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60617: PFLUEGER, DONALD H. - Covina: Sunflowers, Citrus, Subdivisions
66449: PFLUEGER, DONALD H. - Glendora: The Annals of a Southern California Community
58726: PHELAN, REGINA V. - The Gold Chain: A California Family Saga
62739: KEOGHAN, PHIL WITH WARREN BERGER - No Opportunity Wasted: 8 Ways to Create a List for the Life You Want
61309: JACKSON, PHIL AND HUGH DELEHANTY - Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success
51645: YOUNG, PHILIP AND CHARLES W. MANN - The Hemingway Manuscripts: An Inventory
51646: YOUNG, PHILIP AND CHARLES W. MANN - The Hemingway Manuscripts: An Inventory
14706: ARIES, PHILIPPE AND GEORGES DUBY (EDITORS). - A History of Private Life.
5613: PHILIPPI, HERBERT. - Stagecraft and Scene Design.
56114: PHILLIPS, CARYL - The Nature of Blood
62189: PHILLIPS, E.G., M.A., M.SC. - Functions of a Complex Variable, with Applications
48908: PHILLIPS, CATHERINE COFFIN - Cornelius Cole: California Pioneer and United States Senator
65164: PHILLIPS, H.I. - Bootlegging Etiquette
58724: PHILLIPS, CATHERINE COFFIN - Cornelius Cole: California Pioneer and United States Senator
55235: PHILLIPSON, JOHN S. - Thomas Wolfe: A Reference Guide
60355: PHILPOT, GLYN - Glyn Philpot, 1884-1937
63732: PICCOLO, FRANCISCO MARIA, S.J. - Informe on the New Province of California 1702
66175: PICKFORD, MARY - The Demi-Widow
52051: BERNARDIN DE SAINT-PIERRE - Paul Et Virginie
64478: PIERREFEU, JEAN DE - Plutarch Lied (Plutarch a Menti)
56728: PIGGOTT, STUART (EDITOR) - Sale Catalogues of Libraries of Eminent Persons, Volume 10: Antiquaries
48534: PIKE, WENTWORTH E., JR. - Eskimos of Wales, Alaska
57848: PIKE, DOUGLAS (GENERAL EDITOR) - Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 1: 1788-1850, a-H
57849: PIKE, DOUGLAS (GENERAL EDITOR) - Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 2: 1788-1850, I-Z
64141: PIKE, WARBURTON - Barren Ground of Northern Canada
58925: PIKE, ZEBULON MONTGOMERY - The Journals of Zebulon Montgomery Pike, with Letters and Related Documents
61730: PINGENOT, BEN E. - Siringo
59679: PINSKY, ROBERT - The Figured Wheel: New and Collected Poems, 1966-1996
60903: PIRO, RICHARD - Black Fiddler
66478: PISTOLE, LARRY M. - The Pictorial History of the Flying Tigers
50647: VON PIVKA, OTTO - Napoleon's German Allies (1): Westfalia and Kleve-Berg
65146: PIXLEY, LINDA LOUISE - A History of Los Angeles Women, 1850-1900
62850: PLATH, SYLVIA - The Colossus and Other Poems
64934: PLATH, SYLVIA - The It-Doesn't-Matter Suit
60991: PLEASANTS, MRS. J.E. - History of Orange County, California
58846: PLEASANTS, JOSEPH E. - The Cattle Drives of Joseph E. Pleasants from Baja California in 1867 and 1868
59834: PLEASANTS, JOSEPH E. - The Cattle Drives of Joseph E. Pleasants from Baja California in 1867 and 1868
54021: PLOMER, HENRY R. - A Short History of English Printing, 1476-1900
65022: PLUMMER, RACHAEL - Rachael Plummer's Narrative of Twenty-One Months Servitude As a Prisoner Among the Comanche Indians
56749: PLUNKET, ROBERT - Love Junkie
48709: PLUTARCH - Plutarch's Quyete of Mynde: Translated by Thomas Wyat
64992: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Raven
66736: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Raven, Together with the Philosophy of Composition
65111: POE, EDGAR ALLAN - The Journal of Julius Rodman
66757: POGUE, FORREST C. - George C. Marshall
65018: POHL, FREDERIK - Slave Ship
66715: POHLMANN, ULRICH (EDITOR) - Frank Eugene: The Dream of Beauty
6467: POINTER, MICHAEL. - The Sherlock Holmes File.
