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60413: - Nsango Y'Olotsi: Iki Matayo la Malako la Luka la Yoane Okotaka Ko la Belemo Beki Bikima
57009: - The Weekday Missal: A New Edition
61750: - The Albion Temperance Reciter: A Collection of Recitations in Prose and Verse
65313: - Terrae Incognitae: The Annals of the Society for the History of Discoveries, Volume 1 - 41
60411: - Bonkanda Wa Nzakomba Boki Joso
54071: - Millennium Blues: Play-a-Long Book & Cd Set for All Instruments
22267: - The Story Today 1966/67 from England, Italy, Germany, France, United States, Finland, Holland, Denmark, and Sweden
62567: - Glen Dawson at 99: A Pictorial History of Lifetime Awards
22158: - Modern Greek Stories
22860: - Instructions for Making Pilot Balloon Observations
22862: - Instructions for Airway Meteorological Service
65128: - The First Los Angeles City and County Directory, 1872
53901: - Duden Francais: Dictionnaire En Images
22310: - The World's Best Short Stories of 1928: Sixteen Stories Selected by the Editors of Leading American Magazines
64538: - The War in South Africa Prepared in the Historical Section of the Great General Staff, Berlin
48003: - Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh Fruit Growers' Convention of the State of California
65034: - Metal Meltdown: Straight from the Infernal Wasteland
65035: - Warhammer, Vol. 1, No. 3 (October 1986), No. 5 (February 1987), and No. 7 (June 1987)
64199: - Cultural and Commercial Exchanges between the Orient and the Greek World
65199: - The Mother's and Young Lady's Annual: A Gift Book for the Holidays, with Forty-Two Engravings and Flowers
60519: - Catalogue of the Works of Rudyard Kipling Exhibited at the Grolier Club from February 21 to March 30, 1929
23405: - Hilliers' Manual of Trees & Shrubs
23032: - U.S. Army Air Forces: Training Detachment, Division of Meteorology
54184: - List of the Printed Books in the Library of the Hispanic Society of America
57862: - Who Was Who in Literature, 1906-1934
57863: - Who Was Who Among English and European Authors, 1931-1949
65040: - D.O. D. [Decibel of Death] Magazine, No. 8
49288: - New Writing and Daylight: Winter 1943-44
21779: - Introduction 4: Stories by New Writers
21781: - Introduction 3: Stories by New Writers
65033: - Spear: Issue 4, June 1999
21778: - Introduction 5: Stories by New Writers
64054: - East Bay Japanese for Action Presents "Our Recollections
64541: - Man on the Moon: A Picture Chronology of Man in Space Exploration
22401: - Best Modern Short Stories: Selected from the Saturday Evening Post
60366: - Horse Equipments and Cavalry Accoutrements, As Prescribed by G.O. 73, A.G. O. , 1885: Ordnance Memoranda No. 29
65042: - Democratic Opinions on Slavery! 1776-1863
22866: - Codes for Cloud Forms and States of the Sky, According to the International System of Classification
22867: - Codes for Cloud Forms and States of the Sky, According to the International System of Classification
51545: - The Saturday Evening Post Stories 1942-1945
22565: - Spectrum: A Spectator Miscellany
22824: - Leaving School: London Magazine Editions 3
22825: - Leaving School: London Magazine Editions 3
55199: - The Barchas Collection at Stanford University: A Catalogue of the Samuel I. And Cecile M. Barchas Collection in the History of Science and Ideas
21844: - John O' London's Anthology
65473: - Anthology of African and Indian Ocean Photography
55874: - The Little Rebels: A Drama Founded on Facts
61581: BARBIER, JACQUES A. AND ALLAN J. KUETHE (EDITORS) - The North American Role in the Spanish Imperial Economy, 1760-1819
63252: MERRITT, A. AND HANNES BOK - The Black Wheel
60756: BEILHARZ, EDIWIN A. AND CARLOS U. LOPEZ (EDITORS) - We Were 49ers! Chilean Accounts of the California Gold Rush
65964: POTTLE, FREDERICK A. AND FRANK BRADY - James Boswell: The Earlier Years, 1740-1769 [and] the Later Years, 1769-1795.
