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3273: CROOME, HONOR: - Introduction to Money
3275: CROSBY, ALFRED W.: - Throwing Fire: Projectile Technology through History
3277: CROSLAND, SUSAN: - Tony Crosland
3276: CROSLAND, MARGARET: - Jean Cocteau
3278: CROSS, MALCOLM: - Urbanization and Urban Growth in the Caribbean, an essay on social change in dependent societies
3280: CROSSLEY-HOLLAND, KEVIN ed.: - Folk-Tales of the British Isles. Wood-engravings by Hannah Firmin.
3282: CROSSMAN, RICHARD ed.: - The God That Failed, Why Six Great Writers Rejected Communism.
3281: CROSSMAN, R.H.S. ed.: - New Fabian Essays
3284: CROUCH, MARCUS: - Fingerprints of History
3283: CROUCH, COLIN: - The Politics of Industrial Relations
3285: CROUTIER, ALEV LYTLE: - Harem, The World behind the Veil
3288: CROW, BEN; THORPE, MARY ETC.: - Survival and Change in the Third World
3287: CROW, BEN; THOMAS, ALAN; THORPE, MARY: - Third World Studies. Block Five Parts A-B. Developing of being developed?
3286: CROW, BEN; THOMAS, ALAN: - Third World Atlas. U204 Third World Series. A second level university course.
3289: CROWDER, MICHAEL: - Revolt in Bussa, A study of British 'Native Administration' in Nigerian Borgu, 1902-1935
3291: CROWDER, MICHAEL: - West Africa Under Colonial Rule
3290: CROWDER, MICHAEL: - The Story of Nigeria
3292: CROWLE, PIGEON: - Tales from the Ballet
3295: CROZIER, MICHEL: - Le Phenomene Bureaucratique
3294: CROZIER, MICHEL: - Le Monde des Employes de Bureau, Resultats d'une enquete menee dan sept compagnies d'assurances Parisiennes
3293: CROZIER, MICHEL: - La Societe Bloquee
3297: CRUMP, THOMAS: - The Phenomenon of Money
3296: CRUMP, G.C. & JACOB, E.F. eds.: - The Legacy of the Middle Ages
3298: CRYSTAL, DAVID: - Linguistics
3299: CUEVA, AGUSTIN: - El Process de Dominacion Politica en el Ecuador
3300: CULICAN, WILLIAM: - The First Merchant Venturers, the Ancient Levant in History and Commerce
3301: CULLER, JONATHAN: - The Pursuit of Signs, Semiotics, Literature, Deconstruction
3302: CULLINGWORTH, J.B.: - Problems of an Urban Society. Volume 1: The Social Framework of Planning.
3304: CULWICK, A.T. & CULWICK, G.M.: - Ubena of the Rivers
3305: CUMBERLAND, CHARLES: - Mexico, the Struggle for Modernity
3306: CUMMING, C.F. GORDON: - At Home in Fiji 2 vols.
3307: CUMMINGS, E.E.: - Selected Poems 1923-1958
3308: CUMMINS, ERIC: - The Rise and Fall of California's Radical Prison Movement
3309: CUMONT, FRANZ: - The Mysteries of Mithra. Trans. from French by Thomas J. McCormack.
3311: CUNNINGHAM, COLIN; PERRY, GILLIAN: - Architecture and Landscape. Arts: a second level course The Enlightenment Unit 6.
3316: CUNNISON, SHEILA: - Wages and Work Allocation, a Study of Social Relations in a Garment Workshop
3314: CUNNISON, IAN: - History on the Luapula, an essay on the historical notions of a Central African tribe
3317: CURIE, EVE: - Journey among Warriors (Journey round the world)
3318: CURLE, ADAM: - Educational Strategy for Developing Societies, a Study of Educational and Social Factors in Relation to Economic Growth
3320: CURRAN, JAMES ed.: - The Future of the Left
3321: CURRIE, LAUCHLIN: - Accelerating Development, The necessity and the means
3323: CURTIN, PHILIP D.: - The Image of Africa, British Ideas and Action 1780-1850
3322: CURTIN, PHILIP D.: - Imperialism
12721: CURTIS, MARK: - Web of Deceit, Britain's real role in the world
3327: CURTIS, S.J.: - History of Education in Great Britain
3326: CURTIS, MYRA; TOWNSHEND, HUGH: - Modern Money
3325: CURTIS, JOHN ed.: - Weidenfeld & Nicholson: Fifty Years of Publishing
3324: CURTIS, JOHN Ed.: - Fifty Years of Mesopotamian Discovery, the Work of the British School of Archaeology in Iraq 1932-1982
3328: CURY, ALEXANDER R.: - Arabic Without a Teacher
3329: CUSAMANO, ANTONINO: - Il Museo Etnoantropologico Della Valle del Belice
3331: CUSICANQUI, SILVIA RIVERA: - The Politics and Ideology of the Colombian Peasant Movement, The case of ANUC (National Association of Peasant Smallholders)
3332: CUST, ROBERT H. HOBART ed.: - The Life of Benvenuto Cellini 2 vols.
