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76081: SCHUTZ, BARRY M. & SCOTT, DOUGLAS. - Natives and Settlers. A Comparative Analysis of the Politics of Opposition and Mobilization in Northern Ireland and Rhodesia.
82789: SCHUYLER, ROBERT LIVINGSTON. - The Fall of the Old Colonial System. A Study in British Free Trade 1770 - 1870.
66753: SCHWAB, JOSEPH J. & BRANDWEIN, PAUL F. - The Teaching of Science. The Teaching of Science As Enquiry, and Elements in a Strategy for Teaching Science in the Elementary School.
83754: SCHWARTAU, CORD. - Phasenkonzepte Unternehmensverhalten Wettbewerb. Die Klassifizierung Von Phasenkonzepten Zur Entwicklung Einer Marktprozesstheorie.
16351: SCHWARTZ, DAVID J. - The Magic of Thinking Big.
88824: SCHWARTZ, MICHAEL A. - Prescription Drugs in Short Supply. Case Histories.
82543: SCHWARTZ, DANIEL. - Metamorphoses. Greek Photographs.
76062: SCHWARTZ, ELLIOTT & CHILDS, BARNEY (ED). - Contemporary Composers on Contemporary Music.
87713: SCHWARTZ, CHARLES. - Cole Porter. A Biography.
55083: SCHWARZ, OSWALD. - The Psychology of Sex.
56712: SCHWARZ-BART, ANDRE. - The Last of the Just.
76104: SCHWARZELLER, HARRY K. ET AL. - Mountain Families in Transition. A Case Study of Appalachian Migration.
63714: SCHWARZENEGGER, ARNOLD & DOBBINS, BILL. - Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.
83879: SCHWARZKOPF, A. B. ET AL (EDITED BY). - Optimal Control and Differential Equations.
86298: SCHWENCK, ROBERT L. - Digging Deep. Penetrating Our Inner Selves Through Dream Symbols.
10365: SCHWENKE, KARL & SUE. - Build Your Own Stone House. Using the Easy, Slipform Method.
75164: SCIGLIANO, ROBERT & FOX, GUY H. - Technical Assistance in Vietnam. The Michigan State University Experience.
51145: SCITOVSKY, TIBOR. - Welfare and Competition. The Economics of a Fully Employed Economy.
35696: HIGHLAND AND AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND. - Official List of Awards, Stirling Show, 1921.
64885: JAMES I OF SCOTLAND. - The Kingis Quair.
82668: SCOTT, MADELEINE. - So I'm a Diabetic?
83537: SCOTT, JAMES S. & JONES, WARREN R. - Immunology of Human Reproduction.
26477: SCOTT, W. N. - Brother and Brother.
32745: SCOTT, PETER. - Observations of Wildlife.
54151: SCOTT, EVE. - A Woman at War.
65331: SCOTT, ERNEST FINDLAY. - The New Testament Idea of Revelation.
14118: SCOTT, CAPTAIN R.F. - Scott's Last Expedition. Being the Reports of the Journeys and the Scientific Work Undertaken By Dr A.E. Wilson and the Surviving Members of the Expedition, Arrnged By Leonard Huxley.
21150: SCOTT, OTTO. - The Exception. The Story of Ashland Oil & Refining Company.
26368: SCOTT, ROSIE. - Lives on Fire.
26643: SCOTT, WALTER (SIR). - The Poetical Works. With Illustrations By Keeley Halswelle.
33714: SCOTT, SIR HAROLD. - Scotland Yard.
39577: SCOTT, NONI. - The Hot Drink Book: Delicious Alcohol-Free Recipes for Every Taste and Season.
39591: SCOTT, MICHAEL. - Tales from the Land of Erin : Volume 3, a Silver Wish.
44233: SCOTT, JOHN. - Before I Wake.
45642: SCOTT, JOHN (EDITED & TRANSLATED BY). - Love & Protest: Chinese Poems from the Sixth Century Bc to the Seventeenth Century Ad.
56988: SCOTT, STEVEN K. - Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams. The Fifteen Power Secrets of the World's Most Successful People.
57176: SCOTT, R.H. - The Economic Society of Australia: Its History 1925-1985.
59438: SCOTT-JAMES, ANN & LANCASTER, OSBERT. - The Pleasure Garden. An Illustrated History of British Gardening.
68276: SCOTT, PETER. - Morning Flight. A Book of Wildfowl.
73805: SCOTT, WALTER (SIR). - The Waverley Novels.
75119: SCOTT, JEREMY, - Doctor Jekyll and Miss Hyde.
75677: SCOTT, SIR WALTER. - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott.
