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42706: ROSENBLATT, JULIA C. & SONNENSCHMIDT, FREDERIC H. - Dining with Sherlock Holmes : A Baker Street Cookbook [Compiled by] Julia Carlson Rosenblatt and Frederic H. Sonnenschmidt
43800: ROSENBLUM, MORT - A Goose in Toulouse : And Other Culinary Adventures in France
45172: ROSENBLUM, MORT - Olives : Life and Lore of the Noble Fruit
013170: ROSENFELD, LULLA - Death and the I Ching: A Mystery Novel
26722: ROSENFELD, LULLA - Bright Star of Exile: Jacob Adler and the Yiddish Theatre
013055: ROSENOW, FRANK - Seagoing Knots
013070: ROSENOW, FRANK - Sailing Craft
016708: ROSENTHAL, HAROLD - Fifty Faces of Football
018583: ROSENTHAL, A. M. & GELB, ARTHUR, EDITORS - The Sophisticated Traveler: Winter, Love It or Leave It
22244: ROSENTHAL, RICHARD - Rookie Cop: Deep Undercover in the Jewish Defense League
46045: ROSENTHAL, AMY KROUSE - Christmas Cookies : Bite-Size Holiday Lessons / Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal ; Illustrated by Jane Dyer
26090: ROSENTHAL, M. L. (MACHA LOUIS) - The Modern Poetic Sequence : The Genius of Modern Poetry
30737: ROSENTHAL, DORIS, COMPILER. - Pertaining to Man; 50 Plates Compiled by Doris Rosenthal.
30738: ROSENTHAL, DORIS, COMPILER. - Pertaining to Birds; 50 Plates Compiled by Doris Rosenthal.
30964: ROSENTHAL, DORIS, COMPILER. - Pertaining to Transportation; 50 Plates Compiled by Doris Rosenthal.
30965: ROSENTHAL, DORIS, COMPILER. - Pertaining to Boats; 50 Plates Compiled by Doris Rosenthal.
31598: ROSENTHAL, SYLVIA DWORSKY - Live High on Low Fat
40743: ROSENTHAL, MICHAEL - Hogarth Chaucer Library of Art Series
44748: ROSETT, JOSHUA - Show and Side Show
33566: ROSKIES, DAVID G. - A Bridge of Longing : The Lost Art of Yiddish Storytelling
17976: ROSNER, PAUL - The Princess and the Goblin
43685: ROSS, MARTIN H - Marrano
008540: ROSS, RHEA BETH - The Bet's on, Lizzie Bingham!
018332: ROSS, ROSA - Beyond Bok Choy: A Cook's Guide to Asian Vegetables
44782: ROSS, CHARLES DEREK - Richard III. [by] Charles Ross
44781: ROSS, CHARLES DEREK - Edward IV . [by] Charles Ross
24871: ROSS, ALAN - Winter Sea. War, Journeys, Writers
28856: ROSS, CORINNE MADDEN - To Market, to Market : Six Walking Tours of the Old and the New Boston
29545: ROSS, COURTNEY - Listen Up : The Lives of Quincy Jones
34746: ROSS WILLIAMSON, HUGH - The Conspirators and the Crown
35336: ROSS, NANCY WILSON - The Return of Lady Brace
35354: ROSS, NANCY WILSON - I, My Ancestor
38275: ROSS, THOMAS - Speech of Hon. Thomas Ross, of Penn'a on the Tariff Question Delivered in the House of Representatives, August 12, 1852
41693: ROSS, JAMES DAVIDSON - Dorothy
40316: ROSS, MAGGIE - Seasons of Death and Life : A Wilderness Memoir
41274: ROSS, ISHBEL - The General’S Wife; the Life of Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant
42501: ROSS, SHELDON M. - A First Course in Probability
012097: ROSSANT, COLETTE - Colette Rossant's After-Five Gourmet
44262: ROSSER, J. BARKLEY (JOHN BARKLEY) - Simplified Independence Proofs; Boolean Valued Models of Set Theory [by] J. Barkley Rosser. Pure and applied mathematics, a series of monographs and textbooks ; v. 31
43171: ROSSETTI, DANTE GABRIEL - Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti to William Allingham, 1854-1870, by George Birkbeck Hill
22288: ROSSITER, WILLIAM S., EDITOR - Days and Ways in Old Boston
008868: ROSSNER, JUDITH - Olivia; or, the Weight of the Past
010246: ROSSNER, JUDITH - 37469
35337: ROSSNER, JUDITH - Attachments
35338: ROSSNER, JUDITH - August
35349: ROSSNER, JUDITH - August
35353: ROSSNER, JUDITH - Looking for Mr. Goodbar
27400: ROSSO, JULEE & LUKINS, SHEILA. - The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook.