53726: L'ART ANCIEN S.A. - A Catalogue of Early Herbals: Mostly from the Well-Known Library of Dr. Karl Becher, Karlsbad
65730: ZUKAUSKAS, A. AND J. ZIUGZDA - Heat Transfer of a Cylinder in Crossflow
15332: AALTIO, MAIJA-HELLIKKI - Essential Finnish
62582: ABBEY, EDWARD - Appalachian Wilderness: The Great Smoky Mountains
65995: ABBEY, EDWARD - The Fool's Progress: An Honest Novel
65781: ABBOTT, R. TUCKER - Seashells of South East Asia
22522: ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Prize Stories 1968: The O. Henry Awards
22533: ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Prize Stories 1967: The O. Henry Awards
55798: ABRAVANEL, CLAUDE - Claude Debussy: A Bibliography
49854: ACEBES, HECTOR - Orinoco Adventure
64659: ACKERMAN, FORREST J. - Lon of 1000 Faces!
6145: ADAIR, GILBERT. - Vietnam on Film. From the Green Berets to Apocalypse Now.
22482: GILLON, ADAM AND LUDWIK KRZYZABOWSKI (EDITORS) - Introduction to Modern Polish Literature: An Anthology of Fiction and Poetry
55743: ADAMS, CHARLES M. - Randall Jarrell: A Bibliography
12188: ADAMS, ELSIE B. - Bernard Shaw and the Aesthetes.
65865: ADAMS, CHARLES C. - Boontling: An American Lingo, with a Dictionary of Boontling
59896: ADAMS, DONALD K. (EDITOR) - The Mystery and Detection Annual 1972
64804: ADAMSKI, GEORGE - Inside the Space Ships
65978: ADAMSON, JOE - The Walter Lantz Story, with Woody Woodpecker and Friends
52137: GOLDSTONE, ADRIAN AND WESLEY D. SWEETSER - A Bibliography of Arthur Machen
64677: AHMARANIAN, JOHN, PH.D. - An Answer to Turkish Denials, Volume I
867828152: AIKEN, CONRAD - Skylight One
55714: AIKEN, WILLIAM A., M.LITT, PH.D. (EDITOR) - The Conduct of the Earl of Nottingham, Being a Continuation of Several Hands of Mr. Archdeacon Echard's History of England
56226: AIKEN, CONRAD - A Seizure of Limericks
65714: EPH'AL, ISRAEL - The Ancient Arabs: Nomads on the Borders of the Fertile Crescent, 9th-5th Centuries B.C.
65598: SILVER, ALAIN AND JAMES URSINI - What Ever Happened to Robert Aldrich? His Life and His Films
64318: MOSES, ALAN AND BRIAN PATTISON - Glorious Times: A Pictorial of the Death Metal Scene (1984-1991)
54954: ALBAUGH, WILLIAM A., III, ET AL - Confederate Handguns: Concerning the Guns, the Men Who Made Them and the Times of Their Use
20173: ALBERA, A.E. - Making Roses Behave
56581: ALBERT, MARVIN H. - Broadsides and Boarders
54009: ALDRED, CYRIL - Akhenaten: King of Egypt
62209: MONGE, ALF AND O.G. LANDSVERK - Norse Medieval Cryptography in Runic Carvings
62210: MONGE, ALF AND O.G. LANDSVERK - Norse Medieval Cryptography in Runic Carvings
58917: ALGER, HORATIO, JR. - The Young Miner; or, Tom Nelson in California
65381: DANTE ALIGHIERI - Dante's la Vita Nuova [or] the New Life
63349: ALLAN, MAJOR-GENERAL WILLIAM - My Early Soldiering Days
55753: ALLEN, W.E.D. (EDITOR) - Russian Embassies to the Georgian Kings, 1589-1605
4065: ALLEN, DR. GERALD R. - Fishes of Western Australia.
