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22770: CROFTS, BRUCE - At Satan's Throne Story of Methodism in Bath
24828: CROKER, B.M - Proper Pride a Novel
21470: CROMER, RICHARD F - Language and Thought in Normal and Handicapped Children
25659: CROMPTON, RICHMAL - Just William's Luck
25660: CROMPTON, RICHMAL - William
21000: CROSS, TONY - Alton (Archive Photographs: Images of England)
23146: CROSS, AMANDA - No Word from Winifred
22035: CROSSING, WILLIAM - Amid Devonia's Alps
20985: CROSSING, WM - Gems in a Granite Setting
22999: CROSSING, WILLIAM - The Ancient Crosses of Dartmoor
25122: CROUTIER, ALEV LYTLE - Harem the World Behind the Veil
25598: CRUFT, KITTY, JOHN DUNBAR AND RICHARD FAWCETT - The Buildings of Scotland Borders
25183: CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE - Three Courses and a Dessert: Comprising Three Sets of Tales
24256: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK - Cruikshankiana an Assemblage of the Most Celebrated Works of George Cruikshank
23243: CRUM, MARGARET - First-Line Index of English Poetry 1500-1800 in Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library Oxford
20766: CULE, JOHN - Wales and Medicine
24528: CUMBERLAND, R - The British Drama a Collection of the Most Esteemed Dramatic Productions, with Biography of the Respective Authors and Critique on Each Play
22981: CUMMING, ALEXANDER CHARLES - The Manufacture of Hydrochloric Acid and Saltcake
22351: CUNLIFFE, BARRY - Iron Age Communities in Britain
20924: CUNLIFFE, BARRY - Excavations at Portchester Castle Vol. 1 Roman
22740: CUNNINGHAM, PATRICIA A & LAB, SUSAN VOSO - Dress in American Culture
22967: CUPPLES, MRS GEORGE - The Adventures of Mark Willis a Tale for Boys
23589: CURLING, CAPTAIN - The Forest Youth or, Shakspere As He Lived
20589: CURRAN, NOEL - The Philosophy of Mathematics and Natural Laws: Another Copernican Revolution
24778: CURTIS, MARY - The Antiquities of Laugharne, Pendine and Their Neighbourhoods
25110: CURTIS, ROBERT EMERSON - Building the Bridge
22500: CUSHMAN, KEITH - D.H. Lawrence at Work the Emergence of the Prussian Officer Stories
22217: CUZIN, JEAN-PIERRE - Raphael His Life and Works
23513: DAGLISH, E FITCH - The Book of the Dachshund
25005: DAHL, FOLKE - A Bibliography of English Corantos and Periodical Newspapers 1620-1642
20724: DAINTON, COURTNEY - The Story of England's Hospitals
25657: DALE, PETER (TRANS) JULES LAFORGUE - Poems of Jules Laforgue
20811: DALE, DARLEY - Naomi's Transgression
23198: DALRYMPLE, JOHN - An Essay Towards a General History of Feudal Property in Great Britain
23543: DALRYMPLE, SIR JOHN - Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland from the Dissolution of Parliament of Charles II Till the Capture of the French and Spanish Fleets at Vigo
20981: DAMASE, JOEL (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Couleur Auvergne
22238: DAMBRILL-DAVIES, MRS - Dacie Darlingsea Breezy Carols and Summer Sea-Drift
23530: DANIEL, HAWTHORNE - Ships of the Seven Seas
23380: DARKE, JO - The Monument Guide to England and Wales. A National Portrait in Bronze and Silver
23294: DARLINGTON, BETH - The Love Letters of William and Mary Wordsworth
24844: DARWIN, CHARLES - The Origin of Species and the Voyage of the Beagle (Everyman's Library Classics)
24777: DARWIN, BERNARD - The Golfer's Manual: 1857
25743: DARWIN, BERNARD - Pack Clouds Away
20679: DAVEY, JOCELYN - A Touch of Stage Fright
24916: DAVID, ELIZABETH & SOPHIE MACCARTHY, - French Provincial Cooking
24917: DAVID, ELIZABETH - Italian Food
21222: DAVIDSON, JOHN - Godfrida a Play in Four Acts
21371: DAVIDSON, ROGER - Whitehall and the Labour Problem in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Britain: A Study in Official Statistics and Social Control
21060: DAVIES, RUPERT & GEORGE, A RAYMOND & RUPP, GORDON (EDITORS) - A History of the Methodist Church in Great Britain Vols 1-3
20948: DAVIES, REV JAMES (HESIOD) & NEAVES, LORD - Hesiod and Theognis & Greek Anthology
23293: DAVIES, GWYN - Hugh the Blacksmith
21084: DAVIES, HENRY - Coal Mining a Reader for Primary Schools and Evening Classes
22150: DAVIES, STAN & PETER THOMAS - The Exe Estuary Wildlife in Camera
24277: DAVIES, D.J - Brycheiniog Volume VIII
24849: DAVIES, CELIA - Brian Hatton a Biography of the Artist(1887-1916)
24899: DAVIES, W.H & EDWARD GARNETT - Selected Poems of W.H. Davies
21099: HADLAND DAVIS F - Myths and Legends of Japan
21093: DAVIS, BOB - Oriental Odyssey
21463: DAVIS, MOLLIE - The History of Winson a Cotswold Village C. 300bc-Ad 1914
23802: DAVISON, G.S - Racing Reminiscences by Riders of the Past and Present,
21638: DAVYDD - The Signpost
21510: DAWSON, J.W - Commerce and Customs a History of the Ports of Newport and Carleon
25624: DAY, HAROLD - Constable Drawings
25804: DAY, SON & HEWITT - Half Crown Key to Farriery
21267: DAY, ANTHONY - Fen and Marshland Villages
23245: DEAN, MICHAEL - Friends in High Places Close Encounters of Another Kind
22263: DEAN , ANDREW ( AKA CICILY SIDGWICK) - The Grasshoppers
20936: DEANE, ANTHONY - Nelson's Favourite Hms Agamemnon at War 1781-1809
25492: DEARDEN, JAMES S - Ruskin, Bembridge and Brantwood: The Growth of the Whitehouse Collection
22881: VAN AKIN BURD & JAMES S DEARDEN - A Tour to the Lakes in Cumberland John Ruskin's Diary for 1830
22826: DEAS, STUART - In Defence of Hanslick
21622: DEBRECZENY, PAUL (EDITOR) - American Contributions to the Ninth International Congress of Slavists Kiev, September 1983 Vol. II Literature, Poetics, History
25574: DEBRETT - Debrett's Baronetage, Knightage and Companionage 1912
23494: DEFOE, DANIEL & PAT RODGER (EDITOR) & MCBRIDE, SIMON (PHOTOS) - A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain
23204: DEFOE, DANIEL - A Plan of the English Commerce Being a Compleat Prospect of the Trade of This Nation, As Well the Home Trade As the Foreign
22953: DEL MAR, NORMAN - Richard Strauss a Critical Commentary on His Life and Works
21744: DELACOUR, JEAN - Gardens of Delight
21745: DELACOUR, JEAN - The Waterfowl of the World Volume Two
21746: DELACOUR, JEAN - The Waterfowl of the World Volume One
23392: DELANY, RUTH - A Celebration of 250 Years of Ireland's Inland Waterways
22162: DELDERFIELD, R.F. - The Golden Millstones Napoleon's Brothers and Sisters.
