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34303: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Mayor on Horseback
014882: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Man from Sing Sing
39517: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Milan Grill Room
23036: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Million Pound Deposit
23037: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Shy Plutocrat
23038: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Ask Miss Mott
008239: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Governors
008242: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - A Maker of History
003207: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Treasure House of Martin Hews
007185: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Missioner
012235: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Matorni's Vineyard
012234: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Malefactor
012233: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Lion and the Lamb
012232: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Golden Beast
2206: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Ostrekoff Jewels
2185: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Nobody's Man
2187: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Mystery Road
2190: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Michael's Evil Deed
2194: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Dumb Gods Speak
2197: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Illustrious Prince
2202: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Wicked Marquis
2203: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Box with Broken Seals
2204: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Gabriel Samara, Peacemaker
2179: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Prodigals of Monte Carlo
015812: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Malefactor
015813: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Peter Ruff and the Double-Four
015815: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Passionate Quest
015816: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Stolen Idols
010324: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - Havoc
44186: Optic, Oliver, i.e. Adams, William T - Yankee Middy; or, the Adventures of a Naval Officer, a Story of the Great Rebellion
44187: Optic, Oliver - Money-Maker, or, the Victory of the Basilisk , by Oliver Optic, Author of Young America Abroad, the Army and Navy Series, the Woodville Stories, the Starry Flag Series, the Boat Club Stories, the Lake Shore Series, the Upward and Onward Series, Etc. , Etc. ; with Thirteen Illustrations.
33815: Optic, Oliver, i.e. Adams, William T - The Boat Club; or, the Bunkers of Rippleton: A Tale for Boys
23380: Optic, Oliver, i.e. Adams, William T - Our Standard-Bearer; or, the Life of General Ulysses S. Grant... As Seen and Related by Captain Bernard Galligasken, Cosmopolitan
34886: Optic, Oliver, i.e. Adams, William T - Breaking Away; or, the Fortunes of a Student
015766: Optic, Oliver, i.e. Adams, William T - Dikes and Ditches; or, Young America in Holland and Belgium. A Story of Travel and Adventure
015682: Optic, Oliver - The Blue and the Gray on Land: On the Staff
42302: Optic, Oliver, i.e. Adams, William T - Yankee Middy; or, the Adventures of a Naval Officer, a Story of the Great Rebellion
002603: Optic, Oliver, i.e. Adams, William T - The Boat Club; or, the Bunkers of Rippleton: A Tale for Boys
26176: Optic, Oliver, i.e. Adams, William T - Little by Little; or, the Cruise of the Flyaway The Boat Club Series
39564: Oraison, Marc - Being Together : Our Relationships with Other People
34504: Orcutt, William Dana - The Moth
1454: Orcutt, William Dana - Dagger and Jewels: The Gorgeous Adventures of Benvenuto Cellini: A Romantic Novel
39505: Orczy, Emmuska Orczy, Baroness - Pride of Race
34980: Orde, Lewis - Rag Trade
40739: Ordeman, John T. & Schreiber, Michael M. - George and Belmore Browne: Artists of the North American Wilderness
40399: Ordeman, John T, & Schreiber, Michael M. - Artists of the North American Wilderness : George & Belmore Browne
38233: Order of Pythian Sisters. Supreme Temple. - Supreme Constitution and Statures. Grand and Subordinate Constitutions. As Adapted by Supreme Temple, Revised Edition 1944
17440: Ordish, George - The Living Garden: The 400-Year History of an English Garden
28609: Organic Gardening Magazine - The Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
45990: Organizational Development Network - Od Network 1988 Conference : Honoring Divrsity Bridging, Balancing, Building. Conference Proceesings
27960: Orienti, Sandra [notes & catalogue] - The Complete Paintings of Manet. Introduction by Phoebe Pool. Classics of the World's Great Art series.
34989: Oriol, Laurence - Short Circuits
25389: Orlob, Helen - Navy Style
009392: Ormerod, Roger - A Death to Remember
17739: Ormerod, Roger - A Death to Remember
003719: Ormond, Clyde - Outdoor Life Complete Book of Hunting
26601: Ormond, Clyde - Complete Book of Hunting. Drawings by Douglas Allen
28619: Ormond, Brande - Needlepoints to Go : Small Projects for Spare Moments
29608: Ormsbee, Thomas H. - Care and Repair of Antiques
29500: Ormsbee, Thomas H. - Know Your Heirlooms
40723: Ormsbee, Thomas H. (Thomas Hamilton) - Field Guide to American Victorian Furniture. Drawings by Ernst Halberstadt
21790: Ormsbee, Thomas Hamilton - The Story of American Furniture
016639: Ornish, Dean - Eat More, Weigh Less: Dr. Dean Ornish's Life Choice Program for Losing Weight Safely While Eating Abundantly
30719: Orozco, José Clemente - José Clemente Orozco; 10 Reproductions of His Mural Paintings. Text by Justino Fernández.
31179: Orpen, William - The Outline of Art
28332: Orsborn, Carol - Solved by Sunset : The Right Brain Way to Resolve Whatever's Bothering You. .
17511: Ortloff, H. Stuart & Raymore, Henry B - Color and Design for Every Garden
010532: Orton, Joe - The Orton Diaries Including the Correspondence of Edna Welthorpe and Others. Edited by John Lahr
26116: Osborne, Charles, editor - The Dictionary of Composers
014571: Osborne, Charles - The Complete Operas of Puccini, a Critical Guide
1955: Osborne, Fanny - The World of Water, or, a Peaceful Progress O'Er the Unpathed Sea.
008418: Osbourne, Katherine D - Robert Louis Stevenson in California
39554: Osgood, Charles Grosvenor - The Voice of England
33036: Osgood, Cornelius - The Koreans and Their Culture
24365: Osgood, Henry Osborne - Mildred, Tom and Old Salt: Their Voyage in the Schooner Dove. An Entertaining Tale for Children for Eight to Eighty
1555: Osgood, Mary Augusta, supposed author - New Year Greetings for My Boys
2239: Osler, William - A Way of Life: An Address Delivered to Yale Students of the Evening of Sunday, April 20th, 1913...
013405: Ostenso, Martha - The Dark Dawn
34956: Ostenso, Martha - The Dark Dawn
34957: Ostenso, Martha - The Mad Carews
34958: Ostenso, Martha - The Young May Moon
015992: Oster, Maggie & Gilbertie, Sal - The Herbal Palate Cookbook
005356: Ostergaard, Soren K - Into Abundance
27449: Ostmann, Barbara Gibbs & Baker, Jane, eds. - Food Editors' Favorite-Treasured Recipes
010345: Ostriker, Alicia Suskin - The Nakedness of the Fathers: Biblical Visions and Revisions
34964: Ostrow, Joanna - In the Highlands Since Time Immemorial
30628: Ostrum, Meg. - The Surgeon and the Shepherd : Two Resistance Heroes in Vichy France.
