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548t: - Dizionario Enciclopedico Scientifico E Tecnico Ingles-Italiano Italiano-Inglese Edizione Facsimile Ridotta Fotograficamente
4ct: - The Pageant of the Century
40nk: - New Anglia and Prefect (1959 Onwards) Service Manual : Issued by Service Department Car and Truck Export Division
40mv: - International Automobile Parade / Internationale Autobil-Parade / Parade Internationale D'Automobiles - Vol IV
43bb: - Standard Regulations for the Wiring of Premises
43bd: - South African Journal of Botany 3 Issues 1988
436j: - Learner's English-Zulu Dictionary
437t: - The First Hundred Years Boksburg
54pn: - Hong Kong Trees Vol 1-2
49p: - Removals and the Law a Transcript of a Workshop Held in Grahamstown July 1982
47ii: - Klein Sannie (Lekkerlees-Reeks)
53pv: - The Diamond Years : 1931- 2006 , the Mountain Club of South Africa Johannesburg Section
53pr: - Aesop's Fables with Bright Colored Pages - an Australian Production, No 82
42kp: - Viva L' Italia : Catalogo Di Fotografie Con Testo / Viva L'Italia - a Catalogue of Photographs with Text
41vg: - St. Petersburg's Jewish Community ; Three Centuries of History. To Mark Theh Occasion of St. Petersburg's Terentenary
41nl: - Chevrolet: Operation and Care
46oe: - Jaarboek: Uniwersiteit Van Stellenbosch
55ro: - Tretchikoff Print - Signed: Woman of the Ndebele
53sl: - The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan : Volume 1, the Way of Llumination ; the Ineer Life ; the Soul, Whence and Whither? ; the Purpose of Life
42qu: - Sa Rugby Year Book-Jaarboek 1971: French/ Pumas/ Queens Tour - Franse/ Poema/ Queens Toer - National Souvenir Programme/ Nasionale Soewenir-Program
52bq: - Reach ; Jewish Helping Hands in South Africa
52bv: - Recipe Book
52bx: - Mauritius: Ten Years After Independence
56kx: - Knowledge : An Illustrated Magazine of Science, Literature & Art - Volume XIX, January to December. 1896
57io: - Assumption Covent School 2013
53bf: - VI. Jean Vauquer, Livre de Fleurs Propres Pour Orfevres Et Graveurs Blois (Vers 1680).
54nw: - Ashrae Handbook 1995 Hvac Applications (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Si Edition
496j: - Diaries of the Jesuit Missionaries at Blawayo 1879 - 1881
45rs: - Topographical Map, South Africa: Kaapstad/ Cape Town - 3318cd - 1: 50 000
46ew: - Steel in South Africa 1928 - 1953
48tt: - Government Gazette / Staatskoerant, No. 6704. Vol. 414. No. 20763. 30 December 1999. 2 Volumes, Part 1 & 2.
411t: MCINERY T A - The Private Man
55oq: HELLIER, SA.B , M.A & STEERE, EDWARD - A Handbook of the Swahili Language As Spoken at Zanzibar
55jg: PECK. A.J.A. - Agora
55uz: NTOMBELA, T.E. ; NXUMALO, M.M.T.; NQEKETHO, A.A.; ET AL - Singadlala Abantu
499q: LE ROUX, A & SCHELPE E A C L E - Namaqualand and Clanwilliam South African Wild Flower Guide 1
49jo: ROBERTS. R.A. - The Fight for the Ashes 1961
45ux: HOLMES A, COURT, ETHNEE - Undaunted: An Autobiography
462g: VAN DER WALT, A ET AL - Marketing Management
47ts: GINSBERG A - South Africa's Future
50is: LOUW, J.A. AND JUBASE, J.B. - Handboek Van Xhosa
44pl: DE KLERK. W.A. - Die Soekende Mens - Twee Verhale Uit One Tyd
573v: DIEMONT, M A & MARAIS, R M - The Law of Hire-Purchase in South Africa
42jo: NAUDE J.A. - Journal for Islamic Studies ( Tydskrif Vir Islamkunde)
42ix: VAN AARDE, RUDI J ; GULDEMOND, ROBERT AR - Dune Forest Restoration : 2012 a Visual Journey
553t: ABANI, CHRIS - Grace Land
55na: ABBEY, STATON - The Ford Eight and Anglia Handbook - a Complete Guide for Owners and Prospective Purchasers (Cover Models from 1933 to 1948)
42nd: ABBEY, STATON - Book of the Morris Oxford and Cowley : A Practical Handbook Covering All Post-War Models to 1958 Including the Traveller
48th: ABBOTT, P. E - Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1855-1909: (Being a List, with Other Details, of All Those Who Received the Medal Before the Outbreak of the First World War)
55bj: ABBOTT, DAVID - The Sons
56nf: ABBOTT, J.H.M. - Tommy Cornstalk : Being Some Account of the Less Notable Features of the South African War from the Point of View of the Australian Ranks
6phyh: ABDULLAH, ASMA - Going Glocal: Cultural Dimensions in Malaysian Management
52kk: VON ABELE, RUDOLPH - The Vigil of Emmeline Gore
44ry: ABERCROMBIE, H.R. (ED.) - White Africa. Volume 1 No. 21 & 22 (2 Issues)
