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4488: FLUGEL, J.C.: - Man, Morals and Society, a psychoanalytical study
4492: FOGARTY, M.P. ed.: - Further Studies in Industrial Organization
4494: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM & ENGERMAN, STANLEY L.: - Time on the Cross, Evidence and Methods - A Supplement
4497: FOGG, G.E. ed.: - The State and Movement of Water in Living Organisms
4496: FOGG, G.E. ed.: - Cell Differentiation
4498: FOGLIATO, DARIO: - Collegno Romana
4499: FOHRBECK, KARLA; WIESAND, ANDREAS JOHANNES: - Wir Eingeborenen, Magie und Aufklarung im Kulturvergleich
4502: FONER, NANCY: - The Caregiving Dilemma. Work in an American Nursing Home.
4501: FONER, NANCY: - Status and Power in Rural Jamaica, a Study of Educational and Political Change
4503: FONSECA, ISABEL: - Bury Me Standing, The Gypsies and their journey
6947: LA FONTAINE, J.S.: - City Politics, a Study of Leopoldville, 1962-63
4505: FOOT, PAUL: - Who Framed Colin Wallace?
4506: FOOTE, NELSON N. ed.: - Household Decision-Making, consumer behavior, volume IV
4516: FORD, W. SCOTT: - Interracial Public Housing in Border City
4515: FORD, THOMAS R. & DE JONG, GORDON F. eds.: - Social Demography
4514: FORD, J.A., PHILLIPS, P. & HAAG, W.G.: - The Jaketoen Site in West-Central Mississippi
4513: FORD, FRANKLIN L.: - Robe and Sword, The regrouping of the French aristocracy after Louis XIV
4512: FORD, E.B.: - Genetics for Medical Students
4511: FORD, CLELLAN S. ed.: - Cross-Cultural Approaches, readings in comparative research
4510: FORD, CHARLES V.: - Lies! Lies!! Lies!!! The Psychology of Deceit
4509: FORD, CECILIA E.: - Grammar in Interaction, Adverbial Clauses in American English Conversations.
4508: FORD, C.S. & BEACH, F.A.: - Patterns of Sexual Behaviour
4507: FORD, C.S. & BEACH, F.A.: - Patterns of Sexual Behavior
4522: FORDE, DARYLL: - Yako Studies
4521: FORDE, DARYLL: - The Yoruba-Speaking Peoples of South-Western Nigeria
4520: FORDE, C. DARYLL ED.: - African Worlds. Studies in the Cosmological Ideas and Social Values of African Peoples.
4519: FORDE, C. DARYLL ed.: - African Worlds, studies in the cosmological ideas and social values of African peoples
4518: FORDE, C. DARYLL: - Habitat, Economy and Society, a Geographical Introduction to Ethnology
4517: FORDE, C. DARYLL: - Habitat, Economy and Society
4524: FORDER, JOHN & FORDER, ELIZA: - Open Fell Hidden Dale. text by Arthur Raistrick.
4523: FORDER, ANTHONY (Ed): - Penelope Hall's Social Services of England and Wales
4526: FORDHAM, PAUL: - The Geography of African Affairs
4525: FORDHAM, FRIEDA: - An Introduction to Jung's Psychology
4528: FORM, WILLIAM H. & MILLER, DELBERT C.: - Industry, Labor, and Community
4527: FORM, W.H. & BLUM, A.A. eds.: - Industrial Relations and Social Change in Latin America
4530: FORMAN, LIONEL & SACHS, E.S.: - The South African Treason Trial
4531: FORMAN, SHEPARD ed.: - Diagnosing America. Anthropology and Public Engagement.
4529: FORMAN, HARRISON: - Horizon Hunter, the adventures of a modern Marco Polo
4532: FORRESTER, MARION W.: - Kenya To-day, social prerequisites for economic development
4534: FORSTER, E.M.: - The Hill of Devi
4538: FORSTER, ROBERT; RANUM, OREST (Eds): - Biology of Man in History, Selections from the Annales, Economies, Societes, Civilisations. trans. by Elborg Forster & Patricia M. Ranum
4537: FORSTER, ROBERT & RANUM, OREST eds.: - Family and Society. Selections from the Annales, Economies, Societes, Civilisation. trans. Elborg Forster & Patricia M. Ranum.
