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004622: A[ITKIN] E H. - The Tribes on My Frontier. An Indian Naturalist's Foreign Policy.
018589: E. A. Z. - VID Juletid. Vinterblommor. Samlade for de Sma. 2.
018583: A. O. B. - VID Juletid. Vinterblommor. Samlade for de Sma. I.
019059: (STEDMAN, THOMAS LATHROP AND K. P. LEE.) - Chinese and English Phrase Book in the Canton Dialect. Or Dialogues of Ordinary and Familiar Subjects.
017297: C. H. M. (CHARLES HENRY MACKINTOSH). - The Bible in China. Six Volumes.
018991: (STEDMAN, THOMAS LATHROP AND K. P. LEE.) - Chinese and English Phrase Book in the Canton Dialect. Or Dialogues of Ordinary and Familiar Subjects.
000441: CHENG TE-K'UN. - Studies in Chinese Art.
009838: CHU YUNG-CH'UN. - Maxims for a Well Governed Household.
018780: AARON, UCHE. - Tense and Aspect in Obolo Grammar and Discourse.
018814: ABANGMA, SAMSON. - Modes in Denya Discourse.
003848: ABBATE, FRENCESCO, GENERAL EDITOR. - Indian Art and the Art of Ceylon, Central and South-East Asia.
010767: ABBAYE DE DAOULAS, CENTRE CULTUREL. - Entre Inde Et Tibet. Le Royaunme Du Bhoutan.
011004: ABBE, CLEVELAND. - Meteorology and Allied Subjects.
013798: ABBE, CLEVELAND. - Meteorology.
011031: ABBOT, C. G. - Studying the Sun's Heat on Mountain Peaks in Desert Lands.
011040: ABBOT, C. G. - The Habitability of Venus, Mars, and Other Worlds.
011044: ABBOT, C. G. - Doctor Aston's Experiments on the Mass Spectra of the Chemical Elements.
011342: ABBOT, C. G. - Weather Governed By Changes in the Sun's Radiation.
011482: ABBOT, C. G. - The N Rays of M. Blondlot.
012074: ABBOT, C. G. - Influences of Suns Rays on Plants and Animals.
012075: ABBOT, C. G. - On the Evolution of the Stars.
012465: ABBOT, C. G. - The Radiation of the Sun.
012712: ABBOT, C. G. - The Solar Constant in Radiation.
013546: ABBOT, C. G. - Solar Radiation As a Power Source.
013624: ABBOT, C. G. - Twenty-Five Years Study of Solar Radiation.
013633: ABBOT, DR. C. G. - Research Corporation Awards to A.E. Douglass and Ernst Antevs for Researches in Chronology.
013646: ABBOT, C. G. - Accomplishments of Modern Astronomy.
013665: ABBOT, C. G. - Who Will Promote Science?
013667: ABBOT, C. G. - The Architecture of Atoms and a Universe Built of Atoms.
013673: ABBOT, C. G. - How Deep Is the Ocean?
013695: ABBOT, C. G. - How the Sun Warms the Earth.
013698: ABBOT, C. G. - The Contents of Interstellar Space.
013818: ABBOT, C. G. - Solar Radiation.
014190: ABBOT, C. G. - The Radiation of the Sun.
005029: ABBOTT, JAMES FRANCIS. - Japanese Expansion and American Policies.
008474: ABBOTT, GERRY. - 'there Before You'. The Traveller's History of Burma.
017251: ABBOTT, MORRIS W. - Cog Railway to Pike's Peak.
014974: ABBOUD, PETER F., EDITOR. - Elementary Modern Standard Arabic. Two Volumes.
001284: ABBOUSHI, W. F. - Political Systems of the Middle East in the 20th Century.
005671: ABE, KOBO. - Beyond the Curve.
012996: ABED, IBRAHIM AL; PAUL VINE AND PETER HELLYER, EDITORS. - United Arab Emirates Yearbook. 2004
017241: ABERYSTWYTH. - Aberystwyth Electric Cliff Railway & the Great Aberystwyth Camera Obscura.
001247: ABRAHAMS, ISRAEL. - Campaigns in Palestine from Alexander the Great.
018000: TAIWAN NAVAL ACADEMY. - Student Directory for the 1957 Graduating Class for the Naval Academy. (Haijun Junguan Xuesiao 46 Nian Ban Bi Ye Tong Xue Lu).
006877: ACHARYA, SANJAY. - Bhutan. Kingdom in the Himalayas.
000653: ACKERMAN, EDWARD A., AND 8 OTHERS. - Japan's Prospect.
012681: ACKERMAN, PHYLLIS. - Gods of Our Forefathers.
012682: ACKERMAN, PHYLLIS. - The First Goddesses.
005307: ACKROYD, JOYCE, TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY. - Lessons from History. The Tokushi Yoron By Arai Hakuseki.
000630: ADAIR, DICK. - Dick Adair's Saigon. Sketches and Words from the Artist's Journal.
018430: ADAM, KARL. - Das Wesen Des Katholizismus.
003338: ADAMCZEWSKA, HELENA. - Tam Gdzie Plynie Indus (Where the Indus Flows).
006708: ADAMS, W. H. DAVENPORT. - The Eastern Archipelago. A Description of the Scenery, Animal and Vegetable Life, People, and Physical Wonders of the Islands
013760: ADAMS, HERBERT B. - The State and Higher Education.
013806: ADAMS, WALTER S. - The Sun's Place Among the Stars.
016756: ADDISON, WILLIAM. - The English Country Parson.
008205: ADDISON, JAMES THAYER. - The Christian Approach to the Moslem.
019211: ADDISON, JAMES THAYER. - Chinese Ancestor Worship.
016725: ADDISON, WILLIAM. - The English Country Parson.
008413: ADDISS, STEPHEN. - The Life, Art, and Poetry of Kodojin (1865-1944).
016222: ADDISS, STEPHEN. - 77 Dances. Japanese Calligraphy By Poets, Monks, and Scholars, 1568-1868.
009323: ADIDEVANANDA, SVAMI. - Yatindramatadipika By Srinivasadasa.
018804: ADIVE, JOHN R. - Rgw Verbal Piece in Ebira.
010791: ADLER, CYRUS. - Progress of Oriental Science in America During 1888.
011751: ADLER, CYRUS. - Museum Collections to Illustrate Religious History and Ceremonials.
007089: ADLINGTON, WILLIAM, TRANSLATOR. - The Golden Ass of Apuleius.
008432: CENTRAL TIBETAN ADMINISTRATION. - Tibetan Demographic Survey 1998. Three Volumes.
