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43857: Sharkey, Lee - First Moments
7812: Sharkey, Joe - Deadly Greed: The Riveting True Story of the Stuart Murder Case That Rocked Boston and Shocked the Nation
41105: Sharon, Ariel & Chanoff, David - Warrior: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon
018482: Sharon, Ariel & Chanoff, David - Warrior: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon
014998: Sharp, Morrie L. & Collins, Dean, eds. - Roses Illustrated and How to Grow Them
004015: Sharp, Dallas Lore - The Seer of Slabsides
39278: Sharp, Evelyn - The Child’S Christmas with Text by Evelyn Sharp ; Pictured by Charles Robinson.
45260: Sharp, Cecil J. (Cecil James) & Reeves, James - The Idiom of the People; English Traditional Verse. Edited with an Introd. And Notes from the Mss. Of Cecil J. Sharp [by] James Reeves.
35744: Sharp, Dallas Lore - The Better Country
35741: Sharp, Margery - Cluny Brown
26255: Sharp, Dallas Lore - Where Rolls the Oregon, by Dallas Lore Sharp; with Illustrations from Photographs
42545: Sharp, Margery - Cluny Brown
42546: Sharp, Margery - The Gypsy in the Parlour
37921: Sharp Electronics - Sharp Carousel Microwave Cook Book
008695: Shatner, William - Star Trek Memories
011255: Shattuck, George Cheever - Diseases of the Tropics
23471: Shatzkin, Leonard - In Cold Type : Overcoming the Book Crisis
25124: Shaw, Bernard - Two Plays for Puritans
44232: Shaw, Bernard - Shaw: An Autobiography; Selected from His Writings by Stanley Weintraub
44227: Shaw, Bernard & Shakespeare, William - Caesar and Cleopatra [by Bernard Shaw] Antony and Cleopatra [by William Shakespeare. With Photos. From the Productions Starring Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh]
44226: Shaw, Bernard - Major Barbara... With Illustrations from the Motion Picture As Produced by Gabriel Pascal
44225: Shaw, Bernard - Androcles and the Lion, Overruled, Pygmalion
44224: Shaw, Bernard - Back to Methuselah : A Metabiological Pentateuch
44223: Shaw, Bernard - Misalliance, the Dark Lady of the Sonnets, and Fanny's First Play. With a Treatise on Parents and Children
44222: Shaw, Bernard - Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant
44221: Shaw, Bernard - Heartbreak House, Great Catherine, and Playlets of the War
44138: Shaw, Bernard - Caesar and Cleopatra [by Bernard Shaw] Antony and Cleopatra [by William Shakespeare. With Photos. From the Productions Starring Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh]
009409: Shaw, Irwin & Searle, Ronald - Paris! Paris!
44119: Shaw, Bernard - The Perfect Wagnerite : A Commentary on the Niblung's Ring. Illustrations by Julio Fernandez
37466: Shaw, Bernard - Don Juan in Hell from Man and Superman... Illustrated with Photographs from the Paul Gregory Production
40925: Shaw, David W - Sea Wolf of the Confederacy: The Daring CIVIL War Raids of Naval Lt. Charles W. Read
33160: Shaw, Bernard - The Apple Cart : A Political Extravaganza
36584: Shaw, Bernard - Saint Joan : A Chronicle Play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue
42197: Shaw, Bernard - Sixteen Self Sketches
29752: Shaw, Lloyd - Cowboy Dances : A Collection of Western Square Dances ; with a Foreword by Sherwood Anderson. Appendix, Cowboy Dance Tunes Arr. By Frederick Knorr.
003269: Shaw, Bernard - The Adventures of a Black Girl in Her Search for God
003335: Shaw, Bernard - The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism
22583: Shaw, Lloyd - Cowboy Dances. A Collection of Western Square Dances. With a Foreword by Sherwood Anderson. Appendix Cowboy Dance Tunes Arranged by Frederick Knorr
012168: Shaw, George Russell - Knots Useful and Ornamental
016165: Shaw, Frank H. - With Jellicoe in the North Sea
24239: Shaw, Reuben Cole - Across the Plains in Forty-Nine. Edited by Milo Milton Quaife Lakeside Classics 46
42976: Shaw, Alison & Hough, Henry Beetle - Remembrance and Light : Images of Martha's Vineyard. Photography Alison Shaw, Text Henry Beetle Hough. Foreword by James Reston
22073: Shaw, Mark - The John F. Kennedys A Family Album
29121: Shaw, John - Red Army Resurgent World War II
21711: Shaw, Irwin - God Was Here But He Left Early
38844: Shaw, Bernard - Man and Superman
1316: Shaw, Charles - A Topographical and Historical Description of Boston from the First Settlement of the Town to the Present Period . .
