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23386: WOODING, LOYTA - The Leftovers Cookbook
36699: WOODING, CHRIS - Poison
37794: WOODING, LOYTA - The Microwave Oven Cookbook. Designed and Illustrated by Kadi Karist Tint
35867: WOODMAN, RICHARD - Victory of Seapower: Winning the Napoleonic War, 1806-1814
009213: WOODRING, CARL R., ED. - Prose of the Romantic Period. Edited by Carl R. Woodring Riverside Editions B 57
30485: WOODROW, WILSON, MRS. - The New Missioner.
24249: WOODS, GEORGE BENJAMIN - English Poetry and Prose of the Romantic Movement
30487: WOODS, SARA. - The Law's Delay.
39849: WOODS, LEONARD - A Sermon Preached at Haverhill (Mass. ), in Remembrance of Mrs. Harriet Newell, Wife of the Rev. Samuel Newell, Missionary to India. Who Died at the Isle of France, Nov. 30, 1812, Aged 19 Years. To Which Are Added Memoirs of Her Life. By Leonard Woods
39865: WOODS, LEONARD - A Sermon Preached at Haverhill (Mass. ), in Remembrance of Mrs. Harriet Newell, Wife of the Rev. Samuel Newell, Missionary to India. Who Died at the Isle of France, Nov. 30, 1812, Aged 19 Years. To Which Are Added Memoirs of Her Life. By Leonard Woods
013432: WOODWARD, W. E. (WILLIAM E.) - Meet General Grant
013612: WOODWARD, W. E. (WILLIAM E.) - Meet General Grant
015611: WOODWARD, BOB - The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House
018396: WOODWARD, BOB - Wired: The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi
23192: WOODWARD, BOB & BERNSTEIN, CARL - The Final Days
24221: WOODWARD, HELEN - The Lady Persuaders
24582: WOODWARD, BOB - Veil : The Secret Wars of the Cia, 1981-1987
27503: WOODWARD, BOB - Bush at War
29062: WOODWARD, C. VANN (COMER VANN) - American Counterpoint; Slavery and Racism in the North-South Dialogue, by. .
32985: WOODWARD, BOB & ARMSTRONG, SCOTT - The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court
33850: WOODWARD, BOB - Maestro : Greenspan's Fed and the American Boom
35628: WOODWARD, GEORGE E. (GEORGE EVERTSON) - WoodwardíS Country Homes by Geo. E. & F.W. Woodward
41635: WOODWARD, BOB & ARMSTRONG, SCOTT - The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court
41645: WOODWARD, BOB - The Commanders
41636: WOODWARD, BOB - Veil : The Secret Wars of the Cia, 1981-1987
35618: WOODWORTH, FRANCIS C. (FRANCIS CHANNING) - Mike Marble : His Crotchets and Oddities. With Tint Illustrations. By Uncle Frank
21727: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - To the Lighthouse
008730: WOOLF, LEONARD - Beginning Again: An Autobiography of the Years 1911 to 1918
008743: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Flush: A Biography
010692: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Moment and Other Essays
018661: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Passionate Apprentice: The Early Journals, 1897-1909
27386: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Passionate Apprentice: The Early Journals, 1897-1909
42402: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Mrs. Dalloway
35701: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Writer's Diary
37534: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Three Guineas
30484: WOOLFOLK, WILLIAM. - Opinion of the Court.
30488: WOOLFOLK, WILLIAM. - The Beautiful Couple.
30489: WOOLFOLK, WILLIAM. - The President's Doctor.
015974: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER - The Portable Woollcott. Selected by Joseph Hennessey with an Introduction by John Mason Brown
17685: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER, COMPILER - The Woollcott Reader: Bypaths in the Realms of Gold
30490: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER. - Long Long Ago.
30494: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER. - The Woollcott Reader : Bypaths in the Realms of Gold.
33319: WOOLLCOTT, ALEXANDER. - Long Long Ago.