53143: ALLEN, FRANCIS H. - A Bibliography of Henry David Thoreau
60472: ALLEN, KIERAN - Fianna Fail and Irish Labour: 1926 to the Present
15368: ALLEN, ELIZABETH W. - Memorial of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen (Northborough, Mass. ) by Three Children
53459: ALLEN, DEVERE - The Fight for Peace
63477: ALLEN, HENRY T. - My Rhineland Journal
55196: ALLISON, A.F. - Thomas Lodge, 1558-1625: A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Early Editions (to the End of the 17th Century)
64942: VAN ALLSBURG, CHRIS - The Chronicles of Harris Burdick: 14 Amazing Authors Tell the Tales
63746: ALLSOP, ROBERT OWEN - The Turkish Bath: Its Design and Construction; with Chapters on the Adaptation of the Bath to the Private House, the Institution, and the Training Stable
54991: ALLYN, JOSEPH PRATT - By Horse, Stage & Packet: The Far West Letters of Joseph Pratt Allyn
65174: CAZENAVE, PIERRE LOUIS ALPHEE AND HENRY EDWARD SCHEDEL - A Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases, from the Most Celebrated Authors, and Particularly from Documents Afforded by the Clinical Lectures of Dr. Biett, Physician to the Hospital of St. Louis, Paris
65175: CAZENAVE, PIERRE LOUIS ALPHEE AND HENRY EDWARD SCHEDEL - Abrege Pratique Des Maladies de la Peau
13765: ALTHAUS, PAUL - Fact and Faith in the Kerygma of Today
64750: ALTOUNYAN, E.H.R. - Ornament of Honour
60549: ALTROCCHI, JULIA COOLEY - Snow Covered Wagons: A Pioneer Epic - the Donner Party Expedition, 1846-1847
63539: ALVARADO, JUAN BAUTISTA - Vignettes of Early California: Childhood Reminiscences of Juan Bautista Alvarado
55036: AMADO, JORGE - The Swallow and the Tom Cat: A Love Story
65910: AMBROSE, STEPHEN E. - The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B24s over Germany
65848: VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, INC. - Workshop Manual Volkswagen Transporter, 1963-1967: Type 2, All Models
64051: DE AMICIS, EDMONDO - Constantinople
60480: AMINI, IRADJ - Napoleon and Persia: Franco-Persian Relations Under the First Empire
60664: AMJAD, ALI - Labour Legislation and Trade Unions in India and Pakistan
56729: AMORY, HUGH (EDITOR) - Sale Catalogues of Libraries of Eminent Persons, Volume 7: Poets and Men of Letters
837124479: L'AMOUR, LOUIS - To the Far Blue Mountains
62398: AMSDEN, CHARLES AVERY - Navaho Weaving
63050: ANDERSON, WILLIAM ASHLEY - Yellow Flood
10463: ANDERSON, POUL. - Operation Chaos.
54331: ANDERSON, DAVID - Histories of the Hanged: The Dirty War in Kenya and the End of Empire
57189: ANDERSON, G.L. - Asian Literature in English: A Guide to Information Sources
4226: ANDERSON, SHERWOOD. - Sherwood Anderson's Love Letters to Eleanor Copenhaver Anderson. Edited by Charles E. Modlin.
65494: JAMMES, ANDRE AND EUGENIA PARRY JANIS - The Art of French Calotype, with a Critical Dictionary of Photographers, 1845-1870
22356: LANG, ANDREW AND PAUL SYLVESTER - The Dead Leman and Other Tales from the French
50671: ANDREWS, MATTHEW PAGE - The Soul of a Nation: The Founding of Virginia and the Projection of New England
64228: ANDREWS, NANCY LEE - A Dose of Rock 'n' Roll
53940: ANDREWS, ROY CHAPMAN - Under a Lucky Star: A Lifetime of Adventure
55177: ANDRIC, IVO - Devil's Yard
64959: DARK ANGEL - A Small Collection of Correspondence Addressed to a Somerset, Pennsylvania Fan of the Los Angeles Thrash Metal Band Dark Angel
21733: ANGOFF, CHARLES (EDITOR) - Stories from the Literary Review
65864: ANGUS, H.T. - Cast Iron: Physical and Engineering Properties
61603: ANSON, ROBERT SAM - War News: A Young Reporter in Indochina
55346: ANTHONY, EDGAR W. - Early Florentine Architecture and Decoration
64719: APCAR, DIANA AGABEG - From the Book of One Thousand Tales: Stories of Armenia and Its People, 1892-1922
55919: APGAR, JOHN F., JR. - Frank E. Schoonover, Painter-Illustrator: A Bibliography
48001: APOSTOL, JANE - South Pasadena: A Centennial History, 1888-1988
60209: APOSTOL, JANE - El Alisal: Where History Lingers
57640: APOSTOL, JANE - Helen Lukens Gaut: Chronicler of California Bungalows
51782: APOSTOL, JANE - South Pasadena: A Centennial History, 1888-1988
58845: ARCHER, MORSE G. (EDITOR) - Yucaipa Valley, California: "a Saga of Ordinary People with Extra-Ordinary Dreams.