76233: SCOTT, M. FG. & MACARTHUR, J. D. & NEWBERY, D. M. G. - Project Appraisal in Practice. The Little-Mirrlees Method Applied in Kenya.
77311: SCOTT, WILLIAM B. - In Pursuit of Happiness: American Conceptions of Property from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century.
79887: SCOTT, JOHN & GRIFF, CATHERINE. - Directors of Industry. The British Corporate Network 1904 - 76.
80987: SCOTT, GRAHAM. - A Celebration of the Dream Machine.
81948: SCOTT, WALTER (SIR). - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott.
81953: SCOTT, WALTER (SIR). - Ivanhoe. A Romance.
85431: SCOTT, BILL (SELECTED BY). - Bushranger Ballads.
88735: SCOTT, PERCY (ADMIRAL SIR). - Fifty Years in the Royal Navy.
84996: SCOTT-GILES, C. W. - The Road Goes on. A Literary and Historical Account of the Highways, Byways, and Bridges of Great Britain.
89286: SCOTT, R. F. (CAPTAIN). - Scott's Last Expedition. Vol. I. The Journals of Captain R.F. Scott, R. . , C.V. O. Vol Ii. Being the Reports of the Journeys and the Scientific Work Undertaken By Dr A.E. Wilson and the Surviving Members of the Expedition.
88556: SCOTT, WALTER (SIR). - Waverley Novels.
38907: SCOTTER, SHEILA & REEVE, ELIZABETH. - Vogue Australia Cook Book.
63183: SCOTTO SISTERS & HUBERT-BARE, ANNIE. - The Heritage of French Cooking.
22799: SCOVILLE, ORLIN. - Remittance Men, Second Sons, and Other Gentlemen of the West.
86956: SCRATON, R. E. - Elementary Numerical Methods.
81364: SCRIMGEOUR, ROBERT J. - Some Scots Were Here. A History of the Presbyterian Church in South Australia 1839 - 1977.
69725: SCULATTI, GENE (ED). - Cool. A Hipster's Directory.
45304: SCULLY, ROCK & DALTON, DAVID. - Living with the Dead: Twenty Years on the Bus with Garcia and the Grateful Dead.
40378: SEABY, ALLEN W. - Art in the Life of Mankind: A Survey of Its Achievements from the Earliest Times. Ii: Art in Ancient Times. Iii: Greek Art and Its Influence.
36847: SEAL, HERB. - Alternative Life Styles.
24129: SEALE, ALLAN. - Garden Companion to Trees and Shrubs.
31221: SEALE, ALLAN. - Garden Book of Pests & Diseases.
41952: SEALE, ALAN. - The Australian Women's Weekly 500 Shrubs for Australian Gardens.
42092: SEALE, ALAN. - Alan Seale's Garden Companion to Bulbs and Perennials.
44995: SEALE, ALAN. - The Australian Women's Weekly Gardening Book.
56843: SEALSFIELD, CHARLES. - America. Glorious and Chaotic Land. Charles Sealsfield Discovers the Young United States. An Account of Our Post-Revolutionary Ancestors By a Contemporary.
42829: SEARGEANT, DAVID A. - Comets: Vagabonds of Space.
89194: SEARLE, RONALD. - The Rake's Progress.
86557: SEARLE, RONALD. - Souls in Torment.
56862: SEARLE, WILLIAM. - The Saint and the Skeptics. Joan of Arc in the Work of Mark Twain, Anatole France, and Bernard Shaw.
60514: SEARLS, HANK. - The Pilgrim Project. A Novel.
66120: SEARS, WILLIAM. - God Loves Laughter.
89289: SEAVER, GEORGE. - Edward Wilson of the Antarctic. Naturalist and Friend. With an Introduction By Apsley Cherry-Garrard.
73222: SEBAG, PAUL. - The Great Mosque of Kairouan.
69869: SEBESTA, ROBERT W. - Concepts of Programming Languages.
14625: SEDDON, GEORGE. - Your Indoor Garden in Australia.
64644: SEDDON, H.R. & ALBISTON, H.E. - Arthropod Infestations (Ticks and Mites).
69230: SEDDON, H.R. - Diseases of Domestic Animals in Australia. Part 5, Volume 1. Bacterial Diseases.
78468: SEDDON, H. R. - Diseases of Domestic Animals in Australia. Part 4. Protozoan and Virus Diseases.
78469: SEDDON, H.R. - Diseases of Domestic Animals in Australia. Part 5, Volume 2. Bacterial Diseases.
69396: SEDGMAN, FRANK. - Winning Tennis. The Australian Way to a Better Game.