43092: ROSTAND, ROBERT - Viper's Game
23863: ROSTAND, EDMOND - Cyrano de Bergerac, a Heroic Comedy in 5 Acts
010762: ROSTEN, LEO - People I Have Loved, Known or Admired
011615: ROSTEN, LEO (LEONARD Q. ROSS) - The Return of H*Y*M*a*N K*a*P*L*a*N
35339: ROSTOV, MARA - Eroica : A Novel
41735: ROTH, CECIL - Ancient Aliyot
43708: ROTH, HARRIET - Harriet Roth's Deliciously Healthy Jewish Cooking : 350 New Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol, Low-Sodium Recipes for the Holidays and Every Day
1564: ROTH, PHILIP - Zuckerman Unbound
005378: ROTH, HAL - Two Against Cape Horn
006863: ROTH, PHILIP - Deception
011922: ROTH, HAL - Two on a Big Ocean. The Story of the First Circumnavigation of the Pacific Basin in a Small Sailing Ship
012933: ROTH, HENRY - Call It Sleep. With an Afterword by Walter Allen
013839: ROTH, PHILIP - Letting Go
016146: ROTH, HAL - After 50,000 Miles
016747: ROTH, SUSAN L. - Another Christmas
22631: ROTH, PHILIP - The Breast
23364: ROTH, JUNE - Salt Free Cooking with Herbs and Spices
24363: ROTH, JUNE - The Galley Cookbook
25555: ROTH, JOHN K. - Problems of the Philosophy of Religion [by] John K. Roth Chandler publications in philosophy. Problems of philosophy: a Chandler series
27268: ROTH, JUNE - June Roth's Fast and Fancy Cookbook
35341: ROTH, PHILIP - My Life As a Man
35342: ROTH, PHILIP - Sabbath's Theater
35343: ROTH, PHILIP - The Professor of Desire
35348: ROTH, PHILIP - The Professor of Desire
35352: ROTH, PHILIP - My Life As a Man
35355: ROTH, PHILIP - Our Gang
36579: ROTH, PHILIP - The Professor of Desire
37444: ROTH, PHILIP - The Professor of Desire
37767: ROTH, JUNE - Thousand Calorie Cook Book
38296: ROTH, SAMUEL - Typed Letter Sigined to Orrick Johns Warmed by His Appreciation of Lancelot and the Work of Edward A. Robinson
39268: ROTH, SUSAN L. - Another Christmas
39383: ROTH, CECIL - A Short History of the Jewish People. Illustrated Revised and Enlarged.
39384: ROTH, CECIL - A Short History of the Jewish People. Revised and Enlarged Illustrated Edition
43464: ROTH, PHILIP - The Professor of Desire
41082: ROTH, D. LUTHER (DAVID LUTHER) - Acadie and the Acadians
17929: ROTHA, PAUL - Documentary Film
43623: ROTHAMEL, SUSAN PICKERING - The Art of Paper Collage
21483: ROTHCHILD, SYLVIA - A Special Legacy : An Oral History of Soviet Jewish Emigrés in the United States
29434: ROTHENBERG, POLLY - The Complete Book of Ceramic Art
41942: ROTHENBERG, BENNO - Were These King Solomon's Mines? : Excavations in the Timna Valley New aspects of archaeology
25165: ROTHENSTEIN, WILLIAM - Men and Memories : Recollections of William Rothenstein
006454: ROTHERY, AGNES - South America: The West Coast and the East
33280: ROTHERY, AGNES - Finland, the New Nation
28773: RÖTHLISBERGER, PETER W., EDITOR - Bergbahnen Der Schweiz; Eine Allgemeinverständliche Darstellung Der Technischen Und Wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung Der Zahnradbahnen, Standseilbahnen, Luftseilbahnen, Sessel- Und Skilifte IM Klassischen Land Der Bergbahnen Und Des Fremdenverkehrs.
29272: ROTHSCHILD, ROBERT - Peace for Our Time
43695: ROTHSCHILD, NORMAN - Making Slide Duplicates, Titles & Filmstrips
004916: ROTHSTEIN, ARTHUR - Color Photography Now
26132: ROUBÍCKOVÁ, EVA MÁNDLOVÁ - We'Re Alive and Life Goes on : A Theresienstadt Diary
42450: ROUFF, MARCEL - The Passionate Epicure... Translated by Claude with a Preface by Lawrence Durrell. Illustrated by Charles Mozley
005170: ROUGHLEY, T. C. - Wonders of the Great Barrier Reef
45644: ROUSMANIERE, JOHN, ED. - Desirable and Undesirable Characteristics of Offshore Yachts by the Technical Committee of the Cruising Club of America ; Edited by John Rousmaniere ; Illustrated by Stephen L. Davis.
016004: ROUSSEAU, ANN MARIE - Shopping Bag Ladies: Homeless Women Speak About Their Lives. Preface by Alix Kates Shulman
016005: ROUSSEAU, ANN MARIE - Shopping Bag Ladies: Homeless Women Speak About Their Lives. Preface by Alix Kates Shulman
23862: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES - The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau
24454: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES - The Confessions of... Now First Completely Done Into Englsih Prose by W. Conyngham Mallory with Etchings Drawn and Engraved by Edmond Hédouin Bibliophilist's Library, vol. 7-8
34615: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES - Letters on the Elements of Botany, Addressed to a Lady. Translated Into English, with Notes and Twenty-Four Additional Letters Fully Explaining the System of Linnaeus Thomas Martyn...
39388: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES - Esprit, Maximes, Et Principes de M. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, de Genève
003960: ROUX, JEANNE & GEORGES - Greece. Translated by Lionel and Miriam Kochan
23468: ROVIN, JEFF. - The Great Television Series
35344: ROVIT, EARL H. - Crossings [by] Earl Rovit
27127: ROWE, JOSIAH P - Letters from a World War I Aviator
29154: ROWE, HARRY - Rowe's Bookkeeping and Accountancy. Abridged Text.
