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18728: WARD, R. H. (RICHARD HERON) - The Prodigal Son; Some Comments on the Parable
19236: WARD, S.P. - The Hymns of Arcanus
12512: WARE, BRUCE A. - God's Lesser Glory: The Diminished God of Open Theism
19330: WARREN, NEIL CLARK - Learning to Live with the Love of Your Life... And Loving It
2297: WASHINGTON, PETER - Madame Blavatsky's Baboon: A History of the Mystics, Mediums, and Misfits Who Brought Spiritualism to America
19463: WASSERMAN, JAMES - The Secrets of Masonic Washington; a Guidebook to Signs, Symbols, and Ceremonies at the Origin of America's Capital
7536: WATER, FRANK - Brave Are My People. ; Indian Heroes Not Forgoten
8914: WATERFIELD, ROBIN - René Guénon and the Future of the West: The Life and Writings of a 20th Century Metaphysician
18100: WATKIN, DOM AELRED - The Enemies of Love
15168: WATKINS, VERNON - The Breaking of the Wave
15679: WATSON, RICHARD W. - Meher Baba and Sufism; a Personal View
11833: WATSON, BURTON (TRANS.) - The Essential Lotus: Selections from the Lotus Sutra
10460: WATT, W. MONTGOMERY - The Faith and Practice of Al-Ghazali
3947: WATT, W. MONTGOMERY - The Faith and Practice of Al-Ghazali
7296: WATT, W. MONTGOMERY - Islamic Philosophy and Theology
8880: WATT, W. MONTGOMERY - The Majesty That Was Islam
4255: WATT, LAUCHLAN MACLEAN - Literature and Life
19229: WATTERSON, BARBARA - More About Egyptian Heiroglyphs; a Simplified Grammar of Middle Egypt
16403: WATTLES, WALLACE D. - The Science of Getting Rich
1044: WATTS, ALAN - The Early Writings of Alan Watts. ; the British Years: 1931-1938, Writings in Buddhism in England
11706: WATTS, ALAN - The Meaning of Happiness: The Quest for Freedom of the Spirit in Modern Psychology & the Wisdom of the East
12641: WATTS, ISSAC; HAL M. HELMS - So Amazing, So Divine: A Guide to Living Prayer
16494: WATTS, ALAN W. - The Way of Zen
16520: WATTS, ALAN W. - Nature, Man & Woman
16532: WATTS, ALAN - Talking Zen
7841: WATTS, A.W. (ALAN) - Shinnyo!
11836: WATTS, ALAN - The Spirit of Zen: A Way of Life, Work and Art in the Far East
18203: WATZLAWICK, PAUL; JOHN WEAKLAND; RICHARD FISCH - Change; Principles of Problem Formation and Problem Resolution
13307: WAUGH, EARLE H. - Visionaries of Silence: The Reformist Sufi Order of the Demirdashiya Al-Khalwatiya in Cairo
3217: [O'MORE] WAXMAN, DAVID - Delighting All Who Pay: An Essay on Haven O'More's Sacramental Bone Inscriptions
12128: WAYMAN, ALEX - The Buddhist Tantras: Light on Indo-Tibetan Esotericism
1274: WAYMAN, ALEX (TRANS.) - Ethics of Tibet: Bodhisattva Section of Tsong-Kha-Pa's Lam Rim Chen Mo
12794: WEATERHHEAD, LESLIE D. - The Will of God
6045: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE D. - Psychology in Service of the Soul
6047: WEATHERHEAD, LESLIE D. - Psychology in Service of the Soul
15081: WEBB, JAMES - The Occult Underground
15089: WEBB, JAMES - The Harmonious Circle
15189: WEBB, JAMES - The Occult Establishment
7646: WEBB, JAMES - The Harmonious Circle
17764: WEBBER, BERT - The Rajneesh and the U.S. Postal Service
3895: WEDECK, HARRY E. - Dictionary of Spiritualism
12312: WEEMS, ANN - Reaching for Rainbows: Resources for Creative Worship
10466: WEHR, GERHARD - Jung: A Biography
7704: WEI, WANG - Poems
9293: WEI, WEI WU - Fingers Pointing Toward the Moon: Reflections of a Pilgrim on the Way
