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68433: D'URSO, S. & SMITH, R.A. (EDS) - Changes, Issues and Prospects in Australian Education.
42490: URWIN, GREGORY J.W. - The United States Infantry: Anillustrated History 1775-1918.
78737: USBORNE, ANN. - A Portrait of Islington.
53999: USHER, ROD. - Florid States.
89589: USHERWOOD, STEPHEN. - Reign By Reign.
87040: USTINOV, PETER. - The Old Man and Mr Smith. A Fable.
87041: USTINOV, PETER. - The Loser.
44870: USTINOV, PETER. - My Russia.
50010: USTINOV, PETER. - Dear Me.
50773: USTINOV, PETER. - Monsieur Rene.
69850: USTINOV, PETER. - My Russia.
87964: UTLEY, T. E. & MACLURE, J. STUART (EDITED BY). - Documents of Modern Political Thought.
69704: UTORODEWO, FELICIA N., ET AL. - Tirai Nusantara. Indonesian for Advanced Learner 1.
26874: UTZINGER, RUDOLF. - Masken. Orbis Pictus, Band 13.
71038: VACEK, KAREL & KENNEDY, JIMMY. - Play to Me, Gipsy!
39375: VACHELL, HORACE ANNESLEY. - The Hill. A Romance of Friendship.
86498: VADEBONCOEUR, PIERRE. - Independances. Essai.
85862: VAIDYA, HIND M. - Nepalese Cookery.
56260: VAILLAND, ROGER. - The Sovereigns. A Novel.
39950: VAILLANT, G.C. - The Aztecs of Mexico.
68218: VAIZEY, MRS GEORGE DE HORNE. - Sisters Three.
89564: VALE, BRENDA & ROBERT. - The Self-Sufficient House.
89079: VALENTINE, C. W. - Latin. Its Place and Value in Education.
84690: VALENTINE, MARK (EDITED BY). - Wormwood. Literature of the Fantastic, Supernatural and Decadeent. Number 6.
84686: VALENTINE, MARK (EDITED BY). - Wormwood. Literature of the Fantastic, Supernatural and Decadeent. Number 7.
84685: VALENTINE, MARK (EDITED BY). - Wormwood. Literature of the Fantastic, Supernatural and Decadeent. Number 9.
26661: VALLINS, G.H. - The Pattern of English.
32645: VALLINS, G.H. - The Best English.
54253: VALLINS, G.H. - The Pattern of English.
84777: VANBRUGH, JOHN. - The Relapse.
70017: VANCE, JACK. - Araminta Station. The Cadwell Chronicles. Book One.
37393: VANDENBELD, JOHN. - Nature of Australia. A Portrait of the Island Continent.
87658: VANDENBERG, ANDREW (EDITED BY). - Citizenship and Democracy in a Global Era.
69871: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY. - The Englishman's Boy.
89362: DE VANE, RICHARD. - Second Home Ownership. A Case Study.
25001: VANN, DON (EDITED BY). - Critics on Henry James.
84394: VANN, KEVIN J. - Bridging the Gap. The 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment in Timor 1999 - 2000.
81663: VANSITTART, PETER. - The Tournament.
81515: VANSTEENKISTE, GHISLAIN C. & YOUNG, PETER C. (ED). - Modelling and Data Analysis in Biotechnology and Medical Engineering.
78769: VARADY-SZABO, ANNE. - The Divorce of Kathy Smith?
62533: VARLEY, HENRY. - Terse Talk on Timely Topics.
77904: VARLEY, G. C. & GRADWELL, G. R. & HASSELL, M. P. - Insect Population Ecology. An Analytical Approach.
81297: VARLEY, ALLEN (ED). - Who's Who in Ocean and Freshwater Science.
84870: VARLEY, CHARLES (VARLO) & CLARKE, DESMOND. - The Unforrtunate Husbandman. An Account of the Lilfe and Travels of a Real Farmer in Ireland, Scotland, England and America.
