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014821: COOPER, KATHY - The Complete Book of Floorcloths: Designs & Techniques for Painting Great-Looking Canvas Rugs
015510: COOPER, MATTHEW - The Army, 1933-1945, It's Political and Military Failure
016143: COOPER, VIOLA IRENE - Windjamming to Fiji
17390: COOPER, MARGARET C. - The Riddle of Changewater Pond
17391: COOPER, MELROSE - Life Magic
44079: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - Wyandotté, or, the Hutted Knoll : A Tale. By the Author the Pathfinder...
42988: COOPER, JAMES A. - Cap'n Abe, Storekeeper : A Story of Cape Cod
23854: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Pathfinder
23855: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Last of the Mohicans
23856: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Deerslayer
23921: COOPER, MORLEY - The Cruising Yacht
24196: COOPER, MARIO - Painting with Watercolor Art-in-practice series
24667: COOPER, GEORGE, COMPILER - Cooper's Irish Dialect Readings and Recitations
26645: COOPER, MORTON - The King
26766: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Pathfinder; or, the Inland Sea
26767: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Pathfinder; or, the Inland Sea
26768: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Pioneers; or, the Sources of the Susquehanna
26770: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Last of the Mohicans : A Narrative of 1757
26774: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - Mercedes of Castile; or, the Voyage to Cathay
26825: COOPER, LOUISE FIELD - The Boys from Sharon
26831: COOPER, JAMIE LEE - The Castaways
28090: COOPER, WENDY A. - In Praise of America : American Decorative Arts, 1650-1830 ; Fifty Years of Discovery Since the 1929 Girl Scouts Loan Exhibition
28525: COOPER, MICHAEL. - The Early Stones: Legendary Photographs of a Band in the Making 1963-1973
28672: COOPER, BRYAN - The Story of the Bomber
31195: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - The Prairie
42258: COOPER, SUSAN - The Magician's Boy
35779: COOPER, LOUISE FIELD - The Cheerful Captive; or, the Nine Days' Astonishment. Illustrated by Paul Galdone
36015: COOPER, STEPHEN R. (STEPHEN ROSCOE) - The Diary of Victor Frankenstein
36536: COOPER, LINA ORMAN - Aunt Tabitha's Trial
40276: COOPER, SUSAN - Dreams and Wishes : Essays on Writing for Children
44641: COOPER, SUSAN - Behind the Golden Curtain; a View of the U.S. A.
43389: COOPER, JAMES FENIMORE - Chapters from the Writings of James Fenimore Cooper.
40385: COOPER, GUY - Paradise Transformed : The Private Garden for the Twenty-First Century
45625: COOPER, WILLIAM - The Yacht Sailor: A Treatise on Practical Yachtsmanship, Cruising and Racing, Being a Re-Issue of Yarns for Green Hands. By Vanderdecken
44340: COOPER, SUSAN - King of Shadows
41909: COOPER, COURTNEY RYLEY - Here’S to Crime, by Courtney Ryley Cooper
46075: COOPER, MORLEY - The Cruising Yacht
013031: COOTE, J. O. - Yacht Navigation -- My Way
25964: COOTE, JACK H. - East Coast Rivers from the Humber to the Swale
27170: COOTE, ALBERT W. - Four Vintage Decades: The Performing Arts in Hartford 1930-1970
45592: COOTE, J. O. (JOHN O.) - Yacht Navigation-- My Way
45608: COOTE, JOHN. O., ED. - The Norton Book of the Sea , Edited by John O. Coote ; Introduction by Hammond Innes
008371: COOVER, ROBERT - The Public Burning
29298: COPE, MYRON - The Game That Was: The Early Days of Pro Football
36837: COPE, HARLEY FRANCIS & KARIG, WALTER - Battle Submerged; Submarine Fighters of World War II [by] Harley Cope and Walter Karig.