48673: POINTER, LARRY - In Search of Butch Cassidy
6344: POLE, J.R. - Paths to the American Past.
61866: POLGAR, LASZLO, S.J. - Bibliography of the History of the Society of Jesus
13334: POLIER, JUSTINE WISE. - The Rule of Law and the Role of Psychiatry.
61719: POLITI, LEO - Bunker Hill - Los Angeles: Reminiscences of Bygone Days
57369: POLITI, LEO - Bunker Hill - Los Angeles: Reminiscences of Bygone Days
62359: POLITI, LEO - Bunker Hill - Los Angeles: Reminiscences of Bygone Days
63101: POLITI, LEO - Bunker Hill - Los Angeles: Reminiscences of Bygone Days
64631: POLITI, LEO - Moy Moy
59287: POLK, FRANK - F-F-F-Frank Polk: An Uncommonly Frank Autobiography
56349: POLK, JAMES KNOX - Correspondence of James K. Polk, Volume II: 1833-1834
64355: POLLAK, MARTHA D. - Turin, 1564-1680 Urban Design, Military Culture, and the Creation of the Absolutist Capital
56265: POLOS, NICHOLAS C. - San Dimas: Preserving the Western Spirit
62200: POLYA, G. - Mathematics and Plausible Reasoning: Induction and Analogy in Mathematics and Patterns of Plausible Inference
56278: POMEROY, ELIZABETH - Lost and Found: Historic and Natural Landmarks of the San Gabriel Valley
5528: POPE, W. MACQUEEN. - Ladies First. The Story of Woman's Conquest of the English Stage.
64320: POPOFF, MARTIN - Ye Olde Metal: 1976
64322: POPOFF, MARTIN - All Access: The Art and History of the Backstage Pass
65152: PORCH, DOUGLAS - The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of the Legendary Fighting Force
65966: PORGES, IRWIN - Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan
63422: PORTER, MAJOR WHITWORTH - Life in the Trenches Before Sebastopol
22366: PORTER, HAL (EDITOR) - Coast to Coast: Australian Stories 1961-1962
52711: PORTER, HENRY M. - Pencilings of an Early Western Pioneer
60855: PORTER, HENRY M. - Pencilings of an Early Western Pioneer
66315: POTTER, BEATRIX - The Fairy Caravan
66561: POTTER, PARACLETE (1780-1858) - Potter's Compend. Tactics of the Infantry of the U.S. Army, Abridged, for the Use of the Militia of the United States.
47844: POTTERTON, GERALD - The Star (and George)
61421: POULSEN, RICHARD C. - The Mountain Man Vernacular: Its Historical Roots, Its Linguistic Nature, and Its Literary Uses
51943: POUND, EZRA - The Letters of Ezra Pound, 1907-1941
4603: POURADE, RICHARD F. - Gold in the Sun.
50255: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Books West Southwest: Essays on Writers, Their Books, and Their Land
61950: POWELL, DONALD M. - New Mexico and Arizona in the Serial Set, 1846-1861
59037: POWELL, WALTER A. - The Pilgrims and Their Religious, Intellectual and CIVIC Life
60305: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Southwestern Book Trails: A Reader's Guide to the Heartland of New Mexico and Arizona
64871: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK (EDITOR), BETTY ROSENBERG (EDITOR), DONALD M. POWELL (EDITOR), W. DAVID LAIRD (EDITOR), ET AL - Books of the Southwest: A Critical Checklist of Current Southwestern Americana
60755: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Books West Southwest: Essays on Writers, Their Books, and Their Land
64092: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - ... And Brown" a Chronicle of B.F. Stevens & Brown, Ltd. , Library and Fine Arts Agents of London, with Emphasis on the Years Since 1902
58556: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Act of Enchantment: An Address Delivered at the Annunal Banquet for 1960 of the Historical Society of New Mexico at Las Cruces, New Mexico
57604: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Susanna's Secret or the Lost Mozart Letters
66488: POWELL, H.M.T. - The Santa Fe Trail to California, 1849-1852: The Journal and Drawings of H.M. T. Powell
55804: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Susanna's Secret or the Lost Mozart Letters
55281: BADEN-POWELL, B.H., M.A., C.I.E. - The Indian Village Community
65252: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Librarians As Readers of Books
61287: POWELL, LAWRENCE CLARK - Philosopher Pickett
66479: POWERS, STEPHEN - Afoot and Alone; a Walk from Sea to Sea by the Southern Route. Adventures and Observations in Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Etc.
