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002695: HAGSPIEL, BRUNO. - Along the Mission Trail in Japan.
007184: HAI, WILLOW WEI-LAN. - A Year of Good Fortune. Legends of the Rooster and the Traditions of the Chinese New Year.
003596: AL-HAIK, ALBERT R. - Key Lists of Archaeological Excavations in Iraq 1842-1965.
006492: HAJEK, LUBOR AND WERNER FORMAN. - Japanese Woodcuts. Early Periods.
017398: HAKANCHULU, HARNOD. - A Chinese-Mongolian Dictionary. (Han Meng Tzu Tien).
018484: HAKE, A. EGMONT. - Events in the Taeping Rebellion. Being Reprints of Mss. Copied By General Gordon, C.B. In His Own Handwriting.
011858: HANGUK TOGO TONGMUN HAKHOE. - Minjungseorims Essence Koreanisch-Deutsches Worterbuch. (Minjung Sorim Essensu Han-Tok Sajon).
016502: NARA KOKURITSU HAKUBUTSUKAN. - Special Exhibition Bodhisattva. (Bosatsu: Tokubetsuten: Nara Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan).
012693: HALADEKOVA, JANA. - Zvieratka Zaluju.
015490: DU HALDE, J. B.; CHARLES LE GOBIEN AND YVES MATHURIN MARIE TREAUDET DE QUERBEAUF. - Lettres Edifiantes Et Curieuses Ecrites Des Missions Etrangeres. Nouvelle Edition, Ornee de Cinquante Belles
005277: HALDSTEAD, MURAT. - The Story of the Philippines. The Eldorado of the Orient.
011907: HALE, GEORGE E. AND FERDINAND ELLERMAN. - Rumford Spectroheliograph of the Yerkes Observatory.
004823: HALFORD, AUBREY S. AND GIOVANNA M. HALFORD. - The Kabuki Handbook. A Guide to Understanding and Appreciation, with Summaries of Favourite Plays, Explanatory
009697: HALI. - Hali. The International Journal of Oriental Carpets and Textiles. Volume 6, No. 1.
009698: HALI. - Hali. The International Journal of Oriental Carpets and Textiles. Vol. 6, No. 3.
000228: HALL, ROBERT KING. - Shushin: The Ethics of a Defeated Nation.
006275: HALL, MELVIN A. - "By Motor Through the East Coast and Batak Highlands of Sumatra".
007033: HALL, MAURICE. - Window on Goa. A History and Guide.
008255: HALL, JOSEF WASHINGTON (UPTON CLOSE). - Eminent Asians. Six Great Personalities of the Far East.
008823: HALL, D.G.E. - Burma.
018792: HALL, WILLIAM C. - Aspects of Western Subanon Formal Speech. (New Copy).
019008: HALL, RONALD. - Eminent Authorities on China.
017105: HALL, SUSAN, EDITOR. - Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique. Manufactured By Joseph Dufour Et Cie 1804-05. After a Design By Jean-Gabriel Charvet.
018901: HALL, R. ALCOTT. - English-Chinese Memory Dictionary. Two Thousand Commomonest Terms. Arranged Under Subjects with Index.
017818: HALL, H. FIELDING. - The Soul of a People.
011045: HALLIBURTON, W. D. - Vitamins.
016315: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD. - The Glorious Adventure. (1927).
015785: HALLION, DR. RICHARD P. - A Source Guide to the History of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
013317: HALLOCK, WILLIAM. - The Flow of Solids. Or the Behavior of Solids Under High Pressure.
018561: HALLONGREN, F. G. - Vagledning VID Begagnande Af Skepps- Och Hus-Apotek.
005081: HALPERN, JOEL MARTIN. - Aspects of Village Life and Culture Change in Laos.
016100: HALSEMA, JAMES J. - E.J. Halsema: Colonial Engineer. A Biography.
011280: VAN HAM, PETER AND AGLAJA STIRN. - The Forgotten Gods of Tibet. Early Buddhist Art in the Western Himalayas.
003250: HAMABATA, MATTHEWS MASAYUKI. - Crested Kimono. Power and Love in the Japanese Business Family.
015347: HAMARNEH, SAMI. - The Pharmacy Museum at Krakow.
017928: HAMBLY, GAVIN, EDITOR. - Central Asia.
014561: HAMBURG, DAVID AND SHANNON. - Buddhism in Your Backyard. An Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism.
009544: HAMID, TAN SRI DATO' SERI AHMAD SARJI BIN ABDUL, COMPILER. - Abdul Hamid Aroop-the Skipper and Raja Azlan Shah-the Centre Forward. A Pictorial Anthology of a Sportsman.
002492: HAMILTON-MERRITT, JANE. - Tragic Mountains. The Hmong, the Americans, and the Secret Wars for Laos, 1942-1992.
005695: HAMILTON, A. W. - Malay Proverbs. Bidal Melayu.
018784: HAMILTON, ROY W. - The Art of Rice. (New Copy).
017923: HAMILTON, GARY G., EDITOR. - Cosmopolitan Capitalists. Hong Kong and the Chinese Diaspora at the End of the Twentieth Century. (New Copy).
016491: HAMILTON, JOHN MAXWELL. - Edgar Snow. A Biography. (Dust Jacket).
013006: HAMMER, ELLEN J. - The Struggle for Indochina.
012458: HAMMOND, L. DAVIS, EDITOR. - News from New Cythera. A Report of Bougainville's Voyage 1766-1769.
015353: HAMMOND. - Hammond Comparative World Atlas. 1967 Edition.
014805: HAMMOND, KENNETH J. - The Human Tradition in Premodern China.
015674: HAMON, REI. - Rei Hamon. Artist of the New Zealand Bush. Second Collection.
013289: HAMY, DR. E. T. - The Yellow Races.
013325: HAMY, E. T. - The Home of the Troglodyates.
009626: HAN YING, HAN FA, HAN DE, HAN RI, HAN E YI XUE DA CI DIAN BIAN ZUAN WEI YUAN HUI (CORP. AUTHORS). - Han Ying Yi Xue Da CI Dian (the Chinese-English Medical Dictionary).
014688: HAN, SANG-BOK. - Korean Fisherman. Ecological Adaption in Three Communities.
005488: HANAN, PATRICK. - The Chinese Vernacular Story.
009494: HANDA, O. C. - Buddhist Western Himalaya. Part 1. A Politico-Religious History.
015052: HANDASHI. - Handa Shishi. Volume Two. (City Gazetteer of Handa, Aichi Prefecture).
