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9676: TAYLOR, E.P. - Wheat Planting and the Seed Supply
333: TAYLOR, NORMAN - The Permanent Garden
3470: TAYLOR, NORMAN; DEWOLF, GORDON P., JR. (EDITOR) - Taylor's Guide to Roses (Taylor's Guides to Gardening)
9270: TAYLOR, O.M. - Raspberries and Blackberries
931: TAYLOR, GEORGE M. - Roses
2591: TAYLOR, GEORGE M. - The Book of the Rose
6050: TAYLOR, JANE - Climbers and Wall Plants for Year Round Colour
8351: TAYLOR, O. M. - Strawberries
8407: TAYLOR, O. M. - Variety Tests of Strawberries and Cultural Directions
9744: AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SUGAR BEET TECHNOLOGISTS - Journal of Thw American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists Vol 12 No 6 July 1963
3463: TENENBAUM, FRANCES - Gardening with Wild Flowers
9681: TENEYCK, A. M. - Field Management of Alfalfa
9504: SILBER, TERRY AND MARK - Growing Herbs and Vegetables from Seed to Harvest
3642: TEUSCHER, HENRY - Window-Box Gardening
8660: THISTLEWAITE, EDWARD T. - Chrysanthemums
9066: THOMAS, H. H. - Rose Growing for Amateurs
1034: THOMAS, H. H. - Rose Growing for Amateurs
568: THOMAS, H.H. - Herbaceous Border Flowers
1902: THOMAS, H. H. - Hardy Border Flowers
171: THOMAS, H. H. - Rock Gardening for Amateurs
249: THOMAS, A.S. - Better Roses
6746: THOMAS, H. H. - An Easy Guide to Gardening
6084: THOMAS, GRAHAM STUART - Ornamental Shrubs, Climbers and Bamboos
10105: THOMAS, GRAHAM STUART - The Art of Gardening with Roses
2778: THOMPSON, DOROTHEA SCHNIBBEN - Creative Decorations with Dried Flowers
3462: THOMPSON, MOLLIE - Cut Flowers
3194: THOMPSON, PETER - Creative Propagation : A Grower's Guide
1903: THOMSON, DAVID - Handy Book of the Flower-Garden
6842: THORNBER, W.S. - The Pruning of Apples
6843: THORNBER, W.S. - The Planting of the Apple Orchard
8673: THORNBER, W.S. - Raspberries, Blackberries and Loganberries in Washington
7254: THORNBER, W.S. - Cherries in Washington
3195: THORPE, PATRICIA - The American Weekend Garden
3637: THROWER, PERCY - How to Grow Vegetables and Fruit
6162: TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY - Augustan Studies
6120: TILLOTSON, GEOFFREY - The Continuity of English Poetry from Dryden to Wordsworth
4653: TIMM, HERB - Collected Poems
5357: TOLIVER, HAROLD E. - Pastoral Forms and Attitudes
9762: TOLMAN, BION - Sugar-Beet Seed Production in Southern Utah with Special Reference to Factors Affecting Yield and Reproductive Development
9760: TOLMAN, BION - Sugar-Beet Culture in the Intermountain Area with Curly Top Resistant Varieties
6450: SHEEHAN, TOM AND MARION - Orchid Genera Illustrated
7055: RUSSELL, TONY AND CATHERINE CUTLER - Trees an Illustrated Identifier and Encyclopedia
6711: TORRES, ANGEL LUIS - En El Bosque Seco de Guanica
7148: TOWER, W.V. - Insects Injurious to Citrus Fruits and Methods for Combating Them
7054: TRATTINNICK, LEOPOLD - Rosacearum Monographia - Monograph of the Rose Family
10212: TRAUB, HAMILTON P. - Plant Life. 1950. Volume 6. Hybrid Amaryllis Edition.
10213: TRAUB, HAMILTON P. - Plant Life. 1951. Volume 6. Latin American Amaryllid Exploration Edition.
7239: TRAUB, HAMILTON P.; HAROLD MOLDENKE - Herbertia. Second Narcissus Edition. 1953
7238: TRAUB, HAMILTON P. - Herbertia. Narcissus Edition. 1946. Vol 13 - Amaryllids
10211: TRAUB, HAMILTON P. - Plant Life. Volume2 Verbenaceae Edition. 1946.