61684: SEDGWICK, NOEL M. & WHITAKER, PETER & HARRISON, JEFFERY (ED). - The New Wildfowler in the 1970's.
89653: SEEGER, CHARLES. - Studies in Musicology 1935 - 1975.
86959: SEEL, FRITZ. - Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding. A Non-Mathematical Introduction.
78945: SEFERIS, GEORGE. - Three Secret Poems.
83231: SEGAL, DAVID. - The Economics of Neighborhood.
88968: SEGLOW, PETER. - Trade Unionism in Television. A Case Study in the Development of White Collar Militancy.
10003: SEIDNER, DAVID & MAURIES, PATRICK. - David Seidner.
88355: SEIFE, CHARLES. - Decoding the Universe. How the Science of Information Is Explaining Everything in the Cosmos, from Our Brains to Black Holes.
59847: SELBY, CHARLES. - The Husband of My Heart. A Comic Drama, in Two Acts.
34604: SELBY, E. H. - Local Government Practice in New South Wales (Auditing, Accounting and Finance).
76003: SELESNICK, HERBERT L. - Rent Control. A Case for.
43576: SELIG, SYLVIE. - Kangaroo.
85559: DE SELINCOURT, AUBREY. - Mr Oram's Story. The Adventures of Capt. James Cook, Rn.
89552: SELLING, BERNARD. - Writing Your Life's Stories. A Step-By-Step Guide.
89615: SELTMAN, CHARLES. - A Book of Greek Coins.
81083: SELYE, HANS. - Calcphylaxis.
63276: SEMBACH, KLAUS JURGEN. - Jugendstil. Die Utopie Der Versohnung.
18349: SEMMLER, CLEMENT. - Twentieth Century Australian Literary Criticism.
23958: SEMMLER, CLEMENT. - Pictures on the Margin. Memoirs.
53263: SEMMLER, CLEMENT & WHITELOCK, DEREK (EDITED BY). - Literary Australia.
67138: SEMMLER, CLEMENT & WHITELOCK, DEREK (EDS). - Literary Australia.
22650: SEMMLER, CLEMENT. - The Art of Brian James. And Other Essays on Australian Literature.
18453: SENDER, RAMON J. - Pro Patria.
88234: SENECA. - Moral Essays.
87792: SENECA. - Select Letters of Seneca.
87793: SENECA. - Seneca's Tragedies.
77306: SENIOR, NASSAU WILLIAM. - Three Lectures on the Rate of Wages.
63816: SENIOR, MICHAEL. - Myths of Britain.
39181: SENN, GABI. - Gabi Senn. Catalogue.
39182: SENN, GABI. - Gabi Senn. Catalogue.
85974: SERANNE, ANN & GADEN, EILEEN. - The Blender Cookbook.
75897: SERENY, GITTA. - The Medallion.
80707: SERGEANT, HOWARD (ED). - These Years. An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry.
86354: SERGEANT, ELIZABETH SHEPLEY. - Robert Frost. The Trial By Existence.
62646: SERLING, ROBERT. - The President's Plane Is Missing.
74126: SEROFF, VICTOR. - Sergei Prokofiev. A Societ Tragedy.
39419: SERVADIO, GAIA. - To a Different World: In the Land of the Mafia.
73473: SERVAN-SCHREIBER, JEAN-JACQUES & ALBERT, MICHEL. - The Radical Alternative.
88858: SERVENTY, VINCENT. - Wildlife of Australia.
85966: SERVENTY, VINCENT. - Australia's National Parks. Landforms, Plants, Animals Revealed Through Nature Reserves.
19493: SERVENTY, VINCENT. - Australia's National Parks. Landforms, Plants, Animals Revealed Through Nature Reserves.
23395: SERVENTY, VINCENT. - Australia's Great Barrier Reef. A Handbook on the Corals, Shells, Crabs, Larger Animals and Birds with Some Remarks on the Reef's Place in History.
50857: SERVENTY, VINCENT. - Wildlife of Australia.
23027: SERVENTY, VINCENT & RAYMOND, ROBERT. - Lakes and Rivers of Australia.
75331: SERVICE, ELMAN R. - Profiles in Ethnology.
82346: DE SERVILLE, PAUL. - Tubbo. 'the Great Peter's Run'.
52496: SETH, RONALD. - Let's Visit Antarctica.
60242: SETH, RONALD. - The Sleeping Truth. The Hiss-Chambers Affair: The Spy Case That Split a Nation.
76884: SETH, JAMES. - English Philosophers and Schools of Philosophy.
84550: SETH, RONALD. - The Fiercest Battle. The Story of North Atlantic Convoy Ons 5 22nd April - 7th May 1943.
