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2202: BRETALL, ROBERT ED.: - A Kierkegaard Anthology
2204: BRETON, ANDRE: - Selected Poems. Trans. by Kenneth White.
3535: DE LA BRETONNE, RESTIF: - Monsieur Nicolas, or The Human Heart Unveiled, The intimate memoirs of.. Trans. R. Crowdy Mathers; Ed. by Havelock Ellis. 6 vols.
2205: BRETT, E.A.: - Colonialism and Underdevelopment in East Africa, the Politics of Economic Change 1919-39
2206: BRETT, E.A.: - International Money and Capitalist Crisis, the Anatomy of Global Disintegration
2207: BREUIL, HENRI & LANTIER, RAYMOND: - The Men of the Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic & Mesolithic)
2209: BREWER, ANTHONY: - Marxist Theories of Imperialism, A critical survey
2210: BREYTENBACH, W.J.: - The New Racism
8877: O'BRIAN, KATE: - English Diaries and Journals
2211: BRIARD, JACQUES: - L'Age du Bronze en Europe Barbare, des Megalithes aux Celtes
2212: BRIDGES, ROBERT: - A Tract on the Present State of English Pronunciation (Scheme for a phonetic alphabet, with examples)
2213: BRIDGES, ROBERT: - The Testament of Beauty, a Poem in Four Books
2214: BRIDGES, T.C. & TILTMAN, H. HESSELL: - Heroes of Modern Adventure
8878: O'BRIEN, DONAL B. CRUISE: - Saints and Politicans, Essays in the Organisation of a Senegalese Peasant Society
8879: O'BRIEN, RITA CRUISE: - White Society in Black Africa, the French of Senegal
2215: BRIEUX: - Three Plays by Brieux with a Preface by Bernard Shaw
2217: BRIGGS, ASA: - Victorian People, A reassessment of persons and themes 1851-67
2218: BRIGGS, CHARLES L.: - The Wood Carvers of Cordova, New Mexico, social dimensions of an artistic 'revival'
2219: BRIGGS, MARTIN S.: - The English Farmhouse
12794: BRILL, ALIDA: - Nobody's Business, The paradoxes of privacy
2221: BRINK, ANDRE: - Mapmakers, Writing in a State of Siege
2222: BRINNIN, JOHN MALCOLM: - Dylan Thomas in America
2223: BRINTNALL, DOUGLAS E.: - Revolt against the Dead, the modernization of a Mayan community in the highlands of Guatemala
2224: BRION, MARCEL: - Schumann and the Romantic Age. Trans. by Geoffrey Sainsbury.
3506: DE BRITO, ROSA MENDONCA: - Filosfia, Educacao, Sociedade e Direito na Obra de Arthur Orlando Da Silva - 1858-1916
2225: BRITTAIN, F.: - Bernard Lord Manning, A Memoir
2226: BRITTAN, ARTHUR: - Socialization: Conformity and Opposition. Social sciences: a second level course An Introduction to sociology. Block 1 Individual and culture. Study section7.
2227: BRITTAN, SAMUEL: - The Treasury under the Tories 1951-1964
2228: BRITTON, KARL: - John Stuart Mill, an introduction to the life and teaching of a great pioneer of modern social philosophy and logic
2229: BROAD, C.D.: - Leibniz, an Introduction. Edited by C. Lewy.
2230: BROAD, LEWIS: - Winston Churchill, the years of achievement
2232: BROCK, R.W. ED.: - The Simon Report on India
2233: BROCKWAY, FENNER: - African Socialism. A Background Book.
2234: BROD, MAX: - Franz Kafka, A biography
2235: BRODBECK, MAY ED.: - Readings in the Philosophy of Social Sciences
2236: BRODE, JOHN: - The Process of Modernization, an Annotated Bibliography on the Sociocultural Aspects of Development
2237: BRODER, NATHAN, AUDEN, W.H. & KALLMAN, CHESTER ETC. EDS.: - The Great Operas of Mozart, Complete librettos in the original language and English versions etc.
2238: BRODERICK, FRANCIS L.: - W.E.B. DuBois, Negro Leader in a Time of Crisis.
2240: BRODY, HUGH: - The People's Land, Eskimos and Whites in the Eastern Arctic
2241: BRODY, J.J.: - Mimbres Painted Pottery
2242: BROEHL, WAYNE G.: - The Village Entrepreneur, Change agents in India's rural development
2243: BROGAN, D.W.: - An Introduction to American Politics
2244: BROGAN, D.W.: - The American Political System
2245: BROGAN, D.W.: - The American Problem
2246: BROGAN, D.W.; VERNEY, DOUGLAS V.: - Political Patterns in Today's World
2247: BROGAN, HUGH: - Tocqueville
2248: BROGAN, PATRICK: - World Conflicts, Why and where they are happening
2249: BROGGER, JAN: - Pre-Bureaucratic Europeans, a Study of a Portuguese Fishing Community
3507: DE BROGLIE, LOUIS: - The Revolution in Physics, a non-mathematical survey of quanta
2250: BROGLIO, CARLO: - Dessins et Tableaux Anciens. Haute Curiosite. Meubles Italiens des XVIe et XVIIe Siecles. Catalogue.
