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67479: HENDERSON, LAURENCE - Sitting Target
53678: HENDERSON, ROBERT W. - Early American Sport: A Chronological Check-List of Books Published Prior to 1860 Based on an Exhibition Held at the Grolier Club
68249: HENDERSON, FERGUS - Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking
65545: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD - Mark Twain
64549: HENDERSON, BRUCE - Hero Found: The Greatest Pow Escape of the Vietnam War
62394: HENNESSY, ALISTAIR - The Frontier in Latin American History
67835: HUBERT, HENRI AND MARCEL MAUSS - Sacrifice: Its Nature and Function
5284: HENRY, PAUL MARC. - Africa Aeterna. The Pictorial Chronicle of a Continent. Translated by Joel Carmichael.
62713: MANCINI, HENRY WITH GENE LEES - Did They Mention the Music?
62798: MANCINI, HENRY WITH GENE LEES - Did They Mention the Music?
64652: HENRY, CARL J. - Prohibition and Political Persuasion in Missouri
64794: HENTY, G.A. - Jack Archer
53254: HEPPNER, DARRELL - Great Children's Illustrators: 1880-1930
13742: HERBERT, A.P. - Topsy, M.P.
59218: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Quiet Cities
58767: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Triall by Armies
58891: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - The Bright Shawl
58892: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH - Sheridan
67372: HERMAN, DAVID (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Companion to Narrative
58781: HERNU, SANDY - Q: The Life of Desmond Llewelyn
65901: HERRERA, HAYDEN - Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo
63281: HERRICK, ROBERT - Clark's Field
68112: HERRIMAN, GEORGE - Geo. Herriman's Krazy & Ignatz, Volume 1: The Dailies 1918-1919
65300: HERT, CARL AS TOLD TO MARTHA MCMILLIN - Tracking the Big Cats
65187: HERT, CARL AS TOLD TO MARTHA MCMILLIN - Tracking the Big Cats
982573906: HERZ, MARTIN F. - 215 Days in the Life of an American Ambassador (Diary Notes from Sofia, Bulgaria)
67880: HESIOD - Hesiod's Works and Days: A Translation and Commentary for the Social Sciences by David W. Tandy and Walter C. Neale
68359: HESIOD - Hesiod's Works and Days: A Translation and Commentary for the Social Sciences by David W. Tandy and Walter C. Neale
48372: HEWISON, ROBERT - Under Siege: Literary Life in London, 1939-1945
56058: HEWITT, RANDALL H. - Across the Plains and over the Divide: A Mule Train Journey from East to West in 1862, and Incidents Connected Therewith
57260: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Lady of Quality
57259: HEYER, GEORGETTE - Charity Girl
63938: HICHENS, ROBERT - The Near East: Dalmatia, Greece and Constantinople
60589: HICKS, JIMMIE - W.W. Robinson: A Biography and a Bibliography
57535: HIGGINS, AIDAN - Scenes from a Receding Past
13315: CLARK, MARY HIGGINS AND CAROL HIGGINS CLARK. - He Sees You When You'Re Sleeping.
22425: HIGHAM, CHARLES (EDITOR) - Australian Writing Today
62050: HIGHFILL, PHILIP H., JR., KALMAN A. BURNIM, AND EDWARD A. LANGHANS - A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers & Other Stage Personnel in London, 1660-1800, Volume 1: Abaco to Belfille and Volume 2: Belfort to Byzand
63166: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA - Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction
49954: HIGHWATER, JAMAKE - Songs for the Seasons
67412: HIGNETT, C. - Xerxes' Invasion of Greece
61479: HILL, W.W. - An Ethnography of Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico
59237: HILL, WILLIAM H. - A Brief History of the Printing Press in Washington, Saratoga, and Warren Counties, State of New York: Together with a Check List of Their Publications Prior to 1825, and a Selection of Books Relating Particularly to This Vicinity
64702: HILL, ANTHONY - Soldier Boy: The True Story of Jim Martin, the Yougest Anzac
58501: HILL, JASPER S. - The Letters of a Young Miner, Covering the Adventures of Jasper S. Hill During the California Gold Rush, 1849-1852
53359: HILL, ROBERT T. - Southern California Geology and Los Angeles Earthquakes: With an Introduction to the Physical Geography of the Region
55197: HILL, FRANK PIERCE - American Plays Printed 1714-1830: A Bibliographical Record
67503: HILL, REGINALD - Exit Lines: A Dalziel-Pascoe Murder Mystery
62569: HILLEARY, ROGER - A Grand Place: John Steinbeck's Homes in Pacific Grove and Monterey
65272: HILLEGAS, HOWARD C. - Oom Paul's People: A Narrative of the British-Boer Troubles in South Africa, with a History of the Boers, the Country, and Its Institutions
65291: HILLEGAS, HOWARD C. - The Boers in War: The Story of the British-Boer War of 1899-1900, As Seen from the Boer Side, with a Description of the Men and Methods of the Republican Armies
67661: HILLERMAN, TONY - The Fly on the Wall
48320: HILLIER, BEVIS - Young Betjeman; Betjeman: New Fame, New Love; and Betjeman: The Bonus of Laughter
47211: HILPRECHT, H.V. - In the Temple of Bel at Nippur: A Lecture Delivered Before German Court and University Circles
68126: HILSCHER, HERBERT H. - Alaska Now
67369: HILTEBEITEL, ALF - Rethinking India's Oral and Classical Epics: Draupadi Among Rajputs, Muslims, and Dalits
15411: HILTON, GEORGE W. - Monon Route.
