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23470: SEFF, PHILIP & NANCY - Our Fascinating Earth: Strange, True Stories of Nature's Oddities, Bizarre Phenomena, and Scientific Curiosities
35733: SEGAL, ERICH - Man, Woman, and Child
35734: SEGAL, ERICH - Oliver's Story
35749: SEGAL, ERICH - Acts of Faith
35750: SEGAL, ERICH - Fairy Tale [by] Erich Segal. Drawings by Dino Kotopoulis
35751: SEGAL, ERICH - The Class
010545: SEGHERS, ANNA - The Seventh Cross
35729: SEGHERS, ANNA - The Seventh Cross
014026: SEGUR, SOPHIE, COMTESSE DE - Pauvre Blaise
22744: SEIBEL, KATHRYN HOLLY - The Joyful Christmas Craft Book. Photos, by William E. Seibel
013529: SEIDLER, TOR - Mean Margaret
35722: SEIFERT, ELIZABETH - The Bright Coin
35724: SEIFERT, ELIZABETH - Girl Intern
25079: SEINFELD, JERRY - Seinlanguage
43709: SEITZ, WILLIAM C. - Claude Monet
009380: SEKKA, KANZAKA - A Flight of Butterflies
25876: SELBY, SAMUEL M., ED. - Standard Mathematical Tables
35735: SELBY, JOHN - A Few Short Blocks between
36340: SELDEN, SAMUEL & SELLMAN, HUNTON D. - Stage Scenery and Lighting : A Handbook for Non-Professionals
26695: SELDES, GILBERT - The 7 Lively Arts
22305: SELDIN, MAURY & SWESNIK, RICHARD H. - Real Estate Investment Strategy
27626: SELF, MARGARET CABELL - The Complete Book of Horses & Ponies
010072: SELIGMAN, ADRIAN - The Voyage of the Cap Pilar
44071: SELIGMAN, PAUL - Debuts & Farewells; a Two-Decade Photographic Chronicle of the Metropolitan Opera
26632: SELL, FRANSCIS E. - The American Deer Hunter
012952: SELLSTEDT, LARS GUSTAF - From Forecastle to Academy: Sailor and Artist
013140: SELLSTEDT, LARS GUSTAF - From Forecastle to Academy: Sailor and Artist
44605: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY - A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa : A Narrative of Nine Years Spent Amongst the Game of the Far Interior of South Africa African Collection series
44607: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY - African Nature Notes and Reminiscences by Frederick Courteney Selous ; with a "Foreword" by President Roosevelt ; and Illustrations by E. Caldwell African Collection series
42762: SELSAM, MILLICENT ELLIS - Seeds and More Seeds. Pictures by Tomi Ungerer An I can read science book
35723: SELTZER, CHARLES ALDEN - A Son of Arizona
35737: SELTZER, RICHARD - The Name of Hero : A Novel
44987: SELVIN, JOEL - Altamont: The Rolling Stones, the Hells Angels, and the Inside Story of Rock's Darkest Day
011180: SELZ, PETER - New Images of Man
010784: SELZER, RICHARD - Raising the Dead
011235: SELZER, RICHARD - Mortal Lessons; Notes on the Art of Surgery
24324: SELZER, RICHARD - Taking the World in for Repairs
44471: SELZNICK, BRIAN - The Houdini Box, Written and Illustrated by Brian Selznick.
011522: SEMON, KURT M., ED. - A Treasury of Old Silver
007045: SENDAK, MAURICE - We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy
34268: SENDAK, MAURICE - Where the Wild Things Are
34294: SENDAK, MAURICE - In the Night Kitchen
35639: SENDER, RAMÓN JOSÉ - Before Noon; a Novel in Three Parts
35640: SENESI, MAURO - His Beard Grew on Only One Cheek
17808: SENNETT, TED - Warner Brothers Presents: The Most Exciting Years - from the Jazz Singer to White Heat
35645: SEPPÄNEN, UNTO - Sun and Storm
009673: SERANNE, ANN & GADEN, EILEEN - The Blender Cookbook
011905: SERANNE, ANN - Ann Seranne's Good Food without Meat
007127: SERENY, GITTA - Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth
43306: SERGEANT, ADELINE - The Mission of Margaret
016361: SERLING, ROD - From the Twilight Zone
013840: SEROFF, VICTOR - Franz Liszt
42114: SERRANO, MIGUEL - C.G. Jung & Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships
004030: SERULLAZ, MAURICE - French Impressionists: A Selection of Drawings of the French 19th Century, Selected and Edited by Ira Moskowitz
35641: SERVADIO, GAIA - Melinda
29056: SERVAN-SCHREIBER, JEAN JACQUES - The American Challenge [by] J.J. Servan-Schreiber. With a Foreword by. .