50515: ARENAS, REINALDO - The Assault
62892: ARGANIAN, LILLIAN - Stan Kenton: The Man and His Music
55340: ARISTEAS - Aristeas to Philocrates (Letter of Aristeas)
65643: ARISTOTLE - Aristotle XIX: The Nicomachean Ethics - Loeb Classical Library, No. 73
62827: ARMITAGE, MERLE - Dance Memoranda
56680: ARMOUR, RICHARD - My Life with Women: Confessions of a Domesticated Male
51394: ARMOUR, RICHARD - For Partly Proud Parents
50164: ARMOUR, RICHARD - Through Darkest Adolescence: With Tongue in Cheek & Pen in Checkbook
16953: ARMOUR, RICHARD. - Our Presidents.
62789: ARMSTRONG, LOUIS - Satchmo: My Life in New Orleans
50445: ARNOLD, EDWIN, M.A. - Lotus and Jewel
50446: ARNOLD, EDWIN, M.A. - Poems
5010: SHAW, ARNOLD AND TED ALLAN. - Sinatra. The Entertainer.
63683: ARNOLD, JULIAN B. - Through a Calendar's Windows
49361: ARNOLD, SIR EDWIN - The Light of Asia or the Great Renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana), Being the Life and Teaching of Gautama, Prince of India and Founder of Buddhism (As Told in Verse by an Indian Buddhist)
55634: ARNOLD, ISAAC N. - The Life of Benedict Arnold: His Patriotism and His Treason
56730: ARNOTT, JAMES FULLARTON (EDITOR) - Sale Catalogues of Libraries of Eminent Persons, Volume 12: Actors
65594: BYNE, ARTHUR AND MILDRED STAPLEY - Spanish Ironwork
65925: MILLER, ARTHUR AND INGE MORATH - Chinese Encounters
64432: ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES - 1937 Academy Players Directory Bulletin: Special Edition
65167: ARTSCHWAGER, RICHARD - Richard Artschwager: Objects As Images of Objects
64283: ARWAS, VICTOR - Glass Art Nouveau to Art Deco
53014: ASBELL, MILTON B., D.D.S., M.SC. (DENT), F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D. - A Bibliography of Dentistry in America, 1790-1840
50183: ASHBAUGH, DON - Nevada's Turbulent Yesterday. A Study in Ghost Towns
54375: ASHER, G.M., L.L.D. - A Bibliographical and Historical Essay on the Dutch Books and Pamphlets Relating to New-Netherland and to the Dutch West-India Company and to Its Possessions in Brazil, Angola Etc.
53852: ASHLEY, CLIFFORD W. - The Yankee Whaler
60505: ASHTON, DORE - Richard Lindner
63251: ASIMOV, ISAAC - The Dream, Benjamin's Dream, and Benjamin's Bicentennial Blast: Three Short Stories
61094: ASLANAPA, OKTAY - Turkish Art and Architecture
47791: FRANCIS OF ASSISI - Francis of Assisi: Early Documents
63026: ASTOR, GERALD - The "Last" Nazi: The Life and Times of Dr. Joseph Mengele
59126: ATHERTON, FAXON DEAN - The California Diary of Faxon Dean Atherton
65106: ATHERTON, GERTRUDE (1857-1948) - The Doomswoman
20279: ATKISS, LINCOLN - Roses and a Few Others: A Book of Verse
54123: JEAN-AUBRY, G. - Joseph Conrad: Life and Letters
65567: AUSTEN, JANE - The Works of Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Shorter Works (Lady Susan, Love and Friendship, Etc. )
64333: AUSTIN, RONALD J., RFD, ED - The White Gurkhas The 2nd Australian Infantry Brigade at Krithia, Gallipoli
64801: AUSTIN, MARY - California: The Land of the Sun
53021: AUSTIN, MARY HUNTER - Christ in Italy: Being the Adventures of a Maverick Among Masterpieces (1912)
22348: TEN FAMOUS AUTHORS - Ten Famous Short Stories
60403: ECKHART, GEORGE B. AND JAMES S. GRIFFITH - Temples in the Wilderness: The Spanish Churches of Northern Sonora - Their Architecture, Their Past and Present Appearance, and How to Reach Them
53628: STARKMAN, SUSAN B. AND STANLEY E. READ - The Contemplative Man's Recreation: A Bibliography of Books on Angling and Game Fish in the Library of the University of British Columbia
49624: BABBITT, BRUCE E. - Color and Light: The Southwest Canvasses of Louis Akin
21326: BABCOCK, BERNIE - Lincoln's Mary and the Babies
11696: BABIN, CLAUDE. - Elements of Palaeontology.
