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65gpx: - The Tryal of Dr. Henry Sacheverell, Before the House of Peers, for High Crimes and Misdemeanors; Upon an Impeachment by the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses in Parliamentassembled, in the Name of Themselves, and of All the Commons of Great Britain: Begu
aae26: - An Atlas of Ancient Egypt
jad15: - The Book of Jonah
mp,1.: - Mexican Petroleum
mvx05: - W.O. W. 's in Palestine
mvx3: - A Zulu Ricksha Boy in Full Regalia
mvx4: - Rhodesia: Victoria Falls
mvx7: - The Breath of Death
pm130: - Fashion and Furniture Illustration Portfolio
pok67: - Columbia Exposition Portfolio
ps1: - Prepress Systems
sss1: - Seligman Solomon Society - Alumni of the Hebrew Orphan Society
stj13: - The Revelation of Saint John the Divine
tdo5: - The Director
tlbotb05: - The Lost Books of the Bible
tm01: - The Theatre Museum Unpacks
tog01: - The Officers' Guide
tosof15: - Testimony of the Society of Friends / Memorials of Deceased
wbk8: - Winterboek 1934-1935
wwa40: - Goldenes ABC-Buch Mit Bildern Und Reimen Fur Artige Kinder
ii5: - The People Will Be Free . . the Panther 21
ner01: - New England Review - Vol. 1, No. 1
nf01: FRIEBERG,N & EPIMOV, A - History: The Epoch of Industrial Capitalism
37u: ABAGNALE, FRANK W. - Catch Me If You Can : The Amazing True Story of the Most Extraordinary Liar in the History of Fun and Profit
kh58: KING ABDULLAH - Kingdom of Peace
agjl19: GREEN, ABEL & JOE LAURIE JR. - Show Biz - from Vaude to Video
ra5: ADAPTED BY RODNEY ACKLAND, OSTROVSKY - The Diary of a Scoundrel
rte66: ADAMS, ANSEL - Polaroid Land Photography Manual
xc33: ANSEL ADAMS - Camara and Lens: The Creative Approach
pa16: POLLY ADLER - A House Is Not a Home
xp56: AGNEW, SPIRO [SIGNED] - Humorous "Official" State Document
cxz104: JOSEF ALBERS - Despite Straight Lines
sa01: ALEXANDER, SHANA - Happy Days
14bfd: GRACIE ALLEN (MARY BLAKE) - The Cook's Handbook
jra,6: JEFFERY RENARD ALLEN - Rails Under My Back
jra6: JEFFERY RENARD ALLEN - Rails Under My Back
wa01: WOODY ALLEN - Without Feathers
ia.1: ALLENDE, ISOBEL - Paula
52xox: ALVAREZ, A. [AL] - The Biggest Game in Town
ada3: ALFONSE D'AMATO - Power, Pasta and Politics - the World According to Senator Al D'Amato
ma.12: AMIS , MARTIN - London Fields
ma12: AMIS, MARTIN - Success
ma12.: AMIS, MARTIN - The Information
ma15: AMIS, MARTIN - The Moronic Inferno
da1: AMRAM, DAVID - Vibrations
16vin: MAXWELL ANDERSON - High Tor
bba1: BETTY BAXTER ANDERSON - Nancy Blake Copywriter
ma01: ANDERSON, MAXWELL - Joan of Lorraine
vdl14: VICTORIA DE LOS ANGELES - Artist Recitals -Oberlin Conservatory of Music
xbv40: ANNENBERG, MAURICE - A Typographic Journey Through the Inland Printer, 1883-1900
15box: CARMELO ANTHONY - Carmelo Anthony: It's Just the Beginning
pa1: APPLEBOME, PETER - Dixie Rising : How the South Is Shaping American Values, Politics, and Culture
ha20: HERBERT APTHEKER - To Be Free ; Studies in American Negro History
aa01: ARENSBERG, ANN - Group Sex
srp109: D'ARGON, COMPTE JEAN BATISTE DE BOYER D'ARGON - Lettres Cabalistiques, Ou Correspondence Philosophique, Historique & Critique, Entre Deux Cabalistes, Divers Esprits Elementaires, & le Seigneur Astoroth. Nouvelle Edition, Augmenter de LXXX. Nouvelle Lettres, de Quantite de Remarques, &Ce.
pa7: ARIMA, PHLIP - Beneath the Beauty
ga1: ARMSTRONG, GREGORY - Wanderers All
ma5: ARNAC, MARCEL - Thirty-Six Inches of Adventure
5tt: CHINESE POLITICAL ART - Original Chinese Cultural Revolution "We Do Not Want to Resort to Violence"
5a: CHINESE POLITICAL ART - Original Chinese Cultural Revolution "Long Live the Great Leader"
5gg: CHINESE POLITICAL ART - Original Chinese Cultural Revolution "the Masses Accomplish Much"
5o: CHINESE POLITICAL ART - Original Chinese Cultural Revolution "Repairing the Revolution"
mlp48: ARTZYBASHEFF, BORIS - Three and the Moon
jsz27: SHALOM ASCH - The War Goes on
bla01: ASCHER, BARBARA LAZEAR - Playing After Dark
28bv: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE - Adventures of a Novelist
blh130: ATKINS, CHET - Country Gentleman
ma1.: ATWOOD, MARGRET - Lady Oracle
130kxx: BAKER, BENJAMIN - North America from the Best Authorities
rb.1: BANKS, RUSSEL - Affliction
rb1: BANKS, RUSSELL - Rule of the Bone
rjb11: BANVARD, REV. JOSEPH - Priscilla; or,the Trials for the Truth
jbo2: BARATZ, JOSEPH - A Village by the Sea --the Story of Degania
jb15: BARBERA, JOSEPH - My Life in 'Toons
pmb5: BARDI, P.M. - The Arts in Brazil
x26: WILL BARNET - Will Barnet 27 Master Prints
xxi: WILL BARNET - 10 Exhibition & Raisonee Catalogues
mb300i: BARTON, CLARA - Manuscript Letter
xds8: HENRI MARTIN BARZUN - Orpheus - Orphic Art
.lb19: BAUER, LUDWIG - Leopold the Unloved King of the Belgians and of Wealth
dbbs12: DOROTHY BEAR & BETH STEBBINS - Mendocino
ab.01: BEATTIE, ANN - Park City
ab01: BEATTIE, ANN - Falling in Place
16vuu: RUTH PAGE [CYRIL W. BEAUMONT & SACHEVERELL SITWELL] - The Romantic Ballet in Lithographs of the Time
mb\_-_11: BEERBOHM, MAX - Lytton Strachey
mb//11: BEERBOHM, MAX - Herbert Beerbohm Tree
mb.11: BEERBOHM, MAX - A Peep Into the Past
mb;11: BEERBOHM, MAX - Lytton Strachey
mb_11: BEERBOHM, MAX - Seven Men
kml11: BEERBOHM, MAX - A Survey
22zck: BELLOW, SAUL - Him with His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories
bv78: BELLOW, SAUL - Mosby's Memoirs & Other Stories
cyo40: BELLOW, SAUL - To Jerusalem and Back
vjd179: HECHT. BEN - A Jew in Love
qq246: BENCHLEY, ROBERT - Inside Benchley
sb1: BENITEZ, SANDRA - Bitter Grounds
bh8g: C.W. BENNER AND PAUL PAINTER - The Art of Baton Spinning Volume 1 Elementary
53oij: TONY BENNETT - Tony Bennett / in the Studio / a Life of Art & Music
hhhi: BENTON, THOMAS - Uncle Jeb & the Spirit
59viv: BERG, GERTRUDE - The Rise of the Goldbergs
ce20: BERG, PATTY; SCHIEWE, MARSH - Inside Golf for Women
115tm: THOMAS BERGER - Little Big Man
1tb01: BERGER, THOMAS - Reinhart's Women
pb1: BERGER, PHIL - Blood Season / Mike Tyson and the World of Boxing
tb01: BERGER, THOMAS - The Feud
boo79: THOMAS BERGER - Crazy in Berlin
db1,: BERRIGAN, DANIEL - Consequences: Truth and...
