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016418: KELLY, SUSAN AND VALERIE MERCHANT, EDITOR. - Heavy Metal. Febraury, 1978.
010560: KELTIE, J. SCOTT. - Stanley and the Map of Africa.
012813: KELTIE, J. SCOTT. - A Half Century of Geographical Progress.
012849: KEMBLE, JOHN HASKELL. - The Inauguration of the China Mail 1866.
012804: KEMP, PROF. JAMES FURMAN. - The Outlook for Iron.
003252: KEMPER, STEVEN. - The Presence of the Past. Chronicles, Politics, and Culture in Sinhala Life.
007248: KEMPERS, A. J. BERNET. - Monumental Bali. Introduction to Balinese Archaeology & Guide to the Monuments.
019069: KENDALL, ELIZABETH. - A Wayfarer in China. Impressions of a Trip Across West China and Mongolia.
010451: RYUKYU DAIGAKUOKINAWA BUNKA KENKYUJO. - Miyako Shoto Gakujutsu Chosa Kenkyu Hokoku. (Scientific Research Report on the Miyako Islands: Language and Literature
001718: KENNAN, GEORGE FROST. - Siberia and the Exile System.
016542: KENNARD, JOSEPH SPENCER. - Italian Romance Writers. (Hardbound).
000172: KENNEDY, ALAN. - Japanese Costume. History and Tradition.
002252: KENNEDY, RAYMOND. - Bibliography of Indonesian Peoples and Cultures. Two Volumes.
009248: KENNEDY, J. M. - The Satakas Or the Wise Sayings of Bhartrihari.
013563: KENNEDY, RAYMOND. - Contours of Culture in Indonesia.
015174: KENNEDY, KERRY. - Decir la Verdad Al Poder. Defensores de Los Derechos Humanos Que Estan Cambiando Nuestro Mundo.
014124: KENNEY, JEFFREY T. - Muslim Rebels. Kharijites and the Politics of Extremism in Egypt.
013723: KENNY, ROBERT W., EDITOR. - The New Zealand Journal 1842-1844 of John B. Williams, of Salem, Massachusetts.
003659: KENRICK, VIVIENNE. - Horses in Japan.
016131: KENT, JAMES TYLER. - Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica. Together with Kent's 'new Remedies' Incorporated and Arranged in One Alphabetical
014900: KEPLER, ANGELA KAY. - Hawaiian Heritage Plants. (First Edition).
018951: KERN INSTITUTE, LEYDEN. - Annual Bibliography of Indian Archaeology: Volume XXIII, for the Years 1970-1972.
009688: KEROUAC, JACK. - Are Writers Made Or Born?
002204: KERR, BLAKE. - Sky Burial. An Eyewitness Account of China's Brutal Crackdown on Tibet.
018721: KERR, DR. - Select Phrases in the Canton Dialect.
013605: KERSHUL, KRISTINE K. - Arabic in 10 Minutes a Day.
016954: KERSHUL, KRISTINE. - Arabic in 10 Minutes a Day. (New Copy).
000047: KESSLER, ADAM T. - Empires Beyond the Great Wall. The Heritage of Genghis Khan.
004545: KESSLER, ADAM T. - Empires Beyond the Great Wall. The Heritage of Genghis Khan.
015388: KETTERER KUNST, HAMBURG. - Ketterer Kunst. 266 Auktion, 6. /7. Mai 2002. Wertvolle Bucher, Manuskripte, Autographen.
015060: KEVERNE, ROGER. - Jade.
006338: KEYDER, CAGLAR AND FARUK TABAK, EDITORS. - Landholding and Commercial Agriculture in the Middle East.
008917: KEYES, ROGER. - The Male Journey in Japanese Prints.
010947: KEYES, CHARLES F. - Economic Action and Buddhist Morality in a Thai Village.
017112: KEYS, R. AND L. PORTER. - The Manifold Valley and Its Light Railway.
001419: MI MI KHAING. - Burmese Family.
010459: KHAKIMOV, KAMRAN M. - Uzbek-English English-Uzbek Dictionary.
017072: KHALID, MANSOUR. - The Government They Deserve. The Role of the Political Elite in Sudan's Political Evolution. (New Copy).