2251: BROKENSHA, D. & CROWDER, M.: - Africa in the Wider World
2252: BROKENSHA, DAVID W.: - Social Change at Larteh, Ghana
2253: BROMBERGER, CHRISTIAN: - Le Match de Football, Ethnologie d'une passion partisane a Marseille, Naples et Turin
2254: BROME, VINCENT: - H.G. Wells, a biography.
2255: BROMFIELD, LOUIS: - Pleasant Valley (Ohio)
2256: BROMLEY, R.J.: - Development and Planning in Ecuador
2257: BROMLEY, Y.: - Ethnography and Ethnic Processes. Problems of the Contemporary World.
2258: BRONOWSKI, J.: - William Blake 1757-1827, a man without a mask
2259: BROOK, P.J. ED.: - Natural History of Auckland: an introduction
2260: BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER: - Europe in the Central Middle Ages 962-1154
2261: BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER: - Europe in the Central Middle Ages 962-1154
2262: BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER: - The Saxon and Norman Kings
2263: BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER: - The Twelfth Century Renaissance
2264: BROOKE, CHRISTOPHER; LUSCOMBE, DAVID; MARTIN, GEOFFREY; OWEN, DOROTHY EDS.: - Church and Government in the Middle Ages, Essays Presented to C. R. Cheney on his Seventieth Birthday.
2265: BROOKE, RUPERT: - Poems by Rupert Brooke
2266: BROOKE, Z.N.: - A History of Europe from 911 to 1198. Vol. II. of Methuen's History of Medieval and Modern Europe (in 8 vols.)
2267: BROOKES, EDGAR H.: - The City of God and the Politics of Crisis
2268: BROOKFIELD, HAROLD: - Interdependent Development
2269: BROOKFIELD, HAROLD (ED): - The Pacific in Transition, Geographical Perspectives on Adaptation and Change
2270: BROOKS, C.E.P.: - Climate through the Ages, a study of the climatic factors and their variations
2271: BROOKS, ERIC ST.JOHN: - Sir Christopher Hatton, Queen Elizabeth's Favourite
2272: BROOKS, VAN WYCK: - The Flowering of New England 1815-1865
2273: BROOM, L., DUNCAN-JONES, P. ETC.: - Investigating Social Mobility
2274: BROOM, LEONARD & JONES, F. LANCASTER: - Opportunity and Attainment in Australia
2275: BROOM, LEONARD & SELZNICK, PHILIP: - Sociology, a Text with Adapted Readings
2276: BROOM, LEONARD & SELZNICK, PHILIP: - Sociology, a Text with Adapted Readings
2277: BROOM, LEONARD, JONES, F.L., MCDONNELL, PATRICK & WILLIAMS, TREVOR: - The Inheritance of Inequality
2278: BROOM, R.: - Finding the Missing Link
2279: BROOMAN, F.S.: - Macroeconomics
2280: BROOMFIELD, GERALD WEBB: - Colour Conflict, Race Relations in Africa
2281: BROTHERS, JOAN (ED): - Readings in the Sociology of Religion
2282: BROTHERSTON, GORDON: - Image of the New World. The American Continent Portrayed in Native Texts.
2283: BROTHWELL, D.R.: - Dietary variation and the biology of earlier human populations
2284: BROWMAN, DAVID L. & SCHWARZ, RONALD A. EDS.: - Peasants, Primitives and Proletariats, the struggle for identity in South America
2285: BROWN, A.C. & CATLING, H.W.: - Ancient Cyprus
2286: BROWN, ARCHIE & GRAY, JACK EDS.: - Political Culture and Political Change in Communist States
2287: BROWN, CECIL H.: - Language and Living Things, Uniformities in Folk Classification and Naming
2288: BROWN, CECIL H.: - Lexical Acculturation in Native American Languages
2289: BROWN, D. MACKENZIE: - The White Umbrella, Indian Political Thought from Manu to Gandhi
2290: BROWN, DEE: - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, an Indian History of the American West
2291: BROWN, DEMING: - Soviet Russian Literature Since Stalin
2294: BROWN, E.H. PHELPS: - The Growth of British Industrial Relations, A study from the standpoint of 1906-14
2295: BROWN, E.H. PHELPS & WISEMAN, J.: - A Course in Applied Economics
2296: BROWN, GEOFF: - Sabotage, A study in industrial conflict
2297: BROWN, GEORGE W.: - Building the Canadian Nation
2298: BROWN, HENRY PHELPS: - The Inequality of Pay
2299: BROWN, IVOR: - First Player, the Origin of Drama
2300: BROWN, IVOR: - How Shakespeare Spent the Day
2301: BROWN, IVOR: - Shakespeare
2302: BROWN, IVOR: - Shaw, in his time
2303: BROWN, J.A.C.: - Freud and the Post-Freudians
2304: BROWN, J.A.C.: - Techniques of Persuasion, from propaganda to brainwashing
2305: BROWN, J.A.C.: - The Social Psychology of Industry
2306: BROWN, JAMES R. & LIN, SEIN EDS.: - Land Reform in Developing Countries: 1967 International Seminar on Land Taxation, Land Tenure, and Land Reform in Developing Countries
2307: BROWN, JOHN: - Original Memoirs of the Sovereigns of Sweden and Denmark, from 1766 to 1818. 2 vols.