3333: CUSTANCE, GEORGE: - A Concise View of the Constitution of England
3334: CUTAJAR, MICHAEL ZAMMIT; FRANKS, ALISON: - The Less Developed Countries in World Trade
3335: CUTLER, ANTONY Etc.: - Marx's Capital and Capitalism Today, vol. 1.
3336: CUTOLO, ARMANDO: - L'Esogamia Prescrittiva, Terminologie di parentela e logiche matrimoniali
3337: CUTTING, SUYDAM: - The Fire Ox, and other years
3338: CUTTS, EDWARD L.: - Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages
3339: CUVILLIER, ARMAND: - Ou va la Sociologie Francaise? avec une etude d'Emile Durkheim sur la sociologie formaliste
3340: CZAJA, MICHAEL: - Gods of Myth and Stone, phallicism in Japanese folk religion
3341: CZEMPIEL, ERNST-OTTO ed.: - Die Anachronistische Souveranitat
3347: DA CUNHA, EUCLIDES: - Rebellion in the Backlands. Trans. Samuel Putnam.
3348: DA MATTA, ROBERTO: - Ensaios de Antropologia Estrutural. O Carnaval como um Rito de Passagem.
3349: DAALDER, HANS; SHILS, EDWARD Eds.: - Universities, Politicans and Bureaucrats, Europe and the United States
3350: DABUL, LIGIA: - Um Percurso da Pintura, A producao de identidades de 'artista'
3351: DACYL, JANINA W. & WESTIN, CHARLES eds.: - Governance of Cultural Diversity, selected aspects
3352: DAHL, ROBERT A.: - Modern Political Analysis
3353: DAHLAN, H.M. ed.: - The Nascent Malaysian Society, Developments, trends and problems
3356: DAHRENDORF, RALF: - Class and Class Conflict in an Industrial Society
3358: DAHRENDORF, RALF: - Society and Democracy in Germany
3357: DAHRENDORF, RALF: - Homo Sociologicus, ein Versuch zur Geschichte, Bedeutung und Kritik der Kategorie der Sozialen Rolle
3359: DAIKEN, LESLIE: - Children's Toys throughout the Ages
3360: DAKPA, RINCHEN & ROOKE, B.A.: - In Haste from Tibet
3362: DALBY, RICHARD ed.: - The Virago Book of Ghost Stories, The twentieth century
3361: DALBY, DAVID & CHURCH, R.J. HARRISON eds.: - Drought in Africa. Report of the 1973 Symposium.
3363: DALE, ERNEST & MICHELON, L.C.: - Modern Management Methods
3364: DALLAPICCOLA, A.L.: - Hindu Myths
3366: DALLAS, GREGOR: - The Imperfect Peasant Economy, the Loire Country 1800-1914
3367: DALLEY, GILLIAN: - Ideologies of Caring, Rethinking Comunity and Collectivism.
3368: DALTON, GEORGE: - Economic Systems and Society, Capitalism, Communism and the Third World
3371: DAMACHI, UKANDI G.; SEIBEL, H. DIETER; TRACHTMAN, LESTER Eds.: - Industrial Relations in Africa
12673: DAMANE, M. & SANDERS, P.B. eds.: - Lithoko, Sotho praise-poems
3372: DAMMANN, ERNST: - Die Religionen Afrikas
3373: DANDY, J.E.: - List of British Vascular Plants, prepared for the British Museum (Natural History) & the Botanical Society of the British Isles
3377: DANIEL, GLYN & EVANS, J.D.: - The Western Mediterranean. The Cambridge Ancient History. Revised Edition. vol.2 chapter xxxvii.
3380: DANIEL, W.W.: - Wage Determination in Industry
3379: DANIEL, W.W.: - Racial Discrimination in England, Based on the Pep Report
3378: DANIEL, GLYN E.: - A Hundred Years of Archaeology
3376: DANIEL, GLYN: - The Origins and Growth of Archaeology
3375: DANIEL, GLYN: - The First Civilizations, the Archaeology of their Origins
3374: DANIEL, E. VALENTINE & KNUDSEN, JOHN CHR. eds.: - Mistrusting Refugees
3381: DANIELS, ARLENE KAPLAN: - Invisible Careers, Women civic leaders from the volunteer world
3384: DANIELSSON, BENGT: - Works and Life in Raroia, an acculturation study from the Tuamotu group French Oceania
3383: DANIELSSON, BENGT: - The Happy Island
3382: DANIELSSON, BENGT: - Love in the South Seas
3385: DANNENFELDT, KARL H. ed.: - The Renaissance, Medieval or Modern?
12696: DANTE: - The Divine Comedy. 1: Inferno 2: Purgatorio 3: Paradiso. translation John D. Sinclair. 3 vols.