23903: Shaw, Bernard - Man and Superman
002849: Shaw, Bernard - The Apple Cart: A Politcal Extravaganza
015729: Shaw, Irwin - The Troubled Air
40136: Shaw, Bernard - The Perfect Wagnerite : A Commentary on the Niblung's Ring
35755: Shaw, Irwin - The Top of the Hill
35756: Shaw, Irwin - Two Weeks in Another Town
35738: Shaw, Irwin - Bread Upon the Waters
35742: Shaw, Lau - Rickshaw Boy
27910: Shaw, Diana - Almost Vegetarian: A Primer for Cooks Who Are Eating Vegetarian Most of the Time, Chicken & Fish Some of the Time & Altogether Well All of the Time
35492: Shaw, Irwin - Beggarman, Thief
23176: Shawcross, William - The Quality of Mercy : Cambodia, Holocaust, and Modern Conscience
31030: Shay, Frank - Murder on Cape Cod
018686: Shay, Edith & Smith, Katherine [Dos Passos] - The Private Adventure of Captain Shaw
41121: Shcharansky, Anatoly - Fear No Evil
013042: Shea, Michael - Maritime England
22253: Shea, Suzanne Strempek - Lily of the Valley
45036: Shea, Ralph A. - Doll Mark Clues
44819: Shea, John Gerald - Plywood Working for Everybody
44817: Shea, John Gerald - Colonial Furniture Making for Everybody
27576: Shearer, Cynthia - The Wonder Book of the Air
35743: Shearing, Joseph - ?the Golden Violet : The Story of a Lady Novelist. Foreword by Sinclair Lewis
39639: Shears, W. S. - The Face of England : A Book of the Shires and Counties
015694: Shedd, Solon - Bibliography of the Geology of Mineral Resources of California to December 31, 1930
33450: Sheean, Vincent - San Felice
43729: Sheean, Vincent - Dorothy and Red
29616: Sheean, Vincent - This House Against This House
29617: Sheean, Vincent - Between the Thunder and the Sun
012258: Sheean, Vincent - Personal History
35746: Sheean, Vincent - Not Peace But a Sword.
35745: Sheean, Vincent - Between the Thunder and the Sun
35727: Sheean, Vincent - A Day of Battle
35728: Sheean, Vincent - San Felice
33515: Sheed, Wilfrid - Frank and Maisie : A Memoir with Parents
013328: Sheed, Wilfrid - Clare Boothe Luce
42960: Sheedy, Jack & Coogan, Jim - Cape Cod Companion : The History and Mystery of Old Cape Cod
30729: Sheehy, Gail. - Pathfinders.
30105: Sheehy, Terence J. - Ireland. Foreword by William Macquitty.
21547: Sheehy, Gail - Understanding Men's Passages : Discovering the New Map of Men's Lives
32879: Sheff, Alexander L. - Bookkeeping Made Easy, by Alexander L. Sheff
37457: Sheikh, M. Saeed - A Dictionary of Muslim Philosophy
009018: Shelby, Philip - Last Rights
003890: Shelden, Michael - Friends of Promise: Cyril Connolly and the World of Horizon
34659: Sheldon, Sidney - Master of the Game
39970: Sheldon, Elisabeth - Time and the Gardener: Writings on a Lifelong Passion
44691: Sheldon, Walter J. - Boating without Going Broke, [by] Walter J. Sheldon
41774: Sheldon, Charles Monroe - The Heart of the World; a Story of Christian Socialism
35757: Sheldon, Douglas - The Rainbow Men
35759: Sheldon, Sidney - The Sands of Time
35760: Sheldon, Sidney - Windmills of the Gods
35748: Sheldon, Sidney - Master of the Game
40604: Sheldrake, Rupert - Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home : And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals
23911: Shellabarger, Samuel - Lord Chesterfield and His World
35801: Shellabarger, Samuel - Tolbecken
35816: Shellabarger, Samuel - Lord Vanity
003209: Shelley, Henry C - Literary by-Paths in Old England
28841: Shelley, Henry Charles - Untrodden English Ways, by Henry C. Shelley... With Four Full-Page Plates in Colour, and Illustrations from Drawings by H.C. Colby and from Photographs by the Author
45386: Shelley, Percy Bysshe - Poems of Shelley, Selected and Arranged by Stopford A. Brooke Golden Treasury series
37875: Shelton, Ferne - Colonial Treasure Cookbook. Special Time-Tester Recipes from Early America
27833: Shenk, David & Silberman, Steve - Skeleton Key : A Dictionary for Deadheads
473: Shenton, Edward - Riders of the Winds, with Drawings by the Author.
012341: Shepard, Tazewell - John F. Kennedy: Man of the Sea. Introduction by Edward M. Kennedy
28158: Shepard, Judith - Seascapes. Poems by Judith Shepard; Photographs by Rameshwar Das.
35725: Shepard, Odell & Willard - Jenkins’ Ear; a Narrative Attributed to Horace Walpole, Esq. , by Odell Shepard & Willard Shepard
25145: Shepard, Birse - Lore of the Wreckers
28466: Shepheard, Paul - Artificial Love : A Story of Machines and Architecture
43528: Shepherd, Thomas H. (Thomas Hosmer) - Metropolitan Improvements; or, London in the Nineteenth Century: Displayed in a Series of Engravings of the New Buildings, Improvements, &C. , by the Most Eminent Artists, from Original Drawings... By Thos. H. Shepherd... With Historical, Topographical, and Critical Illus. By James Elmes
23134: Shepherd, Naomi - Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem
013584: Shepherd, Jack - The Adams Chronicles: Four Generations of Greatness. Introduction by Daniel J. Boorstin
24024: Shepherd, Jack - The Adams Chronicles : Four Generations of Greatness
35791: Sheppard, Stephen - The Four Hundred : A Novel
005011: Sher, Antony - Middlepost
22745: Sheraton, Mimi - Visions of Sugarplums : A Cookbook of Cakes, Cookies, Candies & Confections from All the Countries That Celebrate Christmas
39282: Sheraton, Mimi - Visions of Sugarplums : A Cookbook of Cakes, Cookies, Candies, & Confections from All the Countries That Celebrate Christmas
44134: Sheridan, Richard Brinsley - The School for Scandal & the Rivals... With Introduction by Augustine Birrell, Q.C. , M.P. And Illustrations by Edmund J. Sullivan
41130: Sheridan, Philip - Late and Early Joys at the Players’ Theatre. Illustrated by Reginald Woolley, with a Foreword by Dame Sybil Thorndike
39521: Sheridan, Frances Chamberlaine - The Discovery; a Comedy in Five Acts, Written by Mrs. Frances Sheridan, Adapted for the Modern Stage by Aldous Huxley
43344: Sheridan, Richard Brinsley - The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan Everyman's Library No. 95
39046: Sheridan, Cosy - Anthymn
015769: Sheridan, Richard Brinsley - The Rivals. With an Introduction by Brander Matthews
35762: Sheridan, Anne-Marie - Summoned to Darkness
35611: Sheringham, George - Design in the Theatre. Commentary by George Sheringham and James Laver, Together with Literary Contributions by E. Gordon Craig, Charles B. Cochran, and Nigel Playfair.
