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9540: KOLBE, MELVIN H. - Commercial Apple Production in North Carolina
8500: KOLBE, MELVIN H.; J. C. WELLS; GEORGE D. JONES - Commercial Strawberry Production
3086: KOLPAKTCHY, GREGOIRE - Ägyptisches Totenbuch
10841: KOZLOFF, EUGENE N - Seashore Life of the Northern Pacific Coast
1845: KRAFT, KEN - Garden to Order
5366: KRAKAUER, JON - Into This Air A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Diseaster
1464: KRAMER, JACK - Plant Language
10558: KRAMER, JACK - Orchids. Flowers of Romance and Mystery
7810: KRISA, BOHDAN - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Flowering Plants
8355: KRONENBERG, H.G. - La production de la fraise en Hollande
10301: KRUCKEBERG, ARTHUR R. - Gardening with Native Plants of the Pacific Northwest
10264: KRUESSMANN, GERD - Pocket Guide to Choosing Woody Ornamentals
4436: KRÜSSMANN, GERD - Rhododendrons
3592: KUYPERS, FRANZ - Spanien Wie Ich's Erlebte
6157: LAGUARDIA, ERIC - Nature Redeemed. The Imitation of Order in Three Renaissance Poems
9569: LAMANCE, LORA S. - House Plants. A Book of Practical Information Regarding the Culture of House and Greenhouse Plants
6628: LAMMERS, HENRI - Collection De Musique Ancienne. Oeuvres Vocales & Instrumentales. Collationnees Sur Les Manuscrits Originaux et Premieres Editions
6177: LAMOTTE, MARTIAL - Catalogue des Plantes Vasculaires de l’Europe Centrale, comprenant la France, la Suisse, l’Allemagne
10043: LANCASTER, ROY - What Perennial Where
11144a: LANCASTER, ROY - A Plantsman in Nepal
10589: LANCASTER, ROY - Plant Hunting in Nepal
4659: LANDA, LOUIS A. - Swift and the Church or Ireland
30252: LANE, JAMES - Peterson's Golf Schools & Resorts
9740: LANE, M. C. ANDM. W. STONE - Wireworms and Their Control on Irrigated Lands
9858: LANGE, NAOMI - Itineraries
10876: LANNER, RONALD M - The Pinon Pine: A Natural And Cultural History
30341: LAROCHELLE, MAJELLA - Campanula Illustrated
8959: LARSEN, R. U. - Proceedings of the International Workshop on Greenhouse Crop Models
7119: SNYDER AND LARSON - Quantitative Inheritance of Seed Size in a Cross between Lycopersicon esculentum and L. Pimpinellifolium
10850: LASKEY, CHARLES - Heuser's Quarterly Price & Inventory Guide to Official Diecast Collectible Banks, Custom Imprinted Replicas and Ertl Scale American Muscle Cars
9850: LATIMER, L.P AND H. A. ROLLINS - Blackberries for New Hampshire
8146: LATIMER, L.P AND W.W. SMITH - Improved Blueberries
8415: LATIMER, L. P. - Performance of Strawberry Varieties in New Hampshire
8502: LATIMER, L. P. - Strawberry Culture
7154: LATSHAW, ROSS - Driftwood Poetry
7391: LAUBERT, R. AND MARTIN SCHWARTZ - Rosenkrankheiten und Rosenfeinde
30100: LAUDON, KENNETH; LAUDON, JANE - Essentials of Business Information Systems 7th Edition
11113: LAUENER, L.A. - The Introduction of Chinese Plants Into Europe
2790: LAUER, J. C. - Skizzirte Darstellung der Verhandlung über Schafzucht und Wolle, welche bei der Versammlung des mährisch-schlesischen Schafzüchter-Vereins in Brünn, am 16. und 17. Mai 1826 Statt gefunden.
