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016184: WAR DEPARTMENT. - Military Dictionary. English-Russian. Russian-English.
016185: WAR DEPARTMENT. - Military Dictionary. English-Italian. Italian-English.
016187: WAR DEPARTMENT. - Military Dictionary. English-Spanish. Spanish-English.
012226: WAR DEPARTMENT. - Chinese Military Dictionary. Chinese-English/English-Chinese.
012437: U. S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION. - Annual Report of the Commisioner General of Immigration. To the Secretary of Labor. Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1916.
016483: WAR DEPARTMENT. - Field Service Regulations United States Army 1914. Corrected to July 31, 1918. (Changes Nos. 1-11).
014152: WAR DEPARTMENT. - Adjutant General's Field Manual. The Army Postal Service.
015354: CULTURAL RELATIONS DEPARTMENT. - Spanish Cultural Index. 1 July 1952 & 1 May 1954.
014521: INTER-TERRITORIAL LANGUAGE COMMITTEE OF THE EAST AFRICAN DEPENDENCIES. - A Standard English-Swahili Dictionary. Founded on Mandan's English-Swahili Dictionary.
011550: DESCH, PROF. CECIL H. - The Chemistry of Solids.
013552: DESCH, C. H. - New Metals and New Methods.
015277: MINT MUSEUM OF CRAFT + DESIGN. - An Inaugural Gift. The Founders' Circle Collection.
010222: DESJARLAIS, ROBERT. - Sensory Biographies. Lives and Deaths Among Nepal's Yolmo Buddhists.
010491: DESJARLAIS, ROBERT. - Sensory Biographies. Lives and Deaths Among Nepal's Yolmo Buddhists.
012714: DESLANDERS, DR. H. - The Progressive Disclosure of the Entire Atmosphere of the Sun.
014949: VAN DEUSEN, KIRA. - Raven and the Rock. Storytelling in Chukotka.
007712: DEUTSCHKRON, INGE. - Bonn and Jerusalem. The Strange Coalition.
014652: AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. - Far East. Economic Growth Trends.
006184: DEVI, GAURI. - Hindu Deities in Thai Art.
018914: DEWEESE, DEVIN, EDITOR. - Studies on Central Asia History in Honor of Yuri Bregel. (New).
019101: DEWEY, JOHN AND ALICE CHIPMAN DEWEY. - Letters from China and Japan. (Dust Jacket).
013985: DEXTER, ROSALYN. - Chinese Whispers. Feng Shui.
012915: DEYELL, M. J., EDITOR. - Gleanings in Bee Culture. Six Issues. 1956-1957.
011392: DHAMMANANDA, K. SRI. - How to Overcome Your Difficulties.
013459: DHAMMANANDA, VEN. K. SRI. - Day to Day Buddhist Practices.
013463: DHAMMANANDA, VEN. K. SRI. - Buddhism and Duties of a Lay Buddhist.
013623: DHAMMANANDA. - What Is This Religion?
013194: DHAMMAPALA, BHIKKHU. - Broadcasts on Buddhism.
009547: DHAMMIKA, S., EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY. - Encounter with Buddhism.
011250: DHANKHAR, JAIVEER. - A Short History of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association.
011732: DHARGYEY, GESHE NGAWANG. - An Anthology of Well-Spoken Advice. On the Graded Path of the Mind.
008319: DHARMAPALA, ANAGARIKA HEWAVITARNE. - Buddhism and Its Relationship with Hinduism.
000509: DHEER, SUDARSHAN. - The World of Symbols/Logos & Trademarks. India.
014810: DIAO, DAVID. - David Diao. Works 1969-2005.
012597: DICH, NHOM PHIEN. - Loi Chua Trong Thanh le. Tai Ban.
014097: DICKENS, CHARLES. - Chinese Edition of "a Tale of Two Cities". (Shuangcheng Ji).
002984: DICKSON, LILLIAN. - These My People. Serving Christ Among the Mountain People of Formosa.
018122: PHAROS DICTIONARIES. - Dictionary. English-Xhosa / Xhosa-English.
012127: DIEHL, KEILA. - Echoes from Dharamsala. Music in the Life of a Tibetan Refugee Community.
011170: DIEMBERGER, MARIA ANTONIA SIRONI. - Tibet. The Roof of the World between Past and Present.
015431: DIEP, NGUYEN THANH. - Feast of Flavours from the Vietnamese Kitchen.