012735: AL-KHALIFA, SHAIKH ABDULLAH BIN. - Bahrain Through the Ages. The History.
009344: KHALIL, SAMIR AL-. - The Monument. Art, Vulgarity and Responsibility in Iraq.
016737: KHALILI, NASSER D. - Islamic Art and Culture. Timeline and History. (New Copy).
016768: KHALILI, NASSER D. - Islamic Art and Culture. Timeline and History. (New Copy).
011784: KHAN, M. ABID ALI. - History and Archeology of Bengal. Or Memoirs of Gaur and Pandua.
016460: KHAN, KALEY. - Guide: Agra Map & 8 Plans.
010589: KHANGKAR, DR, LOBSANG DOLMA. - Lectures on Tibetan Medicine.
011703: KHANGKAR, LADY DOCTOR LOBSANG DOLMA. - Lectures on Tibetan Medicine.
009253: KHANTIPALO, PHRA. - Tolerance. A Study from Buddhist Sources.
008083: KHARE, R. S. - The Changing Brahmins. Associations and Elites Among the Kanya-Kubjas of North India.
006927: KHEDUP, KALSANG. - Bu-Mo Yungtso.
008740: KHOKHAR, `ABDUL-MAJID, MUHAMMAD SA'EED DABAS AND JAMAL AL-DIN M. ZARABOZO, TRANSLATORS. - Fiqh Us-Sunnah. Az-Zakah and As-Siyam. (Alms and Fasting).
012311: KHON, NGUYEN VAN. - Usual Vietnamese-English, English-Vietnamese Dictionary. (Viet-Anh, Anh-Viet. Tu-Dien. Thong-Dung).
007034: KHONG, CHAN. - Learning True Love. How I Learned & Practiced Social Change in Vietnam.
001784: KHOSLA, G. D. - Himalayan Circuit.
016704: CHANG KI-IN. - Kiwa.
009518: KIANG, J. HIENG TSE. - Manuel de la Conversation. Francais-Anglais-Chinois.
016606: KIBLER, MAX. - Das Storungsfeld Bei Gelenkerkrankungen Und Inneren Krankheiten. Dritte, Umgearbeitete Und Erweierte Auflage Der
003672: KIDDER, J. E. JR. - Japan Before Buddhism.
005479: KIDDER, J. EDWARD. - Early Buddhist Japan.
017244: KIDNER, R. W. - The Cambrian Railways.
015203: KIJEWSKY, KAREN. - Katapult. A Kat Colorado Mystery.
008241: KIKUCHI, SADAO. - Ukiyoe.
016778: KIKUCHI, KAN. - History and Trends of Modern Japanese Literature.
014429: KILBY, B. A. - Enzymes: Machine Tools of the Cellular Factory.
010912: KILLIP, ELLSWORTH P. - The Use of Fish Poisons in South America.
000607: KIM, JEONG-HAK. - The Prehistory of Korea.
008721: KIM, WONG-YONG. - Early Movable Type in Korea.
011375: KIM, YOUNG-JOO; CHUN-MYONG KIM AND WON-OH CHOI. - Kyongiu. Old Capital of Shilla Dynasty Enlivened with 2000-Year History.
011983: KIM, CHAE-SUNG. - A Modern Maritime History of the Mutual Interchanges between Korea and Britain. (Han-Yong Kwangye 200-Yon Sok Eso Pon Kundae
013457: KIM, SANG SOO. - Moonlight Shining over a Thousand Rivers- of Digital Significance. (Wol-in-Chon-Gang-Ji-Gok).
017924: KIM, KWANG CHUNG, EDITOR. - Koreans in the Hood. Conflict with African Americans. (New Copy).
014694: KIM, DUK-WHANG. - A History of Religions in Korea.
016969: KIM, HON-BOM. - Silla Ich'onnyonsa. Yonwon, Huye. (Two Thousand Years of Silla History).
007521: KIMURA, HISAO. - Japanese Agent in Tibet. My Ten Years of Travel in Disguise.
002700: KINCAID, MRS. PAUL. - Japanese Garden and Floral Art.
