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018243: YEE, PAUL. - Saltwater City. An Illustrated History of the Chinese in Vancouver. (New in Dust Jacket).
013044: YEISER, REV. N. E. - The Hindu; Or Casteman of India.
018573: YEN LING-FENG, COMPILER. - A Reconstructed Lao Tzu with English Translation.
013157: YEN, CHAN MASTER SHENG. - Song of Mind. Wisdom from the Zen Classic Xin Ming.
017712: YEN YUAN AND FREEMAN, MANSFIELD, TRANSLATOR, - Preservation of Learning (Cun Xue Bian). With an Introduction on His Life and Thought. (New Copy)
016261: YENGOYAN, ARAM A. AND PERLA Q. MAKIL. - Philippine Society and the Individual. Selected Essays of Frank Lynch, 1949-1976.
006535: YEUNG, YUE-MAN. - National Development Policy and Urban Transformation in Singapore: A Study of Public Housing and the Marketing System.
010233: YI, HWI-YONG. - Minjung Essence Dictionnaire Francais-Coreen. (Essensu Pul-Han Sajon).
015114: LIAO YIBAI. - Imaginary Enemy.
018504: YIEH, TSUNG-KAO. - The Adjustment Problems of Chinese Graduate Students in American Universities.
007488: HSIEH PING-YING. - Autobiography of a Chinese Girl. Hsieh Ping-Ying.
017846: YANG XIU YING. - Yu Qi. (Jade).
018471: YING, CHI AND YOSHITOSHI MIYAJIMA. - [Kanwa] Pekin Jijo. [Mandarin] Peking Affairs Textbook for Learning Chinese.
018966: WANG YINGLIN. - Three Character Classic. (San Zi Jing).
011014: CHO-YO. - Japanese Chess (Sho-Ngi). The Science and Art of War Or Struggle. Philosophically Treated. Chinese Chess (Chong-Kie)
014459: YOGANANDA, PARAMHANSA. - Self-Realization. Fall, 1971.
013135: YOGERST, JOSEPH R. - Insight Pocket Guide. Hong Kong.
017947: YOHE, RALPH S. & H. MCCOY JONES, EDITORS. - Turkish Rugs.
010895: YOKOI, HIROSHI, PRODUCER. - Anime Poster Art. Japan's Movie House Masterpieces.
005139: LEE MUN-YOL. - Hail to the Emperor!
016540: LEE MUN-YOL. - Hail to the Emperor.
018309: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. - Geographical Review. July, 1935.
018371: WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. - United in Worship of the Only True God. (Tuanjie Yizhi Jingbai Duyi de Zhenshen).
015043: MOSTAZAFAN FOUNDATION OF NEW YORK. - Reflection of Islam II. A Calendar. 1365 A.H. (Solar). 1406-1407 A.H. (Lunar). 1986-1987 A.D.
018308: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. - Geographical Review. October, 1931.
018307: AMERICAN GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OF NEW YORK. - Geographical Review. July, 1931.
017185: YOSELOFF, THOMAS. - Voyage to America. The Journals of Thomas Cather.
010464: YOSHIBUMI, WAKAMIYA. - The Postwar Conservative View of Asia. How the Political Right Has Delayed Japan's Coming to Terms with Its History of
005728: YOSHIDA, SHUJI AND YUKIO TOYODA, EDITORS. - Fringe Area of Highlands in Papua New Guinea.
012860: YOSHIDA, NOBUYUKI, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER. - A+U. Architecture and Urbanism. 1998. 07, No. 334.
013894: YOSHINORI, TAKEUCHI, EDITOR. - Buddhist Spirituality. Indian, Southeast Asian, Tibetan, Early Chinese.
003847: YOUNG, MICHAEL W. - Magicians of Manumanua. Living Myth in Kalauna.
004086: YOUNG, ARTHUR N. - China and the Helping Hand 1937-1945.
006316: YOUNG, DR. C. KUANGSON. - Sino-Philippine Relations & "Westward Ho!" in China.
012130: YOUNG, SERINITY. - Dreaming in the Lotus. Buddhist Dream Narrative, Imagery & Practice.
019576: YOUNG, EVELEYN. - ^ CHINESE BABIES. A Collection of Chinese Nursery Rhymes in English. ^
017228: YOUNG, NORMAN R. - What You Will See in the Vale of Rheidol. A Guide for Passengers on the Narrow Guage Railway.
018628: YOUNG, BETO, PUBLISHER. - Chinese Business in America. (Hua Ren Bai Shang).
