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7811: MANGIN, WILLIAM ED.: - Peasants in Cities: Readings in the Anthropology of Urbanization
7812: MANGO, ANDREW: - Discovering Turkey
7814: MANKER, ERNST: - De Svensks Fjallapparna
7815: MANN, LUDOVIC M.: - Craftsmen's Measures in Prehistoric Times
7816: MANN, MICHAEL: - Consciousness and Action among the Western Working Class
7817: MANN, MICHAEL: - Workers on the Move
7818: MANN, MICHAEL: - Workers on the Move: the sociology of relocation
7819: MANN, MICHAEL ED.: - The Macmillan Student Encyclopedia of Sociology
7820: MANN, PETER H.: - Methods of Sociological Enquiry
7821: MANN, THOMAS: - Der Zauberberg, Roman
7822: MANNERS, JOHN: - Crafts of the Highlands and Islands
7824: MANNHEIM, KARL: - Ideology and Utopia, an introduction to the sociology of knowledge
7825: MANNIN, ETHEL: - England for a Change
7826: MANNIN, ETHEL: - England My Adventure
7828: MANNIN, ETHEL: - The Country of the Sea, some wanderings in Brittany
7829: MANNIN, ETHEL: - The Flowery Sword, Travels in Japan
7830: MANNING, FRANK ED.: - Consciousness and Inquiry: Ethnology and Canadian Realities
7831: MANNING, PATRICK: - Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa 1880-1985
7832: MANNING, PETER K.: - Symbolic Communication, Signifying Calls and the Police Response
7834: MANNUCCI, UMBERTO: - L'Industria Tessile Pratese del Cardato, Cenni storici - Ciclo di lavoraziones
7835: MANOR, JAMES ED.: - Rethinking Third World Politics
7836: MANSELL, GERARD: - Tragedy in Algeria
7837: MANSFIELD, PETER: - Nasser's Egypt
7838: MANSFIELD, PETER: - The Arabs
7839: MANSION, J.E. ED.: - Harrap's Shorter French and English Dictionary (complete in one volume, with new supplements)
7840: MANT, A. KEITH ED.: - Modern Trends in Forensic Medicine - 3
7841: MANTOUX, PAUL: - The Industrial Revolution in the Eighteenth Century, an Outline of the Beginnings of the Modern Factory System in England
7842: MANTRAN, ROBERT: - Turkey
7843: MANUEL, FRANK E.: - Shapes of Philosophical History
7844: MANVELL, ROGER: - Film
7845: MANWARING, G.E. ED.: - The Diary of Henry Teonge, chaplain on board H.M.'s ships Assistance, Bristol & Royal Oak 1675-79.
7846: MANZ, BEATRIZ: - Refugees of a Hidden War, the Aftermath of Counterinsurgency in Guatemala
7847: MANZONI: - The Betrothed (I Promessi Sposi), A tale of XVII century Milan. Trans. Archibald Colquhoun.
7855: MARAINI, FOSCO: - Secret Tibet. Trans. Eric Mosbacher.
7856: MARAIS, E.; HOLM, E.: - Type Catalogue and Bibliography of the Cetoniinai of Sub-Saharan Africa
7857: MARAMOROSCH, KARL & SHOPE, ROBERT E. EDS.: - Invertebrate Immunity, Mechanisms of Invertebrate Vector - Parasite Relations
7858: MARAN, RENE: - Batouala, veritable roman Negre
7859: MARAND, PAUL: - Air Indien
7861: MARC, VARENKA; MARC, OLIVIER: - L'Enfant que se fait Naitre
7862: MARCUS, ALAN R.: - Out in the Cold, the Legacy of Canada's Inuit Relocation Experiment in the High Arctic
7863: MARCUS, GEORGE E. & FISCHER, MICHAEL M.J.: - Anthropology as Cultural Critique, An experimental moment in the human sciences
12690: MARCUSE, HERBERT: - Eros and Civilization, A philosophical inquiry into Freud with a new preface by the author
7864: MARCUSE, HERBERT: - Ideen zu Einer Kritischen Theorie der Gesellschaft
7865: MARCUSE, HERBERT: - Kultur und Gesellschaft. 2 vols.
7866: MARCUSE, HERBERT: - One Dimensional Man
7867: MARCUSE, HERBERT: - Reason and Revolution, Hegel and the rise of social theory
3536: DE LA MARE, WALTER: - Collected Rhymes and Verses
3538: DE LA MARE, WALTER: - Love
7868: MAREK, FRANZ: - Philosophy of World Revolution, a Contribution to an Anthrology of Theories of Revolution
7869: MARETT, ALLAN ED.: - Musica Asiatica 6
7870: MARETT, R.R.: - Anthropology
7871: MARETT, R.R.: - The Site, Fauna and Industry of La Cotte de St Brelade, Jersey.