36679: SESSUMS, KEVIN - Mississippi Sissy
35642: SETLOWE, RICHARD - The Experiment : A Novel
43429: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Woodland Tales
003327: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Lives of the Hunted, Containing a True Account of the Doings of Five Quadrupeds & Three Birds...
004686: SETON, JULIA M - By a Thousand Fires: Nature Notes and Extracts from the Life and Unpublished Journals of Ernest Thompson Seton
012590: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag and 60 Drawings
22251: SETON, NORA JANSSEN - The Kitchen Congregation
31229: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Bannertail : The Story of a Graysquirrel
35643: SETON, CYNTHIA PROPPER - The Half-Sisters
35651: SETON, GRAHAM - The Sign of Arnim
003331: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Wild Animals I Have Known
002898: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Two Little Savages: Being the Adventures of Two Boys Who Lived As Indians and What They Learned. With over 200 Drawings
35752: SETTLE, MARY LEE - The Scapegoat Beulah Quintet Series
35452: SEUSS, DR. - Horton Hears a Who! by Dr. Seuss.
35453: SEUSS, DR. - Horton Hatches the Egg
013800: SEVERIN, TIM - The Brendan Voyage
21860: SEVERIN, TIM - In Search of Moby Dick; Quest for the White Whale
35231: SEVERIN, TIMOTHY - In Search of Robinson Crusoe
35536: SEVERIN, TIMOTHY - In Search of Genghis Khan
002926: SEVERSKY, ALEXANDER P. DE - Victory Through Air Power
23435: SEVERY, MERLE, EDITOR - America's Wonderlands : The Scenic National Parks and Monuments of the United States
015247: SEWALL, JOHN S - The Logbook of the Captain's Clerk: Adventures in the China Seas. Edited by Arthur Power Dudden Lakeside Classics 93
006813: SEWARD, DESMOND - Henry V: The Scourge of God
27275: SEWELL, ELIZABETH - Barbecue Cookbook
1439: SEXTON, ANNE - Words for Dr. Y. Uncollected Poems with Three Stories
014421: SEXTON, RICHARD - The Cottage Book
012910: SEYBOLD, DAVID, ED. - Boats: An Anthology
2059: SEYMOUR, CHARLES - Arthur Twining Hadley, April 23, 1856 - March 6, 1930
43226: SEYMOUR, CHARLES - The Diplomatic Background of the War, 1870-1914
42620: SHAARA, MICHAEL - The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara ; Maps by Don Pitcher
42116: SHAARA, JEFF - The Last Full Measure
41982: SHAARA, MICHAEL - The Killer Angels : A Novel
43005: SHADEGG, STEPHEN - Clare Boothe Luce : A Biography
30295: SHAFFER, DOUGLAS HOWERTH. - Clocks The Smithsonian illustrated library of antiques
008661: SHAGAN, STEVE - Pillars of Fire
35753: SHAGAN, STEVE - The Circle
35754: SHAGAN, STEVE - Vendetta
7933: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Anthony and Cleopatra, Edited by M.R. Ridley
17792: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Othello, the New Variorum Edition, Edited by Horace Howard Furness
22274: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - As You Like It
23442: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The History of Troilus and Cressida
23443: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Merry Wives of Windsor
24337: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Complete Works of... Comprising His Plays and Poems... With a Contribution on the Shakespeare and Bacon Controversy by... Henry Irving.
24338: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Complete Works of... Arranged in Their Chronological Order. Edited by W.G. Clark & W. Aldis Wright
24341: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Complete Works of...
31021: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - King Lear. Edited by John F. Andrews. Foreword by Hal Holbrook.