013790: U. S. GOVERNMENT ADVISOR. - This Is Khruschchev! the Story Behind the Man Who Controls the Fate of the World.
018615: BIBLE SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA. - The Bible in Xhosa. (Incwadi Yezibhalo Ezingcwele).
015497: BIBLE SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA. - Bibela E E Boitshep. E E Chotsen. Kgolagano E Kgologolo le E Ncha.
015083: BYBELGENOOTSKAP VAN SUID-AFRIKA. - Die Bybel. Nuwe Vertaling. (Bybel in Afrikaans).
014803: BYBELGENOOTSKAP VAN SUID-AFRIKA. - New Testament. Afrikaans-English. (Die Nuwe Testament of Al Die Boeke Van Die Nuwe Verbond Van Onse Here Jesus Christus.
015493: BYBELGENOOTSKAP VAN SUID-AFRIKA. - DI Bybel. Dit Is Die Ganse Heilige Skrif Wat Al Die Kanonieke Boeke Van Die Ou En Nuwe Testament Bevat. Oorgesit Uit Die
018143: AFSARUDDIN, ASMA & A. H. MATHIAS ZAHNISER, EDITORS. - Humanism Culture & Language in the Near East. (New Copy).
013244: AGAR, CHARLES. - Frommer's Thailand. With Tips on Trekking & the Best Beaches.
013315: AGASSIZ, ALEXANDER. - The Gulf Stream.
005264: KOREA ASSOCIATION OF VOLUNTARY AGENCIES. - Directory of Foreign Voluntary Agencies in Korea.
011670: YONHAP NEWS AGENCY. - Vantage Point. Developments in North Korea, Vol. 22, No. 8, August, 1999.
016646: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. - Map of North Korea.
016644: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. - Map of Yemen (San'a).
015778: SIGNAL SECURITY AGENCY. - Japanized Chinese Personal Names Dictionary.
016648: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. - Map of Israel and Occupied Territories.
016651: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. - Map of Philippines.
018105: UNITED STATES DEFENSE MAPPING AGENCY. - Map of Russia. Ostrov Sakhalin--East Coast, Mys Levenorna to Mys Bellinsgauzena Including Zaliv Terpeniya.
017263: D'AGOSTINO, PETER. - Alpha, Trans, Chung. A Photographic Model: Semiotics, Film, and Interpretation.
003378: AGUS, RABBI DR. JACOB. - Message of Judaism.
015240: CLAUDE AGUTTES. - Art Decoratifs Duxxeme. Drouot-Richelieu 14 Avril 2008.
014560: AHAD, DR. ABDUL, EDITOR. - Important Lessons for Muslim Women. Compiled By 'amr Abdul-Mun'IM Saleem.
005032: AHMAD, NAFIS. - An Economic Geography of East Pakistan.
009819: AHMED, MONISHA. - Living Fabric. Weaving Among the Nomads of Ladakh Himalaya.
012121: AHMED, A. F. SALAHUDDIN. - Social Ideas and Social Change in Bengal 1818-1835.
006524: AIJMER, GORAN. - Economic Man in Sha Tin. Vegetable Gardeners in a Hong Kong Valley.
010078: AIKAWA, TAKAAKI. - Unwilling Patriot.
008032: AIKEN, REV. CHARLES FRANCIS. - The Dhamma of Gotama the Buddha and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A Critical Inquiry Into the Alleged Relations of Buddhism with
017259: AINSWORTH, PROF. J. R. AINSWORTH. - A New Pronouncing English-Danish-Norwegian and Danish-Norwegian-English Dictionary of the Danish, Norwegian
007479: AIR FORCE, UNITED STATES. - Jungle, Desert, Arctic Emergencies.
018598: PAN AMERICAN AIRLINES. - Pan American Menu. Asie. Rainbow Service.
013589: NORTHWEST AIRLINES. - Northwest Portfolio. Living in Singapore. June, 1989.
013590: NORTHWEST AIRLINES. - Northwest Portfolio. Living in Bangkok. December, 1988.
013592: NORTHWEST AIRLINES. - Northwest Portfolio. Living in Seoul. September, 1988.
008290: AIYAR, DR. SIR C. P. RAMASWAMI. - The Philosophical Basis of Indian Legal and Social Systems.
010982: AIYAR, RAO SAHIB N. NATESA. - India Expects Every Indian to Do His Duty.
008228: LALIT KALA AKADEMI. - Paniker.
015609: AKDIKMEN, RESUHI. - Langenscheidt New Standard Turkish Dictionary. Turkish-English/ English-Turkish.
012623: AKEMI, TACHIBANA. - Two Poems from the Sequence Solitary Pleasures.
018037: AKIYAMA, AISABURO. - The Aoi Festival.
010279: AKIZUKI, RYOMIN. - New Mahayana. Buddhism for the Post-Modern World.
000830: AKURGAL, EKREM, CYRIL MANGO AND RICHARD ETTINGAHUSEN. - Treasures of Turkey. The Earliest Civilizations of Anatolia, Byzantium, the Islamic Period.
016683: AKURGAL, EKREM. - Anadolu Uygarliklari.
005941: ALAERTS, DR. LOUIS. - La Myopie Hereditaire Des Medicis.
010654: ALAGAPPA, MUTHIAH, EDITOR. - Building Confidence, Resolving Conflicts. Proceedings of the Second Asia-Pacific Roundtable. Kuala Lumpur, July 1-4, 1988.
012678: ALAPI, KRISZTINA. - Hungarian.
017127: ART GALLERY OF ALBERTA. - China Sensation. New Art from Chengdu.
014181: ROME PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUM. - Roma. Souvenir. Parte II
000100: ALCANTARA, RUBEN R., NANCY S. ALCONCEL AND CESAR S. WYCOCO. - The Filipinos in Hawaii: An Annotated Bibliography.
004091: ALDRICH, HARRY S. - Practical Chinese. Hua Hû Hsû Chih. Two Volumes.
011459: ALDRICH, J. M. - The Division of Insects in the United States National Museum.
016703: ALDRICH, HARRY S. - Practical Chinese. Including a Topical Dictionary of Everyday Terms. Two Volumes.
018378: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY. - From Ponkapog to Pesth.
016188: ALEKSEEV, V. P., ET AL. - Contributions to the Archaeology of Armenia.
012550: ALEXANDER, BOYD. - From the Niger, By Lake Chad, to the Nile.
016509: ALFIERI, VITTORIO. - The Prince and Letters. (Dust Jacket).
