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Title: A Stainless Steel Rat Is Born / the Stainless Steel Rat Is Drafted / Sings the Blues / Stainless Steel Rat / Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge / Saves the World / Wants You! / for President / Goes to Hell. First 9 Volumes (Chronologically) of the Series.
Description: Mass Market Paperbacks. Ill.: Jim Burns (1,2,5,7,8), Jean Pierre Targete (3), Eddie Jones (4) & Walter Velez (9), cover art. The first 9 volumes of the Stainless Steel Rat series (following the in-series chronology). 6 7/8" H. 1. A Stainless Steel Rat is Born - 219 pp, Bantam 1985 6th printing, ISBN 0553247085 - "(Explores the) humble beginnings (of the Stainless Steel Rat) as a petty criminal on the backward planet of Bit O'Heaven, and his rapid rise to the most wanted man on a dozen worlds. (C)ontains the never-before-told story of the fabled archcriminal known as The Bishop, who tutored young Jim in the higher arts of crime and gave him his legendary nickname." 2. The Stainless Steel Rat gets Drafted - 262 pp, Bantam 1988 1st printing, ISBN 0553273078 - "The Stainless Steel Rat is seeking revenge for the murder of his mentor-in-crime, The Bishop. His trail leads to Nevenkebla and the iron-fisted dictator General Zennor - the kind of man who'd sell his own mother into slavery just to see the expression on her face. Now in the uniform of a Nevenkeblan soldier, Jim discovers Zennor's vile plan to enslave a defenseless planet. Only a man with a special code of honor - only a Stainless Steel Rat - can save the world from the invading horde." 3. The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues - 244 pp, Bantam 1995 1st printing, ISBN 0553569392 - "In exchange for his life (for robbing the Mint on Paskonjak), Slippery Jim must retrieve a missing alien artifact from the planet Liokukae - a dumping ground for the Galactic League's misfits, murderers, maniacs, and the incurably obnoxious. Under cover as the leader of the rock band The Stainless Steel Rats, (he) violates every law of the land - including musical ones. He has thirty days to bring back the artifact - or the slow-acting poison the League has fed him will kick in, and (he) will be history." 4. The Stainless Steel Rat - 158 pp, Sphere 1976 reprint, ISBN 0722144091 - "(He's a) cosmic criminal, the smoothest, sneakiest con-man in the known Universe. He can take any bank in the Galaxy, con a captain out of his ship, start a war or stop one - whichever pays the most. So when the law finally catches up with the Stainless Steel Rat, there is only one thing to do - make him a cop. And turn him loose on a villainous lady who is building herself a battleship." 5. The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge - 196 pp, Bantam 1988 reprint, ISBN 0553173952 - "It was totally impossible for Cliaand to wage interstellar war - but the crazy little planet was winning, whatever the odds. And there wasn't much the peaceful galaxy could do - except send Slippery Jim diGriz - the Stainless Steel Rat - to wage his own kind of guerrilla campaign against the gray men of Cliaand and their leader, the indomitable Kraj. But then the Rat was aided by a band of liberated Amazons and his own beloved, murderous Angelina - and they had to swing the odds in his favour." 6. The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World - 160 pp, Berkley 1973, ISBN 42502475X - "Someone is meddling with time. People are fading from existence first, members of The Special Corps which (reluctantly) employs him, then Jim's wife and sons. The source of the meddling is located in the distant past - the year 1984 - in an ancient, forgotten nation called 'the United States of America'. If he is to save his family and himself, (the Stainless Steel Rat) must go there, through time, and save the world!" 7. The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You! - 155 pp, Bantam 1988 10th printing, ISBN 0553276115 - "Loathsome, mindsucking creatures from an unknown star are closing in on Earth. Once again it's up to the Stainless Steel Rat to save humanity. In a daring caper packed with action and laughs, the Rat goes undercover to stop the invasion - disguised as a hideous, bugeyed extraterrestrial!" 8. The Stainless Steel Rat for President - 185 pp, Bantam 1988 8th printing, ISBN 0553276123 - "The Special Corps has given the Rat a daring assignment - liberate a backward tourist planet from the clutches of an aging dictator. With his lovely but lethal wife Angelina and his two stalwart sons James and Bolivar, diGriz pits ballots against bullets in the fight for freedom. He's vowed to restore truth, justice and democracy to the world of Paraiso-Aqui, if he has to lie, cheat and steal to do it!" 9. The Stainless Steel Rat goes to Hell - 253 pp, Tor 1997 2nd printing, ISBN 0812551079 - "DiGriz is strenously fighting boredom on a ritzy pleasure planet when his beloved wife disappears while visiting the Temple of Eternal Truth, an enigmatic institution that promises its patrons a sneak peek at Heaven - for a price. Determined to get his wife back, he takes on the Temple. He thinks he's ready for anything, but he never expects to find himself banished to Hell, complete with pointy-tailed devils. Has divine judgment caught up with the Rat at last? Of course not." Interiors - most volumes have very light or light browning to pages, three volumes have a small gift inscription in ink on first page, clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - two volumes have a light spine lean - one with spine creases, very light to light edge wear, one volume with very small bump at top of front hinge, a few small soft corner creases/curls. Very Good.

Keywords: Stainless Steel Rat, Science Fiction Series, Comic, James Bolivar Digriz, Slippery Jim, Anitheroes, Con Men, Thieves, Martial Arts, Bank Robbers, Criminals, Criminal Masterminds, Morality, Special Corps, Intergalactic, Crooks, Spies, Angelina, Time Travel

Price: US$ 27.50 Seller: Capricorn Books
- Book number: 30191

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