2308: BROWN, JOHN CROMBIE: - The Ethics of George Eliot's Works
2309: BROWN, JONATHAN ETC.: - El Greco of Toledo. Exhibition at Toledo Museum of Art etc.
2310: BROWN, L.B.: - Ideology
2312: BROWN, MARTIN ED.: - The Social Responsibility of the Scientist
2313: BROWN, MICHAEL BARRATT: - Essays on Imperialism
2314: BROWN, MICHAEL BARRATT: - Information at Work
2315: BROWN, MICHAEL BARRATT: - The Economics of Imperialism
2316: BROWN, MICHAEL E. ED.: - Ethnic Conflict and International Security
2317: BROWN, NORMAN O.: - Life Against Death, The Psycho-analytical Meaning of History
2318: BROWN, P.J. ED.: - Software Portability, an advanced course
2319: BROWN, P.R.L.; WALLACE-HADRILL, J.M.; LEYSER, K.J. ETC.: - Trends in Medieval Political Thought
2321: BROWN, PAULA: - Highland Peoples of New Guinea
2322: BROWN, PAULA: - The Chimbu, a study of change in the New Guinea Highlands
2323: BROWN, PERCY: - Indian Painting. Heritage of India Series.
2324: BROWN, PETER, PATLAGEAN, EVELYNE, ROUCHE, MICHEL, THEBERT, YVON & VEYNE, PAUL: - De l'Empire Romain a l'An Mil. Tome 1 de 'Histoire de la Vie Privee'.
2325: BROWN, R.G.S.: - The Administrative Process in Britain
2326: BROWN, RICHARD H.: - A Poetic for Sociology, toward a logic of discovery for the human science
2327: BROWN, RICHARD P.C. & CONNELL, JOHN ED.: - Migration and Remittances in the South Pacific. Special Issue.
2328: BROWN, ROBERT: - Explanation in Social Science
2329: BROWN, ROBERT: - Rules and Laws in Sociology
2330: BROWN, ROGER: - Words and Things
2331: BROWN, STUART: - Hume's Essays on Miracles and Providence. Arts: A second level course The Enlightenment. Unit 28.
2332: BROWN, STUART: - Work, Morality and Human Nature. An Arts Foundation Course Units 28-29.
2333: BROWN, WILFRED: - The Earnings Conflict, Proposals for tackling the emerging crisis of industrial relations, unemployment, and wage inflation
2334: BROWN, WILLIAM: - Piecework Bargaining
2292: BROWN, E.H. PHELPS: - The Economics of Labor
2293: BROWN, E.H. PHELPS: - The Economics of Labor
2335: BROWNE, E. MARTIN: - Two in One
2336: BROWNE, G. ST.J. ORDE: - Labour Conditions in Northern Rhodesia
2337: BROWNE, HARRY: - World History 1750-1900
2338: BROWNE, HARRY: - World History 2 1900-1975
2339: BROWNE, THOMAS (SIR): - Religio Medici. New edn. with biographical and critical introduction by Jean-Jacques Denonain.
2340: BROWNING, ROBERT: - The Poetical Works of Robert Browning, ed. Augustine Birrell. 2 vols.
2341: BROWNING, ROBERT.: - The Poems of Robert Browning, 1844-1864 Vol. 2.
2342: BROWNMILLER, SUSAN: - Feminity
2343: BROX, OTTAR: - 'Jeg er ikke rasist, men..', Hvordan far vi vare meniger om innvandrere og innvandring?
2345: BRUCE-MITFORD, R.L.S.: - The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, a Handbook
2346: BRUCE-MITFORD, R.L.S.: - The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, a Handbook
2347: BRUGGENCATE, K. TEN & BROERS, A.: - Engels Woordenboek. 2 vols.
11722: VAN BRUINESSEN, M.M.: - Agha, Scheich und Staat, Politik und Gesellschaft Kurdistans
2348: BRUMLEY, JOHN H.: - Ramillies: A Late Prehistoric Bison Kill and Campsite Located in Southeastern Alberta, Canada
2349: BRUMLEY, JOHN H.: - The Cactus Flower Site in Southeastern Alberta: 1972-1974 excavations
2350: BRUNA, GIULIA BOGLIOLO ED.: - Alla Ricerca dells Quadratura del Circolo Polare: Testimonianze e studi in onore di Jean Malurie. Special number.
2351: BRUNHES, JEAN: - Human Geography. abridged edn.
2352: BRUNHOUSE, ROBERT L.: - In Search of the Maya, The first archaeologists
2353: BRUNVAND, JAN HAROLD: - The Vanishing Hitchhiker, Urban legends and their meanings
2354: BRUTENTS, K.N.: - National Liberation Revolutions Today. 2 vols.
2355: BRYAN, EDWIN H.: - American Polynesia and the Hawaiian Chain
2356: BRYAN, RETZEK & MCCANN - JENKS & WILFORD: - Discovery of Sauk Valley Man of Minnesota, with an account of the geology & The Sauk Valley Skeleton.