016329: KINCAID, MRS. PAUL. - Japanese Garden and Floral Art.
019169: KIND, MARIETTA. - Mendrub. A Bonpo Ritual for the Benefit of All Living Beings and for the Empowerment of Medicine Performed in Tsho, Dolpo
002071: KING, DAVID. - Ikats. Woven Silks from Central Asia.
003738: KING, WINSTON L. - A Thousand Lives Away. Buddhism in Contemporary Burma.
007229: KING, EDWARD. - Speak Malay! a Course in Simple Malay for English-Speaking Malayans.
007404: KING, F. H. - Farmers of Forty Centuries. Or Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea and Japan.
007692: KING, WINSTON L. - Zen and the Way of the Sword. Arming the Samurai Psyche.
012325: KING, FRANCIS. - Tantra for Westerners. A Practical Guide to the Way of Action.
018921: KING, WILFRID. - A First Medley. (Dust Jacket, Signed).
005946: KINGDON-WARD, F. - "Caught in the Assam-Tibet Earthquake".
009208: KINGDON WARD, F. - A Plant Hunter in Tibet.
009472: KINGDON WARD, F. - Botanical and Geographical Explorations in Tibet, 1935.
013926: KINGDON-WARD, FRANCIS. - On the Road to Tibet.
003828: KINGSBURY, F. AND G. E. PHILLIPS. - Hymns of the Tamil Saivite Saints.
013179: KINGSBURY, F. AND G. E. PHILLIPS. - Hymns of the Tamil Saivite Saints.
015673: KINGSLEY, STERLING, EDITOR. - The Standard Natural History. Vol. IV. Birds.
017172: KINGSRITER, DEL. - Sharing Your Faith with Muslims.
003026: KINKEAD, GWEN. - Chinatown. A Portrait of a Closed Society.
010764: KINKLE, ROGER D. - The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz. Four Volumes.
008938: KINNEY, ANNE BEHNKE, EDITOR. - Chinese Views of Childhood.
015736: KINNEY, ANNE BEHNKE, EDITOR. - Chinese Views of Childhood.
017974: KINNEY, ANN R. - Worshipping Siva and Buddha. The Temple Art of East Java.
008386: KINNOSUKE, ADACHI. - The Chinese Revolt: A Survey.
007188: KIRA, TETSUAKI. - Coloured Illustrations of the Shells of Japan.
007100: KIRBY, E. STUART. - Japan's Economic Future.
013880: KIRIMURA, YASUJI. - Outline of Buddhism.
013885: KIRKALDY, G. W. - Upon Maternal Solicitude in Rhynchota and Other Nonsocial Insects.
004136: KIRKER, JAMES. - Adventures to China. Americans in the Southern Oceans 1792-1812.
016947: KIRTLAND, LUCIAN SWIFT. - Samurai Trails. A Chronicle of Wanderings on the Japanese High Road. (First Edition).
005009: KITA, MORIO. - The Fall of the House of Nire.
012347: KITAORI, TOMOKO, ET AL, EDITORS. - Expansion & Transformation: The 3rd Fukui International Video Biennale.
012151: KITSON, A. E. - Notes on the Victoria Lyre Bird (Menura Victoriae).
009303: KLEEMAN, TERRY F. - A God's Own Tale. The Book of Transformations of Wenchang, the Divine Lord of Zitong.
013895: KLEEMAN, TERRY F. - Great Perfection. Religion and Ethnicity in a Chinese Millennial Kingdom.
014005: KLIGER, GEORGE, EDITOR. - Bharata Natyam in Cultural Perspective.
007781: KLIMBURG-SALTER, DEBORAH. - Tabo. A Lamp for the Kingdom. Early Indo-Tibetan Buddist Art in the Western Himalaya.
017136: KLIMBURG-SALTER, DEBORAH E. - Tabo. A Lamp for the Kingdom. Early Indo-Buddhist Art in the Western Himalayas.
017022: KLIMBURG-SALTER, DEBORAH E. - Tabo. A Lamp for the Kingdom. Early Indo-Buddhist Art in the Western Himalayas. (New Copy).
004368: KLING, KEVIN. - Tibet. Terre Duciel.