7734: LAUGHLAND, J. - The Oat Nematode
10526: JANICE LAW - The Lost Diaries of Iris Weed
30382: LAWERENCE, GEORGE H. M AND ARNOLD E. SCHULZE - The Cultivated Hederas
11006: LAWRENCE, W. J. C. - Practical Plant Breeding
8410: LAWRENCE, F. J. - Strawberry Breeding and Evaluation for Mechanical Harvesting
7002: LAWSON, G.W. - Plant Life in West Africa
10820: LAWTON, BARBARA PERRY - Magic of Irises
6511: LEACH, JULIAN GILBERT - Insect Transmission of Plant Diseases
30271: O'LEARY, ALICE M. - Pigs in the Links
10159: LEATHART, SCOTT - Trees of the World
10480: LECOUFLE, MARCEL & HENRI ROSE - Carnivorous Plants. Care and Cultivation
11224: LEE, FREDERIC P. - The Azalea Book
7675: LEE, R.E. - The Culture of Gladiolus
30401: LEE, GEORGE - The Daffodil Handbook
4443: LEE, FREDERIC P. - The Azalea Book
3061: LEFROY, JOHN HENRY - In Search of the Magnetic North
3994: LEGRAS, BERYL STAR - In My California Garden
6064: LEIGHTY, CYDE E. - Variation and Correlation of Oats (Avena Sativa). Part 2: Effect of Differences in Environment, Varieties, and Methods on Biometrical Constants
9693: LEIGHTY, CLYDE E. - Culture of Rye in the Eastern Half of the United States
6906: LEJEUNE, SERVAIS - Rosenbücher. Mein Steckenpferd
11043: LEVETIN, ESTELLE AND KAREN MCMAHON - Plants and Society
8379: LEVINE, ADAM AND RAY ROGERS - The Philadelphia Flower Show, Celebrating 175 Years
6927: LEWIS, DAPHNE AND CAROL MILES - Farming Bamboo Increase Farm Income By Growing Bamboo
11216: LEWIS, DAPHNE - Bamboo on the Farm
9290: LEWIS, WILLIAM E. - Preparation of Bunched Beets, Carrots, and Turnips for Market
3701: LEWIS, C. I. AND H. A. VICKERS - Economics of Apple Orcharding
5425: LEWIS, C. DAY - Noah and the Waters
8742: LEWIS, C. I. AND C. A. COLE - Culture of Small Fruits
1446: LHOTZKY, HEINRICH - Die Seele deines Kindes
10873: LI, HUI-LIN - The Origin and Cultivation of Shade and Ornamental Trees
9324: LINDA HALL LIBRARY - 500 Years of Nicolaus Copernicus 1473-1973
9327: LINDA HALL LIBRARY - Roots of Chemistry. An Exhibition of Rare Chemical Books from the History of Science Collection
11185: LIFANG, CHEN AND YU SIANGLIN - The Garden Art of China
8518: LILL, J. G. - Sugar-Beet Culture In the Humid Area of the United States
8519: LILL, J. G. - Sugar Beet Culture in the North Central States
6491: LILY, J. PAUL, VAN JENKINS AND MAINLAND - Investigation of Soil and Other Factors Influencing Plant Failure of North Carolina Highbush Blueberry
10634: LINDBERG, BERGLJOT TAFJORD - Bella's Stories
8169: LINER, HUGH AND EDWIN PROCTOR - Blueberry Harvesting and Packing Costs - Machine versus Hand Systems. A Case Study
2047: LIVINGSTON, GEORGE - Field Crop Production
11260: PARISH COUPE LLOYD - Plants of Southern Interior British Columbia
5666: LLOYD, JOHN W. - Onion Culture
4973: LLOYD, ROBERT - The Actor. A Poem
9969: LLOYD, JOHN W. - The Farmer's Vegetable Garden
2765: LODEMAN, E. G. - Dwarf Apples
4718: LOFTIS, JOHN - Comedy and Society from Congreve to Fielding
30447: LOHREN, CARL - Getting Set for Golf
6255: LOMBARD, PORTER B. AND MEL N. WESTWOOD - Peach Thinning with a new Hormone
10549: LONGACRE, ROBERT E.AND FRANCES WOODS - Discourse Grammat Studies in Indigenous Languages of Colombia, Panama and Ecuador Part 3
8347: LONGYEAR, B.O. - Strawberry Growing in Colorado
4895: LOPEZ, CECILIA L. - Alexander Pope. An Annotated Bibliography, 1945-1967
30446: LOPEZ, NANCY -
6761: LORENZ, ERICH - Pimpfe Drehen Einen Film Die Rache Der Inkas
10020: LOTZ, JIM & MACKENZIE, KEITH - Railways of Canada
30432: LOW, GEORGE - The Master of Putting
7691: LOWE, MURPHY, FORTMAN AND DUNN - A Regional Approach to Breeding and Evaluation of Smooth Bromegrass for Use and Adaptation in the Northeast
11125: HYDEN NURSERIES LTD - Rhododendrons Nursery Catalog
8595: LUCKA, MARIA - Truskawki I Poziomko
6662: DEUTSCHE KURZ-POST - HERMANN LUFT - HANNS BUNSCHUH - Deutsch Kurz-Post. 44. Heft Nov 1937. Inhalt: Brusseler Konferenz; Der Italienische Botschafter Verlaesst Paris
5227: LUKE, GEORGE W. AND FREDERICK A. PERKINS - New Jersey Blueberries. A Look at the Industry. Rutgers Farm Economist
30258: LUMB, NICK - A Beginner's Guide to Golf
7152: LUSTER, HELEN - Year of the Hare Poems
1684: LUTEYN, JAMES AND MARY E. O'BRIEN - Contributions Toward a Classification of Rhododendron. Proceedings of the International Rhododendron Conference, The New York Botanical Garden, May, 1978.
