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34249: HOLLAND, ANNE MARIE, CURATOR. - Napoleon's Expedition to Egypt: A Bicentenary Exhibition.
32076: HOLLANDER, BERNARD. - The Revival of Phrenology. The Mental Functions of the Brain. An Investigation Into Their Localisation and Their Manifestation in Health and Disease
31177: HOLMES, THOMAS, ET AL. - The Nose: An Experimental Study of Reactions Within the Nose in Human Subjects During Varying Life Experiences,
40707: VIOLANT I HOLZ, ALBERT - L'Enigme de Fermat: Trois Siècles de Dèfi Mathématiques
37281: HOMANT, DENNIS E. - Homant / Homand / Aumand Dit Francoeur Famille Lignée Et Généalogie: Our French Canadian Heritage.
18576: BUJOSA I HOMAR, FRANCESC. - La Academia Medico-Practica de Mallorca (1788-1800). Catalogo de Sus Disertaciones, Censuras Y Documentos.
32190: [HONE, WILLIAM]. HACKWOOD, FREDERICK WM. - William Hone: His Life and Times.
23248: HONIGMANN, JOHN J. - European and Other Tales from the Western Woods Cree.
40281: HONORAT, MICHEL LAMARTINIERE. - Les Danses Folkloriques Haitiennes.
31840: [HOPE, EVA]. - The Life of General Gordon. By the Author of "Our Queen," "New World Heroes," Etc.
38124: HOPKINS, TOM. - Tom Hopkins: New Paintings / Oeuvres Récentes.
37191: HOPPE, JOHANNES MICHAEL; KONRAD SAMUEL SCHURZFLEISCH. - Eclogae Antiquitatum Martyrologicarum, Praeside Conrado Samuele Schurzfleischio. Disputandae à Johanne Michaele Hoppio.
39342: HORNE, JOHN, EDITOR. - Kirkintilloch.
30880: HORROCKS, W.H. - An Introduction to the Bacteriological Examination of Water.
39673: HORVAT, MILJENKO. - Miljenko Horvat: Noir Sur Blanc.
40094: HORVAT, MIJENKO. ALEXIS LEFRANCOIS (TEXT) - A Perte de Vue: Cinquante-Cinq Dessin Accompagnés D'Un Texte D'Alexis Lefrançois.
35292: HOULD, CLAUDETTE. - L'Image de la Révolution Française.
40066: HOUSTON, JOHN, EDITOR. - Pangnirtung 1976 Prints / Estampes.
38743: HOUSTON, JAMES (TEXT). - Cape Dorset: A Decade of Eskimo Prints and Recent Sculptures / Dix Ans D'Estampes Esquimaudes Et Sculptures Récentes.
39018: HOUSTON, ALMA (TEXT). - Eskimo Graphic Art 1966 / Les Arts Graphiques Esquimaux 1966.
31575: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA. MARGARET HOWARD & THOMAS E. BLOM, EDITORS. - Canada Home: Juliana Horatia Ewing's Fredericton Letters, 1867-1869.
32752: HOWSHIP, JOHN. - The Hunterian Oration: Deliverred in the Theatre of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, on the Fourteenth of February, 1833. By John Howship
37241: HOY, CLAIRE. - Canadians in the CIVIL War.
37375: HUALING, GAO. - The Atlas of Layered Anatomy of Acupoints.
39605: HUARD, V.-A. [VICTOR-ALPHONSE]. - Labrador Et Anticosti; Journal de Voyage, Histoire, Topographie, Pêcheurs Canadiens Et Acadiens, Indiens Montagnais.
37876: HUBER, THOMAS. - Bildanschauung: Arrêt Sur L'Image.
37206: [MALEVITCH, CASIMIR]. MARTIN, JEAN HUBERT & POUL PEDERSEN. - Malevich: Oeuvres de Casimir Severinovitch Malévich (1878-1935). Avec Une Appendice: Oeuvres de Nicolaï Mikhaïlovitch Souiétine (1897-1954). [Cover Title: Malévitch: Architectones, Peintres, Dessins].
39976: HUBERT, PAUL. - Les Iles de la Madeleine Et Les Madelinots.
37517: GOULET, DENIS; FRANÇOIS HUDON & OTHMAR KEEL. - Histoire de L'hôpital Notre-Dame de Montréal 1880-1980.
