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007269: - Souvenir de Gênes [Genoa]
005267: - The End of the World?
006608: - Latin Tiles
007524: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Winter Exhibition 8 November 2001
007523: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Winter Exhibition 7 November 2002
007522: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Winter Exhibition 2 November 2006
006609: - Latin Tiles
007445: - Between Ground and Underground
007261: - World Ceramics: The J.W. N. Van Achterbergh Collection
007118: - Fine Chinese Works of Art and Snuff Bottles, Sotheby's, March 22-23, 1999
005941: - Iki
006529: - Fine Chinese Art; Inder Rieden Chinese Porcelain; Anthony Evans Chinese Porcelain; Chinese Export Figures
007415: - The Freer Gallery of Art, I China, II Japan (2 Vols. )
007119: - Fine Chinese Snuff Bottles, Hasterlik, Lester, Various, Sotheby's, September 17, 1996
006570: - The Coloured Figurines in Yang Ling Mausoleum of Han in China
005776: - Fine Asian Works of Art, December 20, 2011
007575: - Verve, the French Review of Art, Volume Two (2), Numbers Five (5) and Six (6)
007520: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Winter Exhibition 6 November 2003
006044: - Painted Light: California Impressionist Paintings from the Gardena High School
006249: - Treasures of the Shosoin: The Middle, South and North Sections [3 Volumes]
007056: - Asiatische Kunst, Seit 1707, Dienstag, 3 Juni 2014, Palais Dorotheum
007057: - Asiatische Kunst 13/14 Juni 2014, Lempertz
007577: - Special Ranally Physical-Political United States Map
007576: - Jan Yoors Tapestries
006114: - Architectural Album of M.F. Kazakova, Arkhitekturnye Al'Bomy M.F. Kazakova. Al'Bomy Partikuliarnykh Stroenii
007318: - Mayuyama, Seventy Years, Volume Two
007641: - Kinrei-Zuka, Old Tomb at Kisarazu in the Province of Kazusa (Chiba Prefecture)
007304: - Observations, &C. ; a Letter to Lord John Russell on Reform in Parliament; the Revolution of Thirty-One; the King Can Do No Wrong
007379: - Succession de M. Henri Samuel, 15 Décembre 1996
007290: - Colored Birds-Eye View and Good Auto Route Map of New York and Vicinity
006074: - Bactrian Gold: From the Excavations of the Tillya-Tepe Necropolis in Northern Afghanistan
006001: - An Exhibit and Sale of the Melvin & Toyoko Mcgovern Collection of Important Netsuke
006660: - Chinese Ceramics and Jade Carvings, Persian Pottery and Textiles, Luristan Bronzes and Asiatic Sculptures, Antique Oriental Rugs, Sale 891
006926: - The Collection of Arthur & Charlotte Vershbow, Part Four: The Neoclassical, Romantic, Symbolist and Modern Periods
006962: - Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America Semicentennial Biographical Catalogue with Data to December 31, 1899; Plus Four Additional Zeta Psi Directories, Etc.
006772: - Corpvs Specvlorvm Etrvscorvm
007513: - Ibarrola Gure Etxean Basauri 1990
007531: - The Cathedral City of Constantinople. Vol. 1: Constantinople - the Patriarchal Cathedrals. Vol. 2: Chalcedon - the Historic Bishopric of Bithynia.
007528: - The Edward Wrangham Collection of Japanese Art, Part VI, 10 November 2015
006808: - Piasa Catalogue, Livres Anciens Et Modernes, Manuscrits, 16 Octobre 2012
006810: - Christie's Catalogue, Livres Illustres Modernes, Dada Et Surréalisme, 19 Mai 1999
007364: - Oriental Art, Quarterly Publication Devoted to All Forms of Oriental Art, Vol. XXVII No. 1, Spring 1981
004820: - Russian Silver of the Fourteenth to Early Twentieth Centuries from the Moscow Kremlin Reserves
006821: - Kaikodo Journal, a Garden Show, Autumn 1998, IX
007841: - Atelier Th. A. Steinlen. Vente Après DéCès, Catalogue Des Aquarelles, Dessins, Estampes de Steinlen
007589: - Pompei E Gli Architetti Francesi Dell'Ottocento
007843: - Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, 1859-1923, Exposition Du 7 Au 31 Octobre 2004
007519: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Summer Exhibition 20 June 2001
007842: - Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, 27 Juin - 15 Septembre 1978
007500: - Catalogue of the Important and Valuable Library Formed by the Late E.J. Bullrich, Esq.
006760: - Photograph, Bishop Museum, Honolulu
007150: - Arts of Ancient China, March 27 - April 12, 2006
006101: - Architectural Monuments of Leningrad
005428: - Shadowed Reflections, Japanese Views
006807: - Piasa Catalogue: Lettres Et Manuscrits Autographes, Cartes Géographiques, Souvenirs Historiques. Paris, Mardi 11 Décembre 2012
005978: - Accademia Carrara, le Raccolte, Secondo Volume 2
007496: - Smithsonian Institution War Background Studies, Nos. 1-12
007823: - Alexandre Gabriel Decamps 1803-1860
006274: - Ben Janssens Oriental Art: Chinese Lacquer 8 November 19 November 2010
006527: - Voyages of Discovery, in Conversation: Fifteen Works by Chu Teh-Chun and Zao Wou-Ki from a Private Portuguese Collection; a Connoisseur's Choice: Imperial Masterworks from a Private Portuguese Collection
004171: - Highly Important English and Continental Silver and Objects of Vertu the Property of Members of the Morgan Family
007818: - Oriental Silks in Medieval Europe
006352: - Catalogue 2, Un Dessin, Une Peinture, Un Dessin, Une Sculpture
006336: - Beyond Bounds, Glow
003822: - The American Journal of Science and Arts, Second Series, No. 3, May 1846
003741: - Anecdota Scowah, Issues Number One Through Number Five
006812: - Four Monks of the Late Ming: Chien-Chiang, Shih-Ch'i, Shih-T'Ao, Pa-Ta-Shan-Jen
007043: - Two Hundred and Twenty-One Japanese Prints
006455: - English and Other Silver in the Irwin Untermyer Collection
005973: - Passion for Asia: The Rockefeller Legacy
007807: - Mingei: Two Centuries of Japanese Folk Art
007370: - Ancient Chinese Bronze Vessels, Gilt Bronzes and Early Ceramics, 13 June - 14 July 1973
007657: - Exhibition of Islamic Art
007374: - European Ceramics, 8 November 1999
006470: - Gilding the Lily: Rare Forms of Decoration on English Glass of the Later 18th Century
006845: - Paloma Picasso
007391: - Chu Ta: Selected Paintings & Calligraphy
003641: - Photo Album of Cages
003605: - One Hundred Selected Masterpieces XIX/XX Century
003333: - A Chronological Table of Chinese and World Cultures: Philosophy, Art, Technology
003179: - Index to British Military Costume Prints 1500 - 1914
001521: - Scenes from the Old Testament
004382: - The Mainz Diary 1437-1440
004381: - Ecclesiastes, the Words of the Preacher, the Son of David, King in Jerusalem
006646: - The Chinese Exhibition: A Commemorative Catalogue of the International Exhibition of Chinese Art, Royal Academy of Arts, November 1935 - March 1936
007171: - Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
007187: - Excavations at Nemea: Vol. I: Topgraphical and Architectural Studies: The Sacred Square, the Xenon and the Bath.