31480: Otis, James - Toby Tyler; or, Ten Weeks with a Circus
015040: Otis, James - Toby Tyler; or, Ten Weeks with a Circus
014753: Otis, James - Raising the Pearl
33636: Otis, James - A District Messinger Boy and a Necktie Party
012380: Otis, Eliza Henderson - The Barclays of Boston, by Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis
31569: Otis, James - The Charming Sally : Privateer Schooner of New York : A Tale of 1765
7942: Otis, James - Andy's Ward
7947: Otis, James - Jack the Hunchback; a Story of Adventure on the Coast of Maine
39122: Ottley, Roi - New World a-Coming; Inside Black America, by Roi Ottley
34985: Ottum, Bob - The Tuesday Blade
017376: Oughton, Jerrie - Music from a Place Called Half Moon
011803: Ouida. (De La Rame, Louisa) - Bimbi: Stories for Children
36319: Ouida. (De La Rame, Louisa) - The Nürnberg Stove
003202: Oursler, Fulton & Will - Father Flanagan of Boys Town
29156: Oursler, Fulton & Armstrong, April Oursler - The Greatest Faith Ever Known: The Story of the Men Who First Spread the Religion of Jesus and of the Momentous Times in Which They Lived
44158: Overton, Grant - American Nights Entertainment
44157: Overton, Grant - Cargoes for Crusoes
34999: Overton, Grant - When Winter Comes to Main Street
34973: Overton, Grant - When Winter Comes to Main Street
005391: Overton, Grant - American Nights Entertainment
016966: Overy, Richard - Why the Allies Won
34986: Ovid - The Art of Love. Translated by Henry T. Riley.
014889: Owen, David - Balkan Odyssey
24662: Owen, Huw Parri - Christian Theism : A Study in Its Basic Principles
017377: Owen, Gareth - Rosie No-Name & the Forest of Forgetting
38998: Owen, R. Emmett, illustrator - Skteches of Fort Ticonderoga and Vicinity
28837: Owen, Will - Old London Town, Illustrated and Described by Will Owen
003256: Owens, Lee - American Square Dances of the West and Southwest
46361: owler, William M., editor - New England Quarterly, V. 62, No. 4, Dec. 1989
46362: owler, William M., editor - New England Quarterly, V. 63, No. 1, March 1990
46520: Oxandaberro, Roura - Quito Monumental
46539: Oxenham, John - Bondman Free; the Remarkable Adventures of a Gentleman Convict by John Oxenham... With Illustrations by Louis F. Grant
34990: Oxenhandler, Neal - A Change of Gods
011955: Oxenhorn, Harvey - Tuning the Rig: A Journey to the Arctic
41194: Oxford University Press - Concise Science Dictionary
003834: Oz, Amos - The Hill of Evil Counsel
34981: Oz, Amos - To Know a Woman
010546: Oz, Amos - The Slopes of Lebanon
23497: Ozick, Cynthia - The Messiah of Stockholm : A Novel
013486: Ozick, Cynthia - The Messiah of Stockholm
34666: Paar, Jack & Reddy, John - I Kid You Not
012487: Paar, Jack & Reddy, John - My Saber Is Bent
33430: Pace, Antonio - Benjamin Franklin and Italy American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia. Memoirs, v. 47
008576: Pacey, Philip - Family Art
40026: Pachter, Henry Maximilian - Magic Into Science : The Story of Paracelsus, Being the True History of the Troubled Life, Adventures, Doctrines, Miraculous Cures, and Prophecies of the Most Renowned, Widely Traveled, Very Learned and Pious Gentleman, Scholar, and Most Highly Experienced and Illustrious Physicus, the Honorable Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus Ab Hohenheim, Eremita, Called Paracelsus...
37351: Packard, Vance - The Pyramid Climbers
017039: Packard, Reynolds - Balcony Empire: Fascist Italy at War
22479: Packard, Jerrold M. - The Queen & Her Court : A Guide to the British Monarchy Today
42761: Packard, Vance - The People Shapers
42512: Packard, Jerrold M. - Farewell in Splendor : The Passing of Queen Victoria and Her Age
34960: Packer, Joy - Valley of the Vines
40134: Paderewski, Ignace Jan & Lawton, Mary - The Paderewski Memoirs
39266: Padron, Mary E. - A Magical Christmas Dream
26519: Paepcke, Ruth Adams, editor - Our Country !
26260: Paepcke, Ruth Adams, editor - Our Country !
34991: Paetro, Maxine - Babydreams
40740: Paganelli, Carlo - Giancarlo Marzorati: Cinevisioni Urbane / Moviescapes (Talenti) (English / Italian Edition)
43942: Paganini, Nicolò - 24 Capricci Per Violino Solo
44624: Paganini, Nicolò - 24 Capricci Per Violino Solo, Op. 1
25982: Page, Barbara Hayes - Talking to God: Children's Prayers for Special Occasions
37102: Page, Gail - How to Be a Good Dog
43678: Page, Athol - Playing String Quartets
17669: Page, Thomas Nelson - Santa Claus's Partner
013701: Page, Thomas Nelson - Two Little Confederates
017378: Page, Katherine Hall - Christie & Company
24263: Page, Curtis Hidden, ed. - British Poets of the Nineteenth Century: Selections from Wordsworth... Swinburne, Edited with Reference List and Notes
006873: Page, Thomas Nelson - Gordon Keith
016401: Page, Thomas Nelson - In Ole Virginia; or, Marse Chan and Other Stories
34996: Page, Thomas Nelson - Red Rock
34997: Page, Thomas Nelson - The Burial of the Guns
34998: Page, Thomas Nelson - Unc' Edinburg. Illusrtated by B. West Clinedinst
011309: Page, Thomas Nelson - Santa Claus's Partner
38670: Page, W. H. - The Union of Two Great Peoples, a Speech... Delivered at Plymouth, August 4th, 1917
38329: Page, Ralph W, (Ralph Walter) - [Essay on His Life]
015634: Page, Thomas Nelson - The Old Gentleman of the Black Stock
26190: Page, Alain - Le Yacht Noir
41184: Pagels, Heinz R. - The Cosmic Code : Quantum Physics As the Language of Nature
015206: Paget, Guy - Sporting Pictures of England
33150: Pailleron, Edouard - L'étincelle, Comédie En Un Acte...
44159: Paine, Thomas - The Selected Writings of Thomas Paine
36831: Paine, Ralph D., - The Ships and Sailors of Old Salem : The Record of a Brilliant Era of American Achievement
014093: Paine, Albert Bigelow - The Lure of the Mediterranean. The Ship Dwellers: A Story of a Happy Cruise
014094: Paine, Ralph D - Comrades of the Rolling Ocean
013835: Paine, Ralph D. - The Greater America
226: Paine, Albert Bigelow - Dwellers in Arcady: The Story of an Abandoned Farm.
