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23446: LANG, ANDREW (INTRODUCTION) ARBER (PROF) - An English Garner Social England Illustrated a Collection of Xviith Century Tractgs
21382: LANGDON, GEORGE D - Pilgrim Colony a History of New Plymouth 1620-1691
23216: LANGFORD, JOHN ALFRED - A Century of Birmingham Life
24837: WILLIAM LANGLAND - The Vision and the Creed of Piers Ploughman Vol 2
21702: LANGMAID, CAPT KENNETH - Clear for Action the Royal Navy in Defence and in Attack
24905: LANMAN, CHARLES ROCKWELL - A Sanskrit Reader with Vocabulary and Notes
22689: LANSEN, AB A - Sporen Aan de Hemel Kroniek Van Een Luchtoorlog Deel I Januari-September 1943.
23148: LARG, ALEX AND JANE WOOD - Pro Lighting Erotica a Guide to Professional Lighting Techniques (Pro-Lighting)
22190: LARNED, WALTER CRANSTON - Churches and Castles of Mediaeval France
24104: LARPENT, FRANCIS SEYMOUR - The Private Journal of Judge-Advocate Larpent Attached to the Headquarters of Lord Wellington During the Peninsula War, from 1812 to Its Close
23698: LAUFER, BERTHOLD - Ostrich Egg-Shell Cups of Mesopotamia and the Ostrich in Ancient and Modern Times
22566: LAUGHTON, JOHN KNOX - Letters and Despatches of Horatio, Viscount Nelson, K.B. Duke of Bronte Vice-Admiral of the White Squadron
20710: LAUGHTON, JOHN KNOW - Nelson and His Companions in Arms
22597: LAURENCE, DAN H - The Bodley Head Shaw's Music the Complete Musical Criticism Three Volume Complete
20579: DE LAURETIS, TERESA - Technologies of Gender (Language, Discourse, Society)
24970: LAVIN, IRVING AND JOHN PLUMMER - Studies in Late Medieval and Renaissance Painting in Honor of Millard Meiss 2 Vols
21728: LAW, NICHOLAS - A True Account of the Villainous Bartholomew Rakehell Ne'Er Do Well: Bawdy Tales of Boxing, Bordellos and Bristol Pluck
21161: LAWLEY, IAN - The Archive Photographs Series the Potteries
22321: LAWRENCE, ROD - West Country Rivers the Exe a River for Wildlife
23744: WOOLEY C LEONARD AND T.E.LAWRENCE - The Wilderness of Zin
24576: LAWRENCE, D.H - Lady Chatterley's Lover
20996: LAWRENCE, PETER - A Century of Submarines
23476: LAYMAN, R.D - The Cuxhaven Raid the World's First Carrier Air Strike
21101: LAYZER, DAVID - Constructing the Universe
20858: LEDDICK, DAVID - George Platt Lynes. 1907 - 1955
25068: LEDENFELD, ROBERT VON - A Monograph of the Horny Sponges
23295: LEE, IDA (MRS CHARLES BRUCE-MARRIOT) - The Coming of the British to Australia
22778: LEE, JOHN EDWARD - Isca Silurum; or, an Illustrated Catalogue of the Museum of Antiquities of Caerleon
24923: LEE, BRIAN - The Illustrated History of Cardiff Pubs
24924: LEE, BRIAN - A Cardiff Century a Capital City for Wales
22026: LEE, TIGER - Digeroticart the Photo Art of Tiger Lee
23104: LEE, A ROBERT - Herman Melville: Critical Assessments (Critical Assessments of Writers in English)
24610: LEE, EDWARD - Erotic Bondage Art of the Rope
20672: LEES, FRANCIS A, BOTTS, JAMES M & CYSNE, RUBENS PENHA - Banking and Financial Deepening in Brazil
23783: LEES, EDWIN - The Botanical Looker-out Among Wild Flowers of Fields, Woods, and Mountains, of England and Wales
21274: LEGG, RODNEY - Bournemouth the Good Old Days
20732: LEHMANN, LOTTE - Wings of Song
23506: LEIBNITZ & MONTGOMERY, DR GEO R (TRANS) - Leibniz: Discourse on Metaphysics Correspondence with Arnauld and Monadology.
25617: LEIBNIZ, G.W - The Yale Leibniz de Summa Rerum Metaphysical Papers , 1675-1676
23845: LEIGH, EDWARD - A Diatribe of Mony or Coyn
20562: LEIGH, NIGEL - Radical Fictions and the Novels of Norman Mailer
23271: LEITH-ROSS, PRUDENCE - The Florilegium of Alexander Marshall at Windsor Castle
25442: LEITRIM - Sceal Na Gcluainte Story of the Meadows History of Three Townlands. Cloonsheebane, Cloonsheerevagh and Hartley
22659: LEMCKE, GESINE - Preserving and Pickling
21323: VAN LEMMEN, HANS - De Nederlandse Tegel
22166: LEMPRIERE, WILLIAM - A History of the Girl's School of Christ's Hospital, London, Hoddesdon and Hertford
23651: LENIN, V.I - V.I. Lenin Collected Works Volume 4 1898 -April 1901
23644: LENIN, V.I - V.I. Lenin Collected Works Volume 13 June 1907-April 1908
23684: LENIN, V.I - On Britain
23641: LENIN, V.I - V.I. Lenin Collected Works Volume 7 September 1903 - December 1904
23643: LENIN, V.I - V.I. Lenin Collected Works Volume 6 January 1902 - August 1903
23365: VAN LENNEP, DAVID - Ironclad ! the Sea Battle That Could Have Been
24223: LENZ, SIEGFRIED & BRAUN, JOACHIM - Gustav Heinemann - the Committed President
24013: LEONARD, JOHN - Staffordshire Parish Churches
25764: LEONARD, HUGH - Irish Drama Selection 9 Selected Plays Hugh Leonard
23985: LETOURNEAU, DR CHARLES - Sociology Based on Ethnography
24367: LEVI, THOMAS - Trysorfa y Plant Cyheddiad Misol I Ieuenctyd
21409: LEVINE, SARAH. - Mothers and Wives; Gusii Women of East Africa.