001xvm: BERRYMAN, JOHN - Homage to Mistress Bradstreet
jb6: BETTLE, JANE - Extracts from the Memorandums of Jane Bettle
hb02: BIBERMAN, HENRY - Salt of the Earth - the Making of a Film
xx21: EDWARD BIBERMAN - The Best Untold - a Book of Paintings by Edward Biberman
128vul: BIGGERS, EARL DERR - Seven Keys to Baldpate
mlfd87: BIGGERS, EARL DERR - The Chinese Parrot
sd13: BING, SIR RUDOLF - 5000 Nights at the Opera
bv91: BINGHAM, HOWARD L., MUHAMMAD ALI - Muhammad Ali: A Thirty Year Journey
chab32: C. H. A. BJERREGAARD - The Great Mother - a Gospel of the Eternally Feminine
xvm: BLACK, MARY;OLSHANSKY, JOAN R.;GRACIE MANSION CONSERVANCY - New York City's Gracie Mansion: A History of the Mayor's House
tgb28: THOMAS G. BLAKE - The Shield and the Storm
14gyu: BLOMBERG, RON;SCHLOSSBERG, DAN - Designated Hebrew: The Ron Blomberg Story
16mno: BLOOM, HAROLD - Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine
vgr16: BLOOM, HAROLD - Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine
whb5: BLUMENTHAL, WALTER HART - The Pepper Shaker
rk01: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI - The Decameron
cgdb5: DU BOIS, CHARLES G. - Kick the Dead Lion
tb1: BOLDEN, TONYA - Through Loona's Door
mb15: ARNA BONTEMPS - The Story of George Washington Carver
pjk15: ARNA BONTEMPS - Story of the Negro
25rtj: BORG, BJORN - Bjorn Borg My Life and Game
vb1: BORGE, VICTOR - My Favorite Intermissions
jn11: JOE NAMATH [ LARRY BORTSTEIN ] - Superjoe - the Joe Namath Story
mb27: BOWDEN, MARK - Black Hawk Down
pb60: BOWLES, PAUL - Let It Come Down
16plx: FRANK BOWLING - Signed Letter & Exhibition Catalogue
kb1: BOYLE, KAY - Plagued by the Nightingale
sbo1: BRADFIELD, SCOTT - The History of Luminous Motion
rb.1.: BRADFORD, ROARK - John Henry
rb02: BRADFORD, ROARK - John Henry
wab11: BRADLEY, WILLIAM ASPENWALL - Garlands and Wayfarings
wws7: PRESTON BRADLEY - Mastering Fear
rrb1: ROSA R. BRANDON - Raney Days
jb1: BRESLIN, JIMMY - Table Money
180pp: CARTIER-BRESSON, HENRI - Les Danses a Bali
bhmt5: HARTE, BRET & MARK TWAIN - Sketches of the Sixties
eob19: EDNA O'BRIEN - A Fanatic Heart
lki13: PAT O'BRIEN - The Wind at Back - the Life and Times of Pat O'Brien
tob02: O'BRIEN, TIM - Tomcat in Love
mjk9: HENRY BRINTON - Vengeance Is Dear
bc14: O. CHESTER BRODHAY - Veiled Victory
vwb5: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - New England: Indian Summer 1865-1915
008jpj: CHARLES WALTER BROWN - John Paul Jones / of Naval Fame / a Character of the Revolution
9xyw: BROWN, SUSAN; REINBERG, STEVEN - Persona: Photographs
cb01: BROWN, CECIL - Days without Weather
db1: BROWN, DEE - The Way to Bright Star
rmb1: BROWN, RITA MAE - Six of One
stb11: BROWNE, SIR THOMAS - Religio Medici
jb.05: BUCHAN, JOHN - The Thirty Nine Steps
ab02: BUCHWALD, ART - Leaving Home
ab00: BUDRYS, ALGIS - Who?
gzs18: HENRY LEWIS BULLEN - The Nuremberg Chronicle... A Monograph. With a Leaf from the 1st Latin Edition
ob5: BURDETT, OSBERT - The Beardsley Period
kjy13: LEWIS DAYTON BURDICK - The Hand a Survey of Facts, Legands, and Beliefs Pertaining to Manual Ceremonies, Covenants, and Symbols
ab1: ANTHONY BURGESS - The Eve of Saint Venus
ab1.: BURGESS, ANTHONY - Moses
hy68: W.R. BURNETT - Bitter Ground
98fpo: BUSH, GEORGE W. - Decision Points
shb1: BUTCHER, S.H. - The Poetics of Aristotle
xd25: BYNNER, WITTER - New Poems 1960
n50: BYRD, REAR ADM. RICHARD E. - Little America
acb5: BARNES, ALBERT C. & VIOLETTE DE MAZIA - The Art of Henri Matisse
jbc02: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - These Restless Heads
18iiu8: CADMAN, CHARLES WAKEFIELD - Four American Indian Songs
08plki: IRVING CAESAR - Sing a Song of Friendship
bg08: IRVING CAESAR, GERALD MARKS - Sing a Song of Safety
jc21: CAGNEY, JAMES - Cagney by Cagney
13vpo: SAMMY CAHN - The New Sammy Cahn Song Book
mc1: CAIDIN, MARTIN - Let's Go Flying
lpk15: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Call It Experience
jacj1: CALIFANO, JOSEPH A. JR. - Radical Surgery
throm19: RABBI EDWARD N. CALISCH - The Jew in English Literature, As Author and Subject.
gdc14: GEORGE D. CALLAN - Police Methods for Today and Tomorrow
cc56: CALLOWAY, CAB - Of Minnie the Moocher and Me
tjc5: THOMAS J. CAMPBELL - The Jesuits 1534 - 1921
hsc18: CANBY, HENRY SEIDEL - Thoreau
94pzz: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - The Muses Are Heard
bbc201: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Other Voices, Other Rooms
vgr232: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - A Tree of Night
pc1: CARDEN, PRISCELLA - The Vanilla Village
28c8: CARNEGIE, DALE - How to Win Friends and Influence People
15xm: JIMMY CARTER - The Virtues of Aging
aij9: CARTER, DON - 10 Secrets of Bowling
bv5k: CARTER, RICHARD G. - Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight: The Story of the Spaniels
uu22: CARTER, JIMMY - The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer
jc1.: CASEY, JOHN - Testimony and Demeanor
rjc5: ROBERT J. CASEY - Four Faces of Siva
jdc5: CASSERES, JAMES DE - James Gibbons Huneker
taod324: CASTANEDA, CARLOS - The Art of Dreaming
klem292: FIDEL CASTRO (1926- ) - Printed Color Citation
cwc5: CERAM, C.W. - The March of Archaeology
pji138: CHAMBERLIN, CLARENCE D. - Record Flights
jc06: CHARLOT, JEAN - Charlot Murals in Georgia
97opq: CHARTERIS, LESLIE - The First Saint Omnibus
14xoxo: CHASE, ERNEST DUDLEY - The Romance of Greeting Cards
ic01: CHASE, ILKA - New York 22
vw39: CHAYEFSKY, PADDY - The Latent Heterosexual
jc01: CHEEVER, JOHN - The Falconer
nc01: CHENG, NIEN - Life and Death in Shanghai
ac01: CHEUSE, ALAN - The Grandmothers Club
70ni: CHILD, JULIA - From Julia Child's Kitchen
mnb115: CHILD, JULIA - Julia's Casual Dinners
hjc35: HUGH J. CHISHOLM - White Horses
sc1: CHITTY, SUSAN - That Singular Person Called Lear
xvm23: CHOMSKY, NOAM - Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance
rtm73: CHRISTIE, AGATHA - Death in the Air
151wwq: CLARKE, SAMUEL - A Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God... . +a Discourse Concerning the Unchangeable Obligations of Natural Religion...
