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_sw239: - The Eastern Hemisphere 1891
23cx: - San Francisco Souvenir Book 32 Photogravures Cunningham Curtis Welch
cx23: - 1900s Hand-Made Lace- Tatting - Crochet Sampler Scrapbook
yu23: - 1951 Photo Album Hawaian Trip Matson Lines
dw48: - C1915 California & Southwest Photograph Album
a11gg: - Lenin, Stalin & Leaders of the Revolution
81kx: - Ww2 Photo Album/ Scrapbook Soldiers Memories+
td37: - Antique Victorian Leather Binding Cabinet Photo Album
ou00: - . . But What Do You Think About Me? Camille's 1940s 'Selfies'
o60: - 1785 -Japanese Handmade Manuscript and Picture Book
zzkh: - The Voyage of the Beagle
ar7: TAREK AHMED EL-ZOGHPY WANTED FOR MURDER 2001 - Fbi Wanted Poster-Original,Posted Flyer No. 627 Tarek Ahmed El-Zoghpy
o74: - Imaginative Japanese Accordian Sketch Book: Calligraphy, Ink Paintings, Watercolors
pm130: - 1960s- Original Artwork: Fashion & Furniture Illustration Portfolio
cx28: - Vintage 1930s Circus Big Top Scrapbook News Clippings Articles Clowns Side Shows
ll: - Paul Gaugin 'Van Gogh's Chair' -1888-1889
kx5: - C1963 Chinese Ideograms - 8' 4" Length
kx55: - Clinton / Gore 1993 Presidential Scrapbook Inauguration Photos Tickets Letters +
81aa: - Japanese Handwritten and Hand Drawn Ikebana - Flower Arranging
8vf91: 1810 - Metrical Romances of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fiftheenth Centuries. Published from Ancient Manuscripts. With an Introduction, Notes & a Glossery by...
sw519: - Palestine 1891
56o: "FROM KATE TO GLADYS. CHRISTMAS 1918 - British Friendship Book -- the Ralph Thoresby School for Girls
sw412: - Africa 1889
sw417: - The Eastern Hemisphere 1891
jx106: - 1966 Vietnam Photo Album & Stack of Love Letters
kx53: - World War II Aircraft & 'Nose Art'
kz46: - Japanese Boys Academy 1930s
13kzb: - Mao's Red Guard Armband
xds8: 1956 - Orpheus - Orphic Art
ii5: - The People Will Be Free . . the Panther 21
kx29: - 1968 Dentist Photo Album Portfolio of New Office & Dental Work - Orange Texas
kz115: - Private Color Photo Album of Railroading in Cuba, C2002
58kz: - 1980s - a Coast Guardsman's Tour & Sudden Death
qz65: - China Chairman Mao Zedong Album 100 Historical Pictures
1ss: - Seligman Solomon Society - Alumni of the Hebrew Orphan Society
26k: - (4) Framed Female Nudes
cq44: - 1896 1908 Southern Scrapbook Full Clippings Stories Birmingham Alabama Packed
18m1: - Vintage Chinese Propaganda Poster - Chairman Mao Together with Teachers and Students of the Shaoshan School in Hunan
swc53: - Ypres - Les Halle
10ib: - Vintage Shanghai Fabric Advertising Poster
cv60: - Usmc 1968 Vietnam Photo Album Khe Sanh
kj13: - Scrapbook Gifted to Young New Hampshire Boy by His Great-Grandmother
kk27: - Mid 1980's Ussr Poster- Collective Farms
fe0a: - Wristwatch- the Frequency of the Balance and the Spring
kz55: - Photo Album Navy Ships, Aircraft, Helicopters, Sailors, Cool Cars
dw75: - 1945 Us Army M.P. - India Photo Album
10r: - Vintage Hataman Cigarettes
15f: - Quotations from Chairman Mao
dw65: - 1954 African American Photo Album of Occupied Japan W/ a Lot of Golf
xv19: - 1905 Shasta Route Souvenir Album. 24 Pages O 30 Photograph Copies. Oversized Covers Have Some Creases and Tears. Couple Holes on Covers. Slightly Soiled. Inside Pages/Photos Are in Very Good Condition. Writing by Original Owner on First 4 Pages. Measures 9 1/4" X 11 1/4". See Pics for Further Description.
a11y: - Glory to a Young Hero of Wwii!