009578: WOOLLEY, LEONARD - History Unearthed
015608: WOOLLEY, LEONARD - Ur: The First Phases
27544: WOOLNER, FRANK - Modern Saltwater Sport Fishing
37741: WOOLSEY, THOMAS A. - The Brain Atlas : A Visual Guide to the Human Central Nervous System by Thomas A. Woolsey, Joseph Hanaway, Mokhtar H. Gado
010962: WOOLSON, G. A. - Ferns and How to Grow Them
41679: WOOLSON, CONSTANCE FENIMORE - Mentone, Cairo and Corfu
30495: WOOLVERTON, LINDA. - Star Wind.
43718: WOOSTER, JAMES WILLET - Edward Stephen Harkness
40658: WORCESTER, SAMUEL M. (SAMUEL MELANCTHON) - Triumph in Trial. A Memorial of Sarah S. Mugford, of Salem, Mass.
004486: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - Peter Bell. Edited by John E. Jordan. The Cornell Wordsworth
44716: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - The Ruined Cottage and the Pedlar, Edited by James Butler The Cornell Wordsworth
43338: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - The Shorter Poems of William Wordsworth Everyman's Library No. 203
015865: WORK, MILTON C. - Auction Bridge Complete
29063: WORK, JOHN W. - American Negro Songs: 230 Folk Songs and Spirituals, Religious and Secular: (Sheet Music) Dover Books on Music
32958: WORK, HUBERT - Typed Letter Signed to John L. Macvicar, Thanking Him for Copies of Arthur Nash's "the Golden Rule in Business
31603: WORKING MOTHER MAGAZINE - Mccalls Presents the Working Mother Cookbook
28382: WORLDWATCH INSTITUTE - Vital Signs 2001: The Environmental Trends That Are Shaping Our Future, 2001 Edition
28390: WORLDWATCH INSTITUTE - State of the World, 2001
016472: WORLDWIDE BOOKS - The Worldwide Bibliography of Art Exhibition Catalogues, 1963-1987
46066: WORMSER, BARON - The Road Washes out in Spring: A Poet?S Memoir of Living Off the Grid
38036: WORRELL, ESTELLE ANSLEY - The Dollhouse Book
41157: WORSLEY, JOHN - Ships Watson-Guptill drawing books
23071: WORTH, FRED L. - The Trivia Encyclopedia Random House Value Pub
26382: WORTMAN, DENYS - Mopey Dick and the Duke, Their Life and Times
1575: WOUK, HERMAN - This Is My God
003776: WOUK, HERMAN - The Glory
005758: WOUK, HERMAN - The Hope
008384: WOUK, HERMAN - Inside, Outside
014711: WOUK, HERMAN - The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, a Play
30493: WOUK, HERMAN. - Aurora Dawn.
30503: WOUK, HERMAN. - Inside Outside.
30504: WOUK, HERMAN. - Youngblood Hawke.
30519: WOUK, HERMAN. - Don't Stop the Carnival.
30528: WOUK, HERMAN. - Marjorie Morningstar.
30529: WOUK, HERMAN. - This Is My God.
30530: WOUK, HERMAN. - War and Remembrance.
30538: WOUK, HERMAN. - Inside Outside.
30539: WOUK, HERMAN. - Youngblood Hawke.
30540: WOUK, HERMAN. - War and Remembrance.
30541: WOUK, HERMAN. - War and Remembrance.
30542: WOUK, HERMAN. - War and Remembrance.
34514: WOUK, HERMAN - The Caine Mutiny
34524: WOUK, HERMAN. - Aurora Dawn; or, the True History of Andrew Reale
35587: WOUK, HERMAN. - Youngblood Hawke.