39142: Paine, Thoms - The Selected Work of Tom Paine & Citizen Tom Paine by Howard Fast
25672: Paine, Albert Bigelow - The Ship Dwellers: A Story of a Happy Cruise
34992: Painter, Charlotte - Seeing Things
41718: Paisley, Melvyn R. - Ace! : Autobiography of a Fighter Pilot, World War II
41719: Paisley, Melvyn R. - Ace! : Autobiography of a Fighter Pilot, World War II
42917: Pakard, Frank L - The Big Shot
018328: Pakenham, Thomas - The Year of Liberty: The Great Irish Rebellion of 1798. Abridged by Toby Buchan
35872: Pakenham, Thomas - Remarkable Baobab
28684: Pakenham, Thomas - The Boer War
24741: Pakula, Frank - The Three Voyages of Captain Cook
012716: Palestine Exploration Fund. Committee - Our Work in Palestine: Being an Account of the Different Expeditions Sent out to the Holy Land
39864: Paley, William - A View of the Evidences of Christianity in Three Parts
39412: Paley, William - The Principles of Moral and Political Philosophy by William Paley, M.A. , Archdeacon of Carlisle. A New Edition
39135: Paley, William S, - As It Happened, a Memoir
25841: Palgrave, Francis Turner, selected & arranged with notes by - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language
25842: Palgrave, Francis Turner, selected & arranged with notes by - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language. Second Series.
43343: Palgrave, Francis Turner - Palgrave's Golden Treasury Everyman's Library No. 96
35007: Palgrave, Francis Turner - The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language.
28193: Palliser, Charles - Betrayals
24160: Pallotta, Jerry & Stillwell, Fred - The Airplane Alphabet Book
009076: Palmer, William J - The Highwayman and Mr. Dickens: An Account of the Strange of the Medusa Murders...
35012: Palmer, Frederick - The Man with a Country
35004: Palmer, Stuart - Unhappy Hooligan
003498: Palmer, George Herbert - The Autobiography of a Philosopher
007292: Palmer, Lilli - Change Lobsters-and Dance: An Autobiography
006792: Palmer, Frederick - The Vagabond
34993: Palmer, Lilli - A Time to Embrace
34982: Palmer, Bruce - They Shall Not Pass; a Novel of the Spanish CIVIL War
004343: Palmer, George Herbert - The Life of Alice Freeman Palmer
015705: Palmer, Frederick - This Man Landon: The Record and Career of Governor Alfred M. Landon of Kansas
23673: Palmer, Lynde - Helps over Hard Places. Stories for Boys
7678: Palmer, Myles - Woody Allen
45387: Paltrow, Gwyneth - My Father's Daughter : Delicious, Easy Recipes Celebrating Family and Togetherness
41952: Pamuk, Orhan - My Name Is Red ; Translated from the Turkish by Erdag M. Göknar
43059: Pamuk, Orhan - The Museum of Innocence
42618: Pamuk, Orhan - The Black Book
35010: Panati, Charles - Links
41286: Panter-Downes, Mollie - At the Pines; Swinburne and Watts-Dunton in Putney
39492: Paolini, Christopher - Eldest Inheritance, book 2
34995: Papazoglou, Orania - Sanctity : A Novel
26763: Papini, Giovanni, & others, editors - Florence : Flower of the World
018329: Pappas, Lou Seibert - Pesto
28550: Parade Publishing Co. - A Pictorial Celebration: The American Woman. Introduction by Wlater Anderson
33329: Paradès, Robert de (Victor Claude Antoine) - Mémoires Secrets de Robert, Comte de Paradès, écrits Par Lui Au Sortir de la Bastille. Pour Servir à L’Histoire de la Dernière Guerre.
45615: Pardey, Lin & Larry - The Capable Cruiser, by Lin and Larry Pardey
011753: Pardey, Lin & Larry - Seraffyn's European Adventure
21735: Pardey, Lin & Larry - Seraffyn's Mediterranean Adventure
7974: Pardoe, Julia - Louis the Fourteenth; the Court of France in the Seventeenth Century
25630: Parent, Neal - Focused on the Coast : The Photographic Work of Neal Parent
35053: Parent, Gail - David Meyer Is a Mother
29261: Parent's Magazine - George Joseph Hecht, a Lifelong Commitment to Children
014614: Paretsky, Sara - Guardian Angel
013301: Paretsky, Sara - Burn Marks
7613: Paretsky, Sara - Tunnel Vision
38247: Parfit, Canon J. T. - Mesopotamia : The Key to the Future
27800: Parini, Jay - Benjamin's Crossing
30847: Paris (France). Musée indo-chinois du Trocadéro. - Le Musée Indo-Chinois : Antiquités Cambodgiennes, Exposées Au Palais Du Trocadéro
005177: Parish, James Robert & Stanke, Don E. - The Leading Ladies
42409: Parish, Peggy - Amelia Bedelia
1794: Parish, James Robert & Marill, Alvin H. - The Cinema of Edward G. Robinson
017379: Park, Barbara - Mick Harte Was Here
018369: Parke, Gertrude - The Big Chocolate Cookbook
015174: Parker, Robert B - Perchance to Dream
46533: Parker, Elizabeth C. - Environmental Education Curriculum on Life in Greater Boston
25631: Parker, Robert B. - Shrink Rap
25816: Parker, Robert B - Double Deuce
003854: Parker, Robert B - Pastime
003855: Parker, Robert B - A Catskill Eagle
003857: Parker, Robert B - Valediction
003851: Parker, Robert B - Stardust
003852: Parker, Robert B - Paper Doll
17670: Parker, Gilbert - The Right of Way
39476: Parker, Robert B - Hundred-Dollar Baby
014062: Parker, Robert B - Ceremony
014056: Parker, Robert B - Taming a Sea-Horse
014060: Parker, Robert B - Playmates
014061: Parker, Robert B - The Judas Goat
013669: Parker, Robert B - The Judas Goat
35017: Parker, Gilbert - Wild Youth, and Another, by Gilbert Parker... With Illustrations by Frank B. Hoffman
35018: Parker, Gilbert - You Never Know Your Luck; Being the Story of a Matrimonial Deserter, by Gilbert Parker... Illustrated by W.L. Jacobs
35019: Parker, Gwendolyn M. - These Same Long Bones
013136: Parker, Robert B - Taming a Sea-Horse
013137: Parker, Robert B - Sudden Mischief
003853: Parker, Robert B - Double Deuce
35014: Parker, Gilbert - The Battle of the Strong : A Romance of Two Kingdoms
35015: Parker, Gilbert - The Right of Way; a Novel,
35016: Parker, Gilbert - The Weavers, a Tale of England and Egypt of Fifty Years Ago, by Gilbert Parker... Illustrated by André Castaigne
007398: Parker, Gordon - Photographs. An Album of 34 Mounted Photographs of Boston & Suburban Historic Sites Most with Ms. Descriptions
35002: Parker, Gilbert - The Judgement House
012334: Parker, Robert B. - Small Vices
35000: Parker, Gilbert - The Battle of the Strong, a Romance of Two Kingdoms
22499: Parker, Frank J. - Caryl Chessman, the Red Light Bandit
006935: Parker, Gilbert - The March of the White Guard
35001: Parker, Gilbert - Northern Lights
016243: Parker, Sybil P., ed. - Mcgraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
011716: Parker, Robert B - Playmates
005930: Parker, Robert B - Chance
011595: Parker, Robert B - Sudden Mischief
016035: Parker, John F. - The Fun and Laughter of Politics
22241: Parker, Robert B. - Perish Twice
005379: Parker, Robert B - All Our Yesterdays
011214: Parker, W. Oren & Smith, Harvey K. - Scene Design and Stage Lighting
010647: Parker, Robert B - Trouble in Paradise
21509: Parker, Robert B. - Family Honor
1374: Parker, Robert B - Taming a Sea-Horse
1375: Parker, Robert B - Pale Kings and Princes
1376: Parker, Robert B - Crimson Joy
44371: Parker, Derrick - Notorious C.O. P. : The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay Investigations from the Nypd's First "Hip-Hop Cop" {by} Derrick Parker ; with Matt Diehl.
