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6704: - Britain in Europe. The Benefits of Membership
752: CAILLOT. A. - Abrege de L' Histoire Ancienne de Rollin, a L'Usage de la Jeunesse Studieuse
6368: ABBOTT, JACOB - History of Nero
7103: ABERCROMBIE, JOE - Half the World
5500: ABNETT, DAN. RICHARDSON, KARL - Warhammer Lone Wolves the Miracle
6848: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - Life, the Universe and Everything
6849: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
6354: ADAMS, MAURICE & HENRI DE WAELE & JOHAN MEEUSEN - Judging Europe's Judges
6532: ADAMS, FRANK - My Book of Story Pictures. From Drawings by Frank Adams
6850: ADAMS, DOUGLAS - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
828: ADAMS, REV. W. - Sacred Allegories. The Shadow of the Cross. The Distant Hills. The Old Man's Home. The King's Messengers
5084: AGNEW, KATE & GEOFF FOX - Children at War
2379: AINSWORTH, W. - The Lancashire Witches a Romance of Pendle Forest
5425: ALERBY, EVA & JILL BROWN - Voices from the Margins School Experiences of Indigenous, Refugee and Migrant Children
2968: ALEXANDER, MARC; WILSON, COLIN - To Anger the Devil an Account of the Work of Exorcist Extraordinary the Reverend Dr. Donald Omand
5071: ALEXANDER, JASON - Forex Hijacker a Proven Way to Raid the Currency Markets
3672: ALMOND, DAVID & POLLY DUNBAR - My Dad's a Birdman
5459: ALVESSON, MATS & STEFAN SVENINGSSON - Changing Organizational Culture Cultural Change Work in Progress
6736: ANAM, TAHMIMA - A Golden Age
6972: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN - Danish Fairy Tales and Legends
5655: ANGWIN & MATTHEW CHECKLEY & DUNCAN ANGWIN - Mergers and Acquisitions
6916: ANNANDALE, DAVID - The Unburdened. Betrayal at Calth. The Horus Heresy
6712: ANON - The Cottager's Friend, and Guide of the Young. For the Year 1838. Volume II
2258: ANON - The Concise Planetary Ephemeris for 1900 to 1950 A.D. At Midnight
4228: ANON - Sinister Tales No. 64
4214: ANON - The Red Dwarf
4218: ANON - A Broken Idol
5628: ARAKI, KEVIN - Petite Amie Leah Dizon
1617: ARANY, JANOS - Osszes Munkai. Prozai Dolgozatai. Uj Lenyomat
4857: ARIWERIOKUMA, SOALA - The Political Economy of Oil and Gas in Africa the Case of Nigeria
5588: ARMSTRONG, KAREN - The Case for God
6232: ARNELL, CHARLES JOHN - An English Lute. A New Anthology of English Verse
2877: ARNOLD, DOUGLAS. WRIGHT, RONALD - New Set of Values the Teachings of Hafed
6542: ARNOLD, EVE - Marilyn Monroe Magnum Photos Catalogue
5388: ARNOT, MADELEINE & MAIRTIN MAC AN GHAILL - The Routledge Reader in Gender & Education
3156: VARIOUS ARTISTS - Witchblade Rebirth Volume 1
6824: ASHDOWN, PADDY - Games of Spies. The Secret Agent, the Traitor and the Nazi
3515: ASHISH, DEV & RAO VANDANA - Performance Measurement in Financial Institutions in an Erm Framework a Practitioner Guide
4829: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Double Planet. Illustrations by John Bradford
4679: ATKINSON, M. E. - Going Gangster. A Novel for Boys and Girls
3537: ATKINSON, KATE - When Will There Be Good News
4288: AUTHOR - Clive Heritage -Tilley
4289: AUTHOR - In the Mood for Love
6635: AXELROD, MARK & DIMITRI RADOYCE - The Poetics of Novels Fiction and Its Execution
4248: AZANI, EITAN - Hezbollah the Story of the Party of God: From Revolution to Institutionalization
7132: BACON, TONY - Rickenbacker Electric 12 String. The Story of the Guitars, the Music, and the Great Players
5987: BAEDEKER, KARL - Switzerland and the Adjacent Portions of Italy, Savoy, and Tyrol. Handbook for Travellers