005899: - The Palaces of Saint Petersburg Depicted by 18th and 19th Century Painters
007808: - Four Centuries of Fashion: Classical Kimono from the Kyoto National Museum
007053: - Japanese Colour-Prints Lent by R. Leicester Harmsworth, November 1913 to March 1914, Illustrated
007727: - Catalogue Des Objets Antiques, Marbres, Bronzes, Verrerie Céramique, Orfévrerie & Objets Divers Provenant de la Collection de Son Exc. Mr. De Nelidow
007356: - Bhutan Stamps, Philatelic Bureau, Department of Posts & Telegraphs
007372: - Fine European and American Furniture, Decorative Arts, Silver and Garden Ornaments, 25 February 2008
007751: - From the Collections of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek, III [Third Volume]
007136: - Zhongguo LI Dai Hui Hua : Gu Gong Bo Wu Yuan Cang Hua Ji. I Dongjin Sui Tang Wudai Bufen, Chinese Painting, Eastern Jin, Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, Vol. I
006815: - Masterworks of Chinese Jade in the National Palace Museum
007381: - Mobilier Du Château de Gallerande, 30 Mars 2004
007162: - Altjapanische Porzellane Aus Der Porzellansammlung Dresden; the Catalogue of the Exhibition of the Ko-Imari Collection of the Dresden Museum, Ddr
002424: - The Art of a Building: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota
006973: - Collection Ch. Gillot, Deuxième Partie, Estampes Japonaises Et Livres Illustrés
007169: - Early Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, 13 June - 12 July 1974
007384: - Ancienne Collection Du Duc de Talleyrand, Dessins Italiens Et Céramiques Européennes, 26 Juin 2002
007135: - Zhongguo LI Dai Hui Hua: Gu Gong Bo Wu Yuan Cang Hua Ji. V & VI, Ming Dai Bu Fen [1 & 2], Ming Dynasty Chinese Painting, Vols. V & VI
007183: - Rare and Beautiful Books from the Bonel Library + Supplement, 2 Volumes Total
007594: - Chinese Pottery of the Han, T'Ang and Sung Dynasties, Owned and Exhibited by Parish-Watson & Co. , Inc.
006347: - Pierre à Feu
007028: - Les Maîtres Du Dessin Japonaise
007125: - Mayuyama, Seventy Years
007392: - An Exhibition of Chinese Stone Sculptures
007068: - Japanese and Korean Art, 22 March 2002
007062: - One Hundred Views of Fuji by Hokusai; Fugaku Hiyaku-Kei
007059: - Imperial Chinese Porcelain, Ceramics and Works of Art
007058: - The Kolodotschko Collection of Netsuke I, 14 June 2014, Lempertz Auction 1036
007051: - Japanese Colour Prints by Utagawa Toyokuni I
007045: - Japanese Wood Block Prints (Ukiyo-E)
007037: - Rare and Valuable Japanese Color Prints from the Collection of Julio E. Van Caneghem of Paris
007036: - A Small But Very Fine Private Collection of Japanese Color Prints
007035: - Illustrated Catalogue of the Collection of Japanese Color Prints, Metzgar, 1919
007034: - An Exceptionally Important Collection of Rare and Valuable Japanese Color Prints, the Property of Carl Schraubstadter, First Sale, February 10th, 1921
007022: - Sammlung Tony Straus-Negbaur, Japanische Farbenholzschnitte Des 17. Bis 19. Jahrhunderts
006993: - One Hundred Views of Fuji by Hokusai, Fugaku Hiyaku-Kei
006670: - Yunnan Jinning Shizhaishan Gumuqun Fajue Baogao; Discovery Report of the Mass Grave from Yunnan Jinning Shizhai Mountain
006687: - Chinese Bronzes: Oriental Culture Chart #14
006664: - Chinese Art, Jades, Porcelains, Sculpture, Furniture and Decorations, Sale 1915
006663: - Chinese and Other Oriental Art, Jades, Snuff Bottles, Porcelains, Ivories, Tapestries, Paintings, Bronzes, Screens, Sale 1893
006825: - Kaikodo Journal, in the Eye of the Beholder, Autumn 2000, XVII
006836: - Alice Neel
006777: - Decade by Decade: Twentieth-Century American Photography from the Collection of the Center for Creative Photography
007886: - Bookplates from the Boston Public Library
006682: - Tabvla Imperii Romani, Aqvincvm, Sarmizegetvsa, Sirmivm, L. 34 Budapest
006390: - Beskrivelse over Danske Mynter Og Medailler. I Den Kongelige Samling
006749: - Woven Jewels: Tibetan Rugs from Southern California Collections
007121: - National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art. , 93, December 1990
006830: - Sotheby's, Photographs, 17 October 2003
006781: - Archaeologia or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity, Second Series, Volume XXIX
006558: - Ming Furniture Ltd.
