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014009: BRAVERMAN, ARTHUR. - Living and Dying in Zazen. Five Zen Masters of Modern Japan.
016126: BREASHEARS, DAVID. - High Exposure. An Enduring Passion for Everest and Unforgiving Places.
013830: BREASTED, JAMES H. - The Rise of Man and Modern Research.
016787: BREASTED, JAMES HENRY. - Historical Tradition and Oriental Research.
012402: BREDON, JULIET. - Peking. A Historical and Intimate Description of Its Chief Places of Interest.
017801: BREDON, JULIET AND IGOR MITRAPHANOW. - The Moon Year. A Record of Chinese Customs and Festivals.
010330: BREHEIR, LOUIS AND PIERRE BATIFOL. - Les Survivances Du Culte Imperial Romain. A Propos Des Riles Shintoistes.
010036: BREMNER, MOYRA AND LIZ FILIPPINI. - Pasta for Pleasure.
012051: BRESNIER, L. J. - Cours Pratique Et Theorique de Langue Arabe. Renfermant Les Principes Detailles de la Lecture, de la Grammaire Et Du Style
019254: BREWITT-TAYLOR, C. H. - SAN KUO. Or Romance of the Three Kingdoms. TWO VOLUMES. Popular Edition.
019376: BREWITT-TAYLOR, C. H. - CHATS IN CHINESE. A Translation of T'an Lun Hsin P'ien.
011630: BRIDGE, ANN. - Peking Picnic.
013955: BRIDGMAN, PROF. P. W. - Certain Aspects of High-Pressure Research.
014422: BRIDGMAN, P. W. - Some Results in the Field of High-Pressure Physics.
013547: O'BRIEN, BRIAN. - Some Biological Effects of Solar Radiation.
002389: BRIGHT, WILLIAM. - Language Variation in South Asia.
012677: BRIGHT, DEBORAH SUE. - The Effects of Creative Relaxation on Tension-Anxiety Levels.
016568: BRIGHT, WILLIAM. - Language Variation in South Asia.
014650: BRILL, E. J. - Islamic Culture. Arabia-Turkey-Iran. April, 1969.
017231: BRINCKMANN, JOHN H. JR. AND EDWARD F. GARDNER. - Public Service Fast Line. Trans-State Route Through the Heart of New Jersey.
012584: BRINTON, DANIEL G. AND REV. ALBERT SEQAQKIND ANTHONY. - A Lenape-English Dictionary. From an Anonymous Ms. In the Archives of the Moravian Church at Bethelehem, Pa.
018863: GREAT BRITAIN. - Correspondence Respecting the Duties on Opium in China. China. No. 5 (1885).
002685: BROADFOOT, BARRY. - Years of Sorrow, Years of Shame. The Story of the Japanese Canadians in World War II.
016337: BROMAN, BARRY & WILLIAM WARREN. - Spiritual Abodes of Thailand.
016696: BROMAN, IVAR. - Manniskokroppens Vavnader Och Organ.
011634: BROMKE, ADAM AND TERESA RAKOWSKA-HARMSTONE, EDITORS. - The Communist States in Disarray 1965-1971.
016473: BRONDSTED, JOHANNES AND POUL NORLUND. - Seks Tvaersnit Af Danmarks Historie.
010291: BRONSTEIN, LEO. - Five Variations on the Theme of Japanese Painting.
005919: BROOK, TIMOTHY. - The Confusions of Pleasure. Commerce and Culture in Ming China.
001448: BROOKES, R. H. AND I. H. KAWAHARU. - Administration in New Zealand's Multi-Racial Society.
005498: BROOKS, DOUGLAS RENFREW. - Auspicious Wisdom. Text and Traditions of Srividya Sakta Tantrism in South India.
010550: BROOKS, ALFRED H. - An Exploration to Mount Mckinley, America's Highest Mountain.
011293: BROOKS, CHARLES F. AND ALFRED H. THIESSEN. - The Meteorology of Great Floods in the Eastern United States.
012476: BROOKS, ALFRED H. - Applied Geology.
018578: BROOKS, NONA L. - Short Lessons in Divine Science.
013721: BROOKS, W. K. - The Origin of the Oldest Fossils and the Discovery of the Bottom of the Ocean.
014288: BROOKS, W. K. AND CASWELL GRAVE. - Ophiura Brevispina.
015005: BROOKS, CHARLES F. - Hurricanes Into New England. Meteorology of the Storm of September 21, 1938.
015000: BROOKS, F. A. - Use of Solar Energy for Heating Water.
018516: BROOMFIELD, HELEN WARD. - Dragon Tales. (Signed Presentation Copy).
007908: BROOMHALL, MARSHALL. - W.W. Cassels. First Bishop in Western China.
019124: BROOMHALL, MARSHALL. - Present-Day Conditions in China. Notes Designed to Show the Moral and Spiritual Claims of the Chinese Empire.
018943: BROOMHALL, MARSHALL. - The Chinese Empire. A General & Missionary Survey.
018884: BROOMHALL, MARSHALL. - The Bible in China.
008186: PUSHMAN BROTHERS. - Art Panels from the Handlooms of the Far Orient As Seen By a Native Rug Weaver.
008187: PUSHMAN BROTHERS. - Art Panels from the Handlooms of the Far Orient As Seen By a Native Rug Weaver.
000533: BROTHWELL, DON AND PATRICIA. - Food in Antiquity. A Survey of the Diet of Early Peoples.
007051: BROW, JAMES. - Demons and Development. The Struggle for Development in a Sri Lankan Village.
000918: BROWN, STANLEY. - Men from Under the Sky. The Arrival of Westerners in Fiji.
005015: BROWN, KENNETH L. - People of Salé. Tradition and Change in a Morroccan City 1830-1930.
006201: BROWN, S. AZBY. - The Genius of Japanese Carpentry. An Account of a Temple's Construction.
008894: BROWN, WILLIAM NORMAN. - The Indian and Christian Miracles of Walking on the Water.
009094: BROWN, SHELLY. - Centered in Truth. The Story of Swami Nitya-Swarup-Ananda. Two Volumes.
011956: BROWN, ERNEST W. - George Gabriel Stokes.
017882: BROWN, A. SAMLER & G. GORDON BROWN. - The Guide to South Africa for the Use of Tourists, Sportsmen, Invalids and Settlers. With Coloured Maps, Plans, and Diagrams.
013696: BROWN, ERNEST W. - Gravitation in the Solar System.
