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13513: MEYER, LARRY L. - California Quake. Foreword by Senator Alan Cranston.
67978: CRAWFORD, MICHAEL AND DAVID WHITEHEAD - Archaic and Classical Greece: A Selection of Ancient Sources in Translation
64326: MOYNIHAN, MICHAEL AND DIDRIK SODERLIND - Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground
67259: FABRE, MICHEL AND ROBERT E. SKINNER (EDITORS) - Conversations with Chester Himes
67027: MICHEL, PAUL-HENRI - The Cosmology of Giordano Bruno
51549: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Return to Paradise
59463: MIDDLETON, GEORGE - Hiss! Boom!! Blah!!! a Three Act American Comedy in Fifty Scenes, Being a Cross Section Community Chronicle of Some Mad Years [1917-193?]
3479: MIDDLETON, DREW. - The Sky Suspended. The Battle of Britain.
986: MIGEOD, FREDERICK WILLIAM HUGH - A View of Sierra Leone
56228: MILBANK, JR., JEREMIAH - The First Century of Flight in America
65191: MILES, LEO - High Pressure: A Pipeliner's Story
66169: MILFORD, NANCY - Zelda: A Biography
65289: MILLAY, EDNA ST. VINCENT - The Buck in the Snow & Other Poems
48637: MILLER, DAVID W. - Church, State and Nation in Ireland, 1898-1921
59549: MILLER, RICHARD J. - Ancient Japanese Nobility: The Kabane Ranking System
61666: MILLER, HENRY, ET AL - Collector's Quest: The Correspondence of Henry Miller and J. Rives Childs, 1947-1965
53646: MILLER, G.A. - Historical Introduction to Mathematical Literature
59933: MILLER, HENRY, TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, KENNETH REXROTH, JORGE LUIS BORGES, ET AL - New Directions in Prose and Poetry, Number Eleven
61376: MILLER, JAY, ET AL - Writings in Indian History, 1985-1990
57780: MILLER, E. MORRIS - Australian Literature from Its Beginnings to 1935: A Descriptive and Bibliographical Survey of Books by Australian Authors in Poetry, Drama, Fiction, Criticism and Anthology with Subsidiary Entries to 1938 - Volume II
47097: MILLER, JOAQUIN - The One Fair Woman
48646: MILLER, MAX - The Town with the Funny Name
68158: MILLER, JAMES E., JR. - T.S. Eliot: The Making of an American Poet, 1888-1922
61493: MILLER, STUART CREIGHTON - The Unwelcome Immigrant: The American Image of the Chinese, 1785-1882
67033: MILLER, MARK - Cool Blues: Charlie Parker in Canada 1953
57596: MILLER, HENRY - Joey: Volume III, Book of Friends
66147: MILLER, JAMES E. - F. Scott Fitzgerald: His Art and His Technique
64473: MILLER, ARTHUR - Death of a Salesman
65984: MILLER, ARTHUR - After the Fall: A Play in Two Acts
57594: MILLER, HENRY - My Bike & Other Friends: Volume II of Book of Friends
57651: MILLER, ARTHUR - The Crucible: Book and Cd-Rom
65892: MILLER, HENRY - Notes on "Aaron's Rod" and Other Notes on Lawrence from the Paris Notebooks
65893: MILLER, HENRY - Joey: Volume III, Book of Friends
65894: MILLER, HENRY - My Bike & Other Friends: Volume II of Book of Friends
67648: MILLER, HUGH - History and Science: A Study of the Relation of Historical and Theoretical Knowledge
22446: MILLS, WESLEY - The Dog in Health and in Disease, Including His Origin, History, Varieties, Breeding, Education, and General Management in Health, and His Treatment in Disease
50371: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Tudor Renaissance
47956: MILNE, A.A. - Two People
23300: BERLE, MILTON WITH HASKEL FRANKEL - Milton Berle: An Autobiography
63107: MILTOUN, FRANCIS - Castles and Chateaux of Old Burgundy and the Border Provinces
22368: MINCHIN, CAPTAIN H. COTTON - The Legion Book
11882: KAO MING. - The Lute: Kao Ming's P'i-P'a Chi. Translated by Jean Mulligan.
60529: MINGAY, G.E. (EDITOR) - The Victorian Countryside
66145: MINNEY, R.J. - The Governor's Lady
63682: MIRANDOLA, PICO DELLA - Of Being & Unity
67418: MISAK, CHERYL (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Companion to Peirce
60210: MISTRY, ROHINTON - Swimming Lessons and Other Stories from Firozsha Baag
64721: MITCHELL, ELYNE - Light Horse: The Story of Australia's Mounted Troops
22577: MITCHELL, JULIAN, ET AL (EDITORS) - Light Blue, Dark Blue: An Anthology of Recent Writing from Oxford and Cambridge Universities
64919: MITCHELL, MAIRIN, F.R.G.S. - The Maritime History of Russia, 848-1948
65412: MITCHELL, MARGARETTA K. - Ruth Bernhard: Between Art & Life
68176: MITHEN, STEVEN - After the Ice: A Global Human History, 20,000-5000 Bc
54405: MIZENER, ARTHUR - The Saddest Story: A Biography of Ford Maddox Ford
66138: MIZENER, ARTHUR - The Far Side of Paradise: A Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald
66683: MOCK, SANFORD J. - Document Stories: A Pastiche of Articles
12261: MODELL, JUDITH. - Ruth Benedict. Patterns of a Life.