35346: ROWE, JOHN - Long Live the King : A Novel
39915: ROWE, ELIZABETH - Devout Exercises of the Heart, in Meditation and Soliloquy, Prayer and Praise by the Late Pious and Ingenious Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe ; Reviewed and Published at Her Request by Isaac Watts
006769: ROWE, HENRIETTA GOULD - Re-Told Tale of the Hills and Shores of Maine
004029: ROWLAND, BENJAMIN - Drawings of the Masters: Cave to Renaissance
26507: ROWLAND, K. T. - Steam at Sea: A History of Steam Navigation
40778: ROWLAND, BENJAMIN - Cave to Renaissance, Text by Benjamin Rowland, Jr Drawings of the masters series
40725: ROWLAND, TOM - Restoring and Renovating Antique Furniture
28954: ROWLANDS, SAMUEL - The Bride. Reprinted for the First Time from a Copy of the Original Edition of 1617 in the Library of Harvard College. With an Introductory Note by Alfred Claghorn Potter.
44549: ROWLEY, HUGH - Puniana: Or, Thoughts Wise or Other-Wise
40633: ROWLING, J. K. - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
44009: ROWLING, J. K. - The Casual Vacancy
31384: ROWNTREE, JOHN WILHELM - Palestine Notes and Other Papers
011383: ROWSE, A. L. ( ALFRED LESLIE ), ED. - Shakespeare's Self-Portrait: Passages from His Work
015914: ROWSE, A. L. - The Early Churchills: An English Family
018333: ROWSE, A. L. (ALFRED LESLIE) - Four Caroline Portraits: Thomas Hobbes, Henry Marten, Hugh Peters, John Selden
37815: ROWSE, A. L. (ALFRED LESLIE) - The Tower of London in the History of England [by] A.L. Rowse
010166: ROY, LILLIAN ELIZABETH - Little Woodcrafter's Book
011295: ROY, LILLIAN ELIZABETH - Five Little Starrs on a Canal Boat
35358: ROY, GABRIELLE - The Tin Flute
35409: ROY, GABRIELLE - The Tin Flute
36168: ROY, ARUNDHATI - The God of Small Things
45860: ROY, GEORGE - Scotch Stories and Lectures : Humorous and Amusing
41563: ROY, LILLIAN ELIZABETH - Five Little Starrs on a Canal Boat
26500: ROYAL CRUISING CLUB - Far Horizons. A Celebration of Cruising Under Sail
27745: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 87, Nos. 1-6, Jan. -June 1936
27748: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 90, Nos. 1-6, July-Dec. 1937
27754: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 96, Nos. 1-6, July-Dec. 1940
27755: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 97, Nos. 1, 3, 6, Jan. , Mar. , June 1941
27756: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 98, Nos. 1-6, July-Dec. 1941
27757: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 99, Nos. 1-6, Jan. -June 1942
27758: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 100, Nos. 1-6, July-Dec. 1942
27759: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 101, Nos. 1, 3-6, Jan. -June 1943
27760: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 102, Nos. 1-6, July-Dec. 1943
27761: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 103, Nos. 1-6, Jan. -June 1944
27762: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 104, Nos. 1-6, July-Dec. 1944
27764: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 106, Nos. 1-6, July-Dec. 1945
27765: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 107, Nos. 1-6, Jan. -June 1946
27767: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 109, Nos. 1-6, Jan. -June 1947
27769: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 111, Nos. 1-6, Jan. -June 1948
27771: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 113, Jan. -June 1949
27772: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 114, Nos. 1-6, July-Dec. 1949
27773: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 115, Nos. 1-6, Jan. -June 1950
27776: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 118, Nos. 1-4, Mar. -Dec. 1952
27777: ROYAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY, LONDON - The Geographical Journal, V. 118, Nos. 1-2, Mar. -June 1953
35189: ROYAL SOCIETY (GREAT BRITAIN) - Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, Volume 29, 1983
34406: ROYCEMORE SCHOOL, EVANSTON, ILLINOIS - The Griffin, Vol. 24, 1941
37445: ROYKO, MIKE - Like I Was Sayin'...