22155: DEMETRIADI, M (EDITOR) - St. Peter's College Radley Register 1847-1947
23356: DENNEY, REV. A.H - Militaria Collecting Print and Manuscript
23161: DENNISON, STEPHANIE AND LISA SHAW - Popular Cinema in Brazil 1930-2001
24775: DENT, ROBERT K, HILL, JOSEPH - Historic Staffordshire
21181: DERRETT, J.DUNCAN M - Jesus's Audience
22221: DERRY, RAMSAY & BATEMAN, ROBERT - The World of Robert Bateman
24860: DERVILLE, M.TEICHMAN - The Level and the Liberty of Romney Marsh in the County of Kent
25724: DEWES, SIMON - Doctors of Murder
21754: DEWEY, CLIVE - The Passing of Barchester a Real Life Version of Trollope
20685: DEXTER, COLIN - The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
25184: DIBDIN, THOMAS & DIBDIN, CHARLES (GEORGE CRUIKSHANK ILLUSTRATED) - Songs of the Late Charles Dibdin; with a Memoir
25059: DICHTER, HARRY AND ELLIOTT SHAPIRO - Early American Sheet Music. Its Lure and Its Lore 1768-1889. Including a Directory of Early American Music Publishers.
22029: DICK, JOHN HENRY & SALIM ALI & S DILLON RIPLEY - A Pictorial Guide to Birds of the Indian Subcontinent
25808: DICKENS, CHARLE - Illustrated Library Edition 30 Volumes Complete Set
25181: DICKENS, CHARLES - David Copperfield,the Personal History of
25157: DICKENS, CHARLES - Bleak House
25158: DICKENS, CHARLES - Little Dorrit
24697: DICKENS, CHARLES - Dombey and Son, Dealings with the Firm of
23801: DICKENS, CHARLES - Hunted Down a Story by Charles Dickens. With Some Account of Thomas Griffiths Wainewright, the Poisoner.
24693: DICKENS, CHARLES. - Oliver Twist.
25690: DICKENS, CHARLES. - Martin Chuzzlewit.
24779: DICKENS, MARY ANGELA - Cross Currents a Novel
25556: DICKENS, CHARLES - Charles Dickens the Works 22 Volumes Complete in 17
25788: DICKENS, CHARLES - Sketches by Boz Illustrative of Everyday Life
24720: DICKENS, CHARLES - All the Year Round a Weekly Journal Volumes 7 & 8
24616: DICKINSON, GARY - Clwyd Rock
20802: DICKSON, RICHARD ESQ - A Practical Exposition of the Law of Wills, with Plain Instructions and Advice to Testators
23689: DIDI, CDISTIANO - Europa Orientalis XXVII Studi E Ricerche Sui Paesi E le Culture Dell'Est Europeo
23405: DIGBY,KENELM HENRY - The Broad Stone of Honour: Or the True Sense and Practice of Chivalry Tancredus/ Godefridus
21210: JAN FRANS VAN DIJKHUIZEN - Devil Theatre: Demonic Possession and Exorcism in English Renaissance Drama, 1558-1642
20961: DILLON, MARTIN - The Enemy Within the Ira's War Against the British
23821: DINGLEY, HUMPHREY - Touchers and Rubs on Ye Anciente Royale Game of Bowles: A Series of Notes, Facts, Records, and Comments, Touching the Development of the Game of Bowls, from Ancient Times to the Present Day. With over Sixty Illustrations Specially Prepared [Etc. ]
25028: DINGLEY, PAULINE - Historic Books on Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry
23724: DIRCKS, HENRY - The Life, Times and Scientific Labours of the Second Marquis of Worcester : To Which Is Added, a Reprint of His Century of Inventions, 1663, with a Commentary Thereon
23311: DOBREE, BONAMY - Three Eighteenth Century Figures. Sarah Churchill, John Wesley and Giacomo Casanova
25577: DODD, MAJOR G.L & GREG, BARBARA GREG - A Fisherman's Log
25576: DODD, MAJOR G.L & GREG, BARBARA GREG - A Fisherman's Log
22470: DODGSON, CAMPBELL (PREFACE) - German Woodcuts and Metal Cuts of the Fifteenth Century in the British Museum
22476: DOLPHIN, DELIA - Come, Ride with Me Being a Small Book on Saddle Horses & Riding for Pleasure
24993: DONATION DOMINI - Chymica Vannus. Alchemy or the Dreamed Science with an Introductory Essay by Jacques Van Lennep.
