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11071: STOBART, TOM: - Adventurer's Eye, the autobiography of Everest film-man
11070: STOBART, J.C.: - The Grandeur that was Rome
11069: STOBART, J.C.: - The Glory that was Greece, A survey of Hellenic culture and civilisation. Revised by F.N. Pryce.
11072: STOBER, GEORG: - Die Sayad Fischer in Sistan (Sistan Projekt III)
11073: STOCKDALE, F.M. & DREYER, M.R.: - The Opera Guide
11075: STOCKLEY, G.M.: - Report on the Geology of Basutoland
11076: STODDARD, JOHN L.: - Portfolio of Photographs of Famous Scenes, Cities and Paintings
11077: STOETZEL, JEAN: - Without the Chrysanthemum and the Sword, a study of the attitudes of youth in post-war Japan
11078: STOHR, WALDEMAR; ZOETMULDER, PIET: - Die Religionen Indonesiens
9276: PHELPS-STOKES: - Reports on Education in Africa
11080: STOKES, H.G.: - English Place-Names
11082: STOKKE, OLAV Ed.: - Reporting Africa, in African and International Mass Media
11081: STOKKE, OLAV & WIDSTRAND, CARL eds.: - Southern Africa 2. Papers and Documents. The UN-OAU Conference, Oslo April 1973
11083: STOLCKE, VERENA ed.: - Pueblos Cazadores y Recolectoras: Mitos de Origen de Occidente? 2 vols. Multi-lingual texts.
11084: STOLL, OTTO: - Ethnografia de Guatemala
11085: STOLLER, PAUL: - Jaguar, a story of Africans in America
11086: STOLTZFUS, BEN F.: - Alain Robbe-Grillet and the new French Novel
11087: STONE, LAWRENCE: - Social Change and Revolution in England 1540-1640
12725: STONE, JOHN: - Racial Conflict in Contemporary Society
11088: STONE, MAUREEN: - The Education of the Black Child in Britain, The myth of multiracial education
11091: STONEHAM, C.T.: - Out of Barbarism
11092: STONEMAN, COLIN (Ed): - Zimbabwe's Inheritance
11093: STONES, E.: - Readings in Educational Psychology, learning and teaching
11094: STONIER, ALFRED W.; HAGUE, DOUGLAS C.: - A Textbook of Economic Theory
11096: STOPES-ROE, MARY & COCHRANE, RAYMOND: - Citizens of this Country: The Asian-British
11095: STOPES, MARIE: - Married Love, a new contribution to the solution of sex difficulties
11097: STORER, NORMAN W.: - The Social System of Science
12736: STORR, ANTHONY: - Jung
11098: STORR, ANTHONY: - Sexual Deviation
11099: STORRY, RICHARD: - Japan
11100: STORY, SYDNEY A.: - Caste: a Story of Republican Equality
11101: STOUFFER, SAMUEL A.: - Communism, Conformity, and Civil Liberties, A cross-section of the nation speaks its mind
11102: STOUT, G.F.: - A Manual of Psychology
11104: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER: - Uncle Tom's Cabin; or Life Among the Lowly
11103: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER: - Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands
11107: STRACHEY, LYTTON: - Queen Victoria
11106: STRACHEY, JOHN: - A Programme for Progress
11105: STRACHEY, (LADY) ed.: - Memoirs of a Highland Lady, the autobiography of Elizabeth Grant of Rothiemirchus afterwards Mrs Smith of Baltiboys, 1797-1830
11108: STRAKA, GERALD M.: - The Revolution of 1688, Whig triumph or palace revolution?
11110: STRANGE, JOHN: - Reports of Adjudged Cases in the Courts of Chancery, King's Bench, Common Pleas & Exchequer. in 2 vols, vol 2 only
11109: STRANGE, IAN: - The Bird Man
11119: STRATHERN, PAUL: - Wittgenstein (1889-1951), in 90 minutes
11118: STRATHERN, PAUL: - Plato (428-348 BC), in 90 minutes
11117: STRATHERN, PAUL: - Nietzsche (1844-1900), in 90 minutes
11115: STRATHERN, PAUL: - Kant (1724-1804), in 90 minutes
11116: STRATHERN, PAUL: - Locke (1632-1704), in 90 minutes
11114: STRATHERN, PAUL: - Hume (1711-76), in 90 minutes
11113: STRATHERN, PAUL: - Descartes (1596-1650), in 90 minutes
11112: STRATHERN, PAUL: - Aristotle (384-322 BC), in 90 minutes
11123: STRAUSS, E.: - The Ruling Servants, Bureaucracy in Russia, France - and Britain?