5492: BAER, ROBERTA D. - Cooking and Coping Among the Cacti Diet, Nutrition and Available in Northwest Mexico
5490: BAER, ROBERTA D. - Cooking and Coping Among the Cacti Diet, Nutrition and Available in Northwest Mexico
3149: BAIN, F. W. - A Heifer of the Dawn. Translated from the Original Manuscript
3617: BAKER, PHILIP & ADAM H. BALEN & LUCILLA POSTON & NAVEED SATTAR - Obesity and Reproductive Health
7115: BALDACCI, DAVID - The Fix
3277: DE BALZAC, H. - Les Contes Drolatiques. Tome Second Illustrations de A. Robida
7129: BARKER, CHRISTOPHER THOMPSON - The Chambered Tombs of South-West Wales. A Re-Assessment of the Neolithic Burial Monuments of Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. Oxbow Monograph 19
2488: BARLING, TOM & BRAM STOKER - Dracula
5387: BARNBROOK, GEOFF - Defining Language a Local Grammar of Definition Sentences
5395: BARNETT, RONALD & ROBERTO DI NAPOLI - Changing Identities in Higher Education Voicing Perspectives
4639: LIEUT. WILLIAM BARR, BENGAL HORSE ARTILL - Journal of a March from Delhi to Peshawur and from Thence to Cabul with the Mission of Lieut-Colonel Sir C.M. Wade
4636: BARTLETT, TIM - Rya Navigation Handbook
2602: BAST, ANYA - Blood of the Rose
2872: BASTIAN - Picasso Von Mougins Nach Baden-Baden /Allemand
6216: BATES, H. E. - The Four Beauties
2819: BATTISCOMBE, GEORGINA - Queen Alexandra
6499: BAYNE, ROWAN. NICOLSON, PAULA. HORTON, IAN - Counselling and Communication Skills for Medical and Health Practitioners
2971: BAYNHAM, WALTER - The Glasgow Stage
6578: ENES BAYRAKLI, FARID HAFEZ - European Islamaphobia Report 2015
5697: LEPRINCE DE BEAUMONT, MADAME - Magasin Des Adolescentes, Ou Dialogues Entre Une Sage Gouvernante, Et Ses Eleves Tome VI
836: BECKER, W. A. - Gallus. Or Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus
6700: BECKWITH, LILLIAN - Lightly Poached
2899: BENNETT, STEVEN C, ESQ - The Path to Partnership a Guide for Junior Associates
6055: BENNETT, MRS. (AGNES MARIA) - The Beggar Girl and Her Benefactors. Vol. II
5450: BENOIT, KENNETH & MICHAEL LAVER - Party Policy in Modern Democracies
5966: BENTLEY, PETER J. - Evolutionary Design by Computers [with Cd Rom]
4519: BENZ, ARNOLD - The Future of the Universe Chance, Chaos, God
4147: BERBEROGLU, BERCH - Globalization in the 21st Century Labor, Capital, and the State on a World Scale
786: DE BERGERAC, CYRANO - Satyrical Characters and Handsome Descriptions in Letters. (Translated from the French)
6348: SANDWALL-BERGSTROM, MARTHA - Anna Wins Through
6263: BERLIN, ISAIAH - The Crooked Timber of Humanity Chapters in the History of Ideas
5787: BERLIOZ - Berlioz, Messe Solennelle Partition Chant Et Piano
6688: DE BERNIERES, LOUIS - The Dust That Falls from Dreams
5718: BESSON, AUGUSTIN & FREDERIC SAEGESSER - A Colour Atlas of Chest Trauma and Associated Injuries V. 2
6852: BEST, W. T. EAGLEFIELD HULL, DR. A. BACH, JOHNN SEBASTIEN - Johann Sebastien Bach Organ Works. Volume VIII. Short Choral-Preludes
4267: SAINTE-BEUVE, M. - Memoires de Madame Elliott Sur la Revolution Francaise Traduits de L'Anglais Par le Cte de Baillon Avec Une Appreciation Critique Par M. Sainte-Beuve
6120: BICKERSTAFF, ISSAC. MURPHY, ARTHUR. LEWIS, M. G. - Oxberry's Plays. The Woodman's Hut. Love in a Village, a Comic Opera. The Way to Keep Him. The Castle Spectre
2758: BIESTEK, FELIX P. - The Casework Relationship
4149: BIGMAN, PROF DAVID - Poverty, Hunger, and Democracy in Africa Potential and Limitations of Democracy in Cementing Multiethnic Societies