30635: Sherman, Joe. - Gasp! : The Swift & Terrible Beauty of Air.
014160: Sherman, Harold M. - Interference and Other Football Stories
014161: Sherman, Harold M. - One Minute to Play
014162: Sherman, Harold M. - Touchdown!
014163: Sherman, Harold M. - Hold That Line!
014164: Sherman, Harold M. - Goal to Go!
014165: Sherman, Harold M. - Crashing Through!
013764: Sherman, Harold M. - Fight 'Em, Big Three
016602: Sherman, Sarah Way - Sarah Orne Jewitt, an American Persephone
003504: Sherman, Harold M - Hit by Pitcher
010735: Sherman, James Woodward - A Quart of Moonlight
45407: Sherman, Len - The Good, the Bad, and the Famous
40332: Sherman, Edith Bishop - Mistress Madcap Surrenders : A Rebel Heroine in the Revolution
41696: Sherrill, Henry Knox - William Lawrence; Later Years of a Happy Life, by Henry Knox Sherrill
41694: Sherrill, Henry Knox - William Lawrence; Later Years of a Happy Life, by Henry Knox Sherrill
010028: Sherwin, Oscar - Prophet of Liberty: The Life and Times of Wendell Phillips
018388: Sherwood, Richard M. - A Field Guide to Sailboats of North America
35804: Sherwood, Margaret - The Coming of the Tide
35821: Sherwood, James Webster - Stradella
46131: Sherwood, May Martha - Margot and the Golden Fish : And Other Stories. [Illustrated by Frances Bassett Comstock]
35519: Shevchenko, Arkady N. - Breaking with Moscow
28340: Shewey, Don - Caught in the Act: New York Actors Face to Face. Photographs by Susan Shacter. Interviews by Don Shewey.
002907: Shiber, Etta - Paris -- Underground
008412: Shields, David - Dead Languages
013096: Shields, Cornelius - Racing with Cornelius Shields and the Masters
28045: Shields, Cornelius - Cornelius Shields on Sailing
28046: Shields, Cornelius - Cornelius Shields on Sailing
26633: Shilling, Charles W. - The Human Machine : Biological Science for the Armed Services
22901: Shilts, Randy - Conduct Unbecoming: Lesbians and Gays in the U.S. Military, Vietnam to the Persian Gulf
38130: Shin, Kwang Sung - The Art Collection of Kwang Sung Shin
45100: Shinagel, Michael - Holocaust Survivor to Harvard Dean : Memoirs of a Refugee's Progress
010006: Shingleton, Royce Gordon - John Taylor Wood, Sea Ghost of the Confederacy
41319: Shipman, Harry L - Black Holes, Quasars and the Universe
41195: Shipman, Harry L. - Black Holes, Quasars, and the Universe
1766: Shipman, David - The Great Movie Stars: The International Years
35968: Shipman, Harry L. - Black Holes, Quasars, and the Universe
35820: Shipman, Natalie & Worcester, Gurdon Saltonstall - Perchance to Dream
17934: Shipman, David - Caught in the Act: Sex and Eroticisim in the Movies
7949: Shipman, Pat - Taking Wing: Archaeopteryx and the Evolution of Bird Flight
37516: Shirer, William L - Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent, 1934-1941
017253: Shirer, William L - 20th Century Journey: A Memoir of a Life and the Times. Vol. II, the Nightmare Years, 1930-1940
017048: Shirer, William L - Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent, 1934-1941
017049: Shirer, William L - The Collapse of the Third Republic: An Inquiry Into the Fall of France in 1940
016910: Shirer, William L. (William Lawrence) - Midcentury Journey; the Western World Through Its Years of Conflict
005079: Shivers, Frank R - Maryland Wits & Baltimore Bards: A Literary History with Notes on Washington Writers
013942: Shoemaker, Bill & Nagler, Barney - Shoemaker
015472: Sholokhov, Mikhail - Harvest on the Don. Translated from the Russian by H.C. Stevens
40779: Shone, Richard - The Post-Impressionists
38249: Shonts, Theodore P. - The Old Order Changeth Giving Place to New
45210: Shore, Debbie - Home Food : 44 Great American Chefs Cook 160 Recipes on Their Night Off
39716: Short, Nicholas M. and others - Mission to Earth : Landsat Views of the World
25928: Shortsleeve, Kevin - 13 Monsters Who Should Be Avoided
013377: Shortsleeve, Kevin - The Story of Martha's Vineyard
42958: Shoumatoff, Alex - In Southern Light : Trekking Through Zaire and the Amazon
