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39956: - 50 Jahre Segel- Und Modellflug Wasserkuppe/Rhön 1920-1970.
40028: - The Expanding Metropolis: Coping with the Urban Growth of Cairo. Proceedings of Seminar Nine in the Series Architectural Transformations in the Islamic World, Held in Cairo, Egypt, November 11-15, 1984.
35746: - Hudson's Bay Company: A Brief History.
30264: - Moderne Architektur. Sonderausgabe de Zeitschrift Das Kuntswerk.
39256: - France-Canada: Bulletin Périodique Des Comités de la France Libre Au Canada. Vol. 1, No. 4. Avril-Mai 1943.
37778: - Forge.
37743: - Cubism: Braque, Gris, Laurens, Léger, Lipchitz, Picasso: April 5-30, 1949, Buchholz Gallery.
38102: - Dessins D'Architecture Du Xve Au Xixe Siècle Dans Les Collections Du Musée Du Louvre: Xlixe Exposition Du Cabinet Des Dessins, Musée Du Louvre, Paris, 20 Mars-5 Juin 1972.
34640: - Oiron: Le Décor Renaissance.
34641: - Le Château D'If.
37427: - The 60th C.F. A. Battery Book 1916-1919.
37926: - The Church Monthly: An Illustrated Magazine for Home Reading.
37418: - Fraternité Et Progrés: Trois Siècles de Franc-Maçonnerie En Sarthe.
39627: - Lg2, D'Hier à Aujourd'Hui.
40071: - Dorset 78: Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Gollection 1978.
41138: - Scaling Peaks in Medical Science
38260: - Electrical Conductors.
38561: - Fêtes Du Cinqantenaire de la Fondation Du Cercle Saint-Catherine. Collège Saint-Marc, Chatby, Alexandrie (Egypte). 1888-1938.
36534: - Burdock's Blood Bitters: Almanac and Key to Health 1930.
38115: - English Ceramic Circle Transactions. 10 Numbers in 2 Volumes. Volume I: Transactions No. 1 to No. 5, 1933-1937. Volume II: Transactions No. 6 to No. 10, 1939-1948.
35314: - Eskimo Sculpture in Ivory and Whalebone.
38795: - The Arts of the Maori.
37296: - Centenaire de Portneuf: 8-9-10-11-12 Juillet 1961: Album Souvenir 1861-1961.
38768: - The History of the Intrigues & Gallantries of Christina, Queen of Sweden. And of Her Court Whilst She Was at Rome. Faithfully Render'd Into English from the French Original.
37745: - The Art Students' League of New York: The 60th Anniversary 1875-1876 to 1935-1936.
35843: - Prefabricated Building: A Survey of Some European Systems.
37432: POPE PIUS X1. - The Pope and the Spanish Terror: The Speech Delivered by Pope Pius XI to Bishops, Priests, Nuns and Laity, Refugees from Spain, When He Received Them in Audience at Castel Gandolfo on Monday, September 14th, 1936.
39097: - Ionic Lodge Number Fifty-Four A.F. & A.M. G.R. Q. Year Book: Canadian Centennial Souvenir Edition 1867-1967.
39234: - Architecture and Ideas / Architecture Et Idées. Vol. VIII: Experimental Modernism.
32352: - Le Paysage Architectural Traditionnel Des ïles-de-la-Madeleine.
39098: - Ionic Lodge No 54 A.F. & A.M. , G.R. Q. : Centennial Souvenir Book 1874-1974.
37798: - Eastern Townships Bank: Charter and Annual Reports 1859-1912.
38925: - Les Autochtones Au Québec: 10 Nations, 53 Communautés,
36218: - Metropolitan Toronto.
23649: - Le Temps Des Gares
32469: - Works: Tonet Sunyer.
32468: - Works: Alfonso Penela.
38772: - Present Remedies Against the Plague, Etc. With Introduction by W.P. Barrett.
40073: - Dorset 82: Cape Dorset Graphics Annual 1982.