8oo60: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - The Exploration of Space
vg55y: CLARKE, ARTHUR C. - Rama II (2)
whhc01: WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON CLAYTON - A Damned Iowa Greyhound
mnj130: GROVER CLEVELAND - Grover Cleveland Signed Document
rc1.: CLUCHEY, RICK - The Cage
rmc06: COATES, ROBERT M. - Wisteria Cottege
wv10: ANNE COBBETT - The English Housekeeper: Or Manuel of Domestic Management: Containing Advice on the Management of Household Affairs... For the Use of Young Ladies Who Undertake the Superintendence of Their Own Housekeeping.
hc26: COCKTON, HENRY - The Life and Adventures of Valentine Vox
489oky: CODY, WILLIAM 'BUFFALO BILL' - Te Ranch Brochure
xx103: DAVID ALLAN COE - Ex-Convict
30puk: COGGON, CHRISTOPHER - Space Transportation Systems R
jc16: JACKIE COLLINS - The World Is Full of Married Men
rjc1: CONLEY, ROBERT J. - Mountain Windsong
rc1: CONNER, RALPH - The Foreigner
355pop: COOLIDGE, CALVIN - Have Faith in Massachusetts
aec13: A.E. COPPARD - Emergency Exit
hc11: HOWARD COSELL - Cosell
95ugk: NOEL COWARD - Fallen Angels
mc30: COWLEY, MALCOLM - The View from Eighty
wc5: COWPER, WILLIAM ESQ. - Private Correspondence of... .
sc1,: COX, SIDNEY - A Swinger of Birches- a Portrait of Robert Frost
nc1: NATHALIA CRANE - The Janitor's Boy
vc01: CRAPANZANO, VINCENT - The Fifth World of Forster Bennett - Portrait of a Navaho
ajc1: CRONIN, A.J. - The Green Years
wc1: CRONKITE, WALTER - A Reporter's Life
pc02: CROWE, PAT - Delaware Portrait
65ty: ELLERY QUEEN [FREDERIC DANNAY] - Ellery Queen's Challenge to the Reader
239kpj: CHARLES DARWIN - The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
ad11: DAUDET, ALPHONSE - Tartarin of Tarascon
acfd5: FOX-DAVIES, A.C. - The Mauleverer Murders
xx54i: VALENTINE DAVIES - Miracle on 34th Street
14bqv: DAVIS, ADELLE - You Can Stay Well
23mmm: DAVIS, SAMMY JR. - Hollywood in a Suitcase
d1: DELACORTA - Nana
md27: MAURICE DELAFOSSE - Negroes of Africa
vvok21: BABETTE DEUTSCH - Banners
pd1: DEXTER, PETE - The Paperboy
cd2: CHRISTOPHER DICKEY - Summer of Deliverance
jd01: DIDION, JOAN - Democracy
ad1: DILLARD, ANNIE - The Living
147vvy: S. S. VAN DINE - The Dragon Murder Case
vrk29: DOROTHY DIX - Mirandy
dr1: RIVERS, DOC & BRUCE BROOKS - Those Who Love the Game
eld01: DOCTEROW, E.L - The Lives of the Poets
jj18: ESTELLE DOHENY - The Estelle Doheny Collection in 7 Vols. And Fine Printed Books and Manuscripts of the Doheny Collection at St. Mary's of the Barrens, Perrysville, Mo
bd14: DOLE, ROBERT - Great Political Wit : Laughing (Almost) All the Way to the White House
cvd5: DOREN, CARL VAN - The Great Rehearsal
mvd5: DOREN, MARK VAN - The Careless Clock
xvm1: LOU DORFSMAN - Lou Dorfsman
hkd5: DOUGLAS, HENRY KYD - I Rode with Stonewall
nd11: NORMAN DOUGLAS - South Wind
wod116: WILLIAM O. DOUGLAS - West of the Indus
rd1: RODDY DOYLE - The Snapper
md01: DRABBLE, MARGARET - A Natural Curiosity
xox10: MAURICE C. DREICER - The Diner's Companion
jd1: DRINKWATER, JOHN - The World's Lincoln
ed.5: DROITON, ETIENNE - Temples Et Tresors de L'Egypte
ed5: DROITON, ETIENNE - Le Musee Du Caire
ad05: DRURY, ALAN - Decision
480khop: DUKE, CHARLES M. JR. - Reflections of a Lunar Voyager
dh1: DULANY, HARRIS - One Kiss Led to Another
219mmo: HENRY DUNN - Slave Bill of Sale
jgd1: DUNNE, JOHN GREGORY - True Confessions
wd1: DURANTY, WALTER - I Write As I Please
md1: DURAS, MARGUERITE - The Malady of Death
ad1,: DWORKIN, ANDREA - Mercy
hvd01: VAN DYKE, HENRY - Day's Off
bxv40: BERNARD WOLPE [ED. & INTRO.] - A Newe Booke of Copies
oxg11: BARBARA SMITH [ED.] - Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology
hse19: H. S. EDE - Savage Messiah
rde6: REV. DR. EDERSHEIM - The Temple, Its Ministry and Services As They Were at the Time of Jesus Christ
mre12: MORTON R. EDWIN - Half a Century with Tobacco
le5: EISELEY, LOREN - Darwin and the Mysterious Mr X
ae1.: EISENBERG, AZRIEL [ ED. ] - The Golden Land
se1: EISENBERG, SUSAN - Pioneering- Poems from the Construction Site
102woo: T. S. ELIOT - Murder in the Cathredal
tse1: ELIOT, T.S. - The Elder Statesman
uff16: GEORGE ELIOT - Romola
ae1: ELKANN, ALAIN - Misguided Lives
16vgf: BRYHER [PSEUD. WINIFRED ELLERMAN] - Film Problems of Soviet Russia
pxb24: ELLIS, JOSEPH J. - Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams
he11: ELLIS, HAVELOCK - Sonnets
je1: ELLROY, JAMES - White Jazz
erjm1: RAMOS-ELORDUY, JULIETA; MENZEL, PETER - Creepy Crawly Cuisine : The Gourmet Guide to Edible Insects
moqu16: LOUIS C. ELSON - The History of American Music
ge01: GEORGE EMSLEY - By Sea, Shore & Riverbank ; an Illustrated Anthology
30ppp8: EPSTEIN, JACOB - Epstein an Autobiography
pk10: JOHN ERSKINE - Adam and Eve; Though He Knew Better
2rpm05: JAMES WELDON JOHNSON [ETAL] - Treasury of 100 Mod. Am. Poets. Vol 1frost, Stein Etal
llp16: WYNDHAM LEWIS [W.B. YEATS] [H.G. WELLS] ETAL - Satire & Fiction
rpm05: LANGSTON HUGHES [ETAL] - Treasury of 100 Mod. Am. Poets. Vol 7 L. Hughes Etal
edg15: DE GUERIN, EUGENIE & G.S. TREBUTIEN [ED] - Letters of Eugenie de Guerin
mb16: CHICK EVANS - Golf for Boys and Girls
17uuj: WILLIAM K. EVERSON - The Art of W.C. Fields
wjd20: EDWARD G. EZELL - Handguns of the World
bqee96: DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS - Laugh and Live
jf1: FANE, JULIAN - Memoir in the Middle of a Journey
jf5: FARINGTON, JOSEPH - The Farington Diary
13v8: FAST, HOWARD - Intellectuals in the Fight for Peace
baba107: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Intruder in the Dust
uh436: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Town
ffd5: FAWCETT, F. DUBREZ - Dickens the Dramatist: On Stage, Screen & Radio
lf06: FEASEY, LYNETTE - On the Playbill in Old London
af01: FEDEROFF, ALEXANDER - The Side of the Angels
lf3: FEINBERG, LESLIE - Trans Liberation - Beyond Pink or Blue
51swg: FERBER, EDNA - Cimarron
ef1: FERBER, EDNA - Giant
df19: FIELD, DOROTHY - The Human House
mjtf01: FIELDS, MRS. JAMES T. - A Shelf of Old Books
hf29: HARVEY FIERSTEIN - Torch Song Trilogy
66fg: FISHER, M. F. K. - Sister Age
lcf03: LEE C. FISHER - EVANGILIST - World Favorite Gospel Songs and Hymns
13cup: FISHER, M. F. K. - The Gastronomical Me
ghf2: FITCH, GEORGE HAMLIN - The Critic in the Occident
17lkk: JOHN J. FLOHERTY - 'Board the Airliner; a Camera Trip with the Transport Planes
18pqm: [FRANCES J. BREWER] JEAN DE LA FONTAINE - The Fables of Jean de la Fontaine: A Monograph
ef3: FORBUSH, EWD. H, &JOHN MAY - Natural History of the Birds of Eastern and Central North America
ccz97: FORD, GERALD R. - Humor and the Presidency
csf1: FORESTER, C.S. - The Captain from Connecticut
rs14: RAPHAEL SOYER [JOSEPH K. FOSTER] - Raphael Soyer - Drawings and Watercolors
oo36: JIMMY DURANTE [GENE FOWLER] - Schnozzola
mf17: MEM FOX - Time for Bed
bfo2: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN - An Apology for Printers
51zz: FRAZAR, DOUGLAS - Practical Boat Sailing a Concise and Simple Treatise
asf28: ABRAHAM SOLOMON FREIDUS - Studies in Jewish Bibliography and Related Subjects
7bby: MURIEL TALBOT FRENCH [1920-2010] - American History Book
gg14: FREZEL, JEAN ETAL. - Genatlas a Catalogue of Mapped Genes and Other Markers
bjf12: BRUCE J. FRIEDMAN - Stern
bjf15: FRIEDMAN, BRUCE JAY - The Lonely Guy's Book of Life
dod256i: FRIEDMAN, MILTON;FRIEDMAN, ROSE D. - Two Lucky People: Memoirs
vxi104: R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER - Education Automation - Freeing the Scholar to Return to His Studies
bmf01: FULLERTON, BRADFORD M. - Selective Bibliography of Am. Lit. 1775 - 1900
rg22: RUTH GAINES - City-Royal: A Memory of Kyoto
vv16: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH - The Galbraith Reader: From the Works of John Kenneth Galbraith
22asx: GLORIA GALE - Calendar Model
pg10: GALLICO, PAUL - Love, Let Me Not Hunger
bxz85: JERRY GARCIA, BRANDELIUS, JERILYN L. - Grateful Dead Family Album
10pba: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Dubious Bridegroom
mv11: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY - The Case of the Sleepwalker's Niece
thyu58: ERLE STANLEY GARDNER - The World of Water Exploring the Sacramento Delta
grb1: BERNIER, GEORGE & ROSAMOND - The Selective Eye
zz28: WILLIAM R. GEORGE & LYMAN BEECHER STOWE - Citizens Made and Remade: An Interpretation of the Significance and Influence of George Junior Republics
eg35: EMILY GOLDSMITH GERSON - A Modern Esther and Other Stories for Jewish Children
agmd5: GESELL, ARNOLD M.D. ETAL - Youth: The Years from Ten to Sixteen
dg02: GIARDINA, DENISE - Saints and Villains
eg10: EUELL GIBBONS - Stalking the Healthful Herbs
gg00: GIDDINS, GARY - A Moment's Notice : Photographs of American Jazz Musicians
pjj7: MIEP GIES - Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family
sg03: SARAH GILBERT - Dixie Riggs
pp109: GILPIN, WILLIAM - An Essay Upon Prints,... , the Different Kinds of Prints, and the Characters of the Most Noted Masters; Illustrated by Criticisms Upon Particular Pieces'; to Which Are Added Some Cautions That May Be Useful in Collecting Prints .
