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001264: - United States Geological Survey Bulletin 629
001287: - Introduction to Modern Sleep Technology (Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering)
001290: - ICCMSE 2007: Volume I and II (AIP Conference Proceedings / Atomic, Molecular, Chemical Physics) (v. 1&2)
001232: - Prehistory of Brazil
001157: N/A - History of Harrison and Mercer Counties, Missouri from the Earliest Times to the Present, and Family Records, Besides a Condensed History of the State of Missouri
001300: - The Kasteev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan
001204: - The General Repository and Review 4 Volume Set, Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III , Vol. IV
000098: PROCEEDINGS OF MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK SOIL FERTILITY 1985 - Efficiency of Nitrogen Fertilizers for Rice
001296: - A Genealogical Account of Thr Family of Bisshop or Bishop of Tillington Court, Co , Hereford ( Reprint 1982 )
001301: - USS Albany CA 123 1951 Mediterranean Cruise
001224: - FIFTH ARMY HISTORY - Part II, Across the Volturno to the Winter Line
000613: N/A - Memororia De Las X Jornadas - Del Instituto Latinoamericano De Derecho Tributario - Octubre 1981
000512: N/A - American Occupied Territory
000942: SARASOTA MILITARY ACADEMY - Sarasota Military Academy Yearbook 2005
000993: WEST POINT MILITARY ACADEMY - West Point Yearbook 1951 Howitzer (Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin's class)
000911: PATRICIA ADAMS - Wild Animal Care & Rehabilitation Manual
000889: NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION - Tidel Currents ( Educational Pamphlet # 4)
000890: NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC ADMINISTRATION - America's Islands ( Educational Pamphlet # 3)
000922: NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION - Earth Resources Program Synopsis of Activity March 1970
000270: JOHN ADRAINI - Regional Anesthesia Techniques and Clinical Applications - Third Edition
001025: AFFONSO ROMANO DE SANT ANNA, ET AL - Gold Its History Its Charms Its Value
001152: IRVING A. AGUS - Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg Volume Two
000840: HEIKKI AHO - Islands of Finland
001098: PERTTI ALASUUTARI - The Sage Handbook of Social Research Methods
001000: FRANK ALBERT - From the Prairies of Chicago - USS Enterprise (CV-6)
000669: ALEXANDER, JACK - Rotonda: The Vision and the Reality A Short History of a Florida Development
000465: ARCHIBALD ALEXANDER - Practical Truths
000774: DON ALEXANDER - History and Mining Techniques of the Empire Mine
001272: ALEXANDRA M. COLUMBUS, EDITOR - Advances in Psychology Research
000477: ALEXANDRA DAVID NEEL, AND THE LAMA YONGDEN - The Superhuman Life of Gesar of Ling
001155: DESMOND WALLS ALLEN - Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks: War and Guerrilla Stories
001156: DESMOND WALLS ALLEN - Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks: Bear Stories
001054: WILLIAM ALLEN - Allen's Defence of English Catholics : 1584, Vol. II
001166: DESMOND WALLS ALLEN - Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks: Panther Stories
001165: DESMOND WALLS ALLEN - Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks: Wolf Stories
000796: LUIS MARIA CARUNCHO AMAT - Pintado En Mallorca
000892: G. RICHARD AMBROSIUS - The Art of the Possible Creating Market Driven Aging Services
000312: F. ANDINA - Reconstructive Surgery of Thermal Injuries and Other subjects
000241: ISAAK WALTON LEAGUE OF ANERICA - Wildlife Restoration and Game Management in Virginia
000320: ANTONI JODLOWSKI, EDITOR - Ancient Salt Mine Cracow Salt Works Museum
000363: DR. GREGORY ANTYUHIN - Journey Towards Transformation - Achieving Energetic Harmony Through Spiritual Development
000792: APWI - Street Cleaning Practice
000215: GEOFFREY AREND - Great Airports - John F. Kennedy International
000347: JOHN ARNEMANN - Hrolf Thor
000292: SUZANNE ARRAGG - Case Reports - Compilation Of 5 Long Term Care Cases
000905: NINA GLISIC ASEO - Hana Menehem
000577: ALASKA OIL AND GAS ASSOCIARION - The Geology of the Coastal Plain of the Artic National Wildlife Refuge Alaska