21046: ENRICO DONATI: - Surrealism and Beyond
24235: DONEUX, CAPT JACQUES - They Arrived by Moonlight
22997: DONINGTON, ROBERT - The Rise of Opera
23124: DONNE, T.E - The Maori Past and Present. An Account of a Highly Attractive, Intelligent People, Their Doubtful Origin, Their Customs and Ways of Living, Art, Methods of Warfare, Hunting & Other Characteristics Mental & Physical. ,
24887: O'DONNELL, ELLIOTT - Phantoms of the Night
24097: DONOVAN, DON - Country Churches of New Zealand
23523: DOONER, MILDRED G - The Last Post Roll of All Officers (Naval, Military and Colonial) Who Gave Their Lives in the South African War, 1899-1902
23406: DOUCH, JOHN - Smuggling Rough, Rude Men a History of Old-Time Kentish Smuggling
23784: DOUGHTY, ELLIS - The Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti to His Publisher, F.S. Ellis
24272: DOUGLAS, GEORGE - The House with the Green Shutters
20784: DOW, DEREK A - The Influence of Scottish Medicine
24992: DOYE, FRANZ VON SALES - Die Alten Trachten Der Mannlichen Und Weiblichen Orden
23227: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Mystery of Cloomer
23895: DRAKE, RICHARD - Byzantium for Rome the Politics of Nostalgia in Umbertian Italy, 1878-1900
23671: DRESSEL, JOACH IM & GRIEHL, MANFRED - Fighters of the Luftwaffe
20704: DRUCKER, PETER F - The New Society
20734: DRUMMOND, JOHN D - Opera in Perspective
25534: DUANE, O.B - African Myths and Legends
22613: DUFF, ANDREW - Beetles of Somerset
22733: DUFFY, CAROL ANN - A Folio Anthology of Poetry
21106: DUFFY, MAUREEN - A Thousand Capricious Chances a History of the Methuen List 1889-1989
23824: DUGGAN, MONA - Ormskirk the Making of a Modern Town
20680: DUGMORE, MAJOR A RADCLYFFE - The Workers in the Wilds Being an Account of the Life and Work of the Beaver
21989: DUIGAN, W.H. - Warwickshire Place Names.
22012: DUKES, PAUL - A History of Russia C. 882-1996
24951: DULCI, UTILE - The Benefits Moral and Secular of Assassination
22608: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Marguerite de Valois
25554: DUNCAN, JODY - The Winston Effect the Art and History of Stan Winston Studio
20652: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR - Art Nouveau Sculpture
21343: DUNCAN, RONALD - Abelard and Heloise a Correspondence for the Stage in Two Acts
20694: DUNLOP, SANDY - The Golfing Bodymind
24179: DUNNE, J PATRICK AND ALBERT A OSTROW - Championship Bridge As Played by the Experts
20966: DUNSANY, LORD (EDWARD PLUNKETT) - The Chronicles of Rodriguez
20969: DUNSANY, LORD (EDWARD PLUNKETT) - The Odes of Horace
22191: DUNWICH, GERINA - The Wicca Source Book
25583: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Mountolive, Volume Three of the Alexandria Quartert
25584: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Clea , Volume Four of the Alexandria Quartert
25585: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Justine , Volume One of the Alexandria Quartert
22572: DUTT, W.A. PATTERSON, ARTHUR - A Guide to the Norfolk Broads: Being Part I of "the Norfolk Broads"
24796: VAN DUZER, HENRY SAYRE - A Thackeray Library First Editions and First Publications
24573: DYER, JOHN (PHOTOGRAPHS) & LIONEL SOSA (PAINTINGS) - El Vaquero Real the Original American Cowboy
22024: EADIE, M.J - The Flowering of a Waratah
21625: EAGLETON, TERRY - The Function of Criticism
24987: CHRISTIES EAST - The Russian Library of an American Collector
20960: EASTMAN, ROSEMARY - The Kingfisher
23614: EATON, EVELYN - The Hours of Isis Based on the Legend of Isis with Illustratons
21637: ECKE, HEINZ - Four Spies Speak
20738: ECKSTEIN, HARRY - The English Health Service Its Origins, Structure and Achievements
24615: ECLIPSE, TENBY - The Eclipse Album of Tenby and Neighbourhood
23172: BOND EDGAR - Showcard Lay-out and Design
21915: CHRISTIES AT THE ROYAL COURT OF PHYSICIANS EDINBURGH - British and Continental Silver / Objects of Art Eastern Rugs and Carpets, English and Continental Furniture
25499: EDMONDS, SIR JAMES E - History of the Great War Based on Official Documents... Military Operations France and Belgium, 1915
25478: EDWARDES, ERNEST L - The Grandfather Clock an Archaeological and Descriptive Essay on the Long-Case Clock
20596: EDWARDS, MICHAEL - Towards a Christian Poetics
22935: EDWARDS, JANE - Jane Edwards 1792 - 1868 Her Recollections of Old Sevenoaks
22699: EDWARDS, REV N - Medieval Tutbury
23970: EDWARDS, BRUCE - Rachel Noble's Experience
23727: EDWARDS, SYDENHAM - The New Botanic Garden, Illustrated with One Hundred and Thirty-Three Plants, Engraved by Sansom, from the Original Pictures, and Coloured with the Greatest Exactness from Drawings by Sydenham Edwards
23393: EDWARDS, MICHAEL B - Impressions of Bristol
24428: EDWARDS, P.D - Anthony Trollope His Art and Scope
24417: EISEL, JOHN AND FRANK BENNETT - The Pubs of Hay-on-Wye and the Golden Valley
20610: INCLEDON G.E & ELEANOR E - Superior and Household Cookery
22544: ELIOT, T.S - On Poetry and Poets
22945: ELIOT, HOWARD - A Waterhen's Worlds
25262: ELIOT, T.S - The Waste Land and Other Poems
20714: ELLIOT, MAJOR E.R - Royal Pioneers 1945-1993
21768: ELLIOT, VIVIAN - Dear Mr Shaw Selections from Bernard Shaw's Postbag
21589: ELLIOT, G.F.SCOTT - Chile Its History and Development