9294: WEI, WEI WU - The Tenth Man: The Great Joke (Which Made Lazarus Laugh)
9295: WEI, WEI WU - Open Secret
9296: WEI, WEI WU - All Else Is Bondage: Non-Volitional Living
13997: WEIDNER, JAY; VINCENT BRIDGES - Monument to the End of Time: Alchemy, Fulcanlli, and the Great Cross
19119: WEIDNER, MELANIE J.S. - Storm Journey
4884: WEIL, SIMONE - Formative Writings, 1929-1941
12747: WEIL, SIMONE - First and Last Notebooks
17425: WEIL, SIMONE - The Notebooks: Volume One
18424: WEIMER, DAVID W. - Portrait of a Seeker; Born to Wonder
11215: WEINBERG, STEVEN - Dreams of a Final Theory: The Search for the Fundamental Laws of Nature
11443: WEINER, HERBERT - 9 1/2 Mystics: The Kabbala Today
18348: WEINSTEIN, MYRON M. (ED.) - The Washington Haggadah
1186: WEINTRAUB, STANLEY - Four Rossettis: A Victorian Biography
18911: WEISS, JOSEPH - Studies in Eastern European Jewish Mysticism
20146: WELBON, GUY RICHARD - The Buddhist Mirvana and Its Western Interpreters
16322: WELCH, LOUISE - Meetings with Louise Welch in Toronto; on the Ideas and Practice of the Teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff
15079: WELCH, WILLIAM J., M.D. - What Happened in between: A Doctor's Story
8053: WELCH, LOUISE - The Old Man Rides a Bicycle
11124: WELCH, LOUISE - The Old Man Rides a Bicycle
11336: WELCH, HOLMES - Taoism: The Parting of the Way
12143: WELCH, JOHN - Spiritual Pilgrims: Carl Jung & Teresa of Avila
13371: WELCH, HOLMES - The Parting of the Way: Lao Tzu and the Taoist Movement
2611: WELCH, LOUISE - Orage with Gurdjieff in America
6605: WELCH, JOHN - Spiritual Pilgrims: Carl Jung & Teresa of Avila
2900: WELCH, HOLMES - The Parting of the Way: Lao Tzu and the Taoist Movement
8079: WELLBELOVED, SOPHIA - Gurdjieff: The Key Concepts
10628: WELLING, GEORG VON - Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum Et Theosophicum
15392: WELLS, PETER S. - Barbarians to Angels: The Dark Ages Reconsidered
5998: WELWOOD, JOHN - The Meeting of the Ways. ; Explorations in East/West Psychology
18698: WELWOOD, JOHN (ED.); JACOB NEEDLEMAN; A.C. ROBIN SKYNNER; SHOGYAM TRUNGPA; ETC. - Awakening the Heart; East/West Approaches to Psychotherapy and the Healing Relationship
8333: WELWOOD, JOHN (ED.) - The Meeting of the Ways: Explorations in East / West Psychology
15035: WENDLING, GEORGE R. - Ingersollism: From a Secular Point of View
2838: WENDT, GERALD (ED.) - The Atomic Age Opens
18425: WENNSTROM, JERRY - The Inspired Heart; an Artist's Journey to Transformation
13040: EVANS-WENTZ, W.Y. (ED.) - The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation. ; or the Mthod of Realizing Nirvava Through Knowing the Mind
1617: EVANS-WENTZ, W.Y. - Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa. ; a Biography from the Tibetan
9269: EVANS-WENTZ, W.Y. - The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
17746: WERBER, EVA BELL - Quiet Talks with the Master
17751: WERBER, EVA BELL - Journey with the Master
10258: WERSBA, BARBARA - Life on a Cloud: The Story of Margaret Anderson
16376: WERTENBAKER, CHRISTIAN - Man in the Cosmos; G.I. Gurdjieff and Modern Science
9471: MONK OF THE WEST, A. - Christianity and the Doctrine of Non-Dualism
6661: WEST, REBECCA - The Strange Necessity: Essays and Reviews
15039: WEST, JOHN ANTHONY - The Case for Astrology
12605: WESTCOTT, B.F. - The Gospel According to John
11162: WESTON, WALTER - How Prayer Heals: A Scientific Approach
