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34514: TEMKIN, OWSEI. - Hippocrates in a World of Pagans and Christians.
35558: TERMEER, HENK. - 'Het Geweten Der Natie': De Voormalige Illegaliteit in Het Bevrijde Zuiden, September 1944-Mei 1945.
36376: COPP, TERRY & ROBERT VOGEL. - Maple Leaf Route: Antwerp.
39132: COPP, TERRY & ROBERT VOGEL. - Maple Leaf Route: Caen.
32006: TERRY, NEVILLE. - The Royal VIC: The Story of Montreal’S Royal Victoria Hospital, 1894-1994.
34442: COPP, TERRY & ROBERT VOGEL. - Maple Leaf Route: Caen.
36933: TESSIER, ALBERT. - Les Trois-Rivières: Quatre Siècles D'Histoire 1535-1935.
37681: TETREAULT, PIERRE-LÉON. JEAN DUMONT (TEXT). - Pierre-Léon Tétreault: Allégresse Nomade.
34047: TETREAULT, PIERRE-LÉON. - Pierre-Léon Tétreault: Parcours Nomade / Recorrido Nómada.
31445: THACKRAH, CHARLES TURNER. A. MEIKLEJOHN. - The Life, Work and Times of Charles Turner Thackrah, Surgeon and Apothecary of Leeds (1795-1833). By A. Meiklejohn [with] the Effects of Arts, Trades, and Professions, and of CIVIC States and Habits of Living on Health and Longevity...
30729: THAYER, WILLIAM SYDNEY. - Lectures on the Malarial Fevers.
25568: THEAU, JEAN. - La Critique Bergsonienne Du Concept.
34794: THERIAULT, MICHÈLE, CURATOR. - The Acoustic Gaze / le Regard Acoustique: Raymond Gervais, Rober Racine.
37189: THERIAULT, YVES. - Ashini.
36153: NOPPEN, LUC; CLAUDE THIBAULT & PIERRE FILTEAU. - La Fin D'Une époque: Joseph-Pierre Ouellet, Architecte.
36825: APPELBOOM, THIERRY & CHRISTINE BLUARD. - L'Art de Guérir: Images de la Pensée Médicale à Travers Les Temps.
35302: [ZAGARI, CARMELO]. RASPAIL, THIERRY ET AL. - Carmelo Zagari 1991-1998.
35453: THOMAS, ANN. - Le Réel Et L'Imaginaire: Peinture Et Photographie Canadiennes 1860-1900 / Fact and Fiction: Canadian Painting and Photography 1860-1900.
37384: THOMAS, ARNOLD W., EDITOR. - The Canadian Almanac and Miscellaneous Directory for the Year 1915: Containing Full and Authentic Commercial, Statistical, Astronomical, Departmental, Ecclesiastical, Educational, Financial, and General Information.
39590: THOMAS, JEAN. - Diderot Et Baudelaire.
38949: [THOMAS, TIBOR K.]. KOZAK, IRINA. - T.K. Thomas.
37921: REES-THOMAS, DAVID M. - Timber Down the Capilano: A History of the Capilano Timber Company and Railroad Logging on Vancouver's North Shore.
39520: THOMAS, JEAN. - L'Humanisme de Diderot.
39129: THOMPSON, H.W. - Novgorod the Great: Excavations at the Medieval City Directed by A.V. Artsikhovsky and B.A. Kolchin. Compiled and Written by M.W. Thompson.
39869: THOMPSON, JOHN. - Cavagnal 1820-1867. With a Revised List of Early English-Speaking Settlers Compiled by Canon E.C. Royle.
31067: THOMS, HERBERT. - Classical Contributions to Obstetrics and Gynecology.
31187: THOMSON, JOHN. - The Clinical Study and Treatment of Sick Children.
39498: THOMSON, EDITH E.B. - The Parliament of Scotland, 1690-1702.