7872: MARGARET, QUEEN OF NAVARRE: - The Heptameron. Trans. from french by Walter K. Kelly.
7873: MARGOLIOUTH, H.M.: - William Blake
7874: MARIAS, C., KATJAVIVI, P.H. & WEHMHORNER, A. EDS.: - Southern Africa after Elections: Towards a culture of democracy
7876: MARK, JOAN: - The King of the World in the Land of the Pygmies
7877: MARK, ROBERT: - In the Office of Constable
7878: MARKALE, JEAN: - L'Epopee Celtique d'Irlande
7879: MARKALE, JEAN: - Women of the Celts
7880: MARKOVITS, A.S. & DEUTSCH, K.W. EDS.: - Fear of Science - Trust in Science, conditions for change in the climate of opinion
7881: MARLER, PETER & HAMILTON, WILLIAM J.: - Mechanisms of Animal Behavior
7882: MARMOR, THEODORE R.; MARMOR, JAN S.: - The Politics of Medicare
7883: MARNHAM, PATRICK: - So Far from God, A journey to Central America
7884: MAROIS, ROGER J.M.: - Quelques Techniques de Decoration de la Ceramique Impressionnee: Correspondance des termes Francais et Anglais
7885: MAROIS, ROGER J.M. & RIBES, RENE: - Indices de Manifestations Culturelles de l'Archaique: La Region de Trois-Rivieres
7886: MAROIS, ROGER; SCATAMACCHIA, MARIA CRISTINA MINEIRO; SERRANO, ELIANA DURAN: - Ensayo Sobre la Composicion de las Decoraciones
7887: MARPLES, MORRIS: - Romantics at School
7888: MARQUARD, LEO: - A Federation of Southern Africa
7889: MARRETT, CORA BAGLEY & LEGGON, CHERYL EDS.: - Research in Race and Ethnic Relations, A research annual
7890: MARRIOTT, J.W.: - One Act Plays of Today, second series
7891: MARRIOTT, MCKIM ED.: - Village India, studies in the little community
7892: MARRIS, PETER: - African City Life
7893: MARRIS, PETER: - Family and Social Change in an African City, a study of rehousing in Lagos
7894: MARRIS, PETER & SOMERSET, ANTHONY: - African Businessmen, a Study of Entrepreneurship and Development in Kenya
7895: MARRIS, ROBIN: - Economic Arithmetic
7896: MARRIS, ROBIN: - The Economic Theory of 'Managerial' Capitalism
7897: MARRONE, GIANFRANCO ED.: - Dove va la Semiotica?
7899: MARSH, ARTHUR: - Industrial Relations in Engineering
7900: MARSH, ARTHUR: - Managers and Shop Stewards, shop floor revolution?
7901: MARSH, DAVID C.: - The Changing Social Structure of England and Wales 1871-1961
7902: MARSH, FRANK BURR: - The Founding of the Roman Empire
7903: MARSH, NGAIO: - New Zealand
7904: MARSHALL, CHARLES BURTON: - Crisis Over Rhodesia, a Skeptical View
7905: MARSHALL, DOROTHY: - English People in the Eighteenth Century
7906: MARSHALL, F.: - The Gospel of St. Luke (revised version)
7908: MARSHALL, J.D.: - The Old Poor Law, 1785-1834
7909: MARSHALL, JOHN: - A Guide to Taxila
7911: MARSHALL, P.T. & HUGHES, G.M.: - The Physiology of Mammals and other Vertebrates. A text-book for schools and colleges.
7913: MARSHALL, T.H. ED.: - Class Conflict and Social Stratification: Being the report of a conference held under the auspices of the Institute of Sociology at King's College of Household and Social Science, London, from 24th to the 26th of September, 1937
7914: MARSHALL, T.W.M.: - Christian Missions: their agents, their method, and their results. 3 vols.
7912: MARSHALL, T.H.: - Sociology at the Crossroads, an other essays
7915: MARTELLI, V.: - Vocabolario Logudorese-Campidanese Italiano
7917: MARTIN, ANNE: - Economics and Agriculture
7918: MARTIN, DAVID: - A Sociology of English Religion
7919: MARTIN, DAVID: - A Sociology of English Religion
7920: MARTIN, DAVID: - The Dilemmas of Contemporary Religion
7921: MARTIN, DAVID: - Two Critiques of Spontaneity
7922: MARTIN, DAVID & JOHNSON, PHYLLIS: - The Struggle for Zimbabwe, the Chimurenga War
7923: MARTIN, DAVID A.: - Pacifism, An historical and sociological study
7924: MARTIN, DOLORES MOYANO (ED): - Handbook of Latin American Studies: no 51 Social Sciences. A Selective and Annotated Guide to Recent Publications in Anthropology, Economics, Education, Geography, Government and Politics, International Relations, and Sociology.