006766: - Raccolta Delle Stampe A. Bertarelli, Raccolte Di Arte Applicata, Museo Degli Strumenti Musicali, Rassegna Di Studi E Di Notizie, Vol. VII, Anno VI
006589: - Guang XI Chutu; Cultural Relics Unearthed in Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region
006583: - Chinese Calligraphy
006562: - XI'an, a Famous Ancient Capital
006826: - Kaikodo Journal, a Natural Selection, Spring 2001, XIX
006692: - The Etruscan Paintings of Tarquinia
006545: - Porcellaensfabrikken Bing & Grøndahl 1853-1903
006559: - Zhongguo Gu Qing Tong Qi; a Selection of Ancient Chinese Bronzes
006528: - Timeless and Translucent: The Harold E. Stack Collection of Chinese Jades
006661: - Important Chinese Jades and Other Semi-Precious Mineral Carvings, Early Dynastic Pottery and Bronzes, Sale 1612
006696: - Château Borély, Les Trésors D'Art Du Musee D´Archéologie de Marseille
006928: - Ballet National Hollandaise Avec Margot Fonteyn Et Rudolf Noureyev
006806: - Bonhams, 6 November 2012, Fine Japanese Art
006809: - Piasa Catalogue, Art Grec Du Xxe Siècle, 26 Novembre 2012
006814: - Masterworks of Chinese Porcelain in the National Palace Museum
006704: - Inscriptions Reveal, Documents from the Time of the Bible, the Mishna and the Talmud
006817: - Kaikodo Journal: Exhibition and Sale, Autumn 1996
006820: - Kaikodo Journal, the Power of Form, Spring 1998, VII
007025: - Outamaro, 1754 - 1806, Peintures, Estampes, 11 Mai 5 Juin 1955
007179: - Rolls-Royce & Bentley Owner's Handbook Set, 1982 Silver Spirit
007180: - English Elegies
007382: - Collection D'Un Grand Amateur Européen, 14 Décembre 2004
007383: - Important Mobilier, Objets D'Art Et Tapisseries 22 Juin 2004
007363: - Oriental Art, Quarterly Publication Devoted to All Forms of Oriental Art, Vol. XVII No. 4, Winter 1971
006974: - Shanghai Bowuguan Cang CI Xuanji -- Selection of Porcelains in the Shanghai Museum
007293: - Good Old Granny Metcalfe's Household Helps for 1905
007419: - Sixty Years Devoted to Makie
007798: - The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (3-Volume Set)
007838: - Th. - A. Steinlen, (Succession Masseida) Ventes 1-5, Paris, 1930-1996 [Tableaux, Dessins, Estampes, Aquarelles, Pastels, Lavis]
007837: - Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, 1859-1923
007833: - Le Bel Heritage, Th. A. Steinlen Retrospective 1885-1922
007832: - Exceptionnel Ensemble de Gravures, Dessins, Pastels, Peintures Et Sculpture Par Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen
007831: - Important Ensemble, Estampes, Dessins, Lavis, Pastels, Aquarelles Par Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen Ayant Appartenu à Mlle Masseida Et Provenant de L'Atelier de L'Artiste
007830: - Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, Huiles, Pastels, Dessins, Estampes, Affiches, Sculptures
006485: - Decoration
005999: - Chinese Jade: The Image from Within
007829: - Rétrospective, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen,
007475: - Heinrich Zille: Das Graphische Werk (German Edition)
007514: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Summer Exhibition 16 June 2006
007515: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Summer Exhibition 17 June 2005
006272: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics: Summer Exhibition 2011
006467: - The Furniture History Society Newsletter No. 172: Cabinet Returns to Beckford's Tower; a Collector's Cabinet
006170: - Chinese Works of Art and Furniture, 16 Nov. - 5 Dec. 1998
007533: - Bibliothèque D'Architecture D'Un Amateur: De Vitruve à Ledoux,
006499: - In Memoriam Paul Gangolf
006668: - Japan Up to Date
006669: - The Dyson Perrins Collection Part III, Catalogue of Fifty-Nine Illumionated Manuscripts
006018: - Family Houses in the Huizhou Style in Southern Anhui, Volumes 1 & 2; Lao Fang Zi : Wan Nan Hui Pai Min Ju
007583: - Nouveau Indicateur Des Distances Des Principals Villes Du Royaume Des Pays-Bas [Map/Table]
007556: - Livres Précieux, Catalogue No. XXII
007826: - English Potter - American Patriot? Extracts from the Extraordinary Life of Richard Champion
007827: - Faire Bonne Figure, Céramiques Anciennes, Catalogue No. 17
007636: - Ars Asiatica XIV, Peintures Chinoises Et Japonaises de la Collection Ulrich Odin
005371: - In Pursuit of Antiquities: 40th Anniversary Exhibition of the Min Chiu Society
003407: - The Works of Takenaka: Light and Form
007281: - Important Jade Carvings from the Somerset de Chair Collection , 27 November 2014
006667: - Report on the National Collection of Fine Arts Including the Freer Gallery of Art
007876: - Répertoire Médico-Chirurgical Et Obstétrical, Ou Croix de Monographies, Théses, Mémoires, Etc. Sur la Médecine, la Chirurgie Et L'Art Des Accouchements
007735: - Catalogue Des Objet D'Art Et de Bel'Ameublement, Principalement Du Xviiie Siècle... Tableaux Anciens... Meubles Et Sièges... Dépendent de la Succession de Madame de Polès
007733: - Catalogue Des Tableaux Anciens, Par Hubert Robert, Oeuvres de Canaletto, Appartenant à Mme. D...
007734: - Catalogue Des Objet D'Art Et D'Ameublement, Principalement Du Xviiie Siècle, Tableaux Modernes... Appartenant à Monsieur X...
007732: - Antiquités êygptiennes, Grecques Et Romaines, Tableaux Anciens Et Modernes...
007731: - Catalogue Des Objets D'Art de la Chine, Céramiques... Tableaux, Pastels, Estampes... Objets D'Art Et de Ameublement Du Xviiie Siècle...