6556: BIGOLD, M. - Women of Letters, Manuscript Circulation, and Print Afterlives in the Eighteenth Century Elizabeth Rowe, Catharine Cockburn and Elizabeth Carter... Romanticism and the Cultures of Print)
6996: BILLINGHAM, MARK - In the Dark
5504: BINNEY, GEORGE. WILKE, GERHARD. WILLIAMS, COLIN - Living Leadership a Practical Guide for Ordinary Heroes
6268: BION, WILFRED R. & FRANCESCA BION - Bion in New York and Sao Paulo
5037: BLACK, J. STEWART & HAL GREGERSEN - It Starts with One Changing Individuals Changes Organizations
6157: BLACKMAN, HADEN & J. H. WILLIAMS III & AMY REEDER HADLEY - Batwoman - Hydrology (the New 52)
6875: BLAIR, HUGH - Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres. Vol. II
2773: BLAKER, MARY - The Pagan Lover
2888: BLIND, MATHILDE - Birds of Passage. Songs of the Orient and Occident
5394: BLOOM, PROF. HAROLD - Arthur Miller
6278: BLUEBOOKS - Beachboys
2718: BLUMENFELD, YORICK - The Waters of Forgetfulness
6531: WYNTER-BLYTH, M. A. - Butterflies of the Indian Region. 27 Coloured and 45 Black-and-White Plates
76: BLYTON, ENID - GENERAL EDITOR - Modern Teaching in the Infant School
4441: BOGDANOF, IGOR & GRICHKA - Le Docteur Who Entre En Scène
6135: BOGEL, DR. C. - Schul Worterbuch Der Deutchen Sprache Etc.
3143: BOLANO, ROBERTO - Monsieur Pain Translated by Chris Andrews
4022: BORER, M. CATHCART - The Highcroft Mystery
3325: BOSWELL, JAMES - Boswell's Life of Johnson. Edited with an Introduction by Mowbray Morris
3105: BOTHA, RUDOLF P. - Challenging Chomsky the Generative Garden Game
7058: DEMBSKI-BOWDEN, AARON. FRENCH, JOHN. MCNEILL, GRAHAM. SWALLOW, JAMES. WRAIGHT, CHRIS. ETC. - War without End. Hersey Begets Retribution. The Horus Hersey
5455: BOWLES, PAUL & RAY BROOMHILL & TERESA GUTIÉRREZ-HACES & STEPHEN MCBRIDE - International Trade and Neoliberal Globalism Towards Re-Peripheralisation in Australia, Canada and Mexico
5454: BOWLES, PAUL & RAY BROOMHILL & TERESA GUTIÉRREZ-HACES & STEPHEN MCBRIDE - International Trade and Neoliberal Globalism Towards Re-Peripheralisation in Australia, Canada and Mexico
6939: BOWMAN, MARTIN W. - Legend of the Lancsters. The Bomber War from England 1942-45
7116: BOWYER, MICHAEL J F. - Fighting Colours. Raf Fighter Camouflage and Markings 1937-1975
7108: BRADLEY, RICHARD. EDMONDS, MARK - Interpreting the Axe Trade. Production and Exchange in Neolithic Britain
7126: BRADLEY, RICHARD - Rock Art and the Prehistory of Atlantic Europe
2490: BRAYBROOKE, MARCUS; COGGAN, LORD - Children of One God History of the Council of Christians and Jews
3502: BRENTANO, ROBERT. KAMINSKY, HOWARD. LEYERLE, JOHN. ROBINSON, FRED C. WENGER, LUKE. (EDITORS) - The Prophetia Merlini of Geoffrey of Monmouth. A Fifteenth-Century English Commentary. Edited with an Introduction by Caroline D. Eckhardt
4241: BRETHERTON, LUKE - Hospitality As Holiness Christian Witness Amid Moral Diversity
5913: BREWER, GEORGE - The Juvenile Lavater; or, a Familiar Explanation of the Passions of le Brun, Calculated for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young Persons; Interspersed with Moral and Amusing Tales, Illustrating the Benefit and Happiness Attendant on the Good Passions, and the Misfortunes Which Ensue the Bad, in the Circustances of Life
3895: BREWSTER, CHRIS & PAUL SPARROW & GUY VERNON - International Human Resource Management
4376: BRIDGES, BILL & STEVE BROWN & WILLIAM SPENCER-HALE & J. MORRISON & RICHARD STRONG - Rage Across the Amazon a Regional Sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse
3630: BRIERLEY, HENRY - [55] the Registers of the Cathedral Church of Manchester Baptisms and Marriages, 1616 to 1655. Volume II. - Part I.