11121: STRAUSS, ANSELM L. ed.: - The American City, a Sourcebook of Urban Imagery
11125: STRECKER, IVO: - The Social Practice of Symbolization. An Anthropological Analysis.
12663: STREET, HARRY: - Freedom, the Individual and the Law
11127: STREET, HARRY: - The Law of Torts
11129: STREETEN, PAUL PATRICK: - Thinking about Development
11128: STREETEN, PAUL: - The Frontiers of Development Studies
11130: STREETER, BURNETT HILLMAN: - The Primitive Church, Studied with Special Reference to the Origins of the Christian Ministry
11132: STREN, RICHARD E.: - Urban Inequality and Housing Policy in Tanzania, the problem of squatting
11134: STRICKLAND, GEOFFREY: - Stendhal, the Education of a Novelist
11135: STRICKLAND, S.S. & SHETTY, P.S. eds.: - Human Biology and Social Inequality. Society for the Study of Human Biology, Symposium 39
11133: STRICKLAND, DIANA: - Love through the Ages
11136: STRINBERG, AUGUST: - Miss Julie
11137: STROM, GABRIELE WINAI: - Development and Dependence in Lesotho the Enclave of South Africa
11138: STRONG, ARTHUR (MRS).: - Apotheosis and After Life, Three Lectures on Certain Phases of Art and Religion in the Roman Empire
11139: STRONG, C.F.: - Modern Political Constitutions, an Introduction to the Comparative Study of Their History and Existing Form
11140: STRUEVER, STUART ed.: - Prehistoric Agriculture
11141: STRUVE, OTTO: - Stellar Evolution, an exploration from the observatory
11143: STUART, DONALD: - Yandy
11144: STUBBS, WILLIAM: - Select Charters and Other Illustrations of English Constitutional History from the Earliest Times to the Reign of Edward the First
11145: STUCHLIK, MILAN ed.: - Goals and Behaviour
11147: STUERS, CORA VREEDE-DE: - Girl Students in Jaipur, a study in attitudes towards family life, marriage, and career
11148: STURLASON, SNORRE: - Heimskringla: The Olaf Sagas. trans. Samuel Laing.
11149: STURROCK, JOHN ed.: - Structuralism and Since, From Levi Strauss to Derrida
11150: STURT, GEORGE: - A Small Boy in the Sixties (with an introduction by Arnold Bennett)
11151: STURTEVANT, EDGAR H.: - An Introduction to Linguistic Science
11153: SUBBARAO, B.: - The Personality of India. Foreward by Sir Mortimer Wheeler.
11154: SUCHY, JAROSLAV: - Vyojova Antropologie Obyvatelstva CSR [Developmental Anthropology of the Population in the Czech Socialist Republic]
11155: SUCKLING, JOHN & WHITE, LANDEG eds.: - After Apartheid, Renewal of the South African economy
11156: SUDARKASA, NIARA: - Where Women Work: A Study of Yoruba Women in the Marketplace and in the Home
11157: SUHRBIER, MONA & RAABE, EVA eds.: - Menschen und ihre Gegenstande, Amazonien - Ozeanien
11158: SULLEROT, EVELYNE: - Histoire et Mythologie de l'Amour, Huit Siecles de'Ecrits Feminins
11159: SULLIVAN, J.W.N.: - The Bases of Modern Science
11160: SULZMANN, ERIKA: - Quellen zur Geschichte und Sozialstruktur der Mbole und Imoma (Ethnie Mongo, Zaire)
11161: SUMATHIPALA, K.H.M.: - History of Education in Ceylon, 1796-1965, with special reference to the contribution made by C.W.W. Kannangara to the educational development of Ceylon.
11166: SUMMERS, ROGER ed.: - Prehistoric Rock Art of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Paintings and descriptions by E. Goodall, C.K. Cooke & J.D. Clark.
11165: SUMMERS, MONTAGUE: - The History of Witchcraft and Demonology
11164: SUMMERS, LAURA & WILDER, WILLIAM D. eds.: - Gender and the Sexes in the Indonesian Archipelago
11163: SUMMERS, GENE F. ed.: - Deindustrialization: Restructuring the Economy
11162: SUMMERS, GENE etc.: - Agriculture and Beyond, Rural Economic Development
11168: SUMMERSON, JOHN: - The Microcosm of London
11167: SUMMERSON, JOHN: - Georgian London
11169: SUMNER, W.G.: - Folkways and Mores. Selected and edited by Edward Sagarin.