015783: ROYLE, EDWIN MILTON - The Silent Call
22245: ROZAN, S. J. - Reflecting the Sky
41296: ROZANOW, ZOFIA & SMULIKOWSKA, EWA - The Cultural Heritage of Jasna Góra... With an Introd. By Wladyslaw Tomkiewicz ; and Photos. By Jan Michlewski and Janusz Rosikón
37590: ROZENS, ALEKSANDRS - The Story of the Three Little Kittens
014309: RUBENSTEIN, HAL - Paisley Goes with Nothing: A Man's Guide to Style
7853: RUBIN, LILLIAN B - Quiet Rage: Bernie Goetz in a Time of Madness
010568: RUBIN, WILLIAM, ED. - Picasso and Portraiture: Representation and Transformation
014182: RUBIN, LARRY - All My Mirrors Lie
015250: RUBIN, LOUIS D - George W. Cable: The Life and Times of a Southern Heretic
26941: RUBIN, JEROME - Old Boston Fare in Food & Pictures
28867: RUBIN, LOUIS D. - The Even-Tempered Angler; Being a Treatise in Praise of the Fine Art of Bottom Fishing Together with Remarks on... Fisherman & Fishing
40201: RUBIN, LEON - The Nicholas Nickleby Story : The Making of the Historic Royal Shakespeare Company Production
002971: RUBINSTEIN, PAUL - Feasts for Two : A Cookbook of Menus and Recipes for Fifty Fabulous Meals
018368: RUBINSTEIN, HELGE - The Ultimate Chocolate Cake and 110 Other Chocolate Indulgences
2028: RUBINSTEIN, ARTUR - My Young Years
1818: RUDKIN, MARGARET - The Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook
014138: RUDKIN, MARGARET - The Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook
28560: RUDKIN, MARGARET - The Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook
43027: RUDKIN, MARGARET - The Margaret Rudkin Pepperidge Farm Cookbook
17743: RUDNER, RITA - Naked Beneath My Clothes: Tales of a Revealing Nature
25820: RUDOLPH, WOLFGANG - Sailor Souvenirs : Stoneware, Faiences and Porcelain of Three Centuries
27925: RUDOLPH, WOLFGANG - Boats - Rafts - Ships
35385: RUELL, PATRICK - Dream of Darkness : A Novel of Suspense
2172: RUFFA, ANTHONY R. - Darwinism and Determinism: The Role of Direction in Evolution
41383: RUGGIERO, JOSEPH - Found Objects : A Style and Source Book
012216: RUGGLES, ELEANOR - Prince of Players, Edwin Booth
28527: RUGGLES, JOANNE & PHILIP. - Darkroom Graphics: Creative Techniques for Photographers and Artists.
012621: RUGOFF, MILTON - The Beechers: An American Family in the Nineteenth Century
44910: RUHEMANN, HELMUT & KEMP, ELLEN M. - The Artist at Work
009979: RUHEN, OLAF - Land of Dahori: Tales of New Guinea
29825: RUHEN, OLAF - This Is Australia
43544: RUITENBEEK, HENDRIK MARINUS, ED. - The First Freudians
013390: RUIZ, JUAN - The Book of Good Love of the Archpriest of Hita, Juan Ruiz. Translated Into English by Elisha K. Kane
33328: RUKEYSER, LOUIS - Louis Rukeyser's Business Almanac
7852: RULE, ANN - If You Really Loved Me; a True Story of Desire and Murder
41875: RULE, ANN - Bitter Harvest : A Woman's Fury, a Mother's Sacrifice
29199: RUMER, THOMAS A. - The American Legion : An Official History, 1919-1989
33567: RUMPF, GEORG EBERHARD - Rumphius’ Orchids : Orchid Texts from the Ambonese Herbal / Georgius Everhardus Rumphius ; Translated, Edited, Annotated, and with an Introduction by E.M. Beekman.
34528: RUNES, DAGOBERT D. - On the Nature of Man, an Essay in Primitive Philosophy
40809: RUNES, DAGOBERT D. & SCHRICKEL, HARRY G. - Encyclopedia of the Arts
35401: RUNKLE, BERTHA - The Helmet of Navarre
015219: RUNYON, DAMON - Take It Easy
008577: RUOFF, GENE W - Wordsworth and Coleridge: The Making of the Major Lyrics, 1802-1804
016308: RUSCHAK, LYNETTE - Nature by the Numbers: With Pop-Up Surprises
23133: RUSH, GEORGE - Confessions of an Ex-Secret Service Agent : The Marty Venker Story
30126: RUSH, RICHARD H. - Antiques an an Investment.
44259: RUSH, RICHARD H. - Antiques an an Investment
37866: RUSH, EVA - The Sweet Touch in Family Cooking
008321: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Satanic Verses
33311: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Fury
35387: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Moor's Last Sigh
35673: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - The Jaguar Smile : A Nicaraguan Journey
35674: RUSHDIE, SALMAN - Fury
45913: RUSHER, WILLIAM A - Special Counsel, by William A. Rusher
43063: RUSHKOFF, DOUGLAS - Cyberia : Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace
016520: RUSHMORE, HELEN - Chief Takes over
42661: RUSK, JOHN - The Beautiful Life and Illustrious Reign of Queen Victoria
928: RUSKIN, JOHN - Verona and Other Lectures
26663: RUSKIN, ARIANE - Nineteenth Century Art, Adapted by Ariane Ruskin. Foreword by Howard Conant Discovering art series
41572: RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River; Illustrated by Fritz Kredel. Introduction by May Lamberton Becker
010577: RUSSEL, MYRA TEICHER - James Joyce's Chamber Music: The Lost Song Settings. Edited and with an Introduction by Myra Teicher Russel [Composed by Geoffrey Molyneux Palmer]
43476: RUSSELL, FRANCIS - A City in Terror, 1919 : The Boston Police Strike
61: RUSSELL, WILLIAM - Extraordinary Men: Their Boyhood and Early Life
004250: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - The Autobiography of... , 1872-1914
006585: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Dictionary of Mind, Matter and Morals. Edited, with an Introduction by Lester E. Denonn
007123: RUSSELL, FRANKLIN - The Secret Islands
007186: RUSSELL, HENRY B - Man Proposes
010785: RUSSELL, GREG - Hans J. Morgenthau and the Ethics of American Statecraft
011713: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Philosophy
013998: RUSSELL, WILLIAM - The History of Modern Europe, Particularly France, England, and Scotland; with a View of the Progress of Society...