018287: YOUNG, MARTIE W. - Far Eastern Art in Upstate New York.
016936: YOUNGBLOOD, ROBERT L. - Marcos Against the Church. Economic Development and Political Repression in the Philippines. (New Copy).
003249: YOUNGBLOOD, ROBERT L. - Marcos Against the Church. Economic Development and Political Repression in the Philippines.
017925: YOUNGBLOOD, ROBERT L. - Marcos Against the Chuch. Economic Development and Political Repression in the Philippines. (New Copy).
010253: YOUNGHUSBAND, SIR FRANCIS. - Peking to Lhasa. The Narrative of Journeys in the Chinese Empire Made By the Late Brigadier -General George Pereira, C.B.
010081: YOUNGSON, A. J., EDITOR. - China and Hong Kong. The Economic Nexus.
018950: YOURU, W. - Feiyingge Huace. (Flying Image Pavillion Painting Catalogue).
013334: YPMA, HERBER J. M. - India Modern. Traditional Forms and Contemporary Designs.
001388: YU, BEONGCHEON. - The Great Circle. American Writers and the Orient.
004102: TSAO YU. - Sunrise. A Play in Four Acts.
004206: TSAO YU. - Thunderstorm.
008466: YU JUNZHI AND OTHERS, EDITORS. - Zhongguo Meishushi Lunji #2 (Articles on the History of Chinese Art Volume 2).
008577: YU, ELENA AND WILLIAM T. LIU. - Fertility and Kinship in the Philippines.
016838: YU, WEICHAO, EDITOR. - Journey Into China's Antiquity. Four Volume Set. (New).
014399: YU. - Yu Zhong Xiang Gong Nian Pu. (Chronological Biography of Yu Zhong Xiang Gong).
017999: YU SHIH YU AND LIU HSUAN MIN, COMPILERS. - A Bibliography of Orientological Contributions in One Hundred Seventy- Five Japanese Periodicals. With Indices.
011288: ZHONGGUO KE XUE YUAN. - Liangshan Yizu Zizhizhou Meigu Xian Jiukou Xiang She Hui Diao Cha Bao Gao (Chu Gao). (Investigative Report of Nine Villages
011646: BEIJING ZHONG YI XUE YUAN. - Zhen Jiu Lin Chuang Qu Xue Tu Jie (Illustrated Guide for Acupuncture Therapy).
011652: BEIJING ZHONG YI XUE YUAN. - Jian Ming Zhen Jiu Xue. (Concise Treatise on Acupuncture and Moxibustion).
011970: ZHONG YI XUE YUAN. - Jian Ming Zhen Jiu Xue. (Concise Acupuncture Study).
011976: SHANGHAI ZHONG YI XUE YUAN. - Zhen Jiu Ge Ke Zhi Liao Fa. (Curative Measures from Various Acupuncture Methods).
012518: YUAN, DEXING; MIN DONG; JIEREN LIN; XUEGUO CUI. - The National Palace Museum in Photographs. (Gu Gong Sheng Gai).
017280: YUAN, L. Z. - Through a Moon Gate.
003286: YUEN, Y. C. - A Guide to Cantonese (Self-Taught).
019179: YUEN, T. T. & TACHUEN S. K. LOH, TRANSLATORS. - The Provisional Criminal Code of the Republic of China (1915).
011771: YUI, CHIEN HSUIN. - Das Alte Chinesische Nachrichtenwesen Und Die Chinesische Staatspresse.
010041: YUICHI, ISHIBASHI. - English-Japanese-German-Russian Dictionary on Electrotechnics.
010495: YUKIO, OZAKI. - The Autobiography of Ozaki Yukio. The Struggle for Constitutional Government in Japan.
014066: YUKIO, OZAKI. - The Autobiography of Ozaki Yukio. The Struggle for Constitutional Government in Japan.
013012: YULE, SIR HENRY. - The Book of Ser Marco Polo. The Venetian. Concerning the Kingdoms and Marvels of the Far East. Two Volumes. Third
012980: CHU LI AND TIEN CHIEH-YUN. - Inside a People's Commune. Report from Chiliying.
016940: CH'EN, CH'I-YUN. - Hsun Yueh and the Mind of Late Han China. A Translation of the Shen-Chien with Introduction and Notes.
012330: YUNG, PETER. - Bazaars of Chinese Turkestan. Life and Trade Along the Old Silk Road.
015669: PENG YUNGHAI. - Strange Customs in China.
006163: YUSEIKOSAIKAI, THE, EDITOR. - 1993 Japanese Stamps.