53st: ABHEDANANDA, SWAMI - Yoga : Its Theory and Practice
40on: WOODS, ABIGAIL & BRESALIER, MICHAEL & CASSIDY, ANGELA & MASON DENTINGER, RACHEL - Animals and the Shaping of Modern Medicine: One Health and Its Histories (Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in Modern History)
48jz: ABRAHAM, PEARL - American Taliban, a Novel (Advance Uncorrected Proof) (Advanced Reader Copy)
49pl: ABRAHAMS, GERALD - The Handbook of Chess - for Beginners and Practiced Players
44di: ABRAMSZ, S - Veertien Dagen Op Een Ijsschots
45ts: ACHEBE, CHINUA - There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra
57so: ACHTZEHN, H. G. O - Zinkwazi Beach and Surrounding Area, Natal North Coast: History, Personalities, Developments
55jo: ACKERMAN, BERNA - Met 'n Ompad
41cm: ACKERMAN, RAYMOND : PRICHARD, DENISE - The Four Legs of the Table
562g: ACKERMAN, BERNA - Met 'n Ompad
51ij: ACKERMANN, MANIE - Die Stille Epidemie - the Silent Epidemic
50tx: ACKROYD, PETER - Chatterton
57uw: ADAIR, IAN - Conjuring As a Craft;
58hq: ADAIR, CECIL - Under the Incense Trees
51ai: ADAM, J. - Platonis Crito
40my: ADAM, BEKI - Ferrari V8: From 308 to F40
42sz: ADAM, E. ; VON HAUFF, M. ; JOHN, MAREI [EDITORS] - Social Protection in Southeast & East Asia
45v: ADAMA, HILDA M - Jingle Jangle a Book of Activity Rhymes
51ju: ADAMS, ANN (ED) - Feminist Africa 16: African Feminist Engagements with Film (Issue 16)
51hf: ADAMS, ERNEST - The Elements of the English Language
52jy: ADAMS, G.C. - History of Barwon Heads Golf Club
4qy: ADAMS, H.C. - Perils in the Transvaal
45dt: ADAMS, HENRY C. - Waterworks for Urban and Rural Districts
45iw: ADAMS, PAN - Letters for Raymond
52hq: ADAMS, PAM - Letters from Raymond: A Love Story That Reaches Beyond the Grave
46ud: ADAMS, JAMES - The Unnatural Alliance
446y: ADAMS, KATHERINE - Couturier Dreams
573a: ADAMS, PERSEUS - The Land at My Door
49dc: ADAMSON, JOY - In Vryheid Gebore, Born Free : Die Verhaal Van Elsa Die Leeuwyfie
53pn: ADAMSON, VAL - Agfa's Textured Lives: An Exhibition of Photographs
71vr: ADAMSON, JOY - Forever Free ; Elsa's Pride
58og: ADCOCK, IAN - Project Phoenix: Birth of the Mgf
57eq: ADDIS, B.J. : BEKKER, L.C. - Concrete Dictionary / Betonwoordeboek
43ph: ADDISON, CORBEN - The Garden of Burning Sand
48gf: ADELHELM, MICHELLE - Woman's Value Quiche and Pizza
42te: ADEY, DAVID (EDITOR) - Progressio. 10: 1 (1988) Anniversary Issue
54fk: ADEY, DAVID ; BEETON, RIDLEY ; CHAPMAN, MICHAEL - Companion to South African English Literature
58tj: GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa - Last Stronghold of Steam
45cr: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA - Typhoid or Enteric Fever; Its Cause, Spread &Amp; Prevention in South Africa
52kd: AFRIKA, TATAMKHULU - Tightrope: Four Novellas (Mayibuye History and Literature Series)
50hu: AGRICOLA - Description of the Barossa Range and Its Neighbourhood in South Australia - Illustrated with Maps and Coloured Plates, from Original Drawings Made on the Spot [Facsimile Reprint]
577n: AHRENS, F W - From Bench to Bench
40vo: AIKEN, LISA - Tuning in
58cu: AIKEN, BRUCE - Night Stalk; the Story of a Kruger Pride
416a: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON - The Flitch of Bacon
52km: AITTON, D. - Geschiedenis Van Zuid-Afrika Met Een Inleiding over de Algemeene Geschiedanis Voor de Scholen in de Zuid-Afrikaansche Republieken
51fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 1 Number 4 October/November 1990
44fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 2 Number 5 December 1992/January 1993
45fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 2 Number 7 April/May 1993
58fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 2 Number 4 October/November 1992
50fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 2 Number 3 August/September 1992
48fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 1 Number 3 August/September 1990
56fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 2 Number 1 April/May 1992
53fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 2 Number 6 February/March 1993
52fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 1 Number 1 April/May 1990
55fl: AKED, CHARLES - The Clockmaker Vol. 1 Number 7 April/May 1991
48lz: AKOTH, STEVE OUMA - The Aprm Process in Kenya : A Pathway to a New State?