39271: - Eskimo Graphic Art / L'Art Graphique Des Esquimaux 1963.
38656: - With the First Canadian Contingent: Published on Behalf of the Canadian Field Comforts Commission.
35270: - A Concise, Chronological and Factual History of St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Chambly, Que. : Its 150th Anniversary 1820-1970.
36146: - "Un Demi-Siècle de Peinture Du Québec" / a Half-Century of Quebec Painting.
37147: - Pastoral Letter of the House of Bishops to the Clergy and Laity of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, Anno Domini, 1868.
37389: - Watches from Iwc 2006: Craftsmanship Made in Schaffhausen.
36602: - The Authorized Standard Ritual of the Order of the Eastern Star of the State of New York: A System of Forms and Ceremonies with Necessary Instructions for Chapters.
41127: - 1942 Mclaughlin-Buick Reference Manual
36311: - Exhibition of Canadian Handicrafts 1905.
36742: - Senate 38. 28th Congress, 2nd Session: Acts of Parliament Extending the Jurisdiction of Great Britain over Certain Parts of North America. January 13, 1845.
40082: - First Showing of Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings: Balthus, Brauner, Butler... Riopelle... Tanguy.
40083: - Vibrations Eleven: Anonima Group: January 6 - January 31, 1965.
36937: - Memoir of the Rev. William Ward, One of the Sempore Missionaries. [with] the Sailor Boy and His Bible.
38068: - Technique: Revue Industrielle / Industrial Review. Vol. X, No. 9, Novembre / November, 1935.
38178: - The Changing Face of Kalamunda: A Collection of Old and New Photographs.
35152: - Sheokju of Cape Dorset and Eleven Sculptors of Baker Lake.
40058: - Lake Harbour Eskimo Sculpture.
39247: - Knoll Celebrates 75 Years of Bauhaus Design, 1919-1994.
35262: - Missisquoi County Historical Society: Sixth Annual Report 1960.
36571: - Maîtres-Graveurs Contemporains 1968.
39589: - Catalogue Général Des Manuscrits Des Bibliothèques Publiques de France. Tome LIII: Manuscrits Des Bibliothèques Sinistrées de 1940 à 1944.
37024: - Popular Mechanics Shop Notes for 1909.
36241: - La Vie Des Ukrainiens Du Québec.
39013: - Eskimo Carvers, of Keewatin, N.W. T.
35264: - Then and Now in Missisquoi: Illustrated Articles of Missisquoi County History by Various Writers.
38836: - The Model Railway News: Vol. 12 No. 134, Feb. , 1936.
36310: - Sailing Directions for Nova Scotia Including the Bay of Fundy and Cape Breton Island.
36765: - Iron in British Columbia: Being Information Collected and Collated by the Vancouver Board of Trade Dealing with the Iron Industry in British Columbia.
37155: - The Theosophical Messanger: Official Organ of the American Theosophical Society. Vol. XVII, May, 1929, No. 5.
37156: - Toronto Theosophical News: Devoted to the Interest of the Theosophical Movement in Toronto. Vol. XXV, February, 1949, No. 3.
37157: - Toronto Theosophical News: Devoted to the Interest of the Theosophical Movement in Toronto. Vol. XXV, April, 1949, No. 10.
37158: - Toronto Theosophical News: Devoted to the Interest of the Theosophical Movement in Toronto. Vol. XXVI, January, 1950, No. 7.
37159: - Toronto Theosophical News: Devoted to the Interest of the Theosophical Movement in Toronto. Vol. XXVI, February, 1950, No. 8.
37164: - The American Theosophist: Official Organ of the Theosophical Society in America. Vol. XXIII, No. 7. July, 1935.
37165: - The American Theosophist: Official Organ of the Theosophical Society in America. Vol. XXXIII, No. 12. December, 1945.
37166: - The American Theosophist: Official Organ of the Theosophical Society in America. Vol. XXXX, No. 12. December, 1952.
35448: - Tapestries from Lesotho / Tapisseries Du Lesotho.