29484: COPELAND, CHARLES TOWNSEND & HERSEY, FRANK WILSON CHENEY, EDS. - Representative Biographies of English Men of Letters
34593: COPLAND, AARON & PERLIS, VIVIAN - Copland. 1900 Through 1942
34736: COPLAND, AARON - Copland Since 1943
39680: COPPARD, A. E. (ALFRED EDGAR) - The Collected Tales of A.E. Coppard
7803: COPPEL, JOSEPH - Thirty-Four East
27033: COPPEL, ALFRED - The Dragon
40553: COPPLESTONE, TREWIN - Learning with Colour. Architecture: The Great Art of Building
016840: COPPLESTONE, TREWIN - The Life and Works of Andy Warhol
29996: COPPLESTONE, TREWIN - Rembrandt
29997: COPPLESTONE, TREWIN - Rembrandt
43572: COPPLESTONE, TREWIN - Frank Lloyd Wright : A Retrospective View
012214: CORBETT, WILLIAM - Furthering My Education: A Memoir
17392: CORBETT, SCOTT - Grave Doubts
28851: CORBETT, WILLIAM - Literary New England : A History and Guide
31220: CORBETT, L. C. (LEE CLEVELAND) - Growing Annual Flowering Plants. United States. Dept. of Agriculture. Farmers' bulletin no. 1171
33269: CORBETT, WILLIAM - Literary New England : A History and Guide
45936: CORBETT, JOHN M - Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico National Park Service historical handbook series, no. 36
44615: CORBETT, JIM - The Temple Tiger and Man-Eaters of Kumaon The Jim Corbett collection
44616: CORBETT, JIM - My India The Jim Corbett collection
44617: CORBETT, JIM - Jungle Lore The Jim Corbett collection
44613: CORBETT, JIM - Man-Eaters of Kumaon The Jim Corbett collection
43074: CORCORAN, GEORGE F. (GEORGE FRANCIS) & KURTZ, EDWIN BERNARD - Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
013431: CORDER, JIM W - Hunting Lieutenant Chadborne
013488: CORDINGLY, DAVID - Nicholas Pocock, 1740-1821. At Head of Title: Conway's Marine Artists
010215: CORELLI, MARIE - Temporal Power: A Study in Supremacy
015298: CORELLI, MARIE - A Romance of Two World
42055: CORELLI, MARIE - Barabbas
003813: COREY, DEBORAH JOY - Losing Eddie
27034: CORFMAN, EUNICE LUCCOCK - The Roaring Shock Test
26832: CORLEY, EDWIN - Siege; a Novel
26833: CORMAN, AVERY - The Old Neighborhood : A Novel
38905: CORMAN, CID - At Their Word : Essays on the Arts of Language, Volume II
016857: CORMANY, CHRISTINE - Whippets
004002: CORN, WANDA M - The Art of Andrew Wyeth
013235: CORN, ELAINE - Now You'Re Cooking for Company: Everything a Beginner Needs to Know to Have People over
012074: CORNELL UNIVERSITY. - Memorial Exercises in Honor of Henry Williams Sage [1814-1897]
014924: CORNELL, WILLIAM M. - The Life and Public Career of Hon. Horace Greeley
45647: CORNELL, JIMMY - World Cruising Survey
46079: CORNELL, GWENDA - Cruising with Children
41415: CORNELL, KATHERINE - I Wanted to Be an Actress; the Autobiography of Katharine Cornell, As Told to Ruth Woodbury Sedgwick
016649: CORNELL, JIMMY - World Cruising Survey
45655: CORNELL, JIMMY - World Cruising Routes
45735: CORNWELL, PATRICIA DANIELS - Southern Cross
46268: CORNWELL, PATRICIA DANIELS - Cause of Death
002748: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Wildtrack
005032: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - The Body Farm
005071: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Cruel & Unusual
009889: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - Cause of Death
012162: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - From Potter's Field
23609: CORNWELL, PATRICIA DANIELS - Body of Evidence
44102: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Escape: Richard Sharpe & the Bussaco Campaign, 1810
45124: CORNWELL, BERNARD - Sharpe's Prey : Richard Sharpe and the Eexpedition to Copenhagen, 1807
34680: CORNWELL, PATRICIA - The Last Precinct
46266: CORNWELL, PATRICIA DANIELS - The Body Farm : A Novel
27062: CORRY, JOHN - The Manchester Affair
014797: CORT, LOUISE ALLISON - A Basketmaker in Rural Japan
25885: CORTRIGHT, EDGAR M. - Exploring Space with a Camera, Compiled and Edited by Edgar M. Cortright NASA SP-168
42527: CORY, DAVID - The Iceberg Express
42526: CORY, DAVID - The Magic Soap Bubble
42525: CORY, DAVID - The Cruise of the Noah's Ark
33046: CORYELL, CHARLES D., AND OTHERS - Neutron and Proton Shell Number in the Cosmic Abundance of the Elements [Manuscript Proposed As a Note for the Journal of the American Chemical Society
26828: CORYN, MARJORIE - The Marriage of Josephine
27526: COSBY, BILL - I Am What I Ate... And I'm Frightened !!! : And Other Digressions from the Doctor of Comedy
39570: COSGROVE, IRENE - My Recipes Are for the Birds
43841: COSSERY, ALBERT - Proud Beggars... Translated by Thomas W. Cushing
013848: COSTA, RICHARD HAUER - H.G. Wells. Revised Edition.
