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53bb: - Vintage Psychdelic -"Young Rascals/Quicksilver Messenger" - 1966
e: -
ghqq: - Los Angeles and Hollywood City Map
kz20: - Refugee Chinese Family Pre-1941
kz55: - Photo Album Navy Ships, Aircraft, Helicopters, Sailors, Cool Cars
kx25: - New Unused Deck of Lingerie Themed Cards from Aubade Paris France in Original Box
18aa: - Vintage Chinese Propaganda Poster -"Learn from Daqing in Industry"
ner01: - New England Review - Vol. 1, No. 1
15a: - Erotic Shunga Art Scroll
15b: - Erotic Shunga Art Scroll
15f: - Sayings from Chairman Mao
15w: - Erotic Shunga Art Scroll
a11j: - World War II - Glory to the Young Heroes!
a11k: - World War II - Glory to the Young Heroes!
aaaaa_19th_cent._persian_leaf: - A Persian Man & Woman in a Garden
a: - Margaretha de Geer (1661)
a11aa: - Glory to a Young Hero of Wwii!
a11bb: - China - Nato Lackeys
a11c: - We Will Defend All over the World
a11d: - Leonid I. Brezhnev - Secratary General of the Communist Party
a11e: - Leonid I Brezhnev - Secratary General of the Communist Party
a11g: - A Hero in World War II
a11gf: - We Shall Smash and Liquidate the Enemy...
a11gg: - Lenin & the Leaders of 1917
td37: - Antique Victorian Leather Binding Cabinet Photo Album
kk: - Paul Gaugin - 'Landscape with Olive Trees' -1889
k: - Grande Heures de Rohan - la Crucifixion
jj: - Paul Gaugin - Road with Cypresses -1890
jj66: - Happy Clown
jj67: - Old Man Wearing a Taqiyah
jh7: - Fab-Rik-O-Na Dictinctive Wall Coverings - Sample Book
ky27: - 1986 Ussr Poster Promoting the Reserves
lgf: - Map of Tel Aviv - Yafo
lgg: - Hildebrand's Travel Map of Israel
s23: - One Hour with You - Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette Macdonald
xo19: - Candid Shots - 1920s
ut20: - Tri-Fold American Legion Writing Portfolio
vc24: - Vintage Russian Artist's Book
vv17: - 1920's-1930's Albany Ny Amateur Baseball & Amateur Sports
vv8: - "Exclusive for You" - Pin-Up
my3: - Four Footed Friends
o60: - 1785 -Japanese Handmade Manuscript and Picture Book
d: - Family Portrait (1667-69)
y4: - Mao's Red Guard Protecting the Revolution
ff: - 'Sailboats at le Harve' - Maurice de Vlaminck - 1910
ghbb: - 1905-Thora Song - Words by Fred Weatherly, Music by Stephen Adams
ght: - Hertz Rent-a-Car Road Map of Israel
hh: - Paul Gaugin - 'Portrait of the Artist' - 1889
25u: - Leaf from Postills Super Psalterium
25t: - A Leaf from a Latin Version of the Bible
62kz: - 1930s Ussr - Chief of Newly Built Azovstal Metallurgical (Steel) Plant
ar7: TAREK AHMED EL-ZOGHPY WANTED FOR MURDER 2001 - Fbi Wanted Poster-Original,Posted Flyer No. 627 Tarek Ahmed El-Zoghpy
57rb: - Photo Montage-1897-1976
0pw: - Contemporary Africanl Export Art
ouo7: - The Tried & True (Cookbook)
pm130: - Circa 1963 - Fashion and Furniture Illustration Portfolio
mt3: - Kitty - Splashme Series
kz16: - African-American Family Album 1962-1977
kz207: - Slaves of Erasmus Culpepper of Wilcox County, Alabama
lgs: - Cars That Built Gm - an Album of Historic General Motors Cars
ll: - Paul Gaugin 'Van Gogh's Chair' -1888-1889
td38: - Ima Bogle and Friends Do the Holy Land- Jan. 1972
plg: - Brooklyn Ny Bus Map
sw467: - Georgia 1904
mu16: - Shunga Erotic "Pillow" Book
cf8: - Conquer Space in the Name of Communism
xx15: - Indianopolis News -Game of Indiana Authors-
212dg: - Nancy and Ronald Reagan Photo Album
hlg: - Paris and Its Suburbs
25n: - A Leaf from Biblia Latina
25o: - A Leaf from Petrus Lombardus (Peter Lombard)
2uu: - China, Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Shaanxi Provinces Map
56h: - Victory Is in Your Hands Tighten Your Grip
56o: - 1918 Autograph Book Ralph Thorsby School for Girls Leeds, England W/ Art Work
fe0z: - Shootout
b: - Self-Portrait (Circa1663)
kx53: - World War II Aircraft & 'Nose Art'
sw21z: - Bal Du Moulin Rouge Paris
ou43: - 9/11 Scrapbook - Bombing of Nyc & World Trade Towers
25v: - Leaf from the First Illustrated Edition Horace
a06: - Signed Photograph - Vertigo
10q: - Vintage Chinese Chiclets Chewing Gum Advertising Poster
10r: - Vintage Hataman Cigarettes
10s: - Vintage Chinese Woman with Lion Leather Shoe Advertising Poster
kz46: - Japanese Boys Acadamy 1930s
sw44: - Mini Posters -20th C. Art Reproductions
12y11: - Vintage Chinese Cultural Revolution- Mao Greets the People
81aa: - Japanese Handwritten and Hand Drawn Ikebana - Flower Arranging
wbk8: - Winterboek 1934-1935
alg: - Venice Lido
o19: - Nicole Invites You in
pu61: - Circa 1932 San Francisco Am Radio Journal
a23b: - The United Nations Fight for Freedom
58kz: - 1980s - a Coast Guardsman's Perfect Life
25z: - From Fasciculus Mirre
42kz: - 1950's Enid, Oklahoma Scrapbook
pac: - Pretty Girl with a Rose
a11ff: - Leonid Brezhnev - Secratary General of the Communist Party
111oy: - Hattie's Memory Book - 1899-1945
1ss: - Seligman Solomon Society - Alumni of the Hebrew Orphan Society
20du: - American Prints of Field and Stream - 1938
191ou: - Pope Urban VIII Papal Bull 1637
celeste10: - Mourning
celeste10b: - Bar Union
celeste10d: - Tango
celeste10g: - Bar Sur
clg: - Jerusalen
tu43: - The Stolzenburg Family of Reno Nevada- 1940s
xo130: - Stunning 1936 Stray Sketches Book 46 Pen-Ink Drawings
kx35: - Vintage B&W Photographs C1920 Athletics
x4: - Mao's Red Guard Defending the Revolution
20z11: - 1994 Original- Neoliberalism = Plunder & Unemployment
20z16: - 1982 Original- Sabre Y Chatila
20z2: - 1989 Original- Us- Get out of Central America!