447b: VENTER AL, J - Underwater Africa
41av: CATTRICK ALAN - Spoor of Blood
57ol: LENNOX-SHORT, ALAN AND WELSH, DAVID (EDS) - Uct at 150 : Reflections
557r: CRUMP, ALAN & VAN NIEKERK, RAYMUND - Public Sculpture &Amp; Reliefs
55ud: ALBERT, SHEA[EDITOR] - The Glory of the Game: Rugby and the Jewish Springbok Minyan
507p: ALBERT, JESSIE - Polish Jews Ship Newsletter April 1988
52ij: ALBERTS, F.A. - N Blik in Die Toekoms
53sj: ALBERTS, N. F - Voorligtingsielkunde: Inleiding Tot Teorie En Praktyk (Afrikaans Edition)
55fk: ALBRIGHT, MADELEINE - Madam Secretary - a Memoir
41nt: ALCOCK, N. W. - Old Title Deeds -a Guide for Local and Family Historians
52qp: ALCOCK, JOHN - An Enthusiasm for Orchids: Sex and Deception in Plant Evolution
57tx: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - Little Women and Good Wives
43ml: ALDEN, JOHN D. - Fleet Submarine in the United States Navy: A Design and Construction History
48sj: ALDERSON, BREVET-LIEUT-COLONEL E A H - With the Mounted Infantry and the Mashonaland Field Force 1896 (Methuen Colonial Library)
42mc: ALDISS, BRIAN W. - A Soldier Erect or Further Adventures of the Hand-Reared Boy
47hv: ALDRIDGE, RON - The South African Rugby Annual 1952
4py: ALDRIDGE, ALFRED OWEN - Man of Reason : The Life of Thomas Paine
52pi: ALEXANDER, LUCY : BEDFORD, EMMA ; COHEN, EVELYN - Paris and South African Artists 1850 - 1965
558p: ALEXANDER, HERBERT - Boyd Alexander's Last Journey
420v: ALEXANDER, PETER - Roy Campbell a Critical Biography
53gj: ALEXANDER, SIR JAMES EDWARD - Expedition of Discovery Into the Interior of Africa - Through the Hitherto Undescribed Countries of the Great Namaquas Boschmans and Hill Damaras - 2 Volumes
54dt: RIES, ALF & DOMMISSE, EBBE - Leierstryd
43vm: ALFRED, MIKE - Poetic Licence
441y: ALFRED, MIKE - Johannesburg Portraits: From Lionel Phillips to Sibongile Khumalo
56qw: ALFRED, MIKE - Life in the Suburbs - Poems
45mu: ALFRED, LUKE - The Art of Losing: Why the Proteas Choke at the Cricket World Cup
41nj: ALFRED, MIKE - Johannesburg Portraits: From Lionel Phillips to Sibongile Khumalo
50pk: ALGRA, A - De Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederlands-Indie Indonesie (1877-1961)
47ef: ALHADEFF, VIC - A Newspaper History of South Africa
53ly: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - Dante's Paradiso (Temple Classics)
54ly: ALIGHIERI, DANTE - Dante's Purgatorio (Temple Classics)
56ih: ALINGTON, C.A. - Ten Crowded Hours
573n: GRANT, ALISON ET AL - Die Hugenote
47rj: ALLAN, IAN - Railway World Volume 25, No. 291, August 1964
48rj: ALLAN, IAN - Railway World Volume 28, May No. 324 & November No. 330, 1967 (2 Vols)
52hp: ALLAN, JANI - Jani Confidential: A Memoir
450w: POE, EDGAR ALLAN & BELGIAN, MONTGOMERY - Edgar Allan Poe a Selection of Poems
55cb: ALLEMAN, JOAN [ EDITOR] - Playbill Minskoff Theatre
56cb: ALLEMAN, JOAN [ EDITOR] - Showbill Orpheum Theatre
51ld: ALLEN, VIVIEN - Lady Trader: Biography of Mrs. Sarah Heckford
52fw: ALLEN, LARA (ED) - Social Dynamics Vol 30. No 2. Winter 2004: Symposium: Music and Politics in Africa &Amp; Popular Literature in Africa: Post-Resistance Perspectives
511n: FREER, ALLEN & ANDREW, JOHN - Cambridge Book of English Verse 1900 - 1939
43vk: ALLEN, ELEANOR - Wartime Children, 1939-1945 (Junior Reference Books)
54vb: ALLEN, PHOEBE - Peeps at Heraldry
56vp: ALLEN, LOUIS A. - Management and Organisation [International Student Edition]
57mu: ALLEN, PETER - The 91 Before Lindbergh
