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013867: KLOEFFLER, R. G. - Electron Theory.
014844: KLOPPER, SANDRA; KARL NEL; KEVIN CONRU AND HEINI SCHNEEBELI. - The Art of Southeast Africa. From the Conru Collection.
014323: KNALL, BRUNO. - Conditions for Success of Import Substitutions and Export Diversification As Development Strategies in Asia.
007181: KNANISHU, JOSEPH. - About Persia and Its People. Description of Their Manners, Customs, and Home Life, Including Engagements, Marriages, Modes
005552: KNAUS, JOHN KENNETH. - Orphans of the Cold War. America and the Tibetan Struggle for Survival.
011693: KNEES, SABINA, EDITOR. - The New Plantsman. Volume Six, Part Two, June 1999.
016237: KNEITEL, TOM. - Guide to Embassy & Espionage Communications.
010773: KNIGHT, ELIZABETH. - Orientations. February 2002.
010774: KNIGHT, ELIZABETH. - Orientations. December 1998.
010812: KNIGHT, ELIZABETH, EDITOR. - Orientations. Volume 28, Number 2.
016637: KNIGHT, GREGORY G. AND TEREZA DE ARRUDA. - The Big World. Recent Art from China. (New Copy).
015358: BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE. - Printed Books, Maps and Manuscripts. Tuesday 15th October 1996.
015357: BONHAMS KNIGHTSBRIDGE. - Printed Books, Maps and Manuscripts. Thursday 30th May 1996.
013823: KNOPF, ADOLPH. - The Age of the Earth and the Age of the Ocean.
001367: KNOWLES, JOHN W., M. D. - China Diary.
003821: KNOWLES, JAMES D, - Memoir of Mrs. Ann H. Judson, Late Missionary to Burmah. Including a History of the American Baptist Mission in the
012477: KNOWLTON, DR. F. H. - The Relations of Paleobotany to Geology.
015247: KNOX, MALCOM. - Summerland. Signed. Advance Reading Copy.
018034: KO, HIDAI (HIDAI TENRAI), EDITOR. - Meikaku Sensei Kaiho Ji'I. (the Dictionary of Calligraphic Examples Collected By Teacher Meikaku). Six Volumes.
019472: KO HUANG. - ^ EXCAVATION OF A WEST HAN DYNASTY SITE. At Yen-Tzu ko-Ta, Wan Ch'uan Hsien, Southwestern Shansi. ^
015379: KO, DOROTHY. - Cinderella's Sisters. A Revisionist History of Footbinding.
012734: KOCH, ROBERT. - Epidemiology of Tiberculosis.
017945: KOCK, AXEL. - Untersuchungen Zur Ost- Und Westnordischen Grammatik.
018899: KODANSHA. - Zusetsu Chugoku No Rekishi. (Illustrated Chinese History). Volume 11. Tozai Bunmei No Koryu. (the Relations between
016864: KODELL, JEROME. - Lamentations, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Obadiah, Joel, Second Zechariah, Baruch. (Hardbound).
001081: KOEBEL, W. H. - In the Maoriland Bush.
014036: KOEHLER, S. R. - White-Line Engraving for Relief-Printing in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.
018139: KOEHN, ALFRED. - The Way of Japanese Flower Arrangement.
017047: KOENIG, NICHOLAS AUGUST. - The History of the Governors of Egypt By Abu Umar Muhammad Ibn Yusuf Al-Kindi. Edited from a Unique Manuscript in the British
016570: KOEPPE, CLARENCE EUGENE. - The Canadian Climate.
007457: VON KOERBER, HANS NORDEWIN. - Morphology of the Tibetan Language. A Contribution to Comparative Indosinology.
017765: KOESTER, CAPT. HANS. - Four Thousand Hours over China.
008868: KOGEL, EDUARD AND ULF MEYER, EDITORS. - Die Chinesische Stadt (the Chinese City).
016292: KOHITSU, RYOCHU. - Fuso Gajinden (Biographies of Japanese Artists). Five Volumes.
016276: KOHLER, PHYLLIS PENN, EDITOR. - Journey for Our Time. The Journals of Marquis de Custine. Russia. 1839. (New Copy).
012270: BUNKACHO BUNKABU KOKUGOKA. - Gaikokujin No Tame No Nihongo Tokuhon. Chukyo. (Japanese Language Reader for Foreigners). Nine Volumes.
013570: TENSHU KOKYOKAI. - Kokyo Yori. (Catholic Catechism).
007790: KOLMAS, JOSEF. - Tibetan Books and Newspapers (Chinese Collection). With Bibliographical Notes.
010816: KOLN. MUSEUMS FUR OSTASIATISCHE KUNST DER STADT KOLN. - Buddhistische Kunst Aus Dem Himalaya. Sammlung Werner Schulemann, Bonn.
016961: KOLOSS, HANS-JOACHIM. - Art of Central Africa. Masterpieces from the Berlin Museum Fur Volkerkunde.
014137: KOMAI, HIROSHI. - Migrant Workers in Japan.
008813: KOMINZ, LAURENCE. - The Stars Who Created Kabuki. Their Lives, Loves and Legacy.
006573: KOMROFF, MANUEL. - The Travels of Marco Polo.
006717: KOMROFF, MANUEL. - The Travels of Marco Polo. Revised from Marsden's Translation and Edited with an Introduction.
015670: KOMROFF, MANUEL AND WITOLD GORDON. - The Travels of Marco Polo (the Venetian).
004845: HONG KONG. - Hong Kong 1989. A Review of 1988.
005144: HONG KONG. - Hong Kong 1987.
006299: HONG KONG. - Official Guidebook of the Hong Kong Hotels Association.
006850: HONG KONG. - Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Asian Studies, 1979. Volume III. Southeast Asia.
010133: LE-BA-KHANH AND LE-BA-KONG. - Standard Pronouncing Vietnamese-English Dictionary. Together with Standard Pronouncing English-Vietnamese Dictionary.
011893: HONG KONG. - Ren Sheng Za Zhi (Young-Sun). Volume 6, Number 8.
012219: KONG, LE BA. - Vietnamese-English-French. Conversational Guide.
016341: CONFUCIAN HALL OF HONG KONG. - The Lun Yu in English, Chinese Spanish and Portuguese.