33985: HUDSON, ANNA - A Collector's Vision: J.S. Mclean and Modern Painting in Canada. A.Y. Jackson, David Milne, Paraskeva Clark, Carl Schaefer and Their Contemporaries.
34867: HUEFFER, FORD MADOX [FORD MADOX FORD]. - When Blood Is Their Argument: An Analysis of Prussian Culture.
34106: HUESTIS, AM-CLAIRE. - Landscape with Bombers: Amy-Claire Huestis. Essay / Essai Sara Knelman.
40831: HUGHES, T.R. - Macbean: An Interminable Pseudo-Serious Tragicomedy in Several Acts & Innumerable Scenes ; with Apologies from William Shakespeare Whose Macbeth Was Freely Adapted from It [Inscribed by the Author]
31021: HUGHES, WENDELL L. - Reconstructive Surgery of the Eyelids.
38211: HUGON, ANTOINE. - Traité de Pathologie Générale, Appliqué Principalement à la Médecine Externe.
38418: CHEN, HUIFANG & SHIGUANG QIAN, EDITORS. - Experimental Organ Transplantation.
24165: KAGER, RENE, HARRY VAN DER HULST & WIM ZONNEVELD, EDITORS. - The Prosody Morphology Interface.
36632: HUMBLOT, ROBERT. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 23, 1955: Robert Humblot 1907.
40430: HUME, EDGAR ERSKINE. - Medical Work of the Knights Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem.
30826: HUME, EDGAR ERSKINE. - Victories of Army Medicine: Scientific Accomplishments of the Medical Department of the United Stated Army.
40503: [HUMPHREY, JACK WELDON] - Jack Weldon Humphrey (1901-1967): Early Portraits and Group Paintings & Drawings
37593: HUNDERT, GERSHON DAVID, EDITOR. - Essential Papers on Hasidism: Origins to Present.
36520: HUNDERTWASSER. - Hundertwasser: Peintures Récentes 3-21 Mars 1967.
34803: HUNTER, ANDREW T., CURATOR - Peake's Folly. With an Afterword by Lisa Baldissera.
33048: HUNTER, ALEXANDER. - A Doctor's Life.
25609: HUNTER, MATTHEW. - Musings in Prose and Verse. With Four Illustrations by Dr. Strang and a Foreword by R. Bennett Miller.
31338: [HURD, HENRY MILLS]. CULLEN, THOMAS STEPHEN. - Henry Mills Hurd: The First Superintendent of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
38009: [HURLBUT, SPRING]. ANTAKI, KAREN, CURATOR. - Spring Hurlbut: L'Ascension.
33156: HURST, THERESA. - An Illustrated History of Vernon and District
30470: SOZOMEN. ROBERT HUSSEY, EDITOR. - Sozomeni Ecclesiastica Historia. Edidit Robertus Hussey. Tomus I & Tomus II.
30716: HUTCHINSON, JONATHAN. - On Leprosy and Fish-Eating: A Statement of Facts and Explanations.
39238: HUTCHISON, PAUL P. - Canada's Black Watch: The First Hundred Years 1862-1962.
35848: HUXLEY, ALDOUS. - Essays New and Old.
31624: HUXTABLE, ADA LOUISE. - Architecture Anyone?: Cautionary Tales of the Building Art.
37379: KER, FREDERICK I. & WILFRED H. GOODMAN. - Press Promotion of War Finance.
37085: URQUHART, R.W. IAN & STUART GORDON. - The Nature of Electrical Shock [with] Electrical Burns.
37263: IANELLI, ARCANGELO. - Ianelli: 50 Anos de Pintura / 50 Years of Painting.
38760: MACALPINE, IDA & RICHARD HUNTER. - George III and the Mad-Business.
37864: JUCHEREAU DE ST- IGNACE, MÈRE JEANNE- FRANCOISE & MÈRE MARIE ANDREE DUPLESSIS DE STE HELENE. - Les Annales de L'hôtel-Dieu de Québec 1636-1716. Composées Par Les RéVérendes Mères Jeanne-Françoise Juchereau de St-Ignace Et Marie André Duplessis de... ; Editées Dans Leur Texte Original Avec Une Introduction Et Des Notes Par Dom Alert Jamet.