23687: ELLIOTT, NANCY - And So to School a Study of Schooling in Ewyas Harold
22963: ELLIOTT, DR CHARLES - Classical Homoeopathy
22548: ELLIS, CHRIS - A Collectors' Guide to the History and Uniforms of Das Heer: The German Army 1933-45
21154: ELLIS, WALTER - The Oxbridge Conspiracy How the Ancient Universities Have Kept Their Stranglehold on the Establishment
23383: ELLIS, DON - Medway Yacht Club the First Hundred Years 1880 - 1980
25747: ELLIS, A.R (EDITOR) LASHLY - Under Scott's Command Lashly's Antarctic Diaries
25281: ELRINGTON, C.R - The Victoria History of the County of Stafford Volume VI
25280: ELRINGTON, C.R - The Victoria History of the County of Stafford Volume XIV
25279: ELRINGTON, C.R - The Victoria History of the County of Stafford Volume II with Index to Volumes 1 and II
25278: ELRINGTON, C.R - The Victoria History of the County of Stafford Volume XVII
23233: ELSNER, ELEANOR - Romantic France
21347: EMBLETON, G.A & MAY, ROBIN - Wolfe's Army
25134: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - The Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson
21576: EMERSON, R.W - Character
21179: EML [LAWSON, EMILY L] - Rina Cliffe a Village Character
22677: EMMET, ROSINA - Pretty Peggy and Other Ballads
24285: EMMONS, TERENCE - Russian Landed Gentry and the Peasant Emancipation of 1861
25682: KARLMARX FREDERICK ENGELS - Marx-Engels-Werke Band 3: 1845-1846
25609: KARL MARX AND FRIEDRICH ENGELS - Werke 26/1: Theorien über Den Mehrwert. Teil 1
25610: KARL MARX AND FRIEDRICH ENGELS - Werke 26/2: Theorien über Den Mehrwert. Teil 2
25611: KARL MARX AND FRIEDRICH ENGELS - Werke 26/2: Theorien über Den Mehrwert. Teil 3
24111: ENGLEFIELD, CICELY - Bert the Sparrow
25276: ERLINGTON, C.R (EDITOR) - A History of Shropshire: Volume XI: Telford (Victoria County History)
21721: ERNST, SHEILIA & GOODISON, LUCY - In Our Own Hands a Book of Group Therapy
22356: ESSLIN - Illustrated Encyclopaedia of World Theatre
21204: L'ESTRANGE, REV A.G (EDITOR) - The Life of Mary Russell Mitford... Related in a Selection from Her Letters to Her Friends
21052: DAVIES O ETC - Y Greal Sef Cychgrawn Misol at Wasanaeth y Bedyddwyr
22695: EUWE, DR M - From My Games
22779: SCHRAMM-EVANS - Making out: Book of Lesbian Sex
22176: EVANS, EDWARD - Gentleman's Relish. A Landowner in the Twentieth Century World
24889: EVANS, LESLIE - A Herefordshire Life the Life and Times of Leslie Evans Bell Ringer, Musician, Craftsman and Countryman
20824: EVANS, SILVAN - Trilogy of the Spirit the Later Barres
20560: EVANS, MICHAEL - Claude Simon and the Transgressions of Modern Art
25792: EVANS, LISA - East Lynne (Oberon Modern Plays)
24628: EVANS, GEORGE EWART - Where Beards Wag the Relevance of the Oral Tradition
22017: EVANS, MIKE - The Art of the Beatles
21228: EVANS, HOWELL T - The Making of Modern Wales
21552: EVASDOTTIR, ERIKAS E.S - Obedient Autonomy Chinese Intellectuals and the Achievement of Orderly Life
24766: BRAMWELL EVENS - Romany in the Country
21132: EVERARD, K.B - Developing Management in Schools
21231: EWARD, SUZANNE MARY - A Catalogue of Gloucester Cathedral Library
23688: EWYAS HAROLD RESEARCH GROUP & SPRACKLING, G (INTRO) - Field and Furrow a Local Farm Study
22453: FABB, JOHN - The British Empire from Photographs Africa
24680: FAIRLEY, ROB (EDITOR) - Jemima the Paintings of a Victorian Lady
24416: FAIRS, GEOFFREY L - Annals of a Parish a Short History of Hay-on-Wye
23836: FALK, JOHN R - The Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training
23354: FANCHON, ERIC, GEISSLER, HODEAU ETC - Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for Condensed Matter Studies
20875: FARACE, JOE - Part-Time Glamour Photography - Full-Time Income
23183: FARLEIGH, FRANK - Graven Image an Autobiographical Text Book
25148: FARLEY, JOHN - The London Art of Cookery and Housekeeper's Complete Assistant. . Inscribed Copy
21440: FARR, GRAHAME - The Steamship Great Britain
25436: FARR, MARTYN - Darkworld the Secrets of Llangattock Mountain
20786: FARROW, STEPHEN - The Public Health Challenge
23584: FARROW, JO - The World in My Heart: A Personal Exploration of Spirituality and Awareness
24928: FAULKS, SEBASTIAN - Birdsong
25722: FAY, E.S - The Life of Mr Justice Swift
20631: FEDERICO, JORGE DE - El Oso Goloso. La Mejor Muestra de Las Pastelerías de Madrid. Prólogado por Manuel Martín Ferrand
25114: FEHERVARI, GEZA - Islamic Pottery: A Comprehensive Study Based on the Barlow Collection
20636: FELLOWS, CHARLES - The Menu Maker Sugestions for Selecting and Arranging Menus for Hotels and Restaurants
22105: CHRISTIE'S GIANALISA FELTRINELLI - The Giannalisa Feltrinelli Laibrary Part Six
23876: CHRISTIE'S GIANALISA FELTRINELLI - The Giannalisa Feltrinelli Library Part Six
22651: FENNER, THEODORE - Leigh Hunt and Opera Criticism the Examiner Years, 1808-1821
22431: FENTON, JOHN - Finding the Way Through John
23086: FERGUSON, W.CRAIG - The Loan Book of the Stationer's Company with a List of Transactions 1592-1692
21483: FERGUSSON, JOHN AND CHISHOLM, KITTY (EDITORS) - Political and Social Life in the Great Age of Athens
23825: FIEDING, JOHN - Fielding's Origin, Progress and Present State of the Peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland.