39737: - 15 Poètes, 55 Poémes. Préface de Marcel Dubé. [Signed by 13 of the 15 Poets].
40743: - Poesía Libre: Revista de PoesíA. Año I, NúM. 1 & NúM.2. 2 Volumes
32534: - La Fondation le Corbusier.
26970: - Piazze Di Toscana. Studi E Documenti Di Architettura N.3. Settembre 1973.
40072: - Dorset 80: Cape Dorset Graphics Annual 1980.
36121: - Welcome to Cornwall.
39017: - Oonark Pangnark.
37187: - Lukens Suture and Ligature Manual.
39288: - Moskovskii Arkhitekturnyi Institut 1866-1966 Gg.
36842: - Collection de Mémoires Et de Relations Sur L'Histoire Ancienne Du Canada, D'Après Des Manuscrits Récemment Obtenus Des Archives Et Bureaux Publics En France. Publiée Sous la Direction de la Société Littéraire Et Historique de Québec.
38485: - We Know You Are Watching: Surveillance Camera Players 1996-2006.
38835: - The Model Railway News: Vol. 11, No. 126, June, 1935.
38106: - L'Ile Sainte-HéLène Et Son Histoire.
40968: - Cinquant'Anni a Dada: Dada in Italia 1916-1966: Sotto L'Egida Dell'Ente Manifestazioni Milamesi.
38837: - The Model Railway News: Vol. 12, No. 135, Mar. , 1936.
35351: - L'Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-Du-Lac.
23657: - Tre Architetture Degli Anni Trenta a Firenze. 10 Novembre - 9 Decembre 1984.
37613: - Dutch Art + Architecture Today: 1 June '77.
41003: - La Peinture Canadienne Moderne : 25 Années de Peinture Au Canada-Français
33505: - Evangeline Land: Picturesque Places Through the Land Made Famous by Longfellow, the Home of the Maid Evangeline. Yarmouth and Weymouth, Pretty Watering Places. Digby, the Saratoga of Nova Scotia... Annapolis Royal, Wolfville... Grand Pré and Windsor.
39255: - France-Canada: Bulletin Mensuel Des Comités de la France Libre Au Canada. Vol. 1, No. 2. Janvier 1943.
35265: - Rendezvous with the Past in Missiquoi by Various Writers.
34326: - New Towns: An Exhibition Arranged by the Town and Country Planning Association and the Fifteen New Town Development Corporations, 3-17 October 1959.
36167: - Thousand Islands: Venice of America.
39911: - Doma 00.
36217: - Proposals for a New Plan for Toronto: Summary Report. Prepared for Public Discussion by the City of Toronto Planning Board.
34638: - Les Manufactures Royales.
34366: - The Annals of the Cakchiquels [with] Title of the Lords of Totonicapan.
35743: - Hauts Fourneaux Et Fonderies de Pont-à-Mousson.
38077: - Automatisme Et Surréalisme En Gravure Québécoise.
41147: - Aranya: An Approach to Settlement Design : Planning and Design of Low-Cost Housing Project at Indore, India, March 1990 / a Study Sponsored by Usaid-Hudco Shelter Design and Analysis Grant Programme.
40067: - Pangnirtung: 2008 Community Print Collection.
37927: - The Church Monthly: An Illustrated Magazine for Home Reading.
39334: - Electroencephalography: An Aid to Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders.
40308: - La Cité: Architecture, Urbanisme, Art Publique. Revue Mensuelle Belge: 2e Année: No. 1, Novembre 1920 - No. 11, Nov-Dec 1921
40060: - The William Eccles Collection of Eskimo Art Comprising: Carvings of Soapstone, Ivory and Bone Etchings and Stone Block Prints.
35263: - Missisquoi County Historical Society: Seventh Annual Report 1961.
32336: - Gojmir Anton Kos in France Pavlovec: Razstava Slikarskega Dela.
32142: - Documenta 11 Plattform 5: Ausstellung / Exhibition. Kurzführer / Short Guide.