011916: KLINGELFUSS, FR. - A Lightning Spiral Observed Near Basel.
013867: KLOEFFLER, R. G. - Electron Theory.
014844: KLOPPER, SANDRA; KARL NEL; KEVIN CONRU AND HEINI SCHNEEBELI. - The Art of Southeast Africa. From the Conru Collection.
014323: KNALL, BRUNO. - Conditions for Success of Import Substitutions and Export Diversification As Development Strategies in Asia.
007181: KNANISHU, JOSEPH. - About Persia and Its People. Description of Their Manners, Customs, and Home Life, Including Engagements, Marriages, Modes
005552: KNAUS, JOHN KENNETH. - Orphans of the Cold War. America and the Tibetan Struggle for Survival.
011693: KNEES, SABINA, EDITOR. - The New Plantsman. Volume Six, Part Two, June 1999.
016237: KNEITEL, TOM. - Guide to Embassy & Espionage Communications.
010773: KNIGHT, ELIZABETH. - Orientations. February 2002.
010774: KNIGHT, ELIZABETH. - Orientations. December 1998.
010812: KNIGHT, ELIZABETH, EDITOR. - Orientations. Volume 28, Number 2.
016637: KNIGHT, GREGORY G. AND TEREZA DE ARRUDA. - The Big World. Recent Art from China. (New Copy).
015358: BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE. - Printed Books, Maps and Manuscripts. Tuesday 15th October 1996.
015357: BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE. - Printed Books, Maps and Manuscripts. Thursday 30th May 1996.
013823: KNOPF, ADOLPH. - The Age of the Earth and the Age of the Ocean.
001367: KNOWLES, JOHN W., M. D. - China Diary.
003821: KNOWLES, JAMES D, - Memoir of Mrs. Ann H. Judson, Late Missionary to Burmah. Including a History of the American Baptist Mission in the
012477: KNOWLTON, DR. F. H. - The Relations of Paleobotany to Geology.
015247: KNOX, MALCOM. - Summerland. Signed. Advance Reading Copy.
018034: KO, HIDAI (HIDAI TENRAI), EDITOR. - Meikaku Sensei Kaiho Ji'I. (the Dictionary of Calligraphic Examples Collected By Teacher Meikaku). Six Volumes.
015379: KO, DOROTHY. - Cinderella's Sisters. A Revisionist History of Footbinding.
012734: KOCH, ROBERT. - Epidemiology of Tiberculosis.
017945: KOCK, AXEL. - Untersuchungen Zur Ost- Und Westnordischen Grammatik.
018899: KODANSHA. - Zusetsu Chugoku No Rekishi. (Illustrated Chinese History). Volume 11. Tozai Bunmei No Koryu. (the Relations between
016864: KODELL, JEROME. - Lamentations, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Obadiah, Joel, Second Zechariah, Baruch. (Hardbound).
001081: KOEBEL, W. H. - In the Maoriland Bush.
014036: KOEHLER, S. R. - White-Line Engraving for Relief-Printing in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.
018139: KOEHN, ALFRED. - The Way of Japanese Flower Arrangement.
017047: KOENIG, NICHOLAS AUGUST. - The History of the Governors of Egypt By Abu Umar Muhammad Ibn Yusuf Al-Kindi. Edited from a Unique Manuscript in the British
016570: KOEPPE, CLARENCE EUGENE. - The Canadian Climate.
007457: VON KOERBER, HANS NORDEWIN. - Morphology of the Tibetan Language. A Contribution to Comparative Indosinology.
017765: KOESTER, CAPT. HANS. - Four Thousand Hours over China.
008868: KOGEL, EDUARD AND ULF MEYER, EDITORS. - Die Chinesische Stadt (the Chinese City).
016292: KOHITSU, RYOCHU. - Fuso Gajinden (Biographies of Japanese Artists). Five Volumes.
016276: KOHLER, PHYLLIS PENN, EDITOR. - Journey for Our Time. The Journals of Marquis de Custine. Russia. 1839. (New Copy).
013015: KOHN, LIVIA. - The Taoist Experience. An Anthology.