60210: SETHI, RAVI. - Programming Languages. Concepts and Constructs.
44558: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON. - Lives of the Hunted. Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds and Three Birds.
88611: SETON-WATSON, HUGH. - The Russian Empire 1801 - 1917.
83651: SEUBERT, ROLF. - Berufserziehung Und Nationalsozialismus. Das Berufspadagogische Erbe Und Seine Betreuer.
60386: SEUNIG, WALDEMAR. - Horsemanship. A Comprehensive Book on Training.
87452: SEVERIN, TIM. - The Spice Islands Voyage. In Search of Wallace.
86643: SEVERIN, TIM. - Viking. Sworn Brother.
27720: SEVILLE. - Guia Illustrada de la Catedral de Sevilla. By Dr D. Balbino Santos Y Olivera.
50650: SEWALL, SAMUEL. - The Diary of Samuel Sewall 1674 - 1729.
19601: SEWELL, ELIZABETH. - Casserole Cookbook.
79756: SEWELL, JOHN W. - The United States and World Development. Agenda 1977.
81959: SEWELL, ELIZABETH MISSING. - Amy Herbert; Laneton Parsonage; Ivors, Or the Two Cousins; the Earl's Daughter.
33712: SEXTON, MICHAEL & MAHER, LAURENCE W. - The Legal Mystique. The Role of Lawyers in Australian Society.
88808: SEXTON, MICHAEL. - War for the Asking. How Australia Invited Itself to Vietnam.
34586: SEXTON, MICHAEL - Illusions of Power: The Fate of a Reform Government.
24278: SEXTON, CHRISTOPHER. - The Seeds of Time. The Life of Sir Macfarlane Burnet.
80683: SEYFFERTH, A. & BROWN, G. T. (PROF). - The Sheep: Its External Structure and Internal Organs.
29633: SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN. - Guide to Modern World Literature.
62627: SEYMOUR, GERALD. - Red Fox.
65561: SEYMOUR-SMITH, MARTIN (EDITOR). - Novels and Novelists. A Guide to the World of Fiction.
69648: SEYMOUR, GERALD. - Home Run.
78191: SEYMOUR, ALAN. - The Coming Self-Destruction of the United States of America.
89561: SEYMOUR, PETER. - The Roaring Twenties. A Spicy Pop-Up Book for Adults Only.
40373: SHACKCLOTH, IRENE. - The Muddles of Mugwumpia.
60730: SHACKLETON, FRANK. - The Chairman's Guide and Secretary's Companion.
77559: SHADBOLT, MAURICE. - One of Ben's a Tribe Transported.
76704: SHAFER, SUSANNE MUELLER. - Postwar American Influence on the West German Volksschule.
71363: SHAFFER, PETER. - The Private Ear.
56570: SHAHEEN, MOHAMMAD. - George Meredith. A Reappraisal of the Novels.
87527: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM & BOWDLER, THOMAS. - The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare.
87505: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.
89499: SHAKESPEARE. - The Annotated Shakespeare.
87054: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - King Henry Iv, First Part.
87053: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - Shakespeare's Comedy of the Taming of the Shrew.
80999: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - Histories and Troylus and Cressida.
15926: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Life of Henry the Fifth. Edited By G.B. Harrison.
30985: SHAKESPEARE. - Much Ado About Nothing.
30990: SHAKESPEARE. - Twelfth Night, Or What You Will.
35079: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Tempest.
37042: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Merchant of Venice.
40188: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.
40190: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - As You Like It.
40191: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - Measure for Measure.
40192: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Life and Death of King Richard the Second.
41389: SHAKESPEARE. - The First Part of Henry the Fourth.
41922: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Comedy of Errors.
42701: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Phoenix and the Turtle.
60312: SHAKESPEARE. - The Beauties of Shakespeare.
71626: SHAKESPEARE. - Troylus and Cressida.
71627: SHAKESPEARE. - Henry Iv Part 1.
71628: SHAKESPEARE. - Henry the Sixth Parts Two and Three.
71635: SHAKESPEARE. - Poems.
71646: SHAKESPEARE. - Henry the Fourth, Part 2.
71647: SHAKESPEARE. - The Winter's Tale.
71656: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Merry Wives of Windsor.
71660: SHAKESPEARE. - Coriolanus.
71679: SHAKESPEARE. - Pericles.
71681: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - The Tragedy of Othello, the Moor of Venice.
71688: SHAKESPEARE. - The Tragedy of Anthony and Cleopatra.
71692: SHAKESPEARE. - Pericles.
79113: SHAKESPEARE. - Much Ado About Nothing.
