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32774: CLARK, JAMES. - The Influence of Climate in the Prevention and Cure of Chronic Diseases, More Particularly of the Chest and Digestive Organs: Comprising an Account of the Principal Places Resorted to by Invalids in England and the South of Europe, &C.
36677: CLARKE, NEVILLE. LINDA JANSMA, CURATOR. - Neville Clarke: Threshold.
38847: BARILE, ELISABETTA; PAULA C. CLARKE & GIORGIA NORDIO. - Cittadini Veneziani Del Quattrocento: I Due Giovanni Marcanova, IL Mercante E L'Umanista.
33735: CLARKE, ELIOT. - History of the National Academy of Design 1825-1953.
32062: CLARKE, C. K. [CHARLES KIRK]. - A History of the Toronto General Hospital Including an Account of the Medal of the Loyal and Patriotic Society of 1812.
32060: CLARKE, C.K. [CHARLES KIRK]. - The Pharmacopoeia of the Toronto General Hospital Including Prescriptions for Use in the Various Departments - an Epitome of Surgical and Obstetrical Technique and Tables of Foods, Doses and Poisons.
32694: CLARKE, NELSON. - Berlin: Peace or War?
36903: CLARKE, BRADLEY H. - Trackless Trolleys of the Fitchburg & Leominister Street Railway Company.
34647: CHARPENTIER, CLAUDE & CLAUDE JOSSE. - Senlis: Ville Ouverte.
37088: HETU, JEAN-CLAUDE & YVES THERIAULT. - Tricentenaire de Lavaltrie 1672-1972 [Cover Title]. Histoire de Lavaltrie En Bref Par Me Jean C. Hétu [with] Les Amours de Guillemette Par M. Yves Thériault.
41152: HAEFFELY, CLAUDE & ANNE KAHANE - La Vie Reculée: Poëmes de Claude Haeffely, Gravures de Anne Kahane
31737: CLEMENT, F.W. [FREDERICK WALTER]. - Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Anesthesia: Mckesson-Clement Viewpoint and Technique.
31301: [CLENDENING, LOGAN]. MAJOR, RALPH H. - Disease and Destiny: Logan Clendening.
36615: CLEVELAND, WILLIAM. - Art and Upheaval: Artists on the World's Frontlines.
38786: CLICHE, MYRIAM. - Les Peintures de forêt. [Inscribed and Signed by the Author].
30424: CLOWES, WILLIAM. - Profitable and Necessarie Booke of Observations. With Introductions General and Medical by de Witt T. Starnes and Chauncey D. Leake.
31474: CLOWES, WILLIAM. POYNTER, F.N.L., EDITOR. - Selected Writings of William Clowes 1544-1604.
32483: COMENIUS-CLUB. - Konzeptionen in Der Sowjetischen Architektur 1917-1988.
40920: J.L. CASE THRESHING MACHINE CO - Sixty Fifth Annual Catalog of the J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co
31971: COAKLEY, DAVIS. - The Irish School of Medicine: Outstanding Practitioners of the 19th Century.
31470: [COCHRANE, JOHN]. SAFFRON, MORRIS H. - Surgeon to Washington: Dr. John Cochran (1730-1807).
33349: EMERY-CODERRE, J. [JOSEPH]. - Examen Médico-Légal Des Procès D'Anaïs Toussaint, de Joseph Bérubé Et de Césarée Thériault, Et Précis de Procédures à Suivre Dans Les Cas D'Empoisonnements Par L'Arsenic Et le Phosphore.
35420: [COGHILL, GEORGE ELLETT]. HERRICK, C. JUDSON. - George Ellett Coghill: Naturalist and Philosopher.
40854: COHEN, AMNON - Palestine in the 18th Century: Patterns of Government and Administration.
37312: COHEN, RITA. ALAIN HOULE (TEXT). - Rita Cohen: Oeuvres Récentes / Recent Works.
37586: DAVIS, STUART. MYERS, JANE; SYLVAN COLE & DIANE KELDER. - Stuart Davis: Graphic Work and Related Paintings with a Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints.
39527: COLE, DOUGLAS. - Captured Heritage: The Scramble for Northwest Coast Artifacts.
35002: COLE, G.D.H. - The Gold Standard.
35003: COLE, G.D.H. - Banks and Credit.
38252: COLEMAN, TERRY. - Passage to America.
38363: COLLARD, ELIZABETH. - Nineteenth-Century Pottery and Porcelain in Canada.
38906: COLLARD, ELIZABETH. - The Potter's View of Canada: Canadian Scenes on Nineteenth-Century Earthenware. [Signed by the Author].
34460: COLLARD, EDGAR ANDREW. - The Irish Way: The History of the Irish Protestant Benevolent Society.
11409: ROYER-COLLARD. - De la Liberté de la Presse: Discours.
40634: COLLIE, MICHAEL - Henry Maudsley: Victorian Psychiatrist: A Bibliographical Study
37825: COLLVER, CLINTON. - The Choice of Stocks.
30307: COLNAT, ALBERT. - Les épidemies Et L'Histoire.
37679: COLOMBET, HILAIRE. - L'Art En Soie: Oeuvres de Agam, Alechinsky, Delvaux, Dewasne, Hartung, Hundertwasser, Matta,
38273: COLVIN, HOWARD (INTRODUCTION). - An Exhibition of 18th and 19th Century British and Continental Architectural Drawings.
32490: NORTH, ROGER. HOWARD COLVIN & JOHN NEWMAN, EDITORS. - Of Building: Roger North's Writings on Architecture.
30994: BLECH, GUSTAVUS M., HECTOR ALFRED COLWELL & BRIAN WELLINGTON WINDEYER. - Clinical Electrosurgery. With Chapters by Hector A. Colwell and Brian W. Windeyer.
39290: COMAND, PATRIZIA. MARIO DE MICHELI (TEXT). - Patriza Comand, [Inscribed by the Artist].
32462: OLMO, CARLO; MICHELA COMBA & MARCELLA BERAUDO DI PRALORMO. - Le Metafore E IL Cantiere: Lingotto 1982-2003.