59280: THOMPSON, THOMAS HINCKLEY AND ALBERT AUGUSTUS WEST - Reproduction of Thompson and West's History of Sacramento County, California
59927: HINDUS, MILTON - F. Scott Fitzgerald: An Introduction and Interpretation
48129: HINE, REV. ORLO D. - Early Lebanon: An Historical Address Delivered in Lebanon, Conn. , by Request, on the National Centennial, July, 4 1876
62256: HINSDALE, B.A., PH.D. - The Old Northwest, with a View of the Thirteen Colonies As Constituted by the Royal Charters
57997: HINTON, MILT (1910-2000) AND DAVID G. BERGER - Bass Line: The Stories and Photographs of Milt Hinton
68293: HIPPARCHUS - The Geographical Fragments of Hipparchus: Edited with an Introduction and Commentary by D.R. Dicks
68006: HIRSCH, SIDNEY M. - The Fire Regained
63207: VAN HISE, JAMES (EDITOR) - Pulp Magazine Thrillers: Heroes & Horrors of the '30s & '40s
61650: THE MONTEREY HISTORY AND ART ASSOCIATION - Noticias Del Puerto de Monterey: A Quarterly Bulletin of Historic Monterey Issued by the Monterey History and Art Association. Volume I, Number I - Volume LV, Number 4.
66818: HITKARI, S.S. - Autographs of Indian Personalities
21173: HITTELL, THEODORE HENRY - El Triunfo de la Cruz: A Description of the Building by Father Juan Ugarte of the First Ship Made in California
65105: HITTELL, JOHN S. - The Evidences Against Christianity
67077: HOBBES, THOMAS - On the Citizen
62760: HOCKNEY, DAVID - That's the Way I See It
68067: HODDER, IAN (EDITOR) - Archaeological Theory Today
16401: HOERNLE, R.F. ALFRED. - South African Native Policy and the Liberal Spirit.
64324: HOFER, DAVE - Perpetual Conversion: 30 Years & Counting in the Life of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker
61672: HOFFMAN, RICHARD J. - Florilegium Typographia
64793: HOFFMANN, PROFESSOR LOUIS (1839-1919) - The Illustrated Book of Patience Games (from the German)
67500: HOFFNER, HARRY A., JR. - Hittite Myths
59713: HOFKOSH, SONIA - Sexual Politics and the Romantic Author
66937: HOGAN, INEZ - Nappy Chooses a Pet
67139: HOGSHIRE, JIM - Opium for the Masses: A Practical Guide to Growing Poppies
49104: HOKANSON, NELS - Swedish Immigrants in Lincoln's Time
50199: HOKE, HELEN - Mrs. Silk
4874: HOLBROOK, STEWART H. - Promised Land. A Collection of Northwest Writing.
12442: HOLDE, D. - The Examination of Hydrocarbon Oils and of Saponifiable Fats and Waxes.
57972: HOLDER, CHARLES FREDERICK (1851-1915). - Life in the Open. Sport with Rod, Gun, Horse and Hound in Southern California.
62586: HOLLIDAY, J.S. - The World Rushed in: The California Gold Rush Experience
67618: HOLLIER, DENIS - Against Architecture: The Writings of Georges Bataille
65194: HOLLOWAY, LAURA C. - Adelaide Neilson: A Souvenir
61585: HOLMAN, WILLIAM ROGER - The Orphans' Nine Commandments: A Memoir
62812: HOLMES, PRESCOTT - The Story of Exploration and Adventure in Africa
64910: HOLMES, RICHARD - Riding the Retreat: Mons to the Marne 1914 Revisited
57069: HOLMES, GEORGE - The Florentine Enlightenment, 1400-1450
63660: HOLMES, EDMOND - The Holy Heretics: The Story of the Albigensian Crusade
67587: HOLST, IMOGEN - Gustav Holst: A Biography
61769: HOLT, MRS. M.A. - The Model Landlord
66348: HOLTAN, GENE (EDITOR) - Specimen Sheets Pulled from the Wood Type in Drawer Six. From the Cabinet at Green Gables and a Sheet or Two of Type from Friends.
11482: HOLTON, ISAAC F. - New Granada. Twenty Months in the Andes.