22584: RUSSELL, CHARLES EDWARD - Julia Marlowe, Her Life and Art
24533: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - Wisdom of the West
31478: RUSSELL, FRANCIS - A City in Terror, 1919 : The Boston Police Strike
33568: RUSSELL, PETER E. - Prince Henry the Navigator: A Life
36232: RUSSELL, CHARLES M. (CHARLES MARION) - Good Medicine; Memories of the Real West [by] Charles M. Russell. With an Introduction by Will Rogers and a Biographical Note by Nancy C. Russell
39164: RUSSELL, RALPH & ISLAM, KHURSHIDUL - Three Mughal Poets; Mir, Sauda, Mir Hasan
39553: RUSSELL, DORA - The Tamarisk Tree : My Quest for Liberty and Love
42887: RUSSELL, LINCOLN - Seiji : An Intimate Portrait of Seiji Ozawa
41580: RUSSELL, WILLIAM CLARK - Horatio Nelson and the Naval Supremacy of England by W. Clark Russell, with the Collaboration of William H. Jaques.
43430: RUSSELL, WILLIAM CLARK - The Yarn of Old Harbour Town Heroes of the Nations series
41886: RUSSELL, BERTRAND - The a B C of Relativity, by Bertrand Russell
41086: RUSSELL, MICHAEL - Palestine, or the Holy Land. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time... With a Map and Nine Engravings The Family Library no. 27
42790: RUSSELL, ALAN - The Fat Innkeeper
43989: RUSSELL, FRANCIS - Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill,
30400: RUSSETT, BRUCE M. - What Price Vigilance? the Burdens of National Defense.
24321: RUST, GORDON - Collector's Guide to Antique Porcelain [by] Gordon A. Rust A Studio book
016875: RUSTIN, NICHOLE T. EDITOR - It's a Dog's Life: My Dog
40558: RUTH-SOMMER, HERMANN - Alte Musikinstrumente : Ein Leitfaden Für Sammler
017117: RUTHERFORD, ANDREW - Byron, a Critical Study
22837: RUTHERFORD, MARGOT - Lyle Official Antiques Review, 1983
39154: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - London
39155: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - Sarum : The Novel of England
39156: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - The Forest : A Novel
39157: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - The Princes of Ireland : The Dublin Saga
39158: RUTHERFURD, EDWARD - The Rebels of Ireland : The Dublin Saga
28292: RUTLAND, JONATHAN - All Color World of Ships
014689: RUTLEDGE, NANCY - The Frightened Murderer
018509: RUTLEDGE, LYMAN V - Earth Music
26133: RUTLEDGE, FLEMING - The Bible and the New York Times
37844: RUTLEDGE BOOKS, INC. - Kenmore Microwave Cooking
012830: RUTMAN, ANITA & CLARK, LUCY TRIMBLE, COMPILERS - Oliver Wendell Holmes: A Checklist of Printed and Manuscript Works... In the Library of the University of Virginia
012832: RUTMAN, ANITA & CLARK, LUCY TRIMBLE, COMPILERS - Robinson Jeffers: A Checklist of Printed and Manuscript Works of Robinson Jeffers in the Library of the University of Virginia
17641: RUTTER, VIRGINIA BEANE - Woman Changing Woman: Feminine Psychology Re-Conceived Through Myth and Experience
45568: RUTTMAN, LARRY - Voices of Brookline
25076: RUUD, JOSEPHINE BARTOW & HALL, OLIVE A. - Adult Education for Home and Family Life
007085: RYAN, KATE - Old Boston Museum Days
010110: RYAN, AGNES - A Whisper of Fire
28989: RYAN, MARY - The Promise
33847: RYAN, FRANK - Virus-X : Tracking the New Killer Plagues : Out of the Present and Into the Future
45023: RYAN, BOB - When Boston Won the World Series : A Chronicle of Boston's Remarkable Victory in the First Modern World Series of 1903
34249: RYAN, CORNELIUS - The Longest Day: June 6, 1944
42651: RYAN, WILLIAM - Blaming the Victim
42676: RYAN, WILLIAM - Equality
40430: RYAN, WILL - Northern Pike
014420: RYBCZYNSKI, WITOLD - City Life: Urban Expectations in a New World
31378: RYBCZYNSKI, WITOLD - A Clearing in the Distance : Frederick Law Olmsted and America in the Nineteenth Century
016085: RYHINER, PETER & MANNIX, DANIAL P. - The Wildest Game
016776: RYKWERT, JOSEPH - The Seduction of Place: The City in the Twenty-First Century
46038: SABAR, ARIEL - My Father's Paradise : A Son's Search for His Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq
34246: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Hounds of God, a Romance
34247: SABATINI, RAFAEL - The Lion's Skin
002954: SABBAGH, KARL - Skyscraper
014606: SABIN, EDWIN L. - With George Washington Into the Wilderness
39870: SABINE, JAMES - An Ecclesiastical History from the Commencement of the Christian Era to the Present Time...