006584: WRAITH, RONALD - East African Citizen
33316: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER - Beau Geste. With Illustrations by Helen Mckie
35601: WREN, LASSITER & MCKAY, RANDLE - The Baffle
35769: WREN, PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER - Soldiers of Misfortune : The Story of Otho BellÍme
002660: WRIGHT, JACK - The Scout Patrol Boys in the Frozen South
002972: WRIGHT, NICKY - Mercedes: The Enduring Legend
005979: WRIGHT, RICHARD - American Hunger
8090: WRIGHT, WILLIAM - Lillian Hellman: The Image, the Woman
009387: WRIGHT, ERIC - Death by Degrees
009466: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - Frank Lloyd Wright: The Early Work of the Great Architect
009960: WRIGHT, LYLE H. - American Fiction, 1774-1850: A Contribution Toward a Bibliography
010713: WRIGHT, ELSIE - Patty and Jo, Detectives
011845: WRIGHT, THEON & SUTTON, IONE ULRICH - The Voyage of the Herman, by Theon Wright in Collaboration with Ione Ulrich Sutton
013952: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Black Boy: A Record of Childhood and Youth
014580: WRIGHT, ESMOND, ED. - The Expanding World
014581: WRIGHT, ESMOND, ED. - The Medieval and Renaissance World
014582: WRIGHT, ESMOND, ED. - The Modern World
016579: WRIGHT-POPESCUL, JEAN - The Marine Art of J. Franklin Wright
016817: WRIGHT, PATRICIA - Manet
22374: WRIGHT, NICKY - Jaguar: The Enduring Legend
24518: WRIGHT, EUGENE - The Great Horn Spoon
26004: WRIGHT, CATHARINE MORRIS - The Color of Life
45132: WRIGHT, FRANZ - Address Vallum chapbook series, no. 3
30509: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - The Callling of Dan Matthews.
30513: WRIGHT, RICHARD. - Native Son.
30518: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - The Shepherd of the Hills.
30522: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - Helen of the Old House.
30533: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - Their Yesterdays.
30534: WRIGHT, ALICE. - The Seed Is Blown.
34205: WRIGHT, WILLIAM - Harvard's Secret Court : The Savage 1920 Purge of Campus Homosexuals
42524: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - A Testament
37465: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - Helen of the Old House.
46088: WRIGHT, THEON & SUTTON, IONE ULRICH - The Voyage of the Herman, by Theon Wright in Collaboration with Ione Ulrich Sutton
38586: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Black Boy: A Record of Childhood and Youth
39658: WRIGHT, PETER - Spycatcher : The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer
27023: WRIGHT, QUINCY, EDITOR - Preventing World War III, Some Proposals, Edited by Quincy Wright, William M. Evan [and] Morton Deutsch
41490: WRIGHT, ALMROTH EDWARD, SIR - The Unexpurgated Case Against Woman Suffrage, by Sir Almroth E. Wright
45784: WRIGHT, CONRAD EDICK & VIENS, KATHERYN P., EDITORS - The Future of History : Historians, Historical Organizations, and Prospects for the Field
44567: WRIGHT, CONSTANCE - Madame de Lafayette
40409: WRITERíS PROGRAM. NEW YORK - American Wild Life Illustrated. Compiled by the Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the City of New York
34946: WRONG, GEORGE M. - The Canadians: The Story of a People
33153: WROTH, LAWRENCE C. (LAWRENCE COUNSELMAN) - D.B. Updike, a Great Printer, by Lawrence D. Wroth. Reprinted from Notes for Bibliophiles, a Column of the New York Herald Tribune Books
45838: WROTH, LAWRENCE C. (LAWRENCE COUNSELMAN) - The Way of a Ship : An Essay on the Literature of Navigation Science
015474: WUAMETT, VICTOR - Teardown
45854: WULFF, LOUIS LEOPOLD VICTOR - Queen of to-Morrow; an Authentic Study of H.R. H. The Princess Elizabeth
27961: WUNDERLICH, FRANZ - Renoir and His Comtemporaries
22263: WUORI, G. K. - An American Outrage : A Novel of Quillifarkeag, Maine
40340: WUORINEN, JOHN H - The Finns on the Delaware, 1638-1655 : An Essay in American Colonial Histtory
42086: WUORINEN, JOHN H. (JOHN HENRY) - The Finns on the Delaware, 1638-1655; an Essay in American Colonial History
26621: WURMFELD, HOPE HERMAN - Boatbuilder
27401: WURTMAN, JUDITH J. & LEIBENSTEIN, MARGARET. - The Carbohydrate Craver's Diet Cookbook.