006351: HANDELMAN, DON & DAVID SHULMAN. - God Inside out. Siva's Game of Dice.
016801: HANDLER, SARAH. - Ming Furniture. In the Light of Chinese Architecture. (New Copy).
001244: HANE, MIKISIO. - Japan. A Historical Survey.
002880: HANE, MIKISO. - Reflections on the Way to the Gallows. Rebel Women in Prewar Japan.
013121: HANGER, CATHERINE. - World Food. Morocco.
018338: HANGZHOU. - Hangzhou.
010515: HANH, THICH NHAT. - Transformation & Healing. Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness.
006546: HANKS, LUCEIN M. - Rice and Man. Agricultural Ecology in Southeast Asia.
008863: HANLEY, SUSAN B. - Everyday Things in Premodern Japan. The Hidden Legacy of Material Culture.
015306: O'HANLON, MICHAEL AND ROBERT L. WELSCH, EDITORS. - Hunting the Gatherers. Ethnographic Collectors, Agents and Agency in Melanesia, 1870s to 1930s.
007088: HANNA, SAMI A. AND GEORGE H. GARDNER. - Arab Socialism. A Documentary Survey.
010740: HANNAH, HERBERT BRUCE. - Grammar of the Tibetan Language. Literary and Colloquial. With Copius Illustrations, and Treating Fully of Spelling,
013022: HANSARD, CHRISTOPHER. - The Tibetan Art of Living. Wise Body, Mind, Life.
018940: HANSEN, BERT B., EDITOR. - Bamboos - Reaching Up. An Anthology of Verse.
014179: HANSMANN, BRUNO. - Eisenach Und Die Wartburg.
000679: HANSON, F. ALLAN AND LOUISE HANSON. - Counterpoint in Maori Culture.
010807: YA HANZHANG. - The Biographies of the Dalai Lamas.
017641: YA HANZHANG. - Biographies of the Tibetan Spiritual Leaders. Panchen Erdenis.
008862: HARA, TADHIKO. - Paribar and Kinship in a Moslem Rural Village in East Pakistan.
005157: HARBAND, BEATRICE M. - Under the Shadow of Durgamma. A Story of Southern India.
018939: HARCOURT, MURIEL. - Many Moods.
018829: HARDIN, KAROL J. - Pragmatics in Persuasive Discourse of Spanish Television Advertising. (New Copy).
017232: HARDING, PETER A. - The Rye & Camber Tramway.
002791: HARDY, ARTHUR SHERBURNE. - Life and Letters of Joseph Hardy Neesima.
016331: HARE, PAUL. - Planning the British Economy.
017349: LES BOYS DES GUAYS AND J. B. A. HARIE. - Le Nouveau Testament. (1862).
002800: HARING, DOUGLAS GILBERT. - The Lands of Gods and Earthquakes.
008701: HARING, DOUGLAS G., EDITOR. - Japan's Prospect.
016901: HARKAVY, ALEXANDER. - The Pentateuch. With Haftaroth and Five Megiloth.
010789: HARKNESS, PROF. WILLIAM. - The Progress of Science As Exemplified in the Art of Weighing and Measuring.
013711: HARKNESS, WILLIAM. - On the Magnitude of the Solar System.
011326: HARLAN, HARRY V. - A Caravan Through Abyssinia. From Addis Ababa Through Lalibela.
017240: HARMAN, R. G. & B. ROZE. - The Reseau Breton.
015479: HARMON, NOLAN B. JR. - The Famous Case of Myra Clark Gaines.
015002: HARNWELL, G. P. - Our Knowledge of the Atomic Nuclei.
005979: HARPER'S. - "the Chinese Embassy to the Foreign Powers".
008579: HARPER, DONALD J., BRIGITTE KHAN MAJLIS, HARMEN C. VELDHUISEN AND PETER WENGER. - Batiken Von Furstenhofen Und Sultanspalsten Aus Java Und Sumatra Sammlung Rudolf G. Smend. (Javanese and Sumatran Batiks
016667: HARPER'S WEEKLY. - Campaign in the East.
017951: HARRELD, DONALD J. - The Case of the Comte de Virlade. An Investigation Into Eighteenth Century Marine Insurance Practices. (New).
006742: HARRELL, STEVAN, BAMO QUBUMO AND MA ERZI. - Mountain Patterns. The Survival of Nousu Culture in China.
010945: HARRELL, STEVAN. - The Concept of "Soul" in Chinese Folk Religion.
012659: HARRELSON, SAM. - Asia Has Claims Upon New England. Assyrian Reliefs at Yale.
000943: HARRER, HEINRICH. - Seven Years in Tibet.
006326: HARRER, HEINRICH. - My Life in Forbidden Lhasa.
006422: HARRER, HEINRICH. - Seven Years in Tibet.
012363: HARRER, HEINRICH. - Rinpotsche Von Ladakh.
016840: HARRER, HEINRICH. - Tibet Is My Country. The Autobiography of Thubten Jigme Norbu. Brother of the Dalai Lama. (First Edition, Dust Jacket).
008129: HARRING, DOUGLAS G. - Okinawan Customs. Yesterday and Today.
013718: HARRINGTON, MARK W. - Weather Making, Ancient and Modern.
008051: HARRIS, MELISSA AND SIDNEY JONES, EDITORS. - Tibet Since 1950. Silence, Prison Or Exile.
016122: HARRIS, CLARE. - In the Image of Tibet. Tibetan Painting After 1959.
018082: HARRIS, ALFRED. - Japan. Generalized Drainage Map.
003273: HARRISON, CRAIG S. - Seabirds of Hawaii. Natural History and Conservation.
005719: HARRISON, ALEXINA (MACKAY). - Am M. Mackay, Pioneer Missionary of the Church Missionary Society to Uganda By His Sister.
007368: HARRISON, E. J. - Judo.
012315: HARRISON, SAMANTHA & BARI KUMAR. - India Bazaar. Vintage Indian Graphics.
018567: HARRISON, JOHN A. - New Light on Early and Medieval Japanese Historiography. Two Translations and an Introduction.
013209: HARRISON, STEPHEN R. - Whispered Prayers. Portraits and Prose of Tibetans in Exile.
015003: HARRISON, GEORGE R. - Spectroscopy in Industry.
000272: HART, DONN V. AND QUINTON A. EALA. - An Annotated Guide to Current Philippine Periodicals.
002371: HART, GILLIAN. - Power, Labor, and Livelihood. Processes of Change in Rural Java.