33078: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Much Ado About Nothing, Edited by Tucker Brook The Yale Shakespeare
36862: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tempest... With Illustrations in Colour by Paul Woodroffe and Songs by Joseph Moorat
37034: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Romeo and Juliet: The New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare Edited by Horace Howard Furness
38084: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - King Henry V. Edited A.W. Verity The Pitt Press Shakespeare for Schools
38854: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - King Henry IV. Part I
39785: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Life of King Henry V. The Arden Text, Edited by Heerbert Arthur Evans: With a General Introduction by Mr. Evans and a Special Prefatory Note by Mark Van Doren; Illustrated with Paintings by Fritz Kredel...
41518: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Othello... Edited by George Lyman Kittridge
40040: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of King Lear, Edited by Tucker Brook & William Lyon Phelps The Yale Shakespeare
40041: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - A Midsummer Night's Dream, Edited by Willam Higley Durham The Yale Shakespeare
40042: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Coriolanus, Edited by Tucker Brook The Yale Shakespeare
40043: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The First Part of King Henry the Sixth, Edited by Tucker Brook The Yale Shakespeare
40045: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Second Part of King Henry the Sixth, Edited by Tucker Brook The Yale Shakespeare
40046: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Third Part of King Henry the Sixth, Edited by Tucker Brook The Yale Shakespeare
40047: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Much Ado About Nothing, Edited by Tucker Brook The Yale Shakespeare
40048: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The First Part of King Henry the Fourth, Edited by Tucker Brook and Samuel B. Hemingway The Yale Shakespeare
40049: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Second Part of King Henry the Fourth, Edited by Samuel B. Hemingway The Yale Shakespeare
40051: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Life of Timon of Athens, Edited by Stanley T. Williams The Yale Shakespeare
40052: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Merry Wives of Windsor, Edited by George Van Santvoord The Yale Shakespeare
40053: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Titus Andronicus, Edited by A.M. Witherspoon The Yale Shakespeare
40054: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Merchant of Venice, Edited by William Lyon Phelps The Yale Shakespeare
40055: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Pericles, Prince of Tyre Edited by Alfred R. Bellinger The Yale Shakespeare
40056: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Venus and Adonis, Lucrece and the Minor Poems Edited by Albert Feuillerat The Yale Shakespeare
40057: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Winter's Tale Edited by Frederick E. Pierce The Yale Shakespeare
40058: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Comedy of Errors Edited by Robert Dudley French The Yale Shakespeare
40059: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Life of King Henry the Eighth Edited by John M. Berdan and Tucker Brooke The Yale Shakespeare
40060: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Edited by Richard Hosley The Yale Shakespeare
40061: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra Edited by Peter G. Phialas The Yale Shakespeare
40064: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - All's Well That Ends Well Edited by Arthur E. Case The Yale Shakespeare
40065: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Richard the Third with the Landibg of Earl Richmond and the Battle at Bosworth Field Edited by Jack R. Crawford The Yale Shakespeare
40066: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Love's Labour's Lost Edited by Wilbur L. Cross and Tucker Brooke The Yale Shakespeare
40068: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Two Gentlemen of Verona Edited by Karl Young The Yale Shakespeare
40069: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Measure for Measure Edited by Davis Harding The Yale Shakespeare
40070: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Life and Death of King John Edited by Stanley T. Williams The Yale Shakespeare
40071: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Cymbeline Edited by Samuel B. Hemingway The Yale Shakespeare
40072: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Richard the Second Edited by Robert T. Petersson The Yale Shakespeare
40073: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Trilus and Cressida Edited by Jackson J. Campbell The Yale Shakespeare