018517: KOO, T. Z. - Songs of Cathay. An Anthology of Songs Current in Various Parts of China Among Her People. (Signed Copy).
018518: KOO, T. Z. - Songs of Cathay. An Anthology of Songs Current in Various Parts of China Among Her People.
004658: KOPPER, PHILIP. - The Wild Edge. Life and Lore of the Great Atlantic Beaches.
014537: KOPPL, HEIDI I. - Establishing Appearance As Divine. Rongzom Chozang on Reasoning, Madhyamaka, and Purity.
004531: KOREA. - Korea. Five Items.
006951: KOREA. - Se a Tong. Paekwa Sajon. (Encyclopeadia).
007380: KOREA. - Famous Unmatched Man (Kim Ilsong).
009942: KOREA, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART. - Foundation Cartier. A Collection.
012274: KOREA. - The Holy Bible: With Reference. Hankul and Revised. (Taehan Songso Konghoe).
012278: KOREA. - Sa Chansongga. (Korean Hymnal).
014691: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA. - 5000 Years of Korean Art.
010105: KOREAN MILITARY ACADEMY, WHARANG DAE. - Korean Military Academy.
005903: KORSON, GEORGE. - Black Rock. Mining Folklore of the Pennsylvania Dutch.
008821: KOSAKA, MASATAKA. - 100 Million Japanese. The Postwar Experience.
001253: KOSAY, DR. HAMIT. - Tûrkcenin Dûnya Dilleri Arasindaki Mevkii. Die Stellung Des Turkischen Unter Den Weltsprachen.
014588: NIHON KOTSU KOSHA. - Japan Pictorial. Issued By Japan Travel Bureau.
017131: KOSTRZEWSKI, JOZEF. - Les Origines de la Civilisation Polonaise. Prehistoire-Protohistoire.
017077: KOTAKA, RYUJI AND FUMIKO HORI. - Kinda Bukku. (Kinder Book). Two Volumes.
010028: MIYAMOTO KOTARO. - Hompo Zairai No Unban Hoho (Traditional Transportation Methods of Japan).
010295: KOTERSKI, JOSEPH W., EDITOR. - Life and Learning VIII. Proceedings of the Eighth University Faculty for Life Conference. June 1988 at the University of
011679: KOTERSKI, JOSEPH W., S.J. - Life and Learning VI. Proceedings of the Sixth University Faculty for the Life Conference. June 1996 at Georgetown
016177: KOTEVSKA, CVETA. - Svetovnw Pravljice. Three Volumes.
011323: KOTSUPHO, VEN. DR. PHRAMAHA PHISIT. - Manual of Buddhist Chants and Ordination's Procedures.
012120: KOURY, ENVER M. - The Patterns of Mass Movements in Arab Revolutionary-Progressive States.
012370: KOVALEV, V. AND G. KRASOVA. - Breve Dizionario Italiano-Russo E Russo-Italiano.
006167: KRACKE, E. A. - Civil Service in Early Sung China. 960-1067.
012757: KRAFFT, GUIDO AND FRIEDRICH FALKE. - Lehrbuch Der Landwirtschaft Auf Wissenschaftlicher Und Praktischer Grundlage. Dritter Band. Die Tierzuchtlehre.
000758: KRAIRIKSH, PIRIYA. - Das Heilige Bildnis. Skulpturen Aus Thailand. (the Sacred Image. Sculptures from Thailand).
018337: KRAKAUER, JON. - Into Thin Air. (Hardbound, Dust Jacket).
000147: KRAMER, MARTIN, EDITOR. - Middle Eastern Lives. The Practice of Biography and Self-Narrative.
011585: KRAMER, A.L.N. SR. - Kamoes Indonesia. Indonesisch-Nederlands En Nederlands-Indonesisch.
015663: KRAMER, RICHARD, EDITOR. - Journal of the American Musicological Society. Volume Xlvi, Number 3, Summer 1993.
014078: KRASA, MILOSLAV AND JAN CIFRA (PHOTOGRAPHS). - The Temples of Angkor. Monuments to a Vanished Empire.
011945: KRAUSE, F. - Sling Contrivances for Projectile Weapons.
017371: KRAUSS, E. A. WILH. - Lebensbilder Aus Der Geschichte Der Christlichen Kirche: Fur Lutherische Leser Nordamerikas Ausgewahlt Und Bearbeitet.
014585: KRAYBILL, DONALD B., PATRICIA T. HERR, AND JONATHAN HOLSTEIN. - A Quiet Spirit. Amish Quilts from the Collection of Cindy Tietze & Stuart Hodosh.
016614: KREBS, MARTIN. - Der Menschliche Harn Als Heilmittel. Geschichte, Grundlagen, Entwicklung, Praxis.
008724: KREIJGER, HUGO E. - Tibetan Painting. The Jucker Collection.
006592: KRENKOW, F., EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR. - The Poetical Remains of Muzahim Al-Uqaili.
016635: KRIEG, E. - Mao Tse-Toung. L'empereur Rouge de Pekin.
003852: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - Peoples of the Philippines.
003870: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - Island Peoples of the Western Pacific. Micronesia and Melanesia.
010917: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - Aspects of Aboriginal Decorative Art in America Based on Specimens in the United States National Museum.
013540: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - The Aborigines of the Ancient Island of Hispaniola.
014275: KRIEGER, HERBERT W. - Indian Cultures of Northeastern South America.
013054: KRIEL, T. - The New Afrikaans School Dictionary. Afrikaans-English / English-Afrikaans. Die Nuwe Afrikaanse Skoolwoordewboek.
012023: KRISHNA MURTHY, DR. K. - Mirrrors of Indian Buddhism.
012945: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1948. (Verbatum Report). Series III-Poona and New Delhi.
012946: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks in U.S. A. 1966. (Authentic Report).
012947: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1956-1957. (Verbatim Report). New Delhi, Madras, Bombay.
015264: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Notes of Group-Discussions at Madras During 1947 with J. Krishnamurti.
015261: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks 1953. (Verbatim Report). London.
015260: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Krishnamurti's Talks in India 1953. (Verbatim Report). Poona and Bombay.
015258: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Experience and Conduct.
015262: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - Authentic Report of Eight Talks Given By Krishnamurti. At Ojai.
005743: KRISTJANSSON, INGOLFUR. - Harpa Minninganna. Arni Thorsteinson. Minningar.