32264: COMFORT, CHARLES FRASER. - Artist at War.
35588: COMMEND, SUSANNE. - Les Instituts Nazareth Et Louis-Braille, 1861-2001: Une Histoire de Coeur Et de Vision.
30849: MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL WAR WOUNDS COMMITTEE AND COMMITTEE OF LONDON SECTOR PATHOLOGISTS. - Notes on Gas Gangrene: Prevention, Diagnosis: Treatment. With an Account of the Technique of Wound-Excision and a Scheme for the Bacteriological Investigation of War Wounds.
40925: ADVANCE-RUMELY THRESHING COMPANY - Advance-Rumely Power Farming Machinery.
40919: INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY - The Mccormick-Deering Gas Engine Handbook: A Brief, Illustrated Treatise on the Principles of Operation of the Internal Combustion Engine, Together with a Description of the Mccormick-Deering Engine and Instructions for Its Care and Repair
40922: J.L. CASE THRESHING MACHINE COMPANY - Case Power Farming Machinery 1922
40921: J.L. CASE COMPANY - Case Farm Tractors and Grand Detour Plows: Better Farming with Better Tractors.
40923: INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY - Ihc Titan Oil Tractors: To Operate on Kerosene, Distillate, Solar Oil, Naphtha or Gasoline : 20 and 25-H.P. Single Cylinder, 45-H.P. Twin Cylinder
36760: GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY. - The Electrification of the West Shore Railroad.
31720: COMRIE, JOHN D. - History of Scottish Medicine to 1860.
41190: COMTOIS, LOUIS. JEAN-EMILE VERDIER - Louis Comtois: La Lumière Et la Couleur. Sous la Direction de Jean-émile Verdier
35132: CONDRON, BRIAN. - Slowly I Turned.
33637: [CONE, WILLIAM VERNON]. ELVIDGE, ARHUR. - Obituary: William Vernon Cone 1897-1959.
36726: CONFUCIUS - Choix de Pensées.
37490: CONNELL, GOLDIE A., EDITOR. - Augusta: Royal Township Number Seven.
36572: CONNOR, RALPH. - Black Rock: A Tale of the Selkirks.
33489: O'CONNOR, MADELINE. - Memory Tuns the Dial
27660: [CONSTANT, BENJAMIN]. RUDLER, GUSTAVE. - Bibliographie Critique Des Oeuvres de Benjamin Constant. Avec Documents inédits Et Fac-Simile.
30158: [CONSTANT, BENJAMIN]. RUDLER, GUSTAVE. - La Jeunesse de Benjamin Constant 1767-1794: Le Disciple Du Xviiie Siècle. Utilitarisme Et Pessimisme. Mme de Charrière. D’Après de Nombreux Documents inédits.
36652: [CONSTANTINOVSKY, JOSEPH]. CONSTANT. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 54, 1957: Constant 1892.
35642: COOK, D.J. - Hands Up; or, Twenty Years of Detective Life in the Mountains and on the Plains: Reminiscences by General .J. Cook, Superintendent of the Rocky Mountain Detective Association. A Condensed Criminal History of the Far West.
30497: COOMBE, GEORGE. - The Constitution of Man Considered in Relation to External Objects.
38150: COOPER, JOHN M. - Pursuits of Wisdom: Six Ways of Life in Ancient Philosophy from Socrates to Plotinus.
39654: COOPER, AFUA. - The Hanging of Angélique: The Untold Story of Canadian Slavery and the Burning of Old Montreal.
31077: COOPER, MARCIA. - Pica: A Survey of the Historical Literature As Well As Reports from the Fields of Veterinary Medicine and Anthropology, the Present Study of Pica in Young Children, a Discussion of Its Pediatric and Psychological Implications.
38693: COOPER, SAMUEL. - A Dictionary of Practical Surgery: Comprehending All the Most Interesting Improvements Up to the Present Period: Also an Account of the Instruments, Remedies, and Applications Employed in Surgery; the Etymology and Signification of the Principal Ter
36390: COPE, ZACHARY. - The Royal College of Surgeons of England: A History.
30308: COPEMAN, W.S.C. - A Short History of Gout and the Rheumatic Diseases.
36814: COPP, TERRY. - The Brigade: The Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade 1939 to 1945.
38658: COPP, TERRY. - The Brigade: The Fifth Canadian Infantry Brigade, 1939-1945.
38643: COPP, TERRY - Fields of Fire: The Canadians in Normandy. The 1998 Joanne Goodman Lectures.
37482: CORBEIL, MARIE-CLAIRE. - Inlandsis.
39306: CORBETT, PERCY E. - Law in Diplomacy. [Wilder Penfield's Copy].
34266: LE CORBUSIER. - Le Corbusier.
37039: CORDESSE, H. - La Libération En Lozère, 1944-1945: Les Problèmes Politiques Sont Les Problèmes de Tout le Monde. Les Problèmes de Tout le Monde Sont Des Problèmes Politiques.
31564: LIETARD, GUSTAVE, PALMYR CORDIER & ARION ROSU. - Travaux Sur L'Histoire de la Médecine Indienne: Un Demi-Siècle de Recherches Ayurvédiques. Documents Réunis Et Présentés Par Arion Rosu.
40304: CORILLON, PATRICK - Les RéVélations D'Oskar Serti ( Budapest 1881 - Amsterdam 1959 )
35931: CORMACK, IAN L. - Seventy-Five Years on Wheels: The History of Public Transport in Barrow-in-Furness 1885-1960.
31385: CORNELL, WALTER STEWART. - Health and Medical Inspection of School Children.
31947: CORNER, GEORGE W. - Two Centuries of Medicine; a History of the School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.
38204: WESTERN RAILROAD CORPORATION. - Western Rail-Road Corporation. Seven Works in One.
38805: CORSTORPHINE, JAMES K. - East of Thornton Junction: A Short History of the Railway Line from Thornton to Leuchars Which Ran Around the East Neuk of Fife.