012270: BUNKACHO BUNKABU KOKUGOKA. - Gaikokujin No Tame No Nihongo Tokuhon. Chukyo. (Japanese Language Reader for Foreigners). Nine Volumes.
013570: TENSHU KOKYOKAI. - Kokyo Yori. (Catholic Catechism).
007790: KOLMAS, JOSEF. - Tibetan Books and Newspapers (Chinese Collection). With Bibliographical Notes.
010816: KOLN. MUSEUMS FUR OSTASIATISCHE KUNST DER STADT KOLN. - Buddhistische Kunst Aus Dem Himalaya. Sammlung Werner Schulemann, Bonn.
016961: KOLOSS, HANS-JOACHIM. - Art of Central Africa. Masterpieces from the Berlin Museum Fur Volkerkunde.
014137: KOMAI, HIROSHI. - Migrant Workers in Japan.
008813: KOMINZ, LAURENCE. - The Stars Who Created Kabuki. Their Lives, Loves and Legacy.
006573: KOMROFF, MANUEL. - The Travels of Marco Polo.
006717: KOMROFF, MANUEL. - The Travels of Marco Polo. Revised from Marsden's Translation and Edited with an Introduction.
015670: KOMROFF, MANUEL AND WITOLD GORDON. - The Travels of Marco Polo (the Venetian).
004845: HONG KONG. - Hong Kong 1989. A Review of 1988.
005144: HONG KONG. - Hong Kong 1987.
006299: HONG KONG. - Official Guidebook of the Hong Kong Hotels Association.
006850: HONG KONG. - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Asian Studies, 1979. Volume III. Southeast Asia.
010133: LE-BA-KHANH AND LE-BA-KONG. - Standard Pronouncing Vietnamese-English Dictionary. Together with Standard Pronouncing English-Vietnamese Dictionary.
011893: HONG KONG. - Ren Sheng Za Zhi (Young-Sun). Volume 6, Number 8.
012219: KONG, LE BA. - Vietnamese-English-French. Conversational Guide.
017046: UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG. - Journal of Oriental Studies. Volume I, Number 1. January, 1954.
016341: CONFUCIAN HALL OF HONG KONG. - The Lun Yu in English, Chinese Spanish and Portuguese.
018517: KOO, T. Z. - Songs of Cathay. An Anthology of Songs Current in Various Parts of China Among Her People. (Signed Copy).
018518: KOO, T. Z. - Songs of Cathay. An Anthology of Songs Current in Various Parts of China Among Her People.
004658: KOPPER, PHILIP. - The Wild Edge. Life and Lore of the Great Atlantic Beaches.
014537: KOPPL, HEIDI I. - Establishing Appearance As Divine. Rongzom Chozang on Reasoning, Madhyamaka, and Purity.
004531: KOREA. - Korea. Five Items.
006951: KOREA. - Se a Tong. Paekwa Sajon. (Encyclopeadia).
007380: KOREA. - Famous Unmatched Man (Kim Ilsong).
009942: KOREA, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. - Foundation Cartier. A Collection.
012274: KOREA. - The Holy Bible: With Reference. Hankul and Revised. (Taehan Songso Konghoe).
012278: KOREA. - Sa Chansongga. (Korean Hymnal).
014691: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA. - 5000 Years of Korean Art.
010105: KOREAN MILITARY ACADEMY, WHARANG DAE. - Korean Military Academy.
005903: KORSON, GEORGE. - Black Rock. Mining Folklore of the Pennsylvania Dutch.
008821: KOSAKA, MASATAKA. - 100 Million Japanese. The Postwar Experience.
001253: KOSAY, DR. HAMIT. - Tûrkcenin Dûnya Dilleri Arasindaki Mevkii. Die Stellung Des Turkischen Unter Den Weltsprachen.
014588: NIHON KOTSU KOSHA. - Japan Pictorial. Issued By Japan Travel Bureau.
017131: KOSTRZEWSKI, JOZEF. - Les Origines de la Civilisation Polonaise. Prehistoire-Protohistoire.
017077: KOTAKA, RYUJI AND FUMIKO HORI. - Kinda Bukku. (Kinder Book). Two Volumes.
010028: MIYAMOTO KOTARO. - Hompo Zairai No Unban Hoho (Traditional Transportation Methods of Japan).