3386: DANTICAT, EDWIDGE: - After the Dance, A walk through carnival in Jacmel, Haiti
3387: DANZIGER, KURT: - Socialization
3388: DARBOIS, DOMINIQUE: - Yanamale, a village of the Amazon. trans. by Joan Selby-Lowndes.
3393: DARBY, JOHN (Ed): - Northern Ireland, The Background to the Conflict.
3392: DARBY, H.C., SETON-WATSON, R.W., AUTY, PHYLLIS, LAFFAN, R.G.D. & CLISSOLD, STEPHEN: - A Short History of Yugoslavia, From Early Times to 1966
3391: DARBY, H.C. ed.: - A Scientific Survey of the Cambridge District
3389: DARBY, H.C.: - The Domesday Geography of Cambridgeshire
3394: DARIAN-SMITH, KATE, POIGNANT, ROSLYN & SCHAFFER, KAY: - Captured Lives, Australian Captivity Narratives
3395: DARK, PHILIP J.C.: - Bush Negro Art, an African art in the Americas
3396: DARKE, BOB: - The Communist Technique in Britain
3400: DARLING, FRASER: - Wild Life in Britain
3399: DARLING, F. FRASER: - Natural History in the Highlands and Islands
3398: DARLING, F. FRASER: - Island Years
3404: DARLINGTON, C.D. & MATHER, K.: - The Elements of Genetics
3402: DARLINGTON, C.D.: - Evolution of Genetic Systems
3405: DARNTON, ROBERT: - The Great Cat Massacre, and other episodes in French cultural history
3406: DARRACOTT, JOSEPH Ed.: - All For Art, the Ricketts and Shannon Collection Exhibition
3408: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY: - English Fabric, a study of village life (Dorset)
3407: DARTON, F.J. HARVEY: - Children's Books in England, Five Centuries of Social Life
3412: DARWIN, CHARLES: - The Voyage of the Beagle
3411: DARWIN, CHARLES: - The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
3410: DARWIN, CHARLES: - Journal of Research into the Natural History & Geology of the Countries Visited During the Voyage of HMS Beagle Round the World
3409: DARWIN, BERNARD: - British Clubs
3414: DASCAL, MARCELO (Ed): - Cultural Relativism and Philosophy, North and Latin American Perspectives
3417: DASGUPTA, PARTHA: - Human Well-Being and the Natural Environment
3416: DASGUPTA, BIPLAB: - Village Society and Labour Use
3415: DASGUPTA, BIPLAB: - Agrarian Change and the New Technology in India
3418: DATTA, AMLAN: - Perspectives of Economic Development
3419: DAUENHAUER, NORA MARKS: - Life Woven with Song
3420: DAUNT, H.D.: - The Centre of Ancient Civilization, Discoveries in ancient geography and mythologies
3422: DAVE, H.T.: - Life and Philosophy of Shree Swaminarayan 1781-1830
3424: DAVENPORT, NICHOLAS: - The Split Society
3423: DAVENPORT, H.: - The Higher Arithmetic
3426: DAVID, KUMAR & KADIRGAMAR, SANTASILAN eds.: - Ethnicity: Identity, conflict, crisis
3432: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - Old Africa Rediscovered
3442: DAVIDSON, STANLEY: - The Principles and Practice of Medicine, a Textbook for Students and Doctors
3441: DAVIDSON, NICHOLAS: - The Failure of Feminism
3440: DAVIDSON, JAMES: - Courtesans and Fishcakes, the consuming passions of classical Athens
3439: DAVIDSON, J.W.: - The Northern Rhodesian Legislative Council
3438: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - Which Way Africa? The Search for a New Society
3437: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - The Liberation of Guine, Aspects of an African Revolution
3436: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - The Black Man's Burden, Africa and the curse of the nation-state
3435: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - The Africans, an Entry to Cultural History
3434: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - The African Past, Chronicles from Antiquity to Modern Times
3433: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - Report on Southern Africa
3430: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - Black Mother. Africa: The Years of Trial.
3428: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - Africa, History of a Continent
3429: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - African Kingdoms
3427: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - Africa in Modern History, The Search for a New Society
3431: DAVIDSON, BASIL: - In the Eye of the Storm, Angola's People
3444: DAVIE, DONALD: - The Forests of Lithuania
3443: DAVIE, DONALD: - A Winter Talent, and other poems
3458: DAVIES, P.C.W.: - The Forces of Nature
3463: DAVIES, W.T. & SHEPHERD, T.B.: - Teaching: begin here
3462: DAVIES, W.H.: - Poems
3460: DAVIES, STEPHEN: - The Diffusion of Process Innovations
3459: DAVIES, R. TREVOR: - Four Centuries of Witch-Beliefs
3457: DAVIES, NIGEL: - Voyagers to the New World. Fact and Fantasy.