009396: DIETRICH, ANGELA. - Tantric Healing in the Kathmandu Valley. A Comparative Study of Hindu and Buddhist Spiritual Healing Traditions in Urban
011998: CHINA ARCHAEOLOGY AND ART DIGEST. - Zoeoastrianism in China.
012433: DIKKERS, JAN WILHELM. - Issue Magazine. Number 2.
012434: DIKKERS, JAN WILHELM. - Issue Magazine. Number 4.
012503: DIKOTTER, FRANK. - Crime, Punishment and the Prison in Modern China.
015116: DIKOTTER, FRANK. - Crime, Punishment and the Prison in Modern China.
013400: DILLER, STEPHEN. - Die Geschichte Der Stadt Hassfurt 1871-2007. Band 1.
013165: DILLON, RICHARD. - (Prospectus for) Images of Chinatown. Louis J. Stellman's Chinatown Photographs.
007620: DINGLE, EDWIN JOHN. - Borderlands of Eternity Embracing "Across China on Foot" and ("My Life in Tibet").
013865: DINGLE, H. - Science and the Unobservable.
008648: DINH-HOA, NGUYEN. - From the City Inside the Red River. A Cultural Memoir of MID-Century Vietnam.
011789: DINH-HOA, NGUYEN. - Essential English-Vietnamese Dictionary (Tu-Dien Anh-Viet).
017862: DINWIDDIE, DONALD, EDITOR. - Portraits of the Masters. Bronze Sculptures of the Tibetan Buddhist Lineages. (New Copy).
009950: DISKUL, PROF. M. C. SUBHADRADIS AND DR. A. B. GRISWOLD. - Suan Pakkad Palace. A Home of Their Royal Highness Prince and Princess Chumbhout of Nagara Svarga.
010605: DITMARS, RAYMOND L. - The Vampire Bat. A Presentation of Undescribed Habits and Review of Its History.
011914: DITTE, ALFRED. - Metals in the Atmosphere.
016610: DITTMAR, F. UND E. DOBNER. - Die Neurotopische Diagnose Und Therapie Innerer Krankheiten.
016910: NAVAL INTELLIGENCE DIVISION. - Pacific Islands. Geographical Handbooks. 4 Volumes.
012931: DJAO, WEI. - Being Chinese. Voices from the Diaspora.
005125: DMYTRYSHYN, BASIL, E.A.P. CROWNHART-VAUGHAN AND THOMAS VAUGHAN, EDITORS AND TRANSLATORS. - Russia's Conquest of Siberia. Three Centuries of Russian Eastward Expansion 1558-1700. A Documentary Record.
001034: VAN, PAULETTE DO. - Vietnamese Cooking. Exotic Delights from Indo-China.
013877: DOAN, CHARLES AUSTIN. - Modern Medicine-the Crossroads of the Social and Physical Sciences.
015806: DOAR, BRUCE GORDON, EDITOR. - China Archaeology and Art Digest. Music and Ritual. Volume 2, Numbers 2-3, December, 1999.
015807: DOAR, BRUCE GORDON, EDITOR. - China Archaeology and Art Digest. Music and Ritual. Volume 2, Numbers 2-3, December, 1999.
015800: DOAR, BRUCE GORDON, EDITOR. - China Archaeology and Art Digest. Fortune, Games and Gaming. Volume 4, Number 4, April-May-2002.
007943: DOBBIN, CHRISTINE. - Islamic Revivalism in a Changing Peasant Economy. Central Sumatra 1784-1847.
013808: DOBSON, G. M. B. - The Upper Atmosphere.
015539: DODD, STUART CARTER. - Social Relations in the Near East. A Textbook in Citizenship Prepared for the Freshmen at the American University of Beirut.
016941: DODD, WILLIAM CLIFTON. - The Tai Race. Elder Brother of the Chinese. Results of Experience, Exploration and Research.
002648: DODGE, ERNEST S. - Islands and Empires. Western Impact on the Pacific and East Asia.
017395: DODGE, ERNEST STANLEY. - The New Zealand Maori Collection in the Peabody Museum of Salem.
008073: DODSLEY, ROBERT, PHILIP DORMER STANHOPE THE EARL OF CHESTERFIELD AND JOHN HILL. - The Economy of Human Life Translated from an Indian Manuscript, Written By an Ancient Bramin: To Which Is Prefixed an Account of
012452: DOEKER-MACH, GUNTHER, EDITOR. - The Forgotten Peoples of Siberia.
