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9992: ROSE, MICHAEL: - Computers, Managers and Society
9997: ROSE, WILLIAM ed.: - Essays on Goethe
9995: ROSE, RICHARD: - What is Governing? Purpose and policy in Washington
9996: ROSE, RICHARD ed.: - Studies in British Politics
9998: ROSELLO, MIREILLE: - Infiltrating Culture, Power and identity in contemporary women's writing
9999: ROSEMAN, MARINA: - Healing Sounds from the Malaysian Rainforest. Temiar Music and Medicine.
10000: ROSEN, CONNIE & ROSEN, HAROLD: - The Language of Primary School Children
10001: ROSEN, GEORGE: - Democracy and Economic Change in India
10002: ROSEN, GEORGE: - Madness in Society, Chapters in the historical sociology of mental illness
10003: ROSEN, LAWRENCE: - Bargaining for Reality, The construction of social relations in a Muslim community
10004: ROSENBAUM, MAX & BERGER, MILTON ed.: - Group Psychotherapy and Group Function
12712: ROSENBERG, ALFRED: - Roots of the Right. Ed. Robert Pois.
10005: ROSENBERG, CHARLES E. ed.: - The Family in History
10006: ROSENBERG, JAKOB, SLIVE, SEYMOUR etc.: - Pelican History of Art: Dutch art and architecture 1600-1800
10007: ROSENBERG, WILLIAM G. & YOUNG, MARILYN B.: - Transforming Russia and China, Revolutionary struggle in the twentieth century
10008: ROSENTHAL, ERIC: - African Switzerland, Basutoland of today
10009: ROSENTHAL, JUDY: - Possession, Ecstacy, and Law in Ewe Voodoo
10011: ROSING, INA: - Religion, Ritual und Alltag in den Anden, Die zehn Geschlechter von Amarete Bolivien
10012: ROSS, ANDREW: - Real Love, in pursuit of cultural justice
10015: ROSS, HELEN: - Just for Living, aboriginal perceptions of housing in northwest Australia
10016: ROSS, J.E. ed.: - Radical Adventurer, the diaries of Robert Morris 1772-4
10017: ROSS, J.F.S.: - Elections and Electors, studies in democratic representation
10018: ROSSER, BILL: - Dreamtime Nightmares, biographies of Aborigines under the Queensland Aborigine Act
10019: ROSSER, COLIN & HARRIS, CHRISTOPHER: - The Family and Social Change, A study of family and kinship in a South Wales town
10020: ROSSETTI, WILLIAM M. ed.: - Poems of Christina Rossetti
10022: ROSSI, INO (Ed): - The Unconscious in Culture. The Structuralism of Claude Levi-Strauss in Perspective.
10021: ROSSI, INO: - From the Sociology of Symbols to the Sociology of Signs, Toward a Dialectical Sociology.
10026: ROSSITER, CLINTON: - The American Presidency
10025: ROSSITER, CLINTON: - Parties and Politics in America
10028: ROST, YURI: - Armenian Tragedy, An eye-witness account of Human Conflict and Natural Diaster in Armenia and Azerbaijan. trans. by Elizabeth Roberts, forward by Andrei Sakharov.
10029: ROSTOVTSEFF, MICHEL I.: - Histoire Economique et Sociale de l'Empire Roman
10030: ROSTOVTZEFF, M.: - Greece. Trans. by J.D. Duff
10031: ROSTOW, W.W.: - Politics and the Stages of Growth
10032: ROSTOW, W.W.: - The Process of Economic Growth
10034: ROSZAK, THEODORE: - Where the Wasteland Ends, Politics and Transcendence in Post industrial Society
10035: ROTH, CECIL: - A Short History of the Jewish People, 1600 BC. - A.D. 1935
10036: ROTH, CECIL: - The Jewish Contribution to Civilisation
10037: ROTH, G.K.: - Fijian Way of Life. with intro. by G.B. Milner
10038: ROTH, G.K.: - Native Administration in Fiji During the Past 75 Years, a successful experiment in indirect rule
10041: ROTH, NANCY L. & HOGAN, KATIE eds.: - Gendered Epidemic, Representations of Women in the age of AIDS
10040: ROTH, JANE & HOOPER, STEVEN eds.: - The Fiji Journals of Baron Anatole Von Hugel, 1875-1877
10039: ROTH, H. LING: - Studies in Primitive Looms. Part 111 Indonesian Looms. Bankfield Museum Halifax
10043: ROTHCHILD, DONALD: - Citizenship and National Integration: The Non-African Crisis in Kenya
10045: ROTHSCHILD, LORD: - The Classification of Living Animals
10044: ROTHSCHILD, K.W. ed.: - Power in Economics. Selected Readings.