016106: KROBER, A. L. - Peoples of the Philippines. (Second, Revised Edition, 1943).
005296: KROEBER, A. L. - Peoples of the Philippines.
006188: KROEBER, A. L. - Culture Element Distributions: XV. Salt, Dogs, Tobacco.
006637: VAN DER KROEF, J. M. DR. - Indonesia in the Modern World. Two Volumes.
007502: VAN DER KROEF, JUSTUS M. - The Sino-Indonesian Rupture.
009320: KROEF, JUSTUS M. VAN DER. - The South-Moluccan Insurrection in Indonesia: A Preliminary Analysis.
017217: KROEH, CHARLES F. - The First German Reader, Containing the Story of Cinderella, with Translation and Vocabularies. A Modification of Marcel's
015308: KROKSNES, ANDREA AND HANS ULRICH OBRIST. - Taschen. Oliver Payne & Nick Relph.
016137: KRONLAND, JOHANN MARCUS MARCI VON. - Thaumantias: Liber de Arcu Coelesti Deque Colorum Apparentium Natura, Ortu Et Causis.
011017: KROOTH, RICHARD AND HIROSHI FUKURAI. - Common Destiny. Japan and the United States in the Global Age.
016585: DE KRUIF, DR. PAUL. - Los Gazadores de Microbios. Edicion Ilustrada Con 64 Grabados.
011608: KRUPA, VIKTOR. - Morpheme and Word in Maori.
018343: KU, TONG-HUI. - Hermes Foundation Missulsang 2012: Donghee Koo, Mikyung Lee, and Jackson Hong.
010007: KUALA LUMPUR, NATIONAL ART GALLERY. - Contemporary Paintings of Malaysia.
006654: KUBLIN, HYMAN. - Useful Japanese. Pronunciation and Basic Words.
007442: KUBOTA, MAKOTO. - Sumo.
011061: KUBOTA, HIROJI. - Out of the East. Transition and Tradition in Asia.
012118: KUCHLER, SUSANNE. - Malanggan. Art, Memory and Sacrifice.
015723: LI FANG-KUEI. - The Tai Dialect of Wu-Ming. Texts, Translations, and Glossary.
001989: KUHLE, MATTHIAS. - Settlements on the Southern Slope of the Dhaula-Himal. A Contribution to the Settlement Geography of the Nepal-Himalaya.
004972: KUHN, FRANZ, ORIGINAL TRANSLATOR. - Flower Shadows Behind the Curtain. Ko Lien Hua Ying. A Sequel to Chin P'ing Mei.
006131: KUHN, LOUIS H., KWANTHAI TAHIYADHAM AND MAI CHUEPHANG. - Reading Materials and Printing Facilities in Six Northeast Changwats.
012979: KUHN, MAY COLE. - Lantern Light.
013584: LIU KUI. - The Great Wall. (Chang Cheng).
009884: KULP, JODEE. - Families at Risk. A Guide to Understanding and Protecting Children and Care Providers Involved in out-of-Home Or
004332: KUMAR, ANAND, EDITOR. - Tibet: A Sourcebook.
012694: KUNC, JAROSLAV. - Ceska Literarni Bibliografie. 1945-1963. Two Volumes.
012657: KUNETZ, GEZA. - Principles of Direct Current Resistivity Prospecting.
017194: KUO, PAUL. - Formosan Vignette. (Signed).
013766: KURAISHI, TAISHI. - Arlette Rose Gosieski. Memories in Applique.
017834: KURAISHI, TAKESHIRO AND AKIRA ORISHIKISE. - Japanese-Chinese Dictionary. (Iwanami Nitchu Jiten).
014123: KURASIAK, MALGORZATA AND TERESA ROSTKOWSKA, EDITORS. - XI Miedzynarodowe Biennal Plakatu. Warszawa 1986. 11th International Poster Biennale. Warsaw 1986.
001116: KURTH, DR. JULIUS. - Der Chinesische Farbendruck.
017220: KURTS, FRIEDRICH AND FRIEDRICH NOSSELT. - Kleine Mythologie Der Griechen Und Romer Fur Hohere Tochterschulen Und Die Gebildeten Des Weiblichen Geschlechts.
013116: KURUCAMI, MA RA PO. - Araciyalil Putuneri.
005204: KUSHNAREV, EVGENII G. - Bering's Search for the Strait. The First Kamchatka Expedition 1725-1730.
015181: SUOMALAISEN KANSALLIS-RAITTIUS-WELJEYSSEURAN KUSTANTAMA. - Raittius-Kalenteri. Vuodelle 1918. Kahdeskymmenestoinen Vuosikerta.
007613: K'UNG YUAN KUSUH. - The Judgment of the Orient. Some Reflections on the Great War Made By the Chinese Student and Traveller.
004516: KUVALAYANANDA, SWAMI. - Popular Yoga Asanas.
008752: KWAN, CHOI WAH. - The Right Word in Cantonese (Gwongjauwa Jinaahm).
009675: KWANTEN, LUC. - Imperial Nomads. A History of Central Asia 500-1500.
018809: KWANTEN, LUC. - The Timely Pearl. A 12th Century Tangut Chinese Glossary. Volume I, the Chinese Glosses.
010617: KWOK-LEUNG, DENNY HO. - Polite Politics. A Sociological Analysis of an Urban Protest in Hong Kong.
019766: KWOK YING FUNG. - ^ CHINA. Photographs Arranged and Edited by Fritz Henle. (DUST JACKET). ^
017861: WOO KYATANG. - Japan Under Macarthur. A Reprint of a Series of Articles from the Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury.
013983: KYLE, MELVIN GROVE. - Moses and the Monuments. Light from Archaeology on Pentateuchal Times. The L.P. Stone Lectures. Princeton
012446: KYNES, SANDRA. - Gemstone Feng Shui. Creating Harmony in Home & Office.
012339: SEKAI KYUSEI KYO. - Meishu-Sama and His Teachings.
008854: BUKKYO DENDO KYOKAI. - The Teaching of the Buddha.
009638: KYOTARO, NISHIKAWA AND EMILY J. SANO. - Japanese Buddhist Sculpture. Ad 600-1300.
018843: DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND LABOR. - Report of the Bureau of Fisheries. 1904. (Whole Issue).
011231: CALIFORNIA LANGUAGE LABORATORIES. - English for Beginners. Hmong. Part 1 and 3.