65016: POWERS, TIM - Declare
60512: POWYS, LLEWELYN - Thomas Bewick, 1753-1828
22395: DAVIS-POYNTER, R.G. (EDITOR) - For Freedom: Theirs and Ours
16459: PRESCOTT, WILLIAM HICKLING - The Literary Memoranda of William Hickling Prescott
12852: PRESTON, IVAN L. - The Great American Blow-Up. Puffery in Advertising and Selling.
55831: PRICE, RYAN LEE - Glendora
50313: PRICKETT, R.J. - Treetops: Story of a World Famous Hotel
50980: PRIEST, JOHN MICHAEL - Before Antietam: The Battle for South Mountain
47144: PRIESTLEY, J.B. - Papers from Lilliput
64670: PRIESTMAN, E.Y. - With a B. -P. Scout in Gallipoli: A Record of the Belton Bulldogs
65226: PRISTO, L.J., PH.D. - Martele 950 -1000 Fine: Gorham's Nouveau Art Silver
58779: PRITCHARD, JAMES A. - The Overland Diary of James A. Pritchard from Kentucky to California in 1849
61298: PRITCHARD, JAMES A. - The Overland Diary of James A. Pritchard from Kentucky to California in 1849
65917: PRITCHARD, JAMES A. - The Overland Diary of James A. Pritchard from Kentucky to California in 1849
65955: PRITCHETT, V.S. - The Turn of the Years
47078: PROKOSCH, FREDERIC - Death at Sea
64662: PRONIN, BARBARA - West Covina: Fulfilling the Promise
821723622: PRONZINI, BILL - Jackpot
66660: PROPERTIUS OR SEXTUS PROPERTIUS - Sex. Aurelii Propertii Elegiarum Libri Quatuor Ad Fidem Veterum Membranarum Sedulo Castigati. Accedunt Notae, & Terni Indices Quorum Primus Omnes Voces Propertianas Complectitur
49187: PROULX, ANNIE - Close Range: Wyoming Stories
66120: PRYOR, AINSLIE - The Baby Blue Cat and the Dirty Dog Brothers
61945: PRZYGODA, JACEK (EDITOR), ET AL - Polish Americans in California, 1827-1977, and Who's Who and Polish Americans in California, Volume II
22018: PUDNEY, JOHN - It Breathed Down My Neck: A Selection of Stories
48613: PULLMAN, PHILIP - The Golden Compass
62828: PURCELL, ROBERT M. - Merle Armitage Was Here! a Retrospective of a 20th Century Renaissance Man
63327: PURYEAR, VERNON JOHN, PH.D. - England, Russia, and the Straits Question 1844-1856
66735: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - Gabriel: A Poem in One Song
66732: PUSHKIN, ALEXANDER - Gabriel: A Poem in One Song
59761: PUTNAM, GEORGE HAVEN - A Prisoner of War in Virginia, 1864-5
982574059: QUANDT, WILLIAM B. - Decade of Decisions: American Policy Toward the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1967-1976
64998: QUAW, REVEREND JAMES E. WRITING AS DOCTOR SPRINGWATER OF NORTH AMERICA - The Cold-Water Man; or, a Pocket Companion for the Temperate
63985: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The White Elephant Mystery
63987: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The Blue Herring Mystery
63983: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The Red Chipmunk Mystery
63984: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The Green Turtle Mystery
63979: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The Purple Bird Mystery
63980: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The Black Dog Mystery
63981: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The Golden Eagle Mystery
63982: QUEEN, ELLERY, JR. - The Brown Fox Mystery
49438: DE QUEIROZ, ECA - The Illustrious House of Ramires
54931: ECA DE QUEIROZ - The Relic
61333: QUETEL, CLAUDE - The History of Syphilis
60718: DE QUINCY, THOMAS - California and the Gold Mania