20z3: - 1989 Original- Anti Israel, Anti Us, Pro-Palestianian
20z5: - Solidarity with Cuba
20z9: - 2002 Original- Patrice Lamumba, Ho Chi Minh, Che - World Solidarity
cc29: - Chesterfield, Uk Visits Yangquan, China -1997
pagg: - Rico's
a11cc: - China Is a Lackey for Nato
hz33: - G.C. Courtright Manufacturere of Ladies & Gents Boots and Shoes
53c: - Vintage Psychdelic -"Canned Heat" - 1967
yk35: - Working Class Polish Family Buffalo, Ny 1930s-40s
0: - A.G. Robyn "Answer", a Ballad
ku16: - 1880 Hand Colored County & Township Map Utah & Nevada
6kz: - (4) Iraqi Anti-Us - Desert Storm - Handbills
dlg: - Plano de Montevideo
32kz: - John M. Felt Family of Watertown Ny 1870-1910
a11ww: - We Will Destroy the Enemy without Mercy
11xj: - Che Guevara
3fg: - Chinese Communist Party Propaganda
3fh: - Chinese People's Liberation Army Propaganda
3fm: - Chinese Propaganda the Dawn of a New Era
5fq: - The Fruit of the Communist Revolution
18uw: - Vintage Original Fbi Wanted Poster Patty Hearst / Harris Apr 10, 1975
18uy: - Vintage Original Fbi Wanted Poster Patty Hearst / Harris Sept 19, 1974
18uz: - Vintage Original Fbi Wanted Poster- in Spanish- Patty Hearst / Harris May 25, 1974
a11m: - World War II - Glory to the Young Heroes!
a11t: - Join the Forces of the Anti-Facist Front to Make This Claw Drop Its Knife
a11www: - Forward! Defend the Urals!
a11y: - Glory to a Young Hero of Wwii!
a23: - The United Nations Fight for Freedom
a40f: - Vladimir Lenin
tosof15: - Testimony of the Society of Friends / Memorials of Deceased
25e: - A Leaf from the Twelve Books of the Orations of Quintilian
sw20: - Palestine
ay71: - Mon Journal 1908-1909
c: - The Board of the Clothmaker's Guild (1662)
pav: - Sisterhood
5i: - Fredreich Engels
bf8: - Celebrating the 1917 Russian Revolution
mj0j: - Cuprum Mines Inc. Cuprum Idaho
sw21x: - Lido Quelle Nuit
ou71: - Japanes Sketchbook Hand Painted
25s: - A Leaf from Gemma Vocabulorum
xx38: - Vintage 1940s Child's Baseball Uniform W Hat & Socks in the Box
zeb10b: - Mughal Harem Miniature Painting Handmade Rare Mughal Romance Décor Art
20z13: - 1982 Original- Power to the Peoples Republic of Kampuchia!
r23: - A Suite of 16 Hungarian Revolutionary Posters
kx19: - Glendale Federal Bank "Salutes the Spirit of Jackie Robinson"
18r1: - Vintage Chinese Propaganda Poster - the People's Commune
25kx: - "Norman Rockwell" Blond Boy
o14: - Mourning Joseph Kennedy 1969
kz30: - Vintage Photo Album with 120 Photos 1970s Air Show Airplanes Cars Goodyear Blimp
ghth: - Hertz Rent-a-Car Road Map of Israel
ou19: - 1940s Figure & Ice Skating Scrapbook - International Skaters
0bb: - Teresa
0c: - Lilian Ray & Leonard Cooke -the Sunshine of Your Smile"
0cc: - Dude
0dd: - At the Shore
30ou: - Palestine Tour March, 1943
kx15: - 1770 1st/1st Gospel Magazine Rare Female Publisher
ou49: - Japanese Portraits 1900s-1930s
10c: - Vintage Chinese Foot Ball, Angel, & Palace Cigarettes
kz79: - Navy Photo Album of Ww2 African American Sailor from Aircraft Carrier
14j: - Lima, Ohio 1906 Battle of CIVIC Virtues Vs. Vaudeville Scrapbook
15j: - Erotic Shunga Art Scroll
15v: - A Leaf from Opus Trivium - 1500
44ou: - 1957 Plymouth to Paignton Car Rally Photos
07xy: - Fbi Wanted Poster - Tarik Ahmed El-Zoghpy - Wanted for Murder
a11h: - World War II - Glory to the Young Heroes! #1
6o: - White Star Line Steamship Poster
fe0a: - Wristwatch
a11dd: - China Is Nato's Lackey
bpc: - Daselton Family - Utah C. 1912
blg: - Auto Wales
bpb: - Alberta, Mary, and Aunt
gg: - 'the Road' - Maurice de Vlaminck -1907
fe0m: - The Parabola #2
3ff: - Chinese Propaganda the Brave and Quick Fighting Cruel Evil
g: - Grande Heures de Rohan - le Triomphe de la Vierge
gp4: - Snapshot
jcx3: - Really... ?
14g: - Vintage Chinese Advertising Poster-Three Sisters Cigarettes
kz60: - The 124th Rifle Minsko-Khingan Red Banner Order of the Suvorov Division
x00: - Ivan Caryll - Oh! Oh! Delphine - a Musical Comedy in Three Acts -" Can We Forget"
38xpg: - Mom, Pop, Betty & Budd 1920-1970
kk27: - Mid 1980's Ussr Poster- Collective Farms
pae: - Sweet Baby James [?]
m: - La Mise Au Tombeau 1380-1390
0b: - Church Music - Dudley Buck, "My Reedemer and My Lord"; "the Cross", Words by Edwin Markham; "the Penitent" by Beardsley Van de Water, "the Cross" Harriet Ware
0g: - A Checklist of Bagpipes
60ou: - Life of a Beautiful Woman of Japan 1950s-60s
a11i: - World War II - Glory to the Young Heroes! #2
15c: - Erotic Shunga Art Scroll
fog11: - Vintage Russian Instructional Poster for Operating a Hand Held Laser Guided Launcher
0aa: - Hangar at Floyd Bennett Field
lgz: - Map of Jerusalem
kz11: - 1946 Birthday Book for 'Freddy the Plug'
o29: - 1968-69 Trithene Junior Womens' Club - Charlroi, Pa
10b: - Vintage Chinese Golfing Woman with Dog Advertising Poster
10e: - Vintage Chinese Sing Sing Perfumery Works, Shanghai, Ad Poster
10f: - Vintage Chinese Fertilizer Advertising Poster
10gg: - Vintage Chinese Woman with a Fan Advertising Poster
10i: - Vintage Chinese Poste Advertising Fabric
10j: - Vintage Chinese Women Smoking Advertising Poster
10o: - Vintage Chinese Advertising Poster- Lactogen for Infants and Nursing Mothers
19o: - Rears and Robust Mail Order Catalogue
10n: - Vintage Chinese the Central Agency, Ltd. Advertising Poster
pab: - Jack Dempsey's for a Short One
10d: - Vintage Chinese the Rat Cigarettes Advertising Poster
hz0: - Lid No. 3 2006
fe0: - Albert Einstein
vc60: DISNEY COMMEMORATIVE NASCAR MODEL CAR - SIGNED BY (10) NASCAR A-LISTERS - Scale Model - 'Minnie Mouse' 2004 Daytona 500
mu18: AL CAPP'S LIL ABNER - 1940' -1950's LI'l Abner Comic Strips and Ephemera
mu14: WINTHROP WHITNEY ADAMS - Mother Stork's Baby Book - 1909
33ou: 1920S FUNERAL ADS & STATE CAPITOLS - Scrapbook of Downing Mortuary Ads - Wichita, Kansa
kp42: PHOTO TRAVELOGUE ALBUM - 1950 Hand Colored Photos- Cornwall, Canterbury Cathedral, Wales
kz44: A SOVIET SOLDIERS ALBUM - 1975- Soviet Army in Budapest, Hungary
kj60: FAN'S PHOTO ALBUM - 1987 U.S. Tour - 'Hey, Hey We'Re the Monkees!'