67530: HOLZBERG, NIKLAS - Ovid: The Poet and His Work
67198: HOOD, THOMAS - The Works of Thomas Hood, Edited by Epes Sargent
67550: HOOKE, S.H. (EDITOR) - Myth, Ritual, and Kingship: Essays on the Theory and Practice of Kingship in the Ancient Near East and in Israel
65398: HOOKER, J.T., ET AL - Reading the Past: Ancient Writing from Cuneiform to the Alphabet
66433: HOOVER, HERBERT - The Memoirs of Herbert Hoover: Years of Adventure, 1874-1920; the Cabinet and the Presidency, 1920-1933; [and] the Great Depression, 1929-1941
65405: HOPPEN, MICHAEL, MARC FEUSTEL, ET AL - Eyes of an Island: Japanese Photography 1945-2007
65933: HORAN, JAMES D. - The Gunfighters: The Authentic Wild West
66977: HORDERN, LIEUTENANT-COLONEL CHARLES - History of the Great War: Military Operations East Africa, Volume I: August 1914 - September 1916
57099: HORN, DAVID BAYNE - Great Britain and Europe in the Eighteenth Century
55455: HORODOWICH, ELIZABETH - Language and Statecraft in Early Modern Venice
68352: HOROWITZ, WAYNE - Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography
64250: HOSTETLER, LAURA - Qing Colonial Enterprise Ethnography and Cartography in Early Modern China
60091: HOSUEHOLD, GEOFFREY - The Third Hour
65142: HOUSE, CANDACE L. - The Galbraiths and the Kootenays
3117: HOUSEMAN, JOHN. - Front & Center.
5105: HOUSTON, JOHN PORTER. - Fictional Technique in France, 1802-1927. An Introduction.
67495: HOUSTON, STEPHEN, DAVID STUART, AND KARL TAUBE - The Memory of Bones: Body, Being, and Experience Among the Classic Maya
64547: HOVANNISIAN, RICHARD G. (EDITOR) - Armenian Tigranakert/Diarbekir and Edessa/Urfa
65584: HOVER, OTTO - Das Eisenwerk: Die Kunstformen Des Schmiedeeisens Vom Mittelalter Bis Zum Ausgang Des 18. Jahrhunderts
47485: HOWARD, EDWARD - Rattlin the Reefer
63748: HOWARD, THOMAS T. - The Novels of Charles Williams
64838: HOWARD, PRIVATE FRED - On Three Battle Fronts
66988: LINDSAY, HOWARD AND RUSSEL CROUSE - State of the Union
4513: HOWE, M.A. DEWOLFE. - Who Lived Here? a Baker's Dozen of Historic New England Houses and Their Occupants.
9162: HOWELL, JOHN THOMAS. - Marin Flora. Manual of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of Marin County, California.
53331: HOWELL, JOHN M. - John Gardner: A Bibliographical Profile
22318: HOWES, BARBARA (EDITOR) - From the Green Antilles: Writings of the Caribbean
55030: HRDLICKA, ALES - Physiological and Medical Observations Among the Indians of Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico
53454: HUBBARD, LUCIUS L. - Contributions Towards a Bibliography of Gulliver's Travels
55517: HUBBARD, ROBERT ERNEST - Last Survivors
55347: HUBBARD, HARRY D. - Building the Heart of an Empire
66087: HUBER, BERTRAND - Death and the Dowager
53338: HUDSON, ELIZABETH - A Bibliography of the First Editions of the Works of E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross
57823: HOYNINGEN-HUENE, GEORGE - Mexican Heritage
65100: HUGGINS, CHARLES BRENTON - Experimental Leukemia and Mammary Cancer: Induction, Prevention, Cure
62531: HUGHES, RUPERT - The Fairy Detective
66577: HUGHES, BRIAN, M.B.E. - Jock Mcavoy: "Portrait of a Fighting Legend"
65137: HUGHES, TED - Comics
66578: HUGHES, BRIAN - Jackie Brown... The Man, the Myth, the Legend
66620: HUGHES, BRIAN - For King & Country
5268: HULME, HAROLD. - The Life of Sir John Eliot, 1592 to 1632. Struggle for Parliamentary Freedom.
63354: HUME, JOHN R. - Reminiscences of the Crimean Campaign with the 55th Regiment
22276: HUMPHREY, MURIEL MILLER (EDITOR) - The Best Love Stories of 1924
57620: HUMPHREY, JOHN H. - Roman Circuses: Arenas for Chariot Racing
60899: HUMPHREYS, ARTHUR L., F.S.A., F.R.G.S. - Old Decorative Maps and Charts
51312: HUMPHREYS, A.R. - Essays and Studies 1970: Being Volume Twenty-Three of the New Series of Essays and Studies Collection for the English Association
61737: HUNDLEY, NORRIS, JR. - Dividing the Waters: A Century of Controversy between the United States and Mexico
47167: HUNEKER, JAMES - Painted Veils
54112: HUNSBERGER, WILLARD D. - Clarence Darrow: A Bibliography
20168: HUNT, ANN DORIAN BRICE - The Mythic Meaning of Christmas : Oh Come, Let Us Become Him!
65235: HUNT, LYNN BOGUE - An Artist's Game Bag
67776: HUNT, EVA - The Transformation of the Hummingbird: Cultural Roots of a Zinacantecan Mythical Poem
17059: HUNT, ROCKWELL D. - California's Stately Hall of Fame.