20597: FIELD, TREVOR - Form and Function in the Diary Novel
20959: FIELDING, HENRY. LOCKWOOD, THOMAS (EDITOR) - Plays: Volume II, 1731-1734. [the Wesleyan Edition of the Works of Henry Fielding
23144: FINGER, CHARLES J - Highwaymen a Book of Gallant Rogues
24676: FINNEY, C.M - To Sail Beyond the Sunset Natural History in Australia 1699-1829
24599: FISCHER, BOBBY - Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
23736: FISHER, F.J - Essays in the Economic and Social History of Tudor Amd Stuart England
25587: FISHER, MAJOR A.T - Through the Stable and Saddle-Room
25696: FISHER, PAUL HAWKINS - Notes and Recollections of Stroud
20723: FISHER, DOUGLAS - Monetary and Fiscal Policy
21521: FISHER, TREVOR - Scandal the Sexual Politics of Late Victorian Britain
22529: FITCHETT, W.H - Wellington's Men Some Soldier Autobiographies Some Soldier's Autobiographies : Kincaid's "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade"; "Rifleman Harris: " Anton's "Military Life"; Mercer's "Waterloo"
22707: VELLAS/FITTEN (FORWARD) - Research and Practice in Alzheimer's Disease. Volume 2
22708: VELLAS/FITTEN (FORWARD) - Research and Practice in Alzheimer's Disease. Volume 3
23729: FITTON, ELIZABETH & SARAH MAY - Conversations on Botany. With Plates
23593: FLAGG, WILLIAM - Cookin' in the Keys: Memories of Sights and Tastes in the Florida Keys
20883: FLANAGAN - My Life As a Page 3 Girl
23972: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - The Temptation of Saint Anthony
22703: FLEMING, GEORGE - Recycling Derelict Land
22606: FLETCHER H L V - The Woman's House
21663: FLETCHER, ALAN J - Drama, Performance, and Polity in Pre-Cromwellian Ireland
21067: FLETCHER, HARRY - A Life on the Humber Keeling to Shipbuilding
21548: FLETCHER, J.S - The Yorkshire Moorland Mystery
20940: FLEW, A.G.N - Logic and Language First Series
25073: FOGELMARK, STAFFAN - Flemish and Related Panel-Stamped Bindings Evidence and Principles
23366: FOOTNER, HULBERT - The Velvet Hand More Madame Storey Mysteries
20984: FORBES, DUNCAN - The Fifth Continent the Story of Romney Marsh and Its Surroundings
23696: FORD, ROGER - Germany's Secret Weapons in World War II
23691: FORD, WYN & ROGERS, LILIAN - The Story of Haywards Heath
22957: FORD, DENHAM - The Sir Thomas Beecham Society 1964-1988 Newsletters 1-128 Complete
23350: FORD, JULIENNE - Paradigms and Fairy Tales an Introduction to the Science of Meaning 2
23477: FORD, CLARENCE - The Life and Letters of Madame de Krudener
20982: FORDE-JOHNSTON, JAMES - Great Medieval Castles of Britain
22588: FOREMAN, LEWIS - Bax a Composer and His Times
22860: FOREMAN, WILFRED - Oxfordshire Mills
21599: FOREMAN - Loaves and Fishes an Illustrated History of the Ministry of Agriculture
25226: FORESTER, C.S - The Hornblower Companion
21562: FORLAG, SOLUM - Audun J Morch Time and Conflict in Jurij Olesas Zavist
24694: FORSTER, JOHN & HOGARTH, GEORGINA & MAMIE DICKENS - The Life of Charles Dickens & Letters with Original Charles Dickens' Letter
25142: FORTY, GEORGE - Hitler's Forces Afrika Korps at War 1. The Road to Alexandria
23270: FOSKETT, DAPHNE - Collecting Miniatures
23996: FOSTEN, BRYAN (ILLUST) & CARMAN, WILLIAM Y - Uniforms of the Foot Guards from 1661 to the Present Day
21310: FOSTER, JOHN - Dirty Fingernails a One-of-a-Kind Collection of Graphics Uniquely Designed by Hand
23853: FOUAD, PATRIC - Frauenzimmer. Brothels in Germany
24961: FOWLER, LAURENCE HALL & ELIZABETH BAER - Bibliography of the Fowler Architectural Collection of John Hopkins Univervisity
25526: FOXTON, DEREK - Hereford Then and Now Volume 3
25507: FOYLE, ANDREW - Pevsner Architectural Guides Bristol
25146: FRANCIS, HYWEL & DAVID SMITH - The Fed a History of the South Wales Miners in the Twentieth Century
23522: FRANKLAND, PERCY FARADAY - Our Secret Friends and Foes
23015: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Navy Board Ship Models 1650-1750
20611: FRASER, COLIN - The Avalanche Enigma
23355: FRASER, HELEN - The Subject of Speech Perception
23992: FRATES, DENNIS - The Ideals Treasury of Faith and Inspiration
22952: MARRYAT CAPTAIN FREDERICK] - Snarleyyow, or the Dog Fiend
22468: FREEBURY, H.A - A History of Mathematics
25460: FREELY, JOHN - Inside the Seraglio Private Lives of the Sultans in Istanbul
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21771: FUCHIDA, MITSUO & OKUMIYA, MASATAKE - Midway the Battle That Doomed Japan
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25017: FURLEY, DAVID J AND WILKIE, J.S - Galen on Repsiration and the Arteries
22836: FURLONG, MONICA - Zen Effects the Life of Alan Watts
23468: FURTWANGLER, ALBERT - Assassin on the Stage Brutus, Hamlet, and the Death of Lincoln
22300: FUSSELL, G.E - The History of the Farmers Tools British Farm Implements
24513: FYLEMAN, ROSE - The Rainbow Cat and Other Stories
23700: GADE, F.W - The Postal History of Lundy
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23960: GAFFNEY, JOE - Relief
21514: GAHAM, GORDON - Philosophy of the Arts
21111: GALLAGHER, GARY W, ENGLE, STEPHEN D, KRICKGLATTHAAR, JOSEPH - The American CIVIL War This Mighty Scourge of War
24352: WILLIAM DOYLE GALLERIES - Important Estate Jewelry
21863: LEFEVRE GALLERY - Important XIX & XX Century Works of Art
21864: LEFEVRE GALLERY - Important XIX & XX Century Works of Art
23372: LEFEVRE GALLERY - Paintings, Watercolours and Drawings by Nigel Waymouth
22913: GAMELIN, PAUL - Les Bases Sous-Marines Allemandes de L'Atlantique Et Leurs Defenses 1940 - 1945
23160: MRS HILDA GAMLIN - Twixt Mersey and Dee
21233: GANDEE, , B.F - The Artist, or Young Ladies Instructor in Ornamental Painting
23699: GANDER, TERRY J - The Bazooka Hand-Held Hollow-Charge Anti-Tank Weapons
21742: GANDER, NEIL - Voices of Cleveland
21003: GANDER, NEIL - Voices of Cleveland
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22376: GEDDIE, JOHN - The Lake Regions of Central Africa a Record of Modern Discovery
24851: GEDGE, DAVID - A Country Cathedral Organist Looks Back
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23004: GEE, JOSHUA - The Trade and Navigation of Great-Britain Considered
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23400: JEAN-PAUL SARTRE JEAN GENÊT - Saint Genet Comédien Et Martyr
21872: PHILLIPS GENEVA - Fine Jewels and Watches
21873: PHILLIPS GENEVA - Fine Jewels, Watches, Clocks, Silver and Objects of Vertu
21874: PHILLIPS GENEVA - Fine Jewels & Objects of Vertu
23122: MEREDITH GEORGE - The Amazing Marriage
23125: GEORGE, CHRIS - Chris George's Guernsey
20689: GEORGE W AND JOHNSON, LUCY A - Josephine E Butler an Autobiographical Memoir
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20666: GERARD RANCINAN, CAROLINE GAUDRIAULT - The Photographer: Portraits of Twenty-Five Masters