ng1: GIOVANNI, NIKKI - The Genie in the Jar
dg1: DOROTHY GLASER - Brother Anselmo
rg1.: GLUCK, ROBERT - Margery Kempe
rg3: GLUCK, ROBERT - Margery Kempe
rg05: GODDEN, RUMER - The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
rg5: GODDEN, RUMER - Kingfishers Catch Fire
wg01: GOLDING, WILLIAM - The Paper Men
zbj14: PUSKAR [GOLDMAN, MATTHEW; MASLA, ROBERT] - Windows to the Spiritual World : Spirit Realism and the Art of Puskar
hg1: GOODMAN, HENRY [TRANSLATOR] - The New Country
pmc48: GOODMAN, BENNY - Benny, King of Swing: A Pictorial Biography Based on Benny Goodman's Personal Archives
mg140: GORBACHEV, MIKHAIL - Memoirs
ng01: GORDIMER, NADINE - A Sport of Nature
ng1,: GORDIMER, NADINE - A Soldier's Embrace
ag0.1: GORDON, ALISON - Foul Balls: Five Years in the American League
ga1,: GORDON, ALISON - The Dead Pull Hitter
chg08: CHARLES H. GOREN - Goren's Canasta Up - to - Date
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sjg91: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - Full House : The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin
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mwm27: GRAY, SPALDING - Sex and Death to the Age 14
gg01: GREEN, GERALD - The Last Angry Man
103a: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Return of A.J. Raffles
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dg8: DICK GREGORY - Callus on My Soul - a Memoir
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lvag5: GUILD, LURELLE VAN ARSDALE - The Geography of American Antiques
ag01: GURGANUS, ALLEN - The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
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wh05: HAAGE, WALTER - Cacti and Succulents a Practical Handbook
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mbc192: H. RIDER HAGGARD - Maiwa's Revenge
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xpp106: W. C. HANDY, ABE NILES - A Treasury of the Blues
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42kjb: HARRYHAUSEN, RAY - Film Fantasy Scrapbook
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53xbc: RED GROOMS [BARBARA HASKELL] - Red Grooms: Ruckus Rodeo
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nmyu8: HELLMAN, LILLIAN - Pentimento
eh.01: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - Across the River and Into the Trees
lh1: HEMINGWAY, LORIAN - Walk on Water - a Memoir
lh1.: HEMINGWAY, LORIAN - Walk on Water - a Memoir
ahdb16: HENDERSON, AMY; BOWERS, DWIGHT B. - Red, Hot and Blue : A Smithsonian Salute to the American Musical
jph5: POPE-HENNESSY, JOHN - The Study and Criticism of Italian Sculpture
sbs0o: A. BARTON HEPBURN - A History of Currency in the United States
vb24: OLIVER HERFORD - The Smoker's Year Book
bbq18: MENNO HERTZBERGER - Dictionary for the Booktrade Dictionnaire a L'Usage de la Librairie Ancienne
erx27: JOHN HEWITT - Hewitt's Tables of Simple Interest. Shewing at One Tview, the Interest of Any Sum of Money. II(2) a Table of Time Which Shews the Number of Days between Any Two in a Year. III(3) Nine Tables of Brokerage or Commission: The Stock or Value of Goods Sold...
xz98: HEWLETT, MAURICE - The Forest Lovers
dbh12: DU BOSE HEYWARD - Porgy
106nww: HICHENS, ROBERT - The Garden of Allah
v115tt: HILTON, JAMES - Goodbye Mr. Chips
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237xd8: DAMIEN HIRST - For the Love of God the Making of the Diamond Skull
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xbm34: MAURICE SENDAK [E.T.A. HOFFMANN - Nutcracker
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333mv: HOOVER, HERBERT - On Growing Up, His Letters from and to American Children
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819jyg: HUBBARD, L. RON - What Is Scientology?: Based on the Works of L. Ron Hubbard
16mz: HUBIN, ALLEN J. - The Bibliography of Crime Fiction, 1749-1975
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jgh5: HUNEKER, JAMES GIBBONS - Intimate Letters of James Gibbons Huneker
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amh5: HUNTINGTON, ARCHER M. [FOREWARD] - Hispanic Society of America Handbook of Museum and Library Collections
bciii3: BARNABY CONRAD III - Ghost Hunting in Montana
ri01: INGALLS, RACHEL - Be My Guest - Two Novellas
ei1: IONESCO, EUGENE - Fragments of a Journal
az34: ADOLPH ZUKOR [WILL IRWIN] - The House That Shadows Built - the Story of Adolph Zukor and His Circle
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hj01: JACKSON, HOLBROOK - On the Reading of Books
wsx61: CHARLES JACKSON - The Lost Weekend
///rj5: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Toilers of the Field
///rj5/: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Open Air
//rj5: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Field and Hedgerow
////rj5: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Life of the Fields
rj.05: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Nature Near London
rj.05.: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Round About a Great Estate
rj.5: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Gamekeeper at Home
rj05: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Amateur Poacher
rj5: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Amaryllis at the Fair
xvm30: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - The Writings of Thomas Jefferson
jj1: JILER, JOHN - Sleeping with the Mayor
jm5: JOHN, MARIN - John Marin Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Etchings
bob58: JOHNSON, LYNDON; WILLIAM S. WHITE - The Professional
kjc1: GROSS, KIM JOHNSON ET AL. - Chic Simple - Clothes
jj34: JOHNSON, PHILIP - Philip Johnson: The Architect in His Own Words
mj02: JOHNSTON, MARY - To Have and to Hold
34bnz: JAMES JONES - From Here to Eternity
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ej5: JONG, ERICA - Parachutes & Kisses
jj5.: JOYCE, JAMES - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
jung178: KARL (CARL) JUNG -
63tt: KAHANE, RABBI MEIR - The Story of the Jewish Defense League
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xo40: NORRIS KATHLEEN - All Souls Poems from the Dakotas
13qqe: KAYE, SAMMY - Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade Book of Poetry Volume 1 & 2
27jvi: KAZAN, ELIA - The Understudy
1wko1: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Very Old Bones
wk,1: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Riding the Yellow Trolley Car
wk01: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Quinn's Book
jki1: KER, J. INGLIS - Scotland for the Motorist
wsp39: ANDRE KERTESZ - Andre Kertesz [History of Photography Monograph #6]
kj56b: KEN KESEY - The Further Inquiry
kko1: KESEY, KEN - Demon Box
kwkb2: WOODFORD, KEVIN & KEVIN BELTON - Big Kevin Little Kevin
13jjf: TED KEY - Here's Hazel: A New Collection Ofhazel Drawings from the Saturday Evening Post
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eak1: KIMMEL, ERIC A. - The Greatest of All
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xkk72: KING, STEPHEN - The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon / a Pop-Up Book
25cmq: KINGSLEY, SIDNEY - The Patriots