17944: WESTON, ROSANNE - The Glory and Other Stories
11292: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - Afterzen: Experiences of a Zen Student out on His Ear
7392: VAN DER WETERING, JANWILLEM - A Glimpse of Nothingness: Experiences in an American Zen Community
7627: VAN DE WETERING, JANWILLEM - Afterzen: Experiences of a Zen Student out on His Ear
9733: WEYAND, CLINTON ELLIS (ED.& COMP.) - Soul Doctors: The First Dictionary of Psychology Quotations
9674: WHALE, J.S. - Victor and Victim: The Christian Doctrine of Redemption
19375: WHATELY, ELIZABETH JANE - How to Answer Objections to Revealed Religion
10746: WHEELER, ELMER - The Wealth Within You
15269: WHEELIS, ALLEN - The Desert: A Novel
15271: WHEELIS, ALLEN - The Quest for Identity
1021: WHEELIS, ALLEN - On Not Knowing How to Live
10029: WHEELIS, ALLEN - The Moralist
3918: WHEELIS, ALLEN - The End of the Modern Age
722: WHEELIS, ALLEN - The Moralist
17225: WHELESS, JOSEPH - Forgery in Christianity
19592: WHITCOMB, JOHN C. - Chart of the Old Testament Kings and Prophets
19587: WHITCOMB, JOHN C. - Chart of the Old Testament Patriarchs and Judges
19593: WHITCOMB, JOHN C. - Chart of the Babtlonian Captivity
19523: WHITE, LAWRENCE - Terra
19604: WHITE, EDWARD - The Tastemeker; Carl Van Vechten and the Birth of Modern America
8481: WHITE, JOHN (ED.) - Frontiers of Consciousness. ; the Meeting Ground between Inner Reality Outer Reality
6256: WHITE, WILLIAM M. - Henry David Thoreau: All Nature Is My Bride. ; Passages from Journals Arranged As Poetry
13962: WHITE, MINOR; FILIPPO MAGGIA - Life Is Like a Cinema of Stills
15604: WHITE, JOHN (ED.) - What Is Enlightenment?: ; Exploring the Goal of the Spiritual Path
16231: WHITE, EMMONS E.; MAGGIE JARVIS - The Wisdom of India
18788: WHITE, JOHN (ED.) - Frontiers of Consciousness: The Meeting Ground between Inner and Outer Reality
6681: WHITE, JOSEPH LLEWELLYN - The Flight Pattern of Eternity. ; a Theory of Reality
716: WHITE, STEWART EDWARD - The Stars Are Still There
7391: WHITE, JOHN (ED.) - Frontiers of Consciousness: The Meeting Ground between Inner and Outer Reality
8617: WHITE, DAVID A. - Western Trail Bibliographies: A Guide to Sources
13766: WHITECOTTON, JOSEPH W. - The Zapotecs: Princes, Priests & Peasants
6291: WHITEHEAD, ALFRED NORTH - Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead
8242: WHITLOCK, F.A. - Psychophysiological Aspects of Skin Disease
6172: WHITMAN, WALT - Democratic Vista and Other Papers
5277: WHITMAN, WALT - An American Primer
801: WHITMAN, WALT - In Re Walt Whitman
5336: WHITMAN, WALT - Specimen Days
5407: WHITMAN, WALT - A Backward Glance O'Er Travel'd Roads and Two Contributory Essays Hitherto Uncollected
824: WHITMAN, THOMAS JEFFERSON - Dear Brother Walt: The Letters of Thomas Jefferson Whitman
6990: WHITMONT, EDWARD C. - Psyche and Substance. ; Essays on Homeopathy in the Light of Jungian Psychology
4520: WHYTE, DAVID - The Heart Aroused: Poetry and the Presentation of the Soul in Corporate America
18316: WICKETT, ELIZABETH - Seers, Saints and Sinners; the Oral Tradition of Upper Egypt
8284: WICKRAMASEKERA, IAN E. - Clinical Behavioral Medicine: Some Concepts and Procedures
17187: WICKS, ROBERT J. - Touching the Holy; Ordinariness, Self-Esteme and Friendship
539: WIENER, NORBERT - I Am a Mathematician: An Autobiography
4143: WIESEL, ELIE - Souls of Fire: Portraits and Legends of the Hasidic Masters