012459: ALI, S. NAZIM AND NASEEM N. ALI. - Information Sources on Islamic Banking and Economics 1980-1990.
016472: ALI, MAULANA MUHAMMAD. - A Manual of Hadith.
010875: ALISJAHBANA, DR. MARGARET, EDITOR. - Art and the Future. Collected Papers of the First International Conference on Art and the Future. Indonesia,
014329: ALLAN, STELLA. - A Dead Giveaway.
018889: ALLAN, C. WILFRID. - The Makers of Cathay.
007810: ALLEN, CHARLES. - The Search for Shangri-la. A Journey Into Tibetan History.
012152: ALLEN, JOEL A. - The Influence of Physical Conditions in the Genesis of Species.
013854: ALLEN, GEORGE A. - Manners and Customs of the Mohaves.
014335: ALLEN, CHARLOTTE VALE. - Daddy's Girl. A Memoir.
014984: ALLEN, DAVID O. - India Ancient and Modern. Geographical, Historical, Political, Social, and Religious; with a Practical Account of the State
008709: ALLETZHAUSER, AL. - The House of Nomura. The Rise to Supremacy of the World's Most Powerful Company: The Inside Story of the Legendary Japanese
003802: ALLIN, CEPHAS DANIEL. - A History of the Tariff Relations of the Australian Colonies.
014102: ALLNATT, C. F. - Was St. Peter Bishop of Rome? a Short Account of the Historical Evidence.
005038: ALLOUCHE, ADEL. - Mamluk Economics. A Study and Translation of Al-Maqrizi's Ighathah.
001705: ALLWORTH, EDWARD, EDITOR. - Central Asia. A Century of Russian Rule.
014790: ALOI, ROBERTO. - Esempi. DI Architettura Moderna DI Tutto Il Mondo. Negozi D'oggi. Tutto Il Mondo.
015191: ALOSH, MAHDI. - Ahlan Wa Sahlan. Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners. (Hardbound).
006607: VAN ALPHEN, JAN & ANTHONY ARIS. - Oriental Medicine. An Illustrated Guide to the Asian Arts of Healing.
018499: ALSOP, GULIELMA F. - My Chinese Days.
012752: ALTIPARMAK, ARTUN. - Bbc English. Ingilizce-Turkce/Turkce-Ingilizce. Sozluk.
015087: ALVAREZ Y ELIAS, D. JOSE MARIA. - Derrotero Del Mar de China. Descripcion de Los Estrechos Comprendidos Entre Las Islas de Sumatra, Java Y Borneo,
005758: ALVI, SAJIDA SULTANA, TRANSLATION, INTRODUCTION, NOTES. - Advice on the Art of Governance. Mau'izah-I Jahangiri of Muhammad Baqir Najm-I Sani. An Indo-Islamic Mirror for Princes.
005570: AMATYA, SAPHALYA. - Art and Culture of Nepal. An Attempt Towards Preservation.
010864: AMBERGER, EVA-MARIA. - Zwischenspiel II. Fifty-Fifty. Gebaute Und Nicht Gebaute Architektur in Berlin 1990-2000.
015250: AMBROSE, KAY. - Classical Dances and Costumes of India.
017868: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - A Epic American Exploration. The Friendship of Lewis and Clark.
012932: MODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA. - Modern Woodmen of America. Supply Department Catalog. 1911.
015221: ARTISTS OF AMERICA. - Artists of Colorado. Volume II.
017222: EVANGELICAL ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA. - Evangelische Gesangbuch. Mit Vierstimmigen Melodien Fur Den Offentlichen Und Hauslichen Gottesdienst.
018286: CATHOLIC FOREIGN MISSION SOCIETY OF AMERICA. - Maryknoll Mission Letters. China. 2 Volumes. Extracts from the Letters and Diaries of the Pioneer Missioners of the
018734: AMERICAN RED CROSS OF THE CHINA, BURMA, INDIA COMMAND. - A Guide Book to Calcutta, Agra, Delhi, Karachi, and Bombay.
005935: AMERICAN ASSEMBLY, GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. - The United States and the Far East.
013668: AMES, JOSEPH S. - Aeronautic Research.
012696: AMIN, BAKRI SHAYKH. - Readings from Mamluk and Othoman Poetry.
008585: AMIPA, LAMA SHERAB GYALTSEN. - The Opening of the Lotus. Developing Clarity and Kindness.
013644: AMMANN, OTHMAR H. - Brobdingnagian Bridges.
016113: AMORSOLO, PABLO. - Stories of the Provinces. A Brief Sketch of Each of the Provinces of the Philippines.
010072: AMSTUTZ, WALTER, EDITOR. - Japanese Emblems and Designs.
006177: AMUZEGAR, JAHANGIR AND M. ALI FEKRAT. - Iran. Economic Development Under Dualistic Conditions.
009514: AN, MR. M. SING. - The Chinese Cookbook. Covering the Entire Field of Chinese Cookery in the Chinese Order of Serving, from Nuts to Soup.
014779: AN, CHEN DING. - Shanghai. China's Most Megnetic (Sic), Famous City.
014982: SHIH NAI-AN. - The Water Margin. Two Volumes.
016764: ANDACHT, SANDRA, EDITOR. - The Orientalia Journal. Annual of Articles on Oriental Antiques and Collectibles Volume I.
001706: ANDERSON, KEN. - Himalayan Heartbeat.
003187: ANDERSON, BENEDICT R. O'G. - Mythology and the Tolerance of the Javanese.
005288: ANDERSON, J. N. D., EDITOR. - Family Law in Asia and Africa.
006357: ANDERSON, BENEDICT R. - Bibliography of Indonesian Publications. Newspapers, Non-Government Periodicals and Bulletins 1945-1958 at Cornell
006516: ANDERSON, BENEDICT R. O'G. AND RUCHIRA MENDIONES, EDITORS AND TRANSLATORS. - In the Mirror. Literature and Politics in Siam in the American Era.
007019: ANDERSON, CAROL. - Bibliography of Development in Underdeveloped Countries.
007493: ANDERSON, MRS. EMMA. - With Our Missionaries in China.
008042: ANDERSON, EMMA T. - A'chu and Other Stories.
011409: ANDERSON, R. CHARLES. - An Underwater Guide to Indonesia.
011616: ANDERSON, STANLEY V. - The Nordic Council. A Study of Scandinavian Regionalism.
016174: ANDERSON, RUFUS. - History of the Mission of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions to the Sandwich Islands. (1874 Edition).
013761: ANDERSON, WILLIAM. - The Molecular Structure of Matter.