10167: TREACY, WILLIAM - Rabbi Levines Challenge Father Treacys: Examine Your Jewish Roots
7161: TREMAINE, GUY EVERTON - My Silver Loom Poems
2538: VAN TRESS, ROBERT - House Plants
6345: VIOLET SOCIETY OF AMERICA; ADELE TRETTER - Master Variety List. No. 3 1976. Master Variety List 1966-1976. Registered Varieties 1948-1976
6422: TREVETT, M.F. - The Integrated Management of Lowbush Blueberry Fields. A Review and Forecast
8167: TREVETT, M.F. - Nutrition and Growth of the Lowbush Blueberry
8174: TREVETT, M.F. - Controlling Lambkill in Lowbush Blueberries
7956: TREVETT, M.F. - A Progress Report on Pruning Lowbush Blueberries with Paraquat, Dinito Herbicides and Mowing
6150: TREWIN, J.C. - The Theatre Since 1900
6844: TROOP, J. - Apple Growing in Indiana
8743: TROOP, J. - The Small Fruits. Information Concerning Their Culture
7259: TUCKER, P. J. - Pruning Ornamentals
9869: TURNER, CORDELIA HARRIS - Guitar Method Book 1: Beginners with Cd
9398: TURRILL, W. B. - British Plant Life
5777: TYERS, THOMAS - A Biographical Sketch of Dr. Samuel Johnson (1785)
3125: TYLER, HAMILTON - Gourmet Gardening
4299: LUDWIG UHLAND - Gesammelte Werke
9287: UNDERWOOD, F. O. - Asparagus Culture
815: UNDERWOOD, RAYE MILLER - The Complete Book of Dried Arrangements
2501: UNKNOWN - Gegenwärtiger Werth Verschiedener Münzen in Preussischen Courent
3504: USDA - Growing Cauliflower and Broccoli
7035: USDA - Virus Diseases and Noninfectious Disorders of Stone Fruits in North America
8698: USDA - Growing Peaches East of the Rocky Mountains
10204: USDA - Historic Books and Manuscripts Concerning General Agriculture in the Collection of the National Agricultural Library
4087: USDA - Roses for the Home
7742: USDA - Growing Raspberries
9789: USDA - Cantaloup Insects in the Southwest. How to Control Them
9891: USDA - Farmers' Cyclopedia. Vol 2. Diseases of Horses, Swine Ad Poultry. Their Prevention and Cure.
9802: USDA - The Clover Leaf Weevil
1706: USDA (DARROW) - Strawberry Culture: Eastern United States
10203: USDA - Historic Books and Manuscripts Concerning Horticulture and Forestry in the Collection of the National Agricultural Library
8362: USDA - Strawberry Culture: Eastern United States
8406: USDA - Strawberry Diseases
9892: USDA - Farmers' Cyclopedia. Vol 3 Disases of Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Cat, Dogs. Their Prevention and Cure
5365: USDA - Implements and Methods of Tillage to Control Soil Blowing on the Northern Great Plains
5404: USDA - Erosion Control in the Northeast
5457: USDA - Controlling Diseases of Raspberries and Blackberries
9757: USDA - Boll, Fiber, and Spinning Properties of Cotton As Affected Bt Management Practices
9721: USDA - Preventing Damage to Buildings by Subterranean Termites and Their Control
8501: USDA - Strawberry Diseases
8516: USDA - Sudangrass and Sorghum-Sudangrass Hybrids for Forage
8635: USDA - Trefoil Production for Pasture and Hay
8719: USDA - Report on the Adaptation of Russian and Other Fruit to the Exteme Northern Portions of the United States
7566: USDA - Growing Peaches East of the Rocky Mountains
8641: PIPER, C.V. AND H.T. NIELSEN - Soy Beans
7211: VERDOORN, FR. (EDITOR) CHRONICA BOTANICA - Chronica Botanica Volumes 1 2 and 3
9011: VERGINE, GARY;JEFFERSON-BROWN, MICHAEL - Tough Plants for Tough Places
8815: VERNE, JULIUS - Claudius Bombarnac. Notizbuch Eines Reporters.
4292: VERNE, JULIUS - Die Blockadebrecher. Eine Schwimmende Stadt
4293: VERNE, JULIUS - Fünf Wochen IM Ballon
3105: VERNE, JULIUS - Reise Um Die Erde in 80 Tagen
3823: DE VERTEUIL, ANNE; BURTON, VAL - Planning Your Garden
3094: VERWORN, MAX - Die Entwicklung Des Menschlichen Geistes
6293: VIARDOT, ERIC - Successful Marketing Strategy for High-Tech Firms
9653: PETRUCCI, VICENT AND CARTER CLARY - A Treatise on Raisin Production, Processing and Marketing.