40755: IGUSA, KIYOSHI - Higher Franz-Reidemeister Torsion
32790: MILNER, CLYDE A. II & FLOYD A. O'NEIL, EDITORS. - Churchmen and the Western Indians 1820-1920
32041: ILES, ELIZABETH A. - Ask the Grey Sisters: Sault Ste. Marie and the General Hospital, 1898-1998.
32243: ILES, GEORGE. - Inventors at Work with Chapters on Discovery.
34292: ILKOSZ, JERZY. - Hala Stulecia I Tereny Wystawowe We Wroclawiu - Dzielo Maksa Berga.
35808: IMRE, JÓZSEF [JOSEPH IMRE, JR.]. - Szemhéjplasztikák és Az Arc Egyéb Lágyrészeinek Képzo Mutétei.
30188: [INGERSOLL, ROBERT G.] STEIN, GORDON. - Robert G. Ingersoll. A Checklist.
37276: BACHMANN, INGRID & RUTH SCHEUING, EDITORS. - Material Matters: The Art and Culture of Contemporary Textiles.
36412: INNIS, H.A., EDITOR. - Essays in Political Economy: In Honour of E.J. Urwick. With an Introduction by H.J. Cody.
38312: ROSSER WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - Rosser Ripples: A History of the Rosser Municipality.
25374: IRBLICH, EVA. - Karl Der Grosse Und Die Wissenschaft: Ausstellung Karolingischer Handschriften Der Osterreichischen Nationalbibliothek Zum Europa-Jahr 1993. Mit Einem Beitrag Von Herwig Wolfram.
33437: [BLAND, JOHN]. MURRAY, IRENA & NORBERT SCHOENAUER. - John Bland at Eighty: A Tribute.
39948: IRIGARAY, LUCE. MARIE-ANDRÉE ROY, EDITOR. - Luce Irigaray: Le Féminin Et la Religion.
35249: IRWIN, ROSS W. - A Guide to the War Medals and Decorations of Canada.
39850: ISIDORE, FRÈRE. - L'élevage Du Cheval.
30354: ISIN, ENGIN F. - Cities without Citizens: Modernity of the City As a Corporation.
36472: ISTRATI, ALEXANDRE. EUGÈNE IONESCO (TEXT). - Alexandre Istrati.
37676: [POMODORO, ARNALDO]. MUSSA, ITALO & JACQUELINE RISSET. - Luoghi Fondamentali: Sculture Di Arnaldo Pomodoro.
39977: IWAMAMI, AKIHIKO. STUART NICHOLSON (TEXT). - Akihiko Iwanami: New Paintings 1999.
37084: NEWLAND, SAMUEL J. & CLAYTON K.S. CHUN. - The European Campaign: Its Origin and Conduct.
40616: TROY, NNCY J. & REVER KRAUS (TEXT) - Gerrit Rietveld: A Centenary Exhibition: Craftsman and Visionary.
40319: LAMBEK, J. & P.J. SCOTT - Introduction to Higher Order Categorical Logic
31295: ELWOOD, WILLIS J. & A. FÉLICITÉ TUXFORD. - Some Manchester Doctors: A Biographical Collection to Mark the 150th Anniversary of the Manchester Medical Society.
31742: HUTH, EDWARD J & T. JOCK MURRAY. - Medicine in Quotations: Views of Health and Disease Through the Ages.
34136: PATRICK, T.A. [THOMAS A.]. HOUSTON, C.J. & C. STUART HOUSTON, EDITORS. - Pioneer of Vision: The Reminiscences of T.A. Patrick, M.D.
32981: [JANES, ROBERT M.]. DELANEY, R.J. ET AL. - Robert M. Janes Memorial Volume.
32105: BAILEY, W.J. & E.R. TOOP. - Canadian Military Post Offices to 1986.
37091: HOROWITZ, LOUIS J. & BOYDEN SPARKES. - The Towers of New York: The Memoirs of a Master Builder.
38436: [MIHKELSOO, ARTHUR]. JARVE, JAAK ET AL. - Arthur Mihkelsoo 1902-1988 Artist.
39202: PURCHLA, JACEK & WOLF TEGETHOFF, EDITORS - Nation, Style, Modernism.
36320: JACKMAN, C.W. - 75 Years of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in Alberta 1883-1958.