32053: COSBIE, W.G. - The Toronto General Hospital 1819-1965: A Chronicle.
40250: [COSGROVE, STANLEY]. GAGNON, FRANÇOIS-MARC. - Stanley Cosgrove.
38929: [COSGROVE, STANLEY]. BAZIN, JULES. - Cosgrove.
36054: DA COSTA, JOHN CHALMERS. - Selections from the Papers and Speeches of John Chalmers Da Costa.
37604: [SUZOR-COTE, MARC-AURÈLE DE FOY]. LACROIX, LAURIER. - Suzor-Coté: Lumière Et Matière.
40975: COTE, ANDRÉ - Joseph-Michel Cadet 1719-1781: Négociante Et Munitionnaire Du Roi En Nouvelle-France
32929: COTRET, E.A. RENÉ DE. - Suites de Couches Normales Et Pathologiques.
34430: COTRET, E.A. RENÉ DE [ELPHÈGE ADALBERT RENÉ]. - L'Obstétrique Des Gardes-Malades.
32719: COTTERELL, J.H. - The Paths of Life.
36224: COTTON, PETER NEIVE. - Vice Regal Mansions of British Columbia.
41350: SNOW, MICHAEL; GRAHAM COUGHTRY ET AL. - The Artists' Jazz Band à Montréal Du 15 Novembre 1974 Au 5 Janvier 1975
34680: AMERICAN CRAFTS COUNCIL. - The Art of Personal Adornment.
36732: ELGIN COUNTY COUNCIL. - Proceedings: Elgin County Council During the Sessions Held in the Court House, St. Thomas in the Months of January, June and November, 1880.
37010: COUPE, SHEENA. - Concord: A Centenary History.
41154: COURTEAU, BERNARD - De Saint-Jean-de-Dieu à Louis-H. -Lafontaine: Evolution Historique de L'hôpital Psychiatrique de Montréal
39655: COURTEMANCHE, ANDRÉE. - La Richesse Des Femmes: Patrimoines Et Gestion à Manosque Au Xive Siècle.
38070: COURTEMANCHE, GIL. - Trente Artistes Dans Un Train.
35011: COURTEMANCHE, GIL. - A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali.
41340: COURVILLE, SERGE - Entre Ville Et Campagne: L'Essor Du Village Dans Les Seigneuries Du Bas-Canada
40227: COUTURIER, STEPHANE. ANNE BIROLEAU, CURATOR. - Stéphane Couturier: Mutations.
40228: COUTURIER, STEPHANE. ANNE BIROLEAU, CURATOR. - Architectengemeenschap Van Den Broek En Bakema: Architektur-Urbanismus: Architecture-Urbanism: Architecture-Urbanisme.
35758: [COUTY, JEAN]. DEROUDILLE, RENÉ. - Jean Couty: Les Chantiers de Ce Temps.
36991: COWAN, JOHN. W.T. RITCHIE. ARTHUR J. BALLANTYNE. - Diseases of the Heart. With Chapters on the Electrocardiograph by W.T. Ritchie and the Ocular Manifestations in Arterio-Sclerosis by Arthur J. Ballantyne.
39161: [COX, PALMER]. BOURKE, SHEILA. - The Brownie World of Palmer Cox.
31288: COX, ALFRED. - Among the Doctors.
32953: COX, GEORGE H., EDITOR. - Consumption: Its Cause, Prevention, and Cure. Issued by the Tri-County Anti-Tuberculosis League of Antigonish, Guysborough, and Pictou, Nova Scotia. 1911.
33515: COYNER, DAVID H. DAVID J. WEBER, EDITOR. - The Lost Trappers. Edited with an Intoduction by David J. Weber.
36028: COZIC, YVON. - Cozic / Surfacentres. Musée D'Art Contemporain, Montréal Du 27 Octobre Au 27 Novembre 1977.
36247: CANADIAN GUILD OF CRAFTS. - Canadian Guild of Crafts: The Permanent Collection: Inuit Arts and Crafts C. 1900-1980.
34631: CRAIG, GORDON. - The Politics of the Prussian Army 1640-1945.
31359: CRAIK, ROBERT. - Papers and Addresses.
37398: RUGG BROWN, PHYLLIS; GEORGIA RONAN CRAMPTON & FRED C ROBINSON. - Modes of Interpretation in Old English Literature: Essays in Honour of Stanley B. Greenfield.
39346: CRAVEN, WAYNE. - Colonial American Portraiture: The Economic, Religious, Social, Cultural, Philosophical, Scientific, and Aesthetic Foundations.
38016: [CRAVEN, DAVID]. PAIKOWSKY, SANDRA, CURATOR. - David Craven: Recent Work / Oeuvres Récentes.
35268: CRAWFORD, MRS. JOHN. - Songs of All Seasons, Climes and Times, a Motley Jingle of Jumbled Rhymes.
28737: [STEIGER-CRAWFORD, FLORA]. BRUNNER, MIRJAM, EDITOR. - Flora Steiger-Crawford 1899-1991.
30764: CRILE, GEORGE. - Diseases Peculiar to Civilized Man: Clinical Management and Surgical Treatment.
38208: CRIPPS, HARRISON. - Ovariotomy and Abominal Surgery.
39511: CROCKER, LESTER G. - Two Diderot Studies: Ethics and Esthetics.
36015: CROFTS, J. - Packhorse, Waggon and Post: Land Carriage Under the Tudors and Stuarts.
35367: CROIL, JAMES. - Dundas or a Sketch of Canadian History. With a New Introduction by G. Tulchinsky.
22993: CROIL, JAMES. - Genesis of Churches in the United States of America, in Newfoundland and the Dominion of Canada.
35056: CROMBIE, A.C. - Augustine to Galileo: The History of Science A.D. 400-1650.
35889: CROWDY, MICHAEL. - Lyle Shipping Co. Ltd 1827-1966: The Firm and the Fleet.
36198: CRUICKSHANK, J. NORMAN. - Bright's Disease: A Clinical Handbook for Practictioners and Senior Students.