kz38: MONTANA FRIENDS 1930S PHOTO ALBUM - Montana Friends 1930s Photo Album St. Mary's Lake - Painting
47ou: A NURSE'S PHOTO ALBUM - Christ Hospital, Cincinnati 1919-30s
57kz: 1907 PHOTO ALBUM - Us Army Co. A Signal Corps Training at Ludington, Lake Michigan
ty28: CLINTON W.'S PHOTO-ALBUM - Rural Village of Fruit Hill, Late 1800s
jra6: JEFFERY RENARD ALLEN - Rails Under My Back
kx97: WILLIAM ALLEN, DD - 1832- American Biographical & Historical Dictionary
ada3: ALFONSE D'AMATO - Power, Pasta and Politics - the World According to Senator Al D'Amato
kz10: DR. PAUL M. D'AMICO - Addictions, Cults, and Disease the Final Solution
vq11: AMIS, MARTIN - Lionel Asbo: State of England
d20: ANONYMOUS - Puss in the Palace (Miniature)
15box: CARMELO ANTHONY - Carmelo Anthony: It's Just the Beginning
dc11: ANTRIM, DONALD - The Hundred Brothers
o30: CHINESE POLITICAL ART - Mao and Leading Communists - 7 Portraits
caa16: CHINESE ADVERTISING ART - Seated Woman with Her Pekinese Dog
cfg38: CAPTAIN CHARLES ASKINS JR. - The Art of Handgun Shooting
28bv: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE - Adventures of a Novelist
aaaaa_bicentennial_coloring_book: FRANK AURIGEMA - 200 Years 1776-1976 United States of America
ty60: RICHARD AVEDON - In the American West
rjb11: BANVARD, REV. JOSEPH - Priscilla; or,the Trials for the Truth
xds8: HENRI MARTIN BARZUN - Orpheus - Orphic Art
bxx11: ANN BEATTIE - Park City
22kz: PAUL EMILE BECAT - Original Etching "Les Bains de Bade"
22akz: PAUL EMILE BECAT - Original Etching "Les Bains de Bade"
22zck: BELLOW, SAUL - Him with His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories
kh0t: D. FRANK BENSON - Aphasia, Alexia and Agraphia (Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery Monographs ; V. 1)
kz58: LT. EDWIN W. BERG - Berg's Travels 1942-44
xlj11: JOHN BERGER - To the Wedding
boo79: THOMAS BERGER - Crazy in Berlin
ou28: MISS IRENE BERGMAN - 1921-23 Growing Up in Kansas City - a Journal
ao7: THOMAS EDWARD BETHEA- 10 MOST WANTED FBI - Fbi Wanted Poster-Original,Posted Flyer No. 484 Thomas Edward Bethea
jb6: BETTLE, JANE - Extracts from the Memorandums of Jane Bettle
zx40: BERNIE BIERMAN - Winning Football
mlfd87: BIGGERS, EARL DERR - The Chinese Parrot
128vul: BIGGERS, EARL DERR - Seven Keys to Baldpate
xvm: BLACK, MARY;OLSHANSKY, JOAN R.;GRACIE MANSION CONSERVANCY - New York City's Gracie Mansion: A History of the Mayor's House
14gyu: BLOMBERG, RON;SCHLOSSBERG, DAN - Designated Hebrew: The Ron Blomberg Story
vgr16x: BLOOM, HAROLD - Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine
cgdb5: DU BOIS, CHARLES G. - Kick the Dead Lion
zk14: PAUL QUIN'S BOOK - Cub Scout Scrapbook
jn11: JOE NAMATH [ LARRY BORTSTEIN ] - Superjoe - the Joe Namath Story
ox11: ROBERT BOSWELL - American Owned Love
18pe: MARK BOYD - The Bird Hunters
xxi150: JENNY BOYD, HOLLY GEORGE-WARREN - Musicians in Tune: 75 Contemporary Musicians Discuss the Creative Process
13ku: IDA E. BOYD - When Mother Let Us Cut Pictures
11mb: BRADLEY, GEORGE - The Fire Fetched Down - Signed 1st Edition
ou58: GEN. MARCUS J. WRIGHT, ASSISTED BY CO. BENJAMIN LA BRE & JAMES P. BOYD, A.M - Official & Illustrated War Record - Embracing Nearly One Thousand Pictorial Sketches... Of Battles... Field Scenes... And Leading Characters in the CIVIL War
ou35: ANDREW BREITBART, INSCRIBED 1ST EDITION - Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!
mjk9: HENRY BRINTON - Vengeance Is Dear
f11: DAN BROWN - The Da Vinci Code
kz74: HELEN BROWN - OAK GROVE CAMPUS FLINT, MI. OCT. 1949 - 1949 - Tree Herbarium - 64 Mounted Specimens
stb11: BROWNE, SIR THOMAS - Religio Medici
ab02: BUCHWALD, ART - Leaving Home
39kz: TO "MAC" FROM HIS SERVICE BUDDIES - 1943 G.I. Snapshots
ccyy94: BERNARD BUFFET - The Beach
ccx94: BERNARD BUFFET - Saint-Germain-Des-Pres Paris - Hand Signed
kx99: CHARLES BUKOWSKI - Poetry Now Vol. 1 #6
kz307: LUTHER BURBANK - The Training of the Human Plant
km129zz: W.R. BURNETT - The Roar of the Crowd
bb38: NIVEN BUSCH - Duel in the Sun
bg08: IRVING CAESAR, GERALD MARKS - Sing a Song of Safety
13vpo: SAMMY CAHN - The New Sammy Cahn Song Book
lpk15: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - Call It Experience
kz36: THE WATT FAMILY OF TORONTO - SUMMER CAMP-RETREAT - 1947 Photo-Album - the Salvation Army & Brass Bands
oo11: ETHAN CANIN - The Palace Thief
94pzz: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - The Muses Are Heard
kx18: AL CAPP - LI'L ABNER - 1964
ff11: PETER CAREY - Jack Maggs
bv5k: CARTER, RICHARD G. - Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight: The Story of the Spaniels
klem292: 'RECONCIMENTO'- SIGNED BY FIDEL CASTRO - 2001 Certificate of Recognition - Awarded to Danais Lima Gomez
sw53a: "CGG - A Cheerful Kitchen
vw39: CHAYEFSKY, PADDY - The Latent Heterosexual
kz118: 250 PHOTOS TAKEN IN CHINA - Chinese Family Photo Album China Woman Child Girl 1960s-80s
u141: NATHANIEL CHIPMAN - Principles of Government; a Treatise on Free Institutions. Including the Constitution of the United States. Inscribed by Nathaniel Chipman.
