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007573: EDITORIAL COMMITTEE OF ZHONGGUO MEISHU QUANJI - Treasury of Chinese Fine Arts, Vol. 11: Painting Section Qing Dynasty Paintings (Part 3) Volume 11] - Zhongguo Meishu Quanji 11: Huihuabian Qingdai Huihua (Part 3) 11 (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
007574: EDITORIAL COMMITTEE OF ZHONGGUO MEISHU QUANJI - Treasury of Chinese Fine Arts, Vol. 46, Folk Toys, Papercuts, Shadow Puppets, Vol. 12, Min Jian Wan Ju Jian Zhi Pi Ying (Zhongguo Meishu Quanji) (Mandarin Chinese Edition)
007872: QUARIN, JOSEPH - De Curandis Febribus Et Inflammationibus Commentatio, Together with, Animadversiones Practicae in Diversos Morbos
007348: RACKHAM, BERNARD - Catalogue of the le Blond Collection of Corean Pottery
007768: RAE, JOHN; M'CLURE, ROBERT - The Melancholy Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Party, As Disclosed in Dr. Rae's Report, Together with the Despatches and Letters of Captain M'Clure, and Other Officers Employed in the Arctic Expeditions
007749: RAISON, JACQUES - Le Palais Du Second MILLénaire à Knossos, I : Le Quartier Nord, 2 Volumes (French Edition)
006650: RAN, LEYZER - Jerusalem of Lithuania Illustrated and Documented, Volume I
006958: RANLETT, WILLIAM H. - The Architect Volume I; a Series of Original Designs, for Domestic and Ornamental Cottages and Villas, Connected with Landscape Gardening, Adapted to the United States
007658: REATH, NANCY ANDREWS - The Weaves of Hand-Loom Fabrics, a Classification with Historical Notes
003545: REICHERT, MADELIENE - Wonderful World
005522: O'REILLY, PATRICK; TEISSIER, RAOUL - Bibliographie de la Nouvelle-Calédonie
005521: O'REILLY, PATRICK; TEISSIER, RAOUL - Tahitiens. Répertoire Bio- Bibliographique de la Polynésie Française
006952: REN, DAVID - The Imperial Rocks
006948: REPS, JOHN W. - Views and Viewmakers of Urban America: Lithographs of Towns and Cities in the United States and Canada, Notes on the Artists and Publishers, and a Union Catalog of Their Work, 1825-1925
006963: REVON, MICHEL - étude Sur Hoksaï
007264: RHODES, DANIEL - Tamba Pottery: The Timeless Art of a Japanese Village
007426: RHODES, DANIEL - Tamba Pottery: The Timeless Art of a Japanese Village
006308: RIALTO, DELFINO DINZ - Oceania
007690: RICHIE, DONALD; NII, ATSUKO - Forme Giapponese Nella Casa, Nel Tempio, Nell' Arte
006285: RICHTER, JAN FRIEDRICH - Hans Brüggemann
007710: RIDGWAY, BRUNILDE SISMONDO - Hellenistic Sculpture I: The Styles of Ca. 331-200 B.C. (Hellenistic Sculptures)
007476: RIEDIGER, CARSTEN - Paul Wunderlich, Band III, Werkverzeichnis Der Druckgraphik, 1948 Bis 1982: Catalogue Raisonne (Paul Wunderlich, Das Malerische, Graphische Und Plastische Werk) (German Edition)
006535: RIOPELLE, YSEULT - Jean Paul Riopelle, Catalogue Raisonné. 1939-1953, Tome 1; 1954-1959, Tome 2; 1960-1965, Tome 3
005589: RIVERA, DIEGO;MEXICO;CARDOZA Y ARAGON, LUIS - Diego Rivera: Los Frescos En la Secretaria de Educación Pública
006414: ROBBINS, ARCHIBALD - Robbin's Journal Comprising an Account of the Loss of the Brig Commerce
007608: ROBERT, CARL - Die Masken Der Neueren Attischen Komödie
006878: ROBERTSON, MARTIN - A History of Greek Art, Two Volume Set
007654: ROCK, J. F. - The Na-Khi Naga Cult and Related Ceremonies, Part II
007494: ROGERS, DAVID BANKS - Prehistoric Man of the Santa Barbara Coast
007678: ROGERS, ROBERT WILLIAM - A History of Ancient Persia, from Its Earliest Beginnings to the Death of Alexander the Great
007245: ROGERS, SAMUEL - Italy, a Poem; Poems. 2 Vols.