33935: JACKSON, REBECA. JEAN MCMAHON HUMEZ, EDITOR. - Gifts of Power: The Writings of Rebecca Jackson, Black Visionary, Shaker Eldress. [Signed by the Author].
40501: [JACKSON, A.Y.]. LISMER, ARTUR (ESSAY) - A.Y. Jackson: Paintings 1902-1953
33986: [JACKSON, A.Y.]. GROVES, NAOMI JACKSON. - One Summer in Quebec: A.Y. Jackson in 1925, a Family View.
30917: PARK, EDWARDS A., HARRIET G. GUILD, DEBORAH JACKSON & MARION BOND. - The Recognition of Scurvy with Especial Reference to the Early X-Ray Changes.
35940: [JACKSON, WILLIAM HENRY]. HARRELL, THOMAS H., EDITOR. - William Henry Jackson: An Annotated Biblography (1862 to 1995).
40669: JACKSON, ROBERT - Mahlon W. Locke: The Foot Doctor
40036: JACOB, SUZANNE. - Plages Du Maine. Accompagné D'Une Illustration de L'Auteure. [Signed by the Author].
37545: JACOB, ROLAND. - Votre Nom Et Son Histoire: Les Noms de Famille Au Québec.
30819: [JACOBI, MARY PUTNAM]. PUTNAM, RUTH, EDITOR. - The Life and Letters of Mary Putnam Jacobi.
32115: JACOBSEN, ROBERT. - Robert Jacobsen: Stenskulptur 1940-1947.
27039: JACOBY, SANFORD M. - Masters to Managers: Historical and Comparative Perspectives on American Employees.
40599: GIRARD, JACQUES & JACQUES HARVEY - La Baie St. Paul Lumber: Histoire D'Une Tentative D'Industrialisation Avortée
30408: VACHE, JACQUES & ANDRÉ BRETON. - Les Lettres de Guerre de Jacques Vaché Suivies D'Une Nouvelle. PréCédées de Quatre Préfaces D'André Breton.
28391: JACQUES, DOMINIQUE. - Voyage Au Pays de Montbéliardes: "Au Champs Les Vaches. "
40630: GASSER, JACQUES & STANLEY B. BURNS - Photographie Et Médecine 1840-1880
16169: JAFFE, PHILIP J. - The Rise and Fall of American Communism.
28993: JAKOB, LUDWIG HEINRICH. - Beweis Für Die Unsterblichkeit Der Seele Aus Dem Begriffe Der Pflicht.
32341: [GROHAR, IVAN; RIHARD JAKOPIC; MATIJA JAMA & MATEJ STERNEN], STELE, FRANCE (ESSAY). - Slovenski Impresionisti: Grohar, Jakopic, Jama, Sternen.
35153: [JAMASIE]. - Jamasie Stonecuts, Stencils, Lithographs.
41015: JAMES, C.L.R. [CYRIL LIONEL JAMES] - Beyond a Boundary [Inscribed by James]
32185: JAMES, WILLIAM. - Le Pragmatisme. Traduit Par L. Brun, Avec Une Introduction Par H. Bergson.
34485: JAMES, N.D.G. - Before the Echoes Die Away: The Story of the Warwickshire Territorial Gunner Regiment 1892-1969.
40515: TURNER, JAMES & IRAJ NOURAIE - The Persian Carpet: Vision of a Whole People [Inscribed by Authors]
33022: JAMIESON, HEBER C. - Early Medicine in Alberta: The First Seventy-Five Years.
40791: HENKET, HUBERT--JAN & HILDE HEYNEN, EDITORS - Back from Utopia: The Challenge of the Modern Movement
36910: FRENKEL, VERA. ALLEN, JAN & EARL MILLER. - Vera Frenkel's String Games.
28706: JANATKOVA, ALENA. - Barockrezeption Zwischen Historismus Und Moderne: Die Architekturdiskussion in Prag 1890-1914
39416: [JAQUE, LOUIS]. BRUNET-WEINMANN, MONIQUE. - Louis Jaque. [Signed by the Artist].
40468: [DUMOUCHEL, ALBERT]. DUMOUCHEL, JAQUES. & YOLANDE RACINE (TEXT) - Albert Dumouchel: Rétrospective de L'Oeuvre Gravé
33566: [JAQUES, LOUIS]. - Louis Jaque: Du 9 Septembre Au 9 Octobre 1977 / September 9 - October 9, 1977.