6641: LUTHER, DR. JOHANNES D. - Martin Luthers Auslegung des 90. Psalms. Ein literarischer Festgruss der Wittenberger Theologen an die Königin Dorothea von Dänemark im Jahre 1548
10547: LUTZ, RALPH - Die Beziehung Zwischen Deutschland Und Den Vereinigten Staaten während des Sezessionskrieges
30418: LYALL, H. G. - Hardy Primulas
10868: LYONS, CHESS - Trees, Shrubs & Flowers to Know in British Columbia and Washington
11157: LYTE, CHARLES - The Plant Hunters
10715: L.C.B.M. - Nouveau Traite des Oeillets Oeillets
7704: MACDONALD, H.A. - The Spread and Use of Birdsfoot Trefoil ( Lotus Corniculatus L. ) as a Farm Crop
10923: MACDONALD, NORMAN - The Orchid Hunters A Jungle Adventure
10865: MACHUGH, ANDREW - The Cultivation of Ferns
6782: MACK, MAYNARD - ALEXANDER POPE - The Scriblerian Spring 1980. Pope's Pastorals
747: MACK - Early Cabbage
5062: MACKENZIE, W. MACKAY - The Kingis Quair
5422: MACNEICE, LOUIS - Visitations
5423: MACNEICE, LOUIS - The Burnt Offerings
7178: MACOUN, W. T. - List of Herbaceous Perennials tested in the Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Central Experiment Farm Ottawa
1673: MACSELF, A.J. - Chrysanthemums for Amateurs. A Practical and Comprehensive Guide to Culture in Garden and Greenhouse
9238: PRESTON-MAFHAM, KEN - Cacti and Succulents in Habitat
10358: BETTER FRUIT MAGAZINE - Prune Special - Better Fruit Magazine
9531: MAGNESS, J. R. - Collar Rot of Apple Trees
8847: MALBY, REGINALD A. - The Story of my Rock Garden
11261: MALCOLM, BILL AND NANCY - Mosses and Other Bryophytes. An Illustrated Glossary
9026: MALCOM, NORMAN - Ludwig Wittgenstein A Memoir
9277: MALLY, F. W. - The Bermuda Onion
694: MANSFIELD, T. C. - Roses in Colour and Cultivation
2262: MANTHEY, GERDA - Fuchsias.