59369: HAWKINS, BRUCE R. AND DAVID B. MADSEN, ET AL - Excavation of the Donner-Reed Wagons: Historic Archaeology Along the Hastings Cutoff
51842: TAYLOR, E.G.R. AND M.W. RICHEY - The Geometrical Seaman: A Book of Early Nautical Instruments
65790: CUMPIANO, WILLIAM R. AND JONATHAN D. NATELSON - Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology A Complete Reference for the Design and Construction of the Steel-String Folk Guitar and the Classical Guitar
63390: [RACKHAM, ARTHUR] - The Land of Enchantment
60530: RADFORD, CLAIRE - Footsteps to the Past: True Tales of the San Gabriel Valley
978536654: RADVANYI, JANOS - Delusion and Reality: Gambits, Hoaxes & Diplomatic One-Upmanship in Vietnam
65875: RAEL, JUAN B., PH.D. - Cuentos Espanoles de Colorado Y Nuevo Mexico (Spanish Folk Tales from Colorado and New Mexico), Spanish Language Originals with English Summaries
49789: RAFIQ, B.A. - The Afghan Martyrs: The Tragic Tale of the First Martyrs of Ahmadiyyat in Kabul, Afghanistan
50095: RAFKIN, ALAN - Cue the Bunny on the Rainbow: Tales from Tv's Most Prolific Sitcom Director
64961: LAITIO-RAMONE, JARI-PEKKA - Heaven Needed a Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone
64962: LAITIO-RAMONE, JARI-PEKKA - Rock in Peace: Dee Dee and Joey Ramone
62746: RAMPERSAD, ARNOLD - The Life of Langston Hughes
63647: RAMSAY, W.M. - The Cities of St. Paul: Their Influence on His Life and Thought
66607: RAND, AYN - The Fountainhead
57619: RANKIN, IAN - Strip Jack
55060: RANSOM, JAY ELLIS - A Range Guide to Mines and Minerals: How and Where to Find Valuable Ores and Minerals in the United States
56723: RANSOME, GRACE GREENLEAF - Puppets and Shadows: A Bibliography
65261: RAPHAEL, RAY - An Everyday History of Somewhere: Being the True Story of Indians, Deer, Homesteaders, Potatoes, Loggers, Trees, Fishermen, Salmon, & Other Living Things in the Backwoods of Northern California
65485: RAPOPORT, I.C. - Sixty Strange Days: An Experience in Words and Pictures
66285: MADAWI AL RASHEED - Politics in an Arabian Oasis: The Rashidi Tribal Dynasty
61735: RASHID, KARIM - Karimspace: The Interior Design and Architecture of Karim Rashid
66565: RASSINIER, PAUL - Debunking the Genocide Myth: A Study of the Nazi Concentration Camps and the Alleged Extermination of European Jewry
58815: RATHER, LOIS - Jessie Fremont at Black Point
4801: RAU, SANTHA RAMA. - Gifts of Passage.
64498: RAW, DAVID - It's Only Me" a Life of the Reverend Theodore Bayley Hardy, V.C. , D.S. O. , M.C. , 1863-1918, Vicar of Hutton Roof, Westmorland
59671: RAY, ARTHUR J. - Indians in the Fur Trade: Their Role As Trappers, Hunters, and Middlemen in the Lands Southwest of Hudson Bay, 1660-1870
57827: RAY, BENOY GOPAL, M.A. - Contemporary Indian Philosophers
59796: READ, NAT B. - Don Benito Wilson: From Mountain Man to Mayor, Los Angeles, 1841 to 1878
66446: REAGAN, RONALD - Speaking My Mind: Selected Speeches
66445: REAGAN, RONALD - An American Life: The Autobiography
59748: REARDON, JOAN - Poet of the Appetites: The Lives and Loves of M.F. K. Fisher
65626: REBHOLZ, RONALD A. - The Life of Fulke Greville: First Lord Brooke
66154: RECHY, JOHN - City of Night
55938: REED, ISHMAEL - Chattanooga
13042: REED, JOHN R. - The Natural History of H.G. Wells.
13904: REED, MYRTLE. - The Master's Violin.