57jy: ALLEN, BENEDICT [EDITOR] - The Faber Book of Exploration: An Anthology of Worlds Revealed by Explorers Through the Ages
45mv: ALLEN, HUGH - The House of Good Year
47mv: ALLEN, HUGH - The House of Good Year
508l: ALLIGHAN, GARRY - The 65th Defendant
40lr: ALLWARD, MAURICE [EDITOR] - Encyclopaedia of Space
44uf: ALLWARD, MAURICE F - Marvels of Jet Aircraft
46nr: ALMEDINGEN, E.M. - The Almond Tree
4se: ALPHONSUS, SISTER MARY - St. Martin de Porres; a Dramatic Story
411w: ALTHEA - Desmond Goes to New York
50oy: AMBERGER, J CHRISTOPHER - The Secret History of the Sword: Adventures in Ancient Martial Arts
48oy: AMBERGER, J CHRISTOPHER - The Secret History of the Sword: Adventures in Ancient Martial Arts
49oy: AMBERGER, J CHRISTOPHER - The Secret History of the Sword: Adventures in Ancient Martial Arts
47ic: D'AMBROSIO, RICHARD - No Language But a Cry
55pv: AMES, JONATHAN - I Love You More Than You Know: Essays
40sq: AMIS, MARTIN - The Pregnant Widow: Inside History
4uf: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The Anti-Death League
48hw: AMIS,KINGSLEY - The James Bond Dossier
54jx: AMIS, KINGSLEY - How's Your Glass?: Quizzical Look at Drinks and Drinking
52bu: AMIS, KINGSLEY - The Anti - Death League
45jp: AMSHEWITZ, SARAH B. - The Paintings of J.H. Amshewitz
53cc: LASTOVICA ETHLEEN &AL - Bottles &Amp; Bygones
53md: ANDERSON, JOY - What's the Answer Sandra?
57hq: ANDERSON, A ; KIRBY, A (EDS) - Shoes & Views : Vol 1 No 1, July, 1935
52sn: ANDERSON, KEN - ... . and So They Talked
47jq: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - Lost in the Stars
49sg: ANDERSON, VERILY - Amanda and the Brownies
48ia: ANDERSON, MADGE - The Heroes of the Puppet Stage
56jn: ANDERSSON, CHARLES JOHN - Lake Ngami or Explorations and Discovery During Four Years of Wanderings in Wilds of South-Western Africa
546x: D'ANDIGNE, FORTUNE - Vieux Paris
50vl: ANDRADE, E.N. DA C. - Engines
6phyb: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - Adding Realism to Your Model Railway
49tu: ANDRESS, MICHAEL - Scale Model Buildings
51kk: ANDREW, BROER - God Se Smokkelaar
4mr: DUMINY, ANDREW & GUEST, BILL - Natal and Zululand from Earliest Times to 1910 - a New History
551w: ANDREW, VENI - Rainbow in the Clouds
550w: ANDREW, VENI - Morning Devotions Winter Guide
46s: ANDREWS, EWART S - The Strength of Materials
58th: ANDREWS, SANDY - Crested China: The History of Heraldic Souvenir Ware
46mq: ANDREWS, ALLEN - The Air Marshals
469m: ANDREWS, STUART - Enlightened Despotism
56pp: ANDREWS,EAMONN - This Is My Life - the Autobiography
47ow: ANDREWS, KEVIN - The Flight of Ikaros: Travels in Greece During a CIVIL War (Travel Library)
58ks: L'ANGE, GERALD - Urgent Imperial Service: South African Forces in German South West Africa, 1914-15 (South Africans at War)
449: BRAZIL ANGELA - The School in the South
49pz: ANKER, WILLEM - Buys 'n Grensroman
486q: LUCAS, ANNABELLE & PIKE, BARBARA - Wild Flowers of the Witwatersrand
487q: LUCAS, ANNABELLE & PIKE, BARBARA - Wild Flowers of the Witwatersrand
51jr: ANNECKE, WENDY - The Trick (Intermediate Level Reader)
52jr: ANNECKE, WENDY - The Trick (Intermediate Level Reader)
53jr: ANNECKE, WENDY - The Trick (Intermediate Level Reader)
40pl: JONES, ANNELI & JONES, ADAM - Reflections in an Oval Mirror - Memories of East Prussia, 1923 -1945
542s: TEUBES, ANNIEN & KAHLER, JOKE - Stylish Doggywear
41fe: ANSON, WILLIAM R. : GWYER, MAURICE L. - Principles of the English Law of Contract and of Agency in Its Relation to Contract