86622: MARLOWE & SHAKESPEARE. - Elizabethan Drama. Edward the Second; Hamlet; King Lear, Macbeth, the Tempest.
79928: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM. - Two Songs from the Tempest Set By His Contemporary Poet Robert Johnson.
83987: SHAKESPERE, WILLIAM. - The History Plays.
27697: SHANAHAN, MARY. - Out of Time, out of Place. Henry Gregory and the Benedictine Order in Colonial Australia.
32846: SHANAHAN, E. W. - Western and Central Europe. A Regional Geography.
83593: SHANAHAN, JOE (COMPILED BY). - Dungowan.
59270: SHAND, R.T. (EDITOR). - Technical Change in Asian Agriculture.
88523: SHANDS, HARLEY C. - Thinking and Psychotherapy. An Inquiry Into the Process of Communication.
65977: SHANES, ABRAHAM M. (ED). - Electrolytes in Biological Systems.
86153: SHANKS, MICHAEL. - European Social Policy, Today and Tomorrow.
60942: SHANKS, EDWARD. - The Universal War and the Universal State.
53815: SHANN, EDWARD. - Bond Or Free? Occasional Economic Essays.
77487: SHANN, EDWARD. - An Economic History of Aaustralia.
24285: SHANNON, BILL (ED). - United States Tennis Association Official Encyclopedia of Tennis. Revised and Updated
81349: SHANNON, ROBERT R. & WYANT, JAMES C. (ED). - Applied Optics and Optical Engineering. Volume Vii: Optical Components.
88059: SHANNON, IAN. - International Liquidity. A Study in the Economic Functions of Gold.
25935: SHAPCOTT, THOMAS. - The Search for Galina.
27591: SHAPCOTT, THOMAS. - Shabbytown Calendar.
35528: SHAPCOTT, THOMAS W. - The Mankind Thing.
83801: SHAPCOTT, THOMAS W. - Fingers at Air. Experimental Poems 1969.
57254: SHAPIRO, EDWARD. - Macroeconomic Analysis.
84068: SHAPIRO, NAT (COMPILED AND EDITED BY). - An Encyclopedia of Quotations About Music.
84700: SHAPIRO, DELILAH. - Israel. Triumph of the Spirit.
84652: SHAPLEN, ROBERT. - Time out of Hand. Revolution and Reaction in Southeast Asia.
34214: SHARKEY, MICHAEL & BENNETT, ANTHONY J. (ED). - That Moon-Filled Urge.
40165: SHARKEY, MICHAEL. - Look, He Said: Poems 1994.
59928: SHARKEY, MICHAEL. - History. Selected Poems 1978-2000.
68608: SHARKEY, MICHAEL. - Alive in Difficut Times. Poems 1985-1991.
69116: SHARKEY, MICHAEL. - Poems 2001.
79509: SHARKEY, MICHAEL. - The Sweeping Plain.
67126: SHARLAND, MICHAEL. - Oddity and Elegance.
87302: SHARMA, ARVIND (EDITED BY). - Fragments of Infinity. Essays in Religion and Philosophy. A Festschrift in Honour of Professor Huston Smith.
89482: SHARMA, DHIRENDRA. - India's Nuclear Estate.
75924: SHARMA, G. K. - Labour Movement in India (Its Past and Present).
76940: SHARMA, ANURADHA. - Encyclopaedia of Indian Women.
87321: SHARP, MARGERY. - The Eye of Love.
55724: SHARP, DAMIAN. - When a Monkey Speaks and Other Stories from Australia.
75100: SHARP, MARGERY. - The Magical Cockatoo.
83665: SHARP, CECIL J. & KERPELES, MAUD. - English Folk Song. Some Conclusions.
84108: SHARPE, L. J. (EDITED BY). - The Local Fiscal Crisis in Western Europe. Myths and Realities.
59718: SHARPE, R. BOWDLER (EDITED BY). - Lloyd's Natural History. Birds of Great Britain. British Mammalia. Carnivora. Game Birds. Lepidoptera. Marsupialia & Monotremata. Primates.
53353: SHARPHAM, JOHN & HARMAN, GRANT. - Australia's Future Universities.
88371: O'SHAUGHNESSY, JAMES P. - What Works on Wall Street. A Guide to the Best-Performing Investment Strategies of All Time.
82976: SHAW, DENNIS F.(EDITOR). - Information Sources in Physics.
86968: SHAW, DENNIS F. - An Introduction to Electronics.
38563: SHAW, N. J. & REID, A. J. & WHEELER, W. R. - Birds of South-Eastern Australia: The Ranges.