4536: FORSTER, ROBERT: - The House of Saulx-Tavanes, Versailles and Burgundy, 1700-1830
4535: FORSTER, LEONARD: - Poetry of Significant Nonsense. Inaugural Lecture.
4541: FORTES, MEYER & PATTERSON, SHEILA Eds.: - Studies in African Social Anthropology
4540: FORTES, M. & EVANS-PRITCHARD, E.E. eds.: - African Political Systems
4539: FORTES, JACQUELINE; LOMNITZ, LARISSA ADLER: - Becoming a Scientist in Mexico. The Challenge of Creating a Scientific Community in an Underdeveloped Country. trans. by Alan P. Hynds,
4544: FORTUNE, R.F.: - Sorcerers of Dobu, the social anthropology of the Dobu islanders of the Western Pacific
4543: FORTUNE, G.: - The Bantu Language of the Federation, a preliminary survey
11357: The Editors of Fortune: - America in the Sixties, The economy and the society
4546: FOSS, MICHAEL: - Undreamed Shores, England's wasted Empire in America
4545: FOSS, BRIAN M. ed.: - New Horizons in Psychology
4547: FOSSATI, RINO: - L'Impresa Laniera, Struttura, lineamenti di gestione e strategia delle vendite
4551: FOSTER-CARTER, AIDAN: - The Sociology of Development
4550: FOSTER, JOHN: - Class Struggle & the Industrial Revolution, Early Industrial Capitalism in three English Towns.
4549: FOSTER, JEANNETTE H.: - Sex Variant Women in Literature, a historical and quantitative survey
4548: FOSTER, CHARLES R. (Ed.): - Nations Without a State. Ethnic Minorities in Western Europe.
4553: FOUCHET, MAX-POL: - Rescued Treasures of Egypt. trans. by Michael Heron
4552: FOUCHET, MAX-POL: - Nubie Splendeur Sauvee
4554: FOULKES, S.H. & PRINCE, G. STEWART eds.: - Psychiatry in a Changing Society
4560: FOWLER, PETER J. ed.: - Archaeology and the Landscape. Essays for L.V. Grinsell.
4559: FOWLER, P.J. Ed.: - Recent Work in Rural Archaeology
4558: FOWLER, LAURENCE & FOWLER, HELEN eds.: - Cambridge Commemorated, an anthology of university life
4557: FOWLER, H.W.: - Modern English Usage
4556: FOWLER, H.W.: - A Dictionary of Modern English Usage
4569: FOX, RENEE C.: - In the Belgian Chateau. The Spirit and Culture of a European Society in an Age of Change.
4574: FOX, ROBIN ed.: - Biosocial Anthropology
4573: FOX, ROBIN: - The Search for Society, Quest for a Biosocial Science and Morality
4572: FOX, ROBIN: - Kinship and Marriage, an Anthropological Perspective
4570: FOX, RICHARD G.: - Kin Clan Raja and Rule. State-Hinterland Relations in Preindustrial India.
4568: FOX, JOHN: - Afghan Adventure
4567: FOX, JAMES J. ed.: - To Speak in Pairs, Essays on the ritual language of Eastern Indonesia
4566: FOX, CYRIL: - The Personality of Britain, its influence on inhabitant and invader in prehistoric and early historic times
4565: FOX, CYRIL: - A Settlement of the Early Iron Age (La Tene 1 Sub-Period) on Merthyr Mawr Warren, Glamorgan
4564: FOX, C.E.: - The Story of the Solomons
4562: FOX, ALAN: - Man Mismanagement
4561: FOX, ALAN: - A Sociology of Work in Industry
2817: CHIEF RED FOX: - Memoirs
4575: FRAENKEL, MERRAN: - Tribe and Class in Monrovia
4576: FRAMFHEIN, GERHILD; LANGER, JOSEF: - Student und Studium im Interkulturellen Vergleich
4577: FRANCE, PIERRE MENDES: - The Next Fifteen Years
4578: FRANCIS, CLAUDE & GONTIER, FERNANDE: - Simone de Beauvoir
4580: FRANCIS, PHILIP ed.: - John Evelyn's Diary. A selection from the diary.