mj0y: CHRISTIE'S - Post-War and Contemporary Art: Evening Sale May 13, 2008
sw311a: SANFORD E. CHURCH - 1864 Memorial Resolution - in Memory of Stephen A. Douglas
20u: OREN COHEN - The Spirit of the I.D. F.
39dg: GEORGE D. COLTON, STUDENT - 1868 'the American Writing Book'
aa65y: JAMES FENIMORE COOPER - James Fenimore Cooper Framed Autograph and Engraving
aec13: A.E. COPPARD - Emergency Exit
c54: C.J. CORRELL, FREEMAN F. GOSDEN [SIGNED BY BOTH] - All About Amos 'n' Andy and Their Creators
kz37: 'AMERICA'S FAVORITE SINGING COWBOY' - Tex Ritter in 1930s-50s Scrapbook
kz14: LAURENCE M. CROSBIE - The Phillips Exeter Academy: A History
yz13: R. CRUMB - Heroes of the Blues - 1st Edition Waverly Place, Nyc
kx8: ELY CULBERTSON - Ely Culbertson's New and Complete Summary - Bridge
100ou: JULIAN DANA - A.P. Giannini ''Giant in the West''
acfd5: FOX-DAVIES, A.C. - The Mauleverer Murders
40hzh: A. MERVYN DAVIES - Solon H. Borglum / a Man Who Stands Alone- Signed
ou14a: JESSE M. DEBOTH - The Home Makers Cooking School Cookbook
ku11: DANIEL E. DELAVAN - 1863 Report of the City Inspector of the City of New York
vvok21: BABETTE DEUTSCH - Banners
vb30: JOE DIMAGGIO - The Dimaggio Albums
kz86: DOM DIMAGGIO, TED WILLIAMS - Real Grass, Real Heroes: Baseball's Historic 1941 Season
xvm1: LOU DORFSMAN - Lou Dorfsman
0mjcc: DOSTOYEVSKY - The Brothers Karamozov
wod116: WILLIAM O. DOUGLAS - West of the Indus
xox10: MAURICE C. DREICER - The Diner's Companion- Signed
kz105: MATT DRUDGE - INSCRIBED, 1ST EDITION - Drudge Manifesto
ad05: DRURY, ALAN - Decision
jxm11: JOHN GREGORY DUNNE - Playland
bmj0: GEORGE T EATON - Conservation of Photographs (Kodak Publication)
kx164: MARGARET MEAD SIGNED 1ST ED. - 'Male and Female - a Study of the Sexes in a Changing World'
umj0: J. CLIFTON EDGAR - The Practice of Obstetrics: Designed for the Use of Students and Practitioners of Medicine
40uhm: EDITOR, VASCO RONCHI - Scritti Di Ottica
ou11: EDWARDHIRSCH - Earthly Measures: Poems
se1: EISENBERG, SUSAN - Pioneering- Poems from the Construction Site
uff16: GEORGE ELIOT - George Eliot - 'Romola' - Three Volumes in Half Leather Binding - 1863
pk10: JOHN ERSKINE - Adam and Eve; Though He Knew Better
aw7: ARIZONA STATE PRISON ESCAPEE - Fbi Wanted Poster-Original,Posted Flyer No. 517 Kenneth J Lundien 3/10/1984
wc5: WILLIAM COWPER ESQ. - Private Correspondence of William Cowper - 1st American Edition
rpm05: LANGSTON HUGHES [ETAL] - Treasury of 100 Mod. Am. Poets. Vol 7 L. Hughes Etal
bqee96: DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS - Laugh and Live
uu42: COLBY FAMILY & FRIENDS, OF CHICAGO AND WYOMING; - 1900s Chicago, IL. & Lander Wy
kx83: THE SIGMON FAMILY - Photo Album, Aug. 1951 - Cherokee Indian Reservation, North Carolina
0mjz: GIOVANNI FANELLI - Anton Hautmann: Firenze in Stereoscopia (Italian Edition)
kz00: JOSEPH SHERIDAN LE FANU - The Haunted Baronet and Others: Ghost Stories 1861-70
kz0: JOSEPH SHERIDAN LE FANU - Schalken the Painter and Others: Ghost Stories 1838-61
mh159i: PHILO T. FARNSWORTH, GEORGE EVERSON - The Story of Television the Life of Philo T. Farnsworth
uh436: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Town
18qe: SANDI FELLMAN - Untitled
19kxc: CHUCK FISCHER - SIGNED - Christmas in New York Pop Up Book
19kxb: CHUCK FISCHER - SIGNED - In the Beginning the Art of Genesis Pop-Up Book
19kx: CHUCK FISCHER - SIGNED - Christmas Around the World Pop Up Book
66fg: FISHER, M. F. K. - Sister Age
xxi30: NAT FLEISCHER - The 1955 Ring Record Book and Boxing Encyclopedia
xxf30: NAT FLEISCHER - The 1957 Ring Record Book and Boxing Encyclopedia
jb0a: VINCE FLYNN - Extreme Measures: A Thriller (a Mitch Rapp Novel)
51zz: FRAZAR, DOUGLAS - Practical Boat Sailing a Concise and Simple Treatise
yyx11: CHARLES FRAZIER - Cold Mountain
asf28: ABRAHAM SOLOMON FREIDUS - Studies in Jewish Bibliography and Related Subjects
kz103: FRIEDMAN, MILTON;FRIEDMAN, ROSE D. - Two Lucky People: Memoirs
oxo11: FYFIELD, FRANCES - A Clear Conscience
amj0: TESS GALLAGHER - Portable Kisses
29kz: WILLIAM ADDLEMAN GANOE - The History of the United States Army
thyu58: ERLE STANLEY GARDNER - Erle Stanley Gardner-World of Water Exploring the Sacramento Delta-Sgnd 1st Ed.