015799: COSTAIN, THOMAS B. & BEECROFT, JOHN, COMPILERS - Stories to Remember
015800: COSTAIN, THOMAS B. & BEECROFT, JOHN, COMPILERS - More Stories to Remember
26834: COSTAIN, THOMAS BERTRAM - The Silver Chalice, a Novel
27064: COSTAIN, THOMAS BERTRAM - High Towers
40978: COSTALES, BRYAN - Sendmail
30991: COSTANTINI, VINCENZO - Michelangelo. Eight Colour Plates with an Introduction by Vincenza Costantini
39801: COSTELLO, DAVID - Here They Come!
26791: COTLOW, LEWIS - In Search of the Primitive [by] Lewis Cotlow
26792: COTLOW, LEWIS - The Twilight of the Primitive [by] Lewis Cotlow
42390: COTT, JONATHAN - Dylan.
24804: COTTER, EDWARD F. - The Offshore Game: Today's Ocean Racing
26835: COTTERELL, GEOFFREY - Westward the Sun
009537: COTTON, LEO, ED. - Old Mr. Boston: De Luxe Official Bartender's Guide
009721: COTTON, CHARLES - Poems from the Works of...
33594: COTTON, LEO, ED. - Old Mr. Boston: De Luxe Official Bartender's Guide
41475: COTTRELL, JOHN & CASHIN, FERGUS - Richard Burton, Very Close Up, by John Cottrell and Fergus Cashin
015396: COTTRELL, LEONARD - Seeing Roman Britain
17765: COUFFER, JACK & MIKE - Salt Marsh Summer
2226: COUGHLIN, JACK - Thirteen Irish Writers. Portraits by Jack Coughlin. On Ireland, Selections by Robin Skelton
42597: COUHAT, JEAN LABAYLE, ED. - Combat Fleets of the World 1984/85
27035: COULTER, STEPHEN - The Devil Inside; a Novel of Dostoevsky's Life
009423: COUNCIL OF THE BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA - The Boston Symphony Cookbook
29222: COUNTRY LIFE LIMITED - Gardens, Old and New; the Country House & Its Garden Environment.
34437: COUPEROUS, LOUIS - Arrogance : The Conquests of Xerxea
27899: COURLANDER, HAROLD - The Son of the Leopard. Woodcuts by Rocco Negri
29044: COURLANDER, HAROLD - The Master of the Forge : A West African Odyssey
005441: COURNOS, JOHN - A Boy Named John
31300: COURSE, A. G. - Pirates of the Eastern Seas
26827: COURTER, GAY - Code Ezra
30871: COURTER, J. W. - Aladdin Collectors Manual & Price Guide Eight
28175: COURTHION, PIERRE - Impressionism. Text by Pierre Courthion
27061: COURTNEY, MARY KING - The Pictures of Polly
43158: COUSIN, JOHN WILLIAM - A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature, by John W. Cousin Everyman's Library No. 449
011631: COUSINS, NORMAN - Dr. Schweitzer of Lambarene
21698: COUSINS, NORMAN - Anatomy of an Illness As Perceived by Th
30399: COUSINS, NORMAN. - Who Speaks for Man?
37013: COUSINS, JOHN - Secret Valleys
30008: COUSTEAU, JACQUES YVES - The Ocean World
42344: COUSTEAU, JACQUES YVES - The Whale: Mighty Monarch of the Sea The Undersea discoveries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau
39106: COUSTEAU, JACQUES YVES - Life and Death in a Coral Sea [by] Jacques-Yves Cousteau with Philippe Diolé The Undersea discoveries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau
30726: COVEY, STEPHEN R.; MERRILL, A. ROGER & REBECCA R. - First Things First: To Live, to Love, to Learn, to Leave a Legacy.
23259: COVILLE, BRUCE - The Monster's Ring
26701: COVILLE, BRUCE - The Monster's Ring
17393: COVINGTON, DENNIS - Lasso the Moon
42666: COWAN, JOHN - Small Decencies : Reflections and Meditations on Being Human at Work
016150: COWAN, GIBSON - The Log of the Pelican
006099: COWARD, NOEL - The Noel Coward Diaries. Edited by Graham Payn and Sheridan Morley
016927: COWART, JACK - Roy Lichtenstein, 1970-1980
31463: COWELL, ADRIAN - The Heart of the Forest
40958: COWELL, STEPHANIE - Nicholas Cooke, Actor, Soldier, Physician, Priest : A Novel/ Stephanie Cowell
23970: COWIE, ALEXANDER - The Rise of the American Novel American literature series
014897: COWLES, A. A. - Semitones, by A.A. C.