56h: - Victory Is in Your Hands Tighten Your Grip
sn225: - 1911 Photo Album Southwestern College, Kansas - Suffragettes Football Baseball
kz84: - 1940s Baltimore County Police Grouping- Photos, Suspenders, Whistle, Scrapbook+
cv37: - C1915 Vintage New York Greek School Photo Album
35x5: - Benito Mussolini's Ambassador to the Us & Russia- Augusto Russo- His Album
jj216: - Mexican American Photo Albums Border Town Barrio Immigrant Life
22Kz: - 1930s-1940s Japanese Photo Album
cx49: - 1889 Handwritten Victorian Book of Verse & Proverbs Manuscript Signed by Authors
10gg: - Vintage Shanghai Woman with a Fan Advertising Poster
12kz: - Gurao Commune Dictatorship Hq "on Duty" Armband
18uw: - Vintage Original Fbi Wanted Poster Patty Hearst / Harris Apr 10, 1975
16kz: - 1943 Wwii Scrapbook with Superheroes , Military Postcard and Other Items
sw510: - Italy 1900
12kzb: - Defend Mao Zedong Thought Rebel Team Shanghai Secondary School Armband China
3ff: - Chinese Propaganda the Brave and Quick Fighting Cruel Evil
_sw471: - The Solar System 1886
10b: - Vintage Chinese Golfing Woman with Dog Advertising Poster
0dw: - Navajo School of Basketry
cx78: - Special Effects Animated Monsters Artist Photograph Portfolio
10n: - Vintage Chinese the Central Agency, Ltd. Advertising Poster
18dw: - Indian Basket Weaving Navajo School Basketry
tr99: - 2nd Sino-Japanese War Vintage Photo Album 60+ Snapshots
vc60: DISNEY COMMEMORATIVE NASCAR MODEL CAR - SIGNED BY (10) NASCAR A-LISTERS - Scale Model - 'Minnie Mouse' 2004 Daytona 500
xv0: LUX ALANI - Punch Happy - There's No Crying in Boxing
zk18: GLAMOUR ROMANCE FRENCH TINTED POSTCARD ALBUM - 1920s Romantic French Tinted Postcards
57kz: 1907 PHOTO ALBUM - Us Army Co. A Signal Corps Training at Ludington, Lake Michigan
47ou: A NURSE'S PHOTO ALBUM - Christ Hospital, Cincinnati 1919-30s
jra6: JEFFERY RENARD ALLEN - Rails Under My Back
dc11: ANTRIM, DONALD - The Hundred Brothers
80: UNKNOWN ARTIST - C. 1927 - Imaginative Japanese Accordian Sketch Book: Calligraphy, Ink Paintings, Watercolors
swk53: AMELIA BAUERL╦ - A Boy of Teneriffe
31kx: BESSIE BEATTY, "WAR CORRESPONDENT OF SAN FRANCISCO BULLETIN - The Red Heart of Russia - 1918 Signed 1st Edition
22zck: BELLOW, SAUL - Him with His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories
kz58: LT. EDWIN W. BERG - Berg's Travels 1942-44
101ft: LEONARD BERNSTEIN - The Joy of Music 1959 Signed
jb6: BETTLE, JANE - Extracts from the Memorandums of Jane Bettle
cx61: ALBERT S. BICKMORE - Travels in East Indian Archipelago
ty81: GEORGE BISHOP - The World of Clowns
xvm: BLACK, MARY;OLSHANSKY, JOAN R.;GRACIE MANSION CONSERVANCY - New York City's Gracie Mansion: A History of the Mayor's House
sd133: CLAY BLAIR JR. - Silent Victory U.S. Submarine War Against Japan.