ck11: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Hereward
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16pmu: RUDYARD KIPLING - Plain Tales from the Hills
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65pij: KISSINGER, HENRY; LUCE, CLARE BOOTHE - The White House Years
fk6: KLINGENDER, FRANCIS - Animals in Art & Thought - to the End of the Middle Ages
oosbs: KNAPP, LEWIS MANSFIELD - Tobias Smollett, Doctor of Men and Manners
15xox: FREDA DE KNIGHT - A Date with a Dish
eik01: KOCH, EDWARD I - Politics
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aa159: DE KOONING, WILLEM [ZILCZER, JUDITH] - Willem de Kooning: From the Hirshhorn Museum Collection
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cl1: LAMB, CHARLES - Old China
mmm10: LAMOUR, DOROTHY; MCINNES, DICK - My Side of the Road
xx202: LANGFORD, NATHIANIEL PITT - Vigilante Days and Ways: The Pioneers of the Rockies, the Makers and Making of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming
ll1: LAPHAM, LEWIS - Hotel America- Scenes in the Lobby of the Fin-de-Siecle
fkf16: VALERY LARBAUD - 200 Chambres 200 Salles de Bains
kl18: KATHRYN LASKY - A Brilliant Streak - the Making of Mark Twain
rl1: LAWLER, RAY - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
40xvl: SANDRA LAWRENCE - The Roman Inscriptional Letter
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pak32: LEA, TOM - The Brave Bulls
32tyjk: MUNRO LEAF - Arithmetic Can Be Fun
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jl12: LIEBERMAN, JOSEPH I.; D'ORSO, MICHAEL - In Praise of Public Life: A Response to Its Critics
322bmp: LINDBERGH, CHARLES; BRUCE L. LARSON - Lindbergh of Minnesota: A Political Biography
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cc111: POPE JOH PAUL LL - Pilgrimage of Peace - the Collected Speeches of John Paul LL in Ireland and the United States
mvl1: LLOSA, VARGAS MARIO - The Real Life of Alejandro Mayta
bv05: LOCKHART, R.H. BRUCE - Retreat from Glory
vvv89: LOFTING, HUGH - The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle
hh92: LONDON, JACK - White Fang
hl50: LONDON, HANNAH - Portraits of Jews by Gilbert Stuart and Other Early American Artists
hwl1: LONGFELLOW, HENRY, W. - The Children's Hour
vpv16: ANITA LOOS - Gigi
bhl1: LOPEZ, BARRY HOLSTUN - Of Wolves and Men
iel1: LORD, ISOBEL ELY [ED] - The Household Cookbook
pl01: LOUYS, PIERRE - Aphrodite
19ooh: JIM LOVELL - Lost Moon
34bg: MYRNA LOY - Legendary Ladies of the Movies
l9: LUCIAN - The Mimes of the Courtesans
rl04: LUCIANO, RON - Remembrance of Swings Past
rblmd6: ROBERT B. LUDY, M.D. - Historic Churches of the World
jl1: LUNDEN, JOAN - Good Morning, I'm Joan Lunden
jpl5: LUNDY, JOHN P. - Monumental Christianity or the Art and Symbolism of the Primitive Church As Witnesses and Teachers of the One Catholic Faith and Practice
al01: LUSTIG, ARONST - The Unloved from the Diary of Perla S.
ksl2: LYNN, KENNETH S - Hemingway
nl1: LYONS, NICK - Spring Creek
hm15: MACKAY, HARVEY - Swim with the Sharks : Without Being Eaten Alive
pm01: MACKINTOSH, PRUDENCE - Just As We Were: A Narrow Slice of Texas Womanhood
im01: MACLAREN,IAN - Kate Carnegie
21vvc: MADDEN, BILL; ZIMMER, DON - Zim: A Baseball Life
cf00: MADOFF, RUTH; IDEE SHOENHEIMER - The Great Chefs of America Cook Kosher
c164vv: MADONNA - The Madonna Limited Edition Boxed Set
nm.1: MAILER, NORMAN - Advertisements for Myself
nm02: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead
nm15: MAILER, NORMAN - Oswald's Tale : An American Mystery
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54bunn: BERNARD MALAMUD - Pictures of Fidleman
23odk: MOSES L. MALEVINSKY - The Science of Playwriting
hm28: MANCINI, HENRY; LEES, GENE - Did They Mention the Music?
km5: MANSFIELD, KATHERINE - Katherine Mansfield's Letters to John Middleton Murry 1913-1922
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ggm1: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - Strange Pilgrims
bm1.: MARTIN, BEN - Marcel Marceau Master of Mime
mrbhh5: RATHBUN, MARY & BARTLETT H. HAYES, JR. - Layman's Guide to Modern Art. Painting for a Scientific Age
sn5: MATHIAS, SEAN - Infidelities
gm5: MAUGE, GILBERT - The Unknown Quantity
wsm1: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Ten Novels and Their Authors
ecm28: EARL CHAPIN MAY - The Circus - from Rome to Ringling
vbi25: MAY, ROLLO - Psychology and the Human Dilemma
j106: MCCAIN, JOHN; SALTER, MARK - Worth the Fighting for: A Memoir
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jm01: MCCORKLE, JILL - Crash Diet
jmc1: MCCORKLE, JILL - Carolina Moon
1mm02: MCCOY, MAX - Sons of Fire
mm02: MCCOY, MAX - Sixth Rider
cmc01: MCCULLOUGH, COLLEEN - The Ladies of Missalonghi
jmc02: MCINERNEY, JAY - Story of My Life
smc02: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Saviours of Society
80kqa: MCLUHAN, HERBERT MARSHALL - The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man
bno12: MCMANIS, KENT; STANCLIFF, ROBIN - A Guide to Zuni Fetishes and Carvings : In Two Volumes
xu4: MCMILLAN, TERRY - How Stella Got Her Groove Back
ply18: DOUGLAS C. MCMURTRIE - Initial Letters
vmy18: DOUGLAS C. MCMURTRIE - Alphabets
lmc01: MCMURTRY, LARRY - Dead Man's Walk
xvm41: MARGARET MEAD - Male and Female a Study of the Sexes in a Changing World
cpm1: MEI, CHIN P'ING - The Adventurous History of Hsi Men and His Six Wives
78ooo: RICHARD ESTES; LOUIS K. MEISEL - Richard Estes : The Complete Paintings, 1966-1985
96gth: MENCKEN, H.L. - Menckeniana a Schimpflexicon
jllm02: LLOVIO-MENENDEZ, JOSE LUIS - The Insider
12gyti: MENVILLE, DOUGLAS ALVER; REGINALD, R. - Things to Come: An Illustrated History of the Science Fiction Film
fsm01: MEYER, FRANZ SALES - Handbook of Ornament
vvm139: OSCAR MICHEAUX - The Story of Dorothy Stanfield
rm16: RICHARD MICHELSON - Grandpa's Gamble
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vlp40: MICHENER, JAMES A.; POPE, EDWIN - The Edwin Pope Collection
v29mp: MAX MILLER - I Cover the Waterfront
50cmq: MILLER, ARTHUR - After the Fall
am00: MILLER, ALICE - Pictures of a Childhood
130olj: MILLS, W. JAY - Historic Houses of New Jersey
134efp: FRIEDMAN, MILTON & ROSE - Tyranny of the Status Quo
xox20: MINNIE BELLE MITCHELL - Gray Moon Tales
79xvm: MITCHELL, JOSEPH - Up in the Old Hotel: And Other Stories
34oop: ELIZABETH B. MOCK - The Architecture of Bridges
14bn: WILL H. HAYS [RAYMOND MOLEY] - The Hays Office
19ooy: FELD-MARISCAL CONDE DE MOLTKE - La Guerra Franco-Alemana de 1870-71
fm1: MOODY, FRED - I Sing the Body Electronic
wm5: MOREHOUSE, WARD - Matinee Tomorrow
wdm5: MORGAN, WILLIAM DE - Alice-for-Short
sem5: MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT - Admiral of the Ocean Sea
clmm11: MORLEY, G.L. MCCANN - Paul Gauguin: Exhibition of Paintings and Prints
cm1: CHARLES MORRIS, EDITOR - Admiral Franklin? Yes, Admiral Franklin
mnx50: RON MORRIS - Wallenda - a Biography of Karl Wallenda
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vm5: MOSCHINI, VITTORIO - Carpaccio: La Leggenda Di Sant'Orsola
gm.1: AESCHYLUS [GILB. MURRAY- TRANS] - The Choephoroe
gm1: AESCHYLUS [GILB. MURRAY- TRANS] - The Eumenides
xl25: BILL MURRAY - Viva Bill Murray !
