking a Practical Guide
79ma: ABDULLAH, MAHBOB - Planters Tales: A Plantation Managers Stories
tl74: ABDULLAH, ACHMED - The Thief of Bagdad

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