10046: ROTHSTEIN, ANDREW: - A History of the U.S.S.R.
10048: ROULET, FLORENCIA: - Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples, a handbook on the UN system
10049: ROUNTREE, HELEN C. & DAVIDSON, THOMAS E.: - Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland
10050: ROUSE, A.L.: - The English Spirit, Essays in history and literature
12681: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES: - The Social Contract & Discourses. trans. by G.D.H. Cole. Revised by J.H. Brumfitt & John C. Hall.
12652: ROUSSEAU, JEAN-JACQUES: - The Social Contract. Trans. Maurice Cranston.
10053: ROUSSEAU, PHILIP: - Pachomius, The making of a community in fourth-century Egypt
10052: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES: - The Social Contract & Discourses. trans. by G.D.H. Cole.
10051: ROUSSEAU, JEAN JACQUES: - Du Contrat Social ou Principes du Droit Politique. ed. C.E. Vaughan.
10055: ROUTH, GUY: - Occupation and Pay in Great Britain 1906-60
10057: ROUX, EDWARD: - Time Longer Than Rope, a History of the Black Man's Struggle for Freedom in South Africa
10056: ROUX, EDWARD: - Time Longer Than Rope, a History of the Black Man's Struggle for Freedom in South Africa
10058: ROVIRA, J. & SANTACANA, J.: - El Yacimiento de la Mussara (Tarragona) un modelo de asentamiento pastoril en el Bronce Final de Catalunya
10059: ROWBOTHAM, SHEILA: - Woman's Consciousness, Man's World
10061: ROWE, MICHAEL: - Crossing the Border, Encounters between homeless people and outreach workers
10062: ROWLANDS, IAN H.: - The Climate Change Negotiations: Berlin and Beyond
10063: ROWLANDSON, T. & PUGIN, A.C.: - The Microcosm of London
12789: ROWLEY, C.D.: - A Matter of Justice
10065: ROWLEY, C.D.: - The Destruction of Aboriginal Society
10064: ROWLEY, C.D.: - Outcasts in White Australia
10069: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHN & LAVERS, G.R.: - English Life and Leisure, a social study
10067: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM & KENDALL, MAY: - How the Labourer Lives, A study of the rural labour problem
10068: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM & LAVERS, G.R.: - Poverty and the Welfare State, A third social survey of York dealing only with economic questions
10066: ROWNTREE, B. SEEBOHM: - Poverty and Progress, A second social survey of York
10072: ROWSE, A.L.: - The England of Elizabeth, the structure of society
10071: ROWSE, A.L.: - The Elizabethan Renaissance, the life of the Society
10070: ROWSE, A.L.: - The Elizabethan Renaissance, the Cultural Achievement
10073: ROXBOROUGH, IAN: - Theories of Underdevelopment
10074: ROY, MANISHA: - Bengali Women
7127: LE ROY, MARCEL: - Land of the Niamoo, travels in the forests of Equatorial Africa
7124: LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL: - Montaillou, Cathars and Catholics in a French village 1294-1324. Trans. by Barbara Bray.
7126: LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL: - The Peasants of Languedoc. Trans. by John Day.
7125: LE ROY LADURIE, EMMANUEL: - Paris-Montpellier P.C.-P.S.U. 1945-1963
10076: ROYSTER, CHARLES: - Light-Horse Lee and the Legacy of the American Revolution
10077: ROZEBOOM, WILLIAM W.: - Foundations of the Theory of Prediction
10078: ROZWENC, EDWIN C.; MATLON, JOHN C.: - Myth and Reality in the Populist Revolt
10080: RUBEL, ARTHUR J.: - Across the Tracks, Mexican-Americans in a Texas city
10079: RUBEL, A.J., O'NELL, C.W. & COLLADO-ARDON, R.: - Susto, a folk illness
10081: RUBEN, WALTER: - Eisenschmiede und Damonen in Indien, Ergebnisse einer reise, die mit Unterstutzung des Forschungs-Institutes fur Kulturmorphologie in Frankfurt a M. und des Turkishen Unterrichts-Ministeriums Durchgefuhrt Wurde.
10082: RUBIN, VITALY A.: - Individual and State in Ancient China, Essays on four Chinese philosophers (Confucius - Mo Tzu - Shang Yang - Chuang Tzu). Trans. Steven I. Levine.