3456: DAVIES, NIGEL: - The Ancient Kingdoms of Mexico
3455: DAVIES, MORTON R. & LEWIS, VAUGHAN A.: - Models of Political Systems
3454: DAVIES, MARGARET LLEWELYN Ed.: - Life as We Have Known it, by Co-Operative Working Women
3453: DAVIES, M.C.: - Niccolo Perotti and Lorenzo Valla: Four New Letters
3452: DAVIES, JON GOWER: - The Evangelistic Bureaucrat, a Study of a Planning Exercise in Newcastle upon Tyne
3451: DAVIES, IOAN: - Social Mobility and Political Change
3450: DAVIES, IOAN: - African Trade Unions
3449: DAVIES, HOWELL: - Tsetse Flies in Nigeria
3448: DAVIES, E.T.: - The Political Ideas of Richard Hooker
3447: DAVIES, D.D.: - Intermediary Metabolism in Plants
3446: DAVIES, A.F.: - Images of Class, an Australian Study
3445: DAVIES, (LORD): - Force
3464: DAVIN, DELIA: - Women-Work, Women and the Party in revolutionary China
3475: DAVIS, JOHN Ed.: - Choice and Change, Essays in Honour of Lucy Mair
3481: DAVIS, WINSTON: - Dojo, magic and exorcism in modern Japan
3480: DAVIS, WADE: - El Rio, Exploraciones y descubrimientos en la selva amazonica
3479: DAVIS, SHELTON H.: - Victims of the Miracle, development and the Indians of Brazil
3478: DAVIS, R.H.C.: - A History of Medieval Europe, from Constantine to Saint Louis
3477: DAVIS, NORMAN (Ed): - Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Primer
3476: DAVIS, KINGSLEY: - Human Society
3474: DAVIS, JOHN A. & BAKER, JAMES K. eds.: - Southern Africa in Transition
3471: DAVIS, H.W.C.: - Medieval Europe
3472: DAVIS, J.: - People of the Mediterranean, an Essay in Comparative Social Anthropology
3470: DAVIS, H.W.C.: - England under the Normans and Angevins 1066-1272. vol II A History of England, ed. C.W.C. Oman.
3468: DAVIS, COURTNEY & GILL, ELAINE: - The Book of Celtic Saints
3466: DAVIS, ALLISON; GARDNER, BURLEIGH B.; GARDNER, MARY R.: - Deep South, a Social Anthropological Study of Social Class and Color Caste in a Southern City
3465: DAVIS, ALLISON & DOLLARD, JOHN: - Children of Bondage, The personality development of Negro youth in the Urban South
12798: DAVIS, JAMES A.: - Elementary Survey Analysis
3482: DAVRAY, HENRY-D: - Oscar Wilde, La Tragedie finale, suivi de Episodes et Souvenirs et des Apocryphes
3483: DAWE, C.S.: - King Edward's Realm, Story of the Making of the Empire
3484: DAWES, BEN Ed.: - Advances in Parasitology, vol. 14.
3485: DAWES, BEN Ed.: - Advances in Parasitology, vol. 8.
3487: DAWSON, K.C.A.: - Algonkians of Lake Nipigon: An archaeological survey
3486: DAWSON, E.C.: - James Hannington, First Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa, A History of his Life and Work 1847-1885
3491: DAY, LEWIS F.: - Alphabets Old and New
3489: DAY, A. COLIN: - Fortran Techniques, with Special Reference to Non-Numerical Applications
3492: DAY, ROGER; CHAMBERS, BARRY; Etc.: - Alexander Pope's An Essay on Man (Epistle IV) Arts: A second level course The Enlightenment.
3490: DAY, A.C.L.: - Outline of Monetary Economics
3494: DAYRELL, ELPHINSTONE: - Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria West Africa
8888: O'DEA, THOMAS F.: - The Sociology of Religion
3590: DEAN, JOHN P.; ROSEN, ALEX: - A Manual of Intergroup Relations
3589: DEAN, CAROLYN: - Inka Bodies and the Body of Christ, Corpus Christi in colonial Cuzco, Peru
3593: DEANE, PHYLLIS: - The Measurement of Colonial National Incomes: an experiment
3592: DEANE, PHYLLIS: - The First Industrial Revolution
3591: DEANE, PHYLLIS: - Colonial Social Accounting
3595: DEBENHAM, FRANK: - Nyasaland, the land of the lake
3594: DEBENHAM, FRANK: - Discovery and Exploration, an atlas-history of man's journeys into the unknown
3597: DEBRAY, REGIS: - Revolution in the Revolution? Armed Struggle and Political Struggle in Latin America. trans. by Bobbye Ortiz
3596: DEBRAY, REGIS: - Critique of Political Reason
3598: DEBUS, ALLEN G.: - Man and Nature in the Renaissance
3599: DECHENE, LOUISE: - Habitants et Marchands de Montreal au XVIIe Siecle
3600: DECONDE, ALEXANDER: - Ethnicity, Race and American Foreign Policy: A History
3602: DEFOE, DANIEL: - A Journal of the Plague Year, being observations or memorials of the most remarkable occurrences, as well public as private, which happened in London during the last great visitation in 1665. Woodcuts by Peter Pendrey.