39187: JAQUET, MARTINE. - Jacques Favarger: Architecte 1889-1967.
30732: JARCHO, SAUL, EDITOR. - Tractatus Simplex de Cortice Peruuiano: A Plain Treatise on the Peruvian Bark ("the Stanitz Manuscript"). A Late Seventeenth or Early Eighteenth Century Anonymous Manuscript Account of the Jesuits' Bark... In Its Original Latin Text with a Translatio
34644: JARRY, MADELEINE. - Bouges Et le Berry.
40832: [JARVIS, STEPHEN]. BOA, ANN JARVIS. - My Eventful Life: Stephen Jarvis, U.E. 1756-1840. [a Signed Copy].
38956: JASNY, A. WOLF. - Yisker-Bukh Fun Der Tshekhanover Yidisher Kehile; Sefer Yizkor le-Kehilat Ciechanow / [Memorial Book for the Community of Ciechanow].
38917: JASPER, HERBERT H. - Current Concepts in Nervous Inhibition.
34153: BLOOM, DAVID; HERBERT JASPER & THEODORE RASMUSSEN. - Surgical Therapy on Patients with Temporal Lobe Seizures and Bilateral Eeg Abnormality.
29032: JAURES, JEAN. - De la Réalité Du Monde Sensible. Préface de Jacques Cheminade.
40712: ARBONES, JAVIER & PABLO MILRUD - L'Harmonie Est Numèrique: Musique Et Mathématiques
34076: [JAVIS, ALAN]. HORRALL, ANDREW. - Bringing Art to Life: A Biography of Alan Jarvis.
37136: ANCEL, JEAN & VICTOR ESKENASY. - Bibliography of the Jews in Romania / Bibliyografyah le-Toldot Ha-Yehudim Be-Romanyah.
37134: ADHEMAR, JEAN & JEAN-PIERRE SEGUIN. - Le Livre Romantique.
35520: HAMELIN, JEAN & YVES ROBY. - Histoire économique Du Québec 1851-1896.
34651: FERAY, JEAN & A.-J. DONZET. - Saint-Denis: Le Trésor de L'Abbaye.
32563: ELLIS, JEAN & ISABEL DINGMAN. - Face Powder and Gunpowder.
30042: [JEFFERYS, C. W.] STACEY, ROBERT. - Charles William Jefferys 1869-1951.
37251: JENCKS, CHRISTOPHER. - Heteropolis: Los Angeles, the Riots and the Strange Beauty of Hetero-Architecture.
31322: [JENER, EDWARD]. SAUNDERS, PAUL. - Edward Jenner: The Cheltenham Years 1795-1823. Being a Chronicle of the Vaccination Campaign. Preface by William le Fanu.
35410: JENKINS, BRIAN. - Henry Goulburn 1784-1856: A Political Biography.
10448: JENNESS, DIAMOND. - Eskimo Administration: I. Alaska.
30800: JERMAN, ED. C. - Modern X-Ray Technic.
38377: [JEROME, JEAN-PAUL]. BOURGET, CHARLES, CURATOR. - Jean-Paul Jérôme: Les Vibrations Modernes / the Modernist Vibrations.
38984: [JEROME, JEAN-PAUL]. MARTEAU, ROBERT (TEXT). - Exposition Des Oeuvres Récentes de Jean-Paul Jérome: Peintures.
32431: BRADLEY, JESSICA & LESLEY JOHNSTONE. - Sightlines: Reading Contemporary Canadian Art.
38831: JIN, BO; MICHEL BATLLE (TEXT). - Jin Bo: Morphogénèse / Morphogenesis.
37556: MCEWEN, JOANNA & ANDREA CURTIS. - The Churches of Oro-Medonte.
38030: BROCHU, JOANNE & BEATRICE SOKOLOFF. - Saint-Laurent Du Village à la Ville.
38407: JOAS, HANS. - Pragmatism and Social Theory.
38500: JODOIN, SOPHIE. ROBERT ENRIGHT (ESSAY). - Sophie Jodoin: War Series.
39973: JODOIN, SOPHIE. - Sophie Jodoin: 4 - 16 Novembre 2000. [Inscribed by the Artist].