21132: VARTABEDIAN, ROY E. & MATTHEWS, KATHY. - Nutripoints. The Breakthrough Nutritional Programme.
27164: VASARI, GIORGIO. - Lives of the Artists. A Selection.
39136: VASSALLO, PAUL (EDITED BY). - The Magic of Words: Rudolfo A. Anaya and His Writings.
78629: VASSALLO, MARIO. - From Lordship to Stewardship. Religion and Social Change in Malta.
86554: VASSE, DENIS. - L'ombilic Et la Voix. Deux Enfants En Analyse.
60140: VASTA, JOSEPH A. - Understanding Data Base Management Systems.
64422: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. & LLOYD, A. L. (EDITED BY). - The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs.
89659: VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. - On Wenlock Edge. A Cycle of Six Songs for Tenor Voice, with Accompan Iment of Pianoforte and String Quartett.
62409: VAVRA, ROBERT. - Vavra's Cats.
51431: VAYDA, WILLIAM. - Acupuncture: Food for Thought . . .
80153: VEBLEN, THORSTEIN. - The Theory of Business Enterprise.
51105: VEDDER, PAUL (EDITED BY). - Fundamental Studies in Educational Research.
72645: VON VEGA, BARON. - Logaarithmic Tables of Numbers and Trigonometrical Functions.
85405: VEIS, G. (EDITED BY). - The Use of Artificial Satellites for Geodesy.
88650: VAN DE VELDE, TH. H. - Le Mariage Parfait. Etude Sur Sa Psychologie Et Sa Technique.
14013: VELLACOTT, HELEN (ED). - A Girl at Government House. An English Girl's Reminiscences: Below Stairs in Colonial Australia
78765: VELMANS, EDITH. - Edith's Book. The True Story of How One Young Girl Survived the War.
82087: VENABLES, BRUCE. - A Necessary Evil.
86772: VENDLER, ZENO. - Res Cogitans. An Essay in Rational Psychology.
81103: VENN, J. A. - The Foundations of Agricultural Economics. Together with an Economic History of British Agriculture During Anf After the Great War,
76577: VENNARD, JOHN K. - Elementary Fluid Mechanics.
76243: VENON, R. A. & MIDDLETON, M. & HARPER, D. G. - Who Owns the Blue Chips? a Study of Shareholding in a Leading Company.
78388: VENTE, R. E. ET AL (ED). - Cultural Heritage Versus Technological Development. Challenges to Education.
34511: VENTURINI, V. G. - Malpractice: The Administration of the Murphy Trade Practices Act. Antitrust As an Australian Poshlost.
74341: VENTURINI, V. G. (ED). - In the Name of Lionel. The Second Series of Lionel Murphy Memorial Lectures.
34621: VENTURINI, VENTURINO G. (ED). - Australia: A Survey.
73970: VERDI, GIUSEPPE. - Falstaff. Canto E Pianoforte.
56743: VERGE, ROGER. - Cuisine of the Sun.
13735: VERITAS (L.H. LUSCOMBE). - Australia Replanned.
84112: VERMA, GAJENDRA K. ET AL. - Illusion and Reality in Indian Secondary Education.
65392: VERNE, JULES. - A Winter Amid the Ice and Other Stories.
83446: VERNE, JULES. - Around the World in Eighty Days.
85706: VERNE, JULES. - Around the World in Eighty Days.
80748: VERNEY, F. E. (MAJOR). - H.R. H. A Character Study of the Prince of Wales.
35665: VERON, H. A. - Diseases of Sheep.
88835: VERON, H. A. - Diseases of Sheep.
52706: DE VERTEUIL, ANNE & BURTON, VAL. - Creating Indoor Gardens.
83941: VERVOORN, AAT (PREPARED BY). - Summary of Regional Colleges. Main Findings of the Three-Volume Report on Non-Metropolitan Colleges of Advanced Education in Australia.
76491: VESSELO, I. R. & MORRISSON, R. D. - The Air Cadet's Handbook on Radio.
88220: DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS' AFFAIRS. - Simply Hell Let Loose. Stories of Australians at War.