34097: - Turn It over: Turn It over Is a Nonthematic Painting Exhibition Introducing the Work of Sixteen Young Artists. October 25-November 25, 1983.
33033: - Canadian Society of Graphic Art 41st Annual Exhibition of Prints and Drawings: November 1st-25th, 1974, London Public Library and Art Museum.
33144: - The Work of Art: Six Artists.
33147: - Support Papier: Société Des Artistes En Arts Visuels Du Québec. Au Musée D'Art de Saint-Laurent Du 8 Février Au 22 Mars 1981.
31877: - L’Art Du Paysage Au Québec (1800-1940) / Landscape Painting in Québec (1800-1940).
29218: - Un Siècle Et Demi D'Art Canadien / a Century and a Half of Canadian Art.
28342: - Catalogue de la Soixante-Huitieme Exposition Annuelle de Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Du 16 Décembre 1947 Au 27 Janvier 1948.
34682: - Québec 75 Arts: Manifeste Pour Une Exposition / Manifesto of an Exhibition.
34096: - Western Canadian Paintings: March 20 - April 30, 1974 "Prairies" Peintures de L'Ouest Canadien: 20 Mars - 30 Avril 1974,
34852: - Alphabets / Alphabete / Alfabetos.
34916: - From the New Golden Land: Four Centuries of Travel and Exploration in the Americas. Selections from the Jay I. Kislak Foundation Collection.
33768: - Cinquième Forum International de la Reliure D'Art: Montréal 1996.
32835: - Canadian Society for the Study of Diseases of Children. Transactions of the Annual Meetings 1923-1926. 4 Volumes Bound As 1.
33464: - Notre Dame Church, Montreal.
34196: - School Song Book: Sixth Year.
34726: - La Gaspésie.
34966: - Memorials of Acadia College and Horton Academy for the Half-Century 1828-1978.
34985: - The Journals of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada for the Years 1792, 1793, 1794, 1798, 1799, 1800, 1801, 1802, 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806, 1807, 1808, 1810, 1811, 1812, 1814, 1819.
34986: - The Journals of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada for the Years 1821, 1822, 1823, 1823-24.
34987: - The Journals of the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada for the Years 1818, 1819, 1820, 1821.
34988: - The Journals of the Legislative Council of Upper Canada for the Years 1821, 1822, 1823, 1824.
32590: - Observations Sur L'Assemblée Tenue à Montréal Pour Former Une Association Dans le But de Protéger Les Intérêts Des Protestants Dans L'Instruction Publique.
32654: - Souvenir of Huntingdon, Oue.
32693: - Study Paper on Programme of the Proposed New Political Party for Canada
32706: - Pastoral Letter of the Archbishops and Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Provinces of Quebec, Montreal, and Ottawa, on the Manitoba School Question.
32791: - Suite Du Mémoire Sur la Propriété Des Biens Du Séminaire de Montréal.
31820: - Hommage à Jacques Cartier: Octobre 1535 - Octobre 1935.
32024: - Le Jardin Des Muses Canadiennes. Revue Des Poètes Et Des Chansonniers de Chez Nous. Vol. 1 - No. 1. Numero Souvenir.
32099: - Sadlier's Catholic Second Reader Containing a Complete Course in Articulation; Exercises in Spelling and Pronunciation; Choice Readings, and Review Questions. By a Catholic Teacher.
32303: - Tours in Québec, Canada.
24146: - History of Modern Louisbourg 1758-1958. Town of Louisbourg.
29878: - Kehilat Lipkany; Sefer Zikaron / [the Community of Lipkany; Memorial Book].
33302: - 60 Ako: Nit VI Shof Tsu Der Shhiteh: Zikhroynes Fun Onteyl-Nemers in Aktivn Vidershtand Kegn Di Natsis in Kovner Geto, 1941-1944 / 60 Ako. Not As Sheep to Slaughter.
33552: - Ultra-Violet Rays: References to Material in the New York Public Library.