11171: SUNDKLER, B.G.M.: - Bantu Prophets in South Africa
11170: SUNDKLER, B.G.M.: - Bantu Prophets in South Africa
11172: SUNDMAN, KERSTIN: - Between the Home and the Institutions: The feminist movement in Madrid, Spain
11173: SUNDWALL, JOHANNES: - Der Urspring der Kretischen Schrift
11175: SUPER, JOHN C.: - La Vida en Queretara durante la Colonia 1531-1810
11174: SUPER, DONALD E. & CRITES, JOHN O.: - Appraising Vocational Fitness, by means of psychological tests
11176: SUQUILANDA, M.: - Chiri Llactacunapi Naupapish Cunan Pachapish Tarpuicunamanta, Tradicion y Actualidad en el Agro Serrano
3571: DE SURGY, ALBERT: - Les Pecheurs Maritimes Tome 1. 3 fascicule.
11177: SURI, MANIL: - The Death of Vishnu
11178: SURLINI, DINO: - La Misura della Verita
11179: SURTEES, R.S.: - "Ask Mamma" or The Richest Commoner in England. Woodcuts by John Leech.
11180: SUSA, EVA: - Die Dermatoglyphen der Zehen und der Fussohlen im Vaterschaftsgutachten
11182: SUSSER, M.W. & WATSON, W.: - Sociology in Medicine
11181: SUSSER, IDA ed.: - The Castells Reader on Cities and Social Theory
11184: SUSSMAN, MAURICE: - Animal Growth and Development
11185: SUSSMAN, MAURICE: - Animal Growth and Development
11183: SUSSMAN, MARVIN B. ed.: - Sociology and Rehabilitation
11188: SUTCLIFFE, R.B.: - Industry and Underdevelopment
11187: SUTCLIFFE, R.B.: - Industry and Underdevelopment
11186: SUTCLIFFE, BOB: - Hard Times, the World Economy in Turmoil
11195: SUTHERLAND, LUCY Ed.: - Studies in History, British Academy Lectures
11193: SUTHERLAND, HALLIDAY: - Spanish Journey
11194: SUTHERLAND, HALLIDAY: - The Arches of the Years
11192: SUTHERLAND, HALLIDAY: - Lapland Journey
11191: SUTHERLAND, HALLIDAY: - Hebridean Journey
11190: SUTHERLAND, GILLIAN: - Elementary Education in the Nineteenth Century
11189: SUTHERLAND, ALISTAIR: - Sociology in Farming Systems Research
11196: SUTTLES, GERALD D.: - The Social Order of the Slum, Ethnicity and Territory in the Inner City
11198: SUTTON, DAVID E.: - Remembrance of Repasts, An anthropology of food and memory
11199: SUTTON, SUSAN BUCK ed.: - Contingent Countryside, Settlement, Economy, and Land Use in the Southern Argolid since 1700
11200: SUWA, TETSUO: - Two Essays on the Formation of the East Asian Ethnic World
11201: SUZUKI, TATSUZO: - A Study of the Japanese National Character. Part IV Fourth Nation-wide Survey.
11202: SVALASTOGA, KAARE: - Social Differentiation
11203: SVARDSTROM, ELISABETH: - Runfynden i Gamla Lodose
11204: SVENSSON, TOM G.: - Samernas Politiska Organisation, En studie av en etnisk minoritet i forhallande till storsamhallet
11206: SWAIN, TONY: - The Place for Strangers, Towards a history of Australian Aboriginal being
11207: SWAISLAND, CECILLIE: - Servants and Gentlewomen to the Golden Land, the Emigration of Single Women from Britain to Southern Africa, 1820-1939
11209: SWANN, D.: - The Economics of the Common Market
11213: SWANSON, GUY E.: - The Birth of the Gods, the origin of primitive beliefs
11211: SWANSON, GUY E.: - Social Change
11212: SWANSON, GUY E.: - The Birth of the Gods, the origin of primitive beliefs
11210: SWANSON, CARL P.: - The Cell
11215: SWARTZ, MARC J. ed.: - Political Anthropology
11214: SWARTZ, MARC J. & JORDAN, DAVID K.: - Anthropology, Perspective on humanity
11216: SWARUP, RAM: - Hindu View of Christianity and Islam
11217: SWEDENBORG, EMANUEL: - The True Christian Religion, Containing the universal theology of the new church
11219: SWEET, LOUISE E.: - Tell Toqaan: A Syrian village
11224: SWEEZY, PAUL M.; MAGDOFF, HARRY (Eds): - Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Chile
11223: SWEEZY, PAUL M.; MAGDOFF, HARRY: - The Dynamics of U.S. Capitalism, Corporate Structure, Inflation, Credit, Gold and the Dollar.