39667: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID. - A Plea for Captain John Brown: Read to the Citizens of Concord, Massachusetts on Sunday Evening, October Thirtieth, Eighteen Fifty-Nine by Henry David Thoreau.
31060: THORINGTON, JAMES. - Retinoscopy (or Shadow Test) in the Determination of Refraction at One Meter Distance, with the Plane Mirror.
30317: THORINGTON, JAMES. - The Ophthalmoscope and How to Use It with Colored Illustrations, Descriptions, and Treatment of the Principal Diseases of the Fundus.
30857: THORNE, R. THORNE. - The Progress of Medicine During the Victorian Era. Being the Inaugural Address Delivered Before the Epidemiological Society of London, Session 1887-88.
29931: [THUDICUM, JOHANN LUDWIG WILHELM]. SOURKES, THEODORE L. - The Life and Work of J.W. L. Thudicum 1829-1901: "... A Most Celebrated Exponent of the Art of Medicine and Chemistry. "
30304: TILANUS, C.B. - Surgery: A Hundred Years Ago. Extracts from the Diary of C. B Tilanus.
40977: TILLICH, PAUL - Das Dämonische: Ein Beitrag Zur Sinndeutung Der Geschichte.
40756: TILLMANN, ULRIKE, EDITOR - Topology, Geometry and Quantum Field Theory: Proceedings of the 2002 Oxford Symposium in the Honor of the 60th Birthday of Graeme Segal
28682: [TINBERGEN, JAN]. SELLEKAERTS, WILLY, EDITOR. - Econometrics and Economic Theory: Essays in Honour of Jan Tinbergen.
36671: TINLING, MARION. - Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers.
38627: TOBIAS, HENRY J. - The Jewish Bund in Russia from Its Origins to 1905.
38280: [STEICHEN, EDWARD]. BRANDOW, TODD & WILLIAM A. EWING. - Edward Steichen: Lives in Photography.
33021: TOLLEFSON, E.A. (EDWIN ARCHER), - Bitter Medicine: The Saskatchewan Medicare Feud.
38900: TOMMASINI, SANTE. - Sant'Angelo Di Isernia E Santa Croce a Sernia.
38409: [TOMMI, ALBERTO]. LEBREUX, JEAN-LOUIS, CURATOR. - Alberto Tommi: Un Maître à Percé.
15158: TOMPKINS, PETER. - Italy Betrayed.
36022: NEGODAEFF-TOMSIK, MARGARET. - Honour Due: The Story of Dr. Leonora Howard King.
36459: ONLEY, TONI & ROBERT MURRAY. RUTH FINE LEHRER (TEXT). - Watercolors by Robert Murray and Toni Onley.
35678: TONKONOW, LESLIE, CURATOR. - Multiple Exposure: The Group Portrait in Photography.
40469: DE TONNANCOUR, JACQUES. - Jacques de Tonnancour: Du 1er Au 28 Novembre 1966.
38449: DE TONNANCOUR, JACQUES. RENÉ VIAU. - Les Mondes de Jacques de Tonnancour.
40759: [DE TONNANCOUR, JACQUES]. BOURGIE, PIERRE. - Entretiens Avec Jacques de Tonnancour: De L'Art Et de la Nature.
36301: TOOKER, ELIZABETH. - Ethnographie Des Hurons, 1615-1649.
40711: TORRA, VINCEÇ - Du Boulier à la Révolution Numérique; Algorithmes Et Informatique
35760: TORRENS, NESTOR. CLARA MUNOZ (TEXT) - Nestor Torrens 1991-2003.
40111: TORY, GEOFFREY. - Champfleury: Art Et Science de la Vraie Proportion Des Lettres.
15128: TOSCANO, MARIO. - Le Origini Diplomatiche Del Patto D'Acciaio.
38588: FASSBINDER, RAINER WERNER. MICHAEL TOTEBERG & LEO A. LENSING, EDITORS. - The Anarchy of the Imagination: Interviews, Essays, Notes.