51541: VEYSEY, ALEX. - Fergie.
58308: VEYSEY, ALEX. - Fergie.
82160: VICKERMAN, R. W. - Spatial Economic Behaviour. The Microeconomic Foundations of Urban and Transport Economics.
84001: VICKERMAN, R. W. - Urban Economies. Analysis and Policy.
77940: VICKERS, GEOFFREY (SIR). - Value Systems and Social Process.
81929: VICKERS, SALLY. - Mr Golightly's Holiday.
69806: VICKRESS, RON. - Heads and Tails. A Little Chronicle of Australia Told in Fables (from Foundation to Federation).
59728: VICTOR, BARBARA. - Goddess. Inside Madonna.
87174: VICTORIA. - Advice to My Grand-Daughter. Letters from Queen Victoria to Princess Victoria of Hesse.
26960: NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA. - A Brief Guide to the Collections.
72723: VIDAL, P. RIERA. - A Day in Toledo.
27892: VIDLER, A.R. (EDITED BY). - Soundings: Essays Concerning Christian Understanding.
38880: VIGARS, FRANCIS ERNEST. - Station Book-Keeping. A Treatise on Double Entry Book-Keeping for Pastoralists and Farmers.
86494: VIGNER, GERARD & MARTIN, ALIX. - Le Francais Technique.
85487: VILE, M. J. C. - Politics in the Usa.
82851: VILLANI, R. ET AL (EDITORS). - Advances in Neurotraumatology.
63219: VILLARI, LUIGI. - The Expansion of Italy.
40068: DE VILLE, ERIC. - Electricity.
45589: DE VILLE, ERIC. - Elements of Electrical Engineering.
89248: VILLIERS, ALAN. - Falmouth for Orders. The Story of the Last Clipper Ship Race Around Cape Horn.
89225: VILLIERS, A. J. - Vanished Fleets.
81686: VILLIERS, A. J. - Rounding the Horn in a Windjammer.
52887: VILLIERS, ALAN. - The War with Cape Horn.
84438: VILLIERS, ALAN. - By Way of Cape Horn.
75387: VIMPANI, GRAHAM & PARRY, TREVOR (EDITED BY). - Commun Ity Child Health: An Australian Perspective.
75493: VINACKE, HAROLD M. - A History of the Far East in Modern Times.
17685: VINE HALL, NICK. - Tracing Your Family History in Australia. A Guide to Sources.
88260: VINE, W. E. & BRUCE, F. F. (EDITED BY). - Vine's Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words.
88239: VINE, W. E. - Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words. A Comprehensive Dictionary of the Original Greek Words with Their Precise Mmeanings for English Readers.
80155: VINER, JACOB. - International Economics. Studies.
80533: VINER, JACOB. - Studies in the Theory of International Trade.
76497: VINES, E. H. (REV). - Gems of the East. A Brief Introduction to Some Non-Christian Religions.
77450: VINING, RUTLEDGE. - On Appraising the Performance of an Economic System. What an Economic System Is, and the Norms Implied in Observers' Adverse Reactions to the Outcome of Its Working.
72581: VIRGIL. - The Poems of Virgil.
27168: VISONTAY, CZEIZLER ROSE. - Boutique. Translated By Joseph Daniel.
42247: VITEL, LAURENT. - Recollections of Ludowyck B.
78528: VITSAXIS, VASSILIS. - Hindu Epics, Myths and Legends in Popular Illustrations.
86560: VIVARAIS. - La Haute Fourche.
83541: VIVEKANANDA. - Selections from Swami Vivekananda.
76300: VLACK, BARB. - Eq4 Magic.
86690: VLADIMIROV, LEONID. - The Russian Space Bluff.
69399: VLAVIANOS, BASIL J. & GROSS, FELIKS (ED). - Struggle for Tomorrow.
65974: VAN VLIET, ROBERT M. - Passive Temperature Control in the Space Environment.
66652: ROSSKOPF & WILLOUGHBY & VOGELI. - Modern Mathematics. Algebra Two and Trigonometry.