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21704: GHOSH, SARATH KUMAR - The Prince of Destiny
21738: GIANNINI, LAURA COCKERVILLE - The Kokopelli Journals a Southwest (Mis)Adventure
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21984: GILBERT [BURNETT], BISHOP OF SARUM (SALISBURY) - An Exposition of the Church Catechism, for the Use of the Dioceses of Sarum
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21493: GILL, PETER - Cheltenham at War in Old Photographs
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24636: GILLIES, MALCOLM - Bartok Remembered
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22584: GILMOUR, J.D - Sir Thomas Beecham Fifty Years in the 'New York Times'
21526: GILSON, LESLIE E - Woodworking Machinery Portable Electric Tools & Accessories a Comprehensive Range & the Only Guide for Buyers to Purchase the Most Suitable Equipment from Parrys of London
24994: GINZBURG, CARLO & TEDESCHI, JOHN AND ANNE - The Cheese and the Worms the Cosmos of a Sixteenth-Century Miller
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21160: GIRTIN, TOM - The Mark of the Sword. A Narrative History of the Cutler's Company 1189-1975
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23287: GLASSER, RONALD - The Light in the Skull. An Odyssey of Medical Discovery
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22010: GODDARD, NICHOLAS - Harvests of Change. The Royal Agricultural Society of England 1838-1988
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23191: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Deserted Village a Poem
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21651: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - The Ikon on the Wall (the Valley of Eyes Unseen- See Description)
25144: GOUDGE, ELIZABETH - The Scent of Water
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20893: GOVER J.E.B, MAWER ALLEN AND STENTON F.M - The Place-Names of Middlesex Apart from the City of London
20750: GOVER J.E.B, MAWER ALLEN AND STENTON F.M - The Place-Names of Middlesex Apart from the City of London
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22665: GOWING, T - A Soldier's Experience or a Voice from the Ranks
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23965: GRANOVSKY, ANATOLI - All Pity Choked the Memoirs of a Soviet Agent
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22254: GRANT, MICHAEL - Art in the Roman Empire
22181: GRANT, PATRICK - The Good Old Days
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21080: GRAYBILL, GUY - Keystone a History of Pennsylvania
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24105: GREAVES, ADRIAN - Rorkes Drift
25500: GREAVES, MARGARET - Regency Patron. Sir George Beaumont
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23345: GREEN, DAVID - Queen Anne
21424: GREEN, JONATHAN - Famous Last Words
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25288: FORD MADOX FORD & GRAHAM GREENE (EDITOR) - The Bodley Head Ford Madox Ford
21458: GREENHILL, BASIL - A Quayside Camera 1845-1917
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25452: GREENWOOD, KERRY - Urn Burial a Phryne Fisher Mystery
25454: GREENWOOD, KERRY - Away with the Fairies a Phryne Fisher Mystery
25455: GREENWOOD, KERRY - A Question of Death an Illustrated Phryne Fisher Treasury
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22715: GRENFELL, REGGIE & GARNETT, RICHARD (EDITORS) - Joyce by Herself and Friends
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20975: GRIFFITHS, RALPH A - The City of Swansea Challenges & Change
22711: GRIFFITHS, RICHARD - The Dramatic Technique of Antoine de Montchrestien Rhetoric and Style in French Renaissance Tragedy
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21300: GROSBOIS, CHARLES - Shuhga Images of Spring Essay on Erotic Elements in Japanese Art
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24568: MEIR LOCAL HISTORY GROUP - Meir Remembered
24414: BLAENAVON HISTORY GROUP - Funeral to Festival. A History of Blaenavon 19011951.
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22232: GUICHARD, JEAN & TRTHEWEY, KEN - North Atlantic Lighthouses
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20600: GUNN, NEIL M - Highland Pack
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22386: HAFFNER, SEBASTIAN - The Meaning of Hitler
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21239: HAINING, PETER - The Dracula Scrapbook
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23447: HANFLING, OSWALD (EDITOR) - Fundamental Problems in Philosophy
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23105: HARDING, BRIAN - Nathaniel Hawthorne: Critical Assessments (Critical Assessments of Major Writers)
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22058: HARROD, HOWARD L - Renewing the World. Plains Indian Religion and Morality
21039: HARSHAV, BENJAMIN - Marc Chagall and His Times: A Documentary Narrative
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21472: HARTE, CHRIS - The History of the Sheffield Shield
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21444: HARWOOD, BRIAN - Chivalry & Command 500 Years of Horse Guards
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21619: HAVINDEN, MICHAEL - The Somerset Landscape
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24016: HEATH, WENDY Y (EDITOR) - Book Auction Records Volume 93 a Priced and Annotated Annual Record of International Book Auctions
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25810: HERNON, IAN - Blood in the Sand More Forgotten Wars of the 19th Century
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22632: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Augustus John - the Years of Innocence/ the Years of Experience
20658: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Augustus John - the Years of Innocence/ the Years of Experience
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23131: HOOKER, JOSEPH DALTON - Himalayan Journals
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22943: HORSNELL, HORACE - The Horoscope a Biographical Poem in Three Books
23322: HOSKING, GEOFFREY - A History of the Soviet Union
23089: SOTHEBY'S GLENEAGLES HOTEL - Jewels and Wemyss Pottery
23041: SOTHEBY'S AT GLENEAGLES HOTEL - Fishing Tackle and Sporting Guns; Scottish and English Jewellery
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21098: HUDSON, KENNETH - The Bath & West a Bicentenary History
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23218: HUGHES, WILLIAM - An Exact Abridgment of All Statutes in Force and Use Made in the 16th, 17th 18th Years of the Reign or K. Charles the First, . .