008771: HART, HENRY. - Sea Road to the Indies. An Account of the Voyages and Exploits of the Portuguese Navigators, Together with the Life and Times O
008861: HART, HENRY H. - A Garden of Peonies. Translations of Chinese Poems Into English Verse.
012851: HART, HENRY H. - The Color Prints of China and Japan. Announcement for the September 24, 1934 Meeting of the Roxburghe Club.
016077: HART, DONN V., EDITOR. - Philippine Studies: History, Sociology, Mass Media and Bibliography.
019015: HART, HENRY H., TRANSLATOR. - Seven Hundred Chinese Proverbs. (First Edition, Signed, Dust Jacket).
019074: HART, SIR ROBERT. - 'these from the Land of Sinim". Essays on the Chinese Question.
006707: HARTE, BRET. - The Heathen Chinee.
016114: HARTENDORP, A. V. H. - A Few Poems and Essays.
017242: HARTLEY, K. E. - The Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway.
013374: HARTLEY, ANTHONY, EDITOR. - Interplay. The Magazine of International Affairs. December 1969/January 1970. Report on Japan Issue.
012817: HARTS, LT. COL. WM. W. - Natural Waterways in the United States.
016242: HARUKO, LAURIE. - Phone Japanese.
016085: INOUE HARUZUMI. - Japanese Textile Designs.
013684: HARVARD, V. - The French Half-Breeds of the Northwest.
002616: HARVEY, EDWIN. - The Mind of China.
006531: HARVEY, YOUNGSOOK KIM. - Six Korean Women. The Socialization of Shamans.
012079: HARVEY, E. NEWTON. - Cold Light.
015560: HARVEY, ROBERT. - American Shogun. General Macarthur, Emperor Hirohito and the Drama of Modern Japan.
002374: HASAN, MUMTAZ. - In Quest of Daibul and Other Speeches. Forward By G. Tucci.
005220: HASAN-ROKEM, GALIT AND DAVID SHULMAN, EDITORS. - Untying the Knot. On Riddles and Other Enigmatic Modes.
009465: HASEGAWA, T. PUBLISHING CO. - The Cub's Triumph.
010031: HASHIBAN, ICHIRO. - Nihon Kakuchi Ni Zanson Suru Tatekine No Chosa (Investigation of Rice Pestles in Japan).
018303: HASKINS, JOHN F. - Near Eastern and Far Eastern Art from the Collection of Jay C. Leff.
011861: HASLUND, HENNING. - Men and Gods in Mongolia (Zayagan).
006757: HASSAN, IHAB. - Between the Eagle and the Sun. Traces of Japan.
008973: HASSAN, IHAB. - Between the Eagle and the Sun. Traces of Japan.
014723: HASSLER, JOHN. - Keepsakes & Other Stories. (Rare Reviewer's Copy).
007048: HASTINGS, SALLY ANN. - Neighborhood and Nation in Tokyo, 1905-1937.
003816: HATANAKA, KOKYO, EDITOR. - Textile Arts of India. Kykyo Hatanaka Collection.
013949: HATTAWAY, PAUL. - China's Book of Martyrs. (A.D. 845-Present).
014814: HATTSTAEDT, OTTO FREDERICK. - Liederschatz. Eine Sammlung Der Schonsten Und Beliebtesten Deutschen Volkslieder Mit Pianobegleitung. Band 2.
008635: HATTSTEIN, MARKUS AND PETER DELIUS, EDITORS. - Islam. Art and Architecture
012525: HATTSTEIN, MARKUS AND PETER DELIUS, EDITORS. - Islam. Art and Architecture.
012220: HAUGEN, EINAR. - The Scandanavian Languages. An Introduction to Their History.
015660: HAWASS, ZAHI. - Valley of the Golden Mummies.
003272: HAWES, GARY. - The Philippine State and the Marcos Regime. The Politics of Export.
015006: HAWKINS, HERBERT L. - Humanity in Geological Perspective.
018952: HAYES, L. NEWTON. - The Great Wall of China.
019174: HAYES, L. NEWTON. - The Chinese Dragon.
018902: HAYES, H. K. - Methods of Plant Breeding. Chinese and English. (Signed).
018459: HAYES, ALBERT H., M.D. - Peabody Medical Institute.
001030: HAYNES, DOUGLAS E. - Rhetoric and Ritual in Colonial India. The Shaping of a Public Culture in Surat City, 1852-1928.
016226: HAYOT, ERIC. - The Hypothetical Mandarin. Sympathy, Modernity, and Chinese Pain. (Hardbound).
014048: HAYWARD, RUTH FINNEY. - Breaking the Earthenware Jar. Lessons from South Asia to End Violence Against Women and Girls.
011551: HAZARAD, DANIEL L. - Terrestrial Magnetism in the Twentieth Century.
003988: HAZARD, B. H. - Korean Studies Guide.
017794: WU CH'ENG-EN AND ELEANOR HAZARD. - Monkey. A Selection of Incidents from a 16th Century Chinese Novel.
009749: HAZARI. - Untouchable. The Autobiography of an Indian Outcaste.
009559: HAZLITT, WILLIAM, TRANSLATOR. - Huc and Gabet. Travels in Tartary, Thibet and China 1844-1846. Two Volumes.
014507: HE, ZHONG AND YAN ZHUANG. - Complete Guide for Tibetan Travel. (Xizang Lyu Xing Wan Quan Shou Ce).
019313: HEADLAND, ISAAC TAYLOR. - COURT LIFE IN CHINA. The Capital, Its Officials and People.
019314: HEADLAND, ISAAC TAYLOR. - CHINESE HEROES. Being a Record of Persecutation Endured by Native Christians.
015436: HEALY, DANA. - Vietnamese. A Complete Course for Beginners.
015624: HEALY, KEVIN. - Martial Arts Basics. Karate.
005024: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - Some Chinese Ghosts.
006451: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - Izumo. Blicke in Das Unbekannte Japan.
006589: HEARN, COLONEL SIR GORDON, EDITOR. - A Handbook to India, Pakistan, Burma & Ceylon. Including the Portuguese and French Possessions and the Indian States.
008980: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - Earless Ho-Ichi. A Classic Japanese Tale of Mystery.
012054: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - Memorandum for the Lectures at Tokyo Imperial University.
013345: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - A Landlady of New Orleans. (Miniature Book).
014991: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - In Ghostly Japan.
014990: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - Some Chinese Ghosts.
014989: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - Exotics and Retrospectives.
016812: HEARN, MAXWELL. - Cultivated Landscapes. Chinese Paintings from the Collection of Mari-Helene and Guy Weill. (New Copy).