010295: KOTERSKI, JOSEPH W., EDITOR. - Life and Learning VIII. Proceedings of the Eighth University Faculty for Life Conference. June 1988 at the University of
011679: KOTERSKI, JOSEPH W., S.J. - Life and Learning VI. Proceedings of the Sixth University Faculty for the Life Conference. June 1996 at Georgetown
016177: KOTEVSKA, CVETA. - Svetovnw Pravljice. Three Volumes.
011323: KOTSUPHO, VEN. DR. PHRAMAHA PHISIT. - Manual of Buddhist Chants and Ordination's Procedures.
018425: KOUDELKA, JOSEF M. - Prvni Citanka Pro Milou Ceskou Mladez.
012120: KOURY, ENVER M. - The Patterns of Mass Movements in Arab Revolutionary-Progressive States.
012370: KOVALEV, V. AND G. KRASOVA. - Breve Dizionario Italiano-Russo E Russo-Italiano.
006167: KRACKE, E. A. - Civil Service in Early Sung China. 960-1067.
012757: KRAFFT, GUIDO AND FRIEDRICH FALKE. - Lehrbuch Der Landwirtschaft Auf Wissenschaftlicher Und Praktischer Grundlage. Dritter Band. Die Tierzuchtlehre.
000758: KRAIRIKSH, PIRIYA. - Das Heilige Bildnis. Skulpturen Aus Thailand. (the Sacred Image. Sculptures from Thailand).
018337: KRAKAUER, JON. - Into Thin Air. (Hardbound, Dust Jacket).
000147: KRAMER, MARTIN, EDITOR. - Middle Eastern Lives. The Practice of Biography and Self-Narrative.
011585: KRAMER, A.L.N. SR. - Kamoes Indonesia. Indonesisch-Nederlands En Nederlands-Indonesisch.
015663: KRAMER, RICHARD, EDITOR. - Journal of the American Musicological Society. Volume Xlvi, Number 3, Summer 1993.
018621: KRARUP-NIELSEN, A. - The Dragon Awakes.
018627: KRARUP-NIELSEN, A. - The Dragon Awakes.
014078: KRASA, MILOSLAV AND JAN CIFRA (PHOTOGRAPHS). - The Temples of Angkor. Monuments to a Vanished Empire.
011945: KRAUSE, F. - Sling Contrivances for Projectile Weapons.
017371: KRAUSS, E. A. WILH. - Lebensbilder Aus Der Geschichte Der Christlichen Kirche: Fur Lutherische Leser Nordamerikas Ausgewahlt Und Bearbeitet.
014585: KRAYBILL, DONALD B., PATRICIA T. HERR, AND JONATHAN HOLSTEIN. - A Quiet Spirit. Amish Quilts from the Collection of Cindy Tietze & Stuart Hodosh.
016614: KREBS, MARTIN. - Der Menschliche Harn Als Heilmittel. Geschichte, Grundlagen, Entwicklung, Praxis.
008724: KREIJGER, HUGO E. - Tibetan Painting. The Jucker Collection.
006592: KRENKOW, F., EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR. - The Poetical Remains of Muzahim Al-Uqaili.
016635: KRIEG, E. - Mao Tse-Toung. L'empereur Rouge de Pekin.
003852: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - Peoples of the Philippines.
003870: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - Island Peoples of the Western Pacific. Micronesia and Melanesia.
010917: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - Aspects of Aboriginal Decorative Art in America Based on Specimens in the United States National Museum.
013540: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - The Aborigines of the Ancient Island of Hispaniola.
014275: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - Indian Cultures of Northeastern South America.
013054: KRIEL, T. - The New Afrikaans School Dictionary. Afrikaans-English / English-Afrikaans. Die Nuwe Afrikaanse Skoolwoordewboek.
012023: KRISHNA MURTHY, DR. K. - Mirrrors of Indian Buddhism.
012945: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1948. (Verbatum Report). Series III-Poona and New Delhi.
012946: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks in U.S. A. 1966. (Authentic Report).
012947: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1956-1957. (Verbatim Report). New Delhi, Madras, Bombay.