008302: YUSUPOV, E. YU., EDITOR. - Miniatures. Illuminations of Amir Hosrov Dehlevi's Works.
004078: LIN YUTANG. - Imperial Peking. Seven Centuries of China.
006037: LIN YUTANG. - The Vigil of a Nation.
016141: LIN YUTANG. - The Vermillion Gate. A Novel of a Far Land.
016668: LIN YUTANG. - The Vigil of a Nation.
016607: ZABEL, WERNER. - Die Zusatzliche Therapie Der Geschwulsterkrankungen.
012492: ZABOROWSKI, S. - Ancient Greece and Its Slave Population.
014197: ZAHM, A. F. - The First Man-Carrying Aeroplane Capable of Sustained Free Flight-Langley's Success As a Pioneer in Aviation.
001303: ZAID, ABDULAZIZ MOHAMMED. - The Islamic Law of Bequest.
014427: ZAPFFE, CARL A. - The Insides of Metals.
010866: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NEW ZEALAND. - Ka Tuhituhi O Nehera. The Drawings of Ancient Times.
001499: ZEITLIN, IDA. - Gessar Khan. A Legend of Tibet.
003233: ZEITLIN, IDA. - Gessar Khan. A Legend of Tibet.
003340: ZEN, SOPHIA H. CHEN. - Symposium on Chinese Culture.
006126: ZENOVSKY, SERGE A. - Pan-Turkism and Islam in Russia.
015463: ZERFFI, DR. G. G. - The Tchong-Yong of Confucius. Edited By His Grandson, Tchhing-Tse.
015498: ZEVIT, ZIONY. - Matres Lectionis in Ancient Hebrew Epigraphs.
015053: KANG ZEXIANG. - The World of Unchained Ink. Kang Zexiang's 138-Meter Painting Scroll of Guilin Landscape. (Yemo Tiandi: Kang Zexiang Guilin
015839: ZHA, JIANYING. - China Pop. How Soap Operas, Tabloids, and Bestsellers Are Transforming a Culture.
002111: ZHANG, JINGWEI (CHANG KING-WAI), EDITOR IN CHIEF. - The Alpine Plants of China.
004186: ZHANG, XINXIN AND SANG YE. - Chinese Lives. An Oral History of Contemporary China.
005107: ZHANG FAN, EDITOR IN CHIEF. - China's Seven Ancient Capitals.
005352: ZHANG JUWEN, BAI YONGQUAN AND CHEN LONGSHUN. - Integrating Chinese and Western Medicine. A Handbook for Practioners.
009655: ZHANG, YING. - Qi Ju Bian Zhi. (Mkho Byad Dan 'thag Las Kyi Lag Rtsal). Utensils and Weavings.
009657: ZHANG, YING. - Mian Ju Yi Shu. (Khyad Du 'phags Pa'I No 'bag Bzo Rtsal). (Masks).
014173: ZHANG, XIN. - Social Transformtaion in Modern China. The State and Local Elites in Henan, 1900-1937.
018148: ZHANG LIANSHENG, EDITOR. - A Handbook of Chinese, Tibetan and English Words.
018467: ZHANG, SHILIU, HU HAI-LAN AND HENRY BAIN. - Model English-Chinese Dictionary. With Illustrative Examples. (Han Mo Fan Zi Dian. Qiu Jie Zuo Wen Liang Yong).
017378: ZHAO, TINGDONG. - Hui Tu DI Li Wu Jeu. (Illustrated Geography {Geomancy} of the Five Precept Methods). Volume 7.
009376: ZHAO, GUOGIANG. - Aomen Xing Fa Zong Lun. (Estudos de Direito Penal de Macau).
011645: ZHAO, ZHENGSHAN. - Jian Yi Tui Na Liao Fa (Simple Massage Therapy).
017226: ZHAO, TINGDONG. - Hui Tu DI Li Wu Jeu. (Illustrated Geography {Geomancy} of the Five Precept Methods). Volume 7.
015426: ZHAO, QINGGE. - Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.
014878: ZHAO, BINGZHONG. - Ming Zhao Bingzhong Zhuang Yuan Juan. (the Final Examination Paper of the Number One Scholar, Ming Dynasty).
009963: ZHEN, YAN AND CAI JINGFENG. - China's Tibetan Medicine.
000608: ZHENG, SHIFENG, ET AL. - China. All Provinces and Autonomous Regions.
014484: ZHENG, TINGZHONG, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. - The Three Gorges on the Changjiang River. (Shen You San Xia).