2357: BRYANT, ARTHUR: - English Saga (1840-1940)
2358: BRYANT, ARTHUR: - Samuel Pepys, The man in the making
2359: BRYANT, ARTHUR: - Samuel Pepys, The Saviour of the Navy
2360: BRYANT, ARTHUR: - The Age of Chivalry, The story of England
2361: BRYANT, ARTHUR: - The Medieval Foundation
2363: BRYANT, ARTHUR: - Years of Victory, 1802-1812
2364: BRYANT, ESTRELLA S. ED.: - Bibliography of Asian Studies, 1981
2365: BRYCE, JAMES: - South America, Observations and impressions
2366: BRYCE, JAMES: - Studies in Contemporary Biography
2367: BRYDON, LYNNE & CHANT, SYLVIA: - Women in the Third World, Gender issues in rural and urban areas
2368: BRZEZINSKI, JERZY (ED): - Consciousness: Methodological and Psychological Approaches
2369: BRZEZINSKI, JERZY; NOWAK, LESZEK (EDS): - Idealization lll: Approximation and Truth
2370: BUCHAN, ALASTAIR: - War in Modern Society
2371: BUCHAN, JOHN: - Sir Walter Scott
2372: BUCHANAN, JAMES M. & CONGLETON, ROGER D.: - Politics by Principle, not Interest, Towards nondiscriminatoty democracy
2373: BUCHANAN, R.A.: - Industrial Archaeology in Britain
2374: BUCHANAN-GOULD, VERA: - Not Without Honour, the life and writings of Olive Schreiner
2375: BUCHER, BERNADETTE: - Descendants de Chouans, Histoire et culture populaire dans la Vendee contemporaine
2376: BUCHEREI, FISCHER: - Anthropologie
2377: BUCHSBAUM, RALPH: - Animals Without Backbones, an introduction to the invertebrates
2378: BUCK, PERCY C.: - Psychology for Musicians
2379: BUCKLAND, A.R. (REV): - The Universal Bible Dictionary
2380: BUCKLEY, R.W.: - Living German
2381: BUCKLEY, THOMAS: - Standing Ground, Yurok Indian spirituality, 1850-1990
2382: BUCKLEY, WALTER: - Sociology and Modern Systems Theory
2383: BUDD, SUSAN: - Sociologists and Religion
2384: BUDDE, LUDWIG & NICHOLLS, RICHARD: - A Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Sculpture in the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge
2385: BUDGE, E.A. WALLIS: - The Dwellers on the Nile, Chapters on the life, history, religion and literature of the ancient Egyptians
2386: BUENO CASTELLANOS, CARMEN: - Flor de Andamio. Los Oficions de la Construccion de Vivienda en la Ciudad de Mexico.
2387: BUETTNER-JANUSCH, JOHN: - Origins of Man, Physical Anthropology
2390: BUJRA, JANET; THOMAS, ALAN; KILOH, MARGARET; FIGUEROA, JOHN J.: - The Making of the Third World. Block Two Parts A-C.
2391: BUKHARIN, NIKOLAI: - Imperialism and World Economy (Introduction by V.I. Lenin).
2392: BULFIELD, ANTHONY: - The Icknield Way, a journey through the history and the country of England from Hunstanton to Marlborough
2393: BULL, GEORGE ED.: - The Pilgrim, The journeys of Pietro Della Valle
2395: BULLETT, GERALD: - News from the Village
2396: BULLETT, GERALD ED.: - Silver Poets of the 16th Century
2397: BULLIVANT, BRIAN: - The Pluralist Dilemma in Education, six case studies
2398: BULLIVANT, BRIAN M.: - Pluralism: Cultural Maintenance and Evolution
2400: BULLOCK, CHARLES: - The Mashona and the Matabele
12698: BULMER, MARTIN & SOLOMOS, JOHN EDS.: - Ethnic and Racial Studies Today
2403: BUNCE, VALERIE: - Subversive Institutions, The design and the destruction of socialism and the state
2404: BUNCE, WILLIAM K.: - Religions in Japan, Buddhism, Shinto, Christianity
2406: BUNTING, BRIAN: - The Rise of the South African Reich
2407: BUNYAN, JOHN: - A True Relation of the Holy War & Life of Bunyan by Rev William Brock. illus. by H.C. Selous & D.H. Friston
2408: BUNYAN, JOHN: - The Pilgrim's Progress. illus. by Cruikshank
2409: BUQUET, LEON: - Demographie
2410: BURAWOY, MICHAEL: - Constraint and Manipulation in Industrial Conflict, a comparison of strikes among Zambian workers in a clothing factory and the mining industry
2411: BURAWOY, MICHAEL: - The Colour of Class on the Copper Mines, from African advancement to Zambianization
2413: BURBACH, ROGER; FLYNN, PATRICIA: - Agribusiness in the Americas
2414: BURCH, BETTY B. & COLE, ALLAN B.: - Asian Political Systems, Readings on China, Japan, India, Pakistan
2416: BURCKHARDT, JACOB: - The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
2417: BURGEL, GUY: - Pobia, Etude Geographique d'un Village Cretois
2418: BURGESS, ANNE & DEAN, R.F.A. EDS.: - Malnutrition and Food Habits, report of an international and interprofessional conference
2420: BURGESS, ROBERT G. (ED): - Educational Research and Evaluation for Policy and Practice
2421: BURGESS, TYRRELL: - A Guide to English Schools
2422: BURGESS, TYRRELL; CALVOCERESSI, PETER ETC.: - Matters of Principle, Labour's Last Chance
2423: BURGOS, HUGO: - Relaciones Interetnicas en Riobamba
2424: BURKART, A.J. & MEDLIK, S.: - Tourism, Past, present and future
2425: BURKE, EDMUND: - Reflections on the Revolution in France and on the Proceedings in Certain Societies in London Relative to that Event (Originally pub. 1790).Ed. by Conor Cruise O'Brien.