017375: DOELTER, CORNELIUS. - Os Vulcoes de Cabo Verde E Os Seus Productos.
013394: DOEPPERS, DANIEL F. - Metropolitan Manila in the Great Depression: Crisis for Whom?
012025: DOGEN, HOSOKAWA. - Omori Sogen. The Art of a Zen Master.
015025: DOI, MASARU. - Japanese One-Pot Cookery.
009411: DOIG, DESMOND. - Bhutan. Mountain Kingdom between Tibet and India.
016697: DOLAN, J. R. - The Yankee Peddlers of Early America.
012101: DOLLOT, RENE. - L'afghanistan. Histoire. - Description. - Moeurs Et Coutumes. Folklore. - Fouilles.
016504: DOMINION BUREAU OF STATISTICS, CANADA. - Canada 1945. The Official Handbook of Present Conditions and Recent Progress.
017950: DONATO, GIUSEPPE AND MONIQUE SEEFRIED. - The Fragrant Past. Perfumes of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar. (New Copy).
012722: DONCASTER, LEONARD. - Recent Work on the Determination of Sex.
013414: DONDUP, LOBSANG. - Tribhuvan University Campus of International Standard Lhasa Tibetan Languages Course. Tibetan, English, Chinese.
015659: DONIACH, N. S. - The Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current Usage.
013532: DONNAN, F. G. - The Mystery of Life.
019042: DONNELLY, IVON. - Chinese Junks and Other Native Craft. (Signed).
006720: DONNET, PIERRE-ANTOINE. - Tibet. Survival in Question.
006809: DONNET, PIERRE-ANTOINE. - Tibet. Survival in Question.
000433: DONNISON, F. S. V. - Burma.
017177: DOORN, DR. ROBERT A. - The Filipinos Are Coming!
014881: DOPKEN, G. - Die Herrlichen Siege Des Evangeliums in Sudafrika Unter Den Hottentoten, Ramaquas, Buschmannern, Korannas, Oriquas,
004175: DORE, R. P. - City Life in Japan. A Study of a Tokyo Ward.
018291: DORE, HENRY. - Researches Into Chinese Superstitions. First Part. Superstitious Practices. Vol. 5.
018746: DORE, HENRY. - Researches Into Chinese Superstitions. First Part. Superstitious Practices. Vol. 5.
011214: DORJEE, ACHARYA SEMPA, EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR. - Abhidhammatthasangho of Acarya Anuruddha with Commentary: Abhidhammakaumudini. Two Volumes.
018441: DORJEE, YESHI. - The Three Boys and Other Buddhist Folktales from Tibet. (New Copy).
011716: DORJI, DR. C. T., COMPILER. - Chhoekay-English Dictionary
011388: DOROW, STUART A. - Universal Health Care, Help Or Harm: A Case Study.
003790: DORSCHNER, JON PETER. - Alcohol Consumption in a Village in North India.
011526: DORSEY, REV. J. OWEN. - On the Comparative Phonology of Four Siouan Languages.
008353: DOUGLAS, NIK. - Tantra Yoga.
010897: DOUGLAS, REV. CARSTAIRS. - Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular Or Spoken Language of Amoy, with the Principle Variations of the Chang-Chew and
012546: DOUGLAS, JAMES. - Conservation of Natural Resources.
013954: DOUGLAS, A. VIBERT. - Immensities of Time and Space.
014874: DOUGLAS, REV. CARSTAIRS. - Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular Or Spoken Language of Amoy, with the Principal Variations of the Chang-Chew and
014934: DOUGLAS, ED. - Hero of Everest. Tenzing. A Biography of Tenzing Norgay.
013671: DOUGLASS, PROF. A. E. - Some Aspects of the Use of the Annual Rings of Trees in Climatic Study.
001214: DOURISBOURE, PIERRE AND CHRISTIAN SIMONNET. - Vietnam. Mission on the Grand Plateau.
003632: DOWDY, WILLIAM L. AND RUSSELL B. TROOD, EDITORS. - The Indian Ocean Perspectives on a Strategic Arena.
008594: DOWMAN, KEITH, TRANSLATOR. - Masters of Enchantment. The Lives and Legends of the Mahasiddhas.
017935: DOWNING, CHARLES. - Tales of the Hodja.
005242: DRAKE, CHRISTINE. - National Integration in Indonesia. Patterns and Policies.