4579: FRANCIS, DANIEL & MORANTZ, TOBY: - Partners in Furs, A history of the fur trade in Eastern James Bay 1600-1870
4581: FRANCK, THOMAS M.: - Race and Nationalism, The struggle for power in Rhodesia-Nyasaland
4582: FRANCKLIN, THOMAS (REV): - The Tragedies of Sophocles, to which is added a dissertation on ancient greek tragedy
4583: FRANCO, JEAN: - The Modern Culture of Latin America: Society and the Artist
4586: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER: - Reflections on the World Economic Crisis
4590: FRANK, WALTER A.: - Ethnische Grundlagen der Siedlungsstruktur in Mittelnepal, unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Tamang
4589: FRANK, W.F.: - The General Principles of English Law
4588: FRANK, PIERRE; NOVACK, GEORGE; MANDEL, ERNEST: - Key Problems of the Transition from Capitalism to Socialism
4585: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER: - Lumpen-Bourgeoisis, Lumpen-Development, Dependence, Class and Politics in Latin America. trans. by Marion Davis Berdecio
4584: FRANK, ANDRE GUNDER: - Capitalism and Underdevelopment in Latin America, Historical Studies of Chile and Brazil
4593: FRANKEL, S. HERBERT: - The Economic Impact on Under-Developed Societies, Essays on international investment and social change
4592: FRANKEL, JOSEPH: - National Interest
4591: FRANKEL, JOSEPH: - International Politics, Conflict and Harmony
4594: FRANKENBERG, RONALD: - Communities in Britain, social life in town and country
4598: FRANKFORT, HENRI Etc.: - Before Philosophy
4597: FRANKFORT, HENRI: - The Birth of Civilization in the Near East
4596: FRANKFORT, HENRI: - Ancient Egyptian Religion
4595: FRANKFORT, H.; FRANKFORT, H.A.; WILSON, JOHN A.; JACOBSEN, THORKILD; IRWIN, WILLIAM S.: - The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man, an Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East
4601: FRANKLIN, JOHN HOPE: - Reconstruction After the Civil War
4602: FRANKLIN, S.H.: - Rural Societies
4600: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN: - Poor Richard's Almanacks 1733-1758
4599: FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN: - Poor Richard's Almanac
4603: FRANKS, A.H.: - Social Dance, a short history
4604: FRANSMAN, MARTIN (Ed): - Industry and Accumulation in Africa
4613: FRASER, THOMAS M. jr.: - Culture and Change in India, the Barpali experiment
4611: FRASER, RONALD ed.: - Work 2, twenty personal accounts
4609: FRASER, RONALD: - In Search of a Past, The Manor House, Amnersfield, 1933-1945
4608: FRASER, MARIAM: - Identity without Selfhood, Simone de Beauvoir and bisexuality
4607: FRASER, JOHN: - The Chinese, Portrait of a People
4606: FRASER, JOHN: - America and the Patterns of Chivalry
4605: FRASER, DONALD: - The Future of Africa
4614: FRAYN, JOAN M.: - Subsistence Farming in Roman Italy
4619: FRAZER, JAMES GEORGE: - The Golden Bough, a Study in Magic and Religion
4618: FRAZER, JAMES & LADY FRAZER: - Pasha the Pom, The story of a little dog
4621: FRAZIER, E. FRANKLIN: - On Race Relations. Selected papers, edited by G. Franklin Edwards.