42675: Parker, Robert B. - Now and Then
42581: Parker, Robert B. - Cold Service
35534: Parker, Robert M. - Parker's Wine Buyer's Guide
42432: Parker, Cornelia Stratton - Ports and Happy Places : An American Mother and Her Sons See Europe
44266: Parker, Beulah - My Language Is Me; Psychotherapy with a Disturbed Adolescent. Foreword by Theodore Lidz
46080: Parker, Mark & McKnew, Ed - Powerboat Guide
8028: Parker, Frances - Marjie of the Lower Ranch
41076: Parkes, Samuel - The Chemical Catechism. With Notes, Illustrations, and Experiments... From the Ninth London Edition
26677: Parkhurst, Violet - Painting Sunsets How to Draw Books #101
39765: Parkington, Humphrey - The Eligible Bachelor
014828: Parkinson, R. B. - Cracking Codes: The Rosetta Stone and Decipherment
29544: Parkinson, Michael - A Pictorial History of Westerns, [by] Michael Parkinson and Clyde Jeavons
005753: Parkinson, C. Northcote - In-Laws and Outlaws
45167: Parkinson, Judy - I Before E (Except After C) : Old-School Ways to Remember Stuff
35095: Parkman, Francis - The Oregon Trail
44591: Parkman, Francis - Montcalm and Wolfe
44593: Parkman, Francis - Count Frontenac and New France Under Louis XIV
35033: Parkman, Francis - The Oregon Trail
42713: Parkman, Francis - Pioneers of France in the New World
42712: Parkman, Francis - The Oregon Trail : Sketches of Prairie and Rocky-Mountain Life
42711: Parkman, Francis - Montcalm and Wolfe
42710: Parkman, Francis - The Jesuits in North America
42709: Parkman, Francis - A Half-Century of Conflict
42708: Parkman, Francis - The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War After the Conquest of Canada
42707: Parkman, Francis - Montcalm and Wolfe
23872: Parkman, Francis - The Oregon Trail
35637: Parkman, Francis - The Oregon Trail
35636: Parkman, Francis - The Oregon Trail
009781: Parks, Roger, ed. - New England, a Bibliography of Its History. Prepared by the Committee for a New England Bibliography
018551: Parks, Gordon - In Love
40988: Parks, Gordon - Learning Tree
35020: Parks, Gordon - Shannon
40613: Parks, Suzan-Lori - Topdog / Underdog
22611: Parmelin, Helene - Picasso Plain. An Intimate Portrait
35021: Parmenter, Christine Whiting - As the Seed Is Sown
35022: Parmenter, Christine Whiting - Swift Waters,
29428: Parmenter, Christine Whiting - As the Seed Is Sown
42800: Parness, Michael - Rule the Freakin' Markets : How to Profit in Any Market, Bull or Bear
35027: Parrish, Randall - The Devil's Own : A Romance of the Black Hawk War
35026: Parrish, Randall - Beyond the Frontier : A Romance of Early Days in the Middle West
24354: Parrish, Robert - Hollywood Doesn't Live Here Anymore
35024: Parrish, Anne - Poor Child
40198: Parrish, Carl, compiler - A Treasury of Early Music : An Anthology of Masterworks of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Baroque Era
23798: Parrish, Frank - Fly in the Cobweb
015701: Parrish, Randall - Prisoners of Chance: The Story of What Befee Geoffrey Benteen, Borderman, Through His Love for a Lady of France
26626: Parry, J. H. - The Discovery of the Sea
40447: Parry C. Hubert H. (Charles Hubert Hastings) - The Evolution of the Art of Music
010037: Parry, C. Hubert H. - Style in Musical Art
30629: Parson, Ann B. - The Proteus Effect : Stem Cells and Their Promise for Medicine.
43674: Parson, Donald - Glass Flowers
43595: Parsons, Russ - How to Read a French Fry : And Other Stories of Intriguing Kitchen Science
24359: Parsons, Louella O. - The Gay Illiterate
23908: Parsons, Thomas W. - Incidents & Experiences in the Life of Thomas W. Parsons. Edited by Frank Furlong Mathias
26301: Parsons, Iain, editor - The Magnificent Continent
45071: Parsons, Frances Theodora - How to Know the Wild Flowers; a Guide to the Names, Haunts, and Habits of Our Common Wild Flowers, by Mrs. William Starr Dana. Illustrated by Marion Satterlee and Elsie Louise Shaw
23679: Parsons, Theophilus - Essays. Third Series
7999: Partington, Wilfred - Forging Ahead: The True Story of the Upward Progress of Thomas James Wise...
003046: Parton, James - The Life of Horace Greeley, Editor of the New York Tribune
46420: Parton, James - The Life and Times of Aaron Burr... By James Parton... Enl. Ed. , with Numerous Appendices, Containing New and Interesting Information...
35052: Partridge, Basil - The Penningtons
35047: Partridge, Bellamy - Excuse My Dust
007082: Partridge, Basil - The Penningtons
012072: Partridge, Bellamy - Fill 'Er Up!: The Story of Fifty Years of Motoring
28205: Partridge, Bellamy - Big Freeze
44599: Pasanen, Melissa - Cooking with Shelburne Farms : Food and Stories from Vermont
39073: Pasanen, Melissa - Cooking with Shelburne Farms : Food and Stories from Vermont
44156: Pascal, Valerie - The Disciple and His Devil
17903: Pascall, Jeremy - Fifty Years of the Movies
24530: Passadore, Wanda - The Needlework Book
016048: Passmore, Jacki - The Letts Companion to Asian Food & Cooking
009826: Passmore, Jacki - Fire & Spice
44146: Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich - The Correspondence of Boris Pasternak and Olga Freidenberg, 1910-1954, Compiled and Edited, with an Introduction, by Elliott Mossman ; Translated by Elliott Mossman and Margaret Wettlin.
40620: Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich - Three Letters from Boris Pasternak. Translated by David Magarshack
37702: Pasternak, Boris - Doctor Zhivago
015919: Pastos, Spero - Pin-Up: The Tragedy of Betty Grable
006141: Patch, Kate Whiting - Because You Are You
013728: Patchen, Kenneth - Hurrah for Anything [and] Poemscapes and a Letter to God
41575: Pater, Water - Appreciations; with an Essay on Style, by Walter Pater
27867: Pater. Walter - Leonardo Da Vinci. With an Essay by Walter Pater
015911: Pater, Walter - The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry
27836: Paterson, Wilma - Songs of Scotland : A Hundred of the Best
35051: Paterson, Arthur - The King's Agent
44582: Paterson, A. S. (Alan Stuart) - The Bull Pen
17802: Pateson, Alan J. S. - Classic Scottish Paddle Steamers
017380: Patneaude, David - Someone Was Watching
44147: Paton, Alan - Tales from a Troubled Land
27032: Paton, James - The Story of John G. Paton, Told for Young Folks; or, Thirty Years Among South Sea Cannibals. By the Rev. James Paton, B.A.