40074: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tempest Edited by David Horne The Yale Shakespeare
41519: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of King Lear... Edited by George Lyman Kittridge
41520: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra... Edited by George Lyman Kittridge
41522: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Troilus and Cressida Edited by Robert Metcalf Smith The Arden Shakespeare
41466: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Works of William Shakespeare. The Plays Edited from the Folio of Mdcxxiii, with Various Readings from All the Editions and All the Commentators... By Richard Grant White
862: SHALER, NATHANIEL S. - Elizabeth of England: A Dramatic Romance in Five Parts
23183: SHALIT, WILLA - Life Cast: Behind the Mask
34488: SHALIT, GENE, EDITOR - Laughing Matters : A Celebration of American Humor
33367: SHALLCROSS, MARTYN - The Private World of Daphne Du Maurier
29450: SHAMES, STEPHEN - Outside the Dream : Child Poverty in America
41585: SHAN, DARREN - Cirque Du Freak The saga of Darren Shan ; bk. 1
40540: SHAND-TUCCI, DOUGLASS - Built in Boston : City and Suburb, 1800-1950
26786: SHANE, SYLVAN M. - War Against Time -- Eleven Essays
8100: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Liliane: Resurrection of the Daughter
011947: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - If I Can Cook, You Know God Can. Foreword by Vertamae Grosvenor
018312: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Liliane: Resurrection of the Daughter
007036: SHANK, DOROTHY E. - Magic Chef Cooking
013213: SHANKMAN, SARAH - Now Let's Talk of Graves
28810: SHANKS, MIKE - The Flytier's Craft; a Practical Guide
42154: SHANKS, HERSHEL, EDITOR - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls : A Reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review
23646: SHANLEY, MARY KAY - She Taught Me to Eat Artichokes: The Discovery of the Heart of Friendship
26849: SHANN, RENEE - Air Force Girl
005382: SHANNON, ELIZABETH - Up in the Park: The Diary of the Wife of the American Ambassador to Ireland 1977-1981
27795: SHANNON, ELIZABETH - Up in the Park: The Diary of the Wife of the American Ambassador to Ireland 1977-1981
33051: SHANNON, WILLIAM V. - The American Irish
41667: SHANNON, WILLIAM HENRY - Silent Lamp : The Thomas Merton Story
44642: SHANNON, DAVID A - The Decline of American Communism; a History of the Communist Party of the United States Since 1945.
006992: SHAPIRO, DORIS - We Danced All Night; My Life Behind the Scenes with Alan Jay Lerner
35789: SHAPIRO, DANI - Fugitive Blue
35800: SHAPIRO, LIONEL - The Sixth of June
35807: SHAPIRO, LIONEL - Torch for a Dark Journey
39252: SHAPIRO, BARBARA STERN - Edgar Degas; the Reluctant Impressionist, by Barbara S. Shapiro. [Exhibition: June 20-September 1, 1974]
39701: SHAPIRO, BARBARA J. - John Wilkins, 1614-1672; an Intellectual Biography [by] Barbara J. Shapiro
43992: SHAPIRO, IRWIN - The Story of Yankee Whaling, by the Editors of American Heritage. Narrative by Irwin Shapiro, in Consultation with Edouard A. Stackpole American heritage junior library
22252: SHAPIRO, JANE - The Dangerous Husband : A Novel
35802: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - A Corner of the World
012860: SHARAF, MYRON - Fury on Earth: A Biography of Wilhelm Reich
007357: SHARIN, EUGEN - The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor
7812: SHARKEY, JOE - Deadly Greed: The Riveting True Story of the Stuart Murder Case That Rocked Boston and Shocked the Nation
43857: SHARKEY, LEE - First Moments
018482: SHARON, ARIEL & CHANOFF, DAVID - Warrior: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon
41105: SHARON, ARIEL & CHANOFF, DAVID - Warrior: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon
004015: SHARP, DALLAS LORE - The Seer of Slabsides
014998: SHARP, MORRIE L. & COLLINS, DEAN, EDS. - Roses Illustrated and How to Grow Them
26255: SHARP, DALLAS LORE - Where Rolls the Oregon, by Dallas Lore Sharp; with Illustrations from Photographs
42545: SHARP, MARGERY - Cluny Brown
42546: SHARP, MARGERY - The Gypsy in the Parlour
35741: SHARP, MARGERY - Cluny Brown
35744: SHARP, DALLAS LORE - The Better Country
37921: SHARP ELECTRONICS - Sharp Carousel Microwave Cook Book
39278: SHARP, EVELYN - The Child’S Christmas with Text by Evelyn Sharp ; Pictured by Charles Robinson.
008695: SHATNER, WILLIAM - Star Trek Memories
011255: SHATTUCK, GEORGE CHEEVER - Diseases of the Tropics
23471: SHATZKIN, LEONARD - In Cold Type : Overcoming the Book Crisis
44226: SHAW, BERNARD - Major Barbara... With Illustrations from the Motion Picture As Produced by Gabriel Pascal
40925: SHAW, DAVID W - Sea Wolf of the Confederacy: The Daring CIVIL War Raids of Naval Lt. Charles W. Read
1316: SHAW, CHARLES - A Topographical and Historical Description of Boston from the First Settlement of the Town to the Present Period . .