10083: RUBINSTEIN, ANNETTE T. Ed.: - Schools Against Children, the Case for Community Control
10088: RUBINSTEIN, RONALD: - John Citizen and the Law
10087: RUBINSTEIN, ROBERT A., LAUGHLIN, CHARLES D. & McMANUS, JOHN: - Science as Cognitive Process, toward an empirical philosophy of science
10085: RUBINSTEIN, DAVID ed.: - Education and Equality
10084: RUBINSTEIN, DAVID & STONEMAN, COLIN Eds.: - Education for Democracy
10089: RUBIO, ALFREDO BARRERA; HERRERA, JOSE HUCHIM: - Architectural Restoration at Uxmal 1986-1987. trans. by Carlos A. Uribe
10091: RUDDOCK, RALPH: - Roles and Relationships
10092: RUDE, GEORGE: - Wilkes and Liberty, a social study of 1763 to 1774
10093: RUDGLEY, RICHARD: - The Alchemy of Culture, Intoxicants in society
10094: RUDNER, RICHARD S.: - Philosophy of Social Science
10095: RUDOLFPH, WOLFGANG: - Inshore Fishing Craft of the Southern Baltic from Holstein to Curonia
10096: RUGELEY, TERRY: - Of Wonders and Wise Men, Religion and popular cultures in Southeast Mexico, 1800-1876
10097: RUHNAU, ELKE: - Die politische Organisation im vorspanischen Chalco, Eine Untersuchung anhand von Werken des Domingo Munon de Chimappahin Quauhtlehuanitzin
10098: RULE, JAMES B.: - Insight and Social Betterment, a Preface to Applied Social Science
10100: RUMNEY, JAY; MAIER, JOSEPH: - The Science of Society, an Introduction to Sociology
10099: RUMNEY, A.W.: - The Dalesman
10106: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - Sociology in its Place and Other Essays
10105: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - Social Science and Political Theory
10104: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - Social Science and Political Theory
10103: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - Relative Deprivation and Social Justice, a Study of Attitudes to Social Inequality in Twentieth-Century England
10102: RUNCIMAN, W.G.: - A Critique of Max Weber's Philosophy of Social Science
10107: RUNES, DAGOBERT D.: - Treasury of Thought, Observations Over Half a Century
10108: RUPP, E.G. & DREWERY, BENJAMIN: - Martin Luther
10109: RUSCH, WALTER & STEIN, LOTHAR: - Siwa und die Aulad Ali
10110: RUSHDIE, SALMAN: - Imaginary Homelands, Essays and criticism 1981-1991
10112: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Poems. With and essay on the author by G.K. Chesterton.
10118: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Unto this Last, and other essays on art and political economy
10117: RUSKIN, JOHN: - The Seven Lamps of Architecture
10116: RUSKIN, JOHN: - The Poetry of Architecture, or the Architecture of the Nations of Europe considered in it Association with natural Scenery and national Character
10115: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Sesame and Lilies. Two lectures 1. Of Kings' Treasuries. 2. Of Queens' Gardens.
10114: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Sesame and Lilies
10113: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Selections from the Writings of..
10111: RUSKIN, JOHN: - Lectures on Architecture and Painting
10122: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth. The William James Lectures for 1940 delivered at Harvard University.
10123: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - Authority and the Individual. The Reith Lectures for 1948-9.
10124: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - History of Western Philosophy and its Connection with Political and Social Circumstances from the Earliest Times to the Present Day
10125: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - Marriage and Morals
10127: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - Power, a new social analysis
10128: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - Principles of Social Reconstruction
10129: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - The Autobiography 1872-1914
10130: RUSSELL, BERTRAND: - The Problems of Philosophy
10131: RUSSELL, CONRAD: - The Crisis of Parliaments, English History 1509-1660
10133: RUSSELL, JOSIAH COX: - Medieval Regions and their Cities
10134: RUSSELL, PHILIP: - Mexico in Transition
10121: RUSSELL, ALEX: - Aristocrats of the South Seas
10120: RUSSELL, A.G.: - Colour, Race and Empire
10119: RUSSELL, (LORD): - The Scourge of the Swastika, a short history of Nazi war crimes
10135: RUSSETT, BRUCE M.: - World Handbook of Political and Social Indicators
10136: RUTHERFOORD, PEGGY ed.: - Darkness and Light, an anthology of African writing
10137: RUTT, RICHARD: - Korean Works and Days, Notes from the diary of a country priest
10138: RUTT, RICHARD ed.: - The Bamboo Grove, An introduction to Sijo
10139: RUTTER, FRANK: - Modern Masterpieces, an outline of modern art
10140: RUWITAH, AVITON: - The Death of a Chief in Saurombe: Rituals Associated with Elitist Burials in Chimanimani Communal Lands
10141: RUZ, MARIO HUMBERTO: - Historiac Demesticas, Tradicion oral en la Sierra Madre de Chiapas
10142: RUZ, MARIO HUMBERTO ed.: - Las Lenguas del Chiapas Colonial, Manuscritos en la Biblioteca Nacional de Paris
10143: RYAN, ALAN: - The Philosophy of the Social Sciences
10144: RYAN, ALAN (Ed): - The Philosophy of Social Explanation
10145: RYAN, W.J.L.: - Price Theory
10146: RYCROFT, CHARLES: - Anxiety and Neurosis
12732: RYCROFT, CHARLES: - Reich
10147: RYDER, NORMAN B. & WESTOFF, CHARLES F.: - Reproduction in the United States 1965
10148: RYLANDS, GEORGE: - Elizabethan Tragedy, Six representative plays (excluding Shakespeare) selected with an introduction
10149: RYLE, ANTHONY: - Student Casualties
10150: RYLE, GILBERT: - Dilemmas. The Tarner Lectures 1953
10153: SAAKANA, AMON SABA: - Blues Dance
10155: SABATIER, PAUL: - Life of St Francis of Assisi. Trans. Louise Seymour Houghton.