005752: HEATH, JEFFREY. - Ablaut and Ambiguity. Phonology of a Moroccan Arabic Dialect.
019089: HEATH, A. H. - Sketches of Vanishing China.
017050: HEATH, JEFFREY. - Ablaut and Ambiguity. Phonology of a Moroccan Arabic Dialect. (New).
012146: HEATLEY, J. T. P. - The Development of Rhodesia and Its Railway System in Relation to Oceanic Highways.
013636: HECK, N. H. - Coming to Grips with the Earthquake Problem.
014863: HECO, JOSEPH. - The Narrative of a Japanese: What He Has Seen and the People He Has Met in the Course of the Last Forty Years. Two Volumes
003310: HEDENUS, HILDE. - Psychologische Grundlagen Der Bestattungsbrauche Bei Den Volken Sumatras.
001838: HEDIN, SVEN. - Transhimalaya. Opdagelser Og ’Ventyr I Tibet.
001839: HEDIN, SVEN. - Abenteuer in Tibet.
004294: HEDIN, SVEN. - The Flight of the "Big Horse". The Trail of War in Central Asia.
005897: HEDIN, SVEN. - A Conquest of Tibet.
006112: HEDIN, SVEN. - The Chinese Lama Temple of Jehol.
006155: HEDIN, SVEN. - "My Discoveries in Tibet".
006156: HEDIN, SVEN. - "My Discoveries in Tibet".
007569: HEDIN, SVEN. - Trans-Himalaya. Discoveries and Adventures in Tibet. Three Volumes.
007570: HEDIN, SVEN. - Through Asia. Two Volumes.
007798: HEDIN, SVEN. - My Life As an Explorer.
007979: HEDIN, SVEN. - Central Asia and Tibet. Towards the Holy City of Lhasa.
008402: HEDIN, SVEN. - Central Asia and Tibet. Towards the Holy City of Lhasa. Two Volumes.
003450: HEDLEY, JOHN. - Tramps in Dark Mongolia.
012483: HEDLEY, CHARLES. - The Paleographical Relations of Antarctica.
015102: HEEREN, A. H. L. (1846 FIRST EDITION). - Historical Researches Into the Politics, Intercourse, and Trade of the Principal Nations of Antiquity. Vol. II. Asiatic
001064: HEIDE, SUSANNE VON DER. - The Thakalis of North Western Nepal.
002244: VON DER HEIDE, SUSANNE. - The Thakalis of North Western Nepal.
005044: HEIDER, KARL G. - The Dugum Dani. A Papuan Culture in the Highlands of West New Guinea.
002486: HEIFETZ, HANK AND VELCHERU NARAYANA RAO. - For the Lord of the Animals. Poems from the Telegu. The Kalahastisvara Satakamu of Dhurjati.
015153: HEIKEL, IVAR AND ANTON FRIDRICHSEN. - Grekisk-Svensk Ordbok Till Nya Testament de Apostoliska Faderna.
018639: HEILIGSTEDT, AUGUST. - Praparation Zu Den Psalmen. Mit Den Notigen Die Ubersetzung Und Das Verstandnis Des Textes Erleichternden Anmerkungen.
014996: HEIMANN, JIM, EDITOR. - Hula. Vintage Hawaiian Graphics.
018683: HEIMBACH, ERNEST E. - White Hmong-English Dictionary.
009585: HEIMBERGER, BORIS. - Radiosanasto. Saksa, Englanti, Venaja, Routsi, Suomi. (Radio Vocabulary. German, English, Russian, Swedish, Finnish).
018602: HEINE-GELDERN, ROBERT AND GORDON F. EKHOLM. - Significant Parallels in the Symbolic Arts of Southern Asia and Middle America.
012970: HEINRICH, AMY V., EDITOR. - Seasons of Sacred Celebration. Flowers and Poetry from an Imperial Convent.
010942: HEINTZ, ANATOL. - How the Fishes Learned to Swim.
006616: HEISSIG, WALTHER. - A Lost Civilization. The Mongols Rediscovered.
018400: HELGET, NICOLE LEA. - The Summer of Ordinary Ways. (Hardbound with Dust Jacket).
007470: HELLER, AMY. - Tibetan Art. Tracing the Development of Spiritual Ideals and Art in Tibet 600-2000 A.D.
014819: HELLER, BOB. - Orders Decorations Medals of the Republic of (South) Vietnam. "Nam".
007258: HELLRIGL, WOLFGANG AND KARL GABRISCH. - Tibet. A Philatelic and Numismatic Bibliography.
011273: HELLRIGL, WOLFGANG & KARL GAMBRISCH. - Tibet. A Philatelic and Numismatic Bibliography.
011183: HELSLEY, CALVIN, EDITOR. - The Lily Yearbook of the North American Lily Society. Number Thirty-Nine. 1986.
011189: HELSLEY, CALVIN, EDITOR. - The Lily Yearbook of the North American Lily Society. Number Forty-Five. 1992.
018761: HEMELING, K. - English-Chinese Dictionary of the Standard Chinese Spoken Language and Handbook for Translators Including Scientific,
013607: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST. - Efter Stormen.
003391: HENCKEN, HUGH. - Indo-European Languages and Archaeology.
003124: HENDERSON, M. R. - Common Malayan Wildflowers.
005404: HENDERSON, HAROLD G., EDITOR. - Tales from the Japanese Storytellers. As Collected in the Ho-Dan-Zo By Post Wheeler.
013835: HENNESSY, HENRY. - On the Physical Structure of the Earth.
017629: HENTHORN, W. E. - Korea. The Mongol Invasions. (First Edition).
018885: HEPBURN, J. C. - A Japanese-English and English-Japanese Dictionary.
008906: HEPNER, CHARLES WILLIAM. - The Kurozumi Sect of Shinto.
016587: NORTH-CHINA DAILY NEWS AND HERALD. - The China Coaster's Tide Book and Nautical Manual for the Year 1936. Containing Matters Concerning Tides and Tidal Streams,
003560: HERBERT, PATRICIA M. - The Life of the Buddha.
014256: HERBERT-NILSSON, N. - Die Spaltungserscheinungen Der Oenothera Lamarckiana.
013285: HERDMAN, WILLIAM A. - Oceanography, Bionomics, and Agriculture.
015149: HERDT, GILBERT H., EDITOR. - Ritualized Homosexuality in Melanesia.
007719: HERGT, MANFRED AND GUNTER KETTERMANN. - Dtv-Perthes-Weltatlas. Band 13. Japan.