63483: BABITZ, EVE - Eve's Hollywood: A Confessional L.A. Novel
57452: BACKSCHEIDER, PAULA R. - Spectacular Politics: Theatrical Power and Mass Culture in Early Modern England
63076: BAEGERT, JACOB - The Letters of Jacob Baegert, 1749-1761: Jesuit Missionary in Baja California
65268: BAER, KURT - The Treasures of Mission Santa Ines
17087: BAER, WARREN. - The Duke of Sacramento.
53685: BAGINSKY, PAUL BEN - German Works Relating to America, 1493-1800: A List Compiled from the Collections of the New York Public Library
4298: BAHLKE, GEORGE W. - The Later Auden. From "New Year Letter" to "About the House.
60133: BAILEY, PEARL - Duey's Tale
60134: BAILEY, PEARL - Hurry Up, America, & Spit
65540: BAINBRIDGE, SIMON - British Poetry and the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: Visions of Conflict
62497: BAKER, PEARL - The Wild Bunch at Robbers Roost
52070: BAKER, WILLIAM F. - Running Her Easting Down
53857: BAKER, WILLIAM A. - Colonial Vessels: Some Seventeenth Century Ship Designs
63937: BAKER, B. GRANVILLE - The Walls of Constantinople
22807: BAKER, DENYS VAL (EDITOR) - London Aphrodite: Stories from the New Elizabethan Era
21860: BAKER, DENYS VAL (EDITOR) - Voyage: An Anthology of Selected Stories
22942: BAKER, DENYS VAL (EDITOR) - Modern British Writing
47883: BAKER, STANLEY L. - Railroad Collectibles: An Illustrated Value Guide
47041: BAKER, RAY STANNARD - Woodrow Wilson: Life and Letters - Youth, 1856-1890 and Princeton, 1890-1910
6559: BAKKER, ELNA. - An Island Called California. An Ecological Introduction to Its Natural Communities.
65169: BALDWIN, JOHN - Tomahawks, Pipe Axes of the American Frontier
65501: BALDWIN, GORDON, MALCOLM DANIEL, AND SARAH GREENOUGH, ET AL - All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860
56415: BALL, JOHN - Autobiography of John Ball
60535: BALLIETT, WHITNEY - Goodbyes and Other Messages: A Journal of Jazz, 1981-1990
55843: BALLOU, MATURIN M. - The New Eldorado: A Summer Journey to Alaska
52702: BALLOU, ROBERT - Early Klickitat Valley Days
61049: BALLOU, ROBERT O. - Shinto: The Unconquered Enemy - Japan's Doctrine of Racial Superiority and World Conquest, with Selections from Japanese Texts
60828: BALSTON, THOMAS - Sitwelliana 1915-1927: Being a Handlist of Works by Edith, Osbert, and Sacheverell Sitwell and of Their Contributions to Certain Selected Periodicals
52609: BALZER, ROBERT LAWRENCE - Beyond Conflict
63793: THE SPECKLED BAND - The Third Cab: A Collection of Sherlockiana from the Files of the Speckled Band
57156: BANDELIER, ADOLPH F. - The Southwestern Journals of Adolph F. Bandelier, 1880-1892
56156: BANDINIO, ANGELO MARIA - Juntarum Typographiae Annales or de Florentina Iuntarum Typographia Eiusque Censoribus En Qua Graeci, Latini, Tusci Scriptores Ope Codicum Manuscriptorum a Viris Clarissimis Pristinae Integritati Restituti in Lucem Prodierunt.