11222: SWEEZY, PAUL M.; BETTELHEIM, CHARLES: - On the Transition to Socialism
11220: SWEEZY, PAUL M.: - Modern Capitalism and Other Essays
11221: SWEEZY, PAUL M.: - The Theory of Capitalist Development
11225: SWIATECKA, M. JADWIGA: - The Idea of the Symbol, Some Nineteenth Century Comparisons with Coleridge
11228: SWIFT, JONATHAN: - A Tale of a Tub, the Battle of the Books and Other Satires
11226: SWIFT, D.F.: - The Sociology of Education
11230: SWINGEWOOD, ALAN: - The Novel and Revolution
11231: SWINGEWOOD, ALAN: - The Novel and Revolution
11229: SWINGEWOOD, ALAN: - Marx and Modern Social Theory
11873: VON SYDOW, ECKART: - Dichtungen der Naturvolker. Religiose, Magische und Profane Lyrik.
11233: SYKES, GRESHAM M.: - The Society of Captives, a Study of a Maximum Security Prison
11232: SYKES, BRYAN: - Les Sept Filles d'Eve, Genetique et histoire de nos origines
11234: SYLVERE, ANTOINE: - Toinou, le Cri d'un Enfant Auvergnat, Pays d'Ambert
11235: SYLVESTER, DOROTHY: - Map and Landscape
11236: SYME, RONALD: - The Roman Revolution
11237: SYMON, J.D. & BENSUSAN, S.L.: - The Renaissance and its Makers
11239: SYMONS, A.J.A.: - The Quest for Corvo
11238: SYMONS, A.J.A.: - H.M. Stanley
11241: SYNGE, PATRICK M.: - Mountains of the Moon, an Expedition to the Equatorial Mountains of Africa
11240: SYNGE, JOHN M.: - Plays
11242: SZASZ, THOMAS: - Ideology and Insanity, Essays on the Psychiatric Dehumanization of Man.
11245: SZENTES, TAMAS: - The Political Economy of Under-Development. trans. by L. Veges
11244: SZENTES, TAMAS: - The Causes, Criteria and International aspect of the so called 'Economic Underdevelopment'
11243: SZENTES, TAMAS: - Introduction to the Economy of Tropical Africa
11246: SZERESZEWSKI, R.: - Structural Changes in the Economy of Ghana 1891-1911
11247: SZOKE, BELA NIKLOS (Ed): - Archaologie und Siedlungsgeschichte im Hahoter Becken, Sudwest-Ungarn. Von der Volkerwanderungszeit bis zum Mittelalter.
11248: SZWED, JOHN: - Private Cultures and Public Imagery, Interpersonal Relations in a Newfoundland Peasant Society
11249: TACHAU, FRANK (Ed): - Political Elites and Political Development in the Middle East
11250: TAGGART, JAMES M.: - Nahuat Myth and Social Structure
11251: TAGORE, R.: - The Fugitive
11252: TAGORE, RABINDRANATH: - Nationalism
11253: TAGUIEFF, PIERRE-ANDRE: - La Force du Prejuge, Essai sur le racisme et ses doubles
11254: TAI, HUE-TAM HO: - Radicalism and the Origins of the Vietnamese Revolution
11255: TAIT, JAMES: - The Medieval English Borough, Studies on its Origins and Constitutional History
11256: TAKAHASHI, AKIRA: - Land and Peasants in Central Luzon, Socio-Economic Structure of a Bulacan Village
11260: TALBOT, P. AMAURY: - Some Nigerian Fertility Cults
11259: TALBOT, P. AMAURY: - Life in Southern Nigeria, the Magic, Beliefs and Customs of the Ibibio Tribe
11258: TALBOT, P. AMAURY: - In the Shadow of the Bush
11257: TALBOT, D. AMAURY: - Woman's Mysteries of a Primitive People, the Ibibios of Southern Nigeria
11261: TALFOURD, THOMAS NOON: - Dickenson's Guide to the Quarter Sessions. 6th edn. revised by R.P. Tyrwhitt.