018777: O'HERIN, BRIAN. - Case and Agreement in Abaza. (a New Copy).
014825: HERINGA, RENS AND HARMEN C. VELDHUISEN. - Fabric of Enchantment. Batik from the North Coast of Java. From the Inger Mccabe Elliott Collection at the Los Angeles
017165: HERMES HOUSE, PUBLISHER. - Feng Shui. Health, Harmony & Happiness. 2 Volumes.
014336: HERMES, MARGARET. - The Phoenix Nest.
014199: O'HERN, MAJ. EDWARD. - Explosives.
008360: HEROLD, A. FERDINAND. - The Life of the Buddha. According to the Legends of Ancient India.
014786: HERPICH, MARTIN. - Konigschloss Herrenchiemsee. 18 Kupfertiefdruck-Ansichten.
003577: HERRICK, CHAUNCY W. AND URSIL A. FERGUSON. - Proceedings of the United Spanish War Veterans. Department of New York for the Year 1913.
012255: HERRICK, FRANCIS H. - Nests and Nesting Habits of the American Eagle.
005206: HERRING, GEORGE C. - Lbj and Vietnam. A Different Kind of War.
014753: HERRMANN, SILKE. - Erzahlungen Und Dialekt Von Dinri.
005401: HERSHATTER, GAIL. - The Workers of Tianjin, 1900-1949.
016567: HERSHOCK, PETER D. - Reinventing the Wheel. A Buddhist Response to the Information Age.
011498: HERZ, O. F. - Frozen Mammoth in Siberia.
017981: HERZOG, MAURICE. - Annapurna. Frist Conquest of an 8000-Meter Peak (26,493 Feet). (Second Printing).
016052: HESS, HEINRICH. - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Osterreichischen Alpenvereins. Jahrgang 1905 - Band XXXVI.
016207: HESS, HEINRICH. - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Osterreichischen Alpenvereins. Jahrgang 1906 - Band XXXVII.
016204: HESS, HEINRICH. - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Osterreichischen Alpenvereins. Jahrgang 1903 - Band XXXIV.
016206: HESS, HEINRICH. - Zeitschrift Des Deutschen Und Osterreichischen Alpenvereins. Jahrgang 1902 - Band XXXIII.
014220: HETHERINGTON, CLARK W. - Demonstration Play School of 1913.
011682: HEUSS, THEODOR (GELEITWORK). - Der Aufstand IM Juni. Ein Dokumentarischer Bericht.
011943: HEWETT, EDGAR L. - A General View of the Archeology of the Pueblo Region.
012981: HEWITT, VERNON. - The New International Politics of South Asia.
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004462: JARRING, GUNNAR. - Return to Kashgar.
004329: JÄSCHKE, H. A. - Tibetan Grammar. Supplement of Readings with Vocabulary By John L. Mish.
006408: JASCHKE, H. A. - A Tibetan-English Dictionary.
006828: JASCHKE, H. A. - A Tibetan-English Dictionary. With Special Reference to the Prevailing Dialects. To Which Is Added an English-Tibetan
006569: JASPAN, M. A. - Folk Literature of South Sumatra. Redjang Ka-Ga-Nga Texts.
010571: LIGA ANTIPORNOGRAFICA DE SAN FRANCISCO JAVIER. - Catalogo de la Liga Antipornografica de San Francisco Javier. Manila.
008851: JAY, ROBERT R. - Javanese Villagers. Social Relations in Rural Modjokuto.
010932: JEANS, SIR JAMES H. - The New World-Picture of Modern Physics.
012073: JEANS, J. H. - The New Outlook in Cosmogony.
013521: JEANS, SIR JAMES. - The Physics of the Universe.
013627: JEANS, SIR JAMES. - An Evolving Universe.
013647: JEANS, J. H. - Recent Developments of Cosmical Physics.
013912: JEANS, SIR JAMES. - The Size and Age of the Universe.
016099: JENKS, ALBERT ERNEST. - Ba-Long-Long. The Igorot Boy. (First Edition).
016511: JENNESS, D. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1918. Volume XII. The Copper Eskimos. Part B. Physical Characteristics of
018674: JENSEN, N. P. - Ramlosa Plantskola. Helsingborg 1910-1911.
016858: JENSEN, JOSEPH. - Isaiah. 1-39. (Hardbound).
002251: JENSON, JOHN R. - Journal and Letter Book of Nicholas Buckeridge 1651-1654.
004023: JENYNS, SOAME. - Later Chinese Porcelain. The Ch'ing Dynasty (1644-1912).
005520: JENYNS, SOAME. - Ming Pottery and Porcelain.
005736: JENYNS, SOAME. - A Background to Chinese Painting.
015302: JEONG, SEIJUN, TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR. - 50 Years of Sacrifice: Oral History of the Korean War.
006016: JERSTAD, LUTHER G. - Mani-Rimdu. Sherpa Dance Drama.
012065: JESSA, SHAMIM ABBAS, TRANSLATOR. - Biography of Imam Muhammad Bin Ali Al Taqi.
015489: JESUITS. - Nouvelle Des Missions. Extraites Des Lettres Edifiantes Et Curieuses. Missions de L'inde Et de la Chine. Volumes 3-4.
004316: JETTMAR, KARL. - Art of the Steppes.
010162: JHA, SUNIL KUMAR. - Simple Guide to Nepal. Customs & Etiquette.
011709: JHA, JAYA HARI; DEEPAK RAJ PANDEY AND BINEET CHANDRA JHA. - An Overview of Nepalese Paper Money.
018372: YANG JIABU. - Yang Jiabu Nianhua Xuan. (a Collection of New Year's Paintings).
018320: YANG JIAHUO. - Best Examples of New Year's Paintings By Mr. Yang Jiahuo of Weifang in Shandong Province.
014909: JIANG, PING-LUN, EDITOR. - Free China Review. Vol. 42, No. 8. August, 1992. (Sports Issue).
018468: HUANG SHIFU AND JIANG TE. - A Comprehensive English-Chinese Dictionary. 2 Volumes.
009418: JIANGSUSHENG RENMIN ZHENGFU BAN'GONGTING AND JIANGSUSHENG RENMIN ZHENGFU YANJIUSHI, EDITORS. - Jiang Zai Gai Ge Kai Fang Zhong Jiasu Fazhan (Jiangsu-Top Geared for Economic Development Through Reform and Openning).
005354: XIE ZHUFAN AND LIAO JIAZHEN. - Traditonal Chinese Internal Medicine.