22515: LEVY, ALAN - Ezra Pound the Voice of Silence
20976: LEVY, SHAWN - Ready, Steady, Go ! Swinging London and the Invention of Cool
25632: LEWALSKI, BARBARA KIEFER - Paradise Lost and the Rhetoric of Literary Forms
22048: LEWES, CHARLES LEE - Comic Sketches or the Comedian His Own Manager Writen and Performed for the Benefit of Performers
22710: LEWIN, LORD - The Figurehead: A Story of Conflict and Loyalty at Sea in World War II
24769: LEWIS, EDWARD ARTHUR - The Mediaeval Boroughs of Snowdonia
23674: LEWIS, JOHN - Foreman of the Fields a Century in the Cotswold Vale
22298: LEWIS, EILUNED - The Leaves of the Tree
23704: LEWIS, HARRY - Gwent Panorama a Selection of Drawings and Notes Illustrating the Great Variety of Gwent's Natural and Mqn-Made Landscapes
21095: LEWIS, SAUNDERS - A School of Welsh Augustans
22256: LEWIS, W.H - Assault on Olympus. The Rise of the House of Gramont between 1604 and 1678
21654: LEWIS, ROY - Stafford and District a Portrait in Old Picture Postcards
23416: LEWIS, ANNE - Beloved Valley the Life of Saint Teilo an Imaginative Biography
23941: LEWIS, LESLEY - The Private Life of a Country House
22727: BRITISH LIBRARY - The British Library Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts New Series 1971-1975 Part III Index L-Z
24950: LIEBENAU, TH. VON - Hans Holbein D.J. - Fresken Am Hertenstein-Hause in Luzern Nebst Einer Geschichte Der Familie Hertenstein.
24802: DE LINCY, M LE ROUX (TRANS) & SIANTSBURY, GEORGE (ESSAY) - The Heptameron of the Tales of Margaret of Navarre in Five Volumes
24423: LINDBLOOM, ERIC (PHOTOS), LIFSON (INTRO) - Angels at the Arno
23596: LINDLEY, KENNETH - Chapels and Meeting Houses
21715: LINDROTH, STEN. - A History of Uppsala University 1477-1977.
22215: LINDSAY, MAURICE - History of Scottish Literature
24981: LINDSAY, ROBERT O AND JOHN NEU - French Political Pamphlets, 1547-1648: A Catalog of Major Collections in American Libraries
23192: LINES, KATHLEEN (ED) AND ALAN HOWARD (ILLUST) - Tales of Magic and Enchantment
23598: LINES , CLIFFORD - Companion to the Industrial Revolution
22133: LINKLATER, ERIC - The Conquest of England
25119: LION-GOLDSCHMIDT, DAISY - Chinese Art Bronzes Jade Sculture Ceramics
23422: LIPPINCOTT, DAVID - Tremor Violet
25646: LISTER, RAYMOND - The Letters of Samuel Palmer Two Vol Set
22294: LITTELL, FRANKLIN - Historical Atlas of Christianity
23411: LITTLE, BRYAN - St Ives in Huntingdonshire
25473: LITTLE, GEORGE H - The Liverpool Journal of Commerce Shipowners' and Captains' Blue Pigeon
23951: LITTLE, ANDY - The Complete Carp Angler
23950: LITTLE, ANDY - My Passion for Carp
20804: LITTLEJOHNS, JOHN - Lovat Fraser
22320: LITTLEWOOD, IAN - The Writings of Evelyn Waugh
21438: LIVERSIDGE, M.J.H - William Hogarth's Bristol Altar-Piece
24109: LLOYD, CHRISTOPHER - The Capture of Quebec
23693: LLOYD-JONES, TREVOR - 101 Views of Edwardian Liverpool and New Brighton
21731: LLOYD, DAVID - A History of Worcestershire
25745: LLOYD, HUMPHREY - The Quaker Lloyds in the Industrial Revolution
25731: LLOYD, EVANS - Cymru Kilvert Detholiad 'Kilvert's Diary"
22988: EILEEN YIN-FEI LO - The Chinese Banquet Cookbook
23390: LO, JOAN - Glimpses from Sarawak's Past
23005: LOCKE, F.B - Burke's "Reflections on the Revolution in France
23538: LOCKHART, GEORGE - Memoirs Concerning the Affairs of Scotland, from Queen Anne's Accession to the Throne, to the Commencement of the Union of the Two Kingdoms of Scotland and England, in May 1707
21061: LOCKHART, LAURENCE - Famous Cities of Iran
20955: EVANS J.O & LOCKLEY R.M - Nature in Wales the Journal of the Naturalist's Trusts of West Wales
23445: LOCKLEY, RONALD - Myself When Young the Making of a Naturalist
21087: LOCKWOOD, LADY JULIA - Instinct; or Reason? Being Tales and Anecdotes of Animal Biography .
25781: JOSEPHUS & THOMAS LODGE (TRANS) - The Famous and Memorable Works of Josephus, a Man of Much Honour and Learning Among the Jews
22965: LOFTS W.O.G & ADLEY, D.J - The Men Behind Boy's Fiction: A Collective Biography of All British Authors Who Ever Wrote for Boys.
23199: DE LOLME, J.L - The Constitution of England or an Account of the Government.