4624: FRAZIER, E. FRANKLIN; LINCOLN, C. ERIC: - The Negro Church in America; The Black Church Since Frazier
4623: FRAZIER, E. FRANKLIN: - The Negro Family in the United States
4622: FRAZIER, E. FRANKLIN: - Race and Culture Contacts in the Modern World
4620: FRAZIER, E. FRANKLIN: - Black Bourgeoisie, the Rise of a New Middle Class
4625: FREAM, W.: - Elements of Agriculture
4626: FREDRICKSON, GEORGE M.: - The Comparative Imagination, On the history of racism, nationalism, and social movements
4627: FREDRIKSEN, PAULA: - Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, A Jewish life and the emergence of Christianity
4630: FREEDMAN, MAURICE: - Chinese Lineage and Society: Fukien and Kwangtung
4635: FREEDMAN, RONALD ed.: - Population: The Vital Revolution
4634: FREEDMAN, ROBERT ed.: - Marx on Economics
4633: FREEDMAN, MAURICE ed.: - Social Organization, essays presented to Raymond Firth
4629: FREEDMAN, MAURICE: - Chinese Lineage and Society: Fukien and Kwangtung
4628: FREEDMAN, JAMES O.: - Crisis and Legitimacy, the administrative process and American government
4642: FREEMAN, JAMES M.: - Scarcity and Opportunity in an Indian Village
4646: FREEMAN, T.W.: - A Hundred Years of Geography
4645: FREEMAN, ROGER L.: - English-Spanish, Spanish-English, Dictionary of communications and electronic terms
4644: FREEMAN, MICHAEL; ROBERTSON, DAVID (Eds): - The Frontiers of Political Theory, Essays in a Revitalized Discipline
4643: FREEMAN, JO ed.: - Women: A Feminist Perspective
4641: FREEMAN, JAMES A.: - Hearts of Sorror, Vietnamese-American Lives
4640: FREEMAN, J.J.: - A Tour in South Africa, with notices of Natal, Mauritius, Madagascar, Ceylon, Egypt and Palestine
4639: FREEMAN, F.: - A Plea for Africa being familiar conversations on the subject of slavery and colonization
4638: FREEMAN, EDWARD A.: - The Growth of the English Constitution
4637: FREEMAN, EDWARD: - Sketches of Travel in Normandie and Maine
4647: FREEMANTLE, ANNE: - Desert Calling, the life of Charles de Foucauld
4648: FREITAG, RUTH: - Agricultural Development Schemes in Sub-Saharan Africa, a bibliography
3516: DE FREITAS, MARCOS CEZAR: - Alvaro Viera Pinto: a personagem historica e sua trama
4649: FRENCH, MARILYN: - The War against Women
4650: FRERE, SHEPPARD: - Britannia, A history of Roman Britain
4655: FREUD, SIGMUND: - The Interpretation of Dreams. Trans. A.A. Brill.
4654: FREUD, SIGMUND: - Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety. Trans. Alix Strachey.
4653: FREUD, SIGMUND: - Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego. trans. James Strachey
4652: FREUD, SIGMUND: - An Autobiographical Study
4651: FREUD, SIGM.: - Jenseits des Lustprinzips
4656: FREYER, HANS: - Theory of Objective Mind, An introduction to the philosophy of culture. Trans. Steven Crosby.
4657: FREYTAG, WALTER: - Spiritual Revolution in the East
4660: FRIEDEN, BERNARD J. & MORRIS, ROBERT eds.: - Urban Planning and Social Policy
4661: FRIEDENBERG, EDGAR Z.: - Coming of Age in America, Growth and Acquiescence
4663: FRIEDLAND, WILLIAM H.; ROSBERG, CARL G. (Eds): - African Socialism
4664: FRIEDLANDER, JUDITH: - Being Indian in Hueyapan, a study of forced identity in contemporary Mexico
4666: FRIEDMAN, MILTON: - Capitalism and Freedom
4669: FRIEDMANN, JOHN & ALONSO, WILLIAM eds.: - Regional Development and Planning. A Reader.
4668: FRIEDMANN, GEORGES: - Industrial Society, The emergence of the human problems of automation. Ed. Harold L. Sheppard.