62156: HUNTER, LLOYD P. (EDITOR) - Handbook of Semiconductor Electronics: A Practical Manual Covering the Physics, Technology, and Circuit Applications of Transistors, Diodes and Photocells
66780: HUNTFORD, ROLAND (EDITOR) - The Amundsen Photographs
53830: HUNTINGTON, GALE - Songs the Whalemen Sang
63413: HURGRONJE, DR. C. SNOUCK - The Holy War: "Made in Germany
68022: LEEDS-HURWITZ, WENDY - Rolling in Ditches with Shamans: Jaime de Angulo and the Professionalism of American Anthropology
54417: HUSZAR, TIBOR - Cigani / Gypsies
50259: HUTCHINSON, LUCY - Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson, Governor of Nottingham Castle and Town
54651: HUTCHISON, T.W. - 'Positive' Economics and Policy Objectives
67874: HUTTON, WILLIAM - Describing Greece: Landscape and Literature in the Periegesis of Pausanias
63004: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Collected Works of Aldous Huxley: Mortal Coils
63008: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Collected Works of Aldous Huxley: Antic Hay
63012: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - The Collected Works of Aldous Huxley: Limbo
63018: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Vulgarity in Literature: Digressions from a Theme
62993: ALDOUS HUXLEY - The Collected Works of Aldous Huxley: Texts and Pretexts
51887: HYDE, WALTER WOODBURN - Ancient Greek Mariners
65791: HYSLOP, MAITLAND - Critical Information Infrastructures: Resilience and Protection
57481: STORER, TRACY I. AND LLOYD P. TEVIS, JR. - California Grizzly
66922: MCINNES, IAN AND MARK FRASER - Ashanti 1895-96
68066: HODDER, IAN AND SCOTT HUTSON - Reading the Past: Current Approaches to Interpretation in Archaeology
48647: IBSEN, HENRIK - Little Eyolf
67709: ICKE, VINCENT - The Force of Symmetry
58651: STONE, ILENE AND SUZANNA M. GRENZ - Jessie Benton Fremont: Missouri's Trailblazer
66982: ILES, GEORGE - Canadian Stories
66913: ILHAN, SUAT - Ataturk and the Military: Views and Implementations
65355: M'ILVAINE, WILLIAM, JR. - Sketches of Scenery and Notes of Personal Adventure in California & Mexico
63641: IMAMOVIC, I. - Outlines of Islamic Doctrine
62142: INCE, E.L., F.R.A.S., F.R.S.E. - Ordinary Differential Equations
54412: MCCLINTOCK, INEZ AND MARSHALL - Toys in America
48366: INNES, MICHAEL - The Appleby File: Detective Stories
47383: INNES, MICHAEL - Lord Mullion's Secret
66847: INOSANTO, DAN - A Guide to Martial Arts Training with Equipment - a Jeet Kune Do Guidebook: Volume One
68311: INSDORF, ANNETTE - Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust
66956: IRVING, CLIFFORD (1930-2017) - Autobiography of Howard Hughes
56079: IRVING, JOHN - Trying to Save Piggy Sneed
67889: IRVING, PHIL, M.B.E. - Restoring and Tuning Classic Motor Cycles
12625: IRVING, THEODORE. - The Conquest of Florida by Hernando de Soto.
67905: IRVING, PHIL, M.B.E. - Black Smoke
5522: IRVING, LAURENCE. - Henry Irving. The Actor and His World.
68346: FISHER, IRVING WITH ASSISTANCE FROM HARRY G. BROWN - The Purchasing Power of Money: Its Determination and Relation to Credit Interest and Crises
52025: ISAACS, A.C. - An Ascent of Mount Shasta: 1856
66198: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Goodbye to Berlin
66191: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Lions and Shadows: An Education in the Twenties
66189: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Prater Violet
66196: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Goodbye to Berlin
66210: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Lions and Shadows: An Education in the Twenties
66200: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Vedanta for Modern Man
66195: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Lions and Shadows: An Education in the Twenties
65909: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - My Guru and His Disciple
67705: ISOARDI, STEVEN L. - The Dark Tree: Jazz and the Community Arts in Los Angeles
55871: ISSLER, ANNE ROLLER - Our Mountain Heritage: Silverado and Robert Louis Stevenson
55710: ISSLER, ANNE ROLLER - Happier for His Presence: San Francisco and Robert Louis Stevenson
65409: ITURBIDE, GRACIELA (B.1942) - Eyes to Fly with: Portraits, Self-Portraits, and Other Photographs
67908: REYNOLDS, IVAN WITH HELEN AMBROFF REYNOLDS - The Treasure of Charter Oak: Growing Up in the Masonic Home for Children, 1928-1938
67549: IZZET, VEDIA - The Archaeology of Etruscan Society
65853: STASIULEVICIUS, J. AND A. SKRINSKA - Heat Transfer of Finned Tube Bundles in Crossflow
67359: WILLIS, K.J. AND J.C. MCELWAIN - The Evolution of Plants
58794: FRIEDMAN, MELVIN J. AND JOHN B. VICKERY (EDITORS) - The Shaken Realist: Essays in Modern Literature in Honor of Frederick J. Hoffman
60851: CARMAN, HARRY J. AND ARTHUR W. THOMPSON - A Guide to the Principal Sources for American Civilization, 1800-1900, in the City of New York: Manuscripts
62882: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW J. AND JUDITH S. BAUGHMAN - James Dickey: A Descriptive Bibliography
60534: SELDIS, HENRY J. AND DR. PETER SELZ - Rico Lebrun (1900-1964)
68219: HYNES, WILLIAM J. AND WILLIAM G. DOTY (EDITORS) - Mythical Trickster Figures: Contours, Contexts, and Criticisms
64999: GRAVSETH, IAN J. AND ROBERT D. CULP (EDITORS) - Guidance and Control 2003
59936: KOEHLER, DEREK J. AND NIGEL HARVEY (EDITORS) - Blackwell Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making
58655: HANSEN, HARVEY J. AND JEANNE THURLOW MILLER - Wild Oats in Eden: Sonoma County in the 19th Century
51784: HOUGH, SAMUEL J. AND PENELOPE R.O. HOUGH - The Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection at Hamilton College: A Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Prints, Maps, and Drawings, 1521-1860
66349: PETUCH, EDWARD J. AND DENNIS M. SARGENT - Atlas of the Living Olive Shells of the World
9578: TOOLEY, M.J. AND G.M. SHEAIL (EDITORS). - The Climatic Scene.