011536: DRAPER, CHARLES S. - Navigation. From Canoes to Spaceships.
003903: DREIFORT, JOHN E. - Myopic Grandeur. The Ambivalence of French Foreign Policy Toward the Far East, 1919-1945.
008518: DREW, FREDERIC. - The Jummoo and Kashmir Territories. A Geographical Account.
006395: DRINNEBERG, ERWIN, EIN REISEBUCH. - Von Ceylon Zum Himalaja.
016320: DRINNEBERG, ERWIN. - Von Ceylon Zum Himalaja. Ein Reisebuch.
015184: DRUITT, HERBERT. - A Manual of Costume As Illustrated By Monumental Brasses.
013224: DUANE, O. B. - The Origins of Wisdom. Zen Buddhism.
011132: DUBOSE, REV. HAMPDEN C. - The Dragon, Image, and Demon Or the Three Religions of China. Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Giving an Account of the
013866: DUBRIDGE, L. A. - Some Aspects of Nuclear Physics of Possible Interest in Biological Work.
014258: DUBS, HOMER H. - The Works of Hsuntze. (First Edition).
003796: DUCHAUSSOIS, R. P. - Sous Les Feux de Ceylan. Chez Les Singhalais Et Les Tamouls.
008495: DUCHAUSSOIS, R. P. - Des Missionnaires Francais a Ceylan.
012727: DUERDEN, PROF. J. E. - The Plumages of the Ostrich.
011889: DUFFY, T. GAVAN. - The Price of Dawning Day.
013263: DUFFY, JAMES. - Shipwreck & Empire. Being an Account of Portuguese Maritime Disasters in a Century of Decline.
000516: DUIKER, WILLIAM J. - Vietnam. Nation in Revolution.
012471: DUISBERG, PROF. DR. CARL. - The Latest Achievements and Problems of the Chemical Industry.
010074: DUJARRIC, ROBERT, EDITOR. - Korea. Security Pivot in Northeast Asia.
003008: DULL, PAUL S. - A Battle History of the Imperial Japanese Navy (1941-1945).
019165: DULLES, FOSTER RHEA. - The Old China Trade.
018414: DULLES, FOSTER RHEA. - Behind the Open Door. The Story of American Far Eastern Relations.
014099: DULUTH, FOREST SUPERVISOR. - Canoe Routes. Superior National Forest.
011779: DUMMER, TOM. - Tibetan Medicine and Other Holistic Health-Care Systems.
008501: DUMOLARD, HENRY. - Japonia. Politicheskoe, Ekonomicheskoe I Sotsial'noe Polozhenie Strany.
004312: DUMOULIN, HEINRICH, EDITOR. - Buddhismus Der Gegenwart.
012398: DUMOULIN, HEINRICH, S.J. - The Development of Chinese Zen After the Sixth Patriarch. In the Light of Mumonkan.
012629: DUNCAN, CHARLES H. - Cathay in Eldorado: The Chinese in California. Sacramento.
012630: DUNCAN, CHARLES H. - Cathay in Eldorado: The Chinese in California. Tuolumne County.
012662: DUNCAN, MARION H. - The Yangtze and the Yak. Adventurous Trails in and out of Tibet.
018847: DUNCAN, CHARLES. - Maze Craze 4.
014649: DUNCAN, W. G. K. - Current Affairs Bulletin. Volume 4, No. 3, April 25, 1949. "Rice Bowl Politics" Issue.
015691: DUNCAN, MARION. - Customs and Superstitions of Tibetans.
004515: DUNCANSON, DENNIS J. - Government and Revolution in Vietnam.
012591: DUNHAM, MIKEL. - Samye. A Pilgrimage to the Birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism.
013629: DUNHAM, THEODORE JR. - Stellar Laboritories.
017865: DUNN, RICHARD S. - Moravian Missionaries at Work in a Jamaican Slave Community 1754-1835.
014929: DUNNING, JOHN. - Booked to Die. (Shi No Zosho). First Edition.
008870: DUNSMORE, SUSI. - Nepalese Textiles.
014082: DUNSTER, DAVID, EDITOR. - Michael Graves.
005433: DUPEYRAT, ANDRE. - Savage Papua. A Missionary Among Cannibals.
005535: DUPRESS, LOUIS. - Afghanistan.
015014: DURAND, W. F. - Modern Trends in Air Transport.
015446: DURCKHEIM, KARLFRIED. - Hara. The Vital Centre of Man.