6990: BRISCO, THOMAS V. - Holman Bible Atlas. A Complete Guide to the Expansive Geography of Biblical History
3363: BRONTË, CHARLOTTE, EMILY JANE & ANNE - Poems Selected by Stevie Davies
1764: BRONTË, CHARLOTTE - Shirley. Lithographs by Walter Hoyle
6941: SERGISON BROOKE, B. N. - Standing Orders of the Brigade of Guards
4895: BROOKS, TERRY - The Elves of Cintra Genesis of Shannara, Book 2
6182: BROWN, WILLIAM J. & HAYS W. "SKIP" MCCORMICK & SCOTT W. THOMAS - Anti-Patterns in Project Management
6125: BROWN, LORD - Fundamentals of Digital Logic with Verilog Design
4168: BROWNING, ROBERT - Selections from the Poetical Works of Robert Browning
6472: BUCHANAN, ALEC - Compliance with Treatment in Schizophrenia
6612: BUDD, MICHAEL ANTON - The Sculpture Machine Physical Culture and Body Politics in the Age of Empire
6885: BURCHELL, MARY - The Curtain Rises
866: BURKE, THOMAS N. - Lectures and Sermons
2016: BURKETT, MOLLY - Unsolved
6228: BURLEY, W. J. - Charles and Elizabeth
4721: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - Haworth's a Novel
780: BURNS, JAMES - The Christ Face in Art
6613: BUSFIELD, JOAN - Men, Women and Madness
4368: BUSIEK, KURT & BRENT E. ANDERSON & ALEX ROSS - Astro City 2 Confesion / Confession
2382: BUTLER, GWENDOLINE - Brides of Friedberg
5484: BYERS, MARVIN - The Final Victory the Year 2000
4326: BYRON, LORD - The Works of Lord Byron with His Letters and Journals, and His Life, by Thomas Moore
4906: CAHILL, NESSA - Company Law Compliance and Enforcement
5978: CAIRNS, IAN - Deuteronomy Word and Presence
4290: CAIRNS, SALLY. NEWSON, CAREY - Predict and Decide. Aviation, Climate Change and Uk Policy. Final Report
7094: CALDER, IAN. PEARCE, ADRIAN - Core Topics in Airway Management
4308: CAMPBELL, MARK - Dimensions in Time and Space
7054: CAMPBELL, ALAN - Scar Night. Volume One of the Deepgate Codex
4287: CANNON, JOSH - Silent Scream
1969: CAPRIO, FRANK S. - Female Homosexuality. A Psychodynamic Study of Lesbianism. Foreword by Karl M. Bowman
5491: CARLI, AUGUSTO & ULRICH AMMON - Linguistic Inequality in Scientific Communication Today What Can Future Applied Linguistics Do to Mitigate Disadvantages for Non-Anglophones?. Aila Review, Volume 20: Vol 20
3430: CARLTON, BRONWYN & PETER GROSS & HERMANN MEJIA - Books of Faerie Auberon's Tale
5779: CASEY, TERRENCE - The Blair Legacy Politics, Policy, Governance, and Foreign Affairs
6128: CASH, MARGARET - The Hog's Progress
5431: CASSON, MARK & MARINA DELLA GIUSTA - The Economics of Networks
2748: CATTELLE, W. R. - Precious Stones. A Book of Reference for Jewellers
5641: CECIL, HENRY - Natural Causes
6973: CECIL - The Stud Farm; or, Hints on Breeding for the Turf, the Chase, and the Road
5446: CETTE, GILBERT & MICHEL FOUQUIN & HANS-WERNER SINN - Divergences in Productivity between Europe and the United States Measuring and Explaining Productivity Gaps between Developed Countries
5722: CHAMBERS, A. - Basic Vacuum Technology
3752: DE CHANDENEUX, CLAIRE - Folle? . .