10166: MANUEL, DAVID - Medjugorje Under Siege
10710: O'MARA, LESLEY - Cats' Miscellany
9811: MARAMOROSCH, KARL;DALTON, ALBERT J. - The Atlas of Insect and Plant Viruses: Including Mycoplasmaviruses and Viroids
8392: MARCOVITCH, S. - The Strawberry Crown Borer in Tennessee
10488: MARDEN, ORISON SWETT - Pushing to the Front Vol 2
10486: MARDEN, ORISON SWETT - The Miracle of Right Thought
10485: MARDEN, ORISON SWETT - An Iron Will
10484: MARDEN, ORISON SWETT - Character The Grandest Thing in the World
10487: MARDEN, ORISON SWETT - Pushing to the Front Vol 1
11583: MARION, BRUCE - The Organization and Performance of the U.S. Food System
7139: MARLATT, C.L. - Scale Insects and Mites on Citrus Trees
10538: HECTOR ACEBES; ISOLDE BRIELMAIER; ED MARQUAND - Hector Acebes: Portraits in Africa, 1948-1953
10632: MARSHALL, TAYLOR R. - The Eternal City. Rome & the Origins of Catholic Christianity
901: MARSHALL, WILLIAM E. - Consider the Lilies
2796: MARTENS, WILHELM - Weltgeschichte. Ein Handbuch für das deutsche Volk
11032: KAPOS MARTHA - The Impressionists and Their Legacy
10838: MARTIN, CLAIR G. - 100 English Roses for the American Garden
9328: MASON, ALEXANDRA - A Guide to the Collections. The Department of Special Collections
4394: MASSEY, L. M. - The Hard Rot Disease of Gladiolus
30288: MASTRONI, NICK - The Insider's Guide to Golf Equipment
6632: MATHER, FRANK JEWETT - A Collection of Early American Illustrated Books
30320a: MATHEW, BRIAN - Genus Lewisia (Kew Magazine Monograph)
30309: MATHEW, BRIAN - Genus Lewisia (Kew Magazine Monograph)
4233: MATHEWS, OSCAR AND VERNER CLARK - Results of Field Crop, Shelterbelt, and Orchard Investigations at the United States Dry Land Field Station, S Dakota 1911-32
11106: MATTHEW, K. M. - An Enumeration of The Flowering Plants of Kurseong Darjeeling District West Bengal India
2989: MATTOCK, MARK - Roses. A Popular Guide
7112: MATTSON, HAROLD - Bounty Tomato in Standard Field Trials in 1940 and 1941
1571: MAUND, BENJAMIN - The Botanic Garden: Consisting of Highly Finished Representations of Hardy Ornamental Flowering Plants, Cultivated in Great Britain. (17 Volumes - the Complete set)
2803: MAY, KARL - Durch das Land der Skipetaren
2804: MAY, KARL - Der sterbende Kaiser
11027: MAY, HENRY B - Seventy Years in Horticulture
2799: MAY, KARL - Durchs Wilde Kurdistan
2802: MAY, KARL - In den Schluchten des Balkan
7292: MCCARTER, J. ALEC; VICTORIA RHODODENDRON SOCIETY - Rhododendrons on a Western Shore
4484: MCCARTER, J. ALEC - Rhododendrons on a Western Shore
4754: MCCLAMROCH, MARGARET - Two By Two. Twins' Stories (Unproofed Review Copy)
9970: MCCLELLAND, C. K. - The Velvet Bean
5052: MCCOLLUM, JOHN I. - The Restoration Stage
8352: MCCRORY, S.A. - Strawberry Production in South Dakota
30290: MCDONALD, DANIEL - Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots
1574: MCDONALD, ELVIN - The World Book of House Plants
7224: MCDONOUGH, GEORGE EDWARD - A Long Perspective
10822: MCFADDEN, DOROTHY LOA - Oriental Gardens in America A Visitor's Guide
6408: MCFARLAND, J HORACE - Modern Roses III - 3
3843: MCFARLAND, J. HORACE - Modern Roses V 5
4780: MCFARLAND, J HORACE - Modern Roses 7
2645: AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY MCFARLAND - American Rose Annual 1940
8364: MCGREW, JOHN R. - Diseases of Strawberries
8389: MCGREW, JOHN R. - Strawberry Diseases
10047: MCKEON, JUDITH C. - Gardening With Roses: Designing With Easy-Care Climbers, Ramblers & Shrubs
30268: MCLEAN, JIM AND JOHN ANDRISANI - The Wedge Pocket Companion
40103: MCMANUS, PATRICK F. - The Night the Bear Ate Goobaw
8662: MCMURTREY, J.E. - Tobacco Production
10910: MCRAE, EDWARD A. - Lilies: A Guide for Growers and Collectors
9188: MCWHORTER, FRANK P. - Control of Beet Seedling Diseases Under Greenhouse Conditions.