987384814: REEMAN, DOUGLAS - Adventures on the High Seas: True Sea Stories from Captain Bligh to the Nautilus
64175: REEVES, EILEEN - Painting the Heavens Art and Science in the Age of Galileo
12014: REEVES, JOHN P. (EDITOR). - Microbial Permeability.
22817: REHDER, JESSIE (EDITOR) - The Story at Work: An Anthology
55674: REID, CHARLES F. (EDITOR) - Bibliography of the Island of Guam
51448: REIK, THEODOR - Ritual: Psycho-Analytic Studies
22316: O'REILLY, EDWARD - A Chronological Account of Nearly Four Hundred Irish Writers with a Descriptive Catalogue of Their Works
65709: REINHART, MARK S. - The Batman Filmography: Live-Action Features, 1943-1997
66494: REMONDINO, P.C., M.D. - The Mediterranean Shores of America. Southern California: Its Climatic, Physical, and Meteorological Conditions.
56758: RENDELL, KENNETH W. - A Selection from the Exhibition with Weapons and Wits: Propaganda and Psychological Warfare in World War II - the Collection of Kenneth W. Rendell
66648: RESCHER, NICHOLAS - Leibniz and Cryptography: An Account on the Occasion of the Initial Exhibition of the Reconstruction of Leibniz's Cipher Machine
12510: REVI, ALBERT CHRISTIAN - American Art Nouveau Glass
57762: REZNIKOFF, CHARLES - The Manner Music
11129: RHODE, ELEANOR SINCLAIRE. - The Old World Pleasaunce. An Anthology.
52382: RICE, ANNE WRITING AS A.N. ROQUELAURE - Beauty's Punishment
12182: RICE, ALICE HEGAN. - Lovey Mary.
65015: RICE, ANNE - Pandora: New Tales of the Vampires
61703: RICH, E.E. - Montreal and the Fur Trade: Beatty Memorial Lectures
52931: RICHARDS, W. GRAHAM - The Problems of Chemistry
60233: RICHARDS, I.A. - Coleridge on Imagination
64684: RICHARDS, FRANK, D.C.M., M.M. - Old Soldiers Never Die
61777: RICHARDSON, BENJAMIN WARD, M.A., M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. - The Temperance Lesson Book: A Series of Short Lessons on Alcohol and Its Action on the Body
58293: RICHARDSON, RUPERT NORVAL - The Frontier of Northwest Texas, 1846-1876: Advance and Defense by the Pioneer Settlers of the Cross Timbers and Prairies
60402: RICHEY, ELINOR - Eminent Women of the West
57790: RICHOU, GABRIEL - Inventaire de la Collection Des Ouvrages Et Documents Reunis Par J. -F. Payen Et J. -B. Bastide Sur Michel de Montagne
65855: RICHTER, SIMON (EDITOR) - Goethe Yearbook: Publications of the Goethe Society of North America, Volume XI
21852: RIDPATH, JOHN CLARK - Beyond the Sierras: A Tour of Sixty Days Through the Valleys of California
51846: RIGGS, SUSAN F. - A Catalogue of the John Steinbeck Collection at Stanford University
9067: RILEY, ALICE C.D. - Aesop in Modern Dress.
51800: RILEY, PETER - A Bibliography of T.F. Powys
59784: RILEY, ALAN J. (EDITOR), ET AL - Sexual Pharmacology
66365: FIENUP-RIORDAN, ANN - Yuungnaqpiallerput / the Way We Genuinely Live: Masterworks of Yup'Ik Science and Survival
3890: RISLEY, MARY. - The House of Healing. The Story of the Hospital.