11262: TALIB, ROKIAH: - Politik dan isu Ekonomi de Kelantan, Satu kajian sosio ekonomi
11263: TALMON, YONINA: - Family and Community in the Kibbutz
11264: TAMBIAH, S.J.: - Sri Lanka, ethnic fratricide and the dismantling of democracy
11265: TAN, AMY: - The Bonesetter's Daughter
11267: TANGHERONI, MARCO: - La Citta Dell'Argento, Iglesias Dalle Origini Alla Fine del Medioevo con Un'appendice di Claudio Giorgioni Mercuriali
11270: TANNENBAUM, FRANK: - Slave and Citizen, the Negro in the Americas
11269: TANNENBAUM, ARNOLD S.: - Social Psychology of the Work Organization
11271: TANNER, LAWRENCE E.: - Unknown Westminster Abbey
11272: TANUR, JUDITH M. Etc. Eds.: - Statistics: A Guide to the Unknown
11273: TARING, RINCHEN DOLMA: - Daughter of Tibet
11274: TARLI, SILVANA M. BORGOGNINI; MARINI, ELISABETTA: - Annotated Bibliography on Sexual Dimorphism in Primates
11275: TASSE, GILLES: - Petroglyphes du Bassin Parisien
11276: TATIA, NATHMAL & KUMAR, MAHENDRA: - Aspects of Jaina Monasticism
11277: TATTERSALL, C.E.C.: - Notes on Carpet-Knotting and Weaving
11279: TAUB, RICHARD P.: - Bureaucrats under Stress, Administrators and administration in an Indian state
11280: TAUSIE, VILSONI: - Art in the New Pacific
11281: TAUSKY, CURT: - Work Organizations, major theoretical perspectives
11282: TAUSSIG, MICHAEL J.: - Processes in Pathology and Microbiology
11283: TAVANA, MOHAMMAD HASSAN ZIA: - Die Agrarlandschaft Iranische-Sistans, aspikte des strukturwandels im 20 jahrundert - (Sistan-Projekt II).
11284: TAVERNE, DICK: - The Future of the Left, Lincoln and after
11290: TAWNEY, R.H. Ed.: - The Radical Tradition, Twelve Essays on Politics, Education and Literature
11289: TAWNEY, R.H. (Ed): - Studies in Economic History: The Collected Papers of George Unwin
11288: TAWNEY, R.H.: - The Acquisitive Society
11287: TAWNEY, R.H.: - The Acquisitive Society
11286: TAWNEY, R.H.: - Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, a Historical Study (Holland Memorial Lectures, 1922)
11285: TAWNEY, R.H.: - Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, a Historical Study (Holland Memorial Lectures 1922)
11292: TAX, SOL: - Penny Capitalism, a Guatemalan Indian Economy
11295: TAX, SOL, EISELEY, L.C., ROUSE, I., VOEGELIN, C.F. eds.: - An Appraisal of Anthropology Today
11294: TAX, SOL Ed.: - Horizons of Anthropology
11293: TAX, SOL (Ed): - Anthropology Today: Selections
11291: TAX, SOL: - Ele Capitalismo del Centavo. Una Economia Indigena de Guatemala.
11319: TAYLOR, WILLIAM: - The Secondary Modern School
11317: TAYLOR, LILY ROSS: - Roman Voting Assemblies, from the Hannibalic War to the Dictatorship of Caesar
11316: TAYLOR, JULIE: - Paper Tangos
11315: TAYLOR, JOHN H.: - Unwrapping a Mummy. The Life, Death and Embalming of Horemkenesi.
11313: TAYLOR, JAMES C.: - Technology and Planned Organizational Change
11312: TAYLOR, J.V.: - Christianity and Politics in Africa
11311: TAYLOR, J.V.: - Christianity and Politics in Africa
11310: TAYLOR, INA: - George Eliot, Woman of Contradictions
11309: TAYLOR, IAN, WALTON, PAUL & YOUNG, JOCK eds.: - Critical Criminology
11308: TAYLOR, IAN & TAYLOR, LAURIE Eds.: - Politics and Deviance
11306: TAYLOR, F.W.: - A Practical Hausa Grammar
11304: TAYLOR, DAVID & YAPP, MALCOLM eds.: - Political Identity in South Asia
11305: TAYLOR, DON: - The Rhodesian, the Life of Sir Roy Welensky
11303: TAYLOR, DANIEL M.: - Explanation and Meaning, An introduction to philosophy
11302: TAYLOR, CHRISTOPHER C.: - Milk, Honey, and Money, Changing concepts in Rwandan Healing
11301: TAYLOR, C.T. & SILBERSTON, Z.A.: - The Economic Impact of the Patent System, a study of the British experience
11300: TAYLOR, C.R.: - Hodgkin's Disease and the Lymphomes
11299: TAYLOR, BARBARA: - Eve and the New Jerusalem, Socialism and feminism in the nineteenth century
11298: TAYLOR, A.J.P. etc.: - Churchill Revised, a critical assessment
11297: TAYLOR, A.J.P.: - The Origins of the Second World War
11296: TAYLOR, A.J.P.: - English History 1914-1945. Oxford History of England vol. XV.