1633: MEAD, CICELY - Simple Vegetable Growing
7762: MECK, CHARLES - Fishing Small Streams
10852a: MEDINA, SALVADOR VILLANUEVA - Ich War Auf Einem Anderen Planeten
5206: MEGEE, C.R. - Sweet Clover
6482: MEINHOLD, WERNER J. - Spektrum der Hypnose Das große Handbuch für Theorie und Praxis; mit graphischen Darstellungen
882: MELADY, JOHN HAYES - Better Vegetables For Your Home Garden
9799: MELANDER, A. L. - Sprays for San Jose Scale and Leaf-Roller
10529: KLAUS MERTEN - Schloesser in Baden-Wuerttemberg: Residenzen und Landsitze in Schwaben, Franken und am Oberrhein (German Edition)
10741: MERTENS, R AND G. JUNGE - Obsteinkochbüchlein für den bürgerlichen und feineren Haushalt
8148: METZGER, HOMER B. AND AMRISMAIL - Costs and Returns in Lowbush Blueberry Production in Maine, 1974 Crop
5332: METZGER, J.E. - Sweet Clover for Summer Pasture and Green Manure
6529: MEUDT, WERNER - Strategies of Plant Reproduction. Beltsville Symposia in Agricultural Research 1981
4253: MICHELIS, FR. - Die Unfehlbarkeit Des Papstes Im Lichte Der Katholischen Wahrheit
9798: MIDDLETON, WILLIAM - Sawflies Injurious to Rose Foliage
10473: MIKOLAJSKI, ANDREW - Fuchsias. An Illustrated Guide to Varieties
6261: MILBRATH, J. A. - Stony Pit Pear in Oregon
4998: MILES, JOSEPHINE - From Good to Bright: A Note on Poetic History
11084: MILLAIS, J. G. - Rhododendrons in Which is Set Forth an Account of All Species of the Genus Rhododendron (including azalea) and the Various Hybrids First Series
11228: MILLAIS, J. G. - Magnolias
30279: MILLER, DICK - Triumphant Journey
7702: MILLER, E.A. - Hairy Vetch Production in the West Cross Timber Area
30236: MILLER, LARRY - Beyond Golf
4764: MILTON, JOHN - THOMAS WARTON - Poems Upon Several Occasions, English, Italian, and Latin, with Translations
8497: MINGES, PHILIP; T. J. MANEY; B. S. PICKETT - Strawberry Production in Southeastern Iowa as Influenced By Varieties, Fertilizers and Cultural Practices
10171: ST. MARY'S FAMILY MINISTRY - A Cook's Tour of Anacortes
7860: MITTEN, WILLIAM - An Enumeration of all the Species of Musci and Hepaticae recorded from Japan - Hepatica
10924: MITULLA, ROSWITHA; BERND WISSNER; NORBERT LIESZ - Botanischer Garten Augsburg
987: MÖBIUS, MARTIN - Geschichte der Botanik. Von den ersten Anfängen bis zur Gegenwart (1937).
3938: MONTGOMERIE, ALEXANDER - The Cherrie and the Slae
5011: MONTGOMERY, MARION - T.S.Eliot. An Essay on the American Magus
8745: MONTGOMERY, E. G. - Alfalfa for New York
10376: MONTGOMERY, E.G. - The Culture of Sweet Clover And Vetch
6364: MOORE, ARTHUR K. - The Secular Lyric in Middle English
10233: MOORE, BARBARA J - Hidden in the Valley
6317: MOORE, GEOFFREY - Poetry To-Day
9770: MOORE, JARED B - The Cattleya Fly
10388: MOORE, BETH - James Mercy Triumphs
8150: MOORE, J. N. - Adaptation and Production of Blueberries in Arkansas
9778: MORGAN, A. C. AND F.S. CHAMBERLIN - The Tobacco Budworm and Its Control in the Georgia and Florida Tobacco-Growing Region
6855: MORITZI, A. - Systematisches Verzeichniss der von H. Zollinger in den Jahren 1842 - 1844 auf Java gesammelten Pflanzen, nebst einer kurzen Beschreibung der neuen Gattungen und Arten
10731: MORRIS, ROB - Coasters: Uchuck III, Lady Rose, Frances Barkley and Tyee Princess
11035: MORRISON, B. Y. - The Glen Dale Azaleas
9722: MORRISON, H. E. - A Progress Report of Investigations Concerning the Symphlid and Its Control
11030: MORRISON, B. Y. - The Glenn Dale Azaleas
5141: MORRISON, FRANK D. - Growing Bush Fruit
8403: MORRISON, W. W. - Preparing Strawberries for Market
7685: MORSE, W. J. - Soybeans: Culture and Varieties
9532: MORSE, W. J. AND C. E. LEWIS - Maine Apple Diseases
904: MORTON, R. J. - Perpetual Flowering Carnations
3227: MORTON, J.W. - Commercial Strawberry Culture
6369: MOSES, W.R. - The Fireweed
6709: MOSES, W. R. - Passage
10180: MOSS, GEORGE L - Slightly Salty. Columns of Old and New Cape Cod
7267: MOULTON, GARY - Crabapples for Western Washington Landscapes.