013892: BROWN, W. NORMAN, EDITOR. - Journal of the American Oriental Society. June, 1940.
016336: BROWN, REV. JOHN. - Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament.
014443: BROWN, EDWARD ESPE. - Tassajara Cooking.
015511: BROWN, SIMON. - Practical Feng Shui. Arrange, Decorate and Accessorize Your Home to Promote Health, Wealth and Happiness.
016289: BROWN, CHRISTOPHER K. - Encyclopedia of Travel Literature.
015376: BROWNE, G. WALDO. - The New America and the Far East. A Picturesque and Historical Description of These Lands and Peoples. Nine Volumes.
018353: BROWNRIGG, EDWIN BLAKE. - Colonial Latin American Manuscripts and Transcripts in the Obadiah Rich Collection: An Inventory and Index. (New Copy).
008532: BRUCE, J. PERCY. - Chu Hsi and His Masters. An Introduction of Chu Hsi and the Sung School of Chinese Philosophy.
017535: BRUDNER, LILYAN AND EILEEN M. KANE, EDITORS. - Ethnology. An International Journal of Cultural and Social Anthropology. January, 1972, Volume XI, Number 1.
014543: BRUNNHOLZ, KARL. - Straight from the Heart. Buddhist Pith Instructions.
008105: BRUNTON, PAUL. - Yogis. Verborgene Weisheit Indiens.
013726: BRUNTON, DR. T. LAUDER. - Modern Developments of Harvey's Work in the Treatment of Diseases of the Heart and Circulation.
018440: QILL & BRUSH. - Modern First Editions. Catalog 76.
010658: BRUUN, CHR. V. - Bibliotheca Danica. Systematisk Fortegnelse over Den Danske Literatur Fra 1482 Til 1830, Efter Samlingerne I. Det Store
012691: O'BRYAN, AILEEN. - The Dine. Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians.
013268: BRYANT, ANTHONY. - Sekigahara 1600. The Final Struggle for Power.
005293: BRYCE, JAMES. - South America. Observations and Impressions.
009403: BRYCE, VISCOUNT JAMES. - "Western Siberia and the Altai Mountains".
004315: BRYNER, EDNA. - Thirteen Tibetan Tankas.
012280: KARMA-MKHA-BUM AND JAM-BU. - Byis Sgrun Dga Bai Rtsed Jo. (a Collection of Children's Stories from Amdo, Tibet).
002902: BUCK, DAVID D. - Urban Change in China. Politics and Development in Tsinan, Shantung, 1890-1949.
004375: BUCK, STUART H. - Bhutanese Newspaper Reader.
012432: BUCK, PEARL. - Laba Zeme (the Good Earth).
018935: BUCK, JOHN LOSSING. - Chinese Farm Economy. A Study of 2866 Farms in Seventeen Localities and Seven Provinces in China.
010726: BUCKLEY, CHRIS. - Tibetan Furniture.
016577: BUCKLEY, ARABELLA B. AND W. J. ROBERTSON. - High School History of England and History of Canada. (First Edition).
011239: BUCKMAN, WILLIAMSON. - Under the Southern Cross in South America.
019102: BUDD, CHARLES. - A Few Famous Chinese Poems. Translated Into English.
019128: BUDD, CHARLES, TRANSLATOR. - Chinese Poems.
016706: BUDDHADATTA, A. P. - English-Pali Dictionary. (Highest Quality).
003376: BUDGE, SIR E. A. WALLIS. - Cooks Handbook for Egypt and the Egyptian Sudan. With Chapters on Egyptian Archaeology.
016277: BUDGE, E. A. WALLIS. - Egyptian Religion. Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life.
001479: BUELLER, WILLIAM M. - Mountains of the World. A Handbook for Climbers & Hikers.
010787: BUI, PHUNG AND DUC HIEN TRINH. - Learning Modern Spoken Vietnamese (Tieng Viet Cho Ngu'o'I Ngoai).
017881: BUI, NGOC TUAN. - Vietnamese Pottery. (Do Gom Co, Mot Nen Hoa Thuan Viet).
012656: BUKHSH, S. KHUDA. - Caliphate. Studies in Social & Political Conditions, Literary & Scientific Activities, Its Decline & Fall.
001767: BULL, GEOFFREY T. - When Iron Gates Yield.
015784: BULLARD, THOMAS R. - Imperial Japanese Navy: A Bibliography of Books.
015282: THE ATLANTA HISTORICAL BULLETIN. - The Atlanta Historical Bulletin. Margaret Mitchell Memorial Issue.
018547: BULLIET, C. J. - Venus Castina. Famous Female Impersonators, Celestial and Human. (Dust Jacket).
016210: KWAN MAN BUN. - The Salt Merchants of Tianjin. State Making and Civil Society in Late Imperial China.
016674: BUNAK, V. V., G. F. DEBETS AND M. G. LEVIN. - Contributions to the Physical Anthropology of the Soviet Union.
008244: BUNCE, WILLIAM K., EDITOR. - Religions in Japan. Buddhism, Shinto, Christianity.
011677: BUNDESZENTRALE FUR HEIMATDIENST, HERAUSGEGEBE VON DER. - 20. Juli 1944. Geanderte Und Vervollstandigte Bearbeitung Der Sonderausggabe Der Wochenzeitung Das Parlament: "Die Wahrheit
011621: BUNKER, ALONZO. - Soo Thah. A Tale of the Making of the Karen Nation.
015305: BUNKER, EMMA C., C. BRUCE CHATWIN AND ANN R. FARKAS. - "Animal Style" Art from East to West.
017828: JAPAN TRAVEL BUREAU. - Japan. The Pocket Guide 1959.
006029: BURGESS, DR. WARREN AND DR. HERBERT R. AXELROD. - Fishes of Taiwan and Adjacent Waters.
006144: BURGESS, ANDREW. - Ra-Ha-la-Hi-Ko. My Brother in Madagascar.
016526: BURGESS, ANDREW. - Peng Fu. En Biografi. (Norwegian Edition).
014894: BURGH, THEODORE W. - Listening to the Artifacts. Music Culture in Ancient Palestine.
005145: BURKE, S. M. - Mainsprings of Indian and Pakistani Foreign Policies.
004588: BURLING, JUDITH AND ARTHUR. - Chinese Art.
017770: BURLING, JUDITH AND ARTHUR HART. - Chinese Art. (First Edition, Dust Jacket).
000066: BURMA. - Area Handbook for Burma. Six Co-Authors.