007730: - Catalogue Des Bronzes Italiens Et Français Du Xvie Et Du Xviie Siècle, Tableaux, Dessins Du Xviiie Siècle
007725: - Exhibition of Chinese Arts, Special Sale, November 1, 1941 to April 30, 1942
007320: - Folk Paper Cut-Outs of Chekiang, China
007797: - A Patristic Greek Lexicon
007202: - A Descriptive and Illustrative Catalogue of Chinese Bronzes Acquired During the Administration of John Ellerton Lodge
007578: - Tyrol [Map], 19th Century
006523: - The Missing Gutenberg Wood Blocks
007805: - Joy Under the Blossoms: Lacquered Picnic Sets from the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art
007091: - Arms of the Dutchess of Kendal
007380: - Important Mobilier, Objets D'Art, 14 Décembre 2004
007033: - An Exceptionally Important Collection of Rare and Valuable Japanese Color Prints, the Property of Carl Schraubstadter, February 1921
006827: - Kaikodo Journal, Worlds of Wonder, Autumn 2001, XX
006834: - Bonhams, 6 November 2014, Fine Japanese Art
005872: - Les Costumes Historiques Russes Du Musée de L´Ermitage de Léningrad
006759: - Photograph, King Kalakaua Jubilee Ho'Okupa Calabash
006521: - Willi's Wishful Thinking
006627: - Shanxi Tang Sancai Yong; T'Ang Dynasty Sancai Tomb Pottery in Shensi
007516: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Summer Exhibition 12 June 2003
007517: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Summer Exhibition 15 June 2007
007518: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Summer Exhibition 13 June 2002
007527: - Exceptional Chinese Art from a European Private Collection, 3 December 2015
007521: - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and Ceramics, Winter Exhibition 1 November 2007
007529: - Important Chinese Works of Srt: The Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Richard C. Bull, 6 December 1983
005499: - Men Under Construction
007375: - Property of a European Collector, 17 October 2002
005572: - Rembrandt : Gravures Et Dessins
005574: - Art in Latin America : The Modern Era, 1820-1980
005576: - Kenneth and Mary Martin
007664: - Early Mining and Metallurgy on the Western Central Iranian Plateau: The First Five Years of Work (Archäologie in Iran Und Turan, Band 9)
005670: - The Helmut Joseph Collection of Porcelain Snuff Boxes
007535: - Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Arts of the Ch'Ing Dynasty
005708: - Le Isole Del Pacifico, Tahiti. Biblioteca Illustrata Dei Viaggi Intorno Al Mondo, N. 39
005724: - Colonies Et Protectorats de L'Océan Pacifique
005732: - Archaeological Finds Han Tombs at Guangzhou and Hong Kong
005735: - The Columbia University Exhibition of Ceramics and Bronzes of Korea
005759: - The New Oxford Book of English Verse, 1250-1950; the New Oxford Book of American Verse
005771: - The Owston Collection, June 2010
007270: - Europe 1939, a Map by Fortune
006002: - The Beauty of Tsutsumi Ningyo
005784: - Asian Decorative Arts, November 15, 2011
004543: - IL Paese Di Lombardia
007129: - Bluett & Sons, Oriental Art II, 1991
007720: - The Notable Art Collection Belonging to the Estate of the Late Joseph Brummer, Parts I & II
006556: - Chinese and Associated Lacquer from the Garner Collection
006132: - Pushkin Palaces and Parks
006140: - Kuskovo, 18th Century Russian Estate and the Museum of Ceramics
006146: - Treasures of the Late Chosun Dynasty, 1700-1910, Choson Hugi Kukpojon Widaehan Munhwa Yusan Ul Ch'Ajaso
007648: - Korean Arts, Vol. I, Painting and Sculpture
006819: - Kaikodo Journal, Autumn 1997, V
006824: - Kaikodo Journal, Realms of Faith, Spring 2000, XV
007023: - Collection Ch. Haviland, Estampes Japonaises, Albums Illustrés Des Maîtres de L'Ukiyoyé
007050: - Masterpieces of Japanese Prints, the Art Institute of Chicago, March 10 - April 17, 1955
007024: - Hiroshige 1797 - 1858, Dessins, Aquarelles, Estampes . Exposition Du 7 Juin Au 15 Juillet 1955
006673: - The World's Great Collections, Oriental Ceramics, Musée Guimet, Paris
006654: - Catalogue of Rare and Choice Specimens of Old Staffordshire Historical Blue and White China, Oriental Porcelains, Textiles and Other Objects
007092: - Della Grandezza Dell' Originale, a Copper Engraving Presumed from le Antichita Di Ercolano, Tome IV
007055: - Japanese Art, 17th Century - 19th Century
007555: - Manuscrits Enluminés Et Livres Précieux, 1280-1930, Catalogue No. XXI
007367: - Oriental Art, Quarterly Publication Devoted to All Forms of Oriental Art, Complete Set 1975-1980
006462: - Alexander Pushkin and His Time in the Fine Arts of the First Half of the 19th Century
007147: - Chinese Sculpture and Works of Art 2002
006112: - Important Chinese Sculpture Sold for the Benefit of the J.T. Tai Foundation
006405: - Treasures of Islam
006818: - Kaikodo Journal, Visions of Man in Chinese Art with Selected Japanese Paintings, Spring 1997, III
007039: - Modern Japanese Prints: Wood-Block Prints by Ten Artists, a Retrospective View of Five Years Work
006411: - Iter Germanico-Helveticum
007722: - Collection Ch. Haviland, Laques Du Japon Des Xviie, Xviiie and Xixe Siècles, Netsuke... , Sculpture, Armes... , Bronzes, &C. (Deuxiéme Partie)
006828: - Kaikodo Journal, Time Travellers, Spring 2009, XXV
007044: - Japanese Wood Block Prints (Ukiyo-E)
006671: - Yunnan Jinning Shizhaishan Gumuqun Fajue Baogao; Discovery Report of the Mass Grave from Yunnan Jinning Shizhai Mountain
006039: - Games People Play: Ancient Pastimes of Asia
007881: - Ju Ware of the Sung Dynasty; Chun Ware of the Sung Dynasty; Kuan Ware of the Sung Dynasty. First Three Volumes from the Series, Porcelain of the National Palace Museum
007266: - Bleu Céleste from a to Ff
007891: - Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
006938: - 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, Household Brigade Drag Hounds, 1893-1894