18389: SHAW, IRWIN. - Bread Upon the Waters.
24975: SHAW, BERNARD. - The Quintessence of Ibsenism. Now Completed to the Death of Ibsen.
27556: SHAW, BERNARD. - The Doctor's Dilemma.
29495: SHAW, BERNARD. - Plays Unpleasant. Widowers' Houses; the Philanderer; Mrs Warren's Profession.
32737: SHAW, ROBERT. - The Hiding Place.
33050: SHAW, A.G.L. - The Economic Development of Australia.
35493: SHAW, BERNARD. - Too True to Be Good, Village Woing & on the Rocks. Three Plays.
36056: SHAW, BERNARD. - Getting Married, and the Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet.
39256: SHAW, BERNARD. - The Millionairess.
39257: SHAW, BERNARD. - Three Plays for Puritans. The Devil's Disciple, Cesar and Cleopatra, Captain Brassbound's Conversion.
39259: SHAW, BERNARD. - Plays Pleasant. Arms and the Man; Candida; the Man of Destiny; You Never Can Tell.
39260: SHAW, BERNARD. - Man and Superman. A Comedy and a Philosophy.
39261: SHAW, BERNARD. - John Bull's Other Island; How He Lied to Her Husband; Major Barbara.
39262: SHAW, BERNARD. - Geneva; Cymbeline Refinished; Good King Charles.
41361: SHAW, BERNARD. - Saint Joan. A Chronicle Play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue.
42677: SHAW, BERNARD. - Pygmalion: A Romance in Five Acts.
42678: SHAW, BERNARD. - Pygmalion: A Romance in Five Acts.
42721: SHAW, BERNARD. - Major Barbara. A Screen Version.
42740: SHAW, BERNARD. - Three Plays for Puritans. The Devil's Disciple, Cesar and Cleopatra, Captain Brassbound's Conversion.
42742: SHAW, BERNARD. - Three Plays for Puritans. The Devil's Disciple, Caesar and Cleopatra, Captain Brassbound's Conversion.
54716: SHAW, MARK. - The John F. Kennedys. A Family Album.
55313: SHAW, GEORGE A. - Madagascar and France with Some Account of the Island, Its People, Its Resources and Development.
57317: SHAW, BERNARD. - Plays Unpleasant. Widowers' Houses; the Philanderer; Mrs Warren's Profession.
64403: SHAW, BERNARD. - Man and Superman. A Comedy and a Philosophy.
76256: SHAW, GEOFFREY (ARRANGED BY). - Twice 33 Carols, for Home and Church Use.
78170: SHAW, IRWIN. - Lucy Crown.
81379: SHAW, HOWARD. - The Crime of Giovanni Venturi.
82773: SHAW, JOHN (ED). - The Bateman Concise Encyclopedia of Australia.
89016: SHAW, A. G. L. - Sir George Arthur, Bart, 1784 - 1854. Superintendent of British Honduras, Lieutenant-Governor of Van Diemen's Land and of Upper Canada, Governor of the Bombay Presidency.
83993: SHAW, GAYFIELD. - Bookplate for Elsie F. White.
84219: SHAY, DON & DUNCAN, JODY. - The Making of Jurassic Park.
62882: SHEA, THOMAS M. & BAUER, ANNE M. - Teaching Children and Youth with Behavior Disorders.
56734: SHEAD, ANN. - The Canary Jacket.
85503: SHEAD, RICHARD. - Constance Lambert.
88616: SHEEAN, VINCENT. - Dorothy and Red.
56880: SHEED, F.J. - God and the Human Condition. Volume 1: God and the Human Mind.
27842: SHEED, WILFRID. - Frank and Maisie. A Memoir with Parents.
65062: SHEEHAN, PETER W. (ED). - The Function and Nature of Imagery.
53042: SHEEHAN, PAUL. - Among the Barbarians. The Dividing of Australia.
79929: SHEINWOLD, ALFRED. - 101 Best Card Games for Children.
10650: SHELDON, SYDNEY. - The Sands of Time.
18458: SHELDON, SIDNEY. - Windmills of the Gods.
22960: SHELDON, GORDON. - Industrial Siege: The Mount Isa Dispute.
51192: SHELDON, J.P. - Dairy Farming. Being the Theory, Practice and Methods of Dairying.
67633: SHELDON, MARGARET ROTHERY & LOCKWOOD, BARBARA. - All About Cross-Breeds and Mongrels.
85747: SHELDON, PHIL & KAHN, LIZ. - Golfing Days. Classic Golf Photography.
79961: SHELLEY, FRANK. - Stage and Screen.