2426: BURKE, JOHN P.; CROCKER, LAWRENCE; LEGTERS, LYMAN EDS.: - Marxism and the Good Society
2429: BURKE, PETER ED.: - New Perspectives on Historical Writing
2430: BURKE, THOMAS: - English Inns
2431: BURKE, THOMAS: - English Night-Life, from Norman curfew to present black-outs
2432: BURKE, THOMAS: - Son of London
2433: BURKE, THOMAS: - The English Inn
2434: BURKHOLDER, MARK A. & CHANDLER, D.S.: - De la impotencia a la autoridad, La Corona espanola y las Audiencias en America 1687-1808
2436: BURKITT, M.C.: - Our Early Ancestors, an Introductory Study of Mesolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age Cultures in Europe and Adjacent Regions
2437: BURKITT, M.C.: - Our Forerunners, a Study of Palaeolithic Man's Civilisations in Western Europe and the Mediterranean Basin
2438: BURKITT, M.C.: - The Old Stone Age, a Study of Palaeolithic Times
2439: BURLEY, DAVID ED.: - Contributions to Plains Prehistory
2440: BURLEY, T.M.: - The Philippines, An economic and social geography
2442: BURLING, ROBBINS: - Rengsanggri, family and kinship in a Garo village
2443: BURLING, ROBBINS: - The Passage of Power, Studies in political succession
12675: BURMAN, S.B.: - Chiefdom Politics and Alien Law, Basutoland under Cape rule 1871-1884
2445: BURNABY, FRED: - A Ride to Khiva, travels and adventures in Central Asia. Intro. by Eric Newby.
2446: BURNABY, J.: - Education, Religion, Learning and Research. Inaugural Lecture.
2444: BURNABY, FRED: - A Ride to Khiva, travels and adventures in Central Asia
2447: BURNAND, GORDON: - Focal Problems, theory and support in stories and myths
2448: BURNETT, D. GRAHAM: - Masters of All They Surveyed, Exploration, geography, and a British El Dorado
2449: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON: - Little Lord Fauntleroy
2450: BURNETT, JOHN ED.: - Destiny Obscure, autobiographies of childhood, education and family from the 1820s to the 1920s
2451: BURNEY, CHRISTOPHER: - Solitary Confinement (autobiographical memoirs of eighteen months solitary confinement in Buchenwald 1942
2452: BURNEY, ELIZABETH: - J.P. Magistrate, Court and Community.
2455: BURNS, ALAN: - Colour Prejudice, with Particular Reference to the Relationship Between Whites and Negroes
2456: BURNS, ALAN: - Fiji
2457: BURNS, C. DELISLE: - The First Europe, a Study of the Establishment of Medieval Christendom AD. 400-800.
2458: BURNS, EMILE ED.: - A Handbook of Marxism
2459: BURNS, ROBERT: - The Poetical Works of Robert Burns (ed. by Charles Kent).
2460: BURNS, TOM ED.: - Industrial Man, selected readings
2461: BURNS, TOM R., KARLSSON, LARS ERIK & RUS, VELIJKO EDS.: - Work and Power, The liberation of work and the control of power
2462: BURNSHAW, STANLEY: - The Seamless Web, Language-thinking. Creature-knowledge. Art-experience.
2463: BURR, ANGELA: - I Am Not My Body, A study of the International Hare Krishna Sect
2464: BURRIDGE, K.O.L.: - Mambu, A study of Melanesian cargo movements and their ideological background
2465: BURRIDGE, K.O.L.: - Mambu. A Melanesian Millennium.
2466: BURRIDGE, KENELM: - New Heaven, New Earth, a Study of Millenarian Activities
2467: BURRIDGE, KENELM: - New Heaven, New Earth, a Study of Millenarian Activities
2470: BURROW, J.W.: - Evolution and Society, A study in Victorian social theory
2472: BURROWS, RONALD M.: - The Discoveries in Crete and Their Bearing on the History of Ancient Civilisation
2473: BURSTEIN, SONA ROSA: - Cassandra in Motley and Other Poems
2474: BURT, CYRIL: - A Psychological Study of Typography (introduction by Stanley Morison)
2475: BURT, CYRIL: - The Young Delinquent
2476: BURTON, DOLORES INTRO.: - Language and learning: investigations and interpretations
2477: BURTON, HUMPHREY: - Leonard Bernstein
2478: BURTON, RICHARD: - The Book of the Thousand and one Nights. ed. P.H. Newby.