65492: MOLINIER, PIERRE - Cent Photographies Erotiques
67400: BUCHMANN-MOLLER, FRANK - Someone to Watch over Me: The Life and Music of Ben Webster
14846: MONAGHAN, JAY. - Australians and the Gold Rush. California and Down Under 1849-1854.
63305: TWO BROTHERS (A. MONEY AND G.H. MONEY) - Sevastopol. Our Tent in the Crimea; and Wanderings in Sevastopol
23219: MARIA MONK - Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk or, the Hidden Secrets of a Nun's Life in a Convent Exposed
63800: MONTGOMERY, JAMES, B.S.I. - A Study in Pictures
61150: MONTRESOR, BENI - Cinderella from the Opera by Gioacchino Rossini in a Version Written and Illustrated by Beni Montresor
64946: MONTRESOR, BENI - The Witches of Venice
66910: MOODIE, D.C.F. - Moodie's Zulu War
65010: MOODY, RICK - Fair Use: Poems and an Afterword
57659: MOODY, RICK - Purple America
22069: MOON, BUCKLIN (EDITOR) - A Doubleday Anthology
981658984: MOORE, GEORGE - Heloise and Abelard
64915: MOORE, WILLIAM - A Wood Called Bourlon: The Cover-Up After Cambrai, 1917
63366: MOORE, RAY - The Stranger by Albert Camus: A Critical Introduction
22280: MOORE, JOHN (EDITOR) - Best Fishing Stories
64570: MOORE, BRIAN - Two Stories
55809: MOORE, PAUL, JR. - Take a Bishop Like Me
48586: MOORE, HONOR - The White Blackbird: A Life of the Painter Margarett Sargent by Her Granddaughter
49853: MOORE, NICHOLAS (EDITOR) - The Pl Book of Modern American Short Stories
5443: MOORE, BRIAN - An Answer from Limbo
47064: MOORE, HARRY THORNTON - The Novels of John Steinbeck: A First Critical Study
68116: MOORE, KEVIN - Jacques Henri Lartigue: The Invention of an Artist
54128: MOOREHEAD, ALAN - Cooper's Creek
68201: MOOREY, P.R.S. - Ancient Mesopotamian Materials and Industries: The Archaeological Evidence
54287: MORE, SIR THOMAS - The Correspondence of Sir Thomas More
63538: DIEGO Y MORENO, FRANCISCO GARCIA - The Writings of Francisco Garcia Diego Y Moreno, Obispo de Ambas Californias
64756: MORENUS, RICHARD - Crazy-White-Man (Sha-Ga-Na-She Wa-Du-Kee)
49980: MORGAN, LEWIS H. - League of the Ho-de-No Sau-Nee or Iroquois
66691: MORGAN, BARBARA - Barbara Morgan
22475: MORGAN, FREDERICK (EDITOR) - The Modern Image: Outstanding Stories from the Hudson Review
49399: MORGAN, CHARLES - The Fountain
47147: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Mandarin in Manhattan: Further Translations from the Chinese
23154: MORRIS, TINA, EDMUND CRACKENEDGE, AND KANWAL SUNDAR - New Writers 7 or New Writers VII: Special Volume on Dreams
863916201: MORRIS, WRIGHT - The Works of Love
66402: MORRIS, EDMUND - Colonel Roosevelt
4436: MORRIS, WRIGHT. - What a Way to Go.
57798: MORRIS, WRIGHT - One Day
57797: MORRIS, WRIGHT - Ceremony in Lone Tree
57600: MORRIS, WRIGHT - War Games
54092: MORRIS, MARY MCGARRY - Songs in Ordinary Time
66657: MORRIS, WILLIAM, ELIZABETH YEATS, AND GEORGE BERNARD SHAW - Printing As Art: William Morris & His Circle of Influence
57197: MORRIS, RICHARD - Early English Alliterative Poems in the West-Midland Dialect of the Fourteenth Century
68060: MORRIS, WRIGHT - Three Easy Pieces
67345: MORRIS, WRIGHT - The Loneliness of the Long Distance Writer: The Works of Love & the Huge Season
57796: MORRIS, WRIGHT - The Works of Love
53171: BRADFORD MORROW, BOOKSELLER - John Steinbeck: A Collection of Books & Manuscripts, Formed by Harry Valentine of Pacific Grove, California
56671: MORSE, EDGAR W. (EDITOR) - Silver in the Golden State: Images and Essays Celebrating the History and Art of Silver in California
53715: MORTENSON, C. WALTER - The Illustrations of Andrew Wyeth: A Check List
64828: MOSELEY, SYDNEY A. - The Truth About the Dardanelles
56217: MOSHER, JOHN - Celibate at Twilight and Other Stories
65036: MOTORHEAD - Original Program for Motorhead's Overkill Tour (1979)
21528: MOULT, THOMAS (EDITOR) - Great Stories of Sport
59130: MOULTON, E.L. - New Mexico's Future: An Economic and Employment Appraisal
67902: MOULTON, R.G. - Control Line Manual
13053: MOUNTEVANS, ADMIRAL LORD. - From Husky to Sno-Cat. A Short Survey of Polar Exploration Yesterday and Today.