10156: SABBAH, FATNA AIT: - La Femme dan l'Inconscient Musulman, Desir et Pouvoir
10157: SABELLI, FABRIZIO (Ed): - Ecologie Contre Nature. Developpement et Politiques d'Ingerence.
10158: SABERWAL, SATISH: - Mobile Men, limits to social change in urban Punjab
10159: SABLOFF, JEREMY A. ed.: - Tikal: Dynasties, Foreigners, and Affairs of State
10160: SACCHI, DOMINIQUE: - Le Paleolithique Superieur du Languedoc Occidental er du Roussillon
10161: SACHCHIDANANDA: - The Harijan Elite, A study of their status, networks, mobility and role in social transformation
10162: SACHEVERELL, HENRY: - The Perils of False Brethren, both in Church and State
10163: SACHS, ALBIE: - Justice in South Africa
10164: SACHS, BERNARD: - The Road from Sharpeville
10165: SACHS, E.S.: - Rebels Daughters
10166: SACHS, E.S.: - The Choice Before South Africa
10167: SACHS, WULF: - Black Anger
10168: SACHS, WULF: - Black Hamlet, with new introduction by Saul Dubow and Jacqueline Rose.
10169: SACHSE, WILLIAM L. ed.: - The Diurnal of Thomas Rugg 1659-1661
10170: SACKS, KAREN: - Sisters and Wives, The past and future of sexual equality
10171: SACKS, OLIVER: - Awakenings
10172: SADLEIR, MICHAEL: - Forlorn Sunset
10173: SADLEIR, MICHAEL: - These Foolish Things
10174: SADLER, A.L.: - Cha-No-Yu, The Japanese Tea Ceremony
10175: SADLIER, MICHAEL: - Trollope, a commentary
10176: SAGAN, ELI: - At the Dawn of Tyranny, the origins of individualism, political oppression, and the state
10177: SAGGS, H.W.F.: - The Greatness that was Babylon, a Sketch of the Ancient Civilization of the Tigris-Euphrates Valley
10178: SAHI, JYOTI: - The Child and the Serpent, Reflections on popular Indian symbols
10179: SAHNI, M.R.: - Man in Evolution
10180: SAIKAKU, IHARA: - Five Women Who Loved Love, Amorous Tales from 17th Century Japan. trans. by Wm. Theodore de Bary
10181: SAINTE-BEUVE, C.A.: - Portraits Contemporains. 2 vols
10182: SAIZ, CONCEPCION GARCIA: - La Pintura Colonial en el Museo de America (II): Lose Enconchados
10183: SAKAMOTO, YOSIYUKI: - A Study of the Japanese National Character. Part V - Fifth Nation-wide Survey.
10184: SALA, GEORGE AUGUSTUS: - Lady Chesterfield's letters to her daughter
10185: SALAFF, JANET W.: - State and Family in Singapore, Restructuring a developing society
10187: SALAMAN, GRAEME & THOMPSON, KENNETH eds.: - Control and Ideology in Organizations
10186: SALAMAN, GRAEME: - Class and the Corporation
10189: SALE, KIRKPATRICK: - Power Shift, the Rise of the Southern Rim and its Challenge to the Eastern Establishment
10188: SALE, CHARLES: - The Specialist
10190: SALEMINK, OSCAR: - The Ethnography of Vietnam's Central Highlanders, A historical contextualization, 1850-1900
10191: SALKELD, WILLIAM: - Reports of Cases Adjudged in the Court of King's Bench etc. 2 vols in one.
10196: SALT, LAURA E. & BOUMPHREY, GEOFFREY eds.: - Oxford Junior Encyclopaedia. 12 vols. + index.