014426: DUSHMAN, SAUL. - The New Chemical Elements.
017683: DUTTON, RODERIC W. - Changing Rural Systems in Oman. The Khabura Project. (New Copy).
012015: DVIVIVEDI, SHRI RADHEY SHYAM DHAR, EDITOR. - Bauddha Vijnanavada: Cintana Evam Yogadana.
007659: DWIVEDI, DR. JANAKI PRASAD. - Buddhist Grammarians, Commentators and Tibetan Translators.
015294: DYE, JOSEPH M. - Ways to Shiva. Life and Ritual in Hindu India.
016945: DYKSTRA, ANDREW. - Kanji Ichi Ni.
018967: SONG DYNASTY TEXT. - Hundred Family Surnames. (Bai Jia Xing).
002578: EALA, QUINTON A., PILAR C. GARCIA AND BENIGNA T. AQUINO. - List of References on Coconut Available in the Scientific Library, Institute of Science and Technology.
013454: FRIENDS OF THE EARTH. - The Whale Manual.
010800: FAR EAST. - The Far East. January 1, 1936 Through December 31, 1936. Six Volumes of Newspaper Articles.
008769: EASTON, JOHN. - An Unfrequented Highway Through Sikkim and Tibet to Chumolaori.
010166: EASTON, JOHN. - An Unfrequented Highway. Through Sikkim and Tibet to Chumolaori.
015421: EASTON, MABEL. - Nyilak. And Other African Sketches.
012324: EASWARAN, EKNATH. - The Mantram Handbook.
018808: EBERHARD, DAVID. - Mamainde Stress. The Need for Strata.
018510: EBERHARD, WOLFRAM. - Guilt and Sin in Traditional China. (Dust Jacket).
015424: ECCARDT, THOMAS. - Korean-English / English-Korean Dictionary.
012049: ECHOLS, JOHN M. AND HASSAN SHADILY. - Kamus Indonesia Inggris. An Indonesian-English Dictionary.
017381: ECKE, GUSTAV. - Chinese Domestic Furniture. (with Dust Jacket and Slip-Case).
013628: EDDINGTON, A. S. - The Rotation of the Galaxy.
019202: EDEN, CHARLES H. - China. Historical and Descriptive. With an Appendix on Corea.
004638: EDITH, MARY AND JOEL S. BRANHAM. - Bed the Turtle Softly: Legends of the South Pacific.
018776: EDMONDSON, JEROLD A. AND DAVID B. SOLNIT, EDITORS. - Comparative Kadai: Linguistic Studies Beyond Tai. (New).
017315: EDMUNDS, CHARLES K. - Shantung--China's Holy Land.
002561: EDWARDS, RICHARD. - Li Ti.
004985: EDWARDS, SAMUEL. - Barbary General. The Life of William H. Eaton.
007377: EDWARDS, GEORGE A. AND ALAN R. MENZIES. - Judo Handbook.
019096: EDWARDS, E. H. - Fire and Sword in Shansi. The Story of the Martyrdom of Foreigners and Chinese Christians.
013992: EDYAWATI, NI LU. - Mebasa Bali. Balinese Phrase Book. Beginners Guide to Everyday Conversation Using Bali's Native Language.
007379: EE, KHOO JOO. - The Straits Chinese. A Cultural History.
010627: EELENS, F., T. SCHAMPERS AND J. D. SPECKMANN. - Labour Migration to the Middle East. From Sri Lanka to the Persian Gulf.
015521: EFTIMIADES, NICHOLAS. - Chinese Intelligence Operations.
009613: EGAMI, TOMI. - Typical Japanese Cooking.
018574: EGERTON, CLEMENT. - The Golden Lotus. A Translation, from the Chinese Original, of the Novel Chin P'ing Mei. Four Volumes. (Dust Jackets).
008703: EGETON, CLEMENT. - The Golden Lotus. A Translation from the Chinese Original of the Novel Chin P'ing Mei. Four Volumes.
006216: EGGLER, ALBERT. - The Everest-Lhotse Adventure.
007690: EGLINGTON, GUY. - China and the Color Print.
018556: EGNER, RUSSELL FORREST. - One World Religion. Divine Intelligence, the Basis for Religion and a Philosophy of Religion. (Author's Signed Copy).
018555: EGNER, RUSSELL FORREST. - The Secrets of Religion Through the Ages. Human Wisdom Discloses the Truth About Religion. (Author's Signed Copy).