33576: - Médication Homéopathique Boribel. Nouvelle Méthode de Traitement: Simple, Pratique Et Efficace Pour Soigner Les Maladies Aigues Et Chroniques.
33578: - Produits Vétérinaires: J. Dumas, Pharmacien Lauréat.
33767: - Médecine Et Société: Ecrits Et Objets Médicaux Dans Les Collections Hainuyères Du 16e Au 20e Siècle. Musée Royal de Mariemont 27 Mars - 30 Août 1987.
32818: - The Domestic Management of Cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
31768: - Phonographic Outlines of Medical Terms, with an Appendix.
31915: - College of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina: Tradition, Progress, Excellence: Sesquicentennial, 1824-1974.
31936: - Historical Sketch and Laws of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh from Its Institution to August 1882.
31937: - Historical Sketch and Laws of the Royal College of Physicians, of Edinburgh from Its Institution to 1925.
32005: - One Hundred and Fifty Years of Publishing 1785-1935.
31609: - Proceedings of the XXIII International Congress of the History of Medicine: London, 2-9 September 1972, Organized by the British Society for the History of Medicine and the International Society for the History of Medicine. 2 Volumes.
30792: - Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society. 1956 Volume 2.
30865: - Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Problems in Tropical America. Held at Kingston, Jamaica, B.W. I. July 22 to August 1,1924 by Invitation of the Medical Department of the United Fruit Company.
30984: - The Journal of the Franklin Institute: Devoted to Science and the Mechanic Arts: Vol. CLXXII, No. 2, 83d Year, August, 1911.
33213: - The London Dissector; or, System of Dissection, Practised in the Hospitals and Lecture Rooms of the Metropolis... For the Use of Students; Comprising a Description of... They Appear on Dissection, with Directions for Their Demonstration.
34650: - Beauvais.
35355: - Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society: Volume XIX.
35628: - Fort Macleod - Our Colourful Past: A History of the Town of Fort Macleod from 1874 to 1924.
31433: - A Guide to the Diagnosis of Occupational Diseases.
31993: - Monseigneur de Saint-Vallier Et L'hôpital Général de Québec: Histoire Du Monastère de Notre-Dame Des Anges (Religieuses Hospitalières de la Miséricorde de Jésus) Ordre de Saint-Augustin.
32001: - The Montreal General Hospital 1821-1956: A Pictorial Review.
33232: - A Guide to the Dissection of the Human Body for the Use of Students in the Anatomical Laboratory of the University of Toronto.
33290: - The Maritime Medical News, (Halifax, Nova Scotia): A Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery.
33346: - Syphilis and Gonorrhea: A Manual for the Medical Practitioner.
34145: - Syphilis and Gonorrhea: A Manual for the Medical Practitioner.
33528: - Enquête Sur Les Activités En Hygiène Publique, Montréal, Canada, Octobre, 1928. Par le Comité D'Enquête Sur L'Hygiène à Montréal.
18064: - Honours and Awards of the Old Contemptibles: The Officers and Men of the British Army and Navy Mentioned in Despatches.
32628: - Picturesque Views of Ross-Shire.
32780: - John's Governor Visits Dame Europa's School: The Result of Which Is Among Things That Yet Remain to Be Seen. Being a Rejoinder to 'the Fight'.
34422: - The Pelican 1958.
34410: - Manuel de la Garde-Malade de L'hôtel-Dieu: Notions éLémentaires de Thérapeutique.
34429: - Souvenir Du 250ème Anniversaire de L'Arrivée Des Trois Premières Religieuses Hospitalières de Saint-Joseph, à Ville-Marie, 1659-1909
33732: - 1873-1923. Fiftieth Anniversary: Bellevue Training School for Nurses.
35229: - An Action Plan: Société Du Patrimoine Urbain de Montréal.
32781: - La Logique Ou L'Art de Raisonner.
28994: - The Newcomen Society: Transactions Volume XL 1967-68.
32659: - The Pullman Company: Private Car and Special Train Service in 1901.