3603: DEGER-JALKOTZY, SIGRID: - E-Qe-Ta, Zur Rolle des Gefolgschaftswesens in der Sozialstruktur mykenischer Reiche
3604: DEGERANDO, JOSEPH-MARIE: - The Observation of Savage Peoples. trans. by F.C.T. Moore, preface by E.E. Evans-Pritchard.
3607: DEKKER, THOMAS: - The Shoemakers Holiday .Ed. Guy N. Pocock.
3606: DEKKER, THOMAS: - The Shoemaker's Holiday
3608: DEL CASTILLO V., GUSTAVO: - Crisis y Transformacion de una Sociedad Tradicional
3609: DELAFIELD, E.M.: - Diary of a Provincial Lady. Intro. Jilly Cooper, illus. Nicolas Bentley.
3610: DELAHAYE, YVES: - La Frontiere et le Texte, Pour une semiotique des relations internationales
3611: DELAMARRE, MARIEL J. BRUNHES & HAIRY, HUGUES: - Techiques du production : l'agriculture
3612: DELAMATER, J., HEFNER, R. & CLIGNET, R. eds.: - Social Psychological Research in Developing Countries
3613: DELAPORTE, YVES: - Les Sourds, c'est comme ca, Ethnologie de la surdimutite
3614: DELAY, JEAN: - The Youth of Andre Gide
3615: DELDERFIELD, ERIC R.: - A Guide to Church Furniture
3616: DELER, J.P. & SAINT-GEOURS, Y. eds.: - Estados y Naciones en los Andes. 2 vols.
3618: DELIEGE, ROBERT: - The Untouchables of India. Trans. Nora Scott.
3617: DELIEGE, ROBERT: - Le Systeme des Castes
3619: DELILLE, GERARD: - Famille et Propriete dan le Royaume de Naples (XVe-XIXe siecle)
8889: O'DELL, FELICITY ANN: - Socialisation Through Children's Literature, the Soviet Example
3620: DEMARGNE, PIERRE: - Aegean Art, the Origins of Greek Art. trans. by Stuart Gilbert
3624: DENCH, GEOFF, FLOWER, TONY & GAVRON, KATE ed.: - Young at Eighty, The prolific public life of Michael Young
3623: DENCH, GEOFF ed.: - Grandmothers of the Revolution
3622: DENCH, GEOFF: - The Frog and the Prince and the Problem of Men
3621: DENCH, GEOFF: - Minorities in the Open Society, Prisoners of ambivalence
3626: DENIS, JOSEPH: - Dictionnaire Allemand-Francais et Francais-Allemand, avec un supplement technique illustre
3625: DENIS, HENRI: - La Crise de la Pensee Economique
3627: DENITCH, BOGDAN (Ed): - Legitimation of Regimes, International Frameworks for Analysis
3628: DENMAN, D.R.: - A Half and Half Affair, Chronicles of a hybrid don
3632: DENNIS, WAYNE: - The Hopi Child
3631: DENNIS, PHILIP A.: - The Miskitu People of Awastara
3630: DENNIS, NORMAN; HENRIQUES, FERNANDO; SLAUGHTER, CLIFFORD: - Coal is our Life, An Analysis of a Yorkshire Mining Community
3629: DENNIS, BENJAMIN C.: - The Gbandes, a people of the Liberian hinterlands
3634: DENT, HARRY S.: - The Prodigal South Returns to Power
3633: DENT, ALAN ed.: - Bernard Shaw and Mrs Patrick Campbell: Their Correspondence
3635: DENTAN, ROBERT KNOX: - The Semai, a nonviolent people of Malaya
3636: DENTON, MICHAEL J.: - Nature's Destiny, How the laws of biology reveal purpose in the universe
3637: DEREGOWSKA, EVA LOFT: - Some Aspects of Social Change in Africa South of the Sahara, 1959-66. A bibliography.
3638: DERRETT, J. DUNCAN M. (Ed): - Studies in the Laws of Succession in Nigeria
3639: DERRICK, THOMAS: - The Prodigal Son and Other Parables
3640: DERRIDA, JACQUES: - Given Time: Counterfeit Money. Trans. by Peggy Kamuf.
3642: DESAI, VANDANA: - Community Participation and Slum Housing, A study of Bombay
3641: DESAI, ANITA: - The Village by the Sea, An Indian family story
3643: DESBORDES-VALMORE, MARCELINE: - Marceline Desbordes-Valmore Poesies (ed. by Oscar Colson),
3646: DESCARTES, RENE: - A Discourse on Method
3645: DESCARTES: - Discourse on Method. Trans. Arthur Wollaston.