000576: JOHANNES SCHWALM HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION - Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, Volume 6, Number 4 2000
000888: NATIONAL OCEANIC AND ATMOSPHERIC - Significant Aspects of the Tides ( Educational Phamphlet #5)
000799: NO AUTHOR - Carl- Henning Pedersen , Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings
000974: JOBLOT AUTOMOTIVE - Those Fabulous Fords, Ford, Thunderbird, Mercury - from T to T/Bird , 1909 to 1960 Cars/ Trucks
001086: RON AVERY - The Philadelphia Canoe Club 1905 - 2005 100 Years of Paddle Sports in Philly
000487: CHARLES A. BAILEY - The Lubrication Engineers Manual
001189: BAJAJ, Y. P. S. - Medicinal and Aromatic Plants V (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry) (v. 5)
001190: BAJAJ, Y. P. S. - Medicinal and Aromatic Plants V (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry)
001139: Y. P. S. BAJAJ - Maize -Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry 25
001145: Y. P. S. BAJAJ - Maize
000244: ISAIAS BATISTA BALLESTEROS - El Drama De Panama y America Tomo II
001109: BALOGH, J.;BALOGH, P. - Oribatid Mites of the Neotropical Region II
001108: BALOGH, JANOS;MAHUNKA, S. - Soil Mites of the World, Primitive Oribatids of the Palaearctic Region
001299: DANIEL DE BARANDIARAN - Los Hijos De La Luna
001209: BABRK BARATOGLU - Karabakh: Yesterday and Today in Photos ; ( in Four Languages)
000813: CHIPS BARBER - Torquay
001018: ROBERT BARELKOWSKI - Infinity of architecture - Projects and Buildings 1995 - 2006
000057: ELISABETH BARKER - Macedonia Its Place in Balkan Politics
000531: ABEL TUTTLE BARNES - Ancestors and Descendants of Capt. Benjamin Barnes and Charles Curtiss of Granville, Mass. 1636 - 1910
000676: ASA BARNES - Hemotherapy in Trauma & Surgery
000770: BOB BARTON - Old Covered Wagon Show Days
000771: WALTER ARTHUR BASTEDO - Materia Medica Pharmacology and Therapeutics and Perscription Writing for Students and Practitioners
000720: ROY M. BATES - The Columbia Street Story
000329: RONALD C. BAUER - Cases in College Administration with Suggestions for Their Preparation and Use
000700: WALTON BEACHAM - Beacham's Guide to International Endangered Species
000278: HOLLY BEDGIO - Case Reports - Compilation of Six Long Term Care/ Rehabilitation Reports
001153: LESLIE FLOYD LES BEEKS - Known Burials in Harrison County Missouri Through July 17, 2003 - Volume I and II
001069: IVAN BEKEY - Dealing with the Threat to Earth from Asteroids and Comets
000970: BENEDUCE, ANN KEAY - A Weekend With Winslow Homer
000628: ALLEN H. BENT - Lewis Allen of Watertown Farms ( Weston ). Mass., 1665, and His Descendants
000695: BERGQUIST, CHARLES - Labor In The Capitalist World-economy
000437: JOSEPH J. BERKE - Looking for a Better Way
000417: BERMAN, EDWARD H. - African Reactions to Missionary Education
000752: PENNY LEWIS BERNSTEIN - Theory and Methods in Dance Movement Therapy
001050: GINA BERRIAULT - The Descent
001105: BERTOTTI, BRUNO;FARINELLA, PAOLO - Physics of the Earth and the Solar System: Dynamics and Evolution, Space Navigation, Space-Time Structure
001114: E. C. BEUVERY - Animal Cell Technology: Developments Towards the 21st Century
000421: WERNER W. BEYER - The Enchanted Forest
000621: BIAGI, SUSAN - Touring the Cabot Trail
000810: BICKERSTETH, JOHN;DUNNING, R.W.;DUNNING, ROBERT W. - Clerks of the Closet in the Royal Household: Five Hundred Years of Service to the Crown
000575: DAVID BIERK - In the Absence of Paradise , the Art of David Bierk
000532: DAVID A. BIGGER - Sketch of the Neel- Johnston Family of the New Acquisition
001037: BINDER, DAVID F. - Hearsay Handbook
000354: BERNICE P. BISHOP - List of Publications Number 14 Issued July 1945 ( Bernice P. Bishop museum)
001087: DELTON D. BLALOCK - British and American Comptons from the Colonial Era to the Modern Day in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, , and Texas - 1634 - 1984
000353: MONT BLANC - The Watch Collection - Mount Blanc 100th Anniversary Catalog
000626: JOHN BENNETT BODDIE - Historical Southern Families Volume V
000008: MARY LEIGH BOISSEAU - Abstractions of Exemptions from Military Service and Etc., 1862-63 a Record of Halifax County Court House, Halifax, Va.