33503: - The Boys' Own Toy Maker: Illustrating the Art and Science of Practical Mechanism.
36238: - Stan Douglas: Abbott and Cordova, 7 August 1971.
39600: - Richard Maurice Bucke: Catalogue to the Exhibition: Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, June 10-14, 1963, Toronto.
37152: - Ancient Wisdom: A Monthly Journal Devoted to Teaching Theosophical and Occult Truths. Volume XVII, Number 4, July, 1951.
37153: - Ancient Wisdom: A Monthly Journal Devoted to Teaching Theosophical and Occult Truths. Volume XVII, Number 10, December, 1951.
40068: - Cape Dorset 1971.
36258: - Pidgin 6.
35662: - Ma Rue Raconte... Son Histoire: Toponymie de Boucherville.
35658: - Montréal Portuaire Et Ferroviaire: Actes Du 5e Congrès de L'Association Québécoise Pour le Patrimoine Industriel, Montréal, 8 Et 9 Mai, 1992.
32943: - A Guide of the Dissection of the Human Body for the Use of Students in the Anatomical Laboratory of the University of Toronto.
36959: - Tomiako Tessai 1836-1924.
39499: - Williams' Cincinnati Directory, City Guide and Business Mirror ; or Cincinnati in 1856. [Cover Title: 100 Years Ago in Cincinnati].
38291: - Vahine.
37154: - Ancient Wisdom: A Monthly Journal Devoted to Teaching Theosophical and Occult Truths. Volume XVI, Number 11, January, 1951.
39599: - Nikamoin Masinaikan / Cree-English Anglican Hymn Book.
35937: - The 1820 Memorial Settlers' Association: A Directory for the Guidance of Intending Settlers in South Africa.
38794: - Games and Dances of the Maori: A Guide Book for Teachers.
36076: - Articles of Faith and Covenant of the First Congregational Church in Westbrook, Organized, April 8, 1765.
36079: - Pocket Companion Containing Useful Information and Tables Appertaining to the Use of Steel, As Manufactured by the Carnegie Steel Company, Pittsburgh, Pa. For Engineers, Architects and Builders.
36601: - Catskill Lodge No. 468, Free and Accepted Masons: By-Laws.
38873: - Art from the Heart of Arctic Canada: Celebrating Baker Lake, Nunavut.
39019: - Eskimo Graphic Art / Les Arts Graphiques Esquimaux 1969.
36540: - One Hundred Years on Horseback of the Nose.
39262: - The Work of the Open Court Publishing Co. : An Illustrated Catalogue of Its Publications Covering a Period of Twenty-One Years (1887-1907) Consisting of a Complete Book List... Including a Selection of... Articles from the the Monist and the Open Court
36533: - Burdock's Blood Bitters: Almanac and Key to Health 1928.
36894: - Centenary of Railways: Historical Sketch Showing the Evolution of the London Midland and Scottish Railway, with a Track Mileage of Upwards of 20,000 Miles, from the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, with a Track Mileage of 31½ Miles
36901: - History of the 3101.
37293: - Apex. Ein Kunstmagazin / an Art Magazine. Heft Nr. 6/89: Copy Art.
37835: - Nos Vies Avec la Tuberculose.
38190: - Canada in World War II: Post-War Possibilities.
35742: - On the Border of the Arnhem "Corridor": Two Months in the Front-Line September - October 1944.
40917: - John Deere Models "L" and "la" General-Purpose Tractors : With the Finest and Most Complete Line of Working Equipment in the Small Tractor Field.
40916: - John Deere General-Purpose Tractors Models a and B
41375: - Official History of Guilford, Vermont 1678-1961. With Genealogies and Biographical Sketches
34385: URBAN, PATRICIA A. & EDWARD M. SHORTMAN, EDITORS. - The Southeast Maya Periphery.
40869: BRODY, BARUCH A.& H. TRISTRAM ENGELHARDT, EDITORS - Mental Illness: Law and Public Policy
38200: BUXTON. PATRICK A. - The Louse: An Account of the Lice Which Infest Man, Their Medical Importance and Control.