40661: CRUM, JOSIE MOORE - The D & R G in the San Juan
34361: CULBERT, T. PATRICK. - The Ceramic History of the Central Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico.
40546: [CULLEN, MAURICE]. ANTONIOU, SYLVIA. - Maurice Cullen 1866-1934.
30806: CUMINGS, JOHN N. - Heavy Metals and the Brain.
40046: CUMMING, MICHAEL. - Radar Reflections: The Secret Life of Air Force Radar Mechanics in World War Two.
38019: [MUHLSTOCK, LOUIS]. PAIKOWSKY, SANDRA, CURATOR & MONIQUE NADEAU-SAUMIER (ESSAY). - Louis Muhlstock: New Themes and Variations 1980-1985.
35225: [CURNOE, GREG]. REID, DENNIS. - Greg Curnoe: Canada.
40800: CURRY, PATRICK - Prophecy and Power: Astrology in Early Modern England
36808: CURTIS, PENELOPE. - Patio and Pavilion: The Place of Sculpture in Modern Architecture.
33217: CURTIS, PENELOPE, CURATOR. - New Realities: Art in Western Europe 1945-1968.
39725: COPPER, CYNTHIA & PIA CAMILLA COPPER. - Frontières de Soie. Texte de Pia Camilla Copper. Photos de Cynthia Copper. [Inscribed by the Author].
37962: SIMARD, CYRIL & MICHEL NOEL. - Artisanat Québecois: 3. Indiens Et Esquimaux.
37973: PERREAULT, STÉPHANE-D. & SYLVIE PELLETIER. - L'Institut Raymond-Dewar Et Ses Institutions D’Origine: 160 Ans D’Histoire Avec Les Personnes Sourdes.
35708: [BANKS, R.D. ET AL]. - From White-Caps to Contrails: A History of a Modern Air Formation.
31605: SINGHAL, G.D. & T.J.S. PATTERSON. - Synopsis of Ayurveda: Based on a Translation of the Susruta Samhita (the Treatise of Susruta).
37852: WITTKOWER, E.D. & R.H. PRINCE. - Transcultural Psychiatry: An Overview.
39492: DABROWSKI, EUGENIUSZ. - Proces Chrystusa W Swietle Historyczno-Krytycznym.
35770: DAGAN, ESTHER. - Tradition En Transition: La Mère Et L'Enfant Dans la Sculpture Africaine - Hier Et Aujourd'Hui / Tradition in Transition: Mother and Child in African Sculpture - Past and Present.
37012: DAIBER, IVAN. - Ivan Daiber: Gilles & Nipples.
33010: DALE, LINDA, CURATOR. - Wonderful Cures: A History of Health Practices in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1800-1949.
39312: [DALLAIRE, JEAN]. SIOUI, ANNE MARIE. - Jean Dallaire.
32401: [DALLAIRE, JEAN]. - Jean Dallaire: Rétrospective. Musée D'Art Contemporain, Montréal Du 19 Mars Au 21 Avril 1968 / Musée Du Québec, Québec Du 26 Avril Au 2 Juin 1968.
40985: DAMON, DWIGHT - Hypnotic Recollections: The History and Development of Hypnotism As a Seperate and Distinct Profession in the 20th Century
39301: DANCOCKS, DANIEL G. - The D-Day Dodgers: The Canadians in Italy, 1943-1945.
34637: VOLDMAN, DANIÈLE & JEAN-MICHEL MOREAU.. - Les Bagnes de Guyane.
33592: DANKOWICZ, HENRYK. - Nieprzezroczysta Klepsydra.
35359: [DANTIN, LOUIS]. MERCIER, MARCEL. - Bibliographie de Louis Dantin.
33060: [DARBY, GEORGE ELIAS]. MCKERVILL, HUGH W. - Darby of Bella Bella Wo-Ya-la: In 1944 Chief Moody Humchitt Bestowed His Name on the White Doctor, and Decreed That Henceforth George Darby Would Be Known As Chief Wo-Ya-la, "the Highest".
39633: DARRIULAT, JACQUES. - Métaphores Du Regard: Essai Sur la Formation Des Images En Europe Depuis Giotto.
32745: [DARROW, CLARENCE]. HUNSBERGER, WILLARD D. - Clarence Darrow: A Bibliography.
33221: DAUBENY, CHARLES. - An Appendix to the "Guide to the Church: " in Which the Principles Advanced in That Work Are More Fully Maintained; in Answer to Objections Brought Against Them by Sir Richard Hill... In His Letters... Under the Title of "an Apology for Brotherly Love.
36645: DAUCHOT, GABRIEL. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 41 1956: Gabriel Dauchot 1926
39188: DAUCOURT, PILIPPE. - Jeanne Bueche: Architecte.
40257: BLACKWOOD, DAVID & JOHN DE VISSER. - David Blackwood.
38412: LEWIS, J. DAVID & RICHARD L. SMITH. - American Sociology and Pragmatism: Mead, Chicago Sociology, and Symbolic Interaction
31495: SOLWAY, DAVID & MARION WAGSCHAL. - The Lover's Progress: Poems After William Hogarth.
34666: COOK, NOBLE DAVID & W. GEORGE LOVELL, EDITORS. - "Secret Judgments of God": Old World Disease in Colonial Spanish America. .
30945: KEILIN, DAVID & JOAN KEILIN. - The History of Cell Respiration and Cytochrome.
30590: SCHERF, DAVID & LINN J. BOYD. - Cardiovascular Diseases.
32838: SCHERF, DAVID & LINN J. BOYD. - Cardiovascular Diseases.
38545: ONDRIZEK, GERALDINE; JANE CHIN DAVIDSON & ALPESH KANTILAL PATEL. - Inner Space, Global Matter: Recording from the Structures Within. Geraldine Ondrizek: Works from 2009 Through 2012.
24126: DAVIDSON, J. MORRISON. - Concerning Four Precursors of Henry George and the Single Tax As Also the Land Gospel According to Winstanley "the Digger. "
31548: DAVIDSON, MAURICE. - Memoirs of a Golden Age.