000315: JOHN SUTHERLAND BONNELL - No Excape from Life
000701: GEORG BORGSTROM - Fish as Food Volume I
000406: BOUCHER - Scale Models of Famous Ships 1947 Edition
001260: BOURDON, MARC - Squamish Bouldering
000761: BOWERS, PETER M. - Guide to Homebuilts
000125: WINNETT BOYD - Rebel Engineer the Life and Work of Winnett Boyd
000679: H. V. BOYNTON - Dedication of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
001198: VIKTOR BRABEC - Experimental Techniques in Bioelectrochemistry (Bioelectrochemistry: Principles and Practice) (Volume 3)
000383: PERCY V. BRADSHAW & ROWLAND HILDER - Sketching & Painting Indoors
000924: MATHEW BRADY - Mathew Bradey - Portfolio of Eminent Americans - Twelve Photographs Fron the Mathew Brady Collection in the National Archives
001149: BREBBIA, C.A. - Air Pollution XIII
001140: C. A. BREBBIA - Urban Transport XV: Urban Transport and the Environment
001148: BREBBIA, C.A. - Air Pollution XIII
001066: DON F. BRIGGS - Ed, Portrait of a Salesman
000972: BRINKMEYER, ROBERT H. JR. - The Art & Vision of Flannery O'Connor
000677: BRITTON, BRUCE K. - Models of Understanding Text
000401: BROWN - 2000 Statutory and Case Supplement to Cases on Copyright, Unfair Competition and Related Topics Bearing on the Protection of Literary, Musical and
000403: MONA BOYD BROWNE - Label Facts for Healthful Eating Educator's Resource Guide
000644: MARGARET GILLIES BROWNT - Looking Towards Light
000150: JEAN DE BRUNHOFF - The Travels of Babar
001223: JENNIFER ALISIA GARRETT BRYANT - Showmanship with Miniature Horses
000709: S. S. BRYANT - Comcraft Cane Seating Hand Book - the Story of Cane , How to Restore Cane Chairs, How to Weave Reed Splint Seats, ...
001071: MASSIMIANO BUCCHI & BRIAN TRENCH - Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology
001275: WOLFGANG B▄CHE - Lyonel Feininger. Opere dalle collezioni private italiane
000054: SANDRA BUCKLEY - Howell County Missouri 1870 Federal Census
000719: JOHN BURBIDGE - Approaches That Work in Rural Development
000253: HOMER BURCH - Fron Sawmill to City - the Long Years Passing a Story of Rockford Michigan
000346: JOHN W. BURGESS - The Sanctity of Law - Wherein Does it consist?
000756: CONSTANCE BUREL BURNETT - Five for Freedom - the Crusade for Woman's Rights
000309: GALEN BURRELL - In Search of Mountain Bluebirds
000140: ELIZABETH V. BURT - Women's Press Organizations, 1881-1999
000981: CLYDE BUTCHER - Living Waters, Aquatic Preserves of Florida
000705: KENNETH R. BZOCH - Communicative Disorders Related to Cleft Lip and Palate
001048: ANTONIO CABRINI - Io, Antonio
000063: GEORGE F. CALDWELL - The Immortal Signers
000174: GEORGE F. CALDWELL - The Immortal Signers
000573: CALIDAS - Sacontala; or, the Fatal Ring: An Indian Drama
000073: ALBERT F. CALVERT - Summer in San Sebastian
000859: MAURIZIO CALVESI - XLII Esposizione Internazionale D'arte La Biennale Di Venezia
001169: CAMPBELL, DONALD H. - Microscopical Examination and Interpretation of Portland Cement and Clinker 2nd Edition 1999
001124: ;CANE, DAVID E. - Comprehensive Natural Products Chemistry: Isoprenoids Including Carotenoids and Steroids
000050: AUDREY TESTER CAPLINGER - Marriage Records Howell County Missouri 1866 - 1889
001104: AUDREY TEETER CAPLINGER - Studies in Natural Products Chemistry