38695: PARIS, J.A. [& ROBLEY DUNGLISON] - A Treatise on Diet: With a View to Establish, on Practical Grounds, a System of Trules for the Prevention and Cure of Diseases... By J.A. Paris. [Bound with] a Second Appeal to the People of Pennsylvania on the Subject of an Asylum for the Insane Poo
34975: JANSEN, A. & F. KORBRAK. - Praktische Ohrenheilkunde Für ärzte.
37087: HIGGINSON , MARIA A. & MRS. JAMES T. BROCK. - The Village of Hawkesbury 1808-1888: The Era of the "Hamilton Brothers. "
32525: BETSKY, AARON & JAAP EVERT ABRAHAMSE. - Architectuur=Een Boek / Architecture=a Book.
40621: ABBOTT, MAUDE E - Historic Montreal: Metropolis of Canada and Mother of the Cities of the West
37901: ABBOTT, MAUDE E. - History of Medicine in the Province of Quebec.
31629: ABBOTT, E. CARL, EDITOR. - Mozart and Medicine.
33525: ABBOTT, MAUDE E. - On the Incidence of Bacterial Inflammatory Processes in Cardio-Vascular Defects and on Malformed Semilunar Cusps.
36686: ABBOTT, MAUDE E., EDITOR. OSKAR C. GRUNER. - Descriptive Catalogue of the Medical Museum of Mcgill University Arranged on a Modified Decimal System of Museum Classification. Part IV: Section I: The HæMopoietic Organs. Catalogue and Didactic Introductions by Os
30690: ABEL, A. LAWRENCE. - Oesophageal Obstruction: Its Pathology, Diagnosis and Treatment. Based on the Jacksonian Prize Essay of the Royal College of Surgeons of England for 1924. And Including a Hunterian Lecture Delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons in 1926.
34620: ABERCROMBIE, STANLEY - Gwathmey Siegel.
34683: ABERHART, WILLIAM. - Social Credit Manual: Social Credit As Applied to the Province of Alberta. Puzzling Questions and Their Answers. / Manuel Du Crédit Social: Le Crédit Social Tel Qu'Appliqué à la Province D'Alberta. Questions Troublantes Et Leurs Réponses.
31410: ABERNETHY, JOHN - The Surgical and Physiological Works. Volume III: Lectures on Surgery.
37192: ABOUSSOUAN, CAMILLE, ET AL. - L'Architecture Libanaise Du Xve Au Xixe Siècle: Le Bonheur de Vivre. En Hommage Au Liban, Souverain Et Indépendant République Libérale, Démocratique Et Parlementaire.
30650: ABRAMSON, HAROLD A. - Electrokinetic Phenomena and Their Application to Biology and Medicine.
31588: ACKERKNECHT, ERWIN. - La Médecine à Paris Entre 1800 Et 1850. Conférence Faite Au Palais de la Découverte le 19 Avril 1958.
36451: ACTON, LORD. - Essays on Church and State. With an Introduction by Douglas Woodruff.
36711: ADAM, ALICE. - Alice Adam: Catalogue 3: Woodcuts and Etchings by Emil Nolde.
36695: [ADAM, HENRI-GEORGES]. GHEERBRANT, BERNARD. - Adam: Oeuvre Gravé 1939-1957.
34516: [ADAM, ROBERT]. FLEMING, JOHN. - Robert Adam and His Circle in Edinburgh and Rome.
28998: ADAM, BERND. - Katechetische Vaterunserauslegungen. Texte Und Untersuchungen Zu Deutschsprachigen Auslegungen Des 14. Und 15. Jahrhunderts.
40196: ADAMS, TRACEY. - A Dentist and a Gentleman: Gender and the Rise of Dentistry in Ontario.
36802: PATKUS, RONALD D., NICHOLAS ADAMS & SAMANTHA H. KLEIN. - Robert Owen and the Delicious Dream of the Future.