67318: MOURELATOS, ALEXANDER P.D. - The Route of Parmenides: Revised and Expanded Edition
13072: MOYER, ALBERT E. - American Physics in Transition. A History of Conceptual Change in the Late Nineteenth Century.
65324: MUCIBABICH, DARLENE - Life in Western Mining Camps: Social and Legal Aspects, 1848-1872
56103: MUEENUDDIN, DANIYAL - In Other Rooms, Other Wonders
59946: MUELDER, HERMANN R. - Fighters for Freedom: The History of Anti-Slavery Activities of Men and Women Associated with Knox College
68302: MUELLER, HANS ALEXANDER - Woodcuts & Wood Engravings: How I Make Them
15360: MUELLER, PETER. - Airbus. The Whispering European.
67822: MUELLNER, LEONARD - The Anger of Achilles: Menis in Greek Epic
65749: MUGNAINI, JOSEPH - Joseph Mugnaini: Drawings and Graphics
52983: MUIR, JOHN - Rambles of a Botanist Among the Plants and Climates of California
66428: MUIR, JOHN - The Mountains of California
17145: MULDER, JOHN M. - Woodrow Wilson: The Years of Preparation.
66795: MULHOLLAND, CATHERINE - The Owensmouth Baby: The Making of a San Fernando Valley Town
56172: MUNBY, A.N.L. - The Cult of the Autograph Letter in England
56734: MUNBY, A.N.L. (EDITOR) - Sale Catalogues of Libraries of Eminent Persons, Volume 2: Poets and Men of Letters
67120: MUNCH, PETER ANDREAS - Norse Mythology: Legends of Gods and Heroes
67279: MUNDY, TALBOT - Tros of Samothrace
55787: MUNFORD, KENNETH - John Ledyard: An American Marco Polo
67348: CHADWICK, H. MUNRO AND NORA K. CHADWICK - The Growth of Literature
68214: MUNSON, ROSARIA VIGNOLO - Black Doves Speak: Herodotus and the Languages of Barbarians
4813: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO. - The Landscape Painting of China and Japan.
13170: MUNSTERBERG, HUGO. - The Arts of China.
65849: MURBARGER, NELL - Ghosts of the Glory Trail: Intimate Glimpses Into the Past and Present of 275 Western Ghosttowns
68306: MURE, G.R.G. - An Introduction to Hegel
61830: MURPHY, DERVLA - A Place Apart
12263: MURPHY, ROBERT F. - Robert H. Lowie.
67953: MURPHY, PATRICK D. - Understanding Gary Snyder
20865: MURPHY, ROBERT - Wild Geese Calling
57686: MURRAY, KEITH A. - The Modoc and Their War
65209: MURRAY, A.J.L., ET AL - H.M. S. "Dorsetshire": An Illustrated Account of Her Commission on the China Station, 1935-1937
68130: MURRAY, GILBERT - Aeschylus: The Creator of Tragedy
67162: MURRAY, MARGARET ALICE - The Witch-Cult in Western Europe
55996: MURRY, JOHN MIDDLETON - Studies in Keats
63472: MUSIL, ALOIS - Arabia Deserta: A Topographical Itinerary
60906: MUSSETT, ALFRED DE - La Confession D'Un Enfant Du Siecle
16349: MUTIBWA, PHARES M. - The Malagasy and the Europeans. Madagascar's Foreign Relations, 1861-1895.
65447: MYDANS, CARL - Carl Mydans, Photojournalist
68206: MYER, ISAAC, LL.B. - Qabbalah: The Philosophical Writings of Solomon Ben Yehudah Ibn Gebirol or Avicebron
56782: MYERSON, JOEL - Margaret Fuller: An Annotated Secondary Bibliography
61894: MYRES, SANDRA L., BLAINE T. WILLIAMS, ROBERT L. WILLIAMSON, AND RAY A. BILLINGTON - Essays on the American West: The Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures
67067: MYRES, JOHN LINTON - Who Were the Greeks?
56354: MYRICK, THOMAS S. - The Gold Rush: Letters of Thomas S. Myrick from California to the Jackson, Michigan, American Citizen 1849-1855
9150: APPELL, GEORGE N. AND TRILOKI N. MADAN (EDITORS). - Choice and Morality in Anthropological Perspective. Essays in Honor of Derek Freeman.
63200: WILLIAMSON, J.N. AND H.B. WILLIAMS (EDITORS) - Illustrious Client's Case-Book
67651: NADEL, IRA B. (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Companion to Ezra Pound
66867: NAEF, WESTON J. - Counterparts: Form and Emotion in Photographs
11404: NAHA, ED. - Science Fictionary. An a-Z Guide to the World of Sf Authors, Films & Tv Shows.