2479: BURTON, RICHARD: - The Kasidah of Haji Abdu el Yezdi, a lay of the higher law
2480: BURTT, EDWIN A. ED.: - The English Philosophers from Bacon to Mill
2482: BURUMA, IAN: - Wages of Guilt, Memories of war in Germany and Japan
2484: BURY, J.P.T. ED.: - The New Cambridge Modern History, X. The Zenith of European Power, 1830-70.
2485: BURY, M.E. PICKLES, J.D. EDS.: - Romilly's Cambridge Diary 1842-1847. Selected passages from the diary of the Rev. Joseph Romilly fellow of Trinity College and Registrary of the University of Cambridge.
2486: BUSH, MARTIN H.: - Doris Caesar
2487: BUSHNELL, G.H.S.: - Il Peru Precolombiano (Trad. di Berto Renna).
2488: BUSHNELL, G.H.S.: - Os Primeiros Americanos
2492: BUSHNELL, G.H.S.: - Peru (Oversat af Jens Yde).
2493: BUSHNELL, G.H.S.: - Peru (Till Svenska av Stig Ryden). Natur och Kultur
2494: BUSHNELL, G.H.S.: - The First Americans (Japanese edition)
2489: BUSHNELL, G.H.S.: - Peru
2490: BUSHNELL, G.H.S.: - Peru
2491: BUSHNELL, G.H.S.: - Peru
2495: BUSIA, K.A.: - Purposeful Education for Africa
2496: BUSIA, K.A.: - Report on a Social Survey of Sekondi-Takoradi
2497: BUSIA, K.A.: - Report on a Social Survey of Sekondi-Takoradi
2498: BUSIA, K.A.: - The Challenge of Africa
2499: BUSK, DOUGLAS: - The Fountain of the Sun, unfinished journeys in Ethiopia and the Ruwensori
2500: BUTCHER, H.J.: - Human Intelligence, its nature and assessment
2501: BUTCHER, MAGGIE ED.: - Tibisiri, Caribbean writers and critics
2502: BUTCHER, S.H ED. & TRANS.: - Aristotle's Theory of Poetry and Fine Art, with a critical text and translation of The Poetics
2503: BUTLER, ALAN: - The Bronze Age Computer Disc
2504: BUTLER, D.E.: - The Study of Political Behaviour
2505: BUTLER, DAVID & STOKES, DONALD: - Political Change in Britain, Forces shaping electoral choice
2506: BUTLER, DAVID & STOKES, DONALD: - Political Change in Britain, forces shaping electoral choice
2507: BUTLER, JOSEPH: - The Analogy of Religion, natural and revealed, to the constitution and course of nature
2509: BUTLER, SAMUEL: - The Fair Haven
2510: BUTLER, SAMUEL: - The Way of All Flesh
2511: BUTLER, SUSAN ED.: - The Macquarie Dictionary of New Words
2512: BUTTERFIELD, FOX: - China, Alive in the Bitter Sea
2513: BUTTERFIELD, H.: - Christianity and History
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3140: COONTZ, STEPHANIE & HENDERSON, PETA EDS.: - Women's Work, Men's Property, The origins of gender and class
3141: COOPER, DAVID (ED): - The Dialectics of Liberation
3142: COOPER, DUFF: - Talleyrand
3144: COOPER, EUGENE: - The Wood-Carvers of Hong Kong, craft production in the world capitalist periphery
3145: COOPER, GORDON: - Festivals of Europe
3146: COOPER, JILLY: - Class, a view from middle England
3148: COPEMAN, G.H.: - Leaders of British Industry, A study of the careers of more than a thousand public company directors
3149: COPEMAN, GEORGE: - Promotion and Pay for Executives
3150: COPLESTON, FREDERICK: - A History of Philosophy. Volume I - Greece and Rome.
3151: COPLEY, GORDON ED.: - Camden's Britannia, Kent
3152: COPPENS, YVES: - Le Singe, l'Afrique et l'Homme
3153: COPPOCK, J.T.: - An Agricultural Atlas of England and Wales
3154: CORBETT, DAVID C.: - Canada's Immigration Policy, A critique
3155: CORBIN, ALAIN: - Le Miasme et la Jonquille, L'odorat et l'imaginaire social 18-19 siecles
3156: CORBRIDGE, STUART: - Capitalist World Development, a Critique of Radical Development Geography
3157: CORCORAN, PAUL E.: - Political Language and Rhetoric
3159: CORDOVA, ARMANDO; MICHELENA, HECTOR SILVA: - Die Wirtschaftliche Struktur Lateinamerikas. Drei Studien zur Politischen Okonomie der Unterentwicklung.
3160: CORDOVA, ARNALDO: - La Politoca de Masas del Cardenismo
3161: CORKE, HELEN: - In Our Infancy, an Autobiography 1882-1912
3162: CORLETT, P.N. & TINSLEY, J.D.: - Practical Programming
3163: CORMACK, MALCOLM: - J.M.W. Turner, R.A. 1775-1851, a Catalogue of Drawings and Watercolours in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
3164: CORNEILLE, JOHN (MAJOR): - Journal of my Service in India. Edited with intro. by Michael Edwardes, illus. by B.S. Biro.