006991: ROKUJIUYEN - The Magical Carpenter of Japan
006364: LE NORMAND-ROMAIN, ANTOINETTE - The Bronzes of Rodin, Catalogue of Works in the Musée Rodin
007668: RÖMER, W. H. - Sumerische 'königshymnen' Der Isin-Zeit
006375: ROOSES, MAX - Cinquante Chefs-D'Oeuvres de Antoine Van Dijck [Fifty Masterpieces of Anthony Van Dyck]
007567: ROSEN, JONATHAN; SHANDLER, JEFFREY - Lives Remembered: A Shtetl Through a Photographer's Eye
007505: ROSENTHAL, ERWIN - Picasso, Painter and Engraver
007773: ROSS, JOHN, REAR-ADMIRAL SIR - Rear Admiral Sir John Franklin, a Narrative of the Circumstances and Causes Which Led to the Failure of the Searching Expeditions Sent by the Government and Others for the Rescue of Sir John Franklin
007152: RUSSMANN, EDNA R. - Egyptian Sculpture: Cairo and Luxor
007423: RYERSON, EGERTON - Netsuke of Japan
006151: RYKWERT, JOSEPH - Adam, Nascita Di Uno Stile
007310: CERVANTES SAAVADRA, MIGUEL DE - The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of la Mancha, Complete in Four Volumes
007845: SABARTÉS, JAIME - Paintings and Drawings of Picasso
006864: SADLEIR, MICHAEL - Daumier, the Man and the Artist
007606: SALMONY, ALFRED - La Sculpture Au Siam
007488: SALOMON, ANTOINE; COGEVAL, GUY - édouard Vuillard: Catalogue Raisonné, the Inexhaustible Glance, Critical Catalogue of Painting and Pastels, 3 Vols. Complete
007193: SALOMONS, VERA - Charles Eisen
007680: SALONEN, ARMAS - Agricultura Mesopotamica: Nach Sumerisch-Akkadischen Quellen ; Eine Lexikalische Und Kulturgeschichtliche Untersuchung
007681: SALONEN, ARMAS - Die Fussbekleidung Der Alten Mesopotamier : Nach Sumerisch-Akkadischen Quellen ; Eine Lexikalische Und Kulturgeschichtliche Untersuchung
006542: SALTZMAN, ANN - Commedia Dell' Arte, a Celebration
003486: SANDBURG, CARL - Bronze Wood
007003: SANDERS, HERBERT H. - The World of Japanese Ceramics
007871: SANSON, LOUIS JOSEPH; VACCA BERLINGHIERI, ANDRÉ - Des Moyens de Parvenir a la Vessie Par le Rectum; Avantages Et Inconvéniens de Cette Méthode Pour Tirer Les Pierres de la Vessie... Suivis, D'Un Mémoire Sur la Méthode D'Extraire la Pierre de la Vessie Urinaire Par la Voie de L'Intestin Rectum
003559: SAROYAN, WILLIAM - The Fiscal Hoboes
007890: SAVAGE, GEORGE - Ceramics for the Collector: An Introduction to Pottery and Porcelain
007192: SAYLOR, HENRY - Architectural Styles for Country Houses
007216: SCHACHT, MATTHIAS HENKIKSEN; SKJERNE, GODTFRED - Musicus Danicus Eller Danske Sangmester
006840: SCHALL, REBECCA - Historic Photos of San Francisco
007565: SCHEBITZ, H.; WILKENS, H. - Atlas Der Röntgenanatomie Von Hund Und Pferd; Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy of Dog and Horse
007787: SCHMALENBACH, WERNER - Fernand Léger
007649: SCHMID, TONI - The Cotton-Clad Mila, the Tibetan Poet-Saint's Life in Pictures
007611: SCHMIDT, EDUARD - Römerbildnisse Vom Ausgang Der Republik
006884: SCHMIDT, CARL F.; SCHMIDT, ANN - Architecture and Architects of Rochester, N.Y.