33503: SHELLSHEAR, JOSEPH L. & MACINTOSH, N. W. G. - Surveys of Anatomical Fields.
25277: SHELTON, WILLIAM R. - Man's Conquest of Space.
89681: SHELTON, JO-ANN. - As the Romas Did. A Sourcebook in Roman Social History.
50143: SHEPARD, FRANCIS P. & DILL, ROBERT F. - Submarine Canyons and Other Sea Valleys.
74439: SHEPHARD, ESTHER. - Paul Bunyan.
41609: SHEPHERD, JANINE. - Never Tell Ne Never.
43279: SHEPHERD, JIM (COMPILED BY). - Great Moments in Australian Sport.
56505: SHEPHERD, JIM. - Winfield Book of Australian Sporting Records.
61319: SHEPHERD, NAOMI. - A Price Below Rubies. Jewish Women As Rebels and Radicals.
18017: SHEPPARD'S. - International Directory of Ephemera Dealers.
24491: SHEPPARD'S. - Book Dealers in Japan. A Directory of Dealers in Antiquarian and Secondhand Books, Periodicals and Prints.
32875: SHEPPARD'S. - International Directory of Print and Map Sellers.
41902: SHEPPARD, TRISH. - Children of Blindness.
68650: SHEPPARD, TRISH. - Australian Adventurers.
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60406: STANTON, ROSEMARY. - The Good Gut Cookbook.
32912: STANWAY, ANDREW. - Taking the Rough with the Smooth. Dietary Fibre and Your Health - a New Medical Breakthrough.
86845: STANWOOD, DONALD A. - The Memory of Eva Ryker.
42461: STAPFER, HANS-HEIRI. - Mi-24 Hind.
35642: STAPLETON, D.L. - The Australian Angora Goat Industry.
85951: STAPYLTON, H. E. C. - The Eton School Lists, from 1791 to 1850, [Every Third Year After 1793,] with Notes. Also a List of Provosts and Fellows, Masters and Assistant Masters; Cricket Elevens and Boat's Crews.
80824: STARK, W. - The Ideal Foundations of Economic Thought. Three Essays on the Philosophy of Economics.
81418: STARKE, J. G. (EDITOR). - The Protection and Encouragement of Private Foreign Investment.
82383: STARKEY, DAVID J. ET AL. - Pirates and Privateers. New Perspectives on the War on Trade in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
63221: STARKIE, WALTER. - Spanish Raggle-Taggle. Adventures with a Fiddle in North Spain.
89575: STARKIE, WALTER. - Spain. A Musician's Journey Through Time and Space.
65938: STARKOV, P.M. - The Problem of Acute Hypothermia.
55112: STARLING, SYDNEY G. - Electricity and Magnetism for Degree Students.
58253: STARMER-SMITH, NIGEL. - The Barbarians. The Official History of the Barbarian Football Club.
68666: STARMER-SMITH, NIGEL. - The Barbarians. The Official History of the Barbarian Football Club.
88855: STARR, JOAN. - From the Saddlebags at War. Gallipoli and the Desert Campaign of World War I.
88914: STARR, JOAN & NICHOLAS, MICHAEL. - Pioneering New England.
77720: STARR, GRAAEME & RICHMOND, KEITH & MADDOX, GRAHAM. - Political Parties in Australia.
84811: STARR, CHESTER G. - Civilization and the Caesars. The Intellectual Revolution in the Roman Empire.
25229: STARR, JOAN & NICHOLAS, MICHAEL. - Pioneering New England.
59680: START, DANIEL. - The Open Cage. The Ordeal of the Irian Jaya Hostages.
79664: STARTUP, RICHARD. - The University Teacher and His World. A Sociological and Educational Study.
17367: STATLER, OLIVER. - Japanese Inn.
51706: STATLER, OLIVER. - Japanese Inn.
89633: STATON, J. FREDERIC. - Sweet Singing in the Choir. A Handbook of Choral Technique.
83425: STAUB, NORMAN C. & TAYLOR, AUBREY E. - Edema.
81386: STAUNTON, J. J. (ED). - Theory Construction and Verification in Accounting.
87264: STAVRIANOS, L. S. (EDITED BY). - The Epic of Modern Man. A Collection of Readings.
86803: STEAD, C. K. - The Secret History of Modernism.
86804: STEAD, C. K. - The Secret History of Modernism.
37238: STEAD, CHRISTINA. - Miss Herbert (the Suburban Wife).
70016: STEAD, CHRISTINE. - Miss Herbert (the Suburban Wife).
36023: STEAD, CHRISTINA. - I'm Dying Laughing. The Humourist.
65255: STEED, WICKHAM. - Our War Aims.