68123: NAHUM, ANDREW - The Rotary Aero Engine
61048: NAMBIAR, O.K. - Maha Yogi Walt Whitman: New Light on Yoga
65491: LI NAN - The Last Generation of Lily-Footed Women in China
67314: MARINATOS, NANNO AND ROBIN HAGG (EDITOR) - Greek Sanctuaries: New Approaches
53091: NASATIR, ABRAHAM P. - French Activities in California: An Archival Calendar-Guide
68136: NASH, ERNEST - Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Rome
3706: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN. - The Theatre Book of the Year 1944-1945. A Record and an Interpretation.
5612: NATHAN, GEORGE JEAN. - Since Ibsen. The Statistical Historical Outline of the Popular Theatre Since 1900.
64673: NAVASARGIAN, ALICE - Iran - Armenia: Golden Bridges - 20th Century Iranian-Armenian Painters
59247: O'NEAL, SHAQUILLE - Shaq Talks Back
51373: NEAME, ALAN - Maud Noakes, Guerilla
56835: NEAVERSON, E. - Stratigraphical Palaeontology: A Study of Ancient Life-Provinces
50409: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH, F.R.S. - Science and Civilisation in China: Volume I: Introductory Orientations
67241: NEEDHAM, JOSEPH, F.R.S. - Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 2: History of Scientific Thought
56811: NEFF, WALLACE, JR. - Wallace Neff: Architect of California's Golden Age
23087: NEIDER, CHARLES (EDITOR) - Men of the High Calling
55395: NEIHARDT, JOHN G. - Eagle Voice: An Authentic Tale of the Sioux Indians
56132: NEIHARDT, JOHN G. - Indian Tales and Others
57346: O'NEILL, EDWARD N. - A Critical Concordance of the Tibullan Corpus
52128: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Ah, Wilderness!
49672: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Plays: "Anna Christie," All God's Chillun Got Wings, Diff'Rent
58893: NELSON, DANIEL - Farm and Factory: Workers in the Midwest 1880-1990
61805: NELSON, JANE A. - Form and Image in the Fiction of Henry Miller
56272: NEMOY, LEON - Catalogue of Hebrew and Yiddish Manuscripts and Books from the Library of Sholem Asch, Presented to Yale University by Louis M. Rabinowitz
64311: DARSKI, ADAM “NERGAL” WITH MARK EGLINTON - Confessions of a Heretic: The Sacred and the Profane: Behemoth and Beyond
61663: NERI, MICHAEL CHARLES - Hispanic Catholocism in Transitional California: The Life of Jose Gonzalez Rubio, O.F. M. (1804-1875)
53910: NEU, JOHN (EDITOR) - Chemical, Medical and Pharmaceutical Books Printed Before 1800: In the Collections of University of Wisconsin Libraries
67842: VALLEGA-NEU, DANIELA - Heidegger's Contributions to Philosophy: An Introduction
4579: NEVINS, ALLAN. - James Truslow Adams. Historian of the American Dream.
64830: NEVINSON, H.W. - The Dardanelles Campaign
67136: NEWALL, VENETIA (EDITOR) - The Witch Figure: Folklore Essays by a Group of Scholars in England Honouring the 75th Birthday of Katharine M. Briggs
62707: NEWHALL, RUTH WALDO - A California Legend: The Newhall Land and Farming Company
65500: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - In Plain Sight: The Photographs of Beaumont Newhall
68290: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - The History of Photography from 1839 to the Present Day
68287: NEWHALL, BEAUMONT - The History of Photography from 1839 to the Present Day
65441: NEWMAN, ARNOLD (1918-2006) - Artists: Portraits from Four Decades
65154: NEWMAN, ANDREA - Mirage
66484: NEWMARK, HARRIS - Sixty Years in Southern California, 1853-1913: Containing the Reminiscences of Harris Newmark
4672: NEWMARK, LEO, M.D. - California Family Newmark. An Intimate History.
65913: NEWMARK, HARRIS - Sixty Years in Southern California, 1853-1913: Containing the Reminiscences of Harris Newmark
54633: NEWTON, WILLIAM - A Display of Heraldry
57412: NEY, ELLY - Erinnerungen Und Betrachtungen: Mein Leben Aus Der Musik
66574: NEY, RICHARD - The Wall Street Jungle
51678: NICELY, TOM - Adam and His Work: A Bibliography of Sources by and About Paul Goodman (1911-1972)
67591: THOMAS, NICHOLAS AND DIANE LOSCHE (EDITORS) - Double Vision: Art Histories and Colonial Histories in the Pacific
67234: NICHOLS, TOM - Tintoretto: Tradition and Identity
52048: NICHOLS, BEVERLEY - Beverley Nichols' Cats' A.B. C.