6141: MOWAT, R. B. - England in the Eighteenth Century
6664: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Piano Concerti Nos 21-22
6611: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sonata In D And Fugue In C Minor
6629: MOZART, WOLFGANG AMADEUS - Piano Concerto No 24 C Minor K 491
5217: MUELLER, WILLIAM R. - Spenser's Critics. Changing Currents in Literary Taste
11271: MUENSCHER, W. C. - The Flora of Whatcom County State of Washington
10652: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA - LYNDA MUIR - EDITOR - Egyptomania Egypt in Western Art 1730-1930
9910: MUNN, M.T. - Seed Tests Made at the Station during 1915
11056: MURRAY, ROBERT - the Yakushimanum Family Album
6123: MURRAY, PATRICK - Milton: The Modern Phase. A Study of Twentieth-Century Criticism
30440: CHARLES MUSCATINE, MARLENE GRIFFITH - Golf From the Other Side Video
10239: MUSEVENI, JANET KATAAHA - My Life's Journey
9282: MUSSER, A. M. AND W.D. MOORE - Lettuce Culture
4263: MYER, ARNOLD OSKAR - Worin Liegt Englands Schuld?
4777: MYERS, WILLIAM - Dryden
748: MYERS - Experiments with Cabbage
2749: NEALE, W. T. - Cacti and other Succulents
5945: NEGUS, JOHN - A Gardener's Guide to Flowering Shrubs
10896: NELSON, RAYMOND L. - Field Guide to the Trees Shrubs of Lassen Volcanic National Park
4490: PAT NELSON, MARLENE BUFFINGTON AND NADINE HENRY - Selected Rhododendron Glossary and Botanical Terms
30266: NELSON, BYRON - The Little Black Book
30237: NELSON, BYRON - How I Played the Game
8014: NELSON, SONJA - The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Story. The Hybridizers, Collectors and Gardens
11101: NELSON, SONJA - The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Story: The Hybridizers, Collectors and Gardens
11097: NELSON, SONJA - Rhododendrons in the Landscape
10375: NELSON, EILAS - Native and Introduced Saltbushes
10882: NELSON, RIUTH ASHTON - Plants of Zion National Park Wildflowers, Trees, Shrubs and Derns
10498: NEMITZ, L. ANNA MARIE - A Polished Arrow
10555: NERI, MANUEL - Manuel Neri Plasters
5109: NEUMANN, ALFRED AND DAVID ERDMAN - Literature and the Other Arts, a Select Bibliography, 1952-58
8151: NEUNZIG, H.H. AND K. A. SORENSON - Insect and Mite Pests of Blueberry in North Carolina
10845: NEWBRUN, ERNEST - Cariology
3703: NEWCOMER, E. J. - Orchard Insects of the Pacific Northwest and Their Control
7552: NEWCOMER, E. J. - The Dock False-Worm: An Apple Pest.
8449: NEWCOMER, E. J. - Orchard Insects of the Pacific Northwest and Their Control
3319: NEWHALL, A.G., CHARLES CHUPP AND C.E.F. GUTERMAN - Soil Treatments for the Control of Diseases in the Greenhouse and Seedbed
7157: NEWTON, VIOLETTE - Fire in the Garden Poems
1207: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - A Pilgrim’s Progress.