44961: STEEGMAN, JOHN. - Cambridge: As It Was and As It Is Today.
72377: STEEGMULLER, FRANCIS. - La Grande Demoiselle.
43086: STEEH, JUDITH. - Cat Breeds.
13811: STEEL, WATSON A. & SLOMAN, CHARLES W. - The History of All Saints College, Bathurst, 1873-1934.
33472: AUSTRALIAN IRON & STEEL. - Electricians' Handbook.
73353: STEELE, JEREMY. - Lavender Bay to Kissing Point. A Guide to Western Sydney Harbour Place Names.
63023: STEELE, RICHARD & ADDISON, JOSEPH. - Sir Roger de Coverley and the Spectator's Club.
68822: STEELE JR., GUY L. - Common Lisp: The Language.
78612: STEELE, R. C. & WELCH, R. C. (ED). - Monks Wood. A Nature Reserve Record.
80166: STEELE, JAMES H. (ED). - Parasitic Zoonoses.
86797: STEEN, MARGUERITE. - Phoenix Rising.
86796: STEEN, MARGUERITE. - The Sun Is My Undoing.
67436: STEEN, MARGUERITE. - Anna Fitzalan.
87232: STEEVENS, G. W. - With Kitchener to Khartum.
63988: STEEVENS, G.W. - From Capetown to Ladysmith. An Unfinished Redcord of the South African War.
52705: STEGNER, WALLACE. - A Shooting Star.
57275: STEIN, LESLIE. - Papua New Guinea. Economic Situation and Outlook.
17628: STEINBECK, JOHN. - The Short Reign of Pippin Iv. A Fabrication.
39692: STEINBECK, JOHN. - Of Mice and Men; Cannery Row.
40818: STEINBECK, JOHN. - Of Mice and Men.
54086: STEINBECK, JOHN. - Thw Winter of Our Discontent.
79893: STEINBERG, S. H. & BUCHANAN-BROWN, J. (ED). - Cassell's Encyclopaedia of World Literature.
89455: STEINBERG, ARTHUR G. & COOK, CHARLES E. - The Distribution of Human Immunoglobin Allotypes.
83472: STEINBICHL, WOLFGANG (EDITOR). - After Ten Years: A European Problem. Still No Solution.
86767: STEINBORN, BOZENY (POD REDAKCJA). - Panoramy Raclawickiej.
84627: STENBERGER, MARTEN. - Sweden.
89124: STENDAHL. - In Milan and on the Lakes of Lombardy with Stendahl.
61511: STENDAHL & WAKEFIELD, DAVID (ED). - Stendahl and the Arts.
74627: STENDAHL. - The Green Huntsman. The Telegraph. Being the First and Seconmd Books of Lucien Leuwen.
86496: STENDAHL. - Memoires D'un Touriste Iii: Voyage Dans le Midi.
85303: STENDAHL. - The Life of Henry Brulard.
65458: STENSON, MICHAEL. - Class, Race and Colonialism in West Malaysia. The Indian Case.
22843: STENTON, DORIS MARY. - English Society in the Early Middle Ages (1066-1307).
77314: STENTON, F. M. - The Free Peasantry of the Northern Danelaw.
36386: STEPHEN, JAMES KENNETH. - Lapsus Calami and Other Verses.
78137: STEPHEN, LESLIE. - Studies of a Biographer.
58620: STEPHENS, BRUNTON. - The Poetical Works of Brunton Stephens.
56763: STEPHENS, R.J. - Theory and Practice of Weed Control.
75725: STEPHENS, THEO A. & JOHNSON, A. T. - My Garden's Choice of Rock Plants, Trees and Flowering Shrubs and Herbaceous Plants.
76194: STEPHENS, H. MORSE. - Portugal.
77789: STEPHENS, HAROLD. - Asian Portraits.
23599: STEPHENS, TONY & O'NEILL, ANNETTE. - Larrikin Days. 100 Years of Growing Up in an Australian Suburb.
88636: STEPHENS, J. BRUNTON. - Convict Once and Other Poems.
83320: STEPHENSEN, P. R. - The Bushwhackers. Sketches of Life in the Australian Outback.
86927: STEPHENSON, W. - The Ecological Development of Man.
12884: STEPHENSON, ASHLEY (ED). - The Garden Planner.
43424: STEPNELL, KEN & JAMES, TERESA. - Australia's Native Flowers.
76795: VAN STERKENBURG, PIET. - A Practical Guide to Lexicography.
83147: STERLING, GEORGE. - Poems to Vera.
51908: STERLING. - Sterling's 22nd Song and Dance Album.

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