10195: SALT, JOHN & CLOUT, HUGH eds.: - Migration in Post-War Europe, Geographical essays
10194: SALT, GEORGE & MYERS, J.G.: - Report on Sugar-Cane Borers & Dry-Season Studies of Cane Homoptera
10193: SALT, GEORGE: - The Cellular Defence Reactions of Insects
10197: SALTER, ARTHUR: - Security, can we retrieve it?
10198: SALTZMAN, KATARINA & SVENSSON, BIRGITTA eds.: - Moderna Landskap, Identification och tradition i vardagen
10200: SALZANO, FRANCISCO M.; CALLEGARI-JACQUES, SIDIA M.: - South American Indians, a Case Study in Evolution
10202: SALZMAN, PHILIP CARL: - Black Tents of Baluchistan
10201: SALZMAN, L.F.: - More Medieval Byways
10203: SAMMONS, KAY & SHERZER, JOEL eds.: - Translating Native Latin American Verbal Art, Ethnopoetics and ethnography of speaking
10209: SAMPSON, ANTHONY: - The New Europeans, a guide to the workings, institutions and character of contemporary Western Europe
10211: SAMPSON, R.V.: - Equality and Power
10210: SAMPSON, GEORGE: - The Concise Cambridge History of English Literature
10208: SAMPSON, ANTHONY: - The New Anatomy of Britain
10207: SAMPSON, ANTHONY: - Sovereign State, the secret history of ITT
10206: SAMPSON, ANTHONY: - Drum, a venture into the new Africa
10205: SAMPSON, ANTHONY: - Anatomy of Britain Today
10204: SAMPSON, ANTHONY: - Anatomy of Britain
10213: SAMUEL, RAPHAEL ed.: - People's History and Socialist Theory
10212: SAMUEL, RAPHAEL ed.: - Miners, Quarrymen and Saltworkers
10214: SAMUELSON, PAUL A.: - Economics, an introductory analysis
10217: SAMUELSSON, KURT: - Religion and Economic Action, A Critique of Max Weber. Trans. by E. Geoffrey French.
10216: SAMUELSSON, KURT: - Ekonomi och Religion
10218: SANDARS, N.K.: - The Epic of Gilgamesh (english version)
10222: SANDBROOK, RICHARD & COHEN, ROBIN eds.: - The Development of an African Working Class: studies in class formation and action
10221: SANDBROOK, RICHARD: - The Politics of Basic Needs, Urban Aspects of Assaulting Poverty in Africa
10220: SANDBROOK, RICHARD: - Proletarians and African Capitalism, the Kenyan Case 1960-1972
10223: SANDELL, R.E.: - Abstracts of Wiltshire Tithe Apportionments
10228: SANDERS, WILLIAM T. & MARINO, JOSEPH: - New World Prehistory. Archaeology of the American Indian.
10227: SANDERS, F.K. ed.: - Mitochondria and Other Cytoplasmic Inclusions
10226: SANDERS, E.P.: - Jesus and Judaism
10225: SANDERS, DONALD H. Etc.: - Statistics, a Fresh Approach
10230: SANDERSON, LILIAN PASSMORE & SANDERSON, NEVILLE: - Education, Religion and Politics in Southern Sudan 1899-1964
10229: SANDERSON, J.B.: - An Interpretation of the Political Ideas of Marx and Engels
10231: SANDLUND, TOM: - Social Classes, Ethnic Groups and Capitalist Development - an outline of theory
10232: SANDYS, JOHN EDWIN ed.: - A Companion to Latin Studies
10234: SANMARTIN, RICARDO: - Identidad y Creacion, Horizontes culturales e interpretacion antropologica
10235: SANTAGELO, ANTONIO: - Epopea Ominide, la transizione all'umano e il concetto di compirtamento pre-culturale
10237: SANTANGELO, ANTONIO: - Il Giardino Dell'Eden, Il sentiero che conduce al Sapiens: comportamento pre-culturale, e transizione a cultura
10238: SANTANGELO, ANTONIO: - L'Uomo: eredita e promozione culturale. English translation by Giovanna Zanienelli.
10236: SANTANGELO, ANTONIO: - Antropologia e Processi di Civilta, La Nascita di Nuovi Valori.
10240: SANYAL, BIKAS C. & KINUNDA, MICHAEL J.: - Higher Education for Self-reliance: the Tanzanian experience
3564: DE SAPIR, OLGA LINARES: - Cultural Chronology of the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama
10241: SAPIR, E.: - Abnormal Types of Speech in Nootka & Noun Reduplication in Comox, a Salish Language of Vancouver Island
10244: SARASON, SEYMOUR B. & GLADWIN, THOMAS: - Psychological and Cultural problems in Mental Subnormality: a review of research
10243: SARASON, SEYMOUR B.: - Work, Aging, and Social Change, Professionals and the one life - one career imperative
10245: SARGENT, S.S. & SMITH, MARIAN W.: - Culture and Personality, proceedings of an interdisciplinary conferences held under the auspices of the Viking Fund 1947,
10248: SARMELA, MATTI: - Paikalliskulttuurin Rakennemuutos, Raportti Pohjois-Thaimaan Riisikylista [Structural Change in Local Culture, De-localization and cultural imperialism in rural North Thailand].