013810: ANDERSON, CARL D. - New Facts About the Nucleus of the Atom.
015292: ANDERSON, SEAN. - Flames of Devotion. Oil Lamps from South and Southeast Asia and the Himalayas.
019125: ANDERSON, WILLIAM. - Descriptive and Historical Catalogue of a Collection of Japanese and Chinese Paintings in the British Museum.
018816: RONALD JAMES ANDERSON. - Asheninka Stories of Change.
018724: ANDERSSON, J. G. - An Early Chinese Culture.
009058: ANDO, HIKOTARO. - Peking.
016494: ANDORS, STEPHEN. - China's Industrial Revolution. Politics, Planning, and Management, 1949 to the Present. (Dust Jacket).
017171: ANDREW, BROTHER. - The Muslim World. Mine Field Or Mission Field?
017173: ANDREW, BROTHER, AND OTHERS. - Embrace the Cross. Hope in a Lost World.
003575: ANDREWS, ROY C. - "Exploring Unknown Corners of the Hermit Kingdom".
008914: ANDREWS, LORI B. - Future Perfect. Confronting Decisions About Genetics.
013200: ANDREWS, JESSE REID, EDITOR. - Let's Go. Vietnam.
018770: ANDREWS, HENRIETTA. - The Function of Verb Prefixes in Southwestern Otomi.
013913: ANDREWS, LORING B. - The Earth, the Sun, and Sunspots.
002634: ANESAKI, M. - Buddhist Art in Its Relation to Buddhist Ideals with Special Reference to Buddhism in Japan.
003897: ANG, JOHN KWANG-MING. - The Beauty of Huanghuali Furniture. A Collection of Fine Huanghuali Furniture.
000461: ANGANGCO, OFELIA REGALA, LAURA L. SAMSON AND TERSITA M. ALBINO. - Status of Women in the Philippines. A Bibliography with Selected Annotations.
004471: ANGELINI, DI PIETRO. - Leggere Il Tibet. Bibliografia Italiana Del Paese Delle Nevi 1624-1993.
010498: ANGHA, SALAHEDDIN ALI NADER SHAH. - Masnavi Ravayeh.
015159: ANGLO-SAXON MOTHER, AN. - Hind Mind Training (First Edition).
018685: ANH-TIENG, TIENG AND PHAP THUC HANH. - Cung Hoc Tieng Anh E Phap Voi Walt Disney: Vocabulaire Illustre de 1000 Mots.
015051: ANJOSHI. - Anjo Shishi. (History of the City Anjo, Aichi Prefecture).
018949: ANN, T. K. - Cracking the Chinese Puzzles. Ann's Integrated Method of Learning the Chinese Language of Conceptualizing and
003177: ANNANDALE, N. - Plant and Animal Designs in the Mural Decoration of an Uriya Village Together with a Working Model of the Origin of the
014823: ANON. - Double Exposure Or It's Nice Work When You Can Get to It. A Comedy in One Act.
015059: ANONIMO. - Le Quindici Gioie Del Matrimonio. Tradoto Dal Francese Da Ugo Dettore. Quindici Illustrazioni DI Rene Ben Sussan.
011508: ANONYMOUS. - Comparative Social Organization Bibliography.
014638: ANONYMOUS. - Songs for Almost All Occasions.
016690: ANONYMOUS. - Nevada Desert Experience Photolog: Featuring Towns and Sites in and Around the Nellis Air Force Test Range Complex.
007946: ANSARI, SARAH F. D. - Sufi Saints and State Power. The Pirs of Sind, 1843-1947.
010076: ANSAY, TUGRUL AND DON WALLACE, JR., EDITORS. - Introduction to Turkish Law.
009713: ANTHONY, JOHN DUKE, EDITOR. - The Middle East: Oil, Politics, and Development.
010554: ANTHONY, M. - The Evolution of the Human Foot.
012043: MORO ANTIK. - Buddhak. Tibetan Buddhist Statues from Hungarian Private Collections.
013387: ANTIKWEST. - Chinese Pottery and Porcelain. (En Utvald Kollection Kinesik Keramik Och Porslin).
013388: ANTIKWEST. - Chinese Porcelain from Swedish Collections.
015597: MALLETT & SON ANTIQUES. - Mallett. The Nineteenth Century.
010933: ANTONIADI, E. M. - The Markings and Rotation of Mercury.
006331: ANTONIO, CELIA M. AND ALLEN L. TAN. - A Preliminary Bibliography of Philippine Cultural Minorities.
014896: INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ANTROPOLOGIA. - Artesanias Tradicionales de la Provincia de la Rioja.
011067: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME. - Alcools.
017218: APOLLINAIRE, GUILLAUME. - Le Oeuvre de John Cleland. Memoires de Fanny Hill, Femme de Plaisir. Avec Des Documents Sur la Vies a Londres Au XVIII
003910: APPELL, GEORGE C. - The Tin Trumpet of China.
008757: APPLEGARTH, MARGARET T. - The Honorable Japanese Fan.
012193: APTE, ROBERT Z. - Three Kingdoms on the Roof of the World. Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh.
008970: APTER, DAVID E. AND TONY SAICH. - Revolutionary Discourse in Mao's Republic.
012418: AQUINO, FRANCISCA REYES. - Philippine Folk Dances. Four Volumes.
012041: AR-RIFA'I, SHAYKH MUHAMMAD SA'ID AL-JAMAL. - The Children Around the Table of Allah.
013490: AR-RIFA'I AS-SHADHULI, DIWAN OF SHAYKH MUHAMMAD SAID AL-JAMAL. - The Meadow of Poetic Truths. Roudah Al-Haqa-Iq Al-Shi'riah.
015362: ROYAL EMBASSY OF SAUDI ARABIA. - Saudi Arabia. Spring 1997. Volume 14. Number 1.
005281: ARASTOO, DR. SEYED MORTEZA. - The Essence of Persian Carpets. Woven in Oriental History. Dr. Seyed Morteza Arastoo Collection.
008418: ARCHER, W. G. AND S. PARANAVITANA. - Ceilan. Pinturas de Templos Y Santuarios.
012527: ARCHER, JOHN CLARK. - Mystical Elements in Mohammed.
011598: BOSTON SOCIETY OF ARCHITECTS. - Architecture Boston.
016799: INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARCHITECTURE. - World Architecture. Volume 1. Number 4.
010786: ARCHIVES OF THE TIBET AUTONOMOUS REGION, COMPILER. - A Collection of Historical Archives of Tibet.