257xxi: ANTONIN SCALIA; BRYAN A. GARNER - Making Your Case: The Art of Persuading Judges
75ee: MAURICE GENEVOIX - Raboliot
8wxa: NEWT GINGRICH - Real Change
12wxa: GINGRICH, NEWT - To Renew America
kz53: ALLEN GINSBERG - Howl and Other Poems
ou53: GOFU [?] - Japanese Watercolors C. 1900
kh0e: HAROLD GOODGLASS - Understanding Aphasia (Foundations of Neuropsychology)
kh0d: HAROLD GOODGLASS, EDITH KAPLAN - The Assessment of Aphasia + Stimulus Cards - Goodglass & Kaplan
kh00: HAROLD GOODGLASS, EDITH KAPLAN - 1972 1st Ed. Assessment of Aphasia + Stimulus Cards - Goodglass & Kaplan
a00: AMY GOODMAN - Democracy Now!: Twenty Years Covering the Movements Changing America
9kz: M.S. GORODESS - 1939 John W. Fraser Suffolk County Republican Club Timber Point Photo Album
lg0a: FRANCINE DU PLESSIX GRAY - Simone Weil (Signed)
kz21: DOUGLAS B. GREEN - SIGNED BY ALL THE "RIDERS IN THE SKY - Singing in the Saddle: The History of the Singing Cowboy
5xk: SYDNEY GREENBIE - The Romantic East
103a: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Return of A.J. Raffles
46ou: DICK GREGORY - Nigger- an Autobiography
bxy4-0: FRANCISCO MARIA GRIMALDI - Physico-Mathesis de Lumine, Colorbus, Et Iride,... .
232kz: JOHNNY GRUELLE - Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods
kx73: JOHNNY GRUELLE - The Cheery Scarecrow 1929 - Signed,1st Edition
kz233: JOHNNY GRUELLE - Raggedy Anns's Lucky Pennies
edg15: EUGENIE DE GUERIN & G.S. TREBUTIEN [ED] - Letters of Eugenie de Guerin
ou78: YAMAGUCHI GYOKUSHI - Original Japanese Watercolors -1960s
4vg3: O'HARA, JOHN - The Farmers Hotel
dz15: DORIS HARKER - Child Life
118dg: NAOMI HARRIS, DIAN HANSON, RICHARD PRINCE - Inscribed Photo-Book 'America Swings'
br25xx: EDWARD GEORGE HARTMANN, PHD. - The Movement to Americanize the Immigrant - Inscribed 1st Edition
kx56: HENRY HAZLITT - The Conquest of Poverty
mj0aa: JACK HELLER - Basic Typing Step-by-Step
xmj0: H. BERNHEIM M.D.; TRANSLATED BY CHRISTIAN HERTER - Suggestive Therapeutics a Treatise on the Techniques and Uses of Hypnotism
bbq18: MENNO HERTZBERGER - Dictionary for the Antiquarian Booktrade Dictionnaire a L'Usage de la Librairie Ancienne
xz98: HEWLETT, MAURICE - The Forest Lovers
v152: HILTON, JAMES - Goodbye Mr. Chips
hgfr62: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Behind the Death Ball
rh02: HOCHHUTH, ROLF - The Deputy
kz31: THOMAS C. HOLLAND - Chicago Writer - 1960s Poetry & Pinup Girls
wmj0: CLIFTON E HOOPER - A Visit to His Holiness Pope Pius X: A Series of Thirty-Nine Remarkable Views Showing the Palace of the Vatican, Its Gardens, the Great Church of Saint Peter's, His Holiness Pope Pius X and Members of His Household
160jgf: HOWARD, SIDNEY - The Silver Cord
819jyg: HUBBARD, L. RON - What Is Scientology?: Based on the Works of L. Ron Hubbard
qa31: LEROY HUNT - 1949-1955 Michigan State Police- Scrapbook - Photos Letters, Clippings 98 Pages
17ou: OTTO HUNZIKER - Antique Book of Butter Industry- Dairy Farms- Milk- Cream Separators-Ads- Signed
u23: HENRY MCCARTER ILLUSTRATOR - 1894 Poster: The Green Tree Library
145v: DANIEL WEBSTER [INSCRIBED] - Speech of Mr. Webster of Massachusetts on the Subject of the Three Millions Appropriation and the Loss of the Approprations Bill for Fortifications of the Last Session. Delivered in the Senate of the United States January 14, 1836
22mu: A.E. RICE [INSCRIBED] - Small Talk About Business - a Banker's Business Hints for Men and Women
blh130: CHET ATKINS [INSCRIBED] - Country Gentleman
mwm27: SPALDING GRAY [INSCRIBED] - Sex and Death to the Age 14
bd39: D'ISRAELI, BENJAMIN - Amenities of Literature
kz28: DEVOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL ITEMS - 1950s-60s Scrapbook - Catholic Holy Prayer Cards
0kh0: JOHN HULINGS JACKSON - Selected Writings of John Hughlings Jackson - Volume II 1st Edition
rj5i: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Field and Hedgerow
rj5d: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - Nature Near London
rj5g: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Life of the Fields
rj5f: JEFFERIES, RICHARD - The Toilers of the Field
40ou: DIAMOND JENNESS - Indians of Canada
kz6: CHARLES ELMER JENNEY - A California Nights' Entertainment
ou31: WM. G. LONG SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE (RETIRED) - Asses Vs. Jackasses
ou60: ??FU-KAKU - Japanes Sketchbook Hand Painted
xo40: NORRIS KATHLEEN - All Souls Poems from the Dakotas Signed
13qqe: KAYE, SAMMY - Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade Book of Poetry Volume 1 & 2 - Inscribed
27jvi: KAZAN, ELIA - The Understudy
0mjgg: INTRODUCTION BY ALFRED KAZIN - Selected Stories of Sholem Aleichem
oua22: KEIGETSU?? - Japanes Sketchbook Hand Painted
kx38: OMAR KHAYYAM - The Quatrains of Abolfat' H Ghia'Th-D-Din Ebrahim Khayam of Nishabur
kx11: JOHN KIERAN - The American Sporting Scene
25cmq: KINGSLEY, SIDNEY - The Patriots
hk02: KIRBY, HELEN - Helen Kirby - Filly - 1st Edition
23kz: C. Z. KLOETZEL - The Way to the Wailing Wall [Tourist's Guide Book]
ik1: KOCH, EDWARD I - Politics
154xo: STEFAN ZWEIG [SIGNED] TRANSLATED BY THEODORE W. KOCH - The Old-Book Peddler and Other Tales for Bibliophiles
q10: SAMUEL L. KOUNTZ, JR. MD - Clock Featuring America's First African American Transplant Surgeon - Samuel L. Kountz, Jr.