21315: LOMAX, JAMES - British Silver at Temple Newsam and Lotherton Hall a Catalogue of the Leeds Collection
24741: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LXXV
24747: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LIII
24754: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LVII Part 2
24752: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume XCII
24755: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LIX Second Series Vol IX
24756: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LIX Second Series Vol. IX
24757: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volumelxxxvii
24139: PHILLIPS LONDON - 19th Century European Paintings and Watercolours
24740: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volumelxxviii
24750: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volumecvi
24742: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volumelxiii
24743: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volumelxxiii Second Series Volume XXIII
23991: PHILLIPS LONDON - Old Master Paintings, Drawings & Picture Frames
24739: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volumelxxii
24745: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume XLVI
24748: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume XCIX
24734: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LXXXI
23987: PHILLIPS LONDON - Old Master Paintings, Drawings & Picture Frames
24736: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LXVI
24746: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volumelxxxvi
24751: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LXXXI
24735: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Volume LIV Pt2
23574: PHILLIPS LONDON - Old Master Paintings
23586: PHILLIPS LONDON - Early British and Victorian Paintings
24737: SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON - Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity Second Serties Volume XIX
23585: PHILLIPS LONDON - Early British and Victorian Paintings
23580: PHILLIPS LONDON - Early British and Victorian Paintings
23581: PHILLIPS LONDON - 20th Century European and British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture
23582: PHILLIPS LONDON - Fine Old Master Paintings
20906: LONGHURST, M.H - English Ivories
20820: LONGMATE, NORMAN - The Workhouse
23325: LONNQVIST, BARBARA - Xlebnikov and Carnival. An Analysis of the Poem Poet.
24471: LOPEZ, FRANCISCO PEREZ - A Guerrilla Diary of the Spanish CIVIL War
21038: FORAIN JEAN-LOUIS - Album de Forain
21503: FIGUIER LOUIS - Mammalia Their Various Forms and Habits, Popularly Illustrated by Typical Species
21404: LOW, D.M - Gibbon's Journal to January 28th, 1763. My Journal, 1,11 &11 and Ephemerides
21570: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Vision of Sir Launfal
20594: LOWENSTEIN, ELEANOR - Bibliography of American Cookery Books 1742-1860
21051: LOWTON, NICHOLAS - Cheltenham College Chapel
21279: AMALGAMATED DENTAL CO. LTD - The Rational Technique for the Edentulous Case
25756: LUBBOCK, PERCY - Shades of Eton
25143: LUCAS, JAMES - German Army Handbook 1939-1945
21600: LUCKING, J.H - The Great Western at Weymouth a Railway and Shipping History
24662: LUCULLUS - Food for the Gods
24913: LUDLUM, HARRY (EDITOR) & ELLIOTT O'DONNELL - Elliott o'Donnell's Casebook of Ghosts
22180: LUKE, SIR HARRY - Caribbean Circuit
20667: LUTHRA, MOHAN - Britain's Black Population Social Change, Public Policy and Agenda
21565: LYCETT, ANDREW - Wilkie Collins a Life of Sensation
21775: LYNDON, RODERICK - Another Point of View
20719: LYNN, DAVID H - The Hero's Tale Narrators in the Early Modern Novel
22139: SELLS A LYTTON - The Memoirs of James II. His Campaigns As Duke of York 1652-1660.
21244: MAC LIAMMOIR, MICHEAL - Each Actor on His Ass
22534: MACBETH, GEORGE - The Transformation
21661: MACCALLUM, M W - Shakespeare's Roman Plays and Their Background
24727: MACCULLOCH, DIARMAID - Tudor Church Militant Edward VI and the Protestant Reformation
22480: MACDONAGH, THOMAS - Songs of Myself
22406: MACDONALD, MAIRI A. - By the Banks of the Ness Tales from the History of Inverness and District
22735: MACDONALD, J.D - Birds of Australia a Summary of Information
22159: MACDONALD, MALCOLM - Angkor and the Khmers
23203: MACDONALD, MALCOLM - The Symphonies of Havergal Brian: Symphonies 1-12 Vol. 1
21598: MACDOUGALL, IAN - Mid and East Lothian Miner's Association Minutes 1894-1918
23619: MACEWEN, A.R - A History of the Church in Scotland Vol. 1 397-1546
21703: MACFADDEN, BENARR - Tooth Troubles Their Prevention, Cause and Cure
23220: MACGREGOR, R GERRARD, F - The Structure of Meat Animals
23432: MACHEREY, PIERRE - A Theory of Literary Production
22864: MACHIAVELLI, NICCOLO - Opere Di Niccolo Machiavelli Volume Settimo (7)
21446: MACINNES, C.M & WHITTARD, W.F - Bristol and Its Adjoining Counties
21769: MACINTYRE, DONALD. - Fighting Ships and Seamen.
23236: MACINTYRE, DONALD. - Fighting Under the Sea.
21687: MACKAY, RUDDOCK F - The Hawke Papers a Selection 1743-1771
22034: MACKAY, ANTHONY - Journeys Into Buckinghamshire
22036: MACKAY, ANTHONY - Journeys Into Oxfordshire a Collection of Ink Drawings
22031: MACKAY, ANTHONY - Journeys Into Bedfordshire
22033: MACKAY, ANTHONY - Journeys Into Hertfordshire
22509: MACKENZIE, COLONEL ROBERT HOLDEN - The Trafalgar Roll the Ships and the Officers
25475: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Guy and Pauline
22966: MACKENZIE, PETER & JAMES A NOBLE - From Coalpit to Pulpit Anecdotes and Incidents from the Life of Rev Peter Mackenzie
23462: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - Carnival
24911: MACKENZIE, ANDREW - The Unexplained: Some Strange Cases of Psychical Research
22717: MACKENZIE, JEANNE - A Victorian Courtship the Story of Beatrice Potter and Sidney Webb
21486: MACKENZIE, KENNY & MURRAY, JOE - Tales from the Coast Stories from the West Coast Magazine
22130: MACLEAN, FITZROY - Back to Bokhara
20983: MACLEAN, NORMAN - Macmillan Dictionary of Genetics & Cell Biology
22984: MACLEAN, L - A Historical Account of Iona, from the Earliest Period
21766: MACLEOD, NORMAN - The Starling a Scotch Tale
22272: MACMUNN, LT GEN SIR GEORGE - The Indian Mutiny in Perspective
21604: DE MADARIAGA, SALVADOR - Memorias (1921-1936) Amanecer sin Mediodia
25271: MADDICOT, JOHN - Founders and Fellowship the Early History of Exeter College Oxford 1314-1592
23358: MADGE, TIM - Long Voyage Home. True Stories from Britain's Twilight Maritime Years
23439: MAGARSHACK, DAVID - Turgenev a Life
21317: MAGRATH, JOANNES RICADUS- MAGRATH, JOHN RICHARD - Liber Obituarius Aulae Reginae in Oxonia- the Obituary Book of Queen's College , Oxford
21004: MAGUIRE, EDDIE - Sherlock Holmes the Tandridge Hall Murder and Other Stories (
21155: MAIDMENT, ARTHUR - Under Salisbury Spire: Memories from the Late Twenties to the First Year of World War II
22247: MAKOWER, STANLEY V - Richard Savage a Mystery in Biography
20699: MALITA, MIRCEA & ZIDAROIU - Mathematics of Organization
23470: MALLAN, LLOYD - Men, Rockets and Space
22113: MALLETT, DANIEL TROWBRIDGE - Supplement to Mallett's Index of Artists International-Biographical
21574: MALORY, THOMAS - The Story of Elayne the Fair Maid of Astolat
21577: MALORY, THOMAS - Sir Galahad
24004: MALRAUX, ANDRE - La Metamorphose Des Dieux
24479: MANING, F.E - Old New Zealand a Tale of the Good Old Times and a History of the War in the North Told by an Old Chief of the Ngapuhi Tribe
22614: MANISCALCO, GUISEPPE - The Longest Walk
24231: MANN, DR CHRIS - Ss-Totenkopf - the History of the `Death's Head' Division 1940-45.