6487: CHANDLER, MARILYN R. - A Healing Art Regeneration Through Autobiography
5411: CHANNARAYAPPA - Molecular Biotechnology Principles and Practices
3750: ERCKMAN-CHATRIAN - Waterloo Suite de Conscrit de 1813
5412: CHEN, PU - Molecular Interfacial Phenomena of Polymers and Biopolymers
6504: CHILD, LEE - Never Go Back
6544: CHILLIDA, EDUARDO - Homage to Chillida
7088: CHISHOLM, CLIVE SCOTT - Following the Wrong God Home. Footloose in an American Dream
5994: CHIU, CAROLINE - A Chinese Wunderkammer
6058: CHRISTUDAS, BINILDAS A. & MALHAR BARAI & VINCENZO CASELLI - Service Oriented Architecture with Java Using Soa and Web Services to Build Powerful Java Applications
4013: CHURCHILL, C. - The Ghost. Book III
2223: CLARK, MARY HIGGINS - A Stranger Is Watching
5703: CLARKE, DUNCAN - Crude Continent the Struggle for Africa's Oil Prize
4890: CLEMENT, JEAN A.P. & SHANAKA J. PEIRIS - Post-Stabilization Economics in Sub-Saharan Africa Lessons from Mozambique
2084: LE CLÉZIO, J. M. G. - The Giants. Translated from the French by Simon Watson Taylor
6450: CLIVDEN - The a-Team Storybook
5594: COGOY, MARIO & KARL W. STEININGER - The Economics of Global Environmental Change International Cooperation for Sustainability
3364: COLE, ALFRED W. - Lorimer Littlegood, Esq. , a Young Man Who Wished to See Society, and Saw It Accordingly
3532: COLE, KRESLEY - Macrieve
4327: COLE, CHRISTOPHER - Rfc Communiques 1918
2470: COLLINS, WILKIE - Cassells Magazine. New Series. Volume IV. Poor Mrs. Finch Illustrated by W. Rice Buckman. Gustave Dore. M. Ellen Edwards. Townley Green. Edward Hughes. John Lawson. J. M'l. Ralston. William Small. Gordon Thompson. E. Wagner. J.D. Watson Etc.
2894: COLLINS, WILKIE - I Say No. Or the Love-Letter Answered
6707: CONFUCIUS, FU-KIANG, HAKUSHY, LAO-TSE, TSENG-KUANG - Springs of Oriental Wisdom
6832: CONKLIN, TOM - Social & Emotional Learning
5570: CORBEL, ERIC - French Caribbean Ladies 100 Et 1 Modèles Pour Un Livre. .
3269: CORELLI, MARIE - The Treasure of Heaven. A Romance Riches
3267: CORELLI, MARIE - The Murder of Delicia
3274: CORELLI, MARIE - The Secret Power. A Romance of the Time
3272: CORELLI, MARIE - God's Good Man. A Simple Love Story
6772: COTTER, SUZANNE - Jannis Kounellis
5905: COTTIN, MADAME - Elizabeth; or, the Exiles of Siberia. A Tale, Founded Upon Facts. From the French of Madame Cottin
5044: COWAN, CHARLES - XML in Technical Communication
6702: COWPER, WILLIAM - The Poetical Works of William Cowper
3323: COWPER, E. E. - The White Witch of Rosel. Illustrated by Gordon Browne, R.I.