007709: ARENSBERG, SUSAN MACMILLAN. - Javanese Batiks.
018817: ARENSEN, JONATHAN E. - Sticks & Straw. Comparative House Forms in Southern Sudan and Northern Kenya. (New Copy).
012027: AREVALO, CELSO. - Flora de Espana.
006043: D'ARGENCE, RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE. - Chinese Jades in the Avery Brundage Collection.
003032: ARIEL, YOAV. - K'ung-Ts'ung-Tzu. The K'ung Family Masters' Anthology. A Study and Translation of Chapters 1-10, 12-14.
007542: ARILLO, CECILIO. - Break Away. The Inside Story of the Four-Day Revolution in the Philippines. February 22-25, 1986.
013150: ARIS, RUTHERFORD. - The Ampersand in Script & Print. An Essay in Honour of the Ampersand Club on the Occasion of Its Semicentenary.
019122: ARIS, MICHAEL. - Hidden Treasures and Secret Lives. A Study of Pemalingpa (1450-1521) and the Sixth Dalai Lama (1683-1706). (New Copy).
018923: ARLINGTON, L. C. AND WILLIAM LEWISOHN. - In Search of Old Peking. (Dust Jacket).
011726: ARMENIA. - Bararan Surb Grots; Handerdz Patkerok', Ashkharhats 'uts 'ok' Ew Takhtakok. (Dictionary of the Holy Scriptures, Compiled As
015996: ARMENTROUT, FRED AND DEAN BARRETT. - Images of Hong Kong.
014755: ARMINGTON, STAN. - Bhutan. For Independent, Group and Armchair Travellers.
009447: ARMSTRONG, ALAN. - Say It in Maori. Maori Phrase Book.
012488: ARMSTRONG, H. E. - The Origin of Life: A Chemist's Fantasy.
012927: ARMSTRONG, H. C. - Lord of Arabia. Ibn Saud.
013302: ARMSTRONG, H. E. - The Place of Research in Education.
013548: ARMSTRONG, E. F. - The Sea As a Storehouse.
016814: ARMSTRONG, LOUIS. - Louis Armstrong and His Concert Group. The Ambassador of Jazz.
017353: U. S. ARMY. - Defense Against Chemical Warfare. 1933 Edition.
003803: ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. - Vietnamese Phrase Book.
010829: ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF THE. - Aggressor Order of Battle Book.
010830: ARMY, DEPARTMENT OF THE. - Countering Terrorism on U.S. Army Installations.
016832: ARMY AIR FORCES, U. S. - Identification of Aircraft for Army Air Forces Ground Observer Corps. (R E S T R I C T E D).
016083: ARMY LIBRARY, U. S. - Peninsular Southeast Asia. A Bibliographic Survey of Literature.
018133: ARMY INFORMATION BRANCH, ARMY SERVICE FORCES. - News Map of Germany and Adjacent Areas.
013216: ARMY, HEADQUARTERS, DEPARTMENT OF THE. - Handbook on Aggressor Military Forces. May 1966.
013218: ARMY, U. S. COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF COLLEGE. - Terrorism Counteraction.
017771: UNITED STATES SEVENTH ARMY. - Seventh Army Nco - Academy. Photo Class Book 1959.
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008762: BIRBAUM, PHYLLIS. - Modern Girls, Shining Stars, the Skies of Tokyo. 5 Japanese Women.
010456: BIRCH, CYRIL. - Stories from a Ming Collection. Translations of Chinese Short Stories Published in the 17th Century.
016286: BIRCH, CYRIL. - Scenes for Mandarins. The Elite Theater of the Ming. (New Copy).
015495: BIRD, R. BYRON AND WILLIAM Z. SHETTER. - Een Goed Begin. . . A Contemporary Dutch Reader. Volume Two. Notes, Grammatical Sketch, Vocabulary.
016513: BIRD, MICHAEL. - Canadian Folk Art. Old Ways in a New Land. (First Edition, Dust Jacket).
011672: BIRNBAUM, PHYLLIS, TRANSLATOR. - Rabbits, Crabs, Etc. Stories By Japanese Women.
012196: BIRNS, JACK. - Assignment Shanghai. Photographs on the Eve of the Revolution.
002184: BISHOP, JOHN MELVILLE AND NAOMI HAWES. - An Ever-Changing Place. A Year Among Snow Monkeys and Sherpas in the Himalayas.
011561: BISHOP, CARL WHITING. - The Historical Geography of Early Japan.
012093: BISHOP, C. W. - The Ritual Bullfight.
013562: BISHOP, CARL WHITING. - Origin of Far Eastern Civilizations: A Brief Handbook.
017096: BISHOP, CARL WHITING. - An Ancient Chinese Capital. Earthworks at Old Ch'ang-an.
009480: BISHOPP, F. C. - Ticks and the Role They Play in the Transmission of Diseases.
011718: BISSELL, TOM. - Chasing the Sea. Lost Among the Ghosts of Empire in Central Asia. Including Descriptions of Life Therein, Culminating
013939: BISSELL, C. A. - Progress in National Land Reclamation in the United States.
002432: BISSOONDOYAL, B. - India in French Literature.
007176: BISTA, DOR BAHADUR. - People of Nepal.
001689: BITSCHAI, PROFESSOR DR. J. AND M. LEOPOLD BRODNY, M.D. - A History of Urology in Egypt.
014961: BJORKSTEN, JOHAN. - Learn to Write Chinese Characters.
011721: BLACK, ALISON HARLEY. - Man and Nature in the Philosophical Thought of Wang Fu-Chih.
017897: BLACK, DAVID AND CLIVE LOVELESS, EDITORS. - Woven Gardens. Nomad and Village Rugs of the Far Province of Southern Persia.
000192: BLACKBURN, STUART H. AND A. K. RAMANUJAN, EDITORS. - Another Harmony. New Essays on the Folklore of India.
010771: BLACKBURN, SUSAN. - Women and State in Modern Indonesia.
005947: BLACKER, L.V.S. - "the Aerial Conquest of Everest".
011290: BLACKETT, P.M.S. - Cosmic Radiation.
002461: BLACKMAN, WILLIAM FREMONT. - The Making of Hawaii. A Study in Social Evolution.
012517: BLAEU, JOAN. - Die Grote Atlas Van Europa.
018571: BLAISDELL, MARY FRANCES. - Tommy Tinker's Book.
005301: BLAKE, WILLIAM. - The Book of Urizen. Edited and with a Commentary By Kay Parkhurst Easson and Roger R. Easson.
014491: BLANC, PETER. - The Artist and the Atom.