012796: EICHELBERGER, W. S. - The Distances of the Heavenly Bodies.
014157: EICHELBERGER, W. S. PH.D. - General Pertuberations of Minerva (93), By Jupiter, Including Terms Only of the First Order with Respect to the Mass,
013765: EIFFEL, G. - The Eiffel Tower.
011118: EIMER, HELMUT, EDITOR. - Frank-Richard Hamm Memorial Volume. October 8, 1990.
005740: EINARSSON, TRAUSTI. - Edlispaettir Jardarinnar Og Jardsaga Islands.
013649: EINSTEIN, ALBERT. - Isaac Newton.
017775: EISEN, GUSTAVUS A. - Antique Glass.
017190: EISNER, JOEL AND DAVID KRINKSY. - Television Comedy Series. An Episode Guide to 153 Tv Sitcoms in Syndication. (Very Good Copy).
018755: EITEL, ERNEST JOHN AND IMMANUEL GOTTLIEB GENAHR. - A Chinese-English Dictionary in the Cantonese Dialect. Revised and Enlarged. Two Volumes.
003184: EKVALL, ROBERT B. - Fields on the Hoof. Nexus of Tibetan Nomadic Pastoralism.
011126: EKVALL, ROBERT B. - Religious Observances in Tibet. Patterns and Function.
014831: EKVALL, ROBERT B. - Tibetan Sky Lines.
012032: ELDER, CHRIS. - China's Treaty Ports. Half Love and Half Hate.
014263: ELDER, E. E. - Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Reader.
014798: GENERAL ELECTRIC. - Educational Manual. Model U33 Diesel-Electric Locomotive.
019181: ELIA, PASCHAL M., D' - The Catholic Missions in China. A Short Sketch of the History of the Catholic Church in China from the Earliest Records to Our
018918: D'ELIA, PASQUALE M. S.J. - Galileo in China. Relations Through the Roman College between Galileo and the Jesuit Scientist-Missionaries (1610-1640).
004636: ELIADE, MIRCEA. - Mephistopheles and the Androgyne: Studies in Religious Myth and Symbol.
010341: ELIADE, MIRCEA. - Fragments D'un Journal.
015049: ELISSEEFF, VADIME, EDITOR. - The Silk Roads. Highways of Culture and Commerce.
012035: ELLAM, J. E. - Buddhism & Lamaism in Tibet.
017113: ELLERTON, JOHN. - New Testament in Bengali. (1819).
007936: ELLIOT, MARION. - Tibet. Global Designs for New Look Interiors.
009400: ELLIOT, MAJOR J. H. - Guide to Nepal.
007459: ELLIS, CHARLES GRANT. - Oriental Carpets in the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
015685: ELLIS, CHRIS AND HILARY DOYLE. - Panzerkampfwagen. German Combat Tanks 1933-1945.
006977: ELLSWORTH, ROBERT HATFIELD. - Chinese Hardwood Furniture in Hawaiian Collections.
008039: ELLWANGER, W. D. - The Oriental Rug. A Monograph. Eastern Rugs and Carpets, Saddle Bags, Mats & Pillows with a Consideration of Kinds and
016698: ELMBLAD, P. M. - Den Oforandrade Augsburgiska Bekannelson: Med Forklaringar Och Skriftbewis for Skolan Och Hemmet.
017920: ELSTER, OTT AND HANNS MARTIN. - Wilhelm Raabe Kalender 1913.
003159: ELWIN, VERRIER. - The Agaria.
007875: ELWIN, VERRIER. - The Tribal World of Verrier Elwin. An Autobiography.
012111: ELWIN, VERRIER. - The Tribal World of Verrier Elwin. An Autobiography.
017400: EMA, TSUTOMU. - Nihon Fuzoku Enkaku Zusetsu: Yoshi Hen. (Pictures of the Evolution of Japanese Costume. Appearances Volume). Vol. 2.
017401: EMA, TSUTOMU. - Nihon Fuzoku Enkaku Zusetsu: Yoshi Hen. (Pictures of the Evolution of Japanese Costume. Appearances Volume). Vol. 5.
007284: EMANUEL, BILL AND REBEKAH SUE. - A Call Comes Ringing.
011151: CHINESE EMBASSY. - China. The Land and the People.
008268: EMBER, MELVIN. - The Nonunilinear Descent Groups of Samoa.
016962: EMBURY, AYMAR II. - Comparative Study of a Group of Early American Doorways.