334m: HOOVER, HERBERT. [WILLIAM STARR MYERS & WALTER H. NEWTON] - The Hoover Administration: A Documented Narrative
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rkn1: NAYARAN, R.K. - The Financial Expert
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20xcg: NEGRI, POLA [1897-1987] - 'Paradise' from the Movie "a Woman Commands"
eon11: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Ah, Wilderness !
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18jji: NELSON, WILLIE; SHRAKE, BUD - Willie: An Autobiography
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fhn3: NETTER, FRANK H. M.D. - The Ciba Collection of Medical Illustrations Vol. 1 the Nervous System
dn02: NEVIN, DAVID - 1812
ees49: NEWMAN, PAUL;HOTCHNER, A. E. - Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good
jh14: FLORENCE ZACHARIE ELLIS NICHOLLS - Button Hand Book Comparative Values Serial Numbers
pk39x: RUTH NICHOLS - Wings for Life
jn02: NICKLAUS, JACK - Take a Tip from Me
41bfx: REINHOLD NIEBUHR - Discerning the Signs of the Times
14yew: HARTVIG NISSEN - ABC of the Swedish System of Educational Gymnastics
vxi150: NKRUMAH, KWAME - Ghana the Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah
zbb28: NOHEJL, MILOSLAV - Vidim Milence
an5: NOYES, ALFRED - Pageant of Letters
bv59x: NUREYEV, RUDOLPH - Dance Magazine
jco1.: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - The Assignation
mo11: MOTOI OI - Brush Strokes in Sumi-E Painting
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vbb3: SERGE ONNEN - Zware Zakken / Heavy Bags
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wo04: ORPEN, SIR WILLIAM K.B.E - The Outline of Art
sjo1: ORTIZ, SIMON J. - Going for the Rain
ao1: OSTROVSKY, ALEXANDER NIKOLAEVICH - The Diary of a Scoundrel
joam02: JACOBY, OSWALD & ALBERT MOREHEAD - The Fireside Book of Cards
ju8p: ROI OTTLEY - Die Swartzw Odyssee [the Black Odyssey]
0co12: OZICK, CYNTHIA - The Puttermesser Papers
co1: OZICK, CYNTHIA - The Cannibal Galaxy
co12: OZICK, CYNTHIA - The Messiah of Stockholm : A Novel
xvm14: PACELLE, MITCHELL - Empire
mmnb33: WILLIAM PAHLMANN - The Pahlmann Book of Interior Design
16sox: FRANK PALEY - Rumble on the Docks
gp1: PALEY, GRACE - Later the Same Day
72hmp: PALIN, SARAH - America by Heart
82vgyy: PALLISER, MRS. BURY - A History of Lace
rp22: PALTOCK, ROBERT - The Life & Adventures of Peter Wilkins
lp5: PALUSTRE, LEON - L'Architecture de la Renaissance
26ggh: SAM C. PAPPAS - Remember... Japan-Okinawa/Iwo-Phillipines/Guam-Palau-Saipan/Tarawa-Tinian/Marshalls-New Guinea/... . .
nmr15: PARSONS, LOUELLA O. - The Gay Illiterate
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lp5.: PAUL, LOUIS - The Man Who Left Home
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jcp39: J. C. PENNEY - Fifty Years with the Golden Rule
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mep5: PERKINS, MAXWELL E - Editor to Author, the Letters of Maxwell E. Perkins
52wwb: PERKINS, CARL; MCGEE, DAVID - Go, Cat, Go! : The Life and Times of Carl Perkins, the King of Rockabilly
lsp1: PETERSON, LEVI S. - Night Soil
ep01: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Lovers
tbpj01: PICKENS, T BOONE JR. - Boone
25mkj: MARY PICKFORD - The Demi-Widow
10tvb: GREGORY F. AUGUSTINE PIERCE, EDITOR / SIGNED BILL JAMES - How Bill James Changed Our View of Baseball
pov/05: PIERCE, OVID WILLIAMS - The Wedding Guest
pow.05: PIERCE, OVID WILLIAMS - The Plantation
120pm: PIGGOTT, F.T. - The Music and Musical Instruments of Japan
sp01: PIGGOTT, STUART [ED.] - The Dawn of Civilization
102xvm: PIRANDELLO, LUIGI - As You Desire Me
vbj16: NICOLE 'SNOOKI' POLIZZI - Confessions of a Guidette
17mmm: ANTOINETTE AND FRANCOIS POPE - Antoinette Pope School Candy Book
kap22: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE - Katherine Anne Porter's French Song Book
plk35: LOUIS F. POST - Ethics of Democracy
st7: POTOK, CHAIM - The Tree of Here
ep5: ]POUND, EZRA- ED] REMI DE GOURMOND - The Natural Philosophy of Love
cp45: POWELL, COLIN L.; PERSICO, JOSEPH E. - My American Journey : An Autobiography
mp5: POWELL,MARY - The Maiden & Married Life of Mary Powell
gfr35: JACK PRESTON - Heil! Hollywood
mp1: PROUST, MARCEL - The Sweet Cheat Gone
jp1: PURDY, JAMES - Mourners Below
jp50: PURDY, JAMES - An Oyster Is a Wealthy Beast
157bbk: PYLE, ERNIE - Brave Men
tp1: PYNCHON, THOMAS - Mason & Dixon
edq1: QEIROZ, ECA DE - The Relic
50vbm: BARRY WOOD [HARVARD'S GREAT ALL-AMERICAN QUARTERBACK] - What Price Football / a Player's Defence of the Game
57xos: BARRY WOOD [HARVARD'S GREAT ALL-AMERICAN QUARTERBACK] - What Price Football / a Player's Defence of the Game
vb83h: RANKEN, ALEXANDER REV. D.D. - The History of France, CIVIL and Military, Ecclesiastical, Political, Literal, Commercial, &C. &C.