10249: SARMELA, MATTI: - Suomen Perinne - Atlas (Atlas of Finnish Culture)
10247: SARMELA, MATTI: - Paikalliskulttuurin rakennemuutos, Raportti Pohjois-Thaimaan riisikylista
10250: SARRAUTE, NATHALIE: - Martereau. Trans. Maria Jolas.
10253: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL: - Portrait of the Anti-Semite. Trans. Erik de Mauny.
10252: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL: - Iron in the Soul. Trans. Gerard Hopkins.
10254: SASSI, MARIA MICHELA: - The Science of Man in Ancient Greece. Trans. Paul Tucker.
10255: SASSONE, PETER G. & SCHAFFER, WILLIAM A.: - Cost-Benefit Analysis, A handbook
10256: SATCHELL, G.H.: - Circulation in Fishes
10257: SAUGY DE KLIAUGA, CATALINA: - Argentine Anthropological Bibliography 1980-1985
10259: SAUL, JOHN S. & GELB, STEPHEN: - The Crisis in South Africa, Class Defense, Class Revolution
10258: SAUL, JOHN S.: - The State and Revolution in Eastern Africa
10264: SAUNDERS, N.F.T.: - Factory Organization and Management
10263: SAUNDERS, KEITH B.: - Learning the Ropes, the Life Story of a 'King of the Knockouts'
10262: SAUNDERS, J.T. & MANTON, S.M.: - A Manual of Practical Vertebrate Morphology
10261: SAUNDERS, J.B. de C.M. & O'MALLEY, CHARLES D.: - The Illustrations from the Works of Andreas Vesalius of Brussels, with annotations and translations, a discussion of the plates and their background, authorship and influence, and a biographical sketch of Vesalius
10260: SAUNDERS, GARRY: - Bert Brown of Papua
10265: SAUSER-HALL, GEORGE: - The Political Institutions of Switzerland
3540: DE LA SAUSSAYE, P.D. CHANTEPIE: - Manual of the Science of Religion
10266: SAUTER, MARC-R.: - Switzerland, from Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest
10267: SAUTET, MARC: - Nietzsche for Beginners
10268: SAUVAGEOT, J. Etc.: - The Student Revolt, the Activists Speak. Trans. by B.R. Brewster
10269: SAVELLE, MAX: - The Colonial Origins of American Thought
10270: SAVILLE, JULIE: - The Work of Reconstruction: From Slave to Wage Laborer in South Carolina, 1860
10274: SAVORY, R.M. ed.: - Introduction to Islamic Civilisation
10272: SAVORY, PHYLLIS: - Basuto Fireside Tales
10271: SAVORY, H.N.: - Spain and Portugal, the Prehistory of the Iberian Peninsula
10275: SAWYER, MALCOLM; SCHOTT, KERRY (Eds): - Socialist Economic Review 1983
10276: SAWYER, W.W.: - Prelude to Mathematics
10277: SAX, WILLIAM S.: - Mountain Goddess, Gender and Politics in a Himalayan Pilgrimage
10278: SAYERS, JANET, EVANS, MARY & REDCLIFT, NANNEKE eds.: - Engels Revisited, New Feminist Essays
10279: SAYERS, R.S.: - Modern Banking
10281: SAYLES, LEONARD R. & STRAUSS, GEORGE: - The Local Union
10280: SAYLES, G.O.: - The Medieval Foundations of England
10282: SCAMMELL, W.M.: - The International Economy Since 1945
10283: SCARAFFIA, LUCRETTA: - Loretto
10284: SCARBOROUGH, WILLIAM KAUFFMAN: - The Overseer, Plantation management in the old South
10287: SCASE, RICHARD ed.: - Industrial Society: Class, Cleavage and Control
10285: SCASE, RICHARD & GOFFEE, ROBERT: - The Real World of the Small Business Owner
10286: SCASE, RICHARD (Ed): - The State in Western Europe
10290: SCHAFER, ROY: - The Clinical Application of Psychological Tests, diagnostic summaries and case studies
10289: SCHAFER, PETER: - Judeophobia, Attitudes toward the Jews in the Ancient World
10291: SCHAFF, ADAM: - A Philosophy of Man
10292: SCHALLER, GEORGE: - The Year of the Gorilla, an exploration
10293: SCHAMA, SIMON: - Citizens, A chronicle of the French Revolution
10296: SCHAPERA, I.: - Married Life in an African Tribe
10300: SCHAPERA, I. ed.: - Western Civilization and the Natives of South Africa, studies in culture contact
10299: SCHAPERA, I. ed.: - The Bantu-Speaking Tribes of South Africa, an Ethnographical Survey
10297: SCHAPERA, I.: - The Tswana. Southern Africa Part III, Ethnographic Survey of Africa edited by Daryll Forde.