37953: Shoumatoff, Alex - The Rivers Amazon
25639: Shreve, Anita - Sea Glass : A Novel
23320: Shreve, Anita - Women Together, Women Alone: The Legacy of the Consciousness-Raiding Movement
22254: Shreve, Porter - The Obituary Writer
35763: Shreve, Susan Richards - The Train Home
23730: Shrimpton, Charles - Lillian; or, Woman's Endurance
44692: Shufeldt, H. H. & Newcomer, Kenneth E. - The Calculator Afloat : Mariner's Guide to the Electronic Calculator
35793: Shuler, Linda Lay - Voice of the Eagle
22789: Shulman, Max - The Feather Merchants
006524: Shulman, Irving - The Devil's Knee
35794: Shulman, Irving - Saturn's Child
35788: Shulman, Irving - The Devil's Knee
010082: Shurcliff, Sidney Nichols - Jungle Islands: The "Illyria" in the South Seas. The Record of the Crane Pacific Expedition, Field Museum... , Chicago, Illinois
23210: Shurtleff, Bertrand L. - Songs at Anchor
36007: Shute, Nevil - On the Beach
008838: Shute, Nevil - Pastoral
009993: Shute, Henry A - Farming It
37747: Shute, Nevil - Ordeal
28405: Shutkin, William A. - The Land That Could Be : Environmentalism and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century
43768: Shuttlesworth, Dorothy Edwards - Exploring Nature with Your Child; an Introduction to the Enjoyment and Understanding of Nature
36887: Shvidkovskiæi, D. O. (Dmitriæi Olegovich) - Russian Architecture and the West
27804: Sibley, George - Part of a Winter : A Memory More Like a Dream
26724: Sices, David - Theater of Solitude: The Drama of Alfred de Musset
003951: Sichel, Walter - Emma Lady Hamilton, from New and Original Sources and Documents
003352: Sickman, Laurence & Soper, Alexander - The Art and Architecture of China
015557: Siddons, Anne Rivers - Heartbreak Hotel
35838: Sidgwick, Alfred, Mrs. - Salt of the Earth
35808: Sidgwick, Ethel - Promise
44268: Sidgwick, Ethel - Jamesie
34346: Sidney, Margaret - The Adventures of Joel Pepper
34350: Sidney, Margaret - Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
24535: Sidney, Sylvia - Needlepoint Book
011584: Sidney, Margaret - Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
25223: Siegel, Rosalyn - Country Floors' Decorating with Tiles
21719: Siegel, Bernie S. - Love, Medicine & Miracles
41786: Siegel, Richard - The Jewish Catalog; a Do-It-Yourself Kit. Compiled and Edited by Richard Siegel, Michael Strassfeld [and] Sharon Strassfeld. Illustrated by Stu Copans
26372: Siegfried, André - America at Mid-Century
40105: Siegmeister, Elie, editor - The Music Lover's Handbook
40205: Siegmeister, Elie, editor - The Music Lover's Handbook
45264: Siegner, Otto - France, an Art-Book; Photographs by Otto Siegner,. [Text by Hans Obergethmann]
016080: Sienkiewicz, Henryk - On the Field of Glory: An Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski. Translated... By Jeremiah Curtin
35839: Sienkiewicz, Henryk - Quo Vadis, a Novel of the Time of Nero. Translated... By Jeremiah Curtin
35803: Sienkiewicz, Henryk - Quo Vadis, a Novel of the Time of Nero. Translated... By Jeremiah Curtin
21532: Signoret, Simone - Nostalgia Isn't What It Used to Be
018250: Sigourney, Lydia Huntley - Sketches, by Mrs. Sigourney
010717: Sigurjonsson, Johann; Stefansson, David; & Thordarson, Agnar - Fire and Ice: Three Icelandic Plays
33572: Sihler, E. G. (Ernest Gottlieb) - Cicero of Arpinum; a Political and Literary Biography Being a Contribution to the History of Ancient Civilization and a Guide to the Study of Cicero’S Writings.
36888: Silber, John - Architecture of the Absurd: How "Genius" Disfigured a Practical Art
29203: Silber, Irwin, compiler - Songs of the CIVIL War
29567: Silberger, Julius - Mary Baker Eddy: An Interpretive Biography of the Founder of Christian Science
25071: Silberman, Charles E. - Crisis in the Classroom : The Remaking of American Education
36036: Silberstang, Edwin - Abandoned
43848: Silenzi, Frances - Mustard Gas
003889: Silesky, Barry - Ferlinghetti: The Artist in His Time
31060: Silitch, Clarissa M. - Mad and Magnificent Yankees; a New England Portrait Gallery.