3166: CORNISH, ANDREW: - Whose Place is This? Malay rubber producers and Thai Government officials in Yala
3167: CORNISH, W.R.: - The Jury
3168: CORNU, ROGER & LAGNEAU, JANINA EDS.: - Hierarchies et Classes Sociales
3169: CORRIGAN, PAUL: - Schooling the Smash Street Kids
3170: CORRIGAN, PHILIP ED.: - Capitalism, State Formation and Marxist Theory
3171: CORSE, SARAH M.: - Nationalism and Literature, The Politics of Culture in Canada and the United States.
3172: CORTES, FERNANDO: - La Distribucion del Ingreso en Mexico en Epocas de Estabilizacion y Reforma Economica
3173: CORY, DONALD WEBSTER: - The Homosexual Outlook, a subjective approach
3175: COSER, LEWIS A.: - Continuities in the Study of Social Conflict
3176: COSER, LEWIS A.: - Men of Ideas, a sociologist's view
3178: COSER, LEWIS A.: - The Functions of Social Conflict
3179: COSER, LEWIS A. (ED): - Political Sociology, Selected Essays
3174: COSER, L.A. & ROSENBERG, B. EDS.: - Sociological Theory: a book of readings
3180: COSTIN, W.C. & WATSON, J. STEVEN: - The Law and Working of the Constitution, documents 1660-1914. 2 vols.
3181: COTGROVE, STEPHEN & BOX, STEVEN: - Science, Industry and Society, Studies in the sociology of science
3182: COTTERILL, H.B.: - Ancient Greece, a sketch of its art, literature and philosophy viewed in connexion with its external history from earliest times to the age of Alexander the Great
3510: DE COTTIN, MADAME: - Elizabeth or the Exiles of Siberia, a tale. trans. from French by Mrs Meeke.
3183: COTTON, HARRY: - Principles of Electricity
3184: COTTON, WILLIAM R. & PIELKE, ROGER A.: - Human Impacts on Weather and Climate
3185: COTTRELL, LEONARD: - Lost Cities
3186: COTTRELL, LEONARD: - Seeing Roman Britain
3187: COTTRELL, LEONARD: - The Bull of Minos
3188: COTTRELL, LEONARD: - The Bull of Minos, the Story of the Great Archaeological Discoveries in Crete and Greece
3189: COTTRELL, LEONARD: - The Lost Pharaohs, the Romance of Egyptian Archaeology
3511: DE COULANGES, FUSTEL: - La Cite Antique
3512: DE COULANGES, NUMA DENIS FUSTEL: - The Ancient City, A Study of the Religious & Civil Institutions of Ancient Greece & Rome
3190: COULSON, ANDREW (ED): - African Socialism in Practice, the Tanzanian Experience
3191: COULSON, MARGARET A. & RIDDELL, DAVID S.: - Approaching Sociology, a Critical Introduction
3193: COULTER, JIM, MILLER, SUSAN & WALKER, MARTIN: - State of Siege, Politics and Policing of the Coalfields: Miners' Strike 1984
3194: COULTON, G.C.: - Fourscore Years, an autobiography
3195: COULTON, G.C.: - Social Life in Britain from the Conquest to the Reformation
3196: COULTON, G.G.: - Art and the Reformation
3197: COUPLAND, REGINALD: - Livingstone's Last Journey
3198: COURTHION, PIERRE: - L'Impressionnisme, Grands peintres et sculpteurs
3199: COUSINS, GEORGE ED.: - Gleanings from many Fields
3200: COVARRUBIAS, MIGUEL: - Mexico South, The Isthmus of Tehuantepec
3201: COVE, D.J.: - Genetics
3202: COWAN, L. GRAY; O'CONNELL, JAMES & SCANLON, DAVID G. EDS.: - Education and Nation-Building in Africa
3203: COWAN, S.T. & ROWATT, E. EDS.: - The Strategy of Chemotherapy. 8th Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology.
3204: COWAN, WILLIAM ED.: - Papers of the seventh Algonquian Conference 1975
3205: COWARD, ROSALIND: - Female Desire, Women's sexality today
3206: COWELL, F.R.: - Cicero and the Roman Republic
3207: COWELL, SARAH ED.: - Who's Who in the Environment, England
3208: COWLEY, A.E.: - The Hittites. The Schweich Lectures for 1918
3209: COWLISHAW, GILLIAN: - Black, White or Brindle, Race in rural Australia
3210: COX, H.B.: - Census of the Southern Provinces. Vol. III Census of Nigeria, 1931
3211: COX, HARVEY & MORGAN, DAVID: - City Politics and the Press, Journalists and the Governing of Merseyside
3212: COX, J. CHARLES: - The Sanctuaties and Sanctuary Seekers of Mediaeval England
3213: COX, PAUL & BEIER, ULLI: - Home of Man; The People of New Guinea
3214: COX, PETER R.: - Demography
3215: COX, PETER R.: - Demography
3216: COX, R. HIPPISLEY: - The Green Roads of England
3217: COX, TRENCHARD: - A General Guide to the Wallace Collection
3218: COXON, A.P.M. & JONES, C.L. EDS.: - Social Mobility, selected readings
3219: COY, HAROLD: - Chicano Roots go Deep
3220: CRABBE: - The Life of George Crabbe, by his son. intro. Edmund Blunden.