21353: HUGHES, G.BERNARD - English and Scottish Earthenware 1660-1860
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21987: HUNT, PERCIVAL - Fifteenth Century England
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21700: HURST, ALEX A - A Succession of Days ( Down to the Sea & in Durance Vile)
23112: HUS, MIROSLAV (FOREWORD) - Letadla 1939-45 Stihaci a Bomardovacil Letadla Nemecka Prvni Dil Kapitola 1-15 (Arado Ar 234 Az Heinkel He 219)
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23773: HUTTON, CATHERINE - The Life of William Hutton ( F.A. S.S. ) Including a Particular Account Ofthe Riots in Birmingham in 1791 to Which Is Subjoined the History of His Family Written by Himself and Published by His Daughter Catherine Hutton
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20999: HYDE, REVEREND JOHN - Character, It's Elements and Development
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23620: ILES, NORMAN - The Restoration of Cock Robin Nursery Rhymes and Carols Restored to Their Original Meaning
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24571: IRELAND, ALEXANDER - The Book-Lovers Enchiridion
24445: IRELAND, GEOFFREY (PHOTOGRAPHER) & LAURIE LEE (INTRO) - Epstein '56 a Camera Study of the Sculptor at Work
24446: IRELAND, GEOFFREY (PHOTOGRAPHER) & LAURIE LEE (INTRO) - Epstein '56 a Camera Study of the Sculptor at Work
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23502: JAMIESON, ALEXANDER - A Treatise on the Construction of Maps
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25648: JARDINE, D.R - In Quest of the Ashes
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22044: JENKINSON, MICHAEL - Ghost Towns of New Mexico Playthngs of the Wind
25350: JENNIFER SHERWOOD AND PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England Oxfordshire
25671: JENNIFER SHERWOOD AND PEVSNER, NIKOLAUS - The Buildings of England Oxfordshire
21287: JENNINGS, CELIA - The Identity of Suffolk
23319: JENNISON, GEORGE - Noah's Cargo Some Curious Chapters of Natural History
25116: JENYNS, R.SOAMES & WILLIAM WATSON - Chinese Art Gold Silver Later Bronzes Cloisonne, Cantonese Enamel Lacquer Furnitr Wood
25117: JENYNS, R.SOAMES - Chinese Art Textiles, Glass and Painting on Glass Carvings on Ivory... . . Inkstones
24732: JEREMIAH, JOSEPH - The River Wye a Pictorial History
21970: JEROME, K JEROME - They and I
23224: JERROLD, WALTER (EDITOR) & AUBREY BEARDSLEY (ILLUSTRATOR) - Bon- Mots of Samuel Foote and Theodore Hooke
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23211: W.E.JOHNS - Some Milestones in Aviation
20582: JOHNSON, MICHAEL L - Mind, Language, Machine: Artificial Intelligence in the Poststructuralist Age
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22915: JOHNSON, B - Streng Geheim Wissenschaft Und Technik IM Zweiten Weltkrieg
21238: JOHNSON, DAVID - The French Cavalry 1792-1815
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22486: JONES, ADOLPHE GEO - Half Hours in Monmouthshire Dealing with the Historical...
21129: JONES, NEVILLE & SAYER, JOHN - Management and the Psychology of Schooling
20919: JONES, ALAN VERNON - Chapels of the Cynon Valley
23806: JONES, STEVE - No Need for Geniuses Revolutionary Science in the Age of the Gulllotine
21130: JONES, KEN & CLARK, JANET & FIGG, GILLIAN - Staff Development in Primary Schools
23819: JONES, CHRIS MORGAN - The Searcher
25501: JONES, A.H.M - The Later Roman Empire 284-602
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25185: JONES, EDMUND O - Welsh Lyrics of the Nineteenth Century Selected and Translated [First Series]
22409: JONES, MARGARET & GWYN - Wolstanton Congregational / United Reformed Church: A Century of Service, 1902-2002
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24276: JONES, OWAIN - Brycheiniog Volume XVIII 1978-79
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21006: JONES, SALLY ROBERT - The History of Port Talbot with Photographs
20994: JONES, ANNE - Leadership for Tomorrow's Schools
23342: JONES, WILLIAM AND REEVES, JOHN AND BLAKEMORE, THOMAS - New Campanalogia or a Key to the Art of Ringing
20942: JONES, HOWARD MUMFORD - Revolution & Romanticism
24678: JONES, STEVE - London Through the Keyhole
21109: JONES, JOHN LLEWELYN - The Waterfalls of Wales
22539: JONES, EDMUND - Apparitions of Spirits in the County of Monmouth and the Principality of Wales.
21996: ABSOLUTELY ANONYMOUS & GEOFFREY JONES - Travels of a Bmw (British Muslim Woman)
20860: JONVELLE - Jonvelle(S)
25689: JORDAN, REV ALBERT - History of the Church and Parish of Llanbadarn-Fawr
21142: JOWITT, EARL OF - Some Were Spies
21283: JOYCE, JAMES & MCCABE, BERNARD - Reflections of Ireland
21513: JOYCE, J - 'Operation Tramway' the End of London's Trams, 1950-1952
22384: JUKES, H.R - Loved River
23010: JULIER, KEITH - The Period Ship Handbook
25058: JUNG, CC & R.F.C HULL (TRANS) - Psychology and Alchemy
24863: JUNG, C.G & R.F.C HULL (TRANSLATED BY) - The Development of Personality
22640: KAMEN, HENRY - The Spanish Inquisition an Historical Revision (Phoenix Giants)
21376: KANT, IMANUEL - Logika Prirucnik Za Predavanja
25579: BARB KARG - The Everything Pirates Book: A Swashbuckling History of Adventure on the High Seas
24061: KARINTHY, FREDERICK & KATZER, FRANZ (ILLUST) - Soliloquies in the Bath
25606: KARL MARX, FREDERICK ENGELS - Marx-Engels-Werke Band 1: 1839 - 1844
25607: KARL MARX, FREDERICK ENGELS - Marx-Engels-Werke Band 20 Anti-Dühring. Dialektik Der Natur
25608: KARL MARX, FREDERICK ENGELS - Karl Marx Frederick Engels-Werke Band 21
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23248: KAVANAGH, JULIA - Woman in France During the Eighteenth Century
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21131: KEMP, RICHARD & NATHAN, MARILYN - Middle Management in Schools a Survival Guide
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22862: KENNEDY, JO - Biddulph ("by the Diggings") a Local History.