18281: WIESEL, ELIE - Souls of Fire: Portraits and Legends of the Hasidic Masters
19829: WIESEL, ELIE - Zalmen, or the Madness of God
6151: SCHOECK HELMUT & WIGGINS, JAMES W. (EDS.) - Relativism and the Study of Man
18780: WIGGINS, LIDA KECK - The Mysteries of Life; or the Revelations of Faces, Figures and Fortunes
18619: WILBER, KEN - Grace and Grit; Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber
12543: WILBER, KEN; TERRY PATTEN; ADAM LEONARD; MARCO MORELLI - Integral Life Practive. ; a 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening
17755: WILBER, KEN - Grace and Grit; Spirituality and Healing in the Life and Death of Treya Killam Wilber
6037: WILBER, KEN - A Brief History of Everything
6651: WILBER, KEN - Eye to Eye: The Quest for a New Paradigm
9400: WILBER, KEN - The Eye of the Spirit: An Intergral Vision for a World Gone Mad
18453: WILBER, KEN - One Taste; the Journals of Ken Wilber
18713: WILBER, KEN - Integral Meditation
9248: WILCOX, ELLA WHEELER - Sonnets of Sorrow and Triumph
6273: WILDE, OSCAR - The Letters of Oscar Wilde
6996: WILDE, OSCAR - De Profundis
9542: WILDE, OSCAR - De Profundis
16666: WILEY, STEVEN B. - The Human Side of High Performance; Empowering Yourself for the Future
3268: WILHELM, HELLMUT - Change: 8 Lectures on the I Ching
19486: WILKERSON, ISABEL - The Warmth of Other Suns; the Epic Story of America's Great Migration
174: [MERTON] WILKES, PAUL; ED - Merton: By Those Who Knew Him Best
20176: WILKINSON, JOHN T. - Principles of Biblical Interpretation
11567: WILKINSON, ROY - Rudolf Steiner: Aspects of His Spiritual World View, Anthroposophy, Volume 3
3649: WILKINSON, J.V.S. - The Lights of Canopus: Anvar I. Suhaili
19614: PAT WILLIAMS; JILL WILLIAMS - Keep the Fire Glowing
17511: WILLIAMS, EMMANUEL - Going Home; Subud Members' Writings About Death and Dying
8442: WILLIAMS, WENDY - The Power Within: True Stories of Exceptional Patients Who Fought Back with Hope
4871: WILLIAMS, PAUL - Remember Your Essence
5062: WILLIAMS, JOHN ALDEN (ED.) - Islam
16526: WILLIAMS, L.F. RYSHBROOK (ED.) - Sufi Studies: East and West
18222: WILLIAMS, BERNARD O. (ED.) - Sublte Energies & Energy Medicine; Volume Eighteen, Number One
18223: WILLIAMS, BERNARD O. (ED.) - Sublte Energies & Energy Medicine; Volume Eighteen, Number Two
4582: WILLIAMS, JOHN ALDEN (ED.) - Themes of Islamic Civilization
19833: WILLIAMS, DAVID H. - The Welsh Cistercians; Aspects of Their Economic History
8930: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS - Letter to Julia
11635: WILLIAMSON, MARIANNE - The Healing of America
19925: WILLIS, JANICE DEAN - The Diamond Light of the Eastern Dawn. ; a Collection of Tibetan Buddhist Meditations
7473: WILLIS, JANICE DEAN - The Diamond Light of the Eastern Dawn. ; a Collection of Tibetan Buddhist Meditations
4331: WILLS, GEOFFREY - Jade of the East
10433: WILLSON, DAVID - The Impressions of the Mind. ; to Which Are Added Some Remarks on the Church and State Discipline, and the Acting Principles of Life
5043: STENNETT-WILLSON, RONNIE - Towards Inner Freedom
5677: WILSON, COLIN - The Essential Colin Wilson
5822: WILSON, COLIN - The Strange Life of P.D. Ouspensky
10467: WILSON, COLIN - The Occult: A History
4049: WILSON, IRA G. & MARTHANN E. - Information, Computers and System Design
18930: WILSON, COLIN - After Life; Survival of the Soul