23469: SABLJAK, MARK & GREENBERG, MARTIN H. - Most Wanted : A History of the Fbi's Ten Most Wanted List
40369: SABRETACHE - Monarchy and the Chase, by "Sabretache. "
17909: SACCO, NICOLA & VANZETTI, BARTOLOMEO - The Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti. Edited by Marion Denman Frankfurter and Gardner Jackson
004561: SACHAR, HOWARD M - A History of the Jews in American
25077: SACHAR, ABRAM LEON - A Host at Last
25879: SACHAR, ABRAM LEON - A History of the Jews
32671: SACHAR, ABRAM LEON - A Host at Last
42677: SACHAR, LOUIS - Small Steps
017077: SACHAROW, STANLEY - Symbols of Trade: Your Favorite Trademarks and the Companies They Represent
016597: SACHS, HARVEY - Reflections on Toscanini
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012173: SALINGER, PIERRE - With Kennedy
018675: SALINGER, PIERRE - With Kennedy
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44122: SALTER, ELIZABETH - The Last Years of a Rebel; a Memoir of Edith Sitwell
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38230: SANDFORD, PETER P. - An Inquiry Into the Causes of and the Most Likely Means to Remove the Calamity with Which Our City Is Afflicted. Being the Substance of a Serman Preached at Greenwich Village, Septembeer 8, 1822
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013675: SAUL, JOHN - The Presence
013676: SAUL, JOHN - The Right Hand of Evil
26031: SAUL, A. M. KINNERSLEY - Motor Yachting: A Handbook for Yachtsmen
1328: SAUNDERS, FREDERIC - Salad for the Social
2476: SAUNDERS, FREDERIC, SUPPOSED AUTHOR - Salad for the Solitary
014773: SAUNDERS, CHARLES FRANCIS - Trees and Shrubs of California Gardens
29114: SAUNDERS, BEATRICE - Tchehov the Man
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42553: SAVAGE, EDWARD H. (EDWARD HARTWELL) - A Chronological History of the Boston Watch and Police, from 1631 to 1865; Together with the Recollections of a Boston Police Officer...
46299: SAVAGE, SAM L. - The Flaw of Averages : Why We Underestimate Risk in the Face of Uncertainty
33323: SAVAGE, MILDRED - Parrish
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35472: SAVAGE, MILDRED - Parrish
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013211: SAVARIN, JULIAN JAY - Naja
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2050: SAVOY, GENE - On the Trail of the Feathered Serpent
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009893: SAWYER, CORINNE HOLT - The Peanut Butter Murders
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17452: SAWYER, EDITH A - The Way of Um . With Introduction by William Elliot Griffis
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24172: SAXE, JOHN G. - The Money-King and Other Poems
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015505: SAY, PEGGY & KNOBLER, PETER - Forgotten: A Sister's Struggle to Save Terry Anderson, America's Longest-Held Hostage
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42339: SAYRE, THEODORE BURT - The Son of Carleycroft; a Dramatic Romance Being the Memoirs Written by Lorrimer Weatherby...
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015867: SCARNE, JOHN - Scarne's New Complete Guide to Gambling
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24133: SCHAEF, ANNE WILSON - Beyond Therapy, Beyond Science : A New Model for Healing the Whole Person
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40188: SCHAUFFLER, ROBERT HAVEN - Franz Schubert : The Ariel of Music
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45406: SCHEER, ROBERT - With Enough Shovels : Reagan, Bush, and Nuclear War
34534: SCHEFFER, VICTOR B. - The Year of the Whale
43562: SCHEIMANN, EUGENE - Sex Can Save Your Heart and Life
010576: SCHELLINGER, PAUL E., ED. - St. James Guide to Biography
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26026: SCHENLEY PRODUCTS CO. - Schenley Yachting and Trophy Championship Book
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016459: SCHERMAN, KATHERINE - Two Islands: Grand Manan and Sanibel
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23047: SCHERMAN, DAVID E. & REDLICH, ROSEMARIE - Literary American : A Chronicle of American Writers from 1607-1952...
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24529: SCHICKEL, RICHARD - The Stars
43474: SCHIEFFER, BOB - This Just in : What I Couldn't Tell You on Tv
41317: SCHIFF, ZEEV - Intifada : The Palestinian Uprising--Israel's Third Front
013466: SCHIFF, PEARL - Scollay Square
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21529: SCHILDKRAUT, JOSEPH - My Father and I [by] Joseph Schildkraut, As Told to Leo Lania [Pseud. ]
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43611: SCHIMMEL, SOLOMON - The Tenacity of Unreasonable Beliefs : Fundamentalism and the Fear of Truth
004719: SCHINE, CATHLEEN - To the Birdhouse
27072: SCHINNELLER, JAMES A. - Art; Search and Self-Discovery
45531: SCHLAGER, NEIL - St. James Press Gay & Lesbian Almanac
011488: SCHLEE, SUSAN - On Almost Any Wind: The Saga of the Oceanographic Research Vessel Atlantis
38174: SCHLEICHER, ROBERT - Building Plastic Railroad Models
013555: SCHLESINGER, ARTHUR M - Robert Kennedy and His Times
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39399: SCHNECK, B. S. (BENJAMIN SHRODER) - The Burning of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. By Rev. B. Schneck, D.D. , an Eye-Witness and a Sufferer. With Corroborative Statements, from the Rev. J. Clark, Hon. A.K. Mcclure, J. Hoke, Esq. , Rev. B. Bausman, Rev. S.J. Niccolls and J.K. Shryock, Esq. In Letters to a Friend.