012094: BLAND, G. EDITH. - The National Park of Switzerland.
019163: BLAND, J. O. P. - Houseboat Days in China.
016036: BLAND, J. O. AND E. BACKHOUSE. - China Under the Empress Dowager. Being the History of the Life and Times of Tzu Hsi. Compiled from State Papers and the
012435: BLANEY, HENRY. - Journal of Voyages to China and Return 1851-1853.
013742: BLANFORD, H. F. - How Rain Is Formed.
015285: BLANK, CLAIR. - Beverly Gray in the Orient.
011347: BLERIOT, LOUIS. - Wings over the Sea: Are Landing Places Necessary for the Commercial Aerial Crossing of the North Atlantic?
016047: BLEVINS, JULIETTE. - Nhanda. An Aboriginal Language of Western Australia.
013527: BLIGH, N. M. - Newly Discovered Chemical Elements.
011794: BLISS, FREDERICK JONES. - The Development of Palestine Exploration. Being the Ely Lectures for 1903.
006527: BLOCH, BERNARD AND ELEANOR HARZ JORDEN. - Spoken Japanese. Book I.
012493: BLOCH, DR. ADOLPHE. - Origin and Evolution of the Blond Europeans.
018601: BLOCH, STELLA. - Chinese Art.
015575: BLOCH, BERNARD. - Bernard Bloch on Japanese.
018626: BLOFELD, JOHN. - The Zen Teaching of Huang Po on the Transmission of Mind. Being the Teaching of the Zen Master Huang Po As Recorded By the
018850: BLOFELD, JOHN. - The Zen Teaching of Huang Po on the Transmission of Mind. Being the Teaching of the Zen Master Huang Po As Recorded By the
005113: BLONG, R. J. - The Time of Darkness. Local Legends and Volcanic Reality in Papua New Guinea.
003547: BLOOD, ROBERT O. JR. - Love Match and Arranged Marriage. A Tokyo-Detroit Comparison.
017855: BLOOMFIELD, ANDREW AND YANKI TSHERING. - Learning Practical Tibetan.
013366: BLOOMFIELD, HAROLD H., M.D.; MICHAEL PETER CAIN AND DENNIS T. JAFFE. - Tm. Discovering Inner Energy and Overcoming Stress.
013093: BLUM, DIETER AND NIKOLAI NIKOLAEVICH MIKHAILOV. - Russia. The Land and People of the Soviet Union.
014183: BLUMENTHAL, OSKAR AND OTHERS. - Karlsbad. Der Weltkurort.
009046: BLUMGARTEN, A. S. - Textbook of Materai Medica, Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
008953: BLUNDEN, CAROLINE AND MARK ELVIN. - The Cultural Atlas of the World. China.
005080: BLUNT, WILFRID. - Pietro's Pilgrimage. A Journey to India and Back at the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century.
012649: BLUNT, WILFRID. - The Golden Road to Samarkand.
008959: BLYTH, SALLY AND IAN WITHERSPOON. - Hong Kong Remembers.
017147: BLYTH, R. H. - Haiku. Volume III. Summer-Autumn.
013744: BLYTT, A. - On the Movement of the Earth's Crust.
016860: BOADT, LAWRENCE. - Jeremiah. 26-52, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Nahum. (Hardbound).
016848: BOADT, LAWRENCE. - Jeremiah 1-25. (Hardbound).
014166: BOAK, DICK. - Martin Guitar Masterpieces. A Showcase of Artists' Editions, Limited Editions, and Custom Guitars.
012443: "SEPTEMBER 8TH" EDITORIAL BOARD. - Blessings of the Divine Bounty of "September 8th". In Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the "Sept. 8th"
019126: SOCIAL SCIENCES IN CHINA EDITORIAL BOARD. - Social Sciences in China. Volume III, No. 2, June, 1982.
005471: BOARDMAN, PETER. - Sacred Summits. A Climber's Year.
018345: BOBOT, MARIE-THERESE. - La Tradition Renouvelee L'art Du Paysage de Au Ho-Nien.
019159: BODDE, DERK. - Annual Customs and Festivals in Peking. As Recorded in the Yen-Ching Sui-Shih-Chi By Tun L-Ch'en.
005847: BODDY, E. MANCHESTER. - Japanese in America.
005611: VON BODE, WILHELM AND ERNST KUHNEL. - Antique Rugs from the Near East.
016974: BODE, CARL, EDITOR. - The Editor the Bluenose and the Prostitute. H.L. Mencken's History of the "Hatrack" Censorship Case.
012908: BODMAN, NICHOLAS CLEAVELAND. - Spoken Taiwanese. Adapted By Wu Su-Chu from Spoken Amoy Hokkien.
003162: BODURGIL, ABRAHAM. - Turkey. Politics and Government. A Bibliography 1938-1975.
014559: BOECKMAN, PAUL VON. - Nerve Force.
017979: BOEHM, LISE. - China Coast Tales. Nos. 7 & 8.
005079: BOERO, DAL P. G. - Vita Del Beato Giovani de Britto. Martire. Della Compagnia DI Gesu.
015682: BOERO, GIUSEPPE. - Vita Del Giovani de Britto, Martire. Della Compagnia DI Gesu.
019056: BOERSCHMANN, ERNST. - Picturesque China. Architecture and Landscape. A Journey Through Twelve Provinces. (Dust Jacket).
005453: BOESTAMAM, AHMAD. - Carving the Path to the Summit.
005154: BOESTER, MISS FLORENCE. - Adoption Placement of Children.
018491: BOGGS, LUCINDA PEARL. - Chinese Womanhood.
016128: BOGNAR, BOTOND. - Hiroshi Hara. The 'floating World' of His Architecture.
018530: BOHME, A. - Uebungsbuch IM Rechen. Siebentes Heft.
018416: BOIKO, M. - Gosudarstvennyi Russkii Muzei. (National Russian Museum).
005020: DU BOIS, CORA. - The People of Alor. A Social-Psychological Study of an East Indian Island. Two Volumes in One.
011609: BOLITHO, HECTOR. - Victoria. The Widow and Her Son.
016955: BOLLANSEE, ESMERALDA AND MARC. - Masterpieces of Contemporary Indonesian Painters. (New Copy).
007167: BOLT, DAVID. - Gurkhas.
013087: YANG JWING-MING AND JEFFREY A. BOLT. - Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu.
000938: BOLTIN, LEE AND DOUGLAS NEWTON. - Masterpieces of Primitive Art. The Nelson A. Rockerfeller Collection.