21106: NICHOLSON, LOREN - Rails Across the Ranchos
64534: NICOL, SERGT. C.G. - The Story of Two Campaigns: Official War History of the Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment, 1914-1919
67086: NICOLL, ALLARDYCE, M.A. - Masks, Mimes and Miracles: Studies in the Popular Theatre
67727: NICOLSON, MARJORIE - Science and Imagination
60562: NIEDERMAN, SHARON - A Quilt of Words: Women's Diaries, Letters and Original Accounts of Life in the Southwest, 1860-1960
63231: NIELSEN, BJARNE - The Great Northern Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
61006: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - The Genealogy of Morals: A Polemic and Peoples and Countries (Fragment)
67687: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - Untimely Meditations: Edited by Daniel Breazeale, Translated by R.J. Hollingdale
68295: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - Unpublished Writings from the Period of Unfashionable Observations: Translated, with an Afterword, by Richard T. Gray
68194: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - The Birth of Tragedy and Other Writings
68196: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - The Anti-Christ, Ecce Homo, Twilight of the Idols, and Other Writings
67338: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - Daybreak: Thoughts on the Prejudices of Morality
67223: NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH - On the Genealogy of Morality
22471: KIRILOV, NIKOLAI AND FRANK KIRK (EDITORS) - Introduction to Modern Bulgarian Literature: An Anthology of Short Stories
67599: NILES, JOHN D. - Homo Narrans: The Poetics and Anthropology of Oral Literature
67169: NILSSON, MARTIN P. - Cults, Myths, Oracles, and Politics in Ancient Greece, with Two Appendices: The Ionian Phylae, the Phratries
67740: NILSSON, MARTIN PERSSON - A History of Greek Religion: Translated from the Swedish by F.J. Fielden
62899: NIN, ANAIS - The Diary of Anais Nin, 1931-1934
65098: NIN, ANAIS - The Diary of Anais Nin, 1939-1944
67969: NITZSCHE, JANE CHANCE - The Genius Figure in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
65741: NIXON, RICHARD - The Real War
66721: NIXON, RICHARD M. (1913-94) - Six Crises
63869: NIZZA, PAUL - The Adventures of the Five Puce Map Tacks
58411: NOEL, JOSEPH - Footloose in Arcadia: A Personal Record of Jack London, George Sterling, and Ambrose Bierce
66751: NOEL, DANIEL C. (EDITOR) - Paths to the Power of Myth: Joseph Campbell and the Study of Religion
68048: NOLAN, JAMES - Poet-Chief: The Native American Poetics of Walt Whitman and Pablo Neruda
67593: NORDBY, CONRAD HJALMAR - The Influence of Old Norse Literature Upon English Literature
66493: NORDHOFF, CHARLES - California: For Health, Pleasure, and Residence
64142: NORDHOFF, CHARLES (1830-1901) - Peninsular California: Some Account of the Climate, Soil, Productions, and Present Condition of the Northern Half of Lower California
60120: MCCORVEY, NORMA WITH GARY THOMAS - Won by Love: Norma Mccorvey, Jane Roe of Roe V. Wade, Speaks out for the Unborn As She Shares Her New Conviction for Life
66840: NORMAN, JEREMY M. - Scientist, Scholar & Scoundrel: A Bibliographical Investigation of the Life and Exploits of Count Guglielmo Libri
4563: BEASLEY, NORMAN AND GEORGE W. STARK. - Made in Detroit.
67: NORMAN, HOWARD. - Kiss in the Hotel Joseph Conrad and Other Stories.
58596: NORQUIST, CARROL - Rio Grande Wetbacks: Mexican Migrant Workers
64492: NORTH, JOHN - Gallipoli: The Fading Vision
62781: NORTON, ANDRE - Dread Companion
62782: NORTON, ANDRE - Dragon Magic
60491: NORTON, CAROL - Bobs, a Girl Detective
67867: NORTON, DAVID FATE (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Companion to Hume
22159: NORTON, ANDRE, ET AL - Long Night of Waiting and Other Stories
20169: NOTTLE, TREVOR - Growing Old-Fashioned Roses
63829: NOVACEK, MICHAEL - Time Traveler: In Search of Dinosaurs and Other Fossils from Montana to Mongolia
56141: NUNIS, DOYCE B., JR. (EDITOR) - Los Angeles and Its Environs in the Twentieth Century: A Bibliography of a Metropolis
56761: NUNIS, DOYCE B., JR. (EDITOR) - The Founding Documents of Los Angeles: A Bilingual Edition
67971: NUTTALL, PAULA - From Flanders to Florence: The Impact of Netherlandish Painting, 1400-1500
54003: NUTTALL, R.H. - Microscopes from the Frank Collection, 1800-1860: Illustrating the Development of the Achromatic Instrument
67358: NYLAND, EDO - Odysseus and the Sea Peoples: A Bronze Age History of Scotland
67349: NEUGEBAUER, O. AND H.B. VAN HOESEN - Greek Horoscopes
23404: OATES, JOYCE CAROL, ET AL - Cosmopolitan's Winds of Love: Romantic & Erotic Tales
64932: OATES, JOYCE CAROL - Triumph of the Spider Monkey
63635: OBERG, JAMES E. - Ufos & Outer Space Mysteries: A Sympathetic Skeptic's Report
65503: OBERT, KARL - This Is California
63536: ODIER, PIERRE - The Rock: A History of Alcatraz: The Fort/the Prison
65096: OERSTED, JOHN (HANS) CHRISTIAN - Experiments on the Effect of a Current of Electricity on the Magnetic Needle in Annals of Philosophy, Volume XVI
48671: OGASAWARA, NOBUO - Japanese Swords
22223: OGAWA, MIMEI - Rose & Witch and Other Stories
11712: OGG, FREDERIC AUSTIN. - The Opening of the Mississippi. A Struggle for Supremacy in the American Interior.