002849: SHAW, BERNARD - The Apple Cart: A Politcal Extravaganza
003269: SHAW, BERNARD - The Adventures of a Black Girl in Her Search for God
003335: SHAW, BERNARD - The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism
009409: SHAW, IRWIN & SEARLE, RONALD - Paris! Paris!
012168: SHAW, GEORGE RUSSELL - Knots Useful and Ornamental
44138: SHAW, BERNARD - Caesar and Cleopatra [by Bernard Shaw] Antony and Cleopatra [by William Shakespeare. With Photos. From the Productions Starring Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh]
015729: SHAW, IRWIN - The Troubled Air
016165: SHAW, FRANK H. - With Jellicoe in the North Sea
21711: SHAW, IRWIN - God Was Here But He Left Early
22073: SHAW, MARK - The John F. Kennedys A Family Album
22583: SHAW, LLOYD - Cowboy Dances. A Collection of Western Square Dances. With a Foreword by Sherwood Anderson. Appendix Cowboy Dance Tunes Arranged by Frederick Knorr
23903: SHAW, BERNARD - Man and Superman
24239: SHAW, REUBEN COLE - Across the Plains in Forty-Nine. Edited by Milo Milton Quaife Lakeside Classics 46
25124: SHAW, BERNARD - Two Plays for Puritans
27910: SHAW, DIANA - Almost Vegetarian: A Primer for Cooks Who Are Eating Vegetarian Most of the Time, Chicken & Fish Some of the Time & Altogether Well All of the Time
29121: SHAW, JOHN - Red Army Resurgent World War II
29752: SHAW, LLOYD - Cowboy Dances : A Collection of Western Square Dances ; with a Foreword by Sherwood Anderson. Appendix, Cowboy Dance Tunes Arr. By Frederick Knorr.
44119: SHAW, BERNARD - The Perfect Wagnerite : A Commentary on the Niblung's Ring. Illustrations by Julio Fernandez
33160: SHAW, BERNARD - The Apple Cart : A Political Extravaganza
42976: SHAW, ALISON & HOUGH, HENRY BEETLE - Remembrance and Light : Images of Martha's Vineyard. Photography Alison Shaw, Text Henry Beetle Hough. Foreword by James Reston
35492: SHAW, IRWIN - Beggarman, Thief
35738: SHAW, IRWIN - Bread Upon the Waters
35742: SHAW, LAU - Rickshaw Boy
35755: SHAW, IRWIN - The Top of the Hill
35756: SHAW, IRWIN - Two Weeks in Another Town
36584: SHAW, BERNARD - Saint Joan : A Chronicle Play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue
37466: SHAW, BERNARD - Don Juan in Hell from Man and Superman... Illustrated with Photographs from the Paul Gregory Production
38844: SHAW, BERNARD - Man and Superman
42197: SHAW, BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
44221: SHAW, BERNARD - Heartbreak House, Great Catherine, and Playlets of the War
41692: SHAW, JOSEPH COOLIDGE - A Proper Bostonian, Priest, Jesuit : Diary of Joseph Coolidge Shaw ; Edited by Walter J. Meagher
44225: SHAW, BERNARD - Androcles and the Lion, Overruled, Pygmalion
44224: SHAW, BERNARD - Back to Methuselah : A Metabiological Pentateuch
44222: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant
44223: SHAW, BERNARD - Misalliance, the Dark Lady of the Sonnets, and Fanny's First Play. With a Treatise on Parents and Children
44227: SHAW, BERNARD & SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Caesar and Cleopatra [by Bernard Shaw] Antony and Cleopatra [by William Shakespeare. With Photos. From the Productions Starring Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh]
44232: SHAW, BERNARD - Shaw: An Autobiography; Selected from His Writings by Stanley Weintraub
23176: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - The Quality of Mercy : Cambodia, Holocaust, and Modern Conscience
018686: SHAY, EDITH & SMITH, KATHERINE [DOS PASSOS] - The Private Adventure of Captain Shaw
31030: SHAY, FRANK - Murder on Cape Cod
41121: SHCHARANSKY, ANATOLY - Fear No Evil
013042: SHEA, MICHAEL - Maritime England
22253: SHEA, SUZANNE STREMPEK - Lily of the Valley
45036: SHEA, RALPH A. - Doll Mark Clues
44817: SHEA, JOHN GERALD - Colonial Furniture Making for Everybody
44819: SHEA, JOHN GERALD - Plywood Working for Everybody
27576: SHEARER, CYNTHIA - The Wonder Book of the Air
35743: SHEARING, JOSEPH - ?the Golden Violet : The Story of a Lady Novelist. Foreword by Sinclair Lewis
39639: SHEARS, W. S. - The Face of England : A Book of the Shires and Counties
015694: SHEDD, SOLON - Bibliography of the Geology of Mineral Resources of California to December 31, 1930
008477: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Thomas Jefferson, Father of Democracy Landmark Books 36
012258: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Personal History
29616: SHEEAN, VINCENT - This House Against This House
29617: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Between the Thunder and the Sun
33450: SHEEAN, VINCENT - San Felice
35727: SHEEAN, VINCENT - A Day of Battle
35728: SHEEAN, VINCENT - San Felice
35745: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Between the Thunder and the Sun
35746: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Not Peace But a Sword.