004692: BURMA. - Burma Magazine. Two Issues.
013418: BURMA. - Lai Cianghlim Thar (Zanniat Pon). Burmese New Testament.
018576: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON. - Sara Crewe Or What Happened at Miss Minchin's.
015458: BURNS, STANLEY B. AND ELIZABETH A. BURNS. - Geisha. A Photographic History 1872-1912.
018793: BURQUEST, DONALD A. AND WYN D. LAIDIG, EDITORS. - Phonological Studies in Four Languages of Maluku. (New Copy).
011952: BURR, WILLIAM H. - The Present Aspects of the Panama Canal.
002410: BURROWS, EDWIN GRANT. - Flower in My Ear. Arts and Ethos of Ifaluk Atoll.
008880: BURROWS, E. G. - Songs of Uvea and Futuna.
014136: BURROWS, MILLAR. - What Mean These Stones? the Signifiance of Archeology for the Bible.
008375: BURT, EUGENE C. - An Annotated Bibliography of the Visual Arts of Africa.
018384: BUSCAGLIA, LEO. - Because I Am Human.
011001: BUSHELL, S.W. - Chinese Art. Two Volumes.
011768: MASATOSHI AND RAYMOND BUSHELL. - The Art of Netsuke Carving.
011948: BUSHELL, STEPHEN W. - Chinese Architecture.
010700: BUSHNELL, DAVID I. JR. - Friedrich Kurz, Arctic-Explorer.
015585: BUSS, CLAUDE A. - China. The People's Republic of China and Richard Nixon.
002066: BUSSAGLI, MARIO. - Painting of Central Asia. Trans. From the Italian By Lothian Small.
016986: BUSSAGLI, MARIO. - Paintings of Central Asia. (First Edition, Hardbound).
016997: BUSSAGLI, MARIO. - Painting of Central Asia.
018075: BUSSON, ANDREE. - Une Miniature Indienne Deux Acrobats (Ma 1787). Musee Guimet.
000906: BUSWELL, JR., ROBERT E. - The Zen Monastic Experience. Buddhist Practice in Contemporary Korea.
013404: BUTLER-BIGGS, JANE. - Feng Shui Fusion. A Seasonal Guide to Good Energy.
005751: BUTT, GERALD. - The Lion in the Sand. The British in the Middle East.
009506: BUTTERFIELD'S - Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets. Friday, March 30, 2001.
006502: BUTWELL, RICHARD. - Southeast Asia Today and Tomorrow. A Political Analysis.
016582: BYRD, RICHARD EVELYN. - Discovery. The Story of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition. (First Edition).
000900: CABLE, MILDRED & FRANCESCA FRENCH. - The Gobi Desert.
018637: CADMAN, W. C. - Bible in Vietnamese. (Kin-Thanh. Cu'u-U'oc Va Tan-U'o'C).
018681: CAHILL, JAMES. - Three Alternative Histories of Chinese Paintingg.
007138: CAILLAT, COLLETTE AND RAVI KUMAR. - The Jain Cosmology.
007487: CAINE, W. S. - A Trip Round the World in 1887-8.
011251: CAINE, STANLEY P. - The Myth of a Progressive Reform. Railroad Regulation in Wisconsin 1903-1910.
015492: CALAND, DR. W. - Altindisches Zauberritual. Probe Einer Uebersetzung Der Wichtigsten Theile Des Kausika Sutra.
000840: CALATCHI, ROBERT DE. - Oriental Carpets.
007430: DE CALATCHI, ROBERT. - Oriental Carpets.
009200: CALCUTTA, PRESIDENCY COLLEGE, DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY. - Indian Journal of Earth Sciences. Volume 7, No. 2.
009201: CALCUTTA, PRESIDENCY COLLEGE, DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGY. - Indian Journal of Earth Sciences. Volume 8, No. 1.
006487: CALDERON, GEORGE (TIHOTI). - Tahiti.
018509: CALDWELL, HARRY R. AND JOHN C. CALDWELL. - South China Birds. (Dust Jacket).
017178: CALHOUN, JOHN B., EDITOR. - A Russian Martyr. Ivan Vasilyevich Moiseyev.
003924: CALIFORNIA, STATE BOARD OF CONTROL OF. - California and the Oriental. Japanese, Chinese, and the Hindus.
004093: CALIFORNIA COLLEGE IN CHINA, COLLEGE OF CHINESE STUDIES. - Hua-Wen-Ch'u-Chieh. Chinese Language Lessons.
012532: CHINESE IN CALIFORNIA. - State and County Taxes. 1897.
003814: CALLAHAN, RAYMOND. - Burma 1942-1945.
018500: CALLERY, MM. AND YVAN. - History of the Insurrection in China; with Notices of the Christianity, Creed, and Proclamation of the Insurgents.
015767: CALLERY, MM. AND YVAN. - History of the Insurrection in China; with Notices of the Christianity, Creed, and Proclamation of the Insurgents.
005962: CAMBODIA. - Cambodia News. Five Issues.
008918: CAMBODIA. - Humanitarian Assistance in Kamppuchea. 1988.
018074: CAMBODIA, FORCES ARMEES NATIONALES KHMERES. - (Map) Royaume Du Cambodge. Carte Administrative Et Routiere.
018076: CAMBODIA, FORCES ARMEES NATIONALES KHMERES. - Map of Thailande (Thailand).
018633: BIBLE IN CAMBODIAN. - New Testament in Cambodian (Proverbs).
014788: CAMBON, PIERRE AND JOSEPH P. CARROLL, CURATORS. - The Poetry of Ink. The Korean Literati Tradition. 1392-1910.
018316: CAMEO, DAVID. - Chu Teh-Chun. De Neige, D'or Et D'azur.
000864: CAMERON, NIGEL. - An Illustrated History of Hong Kong.
003134: CAMERON, NIGEL. - Barbarians and Mandarins. Thirteen Centuries of Western Travellers in China.
006595: CAMERON, IAN. - Mountains of the Gods. The Himalaya and the Mountains of Central Asia.
012794: CAMERON, NIGEL. - Spectacular China.
012795: CAMERON, NIGEL. - Spectacular China.
016512: CAMERON, JOHN. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1918. Volume XII. The Copper Eskimos. Part C. Osteology of the Western and
016308: CAMERON, W. J. - Diagnosis By Transillumination. A Treatise on the Use of Transillumination in Diagnosis of Infected Conditions of the
014488: CAMERON, NIGEL. - The Mandarin. Hong Kong.