72349: VOISEY, A.H. - Twenty Five Years of Geology in New England.
56216: VOLLER, DEBBI. - Madonna. The Style Book.
75788: VOLTAIRE. - Histoire de L'empire de Russie Sous Pierre le Grand.
86190: VOLWAHSEN, ANDREAAS. - Living Architecture: Islamic Indiaan.
67302: VONDRA, JOSEF. - A Guide to Australian Cheese.
33515: VONDRA, JOSEF. - A Guide to Australian Cheese.
87734: VORT-RONALD, MICHAEL P. - Australian Banknotes. Distinctive Australian Government Issues 1913 - 1966.
77451: DE VOS, DIRK. - Governments and Microelectronics. The European Experience.
41978: VOSS, ROGER. - The Mitchell Beazley Pocket Guide to French Regional Wines.
85156: VOTH, D. & GLEES, P. (EDITED BY). - Cerebral Vascular Spasm. A New Diagnostic and Neurosurgical Approach, Based on Advances in Neuropharmaacology and Neurosciences.
87228: VOWLES, DIANA. - Cezanne and Post-Impressionism.
57430: DE VRIES, JAN. - The Five Senses. If You Lose These Senses You Lose Your Sense of Living.
89625: DE VULDER, STELLA. - Altering Your Home. A Book of Renovator's Options.
89017: VULLIAMY, C. E. - The Onslow Family 1528 - 1874 with Some Account of Their Times.
40232: VYDRA, JOSEF & KUNZ, LUDVIK. - Painting on Folk Ceramics. Translated By Roberta Finlayson Samsour.
29626: WAARD, A. W. (SIR) & WALLER, A. R. (EDITED BY). - The Cambridge History of English Literature. Volume 2: The End of the Middle Ages.
36794: WACE, NIGEL & LOVETT, BESSIE. - Yankee Maritime Activities and the Early History of Australia.
23951: WADDINGTON, C.H. - The Scientific Attitude.
80844: WADDINGTON, C. H. - An Introduction to Modern Genetics.
56279: WADE, PAUL (EDITED BY). - Abc Sportwatcher's Guide.
73747: WADE, STEPHEN. - Christopher Isherwood.
76016: WADE, ROBERT. - Irrigation and Agricultural Politics in South Korea.
88240: WADE, G. W. - Old Testament History.
85550: WADE, RICHARD C. - The Urban Frontier. Pioneer Life in Early Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Lexington, Louisville, and St Louis.
83403: WADHWA, L. C. (EDITOR). - Resource Management. Issues, Techniques, Applications.
33507: WADR, A. W. (SIR) & WALLER, A. R. (EDITED BY). - The Cambridge History of English Literature. Volume 12: The Nineteenth Century I.
74460: WADSLEY, OLIVE. - Shadow Love.
89480: WADSWORTH, JOHN E. & DE JUVIGNY, FRANCOIS LEONARD (EDITED BY). - New Approaches in Monetary Policy.
80305: WADSWORTH, J. E. - The Nature and Uses of Bank Liquidity.
68378: WAECHTER, JOHN. - Man Before History.
89433: WAELBROECK, J. (EDITED BY). - The Models of Project Link.
63721: WAGENAAR-WILM, MARVEL M. - Captain W.E. Johns Catalogus. Biografie En Bibliografie Van William Earl Johns 1893-1968.
81462: WAGENHALS, GERHARD. - The World Copper Market. Structure and Econometric Model.
88350: WAGENKNECHT, EDWARD. - The Movies in the Age of Innocence.
16273: WAGHORN, C. HOLMES. - Electricity for Architects.
89098: WAGNER, WILLIAM. - Fireflies and Other Uavs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).
87437: WAGNER, PETER K. - Gastroduodenal Bleeding. Symptoms and Signs, Diagnosis, Therapy.
81473: WAGNER, WILHELM. - Die Chinesische Landwirtschaft (the Modern Chinese Economy).
81886: WAGNER, RICHARD. - Siegfried.