001262: STEPHEN R. CAPPS - United States Geological Survey Bulletin 630; the Chisana-White River District Alaska
000804: CARTER, JOHN T - Pentonville Johnny : My Life As a Drunk
000860: JAINE CARTER - Assertiveness Training for Supervisors and Managers - Workbook
000691: SAMUEL JACKSON CARTLEDGE - The Drama of Redemption
001233: A. CARULLA, JORDI CARULLA - La Guerra Civil En 2000 Carteles: Republica-Guerra Civil-Posguerra Volume II
000489: HENRY GROSVENOR CARY - Cary Family in America
000451: D. M. CARY - Colpexins
001115: CHRISTOS CASSANDRAS - Analysis and Design of Hybrid Systems 2006
000261: CEASER, ORLANDO - Leadership above the Rim : The Poetry of Possibility
000367: PRATT GRAPHIC CENTER.. - Artist's Proof - the Annual Prints and Printmaking Volume VIII
000555: CHALFANT, RICHARD DAVID - The Education of an Architect Bk. 1 : The Verdict
000396: NICK CHANDLER - The Autobiography of Nick Chandler Determined Change
001113: JIYU CHEN - Engineered Coasts
001135: K. CHENG - E-Manufacturing: Fundamentals and Applications
000453: CHEONG, MEI SUI;ADIBAH AMIN - Daim, the Man behind the Enigma
000427: MARIA CHEVSKA - Perpetua
000225: CHARLES CLARK - Friend or Enema
000844: WANDA VEATCH CLARK - We Veitches, Veatches, Veaches: An Historical Treasury of the Descendants of James Veitch the Sheriffe Vol. II and Vol. III
000103: WANDA VEATCH CLARK - We Veitches, Veatches, Veaches, Veeches - an Historical Treasury of the Descendants of James Veitch the Sheriffe , Volume II and Volume III
000826: WANDA VEATCH CLARK - We Veitches, Veatches, Veaches, Veeches, an Historical Treasury of the Descendants of James Veitch the Sheriffe Vol II
000827: WANDA VEATCH CLARK - We Veitches, Veatches, Veaches, Veeches; an Historical Treasury of the Descendants of James Veitch the Sherrife Vol. III
000412: JOHN D. CLARKE - The Men of HMS Victory at Trafalgar Including the Muster Roll, Casualties, Rewards, and Medals
000926: PALM BEACH CLASSIC - Palm Beach Classic - the International Fine Art and Antique Fair - January 29 - Febuary 8, 2004
000845: EDWARD BOOTH-CLIBBORN - Best of British Packaging
000587: CLIO VAN VALKENBURG, EDITOR - The Ross Family International - Genealogy of the Known Ancestors and Descendants of Alexander & Catherine ( Jackson ) Ross 1619 - 1981
000975: DENNISON MANUFACTURING CO. - Seventy-five Years 1844 - 1919
000839: NISSAN MOTOR CO. - The Dawns of Tradition
001143: ISTHMIAN STEAMSHIP CO. - The Isthmian Steamship Company
000027: MRS. WILTON PHILIP COBB - History of Dodge County
001218: FAY-COOPER COLE - Kincaid - a Prehistoric Illinois Metropolis
001164: EDMUND POMEROY COLLIER - Cohasset's Deep Sea Captains
001273: COLUMBUS, ALEXANDRA - Advances in Psychology Research
000071: MARY ANNA CULLETON COLWELL - Private Foundations and Public Policy - the Political Role of Philanthropy
000930: LEE COMER - Lights Along the River
000207: ROYAL COMMISSION - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu
000717: SOUTHBURY TERCENTENNIAL COMMITTEE - Saga of Pomperaug Plantation 1673 - 1973
000605: OMAHA WORLD-HERALD COMPANY - Greetings from Omaha, Nebraska
000372: MCGUIRE FURNITURE COMPANY - McGuire Furniture Company - Portfolio
000424: BERNARD C. HARRIS PUBLISHING COMPANY - Delta Gamma Fraternity 2009 Alumnae Directory
000420: ERNESTO CONTRERAS - To You, My Beloved Patient