018036: COWLES, EDITH M. - Giotto. The Legend of St. Francis As Depicted in the Frescoes and Faithfully Copied... With a Foreword by G.K. Chesterton
29714: COWLES, VIRGINIA - Gay Monarch, the Life and Pleasures of Edward VII
010902: COWLEY, MALCOLM - Exile's Return: A Literary Odyssey of the 1920's
015851: COWLEY, MALCOLM - A Second Flowering: Works and Days of the Lost Generation
017102: COWLEY, MALCOLM - The Flower and the Leaf: A Contemporary Record of American Writing Since 1941. Edited by Donald W. Faulkner
17394: COWLEY, MARJORIE - Dar and the Spear-Thrower
27036: COWLEY, JOY - Man of Straw
33002: COWLEY, MALCOLM - A Second Flowering; Works and Days of the Lost Generation
33003: COWLEY, MALCOLM - The Flower and the Leaf : A Contemporary Record of American Writing Since 1941
33016: COWLEY, MALCOLM - A Second Flowering; Works and Days of the Lost Generation
33499: COWLEY, MALCOLM - The View from 80
34301: COWPER, WILLIAM - Poems by William Cowper with Illustrations by Hugh Cameron
46247: COWPER, WILLIAM - Tirocinium: Or, a Review of Schools. By William Cowper... A New Edition
42416: COX, HARVEY GALLAGHER - Fire from Heaven : The Rise of Pentecostal Spirituality and the Reshaping of Religion in the Twenty-First Century
22623: COX, WARREN E. - The Book of Pottery and Porcelain, Vol. 1
24540: COX, DORIS & WARREN, BARBARA - Creative Hands : An Introduction to Craft Techniques
25366: COX, VIC - Whales and Dolphins
30085: COX, E. H. M. & P. A. - Modern Shrubs.
38984: COX, S. S. - The Surplus and the Tariff. Speech of the Hon. S.S. Cox of New York in the House of Representatives, May 17, 1888
1252: COXE, GEORGE HARMON - Error of Judgement: A Jack (Flash) Casey Mystery
35711: COXE, DANIEL - A Description of the English Province of Carolana, by the Spaniards Call'd Florida, and by the French la Louisiane Bicentennial Floridiana facsimile series
37528: COXE, GEORGE HARMON - Uninvited Guest
42919: COXE, GEORGE HARMON - Fashioned for Murder
26836: COYLE, HAROLD - Trial by Fire : A Novel
29609: COYSH, A. W. - The Buying Antiques Reference Book
29986: COZBY, PAUL C.; WORDEN, PATRICIA E.; KEE, DONALD W. - Research Methods in Human Development
011149: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - Confusion
011677: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - S.S. San Pedro
26829: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - The Just and the Unjust
26972: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - A Time of War : Air Force Diaries and Pentagon Memos, 1943-45. Edited by Matthew Bruccoli
27037: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - By Love Possessed
27038: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - Children and Others
27039: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - Morning, Noon, and Night
27057: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - Children and Others
27058: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - The Just and the Unjust
27065: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - The Last Adam
31347: COZZENS, FREDERIC S. (FREDERIC SWARTWOUT) - Acadia, or, a Month with the Blue Noses by Frederic S. Cozzens
1253: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - The Just and the Unjust
1254: COZZENS, JAMES GOULD - Morning Noon and Night
012587: CRABBE, GEORGE - George Crabbe, an Anthology, Chosen by F.L. Lucas
44014: CRACE, JIM - Quarantine
40208: CRAFT, ROBERT - Prejudices in Disguise; Articles, Essays, Reviews
014118: CRAIG, JOHN - Danger Is My Business
35989: CRAIG, MAURICE JAMES. - Irish Bookbindings The Irish heritage series, 6
38745: CRAIG, SUZE - Tails & Tales : Small Farming in New England
40770: CRAIG, JAMES - Phototypesetting : A Design Manual
40731: CRAIG, PHILIP R. - Dead in Vineyard Sand : A Martha's Vineyard Mystery
009008: CRAIK, DINAH MARIA MULOCK - The Little Lame Prince and His Traveling Cloak by Miss Mulock
016084: CRAIK, DINAH MARIA MULOCK - The Little Lame Prince and His Traveling Cloak by Miss Mulock
31477: CRAIK, DINAH MARIA MULOCK - The Little Lame Prince and His Traveling-Cloak
43264: CRAIK, DINAH MARIA MULOCK - John Halifax, Gentleman Everyman's Library No. 123
27040: CRAIN, MARK - Comeback Man : A Novel
006247: CRAINE, E. J. - Airplane Boys on the Border Line
23510: CRAIS, ROBERT - Voodoo River
006384: CRAM, RALPH ADAMS - Impressions of Japanese Architecture and the Allied Arts
015498: CRAM, RALPH ADAMS - The Great Thousand Years
42794: CRAMER, JIM - Jim Cramer's Real Money : Sane Investing in an Insane World
30299: CRAN, MARION. - Gardens of Character.