7309: NATIONAL ROSE SOCIETY OF VICTORIA - The Australian Rose Annual for 1929
3079: VILLAUME - Praktisches Handbuch Für Lehrer in Bürger- Und Land-Schulen
9147: DE VILLIERS, G.D.B. - Ultra-Violet Radiation As a Cause of Injury to Peach Twigs and Its Measurement by Means of a Cadmium Photo-Electric Cell
8360: VINCENT, C.C. - Strawberry Culture in Idaho
8715: VINCENT, C.C. - Commercial Onion Culture in Idaho
6349: VISIAK, E. H. - The Portent of Milton. Some Aspects of the Genius
9000: VOIGT, MILTON - Swift and the Twentieth Century
9545: DEAN, R. W. AND P. J. CHAPMAN - Biology and Control of the Apple Redbug
8808: E.W. - Holzschnitte Aus Frühdrucken (1470-1530) Der Sammlung E
8663: BIRKHEAD, JAMES W. AND ALBERT DAVIS - Canadian Tobacco Production and Trade
6269: HULBERT, H.W. AND J.H. CHRIST - Growing Sunflowers for Silage in Idaho
9774: INGRAM, J. W. AND E. K. BYNUM; USDA - The Sugarcane Borer
9748: HAMILTON, R. W. AND B. E. G. PRICHARD - The Cotton Contest - 1935. For Better Yield and Staple Value
10343: BLAIR, A.W. AND R. N. WILSON - Pineapple Culture VI the Effect of Fertilizers Upon the Quality of the Fruit
1513: CUMMINGS, RODERICK, W. AND ROBERT E. LEE - Contemporary Perennials
5227: LUKE, GEORGE W. AND FREDERICK A. PERKINS - New Jersey Blueberries. A Look at the Industry. Rutgers Farm Economist
9190: BLACKMAN, M. W. AND W. O. ELLIS - Some Insect Enemies of Shade Trees and Ornamental Shrubs
3260: HERBERT, FRED W. AND OSWALD K. HOGLUND - An Improved Method of Making Plant Containers
751: WADLEIGH ET.AL. - Factors Affecting the Yield of Kraut Cabbage in Ohio As Determined by a Survey and Cooperative Field Tests.
5787: WAGSTAFFE, WILLIAM - Parodies of Ballad Criticism (1711 -1787)
4075: WAKEFIELD, GEOFFREY R. - Rhododendrons for Every Garden
5598: WALDO, GEORGE F. - Commercial Strawberry Growing in the Pacific Coast States
8744: WALDRON, C. B. - Some Points on Fruit Culture.
8672: WALKER, J.C. - Onion Diseases and Their Control
8110: WALKER, ERNEST - Peach Growing in Arkansas
5933: WALLERSTIN, RUTH C. - Richard Crashaw: A Study in Style and Poetic Development
5354: STARKIE, WALTER AND A. NORMAN JEFFARES - Homage to Yeats 1865-1965
7555: WALTON, W. R. - The Armyworm and Its Control
9613: WARBURTON, C.W. - Sixty-Day and Kherson Oats
6374: WARNER, REX - John Milton
6593: WARNER, OLIVER - English Literature: A Portrait Gallery
9159: WARREN, G. F. - Suggestions on the Renewal of the Peach Industry in New Jersey
6936: WARREN, GEOPRGE M. - Farmstead Water Supply
10345: WASHBURN, L. C. - Notes on Experiments with the Pineapple
3218: WATTS, RALPH L. - Growing Vegetables
4050: WAUGH, FRANK A. - Report of the Horticulturist
7474: WAYMAN, ROBERT - Spring 1939
4978: WEBB, DANIEL - Miscellanies. An Inquiry Into the Beauties of Painting; and Into the Merits of the Most Celebrated Painters, Ancient and Modern; Remarks on the Beauties of Poetry; Observations between the Correspondence between Poetry and Music; Plus 3 More Parts
4945: WEBBE, SAMUEL - Harmony Epitomised Being a Short Explanation of Figured Basses Together with the Most Necessary Rules for Accompaniment
8637: WEBBER, HERBERT J - The Production of New and Improved Varieties F Timothy
8614: WEBER, FRIEDRICH BENEDICT - Systematisches Handbuch Der Neuesten Deutschen ôkonomischen Literatur; Aus Den Jahren 1831-40 Incl. Nebst Angabe Des Ladenpreises, Und Bezeichnung Des Werthes Der Bücher
3503: WEBSTER, S. KROUT - Common Diseases of Celery
2978: WEBSTER, A.D. - British Orchids
2315: CANADIAN ROSE SOCIETY; A. J. WEBSTER - Year Book of the Canadian Rose Society. 1958