35525: ADAMS, ANNMARIE. - Medicine by Design: The Architect and the Modern Hospital 1893-1943.
39931: ADAMS, IAN H. - The Making of Urban Scotland.
37177: ADAMS, GEOFFREY. - The Huguenots and French Opinion 1685-1787: The Enlightenment Debate on Tolerance.
33014: ADAMS, ANNE-MARIE, CURATOR. - Corpus Sanum in Domo Sano: L'Architecture Du Mouvement En Faveur de la Salubrité Domestique / the Architecture of the Domestic Sanitation Movement 1870-1914.
39230: ADAMS, ANNMARIE. - Medicine by Design: The Architect and the Modern Hospital, 1893-1943.
33492: ADAMSON, JEREMY. - From Ocean to Ocean: Nineteenth Century Water Color Painting in Canada.
31158: ADAMSON, H.G. [HORATIO GEORGE]. - The Skin Affections of Childhood, with Special Reference to Those of More Common Occurrence and Their Diagnosis and Treatment.
37395: YATES-ADELMAN, DONNA. - Yes. Sister: Memoir of a Young Nurse.
33125: ADOLPH, VAL. - In the Context of Its Time: A History of Woodlands.
40872: AGICH, GEORGE J., EDITOR - Responsibility in Health Care
39220: AHMAD, AZIZ. - Studies in Islamic Culture in the Indian Environment.
33977: SMITH, M. AILEEN & PHOEBE ANNE MAGEE. - St. Andrews Heritage Handbook: A Homeowner's Guide to Exterior Renovation and Maintenance of Local Buildings.
35692: AIZENSHTADT, SHMUEL, EDITOR. - Pinkas Zinkov: Gedenkbukh / Zinkover Memorial Book.
34015: [AKEED, ALEEN]. MURRAY, JOAN. - The Art of Aleen Aked.
38431: COTE, ALAIN & CARL LAVOIE. - La Poterie de Cap-Rouge 1860-1892.
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40406: CHORNEY, HAROLD - City of Dreams: Social Theory and the Urban Experience
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36904: CHRISTIANSEN, HARRY. - Trolley Trails Through Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio from the Beginning Until 1910.
36707: CHRISTIE, N.M. - Slaughter in the Mud: The Canadians at Passchendaele, 1917.
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32836: CHRISTMAN, RUTH C. - Soviet Science: A Symposium Presented on December 27, 1951, at the Philadelphia Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
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40168: CICERI, LUIGI, EDITOR. - FriûL, Friuli.
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31236: CIPOLLA, CARLO M. - Cristofano and the Plague: A Study in the History of Public Health in the Age of Galileo.
32421: [HANGANU, DAN S]. FRAMPTON, KENNETH; HENRI CIRIANI & FRANCE VANLAETHEM. - Dan S. Hanganu Architecte: Projets Et Réalisations, 1980-1990 / Dan S. Hanganu Architect: Projects and Buildings, 1980-1990. Contributions de Kenneth Frampton, Henri Ciriani Et France Vanlaethem. Préface de Jean-Pierre Hardenne.
36835: CIRLOT, JUAN EDUARDO. - El Arte de Gaudi.
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34872: LAVABRE, MARIE-CLAIRE & HENRI REY. - Les Mouvements de 1968.
40542: CLARK, CARYL - Haydn's Jews: Representation and Reception on the Operatic Stage. [Inscribed by the Author]
30854: CLARK, PAUL F. - Pioneer Microbiologists of America.
32905: CLARK, DANIEL. - Pen Photographs of Celebrated Men and Noted Places, Ghosts and Their Relations. Tales, Sketches, Essays, Etc. , Etc.
32906: CLARK, DANIEL. - Ghosts and Their Relations: Pen and Ink Sketches of Men and Noted Places, Tales, Essays, &C. , &C.
35022: ROSEN, MARVIN; GERALD R. CLARK &, MARVIN S. KIVITZ, EDITORS. - The History of Mental Retardation: Collected Papers. Two Volumes.

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