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45279: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Der Mörder : Eine Novelle Von Arthur Schnitzler ; Mit 8 Holzschnitten Von Ernst Huber.
33128: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Bertha Garlan Modern Library
35975: SCHNITZLER, ARTHUR - Bertha Garlan Modern Library 39
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010551: SCHOENBRUN, DAVID - The New Israelis
21485: SCHOENBRUN, DAVID - The New Israelis, by David Schoenbrun, with Robert & Lucy Szekely A Report on the First Generation Born in Israel
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31301: SCHOEPFLIN, JOHANN DANIEL - Vindiciæ Typographicæ
014108: SCHOETTLE, EDWIN J., ED. - Sailing Craft: Mostly Descriptive of Smaller Pleasure Sail Boats of the Day. With an Introduction by A. Edward Newton
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40151: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - Out of My Life and Thought: An Autobiography
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45374: SEATTLE, CHIEF - Brother Eagle, Sister Sky : A Message from Chief Seattle / Paintings by Susan Jeffers
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013140: SELLSTEDT, LARS GUSTAF - From Forecastle to Academy: Sailor and Artist
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29450: SHAMES, STEPHEN - Outside the Dream : Child Poverty in America
46289: SHAMOS, MORRIS H. (MORRIS HERBERT) - Great Experiments in Physics
41585: SHAN, DARREN - Cirque Du Freak The saga of Darren Shan ; bk. 1
40540: SHAND-TUCCI, DOUGLASS - Built in Boston : City and Suburb, 1800-1950
26786: SHANE, SYLVAN M. - War Against Time -- Eleven Essays
8100: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Liliane: Resurrection of the Daughter
011947: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - If I Can Cook, You Know God Can. Foreword by Vertamae Grosvenor
018312: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Liliane: Resurrection of the Daughter
007036: SHANK, DOROTHY E. - Magic Chef Cooking
013213: SHANKMAN, SARAH - Now Let's Talk of Graves
28810: SHANKS, MIKE - The Flytier's Craft; a Practical Guide
42154: SHANKS, HERSHEL, EDITOR - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls : A Reader from the Biblical Archaeology Review
26849: SHANN, RENEE - Air Force Girl
005382: SHANNON, ELIZABETH - Up in the Park: The Diary of the Wife of the American Ambassador to Ireland 1977-1981
27795: SHANNON, ELIZABETH - Up in the Park: The Diary of the Wife of the American Ambassador to Ireland 1977-1981
33051: SHANNON, WILLIAM V. - The American Irish
41667: SHANNON, WILLIAM HENRY - Silent Lamp : The Thomas Merton Story
44642: SHANNON, DAVID A - The Decline of American Communism; a History of the Communist Party of the United States Since 1945.
006992: SHAPIRO, DORIS - We Danced All Night; My Life Behind the Scenes with Alan Jay Lerner
35789: SHAPIRO, DANI - Fugitive Blue
35800: SHAPIRO, LIONEL - The Sixth of June
35807: SHAPIRO, LIONEL - Torch for a Dark Journey
39252: SHAPIRO, BARBARA STERN - Edgar Degas; the Reluctant Impressionist, by Barbara S. Shapiro. [Exhibition: June 20-September 1, 1974]
39701: SHAPIRO, BARBARA J. - John Wilkins, 1614-1672; an Intellectual Biography [by] Barbara J. Shapiro
43992: SHAPIRO, IRWIN - The Story of Yankee Whaling, by the Editors of American Heritage. Narrative by Irwin Shapiro, in Consultation with Edouard A. Stackpole American heritage junior library
22252: SHAPIRO, JANE - The Dangerous Husband : A Novel
35802: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - A Corner of the World
012860: SHARAF, MYRON - Fury on Earth: A Biography of Wilhelm Reich
007357: SHARIN, EUGEN - The Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor
7812: SHARKEY, JOE - Deadly Greed: The Riveting True Story of the Stuart Murder Case That Rocked Boston and Shocked the Nation
43857: SHARKEY, LEE - First Moments
018482: SHARON, ARIEL & CHANOFF, DAVID - Warrior: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon
41105: SHARON, ARIEL & CHANOFF, DAVID - Warrior: The Autobiography of Ariel Sharon
004015: SHARP, DALLAS LORE - The Seer of Slabsides
014998: SHARP, MORRIE L. & COLLINS, DEAN, EDS. - Roses Illustrated and How to Grow Them
26255: SHARP, DALLAS LORE - Where Rolls the Oregon, by Dallas Lore Sharp; with Illustrations from Photographs
42545: SHARP, MARGERY - Cluny Brown
42546: SHARP, MARGERY - The Gypsy in the Parlour
35744: SHARP, DALLAS LORE - The Better Country
37921: SHARP ELECTRONICS - Sharp Carousel Microwave Cook Book
39278: SHARP, EVELYN - The Child’S Christmas with Text by Evelyn Sharp ; Pictured by Charles Robinson.