lk01: KRAMER, LARRY - Just Say No
kz67: LORRAINE KRUGER - A TAP DANCER'S SCRAPBOOK - 'Chorus Girl' in 1920-1940s Hollywood
0khx: ARTHUR KURZWELL - My Generations, a Course in Jewish Family History
0mjh: CARLTON LAKE AND ROBERT MAILLARD (EDITORS) - A Dictionary of Modern Painting
mmm10: LAMOUR, DOROTHY; MCINNES, DICK - My Side of the Road
kza140: STAN LEE - Superhero Christmas
kz140: STAN LEE - Excelsior! the Amazing Life of Stan Lee
11bv: GUS LEE - Honor and Duty
wl5: WILLY LEY - Dragons in Amber
mj0ab: WILLIAM LIEBERMAN - Art of the Twenties
dz115: ANNE MOROW LINDBERGH - The Steep Ascent
dz240: ANNE MOROW LINDBERGH - The Steep Ascent
cc111: POPE JOH PAUL LL - Pilgrimage of Peace - the Collected Speeches of John Paul LL in Ireland and the United States
ox2: WALTER LOCKE - Scrubby Mcdonnell's Christmas
ou14: JACK VON LA LONDE - 1942 Student Album - Human Health: Fitness, Bodybuilding, Physiology
34bg: MYRNA LOY - Legendary Lady of the Movies
kz41: THELBERT LUPER - The Thelbert Luper Family 1946-1947
kz259: MICKEY MANTLE - The Mick
ap7: FRANCIS JOHN MARTIN - MOST WANTED FBI - Fbi Wanted Poster-Original, Posted Flyer No. 490 Francis John Martin
k23: THEO MATEJKO - Sascha Atelier Und Gartenfest Samtag Den 5, Juli 1919...
x50: TO?AN MATSUYAMA - ???? /Chigaku Kotohajime - Three Volumes, World Geography
gm5: GILBERT MAUGE - The Unknown Quantity
mx11: MAYLE, PETER - Chasing Cezanne
smc02: MCKENNA, STEPHEN - Saviours of Society
kz15: T.A. MCNEAL - When Kansas Was Young
kz71: AIMEE SEMPLE MCPHERSON - SIGNED - Foursquare Hymnal - Songs of Evangilism
kz42: ROBERT MEADOWS - The Erotikon
kz304: GOLDA MEIR - A Land of Our Own: The Oral Autobiography of Golda Meir
12gyti: DOUGLAS MENVILLE, R. REGINALD [ SIGNED BY BOTH] - Things to Come: An Illustrated History of the Science Fiction Film
15rfi: FANNIE L. MICHENER - The Prose and Poetical Works of Fannie Michener
130olj: MILLS, W. JAY - Historic Houses of New Jersey
14bn: WILL H. HAYS [RAYMOND MOLEY] - The Hays Office
38cup: MARIANNE MOORE - Nevertheless
wm5: MOREHOUSE, WARD - Matinee Tomorrow
wdm5: MORGAN, WILLIAM DE - Alice-for-Short
2rs: TONI MORRISON - Paradise. Uncorrected Proof
53a: VICTOR MOSCOSO, POSTER ARTIST - Psychedelic Poster 1967 - 'Neon Rose'
mj0ac: MOWRY, ROBERT D.; FARRELL, EUGENE; ROUSMANIERE, NICOLE COOLIDGE - Hare's Fur, Tortoiseshell, and Partridge Feathers
pf44: MINSTREL MUSIC, AFRICAN-AMERICANA - 'the Ballad of Kitty Wells' - Hand-Written CIVIL War Era Song
bv11: V.S. NAIPAUL - A Way in the World
rkn1: R.K. NAYARAN - The Financial Expert
eon55: EUGENE O'NEALL - Dynamo
20xcg: NEGRI, POLA [1897-1987] - 'Paradise' from the Movie "a Woman Commands"
bu22: PATRICE O'NEIL - 1963 School Dramatics Project
zoo10: JEFF NILAN,JACINDA RUSSELL, NANCY DOUTHEY - Rural Route Twobox Two Eighty One
14yew: HARTVIG NISSEN - ABC of the Swedish System of Educational Gymnastics
zbb28: NOHEJL, MILOSLAV - Vidim Milence
15dg: STUDY OF ART HISTORY NOTEBOOK - Student School Project -1890s
zz20: TORU NOTOMI - Drug Addict in Window
xox40: EDMUND C. NUGENT - Country-House Charades for Acting
0mjdd: EDITED BY WHITNEY J. OATES AND EUGENE O'NEILL, JR - 7 Famous Greek Plays: Prometheus Bound, Agamemnon, Oedipus the King, Antigone, Alcestic, Medea, the Frogs
kx726: OBAMA - A Promised Land: Deluxe Signed Edition
mo11: MOTOI OI - Brush Strokes in Sumi-E Painting - Signed 1st Edition
kx40: JOSEPH OKPAKU, VERNA SADOCK - Verdict! the Trial of the Chicago 8 - 1970 Signed 1st Edition
vbb3: SERGE ONNEN - Zware Zakken / Heavy Bags
kz19: FBI WANTED POSTER-ORIGINAL,POSTED FLYER NO.474 SLA SOLTYSIK, HALL, PERRY 4/18/74 - Soltysik, Hall, Perry Dead in a Police Shootout
kx23: SOUTHERN FOLKS: THE TAGGARTS, MITCHELLS, OSBORNES & LINTHICUMS - 'Life on the Southern Plains' in 1917-27 - Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri
72hmp: PALIN, SARAH - America by Heart
w89: STUART PALMER - The Green Ace, a Hildegarde Withers Mystery
as7: INTERPOL- CHILD PORNOGRAPHER-PARAGUAY-1991 - Fbi Wanted Poster-Original,Posted Flyer No. 624, Milton Xiscatti-Michel
lp5.: PAUL, LOUIS - The Man Who Left Home
au7: JULIAN ESTRADA HURTADO COLOMBIAN DRUG PEDDLER - Fbi Wanted Poster-Original,Posted Flyer No. 611, Julian Estrada Hurtado 2/11/2000
z25hm: PENN, ARTHUR; ROBIN WOOD - Arthur Penn
0mjaa: S. J. PERELMAN - The Best of S.J. Perelman
yt35: SHIMON PERES - Battling for Peace a Memoir Signed
ep01: PHILLPOTTS, EDEN - The Lovers
7g: PHOTO - Two Women Posing
k5: PHOTO - 2 Flapper Girls Bare Bottomed in the Country
v3: PHOTO - 1870-1880 Cabinet Photo Brunette Beauty in White Dress
q7: PHOTO - Boy and Girl and a Toy Cart
7a: PHOTO - Women with Scarves Raking Leaves
b5: PHOTO - Nude Bettie Page
c8: PHOTO - Come Hither
11o: PHOTO - Saigon Strip Joint
xxi41: ALBUMEN PRINT PHOTOGRAPHS - Views of North Wales - Late 1800s Large Format Photo Album
gx16: PRESS PHOTOS - 1979 Miami Herald Staff Photos/ Roller Skaters
0pp: JODI PICOULT - The Tenth Circle
13kx: JERRY PINKNEY- SIGNED - Undersea Animals: A Dramatic Dimensional Visit to Strange Underwater Realms
vbj16: NICOLE 'SNOOKI' POLIZZI - Confessions of a Guidette