009448: FSI LANGUAGE LABORATORY. - Language Instruction Cassettes. Japanese. Sixteen Cassette Tapes.
014769: LACOTE, FELIX. - Essai Sur Gunadhya Et la Brhatkatha. Suivi Du Texte Inedit Des Chapitres XXXVII a XXX Du Nepala-Mahatmya.
019009: LACOUPERIE, TERRIEN DE. - The Languages of China Before the Chinese. Researches on the Languages Spoken By the Pre-Chinese Races of China Proper
017931: LACY, ALBERTO RUY SANCHEZ, DIRECTOR. - Artes de Mexico. Libro Trimestral. Oaxaca. Numero 21, Otono, 1993.
008611: LADNER, LORNE, EDITOR AND INTRODUCER. - Wheel of Great Compassion. The Practice of Prayer Wheel in Tibetan Buddhism.
019061: LADRECH, KARINE, EDITOR. - Bhairava. Sahasrapratimavalih. Iconography of the Terrible Form of Siva in South India.
013003: LAFARGUE, MICHAEL. - The Tao of the Tao Te Ching. A Translation and Commentary.
005877: LAFLEUR, WILLIAM R. - The Karma of Words. Buddhism and the Literary Arts in Medieval Japan.
005950: LAFUGIE. - "a Woman Paints the Tibetans".
009118: LAFUGIE. - A Woman Paints the Tibetans.
009232: LAGERLOF, KARL ERIK. - Modern Swedish Prose. In Translation.
004371: LAHIRI, REBATI MOHAN. - The Annexation of Assam (1824-1854).
009088: LAHIRI, SISIR CHANDRA. - Principles of Modern Burmese Law.
007660: LAHULI, K. ANGRUP. - Sambhota Vyakarana (Tibetan Grammar).
012009: LAHULI, K. AGRUP, COMPILER. - Brihat Sambhota Dhatu Vyavasthana.
012010: LAHULI, SHRI K. ANGRUP, EDITOR. - Vimsati. Sambhota Upsarga Prakriya.
001356: LAI, YUNG-HSIANG. - Oriental Research Resources in Taiwan.
009553: LAI, JOSEPH NGUYEN HUY. - La Tradition Religieuse Spirituelle Et Sociale Au Vietnam. Sa Confrontation Avec la Christianisme.
013166: LAI, HIM MARK; GENNY LIM AND JUDY YUNG. - Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants on Angel Island 1910- 1940.
009157: LAIRD, THOMAS. - Into Tibet. The Cia's First Atomic Spy and His Secret Expedition to Lhasa.
011713: LAIRD, THOMAS. - The Story of Tibet. Conversations with the Dalai Lama.
019081: LAKE, JOHN. - Island Echoes By a Wayfarer. (Signed).
007862: LAL, KANWAR. - Immortal Khajuraho.
019591: LALOU, M. - ^ INVENTAIRE DES MANUSCRITS TIBETAINS DE TOUEN-HOUANG. Conserves a la Biblioteque Nationale. (Fonds Pelliot Tibetain). ^
017007: LAM, DOMINIC MAN-KIT. - Lam's Vision 2005. (Wenjie Shi Yu le).
006435: LAMA, MANI AND ARATI THAPA. - Nepal. The Himalayan Kingdom.
014542: DALAI LAMA. - Kindness, Clarity, and Insight.
014824: DALAI LAMA. - An Open Heart. Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life.
015039: DALAI LAMA. - His Holiness the Dalai Lama. New York City, May 20, 21, 22, 23, 2010.
005417: LAMB, CHARLES. - Old China and Other Essays of Elia.
006824: LAMB, ALASTAIR. - Asian Frontiers. Studies in a Continuing Problem.
011430: LAMB, CHRISTINA. - The Sewing Circles of Herat. A Personal Voyage Through Afghanistan.
014919: LAMB, ALASTAIR. - The Sino-Indian Border in Ladakh.
017484: LAMB, GENE. - A Tabloid Chinese History.
010017: LAMBART, H. F. - The Conquest of Mount Logan, Canada's Loftiest Peak.
014331: LAMBERT, DEREK. - For Infamous Conduct.
015512: LAMBERT, MARY. - The Declutter Workbook. 101 Feng Shui Steps to Transform Your Life.
011056: LAMEERE, AUGUSTE. - The Origin of Insect Societies.
006975: LAMONT-BROWN, RAYMOND. - Kempeitai. Japan's Dreaded Military Police.
014354: LAMOREAUX, ANTOINETTE ABERNETHY. - The Unfolding Life. A Study of Development with Reference to Religious Training.
011994: LAMOTT, WILLIS. - The Amazing Chinese.
019744: LAMOTTE, ELLEN N. - ^ PEKING DUST. (Dust Jacket). ^
006521: LAN, ALICE Y. AND BETTY M. HU. - We Flee from Hong Kong.
003479: LANCASTER, CLAY. - The Japanese Influence in America.
014689: LANCASTER, LEWIS R. AND C. S. YU, EDITORS. - Introduction of Buddhism to Korea. New Cultural Patterns.
008282: LANDA, JOSE MARIA LOPEZ. - Iglesias Goticomudejares Del Arcedianado de Calatayud.
016223: LANDAU, ROM. - Islam and the Arabs. (First Edition).
013276: LANDON, PERCEVAL. - The Opening of Tibet. An Account of Lhasa and the Country and People of Central Tibet and of the Progress of the Mission Sent
002077: LANDREAU, ANTHONY N. AND W. R. PICKERING. - From Bosporus to Samarkand. Flat Woven Rugs.
007004: LANE, RICHARD. - "Ukiyo-E Paintings Abroad".
016162: LANE, JAMES A. - A Birdwatcher's Guide to Southern California. A Travel Guide Written Especially for the Birdwatcher. Precise Mileage and
005805: LANG YUHENG, ET AL. - Huaxia Zhi Guang (the Brilliance of China).
007831: LANG-SIMS, LOIS. - The Presence of Tibet.
016575: LANG, A. H. - Prospecting in Canada. (Third Edition).
009545: LANGER, PAUL F. AND JOSEPH J. ZASLOFF. - North Vietnam and the Pathet Lao. Partners in the Struggle for Laos.
011905: LANGLEY, S. P. - Experiments with the Langley Aerodrome.