jcr11: RANSOM, JOHN CROWE - Two Gentlemen in Bonds
yzz163: REAGAN, RONALD; IRENE VON DAMM - Sincerely Ronald Reagan
fmr01: RECK, FRANKLYN M. - Sand in Their Shoes
svcr5: CLES-REDEN,SIBYLLE VON - The Buried People - a Study of the Etruscan World
ir22: REED, ISHMAEL - Conjure
ir26: REED, ISHMAEL - Shrovetide in Old New Orleans
vhi23: REHNQUIST, WILLIAM H. - The Supreme Court: How It Was, How It Is
47xox: REHNQUIST, WILLIAM H. - The Supreme Court
ohf13: MADAME MELANIE REICHELT - 200 Famous Viennese Recipes
fr1: REIKEN, FREDERICK - The Odd Sea
xvm26: RENOIR, JEAN - The Notebooks of Captain Georges
ir01: IOWA REVIEW - A Fiftieth Anniversary of the Writers Workshop
ky123: LENI RIEFENSTAHL - The Last of the Nuba
lr27: RIVERS, LARRY; WEINSTEIN, ARNOLD - What Did I Do? : The Unauthorized Autobiography
bxx80: LEONARD E. ROBERTS - The Negro Chef Cookbook
kr22: ROBERTS, KENNETH - Lydia Baily
kro2: ROBERTS, KENNETH - Moreau de St. Mery's American Journey
ear01: ROBINSON, E.A - Tristram
de39: NORMAN ROCKWELL - Willie Was Different - the Tale of an Ugly Thrushling
rbjp01: JACKSON-PARIS, ROD & BOB - Straight from the Heart
31ee: ALEX RODRIGUEZ - Out of the Ballpark
gr5: ROHEIM, GEZA [ED.] - Psychonanalysis and the Social Sciences
145jqw: SAX ROHMER - The Romance of Sorcery
ar.1: ROIPHE, ANNE - Torch Song
ar1: ROIPHE, ANNE - Generation without Memory
ipvivo25211: ROIPHE, ANNE - Loving Kindness
ee28: ROMANOFF, PRINCE DIMITRI - The Orders, Medals, and History of Montenegro
mvr8: ROSENBERG, MERLICH V. - Eleanor of Aquitaine
bar1: ROSENBLATT,BERNARD A - Social Zionism
pw5: ROSENFELD, PAUL - By Way of Art
vm40: ROSENTHAL, ZACHERY, BRODOVITCH [EDS] - Portfolio: The Annual of the Graphic Arts
ph.1: ROTH, PHILIP - Our Gang
pr01: ROTH, PHILIP - Deception
pro2: ROTH, PHILIP - Zuckerman Unbound
xzp105: ROTH, PHILIP - Reading Myself and Others
oo58b: ROTH, PHILIP - Zuckerman Unbound
er01: ROTHENAU,ERNST - Orientals
wr5: ROTHENSTEIN, WILLIAM - Men and Memories
lr2: ROTTMAN, LARRY ETAL, EDS. - Winning Hearts and Minds
vk28m: MARION RUBINSTEIN - Adventuring in Palestine
kr31: RUSSELL, KEN - Directing Films : The Director's Art from Script to Cutting Room
raio5: AMIRAN, RUTH & ILAN ORNIT - Arad -Eine 5000 Jahre Alte Stadt in Der Wuste Negev, Israel
40byj: JOHN RYDER - Lines of the Alphabet in the Sixteenth Century
44zqe: SAGAN, FRANCOISE - The Unmade Bed
arls19: ALAIN RENE LE SAGE - The Merry Bachelor - History of Vanillo Gonzales
fcds11: SALAZAR, FRANCISCO CERVANTES DE - Life in the Imperial and Loya City of Mexico in New Spain
wlf45: SALTEN, FELIX - Bambi
as49: CONWAY WHITTLE SAMS - Shall Women Vote? a Book for Men
54mpd: CARL SANDBURG - Rootabaga Stories
cs1: SANDBURG, CARL - Remembrance Rock
vbb57: GEORGE SANTAYANA - Reason in Science
bqo35: WILLIAM SAROYAN - Three Plays : My Hearts in the Highlands, the Time of Your Life, Loves Old Sweet Song
kjk94: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Search for a Method
xz87x: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Literary Essays
vs6: SASSOON, VIDAL; SASSOON, BEVERLY; DUKE, CAMILLE - A Year of Health and Beauty
ars5: SAWYER, ALAN R. - The Nathan Cummings Collection of Ancient Peruvian Art
bu21: SCALZO, JOE; UNSER, BOBBY - The Bobby Unser Story
gjy36: SCHARY, DORE - The Devil's Advocate [ a Dramatization of the Novel by Morris L. West ]
vv43: JULIAN SCHNABEL - Sculpture 1987-1990
voo32: VAN SCHOICK, REV. R. W. - The Book and the Land
ls5: SCHUDT, LUDWIG - Caravaggio
mf1: SCHULBERG, BUDD - Waterfront
63rrt: SCHULZ, CHARLES - Peanuts Lunch Bag Cook Book
16fds: JOHN GAWSWORTH 'ORPHEUS SCRANNEL' - An Unterrestrial Pity / Being Contributions Towards a Biography of the Late Pinchbeck Lyre
js8: SCULLEY, JOHN; BYRNE, JOHN A. - Odyssey : Pepsi to Apple... A Journey of Adventure, Ideas and the Future
es14: ELISABETH SCWARZKOPF - Artist Recitals -Oberlin Conservatory of Music
ts01: SEAVER, TOM, WITH HERB RESNICOW - Beanball- Murder at the World Series
vbb13: SEGALOFF, NAT [INSCRIBED BY WILLIAM FRIEDKIN] - Hurricane Billy: The Stormy Life and Films of William Friedkin
ccp6: SELLERS, CHARLES COLEMAN - Charles Willson Peale- a Biography
mvq53: SERLING, ROD - From the Twilight Zone
es5: SEROTTA, EDWARD - Germans and Jews : A Photographic Diary, 1988-1996
bzs136: SEUSS, DR. - On Beyond Zebra
27zzx: SEVERSKY, MAJOR ALEXANDER P. DE - Victory Through Air Power
oxo25: BERNARD SEXTON - Gray Wolf Stories/Indian Mystery Tales of Coyote Animals and Men
10bvt: SHAARA, JEFF - Last Full Measure: Contains Last Full Measure
10okli: SHAARA, JEFF M. - Gone for Soldiers : A Novel of the Mexican War
ply10: SHAARA, JEFF - Last Full Measure: Contains Last Full Measure
wer10: SHAARA, JEFF - Gods and Generals
28mmp: ROBERT GRAVES / OMAR ALI-SHAH - The Original Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayaam a New Translation with Critical Commentaries
ks01: SHAPIRO, KARL - Essay on Rime
pmb58: SHARON, ARIEL - Warrior: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon
wos3: WILLIAM O' SHAUGHNESSY - It All Come Back to Me Now - Character Portraits from the &Apos;Goldenv Apple&Apos;
222mmg8: SHELDON, GEORGE WILLIAM - Recent Ideals in American Art
rs9: RICHMOND SHEPARD - Mime the Technique of Silence : An Illustrated Workbook
qq28m: SHEPPARD, DR. SAM - Endure and Conqure : My Twelve Year Fight for Vindication
45pum: SHERWOOD, ROBERT E. - The Road to Rome
es1: SHIBER, ETTA - Paris - Underground
cs17: CAROL SHIELDS - Larry's Party
opi134: SHORE, STEPHEN - American Surfaces
as1,: SHOUMATOFF, ALEX - Russian Blood - a Family Chronicle
xvm9: SIGAUD, LOUIS A. - Air Power and Unification Douhet's Principles of Warfare and Their Application to the United States
hggm02: SIGERIST, HENRY / GENEVIEVE MILLER, ED. - A Bibliography of the Writings of Henry Sigerist
oxo29: LOUIS B. WARD [FATHER CHARLES E. COUGHLIN SIGNED] - Father Charles E. Coughlin / an Authorized Biography
64pjh: NEIL SIMON - Promises, Promises
kjb28: UPTON SINCLAIR - The Profits of Religion
15cmq: SINDEREN, ADRIAN VAN - The Best Indoor Game
ibs1: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Penitent
oib15: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Wicked City
jzz500: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Reaches of Heaven
eso1: SINGLETON, ESTHER [ED.] - Great Pictures As Seen & Described by Famous Writers
25bgry: SITWELL, SIR OSBERT - The Memoirs of Sir Osbert Sitwell (in Five Volumes)
es9: SITWELL, EDITH - Selected Letters
46uyy: SKELTON, RED - Gertrude & Heathcliffe
iws1: SLOTKI, I.W. REV. DR. - Isaiah
ns1: SLOUSCHZ, NAHUM - The Renaissance of Hebrew Literature [ 1743-1885]
js1.: SMILEY, JANE - Moo
mcs01: SMITH, MARTIN CRUZ - Stallion Gate
1fhs01: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - Tom Grogan
49kbs: SMITH, BETTY - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
sfh01: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - The Tides of Barnegat
16pyc: TOBIAS SMOLLETT - A North Briton Extraordinary / Published at Edinburgh