17mmm: ANTOINETTE AND FRANCOIS POPE - Antoinette Pope School Candy Book
aa7: WANTED POSTER - Original Wanted Notice - 1940 Embezzlement
aa11: WANTED POSTER - Original Wanted Notice - 1941 Larceny and Fraud
caa10: CHINESE ADVERTISING POSTER - "Embassy Cigarettess"
12a: WANTED POSTER - Wanted Poster 1926 James Mcfarlin Bank Robber
av7: FB! WANTED POSTER - ABDUL RAHMAN YASIN 9/20/1993 - 1993 World Trade Center Bomber
07yy: WANTED POSTER - Fbi Wanted Poster - Abdelif Ouarzigh - Wanted for Credit Card Fraud
azi1w: WANTED POSTERS - Fbi Wanted Poster- Nova Esther Guthrie
azi1y: WANTED POSTERS - Fbi Wanted Poster-' Little Kimmie' Parker
azi1g: WANTED POSTERS - Fbi Wanted Poster- Amy Joan Aufenger
mp5: MARY POWELL - The Maiden & Married Life of Mary Powell
pk15: HELEN THAMES RALEY - An Uncommon Man - the Life of John W. Raley
yzz163: REAGAN, RONALD; IRENE VON DAMM - Sincerely Ronald Reagan
15aa: MAO'S CULTURAL REVOLUTION - Chinese Poster- Political Power Is Gained by the Gun
15jj: MAO'S CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION - Chinese Poster- the Fruits of the Revolution
kp23: ELIZABETH ROBERTS - 1924-1926 "Historic Art" School Project
ou80: MILDRED A. ROEMER - Bobby's Own Garden
521yy: WERNER BLASER [ INSCRIBED BY MIES VAN DER ROHE] - Mies Van Der Rohe the Art of Structure
gr5: ROHEIM, GEZA [ED.] - Psychonanalysis and the Social Sciences
qpk64: MITT ROMNEY - No Apology
165hhg: ELEANOR ROOSEVELT - This I Remember - Signed
pw5: ROSENFELD, PAUL - By Way of Art
kx350: ROYLE, ROGER; WOODS, GARY - Mother Teresa: A Life in Pictures
kr31: RUSSELL, KEN - Directing Films : The Director's Art from Script to Cutting Room
kh0w: REVISED & EDITED BY A. TH. PHILIPS /MUSIC BY H.A. RUSSOTO - Passover Haggadah- Forms of Service
25kz: ROBERT SABUDA & MATTHEW REINHART - Encyclopedia Prehistorica Series Dinosaurs Pop Up Book
44zqe: SAGAN, FRANCOISE - The Unmade Bed
xgg21: SANDBURG, CARL - Remembrance Rock
kjk94: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Search for a Method
49q: SUSAN SCHARY - Portrait of a Woman
vv43: JULIAN SCHNABEL - Sculpture 1987-1990
36kz: ROBERT SCHNAKENBERG - The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray: A Critical Appreciation of the World's Finest Actor (Quirk Books)
mrop17: LEROY C. RULIFSON' S 1958 SCRAPBOOK - 'Get Well Cards' - 1958 Scrapbook
dd16: VINTAGE NEWSPAPERS SCRAPBOOK - Boston Gets Wired - Electrical Disasters 1902-1911 Scrapbook
es14: ELISABETH SCWARZKOPF - Artist Recitals - Oberlin Conservatory of Music
vbb13: SEGALOFF, NAT [INSCRIBED BY WILLIAM FRIEDKIN] - Hurricane Billy: The Stormy Life and Films of William Friedkin
kz225: MAURICE SENDAK - In the Night Kitchen - Signed
45p: THELMA SERPA - 1936 Fashion - Design - Instruction - Pattern Making
olm100: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Rolf in the Woods
olm0: ERNEST THOMPSON SETON - Rolf in the Woods
122kz: DR SEUSS - The Cat in the Hat Songbook - Signed
v75a: YITZHAK SHAMIR - Summing Up
0mjb: ROGER SHATTUCK - Henri Rousseau
kx155: WILLIAM SHERLOCK, D.D - 1690- a Practical Discourse Concerning Death
45pum: SHERWOOD, ROBERT E. - The Road to Rome
ax7: ARIZONA STATE PRISON ESCAPEE KILLED IN A SHOOTOUT - Fbi Wanted Poster-Original,Posted Flyer No. 516 Robert V. Latimer 3/10/1984
mr3: MARGARET SIDNEY - Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
9xxo: DAVID LAWRENCE [1888-1973] SIGNED - The Business Man and His Government
jhw02: JOHN HESTON WILLEY [SIGNED] - Mid-Summer Nights with the Great Dreamers
rs14: RAPHAEL SOYER [SIGNED], JOSEPH K. FOSTER - Raphael Soyer - Drawings and Watercolors
rs9: RICHMOND SHEPARD [SIGNED] - Mime the Technique of Silence : An Illustrated Workbook
ux11: ANDREW WEIL M.D. [SIGNED] - 8 Weeks to Optimum Health (Proven Program for Taking Full Advantage of Your Body's Natural Healing Power)
v29mp: MAX MILLER [SIGNED] - I Cover the Waterfront Signed
va11: GRAHAM SWIFT [SIGNED - Last Orders.
vdl14: VICTORIA DE LOS ANGELES [SIGNED] - Artist Recitals -Oberlin Conservatory of Music
vv11: BRENT STAPLES [SIGNED] - Parallel Time: Growing Up in Black and White
xlp11: CAROL EDGARIAN [SIGNED] - Rise the Euphrates
xob11: ALLAN GURGANUS [SIGNED] - Plays Well with Others
xox21: MISS BARBARA HERBISON [SIGNED] - Travel by Train- a School Project
yy11: JIM GRIMSLEY [SIGNED] - My Drowning
qx64: ANNIE LEIBOWITZ [SIGNED] - Pilgrimage
mu135: JOSEPH MITCHELL [SIGNED] - The Bottom of the Harbor
333mv: HERBERT HOOVER [SIGNED] - On Growing Up, His Letters from and to American Children
43sqm: T.S. STRIBLING [SIGNED] - The Store
53oij: TONY BENNETT [SIGNED] - Tony Bennett / in the Studio / a Life of Art & Music
xc11: SEAMUS DEANE [SIGNED] - Reading in the Dark
xlb11: ALEC WILKINSON [SIGNED] - A Violent Act
ao0: JACK MICHELINE [SIGNED] - Acappella Rabbi
oobx11: COLIN HARRISON [SIGNED] - Manhattan Nocturne
11fx: ANN PATCHETT [SIGNED] - This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage
11i: BHARATI MUKHERJEE [SIGNED] - The Holder of the World
mc30: MALCOLM COWLEY [SIGNED] - The View from Eighty
11qw: ANCHEE MIN [SIGNED] - Red Azalea
11qm: MARLIN FITZWATER [SIGNED] - Call the Briefing!