11320: TAYLOUR, WILLIAM: - The Mycenaeans
11321: TCHEKOFF, ANTON: - Plays: (Uncle Vanya, Ivanoff, The Sea-Gull, The Swan Song), translated by Marian Fell
11322: TCHERKEZOFF, SERGE: - Le Roi Nyamwezi, La droite et la gauche, revision comparative des classifications dualistes
11325: TEDLOCK, DENNIS: - Rabinal Achi, A Mayan drama of war and sacrifice
11326: TEDLOCK, E.W. ed.: - Frieda Lawrence, the memoirs and correspondence
11328: TEGGART, FREDERICK J.: - Theory and Processes of History
11327: TEGGART, FREDERICK J.: - The Processes of History
11329: TEGNER, HENRY: - The Molecatcher Says. illus. James Alder
11330: TEILHARD DE CHARDIN, PIERRE: - The Phenomenon of Man
11331: TEITELBAUM, MICHAEL S. & WINTER, JAY: - A Question of Numbers, High Migration, Low Fertility, and the Politics of National Identity
11332: TEJIRIAN, EDWARD J.: - Sexuality and the Devil, Symbols of Love, Power & Fear in Male Psychology
11333: TELBAN, BLAZ: - Grupos Ethicos de Columbia, Etnografia y Bibliografia
11335: TELLENBACH, GERD: - Church, State and Christian Society, at the time of the Investiture Contest. trans. R.F. Bennett.
11337: TENISON, MARIKA HANBURY: - For Better, for Worse, to the Brazilian jungles and back again
11339: TENNYSON, ALFRED: - Tennyson, Poetry and Prose
11340: TEPPERMAN, LORNE: - Social Mobility in Canada
11343: TERAYAMA, KYOSUKE ed.: - Russia and Japan: A Historical Survey, Joint symposium of the SB RAS and the CNEAS TU
11342: TERAYAMA, KYOSUKE ed.: - High Temperature Superconductivity: New Materials and Properties, Joint Symposium of the SB RAS and the CNEAS TU
11344: TERKEL, STUDS: - Working
11345: TERMER, FRANZ: - Etnologia y Etnografia de Guatemala
11346: TERRAY, EMMANUEL: - Marxism and 'Primitive' Societies, Two Studies. trans. by Mary Klopper
11347: TERRY, CHARLES SANFORD: - The Forty-Five, a narrative of the last Jacobite Rising, by several contemporary hands
3572: DE TESTA, FRANCOIS: - Le Pakistan
11349: TEW, BRIAN: - Wealth and Income, an analysis of the economic and financial systems of Australia and Great Britain
11350: TEXTOR, ROBERT B. (Ed): - Cultural Frontiers of the Peace Corps
11354: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE: - Works. reprints of the 1st edns. with original illus. 20 volumes.
11353: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE: - The Newcomers vols. 1 & 2.
11351: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE: - The History of Henry Esmond also The Memoirs of Barry Lyndon
11352: THACKERAY, WILLIAM MAKEPEACE: - The History of Pendennis. Vols. 1 & 2
11355: THAMAN, KONAI HELU: - Langakali, Poems
11356: THARAKAN, K.M.: - Portrait of K. C. Mammen Mappillai.
11358: THEAL, G.M. ed.: - Basutoland Records (1833-1868). 4 vols.
11359: THEDE, NANCY & AMBROSI, ALAIN eds.: - Petits Ecrans et Democratie, Video legere et television alternative au service du developpement
11360: THEO, NICHOLS & BENYON, HUGH: - Living with Capitalism, Class relations and the modern factory
11361: THEODORSON, G.A. & THEODORSON, A.G.: - A Modern Dictionary of Sociology
11363: THERBORN, GORAN: - What Does the Ruling Class do When it Rules?