007779: SCHORSCH, IRVIN G. - Ranaculture
007620: SCHÜRMANN, ULRICH - Central-Asian Rugs, a Detailed Presentation of the Art of Rug Weaving in Central-Asia in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century
007610: SEGALL, BERTA - Zur Griechischen Goldschmiedekunst Des Vierten Jahrhunderts V. Chr. Eine Griechische Schmuckgruppe IM Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim
005915: SEGEDIN, L. G.;SEGEDIN, LARRY G. - 130 Bush Street: An Illustrated Story About Four Buildings & a Monument in San Francisco
007822: SEGUIN, JEAN PIERRE - Maurice Dumont, 1869-1899: Peintre-Graveur, Illustrateur, Poète Et éditeur de L'Epreuve (French Edition)
007064: SEIDLITZ, W. VON - A History of Japanese Colour-Prints
007011: SEIDLITZ, W. VON - Geschichte Des Japanischen Farbenholzschnitts
006978: SEIDLITZ, W. VON - Geschichte Des Japanischen Farbenholzschnitts
007851: SEIKO, HOKOMA - Okinawan Pottery
007421: SEIZO, HAYASHIYA - Chanoyu: Japanese Tea Ceremony
003070: SELWAY, N. C. - James Pollard 1792-1867, Painter of the Age of Coaching
006102: SEMIONOVA, IRINA - Ostankino, Eighteenth-Century Country Estate
007422: SEN, SIOSHITSU - Chado: The Japanese Way of Tea
007761: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeares Comedies, Histories & Tragedies, Being a Reproduction in Facsimile of the First Folio Edition, 1623 + a Supplement... Containing a Census of Extant Copies
007396: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, the Cambridge Edition Text. Complete in 2 Vols.
007061: SHAPIRO, DANIEL - Ancient Chinese Bronzes: A Personal Appreciation (Sylph Editions - Rasika)
006201: BEN SHE - Northern Scatter Grottoes (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence)(Chinese Edition)
006193: BEN SHE - Kitayama Dazu Rock Carvings (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006194: BEN SHE - Bingling Temple (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006198: BEN SHE - Grottoes in Henan Gong Xian (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006199: BEN SHE - Longmen Grottoes (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006187: BEN SHE - Sichuan Guangyuan Stone (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006189: BEN SHE - Kunming to Zang Jing Zhuang (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006191: BEN SHE - Northern Grottoes (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence)(Chinese Edition)
006188: BEN SHE - Bingling Temple (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006200: BEN SHE - China. Baoding Grottoes. Dazu Stone Sculpture Essence (Chinese Edition)
006202: BEN SHE - Yunnan Jianchuan Stone (China Grotto Sculpture Essence)(Chinese Edition)
006203: BEN SHE, YI MING - Chinese Grotto Carved Stone Sculpture Laitan Essence Aikawa (Chinese Edition)
006185: BEN SHE - Shaanxi Zhongshan Grottoes (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence)(Chinese Edition)
006196: BEN SHE - Northern Scatter Grottoes (Chinese Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006192: BEN SHE - Southern Provinces Stone (China Grotto Sculpture Essence) (Chinese Edition)
006093: SHEN, JIN - Zhongguo LI Dai Ji Nian Fo Xiang Du Dian, Pictorial Dictionary of Buddhist Images Throughout the Dynasties