36628: TOUCHAGUES, LOUIS-FRANÇOIS, - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 18, 1955: Louis-François Touchages 1893.
34797: TOURANGEAU, SYLVIE. - Sylvie Tourangeau: Objet(S) de Présence.
24114: FAYE, PAUL, BERNARD FAYE, MICHEL TOURNAIRE & ALAIN GODARD. - Sites Et Sitologie: [Comment Construire Sans Casser le Paysage. ]
35147: [TOUSIGNANT, CLAUDE]. CORBEIL, DANIELLE. - Claude Tousignant.
38311: BEN-TOV, ARIEH. - Facing the Holocaust in Budapest: The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Jews in Hungary, 1943-1945.
38314: BEN-TOV, ARIEH. - Facing the Holocaust in Budapest: The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Jews in Hungary, 1943-1945.
33562: [TOWN, HAROLD]. FULFORD, ROBERT (ESSAY). - Harold Town: Recent Paintings.
38477: TOWN, HAROLD. - Harold Town: The First Exhibition of New Work, 1969-1973.
38290: [ROBERTS GOODRIDGE]. TOWN, ELKE, CURATOR. - Goodridge Roberts: Paintings from the 1950s and 60s.
40078: TRAKAS, GEORGE. - George Trakas: Montreal.
40768: [TRANQUILLE, HENRI]. GAUTHIER, YVES - Monsieur Livre: Henri Tranquille
35941: [MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT, GREAT BRITAIN]. - Report of the Ministry of Transport Inquiry Into the Loss of the Motorship "Princess Victoria" and Findings of the Court.
35851: TRAQUAIR, RAMSEY. - The Old Silver of Quebec.
32339: [TRATNIK, FRAN]. KRZISNIK, ZORAN (INTRODUCTION). - Fran Tratnik: Retrospektivna Umetnostna Razstava.
36292: TRAVEN, B. - B. Traven: Werkausgabe. 15 Volumes.
38530: TRAVILL, A.A. - Medicine at Queen’S 1854-1920: A Peculiarly Happy Relationship.
36870: TREADWELL, DANIEL. - On the Practicability of Constructing Cannon of Great Caliber, Capable of Enduring Long-Continued Use Under Full Charges.
35113: TREMBLAY, MICHEL. - Douze Coups de Théâtre: Récits.
33557: TREPANIER, ESTHER. - Peintres Juifs Et Modernité / Jewish Painters and Modernity: Montréal 1930-1945.
35043: HUTCHENS, AMA R.; N.G. TRETCHIKOFF & NATALIE K. TRETCHIKOFF. - Indian Herbalogy of North America: A Study of Anglo-American, Russian and Oriental Literature on Indian Medical Botanics of North America with Illustrations, Glossary, Index and Annotated Bibliography.
40348: TRIGGER, BRUCE G - Natives and Newcomers: Canada's "Heroic Age" Reconsidered
38825: TRIGGER, BRUCE. - Les Enfants D'Aataentsic. [L'Histoire Du Peuple Huron].
39181: TRIGGS, STANLEY G. - Les Photographies Composites de William Notman / the Composite Photographs of William Notman.
36216: TRIGGS, STANLEY G. - William Notman: The Stamp of a Studio.
34618: TRIGGS, STANLEY G. - Le Studio de William Notman: Objectif Canada / William Notman's Studio: The Canadian Picture.
32646: [TRIQUET, PAUL]. MACFARLANE, JOHN. - Triquet's Cross: A Study of Military Heroism.
38919: TRISMEGISTE, HERMÈS. [ANDRÉ BEAUDOIN]. - La Table D’émeraude Et le Grand Oeuvre Alchimique.
40298: DU TRONCY, BENOÎT - Formulaire Fort Récréatif de Tous Contracts, Donations, Testamens, Codicilles Et Autres Actes Qui Sont Faicts Et Passez Par Devant Notaires Et Témoins
33825: [TROTSKY, LEON]. NEDAVA, JOSEPH. - Trotsky and the Jews.