012374: JIGMEI, NGAPA NGAWANG, ET AL. - Tibet.
005355: JIN CE, HU ZHANGGUI AND JIN ZHENGHUA, COMPILERS. - Practical Chinese Qigong for Home Health Care.
012115: JIN RI SHI JIE CHU BAN SHE, PUBLISHER. - Jin Rie Shi Jie (Today's World). Five Issues.
019183: JIN, GUOPU AND MICHITOMO HIRAIWA. - Peking Dialect. T'an Lun Hsin P'ien. [New Discusions in the Peking Dialect].
015036: JIN, MEI AND XIANGYANG ZHOU. - Xitang Min Jian Jian Zhu. (Domestic Architecture of Xitang (in Zhejiang Province).
006917: JINA, PREM SINGH. - Some Monasteries of Drigung Pa Order in Central Ladakh.
017377: MA JINGXIAN. - Er Tong XI Shi Xian Wen. (Children's Aphorisms).
016928: MA JINGXIAN. - Er Tong XI Shi Xian Wen. (Children's Aphorisms).
017225: MA JINGXIAN. - Er Tong XI Shi Xian Wen. (Children's Aphorisms).
007840: JINPA, THUPTEN AND JAS ELSNER, SELECTED AND TRANSLATED BY. - Songs of Spiritual Experience. Tibetan Buddhist Poems of Insight and Awakening.
017915: ZHU JINSHI. - Zhu Jinshi - Kong de Kong Jian - Space of Emptiness.
001498: JISL, LUMIR. - Mongolian Journey.
001926: JISL, LUM¡R. - Mongolian Journey.
006024: JISL, LUMIR, V. SIS AND J. VANIS. - Tibetan Art.
017597: KUO MO-JO. - A Poet with the Northern Expedition.
016046: GUIDES-JOANNE. - Egypte. Volumes I & III.
005809: JOHAENTGES, KARL AND JACKIE BLACKWOOD. - Lissabon-Hong Kong. Mit Der Eisenbahn.
014389: JOHARI, HARISH. - Leela. The Game of Knowledge.
002699: JOHNS, FRANCIS A. - Bibliography of Arthur Waley.
003952: JOHNSON, CHALMERS. - Conspiracy at Matsukawa.
009405: JOHNSON, RAY G. - "Exploring a Grass Wonderland of Wild West China".
009603: JOHNSON, RAY G. - Exploring a Wonderland of Wild West China.
011345: JOHNSON, THOMAS H. - The Nature of the Cosmic Radiation.
011382: JOHNSON, JOHN WARREN. - 53 Days to Beijing. A 9,450 Mile Motor Challenge Spanning Europe and Asia.
014205: JOHNSON, PROF. DUNCAN S. - The History of the Discovery of Sexuality in the Plants.
018691: HUBBARD & JOHNSON. - Mary and Thomas; Or a Mother's Present.
004181: JOHNSTON, ALNAH JAMES. - The Footprints of the Pheasant in the Snow.
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010958: JOHNSTON, EARL S. - Phototropism: A Specific Growth Response to Light.
019318: JOHNSTON, REGINALD F. - CONFUCIANISM AND MODERN CHINA. The Lewis Fry Memorial Lectures 1933-34. Delivered at Bristol University. (DUST JACKET).
012545: JOHNSTON-LAVIS, H. J. - The Mechanism of Volcanic Activity.
013637: JOHNSTON, EARL S. - Growing Plants without Soil.
013923: JOHNSTON, EARL S. - Sun Rays and Plant Life.
016492: JOHNSTON, DOUGLAS M. AND HUNGDAH CHIU, EDITORS. - Agreements of the People's Republic of China, 1949-1967: A Calendar. (Dust Jacket).
018853: JOHNSTON, REGINALD F. - Twilight in the Forbidden City. With a Preface By the Emperor.
016642: JOHNSTON, DOROTHY GRUNBOCK & EMMY LOU OSBORNE. - Ching Ling. China Boat Girl.
014935: JOHNSTON, ALNAH JAMES. - The Footprints of the Pheasant in the Snow. (First Edition).
006769: JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM C. - The Changing Far East.
014201: JOLY, J. - Pleochroic Haloes.
017961: JONAS, KAREL. - A Complete Pronouncing Dictionary of the English and Bohemian Languages, for General Use.
002067: JONES, REX L. AND SHIRLEY KURTZ JONES. - The Himalayan Women. A Study of Limbu Women in Marriage and Divorce.
002749: JONES, HELEN DUDENBOSTEL. - Japanese in the United States. A Selected List of References.
003726: JONES, TRISTAN. - To Venture Further. (an Incredible Boat Journey Across the Waterways of Thailand).
005149: JONES, TRISTAN. - The Incredible Voyage. A Personal Odyssey.
008697: JONES-BATEMAN, MRS. R. - An Illustrated Guide to the Buried Cities of Ceylon.
012265: JONES, R. L. - The Nature of Language.
018714: JONES, F. C. - Shanghai and Tientsin. With Special Reference to Foreign Interests.
018559: JONES, RUTH E. - Gethsemane Church: 125 Years 1856-1981.
014206: JONES, L. R. - Problems and Progress in Plant Pathology.
019132: JONES, P. HANSON. - I Beseech You!! (Wo Kuquan Nimen). The Story of the Bernham Murder in China.
015055: JONES, SCHUYLER. - Tibetan Nomads. Environment, Pastoral Economy, and Material Culture.
015017: JONES, THOMAS W. - Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Copper Weather Vanes, Tower Ornaments, Finials, Church Crosses and Emblematic Signs,
014999: JONES, H. SPENCER. - Is There Life in Other Worlds?
018833: JONES, JEFFERSON. - The Fall of Tsingtau. With a Study of Japan's Ambitions in China. (Signed).
019225: JONES, CLAUDE P. - THE COUNTERSIGN. A Story of Tibet.
018340: JONES, CHARLES BREWER. - Buddhism in Taiwan. Religion and the State 1660-1900. (New Copy).
017372: JONG, J. W. DE - Buddhist Studies.
010695: JORDAN, DAVID STARR. - The Distribution of Fresh-Water Fishes.
012088: JORDAN, DAVID STARR. - The Mosquito Fish (Gambusia) and Its Relation to Malaria.
013957: JORDAN, DAVID STARR. - Isolation with Segregation As a Factor in Organic Evolution.
011466: JORGENSEN, S. J. - American Jiu Jitsu. Shaking Down the Gunman.