81882: WAGNER, RICHARD. - Tannhauser and the Minstrelsd Tournament on the Wartburg. Opera in Three Acts.
11219: WAGNER, ANTHONY. - Heraldry in England.
13837: WAGNER, CLAIRE. - Biloela to Boambilly. The Islands of Sydney Harbour.
40496: WAGNER, CLAIRE. - North Sydney: Townscape and Foreshore.
76907: WAGNER, ANTHONY (SIR). - The Origin of the Introduction of Peers in the House of Lords.
89614: WAGNER. - The Authentic Librettos of the Wagner Opers. Flying Dutchman; Tannhauser; Lohengrin; Tristan and Isolde; Mesitersinger; Rheingold; Walkure; Siegfried; Gotterdammeruung; Parsifal/
89295: WAH, ANNETTE SHUN & AITKIN, GREG. - Banquet. Ten Courses to Harmony.
73233: WAHLQVIST, MARK & COLLINS, LEN. - Australian Kitchen Nutrition. Practical, Low-Cost Ways to Healthier Food.
88146: WAHLQVIST, MARK L. (EDITED BY). - Food and Nutrition in Australia.
35064: DE WAILLY, PHILIPPE. - The Art of Living with One's Dog. Translated By Blanch Michaels.
58273: WAKEFIELD, W.W. & MARSHALL, H.P. - Rugger.
41805: WAKEFILD, E. JERNINGHAM. - Adventure in New Zealand.
58433: WAKELAM, H.B.T. (EDITED BY). - The Game Goes on.
60336: WAKELEY, CECIL P.G. (EDITED BY). - Modern Treatment in General Practice.
81263: WALD, ABRAHAAM. - Sequential Analysis.
81286: WALD, HASKELL P. - Taxation of Agricultural Land in Underdeveloped Countries. A Survey and Guide to Policy.
80620: WALDEN, HARLEY. - The Spirit Within. Scvone's Racing History.
80791: WALDRON, ROBERT. - The Flying Doctor.
39171: STATE RAIL AUTHORITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - Sydney-Newcastle Suburban and Interurban Timetable. From June 1984.
86193: WALES (HRH THE PRINCE OF). - A Vision of Britain. A Personal View of Architecture.
16345: LINNEAN SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - Proceedings for the Year 1963. Vol Lxxxviii, Part 1.
16346: LINNEAN SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - Proceedings, Volume 91, Part 2, 1966.
16347: LINNEAN SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - Proceedings, Volume 92, Part 2, 1967.
16348: LINNEAN SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - Proceedings, Volume 95, Part 1, 1970.
16349: LINNEAN SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - Proceedings, Volume 93, Part 1, 1968.
38482: ROYAL SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - A Century of Scientific Progress. The Centenary Volume of the Royal Society of Nsw. A History of Several Aspects of Australian Scientific Development, with Particular Reference to New South Wales.
41990: ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - Conference on Animal Husbandry, Sydney, Sept-Oct 1926.
54108: MEDICO-LEGAL SOCIETY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. - The Proceedings of the Medico-Legal Society of New South Wales 1968-1970. Volume 4.
76358: WALES, JOHN N. - Prologue to Education. An Enquiry Into Ends and Meanss.
34532: WALESA, LECH. - A Path of Hope.
55503: WALEY, ALISON. - A Half of Two Lives.
86759: WALFORD, L. B. - One of Ourselves.
89216: WALKER, JOHNNIE. - The Johnnie Walker Cookbook.
40879: WALKER, JOHN S. P. - Bad Dogs.
18454: WALKER, HUGH. - English Satire and Satirists.
22720: WALKER, MAX. - Cricketer at the Crossroads.
16167: WALKER, PETER. - Cricket Conversations. Peter Walker Talks with Gary Sobers, Greg Chappell, Glenn Turner, Ray Illingworth, Mike Proctor and Others.
86760: WALKER, D. W. - A Plastic Paradise.
86761: WALKER, BRENDA. - One More River.