40003: JODOIN, SOPHIE. MARIE-CLAUDE LANDRY, CURATOR. - Sophie Jodoin: Petites Chroniques Des Violences Ordinaires / Small Chronicles of Everyday Violence.
34327: JOEDICKE, JURGEN. - Raum Und Form in Der Architektur: Uber Den Behutsamen Umgang Mit Der Vergangenheit / Space and Form in Architecture: A Circumspect Approach to the Past.
34256: LAURENS, CLAUDE. LAGAE, JOHAN & DENISE LAURENS, EDITORS. - Claude Laurens: Architecture: Projets Et Réalisations de 1934 à 1971.
36461: COLLIN, JOHANNE & DENIS BELIVEAU. - Histoire de la Pharmacie Au Québec.
40994: CAGE, JOHN & DAVID CHARLES - Pour Les Oiseaux: Entretiens Avec Daniel Charles [Inscribed by David Charles]
39235: ELLIOT, THE REV. JOHN ET AL. - The Statistical Account of Peebles-Shire. By the Ministers of the Respective Parishes, Under the Superintendence of a Committee of the Society for the Benefit of the Sons and Daughters of the Clergy.
40004: [JOHN, JOCELYN], PAUL, FRANCINE. - [Jocelyn John]: Ordre Et Désordre de la Peinture / Order and Disorder in Painting
38905: PLUTARCH. JOHN & WILLIAM LANGHORNE (TRANSLATORS). - Plutarch's Lives of Illustrious Men. Translated from the Greek, with Notes Critical and Historical, and a Life of Plutarch, by John and William Langhorne. 2 Volumes.
13174: HARE, JOHN & WALLOT, JEAN-PIERRE. - Les Imprimés Dans le Bas-Canada 1801-1810: Bibliographie Analytique 1: 1801-1810.
31458: NEILSON, JOHN & G.R. PATERSON. - Associated Medical Services Incorporated: A History.
34155: HARVEY, JOHN & THEODORE RASMUSSEN. - Occlusion of the Middle Cerebral Artery.
31856: BUXTON, JOHN & PENRY WILLIAMS, EDITORS. - New College Oxford 1379-1979.
39885: MCEWEN, JOHN & GARY MICHAEL DAULT. - John Mcewen: Moving Towards Eden: A Sculpture Installation.
33690: [JOHNS, ETHEL]. MARGARET M. STREET. - Watch-Fires on the Mountains: The Life and Writings of Ethel Johns.
35180: [JOHNSON, JOHN]. THOMAS, EARLE. - Sir John Johnson: Loyalist, Baronet.
34078: ROBART-JOHNSON, SHARON. - Africa's Children: A History of Blacks in Yarmouth Nova Scotia.
31312: JOHNSON, WINGATE M. - The True Physician: The Modern "Doctor of the Old School. "
34432: MEAD JOHNSON & COMPANY. - The Mead Johnson Collection of Pediatric Antiques.
30717: WEBB-JOHNSON, A.E. - Surgical Aspects of Typhoid and Para-Typhoid Fevers: Founded on the Hunterian Lecture for 1917 - Amplified and Revised.
30220: WEBB-JOHNSON, SIR ALFRED. - Surgery in England in the Making. The George Adlington Syme Oration.
33058: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM VICTOR. - Before the Age of Miracles: Memoirs of a Country Doctor.
38427: [JOHNSTONE, JOHN YOUNG]. A.K. PRAKASH (ESSAY). - John Young Johnstone (1887-1930): Exposition Rétrospective Septembre 17 - 1 Octobre, 2005 / John Young Johnstone (1887-1930): Retrospective Exhibition September 17 - October 1, 1990.
38013: [JOLLIFFE, MICHAEL]. PAIKOWSKY, SANDRA, CURATOR. - Michael Jolliffe: Thirteen Paintings / Treize Tableaux.
35196: FEALY, BARBARA; ANN HUGHES; DALE JONES & TERRY TOEDTEMEIER. - Barbara Fealy's Gardens As Seen and Photographed by Ann Hughes, Dale Jones, and Terry Toedtemeier.
36773: JONES, HENRY W. - Henry W. Jones: Masqué / Démasqué / Masked / Unmasked.