45489: CRANE, AIMÉE, ED. - Art in the Armed Forces
57: CRANE, WALTER - India Impressions, with Some Notes of Ceylon During a Winter Tour, 1906-7, by Walter Crane, R.W. S. With a Frontispiece in Colour and Numerous Other Illustrations from Sketches by the Author
003386: CRANE, CHERYL - Detour: A Hollywood Story
006631: CRANE, STEPHEN - The Red Badge of Courage
009197: CRANE, STEPHEN - The Red Badge of Courage. Edited by Richard Chase Riverside Editions A 46
009766: CRANE, HART - The Bridge: A Poem by... With an Introduction by Malcolm Cowley
011759: CRANE, NATHALIA - Swear by the Night and Other Poems. With an Introduction by Louis Untermeyer
22439: CRANE, CHERYL - Detour: A Hollywood Story
23995: CRANE, JOHN KENNY - The Legacy of Ladysmith : A Novel
27041: CRANE, STEPHEN - The Red Badge of Courage. Afterword by Clifton Fadiman. Illustrated by Herschel Levit The Macmillan classics, 14
27059: CRANE, STEPHEN - Great Stories of Heroism and Adventure The Macmillan classics, 14
42259: CRANE, WALTER - The Baby's Opera
38899: CRANE, NATHALIA - The Pamphlet Poets
39696: CRANE, FRANK - George Westinghouse : His Life and Achievements
017293: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - The Shadow of the Winter Palace: Russia's Drift to Revolution, 1825-1917
44569: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD - Khrushchev; a Career
17885: CRANWELL, JOHN PHILIPS - Fast and Fancy Cookery: Recipes for Those Who Work from Nine to Five...
7551: CRAVEN, AVERY O - Rachel of Old Louisiana. With Illustrations by the Author
008603: CRAVEN, WESLEY FRANK - The Southern Colonies in the Seventeenth Century, 1607-1689
008607: CRAVEN, AVERY O - The Growth of Southern Nationalism, 1848-1861
17937: CRAVEN, THOMAS - Modern Art: The Men, the Movements, the Meaning
40808: CRAVEN, THOMAS - Men of Art
003433: CRAVEN, THOMAS - Men of Art
003971: CRAWFORD, FRANCIS MARION - Ave Roma Immortalis: Studies from the Chronicles of Rome
008780: CRAWFORD, JOHN N - Chats on Writers and Books... With an Introduction by Horatio W. Seymour
009703: CRAWFORD, R. M. - A Picture History of Australia
013979: CRAWFORD, MARY CAROLINE - Romantic Days in the Early Republic
015860: CRAWFORD, MARY CAROLINE - The Romance of Old New England Rooftrees
21564: CRAWFORD, FRANCIS MARION - Man Overboard ! Little Novels by Favorite Authors
23511: CRAWFORD, CHERYL - One Naked Individual : My Fifty Years in the Theatre
27045: CRAWFORD, FRANCIS MARION - Saracinesca
27060: CRAWFORD, FRANCIS MARION - A Tale of a Lonely Parish
45877: CRAWFORD, MARION - Elizabeth the Queen : The Story of Britain's New Sovereign
28474: CRAWFORD, F. MARION (FRANCIS MARION) - Via Crucis; a Romance of the Second Crusade,
45875: CRAWFORD, MARION - Mother and Queen; the Story of Queen Mary
1530: CRAWFORD, MARY CAROLINE - St. Botolph's Town: An Account of Old Boston in the Colonial Days
32237: CRAWFORD, F. MARION (FRANCIS MARION) - Greifenstein,
32367: CRAWFORD, ALBERT BEECHER, ED. - Phi Beta Kappa Men of Yale 1780 - 1959 Men of Yale Series, Vol. IV
45201: CRAWFORD, MATTHEW B. - Shop Class As Soulcraft : An Inquiry Into the Value of Work
45511: CRAWFORD, MARY CAROLINE - St. Botolph's Town: An Account of Old Boston in the Colonial Days
39353: CRAWFORD, MARY CAROLINE - Little Pilgrimages Among Old New England Inns; Being an Account of Little Journeys to Various Quaint Inns and Hostelries of Colonial New England
42216: CRAWFORD, WILLIAM H - Holidays in Wales
42123: CRAWFORD, MICHAEL H. (MICHAEL HEWSON) - The Roman Republic
007313: CREASEY, JOHN - The Smog: A Story of Dr. Palfrey
7587: CREASEY, JOHN - The Masters of Bow Street
015731: CREASEY, JOHN - Inspector West Takes Charge
22971: CREASEY, JOHN - Gideon's Drive
27042: CREASEY, JOHN - The Theft of Magna Carta; the 42nd Story of Roger West His Superintendent West stories
37377: CREASEY, JOHN - The Toff Is Back
42877: CREASEY, JOHN - Hit and Run
34627: CRÉBILLON, FILS - Sextravaganza by M. De Crebillon le Fils ; with an Introduction by Esar Levine.