000881: STEPHEN D. COOK - Knight Moves
000513: ALBERT E. GEORGE AND EDWIN H. COOOPER - Pictorial History of the 26th Division United States Army
000817: JOSEPHINE O. CORTES - The History of Early Englewiid
000459: JO CORTES - It Happened in Englewood ( Florida )
000042: ELIZABETH M. COTTRELL - Once Told Tales of Walpole ( Mass. )
000331: COULTER, HARRIS L. - The Controlled Clinical Trial: An Analysis
000769: WM. J. COX - A Primer of Michigan History with a Brief Sketck of the Material Resources of the State
000262: CRAVER - Bulgarian Longevity
000475: ELI RUSH CREWS - A Practical Manual for the Treatment of Burns
000134: CROSS, FRANK MOORE - Frank Moore Cross: Conversations With a Bible Scholar
000913: CROSS, GORHAM - Simple Gifts: Some Bird Photographs
000161: THOMAS S. CULLEN - Accessory Lobes of the Liver
000135: MARGUERITE M. CULP - Life at the Edge of the Wave: Lessons from the Community College
000557: ABEL CUSHING - Historical Letters of the First Charter of Massachusetts Government
000910: CUTLIP, WILLIAM WELROSE - Precious Memories in the Life of a Minister
000173: HENRY SWAN DANA - History of Woodstock, Vermont
000500: JAMES D. DANA - Manual of Mineralogy Including Observations on Mines, Rocks, Reduction of Ores
001107: DAVENPORT, W.G. - Flash Smelting: Analysis, Control and Optimization
000077: CHARLES T. DAVIDSON - W. M. Lowman - Bishop of Virginia
000823: CHARLES DAVIS - Spirit Speaks
000413: HAROLD T. DAVIS - The Equations of Mathematical Physics and Methods for Their Solutions
000047: ARTHUR KYLE DAVIS - Virginians of Distinguished Service of the World War - Source Volume I
000046: ARTHUR KYLE DAVIS - Virginia War Agencies Selective Draft and Volunyeers - Source Volume IV
001253: PAUL CALLE; PAM HAIT; JAMES DEAN - Paul Calle: An Artist's Journey - DELUXE EDITION
000015: EDWIN R. DEATS - Underhill Genealogy Vol. VI
000400: LESLIE J. DEGROOT - Endocrinology Volumes 1, 2, 3
000483: WILLIAM P. DELAINEY - Saskatoon - a Century in Pictures
000097: CHAUNCEY M. DEPEW - Life and Later Speeches of Chauncey M. Depew
000918: MAC DESIGN - Mac Design Conference & Expo June 2-4, 2004 - Conference Workbook
000342: NATHANIEL B. DEXTER - Northland College a History
000947: KRISH DHANAM - The American Dream from an Indian Heart
001285: TIEN VAN DO - Advanced Computational Methods for Knowledge Engineering: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and ... in Intelligent Systems and Computing)
000777: DOEFFINGER, DEREK - The Art of Seeing: A Creative Approach to Photography
001170: DON ERMAN, TEAM LEADER - Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project final report to Congress: Status of the Sierra Nevada : addendum (Wildland Resources Center report)
001106: A. DONATI - Brownfield Sites II: Assessment, Rehabilitation and Development
001292: GEORGE P. DONEHOO - Pennsylvania a History - 5 Volume Set
000110: J. W. DONOVAN - Skill in Trials: Containing a Variety of Civil and Criminal Cases
000177: DORIAN, NANCY C. - Tyranny of Tide: An Oral History of the East Sutherland Fisherfolk
000330: DOWNING, RICHARD - The Waking Rooms
000907: SVETLA DRAGOZOVA - Sacred Soul - Poems
001256: VICKY DUCKWORTH - Landscapes of Specific Literacies in Contemporary Society: Exploring a social model of literacy (Routledge Research in Education)