7925: MARTIN, FRANZ: - Salzburg
7926: MARTIN, GED: - The Durham Report and British Policy, a Critical Essay
7927: MARTIN, JEAN I. ED.: - Counter-Predictive Research Outcomes
7928: MARTIN, JOANNE: - Cultures in Organizations, Three perspectives
7929: MARTIN, KINGSLEY: - French Liberal Thought in the Eighteenth Century, a study of political ideas from Bayle to Condorcet. ed. J.P. Mayer
7930: MARTIN, KINGSLEY: - Harold Laski (1893-1950), A biographical memoir
7931: MARTIN, KINGSLEY: - The Crown and the Establishment
7932: MARTIN, KURT; KNAPP, JOHN (EDS): - The Teaching of Development Economics, its Position in the Present State of Knowledge
7933: MARTIN, M. KAY & VOORHIES, BARBARA: - Female of the Species
7934: MARTIN, WILLIAM E. & STENDLER, CELIA BURNS: - Child Development, The process of growing up in society
7935: MARTINDALE, DON: - Social Life and Cultural Change
7936: MARTINDALE, DON: - The Nature and Types of Sociological Theory
7937: MARTINEZ, JOSE LUIS: - Nezahualcoyotl
7938: MARTINEZ-HERNAEZ, ANGEL: - What's Behind the Sympton? On psychiatric observation and anthropological understanding
7939: MARTINS, JOSE DE SOUZA ED.: - O Massacre dos Inocentes, A crianca sem infancia no Brasil
7940: MARTY, MARTIN E. & APPLEBY, R. SCOTT EDS.: - Fundamentalisms and Society, Reclaiming the Sciences, the Family, and Education
7941: MARVIN, F.S.: - Comte the Founder of Sociology
7942: MARWICK, ARTHUR: - Class: Image and Reality in Britain, France and the USA since 1930
7943: MARWICK, ARTHUR: - The Nature of History
7944: MARWICK, M.G.: - Sorcery in its Social Setting, a study of the Northern Rhodesian Cewa
7945: MARWICK, MAX ED.: - Witchcraft and Sorcery. Penguin Modern Sociology Readings.
7946: MARX, K. & ENGELS, F.: - On Literature and Art. Selection of writings edited by Lee Baxandall & Stefan Morawski.
7947: MARX, K. & ENGELS, F.: - On Religion
7950: MARX, KARL: - Capital, a Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production, vol 1.
7953: MARX, KARL: - Capital.
7954: MARX, KARL: - Early Texts. trans. & ed. David McLellan.
7955: MARX, KARL: - Early Writings. trans. by Rodney Livingstone
7957: MARX, KARL: - Essential Writings. Selected by David Caute.
7958: MARX, KARL: - Genesis of Capital
7959: MARX, KARL: - Grundrisse, foundations of the critique of political economy (rough draft). Trans. Martin Nicolaus.
7962: MARX, KARL: - Preface and Introduction to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy
7963: MARX, KARL: - Revolution and Counter Revolution
7964: MARX, KARL: - The Class Struggles in France, 1848-50
7965: MARX, KARL: - The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte
7966: MARX, KARL: - The First International and After, Political Writings - vol. 3.
7967: MARX, KARL: - The Paris Commune
7968: MARX, KARL: - The Revolutions of 1848. Political Writings vol.1. Edited by David Fernbach.
7969: MARX, KARL: - Wage Labour and Capital
7970: MARX, KARL & ENGELS, FREDERICK: - On Britain
7971: MARX, KARL & ENGELS, FRIEDRICH: - The Communist Manifesto
7973: MARX, KARL; ENGELS, FREDERICK: - The German Ideology, Part I, edited by C.J. Arthur.
7974: MARX, KARL; ENGELS, FRIEDRICH; LENIN: - The Essential Left, Four Classic Texts on the Principles of Socialism
7960: MARX, KARL: - Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations. Intro. Eric Hobsbawm.
7961: MARX, KARL: - Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations. Intro. Eric Hobsbawm.
7951: MARX, KARL: - Capital, a Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production. Trans. from the third German edition by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling and edited by Frederick Engels. 3 vols.