11362: THERBORN, GORAN: - Science, Class and Society, on the Formation of Sociology and Historical Materialism
11366: THERNSTROM, STEPHAN & SENNETT, RICHARD Eds.: - Nineteenth-century Cities, Essays in the New Urban History
11365: THERNSTROM, STEPHAN: - The Other Bostonians, poverty and progress in the American metropolis 1880-1970
11367: THERRIEN, MONIKA etc.: - Catalogo de Ceramica Colonial y Republicana de la Nueva Granada: Produccion local y materiales foraneos (Costa Caribe, Altiplano Cundiboyacense-Colombia)
11368: THIRSK, JOAN: - Tudor Enclosures
11370: THISTLETHWAITE, FRANK: - The Great Experiment, An introduction to the history of the American people
11369: THISTLETHWAITE, FRANK: - The Great Experiment, an Introduction to the History of the American People
11371: THOENES, PIET: - The Elite in the Welfare State
11388: THOMAS, HAUSCHILD & WARNEKEN, BERND JURGER eds.: - Inspecting German, Internationale Deutschland-Ethnographie der Gegenwart
11386: THOMAS, F.G.: - The Changing Village, an essay in rural reconstruction
11399: THOMAS, WILLIAM L. Jr. Ed.: - Current Anthropology, a Supplement to Anthropology Today
11398: THOMAS, WILLIAM I.: - Source Book for Social Origins, Ethnological materials, psychological standpoint, classified and annotated bibliographies for the interpretation of savage society
11397: THOMAS, WILLIAM I.: - Primitive Behavior, an introduction to the social sciences
11396: THOMAS, THOMAS MORGAN: - Eleven Years in Central South Africa. 2nd edn. intro. Dr Richard Brown.
11395: THOMAS, ROSAMUND: - The British Philosophy of Administration, a Comparison of British and American Ideas 1900-1939
11394: THOMAS, P.: - Hindu Religion Customs and Manners, describing the customs and manners, religious, social and domestic life, arts and sciences of the Hindus
11393: THOMAS, NEIL; DEAKIN, NICHOLAS; DOLING, JOHN: - Learning From Innovation. Housing and Social Care in the 1990.
11392: THOMAS, LOWELL: - With Lawrence in Arabia
11391: THOMAS, I.D.: - Some Notes on Population and Land Use in the More Densely Populated parts of the Uluguru Mountains of Morogoro District
11390: THOMAS, HUGH ed.: - The Establishment
11389: THOMAS, HUGH: - The Spanish Civil War
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12078: WEEKS, DAVID: - Glossary. An Introduction to Sociology. Social sciences: a second level course.
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12089: WEINSTEIN, ALLEN; GATELL, FRANK OTTO (Eds): - American Negro Slavery, A Modern Reader.
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12096: WEISS, RUTH: - Die Saat Geht Auf,Eine Neue Politik Gegen den Hunger in Afrika
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11875: VON WEIZSACKER, C.F.: - The History of Nature
12099: WELARATNA, USHA: - Beyond the Killing Fields, Voices of Nine Cambodian Survivors in America
12100: WELDON, T.D.: - States and Morals, a study in political conflicts
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12101: WELFORD, A.T.: - Christianity: a psychologist's translation
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12103: WELLES, S.P. & GREGG, D.R.: - Late Cretaceous Marine Reptiles of New Zealand
12105: WELLMAN, DAVID T.: - Portraits of White Racism
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12117: WENSTROM, EDM.: - Engelsk-Svensk Ordbok
12120: WENZEL, MARIAN: - House Decoration in Nubia
12121: WERBNER, RICHARD: - Tears of the Dead, The social biography of an African family
12123: WERNER, E.T.C.: - Myths and Legends of China
12125: WERTHEIM, WILLEM F. & STIEFEL, MATTHIAS: - Production, Equality and Participation in Rural China, reflections on a field trip in September-October 1979
12124: WERTHEIM, W.F.: - Evolution and Revolution, the Rising Waves of Emancipation
12126: WESKER, ARNOLD: - The Wesker Trilogy: Chicken Soup with Barley; Roots; I'm Talking about Jerusalem
12135: WEST, RICHARD: - The Gringo in Latin America
12133: WEST, REBECCA: - The Fountain Overflows
12132: WEST, REBECCA: - A Train of Powder
12130: WEST, JAMES: - Plainville U.S.A.