4672: FRIEDRICH, CARL J. ed.: - Revolution
4671: FRIEDRICH, CARL J.: - Tradition and Authority
4673: FRIEDRICHS, ROBERT W.: - A Sociology of Sociology
4674: FRIES, CHARLES C.: - Linguistics, The study of language
12753: FRISBY, DAVID: - Georg Simmel
4675: FRISCH, OTTO: - What Little I Remember
4676: FRISHMAN, JUDITH & VAN ROMPAY, LUCAS eds.: - The Book of Genesis in Jewish and Oriental Christian Interpretation, a collection of essays
4677: FRITCH, F.E. & SALISBURY, E.J.: - An Introduction to the Structure and Reproduction of Plants
4679: FRITH, NIGEL: - Krishna
4680: FROEHLICH, WALTER ed.: - Land Tenure, Industrialization and Social Stability
4681: FROHOCK, FRED M.: - The Nature of Political Enquiry
4682: FROLEC, VACLAV ed.: - Das Dorf im Prozess der Gegenwatigen Veranderungen, gesellschaftswissenschaftliche studien
4683: FROMKIN, DAVID: - The Question of Government, an Inquiry into the Breakdown of Modern Political Systems
4687: FROMM, ERICH: - The Sane Society
4686: FROMM, ERICH: - The Art of Loving
4685: FROMM, ERICH: - The Art of Loving
4684: FROMM, ERICH: - Man For Himself, an Enquiry into the Psychology of Ethics
4688: FROSCH, JOHN ed.: - The Annual Survey of Psychoanalysis, a comprehensive survey of current psychoanalytic theory and practice. Volume 1. 1950
4689: FROUDE, JAMES ANTHONY: - Oceana or England and her Colonies
4692: FRY, PETER: - Spirits of Protest, Spirit-medius and the articulation of consensus amongst the Zezuru of Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)
4691: FRY, GLADYS-MARIE: - Stitched from the Soul, Slave quilts from the Ante-Bellum South
4690: FRY, B.A. & PEEL, J.L. Eds.: - Autotrophic Micro-Organisms. 4th Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology.
4694: FRYDE, E.B.; MILLER, EDWARD (Ed): - Historical Studies of the English Parliament. 2 vols, Origins to 1399; 1399 to 1603.
4695: FRYER, PETER: - Black People in the British Empire, an introduction
4697: FUCHS, STEPHEN: - The Origin of Man and his Culture
4696: FUCHS, STEPHEN: - The Children of Hari, a Study of the Nimar Balahis in Madhya Pradish, India
4699: FUENTES, ANTONIO MARTINEZ: - Crecimiento y Desarrollo de la Poblacion Escolar Cubana
4698: FUENTES, ANTONIO J. MARTINEZ: - Antopologia Fisica: el hombre y su medio
4700: FUEST, VERONIKA: - "A Job, a Shop, and Loving Business", Lebensweisen gebildeter Frauen in Liberia
4701: FUKAZAWA, HIROSHI: - State and Caste System (Jati) in the Eighteenth Century Maratha Kingdom
4702: FUKUI, KATSUYOSHI, KURIMOTO, EISEI & SHIGETA, MASAYOSHI eds.: - Ethiopia in Broader Perspective. Papers of the XIIIth International Conference of Ethiopian Studies. 3 vols.
4705: FULFORD, ROGER ed.: - Dearest Child, Letters between Queen Victoria and the Princess Royal, 1858-1861
4704: FULFORD, ROGER: - Votes for Women, The story of a struggle
4706: FULLBROOK, KATE & FULLBROOK, EDWARD: - Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre, The remaking of a twentieth-century legend
4708: FULLER, C.J. & BENEI, VERONIQUE eds.: - The Everyday State and Society in Modern India
4710: FULLER, WATSON ed.: - The Social Impact of Modern Biology
4709: FULLER, CHRIS; PARISH, JANE; LAYTON, ROBERT; ROWLANDS, MICHAEL: - Advocacy is a personal commitment for anthropologists, not an institutional imperative for anthropology
4711: FULTON, JOHN F. & WILSON, LEONARD G.: - Selected Readings in the History of Physiology
4713: FUNKE, FRIEDRICH W.: - Die Sherpa, und ihre Nachbarvolker im Himalaya. Herausegeben und eingeleitet von Wilhelm Ziehr.
4714: FURBANK, P.N.: - The Encyclopedie. Arts: A second level course The Enlightenment. Units 13-14.