007282: - Strength and Diligence: A Magnificent Large Green Jade Water Buffalo, 27 November 2014
007874: - Rapport Des Commissaires Chargés Par le Roi, de L'Examen Du Magnétisme Animal, Imprimé Par Ordre Du Roi, Sur la Copie Imprimée Au Louvre
007868: - Catalogue of Botanical Books in the Collection of Rachel Mcmasters Miller Hunt, Volume II Part II, Printed Books 1701-1800
007438: - Netsuke, the Collection of the Peabody Museum of Salem
007149: - Chinese Art from the Reach Family Collection, 8 - 22 December 1989
007042: - One Hundred and Ninety-Eight Japanese Prints from the Collections of Dr. J. Clarence Webster of Chicago, ILL. , and W.P. Ralph Southern of London, England
007161: - One Hundred of the Best, J.A. N. Fine Art
007110: - The Freer Gallery of Art, I China
006103: - Treasures of Chinese Glass Work Shops
005378: - Tunhuang Painted Sculptures
007373: - Later Continental Ceramics and Glass, 29 October 1991
007167: - Ceramic Sculpture from Han and Tang China, 19 - 26 March 1997
007181: - Fabrique Spéciale D'Orfévrerie Et de Bronzes Pour Les églises
006166: - Early Chinese Art: 8th Century Bc-9th Century Ad 6 June-8 July 1995
006276: - Korean Art from the United States
006294: - Andy Warhol at Christie's: Photographs; Paintings and Works on Paper; Prints. Complete in 3 Volumes
006297: - Fernando Gallego and His Workshop: The Altarpiece from Ciudad Rodrigo
007439: - Das Frühe Plakat in Europa Und Den Usa. Ein Bestandskatalog. Band I: Grossbritannien Vereinigte Staaten Van Nordamerika; Band 2: Frankreich Und Belgien; Band 3: Deutschland, Teil 1
006299: - Pagine Di Dante. Le Edizioni Della Divina Commedia Dal Torchio Al Computer
006493: - La Splendeur Des Camondo: De Constantinople à Paris 1806-1945
006659: - By Order of the Alien Property Custodian, the Yamanaka Library on Far Eastern Art, Books on Chinese and Japanese Arts and Crafts, Sale 576
006823: - Kaikodo Journal Scholarly Premises, Autumn 1999, XII
006894: - Japanese Art, Heian Period, 794 - 1192
006895: - 100 Seasonal Paintings of Japan
007085: - The Traditional Crafts of Japan, 3, Ceramics
006346: - Hommage a Zadkine
007456: - The Palatial Mansion of the Late Henry James Smith and Its Rare and Costly Contents, de Luxe Illustrated Edition
007120: - National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art. , 90, September 1990
007130: - Twenty Five Years, Ancient Chinese Bronzes, Gilt Bronzes, Inlaid Bronzes, Silver, Jades, Ceramics
007174: - The Book of the Dead, with Twenty-Five Illustrations
007178: - Studies in Honor of Benno Landsberger on His Seventy-Fifth Birthday, April 21, 1965
006640: - An Exhibition of the Sculpture of Greater India, a Fully Illustrated Catalogue
006019: - Old Houses Owned by Ordinary People... . Changjiang River; Lao Fang Zi Jiang Man Shui Xiang Min Ju
007048: - Japanese Prints, Drawings and Paintings
007049: - Masterpieces of Japanese Prints, the Art Institute of Chicago, March 10 - April 17, 1955
007378: - Out of the Ordinary: Gibbs and Lindsay, 10 May 2006
007525: - Rare and Desirable Western Americana, Collection of Dr. Lester E. Bauer
007357: - Quinti Curtii Rufi de Rebus Gestis Alexandri Magni Libri
007534: - Radiance from the East: Works of Art from India, China and Southeast Asia
007433: - Brush and Ink: The Heinz Götze Collection
007563: - Form of Funeral Ceremony, Castle of Sorrow, and Dedication Ceremony for Knights of the Golden Eagle
007376: - The House Sale, Including Lambert Estate and Seifter Estate, 5 & 6 October 2004
006449: - Works of Art from Collections of the Cholmondeley Family and the Late Sir Philip Sassoon, from Hovghton [Houghton]
007536: - Art de la Chine, Vernissage
006629: - An Exhibition of Chinese Archaic Jades
007098: - Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy from the Collection of the Kau Chi Society of Chinese Art
007288: - New Map of North Wales Published by John Seacome, Bookseller, Chester
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006097: - Courtly Millenniium, Art Treasures from the Konoe Family Collection
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007745: LEHMANN, HERBERT - Landeskunde Der Ebene Von Argos Und Ihrer Randgebiete. Erster Band. [Regional Studies of the Plain of Argos and Its Peripheral Areas. Volume One. ]
007463: LEHMANN, PHYLLIS WILLIAMS - Samothrace, Excavations Conducted by the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, Volume 3, the Hieron, Complete in 3 Volumes
006546: LEMAN, HENRI - La Collection Foulc: Objets D'Art Du Moyen Age Et de la Renaissance, Vol. 2, Planches
006595: LEMBERGER, ERNST - Die Bildnis-Miniatur in Skandinavien, II. Dänemark Und Norwegen
004736: LERNER, MARTIN;KOSSAK, STEVEN - The Lotus Transcendent: Indian and Southeast Asian Art from the Samuel Eilenberg Collection
007834: LEROY, CHRISTIANE - Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen (1859-1923) Un Autre Regard
007292: LESAGE - Gil Blas de Santillane
007480: LEVÉQUE, JEAN-JACQUES - Charles Walch : Catalogue Raisonné de L'Oeuvre Peinte
007305: LEWIS, MERIWEATHER; CLARK, WILLIAM - History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri, Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. Performed During the Years 1804-5-6. Volune One Only
005983: LI, RAYMOND - The Medicine-Snuff Bottle Connection; Chinese Miniature Containers: A Dual Role
005981: LI, RAYMOND - Snuff Bottle Terminology, Chinese and English Equivalents, Part I, Glass, Agate, Quartz
007760: LINDEN, JAMES; LARSON, JENNIFER - Printers to the Club: A Portfolio
007156: LINDMAN, CARL AXEL MAGNUS - Beiträge Zur Gramineenflora Südamerikas
007847: LINTON, W. J. - Some Practical Hints on Wood-Engraving, for the Instruction of Reviewers and the Public