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40724: Philp, Peter - Antique Furniture for the Smaller Home
25311: Phipps, Joseph - The Original, and Present State of Man, Briefly Considered: Wherein Is Shewn, the Nature of His Fall, and the Necessity, Means, and Manner of His Restoration, Through the Sacrifice of Christ, and the Sensible Operation of That Divine Principle of Grace and Truth, Held Forth to the World by the People Called Quakers : To Which Are Added, Some Remarks on the Arguments of Samuel Newton, of Norwich / by Joseph Phipps.
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35144: Pidgin, Charles Felton - Blennerhassett; or, the Decrees of Fate: A Romance Founded Upon Events in American History
30353: Pidgin, Charles Felton. - Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason's Corner Folks: A Picture of New England Home Life.
30354: Pidgin, Charles Felton. - Quincy Adams Sawyer and Mason's Corner Folks: A Picture of New England Home Life.
22445: Pidgin, Charles Felton - Quicy Adams Sawyer and Mason's Corner Folks: A Picture of New England Home Life
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28194: Piercy, Marge - Fly Away Home : A Novel
011361: Pierpont Morgan Library, New York - Twentieth Report to the Fellows of the Pierpont Morgan Library 1981 - 1983
43334: Pierson, William H. (William Harvey) & Davidson, Martha, editors - Arts of the United States, a Pictorial Survey. William H. Pierson, Jr. And Martha Davidson, Editors
25356: Pigafetta, Antonio - Magellan's Voyage : A Narrative of the First Circumnavigation
009947: Pike, Gustavus D. Pike - The Singing Campaign for Ten Thousand Pounds; or, the Jubilee Singers in Great Britain
44666: Pike, Dag - Power Boats in Rough Seas.
27013: Pilat, Oliver Ramsay - The Atom Spies
28131: Pilcher, Rosamunde - September
35583: Pilcher, Rosamunde - Coming Home
43688: Pileggi, Anita Petrucci - When a Rainbow Spans My Sky, Poems
41609: Pilgrim Society (Plymouth, Mass.) - Catalogue of the Historical Collection and Pictures in Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth
38767: Pilkey, Dav - Captain Underpants and the Invasion of the Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies
45694: Pilkington, James - The Artist's Guide and Mechanic's Own Book : Embracing the Portion of Chemistry Applicable to the Mechanic Arts, with Abstracts of Elecricity, Galvnism, Magnetism, Pneumatics, Optics, Astronomy, and Mechanical Philosophy...
011686: Pilkington, Roger - Small Boat Through Holland
40683: Pillment, Georges - Anthologie Du Théatre Français Contemporain
37997: Pillsbury Company - Pillsbury's Bake Off Main Dish Cook Book
35182: Pincher, Chapman - Too Secret Too Long
31235: Pinchon, Edgcumb - Zapata, the Unconquerable
30552: Pinchot, Gifford. - To the South Seas: The Cruise of the Schooner Mary Pinchot to the Galapagos, the Marquesas, and the Tuamotu Islands & Tahiti.
17529: Pinchot, Ben & Ann - Hear This Woman!
003013: Pinchot, Gifford - To the South Seas: The Cruise of the Schooner Mary Pinchot to the Galapagos, the Marquesas, and the Tuamotu Islands & Tahiti
35140: Pinckney, Josephine - My Son and Foe
012865: Pinckney, Pauline A. - American Figureheads and Their Carvers
44322: Pine Mountain Settlement School (Pine Mountain, Ky.) - Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School, Vol. 7, No. 1, Jan. 1935
2432: Pinero, Arthur W - Trelawnwy of the "Wells": A Comedietta in Four Acts
22020: Piniella, Lou & Allen, Maury - Sweet Lou
37735: Pinker, Steven - How the Mind Works
32366: Pinkerton Academy, Derry, N.H. - Commemorative Services at the Semi-Centennial Anniversary of Pinkerton Academy, Derry, N.H. , September 12, 1866.
26161: Pinkham, E. G. - Aunt Elsa
38306: Pinsent, John - Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece A Grosset All-Color Guide
004050: Pinter, Harold - The French Lieutenant's Woman: A Screenplay. With a Foreword by John Fowles
35128: Pinter, Harold - The Dwarfs : A Novel
011949: Pinter, Harold - The Hothouse. A Play
44034: Pinto, Jacqeline Blairman - The Story of Moses Mendelssohn : A Biography for Young People Famous Jews series
41738: Pioneers of Palestine - Concert Program. Boston Committee Pioneers of Palestine... Boston Symphony "Pops" Orchestra
45754: Piper, Watty, ed. - Jolly Rhymes of Mother Goose... Illustrated by Lois Lenski
002965: Piper, Leonard - Murder by Gaslight
37951: Pirotin, Debra - No Naughty Cats : The First Complete Guide to Intelligent Cat Training
17969: Pirsig, Robert M. - Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals
016955: Pisano, Beverly, editor - Shetland Sheepdogs
016869: Pisano, Beverly - Old English Sheepdogs
016878: Pisano, Beverly - Pomeranians
008329: Piston, Walter - Harmony
36585: Pitman, Isaac - A Phonetic Shorthand and Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language
004174: Pitt, Barrie - The Battle of the Atlantic World War II
30060: Pittenger, Peggy Jett - The Back-Yard Foal
45508: Pitts, Lilla Belle - Our Singing World : Singing in Harmony
004922: Pitz, Henry C - The Brandywine Tradition
45360: Piven, Joshua & Borgenicht, David. - The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook : Extreme Edition
018537: Place, J. A. - The Western Films of John Ford
23888: Planck, Max - Treatise on Thermodynamics
40483: Plath, Sylvia - Letters Home : Correspondence, 1950-1963
39611: Plato - The Republic
36975: Plato - Selected Dialogues
012861: Plato - The Collected Dialogues of Plato, Including the Letters. Edited by Edith Hamilton and Huntington Cairns.
013191: Platt, Kin - Max Roper in Match Point for Murder
013192: Platt, Kin - The Body Beautiful Murder
013193: Platt, Richard - Letting Blood
015477: Platt, Ken - The Kissing Gourami
34370: Plautus, Titus Maccius. - T. Macci Plavti Captivi; with Introduction and Notes by Herbert C. Elmer Allyn and Bacon’s college Latin series
35129: Player, Robert - Oh! Where Are Bloody Mary's Earrings?
38622: Plicka, Karel - Praha Královská. Zobrazil Karel Plicka; Slovem Doprovodil Zdenek Wirth.