4716: FUREDI, FRANK: - The Silent War, Imperialism and the changing perception of race
11855: VON FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH: - Bhotia Highlanders of Nar and Phu
11862: VON FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH: - The Apa Tanis and their Neighbours, a primitive society of the Eastern Himalayas
11861: VON FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH: - The Aboriginal Problem in Mulug and Narsampet Taluqs, A tour diary
11860: VON FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH: - Morals and Merit, a study of values and social controls in South Asian societies
11856: VON FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH: - Das Gemeinschaftsleben der Konyak-Naga von Assam
11854: VON FURER-HAIMENDORF, CHRISTOPH: - A Nunnery in Nepal
4717: FURNEAUX, RUPERT: - Primitive Peoples
4718: FURTADO, CELSO: - Accumulation and Development
4723: FURTADO, LOURDES GONCALVES: - Pescadores do rio Amazonas, Um estudo antropologico da pesca ribeirinha numa area amazonica
4722: FURTADO, CLESO: - Obstacles to Development in Latin America
4721: FURTADO, CELSO: - The Economic Growth of Brazil, a Survey from Colonial to Modern Times
4720: FURTADO, CELSO: - Economic Development of Latin America, a Survey from Colonial Times to the Cuban Revolution
4719: FURTADO, CELSO: - Development and Under-development, a Structural View of the Problems of Developed and Under-developed Countries
4724: FYOT, JEAN-LOUIS ed.: - Essai sur le Pouvoir Civil de John Locke
4725: FYVEL, T.R.: - The Insecure Offenders, Rebellious youth in the welfare state
4726: GABEL, LEONA C.: - Secret Memoirs of a Renaissance Pope, The 'Commentaries' of Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini, Pius II. An abridgement, trans. Florence A Gragg.
4727: GABORIEAU, M.: - Recit d'Un Voyageur Musulman au Tibet. dual text (french-urdu)
4728: GABRIEL, JOHN: - Whitewash, Racialized politics and the media
4729: GABRIELI, FRANCESCO: - A Short History of the Arabs
4730: GADD, C.J.: - The Cities of Babylonia. The Cambridge Ancient History. Revised Edition. vol.1 chapter xiii.
4731: GADOW, HANS: - Amphibia and Reptiles
4732: GAGNEBIN, LAURENT: - Simone de Beauvoir, ou le refus de l'indifference
4734: GAILLARD, GERALD: - Dictionnaire des Ethnologues et des Anthropologues
4735: GALARZA, ERNESTO; GALLEGOS, HERMAN; SAMORA, JULIAN: - Mexican-Americans in the Southwest
4743: GALBRAITH, J.K.: - The Liberal Hour
4750: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH: - The New Industrial State
4749: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH: - The Nature of Mass Poverty
4748: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH: - Economics, Peace and Laughter. A contemporary guide.
4747: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH: - Economic Development
4746: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH: - American Capitalism, the Concept of Countervailing Power
4745: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH: - A View from the Stands, Of People, Politics, Military Power and the Arts. ed. Andrea D. Williams.
4744: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH: - A Contemporary Guide to Economics Peace and Laughter
4742: GALBRAITH, J.K.: - The Liberal Hour
4741: GALBRAITH, J.K.: - The Great Crash 1929
4740: GALBRAITH, J.K.: - The Affluent Society
4739: GALBRAITH, J.K.: - The Affluent Society
4738: GALBRAITH, J.K.: - How to Get Out of Vietnam
4737: GALBRAITH, J.K.: - Economics and the Public Purpose
4736: GALBRAITH, J.K.: - American Capitalism, the Concept of Countervailing Power
4751: GALE, E.F. & DAVIES, R. Eds.: - Adaptation in Micro-Organisms. 3rd Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology.
4752: GALEANO, EDUARDO: - Memory of Fire 1. Genesis, Part One of a Trilogy. Trans. by Cedric Belfrage.