31955: DAVIDSON, MAURICE. - The Royal Society of Medicine: The Realization of an Ideal (1805-1955).
30315: DAVIDSON, MAURICE. - Medicine in Oxford: A Historical Romance.
33661: DAVIDSON, JOEL R. - The Unsinkable Fleet: The Politics of U.S. Navy Expansion in World War II.
31092: DAVIDSON, W.H., EDITOR. - 1878 - Laus Deo - 1928: The Church of St. John the Evangelist Montreal. A Historical Review in Commemoration of the Jubilee of the Parish Church.
39739: [DAVIES, ROBERT?]. - Les Recettes à la Marijuana.
30971: DAVIS, LOYAL. - The Fellowship of Surgeons: A History of the American College of Surgeons.
31023: DAVNE, ALBERT. - Cosmetic Surgery.
41151: DAWSON, NORA - La Vie Traditionnelle à Saint-Pierre (Ile D'Orléans)
38367: DAWSON, BUCK. - Stand Up and Hook Up: A Wwii Novel. [Inscribed by the Author[.
25555: [DAY, CATHERINE MATILDA]. PHELPS, MARION L. - Biography Mrs. Catherine Matilda (Townsend) Day 1815-1899: Early Historian of the Eastern Townships Author of Pioneers of the Eastern Townships 1863; History of the Eastern Townships 1869.
36624: DAYEZ, GEORGES. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 13, 1955: Georges Dayez 1907.
39580: MAUROY HUBERT DE. - Les Assyro-Chaldéens Dans L'Iran D'Aujourd'Hui.
38782: SENA, ENRIQUE DE & JAIME PENA. - Salamanca En Las Fotografías de Venancio Gombau.
39640: CHAMPLAIN LUCIEN DE. - Bribes Et Aperçu... Apostolat Religieux Au Québec.
37757: PRATT, MARY; PATRICIA DEADMAN & ROBIN LAURENCE. - Simple Bliss: The Paintings and Prints of Mary Pratt.
34268: [DEBEAU, PIERRE]. GRUET, STÉPHANE. - Pierre Debeaux Architecte (1925-2001): L'Artiste Et le Géomètre / the Artist and the Geometer.
40926: JOHN DEERE & COMPANY - Power Farming with Greater Profit
36342: DEFONTAINES, PIERRE. - L'Homme Et Sa Maison.
39073: DEFOREST, LYNDA. - Proud Heritage: A History of the Royal Victoria Hospital Training School for Nurses, 1894-1972. [Signed by the Author].
30736: DELAPORTE, FRANCOIS. - Disease and Civilization: The Cholera in Paris, 1832.
38609: DEMERS, LOUIS-PHIPPE. - Sherbrooke: Découvertes, Légendes, Documents, Nos Rues Et Leurs Symboles.
33002: DEMERS, J.-ULYSSE. - Etude Sur la Préparation Et la Stérilisation de Solutés Injectables, Employés En Thérapeutique Et Particulièrement Des Solutés de Gluconate Ferreux.
36680: DEMERS, DENIS. - Denis Demers 1948-1987: Du 25 Mai Au 1er Juillet 1989 / May 25-July 1, 1989.
41228: GRAVEL, DENIS & HÉLÈNE LAFORTUNE. - Le Sud-Ouest-Verdun: Une Histoire de Santé de 1867 à 2014 [Inscribed]
39760: SAINT-DENIS, JANOU. - Poème à L'Anti-Gang Et L'Escouade Vlimeuse. [Inscribed by the Author].
37917: GOULET, DENIS & JEAN-PHILIPPE LEVEILLE. - Histoire de la Néphrologie Au Québec: Plus de 40 Ans de Développement Professionnel Et Scientifique.
36524: NOEL, DENISE & FLORIAN KOSSAK. - Hambourg.
39333: DENISON, CHARLES. - The Causative Relation of Nasal Obstruction to Lung Disease.
39505: [DEPARCIEUX, ANTOINE]. DURAND, ERNEST, - Antoine Deparcieux (1703-1768): Notice Biographique: I. Sa Vie. II. Ses Travaux. III. Sa Famille.
38625: DERAGON, J.V., EDITOR. - Canadian Mining Jorunal: Centenary Flashback to the Year of the Birth of Canada 1867.
32345: [DERAIN, ANDRÉ] - André Derain Sculpture: Oct. 19 - Nov. 9, 1974.
37541: [DEROME, WILFRID]. COTE, JACQUES. - Wilfrid Derome, Expert En Homicides: Récit Biographique.
30153: DEROME, ROBERT. - Les Orfèvres de Nouvelle-France: Inventaire Descriptif Des Sources.
40930: [DEROUIN, RENÉ]. AINSLIE, PATRICIA - Frontiers, Frontières, Fronteras: René Derouin
36181: REGIMBALD-ZIEBER, MONIQUE; LOUISE DERY & MARIO COTE. - L'Image Manquante. 3 Volumes.
35533: DESAIVE, J-P., ET AL. - Médecins, Climat, Et épidémies à la Fin Du Xviiie Siècle.
40398: DESILETS, ALPHONSE - Histoire de Mère Saint-RaphaëL, Ursuline de Québec , Fondatrice Et Première Supérieure de L'Ecole Ménagère Agricole Des Ursulines de Roberval, Initiatrice de L'Enseignement Ménager Au Canada. [Inscribed by the Author]
34827: [DESLAURIERS, GENEVIÈVE]. ROBERT, GUY. - L'Oeuvre de Genevève Deslauriers.
34837: [DESNOYER, FRANCOIS]. BOURET, J. - Desnoyer: Dessins 1944.
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38272: HARRIS, JOHN (ESSAY). - Flights of Fantasy: An Exhibition of Architectural Capriccios, Imaginary Projects and Stage Designs.
33261: [HARRIS, ROBERT]. WILLIAMSON, MONCRIEFF. - Island Painter: The Life of Robert Harris (1849-1949).