015264: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Notes of Group-Discussions at Madras During 1947 with J. Krishnamurti.
015261: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks 1953. (Verbatim Report). London.
015260: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1953. (Verbatim Report). Poona and Bombay.
015258: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Experience and Conduct.
015262: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Authentic Report of Eight Talks Given By Krishnamurti. At Ojai.
005743: KRISTJANSSON, INGOLFUR. - Harpa Minninganna. Arni Thorsteinson. Minningar.
016106: KROBER, A. L. - Peoples of the Philippines. (Second, Revised Edition, 1943).
005296: KROEBER, A. L. - Peoples of the Philippines.
006188: KROEBER, A. L. - Culture Element Distributions: XV. Salt, Dogs, Tobacco.
006637: VAN DER KROEF, J. M. DR. - Indonesia in the Modern World. Two Volumes.
007502: VAN DER KROEF, JUSTUS M. - The Sino-Indonesian Rupture.
009320: KROEF, JUSTUS M. VAN DER. - The South-Moluccan Insurrection in Indonesia: A Preliminary Analysis.
017217: KROEH, CHARLES F. - The First German Reader, Containing the Story of Cinderella, with Translation and Vocabularies. A Modification of Marcel's
015308: KROKSNES, ANDREA AND HANS ULRICH OBRIST. - Taschen. Oliver Payne & Nick Relph.
016137: KRONLAND, JOHANN MARCUS MARCI VON. - Thaumantias: Liber de Arcu Coelesti Deque Colorum Apparentium Natura, Ortu Et Causis.
011017: KROOTH, RICHARD AND HIROSHI FUKURAI. - Common Destiny. Japan and the United States in the Global Age.
016585: DE KRUIF, DR. PAUL. - Los Gazadores de Microbios. Edicion Ilustrada Con 64 Grabados.
011608: KRUPA, VIKTOR. - Morpheme and Word in Maori.
018343: KU, TONG-HUI. - Hermes Foundation Missulsang 2012: Donghee Koo, Mikyung Lee, and Jackson Hong.
010007: KUALA LUMPUR, NATIONAL ART GALLERY. - Contemporary Paintings of Malaysia.
015699: KUANG SHIZHAO, ET AL. - Clothings and Ornaments of China's Miao People.
006654: KUBLIN, HYMAN. - Useful Japanese. Pronunciation and Basic Words.
007442: KUBOTA, MAKOTO. - Sumo.
011061: KUBOTA, HIROJI. - Out of the East. Transition and Tradition in Asia.
012118: KUCHLER, SUSANNE. - Malanggan. Art, Memory and Sacrifice.
015723: LI FANG-KUEI. - The Tai Dialect of Wu-Ming. Texts, Translations, and Glossary.
001989: KUHLE, MATTHIAS. - Settlements on the Southern Slope of the Dhaula-Himal. A Contribution to the Settlement Geography of the Nepal-Himalaya.
004972: KUHN, FRANZ, ORIGINAL TRANSLATOR. - Flower Shadows Behind the Curtain. Ko Lien Hua Ying. A Sequel to Chin P'ing Mei.
006131: KUHN, LOUIS H., KWANTHAI TAHIYADHAM AND MAI CHUEPHANG. - Reading Materials and Printing Facilities in Six Northeast Changwats.
012979: KUHN, MAY COLE. - Lantern Light.
017787: KUHN, HERBERT. - Die Zikadenfibeln Der Volkerwanderungszeit.
013584: LIU KUI. - The Great Wall. (Chang Cheng).
009884: KULP, JODEE. - Families at Risk. A Guide to Understanding and Protecting Children and Care Providers Involved in out-of-Home Or
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013549: MAUERSBERGER, HERBERT R. - Progress in New Synthetic Textile Fibers.
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015145: MAURER, EVAN M. - Spirits Embodied: Art of the Congo. Selections from the Helmut F. Stern Collection.
011919: MAVER, WILLIAM JR. - Progress in Wireless Telegraphy.
012387: MAVOR, J. W. - On the Development of the Coral Agaricia Fragilis Dana.
011033: MAXON, WILLIAM R. - The Botanical Gardens of Jamaica.