55tl: ANSTEY, MARK - Practical Peacemaking: A Mediator's Handbook
55ui: ANSTRUTHER, IAN - I Presume; Stanley's Triumph & Disaster
52jk: BANNISTER, ANTHONY & JOHNSON, PETER - South Africa's Wildlife Heritage
43cc: OLCOTT ANTHONY - May Day in Magadan
4qu: BERKOVITZ, ANTON & SAMSON, ANDREW - Tv Sports Factfinder (As Seen on Topsport & Supersport)
48uf: ANTONOVSKY, AARON - The Early Jewish Labor Movement in the United States
55ko: APJOHN, LEWIS - William Ewart Gladstone: His Life and Times
55td: APPLEBAUM, ANNE - Gulag: A History of the Soviet Camps
45gp: APPLEBY, AGD ; WAHL, NBJ ; LAMONT, J ; PURVIS, H ; BERKOVITCH, BM (EDITORIAL COMMITTEE) - The Journal of the Historical Firearms Society of South Africa Incorporating the South African Arms &Amp; Armour Society / Die Tydskrif Van Die Historiese Vuurwapenvereniging Van Suid-Afrika Waarby Ingelyf Is Die Suid-Afrikaanse Wapen- En Wapenrustingvereniging Deel / Vol 10 Nr / No 4 1986
47gp: APPLEBY, AGD ; WAHL, NBJ ; LAMONT, J ; PURVIS, H ; BERKOVITCH, BM (EDITORIAL COMMITTEE) - The Journal of the Historical Firearms Society of South Africa Incorporating the South African Arms &Amp; Armour Society / Die Tydskrif Van Die Historiese Vuurwapenvereniging Van Suid-Afrika Waarby Ingelyf Is Die Suid-Afrikaanse Wapen- En Wapenrustingvereniging Deel / Vol 10 Nr / No 5 1987
44gp: APPLEBY, AGD ; WAHL, NBJ ; LAMONT, J ; PURVIS, H ; BERKOVITCH, BM (EDITORIAL COMMITTEE) - The Journal of the Historical Firearms Society of South Africa Incorporating the South African Arms &Amp; Armour Society / Die Tydskrif Van Die Historiese Vuurwapenvereniging Van Suid-Afrika Waarby Ingelyf Is Die Suid-Afrikaanse Wapen- En Wapenrustingvereniging Deel / Vol 10 Nr / No 3 1985
46gp: APPLEBY, AGD ; WAHL, NBJ ; LAMONT, J ; PURVIS, H ; BERKOVITCH, BM (EDITORIAL COMMITTEE) - The Journal of the Historical Firearms Society of South Africa Incorporating the South African Arms &Amp; Armour Society / Die Tydskrif Van Die Historiese Vuurwapenvereniging Van Suid-Afrika Waarby Ingelyf Is Die Suid-Afrikaanse Wapen- En Wapenrustingvereniging Deel / Vol 10 Nr / No 2 Des. / Dec. 1984
58me: APPLETON, DAVID - Never a Celebrity (the Autobiography of David Appleton)
50bj: APPS, PETER - Smithers' Mammals of Southern Africa : A Field Guide
47sb: ARCHER, JULES - Indian Foe, Indian Friend: The Story of William S. Harney
54oi: ARCHER, ANNIE - Family Omnibus
47hz: ARCHIBALD, BRETT - Alone: The Search for Brett Archibald
44ng: ARDEN, HARVEY [COMPILER] - Noble Red Man: Lakota Wisdomkeeper Mathew King
43sp: ARDITTI, MICHAEL - The Celibate
52up: ARENSBERG, INGRID - Ostindiefararen Gotheborg Seglar Igen
535f: D'ARGENCE, RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE - Asian Art Museum and University Collections in the San Francisco Bay Area
51lz: ARGENT, SALLY - Discovering Indigenous Forests at Kirstenbosch
42gu: ARGENT, SALLY - The Flower Fields
540l: ARKIN, A J - The Contribution of the Indians to the South African Economy 1860 - 1970
43hn: ARKIN, A.J. : MAGYAR, K.P. : PILLAY, G.J. (EDITORS) - The Indian South Africans
49su: ARMES, ROY - A Critical History of the British Cinema
6ozgf: ARMSTRONG, H.C - Grey Wolf Mustafa Kemal- an Intimate Study of a Dictator
51nk: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS [ED.] - Automobile Year 1967-1968
55nd: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS [ED.] - Automobile Year No. 21 1973/1974
54nd: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS [ED.] - Automobile Year 1967/68 [No. 15]