33262: [HARRIS, ROBERT]. WILLIAMSON, MONCRIEFF. - Robert Harris 1849-1919: An Unconventional Biography.
30236: [HARRIS, ROBERT]. WILLIAMSON, MONTCRIEFF, DIRECTOR. - Robert Harris 1849-1919.
32400: HARRIS, RICHARD COLEBROOK. - The Seigneurial System in Early Canada: A Geographical Study.
36364: HARRIS, W.R. - History of the Early Missions in Western Canada.
30168: HARRIS, ERROL. - Hypothesis and Perception: The Roots of Scientific Method.
40766: HARRIS, LAREN S. JEREMY ADAMSON, (TEXT) - Lawren S. Harris: Urban Scenes and Wilderness Landscapes 1906-1930
37142: HART, E.J. - The Selling of Canada: The Cpr and the Beginnings of Canadian Tourism.
34835: [BASCH, GABRIELE, CLAUDIA HART & THOMAS HAUSER]. - Pop MIX / Volume One: Gabriele Basch, Claudia Hart, Thomas Hauser.
38504: HARTLEY, MARSDEN. PATRICIA MCDONNELL. - Marsden Hartley, American Modern.
34274: HARTOONIAN, GEVORK. - Ontology of Construction: On Nihilism of Technology in Theories of Modern Architecture.
33132: HARTWIG, EDWARD. - Edward Hartwig: Tematy Fotograficzne.
38451: SHIOMI, HARUHITO & KAZUO WADA, EDITORS. - Fordism Transformed: The Development of Production Methods in the Automobile Industry.
35689: HARVEY, FERNAND. - Le Mouvement Ouvrier Au Québec.
34984: HARVEY, WILLIAM. ROBERT ELLIS, EDITOR. - The Works of William Harvey, M.D. , Physician to the King, Professor of Anatomy and Surgery to the College of Physicians. Translated from the Latin with a Life of the Author by Robert Willis.
24900: HARVEY, FERNAND. - Revolution Industrielle Et Travailleurs: Une Enquêtessur Les Rapports Entre le Capital Et le Travail Au Québec à la Fin Du 19e Siècle.
36133: HASKELL, DANIEL C. - A Tentative Check-List of Early European Railway Literature, 1831-1848.
37894: HATCH, ROBERT MCCONNELL. - Thrust for Canada the American Attempt on Quebec in 1775-1776.
32295: HAWES, BARBARA. - Tales of the North American Indians, and Adventures of the Early Settlers in America.
31149: HAYDEN, JAMES H. - A Manual of Venereal Diseases.
40008: HAYES, DEREK. - Historical Atlas of Toronto.
32289: HAYMAKER, WEBB. - Guide to the Exhibit on the History of Neuropathology. Presented at the Annual Meetings of the American Psychiatric Association Washington D.C. May 17-20 and the American Neurological Association Atlantic City, N.J. June 14-17.
37451: HAZAN, OLGA. - Le Mythe Du Progrès Artistique.
41086: HAZAREESINGH, SUDHIR - The Saint-Napoleon: Celebrations of Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century France
35994: [HEATH, NEVILL]. CRITCHLEY, MACDONALD, EDITOR. - The Trial of Neville George Clevely Heath.
27369: HEATHERBILL, GEORGE. - Fruit Growing on Vancouver Island.
40851: HEBB, DONALD OLDING - Essay on Mind
38849: HEBEL, JOHANN PETER. - Sieben Erzählungen Aus Johann Peter Hebels Schatzkästlein Des Rheinländisches Hausfreundes
37797: HEBERT, ANNE. - Les Songes En équilibre: Poèmes.
37832: HEBERT, PIERRE-MAURICE. - Le Curé Hébert: Un Siècle D'Histoire 1810-1888. Tome 1.
37360: HEBERT, BRUNO. - Philippe Hébert, Sculpteur.
36154: HEBERT, JEAN-CLAUDE, EDITOR. - The Siege of Quebec in 1759: Three Eye-Witness Accounts.
34702: [HECKEL, ERICH]. FELIX, ZDENEK, EDITOR. - Erich Heckel 1883-1970: Gemälde, Aquarelle, Zeichnungen Und Graphik.
31582: HECKER, J.F.C. [JUSTUS FRIEDRICH CARL]. - The Dancing Mania of the Middle Ages.
34180: HERFORDER VEREIN FÜR HEIMATKUNDE & WOFGANG OTTO. - Freie Und Hansestadt Herford Band 15: Am Beginn Einer Neuen Zeit: Herford Zur Jahrhundertwende - Um 1800 Zur Revolutionszeit - Um 1848.
35764: [HEINE, ROSCOE JAMES]. SCOTT, RUTH. - The Unknown New Brunswicker.
29002: HEINRICHS, JOHANNES. - System Der Logik Und Geschichte Der Logischen Lehren.
30950: GRUNZE, HEINZ & ARTHUR I. SPRIGGS. - History of Clinical Cytology: A Selection of Documents.
37721: HEITZMANN, CHRISTIAN. - "Ganze Bücher Von Geschichten": Bibeln Aus Niedersachsen.
37738: HELDEN, ALBERT VAN. - Measuring the Universe: Cosmic Dimensions from Aristarchus to Halley.
39787: ESCOBEDO, HELEN & RENÉ DEROUIN. LOUISE DERY (TEXT). - Escobedo, Derouin: La Dérive Des Contrastes.
30779: HELFAND, WILLIAM H. - Medicine & Pharmacy in American Political Prints (1765-1870).
38014: [HELLER, SUSANNA]. PAIKOWSKY, SANDRA, CURATOR. - Susanna Heller: Tableaux Récents Et Oeuvres Sur Papier / Recent Paintings and Works on Paper.
31222: [VON HELMHOLTZ, HERMANN]. MCKENDRICK, JOHN GRAY. - Herman Ludwig Ferdinand Von Helmholtz.
31427: HELMHOLTZ, HERMANN VON. - On Thought in Medicine (Das Denken in Der Medizin): An Address Delivered August 2, 1877, on the Anniversary of the Foundation of the Institute for the Education of Army Surgeons.