31363: TROTTER, WILFRED. - The Collected Papers of Wilfred Trotter F.R. S.
35683: TROTTIER, LOUISE. - Patrimoine Industriel Au Québec: Etat de la Situation Et Recommandations.
37468: TROTTIER, PIERRE. - Les Belles Au Bois Dormant.
33264: TROW, SUSAN. - Coming out: Six Generations of Women.
37702: TRUDEAU, YVES. ROUSSAN, JACQUES DE (TEXT). - Yves Trudeau: Oeuvres / Works 1959-1985. Texte de Jacques de Roussan. [Cover Title: Espace Et Matière. ]
38188: TRUDEL, JEAN (ESSAY). - Profil de la Sculpture Québécoise: XVII-Xixe Siècle.
34505: TRUDEL, JEAN. - L'Orfèvrerie En Nouvelle-France.
40178: TRUDELLE, PIERRE. - L'Abitibi D'Autrefois, D'Hier Et D'Aujourd'Hui.
33296: TRUNK, ISAIAH. - Lodzsher Geto: A Historishe Un Sotsyologishe Shtudiye / Ghetto Lodz: A Historical and Sociological Study.
39210: TSCHUMI, BERNARD. FRÉDÉRIC MIGAYROU, EDITOR. - Bernard Tschumi: Architecture: Concept & Notation.
35416: TSIEN, TSUEN-HSUIN. - Witten on Bamboo and Silk: The Beginnings of Chinese Books and Inscriptions.
36794: TSIOMIS, YANNIS. - Echelles Et Temporalités Des Projets Urbains.
35719: TUCKER, GILBERT NORMAN. - The Naval Service of Canada: Its Official History. Two Volumes. Volume I: Origins and Early Years. Volume II: Activities on Shore During the Second World War.
37549: TULCHINSKY, GERALD, EDITOR. - To Preserve and Defend: Essays on Kingston in the Nineteenth Century.
21112: TUNIS, BARBARA LOGAN. - In Caps and Gowns: The Story of the School for Graduate Nurses Mcgill University 1920-1964.
33730: TUNIS, BARBARA LOGAN. - In Caps and Gowns: The Story of the School for Graduate Nurses, Mcgill University, 1920-1964.
34626: TUNIS, BARBARA LOGAN. - In Caps and Gowns: The Story of the School for Graduate Nurses Mcgill University 1920-1964.
36123: TURNAUER, CHRISTINE. - Portraits.
31924: TURNER, A. LOGAN. - The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh: Bicentenary Year, 1729-1929.
31939: TURNER, A. LOGAN. - Story of a Great Hospital: The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh 1729-1929.
31940: TURNER, A. LOGAN. - The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh: Bicentenary Year 1729-1929.
12776: TURNER, F. - General Boulanger: A Biography.
40671: TURSMAN, RICHARD - Peirce's Theory of Scientific Discovery: A System of Logic Conceived As Semiotic
39907: TUSON, JESÛS. - Aproximación a la Historia de la Lingüística.
38862: TWOOMEY, KATHLEEN M. - Alexander Macdonell: The Scottish Years.
34522: TYTGAT, EDGARD. - Edgard Tytgat: Evocaton D'Une Vie.
38206: HARTMANN, ARTHUR. [WITH] BROCA, A[UGUSTE] & F[ERNAND] LUBET-BARBON. - Les Maladies de L'Oreille Par le Dr Arthur Hartmann. [Bound with] Les Suppurations de L’Apophyse Mastoïde Et Leur Traitement Par A. Broca, F. Lubet-Barbon.
28547: [BEISSNER, FRIEDRICH]. GAIER, ULRICH & WERNER VOLKE, EDITORS. - Festschrift Fur Friedrich Beissner.