017183: CAMERON, DAVID ROSS. - David Copperfield in Copperplate. Forty-Six Illustrations for the Famous Dickens Novel Augmented By Interpretive Short
001755: CAMMANN, SCHUYLER. - Trade Through the Himalayas. The Early British Attempts to Open Tibet.
005336: CAMMANN, SCHUYLER. - The Land of the Camel. Tents and Temples of Inner Mongolia.
007148: CAMMANN, SCHUYLER V. R. - Miniature Art from Old China. Chinese Snuff Bottles from the Montclair Art Museum Collections.
015695: CAMMANN, SCHUYLER. - Substance and Symbol in Chinese Toggles. Chinese Belt Toggles from the C.F. Bieber Collection.
018355: CAMMANN, SCHUYLER. - Substance and Symbol in Chinese Toggles. Chinese Belt Toggles from the C.F. Bieber Collection. (New).
018577: CAMPANIUS, JOHANNES, TRANSLATOR. - Martin Luther's Little Catechism Translated Into Algonquian Indian. Facsimile of the Printed Edition, Stockholm 1696.
003165: CAMPBELL, JOHN C. - Defense of the Middle East. Problems of American Policy.
005582: CAMPBELL, JUNE. - Traveller in Space. In Search of Female Identity in Tibetan Buddhism.
008441: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH. - The Cultural Setting: Asian Art, Traditional and Modern.
011678: CAMPBELL-JOHNSON, ALAN. - Mission with Mountbatten.
012541: CAMPBELL, W. W. - The Return of Halley's Comet.
012711: CAMPBELL, W. W. - Sir Williams Huggins, K.C. B. , O.M.
014905: CAMPBELL-JOHNSON, ALAN. - Mission with Mountbatten.
014397: CAMPBELL, REV. W. - A Dictionary of the Amoy Vernacular Spoken Throughout the Prefectures of Chin-Chiu, Chiang-Chiu and Formosa.
014551: CAMPOS, LEONARD AND PAUL MCCORMICK. - Introduce Yourself to Transactional Analysis. A Ta Primer.
017221: METHODIST CHURCH OF CANADA. - Methodist Hymn-Book.
006752: PANAMA CANAL. - Souvinir of the Panama Canal.
013114: CANTERA, SI EM ESS. - Kannakiyum Cirmmakkavum. Kannakiye Sambandhicca Keralattile Kathakalum Acarannalum Sangitasahitya Kalaritikalum
004364: CANTLIE, AUDREY. - The Assamese. Religion, Caste and Sect in an Indian Village.
018849: CANTONESE. - Vocabulary List of Acts (of the Apostles) (Through) Revelations.
019205: BIBLE IN CANTONESE. - The Gospel According to John in Cantonese. (1926).
001869: CAPLAN, LIONEL. - Administration and Politics in a Nepalese Town. The Study of a District Capital and Its Environs.
017107: CARAMAN, PHILIP. - Tibet. The Jesuit Century.
007351: CARBALLO, MANUEL. - Guia Tourista de Espana: Indicador de Itinerarios Y Viajes a Las Ciudades Y Lugares de Espana, Acompanado de la Resena de Sus
012792: CARLBERG, GUSTAV. - The Changing China Scene. The Story of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Its Church and Political Setting over a
015843: CARLETTI, FRANCESCO. - My Voyage Around the World. A 16th Century Florentine Merchant. (First Edition).
016135: CARLIN, JACKIE PIAS. - Spirit of the Village. A Maui Memoir. (Signed).
010290: CARMEN, MARIAL DEL AND PESCADOR DEL HOYO. - Documentos de Indias. Siglos XV-XIX. Catalogo de la Existente En la Seccion de Diversos.
007713: CAROE, OLAF. - Soviet Empire. The Turks of Central Asia and Stalinism.
003181: CARPENTER, EDWARD. - From Adam's Peak to Elephanta: Sketches in Ceylon and India.
005915: CARPENTER, FRANCES. - Tales of a Korean Grandmother. Illustrated with Reproductions from Old Korean Paintings.
015068: TUFENKIAN TIBETAN CARPETS. - Tufenkian Tibetan Carpets. 1999 Full Line Catalog. (Hardbound).
003550: CARRASCO, PEDRO. - Land and Polity in Tibet.
009142: CARRASCO, PEDRO. - Land and Polity in Tibet.
009241: CARRASCO, PEDRO. - Land and Polity in Tibet.
013464: LE CARRE, JOHN. - Absolute Friends.
003784: CARRINGTON, C. E. - The British Overseas. Exploits of a Nation of Shopkeepers.
004756: CARRISON, MURIEL PASKIN. - Cambodian Folk Stories. From the Gatiloke.
002485: CARSTAIRS, G. M. AND R. L. KAPUR. - The Great Universe of Kota. Stress, Change and Mental Disorder in an Indian Village.
017386: CARTER, EDWARD C., EDITOR. - Pacific Affairs. Vol. XIV, No. 3, September, 1941.
012060: CARTER, WILLIAM HARDING. - The Story of the Horse. The Development of Man's Companion in War Camp, on Farm, in the Marts of Trade, and in the Field of
013856: CARTER, R. BRUDENELL. - Color-Vision and Color-Blindness.
015111: CARTER, MILDRED. - Hand Reflexology: Key to Perfect Health.
012815: CARTY, J. J. - The Relation of Pure Science to Industrial Science.
013682: CARTY, JOHN J. - Ideals of the Telephone Service. A Tribute to the Memory of Alexander Graham Bell.
003936: CARUS, CLAYTON D. AND CHARLES LONGSTRETH MCNICHOLS. - Japan: Its Resources and Industries.
015124: CARY, BETH. - Individual Completeness Or the Trinity of Mind.
012646: CASANOVA, MARY. - The Hunter. A Chinese Folktale.
013679: CASANOWICZ, I. M. - The Collections of Old World Archeology in the United States National Museum.
002249: CASE, MARGARET H. - South Asian History, 1750-1950.
002301: CASEY, ROBERT J. - Easter Island. Home of the Scornful Gods.
008333: CASEY, ROBERT J. - Four Faces of Siva: The Mystery of Angkor.
016465: CASPARI, C. P. AND GISLE JOHNSON. - Konkordiebogen, Eller, Den Evangelisk-Lutherske Kirkes Bekjendelsesskrifter.
004809: CASPER, LEONARD. - New Writing from the Philippines. A Critique and Anthology.