47135: BANGS, JOHN KENDRICK - The Idiot at Home
56781: BANISTER, MANLY - Pictorial Manual of Bookbinding
51726: BANKOWSKY, RICHARD - A Glass Rose
62709: BANKS, RUSSELL - Affliction: A Novel
53980: INHELDER, BARBEL AND JEAN PIAGET - The Early Growth of Logic in the Child: Classification and Seriation
56791: BARBER, CARTER - The Golden Ear: A Treasury of Songs to Pasadena
64102: BARBOUR, ALAN G. - The Serial - Volume 1
55845: BARBOUR, PHILIP L. (EDITOR) - The Jamestown Voyages Under the First Charter, 1606-1609
52067: BARDON, JONATHAN - Belfast: An Illustrated History
56105: BARICH, BILL - Laughing in the Hills
63839: BARKER, A.J. - Townshend of Kut: Major-General Sir Charles Townshend, K.C. B. , D.S. O.
60157: BARKER, CLIVE - Weaveworld
65927: BARKER, EUGENE C. - The Life of Stephen F. Austin, Founder of Texas, 1793-1836: A Chapter in the Westward Movement of the Anglo-American People
63058: BARNES, JAMES M. - Picture Analysis of Golf Strokes: A Complete Book of Instruction
48421: BARNES, M.J. (EDITOR) - Politics and Personality 1760-1827
56665: BARNES, JOHN S. (EDITOR) - The Logs of the Serapis - Alliance - Ariel Under the Command of John Paul Jones, 1779-1780, with Extracts from Public Documents, Unpublished Letters, and Narratives, and Illustrated with Reproductions of Scarce Prints
60496: BARNETT, VIVIEN ENDICOTT - The Blue Four Collection at the Norton Simon Museum
65679: BARRETT, C.K. - The Gospel According to St John: An Introduction with Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text
63780: BARRIE, J.M. - Quality Street: A Comedy in Four Acts
54658: BARTHOLOMEW, ED - Western Hard-Cases or, Gunfighters Named Smith
65269: BARTLETT, DANA W. - The Better City: A Sociological Study of a Modern City
54242: BARTLETT, ALAN - Rocks Climbs of Lost Horse Valley: Joshua Tree National Monument
65241: BARTON, PHYLLIS SETTECASE - The Pictus Orbis Sambo: Being a Publishing History, Checklist and Price Guide for the Story of Little Black Sambo
59165: BARTON, MICHAEL - Goodmen: The Character of CIVIL War Soldiers
64851: BASBANES, NICHOLAS A. - Among the Gently Mad: Strategies and Perspectives for the Book Hunter in the Twenty-First Century
64935: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS AND IRA MOSKOWITZ - A Little Boy in Search of God: Mysticism in a Personal Light
860852294: BASS, RICK - Wild to the Heart
860852298: BASS, RICK - In the Loyal Mountains
860852307: BASS, RICK - Oil Notes
52499: BASS, FLORA GARDNER - Philippine Women and Dolls
60287: BASS, ALTHEA - The Thankful People
65429: BASSHAM, BEN L. - The Theatrical Photographs of Napoleon Sarony
22307: BATCHELOR, DENZIL (EDITOR) - Best Cricket Stories
65945: BATE, W. JACKSON - Samuel Johnson
59198: BATES, RALPH - Sirocco and Other Stories
52192: BATES, RALPH - The Undiscoverables and Other Stories
5301: BATTARBEE, REX. - Modern Australian Aboriginal Art.