66887: OKADA, T. - The Climate of Japan
66841: OKANO, ISAO - Vital Judo: Grappling Techniques
51766: OKUDA, TED - Grand National, Producers Releasing Corporation, and Screen Guild/Lippert: Complete Filmographies with Studio Histories
67942: OLDROYD, DAVID - Thinking About the Earth: A History of Ideas in Geology
56624: OLIVARES, JULIAN, JR. - The Love Poetry of Francisco de Quevedo: An Aesthetic and Existential Study
65797: OLIVER, P. GRAHAM - Bivalved Seashells of the Red Sea
64730: OLIVER, ANDREW - Auguste Edouart's Silhouettes of Eminent Americans, 1839-1844
67075: OLIVER, PAUL - Songsters and Saints: Vocal Traditions on Race Records
65161: OLMAN, JOHN M. - The Squire: The Legendary Golfing Life of Gene Sarazen
68124: OLNEY, RICHARD - A Provencal Table: The Exuberant Food and Wine from the Domaine Tempier Vineyard
68185: OLNEY, RICHARD - The French Menu Cookbook: A Revised and Updated Edition of a Culinary Classic
67578: OLSON, CHARLES - Collected Prose: Edited by Donald Allen and Benjamin Friedlander, with an Introduction by Robert Creeley
68309: OLSON, CHARLES - Muthologos: Lectures and Interviews
67568: OLSON, CHARLES - A Charles Olson Reader: Edited with an Introduction by Ralph Maud
56767: OLSSON, LINDA - Sonata for Miriam
10577: OMAN, CAROLA. - David Garrick.
61001: ONG, PAUL M. (EDITOR) - The State of Asian America: Trajectory of CIVIC and Political Engagement
61185: ONYX, NARDA - Water, World & Weissmuller
67313: ONYX, NARDA - Water, World & Weissmuller: A Biography
59987: OPEL, ADOLF - Relationships: An Anthology of Contemporary Austrian Prose
67355: OPPEN, GEORGE - Selected Prose, Daybooks, and Papers: Edited and with an Introduction by Stephen Cope
21632: ORBACH, ROBERT L. - John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick. An Appreciative Portrait
55348: HALLIWELL, JAMES ORCHARD AND THOMAS WRIGHT (EDITORS) - Historical Society of Science, 1841
22309: ORDON, EDMUND (EDITOR) - 10 Contemporary Polish Stories
61334: ORELLANA, SANDRA L. - Indian Medicine in Highland Guatemala: The Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Periods
64252: ORFALEA, GREGORY - Journey to the Sun Junipero Serra's Dream and the Founding of California
13127: ORIANS, GORDON H. - Some Adaptations of Marsh-Nesting Blackbirds.
63964: ORING, ELLIOTT - The Jokes of Sigmund Freud: A Study in Humor and Jewish Identity
61066: ORLIN, LENA COWEN - Private Matters and Public Culture in Post-Reformation England
65937: ORNISH, NATALIE - Ehrenberg: Goliad Survivor, Old West Explorer
67109: ORR, PHIL C. - Prehistory of Santa Rosa Island
66936: ORSI, RICHARD J., ALFRED RUNTE, AND MARLENE SMITH-BARANZINI (EDITORS) - Yosemite and Sequoia: A Century of California National Parks
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65249: SCHOLDER, FRITZ - Paintings
63661: SCHREIBER, ELIZABETH ANNE - Wonders of Terns
66979: SCHREINER, OLIVE - Dreams
22141: SCHULTZ, JOHN (EDITOR) - F1: Here We Begin Again with Story, Image, Word and People.
67951: SCHULTZ, JAMES WILLARD - My Life As an Indian: The Story of a Red Woman and a White Man in the Lodges of the Blackfeet
6928: SCHURKE, PAUL. - Bering Bridge. The Soviet-American Expedition from Siberia to Alaska.
55296: SCHUVER, JUAN MARIA - Juan Maria Schuver's Travels in North East Africa 1880-1883
53927: SCHWARTZ, AMY - Yossel Zissel and the Wisdom of Chelm
61623: SCHWARZ, RICHARD W. - John Harvey Kellogg, M.D.