7975: MARYANSKI, ALEXANDRA & TURNER, JONATHAN H.: - The Social Cage, Human Nature and the Evolution of Society
7976: MASANNAT, GEORGE S.: - The Dynamics of Modernization and Social Change: A Reader
7977: MASCIE-TAYLOR, C.G. NICHOLAS ED.: - Biosocial Aspects of Social Class
7978: MASEFIELD, JOHN: - On the Hill
7979: MASKELL, ALFRED: - Russian Art and Art Objects in Russia pts
7980: MASON, DAVID: - Race and Ethnicity in Modern Britain
7981: MASON, EDWARD S. ED.: - The Corporation in Modern Society
7982: MASON, FRANCES NORTON ED.: - John Norton & Sons, merchants of London and Virginia, being papers from their counting house for the years 1750-95
7983: MASON, J. ALDEN: - The Ancient Civilizations of Peru
7984: MASON, MRS.: - Civilizing Mountain Men, or sketches of mission work among the Karens
7985: MASON, OTIS TUFTON: - Woman's Share in Primitive Culture
7986: MASON, PHILIP: - Common Sense About Race
7987: MASON, PHILIP: - Patterns of Dominance
7988: MASON, PHILIP: - Race Relations
7989: MASON, PHILIP: - Race Relations
7990: MASON, PHILIP: - The Birth of a Dilemma, the conquest and settlement of Rhodesia
7991: MASON, PHILIP (INTRO.): - Man, Race and Darwin. Papers read at a joint conference of the Royal Anthropological Inst. and the Inst. of Race Relations.
7992: MASON, PHILIP ED.: - India and Ceylon: Unity and Diversity. A Symposium.
7993: MASSEY, DOUGLAS S. & DENTON, NANCY A.: - American Apartheid, Segregation and the making of the underclass
7994: MASSEY, MICHAEL ED.: - Society in Imperial Rome.
7995: MASSEY, PHILIP: - Portrait of a Mining Town
7996: MASSINGHAM, BETTY: - Miss Jekyll, Portrait of a great gardener
7997: MASSINGHAM, H.J.: - Cotswold Country, a survey of limestone England from the Dorset coast to Lincolnshire
7998: MASSINGHAM, H.J.: - The Wisdom of the Fields
7999: MASSINGHAM, H.J.: - Where Man Belongs
8000: MASSINGHAM, HUGH & MASSINGHAM, PAULINE: - The London Anthology
8002: MASTERS, ANTHONY: - The Natural History of the Vampire
8003: MASUDA, K. ED.: - Kenkyusha's New Pocket Japanese-English Dictionary
8004: MASUDA, SHOZO (ED): - Contribuciones a los Estudios de los Andes Centrales
8005: MASUDA, SHOZO (ED): - Recursos Naturales Andinos
8006: MASUDA, SHOZO ED.: - Recursos Naturales Andinos
8007: MATHER, KENNETH: - Human Diversity, The nature and significance of differences among men
8008: MATHERS, POWYS: - Arabian Love Tales, Being romances drawn from the Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night rendered into English from the literal French translation of Dr J.C. Mardrus. Illus. by Lettice Sandford.
8009: MATHESON, D.M.: - Places of Natural Beauty (National Trust Guide)
8010: MATHEW, DAVID: - Acton, the formative years
8011: MATHEWS, BASIL: - The Clash of Colour, a Study in the Problem of Race
8012: MATHEY, J. ED.: - Portraits and Studies of Women, old master drawings from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century
8013: MATHIAS, PETER: - The Transformation of England, essays in the economic and social history of England in the eighteenth century
8014: MATHIAS, PETER & DAVIS, JOHN A. EDS.: - The First Industrial Revolutions
8015: MATHIS, FRANZ: - Zur bevolkerungsstruktur Osterreichischer Stadte im 17 Jahrhundert
8016: MATOVIC, MARGARETA R.: - Stockholmsaktenskap, Familjebildning och Partnerval i Stockholm 1850-1890
8017: MATSUNAMI, KODO: - Why Pure Land Buddhism
8018: MATSUSHITA, SHUJI: - Bargery Toolbox 1, Based on Rev G.B. Bargery's 'A Hausa-English Dictionary'. Hausa Dialect Vocabulary vol.1.
8019: MATSUURA, KEIICHI ED.: - Proceedings of the First and Second Symposia on Collection Building and Natural History in Asia
8020: MATSUZONO, MAKIO: - Rubbing off the Dirt: Evil-Eye Belief among the Gusii
8021: MATTERN, SUSAN P.: - Rome and the Enemy, Imperial strategy in the Principate
8022: MATTHEWS, CAITLIN & MATTHEWS, JOHN: - Encyclopaedia of Celtic Wisdom, The Celtic Shaman's Sourcebook
8023: MATTHEWS, G.V.T.: - Bird Navigation
8024: MATTHEWS, G.V.T.: - Bird Navigation
8025: MATTHEWS, HONOR: - The Primal Curse, the myth of Cain and Abel in the Theatre
8026: MATTHEWS, MERVYN: - Class and Society in Soviet Russia
8027: MATTHEWS, NOEL: - Materials for West African History in the Archives of the United Kingdom
8028: MATTHIESSEN, F.O.: - The James Family, a group biography, Together with selections from the writings of Henry James senior, William, Henry and Alice James.