007451: SHEPHERD, THOMAS - Metropolitan Improvements; or London in the Nineteenth Century: Displayed in a Series of Engravings
007713: SIEVEKING, JOHANNES; LOEB, JAMES - Die Terrakotten Der Sammlung Loeb, Erster Band. The Terracottas of the Loeb Collection, Volume One
007820: SIMON, TAVÍK FRANTISEK - Letters from a Voyage Around the World
007244: SIMPSON, ANNA PRATT - Problems Women Solved, Being the Story of the Woman's Board of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
007177: SIMPSON, GEORGE GAYLORD - American Mesozoic Mammalia
006148: SIRÉN, OSVALD - Chinese Sculpture from the Fifth to the Fourteenth Century
007452: SIRÉN, OSVALD - China and Gardens of Europe of the Eighteenth Century
007401: SIRÉN, OSVALD - Chinese Paintings in American Collections, Part II, Annales Du Musée Guimet
006599: SKREDSVIG, CHR. - Dager Og Netter Blandt Kunstnere
007875: SMITH, [THOMAS] SOUTHWOOD - A Treatise on Fever
007355: SMITH, RICHARD J. - Chinese Almanacs (Images of Asia)
007769: SMITH, DOROTHY BLAKY; CRACROFT, SOHPIA - Lady Franklin Visits the Pacific Northwest, Being Extracts from the Letters of Miss Sophia Cracroft, Sir John Franklin's Niece
005531: SNOW, PHILIP - A Bibliography of Fiji, Tonga and Rotuma
007442: SOANE, JOHN - Lectures on Architecture, As Delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy from 1809 to 1836
005317: SPANISH COLONIAL ARTS SOCIETY - Spanish New Mexico: The Spanish Colonial Arts Society Collection
007695: SOLON, MARC-LOUIS - The Ancient Art Stoneware of the Low Countries and Germany, or "Grès de Flandres" & "Steinzeug", Vols. I & II Complete
006713: SPEISER, E. A. - Excavations at Tepe Gawra, Volume I, Levels I-VIII
006793: SPIER, JO - To the East and Home Again: A Traveller's Impressions
007198: SPIERS, RICHARD PHENE - Examples of Classic Ornament from Greece & Rome, Drawn from the Originals by Lewis Vulliamy
007595: OLDENBURGER STADTMUSEUM - Antike Vasen Und Terrakotten: 7. Vorchristl. Bis L. Nachchristl. Jh. : Katalog (German Edition)
006874: STAMP, GAVIN - Edwin Lutyens: Country Houses
007323: STAMPA, MANUEL CARRERA - El Escudo Nacional
007154: STANDLEY, PAUL; STEYERMARK, JULIAN - Studies of Central American Plants, Vols. I-VII
007338: STANLEY, HENRY M. - Dans Les Ténèbres de L'Afrique. Recherche, Délivrance Et Retraite D'Emin Pacha. Contenant 150 Gravures (Holzstiche) D'Après Les Dessins de A. Forestier, Sydney Hall, Montbard, Riou Et 3 Grandes Cartes Tirées En Couleurs.
007719: STARR, RICHARD - Indus Valley Painted Pottery, a Comparative Study of the Designs on the Painted Wares of the Harappa Culture
006870: STEELE, VALERIE - The Corset: A Cultural History
006267: STEIN, M. AUREL - Ancient Khotan: Detailed Report of Archaeological Explorations in Chinese Turkestan Carried out and Descibed Under the Orders of H.M. Indian Government
006435: WEES, BETH CARVER;STERLING AND FRANCINE CLARK ART INSTITUTE - English, Irish, & Scottish Silver at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
004552: STERN, JEAN;DOMINIK, JANET B.;JONES, HARVEY L. - Selections from the Irvine Museum
004549: STERN, JEAN;IRVINE MUSEUM;CLARKE, ATHALIE RICHARDSON IRVINE;SMITH, JOAN IRVINE - All Things Bright and Beautiful: California Impressionist Paintings from the Irvine Museum