44149: Plimpton, George - The Best of Plimpton
35113: Plimpton, George - The Curious Case of Sidd Finch
013852: Plimpton, Ruth - Mary Dyer: Biography of a Rebel Quaker
22963: Plimpton, George - One for the Record : The Inside Story of Hank Aaron's Chase for the Home-Run Record
012991: Plimpton, George - Truman Capote: In Which Various Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances, and Detractors Recall His Turbulent Career
21849: Plimpton, Pauline Ames, ed. - A Window on Our World: Plimpton Papers. Prologue and Epilogue by George Plimpton
38318: Plimpton, Ruth T. - Operation Crossroads Africa
36235: Plimpton, George - The Curious Case of Sidd Finch
33993: Plochmann, George Kimball - Richard Mckeon : A Study
005893: Plomer, William - Electric Delights. Selected & Introduced by Rupert Hart-Davis.
46422: Plon, Eugène - La Civilité Puérile Et Honnête Expliquée, Par L'Oncle Eugène [Pseud. ] Et Illustrée Par M.B. De Monvel
011408: Plowden, David - Farewell to Steam
45394: Plutarch - The Lives of the Noble Grecians & Romanes Compared Together by That Grave Learned Philosopher Plutarke of Chaeronea. Translated out of Greeke Into French by James Amyot: And out of French Into Englishe by Thomas North: The Illustrations by T.L. Poulton: With the Fifteen Supplementary Lives of 1603
23547: Plutarch - Plutarch's Lives of Illustrious Men. Translated from the Greek by John Dryden and Others.
38016: Plutt, Mary Jo - 20 Minutes to Dinner Better Homes & Gardens
35942: Plympton, A. G. - The Little Sister of Wilifred
25533: Pocock, Michael - Inshore-Offshore Racing, Cruising & Design
35147: Pocock, Roger - Curley, a Tale of the Arizona Desert
25633: Podrug, Junius - Dark Passage
23896: Poe, Edgar Allan - The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
45233: Poe, Edgar Allan - Tales of Edgar Allan Poe with an Introduction by Hervey Allen and Wood Engravings by Fritz Eichenberg Everyman's Library No. 336
008584: Poesch, Jessie - The Art of the Old South: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture & the Products of Craftsmen, 1560-1860
33830: Pohl, Frederik - The World at the End of Time
007482: Pohl, Frederik - The Years of the City
011598: Pohl, Frederik - Black Star Rising
7982: Pohl, Frederick - The Gateway Trip: Tales and Vignettes of the Heechee
30630: Poirier, Mark Jude. - Modern Ranch Living : A Novel Miramax books
23084: Polden, Margie & Whiteford, Barbara - The Postnatal Exercise Book : A Program of Fitness and Well-Being for Mother and Baby
35148: Pollak, James S. - The Golden Egg
35149: Pollak, James S. - Beyond the Blue Mountains
012142: Polland, Madeleine - Queen without Crown
015373: Pollard, H. B. C. - The Secret Societies of Ireland
009459: Pollard, Hugh B. C. - Hard Up on Pegasus
44653: Pollitzer, Anita - A Woman on Paper : Georgia O'Keeffe A Touchstone book
35130: Pollock, J. C. - Centrifuge
40475: Pollock, Edwin T. & Bloomhardt, Paul F., compilers - The Hatchet of the United States Ship 'George Washington'
26605: Polmar, Norman, editor - World Combat Aircraft Directory
012776: Polner, Tikhon - Tolstoy and His Wife. Translated from the Russian by Nicholas Wreden
27924: Polo, Marco - The Travels of Marco Polo
016511: Polseno, Jo - Secrets of a Cypress Swamp: The Natural History of Okefenokee
34139: Pomeeroy, Diana - One Potato : A Counting Book of Potato Prints
27491: Pomeroy, Ruth Fairchild, compiler - The Redbook Timesaver Cookbook by the Editors of Redbook
33921: Pomeroy, Mark M. (Mark Mills) - Out Saturday Nights,
018302: Pomeroy, Claire - Love Madness: A Story of a Forbidden Love
011301: Pomeroy, Earl - In Search of the Golden West: The Tourist in Western America
41154: Poncet, Sally - Antarctic Encounter : Destination South Georgia
45336: Ponsonby, Arthur Ponsonby, Baron, - English Diaries; a Review of English Diaries from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century with an Introduction on Diary Writing, by Arthur Ponsonby
45391: Ponsonby, Arthur Ponsonby, Baron, - More English Diaries; Further Reviews of English Diaries from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century with an Introduction on Diary Writing, by Arthur Ponsonby
009124: Pontmartin, Armand de - Nouvelles Causeries Litteraires
34608: Pool, Daniel - What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew : From Fox Hunting to Whist : The Facts of Daily Life in Nineteenth-Century England
31031: Pool, J. Lawrence & Angeline J. - Izaak Walton : The Compleat Angler and His Turbulent Times / by J. Lawrence Pool and Angeline J. Pool.
27436: Poole, Shona Crawford & Partington, Jasper - The Ice Cream Book
35142: Poole, Ernest - His Second Wife
43337: Poole, Ernest - His Family
24027: Poole, Robert M., editor - The Wonder of Birds
23362: Popcorn, Faith - The Popcorn Report: Faith Popcorn on the Future of Your Company, Your World, Your Life
27433: Pope-Hennessy, Una - Charles Dickens
014805: Pope, John - The Military Memoirs of General John Pope. Edited by Peter Cozzens and Robert I. Girardi
27084: Pope, Arthur Upham - Maxim Litvinoff, by Arthur Upham Pope
43743: Pope, Alexander - An Essay on Man in Four Epistles to H. St. John, Lord Bollingbroke to Which Are Now Added, Several Other Pieces with the the Universal Prayer
43707: Pope-Hennessy, John Wyndham - The Portrait in the Renaissance [by] John Pope-Hennessy Bollingen series, 35. The A.W. Mellon lectures in the fine arts, 12
43641: Pope, Dudley - The Black Ship
43341: Pope, Alexander - The Poems, Epistles & Satires of Alexander Pope Everyman's Library No. 760
38274: Pope, Alexander - An Essay on Man in Four Epistles to H. St. John, Lord Bollingbroke to Which Is Added, the Universal Prayer
46507: Pope, Alexander - An Essay on Man in Four Epistles to Henry St. John, Lord Bollingbroke... With Notes... By Charles Emerson
24617: Popham, Hugh - The Sea Beggars
35133: Popkin, Zelda - Dear Once : A Novel
35134: Popkin, Zelda - A Death of Innocence
35135: Popkin, Zelda - Herman Had Two Daughters
25866: Popular Mechanics - Complete Book of Home Repair and Improvements [Complete Encyclopedia for Home, Workshop and Garden]
018565: Popular Science Monthly - Manual of Ship Model Making
45893: Popular mechanics magazine - The Young Craftsman; Descriptions of over 450 Easy Craft Projects Reprinted from Past Issues of Popular Mechanics Magazine, What-to-Make,and Other Publications...
016967: Porch, Douglas - The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of the Lengendary Fighting Force
35882: Porges, Irwin - Edgar Rice Burroughs : The Man Who Created Tarzan . Irwin Porges ; Hulbert Burroughs, Pictorial Editor ; Introduction by Ray Bradbury.