33029: UNTERKIRCHER, F., EDITOR. - King René's Book of Love (le Cureur D'Amours Espis) the National Library Vienna.
30947: HILL. A.V. - First and Last Experiments in Muscle Mechanics.
31155: MCCOLLUM, E.V. & J. ERNESTINE BECKER. - Food, Nutrition and Health.
39609: MIKHAILOVA, K.V. & G.V. SMIRNOV. - Portretnaja Miniatjura Iz Sobranija Gosudarstvennogo Russkogo Muzeja: XVIII Nadalo XX Veka / Portrait Miniatures from the Collection of the Russian Museum: XVIII - Early XX Century.
40875: [PENDERGAST, JMES F.]. WRIGHT, JAMES V. & JEAN-LUC PILON, EDITORS - A Passion for the Past: Papers in Honour of James F. Pendergast
40407: VAILLANCOURT, MARIE-JEANNE - Chelmsford 1883-1983
17270: VAILLANCOURT, EMILE. - The History of the Brewing Industry in the Province of Quebec.
35648: VAILLAND, ROGER - Quelques Réflexions Sur la Singularité D'être Français.
40601: VALDERRAMA, ABDÓN YARANGA - Diccionario Quechua-Espanol, Runa Simi-Espanol
38460: MASO I VALENTI, RAFAEL. - Rafael Masó I Valentí: Arquitecte (1880-1935).
33108: VALLEE, ARTHUR. - Notes Brèves Sur Quelques Documents Et Pièces Du Trésor de L’Hôtel-Dieu de Kebec.
38245: VALLIER, DORA. - Art, Anti-Art Et Non-Art.
32205: VALLIERES, PIERRE. - Les Héritiers de Papineau: Itinéraire Politique D'Un "Nègre Blanc" (1960-1985).
36640: VALMIER, GEORGES. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 35, 1956: Georges Valmier 1885-1937.
40344: VANSTONE, JAMES W. - Athapaskan Clothing and Related Objects in the Collections of Field Museum of Natural History
37680: VARLEY, CHRISTOPHER. - The Contemporary Arts Society / la Société D'Art Contemporain: Montréal, 1939-1948.
35171: [VASARELY, VICTOR]. CIFKA, BRIGITTA. - Vasarely Múzeum.
32520: [VASCONI, CLAUDE]. BLIN, PASCALE, EDITOR. - Claude Vasconi. Sous la Direction de Pascale Blin.
34941: [VAUBAN, SEBASTIEN LE PRESTRE]. DECHENE, LOUISE, EDITOR. - La Correspondance de Vauban Relative Au Canada: Documents Présentés Par Louise Dechêne.
35938: VAUDRY, M.O. - A Sketch of the Life of Captain John Savage: First Settler in Shefford County, 1792. Also the Early History of St. John's Church, West Shefford, Quebec, 1821-1921.
23442: VAUSSARD, MAURICE. - La Conjuration Du Grand Conseil Fasciste Contre Mussolini.
39559: VAZAN, BILL. MICHEL MARTIN, CURATOR. - Bill Vazan: Ombres Cosmologiques.
32509: VEGESACK, ALEXANDER VON. - Tschechischer Kubismus: Architektur Und Design 1910-1925.
37079: VEGMAN, JEAN. - Transparence: Poèmes / Poems.
38759: VEITH, ILZA. - Hysteria: The History of a Disease.
34062: VELEMAN, J. DAVID. - How We Get Along.
39218: VENETI, PAULI. PATRICIA CLARKE, EDITOR. - Pauli Veneti: Logica Magna. Prima Pars: Tractatus de Scire Et Dubitare. Edited with an English Translation and Notes by Patricia Clarke.
36101: VENEZKY, MARTIN. - It Is Beautiful Then Gone.
37286: VENNAT, PIERRE. - Baptiste Au Pays Du Matin Calme: Les Militaires Canadiens-Français En Corée, 1950-1953.