006051: VAN LITH, JEAN-PAUL - La Céramique Dictionnaire Encyclopédique
007815: LIU, JIUZHOU - Painting Is the Message: Studies of Song and Yuan Painting in Ba Ji Tang Collection [Chong Xian : Ba Ji Tang Cang Song Yuan Hui Hua Yan Jiu]
004414: LLEWELYN, THOMAS - An Historical Account of the British or Welsh Versions and Editions of the Bible
006392: LOBB, ALLAN; WOLFE, ART - Indian Baskets of the Northwest Coast
006319: LOFFLER, FRITZ;DIX, OTTO - Otto Dix, 1891-1969: Oeuvre Der Gemalde
007617: LONGYEAR, JOHN M. - Copan Ceramics, a Study of Southeastern Maya Pottery
007588: LORENZ, THURI - Polyklet
005916: LOWE, ELIZABETH - The Fabric of Cultures: Fashion, Identity, Globalization
006519: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Vision of Sir Launfal
007214: LOZIER, HORACE; TULLY, RICHARD - Songs of the Western Colleges
007740: LUNDGREN, JAN - Sextiotal
007230: LYOTARD, JEAN-FRANÇOIS - Lesson of Darkness
005991: MA, CHOR-KIN - Brief Biographies of Founding Emperors of Chinese Dynasties
007385: MABBS, GOODEVE - Catalogue of Books Contained in the Lockhart Library and in the General Library of the London Missionary Society
007469: MACDONALD, MARGARET F. - James Mcneill Whistler: Drawings, Pastels and Watercolours: A Catalogue Raisonné
005994: MACNAIR, PETER; JOSEPH, ROBERT; GRENVILLE, BRUCE; - Down from the Shimmering Sky: Masks of the Northwest Coast
007333: MAEDA, KOYO - Representative Flower Arrangements of Present-Day Japan, Vol. IIII
007209: MAGOCSI, PAUL ROBERT - Ukraine: A Historical Atlas
003998: BEAUMONT-MAILLET, LAURE - La Guerre Des Sexes: Xve-Xixe Siècles
006838: MAIZELS, JOHN - Raw Creation: Outsider Art & Beyond
007804: MAJUPURIA, INDRA; MAJUPURIA, TRILOK - Holy Places of Buddhism in Nepal and India: A Guide to Sacred Places in Buddha's Lands
005526: MARGUERON, DANIEL - Tahiti Dans Toute Sa Litterature: Essai Sur Tahiti Et Ses Iles Dans la Litterature Francaise de la Decouverte a Nos Jours
006492: MARIANO, NICKY; RUSSOLI, FRANCO - The Berenson Collection
007767: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS ROBERT - Franklin's Footsteps: A Sketch of Greenland, Shores of Which His Expedition Passed
006284: MAROZEAU, MAUREEN - 365 Art Histoires Pour épater la Galerie
007716: MARQUINA, IGNACIO - Arquitectura Prehispanica
007873: MARTIN, ALFRED - Deutsches Badewesen in Vergangenen Tagen. Nebst Einem Beitrage Zur Geschichte Der Deutschen Wasserheilkunde
006292: MARTINI, RODOLFO - Medaglie Devozionali Cattoliche in Smalto Della Ditta G. Calame (Ca 1900-25)
007762: MARTYN, THOMAS - Elements of Natural History. Vol. I, Part I, Containing the Mammalia.
007711: MARTYNOV, ANATOLY I; SHIMKIN, DEMITRI B; SHIMKIN, EDITH M - The Ancient Art of Northern Asia
007467: ROGER-MARX, CLAUDE - L'Oeuvre Gravé de Vuillard
007839: ROGER-MARX, CLAUDE - Steinlen, 1859-1923, Rétrospective
006502: MASKELL, ALFRED - Ivories
005604: MASSIN, CHARLES - Reconnaître Les Origines Des Faïences Françaises
007256: MATASABURO, KATSURO - Nihon [Nippon] Toji Taikei, Vol. 10; Japanese Bizen Ware Ceramics
007255: MATASABURO, KATSURO - Nihon [Nippon] Toji Taikei, Vol. 9; Japanese Tamba Ware Ceramics
007702: MATHEWS, FREDDY DEWE - Bouvetøya [Bouvet Island]: A Cultural History of an Isolated Landmass
006258: MATHEWS, THOMAS F. - Treasures in Heaven: Armenian Illuminated Manuscripts
007354: MATSUDA, MITSUGU - The Government of the Kingdom of Ryukyu, 1609-1872
005980: MATSUKI, BUNKIO, ED. - Art of Old Japan, Rare Specimens of Pewter... . .
007267: MATTHEWS, FREDERICK C. - American Merchant Ships, 1850 - 1900, Series Two
006707: MATZ, FRIEDRICH - Die Frühkretischen Siegel: Eine Untersuchung Uber Das Werden Des Minoischen Stiles
006497: MAUCLAIR, CAMILLE; BARTHOU, LOUIS - Les Artistes Du Livre, Louis Legrand
007554: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Purely for My Pleasure
007103: MAYUYAMA, JUNKICHI, ED. - Japanese Art in the West
007532: CHAVANNES-MAZEL, CLAUDINE; SMITH, MARGARET, EDS. - Medieval Manuscripts of the Latin Classics: Production & Use (Proceedings of the Seminar in the History of the Book to 1500 Series: Leiden 1993, Vol 3)
006910: MCCONNELL, KEVIN - Collecting Art Deco
007345: MCCUNE, EVELYN - The Arts of Korea, an Illustrated History
007568: MCDOWELL, ROBERT HARBOLD - Coins from Seleucia on the Tigris
007639: MCGOVERN, WILLIAM - The Early Empires of Central Asia, a Study of the Scythians and the Huns and the Part They Played in World History
005540: MCGRATH, WILLIAM - New Guineana, or, Book of New Guinea 1942-1964
007721: MENDEL, GUSTAVE - Catalogue Des Sculptures Grecques, Romaines Et Byzantines
006867: ROBLES DE MENDOZA, MARGARITA - Silabario de la Ciudadanía de la Mujer Mexicana
007782: MÉNESTRIER, CLAUDE-FRANÇOIS - L'Art Des Emblemes Ou S'Enseigne la Morale Par Les Figures de la Fable, de L'Histoire Et de la Nature
006835: MENKE, ANNE - See the World Beautiful
007785: MESSER, THOMAS - Edvard Munch
007223: METZNER, SHEILA - Inherit the Earth
004023: MEYERS, JOHANNA - Authors Edited, Translated or Annotated by Desiderius Erasmus: A Short-Title Catalogue of the Works in the City of Rotterdam
003119: MIDDLETON, JOHN; WIKELEY, NIGEL - Railway Stations, Southern Region
007262: MIGEON, GASTON - L'Estampe Japoniase, Xviie Et Xviiie, Xviiie Et Xixe Siècles, Musée Du Louvre
007429: MIKI, FUMIO - Haniwa: Arts of Japan 8
007109: MIKI, FUMIO - Haniwa, the Clay Sculpture of Proto-Historic Japan
007430: MIKI, FUMIO - Haniwa: Arts of Japan 8
006858: MILLAIS, JOHN GUILLE - The Life and Letters of Sir John Everett Millais, Volume II Only
007294: MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN - The World in the Air: The Story of Flying in Pictures. Complete in 2 Volumes