010975: BOLTON, H. CARRINGTON. - Index to the Literature of Uranium, 1789-1885.
013800: BOLTON, H. CARRINGTON. - Chemistry.
013043: BOLUFER, DON JOSE ALEMANY Y. - La Fuente. Diccionario Enciclopedico de la Lengua Espanola.
014880: BOMARE, JACQUES-CHRISTOPHE VALMONT DE. - Den Almindelige Natur-Histoire, I Form Af Et Dictionnaire Ved Valmont de Bomare. . . Oversat, Foroget Og Forbedret Af H. Von
009080: BOMBAY. - United Asia. International Magazine of Asian Affairs. Twelve Issues.
012230: BONE, ROBERT C. JR. - Contemporary Southeast Asia.
014768: BONHAMS. - Yorkshire and the Neighbouring Counties in Books, Maps and Manuscripts. Wednesday 21 November 2007.
013349: BONNET, ELODIE AND NATHALIE TALHOUAS, EDITORS. - Morocco. Mediterranean Cuisine.
016536: BONOSKY, PHILLIP. - Dragon Pink on Old White.
011580: BONS, L. - Bahasa Inggeris Jang Sederhana. Dengan Petundjuk Bunjinja.
011579: BONS, L. - Kamus. Indonesia-Belanda-Inggeris. Edjaan Bahasa Inggeris Menurut Bunjinja.
017138: BONSOR, N. R. P. - The Jersey Railway.
008171: CHINA YEAR BOOK. - China Yearbook Series. Six Volumes.
010748: JAPAN CHRISTIAN YEAR BOOK. - 1935. The Japan Christian Year Book. Continuing the Japan Mission Year Book Being the Thirty-Third Issue of the Christian
010750: JAPAN CHRISTIAN YEAR BOOK. - 1950. The Japan Christian Year Book.
010751: JAPAN CHRISTIAN YEAR BOOK. - 1951. The Japan Christian Year Book.
015078: CZECH RELIGIOUS BOOK. - Epistoly a Ewangelia, Na Kazdau Nedeli, a Neyhlawnegssi Swatky Pres Cely Rok. Passige Pana Nasseho.
008468: PASSPORT BOOKS. - Guilin, Canton and Guangdong.
008469: PASSPORT BOOKS. - All China. An Illustrated Introduction to China, Its People and Culture.
014762: GRIEBEN'S GUIDE BOOKS. - The Rhine. A Practical Guide. With 7 Maps. 1910-1911.
009540: BOOMGAARD, PETER - Frontiers of Fear. Tigers and People in the Malay World, 1600-1950.
004087: CHOY KUNG HENG AND LIANG YIN-BOONE. - A Complete Guidance to Flower and Bird Painting.
012466: BOREL, EMILE. - Molecular Theories and Mathematics.
012776: BORNEMANN, FRITZ. - As Wine Poured out. Blessed Joesph Freinademetz Svd, Missionary in China 1879-1908.
005014: BORNOFF, NICHOLAS. - Pink Samurai. Love, Marriage & Sex in Contemporary Japan.
001180: BORTON, HUGH. - Japan's Modern Century.
002747: BORTON, HUGH, ET AL. - A Selected List of Books and Articles on Japan in English, French and German. Revised and Enlarged.
005514: BORTON, HUGH. - Peasant Uprisings in Japan of the Tokugawa Period.
014050: BOSE, D. N. AND HIRALAL HALDAR. - Tantras: Their Philosophy and Occult Secrets.
018821: DU BOSE, HAMPDEN C. - "Beautiful Soo". A Handbook to Soochow.
012715: BOSLER, J. - Recent Progress in Astrophysics in the United States.
014191: BOSLER, JEAN. - Modern Theories of the Sun.
010087: BOSTON, MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS. - The Arts of India and Nepal. The Nasli and Alice Heeramaneck Collection.
016323: CHRIST CHURCH IN BOSTON. - The Old North Church. A Historical Portrait. 250th Anniversary Edition.
018956: BOSTWICK, LIEUTENANT F. M. - Oyucha San.
013869: BOSWELL, P. G. H. - The Floor of the Ocean.
015668: BOTSTEIN, LEON, EDITOR. - The Musical Quarterly. Vol. 82, No. 2, Summer, 1998.
015667: BOTSTEIN, LEON, EDITOR. - The Musical Quarterly. Vol. 81, No. 4, Winter, 1997.
011281: BOTTOMLEY, MISS A.M. AND P.H.B. TALBOT. - Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms in South Africa.
014911: BOUDONNAT, LOUISE AND HARUMI KUSHIZAKI. - Traces of the Brush: The Art of Japanese Calligraphy.
018673: BOUKNOIS, HELEN MARY. - Into Little Tibet.
006217: BOUKREEV, ANATOLI AND G. WESTON DEWALT. - The Climb. Tragic Ambitions on Everest.
014300: BOUKREEV, ANATOLI. - The Climb. Tragic Ambitions on Everest.
011602: DU BOULAY, ANTHONY. - Chinese Porcelain.
017863: BOULENGER, GEORGE A. - A Vertebrate Fauna of the Malaya Peninsula from the Isthmus of Kra to Singapore, Including the Adjacent Islands. Reptilia
009422: BOULOUS, JAWAD. - Les Peuples Et Les Civilisations Du Proche Orient. Essai D'une Histoire Comparee Des Origines a Nos Jours. Five Volumes.
018764: BOURGEOIS, P. A. - Dictionnaire Francais-Chinois. Dialecte de Shanghai.
012511: BOURNE, PETER. - Twilight of the Dragon.
000544: BOURNOUTIAN, GEORGE A. - A History of Qarabagh. An Annotated Translation of Mizra Jamal Javanshir Qarabaghi's Tarikh-E Qarabagh.
018655: BOUSFIELD, MRS. LILLIE SNOWDEN. - Sun-Wu Stories. (Dust Jacket).
007037: BOUTELL, H. S. - First Editions of to-Day and How to Tell Them.
012124: BOUTHOUL, GASTON. - Ibn-Khaldoun. Sa Philosophie Sociale.
009000: BOUVAT, LUCEIN. - L'empire Mongol (2eme Phase).
011934: BOUVIER, E. L. - Bees and Flowers.
012819: BOUVIER, E. L. - The Life and Work of J.H. Fabre.
003750: BOWEN, JOHN R. - Sumatran Politics and Poetics. Gayo History, 1900-1989.
009592: BOWEN, RICHARD LEBARON JR. - The Early Arabian Necropolis of Ain Jwan. A Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Site on the Persian Gulf.