37976: WURTMAN, JUDITH J. - The Carbohydrate Craver's Diet Cookbook
29706: WYATT, CLARENCE R. - Paper Soldiers: The American Press and the Vietnam War
29426: WYCKOFF, NICHOLAS E. - The Braintree Mission: A Fictional Narrative of London and Boston 1770-1771
29427: WYCKOFF, NICHOLAS E. - The Braintree Mission: A Fictional Narrative of London and Boston 1770-1771
45236: WYCLIFFE, JOHN - Luke, II, 1-14
013331: WYDEN, PETER - The Unknown Iacocca
17974: WYDEN, PETER - Day One: Before Hiroshima and After
003997: WYETH, ANDREW - Wyeth at Kuerners
30077: WYETH, ANDREW - Dry Brush and Pencil Drawings
44393: WYETH, ANDREW - Andrew Wyeth. Introd. By David Mccord. Selection by Frederick A. Sweet
35489: WYKES, ALAN - The Complete Illustrated Guide to Gambling
44619: WYLER, SEYMOUR - The Book of Sheffield Plate, with All Known Makers' Marks Including Victorian Plate Insignia.
002861: WYLIE, ELINOR - Nets to Catch the Wind
012870: WYLIE, PHILIP - Generation of Vipers: A Survey of Moral Want, a Philosophical Discourse...
23925: WYLIE, PHILIP - Generation of Vipers: A Survey of Moral Want, a Philosophical Discourse...
24998: WYLIE, FRANCIS E. - M.I. T. In Perspective : A Pictorial History of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
27884: WYLIE, PAUL E. - The Essentials of Modern Navigation
41759: WYLIE, PHILIP - An Essay on Morals : A Science of Philosophy and a Philosophy of the Sciences...
014435: WYLLIE, ROMY - Caltech's Architectural Heritage: From Spanish Tile to Modern Stone
42157: WYMAN, BILL - Bill Wyman, Stone Alone : The Story of a Rock 'n' Roll Band
002575: WYMAN, L. P. - Donald Price's Victory
003704: WYMAN, BILL - Stone Alone: The Story of a Rock'n'Roll Band.
016228: WYMAN, L. P. - The Hunniwell Boys in the Secret Service
22632: WYMAN, DONALD - The Arnold Arboretum Garden Book
44279: WYNDHAM, HENRY SAXE - Arthur Seymour Sullivan (1842-1900) by Henry Saxe Wyndham
30515: WYNDHAM, HORACE. - The Nineteen Hundreds.
26119: WYNN JONES, MICHAEL - The Cartoon History of the American Revolution
40486: WYNN, HUMPHREY & YOUNG, SUSAN - Prelude to Overlord : An Account of the Air Operations Which Preceded and Supported Operation Overlord, the Allied Landings in Normandy on D-Day, 6th of June 1944
30516: WYNNE, PAMELA - Warning
24584: WYSE, LOIS - Women Make the Best Friends: A Celebration
30472: WYSE, LOIS. - I Love You Better Now.
30505: WYSE, LOIS. - The Granddaughter.
38083: WYSS, JOHANN D. - The Swiss Family Robinson
45726: XŃNTUS, JŃNOS - Letters from North America, by John XŠntus ; Translated and Edited by Theodore Schoenman and Helen Benedek Schoenman ; with an Introd. By Theodore Schoenman.
38299: Y.M.C.A., YARMOUTH. LADIES AUXILIRY - Bluenose Cook Book : Famous Yarmouth Recipes
014222: YABLONSKY, LINDA - The Story of Junk: A Novel
014947: YABLONSKY, LEWIS - George Raft
7641: YACOWAR, MAURICE - Loser Take All: The Comic Art of Woody Allen
005322: YADIN, YIGAEL - Masada: Herod's Fortress and the Zealots' Last Stand
005387: YADIN, YIGAEL - Bar-Kokhba: The Rediscovery of the Legendary Hero of the Second Jewish Revolt Against Rome
44777: YADIN, YIGAEL - The Story of Masada, by Yigael Yadin. Retold for Young Readers by Gerald Gottlieb
009718: YAFFE, BYRON, COMPILER - The Saul Wallen Papers: A Neutral's Contribution to Industrial Peace
30578: YAFFE, JAMES. - Saul and Morris Worlds Apart.