bj11: NATHAN ENGLANDER [SIGNED] - For the Relief of Unbearable Urges: Stories
dg02: DENISE GIARDINA [SIGNED] - Saints and Villains
93q: GUNTER GRASS [SIGNED] - From the Diary of a Snail
21p: DR. RALPH STANLEY [SIGNED], JOHN WRIGHT - Traveling the High Way Home: Ralph Stanley and the World of Traditional Bluegrass Music (Music in American Life)
zp11: P. J. O'ROURKE [SIGNED] - All the Trouble in the World
11gy: ANNIE DILLARD [SIGNED] - For the Time Being
cv35: ROBERT GANTHONY SIGNED - Modern Ventriloquism
102woo: T. S. ELIOT [SIGNED] - Murder in the Cathredal
bh8g: C.W.BENNER [SIGNED] AND PAUL PAINTER - The Art of Baton Spinning - Volume 1- Elementary
k11: ANNE RICE [SIGNED] - Violin
mvd5: MARK VAN DOREN [SIGNED] - The Careless Clock
11xx: ANNE MICHAELS [SIGNED] - Fugitive Pieces
ghp: R.... MAROSKE [SIGNED] - 1905 Signed, Sheet Music "Just to Be with You' Handwritten Musical Score
11oy: STANLEY CROUCH [SIGNED] - Always in Pursuit
11j: ALICE MUNRO [SIGNED] - Selected Stories
xg75: PALIN PALIN [SIGNED] - Going Rogue
7xxi: ERIC CARLE SIGNED - Little Cloud Board Book
uu206: SHEL SILVERSTEIN - The Missing Piece
kjb28: UPTON SINCLAIR - The Profits of Religion
jzz500: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - Reaches of Heaven
dz262: DISTRIBUTION OF SLAVES, SUMTER COUNTY - JAN.30,1849. - Document for Estate of Robert Pryor, a Georgian Slave-Holder.
29pxv: JOHN J. SNYDER - Tales of Old Flatbush
43ou: GEORGE SOROS - Underwriting Democracy
kz70: GEORGE SOROS - The Crisis of Global Capitalism Reconsidered
3rpm05: STEPHEN SPENDER - Stephen Spender Reading His Selected Poems
33ee: SPILLANE, MICKEY - I, the Jury
hjs00: SPINDEN, HERBERT JOSEPH - Songs of the Tewa
ou29: ST.- JOHN PERSE - Rains (Pluies)
x34: STOVER, ERIC - The Graves: Srebrenica and Vukovar
0mjy: MONIQUE LEVI-STRAUSS - The Cashmere Shawl
po9: CHARLES SULZ - Compendium of Flavorings
12w: CURT SUPLEE - Physics in the 20th Century
215kz: JOSEPH SVEIVEN - 1943, Joseph Sveiven's Handwritten War-Time Field Book/Autograph Album
kz215: JOSEPH SVEIVEN - 1943 Wwii Soldier's Hand Written War Time Field Autograph Book/ Stamp Album
0kha: JOHN M. SYNGE - Complete Works of John M. Synge
kz29: ARTHUR SZYK - Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales- Signed 1st Edition
gt15: TALESE, GAY - Unto the Sons
kz99: FREDERICK WINSLOW TAYLOR - The Principles of Scientific Management
kx86: JULIE TAYMOR, SALMA HAYAK, ALFRED MOLINA SIGNED BY ALL THREE - Frida: Bringing Frida Kahlo's Life and Art to Film
kj30: JOHN THOMSON (SIGNED BY) - Tables of Interest, at 3, 4, 41/2, and 5 Per Cent... .
0kx0: THONET, PETER - Designer Profile 2008/2009: Industrial + Exhibition Design
16pyc: TOBIAS SMOLLETT [GENERALLY ATTRIBUTED TO..] - A North Briton Extraordinary / Published at Edinburgh
vfg40: PHILLIP TOLEDANO - A New Kind of Beauty
11z: TOUSSAINT, JEAN - Self-Portrait Abroad (Belgian Literature Series)
mjp36: TOWNSEND, JOHN D. - New York in Bondage
vx105: TRUMP, DONALD J.; SCHWARTZ, TONY - Trump: The Art of the Deal
3ah: ANDREW W. TUER - Stories from Old Fashioned Children's Book
30kz: JOSEPH E.D. WADDINGTON - Practical Index to Electro and Photo Therapy
ap0: GEORGE WAIMEL - The Origin of the Maa Rahvas or Estonians
mj0k: HARRY WALDMAN ET AL EDITORS - Biographical Dictionary of Indians of the Americas
kx14: T.M. WALKER - The Melodies of Stephen C. Foster... Alden Edition
8ou: ANNA KATHLEEN WALSH & J. MARTYN WALSH - Language Etiquette
kx219: CHIEF WARRANT OFFICER E.A. WALSH - Wwii Seabees in the South Pacific
177gdp: EARL WARREN - A Republic If You Can Keep It
o50: DELMAR WATSON - "Quick Watson, the Camera" Seventy-Five Years of News Photography
vw3: WAYLAND, VIRGINIA - The Winstanley Geographical Cards
hx21: CORA WEAVER - Autograph Album Including Lock of Hair 1889
18kz: NATALIE WEBBER - Alaska During Wwll
8vf91: WEBER, HENRY WILLIAM - Metrical Romances of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fiftheenth Centuries. Published from Ancient Manuscripts. With an Introduction, Notes & a Glossery by...
mj0z: HERMAN J. WECHSLER - Great Prints & Printmakers
db0: WELCH, RAQUEL - Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage
5ww: KENYON WEST - Cliveden
pw05: WHEELER, POST - The Sacred Scriptures of the Japanese
vbg14: WILE, FREDERIC W. - Men Around the Kaiser
85hgo: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - Summer and Smoke
13x58: BILL WILSON & VARIOUS AUTHORS - Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, a Brief History of A.A.
47dg: FREDERICK WINSOR & MARIAN PARRY - INSCRIBED - 'the Space Child's Mother Goose' 1958
26dg: KATHERINE WINTERBURN - Mystery-Wisdom from Mars
sw/32: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON/ THOMAS J. WISE - On the Thermal Influence of Forests
sw.32: ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON/ THOMAS J. WISE - On the Thermal Influence of Forests
ou33: 1920S-40S COLLEGE WOMEN - Photo Album - 'Friends Forever'
tm01: SARAH C. WOODCOCK, PHILIP DYER - The Theatre Museum Unpacks: Treasures from the Costume Collection
bon81: BUCK O'NEIL [WITH STEVE WULF & DAVID CONRADS] - Buck O'Neil - I Was Right on Time - Signed 1st Edition
aa159: WILLEM DE KOONING [JUDITH ZILCER] - Willem de Kooning: From the Hirshhorn Museum Collection
sz05: ZWEIG, STEFAN - Sternstunden Der Menschheit
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