8029: MATTHIESSEN, PETER: - The Snow Leopard
8030: MATTHISON, W & TUKER, M.A.R.: - Cambridge
8031: MATTICK, PAUL: - Critique of Marcuse: One-dimensional man in class society
8032: MATTICK, PAUL: - Marx and Keynes, the Limits of the Mixed Economy
8033: MATTILA, MARKKU: - Kansamme Parhaaksi, Rotuhygienia Suomessa vuoden 1935 sterilointilakiin asti
8034: MATTINGLY, GARRETT: - The Defeat of the Spanish Armada
8035: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET: - Then and Now, a novel
8036: MAUNDER, PETER ED.: - Case Studies in Development Economics
3862: DU MAURIER, GEORGE: - Novels of .., with original illustrations. Intro. John Masefield & Daphne du Maurier.
3863: DU MAURIER, GEORGE: - The Martian, a novel
3864: DU MAURIER, GEORGE: - Trilby
8040: MAUROIS, ANDRE: - My American Journal
8042: MAXTON, JAMES: - Lenin
8043: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - God Protect me from my Friends
8044: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - Ring of Bright Water
8045: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - The House of Elrig
8046: MAXWELL, GAVIN: - The Rocks Remain
8047: MAXWELL, HERBERT ED.: - The Creevey Papers, a selection from the correspondence and diaries of the late Thomas Creevey MP, born 1768 died 1838
7121: LE MAY, G.H.L.: - British Supremacy in South Africa, 1899-1907
8050: MAYALL, JAMES & NAVARI, CORNELIA EDS.: - The End of the Post-War Era
8051: MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID: - Akwe-Shavante Society
8052: MAYBURY-LEWIS, DAVID: - Akwe-Shavante Society
8054: MAYCOCK, RICHARD: - Break the Deadlock, a Proposal for Solving Britain's Economic Problem, and Criticism of Socialist and Marxist Theories
8055: MAYER, ADRIAN: - Caste and Kinship in Central India, a village and its region
8056: MAYER, ADRIAN C.: - Indians in Fiji
8057: MAYER, ADRIAN C.: - Peasants in the Pacific, a study of Fiji Indian rural society
8058: MAYER, ADRIAN C. ED.: - Culture and Morality, Essays in honour of Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf
8059: MAYER, HAROLD M. & KOHN, CLYDE F. EDS.: - Readings in Urban Geography
8060: MAYER, IONA: - The Nature of Kinship Relations, the significance of the use of kinship terms among the Gusii
8061: MAYER, J.P. ED.: - The Recollections of Alexis de Tocqueville
8062: MAYER, KURT B.: - Class and Society
8063: MAYER, MARTIN: - The Schools
8064: MAYER, PHILIP: - Gusii Bridewealth, Law and Custom
8065: MAYER, PHILIP: - The Lineage Principle in Gusii Society
8066: MAYER, PHILIP: - Townsmen or Tribesmen, Convervatism and the Process of Urbanization in a South African City
8067: MAYER, PHILIP: - Townsmen or Tribesmen, Convervatism and the Process of Urbanization in a SouthAfrican City
8068: MAYER, PHILIP ED.: - Black Villagers in an Industrial Society, Anthropological perspectives on labour migration in South Africa
8069: MAYER, PHILIP ED.: - Socialization, the approach from Social Anthroplogy
8070: MAYER-OAKES, WILLIAM J. ED.: - The Long Creek Site
8071: MAYERS, JAMES & BASS, STEPHEN: - Policy that Works, for forests and people
8072: MAYHEAD, ROBIN: - John Keats
8073: MAYHEAD, ROBIN: - Walter Scott
8074: MAYNARD, E.: - Etude sur L'Utilisation des Marees, pour la production de la force motrice
8075: MAYNTZ, RENATE: - Soziologie der Organisation
8076: MAYNTZ, RENATE ED.: - Formalisiete Modelle in der Soziologie
8077: MAYO, ELTON: - The Social Problems of an Industrial Civilization, with an Appendix on the Political Problem
8078: MAZONDE, ISAAC NCUBE: - Ranching and Enterprise in Eastern Botswana, A case study of black and white farmers
12645: MAZOWER, MARK: - Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century
8079: MAZUR, ALLAN & ROBERTSON, LEON S.: - Biology and Social Behavior
8080: MBEKI, GOVAN: - South Africa, The Peasants' Revolt.