012948: Sill, Edward Rowland - Poems
009758: Sillitoe, Alan - Key to the Door
36037: Sillitoe, Alan - Raw Material
28801: Sills, Beverly - Bubbles: A Self-Portrait
35805: Silone, Ignazio - Bread and Wine. Translated from the Italian by Gwenda David and Eric Mosbacher
014862: Silver, Nathan - The Making of Beaubourg: A Building Biography of the Centre Pompidou
013018: Silver, Leonard G - Gently Speaks the Heart; This and Other Poems
40745: Silver, Gary - The Fantasy Book by Gary Silver, David Russell ; Photographs by Michele Clement
38696: Silver, Murray - Behind the Moss Curtain, and Other Great Savannah Stories
018619: Silverberg, Robert, editor - Strange Gifts. Eight Stories of Science Fiction
010817: Silverberg, Robert - Valentine Pontifex
010818: Silverberg, Robert - Tom O'Bedlam
010819: Silverberg, Robert - The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party
013934: Silverman, Willa Z - The Notorious Life of Gyp: Right-Wing Anarchist in Fin-de-Siecle France
44585: Silverman, Stephen M. - David Lean, by Stephen M. Silverman ; Introduction by Katharine Hepburn
44833: Silverman, Jerry, ed. - Folk Blues; 110 American Folk Blues
008233: Silverstein, Shel - The Giving Tree
44830: Silverstein, Clara - Boston Chef's Table: The Best in Contemporary Cuisine Chef's Table
43448: Silvey, Anita - 100 Best Books for Children
010391: Silvey, Anita, ed. - Children's Books and Their Creators
018194: Simak, Clifford D. - A Choice of Gods
35538: Simak, Clifford D. - The Fellowship of the Talisman
36997: Simenon, Georges - The Hatter's Phantoms
36998: Simenon, Georges - The Rich Man
013214: Simenon, Georges - African Trio: Talatala, Tropic Moon, Aboard the Aquitaine
40617: Simenon, Georges - The Novel of Man. Translated from the French by Bernard Frechtman
26922: Simkins, Michael - Warriors of Rome : An Illustrated Military History of the Roman Legions
015112: Simmons, Patricia Worth - The President and Her Sweet Old Ladies; a Chronicle of the Burton Senior Citizens
27407: Simmons, Richard. - Richard Simmons' Never-Say--Diet Book.
39444: Simmons, Dan - Phases of Gravity
006593: Simmons, Jack - Transportation: A Tour of Museums
28197: Simmons, Steven - Body Blows
37759: Simmons, Richard - Sweetie Pie : The Richard Simmons Private Collection of Dazzling Desserts
45866: Simmons, Dawn Langley - Princess Margaret, an Informal Biography
35990: Simms. G. O. - Irish Illuminated Manuscripts The Irish heritage series, 29
24326: Simms, Caryl & Gordon - Introducing Seed Collage [by] Caryl and Gordon Simms
39932: Simon, Paul - Greatest Hits, Etc.
24965: Simon, George Thomas - The Best of the Music Makers : From Acuff to Ellington to Presley to Sinatra to Zappa and 279 More of the Most Popular Performers of the Last Fifty Years
45786: Simon, Matthew - The Chosen Few
014950: Simon, George T. - The Big Bands. With a Foreword by Frank Sinatra
43640: Simon, Paul - Paul Simon Complete
018220: Simon, Andr‚ L., editor - Wines of the World
018265: Simon, Andre L. - A Concise Encyclopedia of Gastronomy. Preface by Nika Hazelton
016941: Simon, Alvah - North to the Night: A Year in the Arctic Ice
011726: Simon, Neil - Rewrites: A Memoir
005700: Simon, Peter - Moving on, Holding Still, Photography by Peter Simon, Text by Raymond Mungo and Others
018683: Simon, Henry W., ed. - A Treasury of Grand Opera: Don Giovanni, Lohengrin, la Traviata, Faust, Aida, Carmen, Pagliacci
34694: Simon, Carly - The Fisherman's Song
36912: Simonds, John Ormsbee - Earthscape : A Manual of Environmental Planning
24626: Simonds, William - Jerry; or, the Sailor Boy Ashore, Being the Seventh - a Fragment - in the Series of the 'Aimwell Stories' by Walter Aimwell [Pseud. ] to Which Is Added a Memoir of the Author. The Unfinished Volume
013195: Simonds, William, writing as Aimwell, Walter - Whistler; or, the Manly Boy, by Walter Aimwell [Pseud. ]
013196: Simonds, William, writing as Aimwell, Walter - Oscar; or, the Boy Who Had His Own Way, by Walter Aimwell [Pseud. ]
014743: Simonson, Gerda - Smorgasbordet (Swedish Hors D'Oeuvres)
013251: Simont, Marc - Opera Souffle: 60 Pictures in Bravura
25985: Simper, Robert - Sail: The Surviving Tradition
17508: Simpkin, Richard - Cruising Yachtsman's Troubleshooter
44124: Simpson, Louis Aston Marantz - A Revolution in Taste: Studies of Dylan Thomas, Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, and Robert Lowell
33581: Simpson, Colin - The Lusitania
40992: Simpson, Mona - Anywhere But Here Vintage Contemporaries Series
23088: Simpson, Ruth M. - Out of the Saltbox: The Savour of Old Vermont
013215: Simpson, Howard R. - A Very Large Consulate
013068: Simpson, Andrew - The Innovative Yacht Ideas for Modern Cruising
003506: Simpson, Robert - The History of Scotland, from the Ealiest Period... With a Continuation to the Close of the Year 1849
26888: Simpson, Colin - Adam in Ochre
35818: Simpson, Lola Jean - Back Fire : A California Story
35822: Simpson, Mona - Anywhere But Here
015548: Simpson, Edward - Yarnlets: The Human Side of the Navy
26163: Sims, Edward H. - American Aces in Great Fighter Battles of World War II. Foreword by General Nathan F. Twining
27819: Sinclair, Upton - Boston
37510: Sinclair, Upton - The Jungle
32880: Sinclair, Upton Beall - The Profits of Religion; an Essay in Economic Interpretation
26889: Sinclair, Harold - American Years, a Novel
011194: Sinclair, Upton - A World to Win
21667: Sinclair, Upton - King Coal, a Novel. With an Introduction by Dr. Georg Brandes
004625: Sinclair, Upton - 100% the Story of a Patriot
22786: Sinclair, Upton - Dragon Harvest
221: Sinding, Paul C - The Scandinavian Races: The Northmen; the Sea-Kings and Vikings. Their Manners and Customs, Discoveries,...