21534: MANN, THOMAS & H.T.LOWE-PORTER (TRANS) - The Magic Mountain
24014: MANNERS, LADY VICTORIA - Matthew William Peters, R. A His Life and Works
23660: MANNING, HENRY EDWARD - Sermons
23559: MANNING, REV WM - The History of Congregationalism in Eccleshill
24783: MANSON, J.A - The Complete Bowler
23463: MANUEL, FRANK E - A Portrait of Issac Newton
23142: MAQSOOD, RUQAIYYAH WARIS - Gcse Islam - the Do-It-Yourself Guide
22482: MARCH, WILLIAM - The Tallons
21657: MARCH, IVAN - The Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music 20098
25291: MARDER, ARTHUR J - From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow the Royal Navy in the Fisher Era 1904-1919 Volume III Jutland and After
25289: MARDER, ARTHUR J - From the Dreadnought to Scapa Flow, Volume 1, 1904-194: The Road to War
24971: MARDERSTEIG, GIOVANNI - The Official Bodoni an Account of the Work of a Hand Press 1923 - 1977
24957: MAREK, GEORGE R - Cosima Wagner
22233: MARGOLIN, VICTOR & IRA BRICHTA - The Promise and the Product 200 Years of American Advertising Posters
20588: M., W.; MARIA, QUEEN HENRIETTA - The Compleat Cook and a Queen's Delight These Books Were First Published in 1655 As Two of a Trilogy Entitled the Queen's Closet Opened
23180: MARINELLI, MAURO - Old Timers the Italians
24188: MARKUS, RIXI - Aces and Places the International Bridge Circuit
20618: MARRIC, J.J - Gideon's Wrath
25154: MARSHALL, MRS A.B - Fancy Ices
23126: MARSHALL, WILLIAM - The Review and Abstract of the County Reports of the Board of Agriculture
21188: MARSHALL, JIM - Pens & Writing Equipment
21393: MARSOUIN (COL. DRAGE?) - Gazpacho or Recollections and Miscellanea
23277: MARTIN, JOHN - Bibliographical Catalogue of Privately Printed Books
25015: MARTIN, JOHN - Bibliographical Catalogue of Privately Printed Books
23569: HEWLETT & MARTIN - Tank Girl 3
21498: MARTINEZ, RUBEN (ESSAY) RODRIGUEZ, JOSPEH - Flesh Life Sex in Mexico City
23858: MARWICK, ARTHUR - A History of the Modern British Isles 1914-99: Circumstances, Events and Outcomes
24659: MASON, BILL (FORWARD) - Flying High New Circus in Bristol
24854: MASON, ARTHUR - The Flying Bo'Sun
22841: MASON, JAMES - The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice
24925: MASTERS, BRIAN (INTRO) & BOUR, VERONIQUE (ILLUSTRATOR) - French Short Stories (Classic Short Stories)
21624: MASTERS, ANTHONY - Bedlam
22808: MATTHEWS, JENNY - Children Growing Up with War
21727: MATTHEWS, PETER - The Guinness Book of Athletics Facts and Figures
21227: MATTHEWS, T - The Biography of John Gibson, R. A Sculptor, Romw
25807: MAUDE, AYLMER - The Life of Tolstoy. First Fifty Years; Later Years
25265: MAUGHAM, W.SOMERSET - A Writer's Notebook
23459: MAUNDERVILLE, SIR JOHN ( ASHTON, JOHN EDITED) - The Voiage and Travayle of Sir John Mauneville Knight Which Treateth of the Way Toward Hierusalem. . with Other Ilands and Countreys
20752: MAWER, A & STENTON F.M - The Place- Names of Buckinghamshire English Place Name Society Volume II
20746: MAWER, A, STENTON, F.M AND HOUGHTON, F.T.S - The Place-Names of Worcestershire
21162: MAXWELL, KENNETH - A Sexual Odyssey from Forbidden Fruit to Cybersex
23002: MAXWELL, W.H - The Life of Wellington
21001: MAYALL, COLIN - Around Crieff and Strathearn (Archive Photographs: Images of England)
24561: MAYER, S.L - Signal Years of Retreat Hitler's Wartime 1943-44 Picture Magazine
23431: MAYHEW, EDWARD - Dogs Their Management Being a New Plan of Treating the Animal
23190: MAYNE, NOEL - The Song of Songs. The Passionate Love Story of King Solomon and the Shulamite
22621: MC CORMACK, W.J (EDITOR) - Ferocious Humanism. An Anthology of Irish Poetry Before Swift to Yeats and After
21342: MCANDREW, IAN - Ian Mcandrew on Poultry and Game
24584: MCCALL, BERNARD - Coasters in Camera
25773: MCCALLUM, R.B & ALISON READMAN - The British General Election of 1945
20695: MCCARTNEY, PAUL J & BASSET, DOUGLAS A - Henry de la Beche: Observations on an Observer
23976: MCCOURT, EDWARD. - Remember Butler. The Story of Sir William Butler.