7784: WILSON, COLIN - The Laurel & Hardy Theory of Consciousness
12289: WILSON, COLIN - Atlantis and the Kingdom of the Neanderthals. ; 100,000 Years of Lost History
2615: WILSON, COLIN - Mysteries
3905: WILSON, ROBERT A. - Gertrude Stein: A Bibliography
5473: WILSON, COLIN - The Space Vampires
699: WILSON, COLIN - Mysterious Powers
751: WILSON, COLIN - The Occult: A History
750: WILSON, COLIN, ET AL. - Men of Mystery
19695: WILT, JUDITH; NANCY DAVENPORT; KIMBERLY VANESVELD ADAMS; JAMES NAJARIAN (ED.) - Religion and the Arts: Volume 13-1 (2009)
17233: WINBIGLER, CHARLES F. - Suggestion: Its Law and Application; or, the Principle and Practice of Psycho-Therapeutics
18906: WINDER, WARIANNE; MARTIN PLESSNER; CARL PERRIN; DAVID C. GOODMAN; SATICH C. KAPOOR, J.B. MORRELL; W.H. BROCK; WALTER PAGEL - Ambix, Vol. XVI; the Journal of the Society for the Study of Alchemy and Early Chemistry
2396: [FLANNER] WINEAPPLE, BRENDA - Genet, a Biography of Janet Flanner
11433: WINEMAN, ARYEH - Mystic Tales from the Zohar
10122: WINKLER, KEN - Pilgrim of the Clear Light. ; the Biography of Dr. Walter Y. Evans-Wentz
6637: WINMAR, FRANCES - The Life of the Heart: George Sand & Her Times
4707: WINNEY, MARGARET - Sculpture in Britain: 1530 to 1830
1355: WINNY, JAMES (ED.) - The Frame of Order: An Outline of Elizabethan Belief Taken from Treatises of the Sixteenth Century
6892: GONZÁLEZ-WIPPLER, MIGENE - A Kabbalah for the Modern World: How God Created the Universe
15574: WIRYOHUDOYO, IBU SITI RAHAYU - Talks by Ibu Rahayu
10251: EDITORS OF THE SHRINE OF WISDOM - Ideal Philosophy
16006: EDITORS OF THE SHRINE OF WISDOM - The Chaldean Oracles
16007: EDITORS OF THE SHRINE OF WISDOM - Sacred Mythoi of Demigods and Heroes; Prometheus, Perseus, Hercules
16016: EDITORS OF THE SHRINE OF WISDOM - A Synthesis of the Teachings of St. Paul
17204: EDITORS OF THE HRINE OF WISDOM - Plotinus and the Path to Liberation; the One, the Universe and the Soul in the Philosophy of Plotinus
9094: EDITORS OF THE SHRINE OF WISDOM - The Simple Way of Lao Tsze. ; an Analysis of the Tao-Teh Canon with Comments
15867: WISSE, RUTH R. - If I Am Not for Myself... ; the Liberal Betrayal of the Jews
12469: WITMER, LIGHTNER - The Nearing Case: The Limitation of Academic Freedom at the University of Pennsylvania by Act of the Board of Trustees, June 14, 1915
17464: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
16920: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Philosophical Investigations
12228: WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG - Philosophical Grammar
8734: WOLBERG, LEWIS R. - Handbook of Short-Term Psychotherapy
8583: WOLBERG, LEWIS R. - Hypnosis: Is It for You
8196: WOLBERG, LEWIS R., ET AL. - Short-Term Psychotherapy
13761: WOLF, FRED ALAN - Star Wave: Mind, Consciousness and Quantum Physics
16714: HUNGRY WOLF, BEVERY - The Ways of My Grandmothers
17739: WOLFE, GREGORY - Image: Art, Faith, Mystery, Number 44
18662: WOLFE, EDWIN - Episodes with Gurdjieff
8184: WOLFF, HAROLD G. - Stress and Disease
18420: MERRELL-WOLFF, FRANKLIN - Aphorisms on Consciousness-without-an-Object
18421: MERRELL-WOLFF, FRANKLIN - Franklin Merrell-Wolff's Experience and Philosophy; a Personal Record of Transformation and a Discussion of Transcendental Consciousness
19629: WOLFF, RICHARD - The Popular Encyclopedia of World Religions; a User-Friendly Guide to Their Beliefs, History, and Impact on Our World Today