8082: MCBRIDE, BUNNY: - Women of the Dawn
8083: MCBRIDE, JAMES: - The Color of Water, A black man's tribute to his white mother
8085: MCBURNEY, C.B.M.: - The Stone Age of Northern Africa
8086: MCCAFFERTY, GEOFFREY G.: - Ceramics of Postclassic Cholula, Mexico, Typology and seriation of pottery from the UA-1 domestic compound
8087: MCCALL, DANIEL F.: - Africa - In Time Perspective, a discussion of historical reconstruction from unwritten sources
8088: MCCALL, DANIEL F.: - Africa in Time-Perspective, a discussion of historical reconstruction from unwritten sources
12800: MCCALMAN, IAIN & MCGRATH, ANN EDS.: - Proof and Truth, The humanist as expert
8089: MCCARTY, MACLYN: - The Transforming Principle, Discovering that Genes are made of DNA
8090: MCCARY, J.L. ED.: - Psychology of Personality, six modern approaches
8092: MCCLAURIN, IRMA ED.: - Black Feminist Anthropology, Theory, politics, praxis and poetics
8093: MCCLEAN, R.J.: - Swedish: A Grammar of the Modern Language
8094: MCCLELLAND, DAVID C.: - The Achieving Society
8095: MCCLELLAND, DAVID C.: - The Achieving Society
8096: MCCLURE, H.R.: - Land-Travel and Seafaring, a frivolous record of twenty years' wanderings
8098: MCCORD, WILLIAM & MCCORD, JOAN: - Origins of Crime, the evaluation of the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study
8099: MCCORMICK, B.J.: - Wages
8100: MCCORMICK, B.J. & SMITH, E. OWEN EDS.: - The Labour Market, Selected readings
8101: MCCRUDDEN, CHRISTOPHER, SMITH, DAVID J. & BROWN, COLIN: - Racial Justice at Work, Enforcement of the Race Relations Act 1976 in Employment
8102: MCDAVID, JOHN W. & HARARI, HERBERT: - Social Psychology, individuals, groups, societies
8103: MCDERMOTT, PHILIP & TAYLOR, MICHAEL: - Industrial Organisation and Location
8104: MCDONALD, LYNN: - The Early Origins of the Social Sciences
8105: MCDONOGH, GARY WRAY: - Black and Catholic in Savannah, Georgia
8107: MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM: - An Introduction to Social Psychology
8109: MCDUFF, DAVID: - Words in Nature
8110: MCEACHERN, DOUG: - A Class Against Itself, power and the nationalisation of the British steel industry
8111: MCENTIRE, DAVIS: - Residence and Race, Final and Comprehensive Report to the Commission on Race and Housing
8112: MCEWAN, P.J.M. ED.: - Africa from Early Times to 1800
8113: MCEWEN, WILLIAM J.: - Changing Rural Society, A Study of Communities in Bolivia.
8114: MCFARLAND, D.E. ED.: - Personnel Management
8115: MCGARRY, JOHN & O'LEARY, BRENDAN EDS.: - The Politics of Ethnic Conflict Regulation
8116: MCGEE, W.J.: - Trails to Tiburon, The 1894 and 1895 field diaries of W. J. McGee. Ed. Hazel & Bernard Fontana.
8117: MCGIVERING, I., MATTHEWS, D. & SCOTT, W.H.: - Management in Britain, A general characterisation
8118: MCGRANAHAN, DONALD, PIZARRO, EDUARDO & RICHARD, CLAUDE: - Measurement and Analysis of Socio-economic Development, An enquiry into international indicators of development and quantitative interrelations of social and economic components of development
8121: MCHUGH, PETER ETC.: - On the Beginning of Social Inquiry
8122: MCINTOSH, MARY: - The Organisation of Crime
8123: MCINTYRE, W. DAVID: - The Imperial Frontier in the Tropics 1865-75, a study of British colonial policy in West Africa, Malaya and the South Pacific in the age of Gladstone and Disraeli
8124: MCINTYRE, W.D.: - Colonies into Commonwealth
8125: MCIVOR, ARTHUR J.: - Organised Capital, Employers' associations and industrial relations in nothern England 1880-1939
8126: MCKENZIE, D.F.: - The Cambridge University Press 1696-1712, a Bibliographical Study. 2 vols.