18pe: MARK BOYD - The Bird Hunters
108jv: OMAR N. BRADLEY - A Soldier's Story
65pu: DANIELL M BROWN - Us Navy Naval Aviation 1955-60 Scrapbook over 150 Photos Pilots Planes Aircraft
kz74: HELEN BROWN - OAK GROVE CAMPUS FLINT, MI. OCT. 1949 - 1949 - Tree Herbarium - 64 Mounted Specimens
79xc: ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING - 1911 Sonnets from Portuguese
kz88: ANTON BRUEHL - Mexico
bb38: NIVEN BUSCH - Duel in the Sun
kz25: ERSKINE CALDWELL - Tobacco Road
16j: ERIC CARLE - Eric Carle's - Dragons, Dragons - Signed 1st Edition
cq16: ERIC CARLE - Eric Carle's Animals, Animals
kz250: CARNEGIE, DALE - How to Win Friends and Influence People- Signed
ty68: FRED CARR - Photo/Scrapbook/Journal 1949-1955 Ohio Truck Delivery/ Movers
hh105: JOHNNY CASH - 'Man in White' - Signed 1st Ed. , 1986
sw53a: "CGG - 'a Cheerful Kitchen' 1939 Textile Art
12kxb: 'REBEL TEAM' SHANGHAI SECONDARY SCHOOL ARMBAND CHINA - Defending Mao Zedong -Chinese Cultural Revolutionary Artifact
mj0y: CHRISTIE'S - Post-War and Contemporary Art: Evening Sale May 13, 2008
jb00: PS 30 & MISS O'HARA'S 4TH GRADE CLASS - 1918 Elementary School Record of Attendance and Progress Brooklyn, Ny
xx38: 'YANKIBOY PLAYS CLOTHES' - Vintage 1950s Child's Baseball Uniform
0lgd: LAURIE COLWIN - Home Cooking - a Writer in the Kitchen
kx47: WEST MAE INSCRIBED ASSOCIATION COPY - Mae West and Hollywood Cowboys
kz37: 'AMERICA'S FAVORITE SINGING COWBOY' - Tex Ritter in 1930s-50s Scrapbook
cx107: JOHN J. CRAVEN - Prison Life of Jefferson Davis - Inscribed
11oy: STANLEY CROUCH - INSCRIBED - Always in Pursuit
yu34: ARTHUR B. LIGHT M.D. - Opium Addiction -from the Narcotic Wards of Philadelphia
kx434: CHARLES DARWIN - Journal of Researches Into the Natural History and Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of H.M. S. Beagle Round the World
24ks: ANGELA Y. DAVIS - Angela Davis: An Autobiography
xox10: MAURICE C. DREICER - The Diner's Companion- Signed
lg0x: DRSEUSS - On Beyond Zebra
kx20: CHIEF & MRS. EAGLEWING - Peek-Wa Stories Indian Legends of California
kx164: MARGARET MEAD SIGNED 1ST ED. - 'Male and Female - a Study of the Sexes in a Changing World'
kx7: WALTER PULITZER -SIGNED 1ST EDITION - Cupid's Pack of Cards; an Epigram for Every Card, a Saw for Every Chip!
40uhm: EDITOR, VASCO RONCHI - Scritti Di Ottica [Fine Printing Edition]
kx172: DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER - In Review: Pictures I'Ve Kept; a Concise Pictorial Autobiography
xc62: JAMES PAUL ELLINGER - 1950s Univ. Of Illinois - Jocks Girls Sports & Parties - a Photo Album
lg0q: HARLAN ELLISON - Again, Dangerous Visions
cv61: GEORGE R. R. MARTIN; ETAL - The World of Ice & Fire Signed 1st Edition
99kx: HENRY GREGOR FELSEN - Henry Gregor Felsen Collection - 6 Hod Rod Books
rf22: LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI - A Coney Island of the Mind
kx128: WILLIAM FESSENDEN - Biographical Memoir of George Washington Late President of Thr United States of America
cx166: HENRY FOULIS - 1671, History of Romish Treasons & Usurpations, Christian Religion
51zz: FRAZAR, DOUGLAS - Practical Boat Sailing a Concise and Simple Treatise
yyx11: CHARLES FRAZIER - Cold Mountain
cx87: BETTY FRIEDAN - The Feminine Mystique
wf19: EDGAR FUHR - 1936 - 85 Science Experiments. Extensive Details
cx20: ANTONIA FREDERICK FUTTERER - Futterer's Universal Eye-O-Graphic Bible Atlas
oxo11: FYFIELD, FRANCES - A Clear Conscience
0abgh: AGUST═N BERLINGUERO DE LA MARCA GALLEGO - Royal Spanish Naval Etchings, Printed 1932
xv30: MYRON SUGERMAN, GANGSTER & AUTHOR - The Chronicles of the Last Jewish Gangster: From Meyer to Myron