014101: CASSELS, LAVENDER. - The Struggle for the Ottoman Empire 1717-1740.
016777: CASSINELLI, C. W. AND ROBERT B. EKVALL. - A Tibetan Principality. The Political System of Sa Skya.
009908: CASTILE, RAND. - Ikeda & Ida: Two New Japanese Printmakers.
015850: CASTONNET DES FOSSES, H. - La France Dans L'extreme Orient. L'inde Francais. Avant Duplex. (First Edition).
001025: CASUSU, TÜRK. - Ingiliz Kemal'in. Ikinci Düunya Harbi Maceralari. Ikinci Cild.
005050: TRADE CATALOGUE. - Taylor Engineering & Manufacturing Co.
005065: TRADE CATALOGUE. - Northern Automotive Journal.
005066: TRADE CATALOGUE. - General Trading Company. Our First Hundred Years, 1855-1955.
005778: JAPAN. AUCTION CATALOGUE. - Catalogue of Art Objects of the Inoue and Tamura Families to Be Auctioned.
017774: CATHER, WILLA. - Sapphira and the Slave Girl. (Dust Jacket).
019319: CATHOLIC FOREIGN MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF AMERICA. - FATHER PRICE OF MARYKNOLL. A Short Sketch of the Life of Reverend Thomas Frederick Price. Missioner in North Carolina.
019136: CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF PEKING, DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY. - Map Showing Location with Enlargement of Shantung's Holy Mount, the Tai Shan.
012806: CAULLERY, PROF. M. - The Present State of the Problem of Evolution.
000920: CAVE, HENRY W. - Golden Tips. A Description of Ceylon and Its Great Tea Industry.
014261: CAVE, SYDNEY. - Redemption. Hindu and Christian. (First Edition).
002686: CEADEL, ERIC B. - Classified Catalogue of Modern Japanese Books in Cambridge University Library.
001438: NATIONAL MEDIA PRODUCTION CENTER. - Adminsitrative Regions of the Philippines. Region I. Ilocos Norte, Abra, Ilocos Sur, Mountain Province, Benguet, la Union
007163: ASIAN-PACIFIC CULTURAL CENTER. - A Handbook of Asian Pacific Countries and Regions.
010266: CHINA MAINLAND AFFAIRS RESEARCH CENTER. - China's Reunification: Is the "Nine Point Proposal" a Yesable Solution?
011260: YALE-IN-CHINA LANGUAGE CENTER. - English-Chinese Religious Glossary. With Special Reference to Protestant Term(S).
016104: NATIONAL MEDIA PRODUCTION CENTER. - The Development of the Philippine Constitution.
016081: KOREAN CULTURAL CENTER. - 20 Years/20 Artists: Contemporary Art 2000. Juried Art Exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center.
018643: WALKER ART CENTER. - Walker Art Center. July/August 2011. Prince and Purple Rain Cover Issue.
013017: TIBETAN NYINGMA MEDITATION CENTER. - Crystal Mirror. Volume I.
013019: TIBETAN NYINGMA MEDITATION CENTER. - Crystal Mirror. Volume III.
014015: JOHN MICHAEL KOHLER ARTS CENTER. - Hmong Art: Tradition and Change.
014516: WALKER ART CENTER. - Prints from Tyler Graphics.
014672: JAPAN INFORMATION CENTER. - Japan Report. Vol. XXXII, No. 3. April/May 1986.
015249: WALKER ART CENTER. - Home Screenings Catalogue. A Listing of Video Rentals.
018073: CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, UNITED STATES. - 2 Map(S) of Central and Eastern Siberia. "Confidential".
005888: CAIRO DEMOGRAPHIC CENTRE. - Demographic Measures and Population Growth in Arab Countries.
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019270: CORDIER, HENRI. - HISTOIRE GENERALE DE LA CHINE. Et des ses Relations avec les pays Etrangers. Depuis les Temps les plus Anciens Jusqu'a la
014704: CORDIER, HENRI. - L'expedition de Chine. De 1857-58. Histoire Diplomatique. Notes Et Documents. (1974 Hardbound Edition).
018747: CORDIER, HENRI. - Bibliotheca Sinica. Dictionnaire Bibliographique de Ouvrages Relatifs a L'empire Chinois. Six Volumes Complete.
016049: CORK, JAMES M. - Radioactivity and Nuclear Physics (First Edition).
018300: CORNABY, W. ARTHUR. - A Necklace of Chinese Peach-Stones.
019221: CORNER, MISS JULIA. - China. Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical. With Some Account of Ava and the Burmese, Siam, and Anam.
015272: CORPET, VINCENT. - Vincent Corpet Analogies.
009853: KIKKOMAN CORPORATION. - Treasury of Chinese Cooking.
009952: YAMAHA CORPORATION. - Glass Now. 16th World Studio Glass Exhibition.
012506: EDUCATIONAL SERVICES CORPORATION. - Chinese Mandarin. Start Speaking Today.
015442: EDUCATIONAL SERVICES CORPORATION. - Chinese Mandarin. Start Speaking Today.
016532: GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION. - Engine Maintenance Manual No. 252b for Model 567b Engines. 4th Edition.
014151: U. S. MARINE CORPS. - Hand-to-Hand Combat. (Navmc 1146-1o3).
000111: CORREIA, GERMANO. - Historia Da Colonizacao Portuguesa Na India.
017812: CORT, W. W.; J. B. GRANT, AND N. R. STOLL. - Researches on Hookworm in China. Embodying the Results of the Work of the China Hookworm Commission, June 23 to November 1924.
003427: CORTAZZI, HUGH. - Isles of Gold. Antique Maps of Japan.
007111: COSENZA, MARIO EMILIO. - The Complete Journal of Townsend Harris. First American Consul General and Minister to Japan.
015775: COSTELLO, V. F. - Urbanization in the Middle East.
006115: COULSON, NOEL J. - Conflicts and Tensions in Islamic Jurisprudence.
012084: COULTER, JOHN M. - The History of Organic Evolution.
013174: COULTON, C. G. - Infant Perdition in the Middle Ages.
013023: WORLD WITHOUT WAR COUNCIL. - Vietnam Peace Proposals.
014177: ARTS COUNCIL (OF GREAT BRITAIN). - Art Treasures from Japan. An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture. The Victoria and Albert Museum. 2 July to 17
015405: COMPILATION GROUP FOR THE "SITUATION IN THE HUZHU NATIONALITY AUTONOMOUS COUNTY". - The Situation in the Huzhu Nationality Autonomous County. (Huzhu Tuzu Zizhixian Gaikuamg).