45870: CREDLAND, GEOFFREY DENIS & MURRAY, GEORGE T. (GEORGE THURSBY) - Scotland: A New Look [by] Geoffrey D. Credland & George T. Murray
009805: CREED, PERCY R., ED. - The Boston Society of Natural History, 1830-1930
24293: CREEKMORE, BETSEY BEELER - Making Gifts from Oddments & Outdoor Materials, by Betsey B. Creekmore
010729: CREEL, GEORGE - Ireland's Fight for Freedom. Setting Forth the High Lights of Irish History
44496: CREGER, WILLIAM P. - Annual Review of Medicine: Selected Topis in the Clinical Sciences, Vol. 38, 1987
011917: CREHAN, HERBERT F. WITH JAMES W. RYAN - Lightning in a Bottle: The Sox of '67
41717: CREHAN, HERBERT F. WITH JAMES W. RYAN - Lightning in a Bottle: The Sox of '67
31349: CREIGHTON, HELEN - Folklore of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia National Musem of Canada, Bulletin no. 117
41978: CRENSHAW, BEN - A Feel for the Game : To Brookline and Back
41394: CRENSON, VICTORIA - Norman Rockwell’S Portrait of America, Written by Victoria Crenson ; Designed by Steve Barber.
44812: CRESSEY, ROGER F. - The Genus Argulus (Crustacea: Branchiura) of the United States, by Roger F. Cressey. Biota of freshwater ecosystems identification manual no. 2 Water pollution control research series
7601: CRESTI, CARLO - Le Corbusier
24552: CRESWICK, PAUL - The Adventures of Robin Hood : An English Legend The World's Best Reading series
22727: CREW, LINDA - Nekomah Creek Christmas
44332: CREWE, QUENTIN - In Search of the Sahara... Photographs by Tim Beddow.
29715: CREWE, QUENTIN - The Frontiers of Privilege; a Century of Social Conflict As Reflected in the Queen. [by] Quentin Crewe. Art Editor: Charles Rosner
24122: CREWS, DONALD - Parade
004621: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Rising Sun
008296: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - The Great Train Robbery
008857: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Airframe
014645: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Disclosure
27043: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - A Case of Need
27044: CRICHTON, ROBERT - The Camerons; a Novel
28475: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Sphere : A Novel
28686: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Disclosure : A Novel
29573: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Five Patients: The Hospital Explained
42354: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - State of Fear
36501: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Sphere : A Novel
38051: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Disclosure
39307: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - The Lost World : A Novel
39419: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - Timeline
009884: CRICHTON, MICHAEL - The Lost World
28308: CRICK, FRANCIS - The Astonishing Hypothesis : The Scientific Search for the Soul
43494: CRISPIN, A. C. - Star Trek: Sarek
39641: CRISPIN, GILL - The Duchy of Cornwall
003273: CRISSEY, FORREST - Alexander Legge, 1866-1933, the Life Story of a Truly Great American Who Loved and Served His Country Well,...
25484: CRITCHFIELD, RICHARD - Those Days : An American Album
28476: CRITCHFIELD, RICHARD - Those Days : An American Album
28511: CROCIANI, PAOLA - Bedouin of the Sinai
012988: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Cooking Calendar: A Year-Round Guide to Meal Planning with Recipes and Menus
016624: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Party Book
22700: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's New Christmas Cookbook
25096: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Barbecue Cookbook
25097: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Microwave Cookbook
25098: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Step-by-Step Picture Cookbook
25099: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Working Woman's Cookbook
31592: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Family Dinners in a Hurry. Director of Photography: Stephen. .
37779: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Hamburger Cookbook
38209: CROCKER, BETTY - Betty Crocker's Microwave Cooking
012628: CROCKETT, DAVY - The Life of Davy Crockett
014374: CROCKETT, S. R. (SAMUEL RUTHERFORD) - The Stickit Minister
014703: CROCKETT, S. R. (SAMUEL RUTHERFORD) - Red Cap Adventures: Being the Second Series of Red Cap Tales Stolen from the Treasure Chest of the Wizard of the North
016635: CROCKETT, JAMES UNDERWOOD - Vegetables and Fruits
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44325: DALRYMPLE, JOHN, - Manuscript Letters (Retained or File Copies) from Admiral John Dalrymple to Various Royal Navy Captains Under His Command. Includes an Inquiry About a Supposed American, James Murray, Impressed from the American Ship Betsy and Mary, Also Includes a Transcript of Horatio Nelson Instructions to the Fleet on the King of the Two Sicilies Intended Visit to Dine with Nelson on Board the Hms Vanguard
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31663: DALRYMPLE, BYRON W. (BYRON WILLIAM) - Complete Guide to Hunting Across North America [by] Byron Dalrymple. Maps by Delos D. Rowe Associates. Basic Maps Courtesy of Rand Mcnally & Co An Outdoor life book
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011757: DALY, THOMAS A - Mcaroni Ballads and Other Verses
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014274: DANA, RICHARD HENRY - Two Years Before the Mast: A Personal Narrative. With an Afterword by Wright Morris
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009708: DANE, CLEMENCE - The Arrogant History of White
010419: DANE, CLARENCE - Will Shakespeare: An Invention in Four Acts
015307: DANE, G. EZRA, IN COLLABORATION WITH BEATRICE J. DANE - Ghost Town: Wherein Is Told Much That Is Wonderful... About Life During the Gold Rush and Later in the Town of Columbia...