000217: RIVA - DUEMILASETTE - Riva -Duemilasette Two Thousand Eeven Yachts
000114: DUSAN TOMASEK, AND ROBERT KVACEK - Obzalovana Je Viada
001160: J.E. DUTRIZAC, EDITOR - Lead-Zinc 2000: Proceedings of the Lead-Zinc 2000 Symposium Which Was Part of the Tms Fall Extraction & Process Metallurgy Meeting, Pittsburgh, U.S.A., October 22-25
000504: WILLIAM DARBY AND THEODORE DWIGHT - A New Gazetteer of the United States of America
000447: DYBOSKI, ROMAN - Outlines of Polish History
000976: MICHAEL EARLS - Stuore
001134: N. EBECKEN - Data Mining II
000085: PETER M. EDELSTEIN - The Lender Liability Deskbook
000865: EDWARD CHURCH SMITH, AND PHILIP MACK SMITH - A History of The Town of Middlefield, Massachusetts
000078: ROBERT D. EDWARDS - Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
000563: MARY LOUISE EDWARDS` - Come in
001266: ALFONSAS EIDINTAS - President of Lithuania: Prisoner of the Gulag-a Biography of Aleksandras Stulginskis
000643: THOMAS EISENBEISER - A Gathering of Rites
000876: PATRICIA ELLIS - Debrett's Distinguished People of Today
000040: ALVIN T. EMBREY - History of Fredericksburg Virginia
001130: EMELIANOV, E.M.;SHIMKUS, K.M. - Geochemistry and Sedimentology of the Mediterranean Sea
001286: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS - Coastal Sediments 2007
000376: F. E. ENGLAND - Kant's Coception of God
000952: CHARLES ENTREKIN - All Pieces of a Legacy
000168: ARLEN WAYNE ETLING - Characteristics of Facilitators: The Equador Project and Beyond
001158: HENRY RIDGELY EVANS - Old Georgetown on the Potomac - a Historical Sketch
000089: FREDERICK W. EVANS - A Short Treatise on the Second Appearing of Christ, in and Through the Order of the Female
000444: HAROLD EVANS - Handling Newspaper Text
000128: JAMES EWING - Syllabus of Lectures on Inflammation and Associated Conditions
000246: JAPAN SHOGI FEDERATION - How to Play Shogi ( Japanese Chess )
000041: MARY BEARDSLEY FENN - Parish and Town the History of West Windsor, Vermont
001068: FERGUSON, KITTY - Prisons of Light: Black Holes
000393: FEVRE, RALPH - The New Sociology of Economic Behaviour
000394: FEVRE, RALPH - The New Sociology of Economic Behaviour
000418: FIGUEROA, PETER - Education and the Social Construction of Race
000601: FINN, CHESTER E.;VANOUREK, GREGG;MANNO, BRUNO V. - Charter Schools in Action: Renewing Public Education
000749: HARRY L. FISHER - Laboratory Manual of Organic Chemistry
000819: FLETCHER, JOHN A. - The People Environment: (Total Loss Control) Getting Results through People
000313: FLUKER, MICHAEL D. - The Stewardship Model
000550: J. T. FLYNN - Montana Pursuit
000146: WILLIAM MENTZEL FORREST - Biblical Allusions in Poe
001202: FORREST, GARY G. - Alcoholism and Human Sexuality (The Master Work)
000788: CLAREMORE COLLEGE FOUNDATION - History of Rogers County, Oklahoma
000581: GERALD L. FOX - Tricks for the Taking, an Easy Guide to Declarer,s Play at Contract Bridge
000582: GERALD L. FOX - Partnership Defense - an Easy Guide to Defender's Play at Contract Bridge
000382: SANDI FOX - Small Endearments 19th Century Quilts for Children and Dolls
000510: CHARLES J. FOX - History of the Old Township of Dunstable Including Nashua, Nashville, Hollis,hudson, Litchfield, and Merrimac, N. H. ; Dunstable and Tyngsborough, Mass.