24572: Sinetar, Marsha - Ordinary People As Monks and Mystics : Lifestyles for Self-Discovery
30636: Singer, Natalia Rachel. - Scraping by in the Big Eighties American lives
008978: Singer, Mark - Mr. Personality: Profiles and Talk Pieces
44011: Singer, Isaac Bashevis - The Penitent
014277: Singer, Daniel - The Road to Gdansk: Poland and the U.S. S. R
018251: Singer, Jerome L. & Switzer, Ellen - Mind-Play: The Creative Uses of Fantasy
006148: Singer, Isaac Bashevis & Burgin, Richard - Conversations with Isaac Bashevis Singer
006225: Singer, Isaac Bashevis - The Family Moskat. Translated from the Yiddish by A.H. Gross.
005494: Singer, Isaac Bashevis - The Manor
35858: Singer, Brett - The Petting Zoo
28040: Singer, Isaac Bashevis - Enemies, a Love Story
35798: Singer, June Flaum - The Markoff Women : A Novel
35823: Singer, June Flaum - The Movie Set : A Novel
23569: Singh, Jagjit - Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics: Their Nature and Use
009816: Singleton, Esther - The Collecting of Antiques
40752: Singleton, Esther - The Collecting of Antiques
29324: Singleton, Esther - The Collecting of Antiques
005294: Singleton, Esther - Old World Masters in New World Collections
013542: Sinnott, Edmund W - Meetinghouse & Church in Early New England
17674: Siodmak, Curt - F.P. 1 Antwortet Nicht
016921: Siporin, Steve - American Folk Masters: The National Heritage Fellows
35848: Sire, Glen - The Deathmakers
41644: Sirica, John J. - To Set the Record Straight : The Break-in, the Tapes, the Conspirators, the Pardon
7798: Siringo, Charles A - A Texas Cowboy; or, Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony
45616: Sirna, Anne Lorimer & Ritchie, Antonia Fernàndez - Chap Woman's Guide to Shemanship and Pilot Handling
42042: Sis, Peter - Madlenka
31664: Sisley, Nick, editor - Deer Hunting Across North America
34610: Sitwell, Osbert - Tales My Father Taught Me; an Evocation of Extravagant Episodes
23450: Sitwell, Edith - Taken Care of: The Autobiography of...
36806: Sitwell, Sacheverell - The Netherlands. Photographs by Cas Oorthuys
008726: Sitwell, Edith - A Poet's Notebook
012694: Sitwell, Sacheverell - The Netherlands. Photographs by Cas Oorthuys
011495: Sitwell, Sir Osbert - Pound Wise
004906: Sitwell, Sacheverell - The Hunters and the Hunted
004907: Sitwell, Edith - Fanfare for Elizabeth
004909: Sitwell, Osbert - The Man Who Lost Himself
38823: Sitwell, Edith - [Poems] The Augustan Books of Modern Poetry
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25264: Spalding, Linda - A Dark Place in the Jungle Science, Orangutans and Human Nature
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33251: Spark, Muriel - Curriculum Vitae : Autobiography
006470: Spark, Muriel - The Girls of Slender Means
45102: Sparks, Nicole & Marwitz, Jenna - The Crockin' Girls Slow Cookin' Companion: Yummy Recipes from Family, Friends, and Our Crockin' Community
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25891: Speakman, Cummins E - Mowee : An Informal History of the Hawaiian Island
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7544: Speer, Albert - Inside the Third Reich, Memoirs by Albert Speer
39269: Speirs, John - John Speirs' the Night Before Christmas : A Look-and-Find Book A Golden look-look book
018392: Speiser, Werner - The Art of China: Spirit and Society
002913: Spellman, Francis J - Action This Day: Letters from the Fighting Fronts
002914: Spellman, Francis J - No Greater Love: The Story of Our Soldiers
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41601: Spencer, Claire - Gallows Orchard
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84: Spillane, Mickey - The Girl Hunters
44375: Spindler, Konrad - The Man in the Ice : The Discovery of a 5,000-Year-Old Body Reveals the Secrets of the Stone Age [by] Konrad Spindler and a Team of International Scientists ; [Translated from the German by Ewald Osers].
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36812: Sprague, William Buell - Visits to European Celebrities
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36357: Spring, Howard - Hard Facts
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1750: Springer, John - The Fondas: The Films and Careers of Henry, Jane and Peter Fonda
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24071: Springer, John - All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!: A Pictorial History of the Movie Musical. Introduction by Gene Kelly
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32984: Sproul, William Cameron - Typed Letter Signed to John L. Macvicar, Thanking Him for the Copy of Arthur Nash's "the Golden Rule in Business"
017223: Spruill, Steven G. - Rulers of Darkness
018169: Spurlock, Rae - Modern French Cooking
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013738: Spurrier, Steven - Academie Du Vin Guide to French Wines
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26761: Spyri, Johanna - Heidi. Edited by Adeline B. Zachert
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011771: Spyri, Johanna - Mazli: A Story of the Swiss Valleys. Translated by Elizabeth P. Stork
005999: Spyri, Johanna - Vinzi: A Story of the Swiss Alps. Translated by Elizabeth P. Stork
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23472: St. Michael, Mick - Heavy Metal
23178: St. John, Robert - Builder of Israel; the Story of Ben-Gurion
29976: St. James, Elaine - Living the Simple Life: A Guide to Scaling Down and Enjoying More
40714: St. John, Bayle - Adventures in the Libyan Desert and the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon
35430: St. John, Nicole - Guinever's Gift
35428: St. Clair, Leonard - Obsessions
35429: St. James, Ian - The Killing Anniversary
35415: St. James, Ian - Vengeance
45929: St. John, Robert - Ben-Gurion; a Biography
39573: Stacton, David - The Bonapartes
33360: Stafford, Jean - A Mother in History
017309: Stafford, David - Camp X
29590: Stafford, Thomas - Pacata Hibernia; or, a History of the Wars in Ireland, During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Taken from the Original Chronicles. Illustrated with Portraits of Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Totness; and Fac Similes of All the Original Maps and Plans. First Published in London, 1633.