dx22: MYRON SUGERMAN, GANGSTER & AUTHOR - The Chronicles of the Last Jewish Gangster: From Meyer to Myron
111xxi: ANTONIN SCALIA; BRYAN A. GARNER - Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts
75ee: MAURICE GENEVOIX - Raboliot
kz5: JOE GLAZER, EDITH FOWKE - 'Songs of Work and Freedom' 1960 Signed 1st Edition
ou53: GOFU [?] - Japanese Watercolors C. 1900
lgx0: ELIZABETH GOLDING - Magical Scratch Zen Doodling: Includes Scratch Paper + Stylus
sc14: CHARLES GOREN - Goren's Bridge Complete
kz21: DOUGLAS B. GREEN - SIGNED BY ALL THE "RIDERS IN THE SKY - Singing in the Saddle: The History of the Singing Cowboy
cx35: HANK GREENBERG , IRA BERKOW - Hank Greenberg: The Story of My Life
5xk: SYDNEY GREENBIE - The Romantic East
yt103: DICK GREGORY - Up from Nigger
24cx: JOHN HOWARD GRIFFIN - Black Like Me
kz233: JOHNNY GRUELLE - Raggedy Anns's Lucky Pennies
ou59: GYOKUSHI - Hand Painted Japanese Sikishi Boards
kx103: H. RIDER HAGGARD, ENGLISH NOVELIST 1892 AUTOGRAPHED LETTER - SIGNED - 2 Scarce American Editions - 'She' and 'King Solomon's Mines'
4vg3: O'HARA, JOHN - The Farmers Hotel Signed 1st Edition
mwm27: SPALDING GRAY [INSCRIBED] - Sex and Death to the Age 14
cx110: LOWELL TEXTILE INSTITUTE - 1900s Sample Book- Cloth- Silk- Swatches 280+ Complete
lg0v: LGBT INTEREST - Next Door- May 2010 1st Anniversary Issue
bd39: ISAAC D'ISRAELI - Amenities of Literature
jf56: RENE JIMENEZ - Album de la Revolucion 1952-1959
xo40: NORRIS KATHLEEN - All Souls Poems from the Dakotas Signed
jj16: E. BARRIE KAVASCH - Enduring Harvests Native American Foods
je20: KERRY MARK JOELS; KENNEDY, GREGORY P.; LARKIN, DAVID - The Space Shuttle Operators' Manual
cx209: RUDYARD KIPLING - SIGNED - Five Nations
kx154: JEFF KOONS - Goat: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali
kx91: EMILY KUBIN - Early 20th C Seamstress Sewing Samples/ Guidebook
ovf514: HARPER LEE - To Kill a Mockingbird
xvm382: MANDELA, NELSON - Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
jj93: C1918 PHOTO ALBUM U S MERCHANT MARINE - Sailors,Ships, Bridges, Travel
og172: GROUCHO MARX - Why a Duck
jj71: BETTY MCCLURG - Oklahoma City Photo/Scrap Album
12gyti: DOUGLAS MENVILLE, R. REGINALD [ SIGNED BY BOTH] - Things to Come: An Illustrated History of the Science Fiction Film
dw505: LUDWIG VON MISES - Planned Chaos
we25: WALDO F MITCHELL - The Uses of Bank Funds
kx64: COMMANDER WILLIAM ALLEN MORGAN - Operation Deep Freeze Commanding Officer Vxe-6 Antartica Usn Us Navy
dw104: DAIDO MORIYAMA - Pantomime
ky98: WILLIAM H MURRAY (ALFALFA BILL) - William H Murray / Memoirs of Governor Murray and True History of Oklahoma 1st
20kx: BENJAMIN NETANYAHU - Terrorism How the West Can Win
sv19: DENISON NEWS, SAN FRANCISCO - 1905 Shasta Route Souvenir Album
kx122: REINHOLD NIEBUHR - 'Christian Realism and Political Problems' - 1st Edition Signed
rn65: RICHARD NIXON - Rn the Memoirs of Richard Nixon
15dg: STUDY OF ART HISTORY NOTEBOOK - Student School Project -1890s
as7: INTERPOL- CHILD PORNOGRAPHER-PARAGUAY-1991 - Fbi Wanted Poster No. 624, Milton Xiscatti-Michel
tt20: JAMES L G FITZ PATRICK - 1960- Design Construction Full Scale Ornithopter
cv40: UNKNOWN PHOTOGRAPHER - 1930s Zambian Photo Album - French Captions
gx16: 'MIAMI HERALD' PRESS STAFF PHOTOS - Roller Skating Fans, Roller Rinks & 1970s Fun
zx52: CASTLES, DRIED PLANTS, 123 PHOTOS WITH CAPTIONS - 1948 Trip to Denmark
24rp: PINKHAM, ROGER - Oliver Messel "Signed"
15aa: MAO'S CULTURAL REVOLUTION - Chinese Poster- Political Power Is Gained by the Gun
cx31: RIDE, SALLY; OKIE, SUSAN - To Space and Back
cx39: LOUIS DE ROCHEMONT - Four Hours a Year: A Picture-Book Story of Time Inc. 's Third Major Publishing Venture-the March of Time.