000818: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Franllin's New Invented Pennsylvanian Fireplaces
000809: FRASER, RUSSELL A. - Shakespeare: The Later Years
000846: FRECOT, JANOS;DE BRUYN, GUNTER;GOTTSCHALK, WOLFGANG - Markische Ansichten: Photographien 1865-1940
001187: HEINRICH FREISTUHLER - Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications: Eighth International Conference in Magdeburg, February/March 2000 Volume 1 (International Series of Numerical Mathematics)
001188: HEINRICH FREISTUHLER - Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications: Eighth International Conference in Magdeburg, February/March 2000 Volume II (International Series of Numerical Mathematics)
000438: WILBUR J. COHEN AND MILTON FRIEDMAN - Social Security: Universal or Selective
000491: FLORENCE FRITZ - Unknown Florida
001088: LLOYD PRIT GALFORD - The Galford Ancestry
000357: SWANN AUCTION GALLERIES - African American Fine Art Catalog Feb 19, 2008 ( with Price list)
000069: JULES GALLEZ - Hints for Racing Pigeon Fanciers / Wenken Voor Duivenliefhebbgers
001277: WANG; GANG - One Year - Murmurs on the Road (English and Chinese Edition)
000129: ARTURO OROPEXA GARCIA - China - Latinoamerica - Una Vision Sobre El Nuevo Papel De China En La Region
000748: MERVIN D. GARRETSON - Eyes, Hands, Voices Communication Issues Amoung Deaf People - a Deaf American Monograph, Volume 40; No. 1, 2, 3, 4 1990
000118: ADELAIDE JEFFERYS GARRETT - Filings of Light a Venture of the Spirt
001003: SANDI GARRETT - Only the Names Remain Tahlequah & Skin Bayou District - Volume 6
001004: SANDI GARRETT - Only the Names Remain, Canadian, Disputed & Illinois Districts - Volume 2
000391: GASPAR, EMILIAN - Modern Trends in Tracer Hydrology VOLUME Ii
001186: GAUGLER, RANDY - Entomopathogenic Nematology (Cabi)
000133: DU GAY, PAUL - Consumption and Identity at Work
000937: GHADIRIAN, A.M. - Ageing: Challenges and Opportunities
000343: VINCENT P. GIANNELLA - Nevada's Common Minerals ( Including a Preliminary List of Minerals Found in the State )
000807: JAMES WILLIAM BILL GIBSON - Emperor's World
001039: GEORGE F. GILLILAND - My Two Cents
000870: KAY E. GLASSER - The History of the Schoenbaum Human Services Center of Sarasota, Inc. Jumping Hurdles
000651: GLASSNER, MARTIN IRA - Bibliography on Land-Locked States
000034: M.E. GODDARD - A History of Norwich Vermont
000793: MRS. ROBERT GOFF - Assi of St. Francis
001250: ALFRED A. GOOD - Ford Car, Truck, and Tractor Repair
000731: WILL KIROUSIS AND JASON GOOTMAN - Movement Training - the Manual
001196: GORBATSEVICH, FELIKS - Acoustopolariscopy of Minerals and Rocks: Theory, Devices, Method and Results
000448: GOSUDARSTVENNYI RUSSKII MUZEI (SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA);PETROVA, E. A.;DASHKINA, RAISA - 100 Unknown Pictures from the Depositories of the State Russian Museum: On the Century of the Russian Museum, 1898-1998
000321: LINWOOD P. GOULD - The Genesis Papers
000385: JAMES R. GOUTOR - Algeria and France 1830 - 1963
000220: JOHN MAXTONE - GRAHAM - Dazzle & Drab - Ocean Liners at War
000266: GRAINGER, L. - Coal: Modern Technology and Economics
000900: JOHN S. GRASTY - Memoir of Rev. Samuel B. McPheeters
000600: EARLE R. GREENE - Birds of the Lower Florida Keys
000466: JESSE P. GREENSTEIN - Advances in Cancer Research Volume One
000505: WANDA GREGORY - The Descendants of John Nix
000946: GRENNAN, EAMON - As If It Matters
000445: GRIFFITHS - An Annotated Bibliography of Health Economics: Western European Sources
000074: ROY GRIMES - Goliad 130 Years After
000216: FERRETTI GROUP - Ferretti Collection 2008 - Yachts
000620: JIMMY GUERIN - Justice Denied Crimes in Ireland
001288: GIUSEPPE GUGLIELMI - Geriatric Imaging
000434: GUTH, CHRISTINE M.E. - Longfellow's Tattoos: Tourism, Collecting, And Japan
001274: LAURENCE R. GUTHRIE - We Veitches, Veatches, Veaches, Veeches - an Historical Treasury of the Descendants of James Veitch The Sheriffe
001132: MICHAEL J. MEREDIT5H - Animal Breeding and Infertility
000622: DORIAN HAARHOFF - The Writer's Voice a Workbook for Writers in Africa
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001265: YANG O-SHI - Flowers and Birds: A Perspective Volume 1 (Chinese Painting Techniques)
000841: ELHAM SHIAZI - Telecommuting: Moving the Work to the Workers; a Handbook to Help You Set Up a Program at Your Company
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001119: MARK P.. SIMMONDS - The Conservation of Whales and Dolphins: Science and Practice
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000727: ESTHER SINGLETON - The Worlds Great Events an Indexed History of the World from Earlist Times to the Present Day Ten Volume Set, Missing Vol. 6 and 10..