4276: COWPER, WILLIAM - The Life and Works of William Cowper. Complete in One Volume
5085: MAKIN & COOPER & COX - Organisations Psychological Contract Managing People at Work
5452: COYER, KATE & TONY DOWMUNT & ALAN FOUNTAIN - The Alternative Media Handbook
5121: CRABB, JAMES - The Gipsies' Advocate
3634: CRABBE, GEORGE - Selected Poems of George Crabbe. Selected and Introduced by Geoffrey Grigson
4881: CRASKE, DARREN - The Equivoque Principle
4831: CREE, JEAN - A Pocketful of Ponies. With Drawings by Joan Begbie
5883: CRICH, TIM - Recording Tips for Engineers for Cleaner, Brighter Tracks
6945: CRISPIN, NICK - Legendary Bass Guitar Songs
6604: CURTI, LIDIA - Female Stories, Female Bodies Narrative, Identity, and Representation
7092: DALZELL, RUTH. SAWYER, EMMA - Putting Analysis Into Assessment. Undertaking Assessments of Need
5313: DARCEY, LAUREN & SHANE CONDER - Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours
5935: DARLING, PETER MIDDLETON - The Romance of the Highlands. Volume 2
6770: DARROW, PAUL - Blake 7. Lucifer
6923: DARWIN, CHARLES - Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage Round the World of H.M. S. 'Beagle' Under Command of Captain Fitz Roy, R.N.
6922: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
5194: DATE, C.J. - An Introduction to Database Systems
4565: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - The Hope of the Family. Adapted by Levin Carnac
7141: DAVEY, ANN. INCE, COLIN S. - Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice
7134: DAVIDSON, J. L. HENSHALL, A. S. - The Chambered Cairns of Caithness
4266: DAVIES, DAVID STUART - The Tangled Skein
4931: DAY, GARY & LIBBY DI NIRO - The Rainbow and Women in Love
4264: DEFOE, DANIEL - Aventures de Robinson Crusoe Traduites de Daniel de Foe. Nouvelle Edition Revue Et Corrigee Avec Soin Illustre 24 Gravures Sur Bois, D'Apres K. Girardet
4610: DENTON, LYN - Changed Forever Never the Same Again
4404: DENYER, P.B. & DAVID RENSHAW - Vlsi Signal Processing a Bit-Serial Approach
3349: DESBEAUX, EMILE - Les Pourquois de Mademoiselle Suzanne Preface de M. Xavier Marmier. Dessins de MM. De Monvel, Scott, Vogel, Edouard Zier Etc. Gravure de F. Meaulle
6130: DETLEF, KARL - Unlösliche Bande. Novelle.
5135: DEZAGO, TODD & MIKE WIERINGO - Tellos #2 Dynamic Forces Exclusive Gold Foil Cover
5428: DICK, HOWARD & DAVID MERRETT - The Internationalisation Strategies of Small-Country Firms the Australian Experience of Globalisation
1672: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
3289: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. With a Frontispiece. In Two Volumes
3381: DICKENS, CHARLES - Sketches by Boz. Illustrative of Every-Day Life and Every-Day People. Illustrated
4003: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
4210: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Adventures of Oliver Twist. With a Frontispiece by George Cruikshank
4239: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
6038: DINE, JIM - Painted Monoprints 11 September-12 October 2002
7105: DIXON, JOHN C. - Tyres, Suspension and Handling
5886: DODGE, TOBY & NICHOLAS REDMAN - Afghanistan to 2015 and Beyond
5404: SYLVIA SPATTINI & G DI DOMENIC - New European Approaches to Long-Term Unemployment What Role for Public Employment Services and What Market for Private Stakeholders
3369: DONALDSON, STEPHEN - A Man Rides Through
6815: DRENDEL, LOU - F-100 Super Sabre in Action. Aircraft No. Nine
2388: DUERRENMATT, FRRIEDRICH - The Quarry. Translated from the German by Eva H. Morreale
4002: DUFFIELD, ANNE - A Bevy of Maids
6511: DUFFY, MARGARET - Dust to Dust
4467: DUFFY, JO & CHRIS CLAREMONT & TONY SALMONS & TOM PALMER & MIKE VOSBURG & STEVE LEIALOHA & KLAUS JANSON - Resurrection of Evil. To Take the Tarkin. Shira's Story. The Water Bandits