35872: HELVETIUS, C.A. DAVID SMITH, ET AL., EDITORS. - Correspondance Générale D'Helvétius. Volume II: 1757-1760 / Lettres 250-464.
32528: [HEMAN, PETER]. - Peter Heman 1919-2001: Architektur Photographie. Eine Ausstellung IM Architekturmuseum Basel Vom 13. September Bis 30. November 2003.
39310: [HENDERSHOT, RAE]. FOX, ROSS, CURATOR. - Rae Hendershot 1921-1988.
11914: [HENDERSON, ARTHUR]. HAMILTON, MARY AGNES. - Arthur Henderson: A Biography.
36812: HENDRIE, ANDREW. - Canadian Squadrons in Coastal Command.
37033: DE MONTFORT, HENRY & MARTIN MORRIS. - The de Montfort Family from C. 1700 to 2010.
37753: HENRY, PIERRE. - Les Impatients de Montréal: Artistes Excentriques.
41261: HENRY, ALEXANDER. BARRY M. GOUGH, EDITOR - The Journal of Alexander Henry, the Younger 1799-1814. Two Volumes. Volume 1: Red River and the Journey to the Missouri. Volume 2: The Saskatchewan and Columbia Rivers
30633: KUHN, HENRY & OLIVE JOHNSON; ARNOLD PETERSEN. - The Socialist Labor Party During Four Decades 1890-1930.
40225: JASPER, HERBERT & THEODORE RASMUSSEN. - Studies of Clinical and Electrical Responses to Deep Temporal Stimulation in Man with Some Considerations of Functional Anatomy.
34610: SENIOR, HEREWARD ET AL. - The Loyalists of Quebec 1774-1825.
33170: LAROCHE-HERON, C. DE. [I.E. HENRI POITIER DE COURCY]. - Les Servantes de Dieu En Canada. Essai Sur L'Histoire Des Communautés Religieuses de Femmes de la Province. Edition Revue, Corrigée, Augmentée Et Spécialement Préparées Pour le Canada.
36873: HEROYS, B. - Lenin's Fighting Force: Why Soviet Russia Is Bound to Collapse.
30794: HERRELL, WLLACE E. - Penicillin and Other Antibiotic Agents.
32677: HERRIMAN, DOROTHY CHOATE. - Mater Silva. Decorations by the Author.
40465: RING, DAN, TREVOR HERRIOT & ROBERT STACEY - Qu'Appelle: Tales of Two Valleys
31738: HERSCHEL, GEORG. - Textbook of Local Anaesthesia for Students and Practitioners.
39497: HERTZ, ALEXANDER. - The Jews in Polish Culture. With a Foreword by Czeslaw Milosz.
30704: HERTZLER, ARTHUR E. - The Peritoneum. 2 Volumes. Volume I: Structure and Function in Relation to the Principles of Abdominal Surgery. Volume II: Diseases and Their Treatment.
21174: [BAUHAUS]. HERZOGENRATH, WULF, EDITOR. - Bauhausfotografie / la Photographie Du Bauhaus.
37893: HESLER, WILLIAM. - Muleskinner: The European War of a Niagara Artilleryman.
38694: HESS, ALFRED F. - Scurvy Past and Present. [Inscribed by the Author].
30510: HESS, WALTER RUDOLF. - Das Zwischenhirn. Syndrome, Lokalisationen, Funktionen.
38812: [HESSE, HERMANN]. HSIA, ADRIAN, EDITOR. - Hermann Hesse IM Spiegel Der Zeitgenössischen Kritik.
33094: WRENSHALL, G.A.; G. HETENYI & W.R. FEASBY. - The Story of Insulin: Forty Years of Success Against Diabetes.
38148: HEUCK, FARIDA, ET AL (CURATORS). - Gefährliche Kreuzungen: Die Grammatik Der Toleranz / Dangerous Crossings: The Grammar of Tolerance.
37603: [HEWARD, JOHN]. CAMPBELL, JAMES D. - Fonds Et Figures: L'Oeuvre de Ross Heward Avec Une Esquisse de la Vie Et de L'Oeuvre de Sa Tante, Prudence Heward / Figures and Grounds: The Work of Ross Heward with a Brief Sketch of the Life and Work of His Aunt Prudence Heward
38254: HEWETT, PHILLIP. - Racovia: An Early Liberal Religious Community.
38716: HICKS, LYDIA. - Triple over Dye. Tod: Jar Method with 100 Formulas for Hookers
33769: HICKS, FRANKLYN H., EDITOR. - Miscellany 2: Further Papers on Books and Book Collecting.
30776: HIGBY, GREGORY J. - One Hundred Yeas of the National Formulary: A Symposium.
38160: HILL, WILLIAM HENRY, ARTHUR F. HILL & ALFRED EDSWORTH HILL. - The Violin-Makers of the Guarneri Family (1626-1762): Their Life and Work.
36837: HILL, ISABEL LOUISE. - Some Loyalists and Others.
32994: HILLIARD, MARION. - Women and Fatigue: A Woman Doctor's Answer.
35875: HILTON, GEORGE W. - The Night Boat.
30316: HIMES, NORMAN E. - Medical History of Contraception.
31927: [HINGSTON, WILLIAM]. HUSTAK, ALAN. - Sir William Hingston: Montreal Mayor, Surgeon and Banker.
31928: [HINGSTON, WILLIAM]. HUSTAK, ALAN. - Sir William Hingston: Montreal Mayor, Surgeon and Banker.
32922: HINGSTON, WILLIAM H. - The Climate of Canada and Its Relation to Life and Health.
36179: HODGINS, J. GEORGE, EDITOR. - Aims and Objects of the Toronto Humane Society: In Five Parts: I. What the Society Will Seek to Prevent. II. Care of the Waifs and Strays... III. Lessons in Kindness to Animals and Birds. IV. The Humane Education of Children. V. Miscellaneous Object
34125: [HODGKINS, FRANCE]. TREVELYAN, JILL, CURATOR. - Frances Hodgkins.