006990: MILLER, ROY ANDREW - Japanese Ceramics
006927: MILLS, JOHN - Encyclopedia of Sculpture Techniques
007758: MILOSZ, CZESLAW - Dziewiec Wierszy. Neun Gedichte. [Nine Poems]
006190: BEN SHE; YI MING - Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence: Yunnan Stone
006186: BEN SHE; YI MING - Sculptural Essence of Chinese Grottoes Sichuanbazhong Stone (Chinese Edition)
006697: MINGAZZINI, PAOLINO - John Davidson Beazley, Discorso Commemorativo Pronunciato Dal Linceo Paolino Mingazzini Nella Seduta Ordinaria Dell' 11 Novembre 1972
007700: MIRSKIN, JERRY - Reflections
006965: MISUGI, TAKATOSHI - Chinese Porcelain Collections in the Near East: Topkapi and Ardebil. Complete in 3 Volumes
006652: MIZUNO, SEIICHI - Bronzes and Jades of Ancient China
006651: MIZUNO, SEIICHI - Bronzes and Jades of Ancient China
006718: MOLLER, EVA - Ancient Near Eastern Seals in a Danish Collection
007278: MOLLISON, JOHN - The New Practical Window Gardener
007674: MOOREY, P.R.S. - Ancient Persian Bronzes in the Adam Collection
003945: MORRIS, WILLIE - My Two Oxfords
006841: MORRIS, GAIL - Horizon Lines: The Paintings of Gail Morris
006007: MORSE, EDWARD S. - Catalogue of the Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery
003808: MOSS, PETER - Hong Kong Style
007551: ROGER W. MOSS - Paint in America: The Colors of Historic Buildings
007625: MOURON, HENRI - A.M. Cassandre
006438: MULLER, HANNELORE - European Silver: The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection
007495: MUNRO, ROBERT - Paleolithic Man and Terramara Settlements in Europe
006630: MÜNSTERBERG, OSKAR - Chinesische Kunstgeschichte, Band I, Vorbuddhistische Zeit Die Hohe Kunst
007075: MURASE, MIYEKO - Tales of Japan: Scrolls and Prints from the New York Public Library
006027: PALACE MUSEUM - Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (II): The Complete Collection of the Treasures of the Palace Museum, Volume 54
007683: MUSTILLI, DOMENICO - IL Mvseo Mvssolini (IL Museo Mussolini)
007258: NAGATAKE, TAKESHI - Imari (Famous Ceramics of Japan, No. 6)
007334: NAKAHARA, K.; OHARA, KOUN; OHARA, HOUN - Moribana & Heikwa, Selected Flower Arrangements of the Ohara School, Vols. I, II & New Edition
006980: NARAZAKI, MUNESHIGE - The Japanese Print: Its Evolution and Essence
006476: DALLOT-NAUDIN, YVONNE; JACOB, ALAIN - Porcelaines Tendres Françaises
007712: O'NEALE, LILA - Textiles of Highland Guatemala
007634: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH; LING, WANG - Science and Civilisation in China Vol. 3, Mathematics and the Sciences of the Heavens and the Earth
006399: KHARKIVSKYI KHUDOZHNII MUZEI; NELSON, KRISTI; TAFT MUSEUM - Dutch Drawings and Watercolors from the Kharkiv Art Museum
007507: NEWDIGATE, B. H. - Book Production Notes: Articles Contributed to the London Mercury 1920-1925
007867: NEWTON, CHARLES THOMAS - A History of Discoveries at Halicarnassus, Cnidus, and Branchidae
007810: NISHIMURA, TEI - Namban Art: Christian Art in Japan, 1549-1639 [Namban Bijutsu].
007329: NISHIZAKA, SEIKWA; MAEDA, KOYO; HASHIZUME, MITSUHARU - Representative Flower Arrangements of Present-Day Japan
007328: NISHIZAKA, SEIKWA; MAEDA, KOYO; HASHIZUME, MITSUHARU - Representative Flower Arrangements of Present-Day Japan
007331: NISHIZAKA, SEIKA - Modern Japanese Art of Flower Arrangements, Vol. V
007327: NISHIZAKA, SEIKWA; MAEDA, KOYO; HASHIZUME, MITSUHARU - Representative Flower Arrangements of Present-Day Japan
007019: NOGUCHI, YONE - Hiroshige
005690: NONOGAMI, KEIICHI - Orandae-Imari Ware
007870: NORMAN, JOHANNES MUSAEUS; RASCH, HALVOR HEYERDAHL - Quelques Observations de Morphologie Végétale Faites Au Jardin Botanique de Christiania
006587: NOTT, STANLEY CHARLES - Chinese Jade Throughout the Ages, a Review of Its Characteristics, Decoration, Folklore and Symbolism
006788: NOTT, STANLEY CHARLES - Chinese Jades in the Stanley Charles Nott Collection, Being an Illustrated Descriptive Record: Exhaustively Reviewing the Symbolic Ritualistic Appurtenances of Chinese Jades and Their Various Sacrificial Usages
007336: OHARA, KOUN; OHARA, HOUN; HASHIZUME, MITSUHARU - Moribana & Heikwa, Selected Flower Arrangements of the Ohara School, Vol. II
007139: OKUDA,SEIICHI - Ko Akae-Zara Hyakusen Zenpen Kaisetsu. A Review of Ko-Akae Dishware
007140: OKUDA,SEIICHI - Nihon Koto Meihin Shu
006457: OMAN, CHARLES CHICHELE - English Engraved Silver, 1150 to 1900
007677: OPPERT, JULES - Grande Inscription Du Palais de Khorsabad, Commentaire Philologique
005711: ORAMOND, REV. J. M. - Notes on Tahiti, Account of the Mission
006348: D'ORS, EUGENIO - Xxe Siècle, Pablo Picasso, Chroniques Du Jour
007613: OTTO, BRINNA - Geometrische Ornamente Auf Anatolischer Keramik
007175: OTTO, WALTER - Priester Und Tempel IM Hellenistischen ägypten
007222: OUTERBRIDGE, GRAEME - Bermuda Abstracts: Photographs by Graeme Outerbridge
006068: OWEN, G. - The Evolution of Chinese Writing, the Inaugural Lecture of the Michaelmas Term of the School of Chinese
007770: OWEN, RODERIC - The Fate of Franklin
006725: OZGUC, NIMET - Kanis Karumu Ib Kati Muhurleri Ve Muhur Baskilari. Seals and Seal Impressions of Level Ib from Karum Kanish
007597: PADGETT, MICHAEL J. - Vase Painting in Italy: Red-Figure and Related Works in the Museum of Arts, Boston
007718: PAL, M. K. - Crafts and Craftsmen in Traditional India
007637: PALLIS, SVEND - The Antiquity of Iraq, a Handbook of Assyriology
006622: PANETTA, MARISA, ED. - Pompeii, the History, Life and Art of the Buried City
002733: PAPAGEORGIOU, ATHNASIUS - Icons of Cyprus
004645: PARKER, ROBERT B. - The Private Eye in Hammett and Chandler
007596: PARKER, JOHN HENRY - Tombs in and Near Rome. Sculpture Among the Greeks and Romans, Mythology in Funereal Sculpture, and Early Christian Sculpture.