46rg: ARMSTRONG, E. FRANKLAND ; MONTGOMERY, JAMES E. ; SOLOMON, MAURICE - The Central : Volume 6. Edited on Behalf of the City Guilds of London Central Technical College Old Students' Association
46nv: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS [EDITOR] - Automobile Year: 1974 /75 No. 22
42rg: ARMSTRONG, E.F. ; HUTT, ALFRED ; MONTGOMREY, JAMES E. - The Central , Volume 9, No. 27. 1912. : Edited on Behalf of the Old Centralians
43rg: ARMSTRONG, E. FRANKLAND ; MONTGOMERY, JAMES E. ; SOLOMON, MAURICE - The Central : Volume 5. Edited on Behalf of the City Guilds of London Central Technical College Old Students' Association
52ja: ARMSTRONG, PETER - Tobacco Spiced with Ginger : The Life of Ginger Freeman
52nk: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS [EDITOR] - Automobile Year: 1974/75 No. 22
45rg: ARMSTRONG, E. FRANKLAND ; MONTGOMERY, JAMES E. ; SOLOMON, MAURICE - The Central : Volume 7 No. 20. , Edited on Behalf of the City Guilds of London Central Technical College Old Students' Association
54lf: ARMSTRONG, JAMES - Mauritius: Innerspace Eldorado
56mr: ARMSTRONG, DOUGLAS [EDITOR] - Automobile Year: 1970/71 No. 18
49js: ARMSTRONG, PETER - The Iron Trek
44rg: ARMSTRONG, E. FRANKLAND ; MONTGOMERY, JAMES E. ; SOLOMON, MAURICE - The Central : Volume 8. Edited on Behalf of the City Guilds of London Central Technical College Old Students' Association
4hg: ARMSTRONG, ANTHONY - Livestock in Barracks
55ur: ARNING, WILHELM - Deutsch - Ostafrika Gestern Und Heute
47tk: ARNOLD, EDWIN - The Light of Asia or the Great Renunciation Being the Life and Teaching of Gautama
54sv: ARNOLD, MARION ; STERN, IRMA [PAINTER] - Irma Stern: A Feast for the Eye
57tm: ARON, RAYMOND - Clausewitz: Philosopher of War
57fw: ARONSON, THEO - The Kaisers
55di: ARONSON, THEO - Grandmama of Europe: The Crowned Descendants of Queen Victoria
48gd: ARTHUR, MICKEY ; MANTHORP, NEIL - Taking the Mickey: The Inside Story
57ud: BEN-ARTZI, DR. HAGI - The Ingathering & Independence Scroll
449h: ASENSIO, PACO [EDITOR] - Sport Design : Four Elements
47jh: ASH, CHRIS - The If Man: Dr Leander Starr Jameson, the Inspiration for Kipling's Masterpiece
536h: ASH, RICHARD - Conversations on a Golf Course
55ls: ASHE, E. OLIVER - Besieged by the Boers : A Diary of the Siege of Kimberley
41mb: ASHFORD, JEFFREY - The Honourable Detective
51hg: ASHIURAKIS, AHMED M. - Libyan Proverbs
45aq: ASHLEY, MICHAEL - Ideologies and Schooling in South Africa
51tu: ASKANAS, A. - Die Letzten Dampflokomotiven Der Polnischen Staatsbahnen
571e: ASKIN, JULIAN - The Gold Connection
56vk: ASQUITH,LADY CYNTHIA - Lady Cynthia Asquith Diaries 1915-18
581q: EL-ASSAL, RIAH ABU - Caught in between
46j: D'ASSONVILLE, V E - Majuba Dramatic Episodes During the First War of Independence 1880 - 1881
49so: ATKINS,JOHN - The Art of Hemingway : His Work and Personality
58uv: ATKINS, IVOR (ED) - The Organ Works of J.S. Bach (Book XV)
46qp: ATTA, SEFFI - A Bit of Difference ("Atta's Splendid Writing Sizzles with Wit and Compassion. This Is an Immensely Absorbing Book")
40vp: DENEYS REITZ ATTORNEYS - Selected Case Law Abstracts 2006
50jv: ST. AUBYN, GILES - The Art of Argument
584q: AUCAMP, HENNIE - Dryfhout
52sg: AUCAMP, HENNIE - Spitsuur
44fq: AUCHINCLOSS, LOUIS - The Rector of Justin
46rr: AUDEN, W.H. - For the Time Being
43lp: AUDUBON, JOHN JAMES - The Birds of America
551g: AUERBACH, FRANZ - World on Fire
48tx: AUGSTEIN, RUDOLF - Schreiben, Was Ist. Kommentare . Gesprache. Vortrage.