3644: DESCARTES: - Discours de la Methode. Intro. by Gilbert Gadoffre.
3648: DESMOND, COSMAS: - The Discarded People, an Account of African Resettlement in South Africa
3649: DESNUELLE, P.: - The Enzymes of Lipid Metabolism. Proceeding of the Sixth Internatioal Conference on the Biochemistry of the Lipids held at Marseilled 1960
3650: DESPRINGRE, ANDRE-MARIE: - Fete en Flandre, Rites et Chants Populaires du Westhoek Francais 1975-1981
3651: DESROCHE, HENRI: - Socialismes et Sociologie Religieuse
3652: DESROCHES-NOBLECOURT, CHRISTIANE: - Life and Death of a Pharaoh Tutankhamen
3653: DESSERT, DANIEL: - Argent, pouvoir et societe au Grand Siecle
3654: DETRAZ, CHRISTINE (Ed): - C'Etait pas Tous les Jours Dimanche, Vie Quotidienne du Monde Ouvrier Geneve 1890-1950
3655: DETSICAS, ALEX: - The Cantiaci, Peoples of Roman Britain
3656: DEUBER, A.G.C.: - British East Africa, Economic and Commercial Conditions in British East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika and Zanzibar During the Immediate Post-War Period)
3661: DEUTSCHER, ISAAC ed.: - The Age of Permanent Revolution: A Trotsky anthology
3660: DEUTSCHER, ISAAC: - The Unfinished Revolution Russia 1917-1967. George Macaulay Trevelyan Lectures 1967
3659: DEUTSCHER, ISAAC: - Stalin, a Political Biography
3658: DEUTSCHER, ISAAC: - Stalin, a Political Biography
3662: DEVALLE, SUSANA B.C.: - Discourses of Ethnicity, Culture and protest in Jharkhand
3664: DEVAMBEZ, PIERRE: - Greek Painting. trans. by Jean Stewart
3665: DEVASSY, M.K.: - Census of India 1971, Kerala (Series 9, pt. V-B -(1)) Ethnographic Notes.
3666: DEVENS, R.M.: - Our First Century: being a popular descriptive portraiture of the one hundred great and memorable events in the history of our country
3667: DEVERELL, C.S. etc.: - Case Studies in Business Administration
3668: DEVEY, JOSEPH ed.: - The Physical and Metaphysical works of Lord Bacon, including the Advancement of Learning and Novum Organum
3670: DEVITT, NAPIER: - The Blue Lizard and Other Stories of Native Life in South Africa
3672: DEVLIN, PATRICK: - The Enforcement of Morals
3671: DEVLIN: - The House of Lords and the Naval Prize Bill 1911. The Rede Lecture 1968
3673: DEVONS, E.: - An Introduction to British Economic Statistics
3674: DEVOTO, BERNARD ed.: - The Journals of Lewis and Clark
3675: DEWDNEY, JOHN C. (Ed): - Durham County and City with Teesside
3677: DEWEY, MEREDITH: - Diaries, Letters, Writings. Edited by A.V. Grimstone, M.C. Lyons & Ursula Lyons.
3676: DEWEY, ALICE G.: - Peasant Marketing in Java
3681: DHAR, BISWAJIT, CHATURVEDI, SACHIN & ANURADHA, R.V.: - Regime of Intellectural Property Protection for Biodiversity: A developing country perspective
3680: DHAR, BISWAJIT: - The Non-Trade Concerns in the Agreement on Agriculture
3687: DIAMOND, STANLEY: - Totems
3686: DIAMOND, JARED: - The Rise and Fall of the third Chimpanzee
3685: DIAMOND, BEVERLEY; CRONK, M. SAM; VON ROSEN, FRANZISKA: - Visions of Sound. Musical Instruments of First Nations Communities in Northeastern America.
3688: DIARASSOUBA, VALE-CHARLES: - L'Evolution des Structures Agricoles du Senegal, destructuration et restructuration de l'economie rurale
3689: DIAZ, MAY N.: - Tonala. Conservatism, Responsibility, and Authority in a Mexican Town.
3691: DICK-READ, ROBERT: - Sanamu, adventures in search of African art
3695: DICKENS, CHARLES: - The Personal History of David Copperfield. illus. by Phiz,
3694: DICKENS, CHARLES: - The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. 2 vols.
3693: DICKENS, CHARLES: - Martin Chuzzlewit. illus. by 'Phiz',
3692: DICKENS, CHARLES: - Barnaby Rudge, a Tale of the Riots of 'Eighty' & Hard Times. 2 vols.
3696: DICKENSON, G. LOWES: - A Modern Symposium
3697: DICKENSON, J.P. etc.: - A Geography of the Third World
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4366: FIELD, FRANK; HAIKIN, PATRICIA: - Black Britons
4367: FIELD, G.C.: - Political Theory
4365: FIELD, FRANK: - Inequality in Britain: Freedom, Welfare and the State
4378: FIELDHOUSE, D.K.: - The Theory of Capitalist Imperialism
4382: FIELDING, WILLIAM J.: - Strange Customs of Courtship & Marriage
4381: FIELDING, HENRY: - The True Patriot: and the History of our own Times. annotated edn by Miriam A. Locke.