24945: MCCRAITH, L.M - The Romance of Irish Heroes
22429: MCDONALD, J.I.H - The Resurrection Narrative and Belief
25616: MCEWAN, IAN - In between the Sheets and Other Stories
22424: MCGANN, DIARMUID - Journeying Within Transcendence the Gospel of John Through a Jungian Perspective
25571: MCGUINNESS, JAMIE - Trekking in Langtang, Helambu and Gosainkund (Nepal Trekking Guide)
22925: MCKELL, IAIN. - Beautiful Britain.
21321: MCKINLEY, MARVIN - Wheels of Farm Progress
23548: MCLAUGHLIN, NELLIE - Out of Wonder the Evolving Story of the Universe
20601: MCLAUGHLIN, SIGRID - The Image of Women in Contemporary Soviet Fiction
22273: MCLOUGHLIN - The Encyclopedia of the Old West
20555: MCMILLIN, ARNOLD - From Pushkin to Palisandriia: Essays on the Russian Novel in Honour of Richard Freeborn (Studies in Russia & East Europe)
23669: MCMURTRIE, FRANCIS E - Ships of the Royal Navy with Forces of British Dominions Overseas
24984: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS - The Book the Story of Printing and Bookmaking.
23435: MCMURTRIE, FRANCIS E - The World's Warships 1948
21596: MCNEILL, WILLIAM H - Mythistory and Other Essays
25440: BALLINGER W A & WILFRED MCNEILLY. - The Ninth Sexton Blake Omnibus
22348: MCNISH, ROBIN - Iron Division the History of the Third Division
22934: J W MCTRUSTY - Mine Gases and Gas Testing
22926: MEAD, COLIN - Shadows of Sand a Photodocument of the Namib Desert Dunes
23828: O'MEARA, JOHN J - The First Version of the Topography of Ireland by Giraldus Cambrensis
23627: MEDVEI, VICTOR CORNELIUS & JOHN L THORNTON - Royal Hospital of Saint Bartholomew, 1123-1973
21010: MEEK, MARION - The Book of Wells
20958: MEGAW, J.V.S & SIMPSON, D.D.A - Introduction to British Prehistory
23547: MELFORD, MARK - Life in a Booth and Something More
22834: MENDELSOHN, ROY - Leaps Facing Risks in Offering a Constructive Therapeutic Response When Unusual Measures Are Necessary
23121: MEREDITH, GEORGE - Emilia in England
21426: MERRICK, RICE & CORBETT, JAMES ANDREW - A Book of Glamorganshires Antiquities
20850: MERRITT, NATACHA - Digital Diaries
21224: METCALFE, CRANSTOUN - Peeresses of the Stage
23261: MEYERS, JEFFREY - D.H. Lawrence a Biography
21407: MEYRICK, THOMAS - Life of St. Wenefred Patroness of North Wales and Shrewsbury
23215: MIALL, JAMES G - Congregationalism in Yorkshire
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24226: PADFIELD, PETER - Maritime Supremacy and the Opening of the Western Mind
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24866: PARSONS, HUW - A Brecon Revealed
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23777: PENN, WILLIAM - Fruits of a Father's Love Being the Advice of William Penn to His Children Relating to Their CIVIL and Religious Conduct
24642: PENROSE, HARALD - An Ancient Air a Biography of John Stringfellow of Chard
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23990: PHILLIPS - Maritime Auction
24140: PHILLIPS - Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Art
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23132: PHILPOTT, BRYAN - Eject! Eject!
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21307: PIGGOTTT, STUART - The Earliest Wheeled Transport from the Atlantic Coast to the Caspian Sea
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23977: PLUMPTRE, ANNABELLA ( A LADY ) - Domestic Management or the Healthful Cookery-Book to Which Is Prefixed a Treatise on Diet... Also Remarks on the Wholesome and Pernicious Modes of Cookery
23457: PLUMPTRE, KYRLE - Jettisoned
23854: POCOCK, TOM - Sailor King the Life of William IV
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21974: POSNER, GERALD L - War Lords of Crime Chinese Secret Societies
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22813: POWELL, MRS RICHARD - Edward Elgar Memories of a Variation
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23865: POWNALL, T - A Letter from Governor Pownall to Adam Smith
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24716: PRESCOTT, NORMAN S - Dual Heritage the Bible and the British Museum
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22019: PRICE, JOHN M - Stratford-Upon-Avon a Flora and Fauna
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21719: PRIEST, R.G (ED) - Psychiatry in Medical Practice
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21124: PUGH, PETER - A Clear and Simple Vision
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24868: PYKE, WILLIAM THOMAS - Conduct and Duty a Treasure-Book of Intellectual, Physical, Social and Moral Advice
25538: PYNE, W.H, & GRAY, C - Picturesque Groups for the Embellishment of Landscape, in a Series of Above One Thousand Subjects
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21456: QUINE, W.V - Methods of Logic
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21169: RAISTRICK, ARTHUR - West Riding of Yorkshire (the Making of the English Landscape)
22179: RAJAN, BALACHANDRA - The Prison and the Pinnacle Papers to Commemorate the Tercentenary of Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes
23312: RALEIGH, WALTER - The English Voyages of the Sixteenth Century
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22039: RANDALL, HOUSK & RAMSDEN - Radical Desire
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22654: RAPOPORT, PAUL - Opus Est - Six Composers from Northern Europe: Vermeulen, Holmboe, Brian, Pettersson, Valen, Sorabji
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25713: TOM RAWLING - Old Fire Station Poets a Sort of Killing
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20772: RAY, CHRISTOPHER - Time, Space and Philosophy
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21331: REEVES, JAMES - James Reeve Portraits
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23480: REICH, WILHELM & WOLFE, THEODORE P - Character Analysis
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23253: REID, RICHARD - Australians in Britain Two World Wars