36215: Stagge, Jonathan - Death's Old Sweet Song
017224: Staggs, Sam - MM II: The Return of Marilyn Monroe
33624: Stahl, Steven A. - Vocabulary Development
22933: Stahl, Hilda - The Covenant White pine chronicles ; bk. 1
27372: Staley, Lucy - New Trends in Table Settings... And Period Designs, Too
36209: Stallone, Sylvester - Paradise Alley
21523: Stamberg, Susan - Every Night at Five: Susan Stamberg's All Things Considered Book. With a Foreword by Charles Kuralt
018270: Standard, Stella - Our Daily Bread: 366 Recipes for Wonderful Breads
17745: Standiford, Les - Done Deal: A Novel
36030: Standish, Robert - Storm Centre
36031: Standish, Robert - Elephant Walk
36032: Standish, Robert - Escape from Pimlico
30309: Stanek, V. J. - The Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom.
23666: Stanek, V. J. - The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Insects
010672: Stanek, V. J. - Waterside Secrets. Translated by Iris Urwin
015228: Stanfield, Taomie - Blue Is the Grass
23920: Stanford, Alfred - The Pleasures of Sailing
27834: Stanley, John - Miller's Collecting Vinyl
41604: Stanley, Frank Arthur - Punches and Dies, Layout, Construction and Use
008690: Stanley, Raymond W - The Twins. Including the Mink Story and Others. As Retold by R.W. S.
43317: Stanley, Thomas Blaine - The Technique of Advertising Production
007241: Stanley, Henry M - In Darkest Africa; or, the Quest, Rescue, and Retreat of Emin Governor of Equatoria
38018: Stanley, Marcia - Best Barbecue Recipes Better Homes and Gardens Ser.
40491: Stanley, Arthur, compiler - The New Bedside Book : Peace at the Close, an Anthology
27951: Stannard, Bruce; Crane, Berkeley; & Bottine, Margherita - From Newport to Perth: The New Challenge
26092: Stansky, Peter - Ambitions and Strategies : The Struggle for the Leadership of the Liberal Party in the 1890's
016691: Stanton, William Ragan - The Great United States Exploring Expedition of 1838-1842
44790: Stanton, Shelby L. - Anatomy of a Division : The 1st Cav in Vietnam
36052: Stanwood, Brooks - The Glow
005340: Stanwood, Edward - James Gillespie Blaine
015182: Staples, Lida Morse - An Interpretation of Maeterlinck's Blue Bird. With a Memorial Note by Anna B. Newbegin
43149: Staples, Caroline M. - The Yarn Animal Book
014190: Stapleton, Laurence - Marianne Moore: The Poet's Advance
45430: Stapley, Patricia - The Little Noodle Cookbook by Patricia Stapley ; Illustrations by Jennie Oppenheimer
45663: Star Trek : The Next Generation - Tv Guide, Vol. 42, No. 20, Issue #2146, 14 May 1994. Ollector's Edition Star Trek the Nest Generation
018494: Stark, Claude Alan - God of All; Sri Ramakrishna's Approach to Religious Plurality
013936: Stark, Freya - Freya Stark in Persia
013938: Stark, Freya - Freya Stark in the Levant
45451: Stark, Freya - The Lycian Shore
45450: Stark, Freya - The Coast of Incense, Autobiography 1933-1939
009901: Stark, Richard - Comeback
012062: Starkey, Marion L - The Cherokee Nation
38010: StarKist Seafood Company - Star Kist Tuna for Today : Tempting New Ideas
45902: Starling, Edmund W. (Edmund William) - Starling of the White House : The Story of the Man Whose Secret Service Detail Guarded Five Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Franklin D. Roosevelt As Told to Thomas Sugrue by Edmund W. Starling.
31451: Starr, Chester G. - Rise and Fall of the Ancient World
36050: Starr, John - The Dark Side of the Dream
013128: Starr, John W - One Hundred Years of American Railroading
28467: Starr, Kevin - Endangered Dreams : The Great Depression in California
42562: Starrett, Vincent - Oriental Encounters; Two Essays in Bad Taste
30117: State Street Trust Company, Boston. - Other Industries of New England : Their Origin, Development and Accomplishments.
30118: State Street Trust Company, Boston. - The Log of the State Street Trust Company.
30119: State Street Trust Company, Boston. - Some Events of Boston and Its Neighbors.
003932: Statler, Oliver - Japanese Inn
003586: Statler, Oliver - Shimoda Story
29676: Statler, Oliver - Japanese Inn
25641: Staub, Wendy Corsi - In the Blink of an Eye
25642: Staub, Wendy Corsi - The Last to Know
29755: Stavridi, Margaret - The Hugh Evelyn History of Costume. Illustrated by Faith Jaques, with a Commentary by Margaret Stavridi. [Vol. ] 2, 1660 - 1800
31770: Stavridi, Margaret - The Hugh Evelyn History of Costume. Illustrated by Faith Jaques, with a Commentary by Margaret Stavridi. [Vol. ] 3, 1550 - 1660
007154: Stayman, Samuel M - Do You Play Stayman?