28641: DANE, CLEMENCE - The Babyons, the Chronicle of a Family,
28642: DANE, CLEMENCE - The Flower Girls
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007424: DANIELSSON, BENGT - From Raft to Raft
24839: DANIELSSON, BENGT - Raroia: Happy Island of the South Seas. Translated from the Swedish by F.H. Lyon
31573: DANIELSSON, BENGT - From Raft to Raft
008656: DANIKEN, ERICH VON - The Gold of the Gods
30953: DÄNIKEN, ERICH VON - Gods from Outer Space: Return to the Stars or Evidence for the Impossible
010705: DANKS, DENISE - Frame Grabber
016619: DANNENBAUM, JULIE - More Fast & Fresh
35474: DANNENBAUM, JULIE - More Fast & Fresh
42897: DANTE ALIGHIERI - Dante's Comedy : 1. The Inferno. Translated by Nicholas Kilmer; Illustrated by Benjamin Martinez
40594: DANZ, LOUIS - Personal Revolution and Picasso. Foreword by Merle Armitage
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17398: DANZIGER, PAULA - The Divorce Express
44724: DARBISHIRE, HELEN - The Poet Wordsworth
45791: DARCY, KYLE - Under Current Conditions
009793: DARDIS, TOM - Firebrand: The Life of Horace Liveright
28826: DARK, SIDNEY - London, by Sidney Dark; with Illustrations by Joseph Pennell
28890: DARK, SIDNEY - London, by Sidney Dark; with Illustrations by Joseph Pennell
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24521: DARLING, F. FRASER - The New Naturalist Natural History in the Highlands & Islands
24528: DARLING, MARY G. - In the World American Girl's Series
008231: DARNTON, JOHN - Neanderthal
45305: DARRACOTT, RISDON - Scripture Marks of Salvation : Drawn Up to Help Christians to Know the True State of Their Souls by the Rev. Risdon Durriot[Sic]...
36549: DARRIEUSSECQ, MARIE - Pig Tales : A Novel of Lust and Transformation The New Press international fiction series
43420: DARROCH, SANDRA JOBSON - Ottoline : The Life of Lady Ottoline Morrell
009145: DARROW, CLARENCE - Verdicts out of Court. Edited with an Introduction by Arthur and Lila Weinberg
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41896: DARROW, CLARENCE - Attorney for the Damned, Edited and with Notes by Arthur Weinberg. Foreword by William O. Douglas
43897: DARSA, JAN - The Jews of Poland
28495: DART, IRIS RAINER - I'LL Be There
40466: DART, THURSTON - The Interpretation of Music
22728: DARTEZ, CECILIA CASRILL - Jenny Giraffe Discovers Papa NoëL
25132: DARWIN, GEORGE HOWARD - The Tides and Kindred Phenomena in the Solar System. The Substance of Lectures Delivered in 1897 at the Lowell Institute, Boston, Massachusetts
41188: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Illustrated Origin of Species by Charles Darwin ; Abridged & Introduced by Richard E. Leakey
7800: DARY, DAVID - Entrepreneurs of the Old West
014798: DARY, DAVID - Red Blood & Black Ink: Journalism in the Old West
42382: DASH, JOAN - A Life of Ones Own : Three Gifted Women and the Men They Married
40347: DASKAM, JOSEPHINE - The Memoirs of a Baby
25220: DATER, JUDY - Imogen Cunningham : A Portrait
44842: DATLOW, ELLEN & WINDLING, TERRI, EDS. - A Wolf at the Door and Other Retold Fairy Tales
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36458: DAUDET, ALPHONSE & PREVOST, ANTOINE FRANCOIS - Sesame and Lilies, the Two Paths, the King of the Golden River Everyman Library 219
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27187: DAUGHTERTY, JAMES - West of Boston
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010321: DELL, ETHEL M - The Knave of Diamonds
010322: DELL, ETHEL M - The Rocks of Valpre
013664: DELL, FLOYD - King Arthur's Socks and Other Village Plays
014698: DELL, ETHEL M - The Obstacle Race
29385: DELL, ETHEL M. (ETHEL MAY) - The Bars of Iron