2313: CANADIAN ROSE SOCIETY; A. J. WEBSTER - Year Book of the Canadian Rose Society. 1956
7732: QUISENBERRY, WEBSTER AND KIESSELBACH - Varieties of Oats for Nebraska
4265: WEEGMANN, C. VON - Die Japanische Geschichte Ein ûberblick
2840: WEIL, GUSTAV (ED) - Tausend Und Eine Nacht
7677: WEINTRAUB, FRANCES - Grasses Introduced Into the United States
4564: WEISSTEIN, ULRICH - Comparative Literature and Literary Theory
5030: WEITZ, MORRIS - Hamlet and the Philosophy of Literary Criticism
6676: WELLESZ, EGON - Essays on Opera
8733: WELLINGTON, J. W. - Culture of the Potato
120: WELLINGTON - Pollination of Fruit Trees
8726: WELLINGTON, J. W. - Culture of Field Beans
752: WELLINGTON - Culture of Cabbage
10382: WELLS, W. - The Culture of the Chrysanthemum for Exhibition, Decoration, Cut Flower, and Market
6004: WESSELHÖFT, JOHANNES - Der Rosenfreund Vollständige Anleitung Zur Kultur Der Rosen
6105: WEST, ROBERT H. - Milton and the Angels
2451: WESTCOTT, CYNTHIA - Anyone Can Grow Roses. The Plant Doctor's Rose Book
6263: WESTWOOD, DEGMAN &GRIM - Effects of Long-Term Fertilizer Management Practices on Growth and Yield of Pears Grown in a Clay Adobe Soil
515: WETMORE, ALEXANDER - Observations on the Birds of Northern Venezuela
1137: WETTER, MARDEE DE - The Sandwriter
5744: WHALLEY, P. - An Essay on the Manner of Writing History (1746)
8947: WHEELER, WILLIAM MORTON - Social Life Among the Insects. Being a Series of Lectures Delivered at the Lowell Institute in Boston in March 1922
2718: WHEELWRIGHT, EDITH G. - Greenhouse Culture for Amateurs
1997: WHITE, EDWARD A. - The Chrysanthemum and Its Culture
1600: WHITEHEAD, STANLEY B. - Basic Gardening
5144: WHITING, GEORGE WESLEY - Milton and This Pendant World
6846: WHITTEN, J.C. - Apple Growing in Missouri
3672: WICKSON, EDWARD J. - The California Vegetables in Garden and Field
4647: WILBUR, RICHARD - Walking to Sleep. New Poems and Translations
4649: WILBUR, RICHARD - Walking to Sleep. New Poems and Translations
7360: WILBY, SORREL - Journey Across Tibet. A Young Woman’S 1900-Mile Trek Across the Rooftop of the World
8274: DEMAREE AND WILCOX - Fungi Pathogenic to Blueberries in the Eastern United States
4750: WILDING, MICHAEL - Milton's Paradise Lost
10393: WILKEN - Robert Louis
4405: WILKINS, MALCOLM B. - Advanced Plant Physiology
9966: WILKINSON, ALBERT E. - Planting the Home Vegetable Garden
4997: WILKINSON, ROBERT E. (EDITOR) - Plant-Environment Interactions
10338: WILKINSON, ALBERT E. - Summer Care of the Home Vegetable Garden
9185: WILKINSON, R. E.;JAQUES, H.E. - How to Know the Weeds
753: WILKINSON - Growing Early Cabbage
8161: BISHOP, WILLARD AND RICHARD SAUNDERS - Expanding the Market for Maine Blueberries Part 1 an Analysis of the Consumer Market
5411: WILLARD, C.J. - An Experimental Study of Sweet Clover
4671: WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN - Jonathan Swift
4673: WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN - Swift. The Critical Heritage
6462: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND - Drama. From Ibsen to Eliot
3596: WILLIAMS, IOLO A. - Seven Xviiith Century Bibliographies
3866: WILLIS, STEPHEN J. - Weed Control in Farm & Garden
9926: WILSON, E. H. - Aristocrats of the Garden
10185: WILSON, DAVID M. - The Forgotten Collector: Augustus Wollaston Franks of the British Museum (Walter Neurath Memorial Lectures)
6398: GREY-WILSON, CHRISTOPHER - Manual of Alpine and Rock Garden Plants
2263: WILSON, HELEN VAN PELT (EDITOR) - 1001 African Violet Questions Answered by 12 Experts.