009834: LANGSING, JOHN STEPHEN. - Evil in the Morning World. Phenomenological Approaches to a Balinese Community.
015438: LIVING LANGUAGE. - In-Flight Turkish. Learn Before You Land.
016240: LIVING LANGUAGE. - I Know Japanese. Words + Phrases + Converations. Beginner Level Japanese Program.
014960: LIVING LANGUAGE. - In-Flight Vietnamese. Learn Before You Land.
015297: LANYON-ORGILL, PETER A. - A Dictionary of the Mailu Language.
011028: LAOS. - Lao Second Grade (Baep Son 'an Phasa Lao. San Pathom Pi Thi 2).
013517: LAOS. - Cov Ntseeg Yexus Phau Nkauj. (Hmong Christian Hymnal).
018702: LAPPARENT, P. J. DE. - Petit Dictionnaire Chinois-Francais. Mandarin Et Dialecte de Chang-Hai.
011490: LAPWORTH, PROF. CHARLES. - The Relations of Geology.
005993: LAQUEUR, WALTER Z. - The Middle East in Transition. Studies in Comtemporary History.
012741: LARI, SAYYID MUJTABA MUSAVI. - God and His Attributes. Lessons on Islamic Doctrine. Book One.
012742: LARI, SAYYID MUJTABA MUSAVI. - The Seal of the Prophets and His Message. Lessons on Islamic Doctrine. Book Two.
012743: LARI, SAYYID MUJTABA MUSAVI. - Resurrection, Judgement and the Hereafter. Lessons on Islamic Doctrine. Book Three.
012136: LARSEN, ALEX. - Photographing Lightning with a Moving Camera.
014939: LARSEN, HANNA. - Skisser Fra Zululand. (Sketches from Zululand).
014887: LARSSON, STIEG. - The Afterlife of Stieg Larsson. By Charles Mcgrath.
004674: DUNG-DKAR BLO-BZANG 'PHRIM-LAS. - The Merging of Religious and Secular Rule in Tibet.
004139: LASKER, EDWARD. - Go and Go-Moku. The Oriental Board Games and Their American Versions.
012991: LASZLO, PIERRE. - Salt. Grain of Life.
008772: LATIF, S. M. - Bunga Anggerik. Permata Belantara Indonesia.
005221: LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT. - The Development of Japan.
007331: LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT. - The Development of China.
015758: LATOURETTE, KENNETH SCOTT. - A History of Christian Missions in China. (First Edition).
000842: LATTIMORE, OWEN. - Solution in Asia.
003594: LATTIMORE, OWEN. - Solution in Asia.
008996: LATTIMORE, OWEN. - Nationalism and Revolution in Mongolia. With a Translation from the Mongol of Sh. Nachukdorji's Life of Sukebatur By
009434: LATTIMORE, OWEN. - Nomads and Commissars. Mongolia Revisted.
011472: LATTIMORE, OWEN, EDITOR. - Pacific Affairs, Vol. XXII, No. 1, March, 1939.
015789: LATTIMORE, OWEN. - Pivot of Asia. Sinkiang and the Inner Asian Frontiers of China and Russia. (Dust Jacket).
017382: LATTIMORE, OWEN, EDITOR. - Pacific Affairs. Vol. VIII, No. 3, September, 1935.
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015229: MATSUTANI, MOTOSABURO AND KIHACHI IMAI. - The Ideals of the Shinran Followers. (Nihonjin No Daitasu O Shihaisuru Shinran Kyoto No Riso).
017323: MATTESON, ROBERT E. - Vietnam.
007454: MATTHEWS, ROGER. - Seven at a Stroke and Three Other Stories. Adapted from Grimm.
013328: MATTHEWS, DR. WASHINGTON. - Navaho Dye Stuffs.
016327: MATTHEWS, RODERIC D. AND MATTA AKRAWI. - Education in Arab Countries of the Near East. Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon.
000845: MATTUSCH, HARRIET. - Excursions in and Around Seoul.
002469: MAUDSLAY, ALFRED P. - Life in the Pacific Fifty Years Ago.
013549: MAUERSBERGER, HERBERT R. - Progress in New Synthetic Textile Fibers.
015066: MAURER, EVAN AND MOLLY HENNEN. - Symboles Sacres. Quatre Mille Ans D'art Des Ameriques.
015145: MAURER, EVAN M. - Spirits Embodied: Art of the Congo. Selections from the Helmut F. Stern Collection.
012387: MAVOR, J. W. - On the Development of the Coral Agaricia Fragilis Dana.
011033: MAXON, WILLIAM R. - The Botanical Gardens of Jamaica.
017076: MAXWELL, ROBERT S. - Whistle in the Piney Woods: Paul Bremond and the Houston, East and West Texas Railway.
016999: MAXWELL, WILLIAM EDWARD. - A Manual of the Malay Language. With an Introductory Sketch of the Sanskrit Element in Malay.
005458: MAY, ERNEST R. - The Truman Administration and China, 1945-1949.
006208: MAY, GARY. - China Scapegoat. The Diplomatic Ordeal of John Carter Vincent.
004568: MAYER, ADRIAN C. - Peasants in the Pacific. A Study of Fiji Indian Rural Society.
005768: MAYER, ANN ELIZABETH, EDITOR. - Property, Social Structure, and Law in the Modern Middle East.
010327: MAYER, PAUL S., EDITOR. - The Japan Mission Yearbook. Formerly the Christian Movement in Japan and Formosa. Yearbook of Christian Work.
013829: MAYER, EDGAR. - The Present Status of Light Therapy. Scientific and Practical Aspects.
017826: MAYER, FREDERIC. - Express Guide to Paris and Environs. 1922.
018376: METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER. - The Last Supper Scene from "King of Kings".
018805: MAYERS, MARVIN K. - A Look at Filipino Lifestyles. (New Copy).
019504: MAYERS, WILLIAM FREDERICK. - ^ THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. A Manual of Chinese Titles, Categorically Arranged and Explained, With an Appendix. ^
019789: MAYNOOTH MISSION TO CHINA. - ^ THE FAR EAST. Official Organ of the Maynooth Mission to China, St. Columban's Navan. 28 Volumes, 12 issues a Volume. 1925-1972. ^
003725: MAZZEO, DONATELLA AND CHIARA SILVI ANTONINI. - Monuments of Civilization. Ancient Cambodia.