003375: YAGODA, BEN - Will Rogers: A Biography
30577: YAMAGUCHI, YOJI. - Face of a Stranger.
42357: YANG, SEUNG MOK - Social Customs in Korea
24331: YANKEE MAGAZINE - Handcraft Centers of New England A Yankee guidebook
26946: YANKEE MAGAZINE - The Yankee Magazine Cookbook
45939: YANNATOS, JAMES - Silly and Serious Songs. Book I, K-4
36233: YAPP, WILLIAM WODIN - Dairy Cattle : Selection, Feeding and Management
012192: YARDLEY, JONATHAN - Ring: A Biography of Ring Lardner
37745: YARO, ROBERT D., EDITOR - New England Landscape, an Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Planning and Design. Vol. 1, 1989
24651: YASEEN, LEONARD C. - The Jesus Connection : To Triumph over Anti-Semitism
012227: YATES, ELIZABETH - Amos Fortune Free Man
29606: YATES, RAYMOND F., COMPILER - The Antique Collector's Manual: A Price Guide and Data Book
42733: YATES, RAYMOND F. (RAYMOND FRANCIS) - Under Three Flags; Western New York from the Ice Age to the Atomic Age
015721: YBARRA, T. R. - Young Man of Caracas. Foreword by Elmer Davis
010439: YEATS, W. B. (WILLIAM BUTLER) - Autobiographies: Reveries over Childhood and Youth & the Trembling of the Veil
21388: YEATS, W. B. (WILLIAM BUTLER) - Under the Moon: The Unpublished Early Poetry. Edited by George Bornstein
30510: YEATS-BROWN, FRANCIS CHARLES - The Lives of a Bengal Lancer.
30968: YEATS, W. B. (WILLIAM BUTLER) - The Land of Heart's Desire
42376: YEATS, W. B. (WILLIAM BUTLER) - Essays and Introductions
016603: YEATS, W. B. (WILLIAM BUTLER) - Under the Moon: The Unpublished Early Poetry. Edited by George Bornstein
40554: YEE, ROGER & GUSTAFSON, KAREN - Corporate Design
7526: YEE, CHIANG - The Silent Traveller in Boston
009316: YEE, CHIANG - The Silent Traveller in Japan
43761: YEE, CHIANG - The Silent Traveller in San Francisco
24478: YEHOSHUA, ABRAHAM B. - Five Seasons
012459: YEIGH, FRANK - Though the Heart of Canada
45534: YELTSIN, BORIS NIKOLAYEVICH - Against the Grain : An Autobiography... Translated by Michael Glenny.
013924: YENNE, BILL - The History of the Southern Pacific
17796: YENNE, BILL - Space Shuttle
41687: YEO, MARGARET - The Greatest of the Borgias, by Margaret Yeo.
34496: YEOMANS, HENRY AARON - Abbott Lawrence Lowell
30564: YERBY, FRANK. - Prides Castle.
30565: YERBY, FRANK. - Benton's Row.
30570: YERBY, FRANK. - Floodtide.
30582: YERBY, FRANK. - The Treasure of Pleasant Valley.
39812: YERBY, FRANK. - Goat Song : A Novel of Ancient Greece
29578: YERMAKOV, OLEG - Afghan Tales: Stories from Russia's Vietnam. Translated by Marc Romano
30585: YGLESIAS, HELEN. - Sweetsir.
44988: YIN, ELLEN - Forklore: Recipes and Tales from an American Bistro
25121: YING, MILDRED, EDITOR - The New Good Housekeeping Cookbook
30579: YNARRA, T. R. - Young Man of Caracas. Fore Word by Elmer Davis.
43872: YODER, JOHN A. - Upton Sinclair
28341: YOFFE, IRA, EDITOR - We the People: A Pictorial Celebration of America by the Winners of the Parade-Fuji National Photo Contest
42451: YOFFE, ELKHONON - Tchaikovsky in America : The ComposeríS Visit in 1891. Translations from Russian by Lidya Yoffe
007138: YOLEN, JANE - Ring out! a Book of Bells
010591: YOLEN, JANE - The Girl in the Golden Bower
30647: YOLEN, JANE & STEMPLE, HEIDI ELISABET YOLEN. - The Salem Witch Trials : An Unsolved Mystery from History.