51353: WAGNER, ROBERT J. WITH SCOTT EYMAN - Pieces of My Heart: A Life
68100: CLAUSS, JAMES J. AND SARAH ILES JOHNSTON (EDITORS) - Medea: Essays on Medea in Myth, Literature, Philosophy, and Art
22428: O'BRIEN, EDWARD J. AND JOHN COURNOS (EDITORS) - The Best British Short Stories of 1922
67520: NISSEN, HANS J. AND PETER HEINE - From Mesopotamia to Iraq: A Concise History
62538: JABLONSKI, EDWARD - Alan Jay Lerner: A Biography
60394: JABLONSKI, EDWARD - Harold Arlen: Happy with the Blues
15483: REMISE, JAC AND JEAN FONDIN. - The Golden Age of Toys.
65215: OAKIE, JACK AND VICTORIA HORNE OAKIE - When the Line Is Straight: Jack Oakie's Comedy in Motion Pictures
61411: JACK, DOUG - The Leyland Bus
67448: JACKSON, KENNETH HURLSTONE - The Oldest Irish Tradition: A Window on the Iron Age - the Rede Lecture 1964
58506: JACKSON, SAMUEL B. - 200 Trails to Gold: A Guide to Promising Old Mines and Hidden Lodes Throughout the West
67102: JACKSON, HOWARD M. - The Lion Becomes Man: The Gnostic Leontomorphic Creator and the Platonic Tradition
22950: JACKSON, SHELDON G. - Quaker Preachers on the Prairies: The Life and Times of Ralph and Marva Jackson
56260: JACKSON, JACQUELINE - The Orchestra Mice
51236: JACKSON, MRS. NEVILL - A Student in Sicily
65561: JACOBI, CHARLES THOMAS - The Printers' Handbook of Trade Recipes, Hints, & Suggestions Relating to Letterpress and Lithographic Printing, Bookbinding, Stationery, Engraving, Etc.
64769: JACOBS, CAROLINE EMILIA, EDYTH ELLERBECK READ, AND LELA HORN RICHARDS - The Blue Bonnet Series: A Texas Blue Bonnet, Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party, Blue Bonnet in Boston, Blue Bonnet Keeps House, Blue Bonnet - Debutante, Blue Bonnet of the Seven Stars, Blue Bonnet's Family
59272: JACOBS, VICTORIA - Diary of a San Diego Girl - 1856
68326: JACOBS, JULIAN - The Nagas: Hill Peoples of Northeast India
66709: JACOBSON, JEFF - Melting Point
59214: JACOBSON, PAULINE - City of the Golden 'Fifties
67187: JACOFF, RACHEL (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Companion to Dante
67297: JACOFF, RACHEL (EDITOR) - The Cambridge Companion to Dante
55837: JACOLLIOT, LOUIS WRITING AS DR. JACOBUS X - Medico-Legal Studies of the Abuses, Abberrations, and Crimes of the Genital Sense
57690: JAFFE, SHERRIL - This Flower Only Blooms Every Hundred Years
68137: JAFFE, SHERRIL - Interior Designs
51402: JAGGAR, T.A. - Volcanoes Declare War: Logistics and Strategy of Pacific Volcano Science
67686: JAKOBSON, ROMAN - My Futurist Years: Compiled and Edited by Bengt Jangfeldt and Stephen Rudy
67674: JAKOBSON, ROMAN - Verbal Art, Verbal Sign, Verbal Time: Edited by Krystyna Pomorska and Stephen Rudy, with the Assistance of Brent Vine
61396: NE JAME, ADELE - The South Wind
64568: JAMES, BILL - The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract
63381: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - California Romantic and Beautiful
48657: DAY, JAMES AND MORTIMER CHAMBERS - Aristotle's History of Athenian Democracy
21623: BRADLEY, JAMES WITH RON POWERS - Flags of Our Fathers
65012: JAMES, WILL - The Three Mustangeers
47779: LOCKHART, JAMES AND STUART B. SCHWARTZ - Early Latin America: A History of Colonial Spanish America and Brazil
65043: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - Indian Board of Co-Operation Donation Receipt, with a Photograph of George Wharton James and Luther Burbank
54675: NAGEL, JAMES AND RICHARD ASTRO (EDITORS) - American Literature: The New England Heritage
64107: JAMESON, MALCOLM - Bullard of the Space Patrol
68209: JANNOT, JEAN-RENE - Religion in Ancient Etruria
56106: JANOWITZ, TAMA - American Dad
52152: JASEN, DAVID A. - A Bibliography and Reader's Guide to the First Editions of P.G. Wodehouse
66774: JAY, RICKY - Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women: Unique, Eccentric and Amazing Entertainers: Stone Eaters, Mind Readers, Poison Resisters, Daredevils, Singing Mice, Etc. , Etc. , Etc. , Etc.