007371: PARR, MARTIN; BADGER, GERRY - The Photobook: A History, Vol. 1
007302: PARROTT, JOHN - John Parrott, 1811-1884, Selected Papers of a Western Pioneer
007772: PARSONS, JAMES - Reflections on the Mysterious Fate of Sir John Franklin
007297: PASCAL, ANDRÉ - Les Autographes de Pierre Corneille
005460: DU PASQUIER, JACQUELINE - Les Arts Decoratifs Bordelais: Mobilier Et Objets Domestiques, 1714-1895
007324: PAYNE, JOHN - Universal Geography Formed Into a New and Entire System; Describing Asia, Africa, Europe, and America... The History of Man... Arts, Sciences, Commerce... 3 Vols.
007753: PEPPER, GEORGE H. - Ceremonial Objects and Ornaments from Pueblo Bonito, New Mexico
004154: PERERA, PADMA - Dr. Salaam and Other Stories of India
007273: PERREY, ALEXIS - Note Sur Les Tremblements de Terre, 7 Volumes
007692: PETER, IRMGARD - Cravates, Women's Accessories in the 19th Century, Collezione Antonio Ratti, Volume III
006605: PETERS, JOHN; THIERSCH, HERMANN - Painted Tombs in the Necropolis of Marissa (Mareshah)
007558: PETERS, HARRY TWYFORD - America on Stone: The Other Printmakers to the American People (American in Two Centuries)
007004: PETERSON, SUSAN - Shoji Hamada, a Potter's Way
007466: PÉTRIDÈS, PAUL - L'Oeuvre Complet de Suzanne Valadon
007883: PETRIE, WILLIAM MATTHEW FLINDERS; MACE, ARTHUR CRUTTENDEN MACE - Diospolis Parva: The Cemeteries of Abadiyeh and Hu, 1898-9
006406: PETSOPOULOS, YANNI - Tulips, Arabesques and Turbans: Decorative Arts from the Ottoman Empire
005888: PICA, AGNOLDOMENICO - Piastrelle Italiane; Italian Majolica Tile
006420: SAINT-PIERRE, BERNARDIN DE - Paul Et Virginie Suivi de la Chaumière Indienne
007157: PIZARRO, CARLOS MUÑOZ - Sinopsis de la Flora Chilena, Claves Para la Identificación de Familias Y Géneros
007689: PLANISCIG, LEO - Andrea Riccio
003661: PLOMER, HENRY - A Short History of English Printing 1476-1898
006919: POIANI, MARIO - Art Deco Objects de Virtu
006920: POIANI, MARIO - Oggetti Deco
007865: PONERT, DIETMAR - Willi Baumeister 1889 - 1955. Werkverzeichnis Der Zeichnungen, Gouachen Und Collagen
006645: POPE, JOHN ALEXANDER; CAHILL, JAMES; GETTENS, RUTHERFORD - The Freer Chinese Bronzes, Volume I, Catalogue, Volume II, Technical Studies
007650: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM - Catalogue of a Loan Exhibition of Early Oriental Carpets from Persia, Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Egypt and Spain
006770: POPE, ARTHUR UPHAM, ED. - : Reproductions of Some of the Important Paintings and of Their Details Illustrating the Technique of the Artists
007672: POSTGATE, J. N.; MOON, JANE - Abu Salabikh Excavations, Vols. 1, 2, 3 and Text Vol. 4
007388: POSTLEY, STERLING - Framewood Interiors
007729: POULSEN, VAGN - Catalogue Des Terres Cuites Grecques Et Romaines
007746: POULSEN, FREDERIK - Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Tillaeg. 2. Til Billedtavler Af Antike Kunstvaerker (Second Plate Supplement)
004156: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - The River between
007766: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - History of the Conquest of Peru 1524-1550
006429: PRICE, JUDY - Masterpieces of Twentieth Century French Jewelry from American Collections
007580: PRICE, SARAH - Illustrations of the Fungi of Our Fields and Woods. Drawn from Natural Specimens, Plate XVIII
007581: PRICE, SARAH - Illustrations of the Fungi of Our Fields and Woods. Drawn from Natural Specimens, Plate XVIII
007736: PRITCHETT, W. KENDRICK; AMYX, DARRELL A. - The Attic Stelai, Parts I, II, III and Supplement (Five New Fragments), from Hesperia, Vols. XXII, No. 4; XXV, No. 3; XXVII, Nos. 3 & 4; XXX, No. 1, Complete
007143: PTAK, ELISABETH - Ranches & Rolling Hills: Art of West Marin - a Land in Trust
006942: PU, ANGUO - Ming and Qing Furniture Appreciation
006943: PU, ANGUO - Mahogany Furniture of China
006941: PU, ANGUO - Decorative Art of Ming and Qing Furniture
005906: PYROVA, N. M. - The Patriotic War of 1812 in Graphic Works by Contemporary Artists

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