62292: SCHWEIGER, J. WERNER - Wiener Werkstatte: Design in Vienna, 1903-1932
61061: SCHWEITZER, ALBERT - The Mystery of the Kingdom of God: The Secret of Jesus' Messiahship and Passion
62088: SCOTT, JENNIE - A Pilgrimage to Canaan
59426: MCGAUGH, SCOTT AND RUDY SHAPPEE - Midway Memories: The Official Photo Collection of the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum
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11193: SCOTT, A.C. - The Theatre in Asia.
6288: SCOTT, LIEUTENANT COLONEL ROBERT N. (EDITOR). - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. Series I, Volume IX.
51781: SCOTT, DAVID - John Sloan
65728: SCOTT, KENNETH W. - Zane Grey: Born to the West - a Reference Guide
22339: THE EDITORS OF SCRIBNERS - Publisher's Choice: Ten Short Story Discoveries by the Editors of Scribners
50596: SCROPE, ALEXANDRA - Bend or Graded and Group Winners 1989-1994: North America, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy and Germany
50597: SCROPE, ALEXANDRA - Bend or Graded and Group Winners 1973-1988: North America, Great Britain, Ireland, France, and Italy
50598: SCROPE, ALEXANDRA - Bend or Graded and Group Winners 1989-1990: North America, Great Britain, Ireland, France, and Italy
21073: SCRUGGS, MRS. GROSS R. (EDITOR) - Gardening in the Southwest
56342: SCRUTTON, THOMAS EDWARD - Land in Fetters or the History and Policy of the Laws Restraining the Alienation and Settlement of Land in England
68111: SCULLY, TERENCE - The Vivendier: A Fifteenth-Century French Cookery Manuscript
977496388: SEARLE, PATRICK (EDITOR) - The Shaping of an Arab Statesman: Abd Al-Hamid Sharaf and the Modern Arab World
12482: SEARLE, ALFRED B. - The Clayworker's Hand-Book: A Manual for All Engaged in the Manufacture of Articles from Clay.
59527: SEARS, DONALD A. - John Neal
58450: SECREST, WILLIAM B. - Lawmen & Desperadoes: A Compendium of Noted, Early California Peace Officers, Badmen and Outlaws, 1850-1900
49708: SEE, CAROLYN - Dreaming: Hard Luck and Good Times in America
68361: SEFATI, YITSCHAK - Love Songs in Sumerian Literature: Critical Edition of the Dumuzi-Inanna Songs
55194: SEIDENSTICKER, OSWALD - The First Century of German Printing in America, 1728-1830
62699: SELBY, HUBERT, JR. - The Demon
67254: SELBY, HUBERT, JR. - The Room
62188: SELIN, IVAN - Detection Theory
64908: SELLERS, LEONARD - The Hood Battalion: Royal Naval Division: Antwerp, Gallipoli, France 1914-1918
21906: SELLINGS, ARTHUR - The Long Eureka
21899: SELLINGS, ARTHUR - The Silent Speakers
21897: SELLINGS, ARTHUR - The Silent Speakers
21909: SELLINGS, ARTHUR - The Power of X
998710587: SENAN, JOSE, O.F.M. - The Letters of Jose Senan, O.F. M. : Mission San Buenaventura, 1796-1823
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62441: SERRA, FRAY JUNIPERO - A Marian Novena: Attributed to Fray Junipero Serra
68090: SERRES, MICHEL - The Parasite
67385: VAN SETERS, JOHN - The Hyksos: A New Investigation
57108: SETH, VIKRAM - From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet
58696: SETON, JULIA M. - By a Thousand Fires: Nature Notes and Extracts from the Life and Unpublished Journals of Ernest Thompson Seton
64260: SETTIS, SALVATORE - Giorgione's Tempest Interpreting the Hidden Subject
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63344: SHADWELL, LIEUT.-GENERAL, C.B. - The Life of Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde: Illustrated by Extracts from His Diary and Correspondence
62548: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - Shakespeare Songs
66518: SHAMIR, YITZHAK (1915-2012) - Summing Up: An Autobiography
64686: SHAMTANCHIAN, MIKAYEL - The Fatal Night: An Eyewitness Account of the Extermination of Armenian Intellectuals in 1915
66885: SHAPIRO, KARL (1913-2000) - U.S. Passport of the Poet Laureate
52984: SHAPIRO, BARBARA - John Wilkins, 1614-1672: An Intellectual Biography
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68343: SHAPIRO, GARY - Archaeologies of Vision: Foucault and Nietzsche on Seeing and Saying
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977365320: SHAPLEN, ROBERT - A Turning Wheel
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64926: SHARP, DOLPH - The Other Ark
67869: SHAUGHNESSY, EDWARD L. - Before Confucius: Studies in the Creation of the Chinese Classics
13620: SHAW, ARNOLD. - The Jazz Age. Popular Music in the 1920's.