007015: STEWART, BASIL - Subjects Portrayed in Japanese Colour-Prints: A Collector's Guide to All the Subjects Illustrated
006985: STEWART, BASIL - On Collecting Japanese Colour-Prints
005942: STINCHECUM, AMANDA MAYER;RICHARD, NAOMI NOBLE;JAPAN HOUSE GALLERY;PAUL, MARGOT - Kosode, 16th-19th Century Textiles from the Nomura Collection
006302: STOHR, WALDEMAR;RAUTENSTRAUCH-JOEST-MUSEUM;CLAUSMEYER, KLAUS - Kunst Und Kultur Aus Der Sudsee: Sammlung Clausmeyer Melanesien
004250: STONE, LOUISE - The Chair in China
007001: STRANGE, EDWARD F. - Japanese Illustration, a History of the Arts of Wood-Cutting and Colour Printing in Japan
006998: STRANGE, EDWARD F. - Japanese Colour Prints
007204: STRANGE, EDWARD F. - Chinese Lacquer
005874: LÉVI-STRAUSS, MONIQUE - Cachemire, Arte E Storia Degli Scialli Nel XIX Secolo
006288: STRONACH, DAVID; MOUSAVI, ALI - Irans Erbe in Flugbildern Von Georg Gerster
007640: STRZYGOWSKI, JOSEF - Asiatische Miniaturenmalerei IM Anschluss an Wesen Und Werden Der Mogulmalerei
006794: STRZYGOWSKY, JOSEF - The Afghan Stuccos of the N[Ouvelle] R[Evue] F[Rançaise] Collection
006512: STSCHANIZYN, WADIM - Palech Und Palecher
007694: STURGES, JOCK - Montage
006929: STURGIS, R. CLIPSTON - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Communication to the Trustees, III, January 1905, the Museum Commission in Europe
007000: SUCCO, FRIEDRICH - Utagawa Toyokuni Und Seine Zeit
007026: SUCCO, FRIEDRICH - Katsukawa Shunsho (Haruaki)
007647: SUFI, GHULAM - Kashir, Being a History of Kashmir from the Earliest Times to Our Own
003118: SURTEES, R. S. - Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour
006893: SWINDLER, MARY HAMILTON - Ancient Painting from the Earliest Times to the Period of Christian Art
006541: TALLEY, ANDRÉ LEON - Valentino
007390: IP YEE; LAURENCE TAM - Chinese Bamboo Carving. Part I
007579: TAMAGNE, FLORENCE - A History of Homosexuality in Europe: Berlin, London, Paris 1919-1939, Vol. 2
007347: TAMIYA, JUNICHIRO - A Hundred-Years History of American-Japanese Amity
007424: TANAKA, SEN'O - Tea Ceremony
006380: TARDIEU, JEAN - Jours Pétrifiés 1943 - 1944 Poèmes Avec Six Gravures Au Burin
006768: TAYLOR, SNOWDEN - The Developmental Era of Eli Terry and Seth Thomas Shelf Clocks
007151: TENG, RENSHENG - Lacquer Wares of the Chu Kingdom
006539: TENNYSON, ALFRED - Vivien; Guinevere
007813: THAYER, WILLIAM ROSCOE - The Life and Times of Cavour
006544: THOMSON, D. CROAL, ED. - The Paris Exhibition 1900
007166: TICHANE, ROBERT - Those Celadon Blues
007743: TICHANE, ROBERT - Ching-Te-Chen, Views of a Porcelain City
007189: TILKE, MAX - Orientalische Kostüme in Schnitt Und Farbe
007498: TIPPING, H. AVRAY - English Gardens
007642: ARDENNE DE TIZAC, JEAN HENRI D' - Les Hautes époques de L'Art Chinois, D'Après Les Collections Du Musée Cernuschi
007220: TOESCA, PIETRO - Affreschi Decorativi in Italia Fino Al Secolo XIX
003859: TOLLNER, MADELINE - Netsuke: The Life and Legend of Japan in Miniature
006771: TOLMAN, NORMAN; KARHU, CLIFTON - Karhu Print Collection, Kaahu Hangashu
007705: TOVEY, DONALD FRANCIS; BACH, JOHANN SEBASTIAN - Die Kunst Der Fuge (the Art of Fugue), Edition in Open Score for the Use of Students
007697: TOWNSEND, FRANCIS (ATTRIBUTED TO) - Coats of Arms of the Principal Families of Bedfordshire