018449: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. (CHARLOTTE MARY) - Countess Kate
21570: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. (CHARLOTTE MARY) - The Caged Lion, a Novel
33155: YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. (CHARLOTTE MARY) - Beechcroft. By the Author of "Heir of Redclyffe," "Heartsease," &C. , &C... .
42767: YOO, DAVID - Stop Me If You'Ve Heard This One Before
39094: YORINKS, ARTHUR - The Witch's Child. Illustrated by Joseph A. Smith
009388: YORK, JEREMY - Run Away to Murder
25230: YORK, MICHAEL - Accidentally on Purpose : An Autobiography
40875: YORKE, RITCHIE - The History of Rock'n'Roll
009583: YOSHIMOTO, BANANA - Lizard
43035: YOSHIZUKA, SETSUKO - The Sushi Book
29206: YOST, CHARLES WOODRUFF - History and Memory
41072: YOUNG, ED - Moon Mother : A Native American Creation Tale Willa Perlman Bks.
002708: YOUNG, EGERTON RYERSON - By Canoe and Dog-Train Among the Cree and Salteaux Indians
002952: YOUNG, CATHY - Growing Up in Moscow: Memories of a Soviet Girlhood
004823: YOUNG, PETER - A Dictionary of Battles, 1816-1976
7703: YOUNG, JAMES C - Liberia Rediscovered
008829: YOUNG, GAVIN - Halfway Around the World, an Improbable Journey
010415: YOUNG, ART - Thomas Rowlandson
012847: YOUNG, CHIC - Blondie and Dagwood's Adventure in Magic, an Original Story About the Bumstead Family...
013263: YOUNG, WALDEMAR - The Lace of a Thousand Trees and Other Lyrics. An Introduction by Edward F. O'Day
013437: YOUNG, LOUIS STANLEY & NORTHROP, HENRY DAVENPORT - Life and Heroic Deeds of Admiral Dewey...
018261: YOUNG, KIMBALL - Social Psychology
21834: YOUNG, LOUIS STANLEY & NORTHROP, HENRY DAVENPORT - Life and Heroic Deeds of Admiral Dewey, Including Battles in the Philippines
22708: YOUNG, ANNE VAN WAGNER, EDITOR - Christmas Keepsakes
22718: YOUNG, ANNE VAN WAGNER - Spirit of Christmas: Creative Holiday Ideas Book Two
43309: YOUNG, FILSON - The Sands of Pleasure
24170: YOUNG, PETER & ADAIR, JOHN - Hastings to Culloden Battles of Britain
26005: YOUNG, ERNEST A. - Only a Woman's Heart; or, Barbara's Rival A Choice American Novel
28551: YOUNG, CATHERINE M. - To See Our World. With an Essay by Margaret Atwood and Quotations from the Journals of Henry David Thoreau
30482: YOUNG, AGNES BROOKS - Stage Costuming.
30571: YOUNG, I. S. - Uncle Herschel, Dr. Padilsky, and the Evil Eye : A Novel of Old Brooklyn.
30572: YOUNG, E. H. - William.
31005: YOUNG, G. F. - The Medici [in 2 Vols. ]
35609: YOUNG, JAMES - Making Up, by James Young; Drawings by Edgar Keller.
36305: YOUNG, CLARENCE - The Motor Boys over the Ocean; or, a Marvelous Rescue in Mid-Air
36306: YOUNG, CLARENCE - The Motor Boys over the Rockies: Or, a Mystery of the Air
36307: YOUNG, CLARENCE - The Motor Boys; or, Chums Through Thick and Thin
38292: YOUNG, ART - Autograph Letter Signed to Orrick [Johns] to Orrick [Johns] on Receiving His Letter and Johns Review of His Autobiography, Mentioning That He Knows Paul Tambone
38665: YOUNG, JIM - When the Whale Came to My Town. Photographs by Don Bernstein
45546: [YOUNG, EDWARD] - The Centaur Not Fabulous. In Five Letters to a Friend, on the Life in Vogue...