011052: MCATEE, W. L. - Local Suppression of Agricultural Pests By Birds.
011557: MCATEE, W. L. - The Role of Vertebrates in the Control of Insect Pests.
015010: MCATEE, W. L. - Biologic Balance on the Farm.
006281: MCAULIFFE, EUGENE. - Early Coal Mining in the West. Beginning with 1868.
011420: PYTHONS WITH BOB MCCABE. - The Pythons. Autobiography.
002081: MCCALL, MAJOR ANTHONY G. - Lushai. Land of Tranquility & Upheaval (Lushai Chrysalis).
001485: MCCALLUM, JOHN D. - Everest Diary. Based on the Personal Diary of Lute Jerstad, One of the First Five Americans to Conquer Everest.
012679: MCCANN, CHARLES. - 100 Beautiful Trees of India. A Descriptive and Pictorial Handbook.
009359: MCCARTNEY, SEDORIS NELSON. - A Study of Culture Conflicts and Other Behavior in Christian Youth Work in Japan.
003285: MCCLELLAN, EDWIN. - Women in the Crested Kimono. The Life of Shibue Io and Her Family Drawn from Mori Ogai's 'shibue Chusai'.
008925: MCCLELLAN, EDWIN. - Woman in the Crested Kimono. The Life of Shibue Io and Her Family Drawn from the Mori Ogai's "Shibue Chuasi".
013075: MCCLINTOCK, CAPTAIN FRANCIS LEOPOLD. - The Voyage of the 'fox'. A Narrative of the Discovery of the Fate of Sir John Franklin and His Companions.
006789: MCCLYMONT, W. G. - The Exploration of New Zealand.
011535: MCCORMICK, E. M. - Digital Computers: Their History, Operation, and Use.
019116: MCCORMICK, ELSIE. - The Unexpurgated Diary of a Shanghai Baby.
018514: MCCORMICK, ELSIE. - Audacious Angles on China.
005640: MCCRADY, ELIZABETH F. - Chin Ling and Ting Ling.
005641: MCCRADY, ELIZABETH. - Chula of Siam.
013587: MCCRUM, BLANCHE AND HELEN DUDENBOSTEL JONES. - Bibliographic Procedures & Style. Manual for Bibliographers in the Library of Congress.
008492: MCCUE, GARY. - Trekking in Tibet. A Traveler's Guide.
009744: MCCUE, GARY. - Trekking in Tibet. A Traveler's Guide.
014595: MCCUE, GARY. - Trekking in Tibet. A Traveller's Guide.
014892: MCCUE, GARY. - Trekking in Tibet. A Traveller's Guide. Second Edition.
000652: MCCUNE, GEORGE M. - Korea Today.
005150: MCCUNE, SHANNON. - Korea's Heritage. A Regional & Social Geography.
013478: MCCUNE, GEORGE MCAFEE AND EDWIN O. REISCHAUER. - Tables of the Mccune-Reischauer System for the Romanization of Korean.
002748: MCCUTCHEON, JAMES M. - China and America. A Bibliography of Interactions, Foreign and Domestic.
009363: MCDONALD, F. J. - A History of Malaya and Her Neighbors. Two Volumes.
009090: MCDOUGALL, FIONA. - A Tibetan Journal.
009277: MCGEE, T. G. AND Y. M. YEUNG. - Hawkers in Southeast Asian Cities. Planning for the Bazaar Economy.
013299: MCGEE, W. J. - The Relation of Institutions to Culture.
014232: MCGHEE, DOROTHY MADELEINE. - Fortunes of a Tale. The Philosophic Tale in France,-Bridging the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
002229: MCGOVERN, WILLIAM MONTGOMERY. - To Lhasa in Disguise. A Secret Expedition Through Mysterious Tibet.
013076: MCGOVERN, WILLIAM MONTGOMERY. - To Lhasa in Disguise. An Acount of a Secret Expedition Through Mysterious Tibet.
017034: MCGRATH, THOMAS. - Broadside Entitled "the Use of Books".
011054: MCINDOO, N.E. - The Senses of Insects.
019584: MCINTOSH, GILBERT. - ^ USEFUL PHRASES IN THE SHANGHAI DIALECT. With Index-Vocabulary and Other Help. ^
014067: MCKELVEY, ROBERT S. - A Gift of Barbed Wire. America's Allies Abandoned in South Vietnam.
014236: MCKIBBEN, BRIAN. - English-White Hmong Dictionary. Phau Txhais Lus Askiv-Hmoob Dawb.
009742: MCLEAN, ETHEL. - A Gentle Jehu in Japan.
018282: MCMICHAEL, MAJOR SCOTT R. - A Historical Perspective on Light Infantry.
015012: MCMILLAN, NEIL T. - Birds and the Wind.
006895: RAND MCNALLY. - Rand Mcnally Illustrated Atlas of the Middle East.
014601: MCNAUGHTON, WILLIAM. - Reading and Writing Chinese. A Guide to the Chinese Writing System: The Student's 1,020 List. The Official 2,000 List.
008746: MCNEILLY, MARK. - Sun Tzu and the Art of Modern Warfare.
009668: MCRAE, MICHAEL. - The Siege of Shangri-la. The Quest for Tibet's Sacred Hidden Paradise.
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011174: MCRAE, JUDITH FREEMAN, EDITOR. - The Lily Yearbook of the North American Lily Society. Number Twenty-Nine. 1976.
011175: MCRAE, JUDITH FREEMAN, EDITOR. - The Lily Yearbook of the North American Lily Society. Number Thirty. 1977.
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011179: MCRAE, JUDITH FREEMAN, EDITOR. - The Lily Yearbook of the North American Lily Society. Number Thirty-Four. 1981.
011184: MCRAE, JUDITH AND MARY HOFFMAN, EDITORS. - The Lily Yearbook with 1982-86 Index of the North American Lily Society. Number Forty. 1987.
004030: MCWILLIAMS, VERA. - Lafcadio Hearn.
002383: MEAD, MARGARET. - The Maoris and Their Arts.
016545: MEAD, DONALD C. - Growth and Structural Change in the Egyptian Economy.
013554: MEARS, ELIOT G. - The Ocean Current Called "the Child".
007633: MECKAUER, WALTER. - The Books of Emperor Wu Ti.