007113: TOYAMA, USABURO - The Western-Style Colour-Prints in Japan, a Catalogue on Retrospective Works of the Exhibition in Foreign Country Organised by Nippon Hanga Kyokai
007708: TRAVLOS, JOHN - Poleodomike Exelixis Ton Athenon : Apo Ton Proistorikon Chronon Mechri to Archon Tou 19ou Aionos. Urban Development in Athens: From Prehistoric Times Until the Early 19th Century
007303: TROTTER, WILLIAM EDWARD - Select Illustrated Topography of Thirty Miles Round London
003628: TSANG, KALINA - Photo Album of Cages II
007279: TSAO, JUNG YING - Chinese Paintings of the Middle Qing Dynasty
006616: TSENG, HSIEN-CH'I; DART, ROBERT PAUL - The Charles B. Hoyt Collection in the Museum or Fine Arts: Boston, Volume I, Chinese Art, Neolithic Period Through the T'Ang Dynasty and Sino-Siberian Bronzes
007346: TSUJII, KOSHU - Moribana & Heikwa, Selected Flower Arrangements of the Saga School
007864: TSUJIMURA, LEWIS - Shinonome
006746: TUCCI, GIUSEPPE - Transhimalaya
004030: TUCKER, ALAN - An Account of Places
007622: TUFNELL, OLGA - Lachish IV (Tell Ed-Duweir), the Bronze Age, Text and Plates Volumes
006856: TURNER, PERCY MOORE - The Appreciation of Painting
006865: UMEHARA, SUEJI; KANO, JIHEI - Selected Specimens of the Chinese Bronze Collection in the Hakkaku Art Museum; Hakkuku Kikkin Senshu
006648: UMEHARA, SUEJI - Etude Des Bronzes Des Royaumes Combattants; a Survey of Bronzes from the Warring States Period
006649: UMEHARA, SUEJI - Rakuyo Kinson Kobo Shuei: Catalogue of Selected Relics from the Ancient Tombs of Chin-Ts'Un, Loyang
005514: UTAGAWA - Kubi-Hiki (Tug-of-War)
005706: ANDIA Y VARELA, DON JOSÉ DE - Relación Del Viaje Hecho a la Isla de Amat, Por Otro Nombre Otahiti Y Descubrimiento de Otras Adyacentes En Los años 1774 Y 1775
007646: VASSELOT, J. J. MARQUET DE - La Céramique Chinoise, de L'époque Des Han a L'époque Des Ming (206 Av. J. - C. -1643), Ditto. De L'époque de K'Ang-Hi à Nos Jours (1662-1911). 2 Vols.
007607: VEBLEN, THORSTEIN - The Higher Learning in America. The Place of Science in Modern Civilisation. Two Volumes
007816: VICO, GIAMBATTISTA - Opere Di Giambattista Vico, Vol. III, Parte II, Cioe de Universi Juris Uno Principio Et Fine Uno, Liber Unus / Con la Versione Italiana [Di] Errico Amante ; de Constantia Jurisprudentis, Liber Alter
007780: VILLAROSA, CARLANTONIO DE ROSA, MARCHESE DI - Memorie Dei Compositori Di Musica Del Regno Di Napoli.
005876: VISEUX, MICHELINE - Le Coton, L'Impression
007486: ZÛÑIGA. ARIEL; VLADY, ANDREW - Francisco Zúñiga. Catálogo Razonado. Catalogue Raisonné. Vol. I. Escultura. Sculpture. 1923-1993. Vol. II. Oil Paintings, Prints & Reproductions. Pintura Al óleo, Estampas Y Reproducciones. 1927-1986. Vols. III & IV. Drawings. Dibjuos. 1927-1989.
007289: VOLBRACHT, CHRISTIAN - Myko Libri, Die Bibliothek Der Pilzbücher
006082: VORONYCHYNA, A. N.; VORONIKHINA , A. N. - View of the Halls of the Hermitage and Winter Palace in Water Colors and Drawings of the Mid-19th Century
007748: WAGMAN, ROBERT S - Inni Di Epidauro (Biblioteca Di Studi Antichi) (Italian Edition)
007592: WAGNER, EMILIO R.; WAGNER, DUNCAN L. - La Civilizacion Chaco-Santiagueña, Y Sus Correlaciones Con Las Del Viejo Y Nuevo Mundo. Tomo Primero.