4380: FIELDING, HENRY: - Joseph Andrews
4379: FIELDING, HENRY: - Jonathan Wild & A Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon
4383: FIELDS, GARY S.: - Poverty, Inequality, and Development
4384: FIELOUX, MICHELE & LOMBARD, JACQUES: - Les Memoires de Bindute Da
4385: FIGES, EVA: - Patriarchal Attitudes, Women in Society
4386: FIGUEROA, JOHN: - Third World Studies. Case Study 1. Caribbean Sampler.
4388: FIGUIER, LOUIS: - The Human Race. ed. Robert Wilson.
4387: FIGUIER, LOUIS: - Primitive Man
4389: FILDES, PAUL & VAN HEYNINGEN, W.E. Eds.: - The Nature of Virus Multiplication. 2nd Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology.
4390: FILMER, PAUL; PHILLIPSON, MICHAEL; SILVERMAN, DAVID; WALSH, DAVID: - New Directions in Sociological Theory
4391: FIMMEN, DIEDRICH: - Die Kretisch-Mykenische Kultur
4392: FINBERG, H.P.R.: - The Formation of England, 550-1042
4393: FINCH, MARY: - The Wealth of Five Northamptonshire Families 1540-1640
12702: FINDLEY, PAUL: - They Dare to Speak Out, People and institutions confront Israel's lobby
4394: FINE, GARY ALAN: - Kitchens
4395: FINEGAN, JACK: - The Archeology of World Religions, vol. 3 The Background of Shinto, Islam, Sikhism.
4398: FINER, S.E.: - The Man on Horseback, the Role of the Military in Politics
4397: FINER, S.E.: - Anonymnous Empire. A Study of the Lobby in Great Britain.
4396: FINER, ANN & SAVAGE, GEORGE eds.: - The Selected Letters of Josiah Wedgwood
4400: FINKLE, JASON L.; GABLE, RICHARD W.: - Political Development and Social Change
4399: FINKLE, JASON L.; GABLE, RICHARD W.: - Political Development and Social Change
4402: FINLAY, IAN: - The Lothians
4401: FINLAY, GEORGE: - History of the Byzantine Empire from 716 to 1057
4403: FINLEY, M.I.: - The Ancient Greeks
4404: FINLEY, M.I.: - The World of Odysseus
4407: FINN, REX WELLDON: - The English Heritage
4406: FINN, R. WELLDON: - Wiltshire
4405: FINN, JANET L.: - Tracing the Veins, Of copper, culture, and community from Butte to Chuquicamata
4408: FINOT, JEAN: - Problems of the Sexes
4411: FIRST, RUTH; STEELE, JONATHAN; GURNEY, CHRISTABEL: - The South African Connection, Western Investment in Apartheid
4410: FIRST, RUTH: - The Barrel of a Gun, Political Power in Africa and the Coup d'Etat
4409: FIRST, RUTH: - South West Africa
4420: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - Malay Fishermen, Their Peasant Economy
4429: FIRTH, RAYMOND ed.: - Themes in Economic Anthropology
4427: FIRTH, RAYMOND & YAMEY, B.S. Eds. & authors.: - Capital, Saving & Credit in Peasant Societies, Studies from Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean and Middle America
4426: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - We, the Tikopia, kinship in primitive Polynesia
4425: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - We, the Tikopia, a Sociological Study of Kinship in Primitive Polynesia
4421: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - Primitive Polynesian Economy
4419: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - Human Types
4417: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - Essays on Social Organization and Values
4418: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - Essays on Social Organization and Values
4416: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - Elements of Social Organization, Josias Mason Lectures delivered at the University of Birmingham
4415: FIRTH, RAYMOND: - Economia Primitiva Polinesiana. Traduzione di Vito Messana.
4414: FIRTH, R.W.: - Human Types
4413: FIRTH, J.R.: - The Tongues of Men
4412: FIRTH, C.M.: - The Archaeological Survey of Nubia Bulletin no 7 Dealing with the Work from November 1910 to February 1911.