43729: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Dorothy and Red
013328: SHEED, WILFRID - Clare Boothe Luce
33515: SHEED, WILFRID - Frank and Maisie : A Memoir with Parents
42960: SHEEDY, JACK & COOGAN, JIM - Cape Cod Companion : The History and Mystery of Old Cape Cod
21547: SHEEHY, GAIL - Understanding Men's Passages : Discovering the New Map of Men's Lives
30105: SHEEHY, TERENCE J. - Ireland. Foreword by William Macquitty.
30729: SHEEHY, GAIL. - Pathfinders.
32879: SHEFF, ALEXANDER L. - Bookkeeping Made Easy, by Alexander L. Sheff
37457: SHEIKH, M. SAEED - A Dictionary of Muslim Philosophy
009018: SHELBY, PHILIP - Last Rights
003890: SHELDEN, MICHAEL - Friends of Promise: Cyril Connolly and the World of Horizon
34659: SHELDON, SIDNEY - Master of the Game
35748: SHELDON, SIDNEY - Master of the Game
35757: SHELDON, DOUGLAS - The Rainbow Men
35758: SHELDON, SIDNEY - Rage of Angels Sheldon Continuity Series
35759: SHELDON, SIDNEY - The Sands of Time
35760: SHELDON, SIDNEY - Windmills of the Gods
39970: SHELDON, ELISABETH - Time and the Gardener: Writings on a Lifelong Passion
41774: SHELDON, CHARLES MONROE - The Heart of the World; a Story of Christian Socialism
44691: SHELDON, WALTER J. - Boating without Going Broke, [by] Walter J. Sheldon
40604: SHELDRAKE, RUPERT - Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home : And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals
23911: SHELLABARGER, SAMUEL - Lord Chesterfield and His World
35801: SHELLABARGER, SAMUEL - Tolbecken
35816: SHELLABARGER, SAMUEL - Lord Vanity
003209: SHELLEY, HENRY C - Literary by-Paths in Old England
28841: SHELLEY, HENRY CHARLES - Untrodden English Ways, by Henry C. Shelley... With Four Full-Page Plates in Colour, and Illustrations from Drawings by H.C. Colby and from Photographs by the Author
37875: SHELTON, FERNE - Colonial Treasure Cookbook. Special Time-Tester Recipes from Early America
27833: SHENK, DAVID & SILBERMAN, STEVE - Skeleton Key : A Dictionary for Deadheads
473: SHENTON, EDWARD - Riders of the Winds, with Drawings by the Author.
012341: SHEPARD, TAZEWELL - John F. Kennedy: Man of the Sea. Introduction by Edward M. Kennedy
25145: SHEPARD, BIRSE - Lore of the Wreckers
28158: SHEPARD, JUDITH - Seascapes. Poems by Judith Shepard; Photographs by Rameshwar Das.