581d: AUGUST, TYRONE - Leadership February 2003
582d: AUGUST, TYRONE - Leadership November 2001
431m: DU PREEZ, AUGUST & WELGEMOED, ANDRE - Strawberries - Cream of the Crop
50lt: AUGUSTINE, ARCHIE - Suicide Bomber or Martyr ? (a Christian Viewpoint)
53bz: AUGUSTINUS, PAUL - Botswana ; a Brush with the Wild
58oz: AUGUSTYN, RENE - First Knowledge Then Freedom
53ki: AUROBINDO, SRI - The Problem of Rebirth
52jp: AUSTEN, JANE - Pride & Prejudice
57be: AUSTEN, JANE - Pride &Amp; Prejudice
47ft: AUSTEN, JANE - Pride and Prejudice
427g: NO AUTHOR. - Air Report 1994 South Africa's Aviation Yearbook
54tx: AVANTARIO, VITO - Die Agnellis. Die Heimlichen Herrscher Italiens.
51tt: AVERY, DAVID - Not on Queen Victoria's Birthday;: The Story of the Rio Tinto Mines
502v: AVERY, HAROLD - Highway Pirates
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43gh: BOTHMA, L.J. - Buffalo Battalion : South Africa's 32 Battalion, a Tale of Sacrifice
47qz: BOTMAN,H.RUSSEL : PETERSEN,M.ROBIN [EDITORS[ - To Remember and to Heal
55mq: BOTTARO, J. : VISSER, P. : WORDEN, N. - In Search of History Grade 10 Learner's Book
53qo: BOTTICELLI, SANDRO - The Complete Paintings of Botticelli; (Classics of World Art)
48le: BOTTRIELL, LENA GODSALL - Umbulala - Through the Eyes of a Leopard ,So Sings the Bamboos of Africa
40ha: BOUCHER, MAURICE ; PENN, NIGEL (EDS) - Britain at the Cape, 1795 to 1803 (Brenthurst Second Series)
49bn: BOUHOT, GERARD - Phot Argus; Rollei Sl 66-a Full Report
45bn: BOUHOT, GERARD - Phot Argus; Exakta VX 1000 Travemat Examat-a Full Report
48bn: BOUHOT, GERARD - Phot Argus; Leicaflex Sl-a Full Report
50bn: BOUHOT, GERARD - Phot Argus; Konica Autoreflex-a Full Report
46bn: BOUHOT, GERARD - Phot Argus; Minolta Sr T 101-a Full Report
49vk: BOULLE, LAURENCE - Mediation: Principles, Process, Practice
57tz: BOURDAIN, ANTHONY; DINKA MRKOWATSCHKI [TRANSLATOR] - GestNdnisse Eines KChenchefs. Was Sie Ber Restaurants Nie Wissen Wollten
48qo: BOURET, JEAN - Barbizon School and Nineteenth Century French Landscape Painting
40ua: BOUWER, ALBER - Abdoltjie
52ud: BOUWER, ALBA - Nuwe Stories Van Rivierplaas
43ik: BOUWER, ALBA - Afrikaans 100: 'n Klein Gedenkboek Met Byskrifte
47ma: BOUWS, JAN - S a Akademie : Referate Gelewer Op Algemene Vergadering - Nuwe Strominge in Die Kaapse Musiekonderwys in Die Eerste Helfte Van Die Negentiende Eeu
45sw: BOUWS, TOM - Kijk Op Nederland, Noord-Holland
48ma: BOUWS, JAN (COMPILER) - Ses Menuette Uit 'n Manuskripboek Van Ds Meent Borcherds
563y: BRISTOW-BOVEY, DARREL - The Naked Bachelor
44ew: BOWEN, EDWARD L. - Matriarchs: Great Mares of the 20th Century
422z: BOWERY, MICHAEL - Canham's Run
41fd: BRETT BOWES, GUY LUNDY, STEUART PENNINGTON [EDITOR] - South Africa 2014 : The Story of the Future
48sc: BOWES, BRETT ;LUNDY, GUY ;PENNINGTON, STEUART [EDITOR] - South Africa 2014: The Story of Our Future
583d: BOWKER, RICHARD - Leadership April 2004
46nu: BOWLER, MICHAEL - Track Tests Sports Cars