59762: BATTINE, CECIL - The Crisis of the Confederacy: A History of Gettysburg and the Wilderness
56360: BAUR, JOHN E. - Health Seekers of Southern California, 1870-1900
61428: BAUR, JOHN E. - Dogs on the Frontier
65600: BAXTER, ALFRED W. - Dies Dulcae Et Largo: The History of Silverado Squatters Camp, 1940-1990
55848: BAY, J. CHRISTIAN - Denmark in English and American Literature: A Bibliography Edited for the Danish American Association
65388: BEACH, ROY - White Quartz and Gold: Stories of the Mother Lode and the Book Town Shylock
54984: BEACH, JOSEPH PERKINS - The Log of Apollo: Joseph Perkins Beach's Journal of the Voyage of the Ship Apollo from New York to San Francisco, 1849
55833: BEADLE, MURIEL - These Ruins Are Inhabited
50320: BEARDSLEY, KURT - Under Saharan Skies: The Photograph of Kurt Beardsley
8028: BEATTY, CHARLES. - De Lesseps of Suez. The Man and His Times.
65750: BEAUCHAMP, RICHARD G. - The Truth About Bichons
14200: BEAVER, CAPTAIN PHILIP. - African Memoranda.
13450: BEAZLEY, RAYMOND. - John and Sebastian Cabot. The Discovery of North America.
62427: BECK, LT. L.C., JR. - Fighter Pilot
22927: BECKER, MAY LAMBERTON (EDITOR) - Golden Tales of Canada
54381: BECKETT, SAMUEL - Poems in English
65422: BEEBE, LUCIUS - The Stork Club Bar Book
63398: BEEBE, WILLIAM - Unseen Life of New York: As a Naturalist Sees It
823: BEECHER, JOHN - Phantom City
63293: BEEHLER, COMMODORE WILLIAM H. - The History of the Italian-Turkish War: September 29, 1911 to October 18, 1912
52362: BEEHLER, RODGER - Moral Life
64689: BEESTON, JOSEPH LIEVESLEY - Five Months at Anzac: Illustrated Edition
47053: BEETZ, KIRK H. - Algernon Charles Swinburne: A Bibliography of Secondary Works, 1861-1980
66040: BELBENOIT, RENE, PRISONER NO. 46635 - Dry Guillotine: Fifteen Years Among the Living Dead
54089: BELFRAGE, SALLY - Un-American Activities: A Memoir of the Fifties
64073: BELL, GERTRUDE - The Letters of Gertrude Bell
49573: BELL, EDWARD - Prehellenic Architecture in the Aegean
57160: BELL, MAJOR HORACE - Reminiscences of a Ranger or Early Times in Southern California
65365: BELLE, FRANCES P. - California Cook Book: An Unusual Collection of Spanish Dishes and Typical California Foods
64233: BELLOLI, JAY (EDITOR) - Wallace Neff 1895-1982 The Romance of Regional Architecture
59052: BELLOW, SAUL - Herzog
22398: TAMMUZ, BENJAMIN AND LEON YUDKIN (EDITORS) - Meetings with the Angel: Seven Stories from Israel
65281: GRAHAM, BENJAMIN AND DAVID L. DODD - Security Analysis
62276: WHEELER-BENNETT, JOHN W. - The Nemesis of Power: The German Army in Politics, 1918-1945
64110: BENNETT, JOHN (EDITIOR) - Black Messiah: A Tribute to Henry Miller
50429: BENNETT, PAUL - Follow the River
50510: BENNETT, ARNOLD - Paris Nights and Other Impressions of Places and People
65677: BENNETT, JOHN GODOLPHIN - Witness: The Story of a Search
63037: BENSON, STELLA - Tobit Transplanted
56180: BENSON, NETTIE LEE, ET AL - Catalogue of Martin Fierro Materials in the University of Texas Library
3285: BENT, ARTHUR CLEVELAND. - Life Histories of North American Blackbirds, Orioles, Tanagers, and Allies.
5695: BENTLEY, ERIC. - The Dramatic Event. An American Chronicle.
16164: BENTLEY, ERIC (EDITOR). - The Great Playwrights.
63607: BENTLEY, G.E., JR. - Blake Records Supplement: Being New Materials Relating to the Life of William Blake Discovered Since the Publication of Blake Records (1969)
3718: BENTLEY, MICHAEL. - Politics without Democracy. Great Britain, 1815-1914. Perception and Preoccupation in British Government.
65333: BENZEN, G.A. - A District Attorney in San Diego, California, 1866
60257: BERG, ELIZABETH - Until the Real Thing Comes Along: A Novel
13623: BERGER, RAOUL. - Selected Writings on the Constitution.