8127: MCKENZIE, D.F. ED.: - Stationers' Company Apprentices 1641-1700
8128: MCKENZIE, R.T.: - British Political Parties, the distribution of power within the Conservative and Labour parties
8129: MCKENZIE, R.T.: - British Political Parties, the distribution of power within the Conservative and Labour parties (revised with new chapter 'From Churchill and Attlee to Wilson and Douglas-Home')
8130: MCKENZIE, ROBERT & SILVER, ALLAN: - Angels in Marble, working class Conservatives in urban England
8132: MCKNIGHT, BRIAN E. & LIU, JAMES T.C. TRANS.: - The Enlightened Judgments, Ch'ing-ming Chi, The Sung Dynasty Collection
8134: MCLEISH, JOHN: - The Theory of Social Change, Four views considered
8135: MCLELLAN, DAVID: - Karl Marx, his Life and Thought
8136: MCLELLAN, DAVID: - Marx
8137: MCLELLAN, DAVID (ED): - Marx, the First 100 Years
8138: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL: - Understanding Media, the Extensions of Man
8139: MCLUHAN, MARSHALL: - Understanding Media, the Extensions of Man
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8800: NGCONGWANE, S.D.: - Some Focus of Swazi
8802: NGUYEN VAN HUY & KENDALL, LAUREL EDS.: - Journeys of Body, Mind and Spirit
8803: NICHOLS, THEO: - Ownership Control and Ideology, An enquiry into certain aspects of modern business ideology
8804: NICHOLS, THEO & ARMSTRONG, PETER: - Workers Divided, a Study in Shopfloor Politics
8805: NICHOLS, THEO ED.: - Capital and Labour: Studies in the Capitalist Labour Process
8806: NICHOLSON, GEORGE ED.: - The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, a Practical and Scientific Encyclopaedia of Horticulture for Gardeners and Botanists. 4 vols. (lacks 2 vol. supplement)
8807: NICHOLSON, NORMAN: - The Lakers, the adventures of the first tourists
8808: NICHOLSON, SIMON; SCHREINER, BARBARA KATHARINE: - Community Participation in City Decision Making. Social Sciences: a second level course Urban development Unit 22.
8809: NICKELL, JOE: - Looking for a Miracle, Weeping icons, relics, stigmata, visions and healing cures
8811: NICOL, DAVIDSON: - New and Modern Roles for the Empire and Commonwealth 1975 Commonwealth Lecture.
8812: NICOLAIEVSKY, BORIS & MAENCHEN-HELFEN, OTTO: - Karl Marx: Man and Fighter. Trans. Gwenda David & Eric Mosbacher.
8814: NICOLSON, JAMES R.: - Traditional Life in Shetland
8815: NIDDITCH, P.H.: - Propositional Calculus
8816: NIDDITCH, P.H. ED.: - The Philosophy of Science
8818: NIELD, JONATHAN: - A Guide to the Best Historical Novels and Tales
8819: NIELSEN, NILS H.: - Cancer Incidence in Greenland
8820: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH: - The Birth of Tragedy & The Genealogy of Morals. trans. Francis Golffing.
11754: VAN NIEUWENHUIJZE, C.A.O.; AL-KHATIB, M. FATHALLA; AZER, ADEL: - The Poor Man's Model of Development, Development Potential at Low Levels of Living in Egypt
8821: NIEWIADOMSKA, MARIA: - Bibliografia Etnografii Polskiej Za Lata 1961-1969. 2 vols.
8822: NIEZEN, RONALD: - Spirit Wars, Native North American Religions in the Age of Nation Building
8823: NIGAM, SHYAM B.L.: - Employment and Income Distribution Approach in Development Plans of African Countries
8824: NIMMO, H. ARLO: - The Pele Literature: An Annotated Bibliography of the English-Language Literature on Pele, Volcano Goddess of Hawai'i
8825: NIPPA, ANNEGRET: - Lesen in alten Photogaphien aus Baalbek
8826: NISBET, ROBERT A.: - Emile Durkheim, With selected essays.
8827: NISBET, ROBERT A.: - Social Change and History, Aspects of the western theory of development
8828: NISBET, ROBERT A.: - The Sociological Tradition
8829: NISBET, ROBERT A.: - Tradition and Revolt, Historical and sociological essays
8830: NISBET, ROBERT ED.: - Social Change
8831: NISHIMURA, YUKO: - A Study on Mariyamman Worship in South India, A prelimary study on modern south Indian village Hinduism
8832: NITHARD: - Histoire des Fils de Louis le Pieux. Ed. Ph. Lauer.
8833: NNADOZIE, M.A.: - Nsu Water Scheme
8834: NOBLE, TREVOR: - Modern Britain: Structure and change
8838: NORBU, THUBTEN JIGME: - Tibet is my Country
8839: NORDHOFF, CHARLES: - Northern California, Oregon and the Sandwich Islands
8843: NORRIS, GERALD ED.: - William Dampier, Buccaneer Explorer
8844: NORRIS, H.T.: - Shinqiti Folk Literature and Song
8845: NORTH, MARIANNE: - A Vision of Eden, the life and work of ...
8846: NORTHEY, MARGOT & KNIGHT, DAVID B.: - Making Sense, A student's guide to research and writing
8847: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS: - Byzantium, the Decline and Fall
8848: NORWICH, JOHN JULIUS INTRO.: - The Burrell Collection
8849: NOSSITER, T.J.; HANSON, A.H.; ROKKAN, STEIN EDS.: - Imagination and Precision in the Social Sciences. Essays in Memory of Peter Nettl.
8850: NOUGIER, LOUIS-RENE: - L'Economie Prehistorique
8851: NOVAK, MICHAEL: - The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism
8852: NOVE, ALEC: - An Economic History of the U.S.S.R.