013883: COUPIN, HENRI. - Animals That Hunt.
008417: COURTAULD, CAROLINE. - Nanjing, Suzhou & Wuxi.
009531: COURTELLEMONT, GERVAIS. - The Enigma of Cambodia.
009917: COURTYARD GALLERY, THE - Chen Wenji.
003470: COUSSONNET, PATRICE. - Pensée Mythique, IDéologie Et Aspirations Sociales Dans Un Conte Des Mille Et Une Nuits.
018614: COUVREUR, F. S., S.J. - Dictionnaire Classique de la Langue Chinoise.
019172: COUVREUR, F. S. - Dictionnaire Classique de la Langue Chinoise.
018919: COUVREUR, S. (SERAPHIN), S. J. - Ceremonial. Text Chinois Et Traduction.
018928: COUVREUR, (SERAPHIN), S.J. - Cheu King. Text Chinois Avec Une Double Traduction En Francais Et En Latin, Une Introduction Et Un Vocabulaire.
007763: COVARRUBIAS, MIGUEL. - Island of Bali.
003441: COVILLE, LILIAN GROSVENOR. - "Here in Manchuria".
011493: COVILLE, FREDERICK V. - Desert Plants As a Source of Drinking Water.
012089: COVILLE, FREDERICK V. - The Effect of Aluminum Sulphate on Rhododendrons and Other Acid Soil Plants.
007616: COWAN, JAMES. - The Caltex Book of Maori Lore.
006346: COWARD, HAROLD G. - Modern Indian Responses to Religious Pluralism.
013568: COWGILL, GEORGE R. - Some Food Problems in Wartime.
016825: COWIE, A. P. AND A. EVISON. - Concise English-Chinese / Chinese-English Dictionary.
012419: COWLEY, ROBERT, EDITOR. - Mhq. The Quarterly Journal of Military History. Volume 3, Number 3.
012420: COWLEY, ROBERT, EDITOR. - Mhq. The Quarterly Journal of Military History. Volume 3, Number 4.
010718: COX, L.M. - The Island of Guam.
011785: COX, RICHARD. - Kenyatta's Country.
016855: COX, DERMOT. - Proverbs. With an Introduction to Sapiential Books. (Hardbound).
015863: COX, KENNETH, EDITOR. - Frank Kingdon Ward's Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges. Retracing the Epic Journey of 1924-1925 in South-East Tibet.
012648: COYNE, J. STIRLING AND W. H. BARTLETT. - The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland.
017041: COZENS, LEWIS. - The Corris Railway.
014538: COZORT, DANIEL. - Unique Tenets of the Middle Way Consequence School.
017256: COZZENS, FREDERIC. - Acadia; Or, a Month with the Blue Noses.
012853: CRAHAN, MARCUS E., M.D. - Pre-Columbian Hallucinogens. God's Flesh and Other Pre-Columbian Phantastica.
005260: CRAIG, MARY. - Kundun. A Biography of the Family of the Dalai Lama.
005340: CRAIG, MARY. - Tears of Blood. A Cry for Tibet.
005892: CRAIG, MARY. - Kundun. A Biography of the Family of the Dalai Lama.
018381: CRAIGHEAD, F. C. - Insect Enemies of Eastern Forests. (Fine Copy).
008308: CRAM, GEORGE F. COMPANY. - Cram's Map of the Atlantic Ocean.
006345: CRANE, DANIEL M. AND THOMAS A. BRESLIN. - An Ordinary Relationship. American Opposition to Republican Revolution in China.
007332: CRANMER-BYNG, L. - The Vision of Asia. An Interpretation of Chinese Art and Culture.
000713: CRAWFORD, ANN CADDELL. - Customs and Culture of Vietnam.
013831: CRAWFORD, O. G. S. - Historical Cycles.
011491: CREAK, CAPT. ETTRICK W. - Terrestrial Magnetism in Its Relation to Geography.
013278: CREAK, ETTRICK W. - The General Bearings of Magnetic Observations.
002792: CREEL, HERRLEE GLESSNER. - Studies in Early Chinese Culture.
002990: CREEL, HERRLEE GLESSNER. - Sinism. A Study of the Evolution of the Chinese World-View.
004165: CREEL, HERRLEE GLESSNER AND TENG SSU-YU, EDITORS. - Newspaper Chinese By the Inductive Method.
007183: CREEL, HERRLEE G. - Shen Pu-Hai. A Chinese Political Philosopher of the Fourth Century B.C.
008719: CREEL, HERRLEE G. - What Is Taoism and Other Essays in Chinese Cultural History.
009563: CREEL, H. L. - I As Equivalent to Tao.
013505: CRESSEY, GEORGE B. - The Deserts of Asia.
012067: CRESSWELL, O. D. - Tibetan Coins.
011544: CRIST, RAYMOND E. - Rice-Basic Food for One-Third of the Earth's People.
015217: MUSEE DE L'ABBAYE SAINTE-CROIX. - Henri Bassmadjian L'oeuvre Grafique (1984-1985).
004614: CROLY, HERBERT. - Willard Straight.
007574: CROLY, HERBERT. - Willard Straight.
001202: CRONIN, EDWARD W. JR. - The Arun. A Natural History of the World's Deepest Valley.
000640: CROOK, ISABEL AND DAVID. - Revolution in a Chinese Village. Ten Mile Inn.
000183: CROOKE, WILLIAM. - A Glossary of North Indian Peasant Life.
013266: CROSS, OLIVE O., EDITOR. - Theory and Practice of Presswork.
018692: AMERICAN RED CROSS. - American Red Cross. Guide to Calcutta for Servicemen. Map.
004492: CROSSLEY, PAMELA KYLE. - The Manchus.
000941: CROSSMAN, CARL L. - A Design Catalogue of Chinese Export Porcelain for the American Market.
008453: CROSSMAN, CARL L. - The China Trade. Export Paintings, Furniture, Silver & Other Objects.
009204: CROSSMAN, CARL L. - The China Trade. Export Paintings, Furniture, Silver & Other Objects.
010090: CROSSMAN, CARL. L. - The China Trade. Export Paintings, Furniture, Silver & Other Objects.
012106: CROSSMAN, CARL L. - The China Trade. Export Paintings, Furniture, Silver & Other Objects.