35615: VERHESEN, FERNAND. - Les Clartés Mitoyennes.
28967: CONE, VERNON & WILDER PENFIELD. - Subtemporal and Suboccipital Myoplastic Craniotomy.
39577: VERRET, ANGÈLE. JEAN-CLAUDE ROCHEFORT (ESSAY). - Angèle Verret: Tableaux: Des étendues de Mirages / the Extent of Mirages.
36634: VERTES, MARCEL. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 27, 1956: Marcel Vertès 1895.
34375: VERUT, DOMINIQUE D. - Precolombian Dermatology and Cosmetology in Mexico.
39295: VERWORN, MAX. - Die Erforschung Des Lebens. Ein Vortrag Von Max Verworn.
31818: VIAU, GUY. - La Peinture Moderne Au Canada Francais.
30802: VIBERT, CHARLES. - Précis de Toxicologie: Clinique Et Médico-Légale.
15850: [VICO, GIAMBATTISTA]. CHAIX-RUY, J. - J.B. Vico Et L'Illuminisme Athée.
40352: MARIE-VICTORIN, FRÈRE - Flore Laurentienne
38566: VIDLER, ANTHONY, EDITOR. - Architecture between Spectacle and Use.
36884: VIEILLARD, ROGER. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 49, 1957: Roger Vieillard 1907.
30400: [VIGER, AMANDA]. LOSIER, MARY JANE. - Amanda Viger: Spiritual Healer to New Brunswick’S Leprosy Victims, 1845-1906.
39241: [VILALLONGA, JESUS CARLES DE]. MOURA SOBRAL, LUIS DE. - Vilallonga: Les Lieux Du Rêve / Cloister of Dreams. [Signed by the Artist].
40311: VILLENEUVE, DOMINIQUE - Héritage Par Défaut 1914-1920. [Cover Title: Héritage Par Défaut 1914-1920: Kapuskasing, le 2 Septembre 1915, 256 Militaires, 1200 Prisonniers. Histoire D'Amour D'Un Homme Détenu Dans le Plus Gros Camp de Détention Au Canada Durant la 1ère Guerre Mondiale]
37616: VILLENEUVE, RENÉ. - Baroque to Neo-Classical: Sculpture in Quebec.
34886: [VINCELETTE, ROMÉO]. PALLASCIO-MORIN, ERNEST. - R. Vincelette. Texte: Ernest Pallascio-Morin
38623: VINET, MARC. - Canada and the American CIVIL War: Prelude to War. [Inscribed by the Author].
37715: VIOLEAU, JEAN-LOUIS. - Situations Construites: "Etait Situationniste Celui Qui S'Employait à Construire Des Situations" 1952-1968.
34876: VIOLEAU, JEAN-LOUIS, EDITOR. - Quel Enseignement Pour L'Architecture: Continuités Et Ouvertures. Neuf Entretiens Réunis Par Jean-Louis Violeau.
38640: VIRCHOW, RUDOLPH. - Description and Explanation of the Method of Performing Post-Mortem Examinations in the Dead-House of the Berlin Charité Hospital, with Especial Reference to Medico-Legal Practice.
38594: VIVIAN, E. CHARLES. [CHARLES HENRY CANNELL]. - The British Army from Within.
39254: [ROSSLER, JAROSLAV]. BIRGUS, VLADIMÍR & JAN MLOCH, EDITORS - Jaroslav Rössler: Czech Avant-Garde Photographer.
39048: VLASTO, A.P. - The Entry of the Slavs Into Christendom: An Introduction to the Medieval History of the Slavs.
35645: VOGEL, ROBERT. - A Breviate of British Diplomatic Blue Books 1919-1939.
34722: VOKEY, EDWARD P. - The 175th Anniversary History of the Parish of Christ Church, Sorel, Que.
39199: KRIGGE, VOLKHARD & IRINA SCHERBAKOWA. - Gulag: Spuren Und Zeugnisse 1929-1956.