58589: COYLE, JEANETTE AND NORMAN C. ROBERTS - A Field Guide to the Common and Interesting Plants of Baja California
66663: JEANS, SURGEON REAR-ADMIRAL T.T., C.M.G., R.N. - A Naval Venture: The War Story of an Armoured Cruiser
57335: VANDERMEER, JEFF AND MARK ROBERTS (EDITORS) - The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases
53741: JEFFERS, UNA - A Book of Gaelic Airs for Una's Melodeon
58552: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Rj on Rj: Robinson Jeffers and the Subtle Passion
67192: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - Dear Judas and Other Poems
67729: JEFFERS, ROBINSON - The Alpine Christ and Other Poems, with Commentary and Notes by William Everson
57958: JEFFERS, ROBINSON (1887-1962). - Dear Judas and Other Poems.
60322: JEFFERSON, THOMAS - Thomas Jefferson and His Unknown Brother
68321: JENEMANN, DAVID - Adorno in America
22336: JENKINS, ALAN C. (EDITOR) - Animal Stories
65006: JENKINS, JOHN H. - The Most Remarkable Texas Book: An Essay on W.W. Heartsill's Fourteen Hundred and 91 Days in the Confederate Army
65192: JENNINGS, BRUCE M., JR. (COMPILER) - Charles Newton: Father of High Velocity
50420: JEROME, JEROME K. - Stage-Land: Curious Habits and Customs of Its Inhabitants
55213: BAYLE, ANTOINE LAURENT JESSE AND AUGUST JEAN THILLAYE (EDITORS) - Biographie Medicale Par Ordre Chronologique, D'Apres Daniel Leclerc, Eloy, Etc.
47559: JEWETT, SARAH ORNE - Sarah Orne Jewett Letters
60641: HAZUR MAHARAJ SAWAN SINGH JI - Philosophy of the Masters (Gurmat Sidhant), Series Three: Worship and Prayers
59817: JOACHIMIDES, CHRISTOS M. (EDITOR), ET AL - German Art in the Twentieth Century: Painting and Sculpture, 1905-1985
64749: STARR, JOAN AND CHRISTOPHER SWEENEY - Forward: The History of the 2nd/14th Light Horse (Queensland Mounted Infantry)
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67484: MASTERSON, WHIT (PSEUDONYM OF ROBERT ALLEN "BOB" WADE, 1920-2012) - Hunter of the Blood: A Novel of Suspense
67558: MASTERSON, WHIT (PSEUDONYM OF ROBERT ALLISON "BOB" WADE, 1920-2012) - The Man with Two Clocks: A Novel of Suspense
13283.1: MATHER, KIRTLEY F. - The Permissive Universe. Foreword by Stephen Jay Gould
13283: MATHER, KIRTLEY F. - The Permissive Universe. Foreword by Stephen Jay Gould.
67333: MACGREGOR MATHERS, S. LIDDELL (EDITOR) - The Key of Solomon the King (Clavicula Salomonis): Now First Translated and Edited from Ancient Mss. In the British Museum
66762: MATHERS, E. POWYS - Eastern Love, Volume II: The Harlot's Breviary of Kshemendra
65344: MATHES, DR. W. MICHAEL - A Brief History of the Land of Calafia: The Californias, 1533-1795
67257: MATHESON, RICHARD - Shadow on the Sun
67140: MATHEWS, HARRY - The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium
4284: MATHEWS, D.L. - The Fatal Amateur.