36039: Stead, Christina - Miss Herbert (the Suburban Wife)
41102: Stearns, Oliver - A Farewell Sermon Preached to the Third Congregational Society of Hingham, Sept. 28, 1856
36055: Stebbins, Roderick - The Hill Mowing
2378: Steedman, Amy - The Madonna of the Goldfinch
33356: Steege, Gwen - The Search for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
7616: Steegmuller, Francis - Cocteau: A Biography
34681: Steel, Danielle - Sunset in St. Tropez
36054: Steel, Danielle - Crossings
36053: Steel, Danielle - Message from Nam
36049: Steel, Danielle - Mixed Blessings
36042: Steel, Danielle - Daddy
36043: Steel, Danielle - Five Days in Paris : A Novel
36044: Steel, Danielle - Mixed Blessings
36045: Steel, Danielle - Secrets
36046: Steel, Danielle - Vanished
36040: Steel, Danielle - Accident
36041: Steel, Danielle - Changes
17746: Steel, Danielle - Lightning
17587: Steel, Danielle - Zoya
39445: Steel, Danielle - Going Home
36296: Steel, Anthony - The Custom of the Room, or, Early Wine-Books of Christ's College, Cambridge by Anthony Steel ; with a Foreword by G.M. Trevelyan.
42715: Steele, George M - Outline Study of Political Economy
36048: Steelman, Robert J. - The Holdout : A Novel
36047: Steelman, Robert J. - The Fox Dancer [by] Robert J. Steelman
36009: Steen, Marguerite - Matador
40686: Steen, Marguerite - They That Go Down in Ships
36325: Steen, Marguerite - The Sun Is My Undoing
010161: Steen, Marguerite - Matador
45103: Steer, Gina - Jams and Preserves
42467: Steer, Dugald - Wizardology : The Book of the Secrets of Merlin; Illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert
29328: Stefansson, Vilhjalmur - Northwest to Fortune: The Search of Western Man for a Commercially Practical Route to the Far East
41112: Steffens, Lincoln - The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens
006698: Steffens, Lincoln - The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens
34668: Stefferud, Alfred, editor - Birds in Our Lives
824: Steger, Will & Schurke, Paul - North to the Pole
27362: Stegner, Mabel - Electric Blender Recipes
22256: Stegner, Lynn - Pipers at the Gates of Dawn : A Triptych Hardscrabble books
010758: Stegner, Page - Escape Into Aesthetics: The Art of Vladimir Nabokov
38359: Stegner, Wallace, editor - The American West, V. 3, No. 4, Fall 1966
27498: Steig, William - Strutters & Fretters; or, the Inescapable Self
41922: Steig, William - The Lonely Ones, by William Steig
016334: Steig, William - Spinky Sulks
016310: Steig, William - Grown-Ups Get to Do All the Driving
45267: Steig, William - The Toy Brother
21666: Steig, Jeanne - Consider the Lemming
45245: Steig, William - When Everybody Wore a Hat
42272: Steig, William - Shrek!
36067: Stein, Sol - Living Room; a Novel
009370: Stein, Eugene - Straitjacket & Tie
008884: Stein, Gerhard - Die Entdeckungsreisen in Alter Und Neuer Zeit...
43860: Stein, Jean, ed. - Grand Street, Vol. 13, No. 2, Fall 1994. Whole No. 50 : Models
30273: Stein, Ralph. - The Great Cars. Special Photography by Tom Burnside.
013217: Stein, Aaron Marc - A Body for a Buddy
013218: Stein, Aaron Marc - A Nose for It
013219: Stein, Aaron Marc - Body Search
013220: Stein, Aaron Marc - The Rolling Heads
003447: Stein, Gertrude - Useful Knowledge
22680: Stein, Benjamin - Tommy & Me : The Making of a Dad
24328: Stein, Harry - Hoopla
29275: Stein, Louis - Beyond Death and Exile : The Spanish Republicans in France, 1939-1955
1504: Stein, Gertrude - Wars I Have Seen
26373: Stein, Shifra, editor - Life in the Liberty Years; a Nostalgic Look at the '20s, '30s, '40s. Selected by Shifra Stein
37739: Stein, Kathleen - The Genius Engine : Where Memory, Reason, Passion, Violence, and Creativity Intersect in the Human Brain
46282: Stein, Edwin I. - Fundamentals of Mathematics
46296: Stein, Sherman K. - Mathematics : The Man-Made Universe
36063: Steinbeck, John - The Moon Is Down
23535: Steinbeck, John - The Wayward Bus
013813: Steinbeck, John - The Short Reign of Pippin IV: A Fabrication
011041: Steinbeck, John - Winter of Our Discontent
1417: Steinbeck, John - The Moon Is Down
30271: Steinberg, Milton. - A Partisan Guide to the Jewish Problem.
29129: Steinberg, Rafael - Island Fighting World War II
28660: Steinbrener, Christoph - Kasimir, Paul Und Andere
31420: Steindler, R. A. - Shooting the Muzzleloaders
25057: Steinem, Gloria - Marilyn
25058: Steinem, Gloria - Marilyn
23318: Steinem, Gloria - Revolution from Within: A Book of Self-Esteem

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