20815: REID, CHARLES - The Music Monster. A Biography of James William Davison, Music Critic of the Times of London, 1846-78. With Excerpts from His Critical Writings
20613: REILLY, PATRICK - The Literature of Guilt: From Gulliver to Golding
21406: REISENFELD, ROBIN - The German Print Portfolio 1890-1930 Serials for a Private Sphere
22267: REISNER, MARC - Game Wars
22772: REISS, SONJA - My Beloved Thailand the Watercolour Paintings of Somjai Reiss
23532: REMINI, ROBERT V - Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars
20780: RENTON, ALICE - Tyrant or Victim a History of the British Governess
21487: GETHYN-JONES REV J.E - St. Mary's Church Kempley and Its Paintings Vol. 1 (a Case History, 1872-1958)
20884: REY, JACK - Peter Basch's Guide to Figure Photography
21050: REYNOLDS, DINAH - Worcester Porcelain (Ashmolean Handbooks)
25631: REYNOLDS, MARY T - Joyce and Dante the Shaping of the Imagination
23029: REYNTIENS, PATRICK - The Technique of Stained Glass
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21136: RICHARDS, THOMAS - A History of the Puritan Movement in Wales
23840: RICHARDS, WALTER - Her Majesty's Army, a Descriptive Account of the Various Regiments Now Comprising the Queen's Forces, from Their Establishment to the Present Time Vol. 1
25228: RICHARDS, ERIC - The Leviathan of Wealth the Sutherland Fortune in the Industrial Revolution
25493: RICHARDS, ERIC - A History of the Highland Clearances Agrarian Transformation and the Evictions 1746-1886
20676: RICHARDS, ANNA - The Wasting Heroine in German Fiction by Women 1770-1914
25545: RICHARDS, FRANK - Bunter the Ventriloquist
20993: RICHARDS, COLIN - New Directions in Primary Education
23945: RICHARDS, FRANK - Bunter the Ventriloquist
24731: RICHARDS, DENIS & SAUNDERS, HILARY ST - Royal Air Force 1939-1945 Three Vols Complete
24505: RICHARDS, CERI - Ceri Richards Themes and Variations: A Select Retrospective
21025: RICHARDS, BOB - Truro a History and Celebration
25546: RICHARDS, FRANK - Bunter Comes for Christmas
21266: RICHARDS, JOHN - Stagecoach the Real Story of Coaching Across the Land
20683: RICHARDSON, A EVA - The Moon Lady
22385: RICHARDSON, SAMUEL - Pamela
21708: RICHES, SAMANTHA - St George Hero, Martyr and Myth
25676: NIKOLAUS PEVSNER & IAN A RICHMOND - The Buildings of England Northumberland
20795: RICHTER, HANS-JOACHIM - Gouramis and Other Anabantoids
24098: RICKARDS, BARRIE - Best of Pikelines
25719: RIDER, CARDANUS. - Rider's British Merlin for the Year of Our Lord God 1806
21172: RIDLEY, MICHAEL. - The Megalithic Art of the Maltese Islands.
21305: MIKE RIEMEL - Flyer Soziotope: Topography of a Media Phenomenon
22528: RILEY, PETER - A Bibliography of T.F. Powys.
23360: RILEY, W - Witch Hazel
22314: RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAY - My Musical Life
24785: RISK, ROBERT K & BATEMAN H.M - Songs of the Links
23479: RITCHIE, EDWARD - The Winds of Grief
21420: RIVERS, JOHN - Greuze and His Models
20963: RIZZO, RAYMOND - The Total Actor
21597: ROBB, FRANK MALDON - The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon
23860: ROBERTS, STEPHEN K - The Letter-Book of John Byrd Customs Collector in South-East Wales
25694: ROBERTS, GRAHAM - The Shaping of Modern Hereford
23467: ROBERTS, SIR RANDAL H. BART - Curb and Snaffle
23452: ROBERTSON, W.S - Lubrication in Practice
23009: ROBERTSON, SCOTT - Model Ships from Scratch
21035: ROBINS, NICK - The Last Steamers
25135: ROBINSON, EMMA - Caesar Borgia a Historical Romance by the Author of "Whitefriars"
23256: ROBINSON, CHRIS - Elizabethan Plymouth a Pictorial Review
25793: ROBINSON, JANE - Wayward Women: A Guide to Women Travellers
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23424: ROBINSON, CAPTAIN E.H - The Pistol in War. Training with Revolver and Self-Loading Pistol
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21268: ROCHE, T.W.E - A Shipman's Tale Reminiscences of Ships of Devon from the 1920's to the Present Day
20945: RODGER, NAM (INTRO) & SPAVENS, WILLIAM - The Narrative of William Spavens a Chatham Pensioner by Himself
24215: RODGER, N.A.M - The Wooden World an Anatomy of the Georgian Navy
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23979: ROGERS, NATHAN - Memoirs of Monmouthshire
21665: ROGERS, STANLEY - Barenetha Rock a True Mystery-Drama of Mid Atlantic
24654: ROGERS, LT COLONEL G.G - Colloquial Nepali
23195: ROLAND, ARTHUR - Farming for Pleasure and Profit
25008: ROLLE, RICHARD - Richard Rolle Uncollected Prose and Verse
24761: ROMANY,BRANWELL EVENS - Romany Muriel and Doris
21590: ROMEIN, JAN - The Asian Century a History of Modern Nationalism in Asia
21621: ROOSE-EVANS, JAMES - Experimental Theatre from Stanislavsky to Today
22389: ROOSE-EVANS, JAMES & BRIAN ROBB (ILLUST) - The Secret of Tippity Witchit
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21736: ROS, MRS AMANDA MCKITTRICK - Irene Iddesleigh
23558: ROSCOE, THOMAS - Wanderings and Excurions in North Wales
21139: ROSE, JUNE - Marie Stopes and the Sexual Revolution
21340: ROSE, AARON - Photographs
22838: ROSENBLATT, JULIA CARLSON & SONNENSCHMIDT, FREDERIC H - Dining with Sherlock Holmes a Baker Street Cookbook
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21544: ROSSLEY-HOLLAND, NICOLE - Living and Dining in Medieval Paris the Household of a Fourteenth Century Knight
24953: ROTA, ANTHONY - Books in the Blood
20881: ROWETT, LOUISA - Sexual Harmony
22496: ROWNTREE, JOSEPH & SHERWELL, ARTHUR - State Prohibition and Local Option
23471: ROY, GEORGE - Generalship; or How I Managed My Husband
21141: ROYLE, TREVOR - The Story of Literary Edinburgh Precipitous City
20691: RUBINGTON, EARL & WEINBERG, MARTIN S - Deviance the Interactionalist Perspective
25254: RUBINSTEIN, W.D - Capitalism Culture and Decline in Britain 1750-1990
25622: RUFER, JOSEF - The Works of Arnold Schoenberg. A Catalogue of His Compositions, Writings & Paintings.