87235: WALKER, MURRAY - Making Do. Memories of Australia's Back Country People.
86077: WALKER, GEOFFREY DE Q. - Initiative and Referendum: The People's Law.
86078: WALKER, PETER. - The Ascent of Britain.
82391: WALKER, PATRICK GORDON. - The Commonwealth.
82124: WALKER, WILLIAM & LONNROTH, MANS. - Nuclear Power Struggles. Industrial Competition and Proliferation Control.
75948: WALKER, GRAHAM S. - The Politics of Failure. Harry Midgley and the Failure of Labour in Northern Ireland.
14474: WALKER, C.F. - The Alpine Garden.
18426: WALKER, DAVID. - Come Back, Geordie.
18481: WALKER, THOMAS. - The Original.
27337: WALKER, MARTIN. - Powers of the Press: The World's Great Newspapers.
34331: WALKER, VERA E. - A First Church History. With an Illustrated Time-Chart and a Short Book List for Students and Teachers.
40385: WALKER, JOHN. - The National Gallery Washington.
53078: WALKER, KENNETH. - Meaning and Purpose.
53205: WALKER, KATHRINE SORLEY & WOODCOCK, SARH C. - The Royal Ballet. A Picture History.
59240: WALKER, DAVID & HORNE, JULIA & LYONS, MARTIN (EDITED BY). - Books, Readers, Reading. Australian Cultural History, Number 11.
59613: WALKER, W.G. & MUMFORD, J.E. & STEEL, CAROLYN. - A Glossary of Educational Terms. Usage in Five English-Speaking Countries.
60411: WALKER, ROBIN & ROBERTS, DAVE. - From Scarcity to Surfeit. A History of Food and Nutrition in New South Wales.
61242: WALKER, W.G. - Theory and Practice in Educational Administration.
63260: WALKER, KATH. - Father Sky and Mother Earth.
66324: WALKER, STUART H. (ED). - The Techniques of Small Boat Racing.
66833: WALKER, BRUCE. - Make Waves.
73507: WALKER, R.E. - Forms and Precedents for Use in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
74816: WALKER, J. WESLEY. - A History of Maidenhead.
75803: WALKER, EDWARD (REV). - Notes of Open-Air Sermons.
78437: WALKER, ETHAN III. - Soft Moon Shining. Poems for the Mother of the Universe.
79066: WALKER, ROWLAND. - Stories of British History.
79351: WALKER, STEPHEN. - Shockwave. The Countdown to Hiroshima.
80839: WALKER, E. RONALD. - The Australian Economy in War and Reconstruction.
81063: WALKER, LENNOX. - Only an Australian.
83749: WALKER, DAVID A. - The Iea Six Subject Survey: An Empirical Study of Education in Twenty-One Countries.
80799: WALKER, E. RONALD & MADGWICK, R. B. - An Outline of Australian Economics.
55716: WALKER, KENNETH F. - Industrial Relations in Australia.
83766: WALKER, MICHAEL D. (EDITED BY). - Oncology of the Nervous System.
85353: WALKER, R. J. B. - Old Westminster Bridge. The Bridge of Fools.
78745: WALKER, JOHN. - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the English Language. To Which Are Prefixed Principles of English Pronunciation; the Whole Interspersed with Observations Etymological, Critical, and Grammatical.
36487: WALKER, KATH. - Quandamooka. The Art of Kath Walker.
85591: WALKER, SARAH. - The Tin Man.
81394: WALKER, JOHN. - The King's Business. Practical Addresses on the Work of the Ministry.
56863: WALL, STEPHEN. - Trollope and Character.
30335: WALL, DOROTHY. - The Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill. Containing: Blinky Bill; Blinky Bill Grows Up; Blinky Bill and Nutsy.
89174: WALLACE, DOREEN. - Richard and Lucy.
55761: WALLACE-CRABBE, CHRIS. - Splinters. A Novel.
79400: WALLACE, FRANK R. - The Neo-Tech Discovery. The Entelechy of Prosperity and Happiness.