018983: NANJING UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE. - Surgery of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
018975: NANJING UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE. - Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion.
018984: NANJING UNIVERSITY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE. - Otorhinolaryngology of Tradtional Chinese Medicine.
002710: MEDLEY, MARGARET. - A Handbook of Chinese Art.
014941: MEDVEDIV, ANDRIY, - Ukrainian-English-Japanese Phrase Book.
001293: MEEK, JOHN PAUL. - Malaya: A Study of the Governmental Response to the Korean Boom.
000601: VON DER MEHDEN, FRED R. - Religionalism and Nationalism in Southeast Asia. Burma, Indonesia, the Philippines.
007450: VON DER MEHDEN, FRED R. - Two Worlds of Islam. Interaction between Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
008827: MEHTA, ASHVIN AND MAURICE HERZOG. - Himalaya. Encounters with Eternity.
015061: MEHTA, JEHANGIR. - Mantra. The Rules of Indulgence.
011021: MEI-FUN, PRISCILLA LEUNG AND WANG SHENG-CHANG, EDITORS. - Selected Works of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Awards (1989-1995). Updated to 1997.
010648: MEIER, FLORENCE. - Plankton in the Water Supply.
013708: MEIER, FLORENCE E. - The Microscopic Plant and Animal World in Ultraviolet Light.
013817: MEIER, FLORENCE E. - Those Ubiquitous Plants Called Algae.
013828: MEIER, FLORENCE E. - Cultivating Algae for Scientific Research.
013924: MEIER, FLORENCE E. - Reactions to Ultraviolet Lighting.
010838: MEINDAR, DRS. FM, AND DRA. SITI NURHAYATI - Kamus Populer. Inggris-Indonesia. Indonesia-Inggris. Untuk Sltp, Smu & Umum. Dengan Cara Membacanya.
018420: MEINERTZ, DR. MAX. - Theologie Des Neuen Testamentes. Two Volumes. (Dust Jackets).
013935: MEINERTZHAGEN, COL. R. - A Preliminary Study of the Relation between Geographical Distribution and Migration with Special Reference to the
013962: MEINHARDT, OLAF AND ACHILL MOSER. - Mongolia. Land of Genghis Khan.
010085: MEISNER, MAURICE. - Li Ta-Chao and the Origins of Chinese Marxism.
016515: MEISNER, MAURICE. - Mao's China. A History of the People's Republic. (Hardbound, Dust Jacket).
005165: MELASECCHI, BENIAMINO, EDITOR. - Giuseppe Tucci. Nel Centenario Della Nascita. Roma, 7-8 Giugno 1994.
009953: MELCHERS, BERND. - Traditional Chinese Cut-Paper Designs.
013843: MELDOLA, PROF. RAPHAEL. - The Photographic Image.
009478: MELIUS, M. - Cloud Peak Primitive Area. Trail Guide, History & Photo Essay.
015046: MELLICK, REV. H. G. - The Indians and Our Indian Missions.
013727: MELVILLE, R. D. - The Evolution of Modern Society in Its Historical Aspects.
016893: HO WING MEN. - The Emperor's Lost Treasure. Remnants of Unrecorded Chenghua Porcelain. (New Copy).
011614: MENARD, H. W. - Anatomy of an Expedition.
018959: MENCIUS. - The Works of Mencius.
002582: MENDE, TIBOR. - South-East Asia. Between Two Worlds.
010540: MENDEL, DOUGLAS. - The Politics of Formosan Nationalism.
013305: MENDENHALL, T. C. - Helmholtz.
013713: MENDENHALL, T. C. - The Henry.
007664: MENG, CHIH. - China Speaks. On the Conflict between China and Japan.
010468: MENG ZI AND LIAO PIN, CHIEF EDITORS. - The Hidden Tradition. Life Inside the Great Tibetan Monastery. Tashilhunpo.
003884: MENGER, MATT J. - In the Valley of the Mekong. An American in Laos.
019290: MENNIE, DONALD. - THE PAGEANT OF PEKING. Comprising Sixty-Six Vandyck Photogravures of Peking and Environs from Photographs.
003944: DE MENTE, BOYE. - Some Prefer Geisha. The Lively Art of Mistress-Keeping in Japan.
012922: DE MENTE, BOYE LAFAYETTE. - The Chinese Have a Word for It. The Complete Guide to Chinese Thought and Culture.
011350: MENZIES, REV. ALLAN. - The Religions of India. Brahmanism & Buddhism.
008274: MERCHANT, ISMAIL. - Ismail Merchant's Passionate Meals. The New Indian Cuisine for Fearless Cooks and Adventurous Eaters.
007077: MERRICK, HENRIETTA SANDS. - In the Worlds Attic.
018806: MERRIFIELD, WILLIAM, EDITOR. - South American Kinship. Eight Kinship Systems from Brazil and Colombia. (a New Copy).
006504: MERRILL, ELMER D. - Plant Life of the Pacific World.
011746: MERRILL, GEORGE P. - The Onyx Marbles: Their Origin , Composition, and Uses, Both Ancient and Modern.
014040: MERRILL, GEORGE P. - Handbook for the Department of Geology in the U.S. National Museum. Part I. Geognosy. - the Materials of the Earth's Crust.
013188: MERSON, JOHN. - The Genius That Was China. East and West in the Making of the Modern World.
015179: MERSON, JOHN. - Roads to Xanadu. East and West in the Making of the Modern World.
015558: MESKILL, JOHANNA MENZEL. - A Chinese Pioneer Family. The Lins of Wu-Feng, Taiwan 1729-1895.
008183: MESSENT, JAN. - Designing for Needlepoint and Embroidery from Ancient and Primitive Sources.
002261: METCALF, PETER. - A Borneo Journey Into Death. Berawan Eschatology from Its Rituals.
005108: METCALF, PETER. - Where Are You Spirits. Style and Theme in Berawan Prayer.
018339: METCALFE, J. C. - The Bible and the Call of God.
011523: METRAUX, GUY S. AND FRANCOIS CROUZET. - The New Asia. Readings in the History of Mankind.
013068: METZ, PAMELA K. AND JACQUELINE L. TOBIN. - The Tao of Women.
019000: MEYER, AGNES. - Chinese Painting As Reflected in the Thought and Art of Li Lung-Mien 1070-1106. (Dust Jacket).