15165: VOLPE, GIOACCHINO. - L'Italie En Marche. Cinquante Ans D'Histoire Contemporaine 1870-1914.
36658: VOLTI, ANTONIUCCI. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 60, 1957: Volti 1915.
39049: [VOOBUS, ARTHUR]. FISCHER, ROBERT H., EDITOR. - A Tribute to Arthur Vööbus: Studies in Early Christian Literature and Its Environment, Primarily in the Syrian East. [Inscribed by Vööbus].
30661: VORONOFF, SERGE. - Greffes Testiculaires.
30662: VORONOFF, SERGE. - Quarante-Trois Greffes Du Singe à L'Homme.
40828: VOSKUHL, ADELHEID - Androids in the Enlightenment: Mechanics, Artisans, and Cultures of the Self
36372: VOYER, LOUISE - Eglises Disparues.
32957: VOYER, BERNARD. - Aniu: From Snowflake to Iceberg.
37529: PERRY, JAMES W. & ALLEN KENT. - Documentation and Information Retrieval: An Introduction to Basic Principles and Cost Analysis.
27500: BERNSTEIN, MORDECAI W. & DAVID FORER, EDITORS. - Pinkas Me-Hamesh Kehilot Harevot Pruzana, Bereza, Malch, Schershev, Seltz. / a Chronicle of the Destroyed Jewish Communities of the Towns Pruzana, Bereza, Malch, Scherschev and Seltz. Their Origin, Development and Annihilation.
26544: WEAVER, J. W. & D. B. REDFORD, EDITORS. - Essays on the Ancient Semitic World.
30995: CRILE, GEORGE W. & WILLIAM E. LOWER. - Surgical Shock and the Shockless Operation Through Anoci-Association. Second Edition of "Anoci-Association" Thoroughly Revised and Rewritten. Edited by Amy F. Rowland.
35083: HARTWIG, GERALD W. & K. DAVID PATTERSON, EDITORS. - Disease in African History: An Introductory Survey and Case Studies.
30545: KERNOHAN, JAMES W. & ALFRED UIHLEIN. - Sarcomas of the Brain.
30518: MAGOUN, H.W. & RUTH RHINES. - Spasticity: The Stretch-Reflex and Extrapyramidal Systems.
37861: EATON, JOSEPH W. & ROBERT J. WEIL - The Mental Health of the Hutterites.
35549: WAALEWIJN, A. - Achter de Bres: De Rijkswaterstaat in Oorlogstijd.
39003: WADDINGTON, MIRIAM. - The Season's Lovers.
36070: WADDINGTON, JOSEPH E.G. - Practical Index to Electro-Physiotherapy with Index of Diseases and Selective Techniques.
31189: WAGNER, RICHARD. - Aether Und Wille Oder Haeckel Und Shopenhauer: Eine Neue Loesung Der Welträtsel.
27408: WALBE, JOEL. - Der Gesang Israels Un Seine Quellen: Ein Beitrag Zur Hebraischen Musikologie.
37808: WALDEMAR, CHARLES. - Magie Des Sexes.
38839: [KENOJUAK]. WALK, ANSGAR. - Kenojuak: The Life Story of an Inuit Artist.
40838: WALKER, JAMES W. ST. G. - The Black Loyalists: The Search for a Promised Land in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone, 1783-1870
39327: WALKER, CHARLES R. - Surgical Cleanliness. By Charles R. Walker, M.D. , Concord N.H. Read Before the N.H. Medical Society June 1884.
34246: WALKER, BARRY, CURATOR. - Sticks & Stones: Ten Artists Work with Nature.
34700: [WALKER, HORATIO]. KAREL, DAVID. - Horatio Walker.
30889: WALKER, M.E.M. - Pioneers of Public Health: The Story of Some Benefactors of the Human Race.
39133: WALKER, D.J.R. - Columbus and the Golden World of the Island Arawaks: The Story of the First Americans and Their Caribbean Environment.