018962: HUANG ZHENGYUAN. - Tai Shang Bao Fa Tu Shou. (Illustrated Precious Boat of the Great Being). Five Volumes.
012286: SUN ZHENHUA. - Tibetan Stone Carvings. (Xizang Shi Ke).
018743: ZHOU ZHILI. - A Brief Look at Tibet's Social Economy. (Xizang She Hui Jing Ji Yan Jiu Li Ce).
005356: ZHONG, DAJIN, WANG XUAO, ZHAO SHUZHEN AND FU LINING. - Treatment of Aids with Traditional Chinese Medicine.
017369: ZHOU XIANGQUN, EDITOR. - Taohuawu New Year Prints. (Taohuawu Nianhua).
009914: ZHOU, XIANZU, CHIEF EDITOR. - Interior Design China. 1987.
014510: ZHOU, JIWEN, AND HOUFANG XIE. - Parallel Wordlist of Chinese-Tibetan Words from Dunhuang and Turfan. (Dunhuang Tufan Han Zang Dui Yin Zi Hui).
016638: ZHU, JIXUAN. - Ying Yong Hua Xue CI Dian. (Applied Chemistry Dictionary).
018461: ZIA, D. Z. AND Y. M. HSU. - Modern English Selections for College Students. (Xiandai Yingwen Xuan).
017269: ZIA, FRANCIS, DOHO T. YEN AND S. P. CHOW. - A Complete Manual of English Letter Writing. (Ying Wen Chi Du Da Quan).
019463: ZIA, Z. K. - ^ A SHORT STUDY OF GREAT RELIGIOUS LEADERS. A Text-book for Religious Education Classes prepared for the use of young people ^
017237: ZIEL, RON. - The Story of Edaville and Steamtown.
007268: ZIESENISS, ALEXANDER. - The Rama Saga in Malaysia. Its Origin and Development.
001785: ZIKMUND, M. AND J. HANZELKA. - Kashmir. The Heavenly Valley.
017219: ZILLIACUS, KONNI. - Suomen Uusimmasta Historiasta. I. (New Finnish History).
006107: ZIMMER, HEINRCH. - Artistic Form and Yoga in the Sacred Images of India.
012547: ZIMMERMANN, MAURICE. - The Antarctic Land of Victoria. From the Voyage of "Discovery".
017853: XIAO ZIQIN. - Nouveau Dictionnaire Francais-Chinois.
018520: XIAO ZIQIN. - Nouveau Dictionnaire Francais-Chinois. (Mo Fan Fa Hua CI Dian).
016938: ZHU ZIQING. - Zhu Ziqing Quan Ji. (Complete Works of Zhu Ziqing). 3 Volumes.
003091: DE ZOETE, BERYL. - Dance and Magic Drama in Ceylon.
005056: ZOGHBY, SAMIR M. - Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa. A Partially Annotated Guide.
016981: QINGDAO ECONOMIC AND TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT ZONE. - The Folk Paper Cutting of Huang Dao in China. (Huangdao Minjian Jianzhi).
015211: ZONG, KYABJE RINPOCHE. - Chod in the Ganden Tradition. The Oral Instructions of Kyabje Zong Rinpoche.
017857: ZOOK, JACOB AND JANE. - Hexology. The History and Meaning of Signs.
007980: ZOZAYONG, EDITOR. - The Life of the Buddha.
009576: ZOZULIA, V. N. AND V. S. KOLOKOLOV. - Kitasisko-Russkii Slovar' Nauchnykh I Tekhnicheskikh Terminov. (Chinese-Russian Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms).
011653: "ZHEN CI MA ZUI" BIAN XIE XIAO ZU. - Zhen CI Ma Zui. (Needle Anesthesia).
016821: "XIN YING HAN CI DIAN" BAIN XIE ZU. - A New English-Chinese Dictionary. (Xin Yin Han CI Dian).
019492: ZUNG, CELIA S. L. - ^ SECRETS OF THE CHINESE DRAMA. A Complete Explanatory Guide to Actions and Symbols as Seen in the Performance of Chinese ^
008560: ZURICK, DAVID AND P. P. KARAN. - Himalaya. Life on the Edge of the World.
017305: ZURN, JOHN. - The Fantastic World of Bruce Nygren.
016506: ZWEIG, STEFAN. - La Tragedia de Una Vida. Marcelina Desbordes Valmore. (1936).
014425: ZWORYKIN, V. K. - Some Prospects in the Field of Electronics.
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