57769: SHAW, JOHN MACKAY - Childhood in Poetry: A Catalogue, with Bibliographical and Critical Annotations, of the Books of English and American Poets Comprising the Shaw Childhood in Poetry Collection in the Library of the Florida State University
59298: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - The Complete Prefaces of Bernard Shaw
65360: SHAW, ARTIE - The Trouble with Cinderella: An Outline of Identity
54101: SHAW, IRWIN - Short Stories: Five Decades
51459: SHAW, ARTIE - The Trouble with Cinderella: An Outline of Identity
51667: SHAW, IRWIN - Mixed Company
57624: SHAW, ARTIE - I Love You, I Hate You, Drop Dead! Variations on a Theme
67813: SHAW, R.D.M., D.D. - The Blue Cliff Records: The Hekigan Roku, Containing One Hundred Stories of Zen Masters of Ancient China
51639: SHAW, IRWIN - Tip on a Dead Jockey and Other Stories
13666: SHEEHAN, PERLEY POORE. - The Abyss of Wonders. With an Introduction by P. Schuyler Miller.
57726: SHEETS, MARY BASKERVILLE - A West African Journal
66173: GRAHAM, SHEILAH AND GEROLD FRANK - Beloved Infidel: The Education of a Woman
68040: SHENK, WILBERT R. (EDITOR) - North American Foreign Missions, 1810-1914: Theology, Theory, and Policy
6943: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - Life During Wartime.
13525: SHEPARD, LUCIUS. - The Golden.
66973: SHEPHERD, JOHN - The Crimean Doctors: A History of the British Medical Services in the Crimean War
64552: SHEPHERDSON, ANDREW - Journeys of a Light Horseman
47492: SHERIDAN, RICHARD BRINSLEY - The Plays & Poems of Richard Brinsley Sheridan
60384: SHERMAN, EDITH BISHOP - Fighting Muskets
67294: SHERMAN, DANIEL J. - French Primitivism and the Ends of Empire, 1945-1975
50229: SHERRIFF, R.C. - Journey's End
61051: SHIEL, M.P. - The Purple Cloud
64297: SHILLINGBERG, WILLIAM B. - Tombstone, A.T. A History of Early Mining, Milling, and Mayhem
66481: SHINN, CHARLES HOWARD - Mining Camps: A Study in American Frontier Government
63310: SHNEERSON, GRIGORY - Aram Khachaturyan
22012: SHNEOUR, ZALMAN - Restless Spirit: Selected Writings of Zalman Shneour
67298: SHORTLAND, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Hugh Miller and the Controversies of Victorian Science
51935: SHRIVER, MARIA - And One More Thing Before You Go.
54989: SHUMATE, DR. ALBERT - James F. Curtis, Vigilante
61834: SHUMATE, ALBERT - The Stormy Life of Major Wm. Gouverneur Morris in California and Alaska
65347: SHUMATE, DR. ALBERT - Captain A.A. Ritchie, California Pioneer: An Account of His Life, Family and Ranchos
62734: CAESAR, SID WITH BILL DAVIDSON - Where Have I Been? an Autobiography
65885: SIDHARTH, B.G. (EDITOR) - A Century of Ideas: Perspectives from Leading Scientists of the 20th Century
67997: SIERKSMA, FOKKE - Tibet's Terrifying Deities: Sex and Aggression in Religious Acculturation
50895: SIFAKIS, STEWART - Compendium of the Confederate Armies: Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, the Confederate Units and the Indian Units
50893: SIFAKIS, STEWART - Compendium of the Confederate Armies: Alabama
67490: SIFAKIS, G.M. - Parabasis and Animal Choruses: A Contribution to the History of Attic Comedy
50890: SIFAKIS, STEWART - Compendium of the Confederate Armies: Mississippi
50891: SIFAKIS, STEWART - Compendium of the Confederate Armies: North Carolina
50889: SIFAKIS, STEWART - Compendium of the Confederate Armies: Tennessee
48808: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Gate of Worlds
65066: SIMAK, CLIFFORD D. - All the Traps of Earth and Other Stories
63041: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret and the Burglar's Wife
65021: SIMENON, GEORGES - Maigret and the Toy Village
63993: SIMMONS, MARC - People of the Sun: Some out-of-Fashion Southwesterners
58072: SIMMONS, DAN (B. 1948). - Going After the Rubber Chicken; Dan Simmons Presents Three Guest of Honor Speeches.
15026: SIMON, ROGER L. - Wild Turkey.
64795: SIMON, ANDRE - Wine in Shakespeare's Days and Shakespeare's Plays
3547: SIMON, GEORGE T. - The Feeling of Jazz.
62373: SIMPSON, LESLEY BYRD (TRANSLATOR) - The Laws of Burgos of 1512-1513: Royal Ordinances for the Good Government and Treatment of the Indians
63272: HILTON-SIMPSON, M.W., B.SC. - Arab Medicine & Surgery: A Study of the Healing Art in Algeria
60213: SIMPSON, SIR GEORGE - London Correspondence Inward from Sir George Simpson, 1841-42
53947: SIMPSON, CLAUDE M. - The British Broadside Ballad and Its Music
65353: SIMPSON, HENRY I. - The Emigrant's Guide to the Gold Mines
65889: SIMPSON, LESLEY BYRD (EDITOR) - The San Saba Papers: A Documentary Account of the Founding and Destruction of San Saba Mission
66259: SINCLAIR, UPTON - What God Means to Me: An Attempt at a Working Religion

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