52ph: BOWOOD, RICHARD - Great Inventions - a Ladybird "Achievements" Book (Series 601)
53ph: BOWOOD, RICHARD - The Story of Clothes and Costume - a Ladybird "Achievements" Book
57kk: BOWYER, MICHAEL J.F. - The Stirling Bomber
56ji: BOXER, C.R. - Four Centuries of Portuguese Expansion, 1415-1825: A Succinct Survey
48ed: BOYCE, WILLIAM B - Notes on South African Affairs (Africana Collectanea) Vol XXXIX - Facsimile Reprint
52gq: BOYCE, JOY - Whistling in the Dark: A Book of Poetry
47ko: BOYCOTT, RICHARD C, ; BOURQUIN,ORTWIN - The South African Tortoise Book: A Guide to South African Tortoises, Terrapins, and Turtles
50hw: BOYCOTT, RICHARD C - The South African Tortoise Book: A Guide to South African Tortoises, Terrapins, and Turtles
57hl: BOYDELL, TOMMY - My Beloved Country
56ql: BOYKIN, EDWARD - Ghost Ship of the Confederacy (the Story of the Alabama and Her Captain, Raphael Semmes)
538n: BOYLE, ANDREW - Only the Wind Will Listen
42ev: BOYLE, ANDREW - No Passing Glory : The Full &Amp; Authentic Biography of Group Captain Cheshire
479x: BRAACK, L.E.O. - Wildlife of the Kruger National Park and Other Lowveld Reserves
aidu: BRAAM, CONNY - Operation Vula
46td: BRACCINI, MIRCO ; FOUQUIER, ERIC - Berluti : History of a Family of Artists
414i: BRADDON, RUSSELL - Nancy Wake
58qp: BRADFORD,ERNLE - The Wind Off the Island
576v: BRADLEY, LIONEL - Sixteen Years of Ballet Rambert
45ol: BRADLOW, FRANK R ; BRADLOW, EDNA - Thomas Bowler: His Life and Work
47ph: BRADLOW, FRANK R, & HUMAN, J.J & KERKMAN, A.S & WESTRA, P.E - Book Publishing in South Africa for the 1990's -Proceedings of a Symposium Held at the South African Library Cape Town 22-23 November 1990
40pm: BRADLOW, FRANK - Baron Von Ludwig and the Ludwig's-Burg Garden
55kp: BRADLOW, FRANK - Rev C I Latrobe : Journal of a Visit to South Africa in 1815 and 1816 - Biographical and General Introduction
440w: BRAGDON, CLAUDE - An Introduction to Yoga
429s: BRAHAM, MARK - Jews Don't Hate
414f: BRAIN, HELEN - Fly Cemetery and Other Juicy Stories
43vg: BRAIN, C. K (BOB) - Austin Roberts: A Lifelong Devotion to South Africa's Birds and Beasts
505c: BRAINE, JOHN - Life at the Top
50lj: BRAITHWAITE - Max : The Best of Braithwaite
56ci: BRAMHAM, KEN - Handyman Afloat &Amp; Ashore: A Do-It Yourself Guide to Boat Improvement and Repair
481r: BRAND, MAX - The White Cheyenne
57hz: BRAND, MAX - Singing Guns
45or: BRAND, MAX - Riders of the Plains
45rq: BRAND, JOHN; ELLIS, SIR HENRY - Observations on the Popular Antiquities of Great Britain: Chiefly Illustrated the Origin of Our Vulgar and Provincial Customs, Ceremonies, and Superstitions - 3 Volumes (Bohn's Antiquarian Library: Brand's Popular Antiquities)
50cp: BRANDEL, MARC - The Time of the Fire
57mo: BRANDT, JOHANNA - Die Kappie Kommando - of Boerevrouwen in Geheime Dienst
47qt: BRANDT, JOHANNA - Die Kappiekommando, of Boerevroue in Geheime Diens (Afrikaans Edition)
43eb: BRANDT, JOHANNA - Die Kappie Kommando

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