001118: MICHAEL SINNOTT - Comprehensive Biological Catalysis: A Mechanistic Reference The Lexicon of Terms and Concepts in Mechanistic Enzymology
001117: MICHAEL SINNOTT - Comprehensive Biological Catalysis: A Mechanistic Reference Reactions of Nucleophilic/Carbanionoid Carbon
000202: RUSSELL L. SINTON - The Menace from Moresby - a Pictorial History of the 5th Air Force in World War II
000373: SKY SITNEY - Film Genres: Experimental, Underground and the Avant - Garde
000742: WALTER W. SKEAT - Concise Etymological Dictionary of the English Language
000991: MUSEUM OF JAPANESE MILITARY SEXUAL SLAVERY - The Painting Edition of Japanese Military Sexual Slaves
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000541: MARILU BURCH SMALLWOOD - Birch, Burch Family in Great Britian and America Volume II with Addenda of Families Allied to Burch Family of , Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Other States
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000538: MARILU BURCH SMALLWOOD - Related Royal Familes Volume I
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000224: JULIAN M. SNYDER - The Economic Long Wave - Key to Your Financial Future
000584: NEW JERSEY TEMPERANCE SOCIETY - They Almost Had Me Fooled - They Told Me-
000602: FLORIDA ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETY - Florida Archaeology an Overview
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000250: GEORGE SPIRO - The Chief Forces Responsible for the Nazi Murder of Jews ( an Open Message to John Ranz )
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000639: ARGOSY BOOK STORES - Old Maps of America -- Catalog 518
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000703: PRICE WATERHOUSE - The Buying And Selling a Company
000218: WEBB, J - Best on the Bay Fifty Years of Racing
000162: WEBBER, F.R. - Church Symbolism: An Explanation of the More Important Symbols of the Old and New Testament, the Primitive, the Medieval and the Modern Church
000019: HARRIET MORSE WEEKS - Descendants of Samuel G. Morse of Worthington, Massachusetts.
000871: JERRY WEINER - Essence of Success - a Collection of Outstanding Thoughts
000259: WEISS, LILLIE - Dream Analysis in Psychotherapy
000592: FRANKIE WELCH - Indian Jewelry - How to Wear, Buy and Treasure America's Firswt Fashion Pieces
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000245: CALVIN GREEN AND SETH Y. WELLS - A Brief Exposition of the Principles and Regulations of the United Society of Believers
000589: PHILIP WELLS - Shining is a Language
001276: WANG; WENLAN - Horizon 2000-2007 (English and Chinese Edition)
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000603: WHALEN, WILLIAM R. - Computerized Visual Fields: What They Are and How to Use Them
000740: MARY BLOUNT WHITE - Letters from Harry and Helen
000064: ARTHUR O. WHITE - One Hundred Years of State Leadership in Florida Public Education
001234: WHITEMAN, NATASHA - Undoing Ethics: Rethinking Practice in Online Research
000928: MARY WHITNEY - Mitchells Across America
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001040: JOAN WILLIAMS - Mappa Mundi and the Chained Library - Treasures of Herford Cathedral
001046: W. B. WILLIAMS, EDITOR - American Photography, Vol. 47 1953 Jan. To July. 7 issues
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000479: GEORGE J. WILLIAMS - On the Road with Mark Twain in California and Nevada
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000091: W. T. WILLIAMS - Pattern Analysis in Agricultural Science
000899: JAMES N. WILSON - yourr Farm Estate
000471: OTHO WINGER - History and Doctrines of the Church of the Brethren
001001: DOUGLAS A. WINTER - How to Profit in the New Rare Coin Market
000062: JENNINGS C. WISE - The Background of History - a Mathematical Demonstration
001021: DUDLEY WRIGHT - Vampires and Vampirism
001081: WYNN, KENNETH G. - Men of the Battle of Britain: A Who Was Who of the Pilots and Aircrew, British, Commonwealth and Allied, Who Flew with Royal Air Force Fighter Command July 10 to October 31, 1940
000323: R. YEAKEL - Bishop Joseph Long the Peerless Preacher of the Evangelical Association
001215: MOO-BOO YOON - Wild birds of Korea
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000739: CLAUDIA ZANARDI - Essential Papers on the Psychology of Women
001280: SUSANA ZAPKE - Hispania Vetus: Musical-Liturgical Manuscripts from Visigothic Origins to the Franco-Roman Transition (9th-12th Centuries)
001194: QIANCHENG ZHAO - Advances in Precision Instrumentation and Measurement: Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 3rd International Conference on Precision ... 2011, X (Applied Mechanics and Materials)

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