35725: SHEPARD, ODELL & WILLARD - Jenkins’ Ear; a Narrative Attributed to Horace Walpole, Esq. , by Odell Shepard & Willard Shepard
28466: SHEPHEARD, PAUL - Artificial Love : A Story of Machines and Architecture
013584: SHEPHERD, JACK - The Adams Chronicles: Four Generations of Greatness. Introduction by Daniel J. Boorstin
23134: SHEPHERD, NAOMI - Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem
24024: SHEPHERD, JACK - The Adams Chronicles : Four Generations of Greatness
43528: SHEPHERD, THOMAS H. (THOMAS HOSMER) - Metropolitan Improvements; or, London in the Nineteenth Century: Displayed in a Series of Engravings of the New Buildings, Improvements, &C. , by the Most Eminent Artists, from Original Drawings... By Thos. H. Shepherd... With Historical, Topographical, and Critical Illus. By James Elmes
35791: SHEPPARD, STEPHEN - The Four Hundred : A Novel
005011: SHER, ANTONY - Middlepost
22745: SHERATON, MIMI - Visions of Sugarplums : A Cookbook of Cakes, Cookies, Candies & Confections from All the Countries That Celebrate Christmas
39282: SHERATON, MIMI - Visions of Sugarplums : A Cookbook of Cakes, Cookies, Candies, & Confections from All the Countries That Celebrate Christmas
015456: SHERBURNE, JAMES - Death's Pale Horse: A Novel of Murder in Saratoga in the 1880's
44181: SHERE, LINDSEY REMOLIF - Chez Panisse Desserts by Lindsey Remolif Shere ; Preface by Alice Waters ; Illustrations by Wayne Thiebaud
015769: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The Rivals. With an Introduction by Brander Matthews
44134: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The School for Scandal & the Rivals... With Introduction by Augustine Birrell, Q.C. , M.P. And Illustrations by Edmund J. Sullivan
35762: SHERIDAN, ANNE-MARIE - Summoned to Darkness
39046: SHERIDAN, COSY - Anthymn
39521: SHERIDAN, FRANCES CHAMBERLAINE - The Discovery; a Comedy in Five Acts, Written by Mrs. Frances Sheridan, Adapted for the Modern Stage by Aldous Huxley
41130: SHERIDAN, PHILIP - Late and Early Joys at the Players’ Theatre. Illustrated by Reginald Woolley, with a Foreword by Dame Sybil Thorndike
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44125: SLOANE, MARY COLE - The Visual in Metaphysical Poetry
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005424: SPECTOR, BENJAMIN - A History of Tufts College Medical School, Prepared for Its Semi-Centennial, 1893-1943
013080: SPECTOR, RONALD - Admiral of the New Empire. The Life and Career of George Dewey
29274: SPECTOR, RONALD H. - Eagle Against the Sun : The American War with Japan
25380: SPECTRE, PETER H. - A Passage in Time: Along the Coast of Maine by Schooner
26040: SPECTRE, PETER H. - Different Waterfronts: Stories from the Wooden Boat Revival
26525: SPECTRE, PETER H. & PUTZ, GEORGE, EDS. - Marine Art Clipbook
44669: SPECTRE, PETER H. & LARKIN, DAVID - A Goodly Ship : The Building of the Susan Constant [by] Peter H. Spectre, David Larkin ; Principal Photography by Paul Rocheleau.
7544: SPEER, ALBERT - Inside the Third Reich, Memoirs by Albert Speer
39269: SPEIRS, JOHN - John Speirs' the Night Before Christmas : A Look-and-Find Book A Golden look-look book
018392: SPEISER, WERNER - The Art of China: Spirit and Society
002913: SPELLMAN, FRANCIS J - Action This Day: Letters from the Fighting Fronts
002914: SPELLMAN, FRANCIS J - No Greater Love: The Story of Our Soldiers
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25756: SPENCE, BILL - Harpooned: The Story of Whaling
36204: SPENCE, HARTZELL - Bride of the Conqueror, a Novel
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010405: SPENCER, HERBERT - The Data of Ethics
010406: SPENCER, HERBERT - The Data of Ethics
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012857: SPENCER, HERBERT - Education: Intellectual, Moral, and Physical
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36205: SPENCER, ELIZABETH - Jack of Diamonds : And Other Stories
36206: SPENCER, SCOTT - Secret Anniversaries
36680: SPENCER-FLEMING, JULIA - All Mortal Flesh