016963: EMBURY, AYMAR II. - Early American Ornamental Cornices. Part II.
018830: EMCH, PAUL THOMAS. - The Norsk Hostfest. A Celebration of Ethnic Food and Ethnic Identity. (New Copy).
008209: EMENEAU, M. B. - Rural Structure and Language Structure of the Toda.
011922: EMMONS, S. F. - Theories of Ore Deposition Historically Considered.
006999: EMRE, A. CEVAT. - Le Probleme de la Parente Des Langues Turques Et Indo-Europeennes.
004254: ENDACOTT, G. B. - A History of Hong Kong.
007627: ENDERS, ELIZABETH CRUMP. - Temple Bells and Silver Sails.
011793: ENDICOTT, KIRK MICHAEL. - An Analysis of Malay Magic.
006515: CH'ENG, MARCUS. - Echoes from China. The Story of My Life and Lectures.
018455: CH'ENG, REV. MARCUS. - Marshal Feng. The Man and His Work.
018632: ENGLE, ARTEMUS. - The Inner Science of Buddhist Practice. Vasubandhu's Summary of the Five Heaps with Commentary By Sthirmati. (New Copy).
011030: MARCHAND-ENNERY. - Lexigue Hebreu-Francais.
018423: ENZLBERGER, JOHANNES NEPOMUK. - Schematismus Der Katholischen Geistlichkeit Deutscher Zunge in Den Vereinigten Staaten Amerikas.
015821: EOYANG, EUGENE CHEN. - The Transparent Eye. Reflections on Translation, Chinese Literature, and Comparative Poetics.
018144: EPISCOPAL CHURCH, BOARD OF MISSIONS. - Nippon Sei Ko Kwai. The Japan Holy Catholic Church.
012870: EPSTEIN, ISRAEL. - From Opium War to Liberation.
006833: VON ERFFA, WOLFGANG. - Uncompromising Tibet. Culture, Religion, Politics.
014304: ERHARD, FRANZ-KARL. - Tibetan Texts in the National Archives, Kathmandu.
004754: ERICKSON, BARABARA. - Tibet. Abode of the Gods.
014344: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Gandhi's Truth. On the Origins of Militant Nonviolence. (First Edition).
014440: ERIKSON, ERIK H. - Gandhi's Truth. On the Origins of Militant Nonviolence.
009957: ERKINS, ZIYA. - Topkapi Sarayi.
011432: ERRINGTON, J. JOSEPH. - Language and Social Change in Java. Linguistic Reflexes of Modernization in a Traditional Royal Polity.
013920: ERRINGTON, PAUL L. - What Is the Meaning of Predation.
017054: ERRINGTON, J. JOSEPH. - Structure and Style in Javanese. A Semiotic View of Linguistic Etiquette. (New Copy).
005132: ERSKINE, JOHN. - Pre-Raphaelite and Other Poets. Lectures By Lafcadio Hearn.
013499: ERWIN, WALLACE M. - A Basic Course in Iraqi Arabic.
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007847: GUTHRIE, SHIRLEY. - Arab Social Life in the Middle Ages. An Illustrated Study.
013738: GUTTSTADT, PROF. ALBERT. - The National Scientific Institutions at Berlin.
019104: GUTZLAFF, CHARLES. - Journal of Three Voyages Along the Coast of China in 1831, 1832, & 1833, with Notices of Siam, Corea, and the Loo-Choo
012765: DE GUZMAN, MARIA ODULIO. - Diksyunaryo. English-Filipino/Filipino-English.
010796: GYALPO LAMCHEN, RINPOCHE. - Bod-Ljons Mdo-Khams Nan-Chen Spyi Dan Bye Brag Gi Byun Ba Brjod Pa Ldon Bron-Pai Deb Gter Smyug Po Zes Bya Ba Bzugs So.
009959: KANG YEON-GYUN. - Kwangju Biennale. Special Exhibition. Urban Vision: Public Art Project.
012557: HAAGNER, ALWIN. - Some Remarks on the Protective Resemblance of South African Birds.
018382: HAARDT, GEORGES-MARIE - The Trans-Asiatic Expedition Starts.
006590: DE HAAS, DR. W. P. - The Semantic Spectrum of Moisture in Arabic. With Some Indonesian Analogues.
019198: HABIG, MARION A. - Pioneering in China. The Story of the Rev. Francis Xavier Engbring, O.F. M. First Native American Priest in China,
003706: HACHIYA, MICHIHIKO. - Hiroshima Diary.