10187: NICHOLSON, GEORGE - The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening Volumes 2-4
3844: NICKELS, C. - Cultur, Benennung und Beschreibung der Rosen
11135: NICKLES, NAPOLEON - Houblon. Description, Climat, Culture, Recolte, Conservation, Frain, Produits, Modele De Sechoir
10716b: NIELSEN, NICKI - From Fish and Copper Cordova's Heritage and Buildings
7218: NISBET, JACK - Sources of the River. Tracking David Thompson Across North America
10720: NISSEN, CLAUS - Die Botanische Buchillustration
9279: NISSLEY, W. B. - Onions
5950: NOBLET, ALBERT - La Poesie Lyrique En France Des Origines a 1914 Avec Un Essai De Bibliographie
7864: NOGUCHI, AKIRA - Studies on the Japanese Mosses of the Orders Isobryales and Hookeriales II
9695: NOLL, C. F. AND R. D. LEWIS - Soy Beans
30286: NORMAN, GREG - Shark Attack! Greg Norman's Guide to Aggressive Golf
10897: NORRIS, KELLY D. - A Guide to Bearded Irises
10651: NORSWORTHY, RAY - Indiahoma Stories of Blues and Blessings
3451: NORTH, FELICITY - Gardening In a Cold Climate
4954: NORTH, ROGER - Musicall Gramarian
10263: NORTH, CHRISTOPHER - Plant breeding and genetics in horticulture
8788: NORTHEN, REBECCA TYSON - Home Orchid Growing
9145: NORTON, R. A.; C.J. HANSEN; H.J.O'REILLY: W.H. HART - Rootstocks for Peaches and Nectarines in California
10347: NOTTLE, TREVOR - Roses for Every Garden
4558: NOVAK, MAXIMILIAN E. AND HERBERT DAVIS - Irony in Defoe and Swift
4996: NOYES, ROBERT GALE - The Neglected Muse Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Tragedy in the Novel (1740-1780)
10349: WOODLAND NURSERIES - Hardy Rhododendrons and Azaleas
4028: INTER-STATE NURSERIES - Spring 1951 Nursery Catalog
10714: BAILEY NURSERIES - Roses 2002. Nursery Catalog
10572: ORPINGTON NURSERIES - Company A Descriptive Catalogue and Price List of Irises 1929
7926: ALLEN'S NURSERIES AND SEED HOUSE - Allen's 1939 Bargain Book
7927: ALLEN'S NURSERIES AND SEED HOUSE - Allen's 1940 Bargain Book
7185: GUTMANN NURSERIES - Clematis and Ground Covers for the Wholesale Trade
7268: BRIDGEMERE WHOLESALE NURSERIES - Wholesale Catalog 1992.93
5505: KELLYGREEN NURSERY - Rhododendron Catalog
8180: BURGESS NURSERY - Burgess - Guaranteed Seeds and Plants for 1937
8202: BURGESS NURSERY - Burgess Silver Anniversary Catalog ( 1938 )
8210: BRECKS NURSERY - Breck’s Gifts for Gardeners and Bird Lovers
7931: TOWNSEND AND SONS NURSERY - 1949 Nursery Catalog of Strawberry Plants, Fruit Trees and Other Fruit Plants
7533: PARK NURSERY - Park's Flower Book for 1951. All the Best New & Old
8930: OAKLEY, R. A. - Orchard Grass
514: OBERHOLSER, HARRY - A Revision of the Forms of the Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias Linnaeus).
30270: OHMAN, JACK - Why Johnny Can't Put
7392: OLBRICH, STEPHAN - Der Rose Zucht und Pflege
30272: OMAN, MARK - How to Live with a Golfaholic
10745: OMARR, SYDNEY - Aries 1991 (Omarr Astrology) Day By Day Astrology for Aries March 21-April 12 19191
10586: D'ONOFRIO, JOHNA ND TODD WARGER - Mount Baker - Images of America
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8274: DEMAREE AND WILCOX - Fungi Pathogenic to Blueberries in the Eastern United States
4750: WILDING, MICHAEL - Milton's Paradise Lost
11278: WILEY, LEONARD - Rare Wild Flowers of North America
4405: WILKINS, MALCOLM B. - Advanced Plant Physiology
9966: WILKINSON, ALBERT E. - Planting the Home Vegetable Garden
4997: WILKINSON, ROBERT E. (EDITOR) - Plant-Environment Interactions
10338: WILKINSON, ALBERT E. - Summer Care of the Home Vegetable Garden
9185: WILKINSON, R. E.;JAQUES, H.E. - How to Know the Weeds
753: WILKINSON - Growing Early Cabbage
5411: WILLARD, C.J. - An Experimental Study of Sweet Clover
4671: WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN - Jonathan Swift
6462: WILLIAMS, RAYMOND - Drama. From Ibsen to Eliot
10703: WILLIAMS, ROBIN - Reader's Digest Garden Design
11016: WILLIAMS, WATKIN - Genetical Principles and Plant Breeding
6249: WILLIAMS, C.G. AND J.B. PARK - Soybeans: Their Culture and Use
3596: WILLIAMS, IOLO A. - Seven XVIIIth Century Bibliographies
7261: WILLIAMS, P.F. AND J.C.C. PRICE - Peach Growing in Alabama
10721: WILLMANN, RUDOLF BUCHBINDER - Heimatschein Grossherzogsthum Baden
7690: WILSIE, C.P., M.L. PETERSON AND H.D. HUGHES - Bromegrass in Iowa

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