51352: MATLIN, MARLEE - Deaf Child Crossing: A Novel
64548: MATTHEWS, TONY - Crosses: Australian Soldiers in the Great War, 1914-18
12773: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - In the Spirit of Crazy Horse
66590: MATTINGLY, DAVID J. (EDITOR) - The Archaeology of Fazzan: Volume 1, Synthesis
60969: PETERSHAM, MAUD AND MISKA - Story of the Presidents of the United States of America
66983: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Chelsea Way
67381: MAUSS, MARCEL - The Gift: Forms and Functions of Exchange in Archaic Societies
65489: MAUTZ, CARL - Biographies of Western Photographers: A Reference Guide to Photographers Working in the 19th Century American West
55276: MAVEETY, NANCY - Representation Rights and the Burger Years
57380: MAWN, GEOFFREY P. - Jasper O'Farrell: Surveyor, Farmer, & Politician
62181: ABRAHAM, MAX AND RICHARD BECKER - The Classical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism
50079: MAXWELL, ROBIN - The Wild Irish: A Novel of Elizabeth I and the Pirate O'Malley
65394: MAXWELL, SAMUEL L., SR. - Lever Action Magazine Rifles: Derived from the Patents of Andrew Burgess
56205: MAYHEW, GEORGE P. - Rage or Raillery: The Swift Manuscripts at the Huntington Library
54093: MCCABE, PATRICK - Breakfast on Pluto
58097: MCCAFFREY, ANNE (B. 1928). - An Exchange of Gifts.
62740: MCCAMMON, ROBERT R. (EDITOR) - The Horror Writers of America, Inc. Presents Under the Fang
67450: MCCARRAHER, EUGENE - Christian Critics: Religion and the Impasse in Modern American Social Thought
66917: MCCARTHY, CHRIS - The Third Ypres: Passchendaele: The Day-by-Day Account
66797: MCCARTHY, MICHAEL - Priests and People in Ireland
64084: MCCARTHY, MARY - The Groves of Academe
6369: MCCARTHY, ALBERT. - Louis Armstrong.
67191: MCCARTHY, CORMAC - All the Pretty Horses
51471: MCCLANE, A.J. - The American Angler
61314: MCCLELLAND, DOUG - Eleanor Parker: Woman of a Thousand Faces: A Bio-Bibliography and Filmography
66930: MCCLUNG, ROBERT M. - Samson: Last of the California Grizzlies
56822: MCCONNACHIE, BRIAN, ET AL - National Lampoon Presents the Naked and the Nude: Hollywood and Beyond
55872: MCCORISON, MARCUS A. - Vermont Imprints 1778-1820: A Check List of Books, Pamphlets, and Broadsides
54098: MCCOURT, JAMES - Kaye Wayfaring in "Avenged
65932: MCCRACKEN, HAROLD - The American Cowboy
67617: MCCRINDLE, J.W., M.A., M.R.A.S., F.R.S.G.S. (EDITOR) - The Christian Topography of Cosmas, an Egyptian Monk
56037: MCCRUMB, SHARYN - If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O
2916: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP. - Convoy North.
2753: MCCUTCHAN, PHILIP. - Halfhyde on the Amazon.
62314: MCDERMOTT, JOHN FRANCIS (EDITOR) - The Spanish in the Mississippi Valley, 1762-1804
55417: MCDERMOTT, JAMES (EDITOR) - The Third Voyage of Martin Frobisher to Baffin Island, 1578
5994: MCDONALD, JOHNNY. - Under the Green. A Complete Guide to Auto Racing. Foreword by Mario Andretti.
50759: MCELFRESH, EARL B. - A Theater Map of the Gettysburg Campaign 1863
60500: MCELWEE, JOHN - Showmen, Sell It Hot!: Movies As Merchandise in Golden Era Hollywood
65768: MCEVILLEY, THOMAS - Diogenes: Defictions
51577: MCEWAN, IAN - Atonement
63782: MCGLASHAN, C.F. - History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierra
61731: MCGLOIN, JOHN B., S.J. - California's First Archbishop: The Life of Joseph Sadoc Alemany, O.P. , 1814-1888
65007: MCGOVERN, MELVIN - Specimen Pages of Korean Movable Types: Collected and Described by Melvin Mcgovern
55734: MCGROARTY, JOHN STEVEN (EDITOR) - History of Los Angeles County, with Selected Biography of Actors and Witnesses in the Period of the County's Greatest Growth and Achievement
67301: MCHUGH, ROLAND - Annotations to Finnegans Wake
67103: MCINTOSH, CHRISTOPHER - The Astrologers and Their Creed: An Historical Outline
60879: MCKEE, WILLIAM J., PH.D. - New Schools for Young India: A Survey of Educational, Economic, and Social Conditions in India with Special Reference to More Effective Education
21719: MCKENZIE, VERNON - These Stories Went to Market
64551: MCKERNAN, MICHAEL - Padre: Australian Chaplains in Gallipoli and France
23156: MCKINNON, RICHARD N. (EDITOR) - The Heart Is Alone: A Selection of 20th Century Japanese Short Stories
62193: MCLACHLAN, N.W., D.SC. - Theory of Vibrations
58904: MCLANE, LOUIS T. - The Private Journal of Louis T. Mclane, U.S. N. , 1844-1848
51835: MCLAREN, KEITH - Light on the Water: Early Photography of Coastal British Columbia
21193: MCLAREN, JOHN - Gardening in California Landscape and Flower
48283: MCLEAN, IAIN - Keir Hardie
59117: MCLOUGHLIN, DR. JOHN - Letters of Dr. John Mcloughlin, Written at Fort Vancouver, 1829-1832
55327: MCMANAWAY, JAMES G. - Studies in Shakespeare, Bibliography, and Theater
57332: MCMANUS, JAMES - Cowboys Full: The Story of Poker
53068: MCMICHAEL, GEORGE - Journey to Obscurity: The Life of Octave Thanet
65090: MCMILLEN, KELLY R. (EDITOR) - The Case for Mars VI: Making Mars an Affordable Destination
53488: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - Bibliography of the Education and Care of Crippled Children: A Manual and Guide to the Literature Relating to Cripples Together with an Analytical Index
52966: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - The Beginnings of Printing in Arizona
53336: MCMURTRIE, DOUGLAS C. - Oregon Imprints, 1847-1870
65138: MCMURTRY, LARRY WRITING AS OPHELIA RAY - Daughter of the Tejas
66008: MCMURTRY, LARRY - The Last Picture Show
55070: MCPARTLAND, MARIAN - All in Good Time
58709: MCPARTLAND, MARIAN - All in Good Time
61427: MCPHERSON, JAMES M. - Tried by War: Abraham Lincoln As Commander in Chief
55203: MEAD, HERMAN RALPH - Incunabula in the Huntington Library
55345: MECHOULAN, HENRY (EDITOR), ET AL - La Formazione Storica Della Alterita: Studi Di Storia Della Tolleranza Nell'Eta Moderna Offerti a Antonio Rotondo
4642: MEE, CHARLES L., JR. - The End of Order. Versailles 1919.