3221: CRAIG, GORDON A.: - The Politics of the Prussian Army 1640-1945
3222: CRAIK, GEORGE: - English Cause Celebres, or reports of remarkable trials
3223: CRAIN, ROBERT L.: - The Politics of School Desegregation
3224: CRAMB, J.A.: - Germany and England
11852: VON CRANACH, MARIO (ED): - Methods of Inference from Animal to Human Behaviour
3225: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD: - The New Cold War, Moscow v Peking.
3226: CRANKSHAW, EDWARD: - The Shadow of the Winter Palace, The drift to revolution 1825-1917
3228: CRAPANZANO, VINCENT: - Waiting, The Whites of South Africa
3229: CRASKE, NIKKI & MOLYNEUX, MAXINE EDS.: - Gender and the Politics of Rights and Democracy in Latin America
3230: CRAVEN, JOHN P. ED.: - Hero as Statesman, Political leadership in military defense
3231: CRAWFORD, D.: - Thinking Black, 22 years without a break in the long grass of Central Africa
3232: CRAWFORD, ELISABETH & PERRY, NORMAN EDS.: - Demands for Social Knowledge, The role of research organisations
3233: CRAWFORD, L.V. & STOKER, M.G.P. EDS.: - The Molecular Biology of Viruses. 18th Symposium of the Society for General Microbiology.
3234: CRAWFORD, MICHAEL & WHITEHEAD, DAVID: - Archaic and Classical Greece, a Selection of Ancient Sources in Translation
3235: CRAWFORD, MICHAEL H.: - The Origins of Native Americans, Evidence from anthropological genetics
3236: CRAWFORD, O.G.S. ED.: - Special Evolution number of 'Antiquity', a quarterly review of Archaeology
3237: CRAWLEY, C.W. ED.: - The New Cambridge Modern History, IX. War and Peace in an Age of Upheaval 1793-1830.
3238: CRAWLEY, ERNEST: - Dress, Drinks, and Drums. Further Studies of Savages and Sex. Edited by Theodore Besterman.
3239: CRAWLEY, ERNEST: - The Mystic Rose, a study of primitive marriage
3240: CRAWLEY, ERNEST: - The Mystic Rose, a study of primitive marriage and of primitive thought in its bearing on marriage. revised & enlarged, T. Besterman.
3241: CRAWSHAY-WILLIAMS, RUPERT: - Methods and Criteria of Reasoning. An inquiry into the structure of controversy.
3243: CREEL, HERRLEE GLESSNER: - The Birth of China, A survey of the formative period of Chinese civilization
3244: CREHAN, KATE: - The Fractured Community, Landscapes of Power and Gender in Rural Zambia
3245: CREIGHTON, M.: - Carlisle
3246: CREMONA, J.J.: - Selected Papers, 1946-1989
3248: CRESSON, ANDRE: - Auguste Comte, Sa Vie, Son Oeuvre. Avec un Expose de sa Philosophie.
3514: DE CREVECOEUR, HECTOR ST. JOHN: - Letters from an American Farmer, intro. by Warren Barton Blake.
3250: CREW, F.A.E.: - Heredity
3252: CREWE, IVOR (ED): - British Political Sociology Yearbook, vol 2 The Politics of Race.
3253: CRICHTON-MILLER, H.: - Pyscho-Analysis and its Derivatives
3254: CRICK, BERNARD: - In Defence of Politics
3255: CRICK, BERNARD ED.: - Essays on Reform 1967. A centenary tribute.
3257: CRIPPS, T.F. & TARLING, R.J.: - Growth in Advanced Capitalist Economies 1950-1970
3258: CRITCHFIELD, RICHARD: - The Indian Reporter's Guide, How to Report and Write News Stories
3259: CROCE, BENEDETTO: - History as the Story of Liberty
3260: CROCE, BENEDETTO: - Politics and Morals
3261: CROCKER, WALTER RUSSELL: - On Governing Colonies
3262: CROCKETT, ANDREW: - International Money, Issues and Analysis
3264: CROISSANT, DORIS: - Japanische Landschaftsmalerei, bildrollen des 17 bis 19. jahrhunderts aus dem Lindenmuseum, Stuttgart.
3265: CROLL, ELISABETH: - The Family Rice Bowl: Food and the Domestic Economy in China
3266: CROMBIE, A.C.: - Augustine to Galileo. 1. Science in the Middle Ages 5th - 13th Century.
3267: CROMEK, R.H.: - Remains of Nithsdale and Galloway Song: with historical and traditional notices relative to the manners and customs of the peasantry
3268: CROMPTON, ROSEMARY & GUBBAY, JON: - Economy and Class Structure
3269: CROMPTON, ROSEMARY & JONES, GARETH: - White-Collar Proletariat, Deskilling and gender in clerical work
3270: CROMWELL, JASON: - Transmen and FTMs, Identities, bodies, genders and sexualities
3272: CRONON, EDMUND DAVID: - Black Moses, the story of Marcus Gaarvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association
3273: CROOME, HONOR: - Introduction to Money
3274: CROOME, HONOR: - The Approach to Economics
3275: CROSBY, ALFRED W.: - Throwing Fire: Projectile Technology through History
3276: CROSLAND, MARGARET: - Jean Cocteau

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