40764: BEDE. CHARLES W. JONES, EDITOR - Opera de Temporibus
40958: JONES, ROBER C. - The Central Vermont Railway: A Yankee Tradition. Volume II: "the Busy Years, 1887-1910"
40959: JONES, ROBER C. - The Central Vermont Railway: A Yankee Tradition. Volume IVI: "Flood and Depression, 1927-1940"
37184: JONES, BASIL. - The Tenth Destroyer Flotilla in the English Channel 1944: Extracts from "and So to Battle" by Captain Basil Jones.
39299: JORDAN, ROBERT. - Braunschweigs Schwarze Regimenter: Eine Darstellung Ruhmreicher Begebenheiten Aus Der Gru¨Ndungszeit Der Braunschweigischen Regimenter.
38420: TURELLA, GIANNI; PAOLA JORI & MARIO COSSALI. - Gianni Turella: Fedeltà Al Colore.
37222: BELISLE, JOSÉE ET AL. - La Collection: Tableau Inaugural.
38317: HANAWAY, JOSEPH & RICHARD CRUESS. - Mcgill Medicine. Volume I: The First Half Century 1829-1885.
40964: HANAWAY, JOSEPH & JOHN H. BURGESS, EDITORS - The General: A History of the Montreal General Hospital
31484: [JOSEPH, ALEXANDER CALLOW]. PAT, AL. - Rhymes of an Olde War Horse.
37484: JOUAN, YVES. - Azadi: Poèmes.
35194: ANDERSON, ALBERT A. JR.; WILLIAM L. JOYCE & SANDRA K. STELTS, CURATORS. - Teaching America to Draw: Instructional Manuals and Ephemera 1794-1925.
35544: MITCHAM, SAMUEL W., JR. & GENE MUELLER. - Hitler's Commanders.
32810: JUDAH, AARON. - Ex-King Max for Ever! Written and Illustrated by Aaron Judah.
30066: [HOLDER, FERDINAND]. ALBRECHT, JUERG & PETER FISCHER, EDITORS. - Ferdinand Hodler: Views & Visions.
34999: [JUGAN, JEANNE]. - J.M. J. : Vie Et Oeuvre de la Peitie Soeur Des Pauvres.
35325: JULIUS, ANTHONY. - Tales of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England.
32080: JULLIEN, MARC-ANTOINE. - Essai Sur L'Emploi Du Tems, Ou Méthode Qui a Pour Objet de Bien Régler Sa Vie, Premier Moyen D'être Heureux; Destinée Spécialement à L'Usage Des Jeunes Gens.
33363: [JUNG, DIETER]. GLIBOTA, ANTE, CURATOR. - Dieter Jung: Hologrammes, Peintures, Dessins.
32721: JUNG, C.G. - The Practice of Psychotherapy: Essays on the Psychology of the Transference and Other Subjects.
36665: HENDERSON, JUNIUS & JOHN PEABODY HARRINGTON. - The Ethnozoology of the Tewa Indians.
31803: HANSEN, HANS JURGEN & CLAS BRODER HANSEN. - Ships' Figure Heads: The Decorative Bow Figures of Ships.
35627: JUSSIM, ESTELLE. - The Eternal Moment: Essays on the Photographic Moment.
30636: CHAN, MING K. & ARIF DIRLIK. - Schools Into Fields and Factories: Anarchists, the Goumindang, and the National Labor Party in Shanghai 1927-1932
36996: KAGE, JOSEPH. - Two Hundred Years of Jewish Immigration to Canada
40010: KAHANE, ANNE. JOYCE MILLAR (TEXT). - Anne Kahane: CéLébration.
38712: GARRETT, MAXWELL R.; EMMANUIL G. KAIDANOV & GIL A PEZZA. - Foil, Saber and épée Fencing: Skills, Safety, Operations and Responsibilities.
33127: KAISER, T.E. [THOMAS E.], EDITOR. - History of the Medical Profession of the County of Ontario.
33297: KALCHHEIM, MOSHE, EDITOR. - Mit Shtoltsn Gang 1939-1945: Kapilen Geshikhte Fun Partizaner-Kamf in Di Narotsher Velder / with Proud Bearing 1939-1945: Chapters in the History of Jewish Fighting in the Narotch Forests.
39119: KALMAN, HAROLD D. - History of Canadian Architecture. Two Volumes.
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36899: JACKSON, JOHN N. & JOHN BURTNIAK. - Railways in the Niagara Peninsula: Their Development, Progress and Community Significance,

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