4434: FISCHER, MICHAEL D.: - Applications in Computing for Social Anthropologists
4432: FISCHER, ERNST: - Marx in His Own Words
4431: FISCHER, EDWARD F.: - Cultural Logics and Global Economies, Maya Identity in thought and practice
4430: FISCHER, ANN ed.: - Current Directions in Anthropology
4441: FISHER, SEYMOUR: - Understanding the Female Orgasm
4440: FISHER, RONALD A. & YATES, FRANK: - Statistical Tables, For Biological, Agricultural and Medical Research
4439: FISHER, RENEE B.: - Musical Prodigies, Masters at an Early Age
4438: FISHER, M.F.K.: - The Art of Eating (five gastronomical works)
4437: FISHER, JAMES & HUXLEY, JULIAN Eds.: - Nature, Earth, Plants, Animals
4436: FISHER, JAMES: - The Birds of Britain
4442: FISHKIN, SHELLEY FISHER: - From Fact to Fiction, Journalism and Imaginative Writing in America
4443: FISHLOW, ALBERT; DIAZ-ALEJANDRO, CARLOS F.; FAGEN, RICHARD R.; HANSEN, ROGER D.: - Rich and Poor Nations in the World Economy
4444: FISHMAN, L.: - The Interdependent Economy. An Inaugural Lecture.
4446: FISKE, JOHN: - Understanding Popular Culture
4445: FISKE, JOHN: - Reading the Popular
4447: FISKESJO, MAGNUS: - The Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon, The Death of Teddy's Bear, and the Sovereign Exception of Guantanamo
4448: FITCH, BOB; OPPENHEIMER, MARY: - Ghana: End of an Illusion
4450: FITZGERALD, C.P.: - China, a short cultural history
4453: FITZGERALD, FRANCES: - Fire in the Lake, the Vietnamese and the Americans in Vietnam
4452: FITZGERALD, EDWARD: - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Fourth rendering in English Verse, Illus. by Willy Pogany.
4451: FITZGERALD, C.P.: - The Birth of Communist China
4449: FITZGERALD, C.P.: - A Concise History of East Asia
4454: FITZPATRICK, J.P.: - The Transvaal from Within, a Private Record of Public Affairs
8895: O'FLAHERTY, WENDY DONIGER: - Other People's Myths, The Cave of Echoes
8894: O'FLAHERTY, MICHAEL & HEFFERNAN, LIZ: - International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: International human rights law in Ireland
4458: FLANDERS, ALLAN ed.: - Collective Bargaining, Selected readings
4457: FLANDERS, ALLAN: - Trade Unions
4456: FLANDERS, ALLAN: - The Fawley Productivity Agreements, a case study of management and collective bargaining
4455: FLANDERS, ALLAN: - Management and Unions, The theory and reform of industrial relations
4459: FLATHMMAN, RICHARD E.: - The Practice of Rights
4460: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE: - Salammbo. Trans. J.C. Chartres.
12743: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE: - La Tentation de saint Antoine. Edition augmentee d'une chronologie par Jacques Suffel.
4461: FLECKER, J.E.: - Selected Poems
4462: FLEISCHER, HELMUT: - Marxism and History. Trans. Eric Mosbacher.
4464: FLEISHER, MARK S.: - Dead End Kids, Gang girls and the boys they know
4463: FLEISHER, MARK S.: - Beggars and Thieves, Lives of Urban Street Criminals.
4465: FLEMING, C.M.: - Adolescence
4466: FLEMING, WENDELL H. chair.: - Future Directions in Control Theory, a mathematical perspective
4472: FLETCHER, RONALD: - The Family and Marriage in Britain, An Analysis and Moral Assessment.
4471: FLETCHER, RONALD: - Sociology, its Nature, Scope and Elements
4470: FLETCHER, RONALD: - Britain in the Sixties, the Family and Marriage
4469: FLETCHER, J.S.: - The Making of Modern Yorkshire 1750-1914
4467: FLETCHER, GEORGE ed.: - Ireland
4468: FLETCHER, I.M.: - David Livingstone, a short portrait of the great missionary-explorer
4475: FLINN, MICHAEL W.: - The European Demographic System 1500-1820
4474: FLINN, M.W.: - Origins of the Industrial Revolution
4477: FLINT, KATE ed.: - Victorian Love Stories, an Oxford anthology
4476: FLINT, JOHN T.: - Historical Role Analysis in the Study of Religious Change, Mass Educational Development in Norway 1740-1891
4479: FLORA, JAN L. & TORRES-RIVAS, EDELBERTO eds.: - Sociology of "Developing Societies", Central America
4478: FLORA, JAN L. & TORRES-RIVAS, EDELBERTO eds.: - Sociology of "Developing Societies", Central America
4482: FLORENCE, P. SARGANT: - The Logic of British and American Industry, A realistic analysis of economic structure and government
4481: FLORENCE, P. SARGANT: - Sociology and Sin, A plea for the exclusion of uplift from economics and the political sciences
4480: FLORENCE, P. SARGANT: - Labour
4483: FLORES, XAVIER: - Les Organisations Agricoles et le Developpement
4484: FLOREY, HOWARD ed.: - General Pathology, based on lectures delivered at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology University of Oxford
4485: FLORKIN, M. ed.: - Aspects of the Origin of Life
4487: FLUGEL, J.C.: - A Hundred Years of Psychology, 1833-1933
4491: FLUGEL, J.C.: - The Psycho-Analytic Study of the Family

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