007686: WAITE, ARTHUR EDWARD - The Quest for Bloods; a Study of the Victorian Penny Dreadful
006507: WAKEFIELD, EDWARD JERNINGHAM - Illustrations to "Adventure in New Zealand"
007605: QUARITCH WALES, H. G. - Siamese State Ceremonies, Their History and Function
006275: WANG, MICHELLE - A Bronze Menagerie: Mat Weights of Early China
006017: WANG, SEAN - Traditional Chinese Dwellings of Shanxi, Volumes 1 & 2; Lao Fang Zi : Shan XI Min Ju
006598: WARD, CYRIL - Royal Gardens
006611: WATERS, WILLARD - California 1847-1852
007778: WEAVER, LAWRENCE - Houses and Gardens by E.L. Lutyens
006644: WEBER, CHARLES D. - Chinese Pictorial Bronze Vessels of the Late Chou Period
007626: WEILL, ALAIN - Les Maîtres de L'Affiche, Cassandre
005938: WEINREB, MATTHEW;BIDDULPH, FIONA - Metropolitan: A Portrait of Paris
007709: WELTER, GABRIEL - Aigina, Meros Proton (3000 P. Ch. -395 M. Ch. ), Egina [Aegina], Part One, 3000 Bce - 395 Ce
006635: WENG, WAN-GO; BODA, YANG - The Palace Museum: Peking, Treasures of the Forbidden City
007655: WENLEY, A. G.; POPE, JOHN A. - China
007885: WEST, THOMAS - The Antiquities of Furness: Or, an Account of the Royal Abbey of St. Mary, in the Vale of Nightshade, Near Dalton in Furness, Belonging to the Right Honorable Lord George Cavendish
007229: WESTON, BRETT - Brett Weston: Master Photographer
007271: WHITE, LUKE - Field Trial Training: The System Used by a Practical Handler
007470: WHITNEY, JAMES LYMAN - Catalogue of the Spanish Library and of the Portuguese Books Bequeathed by George Ticknor to the Boston Public Library. Together with the Collection of the Spanish and Portuguese Literature in the General Library
007387: WIGHTWICK, GEORGE - The Palace of Architecture: A Romance of Art and History
007398: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE; GUSSOW, MEL; HOLDICH, KENNETH - Tennessee Williams' Letters to Donald Windham, 1940-65, Limited Edition
007750: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE - Andrew & Nathaniel Plimer, Miniature Painters, Their Lives and Works
007603: WILLIAMSON, G. C. - The Book of Famille Rose
005945: WILSON, VERITY - Chinese Textiles
007512: WINCKELMANN, [JOHANN JOACHIM] - Recueil de Lettres Sur Les Découvertes Faites à Herculanum, à Pompei, à Stabia, à Caserte & à Rome
007402: WINDHAM, DONALD - Tanaquil, or, the Hardest Thing of All
007590: WINKES, ROLF - Catalogue of the Classical Collection, Roman Paintings and Mosaics
007866: [AN EYE WITNESS] - The Dalton Brothers and Their Astounding Career of Crime, by an Eye Witness, with Numerous Illustrations Reproduced from Photographs Taken on the Spot
007250: WOLLIN, NILS - Modern Swedish Decorative Art
006320: WOODS, S. JOHN - John Piper Paintings Drawings & Theatre Designs 1932 1954
007232: WORTH, DON; RICE, LELAND - Don Worth - Close to Infinity: Photographs from Six Decades
006195: WU - Maiji Mountain Sequel
007490: WUNDERLICH, PAUL - Paul Wunderlich: Lithographien 1959-1973 (German Edition)
006543: YASHIRO, YUKIO - Sandro Botticelli
007399: YEATS, W. B. - If I Were Four-and-Twenty
006751: YOSHITAKI - Actor Triptych
005516: YOSHITOSHI - The Battle between the Minamoto and Taira Clans at Yajima [1185]
007653: YUTANG, LIN - A History of the Press and Public Opinion in China
006331: ZADOVA, LARISA - Fernan Leze : Mozaika, Vitraz, Keramika, Gobelen, Fernand Léger: Mosaïque, Vitrail, Céramique, Tapisserie
005475: ZAITZEVSKY, CYNTHIA - Long Island Landscapes and the Women Who Designed Them
006726: ZAPHEIROPOULOU, PHOTINI - Delos, the Testimony of Museum Exhibits
007079: ZAWITZ, RICHARD - Richard X Zawitz
007609: HULD-ZETESCHE, INGEBORG - Trierer Reliefsigillata Werkstatt I
007474: ZHADOVA, LARISSA, ED. - Tatlin
006628: ZHAOYUE, ZENG ED. - Report on the Excavation of Two Southern T'Ang Mausoleums
006130: ZICK, GISELA - Berliner Porzellan Der Manufaktur Von Wilhelm Caspar Wegely 1751-1757
002011: ZUKOFSKY, CELIA - A Bibliography of Louis Zukofsky
006925: ZWERDLING, MICHAEL - Postcards of Nursing: A Worldwide Tribute

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