43247: YOUNG, WILLIAM P. - The Shack : A Novel
45618: YOUNG, HAZEL - Islands of New England; Illustrated by F. Wenderoth Saunders
41672: YOUNG, EDWARD - The Centaur Not Fabulous : In Six Letters to a Friend, on the Life in Vogue by Dr. Young ; with the Life of the Author...
41971: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE - Memoirs of Hadrian, and Reflections on the Composition of Memoirs of Hadrian
30226: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE. - Memoirs of Hadrian and Reflections on the Composition of Memoirs of Hadrian. Translated from the French by Grace Frick in Collaboration with the Author.
018358: YOURGRAU, WOLFGAND & VAN DER MERWE, ALWYN, EDITORS - Perspectives in Quantum Theory: Essays in Honor of Alfred Landā
011696: YOUTH'S COMPANION, BOSTON. - Our Country: West
42944: YOXALL, HAROLD WALDO - A Fashion of Life [by] H.W. Yoxall
41197: YULE, JOHN-DAVID - Concise Encyclopedia of the Sciences
28544: YULSMAN, JERRY - A Modern Photoguide: Color Photography Simplified
24288: YUNG, K.K., COMPILER - National Portrait Gallery Complete Illustrated Catalogue, 1856 - 1979
30574: YURICH, SOL. - Someone Just Like You.
40682: ZACHARIAS, ELLIS M. - Secret Missions; the Story of an Intelligence Officer, by Captain Ellis M. Zacharias, U.S. N.
1886: ZADIG, ERNEST A - The Complete Book of Boat Electronics
013071: ZADIG, ERNEST A. - The Skipper's Instant Helper
016696: ZADIG, ERNEST A. - The Skipper's Instant Helper
17762: ZADIG, ERNNEST A. - The Boatman's Guide to Modern Marine Materials
31336: ZAEHNSDORF, JOSEPH W. - The Art of Bookbinding. A Practical Treatise. By Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf with Plates and Diagrams. Technology Handbooks
43290: ZAFOŐĀN, CARLOS RUIZ - The Midnight Palace
26963: ZAID, BARRY - Wish You Were Here: A Tour of America's Great Hotels During the Golden Age of the Picture Post Card
36025: ZALBEN, JANE BRESKIN - Penny and the Captain : Tales and Pictures
38785: ZAMPETTI, PIETRO - I Vedutisti Veneziani Del Settecento; Catalogo Della Mostra, Venezia, Palazzo Ducale, 10 Giugno - 15 Ottobre 1967.
31380: ZANDT, ELEANOR VAN - The Life and Works of Antoni Gaudi.
30576: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - The Mantle of Elijah.
33167: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - Ghetto Comedies
40902: ZANKL, FABIANUS - Exegesis Meditationum de Prima Philosophia Renati Des-Cartes : Quam Facta Earundem Mutatione in Discursus Lectu Jucundiores Et Intellectu Faciliores Adornavit Fabianus Zankl E Scholis Piis
013290: ZANUSO, BILLA - The Young Freud: The Origins of Psychoanalysis
014514: ZARNOW, TERYL - Husband Is the Past Tense of Daddy and Other Dispatches from the Front Lines of Motherhood
22693: ZARNOW, TERYL - Husband Is the Past Tense of Daddy : And Other Dispatches from the Front Lines of Motherhood
009930: ZAROULIS, NANCY - The Last Waltz
29432: ZAROULIS, NANCY - Massachusetts, a Novel
29277: ZARUBICA, MLADIN - The Year of the Rat : A Chronicle
016940: ZAUNER, FRIEDRICH CH. - Ober Űsterreich. Fotos Von Hella Und Erik Pflanzer, Hans Bohaumilitzky U.A.
36189: ZDUNIC, DRAGO - Die Volkstrachten Kroatiens [the Folk Costumes of Croatia ]
43596: ZEHME, BILL - The Way You Wear Your Hat : Frank Sinatra and the Lost Art of Livin' / by Bill Zehme ; Photo Editor, Vincent Virga ; Photographs by Phil Stern Unless Otherwise Indicated
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