38510: SPENCER, J. W. - Dr. Nansen's "Bathymetrical Features of the North Polar Sea, with a Discussion of the Continental Shelves and the Previous Oscillations of the Shore-Line. " Reviewed by J.W. Spencer
38511: SPENCER, J. W. - Prof. Hull's "Sub-Oceanic Terraces and River Valleys of the Coast of Europe" Reviewed by J.W. Spencer
41601: SPENCER, CLAIRE - Gallows Orchard
44486: SPENCER, EVERETT R - A Society of Physicians : An Account of the Activities of the Members of the Massachusetts Medical Society, 1923-1981
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24230: SPENDER, STEPHEN - Trial of a Judge: A Tragedy in Five Acts
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41288: SPENSER, EDMUND - Selected Poetry Modern library giants ; G91
016396: SPERANSKY, JULIA CANTACUZENE, N‚E GRANT - Revolutionary Days, Including Passages from My Life Here and There, 1876-1917. Edited by Terence Emmons Lakeside Classics 97
015343: SPERBER, A. M. (ANN M.) - Murrow: His Life and Times
30996: SPERBER, A. M. (ANN M.) - Murrow: His Life and Times
013298: SPERLING, VERONICA & CROXFORD, BARBARA, EDS. - Salads and Summer Dishes
013299: SPERLING, VERONICA & CROXFORD, BARBARA, EDS. - Cooking with Herbs and Spices
007356: SPERRY, ARMSTRONG - All About the Arctic and Antarctic
008478: SPERRY, ARMSTRONG - John Paul Jones Fighting Sailor
009601: SPERRY, ARMSTRONG - All About the Jungle
016134: SPERRY, ARMSTRONG - River of the West: The Story of the Boston Men
27440: SPICE ISLANDS HOME ECONOMICS STAFF - The Spice Island Cookbook
013216: SPICER, MICHAEL - Cotswold Manners : An English Countryside Mystery
36207: SPICER, BART - Brother to the Enemy
40121: SPICKER, MAX - Songs of Germany; Eighty-One German Folk- and Popular Songs
21663: SPIEGELMAN, ART - Maus: A Survivor's Tale. My Father Bleeds History
43243: SPIEGELMAN, PETER - Red Cat
36225: SPIELMANN, M. H. (MARION HARRY) & LAYARD, GEORGE SOMES - Kate Greenaway, by M.H. Spielmann and G.S. Layard.
43258: SPIELMANN, M. H. (MARION HARRY) AND OTHERS - John Ruskin As an Artist [and Three Other Articles on Ruskin Removed from Various Periodicals]
31325: SPIERS, GEORGE - The Wavertree; Being an Account of an Ocean Wanderer and Particularly of a Voyage Around the Horn in 1907-1908, from the Narrative of Captain George Spiers. With a Foreword by Alan Villiers.
26619: SPIES, M. H. - Veteran Steamers: A Story of the Preservation of Steamships
016247: SPIESS, GERRY WITH MARLIN BREE - Alone Against the Atlantic
84: SPILLANE, MICKEY - The Girl Hunters
005903: SPILLANE, MICKEY - The Killing Man
34526: SPILLANE, MICKEY - I, the Jury
35997: SPILLANE, MICKEY - The Snake
35998: SPILLANE, MICKEY - The Last Cop out
45109: SPILLANE, MICHEY - My Gun Is Quick Signet 791
44375: SPINDLER, KONRAD - The Man in the Ice : The Discovery of a 5,000-Year-Old Body Reveals the Secrets of the Stone Age [by] Konrad Spindler and a Team of International Scientists ; [Translated from the German by Ewald Osers].
40582: SPINGARN, PHILLIDA - Willow Patterns Stone Soup Chapbooks / 7
012763: SPINOZA, BENEDICT DE - The Philosophy of... Tranlated from the Latin by R.H. M. Elwes. With an Introduction by Frank Sewall
21486: SPIRO, MELFORD E. - Kibbutz: Venture in Utopia
43802: SPITZ, BOB - Dearie : The Remarkable Life of Julia Child
38765: SPITZ, BOB - The Beatles : The Biography
010703: SPOCK, BENJAMIN & MORGAN, MARY - Spock on Spock: A Memoir of Growing Up with the Century
018201: SPOFFORD, AINSWORTH R., EDITOR - An American Almanac and Treasury of Facts, Statistical, Financial, and Political for the Year 1878
36213: SPOFFORD, HARRIET PRESCOTT - The Elder's People
32297: SPOONER, RUTH HOPKINS - Lasell's First Century 1851 - 1951
41826: SPOONER, HENRY JOHN - Wealth from Waste, Elimination of Waste a World Problem, by Henry J. Spooner... With a Foreword by the Rt. Hon. Lord Leverhulme
37949: SPORTING NEWS - Baseball : A Doubleheader Collection of Facts, Feats & Firsts

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