21076: RUMSEY, MURRAY - Rhyme and Reason
24930: RUSKIN, JOHN, & MORRIS, JAN (ED) - The Stones of Venice
25652: RUSKIN) HUNT, JOHN DIXON. - The Wider Sea. A Life of John Ruskin
24861: RUSKIN, JOHN - The Elements of Perspective Arranged for the Use of Schools and Intended to Be Read in Connexion with the First Three Books of Euclid
21174: RUSSELL, JOHN - The Kennet & Avon Canal a Journey from Newbury to Bath in 1964
22856: BERTRAND RUSSELL - The Analysis of Mind
24099: RUVILLE, ALBERT VON - William Pitt Earl of Chatham
22172: RYAN, WILLIAM L AND SAM SUMMERLIN - The China Cloud the Untold Story of China's Rise to Nuclear Power
24630: RYAN, ALAN - The Philosophy of John Stuart MILL
22568: RYNNE, ETIENE - Figures from the Past Studies on Figurative Art in Christian Ireland
20638: SADLER, LOUISA - Welsh Syntax: A Government-Binding Approach
21464: SAKAYAN, DORA - Armenian Proverbs a Paremiological Study with an Anthology of 2,500 Armenian Folk Sayings
25227: SALA, GEORGE AUGUSTUS - Twice Round the Clock; or, the Hours of the Day and Night in London (the Victorian Library)
24537: SALAMON, F - A Collector's Guide to Prints and Printmakers from Durer to Picasso
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25213: WILLIAM SALT - Collections for a History of Staffordshire Edited by the William Salt Archaeological Society , 1928
23896: SALTER, MIKE - The Castles of North Wales
23980: SALTER, MIKE - Old Parish Churches of Gwent, Glamorgan & Gower
23247: SAMAIN, BRYAN - Commando Men the Story of a Royal Marine Commando in World War Two
22645: SAMUEL, IAN - An Astonishing Fellow. The Life of General Sir Robert Wilson
22603: SANDERS, J.N & MASTIN, B.A - The Gospel According to St. John
25232: SANDERS, ANDREW - The Victorian Historical Novel 1840-1880
23622: SANGSTER, ANDREW - Diary of a Parish Priest
22434: SANTUCCI, LUIGI - Wrestling with Christ
25718: SARAH COVE, JOHN GAUGE ETC - Constable the Great Landscapes
23409: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL - Three Plays - Crime Passionnel, Men without Shadows, the Respectable Prostitute
25748: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man
25749: SASSOON , SIEGFRIED - Memoirs of an Infantry Officer
22063: SAUTER, NICK, NEWMAN, STUART - The Creative Director's Sourcebook
24609: SAVAGE, RICHARD HENRY - An Awkward Meeting
25742: SAVAGE-LANDOR, A HENRY - In the Forbidden Land an Account of a Journey in Tibet
20787: SAVORY, JOHN - A Compendium of Domestic Medicine and Companion to the Medicine Chest... . Appendix on Cod-Liver Oil
22941: SAVORY, H.N - Excavations at Dinorben, 1965-9
21344: SAWARD, GRAHAM - Fire Fighting in Suffolk 2 Vols
20563: SAWYER, JAMES E - Why Reaganomics and Keynesian Economics Failed
22146: SAYLES, G.O. - The King's Parliament of England.