29386: DELL, ETHEL M. (ETHEL MAY) - The Gate Marked "Private
29388: DELL, ETHEL M. (ETHEL MAY) - The Top of the World, by Ethel M. Dell
29403: DELL'OSSO, BERNARDINO - Of Human Values
17724: DELMAN, DAVID - Death of a Nymph
1073: DELMAR-MORGAN, EDWARD - Small Craft Engines and Equipment
1195: DELMAR-MORGAN, EDWARD LOCKER - Power-Boat Cruising
27639: DELMAR-MORGAN, EDWARD - North Sea Harbours and Pilotage Calais to Den Helder
29404: DELMAR, VIÑA - Grandmère
29405: DELMAR, VIÑA - The Breeze from Camelot
29406: DELMAR, VIÑA - The Laughing Stranger
29415: DELMAR, VIÑA - The Marcaboth Women
012886: DELPHIAN SOCIETY, CHICAGO - Delphian Text. Part Twelve
39082: DELSON, RUDOLPH - Maynard & Jennica
17402: DELTON, JUDY - Angel's Mother's Boyfriend
29407: DEMAREST, PHYLLIS GORDON - The Naked Risk
45779: DEMARINIS, RICK - The Art & Craft of the Short Story
29408: DEMARIS, OVID - The Vegas Legacy : A Novel
21987: DEMAS, CORINNE - The Same River Twice
43509: DEMAUSE, LLOYD & EBEL, HENRY, EDS. - Jimmy Carter and American Fantasy: Psychohistorical Explorations
009594: DEMILLE, NELSON - Plum Island
33856: DEMILLE, NELSON - The General's Daughter
29409: DEMING, BARBARA - Wash Us and Comb Us; Stories. Drawings by Jane Watrous
23043: DEMIRJIAN, ARTO & NELSON, EVE, EDITORS - Front Page History of the World Wars As Reported in the New York Times
24048: DEMOUSTIER, CHARLES ALBERT - Lettres à émilie, Sur la Mythologie
40386: DENBURY, JO - Huts, Havens and Hideaways
32960: DENBY, EDWIN - Typed Letter Signed to John L. Macvicar, Thanking Him for Copies of Arthur Nash's "the Golden Rule in Business
26279: DENDEL, ESTHER WARNER - New Song in a Strange Land; with Decorations by Jo Dendel
010583: DENING, GREG - Mr. Bligh's Bad Language: Passion, Power and Theatre on the Bounty
39081: DENISE, ANIKA - Pigs Love Potatoes. Illustrated by Christopher Denise
45189: DENISEN, ERVIN L. - Principles of Horticulture
24295: DENITTO, ELISABETH BRENNER - Needlepoint on Plastic Canvas
29416: DENKER, HENRY - Salome, Princess of Galilee
42453: DENNÉE, CHARLES - The International Library of Music for Home and Studio; Study Material... A Manual of Practical Instruction in Pianoforte Playing Combining All the Essentials from the Beginning of Grade One Through Grade Four,
011247: DENNIS, WESLEY, ED. - Palomino and Other Horses
014041: DENNIS, PATRICK - Genius
45872: DENNIS, GEOFFREY POMEROY - Coronation Commentary
37061: DENNIS, PATRICK - Around the World with Auntie Mame
45080: DENNISON, HENRY S. (HENRY STURGIS) - E.W. Dennison : A Memorial
27056: DENT, NICHOLAS - How to Sail: A Practical Course in Boat Handling
012502: DENYS, F. WARD - Our Summer in the Vale of Kashmir
015972: DEPAOLA, TOMIE - Helga's Dowry: A Troll Love Story
46070: DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, U.S. COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY. - United States Coast Pilot. Atlantic Coast. Section a, St. Croix River to Cape Cod.
21780: DEPAUW, LINDA GRANT - Founding Mothers: Women in America in the Revolutionary Era
30480: DERBY, E. H. - The Catholic. Letters Addressed by a Jurist to a Young Kinsman Proposing to Join the Church of Rome.
003770: DERLETH, AUGUST - Walden West
33111: DERLETH, AUGUST - It's a Boy's World. Poems by August Derleth. Pictures of Dwig
35765: DERLETH, AUGUST - Sentence Deferred , a Judge Peck Mystery
24277: DEROOS, WILLY - North West Passage
012486: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M - Chutzpah
017197: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M. - Contrary to Popular Opinion
30268: DERSHOWITZ, ALAN M. - Chutzpah.

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