009781: CROUCH, ARCHIE R, STEVEN AGORATUS, ARTHUR EMERSON AND DEBRA SOLED. - Christianity in China. A Scholars' Guide to Resources in the Libraries and Archives of the United States.
014259: CROUSE, M. ELIZABETH. - Algiers. (First Edition).
013650: CROWTHER, J. A. - The Nucleus of the Atom.
011167: CRUZ, VALDIR. - Faces of the Rainforest. The Yanomami.
010086: EMBASSY OF THE P.R.G. OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH VIET-NAM IN CUBA. - Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Viet-Nam and a C T of the International Conference on Viet-Nam.
016000: CUEVAS, BRYAN J. - Travels in the Netherworld. Buddhist Popular Narratives of Death and the Afterlife.
011449: CULIN, STEWART. - Mancala, the National Game of Africa.
004537: TAIWAN. ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF TAIWAN CULTURE. - Studia Taiwanica. Nos 1-2. The First 2 Issues.
007811: INSTITUTE OF EASTERN CULTURE. - Tohogaku (Eastern Studies). No. 31.
010368: INDIAN INSTITUTE OF CULTURE. - The Indian Institute of Culture. Report for the Year 1955.
011406: INDIAN INSTITUTE OF CULTURE. - The Indian Institute of Culture. Report for the Year 1949.
010858: CUMMINGS, RALPH W. - Food Crops in the Low-Income Countries: The State of Present and Expected Agricultural Research and Technology.
017940: CUNNINGHAM, CAROL. - Lotus Blossom & Moon-Flower. A Chinese Folk Tale.
017133: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL R. - Buddhist Treasures from Nara. (Hardbound).
017187: CUNNINGHAM, KEITH. - Two Zuni Artists. A Tale of Art and Mystery. (New Copy).
019138: CUNNYNGHAM, W. G. E. - A Young People's History of the Chinese.
015765: YAO CUNXIONG. - Brewing Age: The Designs of Taiwanese Alcohol Labels During 1895-1970. (Niang Zao Shi Dai: 1895-1970. Taiwan Jiu Lei Biao
011479: CURIE, E. - Radium.
013537: CURRY, J. C. - Climate and Migration.
008164: CURTIN, JEREMIAH. - The Mongols. A History.
014280: CURTIN, JEREMIAH. - The Mongols. A History.
012713: CURTIS, HERBER D. - Astronomical Problems of the Southern Hemisphere.
013741: CURTIS, GEORGE E. - Progress of Meteorology in 1889.
015382: CURTIS, EMILY BYRNE. - Pure Brightness Shines Everywhere. The Glass of China.
013870: CUSHMAN, JOSEPH A. - The Future of Paleontology.
018730: STATISTICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE INSPECTORATE OF GENERAL CUSTOMS. - China. The Maritime Customs. 1. --Statistical Series: Nos. 3 and 4. Returns of Trade and Trade Reports 1913. Part III.
013362: CUTTING, SUYDAM. - The Fire Ox and Other Years.
017253: CYR, ALICE. - White Pass & Yukon Route. A Pictorial Journey - Skagway, Alaska.
016671: CZECH, KENNETH P. - With Rifle and Petticoat. Women As Big Game Hunters, 1880-1940. (Signed Copy).
016054: DABBS, JACK AUTREY. - A Short Bengali-English / English-Bengali Dictionary.
018680: DACHSEL, AUGUST AND E. F. ECKHOFF. - Brevet Til Hebraeerne, St. Jakobs Almindelige Brev, St. Peters Forste Alm. Brev, St. Johannes's Andet Brev, St. Johannes's
015120: DACHSEL, AUG AND E. F. ECKHOFF. - St. Johannes's Evangelium Og de Hellige Apostlers Gjernininger Med En I Texten Indskudt Fortolkning, Udforlige
014918: DAGAN, E. A. - The Spirit's Image. The African Masking Tradition-Evolving Continuity. (L'image de L'esprit. La Tradition Du Masque
013070: DAHL, NELLIE. - Stories from Madigascar.
011166: TOKYO DAIGAKU. - Shashin Shu. Tokyo Daigaku. (the University of Tokyo. A Pictorial Review).
011245: KYOTO ZOKEI GEIJUTSU DAIGAKU. - Information Design. Six.
011742: DAKNEWA, TASHI. - The Three Silver Coins.
018104: EPISCOPAL DIOCESE OF SOUTH DAKOTA. - Okodakiciye Wakan Odowan Qa Okna Ahiyayapi Kta Ho Kin. Hymnal with Tunes and Chants According to the Use of the Episcopal
000966: DALAI LAMA XIV, TENZIN GYATSO. - The Opening of the Wisdom-Eye and the Advancement of Buddhadharma in Tibet.
011734: DALAI LAMA, HIS HOLINESS THE XIVTH. - Four Essential Buddhist Commentaries.
013498: DALAI LAMA, HIS HOLINESS THE. - Ethics for the New Millennium.
004654: DALE-GREEN, PATRICIA. - Lore of the Dog.
018803: DALEY, KAREN ANN. - Vietnamese Classifiers in Narrative Texts.
018550: DALIN, ANDERS FREDRIK. - Svensk Handordbok. Med Tillagg Af Ordens Etymologi, Jemte Ett Bihang, Innehallande de I Svensk Skrift Allmannast Brukliga
013197: DALJEET, DR. - The Sikh Heritage. A Search for Totality.
012818: DALL, WILLIAM HEALY. - Theodore Nicholas Gill.
001496: DALLIN, DAVID J. - Soviet Russia and the Far East.
002413: DALTON, BILL. - Indonesia Handbook.
008141: DALTON, WILLIAM. - The Wolf Boy of China.
013529: DALY, REGINALD A. - X-Raying the Earth.
012549: DAMAS, D. - The Oceanography of the Sea of Greenland.
013609: DAMBA-RINCHINE, ALEKSANDR RINCHINOVICH AND GARMA DANTSARANOVICH SANZHEEV. - Russko-Mongol'skii Slovar'. Russian-Mongolian Dictionary.
003356: VAN DAMME, GRETA. - Die Jakhals in de Oudindische Pancatantra.
011261: DAN, BAOLUO AND YUESI LIU. - Sun Yat-Sen's Revolution. A Pictorial History. (Guo Fu Ge Ming Shi Hua. Zhongshan Jing Shen Yong Bu Xiu).
010793: DANA, JAMES D. - A Memoir of Asa Gray.