39228: Porny, Mr., ( Pyron du Marte, Antoine ) - The Elements of Heraldry... To Which Is Annexed, a Dictionary of the Technical Terms Made Use of in Heraldry. By Mr. Porny
41250: Porter, Tom - How Architects Visualize
41224: Porter, Tom - Color for Architecture
25803: Porter, Rose, compiler - Flower Songs for Flower Lovers
37509: Porter, Eleanor H. (Eleanor Hodgman) - Dawn
42081: Porter, Ebenezer - The Rhetorical Reader, Consisting of Instructions for Regulating the Voice, with a Rhetorical Notation Illustrating Inflection, Emphasis, and Modulation, and a Course of Rhetorical Exercises
26921: Porter, Horace - Campaigning with Grant
33260: Porter, Katherine Anne - Flowering Judas and Other Stories
35099: Porter, Jane - Thaddeus of Warsaw
35100: Porter, Jane - Thaddeus of Warsaw
35143: Porter, Alyene - Papa Was a Preacher
35154: Porter, Katherine Anne - The Never-Ending Wrong
36773: Porter, Eliphalet - A Sermon Preached at the Ordination of the Rev. Charles Lowell to the Pastoral Care of the West Church and Congregation in Boston, January 1, 1806
23130: Porter, Michael E. - The Competitive Advantage of Nations
35085: Porter, Katherine Anne - Ship of Fools
007318: Porter, Katherine Anne - The Never-Ending Wrong
006328: Porter, Gene Stratton - Laddie: A True Blue Story
005894: Porter, Katherine Anne - The Collected Stories of...
005621: Porter, Eliot - All Under Heaven: The Chinese World. With Text by Jonathan Porter
005030: Porter, Joyce - Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All
004657: Porter, Gene Stratton - The Harvester
42222: Porter, J. L. (Josias Leslie) - The Giant Cities of Bashan, and Syria’S Holy Places
40560: Porter, Eliot - Appalachian Wilderness: The Great Smoky Mountains
36257: Porter, Katherine Anne - The Leaning Tower and Other Stories
40116: Porter, Cole - The Unpublished Cole Porter. Edited by Robert Kimball
22155: Porteus, Stanley David - Calabashes and Kings; an Introduction to Hawaii
011130: Portune, Robert - Show Me the Way
013496: Posner, David - The Dialogues
23044: Posselt, E. A. - Cotton Manufacturing, Part 1, Dealing with the Fibre, Ginning, Mixing, Picking, Scutching and Carding...
018170: Post, Edwin M. - The Main Course Cookbook
22778: Post, Elizabeth & Staffieri - The Complete Book of Entertaining from the Emily Post Institute
012205: Post, Waldron Kintzing - Harvard Stories; Sketches of Yhe Undergraduate
006179: Post, Mary Brinker - Annie Jordan: A Novel of Seattle
002683: Post, Charles Cyrel - Ten Years a Cowboy, by C.C. Post. Addenda by Tex Bender, the Cowboy Fiddler
44612: Potocki, Józef - Sport on Somaliland; Being an Account of a Hunting Trip in That Region, by Count Joseph Potocki African Collection series
35175: Potok, Chaim - In the Beginning
013451: Potok, Chaim - The Promise
007495: Potok, Chaim - I Am the Clay
006132: Potok, Chaim - The Book of Lights
009492: Potter, Stephen - Some Notes on Lifemanship. With a Summary of Recent Researches in Gamesmanship
44779: Potter, Beatrix - The Tale of Little Pig Robinson
014815: Potter, Jonathan - Collecting Antique Maps: An Introduction to the History of Cartography
33623: Potter, Beatrix - Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes
39612: Potter, Simeon - Language in the Modern World
35157: Potter, Dan - The Way of an Eagle
23173: Potter, Jerry Allen & Bost, Fred - Fatal Justice : Reinvestigating the Macdonald Murders
30152: Potter, John Deane. - Yamamoto: The Man Who Menaced America.
28294: Potter, E. B. - The Naval Academy Illustrated History of the United States Navy
006326: Potter, Margaret Horton - The Castle of Twilight
35158: Potts, Ralph Bushnell - Sir Boss
002605: Potwin, Mrs. H. K. - Ruby Duke
38813: Poulet, Anne - Faces from the World of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism : A Loan Exhibition for the Benefit of the New York Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, November 2nd - December 9th, 1972
41534: Pound, Reginald - Arnold Bennett, a Biography
2331: Pound, Ezra - The Classic Anthology Defined by Confusius
005896: Pound, Ezra - The Letters of Ezra Pound; 1907-1941. Edited by D.D. Paige [with a Preface by Mark Van Doren).
23061: Poundstone, William - The Ultimate The great armchair debates settled once and for all.
37166: Powell, Anthony - The Fisher King : A Novel
33881: Powell, Colin L. - My American Journey
35159: Powell, Anthony - The Fisher King : A Novel
35168: Powell, Van - The Vanishing Air Liner
43381: Powell, Lyman P - Mary Baker Eddy : A Life Size Portrait
018462: Powell, Michael - Death in the South Atlantic: The Last Voyage of the Graf Spee
21378: Powell, Anthony - The Memoirs of Anthony Powell: Infants of the Spring
004444: Powell, Anthony - O, How the Wheel Becomes It!
41095: Powell, Anthony - A Dance to the Music of Time: A Question of Upbringing, a Buyer's Market, the Acceptance World.
7776: Powell, Van - The Mystery of the 15 Sounds
33842: Power, Susan - The Grass Dancer
35177: Power, Ron - Face Value
37514: Powers, Richard - The Gold Bug Variations
44150: Powers, Ron - White Town Drowsing
35165: Powers, Tom - Virgin with Butterflies
42136: Powers, Nick & Wilann - Barefoot in Boogar Hollow; Yestiday’S Sayin’S to LIV by Today. Compiled & Illustrated by Nick ’N Wilann Powers
44742: Powers, J. F. (James Farl) - Look How the Fish Live
41251: Powledge, Fred - Model City; a Test of American Liberalism: One Town's Efforts to Rebuild Itself
014276: Powledge, Fred - A Forgiving Wind: On Becoming a Sailor
016690: Powledge, Fred - A Forgiving Wind: On Becoming a Sailor
27940: Powledge, Fred - Model City : A Test of American Liberalism: One Town's Efforts to Rebuild. .
39464: Pownall, Thomas - A Topographical Description of the Dominions of the United States of America. [Being a Rev. And Enl. Ed. Of] a Topographical Description of Such Parts of North America As Are Contained in the (Annexed) Map of the Middle British Colonies, &C. , in North America. Edited by Lois Mulkearn.
009171: Powys, John Cowper - The Meaning of Culture
269: Powys, John Cowper - Enjoyment of Literature
38619: Powys, John Cowper & Llewellyn - Confessions of Two Brothers
30631: Poydar, Nancy. - Brave Santa.