4466: DUFFY, JO & CHRIS CLAREMONT & TONY SALMONS & TOM PALMER & MIKE VOSBURG & STEVE LEIALOHA & KLAUS JANSON - What Ever Happened to Jabba the Hut? . Raiders in the Void. The Last Jedi. The Crimson Forever
3751: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE. (FILS) - L'Ami Des Femmes
3223: DUNHAM, DONALD CARL - Romanian Profile a Study of National Character As Reflected in the Visual Arts
7055: DUNMORE, HELEN - The Tide Knot
6956: DUSINBERRE, JULIET - Virginia Woolf's Renaissance. Woman Reader or Common Reader
6610: DUSINBERRE, JULIET - Shakespeare and the Nature of Women
6633: DUSINBERRE, JULIET - Virginia Woolf's Renaissance Woman Reader or Common Reader
6131: ECKERMANN, JOHANN PETER - Gespräche Mit Goethe in Den Letzten Jahren Seines Lebens
6113: EDDEN, STEPHEN - The Wordsmith's Tale Special Edition
6534: EDMONDS, HARRY - Red Desert
4176: EDRIC, ROBERT - The Devil's Beat
2636: EDWARDS, HANK - Fluffers Inc
2969: EDWARDS, H. SUTHERLAND - Famous Representations
4011: EGAN, LESLEY - Paper Chase
6508: ELIOT, T. S. & LAWRENCE RAINEY - The Annotated Waste Land with Eliot?S Contemporary Prose Second Edition
4132: ELLIOTT, DAVID - Nuclear or Not? Does Nuclear Power Have a Place in a Sustainable Energy Future
6974: ELLIS, W. M. ASHTON. GLASENAPP, C. F. - Life of Richard Wagner: Being an Authorised English Version of C.F. Glasenapp's "Das Leben Richard Wagner's. " Vol. 1
2759: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Psychology of Sex. The Biology of Sex-the Sexual Impulse in Youth-Sexual Deviation-the Erotic Symbolisms-Homosexuality-Marriage-the Art of Love. A Manual for Students
4602: ELLIS, SARAH - Family Secrets or Hints to Those Who Would Make Home Happy
5753: ELLIS, WARREN & GRANOV , ADI - Iron Man Extremis
6975: ELLIS, W. M. ASHTON. GLASENAPP, C. F. - Life of Richard Wagner: Being an Authorised English Version by W.M. Ashton Ellis of C.F. Glasenapp's "Das Leben Richard Wagner's. " Vol. II
6683: ELSAESSER, THOMAS - New German Cinema. A History
6998: ELTON, BEN - Blind Faith
7143: EMMERSON, ANDREW - Electronic Classics. Collecting Restoration and Repair
4702: ENGLISH, LEONA M. - International Encyclopedia of Adult Education
6101: ENNIS, A. M. - The Contested Election; or a Courtier's Promises. Volume 1
5130: ENTERTAINMENT, BONGO - Simpsons Treasure Trove. No. 1
5897: ERICKSON, JOANIE & JEANINE COGAN - Lesbians, Levis, and Lipstick the Meaning of Beauty in Our Lives
3068: PRÉVOST D'EXILES, ANTOINE F. - Le Philosophe Anglois; Histoire de Cleveland, Fils Naturel de Cromwel, Ecrite Par Lui-Meme, Et Traduite de L'Anglois. Avec Figures
5386: FAIRLAMB, IAN J S & JASON M LYNAM - Organometallic Chemistry Volume 35
5948: FALLS, CYRIL - Tales of Hoffmann Retold from Offenbach's Opera
3966: FANELLI, JOSE M. - Understanding Market Reforms in Latin America Similar Reforms, Diverse Constituencies, Varied Results
3449: FARJEON, B. L. - The Mystery of M. Felix. A Novel in One Volume
4913: FARNES, ELEANOR - The Blessing in Disguise
1664: FARRAR, FREDERIC W. - The Early Days of Christianity
3817: FEILER, PAUL & PETER KHOROCHE - Paul Feiler. Janicon
6062: FEINER, ALFRED - Panta Re
6229: FEIST, RAYMOND E. - The Serpentwar Saga - Shards of a Broken Crown
3123: FFORDE, JASPER - The Well of Lost Plots
3456: FICHTELBERG, AARON - Law at the Vanishing Point a Philosophical Analysis of International Law
4660: FIELL, CHARLOTTE & PETER FIELL - Designing the 21st Century
6978: FIENNES, JOSLIN - The Origins of English Surnames
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6883: ABD-RU-SHIN - In the Light of Truth. The Grail Message. Vol. 2
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