60884: MEEKER, MICHAEL E. - Literature and Violence in North Arabia
56150: MEGROZ, R.L. (EDITOR) - Pedagogues Are Human: An Anthology of Pupils and Teachers, Grave and Gay, from British and American Fiction, Biography, Diaries, Letters and Verse
59072: VER MEHR, REV. I.L. (JEAN LEONHARD HENRI CORNEILLE VER MEHR) - Checkered Life: An Autobiography
65630: MEHTA, VED - The New Theologian
65631: MEHTA, VED - Walking the Indian Streets
65629: MEHTA, VED - Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles
58729: MEIER, MATT S. - Mexican American Biographies: A Historical Dictionary, 1836-1987
65757: MEISAMI, JULIE SCOTT - Structure and Meaning in Medieval Arabic and Persian Poetry: Orient Pearls
66701: MEISS, MILLARD - French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry: The Limbourgs and Their Contemporaries - Text and Plates
66700: MEISS, MILLARD - French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry: The Boucicaut Master
7626: MELDGAARD, JORGEN. - Eskimo Sculpture.
57244: MELE, ALFRED R. - Motivation and Agency
64281: MELLOR, DAVID - The Sixties Art Scene in London
66247: MELVILLE, HERMAN - White-Jacket or the World in a Man-of-War
865685428: MELVILLE, LEWIS - William Makepeace Thackeray: A Biography Including Hitherto Uncollected Letters & Speeches & a Bibliography of 1300 Items
63244: MELVILLE, HERMAN - Israel Potter: His Fifty Years of Exile
66723: MELVILLE, HERMAN / ROCKWELL KENT - Moby Dick or the Whale
59250: MENDELSSOHN, SIDNEY - Mendelssohn's South African Bibliography: Being the Catalogue Raisonne of the Mendelssohn Library of Works Relating to South Africa, Including the Full Titles of the Books, with Synoptical, Biographical, Critical, and Bibliographical Notes on the Volumes and Their Authors
66719: MENDES, VALERIE D. (EDITOR), ET AL - John French: Fashion Photographer
59674: MENGARINI, FR. GREGORY, S.J. - Recollections of the Flathead Mission: Containing Brief Observations Both Ancient and Contemporary Concerning This Particular Nation
55883: DE MENIL, ALEXANDER NICOLAS - The Literature of the Louisiana Territory
21607: MEREDITH, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Twentieth Century Story & Statement
64064: MILLER, MERLE AND ABE SPITZER - We Dropped the a-Bomb
56652: MERRIAM, C. HART - Studies of California Indians
59521: MERRICK, LEONARD - The House of Lynch
62875: MERRICK, HENRIETTA SANDS - Spoken in Tibet
58896: MERRILL, HORACE SAMUEL - Bourbon Democracy of the Middle West, 1865-1896
52165: MERRILL, ELMER D. - A Botanical Bibliography of the Islands of the Pacific
65200: MERSHON, WILLIAM BUTTS - The Passenger Pigeon
68339: MERTENS, JOAN R. - How to Read Greek Vases
67111: MERWIN, W.S. - The Rain in the Trees
67112: MERWIN, W.S. - Opening the Hand
67178: MERWIN, W.S. - Lament for the Makers: A Memorial Anthology
67110: MERWIN, W.S. - Selected Poems
67180: MERWIN, W.S. - Green with Beasts
64226: MESSICK, HANK - Lansky
65103: MESSNER, REINHOLD - Free Spirit: A Climber's Life
65029: MESSNER, REINHOLD - The Crystal Horizon: Everest - the First Solo Ascent
65685: MEYE, ROBERT P. - Jesus and the Twelve: Discipleship and Revelation in Mark's Gospel
60306: MEYER, SAMUEL A. - Fifty Golden Years: The Story of Newport Beach

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