017076: MAXWELL, ROBERT S. - Whistle in the Piney Woods: Paul Bremond and the Houston, East and West Texas Railway.
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011420: PYTHONS WITH BOB MCCABE. - The Pythons. Autobiography.
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001485: MCCALLUM, JOHN D. - Everest Diary. Based on the Personal Diary of Lute Jerstad, One of the First Five Americans to Conquer Everest.
012679: MCCANN, CHARLES. - 100 Beautiful Trees of India. A Descriptive and Pictorial Handbook.
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013075: MCCLINTOCK, CAPTAIN FRANCIS LEOPOLD. - The Voyage of the 'fox'. A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions.
006789: MCCLYMONT, W. G. - The Exploration of New Zealand.
011535: MCCORMICK, E. M. - Digital Computers: Their History, Operation, and Use.
019116: MCCORMICK, ELSIE. - The Unexpurgated Diary of a Shanghai Baby.
018514: MCCORMICK, ELSIE. - Audacious Angles on China.
005640: MCCRADY, ELIZABETH F. - Chin Ling and Ting Ling.
005641: MCCRADY, ELIZABETH. - Chula of Siam.
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008492: MCCUE, GARY. - Trekking in Tibet. A Traveler's Guide.
009744: MCCUE, GARY. - Trekking in Tibet. A Traveler's Guide.
014595: MCCUE, GARY. - Trekking in Tibet. A Traveller's Guide.
014892: MCCUE, GARY. - Trekking in Tibet. A Traveller's Guide. Second Edition.
000652: MCCUNE, GEORGE M. - Korea Today.
005150: MCCUNE, SHANNON. - Korea's Heritage. A Regional & Social Geography.
013478: MCCUNE, GEORGE MCAFEE AND EDWIN O. REISCHAUER. - Tables of the Mccune-Reischauer System for the Romanization of Korean.
002748: MCCUTCHEON, JAMES M. - China and America. A Bibliography of Interactions, Foreign and Domestic.
009363: MCDONALD, F. J. - A History of Malaya and Her Neighbors. Two Volumes.
009090: MCDOUGALL, FIONA. - A Tibetan Journal.
016139: MCDOWELL, JACK AND TAKAHIKO MIKAMI. - The Art of Japanese Brush Painting.
009277: MCGEE, T. G. AND Y. M. YEUNG. - Hawkers in Southeast Asian Cities. Planning for the Bazaar Economy.
013299: MCGEE, W. J. - The Relation of Institutions to Culture.
014232: MCGHEE, DOROTHY MADELEINE. - Fortunes of a Tale. The Philosophic Tale in France,-Bridging the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
002229: MCGOVERN, WILLIAM MONTGOMERY. - To Lhasa in Disguise. A Secret Expedition Through Mysterious Tibet.
013076: MCGOVERN, WILLIAM MONTGOMERY. - To Lhasa in Disguise. An Acount of a Secret Expedition Through Mysterious Tibet.
017034: MCGRATH, THOMAS. - Broadside Entitled "the Use of Books".
011054: MCINDOO, N.E. - The Senses of Insects.
018668: MCINTOSH, GILBERT. - Useful Phrases in the Shanghai Dialect. With Index-Vocabulary and Other Helps.
017421: MCINTOSH, AMY. - A Tale of Tibet. The Man in the Sheepskin.
014067: MCKELVEY, ROBERT S. - A Gift of Barbed Wire. America's Allies Abandoned in South Vietnam.
014236: MCKIBBEN, BRIAN. - English-White Hmong Dictionary. Phau Txhais Lus Askiv-Hmoob Dawb.
009742: MCLEAN, ETHEL. - A Gentle Jehu in Japan.
018282: MCMICHAEL, MAJOR SCOTT R. - A Historical Perspective on Light Infantry.
015012: MCMILLAN, NEIL T. - Birds and the Wind.
006895: RAND MCNALLY. - Rand Mcnally Illustrated Atlas of the Middle East.
014601: MCNAUGHTON, WILLIAM. - Reading and Writing Chinese. A Guide to the Chinese Writing System: The Student's 1,020 List. The Official 2,000 List.

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