45260: SHARP, CECIL J. (CECIL JAMES) & REEVES, JAMES - The Idiom of the People; English Traditional Verse. Edited with an Introd. And Notes from the Mss. Of Cecil J. Sharp [by] James Reeves.
35741: SHARP, MARGERY - Cluny Brown
008695: SHATNER, WILLIAM - Star Trek Memories
011255: SHATTUCK, GEORGE CHEEVER - Diseases of the Tropics
23471: SHATZKIN, LEONARD - In Cold Type : Overcoming the Book Crisis
44226: SHAW, BERNARD - Major Barbara... With Illustrations from the Motion Picture As Produced by Gabriel Pascal
40925: SHAW, DAVID W - Sea Wolf of the Confederacy: The Daring CIVIL War Raids of Naval Lt. Charles W. Read
1316: SHAW, CHARLES - A Topographical and Historical Description of Boston from the First Settlement of the Town to the Present Period . .
002849: SHAW, BERNARD - The Apple Cart: A Politcal Extravaganza
003269: SHAW, BERNARD - The Adventures of a Black Girl in Her Search for God
003335: SHAW, BERNARD - The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism
009409: SHAW, IRWIN & SEARLE, RONALD - Paris! Paris!
012168: SHAW, GEORGE RUSSELL - Knots Useful and Ornamental
44138: SHAW, BERNARD - Caesar and Cleopatra [by Bernard Shaw] Antony and Cleopatra [by William Shakespeare. With Photos. From the Productions Starring Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh]
015729: SHAW, IRWIN - The Troubled Air
016165: SHAW, FRANK H. - With Jellicoe in the North Sea
21711: SHAW, IRWIN - God Was Here But He Left Early
22073: SHAW, MARK - The John F. Kennedys A Family Album
22583: SHAW, LLOYD - Cowboy Dances. A Collection of Western Square Dances. With a Foreword by Sherwood Anderson. Appendix Cowboy Dance Tunes Arranged by Frederick Knorr
23903: SHAW, BERNARD - Man and Superman
24239: SHAW, REUBEN COLE - Across the Plains in Forty-Nine. Edited by Milo Milton Quaife Lakeside Classics 46
25124: SHAW, BERNARD - Two Plays for Puritans
27910: SHAW, DIANA - Almost Vegetarian: A Primer for Cooks Who Are Eating Vegetarian Most of the Time, Chicken & Fish Some of the Time & Altogether Well All of the Time
29121: SHAW, JOHN - Red Army Resurgent World War II
29752: SHAW, LLOYD - Cowboy Dances : A Collection of Western Square Dances ; with a Foreword by Sherwood Anderson. Appendix, Cowboy Dance Tunes Arr. By Frederick Knorr.
44119: SHAW, BERNARD - The Perfect Wagnerite : A Commentary on the Niblung's Ring. Illustrations by Julio Fernandez
33160: SHAW, BERNARD - The Apple Cart : A Political Extravaganza
42976: SHAW, ALISON & HOUGH, HENRY BEETLE - Remembrance and Light : Images of Martha's Vineyard. Photography Alison Shaw, Text Henry Beetle Hough. Foreword by James Reston
35492: SHAW, IRWIN - Beggarman, Thief
35738: SHAW, IRWIN - Bread Upon the Waters
35742: SHAW, LAU - Rickshaw Boy
35755: SHAW, IRWIN - The Top of the Hill
35756: SHAW, IRWIN - Two Weeks in Another Town
36584: SHAW, BERNARD - Saint Joan : A Chronicle Play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue
37466: SHAW, BERNARD - Don Juan in Hell from Man and Superman... Illustrated with Photographs from the Paul Gregory Production
38844: SHAW, BERNARD - Man and Superman
42197: SHAW, BERNARD - Sixteen Self Sketches
44221: SHAW, BERNARD - Heartbreak House, Great Catherine, and Playlets of the War
44225: SHAW, BERNARD - Androcles and the Lion, Overruled, Pygmalion
44224: SHAW, BERNARD - Back to Methuselah : A Metabiological Pentateuch
44222: SHAW, BERNARD - Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant
44223: SHAW, BERNARD - Misalliance, the Dark Lady of the Sonnets, and Fanny's First Play. With a Treatise on Parents and Children
44227: SHAW, BERNARD & SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Caesar and Cleopatra [by Bernard Shaw] Antony and Cleopatra [by William Shakespeare. With Photos. From the Productions Starring Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh]
44232: SHAW, BERNARD - Shaw: An Autobiography; Selected from His Writings by Stanley Weintraub
23176: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - The Quality of Mercy : Cambodia, Holocaust, and Modern Conscience
018686: SHAY, EDITH & SMITH, KATHERINE [DOS PASSOS] - The Private Adventure of Captain Shaw
31030: SHAY, FRANK - Murder on Cape Cod
41121: SHCHARANSKY, ANATOLY - Fear No Evil
013042: SHEA, MICHAEL - Maritime England
22253: SHEA, SUZANNE STREMPEK - Lily of the Valley
45036: SHEA, RALPH A. - Doll Mark Clues
44817: SHEA, JOHN GERALD - Colonial Furniture Making for Everybody
44819: SHEA, JOHN GERALD - Plywood Working for Everybody

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