86197: WALLACE, W. VINCENT & FITZBALL, EDWARD & MATTEI, TITO. - Maritana. Opera in Three Acts, with New Recitatives.
26474: WALLACE-CRABBE, CHRIS. - The Rebel General
33857: WALLACE, IAN. - Deathstar Voyage.
51022: WALLACE, IRVING & WALLACE, AMY. - The Two. A Biography.
55650: WALLACE, DUANE C. - Thermodynamics of Cystals.
58179: WALLACE-CRABBE, CHRIS. - Poets on Record 10. Chris Wallace-Crabbe Reads from His Own Work.
67586: WALLACE-CRABBE, CHRIS. - Toil & Spin. Two Directions in Modern Poetry.
69465: WALLACE, BRUCE. - People, Their Needs, Environment, Ecology.
77141: WALLACE, LEW & EVANS, I. O. - Ben-Hur. A Tale of the Christ.
78710: WALLACE, IRVING. - The Word.
88148: WALLACXE, CARLTON. - The Boys' Book of Sport.
38173: WALLEDGE, MAVIS. - The Basics of Angora Breeding.
86214: WALLER, ROBERT JAMES. - The Bridges of Maadison County.
64617: WALLER, JOHN. - Shaggy Dog and Other Surrealist Fables.
85443: WALLER, LESLIE. - The Banker.
57983: WALMSLEY, D.J. - Social Justice and Australian Federalism. An Inquiry Into Territorial Justice and Life Chance in Australia.
82875: WALMSLEY, D. J. & GIGGS, J. A. - A Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour in Armidale.
86213: WALPOLE, HUGH. - Portrait of a Man with Red Hair. A Romantic Macabre.
55035: WALPOLE, HORACE. - Memoirs of the Reign of King George the Second.
84104: WALSH, TOM. - The Sino-Japanese Conflict.
83573: WALSH, BOB. - Walcha and Its Schooling. 150 Years.
85633: WALSH, MAURICE. - And No Quarter. Being the Chronicle of the Wars of Montrose As Seen By Martin Somers, Adjutant of Women in O'cahan's Regiment. Rendered Into More-Or-Less Modern English.
88400: WALSH, JOHN & GANNON, ROBERT. - Time Is Short and the Water Rises. Operation Gwamba: The Story of the Rescue of 10,000 Animals from Certain Death in a South American Rain Forest.
17116: WALSH, JAN. - The Meat Machine. The Inside Story of the Meat Business.
38636: WALSH, PETER. - Confessions of a Failed Finance Minister.
41136: WALSH, RICHARD G. - Reading the Bible: An Introduction.
51024: WALSH, RICHARD. - Fetttabilia: Life and Times of Nation Review.
62314: WALSH, W.H. - Reason and Experience.
62923: WALSH, WILLIAM. - Patrick White. Voss.
68438: WALSH, PETER. - Confessions of a Failed Finance Minister.
74616: WALSH, JAMES M. - Six Characters for an Actress.
81729: WALSH, MARGARET. - The Rise of the Midwestern Meat Packing Industry.
36746: WALSH, MAURICE. - Green Rushes.
77737: WALSH, MARY ROTH. - Doctors Wanted: No Women Need Apply. Sexual Barriers in the Medical Profession 1835 - 1975.
73670: WALSH, WILLIAM S. - The Conquest of Constipation.
68624: WALSH, PAUL F. - The Burning Bush.
77493: WALSHE, E. H. - The Foster-Brothers of Doone. A Tale of the Irish Rebellion of 1798.
85143: WALSHE, R. D. (EDITED BY). - My Machine Makes Rainbows. Eight Approaches to Creative Writing in the Primary School.
74689: MURDOCH. WALTER. - Steadfast. A Commentary.
69550: WALTER, RICHARD. - Anson's Voyage Around the World.
72911: WALTER, START. - Still Life Painting.
80325: WALTER, L. EDNA. - Peeps at the World's Children.
89599: WALTER, BRUNO. - Gustav Mahler.
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