48: WILSON, HELEN VAN PELT - Color for Your Winter Yard & Garden with Flowers, Berries, Birds, and Trees
9280: WILSON, A. L. - Onion Growing in Utah
2769: WILSON, C.P.H. - Bush Peaches
2580: WILSON, HELEN VAN PELT - The African Violet
2753: WILSON, HELEN VAN PELT - The Complete Book of African Violets
9780: WILSON, J. W. - The Two-Spotted Mite ( Tetranychus Telarius L. ) on Asparagus Plumosis
7995: GREY-WILSON, CHRISTOPHER - Dionysias. The Genus in the Wild and in Cultivation
955: WILSON, JOHN; JAMES F. W. JOHNSTON - Our Farm Crops - Catechism of Agricultural Chemistry and Geology
9072: WINTERROWD, WAYNE (EDITOR) - Roses: A Celebration
4114: WITTROCK, GUSTAVE L. - The Pruning Book
10312: WOJCIECHOWSKI, KATHY - The Wonderful World of Nippon Porcelain, 1891-1921
40158: WOLD, JO ANNE - This Old House the Story of Clara Rust
5484: WOLF, LEONARD - Hamadryad Hunted
7665: WOLSTEIN, JOHANN FRIEDRICH - Vollständiger Unterricht in Der Schafzucht, Dem Nutzen Dieser Thiere, Ihrer Wartung, Erziehung Und Behandlung in Krankheiten
447: WOOD, ALLEN H. - Grow Them Indoors. Window Ledge and House Gardening
922: WOOD, W. P. - A Fuchsia Survey
40142: WOODS, HELEN GEE - Songs to Idaho Centennial Edition 1962
9135: WOODWORTH, C.W. - California Peach-Tree Borer
7150: WOODWORTH, C.W. - Orange and Lemon Rot
6199: WOOLSEY, C. - Strawberry Culture
5619: WORSLEY, A. - The Genus Polianthes
2437: WORSLEY, A. - The Genus Amaryllis
4085: WRIGHT, VEVA PENICK - So You Want to Grow Roses
3483: WRIGHT, SALLY - Gardening a New World for Children
1916: WRIGHT, WALTER P. - Pictorial Practical Gardening
5988: WRIGHT, T.P. - Aircraft Production and National Defense
4722: WURHMWUHD, LUCIAN - The Day the Epa Went Down a Novel of Evil, Redemption, and Exploding Chili
1606: WYMAN, DONALD - Shrubs and Vines for American Gardens
1607: WYMAN, DONALD - Trees for American Gardens
2583: WYNNE, B. (EDITOR) - The Tuberous Begonia, Its History and Cultivation
5118: YATES, PETER - The Expanding Mirror and Other Poems
40009: YATES, ELIZABETH CRAWFORD - Wind Carvings
40015: YATES, ELIZABETH CRAWFORD - Memory Wears Gold Shoes
40016: YATES, ELIZABETH CRAWFORD - Memory Wears Gold Shoes
3835: YEO, PETER F. - Hardy Geraniums
6617: WALTERS, BRADLEY, BRICKNELL, CULLEN, GREEN, LEWIS, MATHEWS, WEBB, YEO AND ALEXANDER - The European Garden Flora. A Manual for the Identification of Plants Cultivated in Europe, Both out-of-Doors and Under Glass Part 2
341: YEPSEN, ROGER B. JR. - Organic Plant Protection
4975: YOUNG, WALTER - An Essay on Rythmical Measures
8586: HARTZELL, F. Z. AND L. F. STRICKLAND - Plant Lice Injurious to Apple Orchards. The Delayed Dormant Spray for the Control of Rosy and Green Apple Aphids
10013: ZANE, THOMAS L. - Intermediate Bonsai
2334: NATIONAL ROSE SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND - The Australian and New Zealand Rose Annual for 1949
30145: ZELMAN, WILLIAM N; MICHAEL MCCUE; MILLIKAN - Financial Management of Health Care Organizations. An Introduction to Fundamental Tools, Concepts and Applications
9258: ZIELINSKA, HELENA - Historia Zwiazku Polek W Ameryce Tom III 1898-1979 Sprawy Organizacyjne
4297: ZSCHOKKES, HEINRICH - Ausgewählte Novellen

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