013801: DANA, EDWARD S. - Mineralogy
007755: ACADEMIE ROYALE DES SCIENCES ET DES LETTRES DE DANEMARK. - Nord-Sud. Colloque. Tenu Les 16 Et 17 Septembre 1965 a Copenhague a L'occasion de la Viiie Assemblee Generale Du
018288: DANIELE, JOSEPH. - Building Colonial Furnishings, Miniatures, & Folk Art.
010311: DANIELOU, ALAIN. - Hindu Polytheism.
003913: DANIELS, ROGER. - The Politics of Prejudice. The Anti-Japanese Movement in California and the Struggle for Japanese Exclusion.
005231: DANN, URIEL, EDITOR. - The Great Powers in the Middle East 1919-1939.
011897: DANNER, MARK. - Torture and Truth. America, Abu Ghraib, and the War on Terror.
014509: DANZHU'ANGBEN. - Grand Encyclopedia of the Tibetan Peoples. (Zang Zu Da CI Dian//Bod Rigs Tshig Mdzod Chen Mo).
017835: DARABI, LEILA, EDITOR. - Yang Yang. At the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Other Works.
017975: DARBORIM, IMRA. - Nemoci V Souvislostech a Jejichi Priciny.
012455: DARGYAY, EVA M. - The Rise of Esoteric Buddhism in Tibet.
014246: DARGYAY, E. K. - The Response of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Community in the Indian Exile.
006965: DARLING, FRANK C. - Thailand. New Challenges and the Struggle for a Political and Economic "Take-Off".
016702: DARTON, N. H. - Story of the Grand Canyon of Arizona. A Popular Account of Its Rocks and Origins. (1920 Edition).
006698: DASH, VAIDYA BHAGWAN & VEN. DOBOOM TULKU. - Positive Health in Tibetan Medicine. Based on Sman-'tsho-Ba'I Mdo (Vaidya-Jiva-Sutra).
006699: DASH, VAIDYA BHAGWAN. - Pharmacopoeia of Tibetan Medicine.
017075: DASHWOOD, HEVINA S. - Zimbabwe. The Political Economy of Transformation. Hardbound. (New Copy).
007960: DASS, NIRMAL, TRANSLATION AND INTRODUCTION. - Songs of Kabir from the Adi Granth.
011937: DASTRE, A. - The Stature of Man at Various Epochs.
012149: DASTRE, A. - The Fight Against Yellow Fever.
017155: DAUDIN, PIERRE. - Nocturnes Chinois. Poesies Des T'ang Et Des Song.
011950: DAVENPORT, CYRIL. - Cameos.
013780: DAVENPORT, CHARLES B. - The Mechanism of Organic Evolution.
000952: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA. - Magic and Mystery in Tibet.
001841: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA. - Magic and Mystery in Tibet.
003398: DAVID-NEEL, ALEXANDRA. - Initiations and Initiates in Tibet.
002690: DAVIDSON-HOUSTON, J. V. - The Piracy of the Nanchang.
012396: DAVIDSON, JAMES W. - The Island of Formosa. Past and Present. History, People, Resources, and Commercial Prospects. Tea, Camphor, Sugar, Gold,
014834: DAVIDSON, A. B. - An Introductory Hebrew Grammar. With Progressive Exercises in Reading and Writing.
014959: DAVIDSON, ALAN. - Seafood of South-East Asia. A Comprehensive Guide with Recipes.
003701: DAVIES, JOHN PATON JR. - Dragon By the Tail. American, British, Japanese, and Russian Encounters with China and One Another.
014132: DAVIES, PETER. - The Tribal Eye. Antique Kilims of Anatolia.
004099: DAVIN, DELIA. - Woman-Work. The Women and the Party in Revolutionary China.
013007: DAVIN, DELIA. - Mao Zedong.
001710: DAVIS, HASSOLDT. - Land of the Eye. A Narrative of the Labors, Adventures, Alarums, and Excursions of the Denis-Roosevelt Expedition to Burma, Chi
003045: DAVIS, WINSTON. - Dojo. Magic and Exorcism in Modern Japan.
005804: DAVIS, FRANK. - Chinese Jade.
007693: DAVIS, RICHARD H. - Lives of Indian Images.
018647: DAVIS, DONALD A. - Lightning Strike. The Secret Mission to Kill Admiral Yamamoto and Avenge Pearl Harbor. (First Edition, New).
019279: DAVIS, JOHN FRANCIS. - THE CHINESE: A General Descrption of The Empire of China and its Inhabitants. TWO VOLUMES.
014778: DAVIS, PROF. J. R. AINSWORTH. - Mclaughlin's Dictionary of the Danish-Norwegian & English Languages. English-Norwegian-Danish / Danish-Norwegian-English.
004036: DAWSON, RAYMOND, EDITOR. - The Legacy of China.
017684: DAWSON, RAYMOND. - The Chinese Chameleon. An Analysis of European Conceptions of Chinese Civilization.
011552: DAY, ARTHUR L. - Some Causes of Volcanic Activity.
012478: DAY, ARTHUR L. - Geophysical Research.
018786: DAY, STACEY B. AND KIYOSHI INOKUCHI. - The Wisdom of Hagakure. Way of the Samurai of Saga Domain. (Signed).
006277: DEAN, KENNETH. - Taoist Ritual and Popular Cults of Southeast Asia.
016057: DEAN, GEOFFREY AND ARTHUR MATHER. - Recent Advances in Natal Astrology. A Critical Review 1900-1976.
010594: DEANE, HUGH. - Good Deeds & Gunboats. Two Centuries of American-Chinese Encounters.
015411: DEBRE, MOSES. - The Image of the Jew in French Literature from 1800 to 1908.
006197: DECCAN COLLEGE, POST-GRADUATE AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE. - A Dictionary of Sanskrit on Historical Principles.
006464: DÉCSY, GYULA, INTRODUCTION. - The First Votyak Grammar.
009210: DECSY, GYULA. - Linguistic Identity of Europe. Two Volumes.
011360: DEEB, MARY-JANE AND MARY E. KING. - Hasib Sabbagh. From Palestinian Refugee to Citizen of the World.
008620: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE. - Laos. Country Study and Station Report.
003950: DEFOREST, CHARLOTTE B. - The Evolution of a Missionary. A Biography of John Hyde Deforest for Thirty-Seven Years Missionary of the American
006145: DEFRANCIS, JOHN AND V. R. LINCOLN. - Things Japanese in Hawaii.

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