yu72: MRS. JIMMIE (CARRIE) RODGERS - My Husband Jimmie Rodgers
kx350: ROYLE, ROGER; WOODS, GARY - 1992 'Mother Teresa - a Life in Pictures'
kr31: RUSSELL, KEN - Directing Films : The Director's Art from Script to Cutting Room
13qqe: 1930S - Sammy Kaye's Sunday Serenade Book of Poetry Volume 1 & 2 - Inscribed
uk20: ROBERT SABUDA - The Little Mermaid Pop-Up Signed 1st Edition
44zqe: SAGAN, FRANCOISE - The Unmade Bed
kz106: DICK SCHAAP - Ny Yankees George Steinbrenner Hand Signed
vv43: JULIAN SCHNABEL - Sculpture 1987-1990
vbb13: SEGALOFF, NAT [INSCRIBED BY WILLIAM FRIEDKIN] - Hurricane Billy: The Stormy Life and Films of William Friedkin
122kz: DR SEUSS - The Cat in the Hat Songbook - Signed
v29mp: 1932R [SIGNED] - I Cover the Waterfront Signed
va11: GRAHAM SWIFT [SIGNED - Last Orders.
xlp11: CAROL EDGARIAN [SIGNED] - Rise the Euphrates
43sqm: T.S. STRIBLING [SIGNED] - 'the Store' - Winner of Pulitzer Prize in 1933
xc11: SEAMUS DEANE [SIGNED] - Reading in the Dark
oobx11: COLIN HARRISON [SIGNED] - Manhattan Nocturne
11fx: ANN PATCHETT [SIGNED] - This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage
11i: BHARATI MUKHERJEE [SIGNED] - The Holder of the World
ghp: R.... MAROSKE [SIGNED] - 1905 Signed, Sheet Music "Just to Be with You' Handwritten Musical Score
bj11: NATHAN ENGLANDER [SIGNED] - For the Relief of Unbearable Urges: Stories
cv35: ROBERT GANTHONY SIGNED - Modern Ventriloquism
qx54: BUZZ ALDRIN SIGNED AND INSCRIBED - American Footprints on the Moon
ty83: SKETCHES, WATERCOLORS, AUTOGRAPHS, CALLIGRAPHIC HANDWRITING - 1883-1917 - Friendship Album - London Mission Society in Asia
mt55: DOG SLEDDING - 1930's Alaska Territory - Photo Album
xv56: ETHEL SMYTH - Streaks of Life
yt20: SAM SNEAD - The Education of a Golfer
0df: GERTRUDE STEIN - The World Is Round - a Rose Is a Rose... .
cx374: BRAM STOKER (FRANK HARRIS) - Bram Stoker Signed Personal Copy of 'Elder Conklin'
105cx: ROBERT W SHOPWELL / LIONEL STRONGFORT - How to Build, Furnish and Decorate' by the Co-Operative Building Plan Association
xc55: PALESTINE LEBANON RED CRESCENT SYRIA - Plo Photo Album Arafat 1974 1975
qe93: TEIJIRO TAKAGI - Girls' Pastimes in Japan
kx58: JULIE TAYMOR, SALMA HAYAK, ALFRED MOLINA SIGNED BY ALL THREE - Frida: Bringing Frida Kahlo's Life and Art to Film Inscribed 1st Edition
kj30: JOHN THOMSON (SIGNED BY) - Tables of Interest, at 3, 4, 41/2, and 5 Per Cent... .
187xx: TRUMAN, HARRY S. - Memoirs by Harry S. Truman - Two Volumes
0lge: RICKY TUCKER - And the Category Is... : Inside New York's Vogue, House, and Ballroom Community
yt18: JORGE RAMIREZ URRUTIA - 'Jesus Es MI Senor' - Handmade, Decoupage Wood Memorial Triptych
yt21: MERCEDES VIDRINE- 1967 INSCRIBED 1ST EDITION - Joyeux Noel Acadian Recipes for Christmas Dinner
vc25: ROMAN VISHNIAC - Polish Jews a Pictorial Record
oj107: ANDY WARHOL - The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
15pp: WILLIAM WAY - History of the New England Society of Charlestown South Carolina
bob100: WILLIAM S. WHITE - The Professional Inscribed by Lyndon Johnson
kx44: DON WHITEHEAD - The Fbi Story Signed by J. Edgar Hoover
qk104: ELIE WIESEL - The Golem
jfr17: KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN - The Birds' Christmas Carol
kz62: MRS GEORGE P. WILLIAMS - 1936 Photo/Journa Auto Trip Hindenburg Atlantic City
26dg: KATHERINE WINTERBURN - Mystery-Wisdom from Mars
cx60: STANLEY P YOUNG AND EDWARD A GOLDMAN - Wolves of North America
yt42: GEORGE ANTHONY ZELLER - The Bereft a Series of Asylum Romances
15jy: JOHN M. ZIELINSKI - Indians
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