21579: SCARROW, SIMON - Fire and Sword
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24989: SCHLESINGER, KATHLEEN - Instruments of the Modern Orchestra and Early Records of the Precursor of the Violin Famiy
24661: FRANK SCHLOESSER - The Cult of the Chafing Dish
20644: SCHMIDT, CLARA - Typographic Decoration
21557: SCHOENBAUM, S - William Shakespeare a Compact Documentary Life
23186: SCHOTZ, S.P - Synthetic Organic Compounds
22576: SCHUMANN, ROBERT - On Music and Musicians
24069: SCHUSTER, MAURITIUS - Catullus Veronensis Liber
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25784: SCHUTZ, BERNHARD - Great Cathedrals of the Middle Ages
22817: SCHWARTZ, PEDRO - The New Political Economy of J.S. MILL
20949: SCHWEIZER, KARL W & OSBORNE, JOHN W - Cobbett in His Time
21777: SCOLOPAX - A Book of the Snipe
23202: SCOTT, GEORGE - The Memoires of Sir James Melvil of Hal-Hill Containing an Impartial Account of the Most Remarkable Affairs of State
25728: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Works Waverley Novels 28 Vols Bound in 12
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21011: SCOTT, WALTER - Familiar Letters of Sir Walter Scott. In Two Volumes. Complete
22970: SCOTT, BRYAN O - The Principles and Practice of Diathermy
21441: SCOTT, A.C - Chinese Costume in Transition
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21068: SCRASE, TONY - Wells a Small City
25645: SEAGER, ROBIN - Tiberius
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24604: SEAL, JEREMY - The Snakebite Survivors' Club: Travels Amongst Serpents
22583: SEARLE, HUMPHREY - Hector Berlioz a Selection from His Letters
22535: SECRET , JEAN - Castles in Perigord
25042: SEDILLOT, JEAN-JACQUES & LOUIS-AMELIE - Traite Des Instruments Astronomiques Des Arabes. : Teilubersetzung Des Gami Al-Mabadi Wa-L-Gayat Von Al-Marrakusi, 7. /13 Jahrhundert
22178: SEDLEY, CHARLES - The Faro Table or the Gambling Mothers
23326: SEDURO, VLADIMIR - Dostoevski's Image in Russia Today
24982: SELWYN, DAVID G - The Library of Thomas Cranmer
22275: SENDEROVICH, SAVELY & SENDICH, MUNIR - Russian Language Journal This Issue Devoted to Studies in the Age of Puskin and Gogol
22457: SESSER, STAN - The Lands of Charm and Cruelty
23165: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
23166: SETH, VIKRAM - An Equal Music
21717: SETON-THOMPSON, ERNEST - The Trail of the Sandhill Stag
21782: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON - Lives of the Hunted
21626: SEVERN, FOREPOINT - The Blind Road
25051: SEYMOUR, M.C (EDITOR) SIR JOHN MANDEVILLE - The Egerton Version of Mandeville's Travels (Early English Text Society Original Series)
23156: SEYMOUR, THOMAS DAY - Life in the Homeric Age
24214: SEYMOUR, DERYCK - The Magic Triangle South of the Teign Estuary
24717: SHACKLETON, ERNEST - The Heart of the Antarctic, Being the Story of the British Antarctic Expedition 1907-1909
24102: SHACKLETON, SIR ERNEST - The Heart of the Antarctic
22349: SHADE, RODERICK N & ARANGO, JORGE S - Harlem Style Designing for the New Urban Aesthetic
21612: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM COWL, R.P & MORGAN A.E (EDITORS) - The Works of Shakespeare the First Part of Henry the Fourth
25025: SHANKER, V.A AND S.G - Ludwig Wittgenstein Critical Assesments Volume Five a Wittgenstein Bibliography
21402: SHANKS, HERSHEL - Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls
21567: SHANNON, DELL - With a Vengeance
21568: SHANNON, DELL - Chance to Kill
22025: SHANSKY, JEAN M - Bread and Dripping Poverty in the 1930's Book Two
22714: SHARP, HENRY S. - The Transformation of Bigfoot Maleness, Power and Belief Among the Chipewan.
25578: SHARP, ARTHUR - The Lure of the Float
21040: SHARPE, MICHAEL - Samurai Battles: From the Invasion of Korea to the Battle of Vemo
25508: SHARPLES, JOSEPH - Pevsner Architectural Guides Liverpool
25445: SHAW, MARGUERITE - A Scrapbook of Abersychan Talywaun, Garndiffaith and Varteg 1832-1982
21293: SHEEHAN, J.EASTMAN - Plastic Surgery of the Nose
21467: SHELDON, PETER & RICHARD TOMKINS - Roadways the History of Swindon's Street Names
21057: SHENG, HU - From the Opium War to the May Fourth Movement. 2 Volumes
24612: JAN STRUTHER & ERNEST SHEPARD - The Modern Struwwelpeter
22718: SHEPHERD, NAOMI - The Zealous Intruders from Napoleon to the Dawn of Zionism
22214: SHEPPARD, CHARLES - Railway Stations Masterpieces of Architecture
21205: SHERWOOD MRS. - The History of John Marten, a Sequel to the Life of Henry Milner.
21206: SHERWOOD, MRS - The History of Henry Milner a Little Boy Who Was Not Brought Up According to the Fashions of the World
20565: SHIELDS, JON - Conquering Unemployment: The Case for Economic Growth
23493: SHIPMAN, MALCOLM - Fairleigh and the Shippeys
22032: SHIPSEY, TIM AND CAROLINE - Images of Exmoor
20554: SHIRAISHI, TAKASHI & TSURU, SHIGETO - Economic Institutions in a Dynamic Society: Search for a New Frontier (International Economic Association)
21468: SHISHKOFF S, MATEJKA, L - Readings in Soviet Semiotics (Russian Texts)
25568: SHOESMITH, RON & JOHNSON, ANDY - Ludlow Castle Its History & Buildings
25125: SHORE, HENRY N - Smuggling Days and Smuggling Ways or the Story of a Lost Art
22471: SHOWELL, C - Shakespeare's Avon from Source to Severn
24848: SHOWLER, KARL - James Atlay: Hereford's Forgotten Bishop 1868-1894
24856: SHREWSBURY, H.W - The Visions of an Artist Studies in G.F. Watts R.A. , O.M.
21730: SHUKMAN, HAROLD - Stalin's Generals
22543: SIBORNE, H,T - Waterloo Letters (Napoleonic Library)
21289: JEANLOUP SIEFF - Jeanloup Sieff Erotic Photography
22151: SILCOCK, ARNOLD - A Background for Beauty
24795: ALBERTO SILIOTTI - The Discovery of Ancient Egypt
23386: SILVER, A HENRY - Graphograms for Instant Analysis of Character Through Hand Writing.
21398: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Golden Dream Seekers of el Dorado
24792: SILVERS, ROBERT & EPSTEIN, BARBARA - The Company They Kept Writers on Unforgettable Friendships
22664: SIMENON, GEORGES - The Blue Room
24468: SIMMONS, MAJOR GENERAL - A British Rifle Man Journals and Correspondence During the Peninsular War and the Campaign of Wellington

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