29pxv: JOHN J. SNYDER - Tales of Old Flatbush
bps1: SOLOMON, BARBARA PROBST - Short Flights
ss.01: SONDHEIM, STEPHEN - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
ms01: SONENBERG, MAYA - Cartographies
ss1,: SONTAG, SUSAN - Death Kit
b59gg: SORENSTAM, ANNIKA - Golf Annika's Way : How I Elevated My Game to Be the Best-- and How You Can Too
115xo: TERRY SOUTHERN - The Magic Christian
lgs28: LLOYD G. SPENCER - Illustrated Phrenology the Science and Art Teaching How to Read Character a Manuel of Mental Science
3rpm05: STEPHEN SPENDER - Stephen Spender Reading His Selected Poems
ss..1: SPENDER, STEPHEN - Love - Hate Relations
15xx: MICKEY SPILLANE, MAX ALLAN COLLINS - A Century of Noir: Thirty-Two Classic Crime Stories
30po: MICKEY SPILLANE - The Big Kill
33ee: SPILLANE, MICKEY - I, the Jury
hu30p: MICKEY SPILLANE - The Long Wait
hjs00: SPINDEN, HERBERT JOSEPH - Songs of the Tewa
fb08: STAKENBORG, JACQUES;ZADELHOFF, JAAP VAN - Emaille Borden: De Geschiedenis Van Een Ijzersterk Reclamemedium
rs10: RAY STANFORD - What Your Aura Tells Me
mmv64: PAUL STARRETT - Changing the Skyline
ws1: STEIG, WILLIAM - Spinky Sulks
js01: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Moon Is Down
16tw: JAMES STEPHENS - Arthur Griffith Journalist and Statesman
is33: IRVING STONE - Lust for Life
x34: STOVER, ERIC - The Graves: Srebrenica and Vukovar
js01.: STRAHS, JAMES - Seed Journal
xx39: NEWTON A. STRAIT - Alphabetical List of Battles 1754-1900; War of the Rebellion; Spanish-American War; Philipine Insurrection and All Old Wars with Dates
is125: STRAVINSKY, IGOR; ROBERT CRAFT - Memories and Commentaries
80pkj: BARBRA STREISAND - Funny Lady
43sqm: STRIBLING, T.S. - The Store
wp129e: FRAN STRIKER - The Lone Ranger Traps the Smugglers
oy15: LOUISE SUGGS - Par Golf for Women
rss11: R. S. SURTEES - The Jaunts and Jollities of That Renowned Sporting Citizen Mr. John Jorrocks
js22: JONATHAN SWIFT - Miscellaneous Poems
js.1: SYMINGTON, JAMES - The Stately Game
it01: TABAK, ISRAEL - Heine and His Heritage
gt15: TALESE, GAY - Unto the Sons
ewt5: TEALE, EDWIN WAY - Adventures in Nature
40oxo: LOWELL THOMAS - With Lawrence in Arabia
29vol: THOMAS, CLARENCE; RONALD SURESH ROBERTS - Clarence Thomas and the Tough Love Crowd: Counterfeit Heroes and Unhappy Truths
dmt01: THOMAS, D.M. - Lady with a Laptop
dt0: THOMAS, DYLAN - Adventures in the Skin Trade
gxcc16: DYLAN THOMAS - 18 Poems
dpt02: DANIEL P. THOMPSON - The Green Mountain Boys
xx280: THURBER, JAMES - Fables for Our Time
70xxz: ERNEST TIDYMAN - Shaft
ct1: TILGHMAN, CHRISTOPHER - In a Father's Place
jt1: TIMERMAN, JACOBO - Cuba a Journey
hmt1: TOMLINSON, H.M. - Gallion's Reach
40imi: W. M. TOMPSON - Tompson's Roman Alphabet
dt1: TOOLAN, DAVID - Facing West from California's Shores
ft5,: TOPOLSKI, FELIKS - Paris Lost, a Sketchbook of the Thirties
cht5: TOWNE, CH. HANSON - Two Singers
mjp36: TOWNSEND, JOHN D. - New York in Bondage
jet01: TRACY, JOHN EVARTS - Hints on Entering the Practice of Law
16trg: T.S. ELIOT [TRANSLATOR] - Anabasis a Poem by St. John Perse
fat11: TRAPP, FRANK ANDERSON - The Attainment of Delacroix
13bb: JACOB TRIEBER (1853-1927) - Pioneers and Makers of Arkansas Vol. 1
105mm: TRUDEAU, GARY B. - Flashbacks: Twenty-Five Years of Doonesbury
pq105: TRUMAN, HARRY S. - Memoirs by Harry S. Truman - Two Volumes
tt01: TRYON, THOMAS - Harvest Home
htt26: TUCKERMAN, HENRY T. - America and Her Commentators
ttp58: TUDOR, TASHA - The Lord Is My Shepherd: The Twenty-Third Psalm
at5: TURNBULL, ANDREW - Thomas Wolfe
ffg24: TURNER, LANA - Lana--the Lady, the Legend, the Truth
8m106: TWEED, WILLIAM MARCY "BOSS - Letter of Recommendation
tg1: GUTHRIE, TYRONE & ROBERTSON DAVIES - Renown at Stratford
1ju02: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Witches of Eastwick
ju1: UPDIKE, JOHN - Couples
xox89: URIS, LEON - Battle Cry
vmw16: URIS, LEON - O'Hara's Choice
ppk50: URIS, LEON - Exodus
avo1: VAUGHAN, ALDEN T. - New England Frontier Puritans & Indians 1620-1675
69brol: VELIKOVSKY, IMMANUEL - Worlds in Collision
xox35: HERBERT VERTREES - Pearls and Pearling
76fvq: TRADER VIC - Trader VIC's Book of Food and Drink
lv01: VIDAL, LOIS - Magpie, the Autobiography of a Nymph Errant
b45mm: VIDOR, KING - A Tree Is a Tree
fv1: VILLON, FRANCOIS - The Testaments of Francois Villon
hfs17: HELEN FOLLETT STEVANS [MME. QUI VIVE] - The Woman Beautiful
lw5: WALLACE, LEW - Ben-Hur
qqc40: FREDRIC GOUDY [EDMUND WALLER, ESQ.] - Songs and Verses
cfs14: JAMES J. WALSH - The Popes and Science
93gdp: EARL WARREN - A Republic If You Can Keep It
rpw5: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - John Greenleaf Whittier's Poetry
vw3: WAYLAND, VIRGINIA - The Winstanley Geographical Cards
ww01: WEAVER, WILL - Red Earth, White Earth
8vf91: WEBER, HENRY WILLIAM - Metrical Romances of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fiftheenth Centuries. Published from Ancient Manuscripts. With an Introduction, Notes & a Glossery by...
145v: WEBSTER, DANIEL - Speech of Mr. Webster of Massachusetts on the Subject of the Three Millions Appropriation and the Loss of the Approprations Bill for Fortifications of the Last Session. Delivered in the Senate of the United States January 14, 1836
jaw01: WECHSLER, JAMES A. - Reflections of an Angry Middle-Aged Editor
8m27: WELCH, ROBERT H.W. JR. - May God Forgive Us
vg00: WELLS, DAVID; KRESKI, CHRIS - Perfect I Aint : Boomer on Beer, Brawls, Backaches, and Baseball
cmq50: WELTY, EUDORIA - The Ponder Heart
ww1: WILLKIE WENDELL - One World
bbb619: WEST, NATHANIEL - The Dream Life of Balso Snell
pw05: WHEELER, POST - The Sacred Scriptures of the Japanese
119fgt: MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE - "Dear Fatherland Rest Quietly"
ebw1: WHITE, E. B. - Quo Vadimus?
gyg19: EVELYN WHITELL - Shekinah
1ew01: WIESEL, ELIE - The Oath
ew01: WIESEL, ELIE - A Beggar in Jerusalem
ew1: WIESEL, ELIE - Souls on Fire
jfr063: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
sw100: THORNTON WILDER - Theophilus North
tw,3: WILDER, THORNTON - Theophilus North
3xxx: JOHN HAZARD WILDMAN - Anthony Trollope's England
vbg14: WILE, FREDERIC W. - Men Around the Kaiser
kw1: WILHELM, KATE - And the Angels Sing
gfw01: WILL, GEORGE F. - Men at Work
jhw02: WILLEY, JOHN HESTON - Mid-Summer Nights with the Great Dreamers
85hgo: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Summer and Smoke
gw1: WILLIAMS, GARTH - Baby Farm Animals
ojh16: WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS - Complete Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams 1906-1938
wrg1: WILLIAMS, R. GILLESPIE - The Technique of Stage Lighting
mw16: MAURY WILLS - On the Run
25k: CHARLES A. WILSON - Legends and Mysteries of the Maori
khw1: WINTER, KATE H. - The Women in the Mountain
ow01: WISTER, OWEN - Lady Baltimore
8soc: ERNEST G. WOLESLAGEL - Wealth Versus Money
gkw7: WOLF, GARY K. - Who P P Plugged Roger Rabbit : A Hare-Raising Mystery

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