018839: JORGENSEN, S. P. - The Chinese Junk. A Series of Twelve Studies Reproduced from Pencil Sketches.
018840: JORGENSEN, S. P. - The Chinese Junk. Four (4) Reproduced Pencil Sketches [of Twelve].
007444: JOSE, REGALDO TROTA. - Images of Faith: Religious Ivory Carvings from the Philippines.
000405: JOSEPH, WILLIAM A. - The Critique of Ultra-Leftism in China, 1958-1981.
002287: JOSEPH, ALICE AND VERONICA F. MURRAY. - Chamorrows and Carolinians of Saipan. Personality Studies.
003882: JOSHI, ESHA BASANTI. - Uttar Pradesh District Gazetteers. Agra.
001623: INFANTRY JOURNAL. - G.I. Sketchbook.
009045: NORTHERN AUTOMOTIVE JOURNAL. - Northern Automotive Journal. The Trade Newsmagazine of the Upper Midwest.
014165: COASTAL ARTILLERY JOURNAL. - Gunners' Instruction. Antiaircraft Artillery. Gun Battery. 1928. Second and First Class Gunners.
014030: JOUY, PIERRE LOUIS. - The Collection of Korean Mortuary Pottery in the U.S. National Museum.
017223: JOYCE, THE REV. J. - Scientific Dialogues; Intended for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young People: In Which the First Principles
011973: TAI PING SHU JU. - Tai Ji Quan Tu Shuo. (Illustrated Taji Boxing). Three Volumes in One.
014717: ZHONGHUA SHU JU. - General Chinese-English Dictionary. (Tong Yong Han Ying CI Dian).
005302: JUDD, LAURA FISH. - Honolulu. Sketches of the Life. Social, Political and Religious, in the Hawaiian Islands from 1828 to 1861. With a
017182: JUDD, POLLY AND PAM. - African and Asian Costumed Dolls. (New Copy).
018666: JUDSON, EDWARD. - Adoniram Judson. Ein Apostel Unter Den Birmanen. Eine Biographie Von Seinem Sohn Edward Judson, D.D.
013372: JUE, JOYCE. - Far East Cafe. The Best of Casual Asian Cooking.
007916: JULIE, SISTER AIMEE. - With Dedicated Hearts.
006481: JULIEN, STANISLANS, CHINESE TRANSLATOR. - Tse-Hiong-Hiong-Ti. The Two Brothers of a Different Sex. A Story from the Chinese.
001351: AI JUN. - Seeking Eternity. The Manchus.
018545: JUNG, CARL. - Man and His Symbols.
011960: HONG JUNHE. - The Art of Houng Jiunn-Her. (Hong Junhe Zuopin Ji).
009276: JUNKER, HEINRICH F. J. AND BOZORG ALAVI. - Persisch-Deutsches Worterbuch.
012162: NI JUNMING. - The Revolution of 191 in Guangdong. (Xin Hai Ge Ming Zai Guangdong).
010524: JUNTUNEN, MIRJA AND BIRGIT N. SCHYTER, EDITORS. - Return to the Silk Routes. Current Scandinavian Research on Central Asia.
017803: JUVAINI, 'ALA-AD-DIN 'ATA-MALIK. - The History of the World Conqueror. Two Volumes.
012748: KABESCH, DR. FRIEDRICH. - Langenscheidts Universal-Worterbuch. Tschechisch. Tschechisch-Deutsch/Deutsch-Tschechisch.
010427: KABIR, HUMAYUN. - The Welfare State. Presidential Address at the Twenty-Ninth Session of the Indian Philosophical Congress, Paradeniya,
018763: KADAR, LASZLO, EDITOR. - Alexander Csoma de Koros Legacy. (Miniature Book).
013352: KAGAN, RICHARD, MATTHEW OH, AND DAVID WEISBRODT. - Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). December 1988.
004988: KAHIN, GEORGE MCTURNAN AND JOHN W. LEWIS. - The United States in Vietnam.
011917: KAHLBAUM, G.W.A. - Variations of Specific Gravity.
012621: KAHN, PAUL MARKHAM. - Hawaiian Imprints 1823-1887. A Selection of 56 Important Examples of Hawaiian Printing from the Collection of Paul
005632: KAIKO, TAKESHI. - Darkness in Summer.
016911: TOA NENRYO KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA. - Tonen Jugonenshi. (Fifteen Year History of the East Asian Fuels Company).
011730: KAJIHAMA, RYOSHUN, TRANSLATOR. - Folk Tales from Eastern Tibet.
015131: KAJIYAMA, TOSHIO. - Ehon Kirinashi Banashi. (Stories without End).
003512: KALB, MARVIN AND ELIE ABEL. - Roots of Involvement. The U.S. In Asia 1784-1971.
008898: KALLAND, ARNE. - Fishing Villages in Tokugawa Japan.
007645: KALLGREN, JOYCE K. - Vietnam and Politics in Taiwan.
016055: KALLU, JOE, ET AL. - Iraqui Dialect Dictionary. English-Iraqi / Iraqi-English. Operation Desert Storm.
015841: KALMBACH, A. C., EDITOR. - Model Railroad Handbook.
016774: KALUPAHANA, DAVID J. - Ethics in Early Buddhism. (First Edition).
016743: KALUPAHANA, DAVID J. - Ethics in Early Buddhism. (First Edition).
018135: KAMANSKY, DAVID. - Wooden Wonders. Tibetan Furniture in Religious and Secular Life. (New Hardbound Copy).
013151: KAMATH, M. V. - The United States and India 1776-1976.
010093: KAMPOLSKY, PHILIP B. - The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch. The Text of the Tun-Huang Manuscript.
010841: KANDELL, ALICE S. AND CHARLOTTE SALISBURY. - Mountaintop Kingdom: Sikkim.
013994: KANE, JOSEPH NATHAN AND GERARD ALEXANDER. - Nicknames and Sobriquets of U.S. Cities and States.
012304: KANEKO, ANNE. - Japanese for All Occasions. The Right Word at the Right Time.
011249: KANG, T. W. - Is Korea the Next Japan. Understanding the Structure, Strategy, and Tactics of America's Next Competitor.
012208: KANG, YUHUA AND SIPING LAI. - Conversational Chinese 301. (Han Yu Hui Hua 301 Ju).
012411: CHAO KANG. - Agricultural Production in Communist China. 1949-1965.
016980: NIHON BIJUTSU SHIRYO KANKOKAI. - Nihon Bijutsu No Seisui: Asuka, Hakuho, Tempyo Hen. (Sculptures, Etc. Of Nara).