16159: WOLINSKY, STEPHEN - Quantum Consciouness; the Guide to Experiencing Quantum Psychology
11383: WOLINSKY, STEPHEN - I Am That I Am: A Tribute to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
5954: WOLINSKY, STEPHEN - Trances People Live: Healing Approaches in Quantum Psychology
5460: WOLLASTON, ARTHUR - The Religion of the Koran
16559: WONG, EVA (TRANS.) - Seven Taoist Masters; a Folk Novel of China
11328: WOOD, ERNEST - Great Systems of Yoga
11981: WOOD, ERNEST - Seven Schools of Yoga
15763: WOOD, ERNEST - Memory Training: A Practical Course
5893: WOOD, ERNEST - Yoga Wisdom
7538: WOOD, RAMSEY - Kalil and Dimna: Selected Fables of Bidpai
4310: [MERTON] WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Thomas Merton: Monk and Poet, a Critical Study
162: [MERTON] WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Thomas Merton: Monk and Poet
9766: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Dawn and the Darkest Hour: A Study of Aldous Huxley
6042: WOODMAN, MARION - The Ravaged Bridegroom. ; Masculinity in Women
5044: WOODSON, JON - To Make a New Race: Gurdjieff, Toomer, and the Harlem Renaissance
10227: WOODWARD, MARY ANN (ED.) - That Ye May Heal
5743: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; LEASKE, MITHCHELL A. (ED.) - A Passionate Apprentice: The Early Journals, 1879-1909
8172: WOOLFOLK, ROBERT L. & PAUL M. LEHRER (EDS.) - Principles and Practice of Stress Management
13103: WOOLGER, ROGER J. - Other Lives, Other Selves. ; a Jungian Psychotherapist Discovers Past Lives
17285: A WORKER - Words on the Work. ; by a Worker Talking to Others
17221: A WORKER - Words on the Work. ; by a Worker Talking to Others
13013: ABRAHAM VON WORMS - The Book of Abramelin
19818: WORTMAN, EDITH POWELL - Farewell My Love
20211: WRIGHT, G. ERNEST - The Biblical Doctrine of Man in Society
8925: WRIGHT, OLGIVANNA LLOYD - The Struggle Within
4317: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Genius and the Mobocracy
4318: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - An American Architecture
11747: WRIGHT, ARTHUR F. - Buddhism in Chinese History
12770: WRIGHT, H. NORMAN - Self-Talk, Imagery, and Prayer in Counseling
13502: WRIGHT, OLGIVANNA LLOYD - The Struggle Within
15480: WRIGHT, OLGIVANNA LLOYD - The Struggle Within
16408: WRIGHT, OLGIVANNA LLOYD - The Roots of Life
17350: WRIGHT, OLGIVANNA LLOYD - The Roots of Life
7249: WRIGHT, OLGIVANNA LLOYD - The Roots of Life
19748: WRIGHT, MACHAELLE SMALL - Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon
19661: WRIGHT, D. FREDERICK - Man and the Glacial Period
19780: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Black Boy; a Record of Childhood and Youth
16600: VEN DE WTERING, JANWILLEM - The Empty Mirror; Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastary
19021: WUIDAR, LAURENCE (ED.) - Music and Esotericism
18939: WYATT, DON J. - The Recluse of Loyang; Shao Yung and the Moral Evolution of Early Sung Thought
19269: WYATT, NICK - The Mythic Mind: ; Essays on Cosmology and Religion in Ugaritic and Old Testament Literature
6799: WYCHERLEY, R.E. - How the Greeks Built Cities
16990: WYCKOFF, JAMES - Wilhelm Reich; Life Force Explorer
16935: WYCKOFF, JAMES - Franz Anton Mesmer: Between God and Devil
16927: WYCKOFF, JAMES - Pyramid Energy; and How It Works for You!