65295: RITTER, CHRIS - Eleven Lyrics Based on the Odes of Anacreon
64773: RITTS, HERB - Herb Ritts: Pictures
66582: RIZZI, ALDO - The Etchings of the Tiepolos: Complete Edition
61151: ROBB, JAMES, LL.D. - Notable Angling Literature
58318: ROBB, JOHN DONALD - Hispanic Folk Music of New Mexico and the Southwest: A Self-Portrait of a People
50811: WILKINSON-LATHAM, ROBERT AND CHRISTOPHER - Infantry Uniforms, Including Artillery and Other Supporting Troops of Britain and the Commonwealth 1742-1855 in Color
982573997: BOETTCHER, ROBERT WITH GORDON L. FREEDMAN - Gifts of Deceit: Sun Myung Moon, Tongsun Park, and the Korean Scandal
51453: ZWIRZ, ROBERT AND MORTY MARSHALL - The Young Sportsman's Guide to Fly Fishing, Including Proper Fly Selection
66448: WAGNER, ROBERT WITH SCOTT EYMAN - Pieces of My Heart: A Life
65426: DAWSON, ROBERT AND GRAY BRECHIN - Farewell, Promised Land: Waking from the California Dream
65129: ROBERTS, LOIS W. - Anacapa Island
66724: ROBERTS, DON - Rockwell Kent: The Art of the Bookplate
64661: ROBERTSON, JOHN W. - Francis Drake & Other Early Explorers Along the Pacific Coast
58694: ROBIDOUX, ORRAL MESSMORE - Memorial to the Robidoux Brothers: A History of the Robidouxs in America
62480: ROBINSON, ZIRKLE D. - The Robinson-Rosenberger Journey to the Gold Fields of California, 1849-1850: The Diary of Zirkle D. Robinson
65547: ROBINSON, HENRY PEACH - Les Elements D'Une Photographie Artistique
63352: ROBINSON, FREDERICK, M.D. - Diary of the Crimean War
59725: ROBINSON, JOHN W. - The San Bernardinos: The Mountain Country from Cajon Pass to Oak Glen, Two Centuries of Changing Use
65754: ROBINSON, ORRIN W. - Old English and Its Closest Relatives: A Survey of the Earliest Germanic Languages
59801: ROBINSON, JOHN W. - Los Angeles in CIVIL War Days, 1860-65
66474: ROBINSON, W.W. - Ranchos Become Cities
59800: ROBINSON, JOHN W. - Southern California's First Railroad: The Los Angeles & San Pedro Railroad, 1869-1873
66765: ROBINSON, GERALD H. - Elusive Truth: Four Photographers at Manzanar
57926: ROBINSON, JOHN W. - The San Bernardinos: The Mountain Country from Cajon Pass to Oak Glen, Two Centuries of Changing Use
59012: ROBINSON, WILL H. - The Story of Arizona
20705: RODEWALD, COSMO - Money in the Age of Tiberius
65915: RODINSON, MAXIME - Mohammed
55282: ROEMING, ROBERT F. - Camus: A Bibliography
54130: ROETHKE, THEODORE - Selected Letters of Theodore Roethke
62537: ROGERS, NEVILLE (COMPILER) - Keats, Shelley and Rome: An Illustrated Miscellany
65312: ROGERS, FRED BLACKBURN - William Brown Ide, Bear Flagger
58833: ROGERS, FRED B. - Bear Flag Lieutenant: The Life Story of Henry L. Ford [822-1860] Togther with Some Reproductions of Related and Contemporary Paintings by Alexander Edouart
50921: ROGERS, COL. H.C.B. - Napoleon's Army
64436: ROGERS, GINGER - Ginger: My Story
66399: ROGERS, KARL - Participatory Democracy, Science and Technology: An Exploration in the Philosophy of Science
62939: ROJAS, ARNOLD - Vaqueros and Buckeroos
63290: ROJAS, ARNOLD - Vaqueros and Buckeroos
63306: ROJAS, ARNOLD R. - These Were the Vaqueros: Collected Works of Arnold R. Rojas
58429: ROJAS, A.R. - The Vaquero
57751: ROLLE, ANDREW - John Charles Fremont: Character As Destiny
57692: ROLLE, ANDREW F. - The Immigrant Upraised: Italian Adventurers and Colonists in an Expanding America
64872: ROLLE, ANDREW F. - An American in California: The Biography of William Heath Davis, 1822-1909
54152: ROLLE, ANDREW F. - The Immigrant Upraised: Italian Adventurers and Colonists in an Expanding America
56128: ROLLET, ETIENNE - Traite D'Ophtalmoscopie
52778: ROLLINS, HYDER EDWARD (EDITOR) - Brittons Bowre of Delights 1591
55999: ROLLINS, HYDER EDWARD (EDITOR) - Brittons Bowre of Delights 1591
55794: ROMAN, N.G. (EDITOR) - Comparison of the Large-Scale Structure of the Galactic System with That of Other Stellar Systems
5211: HUBBARD, L. RON AND KEVIN J. ANDERSON. - Ai! Pedrito! -When Intelligence Goes Wrong.