36980: Prachett, Terry - Making Money
39893: Praed, Winthrop Mackworth - The Poems... Revised and Complete Edition with a Memoir by the Rev. Derwent Coleridge
29735: Prange, Gordon W., Goldstein, Donald M. , & Dillion, Katherine V. - At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor
29736: Prange, Gordon W., Goldstein, Donald M. , & Dillion, Katherine V. - Miracle at Midway
012942: Prat, Veronique - The Great Collectors: Masterpieces from Private Collections. Translated by Michael Edwards
7620: Pratley, Gerald - The Cinema of Otto Preminger
43931: Pratson, Fredrick John - Land of the Four Directions
24319: Pratson, Frederick John - The Special World of the Artisan [by] Frederick J. Pratson
28259: Pratson, Frederick John - The Sea in Their Blood
28260: Pratson, Frederick John - The Sea in Their Blood
27816: Pratt, Dorothy & Richard - A Guide to Early American Homes : North & South
27204: Pratt, Waldo Selden, ed. - The New Encyclopedia of Music and Musicians
003925: Pratt, Richard - The Golden Treasury of Early American Houses
003926: Pratt, Richard - A Treasury of Early American Homes
43869: Pratt, Jerry Dillon - Shooting Snake Eyes on Sunday
25294: Pratt-Chadwick, Mara Louise or Loring, Laurie - Stella and the Priest; or, the Star of Rockburn, by Laurie Loring
017041: Pratt, Fletcher - CIVIL War in Pictures
012131: Pratt, Charles Stuart & Ella Farman, eds. - Little Men and Women
011978: Pratt, J. Gaither (Joseph Gaither) & Rhine, J. B. (Joseph Banks) - Extra-Sensory Perception After Sixty Years; a Critical Appraisal of the Research in Extra-Sensory Perception [by] J.G. Pratt [and Others]
011701: Pratt, Fletcher - All About Rockets and Jets
29292: Pratt, John Lowell, selected by - Pro, Pro, Pro: Stories of Pro Football's Greatest Stars
23801: Pratt, Fletcher - CIVIL War in Pictures
46342: Pratt Institute - Fifty-Eighth Edition of the Whole Pratt Works, As of January 1, 1996 : A Record of Past Performances.
46424: Pratt-Chadwick, Mara L. (Mara Louise) - Little Flower Folks, or, Stories from Flowerland for the Home and School / by Mara L. Pratt
35162: Prebble, John - Spanish Stirrup, and Other Stories
35172: Preedy, George - Tumult in the North
42067: Prelutsky, Jack. - The Headless Horseman Rides Tonight.
40607: Preminger, Marion Mill - The Sands of Tamanrasset : The Story of Charles de Foucauld
39251: Prendergast, Maurice Brazil - The Unknown Pastels
44659: Prendergast, Maurice - Large Boston Public Garden Sketchbook [by] Maurice Prendergast
24526: Prescott, Marjorie Wiggin - New England Son
29197: Prescott, Julian K. - A History of the Modern Age [by] Julian K. Prescott
76: Prescott, William Hickling - History of the Conquest of Peru, with a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas
014252: Preston, Richard - The Hot Zone
018512: Preston, Jack - Ballads to Vee and Tim Across the Line
29915: Preston, Charles, editor - Can Board Chairmen Get Measles? : Thirty Years of Great Cartoons from the. .
45520: Preston, Charles - Let's Go to Bedlam : A Cartoon Commentary on Marital Madness Edited by Charles Preston.
26670: Preston, Stuart - El Greco
24019: Preston, Richard - The Hot Zone
28498: Preston-Mafham, Ken - Practical Wildlife Photography
7516: Preston, Stuart, ed. - Farewell to the Old House: The Metropolitan Opera House 1883-1966
26634: Pretty, R. T. & Archer, D. H. R., editors - Jane's Weapon Systems, 1973-74
27909: Pretzer, Roger - Marine Metals Manual : A Handbook for Boatmen, Builders, and Dealers
012767: Preyer, David C - The Art of the Metropolitan Museum of New York...
31197: Price, Lucien - Another Athens Shall Arise
44152: Price, Eugenia - Inside One Author's Heart : A Deeply Personal Sharing with My Readers
44151: Price, Eugenia - St. Simons Memoir : The Personal Story of Finding the Island and Writing the St. Simons Trilogy of Novels
33843: Price, Richard - Clockers
33851: Price, Richard - Clockers
43734: [Price, J. P. Hyde] - Hunting and Trapping Stories; a Book for Boys
33229: Price, Reynolds - Clear Pictures : First Loves, First Guides
008562: Price, George - My Dear 500 Friends
28261: Price, Harry - The Royal Tour 1901; or, the Cruise of H.M. S. Ophir, Being a Lower Deck Account of the Royal Highnesses, the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall and York's Voyage Around the British Empire.
39074: Price, Christopher - The Blueprint : How the New England Patriots Beat the System to Create the Last Great Nfl Superpower
35883: Price, Reynolds - A Long and Happy Life
21510: Price, Monroe Edwin - Shattered Mirrors : Our Search for Identity and Community in the Aids Era
28132: Price, Reynolds - Blue Calhoun
38556: Price, Richard - The Wanderers, a Novel
31563: Price, David - Before the Bulldozer: The Nambiquara Indians and the World Bank
43720: Prichard, James Cowles - The Natural History of Man; Comprising Inquiries Into the Modifying Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies on the Different Tribes of the Human Family. By James Cowles Prichard... Fourth Edition, Edited and Enlarges by Edwin Norris... Illustrated with Sixty-Two Coloured Plates Engraved on Steel and One Hundred Engravings on Wood.
017207: Prideaux, Tom. - Love or Nothing: The Life and Times of Ellen Terry
35170: Pridgen, Tim - Tory Oath
015036: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - The Doomsday Men, an Adventure
009282: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - The Good Companions
35094: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - Jenny Villiers, a Story of the Theatre
008380: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - Festival
007075: Priestley, J. B. and Jaquetta Hawkes - Journey Down a Rainbow
011831: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - Literature and Western Man
1599: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - Angel Pavement
004847: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - Bright Day
42617: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - Out of the People
37819: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - The Prince of Pleasure and His Regency, 1811-20 [by] J.B. Priestley.
009846: Priestley, J. B. (John Boynton) - Three Men in New Suits
26948: Princ, Ján. - Bratislava--Kraków : Kultúrne Dedicstvo = Dziedzictwo Kultury / [Spracoval KolektíV Autorov Pod VedeníM Jána Princa].
015361: Prince, Clara Catherine, compiler - The American Literary Association Anthology, 1933. Cover Title: Lotus
25115: Prince, Francine - Francine Prince's New Jewish Cuisine : Over 175 Recipes for Holidays and Every Days
33423: Prince, Walter Franklin - Noted Witnesses for Psychic Occurrences
012274: Prince, Hezekiah - Journals of Hezekiah Price, Jr. , 1822-1828. Introduction by Walter Muir Whitehill. Foreword by Robert Greenhalgh Albion
24161: Prince, Pamela - The Secret World of Teddy Bears : A Rare and Privileged Glimpse Into the Lives They Lead When You'Re Not There

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