4754: GALENSON, WALTER ed.: - Essays on Employment
4753: GALENSON, WALTER & LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN: - Labor and Trade Unionism: an interdisciplinary reader
4755: GALES, RICHARD LAWSON: - Studies in Arcady, and other essays from a country parsonage
4756: GALESKI, BOGUSLAW: - Basic Concepts of Rural Sociology (Poland)
4757: GALINSKY, ELLEN: - Between Generations, the six stages of parenthood
4759: GALLAGHER, O.D.: - Retreat in the East
4760: GALLAGHER, ROBERT E. ed: - Byron's Journal of his Circumnavigation 1764-1766
4761: GALLENKAMP, CHARLES: - Maya, The Riddle and Rediscovery of a Lost Civilization.
4762: GALLETTI, R., BALDWIN, K.D.S. & DINA, I.O.: - Nigerian Cocoa Farmers, An economic survey of Yoruba cocoa farming families
4764: GALLIE, W.B.: - Peirce and Pragmatism
4763: GALLIE, DUNCAN: - In Search of the New Working Class, Automation and Social Integration Within the Capitalist Enterprise
4765: GALNOOR, ITZHAK ed.: - Social Information for Developing Countries
4766: GALSWORTHY, JOHN: - Plays
4771: GALT, JOHN: - The Provost
4770: GALT, JOHN: - The Last of the Lairds
4768: GALT, JOHN: - Novels, with memoir of the author. 4 vols.
4769: GALT, JOHN: - Sir Andrew Wylie, of that ilk. 2 vols.
4767: GALT, JOHN: - Annals of the Parish
4772: GALTUNG, JOHAN: - Theory and Methods of Social Research
4776: GAMBLE, F.W.; SHELDON, L.; SHIPLEY, A.E.; HARTOG, MARCUS; BENHAM, W. BLAXLAND; BEDDARD, F.W.; SHIPLEY; HARMER, S.F.: - Flatworms and Mesozoa [F.W.G]; Nerertines [L.S]; Thread-Worms and Sagitta [A.E.S]; Rotifers [M.H]; Polychaet Worms [W.B.B]; Earthworms and Leeches [F.E.B]; Gephyrea and Phoronis [A.E.S]; Polyzoa [S.F.H].
4775: GAMBLE, ANDREW: - The Conservative Nation
4774: GAMBLE, A. & WALTON, P.: - Capitalism in Crisis, Inflation and the State
4779: GANN, L.H., & DUIGNAN, PETER eds.: - Colonialism in Africa 1870-1960. Vol. 1.
4778: GANN, L.H. & DUIGNAN, PETER eds.: - Colonialism in Africa 1870-1960
4777: GANN, L.H. & DUIGNAN, P.: - White Settlers in Tropical Africa
4781: GANS, HERBERT J.: - People and Plans, Essays on Urban Problems & Solutions
4780: GANS, HERBERT: - The Urban Villagers, group and class in the life of Italian-Americans
4782: GANSHOF, FRANCOIS LOUIS: - Frankish Institutions under Charlemagne
4784: GARAUDY, ROGER: - The Turning-Point of Socialism. Trans. from French by Peter & Betty Ross.
4786: GARCIA, LUIS PERICOT & PERELLO, EDUARDO RIPOLL eds.: - Prehistoric Art of the Western Mediterranean and the Sahara
4787: GARCIA, ROLANDO: - "Food Systems and Society": A conceptual and methodological challenge
4785: GARCIA VALENCIA, ENRIQUE HUGO: - San Miguel Aguazuelos, Estrategias de Residencia
4790: GARDINER, SAMUEL R.: - History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate 1649-1656. Vol.. 1.
4788: GARDINER, PATRICK: - The Nature of Historical Explanation
4789: GARDINER, SAMUEL R.: - History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate 1649-1656. Vol. 2.
4795: GARDNER, HOWARD: - The Quest for Mind, Piaget, Levi-Strauss and the structuralist movement
4796: GARDNER, JANE F.: - Women in Roman Law and Society
4794: GARDNER, HELEN: - The Business of Criticism
4793: GARDNER, ERNEST A.: - Greece and the Aegean. Revised by Stanley Casson.
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5576: HATCH, JOHN: - Tanzania, a Profile
5574: HATCH, ELVIN: - Theories of Man and Culture
5577: HATFIELD, H. STAFFORD: - Inventions and their Uses in Science Today

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