65255: PADGETT, RON AND JIM DINE - The Adventures of Mr and Mrs Jim and Ron
55733: AYLING, RONALD AND MICHAEL J. DURKAN - Sean O'Casey: A Bibliography
22972: ROOT, RILEY - Journal of Travels from St. Josephs to Oregon, with Observations of That Country, Together with a Description of California, Its Agricultural Interests, and a Full Description of Its Gold Mines
22973: ROOT, RILEY - Journal of Travels from St. Josephs to Oregon, with Observations of That Country, Together with a Description of California, Its Agricultural Interests, and a Full Description of Its Gold Mines
12386: ROOT, E. MERRILL - The Light Wind over
12384: ROOT, E. MERRILL - Seeds of Time
65254: ROQUEFEUIL, CAMILLE DE - Voyage Around the World, 1816-1819, and Trading for Sea Otter Fur on the Northwest Coast of America
60959: ROSALES, VICENTE PEREZ - California Adventure
46608: ROSE, HENRY - The Works of Henry Rose
63963: ROSENBACH, A.S.W. - A Book Hunter's Holiday: Adventures with Books and Manuscripts
66693: ROSENBLUM, NAOMI - A World History of Photography
66686: ROSENHEIM, JEFF (EDITOR) - Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans: Documentary and Anti-Graphic Photographs: A Reconstruction of the 1935 Exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery in New York
21728: ROSS, ALAN (EDITOR) - Stories from the London Magazine
61869: ROSS, STEVEN J. - Workers on the Edge: Work, Leisure, and Politics in Industrializing Cincinnati, 1788-1890
48409: ROSS, ROBERT - Monty Python Encyclopedia
23010: ROSS, ALAN (EDITOR) - London Magazine Stories 6
23011: ROSS, ALAN (EDITOR) - London Magazine Stories 4
15121: ROSS, MARVIN C. - The Art of Karl Faberge and His Contemporaries. With a Foreword by Majorie Merriweather Post.
57947: ROSSE, IRVING C. (1842-1901) AND JOHN MUIR (1838-1914), ET AL. - Cruise of the Revenue Steamer Corwin in Alaska and the N.W. Arctic Ocean in 1881. Notes and Memoranda: Medical and Anthropological; Botanical; Ornithological.
21092: ROSSI, B.V. - Modern Roses in Australasia: A Practical and Complete Guide for Amateur Growers in This and Similar Climatic Countries
20101: ROSTEN, NORMAN - The Big Road: A Narrative Poem
65297: LOBANOV-ROSTOVSKY, PRINCE ANDREI (1892-1979) - The Grinding MILL: Reminiscences of War and Revolution in Russia, 1913-1920
55300: ROSTOW, EUGENE V. - A National Policy for the Oil Industry
23103: ROTH, SAMUEL (EDITOR) - American Aphrodite: A Quarterly for the Fancy-Free - Volume One, Number Three
53081: ROTH, BARRY - An Annotated Bibliography of Jane Austen Studies, 1973-83
23030: ROTH, SAMUEL (EDITOR) - American Aphrodite: A Quarterly for the Fancy-Free - Volume One, Number Four
23107: ROTH, SAMUEL (EDITOR) - American Aphrodite: A Quarterly for the Fancy-Free - Volume Three, Number Nine
23105: ROTH, SAMUEL (EDITOR) - American Aphrodite: A Quarterly for the Fancy-Free - Volume Two, Number Eight
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58939: WATERTON, CHARLES, ESQ. - Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the Years 1812, 1816, 1820, & 1824, with Original Instructions for the Perfect Preservation of Birds, &C. For Cabinets of Natural History
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64823: WEEKS, DELLA JERMAN - Legends of the War
63655: WEIDENSAUL, SCOTT - Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds
5415: WEINER, MARGERY. - Matters of Felony. A True Tale of 18th Century Ireland.

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