21697: CHRISTIE'S SOUTH KENSINGTON - Fine Toys, Dolls and Teddy Bears
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20915: CHRISTIE'S SOUTH KENSISNGTON - English and Continental Furniture, Tapestries and Works of Art
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21633: KENT, GRAEME - The Lurking Policeman
22006: KENT, SYLVIA - The Woman Writer the History of the Society of Women Writers & Journalists
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21980: KEYWORTH, REV. T - The Naresborough Victory
25246: KIESLING, NICOLAS (EDITOR) & ANTHONY WOOD - The Life of Anthony Wood in His Own Words
22780: KING, PETER (EDITOR) - Lord Curzon Travels with a Superior Person
22971: KING, JEMMA A - The Undressed
23481: KING, EDWARD - A Walk Through Lymington (a Sentimental Journey)
23545: KING, EDWARD & J. WELLS CHAMPNEY (ILLUST) - The Southern States of North America: A Record of Journeys in Louisiana, Texas, the Indian Territory, .
23587: KINGLAKE, ALEXANDER WILLIAM - Vol 2. The Invasion of the Crimea Its Origin and Account of Its Progress Down to the Death of Lord Raglan
21041: KINNEAR, MICHAEL - The British Voter an Atlas and Survey Since 1885
23299: KIPLING, RUDYARD - A Fleet in Being.
20931: KIPPIN, JOHN - Compton Verney
21954: MELLORS & KIRK - Antiques and Works of Art
21953: MELLORS & KIRK - Antiques and Works of Art
21952: MELLORS & KIRK - Antiques and Works of Art
21905: MELLORS & KIRK - Antiques and Works of Art
21906: MELLORS & KIRK - Antiques and Works of Art
21907: MELLORS & KIRK - Antiques and Works of Art
23591: KIRK, G.S & RAVEN, J.E - The Presocratic Philosophers
21992: KIRK, K.E - The Story of the Woodard Schools
24422: KIRKUP, JAMES - These Horned Islands a Journal of Japan
22335: KISTE, JEAN VAN DER - Crowns in a Changing World. The British and European Monarchies 1901-36
24885: KITCHINER, WILLIAM - The Cook's Oracle; Containing Practical Receipts
23274: KITSON, MICHAEL - The Complete Paintings of Caravaggio (Penguin Classics of World Art)
25180: KITTON, FRED G - Phiz Hablot Knight Browne a Memoir Including a Selection from His Correspondence and Notes on His Principal Works 1882
24064: KLOTZ, A - C. Iulius Caesar Commentarii Vol. III Commentarii Belli Alexandrini. Belli Africa Belli Hispaniensis Accedunt C. Iuli Caesaris Et a Hirti Fragmenta
21405: KLUCKHOHN, CLYDE. - To the Foot of the Rainbow; a Tale of 2,500 Miles of Wandering on Horseback Through the Enchanted Land.
22282: KNEPLER, GEORG - Wolfgang Amadé Mozart
25179: CLAYTON KNIGHT (ILLUST) - War Birds Diary of an Unknown Aviator
23534: KNIGHT, STEPHEN - A Hundred Years of Fiction Writing Wales in English
23579: BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE - Printed Books, Maps and Manuscripts
22288: KODJAK, ANDREJ - Alexander Puskin Symposium II
22274: KODJAK, ANDREJ - Pushkin's I.P. Belkin
22371: KOETZLE, MICHAEL - 1000 Nudes: Uwe Scheid Collection
20682: KOETZLE, MICHAEL - 1000 Nudes: Uwe Scheid Collection
24165: KONIG DR F - Ratgeber in Gesunden Und Kranken Tagen Vol. 2
21645: KOONTZ, DEAN - Intensity
21648: KOONTZ, DEAN - Sole Survivor
21270: KOSTYAL, K.M - Field of Battle the CIVIL War Letters of Major Thomas J Halsey
21751: KRANZBERG, MELVIN & GIES, JOSEPH - By the Sweat of Thy Brow from Primitive Man to Robots
21750: KRAUSE, DAVID - The Letters of Sean o'Casey Volume 3 1955-1958
22252: KRAY, KATE - Killers Britain's Deadliest Murderers Tell Their Stories
22120: KROOK, DOROTHEA - The Ordeal of Conciousness in Henry James
24386: KUHN, HERBERT - The Rock Pictures of Europe
22948: KUHNS, WILLIAM - The Moving Picture Book
24278: KUNSTLER, WILLIAM M - The Minister and the Choir Singer
23298: LABBERTON, J.M - Marine Engineering
25141: LACK, H.WALTER - Jardin de la Maison Empress Josephine's Garden
22477: LACKSCHEWITZ, ODERT - Figura Finlandiae
21541: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY - The Beggar and the Professor a Sixteenth-Century Family Saga
23788: A LADY - Instructions in Household Matters; or, the Young Girl's Guide to Domestic Service
20800: LAFFIN, JOHN - The French Foreign Legion
21429: LAING, DAVE - The Marxist Theory of Art an Introductory Survey
21182: LALOR, BRIAN - Dublin Bay from Killiney to Howth
21705: LAMARTINE, ALPHONSE DE - History of the Girondists
20753: LAMB, GEOFFREY - Magic Illustrated Dictionary
25721: LAMBTON, ARTHUR - "Thou Shalt Do No Murder"
23850: LAMPUGNANI, VITTORIO MAGNAGO - Museum Architecture in Frankfurt 1980-1990
25456: LANCASTER, PERCIVAL - Chaloner of the Bengal Cavalry a Tale of the Indian Mutiny
21993: LANCASTER, OSBERT - New Pocket Cartoons
21144: LANE, C.R - A Course of Practical Lessons on the Making of Sweets and Chocolates
22163: LANG, ANDREW - James VI and the Gowrie Mystery

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