58708: BERGER, MORROE, EDWARD BERGER, AND JAMES PATRICK - Benny Carter: A Life in American Music
5728: BERLIN, NORMAND. - The Base String. The Underworld in Elizabethan Drama.
979937538: KALB, BERNARD AND MARVIN KALB - The Last Ambassador
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51996: DISTEL, DAVE WITH LYNN DISTEL - The Sweater Letter
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62786: DAVIS, WINFIELD J. - History of Political Conventions in California, 1849-1892
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60624: DAVIS, BENJAMIN O., JR. - Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. , American: An Autobiography
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60364: DAVIS, WILLIAM M. - Nimrod of the Sea or the American Whaleman
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65592: DAVIS, ALEC - The Graphic Work of Eric Fraser
59191: DAWSON, FIELDING (1930-2002) - Krazy Kat / the Unveiling & Other Stories from 1951-1968
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57684: DAWSON, FIELDING - The Sun Rises Into the Sky and Other Stories 1952-1966
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63150: DERLETH, AUGUST - A Praed Street Dossier
47835: DERRAH, ROBERT H. (COMPILER) - Derrah's Trolley Trips with Historic Houses and Picturesque Scenery or by Trolley Through Eastern New England and by Trolley Through Western New England
48319: KNIGHT, DERRICK AND VINCENT PORTER - A Long Look at Short Films: An A.C. T.T. Report on the Short Entertainment and Factual Film
65153: EYLES, DESMOND AND RICHARD DENNIS - Royal Doulton Figures: Produced at Burslem Staffordshire
61679: DEUTSCH, HERMANN B. - The Huey Long Murder Case
9505: DEVANEY, JOHN R., GERALD L. HILL, AND ROBERT G. SEIPPEL. - Failure Analysis Mechanisms, Techniques, and Photo Atlas. A Guide to the Performance and Understanding of Failure Analysis.
998421520: DEVERDUN, ALFRED LOUIS - The True Mexico: Mexico-Tenochtitlan
61570: DEVERELL, WILLIAM - Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles and the Remaking of Its Mexican Past
59570: DEVOTO, GIACOMO - The Languages of Italy
63045: DEXTER, WALTER FRIAR - Herbert Hoover and American Individualism: A Modern Interpretation of a National Ideal
65840: DHONAU, CHARLES O. - Manual of Case Analysis
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65077: DICKENS, CHARLES - A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost Story of Christmas
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65559: TASHJIAN, DICKRAN AND ANN - Memorials for Children of Change: The Art of Early New England Stonecarving
64774: DICKS, TERRANCE - The Case of the Ghost Grabbers
50932: DIETRICH, RICHARD V. - Mineral Tables: Hand-Specimen Properties of 1500 Minerals
53005: DIGBY, SIR KENELM - Journal of a Voyage Into the Mediterranean by Sir Kenelm Digby, A.D. 1628
64713: DIGGES, DEBORAH - Rough Music
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20306: DILLON, RICHARD - Burnt-out Fires: California's Modoc Indian War
65767: DILLON, RICHARD H. - Artful Deeds: In the Life of the Felon, Grovenor Layton... A Tale of the California Gold Rush
63576: DIMBLEBY, J.B. - The Historical Bible, with Straight-Forward A.M. Years and Dates, Obtained from Five Lines of Astronomical Time, for the Use of Students of Scripture, Bible Classes, Historians and Astronomers
62507: DINGES, JOHN - The Condor Years: How Pinochet and His Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents
56799: DINSMORE, CHARLES ALLEN - Aids to the Study of Dante
54716: DISCH, THOMAS M. - The Voyage of the Proteus: An Eyewitness Account of the End of the World
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57327: DIXON, STEPHEN - Time to Go
57331: DIXON, STEPHEN - 14 Stories
61634: SARABYANOV, DMITRY AND GRIGORY ARBUZOV - Valentin Serov: Paintings, Graphic Works, Stage Designs
62166: DOBBS, HORACE, B.SC. - Camera Underwater: A Practical Guide to Underwater Photography
65850: DOBERKAT, ERNST-ERICH - Stochastic Relations: Foundations for Markov Transition Systems

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