39317: WALL, JEFF, THIERRY DE DUVE, ET AL. - Jeff Wall: The Complete Edition,
35201: BROWN, WALLACE & HEREWARD SENIOR. - Victorious in Defeat: The Loyalists of the American Revolution in Exile.
30681: WALLACE, J. SIM. - The Cause and Prevention of Decay in Teeth. An Investigation Into the Causes of the Prevalence of Dental Caries; to Which Are Appended Some Suggestions on Its Prevention.
30682: WALLACE, J. SIM. - Modern Dietetics in the Causation of Disease.
37657: [WALLENSTEIN, ALBRECHT VON]. MANN, GOLOO. - Wallenstein: His Life Narrated.
40364: WALLOT, JEAN-PIERRE, - Intrigues Françaises Et Américaines Au Canada, 1800-1802
39659: WALLOT, JEAN-PIERRE, - Intrigues Françaises Et Américaines Au Canada,1800-1802.
31183: WALSH, FRANK B. - Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology.
31175: WALSHAM, W.J. [WILLIAM JOHNSON]. - Nasal Obstruction: The Diagnosis of the Various Conditions Causing It, and Their Treatment.
32793: WALSHE, F.M.R. - Humanism, History, and Natural Science in Medicine.
40173: [PILOT, ROBERT]. KLINKHOFF, WALTER & T. R. MACDONALD. - Robert Pilot (1898-1967): Retrospective Exhibition September 12 - 24, 1988 / Robert Pilot (1898-1967): Exposition Rétrospective 12 - 24 Septembre 1988.
35356: RIDDELL, WALTER & WILLIAM RENWICK RIDDELL. - Diary of a Voyage from Scotland to Canada in 1833 and Story of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cobourg, Ontario. With Occasional Notes by the Honourable William Renwick Riddell.
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37195: WELLCOME, HENRY S. - Hen Feddegyaeth Kymrie. (Antient Cymric Medicine): A Reprint of the Historical Souvenir Issued by B.W. & Co. On the Occasion of the Meeting of the British Medical Association at Swansea, 1903.
29154: WELLS, JOHN. - The Heavenly Vision: Or, a Discovery of What Is Truly Good: Held Forth in a Sermon Preached at Pauls, Febr. 21. 1657. Before the Right Honourable, the Lord Maior, and Aldermen, of the City of London.
39200: WELTER, VOLKER M. - Ernst L. Freud, Architect: The Case of the Modern Bourgeois Home.
35430: WERNER, JEFF. - Skiascope 1: Hängda Och Utställda: Om Hängningarnas Och Utställningarnas Historia Pa Göteborgs Konstmuseum / Permanent Hangings - Temporary Exhibitions: On the History of Collection Display and Exhibitions at Göteborg Museum of Art.
38164: [MACKLER, CHRISTOPH]. OECHSLIN, WERNER & HEINRICH WEFING. - Christoph Mäckler: Die Rematerialisierung Der Moderne / the Rematerialisation of Modern Architecture. Werner Oechslin and Heinrich Wefing
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37326: WERTHEIMER, ESTHER. GIANNATTASIO, SANDRA (TEXT). - Forma E Crescrita Nella Scultura Di Wertheimer. [Form and Growth in the Sculpture of Wertheimer].
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34924: WHITHAM, W.B. - Les Investissements Américains Et Les Origines de L'Industrie Pétrolière Canadienne.
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36836: JOY, WILLIAM & TOM PRIOR. - The Bushrangers.
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33892: WILSON, WILLIAM JEROME. - The Textual Relations of the Thacher Manuscript on Columbus and Early Portuguese Navigations
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37970: ZIPPER, YAACOV. - Araynblikn in Yiddishn Literarishn Shafn: In Guter Dermonung Fun Khaverim Un Tuer / Collected Essays on Yiddish Literature: Rcollections of Friends and Community Workers.
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