004601: MEYER, ANTHONY J. P. - Oceanic Art * Ozeanische Kunst * Art Oceanien. 2 Volumes.
007128: MEYER, KARL E. & SHAREEN BLAIR BRYSAC. - Tournament of Shadows. The Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia.
007857: MEYER-ILLMERSDORF, HANS AND BERGER, A. (DR.). - In Talern Und Hohen Des Himalaja. Jagden Und Reisen in Kashmir Und Ladak.
010555: MEYER, A. B. - The Antiquity of the Lion in Greece.
013842: MEYER, VICTOR. - The Chemical Problems of Today.
015815: MEYER, DR. HANS. - Ascent to the Summit of Kilimanjaro.
012185: MEYERS, JEFFREY. - T.E. Lawrence: A Bibliography.
015064: YI SONG-MI. - Fragrance, Elegance, and Virtue. Korean Women in Traditional Arts and Humanities.
013322: MIALL, PROF. L. C. - Some Difficulties in the Life of Aquatic Insects.
012814: MICHAELIS, H. - A New Dictionary of the Portuguese and English Languages. Three Volumes. Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese Together
008628: MICHAUD, JEAN CLAUDE AND ROLAND. - Korea. A Jade Paradise.
017028: MICHAUD, ROLAND AND SABRINA. - China in a Mirror. (New Copy).
000912: MICHELI, AILVIO. - Mongolia. In Search of Marco Polo and Other Adventures.
007583: MICHENER, JAMES A. - The Modern Japanese Print. An Appreciation.
014582: MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF. - Bulletin. The University of Michigan Museum of Art and Archaeology. Volume XII 1997-2000. Recent Work on Kelsey
014882: MIDAL, FABRICE. - Chogyam Trungpa. His Life and Vision.
002177: MIGOT, ANDRÉ. - Tibetan Marches.
003138: MIGOT, ANDRE. - Tibetan Marches, Trans. From the French By Peter Fleming.
001719: MIHALY, EUGENE BRAMER. - Foreign Aid and Politics in Nepal.
018458: MIHARA, TOKINOBU. - Parallel Translation of the Japanese Primary School Reader. English-Japanese. Book VI.
014338: MIKLOWITZ, GLORIA D. - The Love Bombers.
019206: MILAM, AVA B. - A Study of the Student Homes of China. (Signed).
016039: COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE D'HISTOIRE MILITAIRE. - Revue Internationale D'histoire Militaire / International Review of Military History. No. 32.
016040: COMMISSION INTERNATIONALE D'HISTOIRE MILITAIRE. - Revue Internationale D'histoire Militaire / International Review of Military History. No. 47.
001446: MILLAR, DAVID P. - Once Upon a Village. A History of Lower Hutt, 1819-1965.
014218: MILLAR, PRESTON S. - Recent Developments in the Art of Illumination.
013432: MILLARD, OLIVE. - Under My Thumb. The Autobiography of a Society Masseuse.
001213: MILLER, ROY ANDREW. - Japanese and the Other Altaic Languages.
002419: MILLER, CHARLES. - Black Borneo.
005275: MILLER, LUCEIN, EDITOR. - South of the Clouds. Tales from Yunan.
008075: MILLER, ROY A. - Studies in the Grammatical Tradition of Tibet.
008526: MILLER, GEORGE A. - Interesting Manila.
012467: MILLER, PROF. G. A. - Modern Mathematical Research.
012823: MILLER, DAVID M. AND DOROTHY C. WERTZ. - Hindu Monastic Life. The Monks and Monasteries of Bhubaneswar.
017343: MILLER, ROBERT RYAL. - For Science and National Glory. The Spanish Scientific Expedition to America, 1862-1866.
014362: MILLER, ROY ANDREW. - Studies in the Grammatical Tradition of Tibet.
016325: MILLER, DIANA M. - 400 Trees and Shrubs for Small Spaces. (New Copy).
016889: MILLER, ROBERT RYAL. - For Science and National Glory. The Spanish Scientific Expedition to America, 1862-1866.
019075: MILLER, GEORGE A. - China Inside out.
012248: MILLIKAN, R. A. - The Physicist's Present Conception of an Atom.
013630: MILLIKAN, ROBERT A. - Present Status of Theory and Experiment As to Atomic Disintegration and Atomic Synthesis.
013648: MILLIKAN, ROBERT A. - The Evolution of Twentieth Century Physics.
014669: COMMITTEE OF ONE MILLION. - Australia, Colombia, Iceland, Japan, Lesotho, Madagascar, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Paraguay, Philippines, Rwanda,
003487: MILLIS, H. A. - The Japanese Problem in the United States. An Investigation for the Commission on Relations with Japan Appointed By the
006076: MILLS, LENNOX A., EDITOR. - Southeastern Asia and the Philippines.
006391: MILLS, MARGARET A. - Rhetoric and Politics in Afghan Traditional Storytelling.
006724: MILLS, HARRIET C. - Intermediate Reader in Modern Chinese. Volume III.
017901: MILLS, WALTER THOMAS MILLS. - Yhteiskunnallinen Taloustiede. Erityiskurssi Sosialismissa.
008014: MILN, LOUISE JORDAN. - In a Shantung Garden.
008046: MILN, LOUISE JORDAN. - Mr. & Mrs. Sen.
008134: MILN, LOUISE JORDAN. - Red Lilly and Chinese Jade. Three Chapters in the Chinatown Life of Donald Martin, M.D.
016580: MILN, LOUISE JORDAN. - The Feast of Lanterns. (First Edition).
013699: MILNE, E. A. - Some Points in the Philosophy of Physics: Time, Evolution, and Creation.
017763: MILNE, R. S. - Pacific Affairs. Vol. 58, No. 1, Spring, 1985.
009020: MILTON, DANIEL L. AND WILLIAM CLIFFORD, EDITORS. - A Treasury of Modern Asian Stories.
005007: PENG MING-MIN. - A Taste of Freedom. Memoirs of a Formosan Independence Leader.
011852: MIN, ANCHEE; DUO DUO AND STEFAN R. LANDSBERGER. - Chinese Propaganda Posters.
012633: LIN CHIEN-MIN. - Wu Wei-Yun, Cloudmaker. A Translation of a Page from the T'ang Ch'I Shuo. Strange Stories from the T'ang Dynasty.

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