002788: BOWERS, JOHN Z. - Western Medical Pioneers in Feudal Japan.
005706: BOWERS, FAUBION. - Theatre in the East. A Survey of Asian Dance and Drama.
013634: BOWIE, WILLIAM. - Shaping the Earth.
014230: BOWMAN, VICKY, EDITOR. - Burmese Phrasebook.
005510: BOWNAS, GEOFFREY. - Japanese Rainmaking and Other Folk Practices.
010449: BOXER, C. R. - The Church Militant and Iberian Expansion 1440-1770.
010898: BOXER, C. R. - Mary and Misogyny. Women in Iberian Expansion Overseas 1415-1815. Some Facts, Fancies and Personalities.
011137: BOXER, C. R., TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR. - Further Selections from the Tragic History of the Sea 1559-1565. Narratives of the Shipwrecks of the Portuguese
012000: BOXER, C. R. - Further Selections from the Tragic History of the Sea 1559-1565. Narratives of the Shipwrecks of the Portuguese East
012737: BOXER, C. R. - The Tragic History of the Sea 1589-1622. Narratives of the Shipwrecks of the Portuguese East Indiamen Sao Thome (1589),
012916: BOXER, C. R., EDITOR. - South China in the Sixteenth Century. Being the Narratives of Galeote Pereira; Fr. Gaspar Da Cruz, O.P. ; Fr. Martin de Rada,
015712: BOXER, C. R., EDITOR. - A True Description of the Mighty Kingdoms of Japan & Siam. By Caron & Schouten.
016434: BOXER, C. R. - Jan Compagnie in Japan, 1600-1850. An Essay on the Cultural, Artistic and Scientific Influence Exercised By the Hollanders in
015391: BOXER, C. R. - Fidalgos in the Far East 1550-1770.
014994: BOXER, C. R. - Jan Compagnie in Japan 1600-1817. An Essay on the Cultural, Artistic and Scientific Influence Exercised By the Hollanders
015089: BOYARSKY, NICHOLAS AND PETER LANG. - Urban Flashes Asia. New Architecture and Urbanism in Asia.
013533: BOYCOTT, A. E., M.D. - The Transition from Live to Dead: The Nature of Filtrable Viruses.
012096: BOYD, MARK F. - Preventive Medicine. Smithsonian Institution Article.
012585: BOYD, NANCY. - Emissaries. The Overseas Work of the American Ywca 1895-1970.
017243: BOYD, JAMES I. C. - The Isle of Man Railway.
005924: BOYLE, ELIZABETH. - Cantonese Basic Course.
007700: BOYMANS VON BEUNINGEN, MUSEUM. - The Forbidden City (Der Verboden Stad). Court Culture of the Chinese Emperors (1644-1911).
012469: BOYS, C. V. - Experiments with Soap Bubbles.
013840: BOYS, C. V. - Quartz Fibers.
016297: BRAACK, L. E. O. - Fascinating Insects of Southeast Asia. (New Copy).
012513: BRACKENBURY, WADE. - Yak Butter & Black Tea. A Journey Into Forbidden China.
013773: BRACKETT, F. S. AND EARL S. JOHNSTON. - New Researches on the Effect of Light Waves on the Growth of Plants.
006063: BRACKMAN, ARNOLD C. - Southeast Asia's Second Front. The Power Struggle in the Malay Archipelago.
012373: BRACKMAN, ARNOLD C. - Indonesia: The Gestapu Affair.
017926: BRADBURD, FANIEL. - Ambiguous Relations. Kin, Class, and Conflict Among the Komachi Pastoralists. (New Copy).
018359: BRADBURY, RAY. - The Cat's Pajamas Stories + 5.
018358: BRADBURY, RAY. - The Cat's Pajamas Stories + 5.
014987: BRADLEY, DAVID. - Thai Hill Tribes Phrasebook.
011799: BRADSHER, HENRY S. - Afghanistan and the Soviet Union.
019094: BRAGA, J. M. - China Landfall, 1513. Jorge Alvares' Voyage to China. A Compilation of Some Relevant Material. (Dust Jacket).
010001: BRAIN, ROBERT. - The Decorated Body.
014838: BRAIN, JAMES L. - Basic Structure of Swahili.
000004: BRAKE, BRIAN AND OTHERS. - Art of the Pacific.
001248: BRAMELD, THEODORE. - Japan. Culture, Education, and Change in Two Communities.
018077: ARMY INFORMATION BRANCH. - Newsmap. Palau Islands and Mindanao, Philippine Islands.
016334: ARMY INFORMATION BRANCH. - North Burma & South Burma and Thailand. Two Maps.
018659: ARMY INFORMATION BRANCH. - North Burma & South Burma and Thailand. Two Maps.
002395: BRANDENSTEIN, C. G. VON AND A. P. THOMAS. - Taruru. Aboriginal Song Poetry from the Pilbara.
005629: BRANDON, JAMES R. - On Thrones of Gold. Three Javanese Shadow Plays.
017844: BRANDS, H. W. - Bound to Empire. The United States and the Philippines. (New Copy).
002916: BRANDT, VINCENT S. R. - A Korean Village. Between Farm and Sea.
004150: BRANDT, J. J. - Introduction to Spoken Chinese.
012117: BRANDT, NAT. - Massacre in Shansi.
004759: BRANNAN, ROBERT LOUIS, EDITOR. - Under the Management of Mr. Charles Dickens, His Production of the "Frozen Deep".
009839: BRAUEN, MARTIN. - Dream World Tibet. Western Illusions.
014009: BRAVERMAN, ARTHUR. - Living and Dying in Zazen. Five Zen Masters of Modern Japan.
016126: BREASHEARS, DAVID. - High Exposure. An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places.
013830: BREASTED, JAMES H. - The Rise of Man and Modern Research.
016787: BREASTED, JAMES HENRY. - Historical Tradition and Oriental Research.
012402: BREDON, JULIET. - Peking. A Historical and Intimate Description of Its Chief Places of Interest.
017801: BREDON, JULIET AND IGOR MITRAPHANOW. - The Moon Year. A Record of Chinese Customs and Festivals.
010330: BREHEIR, LOUIS AND PIERRE BATIFOL. - Les Survivances Du Culte Imperial Romain. A Propos Des Riles Shintoistes.
010036: BREMNER, MOYRA AND LIZ FILIPPINI. - Pasta for Pleasure.
012051: BRESNIER, L. J. - Cours Pratique Et Theorique de Langue Arabe. Renfermant Les Principes Detailles de la Lecture, de la Grammaire Et Du Style

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