12128: WEST, G.A. & ATWOOL, D.C.: - Jungle Folk
12129: WEST, HENRY W.: - Land Policy in Buganda
12127: WEST, FRANCIS: - Hubert Murray, The Australian Pro-Consul
12136: WESTERFIELD, RAY: - Middlemen in English Business, particularly between 1660 and 1760
12137: WESTERGAARD, JOHN & RESLER, HENRIETTA: - Class in a Capitalist Society, a Study of Contemporary Britain
12139: WESTERMANN, DIEDRICH: - Africa and Christianity. Duff Lectures 1935
12140: WESTHEIM, PAUL: - Arte Antiguo de Mexico
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12146: WEYER, EDWARD: - Primitive Peoples Today
12147: WEYRAUCH, WALTER O.: - The Personality of Lawyers
12148: WHATLEY, CHRISTOPHER A.: - The Industrial Revolution in Scotland
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12165: WHEELWRIGHT, E.L.; MCFARLANE, BRUCE: - The Chinese Road to Socialism, Economics of the Cultural Revolution
12166: WHETHAM, EDITH H.: - Agricultural Marketing in Africa
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12174: WHITAKER, BEN ed.: - The Fourth World, Victims of group oppression, Eight reports from the field work of the Minority Rights Group
12173: WHITAKER, BEN: - The Police in Society
12172: WHITAKER, BEN: - The Police
12171: WHITAKER, BEN: - The Philanthropoids, Foundations and Society
12190: WHITE, PATRICK: - The Tree of Man
12183: WHITE, GORDON, MURRAY, ROBIN & WHITE, CHRISTINE, eds.: - Revolutionary Socialist Development in the Third World
12195: WHITE, THEODORE H.: - The Making of the President 1960
12194: WHITE, STEPHEN: - Political Culture and Soviet Politics
12192: WHITE, R.J.: - Dr Bentley, a study in academic scarlet
12193: WHITE, RUEL: - Heroes through the Day
12191: WHITE, R.J.: - A Short History of England
12188: WHITE, M.J.D.: - The Chromosomes
12189: WHITE, PAMELA M.: - Native Women: A statistical Overview.
12187: WHITE, LYNN Jr.: - Medieval Technology and Social Change
12186: WHITE, LESLIE A. ed.: - Pioneers in American Anthropology, the Bandelier-Morgan Letters 1873-1883 2 vols
12185: WHITE, L.W. & HUSSEY, W.D.: - Government in Great Britain, the Empire, and the Commonwealth
12184: WHITE, HENRY KIRKE: - Remains of .. with memoir of the author.
12182: WHITE, GILBERT: - The Natural History of Selborne
12181: WHITE, GILBERT: - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne, with observations on various parts of nature and the naturalist's calendar, ed. Sir William Jardine.
12180: WHITE, EMIL H.: - Chemical Background for the Biological Sciences
12179: WHITE, C.M.N. & WINTERBOTTOM, J.N.: - A Check List of the Birds of Northern Rhodesia
12178: WHITE, C.M.N.: - Terminological Confusion in African Land Tenure
12177: WHITE, ALASTAIR: - El Salvador, Nation of the modern world
12176: WHITE, ALAN R. ed.: - The Philosophy of Action
12196: WHITEFIELD, GEORGE: - Journals
12199: WHITEHEAD, LAURENCE: - The United States and Bolivia, A case of neo-colonialism
12198: WHITEHEAD, A.N.: - Science and the Modern World
12201: WHITEHOUSE, J. HOWARD: - Visit to Utopia
12200: WHITEHOUSE, DAVID & WHITEHOUSE, RUTH: - Archaeological Atlas of the World
12203: WHITELEY, PETER M.: - Rethinking Hopi Ethnography
12202: WHITELEY, C.H. & WHITELEY, WINIFRED M.: - Sex and Morals
12205: WHITELOCK, DOROTHY ed.: - Sermo Lupi ad Anglos
12204: WHITELOCK, DOROTHY: - The Beginnings of English Society, an Account, Based on Contemporary Evidence of the Life and Thought of the Anglo-Saxons from their First Invasion of Romanized Britain to the Battle of Hastings
12206: WHITELOCKE, BULSTRODE: - A Journal of the Swedish Ambassy in the Years MDCLIII and MDCLIV from the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland, written by the ambassador. 2 vols.
12207: WHITFIELD, J.H.: - A Short History of Italian Literature
12208: WHITING, BEATRICE B. Ed.: - Six Cultures, Studies of Child Rearing
12210: WHITMARSH, ANNE: - Simone de Beauvoir and the Limits of Commitment
12211: WHITNEY, JANET: - Elizabeth Fry, Quaker Heroine
12213: WHITTEN, NORMAN E.; SZWED, JOHN F. (Eds): - Afro-American Anthropology, Contemporary Perspectives
12212: WHITTEN, NORMAN E.: - Amazonian Ecuador: An Ethnic Interface in Ecological, Social and Ideological Perspectives
12215: WHITTINGTON, STEPHEN L. & REED, DAVID M. eds.: - Bones of the Maya, Studies of ancient skeletons
12214: WHITTINGTON, E. MICHAEL ed.: - The Sport of Life and Death, The Mesoamerican Ballgame

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