8853: NOVE, ALEC: - Political Economy and Soviet Socialism
8854: NOVE, ALEC: - The Soviet Economy
8855: NOVE, ALEC; NUTI, D.M. EDS.: - Socialist Economics, Selected Readings
8856: NOVOTNY, VLADIMIR V. EDS.: - Anthropological Congress, dedicated to Ales Hrdlicka. Proceedings of the Anthropological Congress Prague and Humpolec 1969
8857: NOWELL-SMITH, P.H.: - Ethics
8858: NOYES, ALFRED: - Voltaire
8859: NSUGBE, PHILIP O.: - Ohaffia: A Matrilineal Ibo People
8860: NUKUNYA, G.K.: - Kinship and Marriage among the Anlo Ewe
8861: NUNN, PATRICK D. ED.: - Special Issue on Kadavu
8862: NUNN, PERCY: - Education, its data and first principles
8863: NURGE, ETHEL: - Life in a Leyte Village
8864: NURKSE, RAGNAR: - Patterns of Trade and Development
8865: NURKSE, RAGNAR: - Problems of Capital Formation in Underdeveloped Countries
8866: NUSS, MARIANNE & WELTER, VOLKER: - Deutschland im Urteil afrikanischer Lehrer
8867: NUTMAN, P.S. & MOSSE, BARBARA EDS.: - Symbiotic Associations. 13th Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology.
8869: NWACHUKWU, P.A.: - Towards an Igbo Literary Standard
8870: NYANTENG, V.K.; VAN APELDOORN, G.J.: - The Farmer and the Marketing of Foodstuffs
8871: NYERGES, A. ENDRE ED.: - The Ecology of Practice, Studies of food crop production in Sub-Saharan West Africa
8872: NYIRENDA, A.A., NGWANE, H.D. & BETTISON, D.G.: - Further Economic and Social Studies, Blantyre-Limbe, Nyasaland
8873: NZIMIRO, FRANCIS IKENNA: - Family and Kinship in Ibo Land, a Study in Acculturation Process
8874: NZIMIRO, IKENNA: - Studies in Ibo Political Systems. Chieftancy and Politics in Four Niger States.
8914: OAKESHOTT, WALTER: - The Artists of the Winchester Bible
8915: OAKLEY, K.P. & MUIR-WOOD, H.M.: - The Succession of Life through Geological Time
8916: OAKLEY, KENNETH P.: - Frameworks for Dating Fossil Man
8917: OAKLEY, KENNETH P.: - Man the Tool-Maker
8918: OAKS, LAURY: - Smoking and Pregnancy: The politics of fetal protection
8919: OBERSCHALL, ANTHONY ED.: - The Establishment of Empirical Sociology: Studies in continuity, discontinuity, and institutionalization
8920: OBIECHINA, EMMANUEL: - Culture, Tradition and Society in the West African Novel
8921: OBOTE, A MILTON: - The Common Man's Charter with Appendices
8922: OBOTE, MILTON: - Proposals for New Methods of Election of Representatives of the People to Parliament, with the President's Memorandum
8924: ODELL, PETER R.: - Oil and World Power
8925: ODELL, PETER R.: - Oil and World Power, a Geographical Interpretation
8926: ODIER, CHARLES: - Les Deux Sources Conciente et Insonsciente de la Vie Morale
8927: ODINGA, OGINGA: - Not Yet Uhuru: Autobiography
8928: OESER, OSCAR A. ED.: - Teacher Pupil and Task, elements of social psychology applied to education
8929: OESTERLEY, W.O.E.: - The Jews and Judaism During the Greek Period: The background of christianity
8930: OESTERLEY, W.O.E. & ROBINSON, T.H.: - Hebrew Religion, its origins and development
8931: OFFE, CLAUS: - Industry and Inequality, The achievement principle in work and social status. Trans. James Wickham.
8932: OFORI, I.M. ED.: - Factors of Agricultural Growth in West Africa
8933: OGBURN, WILLIAM F.; NIMKOFF, MEYER F.: - A Handbook of Sociology
8934: OGDEN, C.K.: - The ABC of Psychology
8935: OGDEN, C.K. ED.: - Psyche, an annual of general and linguistic psychology. vol xvii.
8936: OGILVIE, R.M.: - Early Rome and the Etruscans
8937: OGILVIE, R.M.: - Early Rome and the Etruscans
8938: OGILVIE, SHEILAGH: - State Corporatism and Proto-Industry, The Wurttemberg Black Forest 1580-1797
8940: OGLESBY, CARL ED.: - The New Left Reader
8941: OGUNLEISI, T.O.: - Students at Igbo-Ora. An Introduction to the teaching programme of the Ibarapa Project.
8942: OHADIKE, PATRICK O.: - Some Demographic Measurements for Africans in Zambia, an appraisal of the 1963 census administration and results

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