19562: WYCKOFF, JAMES - The Lost Continent of Atlantis
2888: WYNDHAM, VIOLET - The Sphinz and Her Circle: A Biographical Sketch of Ada Leverson, 1862-1933
12355: WYNKOOP, MILRED BANGS - A Theology of Love: The Dynamic of Wesleyanism
19506: MALCOLM X; ALEX HALEY - The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
18040: YADIN, YIGAEL - The Message of the Scrolls
19639: YAGAN, MURAT - Kebzeh; Essentials of Sufism from the Caucasus Mountains
1540: YALE, JOHN - The Yankee and the Swamis
18835: YAMPOLSKY, PHILIP B. - The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch; the Text of the Tun-Huang Manuscript
20155: YARNOLD, G.D. - Risen Indeed; Studies in the Lord's Resurrection
12898: YASGUR, JAY - A Dictionary of Homeopathic Medical Terminology
11293: YATES, FRANCES A. - The Art of Memory
18807: YATES, FRANCES - The Rosicrucian Enlightenment
8363: YATES, AUBREY J. - Biofeedback and the Modification of Behavior
15636: YEHUDA, ZVI - Babylonian Jewry: #2; a Journal for Research in the History and Culture of Babylonian Jewry
20200: YELLOWTAIL, THOMAS - Native Spirit and the Sun Dance Way
19946: YESHE, LAMA - Universal Love; the Yoga Method of Buddha Maitreya
10810: YESHE, LAMA - Becoming Your Own Therapist: An Introduction to the Buddhist Way of Thought
16525: EL-YEZDI, HAJI ABDU; RICHARD BURTON (TRANS.) - The Kasidah of Haji Abdu El-Yezdi
20002: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - The Science of Religion
19994: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - Autobiography of a Yogi
19808: YOGANANDA - Songs of the Soul
10627: YOGANANDA, PARAMHANSA; SWAMI KRIYANANDA - The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita: Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda
15612: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - Autobiography of a Yogi
16851: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - The Science of Religion
17543: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - Man's Eternal Quest; Collected Talks & Essays on Realizing God in Daily Life: Volume I.
17548: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - The Divine Romance; Collected Talks & Essays on Realizing God in Daily Life: Volume II
18102: [YOGANANDA] - Awake: The Life of Yogananda
7890: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - The Science of Religion
9620: YOGANANDA, PARAMHANSA - The Rubaiyat: Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda
10585: YOGANANDA - Songs of the Soul
19809: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - Autobiography of a Yogi
19326: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - Whispers from Eternity
16702: YONAN, ISAAC MALEK - The Beloved Physician of Teheran
19659: YONUG, C.A. - Other Worlds Than Ours
3816: YOO, YUSHIN - Books on Buddhism: An Annotated Subject Guide
18597: YOUNG, M. - The Baul Tradition; Sahaj Vision East & West
15691: YOUNG, SHINZEN; JEFFREY MISHLOVE - Benefits of Long-Term Meditation
18413: YOUNG, AUTHUR M. - Nested Time; an Astrological Autobiography
18529: YOUNG, STANLEY - The Missions of California
6636: YOUNG, COLONEL G.F. - The Medici
13859: YOURCENAR, MARGUREITE - A Coin in Nine Hands
6334: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE - Two Lives and a Dream
9968: YOURCENAR, MARGUREITE - Orental Tales
7729: YOUSEFI, NAGHI - Religion and Revolution in the Modern World. ; Ali Shari'Ati's Islam and Persian Revolution
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