10295: SCHAPERA, I.: - Government and Politics in Tribal Societies
10294: SCHAPERA, I.: - A Handbook of Tswana Law and Custom
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10952: ST JOHN, CHARLES: - Sketches of the Wild Sports and Natural History of The Highlands
10954: STACEY, MARGARET: - Tradition and Change, a Study of Banbury
10958: STACEY, TOM: - Tribe, The hidden history of the Mountains of the Moon, An autobiographical study
10957: STACEY, TOM: - Decline
10956: STACEY, TOM: - Deadline
10955: STACEY, MARGARET Ed.: - Comparability in Social Research
10959: STACHOWSKI, RYSZARD: - The Mathematical Soul, an Antique Prototype of the Modern Mathematisation of Psychology
10960: STAFFORD-CLARK, DAVID: - Psychiatry Today
10961: STAGNER, ROSS & ROSEN, HJALMAR: - Psychology of Union-Management Relations
10962: STAHL, FRANKLIN W.: - The Mechanics of Inheritance
10963: STAHL, KATHLEEN M.: - British and Soviet Colonial Systems
10964: STALEY, EUGENE: - The Future of Underdeveloped Countries, Political Implications of Economic Development
10965: STALIN, JOSEPH: - Marxism and the National and Colonial Question, a Collection of Articles and Speeches
10967: STAMP, L. DUDLEY: - Britain's Structure and Scenery
10966: STAMP, L. DUDLEY: - Applied Geography
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10970: STAMPP, KENNETH M.: - The Peculiar Institution, Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South
10969: STAMPP, KENNETH M.: - The Peculiar Institution, Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South
10968: STAMPP, KENNETH M.: - The Era of Reconstruction, 1865-1877
10972: STANDARD, PAUL: - Calligraphy's Flowering, Decay and Restauration, with hints for its wider use today
10973: STANFIELD, JOHN H. ed.: - A History of Race Relations Research, First-generation recollections
10974: STANISLAVSKI, C.: - La Formation de l'Acteur
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10979: STARCKE, C.N.: - The Primitive Family in its Origin and Development
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10986: STARK, W.: - The Ideal Foundations of Economic Thought, three essays on the philosophy of economics
10985: STARK, FREYA: - The Southern Gates of Arabia
10984: STARK, FREYA: - Riding to the Tigris
10983: STARK, FREYA: - Perseus in the Wind
10982: STARK, FREYA: - Letters 1914-30, 1930-35. 2 vols. ed. Lucy Moorehead.
10981: STARK, FREYA: - East is West
10987: STARKEY, MARION: - The Devil in Massachusetts, the Story of the Witches of Salem
10989: STARKIE, WALTER: - Scolars and Gypsies, an autobiography
10988: STARKIE, WALTER: - Don Gypsy, adventures with a fiddle in Barbary, Andalusia and La Mancha
10990: STAROBIN, ROBERT S.: - Industrial Slavery in the Old South
10994: STARR, PAUL: - The Social Transformation of American Medicine
10993: STARR, LILIAN A.: - Tales of Tirah and Lesser Tibet
10992: STARR, CHESTER G.: - A History of the Ancient World
10996: STATLER, OLIVER: - The Japanese Inn
10995: STATLER, OLIVER: - Japanese Inn, a Reconstruction of the Past
10997: STAUNTON, IRENE Ed.: - Mothers of the Revolution
10999: STAVENHAGEN, RODOLFO: - Social Classes in Agrarian Societies. trans. by Judy Adler Hellman
11001: STAVENHAGEN, RODOLFO (Ed): - Agrarian Problems and Peasant Movements in Latin America
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10998: STAVENHAGEN, RODOLFO: - Las Clases Sociales en las Sociedades Agrarias
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11004: STEBBINS, G. LEDYARD: - Darwin to DNA, Molecules to Humanity
11005: STEDMAN, JOHN: - Expedition to Surinam, being the narrative of a five years expedition against the revolted negroes of Surinam in Guiana on the wild coast of South America from the year 1772 to 1777 etc. edited and abridged by Christoper Bryant.