013775: HADDING, ASSAR. - The First Rains and Their Geological Significance.
011777: HADDON, ERNEST B. - Learn Swahili. For English Speakers. Swahili Lessons.
006640: HADFIELD, CHARLES AND JILL. - Watching the Dragon. Letters from China 1983-85.
012940: HADJOR, KOFI BUENOR. - Nkrumah and Ghana: The Dilemma of Post-Colonial Power.
011883: HAERI, SHYKH FADHLALLA. - Living Islam. East & West.
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012896: EL-HAGE, BADR. - Arabia. Caught in Time 1861-1939.
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014373: HAGEN, VICTOR VON. - World of the Maya.
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007033: HALL, MAURICE. - Window on Goa. A History and Guide.
008255: HALL, JOSEF WASHINGTON (UPTON CLOSE). - Eminent Asians. Six Great Personalities of the Far East.
008823: HALL, D.G.E. - Burma.
018792: HALL, WILLIAM C. - Aspects of Western Subanon Formal Speech. (New Copy).
019008: HALL, RONALD. - Eminent Authorities on China.
017105: HALL, SUSAN, EDITOR. - Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique. Manufactured By Joseph Dufour Et Cie 1804-05. After a Design By Jean-Gabriel Charvet.
018901: HALL, R. ALCOTT. - English-Chinese Memory Dictionary. Two Thousand Commomonest Terms. Arranged Under Subjects with Index.
017818: HALL, H. FIELDING. - The Soul of a People.
016202: HALLADE, MADELEINE & HANS HINZ. - Gandharan Art of North India. And the Graeco-Buddhist Tradition in India, Persia, and Central Asia.
011045: HALLIBURTON, W. D. - Vitamins.
016315: HALLIBURTON, RICHARD. - The Glorious Adventure. (1927).
015785: HALLION, DR. RICHARD P. - A Source Guide to the History of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
013317: HALLOCK, WILLIAM. - The Flow of Solids. Or the Behavior of Solids Under High Pressure.
018561: HALLONGREN, F. G. - Vagledning VID Begagnande Af Skepps- Och Hus-Apotek.
005081: HALPERN, JOEL MARTIN. - Aspects of Village Life and Culture Change in Laos.
016100: HALSEMA, JAMES J. - E.J. Halsema: Colonial Engineer. A Biography.
011280: VAN HAM, PETER AND AGLAJA STIRN. - The Forgotten Gods of Tibet. Early Buddhist Art in the Western Himalayas.
003250: HAMABATA, MATTHEWS MASAYUKI. - Crested Kimono. Power and Love in the Japanese Business Family.
015347: HAMARNEH, SAMI. - The Pharmacy Museum at Krakow.
017928: HAMBLY, GAVIN, EDITOR. - Central Asia.
014561: HAMBURG, DAVID AND SHANNON. - Buddhism in Your Backyard. An Introduction to Nichiren Buddhism.
009544: HAMID, TAN SRI DATO' SERI AHMAD SARJI BIN ABDUL, COMPILER. - Abdul Hamid Aroop-the Skipper and Raja Azlan Shah-the Centre Forward. A Pictorial Anthology of a Sportsman.
002492: HAMILTON-MERRITT, JANE. - Tragic Mountains. The Hmong, the Americans, and the Secret Wars for Laos, 1942-1992.
005695: HAMILTON, A. W. - Malay Proverbs. Bidal Melayu.
018784: HAMILTON, ROY W. - The Art of Rice. (New Copy).
017923: HAMILTON, GARY G., EDITOR. - Cosmopolitan Capitalists. Hong Kong and the Chinese Diaspora at the End of the Twentieth Century. (New Copy).
016491: HAMILTON, JOHN MAXWELL. - Edgar Snow. A Biography. (Dust Jacket).
013006: HAMMER, ELLEN J. - The Struggle for Indochina.
012458: HAMMOND, L. DAVIS, EDITOR. - News from New Cythera. A Report of Bougainville's Voyage 1766-1769.
015353: HAMMOND. - Hammond Comparative World Atlas. 1967 Edition.
014805: HAMMOND, KENNETH J. - The Human Tradition in Premodern China.
015674: HAMON, REI. - Rei Hamon. Artist of the New Zealand Bush. Second Collection.
013289: HAMY, DR. E. T. - The Yellow Races.

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