012110: KANN, EDUARD. - The Currencies of China. An Investigation of Silver & Gold Transactions Affecting China. With a Section on Copper.
016942: KANNO, DOMEI. - Jigen (Source of Characters Dictionary).
001717: KAO, TING TSZ. - The Chinese Frontiers.
007490: CHOU FA-KAO. - Past, Present and Future of Chinese Linguistics.
011022: KAO, KUANG CHENG. - The Confirmation of Justices in Taiwan.
001194: KAPADIA, HARISH. - Spiti. Adventures in the Trans-Himalaya.
004728: KAPADIA, HARISH. - High Himalaya Unknown Valleys.
004742: KAPADIA, HARISH. - Meeting the Mountains.
000430: KAPLAN, DAVID E. - Fires of the Dragon. Politics, Murder, and the Kuomintang.
007443: KAPLE, DEBORAH A. - Dream of a Red Factory. The Legacy of High Stalinism in China.
016680: KARADZIC, VUK S. - Serbian New Testament. (Novi Zavjet Gospoda Nasega Isusa Hrista).
016456: KARAGEOWITCH. - En Keiserindes Martyrium.
002199: KARAN, PRADYUMNA P. - The Changing Face of Tibet. The Impact of Chinese Communist Ideology on the Landscape.
004339: KARAN, PRADYUMNA P. - Bhutan. A Physical and Cultural Geography.
008364: KARAN, PRADYUMNA AND WILLIAM M. JENKINS, JR. - The Himalayan Kingdoms: Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal.
009816: KARAN, PRADYUMNA P. (WITH COLLABORATION OF SHIGERU IIJIMA). - Sikkim Himalaya. Development in a Mountain Environment.
010339: KARAN, PRADYUMNA P. - Nepal. A Cultural and Physical Geography.
018800: KARAN, MARK. - The Dynamics of Sango Language Spread.
015147: KARELLES, MANOLES AND ANTONIO DI VITA. - Homage to Crete. 1884-1994. (Omaggio a Creta). 1884-1994.
010716: KARLGREN, BERNHARD. - Gleanings for a Lexicon of Classical Chinese.
017942: KARLGREN, BERNHARD. - The Chinese Language. An Essay on Nature and History.
014244: KARLGREN, BERNHARD. - Analytic Dictionary of Chinese and Sino-Japanese.
018841: KARLGREN, BERNHARD. - Grammata Serica Recensa.
012673: KARMARKAR, R. D. - Bhavabhuti.
016530: KARMI, HASAN S. - Al-Mughni Al-Kabir. A Dictionary of Contemporary English. English-Arabic.
006756: KARNCHANACHAN, NONGYAO, CHIEF EDITOR. - Royal Ceremonies for the Rattanakosin Bicentennial.
016225: KARUNAKARAN, RANKORATH. - The Riddle of Ganesha.
015528: KASAHARA, MICHIKO. - Mot Annual 2005. Life Actually. (Ai to Kodoku Oshite Warai. Mot Anyuaru 2005).
006685: AL KASHIFU 'L-GHITA, ALLAMAH SHAYKH MUHAMMAD HUSAYN. - The Origins of Sh'ite Islam and Its Principles. (Asl Ash-Shi'ah Wa Usuluha).
014986: KASSIM, YANG. - Malay English Dictionary. Bilingual Dwibahasa.
015214: KASTMAN, CARL OCH KNUT. - Abc - Bok. Forovningar Ur Lasebok for Smaskolan.
015084: EL-KATI, MAHMOUD. - The Hiptionary. A Survey of African American Speech Patterns with a Digest of Key Words and Phrases.
010371: KATJU, DR. KAILAS NATH. - The Story of My First Real Client.
010395: KATJU, DR. KAILAS NATH. - Pandit Jawaharlal at the Bar.
010399: KATJU, DR. KAILAS NATH. - My Mother Rampyari Sohag Rani Katju.
010400: KATJU, DR. KAILAS NATH. - The Banaras Raj and the Great Battle of the Gotras.
010981: KATJU, DR. KAILAS NATH. - The Game Where Stakes Are Human Lives; the Wheel of Destiny; the Unexpected Always Happens.
010867: KATO, TOMIKO. - Kyoto: A Maiko Revisited. 10 Highly Important Nihonga.
019149: KATO, TOTSUDO. - The Blue Cliff Record. (Hekiganroku Daikoza). 15 Volumes.
018881: KATO, MASAHARU. - Toa Minzoku Meii. (the Names of East Asian Peoples).
011116: KATOUZIAN, HOMA, EDITOR. - Iranian Studies. Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies. Special Issue: Music and Society in Iran.
012328: KATSUSHIKA, HOKUSAI. - Hokusai Ehon.
012854: KATSUSHIKA, HOKUSAI. - Mt. Fuji. Reproduction of a Color Woodblock By Hokusai.
006612: KATZ, RICHARD. - The Straight Path of the Spirit. Ancestral Wisdom and Healing Traditions in Fiji.
009871: KATZ, MILTON. - Genna in Southeastern Asia.
003609: KAULBACK, RONALD. - Tibetan Trek, 2nd Edition.
004730: KAUSHIK, PURSHOTAM. - Ecological and Anatomical Marvels of the Himalayan Orchids.
013181: KAVIRAJ, GOPINATH. - Gleanings from the History and Bibliography of the Nyaya-Vaisesika Literature.
011099: KAWAGUCHI, THE SHRAMANA EKAI. - Three Years in Tibet.
017830: KAWAGUCHI, HISAO. - Bunpo-Sho. The Manuscripts in the Collection of the Shinpuku-Ji Temple, Nagoya. Classified Lexicon for the Japanese
017288: KAWAHARA, GEN'UN. - Jitsuyo Mohitsu Santai Jiten. (Practical Chinese Brush Three-Character Style Dictionary.
012892: KAWAI, HAYAO. - Buddhism and the Art of Psychotherapy.
014710: KAWAKAMI, K. K. - Manchuokuo. Child of Conflict.
017883: KAWANISHI, HIROSUKE, EDITOR. - The Human Face of Industrial Conflict in Post-War Japan. (New Copy).
016080: KAY, ROBIN. - Chronology. New Zealand in the War 1939-1946.
009895: KAYA, DR. FUMIKO. - The Mushroom Cloud.
012766: KAYE, LINCOLN. - Cousin Felix Meets the Buddha. And Other Encounters in China and Tibet.
013822: KAYE. G. W. C.. - The Measurement of Noise.

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