11006: STEEGMAN, JOHN: - Cambridge
11007: STEEL, TOM: - The Life and Death of St Kilda
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11020: STEINBERG, ARTHUR G. & BEARN, ALEXANDER G. Eds.: - Progress in Medical Genetics
11021: STEINBERG, IRA S.: - Educational Myths and Realities: philosophical essays on education, politics and the science of behaviour
11025: STEINER, GEORGE: - Anno Domini, three stories
11023: STEINER, FRANZ: - Taboo
11024: STEINER, FRANZ: - Taboo. Preface by E.E. Evans-Pritchard.
11028: STEINER, RUDOLF: - Social and Political Science, An introductory reader. Compiled by Stephen E. Usher.
11027: STEINER, IVAN D. & FISHBEIN, MARTIN eds.: - Current Studies in Social Psychology
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11031: STENDHAL: - The Charterhouse of Parma. Trans. by M.R.B. Shaw.
11033: STENGEL, ERWIN: - Suicide and Attempted Suicide
11034: STENNING, DERRICK: - Savannah Nomads, a study of the Wodaabe pastoral Fulani of Western Bornu Province, Northern Region, Nigeria
11035: STENT, ANGELA: - From Embargo to Ostpolitik, the Political Economy of West German-Soviet Relations 1955-1980
11037: STENTON, FRANK: - Anglo-Saxon England
11036: STENTON, DORIS MARY: - English Society in the Early Middle Ages (1066-1307)
12705: STEPHEN, JAMES FITZJAMES: - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. Ed. Stuart D. Warner.
11040: STEPHENS, JOHN D.: - The Transition from Capitalism to Socialism
11039: STEPHENS, JAMES: - The Crock of Gold
11038: STEPHENS, IAN: - Pakistan
11044: STEPHENSON, TOM ed.: - The Countryside Companion
11043: STEPHENSON, TOM: - Romantic Britain
11042: STEPHENSON, PETER: - Handbook of World Development, The Guide to the Brandt Report
11046: STERNBERG, ROBERT J.; GRIGORENKO, ELENA (Eds): - Intelligence, Heredity, and Environment
11045: STERNBERG, FRITZ: - Comments on Marx Today
11047: STERNE, LAURENCE: - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy. Intro. by Edmund Blunden.
11048: STERNE, LAURENCE: - The Works of Laurence Sterne; Containing The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gent. , A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, Sermons & Letters etc. with A Life of the Author.
11049: STERNS, MAURICE A.: - Perspectives on Newfoundland Society and Culture. Book of Readings.
11051: STEVENS, R.B. & YAMEY, B.S.: - The Restrictive Practices Court, a study of the judicial process and economic policy
11050: STEVENS, JOHN: - The Old Sound and the New. An Inaugural Lecture.
11057: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS: - Essays in the Art of Writing
11056: STEVENSON, R.L.: - Memories
11055: STEVENSON, J. ed.: - Creeds, Councils and Controversies, Documents illustrative of the history of the Church A.D. 337-461. Based upon the collection edited by the late B.J. Kidd.
11054: STEVENSON, J.: - The Kalpa Sutra and Nava Tatva, two works illustrative of the Jain religion and philosophy
11053: STEVENSON, FANNY & STEVENSON, R.L.: - Our Samoan Adventure. ed. Charles Neider.
11052: STEVENSON, CHARLES L.: - Ethics and Language
11062: STEWARD, JULIAN H. ed.: - Contemporary Change in Traditional Societies. III: Mexican and Peruvian Communities.
11060: STEWARD, JULIAN H. ed.: - Contemporary Change in Traditional Societies. I. Introduction and African Tribes.
11058: STEWARD, JULIAN ed.: - Three African Tribes in Transition. Vol. 1 of Contemporary Change in Traditional Societies.
11063: STEWART, ELBERT W.: - Evolving Life Styles
11065: STEWART, MICHAEL: - Keynes and After
11064: STEWART, GILL & STEWART, JOHN: - Boundary Changes, Social Work and Social Security
11066: STEWART, ROSEMARY: - The Reality of Organizations: a guide for managers
11067: STIBBE, E.P.: - An Introduction to Physical Anthropology
11068: STIERLIN, HENRI: - Living Architecture: Mayan
11071: STOBART, TOM: - Adventurer's Eye, the autobiography of Everest film-man
11070: STOBART, J.C.: - The Grandeur that was Rome
11069: STOBART, J.C.: - The Glory that was Greece, A survey of Hellenic culture and civilisation. Revised by F.N. Pryce.
11072: STOBER, GEORG: - Die Sayad Fischer in Sistan (Sistan Projekt III)
11073: STOCKDALE, F.M. & DREYER, M.R.: - The Opera Guide
11075: STOCKLEY, G.M.: - Report on the Geology of Basutoland

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