24205: HOERNLE, REINHOLD FRIEDRICH ALFRED. - Studies in Philosophy. Edited with a Memoir by Daniel S. Robinson.
40084: HOFFIELD, JEFFREY (TEXT). - Three Generations of American Painting: Motherwell, Diebenkorn, Edlich.
31302: HOFFMAN, CHARLES A. "CARL - God, Man and Medicine.
32542: [HOFFMANN, PHILIPP]. - Philipp Hoffmann 1806-1889: Ein Nassauischer Baumeister.
30930: HOFFMANN, FRIEDRICH. - Fundamenta Medicinae. Translated and Introduced by Lester S. King.
32122: HOFFMANN, PETER. - Claus Schenk Graf Von Stauffenberg Und Seine Brüder.
34836: [HOFMANN, HANS]. ROSE, BARBARA(ESSAY). - Hans Hofmann: Drawings 1930-1944.
36605: BEER-HOFMANN, RICHARD. - Gedenkrede Auf Wolfgang Amade Mozart.
25791: HOLBERG, LUDVIG. - Theatre de Holberg: Vingt-Deux Comédies Traduites Du Danois Par Judith Et Gilles Gerard-Arlberg. 2 Volumes.
34249: HOLLAND, ANNE MARIE, CURATOR. - Napoleon's Expedition to Egypt: A Bicentenary Exhibition.
32076: HOLLANDER, BERNARD. - The Revival of Phrenology. The Mental Functions of the Brain. An Investigation Into Their Localisation and Their Manifestation in Health and Disease
31177: HOLMES, THOMAS, ET AL. - The Nose: An Experimental Study of Reactions Within the Nose in Human Subjects During Varying Life Experiences,
41247: HOLZER, JENNY. SÖKE DINKA, EDITOR - Jenny Holzer: Die Macht Des Wortes / I Can't Tell You
37281: HOMANT, DENNIS E. - Homant / Homand / Aumand Dit Francoeur Famille Lignée Et Généalogie: Our French Canadian Heritage.
18576: BUJOSA I HOMAR, FRANCESC. - La Academia Medico-Practica de Mallorca (1788-1800). Catalogo de Sus Disertaciones, Censuras Y Documentos.
32190: [HONE, WILLIAM]. HACKWOOD, FREDERICK WM. - William Hone: His Life and Times.
23248: HONIGMANN, JOHN J. - European and Other Tales from the Western Woods Cree.
40281: HONORAT, MICHEL LAMARTINIERE. - Les Danses Folkloriques Haitiennes.
31840: [HOPE, EVA]. - The Life of General Gordon. By the Author of "Our Queen," "New World Heroes," Etc.
38124: HOPKINS, TOM. - Tom Hopkins: New Paintings / Oeuvres Récentes.
37191: HOPPE, JOHANNES MICHAEL; KONRAD SAMUEL SCHURZFLEISCH. - Eclogae Antiquitatum Martyrologicarum, Praeside Conrado Samuele Schurzfleischio. Disputandae à Johanne Michaele Hoppio.
39673: HORVAT, MILJENKO. - Miljenko Horvat: Noir Sur Blanc.
40094: HORVAT, MIJENKO. ALEXIS LEFRANCOIS (TEXT) - A Perte de Vue: Cinquante-Cinq Dessin Accompagnés D'Un Texte D'Alexis Lefrançois.
35292: HOULD, CLAUDETTE. - L'Image de la Révolution Française.
40066: HOUSTON, JOHN, EDITOR. - Pangnirtung 1976 Prints / Estampes.
38743: HOUSTON, JAMES (TEXT). - Cape Dorset: A Decade of Eskimo Prints and Recent Sculptures / Dix Ans D'Estampes Esquimaudes Et Sculptures Récentes.
31575: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA. MARGARET HOWARD & THOMAS E. BLOM, EDITORS. - Canada Home: Juliana Horatia Ewing's Fredericton Letters, 1867-1869.
32752: HOWSHIP, JOHN. - The Hunterian Oration: Deliverred in the Theatre of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, on the Fourteenth of February, 1833. By John Howship
37241: HOY, CLAIRE. - Canadians in the CIVIL War.
37375: HUALING, GAO. - The Atlas of Layered Anatomy of Acupoints.
39605: HUARD, V.-A. [VICTOR-ALPHONSE]. - Labrador Et Anticosti; Journal de Voyage, Histoire, Topographie, Pêcheurs Canadiens Et Acadiens, Indiens Montagnais.
37876: HUBER, THOMAS. - Bildanschauung: Arrêt Sur L'Image.
39976: HUBERT, PAUL. - Les Iles de la Madeleine Et Les Madelinots.
37517: GOULET, DENIS; FRANÇOIS HUDON & OTHMAR KEEL. - Histoire de L'hôpital Notre-Dame de Montréal 1880-1980.
33985: HUDSON, ANNA - A Collector's Vision: J.S. Mclean and Modern Painting in Canada. A.Y. Jackson, David Milne, Paraskeva Clark, Carl Schaefer and Their Contemporaries.
34867: HUEFFER, FORD MADOX [FORD MADOX FORD]. - When Blood Is Their Argument: An Analysis of Prussian Culture.
34106: HUESTIS, AM-CLAIRE. - Landscape with Bombers: Amy-Claire Huestis. Essay / Essai Sara Knelman.
40831: HUGHES, T.R. - Macbean: An Interminable Pseudo-Serious Tragicomedy in Several Acts & Innumerable Scenes ; with Apologies from William Shakespeare Whose Macbeth Was Freely Adapted from It [Inscribed by the Author]
31021: HUGHES, WENDELL L. - Reconstructive Surgery of the Eyelids.
38211: HUGON, ANTOINE. - Traité de Pathologie Générale, Appliqué Principalement à la Médecine Externe.
38418: CHEN, HUIFANG & SHIGUANG QIAN, EDITORS. - Experimental Organ Transplantation.

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